Fri. June. 5. 1953./ page. 3099./ 3. eggs today./ Well we got the washing done    Elbert washed his clothes & I mine, I sudsed & wrinsed & hung his out & they dried just fine & we had them all took care of before supper,   I started supper & had to go to can, bowels got a stuborn streak & was trying to move when Rev. Deers came in with little Nomia  they’d had supper, but sat down & ate a little fish & drank coffee & we visited & had prayer & Elbert cut a few flowers & they left there eldest daughter is home, the son & his wife went to California to go to school there.   Mrs. Haslet & Mrs. Smith fell & hurt there ankles & they are terrible busy & so had put off coming to me & that’s better than Myrtle does by me,  & I know she’s busy, but I’ve turned my tenth in there for a long time & they don’t bother to come & see how I am,   Well God see Knows & hears & I’m glad.   Praise His Holy Name.   I was sick  my bowels moved so hard   I hope they feel better tomorrow.   We re-ceived a faithfull card from Audrey & I’ve felt  so punk I haven’t wrote a word to any one, poor girl  she says so tired & feels as if she’s in prison all day while she works.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessings & wish I could do more to help each one.  

Sat. June. 6. 1953 / 6. eggs today./   Well my face has been swollen, but I feel it is better today, or tonight rather.   I thank God for His Power & blessings & pray He will have deminon over every member of my body & my body soul & spirit & Elbert’s & all my brothers sisters & sister-in-laws nephews, neices & all there families,  help them all & call loud to there souls in Jesus Name I pray. & I thank Thee, Amen.   It thundered lightened & hailed & rained & has showered all day & I see John Snyder’s corn is up all over the field.  Clayton Brode & one of his boy’s sprayed the weeds & brush all a-round,  the south, east & north fences & he give it a good spraying.   Elbert went to Huron & got a few things to eat while I lay in bed feeling so sick   I ask him to make a cup of tea for me & he did.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

Sun. June.7. 1953./ page. 3100/ 4. eggs today./ 9. hens./ It’s been quite cool.  We had a fire all day   It felt good  it hailed last night & toward morning but it hasn’t rained any today,  been mostly cloudy  I have felt some better this after noon I know the the Christians will pray for me tonight & I expect the healing & strength   I’m so much in need of & I thank Thee Jesus for the healing & strength & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.   There is a mother rabbit that has become real tame, she come for a cracker, cabbage or carrot crust of bread.   We talk to her   she sets up chews & looks, earnestly at us   she has big brown eyes & beginning to look slick & filling out   we can walk all around but she isn’t afraid of us.  Oh God  I thank Thee for the Holy Spirit & trust I’ll soon be able to pray again  praise Thee in Spirit, Keep me clean & use me, in Jesus Name.   

Mon. June 8. 1953./ 5. eggs today./ Been a cool today,   Elbert dug the trench & planted the potatoes & then he was to tired to help get supper & I felt as if I just couldn’t work, but I thanked God [?   ] the supper & then a storm had been brewing for 20-30 [?]  last night it began to look like a tornado sky was yellowish & pea green & clouds look black & started to twist & turn long black fingers twisting all ways & I said we better shut up the back door & my bedroom window,   I got the window shut but, Elbert didn’t get door shut,   I saw the wind twist the car shed one way & another untill lifted it up off the car & took hen coop, car shed & then the house lifted & set back down with the front of foundation of house under middle of floor   I felt & heard Elbert fall & called him several times before he answered & then he said I’ll come in a minute soon’s I can get up   the house was turning like the hen house had been & I fell & we both got bruised rather bad   only lasted a few minutes, but such a mess.   Rue Sarr came runing,  hen house & trees all gone or tore up & broke off & my evergreen trees in front of the house up rooted & the one that always has all the berries one & the one beside it, lay across each other as if sympathizing with each other   Well, the state police.  3 different one’s came to see if we needed help or Dr.  & line men were here cleaning up line & men clearing the road of trees & boards & rubbish all night & lots of cars to people snuping around & I had felt  for 3 days as if I was more dead than alive & no sleep all night & Elbert like wise, so, the house is on a slant & we had to lay with heads to the foot of the bed.

Tue. June. 9. 1953./ page. 3101./ ___eggs today/  Hens half of them dead & rest run loose & the Rode Island  Clayton gave Elbert, so with her we Hafe 5 hens & we don’t know if they are laying or not,  it’s been a great day, we so sore & lame & care going thick as they can  travel both sides of road going & coming & looking & taking pictures & snooping, even in the yard   so, Elbert was on the move doing things, all day,  & we both so tired   Nellie heard of the tornado & then they didn’t know how to come or What to do but at last they got here   Ella Jane & Martha & Audrey & some others of the families  Johny’s boy is in the hospital not expected to live,   I don’t see why they wont try Jesus,   there are a lot of things we can’t seem to understand but when we trust Jesus, He Knows,  Now I stoped & talked to a married woman a friend of Bonita’s   she don’t know the Lord   we did do much today,   but, I praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all things. 

Wed. June 10. 1953./ & Thurs/___ eggs today./  People coming & going Mr. & Mrs. Brode has been wonderfully good & help us to hot foods   Ella Jane been here & shes going back,   but, I can’t think, but I don’t know when, things are in a turmoil   it’s going to be hard to get things squared away.   I can’t remember all that’s gone on but will try to write, as I remember.   We got a man to put in a wire or try to fix the electric, so one curoite worked   we have the light by the sink so we had the use of the hot plate for a while & that’s a relief.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen,   Thurs.   Ella Jane came back & she’s so tired  she cross & she wants us to pack up & move & she’s so infuriated she began to cuss & told us we could go to hell & she didn’t give a dam,  we were such stuborn beasts bull headed & a heap of things she said   so many wicked things.   I do hope God will help her for she isn’t living for Jesus nor neither is Bonita   the bible is the truth.   Rev. Dears were here today & Rev Myrtle & her husband.   Tom Eppler, they didn’t pray with us but Rev Deers did.   the Kentucky boy Geo. King came back & he’s been helping Elbert some,  he went fishing,   but, no fish;  he’s tired,  it’s now 10-p-m.  Well Johny & Nellie & Bonitas children & Johny’s two, he says Mark is better  he’s in Cleveland Clinic & Marcie stays with her Aunt (the one that goes to 4 square   Oh God help them to learn to know Thee.  they are

Fri. June. 12. 1953/ & Thurs/page. 3102./  ___ eggs today/ nellie brought some cream & lettuce & meat, it was so good & they sent short cake & straw-berries yesterday   Ella Jane went home with her folks today & so, the day has been    We got a card from Audrey today.   I’m so tired I’m going to bed   we got one Electric light & we used hot plate & get news on radio.   there were a lot of little bad twisters Mon. night  Elyria, Cleveland Ohio & Flint, Mich   I do thank God & praise him for all our many blessings.  Inez gave 2.00 (we got our checks Thurs.  Inez & Henry were there Thurs.

Sat. June 13. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ Armond came & helped Elbert fix the pump Thurs.  & hopes to come back & help fix toilet.  & do a few other things so many coming & going  I can’t remember,  gas man came & fix the stove, the tubing was broke     it’s a big relief to have the stove   I don’t like the hot plate so well , it cooks good when it gets hot.   Martha come & took the Kentucky George King back to Elyria   His father’s shop men were having a picnic & he wanted to go.   queer how people think & me to, I suppose.  Tom & Myrtle Eppler came & looked the back yard & house over   came in to see the inside, talked to Elbert & ignored me & tryed to say the bible said something about the rath of God being turned on those who wasn’t His.   We all truly need God help in Knowledge & un-derstanding   When they look at you’re ankles with a smirky grin & say you’d better go to a Doctor,   What does Jesus think I wonder & can’t help but wonder, some of them are in the same fix & even the ministers have to use eye glasses.   Hundreds of cars & people have been passed here & some come in to look & talk, but not many to help a little & they all want to give you advice & tell what you really ought & should do,   but Mr Plato says to stick to the ship.   There have been a lot of twisters a bad one in Mass.  hail stones as big a golf balls & smaller & 18 ins. deep.   I do thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small things Amen.   

Sun. June. 14. 1953./ No eggs today/  The church men came in a truck to try to fix the roof but we can’t do it unless it rains through   We can’t do a thing untill Red Cross & Mr. Plato says we can,   We’ll wait,   I wish they could fix other building on hen house concrete floor & we could move things out there untill they get this fixed.   I learned a lot about the Families when Ella Jane exploded   E. had been telling Audrey a heap of things & getting them so twisted   she said got any old dishes & Audrey got up opened the cupboard door & dishes started moving & A. said  why don’t you sell her a lot of the old junk

Sun. June. 14. 1953./ page. 3103. /no eggs today/ Those people we use to get the condition powder of were here   she seems like a very nice person & offered to do any thing they could if we would tell her or write to them, they came in & talk quite a spell, they are the kind I enjoy talking to.   Then Armond & his wife & 2 children & Clara’s, sister & her girl were here   I can’t remember all of them   Mrs. Sprunk came with Mrs. Mc.Neil & 3 of her children & talking as if I wasn’t a christian, for they didn’t get touched. none of them prayed with me   What Would Jesus do & say or think. 

Mon. June. 15. 1953./No eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron, no fish, he got a few things. no berries, not much I can eat.   he got me some slippers   I don’t know if I can wear them.   Plato was here & said Red Cross said they wouldn’t even fix the old Cottage so we could have shelter init & for our few house hold effects & beds,  May God help them,  I know there is a lot to be done for others & I’ll be thankful for what ever we can have.   pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, for strength from Thee.   I thank Thee for all things & Praise Thee, Amen, 

Tue. June. 16. 1953./ No eggs today./   Elbert was over to Vermilion & Nacombers Beach & talked to Eileen & he was over to Berlin Hights & Huron & up to 4 corners for waater & he talked to Skip Shoe & his wife & he got me a pr. of bedroom Slippers & 4.00 & some odd cents, & 4 or 5 dollars for food . & Shooks came from Amherst & brought us a hot roast, potatoes & carrots & nice brown gravey & a lot of spices, shaving lotion razor blades & I don’t remember,  there’s 3 boxes soap powder,  they are such human folks.   Then Joice from Joice & Kuntz & a man from Sandusky & Mr. Oney were here to figure on the house repair   Mrs. Oney came & her daughter & we had a nice visit   her  the oldest daughter is being married Sat. in the after noon   they sent me & invitation, it’s at the church.   I don’t know what to give them for a wedding gift.  they are nice people.   I did my wash & part of Elbert’s today & he got his B.V.D’s. & sleeper jacket & shirt’s done, but not dry.   We got at least a lot of things done & We thank Thee God of Love & Mercy in our Jesus Blessed holy Name & Praise Thee forever & ever. 

Wed. June. 17. 1953./ Page. 3104./ No eggs today./ Well, this morning the idfferent men came to look over mason job & so forth & at last we managed to have a little lunch & soon after 2 of the sisters from the Church & then Inez & Henry came & they all brought food & meat, sugar, can goods & pancake flour, surup & I can’t think of it all.   Elbert found a doz. eggs in the brush,  they have been such good hens.   Well another man & his wife came to look the house over.   We had such a lot of dust & inhaled a lot,  no mail today.   Oh, I wish I could go to prayermeeting tomorrow night   my feet are in such a bad condition & so swollen, God help me,  I Know Thou art able  I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory forever & ever, Jesus, Jesus, Blessed, Pure & Holy, Amen

Thurs. June. 18. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ There were some men here today to look after wiring & the carpenter work, no mail   A man & his wife stopped & looked a-round & he was a big blow hard & she was so discusted with him   Well he always gives 2.00 a yr. to Red Cross.  He is sure a big guy- his wife said you are a big old blow hard.   Hahn, one of the Hahn’s (Mike) was here & said “it didn’t look as if there would be enough today [? ?] half of the work here,  by the time they got the others taken care of.   We have turned our money into this Co. since 1921.

Fri. June 19. 1953./ ___ eggs today./  I went out side for a while today.   was a man or two around to look & we didn’t have much company today,   Mr. & Mrs. Webber from Berlin Hights came after dinner & visited a while & said they would come back & bring hamberg butter & cream   We offered Hellen some meat boiling beef for use of ice box & she took it.   Georgie told Elbert she wouldn’t have room for our meat so, we’ll get it tomorrow,  a package of gizzards  Skip Shoe gave Elbert.   Well water runs free   guess I wont get to the wedding   tomorrow  I thank & Praise God for all our many many blessing in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest Amen.    I love my Jesus,  He’s all the world to me    Elbert has felt sick to his stomach all day   didn’t eat much dinner & no supper   he took a bath   I rubbed hip leg & back & he in bed

Sat. June. 20. 1953./ ___ eggs today/  The sisters came, but to take me to the wedding, but, I couldn’t go, have to wet to often.   I gave them some glass dishes but I have some other dishes that are really nice, I’d like to give them.   The women didn’t come in.   Wedding set for 2-30-p.m. & reseption 5 to 7- & my bowels on the bum makes me sick all over & Elbert feels bum.   I thank God for our blessing & hope to get off to Church soon as possible again. 6-30 Elbert’s gone to Vermilion, Ohio.  Received card from Eileen today.   He only went to Knettles & phoned to Plato, he said he’d come Tue.  been s hot today & my bowels made me sick, but I thank God in Jesus Name for all things. 

Sun. June. 21. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Not a soul came near today & I’m so confused   I should have been able to think of getting a lock for the door,   I could have gone to church tonight if we could lock the door.   Well he got out of it again today & the old N. is making the same excuses again, now but I know God Will & has taken a hand,  they at Church have prayed for me & water has checked up & I believe He Will fix me all up,   I Praise His Holy Name    I trusting Him for all things   I Know He Will do What He sees best & I honour Him & Ador Him, Jesus, Blessed Jesus.    Elbert’s gone to 4 corners for well water & milk stop at Brodes. for chicken & get our package of gizzards at Snyders.   The wind turned a little cooler & N. West. but all died out tonight   I thank & praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all things great or small & trust He will help my brothers & sisters to really want to live for Him. Amen.

Mon. June. 22. 1953./ Well I did the washing, all but Elberts’ & we had to come in the house & Eileen came & then we didn’t go back to finish his things   he watched the cloths & brought them in when they got dry & I managed to put them a way & Eileen helped me make the bed    I had all the bedding out on the line to air   we had, supper & Eileen’s dad & sister & baby & the 2 little boy’s came & he made Eileen go home   he said she didn’t ask & come out here.   I tried to make amends & hope he isn’t to hard with her.   she helped me get jam from bottom of the cupboard & packed in boxes & put under the cofee & that was worth a lot to me   I Praise Thee Jesus Glory to Thy Name. 

Mon. June. 22. 1953./ page. 3106./ 1 eggs today/ Webbers came & brought us thin cream  beef broth hamberger & visited some & Rev. Dear & little Naomia came & brought beef steak & bread & I gave him 5 lbs sugar & box of soap powder,   I gave him my tenth for church & dollar for gas,   his wife wasn’t feeling so well, but was getting ready to paper  & sister Oney was helping.   REv. said it was a nice wedding & they had planed to go to Canada, but because his wife didn’t have her birth certificate they did-n’t go, for the law says they can come but if either one don’t have a birth certificate they can’t come back, so they changed there minds.   God bless & Keep them now & forever Amen. 

Tue. June 23. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Well Elbert went to Vermilion & Mr Platto came & went with out any good news.   We received card from Annabel & Bob   they are working at Mackinac Island Michigan.  they rented there house for 11 months & are working at the Grand Hotel for 4 month   Bob is night operator & Annabel works in linen room & her feet can hardly take it, outside that, they like it,   her great grand daughter is walking & every ones well,  she & Bob had a nice winter in Florada.   Well if she could see us now.   We received letter from Eleanor Clark,   the tornada struck in a number of places & it hit in her vin-cinaty  didn’t hurt her  she slept through it.   No word from the girls.  not any of them,   I made biscuits to go with chicken & gravy for dinner   Elbert got straw berries & we had short cake also.   he cleaned out some in the basement this am.  & sawed few limbs after dinner   he has to get water from Brodes   they have a filter systern.   I Praise & thank Thee Jesus for all things in Thy Holy & Presious Name, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.   I honour & ador Thee & love Thee. Amen

Wed. June. 24. 1953./ Page. 3107./ ___ eggs today/ Been nice day but I’ve felt bad & haven’t done much got dinner & supper & dishes went out & set in car a while after supper & Elbert don’t feel very well either   he went to Vermilion & to Huron today & he let me out the car & went to Sarr’s to ask about papers that has his pictures in from Berlyn Hights & I went to the door   steped on stone & it turned over after I got on it & I felt sick   a wasp stung me on calf of my right leg & it’s swollen full & & now the foot is hurting so bad,   but, I thank God for all my blessings in Jesus name.   Ella Jane came in Johnys car & she had come from Lake side, her folks are over there except Bonney Bell & family & she was taking Marcie from Cleveland to Seville to a baby shower on Marcie & then back to Elyria & back to Lake-side tonight,   she ask Elbert to go with her for the ride, but he said he’d rather stay here.   she only stayed about half. hr.   she said Mark’s lots better & they have taken oxegen tent off from over him & the first thing he said when he woke, was, I’m mad,  how ever, he’s better.   Marcie expects the other one in Aug.   I’ve wrote a card to Audrey, Nellie, Martha, Annabel Eleanor Clark.   I fell off stone & at front door & it rolled on my foot, right foot.   God please help me I ask in Jesus Name Amen.   Glory to Thy Name. 

Thurs. June 25 1953/ 5. eggs today/  My leg & feet badly swollen today & pain so bad, but I got up intime for dinner.   Elbert hasn’t felt so well & didn’t do much,  he did fix the step, put 3 blks together  drove stakes in holes & nailed 2 boards on the top   now it’s firm to step on & I got out & set in the car this after noon a little while   We received card from Audrey   she starts her vacation Sat.   Well it acted & looked bad outside so Elbert put his tools in grainery & I got out car & into house & he put the car back on drive near where car shed was & came back & wind was sure blowing & dust & roofing paper flying so think we couldn’t see Snyder’s house we prayed & trusted & God Kept us,   Oh how I thank Thee Jesus, I feel all the bump & bruises  am sore & lame  can hardly walk but I praise God, for all things great & small things in Jesus Name, Amen.  A man & woman & 2 boys stopped here

Thurs. June 25. 1953/ page. 3108./ 3 eggs this day./ to day   said a girl in Huron told them about us & they could-n’t believe, so came to see if we’d let them look,  she said there was & antiak man that lived by them & she was sure the little old couch was worth 4 hundred dollars & a few other things were worth a lot of money & she said she’d tell him & she believed he’d come & look at them   she gave me her address & the man’s & I gave her mine.   I’d sell ’em if we could get some money worth while.   Jesus help me I pray.   We had a good shower & it still looks stormy. 

Fri. June. 26. 1953./ 4 eggs today/  I got up late  Elbert went to Huron,  he got some ground beef & pork & a big mess of fish,  he’s done a little here & there all day.   Mrs. Kilbride & her son Louftes came in a-bout noon & looked things over & visited awhile & went & I started dinner & we ate after they went   been so hot but partly cloudy & toward morning “this morning” the wind blew again quite hard & after that, it rained a good shower & it’s quite cool,    last night & tonight Audrey’s card came tomorrow starts her vacation.   I received card from Mrs. Kreeger, the Sisters & brethern have been very thoughtful & Kind.   hope we can go to Church Sun.   I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever   Elbert went to Berlin Hights for a doz Tornada papers & they didn’t charge him for them,   I hope to send one to friends.   I have them wrapped but have to tie them a little better.   I love & trust Thee Jesus.

Sat. June. 27. 1953./ Well I swept & got dinner going & Elbert helped & he took a lot more stuff out of basement  can cartons & cans   little pieces of boards & my flower pots & crocks    he is going to take out the broken glass the fruit & vegetables were in & the clean empty jars that were broken & then there will be the coal to move & blocks to take out & clean up (building blocks.)   & I do hope & trust God will help us to  what we really need.   The Red Cross Woman was here & said they couldn’t put in a cystern   the only thing they could do was give us a rain barrel to get the water. from the house & Elbert could build an outhouse for himself & he could build the front door steps & do the other carpenter work   Dr. said he shouldn’t lift & he’s all in every night, he isn’t

Sat. June 27. 1953./ page 3109./ 3. eggs today./ able to work & tonight he called Platto & told him about Red Cross & said to go see town ship trustes, so he did “Mike Hahn”  he said he couldn’t do anything & he couldn’t tell him What to do, so looks as if they have it all cut & dried.   Now I do wonder what we are to do.   Only waite & Pray God will help in His own way   I Praise Thee, Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sun. June 28 1953./ 3. eggs today/ Elbert got & & went to Knettles to phone   couldn’t get any one so went to Vermilion   couldn’t get any one so went to Amherst to Wakins man & they said they’d be here tomorrow night.   I hope we will “through Jesus” find a way out,   I got up took a bath & got dinner started   Elbert didn’t get back untill 12-30-[-m. we ate, after I got some hot drink down him, he felt so sick & had two bad spells today  he looks sick, been sick all day.   & we pried close press door open, got some corn beef, he ate a very little & said he felt to sick to eat, was rather stormy looking all day, but didn’t rain  everything wants a drink   I love Thee & Praise Thee, Jesus & believe & trust in Thy help, I thank Thee Jesus.

Mon. June. 29. 1953./ 4. eggs today/ We got at least half the washing don & I’m glad,  Nellie, Johny, Bonita, Ella Jane & Bonita’s 3 children came from Lake Side & Marcie & her children went on with the other Minister & his wife, they are friends of Johny’s, Nellie looked all tired out & Johny rather dosile,  Ella Jane & Bonita looked as if they had won the battle.   Elbert went to Knettles & called Kuntz & then he helped me with the wash & then we ate a lunch & he went to Huron & I forgot it was Mon & so Ministers were not there,   but, Oney was & he took the card & Note & said he’d give them to Rev. Deerss  The Wakins Man & his WIfe came in just a little after Elbert left & we had quite a visit & they will be back   they said toward the end of the week & tomorrow will be the day we are to go to Sandusky & neither one able.   Audrey came came in about 2-p-m & stayed about an hour   Joan & her intended brought her   they didn’t come in.   Audrey says Martha has leakage of the heart quite bad but they are going to Water town after Merlin comes back.  he’s going over to see Jean & Bill & then A & M are going  M’s coming back & Audrey will stay a few days more.   Jean expects to come home in Sept. & gets so home sick. Well

Mon. June 29. 1953./ Page 3110./ 4. eggs this day./ wash got dry & thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things & I’m trusting Thee & those of thine.   They told us of a queer thing that happened in Michigan Thurs evening to a man driving home from work,   the wind picked the car up almost plane hight in the air & then set him down almost in same place only headed back & the engine was still runing & took him about 3 hundred feet back when he shut off motor & got out on the ground & laided down & fainted a few hrs. later he was found & taken home.  he said he was scart almost to death.   May God help us to in Jesus Name to do His will, now & forever. 

Tue. June 30 1953./ __ eggs today./ Well, the preacher came today & said he was going to Sandusky & he would try to see what he could do, to help us.   Received letter from Mrs. Marry Vedovich & a card from Bonita, sent the day they left for home. Mon June. 29. 1953,   I have written a letter to Marry & weent her 2   I tried to explain things to her & I do hope she wont feel hurt.  I washed up dishes & that’s all I’ve done about & Elbert has been to sick to hardly eat anything,   Been terribly hot all day & late this afternoon   Another wind storm & little rain,  it’s 8-p-m & sky looks bad yet.   I thank God He Kept us save & the house didn’t move.  Elbert tried to carry brush from trees out in back & he freed little cherry tree & I’m sure it was glad to straighten up after 3 weeks   I have read the word & am so glad God is our Father & in all things if We trust Him & do our part.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, I Praise Thee Jesus Pure & Holy forever & ever, Amen. 

Wed. July.1.1953./ __ eggs today/ Elbert picked up a doz. or more eggs today.   I have been tired all day.  We went to bed & a wind storm came up & shook the house a little & I felt so sick & dizzy when wind eased up   I remembered I hadn’t eat any supper so Elbert gave me a glass of milk, in half hr. or so

Wed. July.1. 1953./ Page. 3111./ ___ eggs today./ I went back to bed, but didn’t feel like sleeping so I prayed & yesterday I saw Naomie (in a vision)  I prayed for her & then at 3-a-m. or 4 I prayed for her again as I thanked Jesus for my milk & today her father said she to, was drinking milk.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus & pray we can all rest tonight and I will Praise God, in Jesus Name, forever, Amen.   When I woke the Minister was there talking to Elbert & then Inice & the Red Cross Woman came & chewed over the price of contract for fixing over the house again & they couldn’t come to any decision,  so, they were going to Huron after dinner, to try again, after they left, Rev. Deer visited for a while & then he went also   he & his wife are truly God’s children  he said if we can help in any way phone   Mr they & we’ll help, the wemon are the same,   Praise God.  Then we had a rain storm, wind blew, but God Keep us safe.   then we had supper & it’s a lot cooler now.   I have dishes done & we have company   I don’t Know yet who it is,  it was the Watkins man & his wife they found where they could get me some barley & they got it & some sweet spirits of nitre   I put a cupful & qt. of water to cook last night & cook it a little more today & have taken 3. cups this am. 1. at noon & 1. at 6.p-m & 1. before I go to bed.   they are such nice people & so good hearted & they even worry about us when the wind blows or it storms.   We visited awhile & then they went,  she had to go to Dentist this a.m.  I thank Thank Thee Jesus & pray I may be worthy of Thy Love & of there love & friend-ship,  I am trusting Thou will heal & keep me all the way   May the Glory be Thine & the power forever, Amen.

Thurs. July. 2. 1953./ 4. eggs today./ I didn’t do much of anything today   the red cross woman & a contractor & they are going to fix up the house.   I don’t know how well but the chimney basement walls & windows & stair way & the floor up here,   but no way was provided for either water.   I’m hoping something can be done about it.   I rapped 12 little Berlin hights paper & got them ready except trying to mail out to relatives  & friends today.   We received card from Martha, Merlin & Audrey are going over to Jean’s & Bill’s for a few days.   Elbert went to Berlin Hights  got some meat & a doz. more papers to mail those I raped today & he has been cutting & sawing today.   I truly Praise Thee & 

Thurs. July.2. 1953./ Page. 3112./ 4. eggs this day./ for the Ministers & Church folks I pray Thou will give them an extra blessing in Jesus Name & strengthen all our faith   We need Thee oh, we need Thee, More & more each hour & day, Amen   I received DeHaan’s book today;   It rained hard for several hrs. this morning, & again tonight,   I’m trusting  in Jesus to Keep me from harm & evil & keep my house   I thank Thee With my Whole heart soul mind & strength.

Fri. July. 3. 1953./ 3 eggs today./  Been a little cooler today.   I cleaned out the cloth today with Elberts help & washed up the fruit & soforth & the broken glass.   We put the fruit in box & had basket of tin cans of food.   I wrapped up glasses & few dishes & I’m as tired as if I’d work hard.   Elbert carried away small limbs & brush to burn & he’s sure tired.  they said I’d better pack the dishes & before they said I wouldn’t need to    I don’t know whether to or not   Well, I have 2. days but not able to work    wish some one would come in & help me with them, for Elbert don’t care much, about dishes.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy guidance Amen.   We received a duplicate of contract or some such thing from Red Cr.  

Sat. July 4. 1953./ 4. egg today.   It’s the most quite 4th I ever remember & not a soul came near, as if they really do think we should go to the poor house as they said,  they thought we should do.   I wonder if they were in our place how they would like us or any one else to tell them they ought to go to the poor house,  they hurt our feelings for we have done more for them, than than most brothers & sisters would have done,    but, I pray God will forgive them for they don’t know what they are saying & I pray they don’t ever have to endure the hard-ships we have had to endure.   While they work & go for vacations while we have given the best of our lives for them   I’m not sorry & I don’t hold any grudges.   Praise God we did our best to do right & God has blessed us  Praise His Holy Name.   Well the moving man came & talked with Elbert & I  & thank God He has answered one prayer to fix it so they couldnt work Sun & he did the men didn’t want to work Sun.   Oh. God of Love Mercy & Goodness I Praise Thee and love & ador Thee, Glory Hallelujah 

Sun. July.5.1953./ page. 3113./ 3. eggs today/ Well Praise God in Jesus Name,  after dinner Mr & Mrs Hastel came & Mrs Krug & little Eva & a little later Rev Deer, & Rev. C. & the Reverends left to go sightseeing & the others stayed untill 5-p-m.   I ask them to eat a hand out but they went to Huron & ate & we went to church & met them & had a wonderful meeting & 2. were converted & now I pray God will strengthen there faith & help them in all the they need.   I feel stronger after being in the meeting & meeting Jesus & being with those of His  Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus & pray thou will use me   Sky looked bad when we left, but God took care of both of us & the car Glory Hallelujah.

Mon. July. 6. 1953./ 4. eggs today./ Well, we got up qite early & then had a toasted bun & hot coffee & then we move sewing machine  chairs & the picture of Ma, Pa, & Fred taken in Cuba.   The men came at quarter to nine, a-m & took chimney down, then they jacked the house up, & slowly but surely moved it over foundation   they even got a few blocks cleaned & have twise as many more to clean    Elbert cleaned up the broken glass & bottles & crocks & took them out this morning,  there’s a little more yet to take out.   Elbert got his chick today   he bought meat & pt. ice cream & fly spray  cost 1.64,   The men went home early,  they worked hard & were tired   it was cloudy most of the day & cool breeze & Elbert has worked doing odds & ends most of the day & he is so tired & the men will be back to clean & set up basement wall  then sidiing & cornish & supper time Eleane Sarr “Moffy” we call her, a nick name or Midgie”, & her little brother Earnie.   she had one place on roll film & so took a picture of the house after men got done, tonight & we were up on even keel but they forgot to cover chimney hole & it rained a light shower so Elbert climbed up & put roofing paper over it & Midgie tied slats on a rope for him to put over paper to hold down,  then we ate supper, he got steak & had to take it back,  it was sticky & a had bad smell.

Mon. July. 6. 1953./ page. 3114./ 4. eggs this day/ Well by the time we got around to eat, it was all most cold.   I do thank & praise God for all our many many blessings  Jesus is all the world to me   I love him more than all else  Glory to Thy Name forever   The house jumped & bounded when they moved it back, but not half as hard   I lay on the bed been half sick all day, But Praise God. 

Tue. July 7. 1953./ 3 eggs today/ Well they got some blocks cleaned & laid up & house over to North 2 ft. & part the shingle on & it’s been quite hot, today & Elbert says I look lots older than he does,  well, he uses my brains 1/2 time, but he complains most of the time & didn’t feel able to do anything all after noon & has just gone for a pail of water to Broads for cooking   I’ve felt some better but need some one to cook & look after me   Brodes gave us another package of chicken & we cooked it   I didn’t like to have it yet but now it’s done & it made Elbert sick, it was so fat & he eats tomuch at a time.   I felt terrible rocky allday, but Praise God for all things. 

Wed. July. 8. 1953/ 4. eggs today/  We lost one hen,  she crawled away & died.   We have 3. white ones & 1. red one.  Men came & laid up side walls & ends in basement & they put on a few more shingles & they brought a small building 7 X 8 ft. they thought we could use it for a toilet but we don’t neet it so big & we think it will do for a hen house   they worked hard today & left at 4-30-p-m.   they desided to buy new blocks for the 3 tier above the ground & they will be plain instead of using ours over, they broke a few trying to clean them.   They electric man was here & we have the lights up here now,   but he has to fix the ones down in basement yet,   When they raised road to the pole, then call them this morning & told them.   I’ll be glad when they are done, but what a mess inside & out   the blocks are not as good, as the ones we have.   Just after 12 noon, Rue came & brought Earnice, he ate dinner with us & was here untill 5-p-m & Muffy came & visited a little & then took him home,   she said she was surprised when she see they were starting to work on the house, that

Wed. July. 8. 1953./ page. 3115./ 4. eggs this day./ from all the things the neighbors had said, that they were going to let us set in that terrible condition untill 3 months or so before they did a thing, but maybe some else found away, Praise God.  Glory to His Name, Hallelujah Glory, Glory, Glory.  May God be praised for ever. Amen.   Now we are done with dishes & Elbert’s gone to bed & I’m going to mine.  

Thurs. July 9. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Prayer meeting night,  I thank Thee Jesus for Thee & the prayers of those of thine   I felt some better & walked about in the yard today & wrote 4 post cards & ironed 3 shirts  my under skirt & dress,   I visited with Muffy while Elbert went to Berlin Hights with Earnie Sarr & got us a few things to eat,   he got steak & some pig hanks for tomorrow & some raspberries 2 black & 1 red   he bought a nice green cabbage. 4.25 he paid for the food.   Muffy said Earnie was going to DearBorne Mich for a couple of weeks,  Dolly is with her mother in Cleveland.   We received a card from Audrey, Nellie & Miss Clark today,   Audrey is with Jean.   I wonder how Gertie is for she will be alone & she’s so afraid alone   I pray God will take care of her & keep her & I pray for Nellie   help her to go some where & rest for a while, she’s all tired out   she’d be so welcome, if she wanted to come here.   Well, who should come in tonight, but the Walkins man & his Wife & she brought us a large glass of current jelly, clear & pretty.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray I may be worthy & I must receive my healiing to prove Thou art the same yesterday today & forever Glory, Glory Hallelujah, I praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. July 10. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ Cattell came back with 3 men   2 he did have & one other & they worked hard untill 4-p-m.  then went home.   they got the house squared up a little more & put the steel beem through the middle to hold the floor   got the windows in basment & finished the basement walls.   We got another card from Audrey today.   I sat in the car a while this after noon.   It rained this morning & was so cold last night felt as if it might snow & its cold tonight   I did half my wash tonight   hope to do rest.

Fri. July.10. 1953 / page. 3116/ 3 eggs this day./ it done tomorrow & get it all dried.   I have to go to bed   I’m cold.  Praise God for ever & ever  I thank Him for all my blessings in Jesus Name   I love Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help my brothers & sisters & in-laws & my nephews & neices to Know Thee & I will thank Thee & give Thee all praise & Glory Amen. 

Sat. July.11. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ Well, I finished the wash & did out Elberts 2 cotton blanket, but I feel terrible tonight   his bead was so sweaty & now it smells fresh again   he turned the mattress over & helped me make his bed & I rubbed his back & hip,  he took the pieces of 2X4 out from under the casters at head of the beds & now they seem more level & like they should be & I’ll be glad when I can have the door shut & locked again,   I have bruised spots on my legs & arms today & my breasts are sore & needle marks on me,   I can’t stay awake day & night,   men didn’t come to work today, so got my cloths all out & dried  rags & all & Elbert has strained him self,  he felt sick for 2 days.   I got him to put his belt on again   he’s been trying to get weeds out of potatoes & doing odds & ends.   he put the roof of old toil toilet over the pit so no one would walk into it. & I think I’ll try to see if we can make an other out of some of the lumber.   & I do pray we can get the cottage over on the concrete coop floor so to get some rain water.   no mail to-day,  I got some cards ready to mail out but, he didn’t give them to postman or take them to Huron,   he went to store for a few things 3.43 meat, potatoes, winter green & pepper mints & bread & raspberries.   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy word & Salvation for all Thou doth give us so freely   I praise Thee forever & ever Amen. 

Sun. July 12. 1953./ 4 eggs today./ Inez & Henry Hunt came & visited a while & got the rest of the bulbs & then the Minister came with there 2 girls & his

Sun. July. 12. 1953./ page. 3117./ 4 eggs this day/ brought us a pie banana cream pie & told us about the young folks that were converted were baptized to day   I pray God will bless & guide them in all things.   May all the Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen  Dear Father, Jesus, Pure, True & Holy, I love Thee.  It’s been a nice quite day with North east breeze. 

Mon. July. 13. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Been a nice day  N. east breeze hazy  thick all around the edges   men didn’t come today.  Elbert cut & hauled brush over hill & tonight he tried to fix siding on N. West end of house   hope he will get it done before they get here, he’s having cramps here & there, shoulders, legs, hands & over his ribs, & his lower limbs & ankles.   Men came & put on a new eve spouting, this after noon & fixed it for barrels & said we’d have to make covers for them,   but, they haven’t brought the barrels yet.   We hope to get the other building over on the hen house foundation & some roofing paper & eve troughs on so as to get water in systern.   I do hope  pray we can get it done before Fall   trees are tipped over all ways & makes it hard to clean up   we have to get trees cut up & out of the way before we can move the other building   the house isn’t right   we can’t shut the doors yet & I cold rest some better if I could lock my door,   I feel as if I’d been doped & raped to often, untill the blood runs   its terrible,   I pray Thee Jesus for help, it’s terrible & he talks & lies to me & thinks I don’t know but you are able to help me speadly & I’m trusting you will,   I know you can  Oh Jesus forgive me & reveal unto me I thank Thee  I praise Thee Jesus for all things    Received letter from Marry Vedowick today   she still wants me to come for her,   wish I could.  I been thinking of Ella Jane for several days   hope all is well & Jesus will turn her a-bout face. 

Tue. July. 14. 1953./ page 3118./ 3. eggs today/ Received letter from Audrey today, she’s home again & hates to go back to work, she says she will be 61. July 24. & it doesn’t seem as if it could be, but the yrs tell on us by & by & Frank will be 63. yrs. old July 27th. & he to is beginning to feel old & they think Elbert & I ought to go to the poor house   I couldn’t feel that way a-bout my brothers or sisters nephews or neices & I pray God will change them before it’s to late    Well the men came, late, & finished ridge on roof & the masons came at supper time & laid up the chimney & fix the flashing & ceiling in Kitchen & got the frame up, for little front porch & they got steps done & light man came & fixed light wires in basement & he’s going to give Elbert 40.00 to finish putting on the siding fix the doors so they will shut.  We got our checks come today.   Elbert can’t seem to get settled on doing a job at a time, he does a little here & there,   he wants to get the toilet done, but, he’s doing it the hard way   a little here & there,   he needs some one to help him   he isn’t able & he’s shaky.   Well the boy took the wheel barrow & took several loads of the good rock face blocks & pilled them out in the back   we hope to use them for another foundation on hen house concrete floor so we can have water again when we get other building over there   I thank & praise God for our blessing & for all things   I want to live to do His Will & His ways. & I pray God be blessed & Glorufied forever & ever Amen.  Been quite warm in sun with cool N. east breeze.

Wed. July. 15. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ I wrote card to Audrey, Nellie & Rev’s Deers.   I cleaned out under sink  they cans of fruit & put them back.  I clean at the outside end & the corner between west end of cupboard & wash bench, now I have to move move table & couch & little stand & both radios & Victrola & clean the walls, windows, curtians & floor, then next day, the floor, in the middle cupboard doors & shelf.  then inside of the cupboards   it will take me all summer to get clened & straightened up.   I received card from Jean & I hope to get a letter off to her soon   I know she would be lonesome after Audrey left  she’s got a mo or so, yet before they can come back to Elyria   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy great Love & care & Praise Thee forever Amen. 

Wed July. 15. 1953./ page. 3119./ 2. eggs this day/ Men were over here doing little odds & ends, been quite warm in sun N. east breeze & Elbert went to Huron  got a big mess of fish & gave Brodes half of them & he cleaned them & took fish to them,  he says he’s going back to Huron & try to get the rope & tackle to pull up evergreens   I pray God will let them grow just to prove to folks He is Lord of all things & can make it grow as He did.  the other one we fixed & He mended so good, now it was so badly splintered, they cut it off. & pulled the roots part of the surface roots & the tap roots are still in the ground on the other two in front of house, so if they get them up & tied fast & braced good they will take heart again & grow.   I hope to save one or two apple trees also out in the hen park & between park & cottage.   Men put a new light in my south bedroom window, that & front door glass was only ones broken, up here.   I did my ironing 2. dresses & underskirt & table cloth & Kerchiefs. & so I’m tired also, but pray God will get me to pray-ermeeting tomorrow night.   I will have to try to get a little done every day & got testify & worship as often as I can get there. & I pray He will bless them One & All in Jesus Name. Amen.

Thurs. July 16.1953/ 4. eggs today./ Been a nice day 93 degrees in the shade. Radio said.   Received a letter from Mrs Bracket, a card from Henry & Inez Hunt & one to Elbert.   Elbert went to Huron   got some rope from Skippy Shoe & cashed our checks   got a few things to eat & turpo & alcohol  he spent 9.75 for food & drugs.   I gave him 10.00 out of my check   I have taken out 7.00 for Church & the rest I’ll have to save for coal gas & taxes.   & Elbert paid 2.25 for Clorid of lime.   Oh I feel so miserable because, I didn’t get to church & I have to break this chain some how  I want to be in the house of God & do His Will.  & there is no reason, only he does to much work & then he didn’t have any clean pants   he bought 1. pants 2. shirts 2. prs. socks 14.00, & he put pants on & they looked as dirty as the one’s he took off, tonight,   I can’t see how he gets so dirty.  he has got door steps & where gas tanks stand painted & he got siding on North end of house done & floor in Kitchen fixed   I wiped all the ceiling & walls down half way in my room & cleaned the pictures,   now have to get lower half & floor & I’ll have to put bedding all out on the line & wipe up floor   I cleaned some of the work work around doors & wash stand.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will use me, fill & heal me & I pray for the souls of those of my family & many, many others,  I thank Thee Jesus & Give all Praise to Thee for all things Amen.

Fri. July.17. 1953 / page. 3120./ 3. eggs today./ Well, Elbert has made a big showing,  he’s cleaned & burnt up a lot of rubbish & sorted the building blocks & carried the brick from the chimney back to the backyard & there are a lot of blocks to go back yet,  he’s got two sides, “North & West side” patched & painted & he has south side to put a siding board on & paint & then the porch floor to paint & lay & a railing to put on.   I haven’t done much   I cleaned corners where the water pails set the middle of Kitchen oil cloth was all tore up & it’s going to be hard to clean it untill we can get a new piece, to put down.   I hope I can clean up the floor a little more  then next week to clean Elberts room & then Kitchen walls. & such a job,  Well, Mrs. Bracket says she is 77. yrs. old & has just finished cleaning her up-stairs room & they or her whole house hasn’t been cleaned for 2. yrs. so, maybe I’ll get mine done before Christmas,  I hope so.   Elbert’s dog tired tonight,  The Ministers came in tonight with little Naomie & visited & prayed with us,  they are such nice people God’s children in truth & in spirit.   I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise to Thee forever & ever.  & it revives the spirit to see & talk & pray with them.   We had north east breeze & hot sun today.

Sat. July 18. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a nice day   Elbert has done a lot of odds & ends   went to Huron  got a little for us to eat Sun.   worked at the toilet   picked up & cleaned up & fixed my bedroom door & worked at the basement & uper door front door & back & basement doors all have to be ajusted yet.  Red Mc.Ginnis & his son Iria were here today & visited with Elbert awhile, then went wood chuck hunting, Frank Bonney & his son Armond had been hunting & stopped here & gave Elbert one a (small ) one   Frank ask us down to his house warming “he built a new house.” next Sun. evening,  but Elbert don’t like to go so far after dark   he can’t see to drive very far after dark. & I don’t like to go on Sun anyway   I hope to go to Church in the morning.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessing   I don’t understand but Jesus Knows  He sees & hears  Glory to His Name forever & ever.   I did some cleaning & put away some fruit today.  John Snyder borrowed 2 saws today

Sun. July.19. 1953/ page. 3121./ 3. eggs today./ Well I’m happy I got to Church today, this morning, & we had ex-pected to go tonight but Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 2 children came rather late & brought cream & cones & visited awhile & when they started for home they couldn’t get the car door shut & so it was after church time before they got away & then I wasn’t dressed for Church, so we had to stay home.  that pleased Elbert for he didn’t want to go back but my heart cries out for God to help me & to help me help others,   Bonita said she should have stayed home & worked, she’s always behind in her work at home & I said, today is Sunday & she said, yes, but I have to wash, iron, scrub & clean every night & I’m tired    8 hours in the shop & 6 or 8 at home & so, I came with the rest to relax.  Ella Jane lets her temper fly when things go wrong & Bonita says just enough to keep the fire burning.  Nellie is looking better, but Ella Jane looks tuckered & her left arm’s been tired out from lifting the children & taking care of them, she had to carry it in a sling for 3 days.   One of Bonney Bell’s children had a broken color bone & fell & broke it over before it healed the first time;  & this morning Rev Dear was preaching on marrage & he says if he were to live his life over he would marry young & raise a nice family,   he says we are to marry & raise Children, but I can’t find a place in the New Testement where it says such a thing,   He told his Deciples to look around the field was white & ready to harvest, all ready. & He tells us to live Holy as He is Holy & to Keep our seed with in us to live for the Spirit & not for the lust of the flesh & What does Paul teach? in Romans 12th verse & 13th, 14th, 15th. 16th 17th read 7th Chap of Romans & read chap 8. Paul says it isn’t a sin to marry, but he warns if you marry you will have trouble with the flesh & we are warnded so many many times about the lust of the flesh  I pray I may live for the spirit in Jesus Name Amen & I will give Him all praise & Glory forever & ever Amen. Glory to God I pray He will use me for HIs work. 

Mon. July. 20. 1953./ page. 3122./ 3 eggs today./ Elbert’s back is bad today but he washed the cloths & I have rubbed his back & hip twice today.   I did my washing   had a big one as I only washed once last week.   we got them all dry except my two dresses & corset.  I’m soaking wet with sweat.  & so tired my hand don’t want to do any more   I hope to take a bath & get into bed.  air seemed damp even though the sun is so hot.   Well, I thank Thee Jesus for the strength Thou hast given me today & I pray Thou Will help Elbert    fill us & heal us Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name I pray & Thou hass promised if We believe, we could ask to receive & Jesus, I believe & I’m waiting to receive, help me to do Thy Will & Ways, Amen.   Mr. Cattell was here today,  he hasn’t got his money yet for the inspection hasn’t been here yet, he seemed worried,   said he has another house to move but wasn’t working    I hope they get the evergreens raised up soon while moon is new. 

Tue. July. 21. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ We haven’t done much today,   Elberts back’s so sore, but, I pray God Will fix it so he wont be in so much pain.   I’ve done out a wash & been grumbled at many a time, in the same condition.  now, it’s him,  I am sorry for I do Know just how bad it is.   I put away the cloths that were in here on the line    got to meals & washed the dishes & feel as if I had been druged tonight   I don’t know how I got it unless it was dropped into my coffee,  my head felt better this morning when I got up but since dinner head’s been so dizzy & I could hardly stay on my feet.   We received nice letter from Audrey & card from Jean, but not a word from any of the rest,   I’ll have to try to write a few lines to them soon.   Audrey has it all figured out what she’s going to do in 4 yrs. from now   Well I wonder she’s only thinking of her clothes & her eats but life is more than that & she will have to learn the hard way.   I don’t Know What Gertie is going to do,  she lives a very lone-some sort of life.   I’m going to try to go to church Thurs. night   I love prayer meeting night & God’s blessings & May He be blessed for ever & ever, Glory, Glory Hallelujah  I do praise Thee for all things in Jesus blessed Holy Name, Amen.   Been quite warm  N. east breeze dying out tonight   Elbert went to Huron got food. 

Wed. July. 22. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Rained from early morning & all day in light & heavy showers.   Elbert’s back & hip are bad yet.  Mr Cattell was here this afternoon & he said he Would really put the cottage over on the henhouse floor foundation   Oh God of love & mercy Thou art marvelous,  how can I ever be able to thank you enough.  Jesus , pure & holy I love Thee & pray I may be more worthy.   I thank Thee for all things Glory to Thy Name.

Thurs. July. 23. 1953./ page. 3123./ 4. eggs today/  Well the inspector came today & I signed the paper so the con-structor could get his check & he gave it to Cattell right here & later Cattell came back & got his derrick truck.   Elbert’s back so bad he went up to the Dr. (Leighouser) & has to go back Tue. noon.   no mail today.  Miss Cark came,   she’s sick & been sick since may   she has no desire for food.   I gave her a part bottle of beef, iron & wine & she took a dose & drank a cup of tea but wouldn’t eat & she’s so worried about something, after she got started to talk, I learned she had worked to help Harry Miller for 16 1/2 yrs. & now he has said a lot of things that hurt her terribly & she’s going to stay away & not go there any more.  & after awhile I found it was her nerves all up set & she’s starving, for she can’t eat & her stomach sours & turns bitter.   she looks sick & she hasn’t much strength,  she said.   Mrs. Sprunk was sick after she was here, for 3 days.   Tom, Myrtle & Roney have been in hospital & had a cansorus tumer removed from  his leg on front of thigh,   she said the tornado went across Lindy’s back yard, but didn’t hurt them or house   Dicky said he got to Lindys just as it went through & they were in basement praying & he never was so afraid in all his life, not even when he was in the war on the front line, as he was getting to Lindy’s ahead of that Tornado,  Dicky doesn’t belong to God  they say.  God help us to work & pray & keep right with Thee.   We went to prayer meeting tonight   had a good prayer service & I give Glory & Honour to God our Father Jesus our Savior & Holy Ghost forever & ever & hope I may be found worthy, Amen.

Fri. July 24. 1953./ 4. eggs today./ Audrey’s birthday   she’s 61. yrs. old.   We didn’t get any mail today.   was rather cool today.  I laid a bed my feet’s so swollen.   cool all morning, hot sun from noon on untill night & started to get cool early this evening   Radio said tempture going down to 55 & I believe it for it’s real cool tonight almost shivery in the house & I haven’t done anything today & ought to work to-morrow   got few rags to wash & my dresses & his shirts to iron, so, have to get right at it soon’s I get up or I wont get it done.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father Thou will be with Miss Clark & be with all Thine all over the world & keep us strong in Thee & in body, that we may do Thy will in Jesus Name.   I Praise Thee for all things, forever & ever Amen.

Sat. July. 25. 1953./ page. 3124./ 3. eggs today./ Well I did out a small washing & set bread & baked 2 big tins & one round loaf & then Elbert fixed the little stand in the corner & I cleaned windows & couch & wiped the walls & put stand records back & the little radio I set plants on & the high stool & then we put fruit Jelly & Jams back under bottom of cupboard & I swept & we only had boiled eggs & Elbert had a biscuit & I had crackers & now I have his back & hip bathed in alcohol & turpo ointment & then I did up all the dishes & now I’ll read & go to bed, so, terribly tired I wont be able to rest for hours.   We had a card from Audrey & a nice sympathic letter from Boys Home, Nebraska, I sent them 2.00 & one of the little Berlyn Hights newspaper with Elbert’s picture & the house   I thank Thee Jesus for all the many prayers & that Thou art answering them,  this is the first time I ever Knew I had so many friends, Praise God from whom all blessing flow   Elbert bought a hen of Brodes & it cost $2.00   Well they said they had another one he could have,   it has a bruised foot,  but that wont hurt it any    Was very cold last night & early this a.m. but at noon the sun was so terribly hot & was untill 6.p.m.   Frank Bonney will be 63. yrs old tomorrow.   I thank & Praise God for all the many blessings he gives us day & night & no bombs on us as yet.   Glory, Glory Glory Hallelujah.   Oh God be with Rev. Hance & his wife & family   help them in all the ways they need   forgive him if he has sined & heal him in Jesus Name I ask & I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise.

Sun. July 26. 1953./ Frank Bonney’s birthday 63 yrs./ 4. eggs today/ No one came near us today,  been a nice day hot 94. degrees, they say it will be 70 degrees tonight   Elbert has felt bad all day, but, he has shifted it back to left hip again   maybe God will take it out of him again.  & Sat. I felt so bad all day & had a headach   it was my bowels, they refused to work & So I got up early this morning & took my bath & tried to get my bowels to move & at last I had to force them & it made me weak & sick, they moved & turned one inside out & bled so I didn’t get to God’s House of Worship, but I listened to many sermons & prayers & am trusting & believing.  I heard over Radio Rev. Hance is ill & tonight Rev. Buser & his staff took over for him & he did a very good job.   I Praise Thee God & Jesus & Holy Ghost.

Mon. July. 27. 1953./ page. 3125./ 3. egg today/  Elbert has been working today & I did the ironing my skirt 2 dresses & his 2. shirts  bowels are still rather sore but pulled back in side   I haven’t done much today.   Received card from Miss Clark  said iron tonic was O.K.   she begin to feel like eating again,  I thank Thee Jesus, she sure was in a bad fix the other day when she was here, & I’ve prayed a lot for her,   she’s getting old.   it’s been hot & sultry today & the breeze has been all around & a few clouds tonight & a full moon   lightened a few times then stopped.   I thank My Father in Heaven & Jesus my savior & the Holy Ghost for taking care of us & pray Elbert will soon know Thee Jesus & all sisters brother & nephews & Neices, Amen.

Tue. July. 28. 1953./ 3. eggs today/ I felt so sick I had to lay down,   Elbert got ready & went to Huron to the Dr.  he went to fish house & got a nice mess of perch  we had them for supper;   Rue Sarr brought Earnie & he’s a good little boy plays all by his self, told me about his visit to his Aunts home in Deerborn Mich & his cousins & Dolly his sister’s girl, went with him, his Aunt came here to Sarrs & took them home in there car & they came back on a plain to Cleveland   his sister met him & took them to her home & Earnie’s father went there & brought him home in his car   he enjoyed everything but said Dolly got sick on the plain,  he’s tanned to the waist line & from the middle of thighs down.   Muffy came for him tonight & said her mother wasn’t feeling very well, to hot to work.   Received tax blank today. (12.52) & we ought to get the coal in this coming month.   it was 91.00 & some odd cents last year,   I hate to think what it will be this yr.   We received a nice letter from Audrey,  she wishes now she hadn’t quit her Job in 1951.   I ask her Why she didn’t ask for 3 mo’s rest at that time, but she was discusted & has learned it doesn’t pay to be “as she often says” bull headed,  she wrote a nice letter   Jean & Bill are having a hard time like the rest of us to Keep living & pay bills.  Elbert paid light bill 1.50 & 58 cents for 2 cans tomatoes today & people all over the world starving & Miss Clark said in her card Gracie Day has a baby, but no husband.   Fish were good for supper.   Been hot sun & N. east wind all day.   I do earnestly thank Thee Jesus for all we have,   I Know it is What Thou givest.   I Praise Thee more for saving my soul & pray I may be blessed with the Holy Ghost that I may praise Thee in Spirit,  May all the Glory & Honour be Thine forever & ever   Thou are a wonderful miriculus Holy & Pure Saviour & Physicin   I love Thee Dearly, Amen. 

Wed. July 29. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Another day   I didn’t do much but Elbert’s tried all day & he’s so tired tonight.   Rue brought Earnie Tue. & today.   Elbert took him home tonight   I tried to fix my corset but thread kept breaking & every thing seems to go wrong, but I got the stiching done.   We saw a

Wed. July. 29. 1953./ page. 3126./ 3. eggs this day./   rather queer thing, a car stopped over at John’s building & a man tall & dark & 3 women got out & took something out & laid it on the ground & covered it with lots of papers then man got down on his Knees & went through with some funny notion s for & hour or more.   he had a Knife & saw when a car came up or down the road, girl got infront of man or when a train went either way, they did the same, then they gathered & put in the car & at last all got in & went back north   they came from that way.   another car stopped  a man got out, I couldn’t see what they did, but he got back in car & went north, he also came from South & went north.   We watched for an hour & a half. or so now.  Elbert’s in bed & I’m late, but, Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, for all things & Praise Him & give Him all honour & Glory,  He’s always been so wonderful to me.   & I love Him & Praise Him for all things  Glory Hallelujah.   I received DeHaans book today & haven’t got the other one read.   Been mostly cloudy breeze been all way around & S & West tonight.

Thurs. July. 30. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ We did the washing & I’m sick once more   my bowels are on the rampage & haven’t moved today.   I had hoped to go to prayermeeting,   feet are to swollen untill they are broke out in red rash & pain me bad.   I Praise God & believe for my healing   I pray I may be filled & healed in Jesus Dear Holy Name & I thank Thee Jesus.   & Know there is some thing wrong or I’d have been filled & healed before now, help me to Know.   Elbert said there wasn’t any mail, but, I felt there should have been some,   was cloudy yet this morning & raining off & on untill noon,  we had several hard showers after midnight & so God answered my prayers, Glory to God, I love Thee Jesus.

Fri. July. 31. 1953/ 3. eggs today/ Well Elbert went to Huron & he mailed cards to. Rev & Mrs. Hance, Audrey Mary Ved    Eileen, Red Cross, Eleanor Clark & Lida, Boys Home with  Annabel, Mery Vidowich Henry & Inez. Hunt Jean & Bill Frank & Ruby Bonney & my taxes 12.52 & tax on money order 25cents & went to fish House & got 15 fish 1. was pike rust perch  he came back 11-30-a-m. I cleaned couch & dusted chairs & got every things as near ready as I could for supper,   Elbert got the milk & chicken from Brodes this morning & I got it thawed & bones cooked tender & fat tried out & potatoes ready to cook & at 5-15 I got beets ready & sliced & potatoes on, I had dumplins ready 

Fri. July. 31. 1953./ 3 eggs this day./ so when they came the potatoes were dune & I had chicken balls half done   Elbert creamed the potatoes   I finished balls & made gravey,   we had pickled pears & lettuce & Sister Deer brother 2. pies an apple & goose berry  We ate a good supper & Elbert took little Naomie & went to store got qt. strawberry ice cream & after awhile we had the apple pie & the cream & hot coffee   Elbert made the coffee   they said it was good & I thought it was, to.  We visited untill 9-p-m & Sister Deer read apor-tion of Revelation & we had prayer & then they went home   they are God’s children truely.   Brother Bill has to go into service, got his call last week & they have only been married a very few weeks   a fine young couple.   Now Elbert cleaned the fish & gave the ministers half of them, they seemed well pleased.   Sister Deer mended a dress for little Naomie she had cought on bobed wire & tore while we visited   Elbert is very tired   We had Earnie here all after noon & he & Elbert went to 4 corners for water,   Helen came for Earnie & I told her Elbert would bring him,  she felt lonesome,  Muffy went to Columbus for week end so she & the boy will be alone for a few nights.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will Keep us Close to Thee & use us in what ever way Thou seest best   I thank Thee & Praise, Amen

Sat. Aug. 1. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Well we both felt bad today   Elbert worked sawing wood (tree limbs) he’s got a lot done this week, but I haven’t gained much.   I haven’t felt like eating, but I ate & drank to much for my own good & then we had a terrible time catching the hens & getting them in the other building but a long last we got them in    one most in & he cought one put her under a box & she riped & tore untill she got out so he had to catch her again,  she sure did a lot of talking about it & the red hen is hard to see & keep tract of but he cought her in the fence near pear tree & rambler roses   she yelled so loud & shook her feathers out,   but, he had her & put her in little coop, so now they are in & he says he’s going to keep them in, he don’t feel so good & had a pain over his heart after he got in bed,  his pain has gone from back & right hip into left hip   he ask me to rub it tonight so I rub back & both hips & pray God will convert & heal him.   I thank Thee Jesus.   Well 2 days & no mail.   I wish I felt able to go to Church & sunday school in the morning help me Jesus,  I’ll give Thee all Praise & Glory Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 2. 1953./ page. 3128./ 3. eggs. today./ Well it been such a long day I have been sick with stomach & bowels again  the bowels just wont move & haven’t yet 9-p-m. Mrs. Cranage & her son & daughter Elvedore & Ruth came & visited for a little while this afternoon,  I was so surprised to see them   she isn’t very well & don’t get out very often. & Elbert has felt bad all day   he fell down last night chasing hens & he was so angry to,  his intestines has been paining him for several days anyway,   I don’t know whether it’s flu. or what it is.   It’s so cold tonight a little fire would have felt good.   They have prayed for us at Church & I wanted to go so much & I’m going to try to go Tue. night & then every meeting night with God’s help:   I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 3. 1953./ 3. eggs today/ Well, I haven’t done anything more than I just had to but Elbert has done a lot of sawing & triming  & he’s so tired he groans every few minutes & had cramps in his back over his ribs   now I have him bathed with alcohol & rubbed with turpo & he’s in bed.   It was very cool last night & it is again tonight   Well, my bowels moved hard, could hardly keep my head level, but after awhile they moved again,   I turn out & it makes me so terribly sick all over    & I get such a shock in the early morning must of been about 3- or 3-30-a.m   sounded as if Elbert fell in the middle of kitchen,  he answered after I called him several times & his voice sounded sullen, said he hadn’t been out of bed,  last night he said he locked the back door,   but, I felt I should look & he hadn’t locked it at all & when I told him he seem eratated about it.   I looked tonight to be sure & another queer thing   I found some dry grass in foot of my bed   I don’t know for the life of me how it could have got there.   I’m glad God see, hears & Knows & I pray He will keep me close to Him for ever & ever,   I thank Thee Jesus & love Thee more than all else & Praise Thee.   Elbert did his washing first thing this morning & he goes for milk every morning.   We were eating supper when Frank & Armond came to help get the toilet up & they did a lot in 2 1/2 hrs.  got an other back made & then put the front & sides on the floor Elbert had made & they got the roof, back on, the back of toilet is under the building we called the cottage, but the front & sides & roof of old toilet  they used over.  some board gone at top of sides & they will have to be put in , some how, Frank said he’d be back in few days   said work was easing up & spoke as if he’d like to get the Job of rebuilding Bill Snyders barn, he (Bill) says he

Mon. Aug. 4. 1953./ page. 3129./ 3. eggs this day/ thinks he will rebuild his barn.  Frank says he has some onions so sweet you can eat them like apples & they 1 1/2 lbs. each.   said he’d bring me 1. & some beans when he comes back;  Wish we could pay him for them & there worth it   It rained some & has been cloudy & thick most of the day.

Tue. Aug. 5. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ Elbert cut or, sawed limbs from trees & he went to Huron to Dr. & said he gave him a good treatment   got some bones back that were out in his neck & back   he carried water from barrel & put it in the cystern & it rained this morning & we had a thunder & lightening storm late this after noon & it has been raining tonight,  I haven’t felt very well today, but baked some oat meal cookies & fried a chicken & stewed it tender in roaster, had hot creamed potatoes & apple sauce for supper & hot coffee   I wrote a letter to Jean & Bill & should write card to Audrey,   we received a letter from Jean & Bill today with $5. in it I put 5-1’s in her letter   funny wasn’t it   she says they love us, I’m so glad.  & pray God will bless them & keep them close to him.   Annabel & Bob wrote us to & said the storms were bad up there & around her home in Va.   Anna Mae looks after her mother’s place.  Jesus said when we see all these things coming to Know the end was near even at the door.   Earnie was here today & gave me a dollar for looking after him,  he’s a good boy & minds good, but he has to play alone,   he does Elbert’s steps & it tires him.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things   Glory to Thy Holy Name.   S. West wind & such a white sun.  

Wed. Aug. 6. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well Elbert’s cut & sawed most all day.  he let hens out & the heny hen that crows came out telling him a hard story & the language she use was terrible   she stuck her head in the air   flipped her big red comb & headed for the brush saying all maner of things & tonight she went back in the tree & when he tried to catch her she flew & said some more bad things & he didn’t get her either,   I hope nothing catches her tonight & that he gets her tomorrow.   I want to go to town with him but don’t know whether to or not, may tire me to bad & I want to go to Prayer meeting if Possible, God

Wed. Aug. 5. 1953./ page 3130./3 egg this day./Willing.   I didn’t do much to-day   mended Elbert’s b.v.d’s & socks  wrote card to Jean & Bill & one to Miss Clark & one to Audrey & now I’m tired   I got to get to bed   was up looking at the terribly black clouds last night & it sure rained   has been very cool all day & cold last night & tonight, lightening struck an oil tank & tossed it 500 feet into the air & it exploded & burned & 2 more were expected to go explode,  they were getting people out of there homes just in case & fighting the fire radio said    I thank Thee Jesus for Keeping us & hope Thou will get us into Church & Keep us Closer to Thee.

Thurs. Aug. 6. 1953./ 3. eggs today/ Well, Elbert has worked all day   he did the shopping this morning.   I set bread & baked 2 tins. 1. big  1 small &  I gave big tin to Rev’s Mr. & Mrs. Deer & gave them some rolled oat cookies & then I gave Earnie a small loaf, they give us 1.00 a day for looking after him.   I made the cookies yesterday.   I was just taking the bread out the oven When Nellie Bonita & Ella Jane came in   they all had a cup of tea & Ella Jane had hot biscuit   they didn’t stay long,  they have a new car,   I don’t Know how they can afford it, but they didn’t say & I didn’t ask.   We received a letter from Carl Betz   he said they got the paper with Elbert’s picture in it & that he had been in the hospital & there boy Dalas had just got home from Japan & that he & his mother had gone for a drive so he thought he’d write as he didn’t feel like going.   There are some men that bring Helen & Muffy home at night & they come clear, here to get Earnie.   I went to prayer meeting & we a good lesson & Sister Oney talked in other tongues & Sister Dear interpeted,  the end time is near & we all ought to work harder for Jesus,   Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus.  help me to do Thy Will in all things, Glory Glory Hallelujah.  

Fri. Aug. 7. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Elbert worked to hard today, sawing & triming & he burned the triming & this after noon, he went to 4 corners & he had to go into Skippy Shoe’s for water   pump wont work at corners, so Skip was there & he visited a bit with him & then came back   hung out a line of clothes for me

Fri. Aug. 7. 1953./ page 3131./ __ eggs this day./ I thought if he helped me he’d stay & rest but he had his mind made up to burn all that dry brush & there was such a lot of it   Earnie was here & he helped & enjoyed it   he has brought us a dollar each time, 3. or 4.00 this week.   Elbert had part of it.   I had big washing,  I did Elbert’s wash also & we got it all dry except my dress & it was 3/4 dry.  We’re both tired & I feel sort of sick to my stomach.   I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & for the strength of today & pray for that great infilling in Thy Holy Name.   I thank Thee for all things & Praise only Thee, Thou art Wonderful, Marvelous Pure & Holy   help me to be like Thee all the rest of my life. Amen.

Sat. Aug. 8. 1953./ __ eggs today./ Been feeling so bad all day & so has Elbert but he’s tried to work.   I haven’t done much   been sort of sick all over & bowels moved 2. or 3. times;  Frank Bonney came & put in a new seat in toilet.  he had to make it after he got here,  then he shingled one side of the roof   there’s paper on the other side & he said he’d do that side when he come again & try to fix the doors & do the porch & pull up trees   not all in one afternoon but each time he comes, he’ll do some.   Well, that will be wonderful, so we can get fixed up before cold weather   he said Armond & wife had company & so he didn’t come today   he brought us several of his onions   I don’t think they weigh 1 1/2 lbs. each, though, & he brought 1/2 pk. yellow wax beans.   Frank said Ella Jane had a car wreck, there new car, I hope it wasn’t bad, & pray God will help her to live closer to Him & teach her to listen to His voice, I thank Thee Jesus.   I prayed for the St. corner meeting tonight & wished so much I could have been there to swell the member & sing.   I received a note from Mary Vedowich   she’s hopping to come & I do hope we can take her for a little while so she can get out of that place for a rest, poor soul.   May God help us both to do his will forever & ever Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 9. 1953./ 3. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t get to Church untill to -night,   We had a good meeting & God blessed me good   I thank & Praise Him   I gave the Ministers some relich & a few roses & felt better in some ways & am trusting for my Whole healing for Jesus said ask & receive trust & believe.   I Praise Thee & Pray this will be another testimony for Thy Glory   I give Thee all the Praise for I am helpless in my-self.

Mon. Aug. 10. 1953./ page. 3132./ 2. eggs today./ It rained thundered & sounds like terrible blasts & shook the house & sleeted & hailed & poured rain & they said over Radio “Elery Morton” that he saw a foot of snow in Oragon & that it would have been hard to have believed had he heard it,   but, he saw it as he came home on a train, he’d been to a funeral of one of there, Ministers & he said there were a lot of wrecks along the highway.   God help us I pray, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for ever & ever, Amen. Amen.   Well, I baked bread today   did a little cleaning, got the dinner, took care of bedrooms & made beds & swept the Kitchen  washed dishes & got supper, only soup dishes to wash & I’m leaving them   I’m so tired   was only out side once today.   Been cool, sun came out late & got hot after dinner, no. mail today.  Elbert hoed 2 hours in potatoes & pulled weeds & this after noon he putat in two siding boards on east side of toilet.   he has some pieces to put in on South & West sides & he has to put paper & siding on the back & then get it painted   I mended 3 shirts of mine  put big patches under the arms.  & darned & patched Elbert’s work shirt.   Didn’t storm While we were at Church last night.   Church has a new loud speaker & it plays records also,  they used it last night   Elbert said he could hear as well as if he was inside the church.   Hen like there new coop & go in by them selves now   only got the 3. white leghorns left.   I ought to iron tomorrow.

Tue. Aug. 11. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ Well I did the ironing cooked washed dishes hung night clothes out & my dress & slip & I’m as tired as if I’d been working, ought towash in the morning   only got few clothes,   but, 4 wool blankets.   hope to get them done and way.  Received letter from Audrey today, she’s getting to the place where she tires easy & so she frets about things that not so long ago she never worried about,   I’m truly sorry for her & I’m sorry for Gertie   she live such a queer lonesome sort of life & she’s getting to the place where a days work tells on her   shes 65   I haven’t been able for over 20 yrs. to do a days work but I had a vision of it & now they are talking about having one in about 4 yrs.  I’ll be 72 & Elbert 74 yrs.   It’s been a cool day hot in sun to cool out of it & just right to iron or work in shade.   I Praise Jesus. 

Well, I washed my clothes  part of Elbert’s   he washed his shirt & B’V’D’s, but they got all-most dry.   Tomorrow I hope to wash blankets & perhaps rugs.   it’s been hot today.   Elbert was up to Huron, got some meat & went to 4 corners & got water & pump is on the bum yet.   No mail & no checks today.  Earnie Sarr was here from 1-30 untill quarter to five   I had just got him washed to the waist line When Muffy & her mother came in the car with the man they ride to work with & come home with.   Been partly cloudy   Radio said 92. but would be cooler tomorrow   The coal bin has to be fixed & Elbert don’t want to get at it.   I hope he get it done before end of this month,   we get it a little cheeper.   I can’t get out to do things or look after things & he don’t seem to care.   Oh God I pray & trust for Thy help & pray I may be of greater service to Thee.   I thank & Praise Thee for all things great or small, Amen.  

Thurs. Aug. 19. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ We had a big wash   I rubbed out 7. blankets 4. wool 1 heavy cotton 2 light cotton. & Praise God they all got dry & I got the beds made up   got supper  took a bath & was almost ready for church when Mrs Mc.Neil & 3 of her children came in & Mrs Sprunk,   they wandered about the yard with Elbert “he had taken his bath & dressed but I wasn’t quite done so he talked & talked & then I went out & they came in & stayed untill 10 minutes to eight   We hurried & got on our way to Church   had & extra good service & one of the women that use to be a Bartender girl was at the altar & at last she laid on the floor still doing antics & talking but she didn’t talk in spirit while I was there   I came out before they were through   I would like to have stayed,  Sister Deer was feeling pains in her back.  but she was so filled with the spirit   I’m sure she’s O.K. by now.   I didn’t mail my cards  forgot to take ’em   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Aug. 14. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ I didn’t do much today   mended my two wool petticoats   they wont last long but I hate to pay for the new ones, it’s just terrible the price they put on every thing,   Well it wont be for many yrs. more.   I had a vision of world war 2. & a little while “few yrs” ago I had a vision of revelution “war” & now they are talking about it on radio.   Elbert got coal   been done today & he’s felt bad all day   We worked to hard washing blankets in the heat I guess.

Fri. Aug. 14. 1953./ page. 3134./ 2. eggs this day./ & he worked at coal bin yesterday & finished it today.   My head has felt terribly heavy today,  haven’t been able to rest as much as usual.   Earnie was here today, he gave us 4 quarters & I took them all for we have to make up the coal money & that helps out a lot,   Elbert told Earnie he better give it to him next time & he’d take it to,   but, it belongs to me.   We are pinching,   I gave him money several times out of the money I was saving for coal & I took out for taxes & gas 22.00 & so now he feels hurt because I have to put it back,   Well, I can’t give or pay back when I don’t have it.   Oh Well I can’t do any more than I can,   We ought to finish the washing tomorrow, for it looks as if I’d have to serve[starve] this next week   Elbert has to have sleeper pants & a pillow slip & I need night gown pillow slip & dish towels & I will have to make petticoats soon & I just don’t know what to do about blankets to put under us to sleep on   have to fix binding on one or two of the top blankets   wish I could get some at Wards Dry Goods store while they are having there sale, reversable ones & some to sleep between.   Checks came yesterday & doller from Tue. & 3. cards from Sister & Brother Deer Miss. Lida Clark & Audrey, but none today.   I feel sort of lost & so weary today, I love only Thee Jesus & Praise Thee.

Sat. Aug. 15. 1953./ only 3 hens/ 3 eggs today./  They are having a terrible time on some Island Mountias falling down, land slides, floods & over 1.000 dead & tonight hospital roof caved in on the sick & the world fighting to see Who is going to rule the world & tornadoes Cyclones, Typhones & Hurry canes along the Coasts & in verious States leaving a wake of destruction behind it,   Bible history being full filled.  Oh God help us to live closer to Thee & do Thy Will.  

This is for Sat. also.,  Elbert cleaned up & burnt up a lot of brush & pieces of branches,   He went to Huron for food & & burned more brush when he got home.   Well, I did out two lines of clothes & washed 4 grain & mash bags white & got them all dried, swept & made bed & got 2. meals & washed dishes & got the meat cooking for tomorrow & I got the clothes all put away.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & praise Thee & pray I may be found worthy   help me to do Thy Will in all things Amen.

Sun. Aug. 16. 1953./ page. 3135./ 2. eggs today./ Well we got off to church tonight   had a good sermon & I wrote a note & gave it to Mrs. Bouls &  I gave her a dollar & told her the Deers were hungry for pork chops & I ask her to collect enough to get some chops & she took up $6.00 & the decided to just give them the money to use for meat   I didn’t wait to see but hope it will be excepted in the Way We ment it & may God Bless them each & every one.   Oh I’m so sorry Audrey didn’t get her cards this week but she’ll get several tomorrow. I hope & pray she’s feeling better.   Well the world is in a termoil & it looks as if time is growing short & I pray God will help me to help others & that He will help me to praise Him in spirit.   May God be blessed for ever & ever & Jesus b Gloryfied Amen.  We saw a piece of rain bow  look 3 or 4. yds long   Elbert says they call it a sun dog & it means a storm   it rained a light shower be-fore we went to Church & is still cloudy & cool.  Things are bad on other side & edgy one this side.  No word from Nellie

Mon. Aug. 17. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got up & dressed to go to Lorain then he woke me up & told me he & I had talked it over & I was to go with him that such a mean way to do.   I told him to go ahead.  he said he’d wait for me if I wanted to go, he said Sat he had enough to get his shoes & have old one’s repaired so I gave him $16.00 from my check all I had left,  now he said, that was all he had to buy & fix his shoes, such a wicked world,  Well, I was just getting a little sleep when he woke me up & after he left I went back to bed & then he went only to Vermilion & got his old shes repaired while he waited & then he came back just as I got back to sleep,  he was locked out so I unlocked the door & went back & got dressed & washed & got dinner   I’m so tired  seems as if I’d die, but, who is there here to care?  I’m glad God sees, hears & Knows; & oft times shows me What is going on.   Well, after dinner Elbert cleaned the boards the fruit cupboard was made of before & he nailed them up & put the shelves in  another job done & now we have to clean fruit jar & put them down.   that’s my job I suppose.   I didn’t get any sewing done  felt to bum.  It was so cool I had to put an extra blanket on last night & going to be the same tonight

Mon. Aug. 17. 1953./ page. 3136./ 2. eggs this day./ Earnie was here this after-noon,   “I got the coal money” & now I’m going to save for floor covering & paint for Kitchen wall, don’t Know if I’ll be able to get it done or not   I have so little endurance   I pray God Wil help me do the most necessary things.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray for more faith & strength.   I thank Thee, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 18. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ We received nice letter from Jean & Bill yesterday. & today Nellie Ella Jane & Bonita & 3 children were here & Earnie was here.   The girls had a weinie roast & hot coffee with buns & potato salid & we had a nice visit   Marcie had her baby Aug. 9. 1953. a tinny girl & they Named it Bonney Bell after Nellie “her middle is Bell” & Bonney Bell Harnish, Dudiak,  Bonita isn’t very well,  Ella Jane has arthritis & Nellie isn’t very well & one twin “Georgie” has rhumatism of the heart   Bonita gave me a picture of each of her children today.  I still feel half dead today & they looked as if I was going to die, but I told them I was feeling lots better than yesterday.   I felt as if I might die Mon. but am better today,  they started for home at 5-p-m & bought a pk of peaches & brought them back to us,  they really can’t afford to do such things & I do pray God will give them an extry blessing for it,   I gave them one of the big onions Frank gave me & they left us a few tomatoes from they’re garden.   I received a nice letter from Audrey today   she was sort of upset she didn’t get a card all last week but she must have got 3 by this time & I ought to write one tonight but feel to tired,  I cut out apr. pajama pants for Elbert today & few small squares for handkercheifs from left over pieces.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & give Thee all the Praise for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Aug. 19. 1953/ 2. eggs today./ We both felt so bad today  We did not much work only What We had to do.   Elbert fell & shook himself up last night,  he said, this morning he felt terribly bad   he went up to Huron & got Scotts block & tackle & said it made him sick to think of trying to raise up the evergreens & then loosen, got to get it up or it will be spoilt.   Well if I could help a little I would.   I hope to go to prayer meeting tomorrow night.   Well Muffy isn’t allowed to earn more than 6. hundred dollars for she’s only 19. yrs old, today was her last 

Wed. Aug. 19. 1953./ page. 3137./ 2. eggs this day./ day at work.   Earnie was here today but he wont be back for a while,  & anyway he does tire us rather bad when we are so punk.  Well, Elbert says his back don’t hurt him at all tonight   Praise God I hope it wont hurt him at all tomorrow   The young man that moved the house came & got the timbers & steel beams, 60 ft. long & took all his stuff away this morning, he promised to move the other building but now he says he can’t unless we give him 2.50 two hundred and fifty dollars,  I thought that was what he would do   Well I pray & trust God will get it back for me.   I thank him & praise Him for all things.   I cut out a pr & pajama pants for Elbert but haven’t sewed

Thurs. Aug. 20. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ I baked 3 loaves of bread, 2 Brown & 1. White   wasn’t able, but got it done   got such a sore throat for 3 days,   I feel sick all over & so tired seems as if I can’t keep going   Jim Cattelle came tonight & gave Elbert 25.00 for putting on some siding & fixing the doors & the doors are not done yet & I’m wondering if they will get fixed before cold weather.   Elbert’s been sick most of the week  he had to do just a little more after supper & was to tired then,   but, he went back to get it done, fell & hasn’t felt good since & hasn’t worked   we went out & looked around   moved few blocks so we can get at the trees & raise them up a little tomorrow untill we get them up straight again.   I pray God will make them to leave out & branch out & be fresh & green again,   Oh I do wish we could have gone to pray-ermeeting but it isn’t good to go with a sore throat,   it’s better,   so, hope to go Sun. morning if I can   We received card from Audrey today.   I cooked dinner & supper & washed dishes & took care & beds, feeling half dead.   I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, Pure & Holy & for the Holy Ghost & pray I be all Thine, Amen. 

Fri. Aug. 21. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron for a treatment  says his back feels better tonight   he didn’t work today,  neither have I for each time I cough seems as if the top of my head would come off & I feel terrible weak trusting in Jesus to feel better tomorrow.   Been cool all morning hot from noon untill evening. N. east breeze.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things. 

Sat. Aug. 22. 1953./ 2 eggs today/ I did my wash  seemed as if I just couldn’t, got them all dry, Elbert went to Vermilion for few eats & ordered Coal 16.75 per ton.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.

Sun Aug. 23. 1953./ Page. 3138./ 2. eggs today./ Today Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & the 3. children came for an hour or so,   Other wise we were here alone all day   I was out by the place the hen house & only to the end of drive with the children as they headed back for home,   Elbert’s bowels is on the bum again & he’s sick to his stomach to night & has to go to doctor tomorrow.   The evergreens are still laying out in the front yard & it is about the worst job in the world “to hear tell” to pull them up on end & brace them.   I pray & trust in God, to heal & Keep them growing.   May Baldwin’s sister has come home sick sister & they took her to the hospital, she has cansors. in her stomach.   Sun has been terrible hot today, with a cool breeze, N. West.  I thank God for my healings & hope desperately to get out of the rut and able to go to Church regulo.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray all things work out for Thy good & Glory forever & ever, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 24. 1953./ 2. eggs day./ We had dinner & we out in the car when we see Miss Clark coming down the hill so we waited not Knowing if she would want to go   Elbert had to take a treatment & I had wanted to talk to him to see how I could build up my health some so Elbert drove to Huron & got the treatment for his back bone & hip & I did get to talk to both him & the nurse, but they only said to come back & report in a week or so,   Miss Clark lay on the back seat in the car & went to sleep,   well, when Elbert came out he drove up by the park & we looked around a little & came back to Cooks store & got 3 cube stakes & some buns & we had them & brocolie, fresh tomatoes hot potatoes & tea.   I thank God & Jesus for taking care of us going & coming & we each had & ice cream cones & after supper we put her on the buss for Vermilion   she & the old woman she lives with fight so bad & it keeps her stomach all upset,   Well, Praise God in Jesus Name   He takes care of me.   I love Him & am hoping to get to prayer meeting Thurs.  One of the Sandusky high school girls came here after we had  just got back from Huron  she was one of 4 that pass with flying colors & they have a contest, the one that gets the most points getting subscriptions for verious magizines getts a schoalar ship of 5 hundred dollars to send them to train for nursing & so she’d always wanted to be a nurse & that was my calling to,   so, I gave her a subscription & so did Miss Clark & she danced for joy for she only had to get 

Mon. Aug. 24. 1953./ page. 3139./ 2. eggs this day./65. more points & that would have to be 3 or 4. more subscriptions.  the womans home companion 5100 2. yrs  I paid for?  I pray God helped her to get them & I hope she’ll let me know,  she’s a poor girl & her aunt was helping by driving about in her car.   The coal man was here when we got here & another truck came with balance of coal,  it cost me $83.97, for 5. tons of coal;  I paid cash & got 2.50 off it was 8647   Received card from Miss Clark today   Been hot sun from noon untill evening, cool N. east breeze

Tue. Aug. 25. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well, the heny laid & egg today, she’s funny ;  she don’t sound like a yr. old rooster, but likes some of the young one’s when they are learning to crow.   Elberts getting ready to pull up the trees.   he cleaned up some more of the coop boards & piled them   he went to Vermilion & got some meat & tomatoes on the road stand by maine highway.   We had steak for supper & he bought shank meat to boil & 4. pork chops, for tomorrow.  My head has been so bad today I think it was from the ride in the car Mon. to Huron & back   I hoped to do my washing in the morning, but my poor head is sure rocky.  today & tonight.   I thank Thee Jesus for all thing & pray I get to Church Thurs. Amen.

Wed. Aug. 26. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I only did what I had to be-side doing the washing   Elbert washed out most of his cloths   I sudsed & wrinsed them & hung them out   the sun was so hot they baked dry.   We received letter from Miss. Clark   she enjoyed her ride & her supper & the potatoes & tomatoes & I don’t know what she was excited about but she got a lot of mail & what ever she was looking for in the mail.   She’s looking for another house & I hope she finds one where she can be by her self & not have to fight with some one all the time   she’s thin pale & nervous.   Elbert went out & pulled the evergreen tree up,  he though it was going to be a terrible job but I suggested pulling it with the car & putting four guy wires on it & it up & looks good, it shook it’s self & waved it branches & Praised God a-long with me,   I Know it must feel better even if it’s branches are sore & lame, they have been down since June. 1953. almost 3. months & there was no reason why they couldn’t have been raised up long before this.   I hope all goes well & we get the other one up soon & get them fastened, so they will stay up.  I pray God will get them set & make them grow & be pretty & green again   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.   We received a card from Audrey & she has her joys & her sorrows.   I pray she will learn to Know the Lord.

Thurs. Aug. 27. 1953./ page. 3140./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert has been doing little odds & ends & he pulled on the tree & got it a little more straight & it has to go over to east 2 ft. yet,   it has straightened up the tip end now & one man stopped & told Elbert it Looked just fine.   & it does & I hope if feels lots better, it must have been terrible laying there all this time & the other one must feel better since this was is up off from it’s body & I hope the one that’s still laying won’t be spoiled next to the ground   top side’s green, but lower side ma have to loose a lot of spines   I pray it will shake it’s self & straighten it’s branches & put out green spines & be happy again & Praise God; I thank him & praise Him for all things & may all Glory & Honor be His for ever & ever   Received card from Sister Dear today & she said they we trying to collect a few clothes for a little new arrival.  I’ll have to wait now untill next month I guess.   & I do wish I knew Who’s it is,  there is such a great demand for the money & we have to get shingles & roll roofing the shingles $5.20 & roofing$3.40 & so it Keeps me figuring to make all ends meet.   I baked 2 brown & 1. white loaves of bread today. My head is still rocky,  hope I’ll be O.K. for Sun. & I hope Sister Bowls can come out & talk to me   Elbert has to go to Huron tomorrow    maybe he can go & find & bring her back & I will Know What to do.   Help me Jesus, to do Thy will in all ways   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, Bless, Pure, True & Holy Amen.

Fri. Aug. 28. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron got a little meat & he brought a pt. of ice cream,  I sure enjoy the cream & he got 2 cube steaks, the potatoes were done,   I set them off & put fry pan on & let it heat slow untill we ate the cream & then I fried steak & he made coffee & I fried yellow string beans & we had our dinner   he mailed cards to Audrey Rev. Dears & Miss. Clark,  & I received card from Audrey   she say Gertie has-n’t had her vacation yet,   Joan has the new family car to drive to Penn.  to visit her boy friend’s mother & Merlin’s only working 3 & 4. days per. week & Jim’s quit at Thew’s & gone to work on construction work, at Fairview school, & she said some terrible things about two women that sew where she sews, because her husband works at the Minitol tube Co. & he sells insurance evenings   Well some seem to feel if they want to work they ought to have the priv-lage.   We have to Keep our life right & the others must do the same   I want to be like Jesus & wish we all could be.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou will keep me ever close to Thee.

Sat. Aug. 29. 1953./ Page. 3141./ 2. eggs today./ Have had another heavy head today.  & my left breast is sore like it was before but not quite as bad, but so it has pained me all day & my head also & my wrists and ankles feel as if they had been in a steel vice.   I do pray God will help me to find out some way.   I did the ironing today, its been so hot in the 90 ties. & not much breeze after noon,  was South this am, & went back N. East.   Well. no mail today & no one comes.   I hope they are all O.K.  I hope the mother of the new baby & the baby are all right,   it’s hot to lay in bed.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will teach us all things & help us to do Thy Will & ways & May God be blessed in Jesus Name for ever & ever, Amen, & Amen.   

Sun. Aug. 30. 1953./ 1. egg today./ Been a terribly hot day & not a a soul come near & I not able to go to Church & I wonder how they all are   I thank & Praise God for all our many blessing & pray I may get well & strong & that He will strengthen my fight that I may do more for Him, in helping others & doing Thy Will.  

Mon. Aug. 31. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up early & did his washing 2. prs. work pants a B.V.D. suit 2. prs socks his wash rag, towels & nose rags,   it started to get hot by the time he was done & they dried bone dry.   It was a hot night sweat like rain & it been that way for several day,   radio said it was 99 degrees today & I believe it   We are as if we’d been dipped in the water all over, at evening   Elbert took a bath & I rubbed his back with alcohol & with turpo ointment & he’s in bed.   I will trust God to take care of me, for He takes good care of me,  Praise His Holy Name forever & ever. Amen.  I made 2 pillow slips 2 dish towels & a few kercheifs & I cut my dress sleeve off & stitched them, on 3. dresses,   I ought to make a couple of house dresses & I ought to buy some goods for dresses & night clothes & slips   it’s to hot to sew.   We received card from Miss. Clark & letter from Audrey.   Been thundering & lightening,   it clouded up before dark but thus far no rain,   wind has freshened up from the N. east. & I didn’t catch the name of the place but I think it was some where in Oregon it was snowing & blowing and howling a blizard & snow was 1. hundred & fifty ft high along the railroad tracks,   these are the things the bible tells us of & to watch & pray, for it’s (the end) right at the door & when we look about we can’t help believing

Tue. Sept. 1. 1953./ Page. 3142./ 3. eggs today./ No mail today  only adds.   I did my washing & it baked dry fast & it’s all put away   Elbert carried the water & hung up some of the things   I put two blankets out to air & they felt baked so I brought them in again.   Elbert went to Huron be-fore I got up & forgot to bring me water to wash with but I got a third done, before he got back.  it’s been 98 in the house   I Keep Elbert as much as I could, out of the sun, hens run from one shady spot to another & loll with wings spread out.   Well I will be glad for some rain & to have it a little cooler.   I thank Thee Jesus for all we have & pray I may do Thy will in all things, Amen.   Elbert has lifted the other evergreen up a little & he watter them every night   he cut the broken limbs out of the butternut tree beside the drive this evening.   and he carried them away.  it takes a lot of time. 

Wed. Sept 2. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ I sewed a little   I got the sleeper pants sewed together & several Kercheifs hemed.  Elbert’s done several jobs & he has the pump all apart   I’m wondering if well, Rue & Earnie came in some one gave him some fish,  he had to many & brought us what he couldn’t use & Elbert dressed them & gave Brodes half of them, they have given us tomatoes several times. & the man that has a garden on the south end of Rue’s place, has given Elbert cucumbers, tomatoes & beets several times & he picked up the pears under the tree on Bessies place   the crickets & ants eat holes in them, but we cut out the bad & use the rest to eat.  I washed 2 corsets today   they baked bone dry.   Rue came in  set down & said he went over to the best Dr. in Cleveland & had his throat examined & Dr. said he hadn’t come any to soon,   he has a tumor in the side of his throat like Fred, had & he’s going to hospital next week to have it taken out,  he looked scarte most out of his wits & began to tell us of all the things he had ought to have done, & hadn’t made any preparations & there are to many things now to get done in just a few minutes  had nice N.  breeze for 3 or 4 hrs.  dried at evening I wish I coud help him but he needs a good minister to talk to him, one that really Knows the Lord.   Oh God, I pray in Jesus Name   Thou will help us to help him,   I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise & thanks for all things forever & ever, Amen

Thurs. Sept. 3. 1953./ Page. 3143./ 1. eggs today./ It’s been terribly hot.   101 degrees  a lot of people have died from heat;  a tornata in Arazona  a hurricane comeing toward Florida & a pecular thing happened to some of the Army men.  number died in the water when the craft they were on turned    we received a card from Audrey   she was over to Sevile to see Johny & Marcie & the children.   she says Mark is up & around & the baby is very cute little Bonney Bell.   Gertie is having her vacation & has caned 13 pts. of peaches. & her plants are doing well & full of buds.   Well, I ironed my dresses & well, we had a good N. east breeze, but still it seemed terribly hot.   We neither of us did much today & I do hope it wont be quite so hot tomorrow.   Mrs. Dear, will have a hard time laying in bed   I pray God will give her the strength she needs & help her in all the ways she needs   I‘m glad Alberta can be with her mother & wish I was able to do more for them.   I’ll try to send bread when I bake again.   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy love & tender mercies & pray I may be found worthy in Thy Sight & May all the Poer & Glory be Thine forever & ever,   I thank & Praise Thee.   

Fri. Sept. 4. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I washed out all the dirty clothes & the sun was hot, but, we had a strong south wind & so clothes dried extra fast   We received book from De Hahn.  today, Elbert has been doing little jobs he lifted the tree up a little more today & just before supper it began to look like rain & Elbert shouted, it’s raining, & I looked & sure enough & I Praised God & thanked Jesus & we has 1 1/2 barrels of water & Elbert carried 8 pails out & put it in the cystern & brought in several buckets full in the house & it’s still giving misty showers & turned quite a lot cooler   been over 100 degrees & dropped to 54 tonight.   Hurricane is still coming, 150 mile wind the things are coming fast that Danill the bible prophet tell us about.   I pray I may be all of me to Jesus for ever & ever & thank Him for all things & pray He received all Power & Glory now & forever Amen.     I parted with the 1.75 cents I had for butter pork & pressed meat. 

Sat. Sept. 5. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert got the other evergreen up today,  the root cracked & split,  he put roof pitch on it    I pray it lives, it looks worse off than the others & he put a solution of garden of Eden on roots & filled in the dirt & put 2 wash tubs of water on it   sure looks as sick as I have felt & still feel,   but, I believe it is thankful to be up again   God is able to strengthen it & help it grow & thrive, both of them, they should have been put up right a-way   wouldn’t been so hard on them,   but I thank God in Jesus

Sat. Sept. 5. 1953./ Page 3144./ 1. egg this day./ Name for all things;  Elbert is so tired  he’s been having cramps since noon but was determined to get it finished & the boards & 2 X 4’s, taken back in back yard so the front will look better for Sun.   I couldn’t coax him to leave it untill Mon.   I’ve rubbed his back with alcohol & turpo, & he’s in bed.   It rained last night, but is cooler tonight & no rain   radio said showers & it did look that way this after noon late.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray I will be able to get to church again soon,  help me I ask Amen. 

Sun. Sept. 6. 1953./ 2 eggs today/ Oh God I thank Thee for all things & for answering pray,   I was so glad Nellie & the girls & hope & pray that all things will work out for His good & Glory forever & ever.   It has been cooler today & it got quite cool before morning, but how much I thank & praise God for many, many, things;   Elbert didn’t have any more cramps & although he was still tired this morning, but he rested last night, he over worked yesterday and it seems so foolish to me.  for it “the work he was doing” doesn’t gain anything for us, in the sight of Jesus,    if we only did half as much for Jesus as we do for ourselves,  Oh God, help me to do the things Thou would that I should do,  When we decide we want some perticular thing, we usually make or find the time for it & God gives us so much   I can’t understand,  why, we don’t try as hard if not more so, for Him.   Oh Jesus help me to be of greater service to Thee.   I thank Thee for removing that thing that felt like a kernel of wheat that hung on my lower, left eye lid   I don’t know when He took it, but, Praise Him for it, & now I will give Him all praise for taking care of the swelling in my legs & ankles & removing the cause in Jesus Name & making me a living testimony for Him, Glory to God for-ever & ever, bless Thy children & make them strong spirit-ually & phyically, I thank Thee & Praise Thee forever Amen.   Nellie said Mrs Baldwin’s sister died yesterday & Pete Traxler (Maud Mahore’s husband.)   Nellie was looking so sad & said the Sunday school lesson hit her hard this morning but with all the children talking I didn’t find out what the lesson was, but, pray God, will keep them close to Him.    Weather is very cool tonight.   I gave them the sanwitches & ice cream & tea,    they went before dark,   Elbert gave them a doz. eggs & I gave them some cake flour that was given to me. & a few peas  Elbert picked up under Bessie’s pear tree.   they seemed starved for the pears.   Jesus I pray Thou will keep them out of trouble by preventing them to do things that will hurt or harm them, I thank Thee Jesus.

Mon. Sept. 7. 1953./page. 3145./ 0. eggs today./ Well Hurricane done lots of damage in verious places as it turned this way & that.   It’s been quite cool, with North West breezes & I took a walk out to the toilet & around cottage in it & now I don’t believe its worth moving.   tornado set it off the blocks with the west end clear off & the east end facing N. east,  I wish it was back on the blocks, it would last a long time yet.   I waded through the weeds & Elbert picked a big bunch of wild tobaco for winter bouquets, then on through what use to be the hen park to old hen coop cement floor & the wind was to cool so I got the night cloths & came in the house   we had a little fire & it made it more comfortable  just took chill out of the house.   Well I just don’t know what to do about the cystern, I’ll have to do the talking & planing with who ever does the job.  Today’s called Labor Day, & the labor’s don’t work, but rest, it’s been so quite seems like Sunday.  I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & we praise Thee for all we have for it’s Thine & Thou did give to us all we have   I thank Thee so much & pray I may be worthy & that through Thee I may do Thy Will Amen.

Tue. Sept. 8. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Oh; I’ve felt to weak & miserable to work today   I wanted to get a little fresh air, so went out to the cottage, as we called it, to distinguish it from other buildings.   Elbert cleared south east corner & put some wire fencing around, so we can can put a few hens in there   Brodes offered us 10 or 16 hens a yr. and a half old, for $1.00 a piece, they are putting a lot in the deep freeze & these are what will be left over.   Well I helped Elbert a little holding the wire, handing him the hamer & so forth.   I begin to feel as if I couldn’t stand up, so came back to house   made us a cup of tea & ate crackers & Elbert washed changed cloths & went to Vermilion & got meat & a little food  brocolie & pears lemons, coffee, 4 cans soup 1. can pineapple & soap, fels, lava, lux & Dial. & box grape nuts flakes.   He went to West’s & Mrs Sprunk was there & her son & his wife from California & Mr. & Mrs. West   he talked to Mr. West who said he’d tell his son, Lindy just to come out & talk to us about making a cystern.   Elbert brought cream & cube steaks & I like it all so much    I have not eaten much these last few days.   I feel so weak & the sweat comes with the least exersion.   Well, I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I’ll soon gain in strength, Amen. 

Wed. Sept. 9. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I washed out a few rags for both ends & my shirts & the towels     I didn’t feel as if I could but I force myself along.   Elbert’s done small jobs today   he hasn’t feltt able to work either,   he did tomuch Sat.   We received a nice newsie letter from Audrey, said Jean was going with Bill to Mass.  he’ll be done 28th & then

Wed. Sept. 9. 1953./ page 3146./ 2. eggs this day./ they will come back to Elyria & hunt for a place to live.    Martha went over to New York to Bill & Jean’s & brought back every thing they could spare, so, they wont have to be bothered with the moving.   It’s been partly cloudy today white sun quite warm through middle of the day & quite cool at night   radio says it’s going down to 46 tonight.   I thank Thee Jesus for being close to me & taking care of us & pray I may go to prayer meeting tomorrow night   help me to go I ask in Thy Name, I thank Thee. & give praise & Glory to Thee forever & ever & pray for all of Thine, Amen. 

Thurs. Sept. 10. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well Elbert only got 9 hens & paid 5.00 on them & he forgot to feed them tonight   he’s so tired, yet today.   & my arms are tired out,   I tried to sew,   seemed as if I  couldn’t make any headway but at last I got the sleeper pants & my nightgown all done except buttons & button holes & I cut out 2 more handkercheifs of the left over pieces of mash bags.   We didn’t get any mail today.   Elbert waters the trees.   I had to scour water stew pan & the one I cooked the beets in   they cooked down.    Elbert went to Huron & bought meat for supper, so we had creamed potatoes, pork chops & beets & bread & we truly have many blessings    I can’t understand why I’m so weak & miserable & I pray & thank God & Jesus for all things, Amen.

Fri. Sept. 11. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ I baked 3 loaves of bread “white” today & the children Dolly & Earnie came from school here & had to wait untill 6-p-m. for Helen, they went to Cleveland to bring Muffy home,  she had her tonsiles out & Rue expects to go this coming week, he said, Dr. says, he has a turmor in his neck.  every one seems to have their troubles.   Elbert’s tired   he has dug 2 rows of potatoes & only got a pk.  Clayton cut the weed in our front yard & he cut them in Bill Snyder lot, also Rue’s weeds.   It’s been a nice Sept. day. N. east wind, quite fresh.  no mail.   I’m sure tired & wish I was in bed.   Elbert washed the cans of fruit & emptys & put them down stairs yesterday.   I made button holes in my nightgown & sewed buttons on,  have to try & do Elbert’s tomorrow.   I baked   I’m sending Mr. Mrs. Brode a loaf of bread in the morning when Elbert goes for the milk   they have been kind to us & have given us tomatoes all we wanted every few days.   I surely thank God & Praise Thee Jesus & pray for a stronger faith & to worship God in spirit & in truth & spiritual gifts that may be more perfect in Thee,  I Praise Thee & love Thee Jesus for ever & ever Glory to God in the Highest   I miss the Dears & pray Thou will give them their every need & I thank, Thee Amen.

Sat. Sept. 12. 1953./ page. 3147./ 2. eggs today./we have 3. Whites & 8 red hens now./ Elbert cleaned 1. of the 9 hens & cooked it & he fixed the wheel barrow,   it good [?got] hurt in tornado.   he went to Brodes   took the bread & got the milk & he’s done little odds & end all day & all I did was my daily grind & sewed on the buttons & bade the button holes & made 3. Kercheifs from mash bags.   I’m so tired seems as if I just can’t live let alone trying to work.   Elbert’s knee pained him all night & all today & still pains tonight   he says he wrenched it getting on staging to finish putting on the shingles on back side of toilet roof.   he covered the windows in cottage, so hens would be more comfortable    Wind’s been fresh & more strong tonight & looked bad till dark, it rained early this morning about 3 or 4.a.m.    it started to lightening before dark last night & was bad untill a couple of hours before the rain when it be-gan to rain; tonight those thick long black cloud with lots of wind came from South West & circuled around from North & came back toward south east & some coming from south east, but, Praise God they went some-where with out hurting us    I pray for all the people to turn to Jesus.    They had the worse storm in history on Lake Supiour mountianous, waves that was so strong, they steam boats engines couldn’t hold against them 500 ft but boat “Bethelham Steel” it rolled over 300 ft. from shore & when waters comed a little, they took all the men off in a pr. of pr. of life savers britches & the Captian,  A tug broke loose from a barge & they were drifting radio said    & there is an-other hurricane coming toward Florida & on earth quake in Greese that shook most of that country & a small one in Misouri,   but they didn’t know how bad when they reported tonight bible history’s coming true & coming fast.   May God help us before it forever to late to turn to Him.   I thank Thee Jesus for all Thou hast give me & all my many blessings, help me to be a blessing to Thee. Amen.

Sun. Sept. 13. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ Well, it snowed near Cleveland & was quite cold here & so windy & from all directions.   Jesus will be coming soon.   I miss getting to Church & prayer meeting   been mostly cloudy all day.   I’ve listened to sermon on radio all day & most of them are such good ones  I don’t see why more people don’t live for Jesus.   (no one here all day)  I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee & trust & believe Thou will lift me up & give me strength & Power Amen.

Mon. Sept. 14. 1953./ Page. 3148./ no. eggs today./ We received a nice letter from Audrey but she doesn’t say Whats wrong with Martha,   I had a presentment & I hope Martha will turn about face & do the right thing soon   Be with Joan & help her to keep to the right path   God of Love, Mercy & Goodness help me to lift her through Thee   I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.   Elbert says his knee is better,   he dug potatoes 2. rows & only 1/ bu. potaotoes   his Knee is swollen bad & he doesn’t feel able to get a-bout as usual.   he cought some rain water & barrel is half full.   I did out most of the washing & it’s been cool cloudy & a damp breeze,   We tried to dry my night gown & skirt, but didn’t,   they didn’t dry very good,   so, as we had a little fire, I dried them over the fire.   & they’re all about dry except the rags & then I have 2 dress & table cloth & 2. B,V,D’s & 2 work shirts & 1. pr work trousers to be washed yet & Elberts jacket & an old wool blanket that was on the big chair & 3. rugs.   I wish I could have done them while the sun was hot, but now it will be hard to dry them.   I thank Jesus & pray I strive to get to prayer meeting Thurs. night;   Help me Jesus to make it.   Well, We are half way through Sept. & my check hasn’t come. 

Tue. Sept 15. 1953./ 2 eggs. today./ Ell, Elbert washed his shirts, B.V.D.’s & 2 prs. of trousers & I got up & washed my dresses & the table clothe, my shirt & my rags & hung them out & they all got dry,   but, I’m so tired   We got a letter from Audrey,   We all have our troubles & she has hers, but I do hope she & Gertie manage to stick together,   I’m sure Gertie wouldn’t want to be alone & we haven’t much longer here   I thank Jesus & Praise Him for all I have   sometimes it seems as if I can’t endure, but, I know that’s foolish.    We need to help each other & we all have our faults.   Been a fine day,   clouded up tonight, but no rain, & it’s cleared off tonight,   the new moon looks as if it’s half full.   Bill & Bob Snyder had a big fire, burning up rubbish & weeds  some fence posts still burning.   I hope it wont cause any damage.   I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost forever & hope & pray for all of His in Jesus Name.   Our checks came today   Elbert went to Huron  cashed them & got a few things to eat & I gave him 20.00 for food from now untill Oc t. 4.   We have seen a pr. of pheasents twice of late & a squirrel.

 Wed. Sept. 16. 1953./ 2. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Lorain to get his shoes but he couldn’t find a high top shoe he did did get the olive oil & he went to see Audrey & When he gets back home he can’t remember.   Oh Well he had lunch with her so she’s alive.   I went out & picked up my flower pots & gal glass bottles & clam shells & a few other things,   I want to put the hand washer down stairs & the wringer, before cold weather

Wed. Sept. 16. 1953./ page. 3149./ 2. eggs this day./  I put them all out by the path except the washer, so I hope we get them taken care of.   I swept the Kitchen & took care of bed rooms & beds. & then I got the sewing machine out & mended the table cloth, darned it with thread, then I cut an old blanket in half   hemed the edges & stitched the selvage edges together in the middle so now I got the two heavy blankets done & off the sewing machine   I have a pr of work pants & the big chair back cover to patch & make a new cover & darn 1. pr. sock & mend 1. suit B,’V,’D’s. & I have to try to clean the bedroom walls & floors & windows & curtains & the basement floor,   such a queer world.   Elbert came a little after 2.p.m. & he brought two pork chops,   I had potatoes ready to cook so put them on to cook & some spinage & put water on to heat & in a very short time all was ready & we ate & he brought two catfish that cost 1.   there was only enough for supper,   they were about 10 ins. long with head & tails off they were good.   he also got a small piece of shank meat about a pound & couple joints so we’ll have soup tomorrow.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name, that I get to prayer meeting tomorrow night.   I thank Thee Jesus for my renewed strength, & for the prays of all Who pray for us.   Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Thurs. Sept 17. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I haven’t earned my salt & Elbert’s had bad head ach untill late afternoon & when it was to late for me to wash & dress he said he could have taken me to prayer meeting, but, he still feel bad   has a heavy head, has a cold in his throat all so tonight,   he has, just garguled & fels to tired,  he hasn’t watered the trees for 3. days.   I felt so sick when I found I wasn’t going to prayer meeting, but, God knows & I’m still trusting we He will lift me fianly out of this rut & set my feet in His ways.   We had card from Audrey today    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things,   May Thou be blessed forever & ever & all Power Glory & Honor be Thine   I love & Praise, Only Thee, Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day & the new moon is clear & half full.   North east breeze all day & yesterday.   Help us both Jesus I pray. I thank Thee.

Fri. 18. 1953. Sept./ 1. eggs today./ The Minister called on us today & prayed for us & with us.   I Praise Thee Jesus.   I gave Him my tenth & 2. for them. & pray I can go to church soon.   Sister Dear & 2 others from the Church   Sisters C.__(I can’t remember there names) went some distance to pray with a woman who had once went to the church where Dears were preaching,    the woman fell from a load of corn fauder & broke her back, & the bone in one arm clear off,    I pray she’ll give her life to Jesus  be converted and healed,   she is as broken as I was & I know Thou art able   I give all praise to Thee, Oh Glory, I love Thee Jesus

Fri Sept. 18. 1953./ Page. 3050/ 1. egg this day./ & Praise & thenk Thee for all things, most of all for the spiritual life Thou hast given me & I crave to do more for Thee in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee.   Been partly cloudy, south fresh breeze.   I didn’t do much today, cleaned out some bags of papers & letters & found my last rolled oat cookie receipt & a few things that were miss laid.   Elbert went to fish house & they gave him 33 perch   he cleaned them all & gave Brods 17,  & I cooked 16 for supper   have a platerful left   tried to get Minister to have supper with us but he had to go & load a truck with wood to take home.   Elbert’s tired,   it’s a big job to scale 33 perch & wash & scrape them.   I Know.  & he ask me to go to Vermilion to shop for food tomorrow. 

Sat. Sept. 19. 1533 [should be 1953]/ 2. eggs today./ Brother Fred’s birthday.  67. yrs. old.   I baked 2 loaves of bread & a tin of bread biscuits & some cup cakes from ready mix,   I put some raisins in them   Elbert dug 2 rows potatoes for a half bushel faire sized ones & 1/2 bu small ones.   I did the ironing & we got the supper, or, help do most of it,   I been feeling rather low today   I aired night clothes & it has tried to rain all day & Praise God & Jesus it’s sure raining in heavy showers tonight & if it could only run into the cystern,   I pray God will help us find a way.   I Praise Thee Jesus & pray for power in the Church.   We Praise & thank Thee forever & ever in Jesus Name Amen.

Sun. Sept. 20 1953./ 1. eggs today./ We been home all day   my head’s still bad;  Elbert’s better, but not feeling to strong   he carried 24 pails of water & put in cystern   I tried to help by filling the pails   made me dizy & weak but we got it done & I made soup from broth of rib beef Mrs Brode sent or, give Elbert, for us   it made good rich broth.  I think she gave it in return for the fish.   We thank God for all our blessing & I trust He will help Elbert to call on His Name & be saved .   I thank Thee Jesus & pray for the Holy Ghost to fill us & all my sisters & in laws & nephews & neices & brothers & pray all Thine will be strengthened in Thee   Glory Hallelujah Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 21. 1953./ page. 3051./ 1. eggs today/ 3. hens./ First day of Fall. & I did the washing   Elbert’s & my own & although it was partly cloudy they all got dry except rags & I hung them in house & they’ll be dry in the morning & I sure feel half dead,   I didn’t think I could possibly wash, but now it’s done;   I even washed & Elbert’s light wool sweater & it’s dry except bottom of the sleeves.  I even washed his sleepers,   I thank my God for all I have, in every thing.   No mail.   I hope Jesus will help them, if they would only talk & tell me all things.    So as it is I don’t Know what to do.  & I’ll admit I feel anxious.   Clouds looked like snow & bad at times & showered misty rain at times   We have to get some help to fix house doors & do some thing about cystern water & soon.   Well, there doesn’t seem to be a soul to help us, queer world,   But I pray I may do the Lords Will. 

Tue. Sept 22. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ We got up & went to Nellie’s, but she had just got her check & they went & got the food they needed,   so, I was to slow, but they will need all we took, just the same, a can of Dinty’s stew   can of treet  1. of beans  2. of dried milk  lb macironi  can of Herseys cocoa & 1. of Nestles Coffee   few tea bags 2. home made loaves of bread & a hen.  2 muskmellons  2 green peppers & a lettuce basket of REd pear tomatoes, 1. box flake corn 1. roll toilet paper & 2 or 3. lbs granulated sugar & a 24 lb of flour $2.19 & 1. yeast cake   They were frying chicken wings & they just had one apiece for there family & 2 over,   we ate supper with them & visited a little then Elbert tried to sharpen & old axe for Bonita & got it quite well but it’s to thick grind,   she’s got the yard cleaned up so, it don’t look like the same place,   Nellie says she has to have a new roof & that Frank Bonney & Armond are going to do the work.   WEll, I hope they do a good job.   They been fishing they told Nellie, & that’s the reason they didn’t come back here to help Elbert fix the house doors,   Well, I had Elbert get the shingle for the grainery roof & hope he can get them on this week   it leaks so bad.   I hope they can get the other building up on some blocking   We could use it some for a long time.    We had a newsie letter from Audrey today   Martha seems bent on going the wrong way.   I pray God will give her & eye opener that will wake her up & help her get over on the right side & Keep her there   I ask in Jesus Name & thank Thee Amen.

Wed. Sept. 23. 1953./ Page. 3052./ 2. eggs today./ Well I baked 2 loaves & one tin of bread biscuits & a few other things,   Elbert dug a long row of potatoes & only got 1/2 bu.   then he cleaned west side of grainery roof & put on new shingles,   he only got 5.92  2. p’k’s & so has to get 3. pks. more & 1 roll of paper as near as I can figure from what they said   shingles 2.60 a p’k. & 1. roll roofing, 3.20. & so there goes over 11.00 more & no floor covering yet.   2 men were here with floor covering this a.m. & be cause of misunderstanding so I didn’t get it.  35.00 for one strip 30 ft long & one strip 20 ft. long  6. ft wide.   it was good,   but, they ask 45.00 at first   We didn’t have that much money,  but, after they went out they told him 35.00 & he didn’t come & tell me so, I’m sorry. now he will spend it for the shingles & roofing.   I helped him what I could handing him his tools & shingles & picked up the potatoes he had drying & then the old shingles that missed the box he was putting them into,   so there wasn’t so many to pick from the ground,   he thought that was one of my foolish notions,   but, found it saved stooping to pick them up from the ground;  He went up here to the store & got 4 pork chops & I got supper & felt so bad   seem as if I couldn’t, but now I have dishes done & I rubbed his back hips & shoulders good & he rubbed his knees   they were paining him tonight.   I hope & pray they won’t go bad.   We didn’t get the frost last night & I hope we don’t get it tonight & I hope he can get the tomatoes in the morning.    I want to be sure to get away to prayer meeting tomorrow.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things,   forgive me & help me to do more for Thee & bring Martha back,   Oh, God I pray she will come back & love Thee & her own.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.

Thurs Sept 24. 1953./ 2. eggs. today./   I had just started to dress when Nellie & Ella Jane drove in,   Elbert had gone for tomatoes he had been for the milk, so they came in   looked in the roaster   Elbert had killed a hen & put the bones on to cook & so they knew there would be something for dinner   Ella Jane went & helped get tomatoes & came back & I got potatoes ready for dinner & Elbert ground the chicken meat & I seasoned it & made chicken balls & got them on to cook,   We had gravy & coffee & tomatoes.

Thurs. 24. 1953./ Page. 3053./ 2 egg this day/ & pickles & bread & after dinner we I washed dishes & made room on the table to put more dishes,    Ella Jane climbed up & took the dishes down from top shelf & while I washed & wrinsed & wiped them, she washed iin side & out side & by that time got paper on shelf & put the dishes all back,   it’s queer,   so few were broken   not more than a half doz. pieces.   she Ella Jane wants all the good old dishes,   I have a few pieces 175 yrs. old.   Well, we got 2 shelves cleaned & 2. more to do in upper cupboard & one to do on lower cupboard & the shelf between to do & it looks good to see outside clean again   wish I could manage the ceiling,   there has been only one thing I didn’t like,   I couldn’t go to prayer meeting tonight   hope I can go to Church Sun. Morning for sure.   Elbert got the supper & Nellie made 2 huck gest towels & worked the pattern across the ends,   they left after supper & I washed up the dishes,   Elbert’s arm or, shoulder joints & elbows were paining him bad today, but he said his knees & back were all right.   he’s in bed & sleeping.   Nellie & Ella Jane were planing on getting tomatoes ready tonight, to can tomorrow & she was wondering if Hazel (Jimy’s wife) would pay her 1.50 for each towel,   Nellie said she’d ask in several places & found that to be the price, the towling for 2. 1 1/2. yds. cost 1.50    I don’t know what the thread she works the pattern on with, does cost.   she took her food money to buy the matieral with & was hoping to get it back soon to replace it.   Bonita is so worried she can’t sleep for she’s the only one working & she had to run in debt for the childrens shoes, 29.00    God help them,    Ella Jane isn’t very well,  I pray they will find the truth & lean on the Lord.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to help them, open there spiritual mind & help them,   I thank Thee Jesus & will give You all the Praise & Glory if only they can be brought to Thee   It’s been a beautiful Fall Day   warm Sun. cool breeze from South West.  hot sun & N. east cool breeze  Wed. that felt as if it went right to the marrow.

Fri. Sept. 25. 1953./ Page. 3053.[should be 3054]/ 2 eggs today./ I baked 2 loaves & one tin bread biscuits darn-ed one pr. socks & mended one work shirt.   & cooked dinner & supper & did all the dishes & odds & ends & took care of beds & aired sleepers & my night gown,  wind was strong & cool    Elbert had to brace the last evergreen & its still leaning heavy,  his Knee has pained him bad all day & tonight    he rubbed it with turpo & I put hot flannels on it & a hot water bottle & he has been taking anacins & at last he’s sleeping & it’s after 12 midnight so I think I’ll go to bed for I’m sure tired. & the pepople are expecting a hurrycane right now in Florida at midnight.   Elbert went to Vermilion   got rest of shingles for grainery & I gave him $11.00 shingles cost 8.41, & he will have to pay light bill 1.50 & get bottle of anacins 75 cents & get a little meat.   I made 2 apple pies & he took a piece of dough to Miss Clark & 4. apples but she had gone to see her brother & he stopped to see Harry Miller & he’s in the same rute, he said she was mad at him & didn’t come to see him any more & that he wasn’t going to coax her to come back,   such a world.   Well, I mixed a small piece of dough I had left in with the piece I sent to Miss. Clark & it just made the tin full.   I have to pay for the gas tank yet, $10.15,   I’ll have 10. left   We had a card from Audrey yesterday, Elbert says Knee feels better,   I thank THee Jesus & pray he will turn to Thee & that Martha will come to herself before it’s tolate.   Oh God help up us, help us, I pray   We truly need Thy strength & help,   I thank Thee for all things & pray & trust & Praise Thee.   They had a Typhone in Japan & torents of rain & floods & also in Florida even the lakes are raising & the ocean tides are much higher & stronger   a few boats are in trouble   mostly shrimp fishers & a plain crashed   these are dome of the things Daniel spoke of.

Sat. Sept. 26. 1953/ page. 3054./ 2. eggs today./ Well I swept Elbert’s room & wiped up the center & did the same to mine & the kitchen & we had macironie & chicken broth for supper & a little chicken.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got the shingle yesterday & today he tore off the old shingles on the west side of grainery & laid the new ones & hes to tired to rest tonight & I feel like wise,   we catch a mouse every night,   Elbert put a thick board in for a temperary thershole untill they get door fixed so the mice can’t get in so easy,   they are such dirty stinking things.  & flys to   I can’t bear them.    Elbert’s in bed   his Knee is better but pains him some,   last night he was almost crying it pained him so,   I put hot water bottle & flannel on it & he kept them on alnight,   he’s been eating to much tomatoe,  he does like them so much.   No mail.   Nellie & Children, hers & Bonita’s thought they’ed come tomorrow & perhaps bring Audrey & Gertie & have a weiney roast out side & a lunch, so I must go to bed,  so I can get up & go to Church in the morning,   they might stay late & I wouldn’t get away in the evening.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father for Thy help & strength to get there for worship.   I thank Thee for Thy salvation & love & all Thou givest me in jesus Name,   May all Praise & Honour be Thine for ever & ever, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Sun. Sept. 27. 1953./ 1 eggs today./ We went to church & Oh God, I thank Thee in Jesus holy Name & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever & trust I’ll get to prayermeeting Thurs. night,   Elbert works every day so we ought to be able to go to God’s House for one hour.   Well Nellie & the girls & 3 children & Audrey came & had a roast in back yard & went home early   Bonita had such a headach, she’s sick when she gives up & she went & laid in the car,   I pray God will help her over come her mental worry    the rest would be in a bad fix if anything should go seriously wrong with her   they have to depend a great on her money.   Oh Jesus; help her to lean on Thee & Ella Jane needs Thee so bad.   I do hope & trust in Thee & I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus for hearing & answering prayer,   May all Glory & Honour be Thine   It’s such a releif to be free from the thing on my lower left eye lid   it was like a kernel of wheat & bothered me terribly,   It’s so wonderful how Thou doth take care of us & we are so unworthy of such love,   help me to be of more service I pray.  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. Amen

Mon. Sept. 28. 1953./ Page. 3055./ ___ eggs today./ Elbert finished grainery except the 4 ridges & he’s going to put same kind of roll roofing on in long strips    We thought it would look better,   he’s so tired tonight. & so am I, for I did out part of the washing,   I would have done it all, only, Dolly & Earnie came at 12-30-p-m.   they said Rue wasn’t lookiing for them, but, they didn’t know either   they let the school out so all that wanted to could go to the funerals of 3 of the school children that were in a car wreck & killed    careless young children driving to fast. We were just having dinner, but, for some reason they wouldn’t eat,  after awhile I fixed them some lunch & hot Nescafe & they ate & then went out with Elbert & he let them up on the staging where he was shingling & they thought that was wonderful   I hung the cloth out & the sun & wind dried them good.   Dolly tried to wrinse some towels   then she handed me the pins & clothes as I hung them up,   then she & Earnie played ball for a while then we talked crochet & I showed her a few pieces    she wants to learn to crochet so she can make Christmas gifts & it would be nice,   it would keep her mind on good thoughts & give her something to do.   They started for home at 5-10-p-m & Hellen was coming to get them   she was on top of the hill & they were to the foot & told me she was there,   they are small 8 & 10 yrs. old & small in size.   so I felt better when I knew she would see them safly home.   I’ll have to finish the washing one day this week & I did want to do a little sewing if I could.   I washed the dishes & made soup for supper & washed dishes again & now I’ll try to read & understand Jesus word.   How many things I’d like to do, for Thee so I pray I may be made well, that I can call on the sick & attend the meetings, regular.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great & small & pray for more faith to see the things that I should do,   I thank & praise Thee & I thank Thee for my healing & healings. 

Tue. Sept. 29. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Been a very hot 90 degree or more here & all most a hundred in Cincinnati Ohio. & 90+ on up in a lot of places & 96 here.   We didn’t do much today, odds & ends,   Elbert watered trees this a-m    he worked to hard yesterday   tore off shingles on 2 sides of grainery & put new ones on,   he has to cover 4 ridges & tops & he hopes to get them before it rains,   he dug 20 ft. on 2 rows of potatoes & didn’t get a good pk!   it quite a job to pump 2 tubs of water for the trees,   its a job to carry it from tubs to trees, this was a bad day for them   wind was so hot it made us feel uncomfortable & sun felt as if it burnt    I hunted for some coupons I had put together, good for 2 boxes tea   didn’t find them, but, did find 2. receipts I had miss laid. 

Tue. 29. 1953. Sept. page. 3056./ 2. eggs this day. / gas/ we got our tank of gas today/ I wrote 6. post cards last night to AUdrey, Nellie, Martha, Hunts, Mrs Bracket & Cousin Edith Wheeler Wagner.   & Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed them & got some pork chops & boiling meat & 1. roll of roofing  he’s going to use, some on grainery ridges instead of shingles & maybe put some on back of toilet,    it isn’t finished yet.   & the doors are not done yet or the porch.   & lots of blocks in front yard to & Elbert works hard to get things done, if only he would do the work with out worrying so much & fretting for that tires a body so bad.    He didn’t & don’t feel very good, he has just been out back & the toilet is so far from the house he feels sick to his stomach, he’s worried about the car   it’s got to be over hauled & fixed up & some new tires    he never gets things done when he can but waits un-till the last minute & then says I’ll have to hoof it where ever I go,    he wont do it when I try to help him    What am I to do?    It’s a queer world or as mother use to say, “the people that live in it. We got tank of gas today 10.15   I pray God will take me home by & by   I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee  Glory to God in the Highest.

Wed. Sept. 30. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I washed out most of dirty cloths and feel all in.   Elbert finished grainery & renailed South end & some on east side & he plans to go all over the rest of east, north & west sides & it will sure need paint,   it ought to have it now but we can’t     I hope to get floor covering next. & go to Church more often    Elbert’s talking of putting car in garage for repairs, seems there is always something to Keep me away from Church.   It’s been a fine day, North east breeze & hot sun, but, not as hot as yesterday.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for faith & strength to do Thy will & ways,   God help me in Thy Holy Name help me Jesus   I know Thou are the only one that can help me & may all the Glory be Thine forever & ever, Amen.   no mail today & he “the post man” stopped but Elbert said there wasn’t any mail,  We are both tired tonight, just tired, 

Thurs. Oct. 1. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert couldn’t get the car to start this morning so he walked for the milk   Clayton was coming back to John Snyders, so he rode back with him,    he said if it would run he’d take me to prayer meeting & it did   God heres & answers prayer & I am trusting He will help us get the car fixed & some-thing done about the cystern for water,   help me to know what & how to do    I thank Thee Jesus & praise Thee forever & ever Amen.   I went out & help Elbert a little while cleaning up wood, limbs & roofing paper & then we cut of alot of rambler rose branches & weeds on hen park side of fence

Thurs. Oct. 1. 1953./ page. 3057./ 2. eggs this day./ I am hoping I can go out & help him again soon, if I could help we’d get along faster, but I don’t seem to have the strength to lift & tug like I use to.    We have to make a foundation for that floor where hen house was & he’s so tired he says we can’t do this & we can’t do that & we got to have some one to help that can.    I didn’t get any sewing done today.   It’s been a beautiful day. Praise God.

Fri. Oct. 2. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ 3 leghoins [?] hens/ Well, I didn’t do much today,   I aired my bedding, the wind went from North east to N. west & was quite fresh,    it changed changed from N. west back to N. east & Clayton was cutting the soy beans & his boy was going over the field with a mulcher & the dust filled the air untill you couldn’t see anything & it spread all over   looked so thick like a heavy fog.   I wonder what that child’s lungs will be like after inhaling so much dust    John Snyder came this afternoon to look after the harvesting of the beans.   Been a nice day, but queer  a pecular cold in the air,  White sun rather warm.   Elbert watered the trees & done some more cleaning   sawed some wood & so on    he’s tired tonight,   he cut some limbs off from 2. English walnuts  one by the drive & one on the hill. & to-morrow morning he’s going to dress 2 hens,   we are both hungry & they will make enough for 3 or 4 meals,   they are small    he will grind breasts & thighs & skin from the thighs, breasts & neck.   I hope to bake a cake or pies or something for filling.   I want to go to Church, Sunday morning & evening if I can.   No mail worth while.   Dolly & Earnie were here untill 5-10-p-m.   I tried to teach Dolly how to crochet block & space.   she did real way   I think she’ll learn fast,   she has a hard time to make her hands do as she wants them to do, to hold the hook, work & thread, but she will learn & I think she will like it   she hated to stop to go home, so I hope she keeps at it.    I made soup for supper.     Im sure tired of soup. but glad to have a little something,   we got along so far,   Elbert ought to get his check tomorrow or Monday.   I sure want to go & get the groceries with Elbert    he don’t get all on the list & we are out of food & money at or before end of the month.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy help, that I my do Thy Will & ways,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee forever & ever. Glory Hallelujah.

Sat. Oct. 3. 1953./ page. 3058./ ___ eggs today/ I swept & dusted & took care of the bedrooms & made 2 & a half pies apple & then made 2 tins of bis-cuits & chicken gravy for supper,   Elbert cleaned 2 hens   cut them up & saved breasts & thighs for meat balls & put rest in roaster & we ate a little for dinner & biscuits & gravey for supper   no mail to day,  Oh Well, there has been a good breeze most of the day & to hot & radio says its going to 90 degrees tomorrow,   I pray Gkod will take care of us & all He has given us.   I thank & Praise Him & wish I knew what I ought to be doing & how to do it,   I love Thee Jesus. Amen.

Sun. Oct. 4. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ We went to Church this morning & the Ministers came home to dinner with us & we went to Church tonight & God blessed all the Christians  Praised the Lord & worshiped Him and it seemed as if God stood beside or Jesus, Glory, Glory may God be blessed forever & ever Amen.   We had communion this morning.   Our Chicken balls were not a success for some unknown reason but we had plenty any way & thanked Jesus for the Ministers fellowship.   it rained 1. barrel of water today.   been rather cool & cloudy & windy aafter preachers left we went out & picked the Dutches pears.  one pear tree is tiped over, but the roots are in the ground.  the cheery tree roots are partly out of the dirt & one apple tree or 2.   We have a little fire again tonight & it feels good.   I feel good after our meeting tonight.  & Pray & trust . for tomorrow.

Mon. Oct. 5. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert has done so many jobs today.   He went for milk, watered the evergreens, sawed wood & after dinner he went for groceries & he spent $25.94.   so now I have to give him $17.87 my half.   Been a very cloudy day, not cold, but damp air.    Only Elbert’s check in the mail.   I do wonder what’s wrong.   no word from any one of them,   Oh Well, I hope & trust all are O.K.  Now Elbert’s gone to bed & I must go,   We had little fire all day & tonight. 

Tue. Oct. 6. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Rained this morning   Elbert carried 30 pails of water, to cystern,   sky has been bad all day,  clouds going from S. West & quite strong wind   clouds from N. east & lifted 8. ft. boards that are loose in front on the frame for porch   they were just laying so we could get out front door

Tue. Oct. 6. 1953./ page 3059. 2. eggs this day/ Elbert is so tired    he sawed wood & did odd jobs all day   we had a nice letter from Audrey, telling us Bill & Jean are back,   got a 4 room house South of Elyria & she thought they would be moved in by now.   & she is working    she said Jim was there took a bath & shaved,   she loves her grand children & I’m glad,     we never had a chance to hardly get acquainted with them.   Jean Ann has been more sociable that the others.   Elbert’s in bed,   wish I were in mine.  I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things great or small   May God be blessed for ever & ever.   Wind is blowing strong 11-p-m. 

Wed. Oct. 7. 1953./ 1 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got a little meat & todays Wed. & that man hasn’t come yet to see about the car.   I did out part of the washing & sure felt as if I just couldn’t, but I got at it & the sun shone through & at noon it shone clean not to hot today  N. east & icy feel in it & radio says frost tonight.   I really hope Jesus will keep it away for a night or two yet.   God willing,    I hope to wash blankets tomorrow & Elbert’s clothes    I hope I can get it done.  4 wool & 2 cotton.   We had a nice letter from Audrey,  she has a lot to do & I pray God will in Jesus Name help Martha turn to her familie & love & work for Him & them, Amen.   Now I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & I’m so glad & happy in my soul that Thou art & ever willbe, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, I praise only Thee.

Thurs. Oct. 8. 1953./ 2. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish 7. or 8. pike & 12 or 14 catfish   We cook most of catfish & they were so good.   Well, I baked bread  2 big tins biscuits & 1. loaf. & I got the balance of washing done   Elbert washed his work shirt & socks & they are all dried, my rags & nose rags  his night jacket & pants pillow cover & Kercheifs, now the blankets are next & rugs, wish they were done.   We went to prayer meeting & had a good lesson Praise the Lord God of Hosts   Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost forever and ever, Amen.   Audrey sent a card & we received it today,   she works hard & she enjoys her grand children all 3. & the girls had their boys   Jim’s alone yet & there mother flying around to her sorrow, theres & ours.   I pray Jesus you will rebuke the evil spirits & help us to help them before it’s to late.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Praise & give Thee all the Glory.   Elbert worked on the front door & got it so it will shut   he’s done several jobs today & carried water for me to wash with   he does lots of good things.   We had heavy frost last night  cool air today

Sun. Oct. 11. 1953./ Page. 3060./ 2 eggs today./ Well I was as the indian man Who said, after he had be converted the store Keep had given him a lot of change, lots to much & he didn’t know it untill he walked 7 miles home & then counted it & was so sorry he hadn’t counted it at the store, so he said, I’ll take it right back & then, he said what’s the use,   I’ll give it back when I pass in the morning, so he went to bed & he said, you Know you ought to take it back right now & the bad man in my heart said go to sleep it’s O.K. but the other man said take it back now & so he couldn’t sleep & told the bad man to scram for he & the good man was going right now & when he got home again he laid down & went to sleep & now I know I have to live for the good man allways. Amen.    So I felt to weak to go to Church this morning,  so after dinner Mr & Mrs. Hastlit & Mrs. Kruge & the little girl  came in for a visit (Annie the elderly woman Mrs Kruge takes care of.)  & were here for an hour or 2. & they hadn’t been gone more than 5 minutes when Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in   I had got the tea in the picture, sow had a cup of tea & Nelson had cup of milk    we had a nice visit   they brought us half a pie & a can of fruit relish (fresh fruit)    it was getting dusk when they left & they thought they’d come back tomorrow   Clayton gave Elbert some potatoes   said they were to small to sell, so we told Nellie they could have part of them & they’d like more tomatoes if they can get them.   I hope Elbert will get what he can at Brode’s    they told him he could have all he wanted.   Well I felt so bad  I thought we couldn’t go to Church tonight, but we went & God blessed us all Praise His Holy Name, Amen.     Now today was the first geese we have seen only 4 of them   they were headed south & then turned & went N.W.   been a beautiful day, partly cloudy & tonight wind’s N.W. & strong.

Mon. Oct. 12 1953./ 0 eggs today/ Elbert got the potatoes & tomatoes for Nellie at Brodes this a-m. & then took his car up to Huron & they tightened up the bolts or nuts or what ever it was that was loose so maybe it wont need much more done to it.   We had dinner & was most through  well Elbert was, but not I.  When Nellie & Ella Jane came in they went up on Elbert & Ella Jane went over on the hill & got a bu. of tomatoes & so they had 2 bu tomatoes & 4. bu. potatoes, the little ones Brode gave us.    Nellie brought a small piece of cheese, sharp, for Apple pie she brought, 1/2 an apple pie & the apples came from Seville from place where Johny Marcie & children live.  they are having 3 weeks

Mon. Oct. 12. 1953./ page. 3061./ 0 eggs today/ vacation.   I made a new skirt for my night gown & put the waist back on it & got it done for tonight after the girls went home;  They went home early, so as to be home by the time the children got home from school, George has been sick for a few day, so he came out with them today.   It was a beautiful day, wind N. E. today.   Elbert has a bad head ach, a cold or bone out in vertebra.   I pray it will be O.K. in the morning.   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy, I thank Thee for all things & Praise Only the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.   Take the world, but give me Jesus,  I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. Oct. 13. 1953./ 2. eggs today./  We received a nice letter from Audrey & some of the joy & a lot of the sorrows.   Been a fine day.   N. East Breeze & rather strong.   I did the washing & it dried good,   I got rather tuckered & Elbert washed his B.V.D’s & work shirt & socks & he hung the cloths out & brought them in & Everything is dry   I wish I had the blankets dry.   but I don’t know if there will be enough water to do them.   Elbert has cut & sawed wood & he don’t feel very well   he has some bones out of place pinching nerves in his arms.    I thank & Praise God for all things & Praise His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 14. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert has done odds & ends all day & was up to Huron   no fish   he may go again in the morning.    we got our checks today & it’s 57.00  same as usually & today’s Wed. so, we can’t go the store, so have to go tomorrow for food.   I baked 2. big tins bread biscuits & one loaf.   I feel so weak, I was out & we talked about the curb around hen house floor & how we can widen it 2. or 2 1/2-inches so we can us the old blocks on there & build it up 3. blks. high & make it 10. ft. wider on the back side, so, it can be used as a cottage if need be & I wish we had it done while the weather is good   we need the water if it rains   We need the water so much,   I pray God will guide us what we ought to do, & how.    We received a card from Audrey today & work is slack    I’m wondering about what they will all do when they can’t work, or pay rent, gas or electric & nothing for food or cloths.   Oh God help us in Jesus Name I pray & I thank Thee,   I just woke up to the fact that the visions I’ve had in the passed, are coming to pass before long,  one of all the cars & big trucks with people & there most necessary belongings & Elbert & I helping in many ways.  We met Brother & Sister Dear on a truck & gave it to them for the children in the truck & since then a big black slate

Wed. Oct. 14. 1953./ Page 3062./ 1. egg this day/and in white letters, flight, help ye one another was wrote on it.   Oh how I wish each one Knew Jesus & that I could help them more   Oh Jesus, help me to un-derstand what to do,   I am so slow, I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen

Thurs. Oct. 15. 1953./ 1. egg today./ Elbert went to Huron & got some things at the drug store like 2 bottles alcohol 49 cents & today 2 bottles for 50 cents Mi. 31. 2 for 80 cents 4 wash rags 56 cents good firm canon wash rags,  no fish but he did get pt of raspberry ice cream   it’s been another beautiful day  tempture 80 degrees, Elbert fell & hurt his hand & arm  left one & it’s swollen quite a bit   hope he’s all right tomorrow.  he’s talking of going back for fish in the morning & then to Vermilion for food.  no mail today.   Elbert cleaned cement off some of the old blocks & we think God Willing, we’ll rebuild on old foundation so we can have the rain water.   Oh, if I only Knew what to do.   We went to prayer meeting to-night & Praised the Lord & prayed for all the others who ask for prayer   Mrs. Krug, “Mrs. Hastills cousin” is having a terrible time of sorrows, the little girl had a heart at-tact & is quite sick, poor child   I pray Jesus Thou will take charge & help Ty will to be done.   Help us to help each other.   I thank Thee for all things   I love Thee but as Peter was weak I am weak & need understanding.

Fri. Oct. 16. 1953./ 1. eggs today/ Well Elbert went to Huron but no fish   I washed out the few things that were dirty, & Elberts 2 blankets he sleeps between & got them all dry,   been a fine day.   No mail today.   Elbert’s been trying to clean blockse & he took Wheelbarro & wheeled several oads back to where hen house was & now he says the floor is all crumbly & he dont think it will pay to try to put the blocks on it to build it up, but make a new footing & then build up on that, so, now maybe we’ll try to do that, God willing.    I hope we get at it soon. hope I can help some.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & ask for Thy guidance.

Sat. Oct. 17. 1953./ 2. eggs today/   Didn’t do much today  wiped up floors & washed back steps & got table ready for Nellie & her children & grand children, they were coming for supper, but Nellie’s been feeling bad, her legs paining her bad, then Johny & Marcie came & left the 4 children , & went to a party to meet Johny’s class mates of highschool that’s been quite a few years now,   he was in the service “U.S.” was over seas came back & after ashort time he married & went to college & now has 4 children.  & the girls, Ella Jane & Bonita her 3 & 3 of Johnys came late    We had our supper at 6-30

Sat. Oct. 17. 1953./ page. 3063./ 2. eggs this day./ it was after 7-p-m. when they came the girls had fed the children but they ate fish & had coffee visited a little  took big pan of fresh fish & went back home,   Marcie’s baby is 2 months old & tiny   they named her Bonney Bell after Bonney Bell Harnish, Nellie’s youngest daughter & Bell after Nellie Bell Bonney Harnish    I hope, pray & trust Jesus took them safly home, & that He will take care of Nellie, also,  Johny & Marcie who hope to go to Boston for the last part of there 3. weeks vacation.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & that. Thou art & ever will be, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 18. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Well we didn’t get to go to Church this morning.   Sister Keegan, ‘an elderly woman she calls Annie & the girl Merry Ann   she takes care of both of them & they are no relation ” were here today & had supper with us & then went to Young peoples meeting & we went to church    we had a very enlighting sermon, but, few go to the Altar.   The Lord touched my body & I thank & Praise Him, Glory to His Holy Name.   It’s been a beautiful day.   Mrs. Keegan had been to Vermilion to see her father Mr. Smith.   & they had dinner at the O’Key’s restruant, she said they serve good food, but, she couldn’t go there again, it cost tomuch.  she seemed to enjoy her self here;  I’m glad.   Well I don’t Know What’s doing tomorrow    he’s going to fish house.  

Mon. Oct. 19. 1953/ 1. eggs today/ I haven’t done much of anything today   I went out & sawed off a few little limbs,  my back achs tonight,  my bowels moved to much this morning    I had to change to my skin & then do a wash & the floor & rug,   I haven’t felt good, so thought I’d go out side,   Elbert was trying to get the hen park fence out of the weeds gathering up old, broken fence & weed & dead branches,   he’ll burn weeds & branches soon & its a hard job & tiresome,   he’s so tired every night,   he went to Huron this morning & got enough White bass for our dinner & we had soup for supper,   he’s gone to bed & I wish I was in mine    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessing & pray I may be & do His Will for ever & ever, Amen.   Wind South west & tempture 80 degrees.  Mow I’ll read & think & pray & trust Jesus for the answers, for He see, hears & Knows Praise His Holy Home    I love Him for all things. 

Tue. Oct. 20. 1953./ page 3064./ 2. eggs today./   Well it’s been a beautiful day   my back’s been terrible bad,   I couldn’t hardly turn over all night    it’s like lumbago & I’m sore all through my bowels.   We received a newsy letter from Audrey,  she seems to be believing hearsays I don’t think I could believe   Ella Jane she’s lied to me & told Elbert & I “we could go to hell for all she cared.   & she’s not apoligized yet & she’s been here several times,   she’s watching to see when I Kick off   how she can get some of the old dishes & chairs & old cheery table & picture & frames, how foolish    & I can see all the foolish & the crazy things,   I pray God will in Jesus Name cleans there hears, souls, & minds & help them to lay up treasures in heaven.   I hope I can sell all these old things that any foolish person would want & get a few extra pennys    Well, if they don’t get them it wont take long to find out how dearly they love me,   one of them even wished they could have my brains,   Well if they had e’m I’m sure they would try harder to do the Will of Jesus.   God help us,  before it’s forever to late,    I’m sorry for each one of them & wish I could help them to turn about face & we are all irtable at times,    there isn’t one of us perfect,  it would be nice to use our brains & keep in the right path    I’ve always tried to help them along that way, but, When we feel we are our own boss & fail to remember God there are a lot of mistakes & I’ve had my share & repented sorely & wish so much I could help each one to see & realize there mistakes,    the bible says that there is a big judgement day coming,   then we can’t turn back & repent,   God tells us over & over in the bible that it is He Who is talking to us but most every one reads everything but Gods Word,   I pray He will have mercy on our souls.   Oh, Jesus Prue Clean & Holy.    Elbert has the big cheery tree all most cut up today.   I’m looking for Jesus coming,   all things are as He said. 

Wed. Oct. 21. 1953./ 1. eggs today./   I haven’t done much today,   got What I believe is lumbago,  it seems better today.   Wyn & Virgina came in for 10 or 14 minutes & then went again, God help them before it’s to late,   & I went out to the car with them after giving them some slipps off the red col . catus, & some roots of the vine called Job’s tears & they had been to Berlin Hights & left there dog to be clipped & Virgina was taking Wyn home & picking her girl up & then she was going back to Berlin Hights for the dog While Wyn got supper and 

Wed. Oct. 21. 1953./ page. 3065./ 1. egg this day./ looked after Joyce.   I wonder.   Well we talked a few minutes at the car & Elbert put his hand on me and shoved me & said, get over, so they can see the house,    I don’t like the way he talks & this is the second time he has shoved me,   my backs so bad & my legs    I realed around & thought I was going to fall & I was so angry,   I told him he didn’t need to push me & he said he wanted me to move, as if he was the big boss & was showing off,   Well, he’d better be carefull hear after,  you wouldn’t think I was his sister,   I pray God will deal with him severaly & soon,  Amen.    Elbert’s been sawing up Cheery tree  got it over half done.   He tried to smooth the little epsode over , but, God Knows.  It’s been another nice day, N. east, icy or chilly wind,   there has been a thick haze for several days.   Well I received light card, a note from Mrs Keegan thanking us again for there supper   she enjoyed it much.  a letter from the dress form Co. & a card from Jean & Bill    I was going to write a card & letter after dinner but Wyn & Virgina came & then I didn’t get it done & I’m wondering how Nellie is & how well the girls are taking care of her,  the grape vines to sour & all the branches, it’s truly a very wicked world & the ones you help are the ones who Kick you hardest,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name Help them;  I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee I thank Thee for those who intercede for me  Bless them Jesus. 

Thurs. Oct. 22. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron got a nice mess of fish & we have had 2 meals & there’s enough for 3. meals more.   Well I have to try to mix bread,  my back’s so bad I hate to think about mixing bread & I haven’t done the washing yet this week,   No one Knows how bad it achs.   I wonder how Nellie is today.   I sent Nellie & Audrey each a card today,   I went out & gave them to the postman this morning.   Been a nice day, but, very hazy & fogy tonight.   Elbert gave Clayton a good mess all ready to fry.   Well, I’m so unhappy I couldn’t go to prayermeeting, but I know they will pray for me & I know God hears sees & knows my condition & I trust Jesus will raise me up & give me strength & power & understanding   I thank Thee & give all praise to Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Fri. Oct 23. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elberts cut wood & sawed limbs & cleaned up here & there & he’s terribly tired out tonight.    he Killed & cleaned & put on to cook & it was as tender & nice as  could be for dinner, but we ate crackers & broth & not much of the chicken for dinner,   I made biscuits for supper & gravy & it was good.   I washed rags nose rags & towels,   my back is better, but am constandly in mine of it all    I washed, got dry over the stove.   Looked like rain, but only wind so far.   My dress form

Fri. Oct. 23. 1953./ page. 3066./ 2. eggs this day./ came today.   its steel, now I do hope & can get my dresses & coat fixed.   I want to get floor covering next,  if I can  God willing.   I catch my feet on the broken edges of this & it’s hard to clean in that condition & my condition.   I do Praise Thee Jesus & I’m glad we can talk to Thee & that we Know Thou art the truth & we don’t have to be afraid to trust Thee in all things   I thank & Praise Thee for my healing & all the many healings Thou has given me.   We keep a little fire every day & night   it isn’t very cold out, lots of flies & bugs out yet.    It’s been beautiful out this Fall,   Winds S. west tonight  last night was thick fog.   We couldn’t see only the trees close to the house, was still that way this a-m.     The world is in a terrible mess all the Whole World. 

Sat. Oct. 24. 1953./ 0 eggs today./ It. rained early before daylight & after & Elbert carried 16 big pails of water   Praise God from Whom all blessing flow,   He has taken away the pains from my back & hips, bowels & legs.   Oh God I do Praise Thee & may all Glory Honour be Thine forever & ever, Amen.   Help me to have strength to get to Church tomorrow   I thank & Praise Thee Oh God in Jesus Name & trust I’ll soon be able to Praise Thee in spirit, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.    Well, Elbert has been busy all day,   he didn’t  go to town,    so, we haven’t much on hand to eat, but we have been through some other times with not much to eat,  we have egg potatoes & beans, so we are not so bad off.   I thank Thee Jesus. & pray we may live Thy Ways & do Thy will in all things.   it tried to rain tonight, but didn’t make out.   Winds N. east & puffy and cool.  We received card from Nellie today.

Sun. Oct. 24. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I didn’t get to Church this morning but we went tonight & I thank & Praise Jesus    He is truly a Rock to stand on.   I thank God in Jesus Name, for all things.   We had a good lesson,  the mane point was what the jiant in our life might be & how we can talk to Jesus often & have victory, over any jiants, feels & doubts, for if we trust Him fully He will deliver us, so He has told us to trust & believe ask & receive   Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus, Keep me ever close to Thee, Jesus, Blessed, Pure, Clean, Holy & Wonderful, Amen.    Been part cloudy but a very nice day.   No one came today

Mon. Oct. 26. 1953./ ____ eggs today./ We went to Vermilion   took back shingles one pack we didn’t use 2.60 & paid light bill 1.50 & got the glass cut for storm door   it was the old wind sheald from the ford car,     then mailed card to Jean & Bill & bought $22.99 cents worth of food, mostly in cans    came back    stopped & visited with Hellen & children a few

Mon. Oct. 26. 1953/ page. 3067./ 0 eggs this day./minutes & came on home Elbert got the supper. & his back’s sore & paining him & he has a touch of strip throat again, I do pray he will decide to give over to the Lord, help him Jesus & save his soul I ask in Thy Holy Naame.   & I thank Thee for Thou hast said if we ask believing we woud receive,   I thank & Praise Thee & trust & believe Thy word Glory Glory Hallelujah, Amen.   I know he has a cold & that Thou art able to take charge over each of our members,    I thank & Praise Thee for my healing,   Thou art Wonderful   I love Thee Jesus   make me a vessel to work for Thee I pray, Amen.    Been quite hot today partly cloudy tonight.   Tornado in Texas.   I pray Thou will have mercy & help all of Thine.   I thank Thee.   

Tue. Oct 27. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Elbert has sore throat & back   I pray he’ll get rid of it soon    I thank Thee Jesus & will give Thee all Praise & Glory forever and ever.   it rained, he carried 22 or more pails of water to cystern & tonight    its raining again,   I do hope we can get a cystern in at the corner of the house.   Only a card from Miss Clark today.   We are both sort of weary & didn’t do much today   we, tried to get the dress form into my shape so much adjusting to do    we got it partly & hope it will be satisfactory so I can get a house dress or two done be fore long.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all things & trust. He will help me to understand.   Miss Clark said  Mrs. Day & Grace were back in Church    Winds been S. east rain is good, hope to get Cystern

Wed. Oct. 28. 1953/ 0. eggs today/  Well, it’s been a dark day & Elbert went to Huron & got a few white bass & 1. pike & some pork chops & so we had pork for our dinner & then he fixed the stove,    he had a piece welded on the apron & the piece that fitted in, & so when he had it done he built a fire & I set bread & made one tin & a loaf.   & I tried to make a cake, it was light but seemed to be to sweet,   I have felt rather lazy & am tired tonight.   its a little cooler out side.   I Praise God & thank Thee Jesus for all things,   Keep us close to Thee   Oh, Jesus We need Thee,  help us. & reveal what we should do & how I pray & I do thank Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure & Holy. 

Thurs. Oct. 29. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy & cooler today & Rue brought Earnie, He was fooling with another boy & Knocked his right thumb out of joint    they took him to Berlin Highs Dr. & he sent him to Sandusky Hospital & even took him in operating room

Thurs. Oct. 29. 1953./ page. 3068./ 2. eggs this day./ and laid him on the table & waited for Helen to come from work 5-15 & that was over an hour he waited    Dolly was with him & Helen came here, thinking Dolly might have come here    Elbert told her, she might be with Earnie & she said yes, she probbaly was & the person she was riding with took her to Sandusky & they gave Earnie an ____ & exrayed his thumb & put a splint on it & banaged it & sent Helen home & she had to go back & get him after she & Dolly had there supper so Helen had a long day & such a time, & all the expence that seemed very unnecessary.    Helen came for Earnie tonight.    He ate 2 small pieces of fat pork & 2 or 3 pieces of bread, he wanted some bread to take home   says he loves it   he drank 2 cups of coffee & seemed to enjoy him self,  he had a little square box about 8 X 8 with a clown insid & a little mucic box down in the bottom & a crank to wind it on the out side & it played the tune Pop-goes-the-Weseal & when tune was done clown poped up & pushed cover off & it was queer how, as many times, he jumped up, Earnie would jump.  Well, they always leave a dollar for the Keep of the children,   I would like to keep them as a neighbor, but they wont do it.    I hope we can give the Children a worthy gift so to return part the money at least.   Well Elbert didn’t sleep very good last night,   his head feels bad tonight & there seemed to be a draft on my head so, I couldn’t rest either.   Received card from Audrey   she said E.J. didn’t come to paint but went to take care Bonney Bell’s children & that she hadn’t heard from her since Bill & Jean & Joan were there to see her about 20. minutes.   Oh God, I thank & Praise Thee for all our many blessings in Jesus Name, help me & us to be worthy, Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 30. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ I’ve washed today, Nice south breeze,   I aired the bedding & we got all the washing done except my house dress & my sunday dress & slip,   it’s surely been a beautiful sunny day.   We dried all the big pieces out side.   Elbert went to Huron & got a mess of fish & he brought steaks so we had them for dinner    I had most of the wash done. when he came but, we finished after dinner,   I washed untill he was done with the fish    he finished his ‘b’v’d’s & partly washed his work shirts    I finished while he went over & got a few tomatoes    then we had cup of tea & he got the supper & I’ve got dishes done & I feel done.  but I thank God in Jesus Dear Name   He gave us the strength & I pray I can be more useful to Him.  Glory to His Name.   Received letter from Audrey today,   She thought

Fri. Oct. 30. 1953./ Page. 3069./ 1. eggs this day./she was going some where Sun & sh’d have more news but she didn’t go.   Martha said Merlin came home sick & went to bed & didn’t get up untill Sun after noon    Martha said Boss. gave him an other job & the men didn’t like him telling them What to do & it got on his nerves untill he felt sick.   Audrey said Jean & Bill, Joan & John came in again in the evening for awhile,   they were going over to Henertta to Look at some new houses, but didn’t say if they went.   any way she didn’t get to go.   Nellie & Ella Jane were there & she said Ella Jane was coming back to paint & hoped she could get at Kitchen & get that cleaned up, but they don’t think of helping the old girl get cleaned up,   Oh, Well, I’m sure that God will see me through some how   I thank Him. 

Sat. Oct. 31. 1953./ 1. eggs today/  Well, I been to tired to work but I did wash my dresses & slip & swept & got dinner & supper, but my hearts crying out for I didn’t get my dress or slip ironed & I only have one dress for Sun. that’s fit to wear    maybe God will forgive me if I press them out in the morning.    I can’t go anywhere unless I can get a check on the water it’s terribly bad.   No mail today.   Air is fresh & quite cool.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou will guide me & Keep me ever Close to Thee, Glory, Glory Hallelujah. Amen.   Elbert washed two pr work pants & they dried nice & straight, he went to Vermilion & mailed balance money order for the dress form $11.56,   I had sent 5.00 down payment so now thats all paid,   he said he paid 24 cents for the money order,    & gave him 11.75 & he said he had to give 5 cents more   I had given him 1.00 extra for groceries, so I’m left with out a cent, he said, well he had to pay for milk   Oh how I wish I could get out & do for myself.   God help us. 

Sun. Nov. 1. 1953/ 1. eggs today./ Well, I felt to ill to go to Church & Mr & H___ came in just after we had dinner & stayed couple of hrs   they were just leaving when Audrey, Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her children came in,    they brought cream & cones & the other couple brought me 6. or 8. geranium roots all on them & the girls took part

Sun. Nov. 1. 1953./ page. 3070./ 1. eggs this day./ them.   so I have one left.   I was so exausted when they left.   Ella-Jane is still angling for the cherry table but she hasn’t apology yet & I feel I have one coming & straight from her heart, but, she is still feeling in that same trend of mind, I see, When she tried to fix graphone, so, it it will depend a lot on herself.    What she gets in this world & the next.   I thank God He sees & Know & I pray they will learn to know & trust in Him, in Jesus, With all there heart’s soul’s minds & with all there strength.   It’s been a nice day    Clouded up tonight & girls left early,  Elbert gave them 1. bu tomatoes & Audrey took a few.   I thank Thee Jesus for the love of the Church folks   I thank Thee for there prayers,  I know Thou will care for each one in Thy own way & I Praise Thee from the very depth of my soul for answering prayer & trust you will rebuke the devil & keep him out of both of us & the house & off the ground we call our home.   & Help Mr. & Mrs. H.____ to do thy will in that may be free also  I thank Thee & give all Praise & Glory to Thee, forever, & ever Amen. 

Mon. Nov. 2. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ I have only done little things,  don’t seem to have the strength,    but I do believe God will in Jesus Name, soon give me health & strength so that I can be in his House & worship & testify for Him & Give Him all the Glory.    Elbert has been doing a little here & there & he fixed my West Window   it didn’t go up or down like it alway has before   seemed to stick, but thank Jesus it’s it’s O.K. now,   he took alot of block back to the pile & he cleaned the iron fry pan once more & I have to clean top of stove & iron my dresses slips & Elberts shirts.   Been a beautiful day.   Oh God, I thank Thee I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost and ask you to keep me close & help me to help all Thou would that I should to be Thine. Amen. & May all Glory be Thine, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

Tue. Nov. 3. 1953./Page. 3071./ 2. eggs today./ I got up when Elbert went to Huron & swept & thought I’d wipe up floors, then remembered Elbert was going to bring yeast cake so I got every thing ready to cook dinner & when he came he cleaned enough fish for dinner & after we ate, “I had set bread While he cleaned fish” I cleaned one cupboard shelf & the dishes standing on step ladder, so I didn’t get floor wiped up but if another day comes I may.   I still have to iron.   Well, got squared away for tomorrow   Elbert got big mess of fish.   Been a very nice day  cool wind.   I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & I’m trusting & believing for my healing.   got Audreys letter today.   Glory to God in the Highest, The light over table burned out last night & Elbert hasn’t got it fixed yet & I miss it so. 

Wed. Nov. 4. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert has done odds & ends & he feels so tired tonight     he even watered the trees & put some dope in water & he’s getting ready to jack up the house    I washed & am tired,  I didn’t get Elbert’s wash done.   Well, we got a card from Audrey to day   she said Ella Jane had a call to come to work to Hallies store in Cleveland Ohio & she’s tired & wishes she (Audrey) could rest.   I do believe she needs a care free rest.  She says, Nellie trys to put on the dog & that Gerti’s talking as if she was going to be working much longer & Audrey say wont that be sweet.   I’m sorry she’s so tired, hope she can get cought up on her rest.  she’s been so nice to us & writes one letter & several cards each week.    Elbert got his check this morning.   Mrs. Brode gave him a duck & some Kidneys out of the deep freeze this morning.   We had fish for dinner & have enough for tomorrow. got clothes all dry except rags.   I thank Thee Jesus for all the wonderful things you do for us & pray you will help us to go to prayer meeting tomorrow night.   May God be Blessed for ever & ever Amen.

Thurs. Nov. 5. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Haven’t done much today myself but Elbert been jacking up the front side of the house & now the door shuts up as it’s supposed to do,   now he has to put the glass in the door.    & We wont feel the N. east draft so much & he straightened 

Thurs. Nov. 5. 1953./ page. 3072./ 1. egg this day./ a joice that was turning over    now he has the west side to jack up & fix & the windows to finish, & the back door & storm door.   God knows & I’m glad he sees what condition we have been left in,    I pray He will help Elbert get it fix up so it will be warm during the winter & there are such a lot of things that need doing so bad    the floor & linolium, the walls are so terribly dirty & ceiling needs painting    Well, maybe God Willing, We’ll get it done by & by, so it will be cleaner.   I haven’t felt like living since I cleaned the cupboard shelf yesterday afternoon.   Been quite cold all day, snowed after midnight about 1 1/2 inches & it’s snowed in showers, very light showers all day & tonight    it’s been blowing hard all day, but has eased up tonight.   Elbert put a tub of water on each of the ever green trees out in front of house the one’s that were down & he raised up in place again & he put some powder of Garden of Eden in each tub of water to help strengthen them & God has help them to begin to get green again   Praise His Name, He can do all things, Glory Hallelujah    Elbert went to Huron this morning & got the fixing for the light over the table & after dinner he fix it & it works O.K. now.   I leak so bad I can’t go to Church.   Oh. God help me to Know Whats wrong & what I can do,    I’m willing to do what ever Thou sayest. Jesus blessed Jesus.   I thank & paise Thee for all things forever & ever, Amen.

Fri. Nov. 6. 1953./ 0. eggs today./  Well, I was going iron, but Dolly & Earnie spent the afternoon & I tried to help Dolly learn to crochet    she’s beginning to learn & I hope she enjoys it so much it will Keep her from other things that she ought not to do,  May God help them to learn to be Thine.   So I let my ironing lay, but, hope to do it tomorrow for I dampened them.   I have had to go every few minutes 15- or 20 minutes.   I cooked the wild duck Brode’s gave, us for dinner & the Kidneys we floured fried & put onion & a little water on & let it simmer untill it’s tender for tomorrows dinner,   now all the dishes are done & ready to start again.   I thank God for all He gives us, in all ways.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got our food & he went to Huron to see if he could get his radiator fixed, it began to leak today    that’s another burden, he has done a lot of things & tomorrow is Sat.    Some man a neighbor from the Park brings Helen home from work & they came for the children,  it’s been a cold day puffy

Fri. Nov. 6. 1953./ page. 3073./ 0. eggs this day./ Clouds hung low & black & wind  N. east strong & puffy   snowed little snow balls, rained with clear ice in it & snowed little flakes, in showers all day, sun came through several times while it continued to storm, & is at it yet, with out sun.    I thank Thee Jesus for food & warmth   Earnie was here Wed.  & Elbert saw two geese go South Wed. just 2. 

Sat. Nov. 7. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got 2 bottles of milk this morning & it’s been cold & a raw wind & rain & sleet & a few snow flakes, tonight winds died out,   it sure blew hard all day & it’s going to change I think, it’s cloudy yet, thick black clouds.   I have to hit the can so often, I’m tired.   Tomorrow’s Sun can’t go to Church, both me & radiator leaking,   I can’t understand my case, but it’s just come to my mind, I’ve had this trouble every since I can remember, back when I was only 3. yrs. old & dad use to catch me by the arm & give me a clap on my back sides & swing me high in the air & and another clap when I came down again & the water running, when he had spanked me awhile, he’d say, go out to the toilet now,   I said no use now pa, but why don’t you do something so I don’t have to wet my clothes    he didn’t answer,   I’d tell mother & ask her to do something for me  for my back & bottom hurts me so bad after pa beats me so hard, but, they never done anything to help me & I was afraid to sleep for when I did I wet the bed & I didn’t know what to do for myself, so I wet the bed untill I was 12 yrs. old, when I was 10 yrs old I ask ma to get a piece of oil cloth & put a pad on it   then it wouldn’t be so hard to take care of the bed so she did & I ask her to put Gertie in the other bed in same room, but she was her mama’s & papa’s girl,    I didn’t care about that.   but the house burned down    I went to Professor Ward home & she made an abdoman belt that helped me such a lot for I didn’t wet the bed anymore & maybe I should wear one now.   A goodly number have prayed for me, but I haven’t been healed yet,   I know Jesus is abl but, I don’t understand why I haven’t received the healing    I’m still trusting & believing & Praising God & Jesus,   I Know He is able & I give Him all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.

Sun. Nov. 8. 1953./ page. 3074./ 0. eggs today./ Rather strong wind & cold & chilly & it has stormed off & on & late this afternoon Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children & they brought Bonney Bell’s & Joe’s two youngest children the baby & one a 1 yrs & few months older “Patty or Patricia & baby Penny Pennalipy.    Nellie looked sick & said she had over done & couldn’t work Fri.   The girls don’t seem to show her the respect they ought to & Nellie looks as if she was about to have nervous convultions.   If Nellie would only confied in me, perhaps We could figure out a way.   I pray God will in Jesus Name take a hand & help them all, as He sees they need,  I thank Thee Jesus.    I thank Thee for the prayers of all Who pray earnestly for me & trust as Thou hear & Know that I will receive the healing I am so much in need of,   Oh Jesus,  I am will to do What ever Thou want me to do or be if only I can have the healing & the strength I will always give Thee the Praise & Glory, forever & ever Amen.

Mon. Nov. 9. 1953./ 1. eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron & got a good mess of fish.   I slept a little & then got up & at it cleaning up & getting ready to get dinner & Elbert came & no fish but he had the yeast cakes & so I set bread & baked 2 graham 1. tin & 1. loaf white bread & I made 1. custard 1. apple & 1. peach pie & washed up all the dishes & Elbert cleaned all the fish & we had 2 big basins full, had five for supper. & now we wish Nellie had part of them & Audrey a few, but no way to get them there so, I guess he’ll give part to Brodes   they give us frozen meat once in a while.   I salted one pan but the other I didn’t.    Now I must read & go to bed thanking & praising God for all our many blessings & trusting he will help me to be worthy.   I love Thee Jesus, Amen.   Not very cold out   just a little nippy. Starlight & no wiind. 

Tue. Nov. 10. 1953./ 0. eggs today./Elbert went to Vermilion & got his arch support, he took it out to have his shoe sewed or a patch sewed on & forgot to put it back & wondered why his foot f[?] so bad & after awhile he took shoe off & no arch support,  he put in an old one & this a.m. he went back for it,   he mailed card to Audrey.   he mailed 3 cards. Mon. 1. to Audrey, Nellie & Inez Hunt.  & I did part of the washing & got part of it dried & Elbert phoned & to Nellie (cost 30 cents) & told her we had a few fish & she said, if Ella Jane wasn’t to tired they’d come for them & so then, he had been to see Miss. Clark, but he didn’t take her any fish, she said she was invited out to eat turkey dinner other wise she would have come & then he went a mile from end of our road to the man Who was going to fix the car & he said come back tomorrow morning,   he fixed or puttied in front door glass & then he 

Tue. Nov. 10. 1953./ page. 3075./ No. eggs today./ he got after the back storm door  fitted it in & got glass tacked in & he’s so tired.   I am to.   Nellie, the girls & 3. children came & got the fish & I gave her half my peach pie & she brought us a black raspberry pie   looks good   she’s a good cook, & they brought me some cold pack tomatoes.   Elbert always cleans the fish alread to fry & it’s a lot of work & worry but he was glad they came for them    We may not get any more this Fall.   Earnie came here after school & I fix him a lunch & hot Nescafe coffee. & Rue came for him, he didn’t work today.   he brought me a galloon of cider & I gave him a loaf of the brown bread & a tin of white biscuits, so, Now we are both tired & Elbert’s gone to bed.   Mrs. Hobbs had another stroke & is in the hospital so Nellie told us,   Mr. & Mrs. Hobbs had a store on F. Street on East Side just a little ways from home   We bought groceries there sometimes.   There daughter Loreta married & went to California to live & they went & staid with her for awhile, but home is home & they came back.   Well I’m happy inside & Praise God from Whom all blessings flow   I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, & wish I were as Holy as, Thee   Glory to God in the Highest  I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen   It’s been a beautiful day.

Wed. Nov. 11. 1953./1. eggs today/ This morning Elbert went up to the man that was to fix his car & he got it fixed & while the man fixed Elbert rode to Huron with another man who was there & he bought some meat & saucage, the saucage was so tuff I couldn’t eat it,   Well he walked home for garage man had to send to Ver-milion for a tube & I had every thing ready & onions half cooked & I put potatoes on when he came to the door & soon after the man stopped on his way back & took Elbert up to get his car, cost $10.01 cash   Oh me.   I haven’t got my check yet & I pay half the bills   I pay the taxes & gas, then pay half the others.  Well, I just couldn’t work today    had to hit the can to often    I managed to air room & night clothes & make beds & cook & Elbert worked at the doors & got all done except the putting in the glass in storm door,   he gets so tired, work worries him, it is tegest [tedious] to patch up the doors & after it’s as set on the foundation to jack it up here & there,    but, he’s getting it done   Praise God.   & We thank God  He takes such good care of us.   I only hope He will make me to be of service for Him in some way.    Glory to His Name. Sun shone this a.m. but, started to cloud up after noon & at 3-p-m.  was quite cloudy & got dark early, not very cold out if you were busy.   I Praise Thee Jesus forever.

Thurs. Nov. 12. 1953./ page. 3076./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert worked at the doors & he’s so tired,    I think he works to long.   I have only done what I felt was really necessary.   bowels were stuborn Wed. but relaxed & moved late- last night & 3 or 4 times today.   Elbert is so good   he gets up dresses & goes clear out over the hill to the toilet,   I feel so bad when I have to get him out, after he’s been warm in bed, & what would I do with out him   God help us, I’ve been so weak in my body & my stomach & bowels so tired out when I was or bake bread that I stumble around as if I were drunk.   A card from Audrey says, Nellie has hardening of the arteries & she may not live long, I pray God will heal her,   I know He can.   Oh Jesus teach me  fill me & heal us both & help us to live for Thee, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus   I do believe, take away all our unbelief & help us to be true testimonies, in Jesus Name.    & May all the Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day, sun this morning & cloudy after noon.   N. east wind today, not very cold, flys out yet. 

Fri. Nov. 13. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron   got a big mess of fish.   We got our checks Wed.  & he wanted me to sign name last night, so he could be sure to get it cashed today.   I gave him $22.00    he got 15 or 16.00 dollars worth of food mostly can goods in Vermilion this after noon, then he did a few things   odds & ends trying to get house fixed for winter     the air is fresh, but a little warmer than Wed.    Wind South & a little West most all day & to-night, just at dark it was N. east,    Elbert’s got a cold to-night in his head & throat,   I hope & pray God will take it away.    I ask in Jesus Name & thank Thee & trust Thou will keep me free,   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed, Pure & Holy.   Sun didn’t shine untill 2-p-m or there about.   I aired the night cloths, but didn’t do any more than I had to all day.   I thank God for all things great or small & trust Him in all things.    Glory to His name forever & ever Amen.  

Sat. Nov. 14. 1953./ 0. eggs today/ No mail today; S. west wind all day & nice sunshine, nice out side & lots of flies out side yet today.   I’ve thought of Nellie all day & see that hurt look in her eyes & the way she holds her hands as if she didn’t know what to do,    Oh God, help me to talk to her & help her to un-stand how to really trust Jesus all the way & to feel His power & be healed.    I feel I should be healed to help any one else, Oh Jesus, Please help.

Sat. Nov. 14. 1953./ page. 3077./ 0. eggs today/ us through some one of Thine.    I haven’t done much today,   I will have to sweep the floor & wipe the glass in the front door,   My arms are so tired & I’m so lo-gy.   Elberts cold’s better, but he feel tired & his back still pains.   We have a clear half moon & wind died before, dark & now a 9-p.-m. it has freshened up again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & for Thy Love & care, Amen.   My mind doesn’t work as fast as it use to,   I pray you will reveal to me & give me strength & courage & I give Thee all praise & Glory forever & ever I thank Thee. 

Sun. Nov 15 1953./ 0. eggs today./ It’s been a beautiful day & Henry & Inez came, they brought brought us some glasses of Jam & Jell & a pt. of pickles. & 2. new suits of underwear she has,    got so thin she can’t wear them.   I believe Nellie can wear them,   they didn’t come today & I do wander how Nellie is & all of them & Where is Martha & What is she doing,  Oh God, We all need Thee & I’m still believing & trusting for deliverance   for many of us We are all sinners  Thou hast said & I know tis true, Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    Mrs. Mr. Joe Heslet, her name “Mrs. Katherine Haslet” & Mrs. Eva Heegan, Anna & Marrian were here   they are quite well,   Inez is very thin & her mother has had a cansor peeled from her legs, roots & all Inez says,    I had to fly to toilet & the effort & talking to them all has tired me but I was so glad to see them all.    I pray God will Keep them all, close to him, always, Amen.   Been a nice day, S. west breeze but hazy around the edges.    The President’s wife was 64. yrs. old Nov. 14. 1953.   He was in Oct.   We couldn’t go to Church, so listened to a lot of good Sermons over the radio, this morning & after supper & to Rev. Buser tonight.   I pray God will bless the sermon & all to go to Church tonight.  & that many more will be brought into church. 

Mon. 16. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Well I thank God for hearing and answering prayer    I haven’t wet so often today & the church folks & Ministers still remember me, & Audrey sent a card today & invited us to her thanksgiving dinner next week.   May God bless her & help her to Know Him & give thanks to Him,   Oh if we could all live closer to Him in spirit & help others to know what life is all about    I thought Nellie & the girls might come but they didn’t    hope Nellie is better   I’m asking Jesus to heal her & keep her & to teach her & hers the things they haven’t learned & I thank Thee Jesus,   May God be blessed for ever & ever Amen.   Elbert has got most done on basement windows.

Mon. Nov. 16. 1953./ page. 3078./ 2. eggs this day./ & he’s so terribly tired.   We both felt as if we could get supper he warmed up potatoes & ground meat & we had a good supper   I made a custard pie 3. berries red & black, raspberry & cheery    it’s to much for me all in one day.   We ate the custard for supper, it didn’t take long to eat them,   I baked 3 loaves of bread  2 brown & 1 big white & one small & got all the dishes washed up.   Praise God, Brodes gave us some ribbs of beef & we ground part of it & have enough for 3. or 4. more meals   it tastes so good, like real beef,    what we buy is goodness is froze out.   It’s been a beautiful sun shiny day   South breeze.   I do thank Thee Jesus for Thy loving care & I’m trusting to be Whole in Thee Glory Hallelujah Hallelujah, Amen. 

Tue. Nov. 17. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Well, I washed out most of my cloths & had togive up for today    feel so weak & as if I were going on my nose,    Elbert went to Vermilion   had to leave car there & he said they had to go to Lorain to get a tire, so he got a ride home with a fisherman going to Huron   he ate dinner & did a few odds & ends & then went back to the highway & caught a ride after waiting for almost 2. hrs. with a Mrs. Snyder Who lives in Vermilion & had been shopping in Sandusky    he didn’t get back home untill 5-10, & the tire & all expences, cost $21.31 – We had a letter from Audrey. & Martha is still at loose ends.   Earnie was here after school & Helen came with man she rides from Lorain home with, & talked a few minutes & went.    Elbert came & fed hens & then, he put some Liptons soup mix in some beef broth & we ate it for supper,   I washed the dishes & we talked a while about car & shed & he seemed so excited  & nervous,  he clinches his fingers like Frank use to & seems he is getting worse of late & he acts rather queer at times   I have to be on my guard, he’s tired & he has gone to bed.   I ment to write Audrey & Nellie a card last night , but I was to tired, but Ill try to send Audrey a card,   I did send a letter to Nellie Sun. by Inez & a letter to Rev. Wyeit.   Oh God, I’m trusting & believing in Thy Word & Promises   It’s been a beautiful day, South wind,    Elbert hung part of the Cloths out & they dried in the sun & fresh breeze   I Praise Thee Jesus, Glory to Thy Holy Name for ever & ever Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 18. 1953./ 1. eggs today/ Digest only mail today,   been another beautiful day,   I had a bad spell with my bowels,   been feeling terrible for passed 4 days,   my bowels bled & sweat run down my face in streams   Oh such misery.   God heard and answered Prayer.   Oh how I love Jesus & Praise Him 

Wed. Nov. 18. 1953./ page. 3079./ 1. eggs this day./gas tank came today. 10.15/ Wonderful Jesus Wonderful Marvelous, Pure, True & Holy & more to be desired than silver or gold   I love Him and pray He rebukes that Satin, in our bocys, soul & mind & put him out of our home & off the place. Glory, Glory Hallelujah,   I Praise God forever & ever, Amen.    Elbert went to Huron but didn’t get a fish,   he got some pickled pork with peppers & pickle & clear sour jelly    I like it & had thought I’d ask him to get some but, I was feeling so weak & sick to ask him    he mailed   he mailed a card to Audrey I wrote last night.   He moved the hen coup after he got home    he hopes to put up some sort of a carshed where it use to be.  

Thurs. Nov. 19. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Well I’m so weak but Praise God I’m able to get up & dress & do the daily chores.   I shook up the beds & sweat like rain,   I went out & looked at the evergreen tree on the hill that’s still laying on the ground, God help it,   Elbert’s so tired & I can’t help him,   I’d rather be doing work for Jesus & helping to do my house work & keep us together, I want so much to be able to go to Church, God help me I pray, No, mail. no eggs,    Elbert has tried to pull a North end section of the hen house over where it use to be & the North end of car shed & he hopes to get it made into another carshed.   I hope he can for the car is in bad shape, at least the top part door and fenders are so rusted around edges.   Well, its been a beautiful day with a south breeze, so warm,  I went out with out a jacket.  One hen is about naked, but she flaps her wings & runs on her toes as if it were summer,   there are 3. White hens left from tornado & one brown one from Brodes out of the few we paid 1.00 each for,   she’s all moulted & feathered out & one white one hasn’t started to moult yet & if she don’t start soon she will be cold.   Well I think I’ll read & go to bed,   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I can remember & do Thy Will. Amen. 

Fri. Nov. 20. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Still feel punk & Elbert’s stomach & bowels are paining him yet tonight & now he says the liver gas is cuting like a knife & I seem to be filled with gas pains, but I don’t eat enough I guess,  I’m sore & weak from bowels Wed.   I made Elbert a sleeper jacket out of tennis flanel & got it all done except sleves & button holes,   I got sleeves all made but have to put them in,   tired me rather bad.    I didn’t eat much, but stomach has felt so bad & is paining me yet & my bowels all so.   Its been a beautiful day & it’s trying to rain tonight.   Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish   perch & pike white bass & catfish,   we had some for dinner & supper & Elbert took about 9 or 10 nice pike to Brodes & a pan full of the perch & catfish for us & ask them to put ours in ice box

Fri. Nov. 20. 1953./ page. 3080./ No. eggs today./ Well if I could only get out & be with Elbert, I believe we could get the foundation laid & start the building after alittle While he don’t seem to get at it,    guess I should have tried to got him at the foundation while the weather was good.   but perhaps we can get started yet, guess we both have the flu. in stomach & bowels.   We got a card from Audrey & Joan’s wedding anoncement.   Joan Mae Monagon to Mr John Daniel Fulton on Sat. 28th of Nov. 1953. at 11-a.m. in the 20th. St. Methodist Church. W. 20th. St. & Reid Ave. Lorain Ohio    I do hope Martha will help her have a nice a wedding as Jean had.   Sorry we can’t help them more & I hope & pray they can always be as happy as two bug in a rug.   I. thank Thee Jesus for my salvation & trust I may soon re-ceive the Holy Ghost & be all His forever & ever   Bless be God. Amen. 

Sat. Nov. 21. 1953./ 0. eggs today/  Well, We both felt so bad but still I feel happy in my soul although we could hardly stand on our feet, but, we are trusting in Jesus & believing, all things will work for His good & Glory.   I’m glad He is and always will be Bless all of those who preach & teach Thy word & bless all those of Thine & help them to Know & understand & then help us to do Thy Will & Ways.   Be with the slaves & prisoners in What ever place they may be help them to remember to call often on Thy Name & to be saved, be with the one’s in hospitals homes or Where ever they may be & help the Christians on this side of the world to give up there foolishness, such as buying little trinkets to hang in there car they don’t cost much, but, there are many a person who would be over joyed with dime, or quarter they cost,   I try to spend only for the necessary things & help others as much as I can.   I love them all, but, we don’t like some of the things they do & say, but not one of us are perfect at least I know I’m not.   I love & Praise Thee Jesus & Need Thy help.  Been a wonderful day, it didn’t rain enough to wet the ground last night, rather strong wind today, South, little west, nice sun. 

Sun. Nov. 22. 1953./ 0. eggs today/ We had a few good showers & Elbert put 14. pails of water in cystern & I hope it rains some more tonight.   Elbert says it’s getting colder at 9-30-p-m. & both of us have sore stomach & bowels yet, hope we can be freed before tomorrow.   I have sweat so bad at inter-vales all day.   No one came in today because of the rainy weather I expect. & I wasn’t able to go, to church    I’m trusting in Jesus to fill & heal me & I thank Him & praise Him for all things, for ever & ever & trust He will bring back those who have gone astray, Amen.

Mon. Nov. 23. 1953./ page. 3081./ 1. eggs today./ We both have felt to bad to work to day. & I haven’t eat any thing untill late tonight.  Elbert fixed me some toast & tea    the Ministers came for supper & brought noodle soup & fruit    We warmed potatoes & soup & made hot coffee    We had tomatoes & cheese & graham bread & she had to help get the supper    I sweap so & was so dizy & after supper she was determined to do dishes but I told her we’d rather visit, so we did & had prayer & at 10-p-m Rev. Buser is on radio & I washed the dishes and put them away,   they were going to call on a family over near Aldrich’s, where all the little cottages are that Aldrich rents.   I’m so sorry I didn’t think & that we didn’t get the fish & fry them, but Elbert’s feeling so bad & me to.   We had enough rain to fill the barrell & 2. tubs & it was trying to rain tonight,   We had a beautiful day   South wind quite strong at times,    the 2 men that come from Cleveland to hunt each year cam & hunted but didn’t get anything   they were over to Fremont & got a pheasent they said.   There wasn’t as many hunters out as usual,   its been so dry, they didn’t alow them to hunt untill today & it’s still to dry for smokers.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things forever & ever Glory to God in the Highest we love Thee. & pray for Thy guidance.  Not very cold   flys are out side yet. 

Tue Nov. 24. 1953./ No eggs today./ Another day we have felt able to work   I feel some better but Elbert’s bowels still feel bad,   We have had a partly cloudy day   a little colder, but not really cold.   One old hen is so naked.   I hope she doesn’t catch a cold, poor thing,   the one that was all fethered out, died,   now there is only 2. white ones left. & 1. red. & she’s about ready to lay & I hope she does so we will have a few to use.   I thank God for all things & for the Christians & that they humble themselves to come into my humble home.   I Praise Thee Jesus  Thou art Wonderful & Marvelous & Maricalous;  Holy, Pure, Clean & more to be desired than all else in the world.   I love & Praise & Honour Thee, Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 25. 1953./ 0 eggs today./ Well it snowed this morning a nice cover, but didn’t stay & it colder all day & tonight,    We need the water   We had 2. U.S. cards yesterday from Inez & Henry Hunt & a nice letter from Audrey   They are having a big dinner & I’m so glad they can all be together,    if only they would thank God for there blessing 

Wed. Nov. 25. 1953./ page. 3082./ 0. eggs today./ I did part of my washing & got it dried in the house.   I thank God in Jesus Name that even though many things are wrong with our bodys, He is able to sweep us clean again   Glory to Him for ever & ever, Hallelujah, Amen.

Thurs. Nov. 26. 1953./0. eggs today./ Thanksgiving Day.   We thought we’d have to be alone, but Nellie & the girls & the children cooked a swell & delicious dinner & came over with it all hot & they got it on the table & we thanked God for all the food love & blessings He had given us,   Ella Jane tried to sleep awhile, the children went out & played & we visited after dinner, then they gathered up the food & roasters & packed them in back end of there new car & Ella Jane got up & they were off for home,   they had to stop at Vincent Church to light the gas fire & get home   have a lunch & back to the church Where they were having a shower for Joan Monagon,   she is marrying John Fulton Sat. Nov. 28. 1953. & so all the friends are giving them house hold necessaties & I don’t know if they found a house to live in yet.   We got a nice snow & it snowed or tried to several times   didn’t thaw much   been mostly cloudy, all day;    We praise Thee Jesus for all things,    Brodes gave us a piece of beef roast & we sliced off 4. slices & had 2 for our dinner & saved 2. for tomorrow & a piece to boil for broth,   my bowels didn’t move yet today & so I’m feeling terrible bad, but, trust Jesus will help me yet tonight,   I am so greatful for all things & that I do feel some better, my head has been dizzy but maybe my bowels are the cause.   May God help us I pray to do His Will.   Nellie & her family seem to be feeling quite well.

Fri. Nov. 27. 1953./0. eggs today/Been a cloudy day   snowed a little during the night & all day in showers    Elberts bowels have hurt him all day & I didn’t feel to good my self.   I finished Elbert’s tennis[?] sleeper jacket.    & he made the soup with my help for supper;  no mail.   I Praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessings Amen.   Elbert got up & went out & brought in the 3. hens & he put them in a big box with a thick pad of straw on the bottom & put a cover on top & they liked it & are there to night    they sung & even the naked one & was happy.

Sat. Nov. 28. 1953./ page. 3083./ No. eggs today./ Been cold, sun did come out but neither of us felt like working,    I took care of bed rooms & I patched a suit of Elbert’s B’V’D’s. & put them away.   We haven’t eaten much today;    I can’t figure how anyone could get into my room    I lock & bolt the door, but, I have another hypo mark on my left arm & my arm feels as if it had been pinched so hard, its terribly sore    Oh God, help me to know how this can be,   I can’t stay a wake day & night & there isn’t a soul to help me, Jesus I’m trusting Thee,   I know Thou can show me this, as Thou has showed me many other things,   I pray Thou will do it soon,    Keep me on the top I pray.   The hens were singing today. & Elbert put the cabbages in the basement,   most of them were small, but will help us,   we won’t have to buy for a few weeks,    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus more than I can tell for all things Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 29. 1953./ No. 1. eggs today./ Mother’s 1953 birthday,   she would be 97. yrs. old    Bonita was 32. yrs. old in ___ 1953. & Ella Jane will be 35. April 22nd 1954.  Johny’s birthday is in June   he would be ___ yrs. old 1953.   We moved here on Aug. 16. 1921.& Cousin Georgie’s birthday.  she was 35. yrs. old,   I’m 7. months older than she;   I was 35 yrs. old in Jan. on 16th 1921 & Frank was 38. yrs. old in April, 1921 28th & we were married on May 17th. 1920.   Nellie is 12. yrs. younger than I & she will be 57 yrs old Feb. 6. 1954.    Been cold, 32 degrees today   very little sun & snowing tonight    Oh how I would like to be in the church, on meeting nights.     All sermons have been on the soon coming of Jesus.   All Who read & study the bible & help me to get back to church & help Elbert to turn to Thee with all his heart, soul, mind & strength; Oh God I   Praise Thee in Jesus Name & thank Thee for all things, Amen.  

Mon. Nov. 30. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert felt bad yet today but he carried the water & did out his washing & I did mine & part of his & it’s all dry except my dresses & rags,   my head feels as if I’d been doped, all day & Ive been as if in a dazed condition    it’s terrible   Oh God,   I pray you will help me to Know & find out what it this is & how I get this way.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou will help me & deliver me from the evils of this world.   Fill me with Thy Spirit in Jesus Name I ask Amen.   It’s been a very dark day   a little snow last night & then rain & trying to rain tonight  and heavy wind. 

Tue. Dec. 1. 1953./ Page. 3084./ 1. eggs today./  We have one hen that hasn’t moulted yet & I hope she can & be well & normal after word,    we only have 2 white  ones that came through the tornado, one molted & then died,   We have one red hen yet,   she looks as if she would lay befor long.   she mouled quite a while ago & her head’s getting red now.    Elbert still don’t feel very well yet,    his bowels distress him so bad & he is hungry to for we are 3 or 4 days to wait yet for Elbert’s check    We haven’t done much to-day,   he fixed some park wire to Keep hen’s in closer    Earnie was here for a little while after school,    Elbert took him to the top of hill to meet Helen,    she said she tried tonight,    I ask him if that was all she said & he couldn’t remember anything else.   I made biscuits for supper. & them & some sauce were all we had & an egg apiece.   Elbert says he’s going to fish house in the morning, & get himself something to eat    I gave him a dollar for gas & I amd sorry I have to take the whipping & glad Jesus Knows hears & sees all things,   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost.    We saw about 25 or 30 geese going South yesterday

Wed. Dec. 2. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron, but, no fish,   he mailed a card to Audrey, Inez, Rev. Dears & Miss. Clark    I slept a while then Snyder’s dog woke me & so card to Audrey I got up & Elbert came with 50 cents worth of ham-berg & it looked so good, but, no juice & so punk,   Well he’s felt so bad,   he worked finishing a little pen for the hens for a short time.   the hens have laid 2. eggs since they been down there.   I mended 2. house dresses, Elbert’s heavy union suit & my shirt & I hemed 2 hand towels;   It’s been a fine day   not very cold   no snow left on anything out side.    My head’s still dizzy.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things, great or small & Pray Thou will keep me close to Thee for ever & ever.   I Praise Thee & love Thee. 

Thurs. Dec. 3. 1953/ No. eggs today./ Elbert worked untill he can hardly move to-night.   I got a letter from Rev. Whyatt today and my body has felt better so, I know they have been & still are praying for me   they ask me to try & write often & let them know how I am progressing & to send them what ever I can to help in the work they are doing,   God gave him a vision to hasten the work of His & showed him some other things of great importance    I do wish both Elbert & I could help do some of that work.    I did my ironing in much less pain today & trust God will in Jesus Holy Name help me, to do His Will & His ways.   My throat achs as if I was going to cry about some thing.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, forever Amen.

Fri. Dec. 4. 1953./ Page. 3085./ No. eggs today./ Lenord Bonney’s birth day   he would be 71. yrs. old.   he’s been dead a long time.   Aunt Corneal use to tell him he’d break him neck sometime,   he drove a racing car & he built a an air plane   it had wings that would fold & plane could hover like a bird,   his partner was jelous, so it was mised[?] about & everything was ready for his first flight,   he had looked it all over to see for himself that everything was as it should be, but when he was ready to come down to earth something was wrong it seemed it was perfect, he had tested it in all the ways & as he came in to land it crashed & his pardner was laughing, but said he didn’t know why it crashed & broke Len’s neck,   he had some secrets that he wouldn’t give his pardner,   he wanted pattent them first;   Some one said his pardner said if any thing happens to you, I couldn’t make another,   they had quareled several time over the secrets & so even if he had given them to his pardner, some said it might have happened just the same.   Well, I don’t know.   Only God, He Knows.   Elbert went to Dr. & got the bones put back into place    he had 3 out    he felt to sick to do the chords but he got them done,   he was gone 3 hrs. & I began to wonder    he went to the fish house & got 2 white fish,   we had one for our supper.    Earnie stopped here from school   I gave him a lunch & she Helen came for him   I ask her to eat supper with us, for Dolly was staying with a girl friend & wont be home untill Mon. night, after school.   I cleaned the fish & Elbert helped fry the one    I had the potatoes & carrots all ready & we had supper & now I have dishes done & have rubbed Elbert’s neck & back again tonight & pray God will heal his heart & soul, that we may work together for Him.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus.   The wind blew hard yesterday & all last night & all tonight untill 9-p-m it eased up a little.   They had tornadoes in four states Wed. 

Sat. Dec. 5. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert got up & after he ate breakfast & cut wood for awhile & then I got dinner & he went to Vermilion & got the food & a hen all dressed & it cost $3.89.   he paid for his tire & for some tools he had sharpened,   he spent 43.55   my part to pay is 21.67 & then I pay for a tank of gas $10.15 & I have my tenth 6.00.   Well, I’ll have 37.82 left, but, there are several things more.   Scotland has real winter, while Switzerland is having summer weather & we are to get rain tonight    Wind is S. east & not very cold out at -9-30-p-m.   I Praise God for all things in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sun. Dec. 6. 1953./ Page. 3086./ No. eggs today./ Elbert’s birthday today   he is 71. yrs. old. & the hen is all cooked so it wont take long to get dinner,    I have to make some biscuits & cook potatoes & brocolie, gravy, & chicken.   Oh how I wish I could be in Church,   God help me I pray.   It was cloudy all morning, then sun came out [?] & it has been a bright suny day with queer clouds, as those of the tornado & strong puffy winds all last night & today.   We had a chicken dinner & then I washed the dishes & we listened to sermons on the radio;   Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children & Audrey came in for a little while & told us about Joan & John & there little home,   it’s a new apartment & they all went up to see it & visit a few minutes   it’s on 21st. street. Lorain, Jean has an apartment in Elyria.   Then they said, Ruby Jean & her husband didn’t stay away after they were married & they are living with her husband’s parents, Chapman is there name   father-in-law Chapman was in world war one & is a Cripple because of a posining he got & has to be in a wheel chair.   Both Ruby Jean & her man, work.   & Audrey is working in a place on Elyria Ave. in an upholstering shop.   Ella Jane is working for Mack   the fellow who, put Martha on the wrong road,    Oh God, Keep Ella Jane from Wickedness, I pray.   We had a very clear & good sermon tonight on the radio, by Rev. Barnhouse.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus that I can listen & that I may soon be able to go back to Church    Help me to Know & understand that I may help in the Church.  

Mon. Dec. 7. 1953./ No. eggs today./ I mended table cloth & tried once more to adjust the dress form    I’ve partly got it & hope to get it    I need some house dresses & to fix my coat if I can.   It’s been a nice day with sunshine but the wind is puffy & strong,  was so all yesterday last night & today & is so at 10-30-p-m.   I’ve cooked & washed the dishes, listened to Rev. Buser’s Comfort hour with some of the bible scripture cards & hyms. & now I’ll read & go to bed trusting & believing for tomorrow.   I do thank God in my Jesus Holy Name for all things    May all Glory & Honour be His for ever & ever.   I love love Thee & pray I my be worthy Amen.   (Elbert got a card & 5.00 for his birthday from Audrey)

Tue. Dec. 8. 1953/ No. eggs today./  We got our checks today.   Elbert went over to Horvath’s & picked up about 6 bu. of apples & then tonight he carried them & to the basement & he’s sure tired    I did a little cleaning & then Earnie came in from school   I fixed him a lunch & he played out doors untill Elbert came & then he taged him about untill a- quarter to 6-p-m.    then Elbert took him home   it was dark & Henen had 

Tue. Dec. 8. 1953./ page. 3087./ No eggs today/  stopped to tell a woman at the park about a job & then walked on toward home & Elbert & Earnie met her at the end of the road & Highway & he walked back with them & then on home & we had supper & he then put apples down in basement & he’s so tired & gone to bed    he got a card from Easel today for His birthday & he has a card ready to mail to her tomorrow her birthday was is Dec. 9.    I thank thee Jesus & praise Thee for Thy Salvation & wonderful care of me,   I’m so unworthy, but Oh, how I will I were more as Thou art.   It’s been a nice day, wind died out this after noon & it has got cloudy & looks like rain  S. West breeze,  it quite warm   Elbert Killed flies & a spider today & tonight, 

Wed. Dec. 9. 1953./___ eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron this morning for fish but he didn’t get any & they didn’t get scarsly any  40 lbs   he went to farm Bureau. & got a calendar for next year.   & he got some pork shoulder sliced, no juice in it & he ask the Farm Insurance man to call & he did, but said he could not give us any insurance for Red Cross put in cinder blocks for the chimney,    he said he thought there were some Company Who would give us the insurance,   So Elbert’s gone to Vermilion to see a fellow there & to get his driving license & to take Miss clark a lump of bread dough, some apples, potatoes onions and head of cabbage & 2. or 3. carrots,   he’s not back yet at 4-30-p-m.   Poor Marary Vidowich in the poorhouse Lorain Co. Home. Elyria Ohio sent me a flowered hankercheif & very nice christmas card   May God bless her.   We got a letter from Audrey telling us about the young folks & she started at the upholstrey Co but didn’t stay, such is life    not so easy these days   they are laying off men here & there.   Well Elbert didn’t find the insurance man, but some woman said she’d send him out here.   Platto hasn’t been here since June.   Elbert got his driving permit   cost him a dollar.   Well the wind has been S. east & went S. West tonight & is trying to rain at 10-p-m.    I baked 2 loaves of graham & a big tin of white biscuits & 1. loaf. & I’m, so tired tonight & Rev. Buser is to come & see every one again,  May God bless her,  poor soul.   Wind comes in hard puffs.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me be all Thou would have me to be.   I Praise Thee.

Thurs. Dec. 10. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert’s back been hurting him every since he picked up apples,   I did my wash & part of his today   dried them in the house,   Well it was cloudy this morning   cleared off this after noon   no Mail   We have new moon, partly wet   it rained last night or early this morning    I should say & Elbert had barrel covered up & so we lost the rain.   I wish I could have gone to church to-night   God of Love, Mercy & Goodness.   I pray you will rebuke Satan & help us soon.   Jesus help us soon & thank Thee forever & ever Amen.

Fri. 11. 1953./ page. 3088./ No. eggs today./ Been quite cool but sun shone untill late after noon.   Elbert went to fish house   got 9 fish 1. catfish 8. pike & he brought steak & we had it for dinner & then he cleaned the fish.   & then he took two fish to the old folks. Mr. Harvath & his wife & he got another batch of apples.    Yesterday he gave a good pk. to Bert, a young fellow who works in fish house & he said gosh the kids will sure enjoy them & today he gave a pk. to an-other fisherman & he said, good, now, we’ll have a pie & some apple sauce,   So, thats nice but his back is sure howling from stooping, bending & lifting & he took cold standing around then to warm  picking up the apples,   he gets so tired, I don’t think he has the strength he use to have,   he got weighed today & says he was shocked to see he weighed 187 lbs.   My hips & legs are getting so thin,   Well I’m thin all over except my stomach & bowels.    Well, I cleaned up the 3. rooms & it’s quite a job   linolium all in small pieces & I don’t know when we can get a new piece,   I hope to get it for it’s easier to clean,   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many, many blessings,    We received cards from Henry & Inez Hunt for Christmas & a crisp new one dollar & a nice letter of friendship & love, one from Mrs. Goll & Mr & Mrs Epp Eppler & I haven’t any cards,   hope I get them Soon.   Glory to God in the Highest forever & ever Amen & Amen.   We got a pretty tie   man’s neck tie  & beautiful.

Sat. Dec. 12. 1953. No. eggs today./ Elbert went back to Huron this morning, but no more fish.   he got some saucage & then we had dinner When he got back    & those men from Cleveland, came driving in a man & his two boys & his brother   they got two rabbits & gave us one,     I had Elbert put a good sized bag of apples on there car.    Elbert went to Vermilion for shank meat    they didn’t have any so he got pork shoulder,    then the men gave him the rabbit,   They all started home.   Miss Clark must have been pleased with her bag of potatoes, Onions, apples, a can of jam, & a piece of bread dough,    she said, thanks a milion for contents of a thanks-giving bag.   & she even gave Mrs. Fredrick an apple dumplin At last    I thank God & you, she said on her card,    maybe she needed a little love,    I’m glad she liked them & I to, thank God I could help her just a little,    Well I got a necktie by mail,  it’s sure a beauty, but, I didn’t send for it     the crippled soldiers sent it & I have to send 1.10 or send it back, so, I had Elbert get the money order to send them.    I received another letter from Rev. Wyatt & a card with 4 or 5 flowers & tiny fern stem pasted on the card, flowers & fern sprig were picked in Jersalm & Juda    they are very pretty. 

Sat. Dec. 12. 1953./ page. 3089./ No eggs today./ & letter ask for a contribution & saying they will pray for me untill I’m free & tell me how to Keep free,    Well I’ve tried others & have been wonderfully helped & so as they are doing a great work for Jesus, I am sending them $5.00 & pray & trust all is as they says & I Praise God for the lift in strength & trust He will make me Whole in Him forever & ever, Amen.    Been a nice day   little colder but not bad,    Elbert burn two brush piles before supper & then the insur-ance man from Vermilion came in & he said the same as the one from Huron, that he could insure it with this kind of chimney cynder block.   So now I don’t know what we can do about it,   think I’ll write & tell the welfare people in Columbus about it.    & I have to write to Rev. Wyatt.  all so.  I thank Thee Jesus for all my many blessings Amen

Sun. Dec. 13. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Well, not a soul came today.    Elbert fried bacon for dinner & warmed potatoes & cooked cabbage it was so tender & sweet    We listened to several sermons Rev. Elroy Morton, Rev. Wyatt, Rev. Fuller & Billy Graham & Barnhouse & several more    God is working.    Oh I thank Him in Jesus Name,   We ate the rabbit for supper    I made dumplins with it.    I love Jesus & am trusting for my healing,    I feel the Lords hand on me & power & Know many are praying but don’t understand,   I sure I’ll find out before long,    I thank & praise Thee for all things & pray for the Great infilling of the Spirit & understanding Glory Glory Hallelujah   Partly cloudy today & tonight    wind backed up to the S. east. 

Mon. Dec. 14. 1953./ No. eggs today/ Elbert went to Vermilion & spent 8.00 for food & Christmas cards & he gave postman some to send out & he mailed a few & I have a few more to send & am so weak   I nearly passed out tonight    Oh God help me to know & understand I be-seach Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.    Been mostly cloudy,   when sun did come through, it looked like cake of ice,     going to be colder    it snowed some last night & again tonight    I tried to clean a little down in the cupboard today & it did tire me so. & Elbert has helped me with dinner & supper & Now I’m going to bed.    I had a bad spell tonight    had to fight to keep from fainting,    I ought to do washing tomorrow    I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings & pray He will keep me close to Him Amen.

Dec 15 skipped.

Wed. Dec. 16. 1953./ page. 3090/ No eggs today/ Been cold & snowed some last night & tried today.   Wind’s cold & raw,   sun shone at inter-vales & melted the snow where the wind didn’t hit.   they said it was 6 below early this morning & is going to be even a little colder    Thurs. morning about 2.a.m. we saw several flocks of geese going South this a.m.   Well I have been ans. cards & haven’t got them all done yet.    I thank God for my blessing in Jesus Name, Amen.     Inez & Henry sent us a dollar & Annabell sent 2 dollars    I sent her a card with 5.00 in it.    I put a dollar in Sister Willitts card & 11.00 in Sister Dears card    6.00, of it is my tenth for church.    & I sent 1.10 for a necktie     I think we’ll give the tie to Walkins man & I have a chair set most done for his wife.     Oh Jesus call loud to Martha & all the families.    I thank Thee & am trusting & believing, Amen. 

Thurs. Dec. 17. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Well, still cold & snowed untill car is a-bout covered,   Elbert started the car & she started O.K.   We washed today    I did mine & part of his    he did his work shirts & they are most all dry.   I wrote a few cards & now I write a few more, now.     I’ve dried the rags & now I Praise God in my Dear Jesus Name for all my blessings & trust all will be well, Glory to God in the Highest I Praise Thee forever & ever, Blessed Jesus.   Prue, True clean & Holy  more to be desired than silver or gold.   I love Thee & pray I may understand & do Thy Will more perfectly.    cold tonight    windows are frosted heavy.   S. West breeze. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. 

Fri. Dec. 18. 1953./ no. eggs today/Dave’s birth day  he is 58. yrs/ Been very cold    was a terribly cold night & I kept fire & wrote cards untill long after 2.a.m.    haven’t done much  only to write cards.    Elbert thinks he will go to Lorain tomorrow     I have given him 20 dollars so he can get his shoes and if he don’t get his shoes this time & good ones I won’t trust him any more with my money.     I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all my blessing in all all things.   Wind is & has been South West,   they say warmer tomorrow. 

Sat. Dec. 19. 1953./ no. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain  see Audrey & Gertie & got Olive Oil & bird seed & spent 9.31 & gave me back 11.00 & bought food with rest 9.31   been cold raw wind    he was cold driving from Vermilion home & seemed glad to be home   he mailed out 16 cards

Sat. Dec. 19. 1953/page. 3091./ no eggs today./  he had to buy stamps for & got few extra stamps & 6 or 8 more cards   I had stamped & bought a few more cards.   While he was gone I swept & did the ironing & I sure feel all in    had to fight to keep going & pray that Jesus would help me,    seemed as if I would faint.   I darned 3 prs. socks & crochted & edge on a handker-cheif for exchange gift at Church & now we have to get the things ready for the Minister to take back with him when he comes   wrapping paper, bag of can goods  Naomie’s sweater    hope I get them all together tomorrow.   Wind has freshened up & lots of white clouds.    I do thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting for all I need to get able to go back to Church, Amen.

Sun. Dec. 20. 1953./ No. eggs today/Been a nice day    still cold raw wind. S. West.    We had a letter from Ministers saying they would call to take us to Church Sun-day evening to service & to hear the Christmas songs & pieces but I’m so miserable, I wasn’t able to go to night.   Rev. Dear & Mr. ____ a friend of his,  came in at 7-p-m. to take us to church & they visited 5 or 10 minutes.    We gave them a bag of canned vegetables, some pickles, chillie & a box of rice & a box of rapping paper, Christmas paper & tags & a letter & card with my tenth & five dollars for them for Christmas,   we gave them a bag of beets & cabbages & then hurried away, saying they had a few things for us at the church & would come back with them tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus.   More than I can express in words, for Thy great love & salvation & I love Thee more than any thing   I have or ever will have here on earth & rejoice in Thee & all things of Thine & for the love of those of thine shown forth in deeds & tenderness of expression   Glory to God in the Highest   Jesus most Holy, I thank Thee.    Well Nellie & the girls did-n’t come today,  so they may come this week,   I pray God in Jesus Name, Nellie will be freed before Tue.    I do thank Thee Jesus and giving all thanks & Praise to Thee, Amen    Now I’ll read & go to bed.    We have listened to sermons & songs all day & evening.   Wind is strong,  it’s S.West & moon about full.   beautiful out side    snow & ice all gone & they say it warmer

Mon. Dec. 21. 1953/ no eggs today./ Shortest day of the year. & the radio man even thought of it for once.   We received a few more cards today.   I think I’ve answered all we got & some besides.   & I’m to tired to answer any more tonight    I did 2. or three.   Rev. Dear & Naomie came & brought us some things from the church brethern & Sisters of the church   canned vegetables jam & fruit a beef roast candy, homemade from Mr & Mrs Haslet Mrs Bowels & a nice hand perse from Mrs____ 4. hankies from church ex-

Mon. Dec. 21. 1953./ page. 3092./ no eggs today/ -change.   I sent a handkercheif with an old fashion crocheted rose. & then I crocheted all the way round making a picote every 3/4 in. on a very pretty green kercheif with hem stitching in 2 rows about an in. apart from edge of hem,  it was pretty if they like crochet.   & they sent a few nuts & candys & a bag of tangerines & we gave him back part of the things we didn’t need  a 14 lb. bag of potatoes & some can goods & coffee & big grain bag apples.   they sent Elbert handkercheifs 2. white & 2 or 3 red ones & a pr. of gloves. for work, Brown Knitt.    It’s rained fine misty rain & tried to snow,    it’s been over cast all day   not so cold as Sun. but radio said colder to night, but so far at 10-p-m.    Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Love Thee, for Loving me. Amen.

Tue. Dec. 22. 1953/ no eggs today./ Rained & turned to snow I sent Elbert to Huron & mailed out another bunch of cards & bought a few more cards & stamps & I got another 7 cards in morning mail,      well, I hope to get the rest done.Wed. & the chair set so Elbert can take them Thurs. if weather is O.K.    it got bad before he got back,     but, he got there & back O.K. & got his batery tested & got yeast, bread & broccolie.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray in Thy Name for understanding, as to what I must do to be freed of this water condition,    They tell me What I do Know “that Jesus never fails” but if they know how to help me, they don’t tell me.    I pray for Thy guidance,    help me that I may help others   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus forever & ever, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    Ernie was here after school & had lunch & dinner.    We saw a big male pheasent half way up hill on this side.    Nellie sent card & said her cold was better, again. 

Wed. Dec. 23 1953./ no. eggs today./ We heard Nixson tell of his trip over on the other side in India China & Koria  storys that rent the heart.   We had heavy snow showers all day & strong, raw, S. West winds    sun came out a few times but not for long,   it shone twice through heavy snow showers.   Mr. Webber came & brought us hamberg meat, butter with milk & cream,   he can’t see very well,    had an other man driving for him,    his wife is sick & not able to come,   they think they have the flu.   I pray God will lay his hand upon them & free them & bless them 4 fold for there efforts & kind-ness.   & I thank Thee Jesus more for there brother & sisterly love than all else & I’m greatful to Thee & them for the food.    Thou art a wonderful Jesus Saviour & Phyicain Glory to His Holy Name    I love Him & wish I understood better what & how to do His will more perfectly.  Amen. 

Thurs. Dec. 24. 1953./ page. 3093./ no eggs today./ Well, we have had a strong & puffy wind for 2 days now & radio says 18 & 28 miles & it’s still blowing,    I pray it easies up tomorrow.   My heart achs as we listen to the Christmas Hyms on radio, for the trials & tribulations are great on the other side & I know our time is soon coming to an end.    Oh God help us to come willing to Thee & do Thy will as Thou would we should, do,   I praise Thee & give all thanks to Thee, forever & ever Amen.   Snows all gone   been partly cloudy  S. West wind.    But to me it seems like half the world is dead    I don’t know just how to explain it, but even the songs seem hollow & empty    Oh God I tremble with fear & trust that Thou will keep me close   Oh Jesus Thou hast said that not all who call Thee blessed shall be with Thee   Oh Jesus Thou Knowest I love Thee but as Peter was weak, so, am I    Oh help me I beseach Thee Amen.  Fri. I baked 2 brown & 2 white bread today & did few odd jobs.

Fri. Dec. 25. 1953./ no. eggs today/ Christ’s Birthday today.   I Praise Thee & Ador Thee & love Thee more than any thing on earth,   I love Thee most of All Amen.    Not a soul came to see us today.   We had Mr. & Mrs. Webber’s ham burger, Mr. & Mrs. Brodes potatoes & Rev. & Mrs. Dears caned pears for dinner & my bread & our tea & we made milk gravy & creamed the potatoes & we thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings    It’s been a nice day    I thought some of the children would be, out, but maybe Nellie wasn’t able to come,   I pray she’s better & that the rest are O.K.   I saw Ella Jane laying on the ground, at length she opened her eyes & looked startled & I’ve seen Nellie & then Audrey told us she has a bad cold   then Nellie wrote & said she had a cold, but was better.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Salvation Thy Great Love & care.    Oh, Glory Hallelujah may all Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen. 

Sat. Dec. 26. 1953./ no eggs today./  Wind S.W. yet & cold & raw, eased up at noon & wind went weswt & then back up to S. west, to-night,   sun came out a few times & set yellow, with long streaks of clouds in west, yellow green pink & blue tinted along the edge with a silvery white, then there were big billowy black cloud up high & lots & firce wind   clouds flying over us with long fingers & fringy around edges of them.   I pray they don’t come at us in Feb.  Wind eased up a little but it is is begining to feel tired out,   I know for I’m feeling like that all so.   Well, we had a letter from Audrey & she says

Sat. Dec. 26. 1953./ page. 3094./ no. eggs today./ she writes what news there is & she says Nellie was in bed a week, but she got her weekly shampoo & her head feels better,    she thought maybe she would get to come out Sun. but things didn’t pan out.    She went to Martha’s for Christmas dinner & to Church at Vincent Sun. evening, with Jean & Bill,     Joan & John went to Audreys & took her & brought her from shampoo shop & she let them have 5.00 5.00    she got her compension check & John said maybe his was at home, to since Audrey got her’s,   I do wonder what all the children are going to do before long  no money for rent or food, it’s surely going to be hard.     & Joan is the worst off, it seems.   Audrey did 9.00 worth of sewing & spent it for a dress.   She said she hadn’t heard from Nellie this week & that Gertie was having this week off, part of her vacation she didn’t get last summer.    I pray God of Love & Mercy Thou will help Nellie & help her to pray often in Jesus Name,    I thank Thee & give Thee the Praise for ever & ever, forgive us our sins & help us to do & be like Thee for Thy Name’s Sake.   I love Thee.     The Men from Cleveland came hunting today & it looked as if they had 4 or 5.    but they didn’t give us any.    Elbert had gone over to the Walkins Man’s house to give them the chair set & Necktie.   & so they started car up easy & went about 12-10-p-m.    Elbert stopped in Vermilion    got Crackers Cheese & paid light bill & got light bulbs, & got back 12-30-p-m.  & after dinner Elbert Killed red hen & dressed & cut it up & put it on to cook & Dollie came aft. & brought us 6. oranges & 2. nice grape fruits & she visited a little, then Earnie came & brought his bow & arrows to show us & I gave them a loaf of brown bread & a dozen & half choclates & they went home happy & said they’d come back again,    we had beef broth for supper & I did dishes,   Elbert ground breast & thigh of hen & I have it fixed & ready to fry.    Well I thank my Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for His love & care.    I gave them chair set to Mrs. Schnaak & she told Elbert it was just what she needed & he said they both seemed much pleased.

Sun. Dec. 27. 1953./ No eggs today/ Well, we had dinner, & we listening to Fuller sermon “we had heard Billy Grahm & Rev. Dr. Tomas Wyatts.  God bless them all and there efforts”    When Mr & Mrs Haslet came in & we had just began to visit when Nellie Ella Jane Bonita & her children    the twins & Nelson    They brought up a peck basket dressed up with a red ribbon of love, filled with fruit & nuts & a package of cranberries & nice slice of cheese. & the children brought

Sun. Dec. 27. 1953./ Page. 3095./ no eggs today./ made me a beautiful corsage of a tiny bell & little blue balls & a red ribbon of love,    I love the children & wish so much I could do more for all of them, but I only can pray for them & trust & believe God will in Jesus Name, help them to Know Him & care for Him ever Amen.   Mr & Mrs Haslet said they would come back one day this coming week    & Nellie & the girls said they’d also be back in the coming week   I hope they all come but on different days,   then we can get more out of our visits.   So I pray God will help them to come on seperate days.   I  I thank You Jesus & Praise Thee & pray Thou will bless those in our Huron & all Thy Churches & bless them with a stronger faith & more power,   I need Thee so very much   Oh God, help me to understand & Obey Thy Will    I’m trusting & I thank Thee Jesus   I beseach Thee to fill me & help me to stand on Thy promises & be strong in Spirit & truth & do what ever Thou would I should do. Glory Hallelujah. Amen.    Today’s for April.   cloudy.   not very cold   sun at intervals from 10.a m. till 3. p. m.  S. west breezy very dark tonight.

Mon. Dec. 28. 1953./ no eggs today./ We did our washing.    Elbert did his washing this morning & I did mine after dinner,    I got the dinner & he got the supper & I’m sure tired.    I’m going to starch my dress & read my bible & then go to bed.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for all things & trusting for all things & praying all things work out for Thy good & Glory for ever & ever,    Keep me close to Thee  I thank Thee, Amen.

Tue. Dec. 29. 1953./ no. eggs today./ Elbert hung all our bedding out & gave it a good airing,   I swept & dusted both rooms & make up the beds again, swept & dusted the Kitchen & made biscuits for supper & did the dishes.    I made a little cranberry pie of some biscuit dough   it was good.   I folded up 2 piles of rags & 1. of nose rags & hung up one or twice as many more rags,   I was so tired last night   though I’d rest today, but sun was shining & so the bedding needed to be aired & Elbert hung them on the line & took ’em down for me,   he’s tired    he sawed wood to day, besides he swept & dusted rugs & they need to be washed so bad.    his stomach & bowels are hurting him tonight & mine don’t feel very good    I received letter from Rev. Wyatt.    I thank God for there special prayer & Praise Him & I’m sure, He will take care of me   I pray I may feel Thy cleansing Power in Jesus’ Holy Name & thank & Praise Thee Jesus, for ever & ever Amen.    Only the it’s a cold raw wind strong & S. West    other wise a beautiful day.   Radio says, colder tonigh with rain & snow  tomorrow & today’s weather was for May.   heavy frost last night.    Radio says worst fire is raging in California in all history    over 6000 acers & many dwelling burned up & Now the big war may start on other side of the world, where all free nations will fight Russia & the small countrys she has took over.   May God’s will be done & not ours    We would like to live in Peace, but, like a 

Tue. Dec. 29. 1953./ Page. 3096./ no eggs today./woman with child, she must feel worse before she can feel better & so with the world we must have the wars & the battle of armegiden & the world will be cleansed & started over, after Jesus has ruled a 1000 years.  Glory Glory Hallelujah   I Praise & Love Thee Jesus, Amen. 

Wed. Dec. 30. 1953./ no. eggs today./ Elbert gave my letter to Nellie & card to Audrey & one to Eileen Mac. Dougall.   I patched Elbert’s 2 heavy union suits   I darned the socks last night.   it’s been dark all day,    sun tried to shine a few times this afternoon but couldn’t seem to make it,    it snowed a little this morning, no frost last night  but a fine mist & that turned to little snow balls & then to fine flake of snow & next time to flakes & snowed hard for a little barely covering the ground    I received a letter from 
Wyatt’s Tue. & I know God hears & I’m trusting for my healing & Praising God in Jesus Name,    He said He would take care of me to the end & I believe He will Glory to God in the highest.    Oh how fast things are working out.   Keep me close to thee I pray. 

Thurs. Dec. 31. 1953./ no eggs today/ only 2 hens left & they went through tornado./ The last day of the year.   We only have 2. hens & they are moulting    one’s about done & last one half done, they both feel good,   We thought we’d keep them since they came through the Tornado.   we are both feeling the effects of it yet.   So, in the house it goes & comes with the Wind   I hope we can get it settled when it comes summer again,  if the Lord is Willing     I would like so much to go to the watch’s, prayermeeting tonight.   Wind blew in puffs   snowed a little this morning & came over & wind S. west tonight & very strong puffs.   Snyder’s dog came over & was barking around Elberts car,   sounded as if some one hit him,  he came twice, after it sounded as if some one hit him, he didn’t come back & Elbert never looked to see if anything was missing today.   Wind is bad tonight,   I pray God will take care of us & the house.    We only had one good meal today & we have a ham bone & potatoes & Krout for dinner  tomorrow’s dinner    I don’t know what we can have but God has been kind & we have had enough so far & I’m so greatful for all our blessings which are many.    Well, Elbert’s gone to bed & I wish I was in bed,    I’m getting tired of getting up & fixing fire.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, that Thou art the All Powerful & Holy One.    I pray Thou will teach me Thy will & give me the great understanding I’m so much in need of    I thank Thee Amen.


Fri. January. 1. 1954./ page. 3097./ No eggs today./ Elbert sawed wood again today    it makes him lame & sore. & I didn’t do much,    I fell last night    didn’t eat enough yesterday & day before,    Well Elbert gets his check Mon. & then we will have some fresh meat again.   This being New Years Day we received no mail & no one came to see us.    I’ll have to try to iron & wash rags tomorrow, if I can & God will help me.    Today rules the weather for Aug.   cold, S. West wind & it was S.W. last night & terribly strong puffy & I couldn’t rest,    it went N. West just before dark I think, & died all out     sun came out a 9-a-m & stayed & set red, few clouds floating around all day.   star light tonight, no rain   looks as if it’s going to  be a very dry Spring & summer.   & we ought to prepare to catch what water we can.   I Praise Thee Jesus & I believe Thy Words & hope I may be found worthy    Glory Glory Hallelujah I praise & love & give Thee all Honor Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 2. 1953./ no eggs today./ Sun came up way off to the S. east & shone all day & set way off to S. west cold & white    looked as if it were in a heavy snow storm.   Wind was South West and strong & heavy puffs    seemed as if it would pick us up again   house shivered & windows rattled.   Elbert sorted apples in basement & carried out the bad ones 1 1/2 bu. or there a-bout.   I washed my rags & dress & got them dry.   it’s warmer out tonight. & wind’s still blowing.    I had a vision of a young nun with a black robe & white about her face & front of neck,    she was sitting on a chair looking at a new born baby laying on a blanket on her lap     After I’d turned out the light & stood at my bedroom door a very bright star as big as the top of a cup appeared in my room & the room was so bright with a mellow light    I stood & waited untill the star went over the South window, but I couldn’t see the window,   then I prayed to God & to Jesus as us-ual & when I had finished the light still stayed,    I dressed for bed & Knelt & prayed for some time & when I got up I saw the star & light & I help my hands & arms up to Jesus & prayed some more & thanked & Praised Him for some time & the light begin to dim & I got into bed & after I was settled the nun & baby came back to me again & I still don’t understand,    that was Thurs night & last night was another most pecular, one,    Some one I did not see gave me two doves  one a pure White & one 

Sat. Jan. 2. 1954./ page. 3098./ no eggs today/ & the other a light slate blue & some one let them out & the pure white one came & I petted it & put it back into the cage which was made of little round pieces with a piece in center to keep them apart, & after awhile it went back in the cage and I shut it in.   It tried to be bossy & it was so angry because I had shut the door.   Then Sister Bowls & Rev. Dear & Naomie came & I see I was in the basement of the Church & they put a lot of money on a table & Sister Bowls said we have to count it & you are to have half of it & the Dears the other half   she & I counted it    I wrote it on a paper & queer but I didn’t see the money & we counted out a tenth to give to Church & then Naomie said a lot of queer things & took the figures that I had on the paper, to her mother,    I looked for the paper & Naomie gave it back & said mother made a coppy of the figures, then she left us & I went to the doves & stood wondering & praying & woke up & don’t Know yet what it can mean.   God help me in Jesus I ask & I thank Thee, forever and forever, Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 3. 1954./ no eggs today./ Wind blew, but not so hard & it partly cleared off, so the stars shone through after midnight for two hrs or so then clouded up & the wind went N. east & has been there all day & yet to-night, at midnight.    There were a frozen mist early this morning before daylight & the air’s been damp & low cloudy all day, no sun & colder.   No one called today, so it’s been a long day,   We had a lot of real good educational sermons,    I pray many got something they need.   I thank & Praise God, my heavenly Father & Jesus the Son of God & the Holy Ghost for my salvation & all He has given me & still pray for the Wisdom & Knoledge that I need & that He Will reveal things & the meaning of them to me to understand & be able to help the christians to know.   May all the Glory & Power be Thine forever, I Glory in Thee Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 4. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Been a nice day   not very cold   S, east breeze all day;    no sun all day,   a big fly came out & buzzed around the light & Elbert Killed it.   Wind is S. east at 10-p-m.   I thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & pray I may Praise Thee in Spirit,    I thank Thee for my healings & Give Thee all the Praise,   I pray all things work out for Thy good & Glory for ever & ever.   Make me a blessing Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 5. 1954./ Page. 3099./ No eggs today;/ Well, Elberts check came & he took grocery order “I had made out” & went to Vermilion    he spent, 30.10 for what he got yester-day & today &  my part’s 15.05.  I set bread & baked 2 brown loaves of graham & a tin of white biscuits & a round loaf & 2 bread tins of rice custard. & washed dishes & swept all 3. rooms & I’m sure tired tonight,    it’s been dark & cloudy all day, snowed from 11-a-m. in heavy showers in little snow balls to fine snow flakes & we now have about 2 ins.    Wind was N. West all day untill 6-p-m. tonight,   now it’s South west, not cold out    we have killed several flys 1. aday, even today.   We had an interesting letter from Audrey today.    I’ve been telling her to read the Bible & book of Daniel & Mathew & a few others & compare them with the signs of the times & today she’s getting worried, for so many are out of work & the young women are worrying, for there men are  subject to service call & out of work now & they haven’t any thing laid up for a rainy day,   There are many Thousands in the same fix,   if only those thousands would turn with there whole hearts to God souls & minds I’m sure Jesus would help more than they are able to believe.    Martin the grocery & mean man in Vermilion had a heart attack a week ago, & today there was wrote on door, closed till some future time.        I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee Glory to Thy Holy Name, Amen.   Elbert’s tired & gone to bed    I trust for his convertion for Thou hast showed me if I keep faith in Thee, he would come over on our side & do Thy Will    I thank Thee Glory to Thee.    Radio says they are having terrible weather over on the other side, wind 100 miles an hour   cold thin ice  bitter cold.   only a few months ago the sea washed away the dikes & a lot of farms & homes,   Truly God rules the world even though the men of the World are trying to do it with out Him & Now they are being whipped again with wind & storm.   God help us to trust in Thee & stay close & listen to Thy Voice. 

Wed. Jan. 6. 1954. / no. eggs today./ Been cloudy with the sun trying to peek through through several times this afternoon    I sleep late    I don’t know what Elbert was doing but he said he had sweat untill his union suit was to wet to be out side very long,    he looks queer of late   he turns white around his mouth & nose, his eyes are shifty & his hands & fingers are constantly on the move, just like Frank use to be as if he were going to choke some one, but I don’t see or Know Why Elbert should be that way,   he watches me like a cat watches a mouse,    I pray God will help me Know

Wed. Jan. 6. 1954./ Page 3100./ No. eggs today./ & understand what’s wrong.   I’m getting thin fast & if I take anything sweet it all but gives me lock jaw,   I’ve had that experience before,   I am superstitious about my well being,   I am sure I’m not well & I can’t see Why my liver & stomach & bowels don’t act normal & Why does those pains stab me like they use to, after I’d had a dose of strychnine     Right now I’m sweating as if it were Aug,     Who can I go to, to find out,    my stomach feels sore & I feel to full.   I have to find out & soon or maybe soon one else will after it’s to late.   May God help me. 

Thurs. Jan. 7. 1954./ no eggs today./ I washed Elbert’s two bedroom windows & the curtians Wed. & hope to do one or 2 out here today in the Kitchen, today but I did the ironing instead,     Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few bites of food he forgot,    Well he stopped at West a few mi-nutes & Mrs. West seemed to be on the war path, Elbert said she said twice, once if he sawed wood again or ____she said, she ment it, & he said she looked like she would Kill him    Mrs. Sprunk was there & Kept her coat on,    Mrs. West ask her if she was cold & she said-N-O.-    We got a card from Audrey, she’s been having a bad time with some rash all over her face.    & in her eyes,    she says eyes run some yet & she hopes she never has anything like it again.   God help her to find Thee.   John “Joan’s man” has got a job on some construction work.   Audrey didn’t say what was wrong with her eyes.    I was hoping Mrs Haslett would come today but they didn’t & none of the rest    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will give me free-dom, in Thy Name    Fill me, cleans me & make me a worth while vessel Amen.   May all Praise & Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen.    Snowed some last night or early this morning & tried to snow several times today    sun made light spots through the clouds a few times, star light to night.    Penn felt the tremors of an earth quake in several places today.    God is getting the earth ready to be cleaned up again   Oh God help me to understand.   I miss going to prayer meeting, Praising God in Song & prayer. 

Fri. Jan. 8. 1954./ No eggs today/ Well I washed out my rags & few kercheifs & seemed as if I’d never get done    I need a lot of strength   got ’em all dry & now I’ll do my reading & go to bed    so tired    bowels moved to much Thurs. & haven’t moved at all today.    Mostly cloudy    sun shone for about & hour nice & clear    then be-gan to look like a big soft snow ball & disappeared.    not very cold & another big fly tonight fliting around light    I didn’t get him,   Elbert Killed one at noon today he says   Wind’s S, West raw & cold to be out in it very long & he sawed wood today & Thurs. for awhile.    I Praise

Fri. Jan. 8. 1954./ Page. 3101./ no eggs this day./ Thee Jesus for my healing & trust for strength to go to Church & testify,    I trust water will be normal & I’ll give Thee all the praise & Glory Thou art so worthy, I love Thee Jesus, as Thou helped Peter help me Amen . 

Sat. Jan. 9. 1954./ no eggs today./ Well, today Elbert sawed quite a lot but I didn’t do much today, felt to weak, just couldn’t seem to hardly wash the dishes. & sweep the Kitchen,    I wanted to wipe up the floor & do the windows but couldn’t make the grade, but, Praise God He takes care of us all the way,   Glory to God in the Highest Amen    Winds been cold & raw but sun came out & melted the snow that’s been on the ground for several days,   Sun didn’t stay out, but like yesterday it looked like a snow-ball with soft fluffy snow all over it & then went behind a black cloud, like a blanket.    Wind’s blowing a little stronger tonight, but Elbert says it isn’t any colder.    We received a letter from Nellie & a card from Audrey.

Sun. Jan. 10. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well we had just made up our minds Nellie & the girls & children were not coming when they drove in,    they had some cough & cold but brought there sled & tried to slide down the side of the road, but there wasn’t enough snow    it snowed in light showers all day.   We tried to visit but every one talking it made a confussion    We are alone so much.    They said Johny’s children had the flu. & coughed untill they threw up & some of Bonney Bell’s also,   Ella Jane has Bronchitis & been home 2 or 3 weekis & Bonita says, I don’t Know What I’ll do if the load all falls on me again    Nellie trys to fill in for absent teachers to help keep things going,    I hope Ella Jane gets a better paying job     she isn’t very well as a rule & I do pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name Thou will turn her more to Thee, convert & heal her, so she can help take care of her mother & the children & set a better example for them & help Bonita.    They brought cream & waffers of verious sorts & they seemed to enjoy them selves,    they left before dark,    it was snowing & they were worried about the farnace & it did look as if it was going to snow hard,    I pray they got home safe.    Elbert gave them another bag of apples.    I gave them a few bread biscuits, the children like them so well.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings & pray I may do more for Him in some way.    I hope I can send money & get those 30 lessons & learn how to be of more help here.    Oh God, I need Thee more & more each day & pray for help & that I may understand    I Praise Thee Jesus forever & ever Amen.

Mon. Jan. 11. 1954./ page. 3102./ No. eggs today./ Sun came out several times today    been mostly cloudy.    Elbert burned up a big brush pile or 2.  & sawed & split wood    carried the water in & slop pail out    coal up & ashes out & then helped me get the supper,    I haven’t felt even as if I could write & I have done my reading & listened to Rev. Buser & now I have to go to bed again,    I thank Thee Jesus for taking out the pains & fixing my back & shoulder.   I wish I Knew & could understand what’s wrong with me.    Help me, Jesus, to Know,    I love & Praise & Worship Thee Amen.

Tue. Jan. 12. 1954./ No eggs today./ Stormy, snowed sometimes heavy & sometimes light showers & the sun would come out clear & bright between times & once when it was snowing hard it shone bright.    Radio says it’s bitter cold in a lot of places & even in Florida it’s so cold they’re shivering “& Jesus said”   When you see all these things in places where they ought not to be, Know the time is near even at the door & still there are so many who don’t believe it,    Oh God help us, in Jesus Name I pray.    We had a letter from audrey,   she, & a few of the others in the family are out of work,   she gets $33.00 & some cents a week    I don’t know how much Gertie gets “she told Elbert & I she had enough to Keep her as long as she lives” but she works at the Good Will & earns some    Well I have 13.77 a week & Elbert the same & we get by with it,    we don’t have enough for cloths & shoes & bedding & have to go on less when we have to buy them.    We have to pay the taxes, gas, light & save for next winters coal & expence on car,    We do have to pinch,   I feel better when we have just a little meat, but we can’t have it often.   Jim has signed up for service & is going Feb. 9. 1954.    he will be 20 yrs. old Feb. 3.    Jim & Jean were born 1934.The year after Frank died.    Well it was cold last night & wind was strong & puffy, clouds fly through the sky some white some smoky & some dark ones    Elbert didn’t try to work outside & I was glad,    he’s had pains in his back arms hips & legs & I’m glad he didn’t try to work out side.    Earnie got off the school buss at home & then walked up here,    I gave him hot cocoa bread & jelly & he went out & bum around in snow for a while & then came in,    Hellen & Dolly came for him & brought us some fruit  4 oranges & 2 grape fruit & I gave her a pt. of relish & 6 brand muffins.    I thank God for taking good care of me & pray He will help Nellie to have coal enough to keep them warm & I do hope Ella Jane gets a better job & that they can Keep things going at home.    May God’s will be done. forever & ever Amen.

She left a page blank and wrote in ” page. 3104./ I forgot to turn page so missed this one. ”   [However the sequence would make this page 3103.]

Wed. Jan. 13. 1954./ page. 3104./ no eggs today./ Loura Ann’s birthday    she’s 19. yrs. old & has a daughter    she’s Mrs.     Sosack. of Independence Ohio, now.    Joan will be 19. in March    I’m so sorry I forgot the date. & I have not done much today,    it’s been cold, but, sun part time.    Elbert sawed some today    Checks came & he went to Huron & cashed them, got some food & I gave him 10.00 & I’ll give him $10. more toward end of mo.    I have to pay for a tank of gas $10.15 & save a little for coal & taxes.    I have several letters to write,    I sent Audrey a a card, but must write some more cards.    I do Praise Thee Jesus for our checks & Keeping us in all ways.    Elbert forgot the butter & he is going back in the morning.    Winds S. west yet.    I thank and Praise Thee Jesus for my healing.    take out all doubts & fears & fill & heal me for Thy Glory, Amen.

Thurs. Jan 14. 1954./ only 2. hens. / No. eggs today/ Well it been mostly cloudy,    Elbert did go to Huron & got back before the misty rain came     it snowed some,    he sawed some wood, he sawed about an hour    rather cold out.    I baked 2. loaves & a tin of bread biscuits 1. brown loaf.   & helped cook & do dishes & take care of beds & I’m just as tired as though I’d worked    I wrote 3. card One to Miss Mc Govern, one to Mrs Hasled & one to Mrs. Keegan & now I have to write to Rev. Wyatt & to several more.    I thank God for all things & am trusting for a complete healing. 

Fri. Jan. 15. 1954./ no. eggs today/ Well I washed my things today    Elbert sawed some wood today.    It tried to rain a misty frozen rain tonight.    not very cold out, & even the meat didn’t freeze out side    quite a little snow yet on the ground.    I received a very pretty birthday card from Audrey with 5.00 tucked in it,   she was telling me how hard it is to live on 33.00 & some odd cents a week,    I never thought of my birthday, but she did  & sent 5.00,   she sent Elbert 5.00 for his birthday all so.    Well I sure thank her, but, she’s been telling me how much she’s in need of money & I feel terrible to have to except it, but, such is life,    she said 33.00 was such a little to live on a week & I told her I only had 13.77 a week & Elbert has the same so we only have 27.54 for the 2 of us.   It’s thick & fogy or fogy mist.    I thank God for all our many blessings & for my salvation & my many many healings & I give all the Glory to Thee in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 16. 1954./ no. eggs today/ Well todays my 69th. birthday at 2-p-m.  Audrey sent me 5.00 & Nellie & the children sent a pretty card & Best Wishes & Mrs. & Mr. Schnook sent a nice card of Good Wishes & a note of friendship & Best Wishes.    We had boiled potatoes & steak for dinner & can soup for supper.   tomatoes & tea, bread & butter & tomorrow is Sun.    My head’s been so bad for 2 days now   seems as if I can’t endure it.    Well wish I was going to Church in the morning.    May God bless all who go, in Jesus Name.    I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen.

Sun. Jan. 17. 1954./ page. 3104 [sequence should be 3105]/ No. eggs. today./ And, no company & the Church folks haven’t been here for 2 weeks    It’s been a beautiful day    I feel a little stronger, but still not normal,    I bloat at night & it doesn’t matter wheather I eat or not,  It seems everything is full of salt,    I can’t stand the salt    it calls for water & then my feet & legs swell,    I’m going to stand on God’s promises,    He said He would heal us & He has so many times & I know he can heal me of this,    He can do all things,    I have proved Him ore & ore & He will do it & I’ll testify, when ever & where ever I can & give Him the Glory for He is Worthy.      I thank Thee in Jesus Name for all things & pray Thou will help me to be able to testify Soon  Amen.    We have listened to the sermons on Radio all day & we do thank & Praise Thee that we can hear Thy word, Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 18. 1954./ No. eggs today./   Sun did shine but now, it’s real cloudy.   Last midnight the moon “most full,” & a wide light yellow & then a deeper yellow around the moon.    looked about 1 1/2 yds. wide & beyond an orange ring about 1/2 yd. wide & a light lemon greenish yellow, so bright were the colors    I gazed for sometime at it,    it was so clear & beautiful.    Elbert’s been sawing the balance of wealthy apple tree, the one that stood on the south West corner of little colony house & the Dutches tree that stood west of Wealthy is down & will have to be saved & the Baldwin’s all down, one wealthy left that stood in corner of park at S. east corner of Colony house.    Baldwin trees inside park & just out side tore out & spoilt all peaches, appricot, prunes & cheeries    Elbert has sawed up & there are a lot in the back to be sawed up yet.    Wind is cold & raw today.    I thank God I can be in where it’s warm, but my heart goes out to all those who don’t have food, cloths or any where, to get in out of the weather.    I sent card to Audrey & to Miss Clark, at least Elbert said he gave them to the post. man this Morning.    One received card from Audrey & I a letter from Sister Willitts,    I feel so happy when she takes time to just write for she is so busy for Jesus, every day.    I pray & trust God will in Jesus Name, bless & keep & give her all she needs in all the ways she needs to help her in thy work.    Cloudy to-night.    I haven’t earned my salt today & we sure get enough salt.   The old age pension man was here today.    he has been sick for 2. months,    he said I should ask the red Cross about the chimney,   Well, I’ll ask God’s help in the writing of they letter & trust He will help us for the things we need.    Platto says we will have to ask Red Cross, He said.Old age would pay for water  a tank of once every other month I think he said

Mon. Jan. 18. 1954./ page. 3106./ No. eggs today./ Seems as if it would have been better to build a cystern, but we have to do as they say.    Mr. Platto says we have to tell the Red Cross about the chimney,    we can’t get insurance they put in, it’s a cynder instead of cement chimney, & the acid from the coal smoke eats some porsion of the block & lets them crumble & the insurance man said they had just paid out an insurance on a home that burned down because of cynder blocks,  what a mess.    Well, I’ll try.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings    Jesus is Wonderful, Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 19. 1954./ no. eggs today/ Another day I haven’t worked    just did what had to be done;    Elbert went to Vermilion got the money order for Wyatt’s & a few things to eat,    I gave him 10.00 & food was a little over 5.00    he had to pay that out of his pocket   that makes 15.00 I’ve given him for food.    I am sending 5.00 to Nellie,    they gave us a basket of fruit & some frank-forters for Christmas, it cost such a lot for so little now days & she ha’s had to take George to Dr. twice & 5.00 each time & Audrey said in her letter that Ella Jane had to have her head lanced,    I hope it isn’t to bad for Nellie isn’t able to stand so much worry.   Geo went out & played with the other two when they were here last,    Nellie didn’t want him to, but, I said if he bundled up good it didn’t seem as if it ought to hurt him, so maybe it’s my fault,    I pray God will heal him quickly & help me not to butt into there affairs in the future. & Bonita sure will have all the load as she said.    I hope she will let me hear from them soon,    I put a U.S. Post card in my letter addressed to me hoping some one of them will write.    Hellen was here tonight Rue got his car in a wreck & she was so worried to leave the Children & go to work,    Dolly had to get up & get there breakfast & dress them for school & get buss at the door,   she did it but Earnie went out carring one shoe & his coat & forgot his gloves,    he got off buss here tonight & Helen came here   said Dolly had gone to Girl scout’s meeting & hadn’t got home yet, but while she was here Dolly came & was glad to find Helen & Earnie here.   I gave her a qt. of soup & 4 bread biscuit.

Tue. Jan. 19. 1954./ page. 3107./ No eggs today/ Elbert took them home in the car,   Helen says Bob got married after Christmas 1954 [error] & Georgia May is getting married on Jan. 30. 1954.   Rue. got in a wreck & bought a second hand car,  he didn’t work all last week & part of this & so she’s  having her troubles.    Elbert fell down & Knocked some bones out, ‘stomach bone & hipbone & his head & stomach & hip are paining him again.    He sawed wood couple hours today.    We received letter from Audrey today & they are having there troubles,   she can’t find a job & Bill hit a car & cost him 40.00    she didn’t say how much his car damage was.    John Foulton  Joan’s mans gone to work 50.00 a week & Joan is having sick spells mornings,    Martha went & got John & he went with Merlin to Elyria to work & they expect to go back to Theres[?] in Lorain in a couple of weeks.    Jesus I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things,    Oh, God, have so much to thank Thee for;   I pray for each one & trust Thou will help them to trust Thee, Amen.

Wed. Jan. 20. 1954./ No. eggs today./ It thundered & lightened & rained    Elbert took 2 barrels of water over to the cystern    I do thank Thee Jesus for answering prayer,    We needed the water so bad & tonight barrel was full again & he filled the tubs & all the buckets & the bread crock & it’s still raining a little    I wish we could run pipe in-to cystern & fill it up, holds 50 barrels.   Oh, We are grateful for all we can save.    We received letter from Sister Haslet & card from Audrey & letter from Sister Willitts & Wings of Healing paper Whyatts & there workers are sure doing a good work in Africa & India & the Bible history is fat working out.   People are with out water in the country & the bible tells us the water will dry up & soon half the water will turn to blood & worm wood & men will die from drinking it.    Audrey’s hunting for work & she’s tired of the way they talk to her,   she says Ella Jane had to go & have her head lanced & they got Jean to take Ella Jane to the Dr.    well she didn’t know what was wrong & she didn’t find out.    Nellie isn’t very well but they don’t say anything about that either    Oh it’s a very queer world today,     if you can help the other fellow your O.K., but if you can’t they don’t Know You.   Oh God, help us in Jesus Name.

Thurs. Jan. 21. 1954./ page 3108./ No eggs today./ I received a little paper that has several pages so full of the good & mighty work of God through His people it’s so wonder-ful I can’t begin to tell    Dr. Wyatt is a minister of God    he has grasp the truth in the bible & is healing the sick & the blind are made to see & deaf & dumb can hear & talk & all maner of deases are healed,    God is working in a marvelous & wonderful way.    Dr. Wyatt is crying out for Christians to come & take part in this great work,    God gave him a vision off & told him to do & how to do it.    Oh God I wish I could help    so show me how, & what todo, I pray, & I thank Thee Jesus, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.  Wind’s strong & puffy, partly cloudy no snow, sun cold & white. 

Fri Jan. 22. 1954./ No. eggs today./ I did my washing or most of it & got it all dry.    I sent Elbert to Vermilion to pay the light bill & get a little food & gave him $6.00    he brought me the slips to show me how much he spent $4.43 for food $1.50 for light & his shoes have come & hes going to wait untill his check comes to get them    I have 10.00 left to pay for the gas.    I gave my tenth to the Ministers today,   they came in about 3-30-p-m    I was just sudsing & wrinsing,    had part of them on the line, so Elbert made coffee & we had doughnuts & they brought me fresh tomatoes & 2 pieces of berry pie.    We visited awhile, they said they couldn’t stay for supper as they had another call to make & after we had prayer together they left us,    they are wonderfully nice people,    Elbert gave them some apples      I gave Naomie some candy nuggets a Cottage Cheese box full, that made her eyes shine.    It’s been severe cold, broke milk bottle in stair-way,    Elbert’s knee has been aching bad,     he took anacin when he

Fri. Jan. 22. 1954./ Page. 3109./ No eggs today./ he got back from town, he hadn’t been here long when the ministers came,   he bought some chicken wings & backs & was just washing them when they came in    he put them on to cook & by the time they were gone the Chicken was done so we ate Chicken & broth for supper & have enough left for tomorrows dinner,    I made some dressing & got it all ready to put in the oven.   Mr. martin died just after Christmas & they have store opened again,    Now I listened to Buser,   he was late, got to talking about the march of dimes & so miss his own work.     I think he’s tired of it by the way he talks of late.    It did sure snow today & ground has thin layer    sun came out several times & even while it snowed,    Radio says cold to night & more snow tomorrow.    Hope I hear from Nellie to know How Ella Jane is, & Geo. & all of them.   I thank Thee Jesus Thou art and ever will be;    I pray & thank Thee Oh God, in Jesus Holy Name for Thy Love & Salvation & Holy Spirit    Keep me ever Closer to Thee & help me to be worthy Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 22. 1954./ No eggs today./ Been a nice day   not much wind & sun shone all day.    Received card from Audrey    she was over to Nellie’s    Ella Jane & George are both better & they are all up & going.    They have a great time running from one place to another,    Well it’s nice they can go & get a-round.    I swept wiped up floor & ironed, 3. pieces, chair back cover my two dresses & Elbert got supper & I washed & cleaned up all the dishes Kettle & pans    now the table needs to be cleaned & chairs dusted & it will be a full week & no sewing done all week,    I surely don’t feel able to do anything    I had Elbert hang out my blankets, after he came back from Huron & aired them for an hour or so    then I made up both beds.    I’m lots to tired,  but thank God I can still do a little.    Elbert cut wood a while,   his knees & legs ach.    God of Love & Mercy, I thank Thee in Jesus Name for all things & for Those of Thine Keep me I pray close to Thee & don’t let Satan ever have dimnion over any part of me,    I thank & Praise Thee for ever & ever,    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen..

Sun. Jan. 24. 1954./ No. eggs today/ Well I had a bad time with my bowels last night, but God help them to move enough to releive the terrible pressure & they moved good, again today.    I felt so bad all day yesterday, I swept wiped up floors & washed & scoured pots & pans & helped cook & did my ironing & cleaned the table & laid abed untill after-noon & my bowels moved again at 9-30-p-m & I felt as if I would pass out,    I drink a cup of hot drink & feel better again.    now we have listened to sermons all afternoon & Praise God in Jesus Name.

Sun. Jan. 24. 1954./ page. 3110./ no eggs today./ One thing, I believe I have learned, is, that we have to pray untill we get what we ask Jesus for & sometimes we should have some one with us who does believe we get what we ask for.     now I don’t know how else to get what we need so much & how to Keep What we are given from Jesus,    Now I don’t know any one that don’t go to a Dr. when they get into a serious condition in there body    I pray God will help me to learn through Jesus what I need so much to know right away, so I can help not only myself but others, Who have been filled with the Holy Ghost & Who pray in Spirit & yet they go to a Dr. instead of trusting Jesus with all there Whole heart mind, soul & strength,    Oh God, help me soon, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen and Amen.    Been Cloudy all day    no hint of sun   S. west wind & warmer tonight & misty rain tonight

Mon. Jan. 25. 1954./ no eggs today/Been dark & cloudy & begin to be misty & raining tonight,    I was thinking of bakiing, but Elbert woke me at 11-a-m & brought me some water to wash & said Mrs Kegan & Annie & Mrs. Haslet were here so I got up  & prayed as I washed & dressed & I came out & shook hands & kissed them & we visited for a couple of hours,    I wanted to get them some dinner, but they wouldn’t have it that way    they told me all the Church news & made a date “God Willing to come back Jan. 28th & bring fresh fish & have dinner  fish & po-tatoes & what evse we might have    Well they left at 2 or 2-30-p-m & it was raining then & Earnie came at 4-p-m.    I gave him coffee or Nescafe & crackers & jelly & told him a few stories & then Hellen came & visited a while & Elbert took them home,    We fixed some soup & ate & I washed dishes & then read the bible for a while & Elbert listened & now I fixed the fire & Me thinks Me will go to bed Praising & thanking God for all our many blessings.   We had prayer before the girls left.   We had a 5 page letter from Audrey,     she says Martha had some bones out of place in her waist & got them fixed & is feeling better   Jean isn’t feeling very well &

Tue. Jan. 26. 1954./ page. 3111./No eggs today./ Gas tank today/ Joan is going to have a baby, if she don’t lose it.    We received card from Nellie,   she thanked us for our rememberance & said George had, been to the ear doctor twice a week & had only been to school yet this mo.   Bonita Jr. & Nelson started back on Jan. 14.   Ella Jane is better but not feeling well,   she’s typing a letter & has hopes of the job she ask for in June    she said Audrey was out & had supper with them one day last week.    Ella Jane took George to Dr. & she teaches a little Jim school lessons & he has to make up for some while he was sick & she taught school at Vincent 1 1/2 days last week    every one has a lot of trouble    even the girls or women from Church & the Ministers “Swarthouse” that had Huron Church before the Dears took it,    she is at Webbers sick    I pray from the depth of my soul God will in Jesus Name help her & each one of His children to live closer to Him & to her & each one of His children to live closes to Him & to help us to understand,   Oh God, I thank & Praise Thee & Jesus. 

Wed. Jan. 27. 1954./ No. eggs today/ Nelsons Eddy’s birthday     I believe he’s 10. yrs. old.    No mail today.    Been a windy, drizzly day & it froze & this after noon it snowed frozen mist & later to-ward evening snow flakes, wind’s N, West & cold tonight    & think of all the poor folks, no place to get in out of the cold, no cloths & no food, hot or cold    I pray God will have pity on them & help us to do His will & His Ways, in Jesus Name I pray.    I baked 2 tins of biscuits & one round flat loaf of bread & wish so much I could give some one who’s in need a part of it.    I thank Thee Jesus from the depth of my soul for my healing & many blessing for or saving my soul & pray Thou will help me to help others   I thank Thee Jesus & trust & hope Amen. 

Thurs. Jan. 28. 1954./ no. eggs today./ Today is Pa’s birthday,   He would be 94 yrs. old today,   doesn’t seem he’s been gone so long ((10 yrs.)) in some ways.    Fred has been gone 18. yrs.  & Frank Babcock 21. yrs.    times slipping fast.    Ma’s been gone 39. yrs.    Now we are the old folks & soon it will be us to answer to God to stand before that Great White Throon & answer to Him What we have done for Him all these many yrs.    Oh God turn us & help us to abide in Thee.   Buser’s eldest boy was ordained a minister just of the last few days so Rev. Buser told us tonight & he has another son who is studying for the ministery    his daughter’s husband has left to go into the service just a week or so ago    Rev. sounds sad & left out or let down, but even though we miss them more than we can tell we have to thank God He takes care of us all the Way When we trust & obey, Praise His Holy Name. I pray day & night He will turn each of our families to Him, plant a greater desire to be His & help us to

Thurs. Jan. 28. 1954./ no eggs today/2 hen’s/ live as Jesus would live, for the Spirit & not for the lust of the flesh    I pray He will Keep all lust out of me & fill me with the Holy Ghost & direct me in all things for ever more, I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise & Glory to Thee.    I did my washing today.    We received card from Audrey today.    Sun shone for a while today. & it seemed good,    Elbert has sawed the balance of the big cheery tree up.    Well I hope to mend Elbert’s two union suits & socks tomorrow,    he went to Huron got my Crochet hook “or the handle”    the man said he couldn’t make it hold together,     I broke the hook off,    it was the hook that ma bought me when I was 16 yrs. old.    it’s 54 yrs old when I broke it,    Elbert got me a new one today for 10 cents.    he also got a few oranges & tangerines, some pork to fry & some boiling meat,    Some one sent us cranberries for Christmas & I cooked them tonight.    Well I must read my bible & go to bed,    I have dishes all done

Fri. Jan. 29. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Felt so miserable didn’t get up untill after noon & haven’t done much     mended two heavy union suits for Elbert    my back was terrible all day & so was Elbert’s    mine’s a cold,   When I get all sweat from head to foot & he opens the door & lets a blast of cold wind on me I feel as if I’d been plunged into ice water    & it makes him so angry When I tell him to please shut the door, that I can’t stand the cold air.    It’s been cold today    snowed a gale this morning then about noon sun came & took it away,  We received a card from Audrey today,    I thank Thee Jesus for fixing my back again & pray for all the others who are sick & miserable, strengthen our faith Jesus & I thank Thee. 

Sat. Jan. 30. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well I finished the the mending today & I do feel better in some way & I’m trusting for a full healing & filling, Glory to God in Jesus Name Amen.  The sun came out this morning & shone all day a cold White sun    & wind, N. West.    A letter from Dr. Wyatt telling of the sor-rows on the other side & another fire that’s left 100’s in the cold again,    Oh Jesus We Know the time is drawing to a close, help us to do Thy Will in Thy Name We ask, Amen.    Elbert cut some wood,    he has a cold,    I pray Jesus Will turn him quickly to Him    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all Praise & Glory

Sun. Jan. 31. 1954./ No eggs today/ Slept untill 1200 noon, took my bath & dressed   combed my hair & cleaned my teeth.    Elbert warmed cabbage & potatoes & frankforters & we had hot coffee & some peaches I caned in 1947, & went through the tornado of 1953.    they were good & of good flavor,   I thank THee Jesus, & Praise Thee for all things.    We have listened to many sermons & calls for Harvesters    Wish I could be one, but I’ll send what money I can to help in Jesus Work & God Knows.    It’s been a beautiful day,   Wind last night & all morning, was in strong puffs, then at noon died out.    what little there is, is Mostly East.   No one came today.    Oh how I’d like to be in Church. 

Feb. 1. Mon. 1954./ Page. 3113./ No. eggs today/ Febuary/ Been a nice day    snowed in show-ers this morning & was sunshining all after noon,   not very cold    Elbert sawed some wood.    Johny Harnish was here for a while    he had been to Norwalk to a preachers meeting & was going to Lorain to see Audrey & Gertie & then to see Joan & then on home to his mothers & then to his own home. eife, & babies.   Some one gave little Marcie Joe a baby chicken, so I gave him & old square bird cage to put it in;  poor chicken.   Johny said they’d all had the flu. & coughed so hard they threw up & all was done with it  but the baby & she was still coughing & throwing up,   she’s only 6. mo. old    he said they call her Bonney Bell.    they have 2. boys & 2 girls & Bonney Bell Kodiak [she means Dudiak] has 5 babies  4 of them girls,    she named the last one Penney   she was so small her head lay in the bend of Bonney Bell’s elbow & feet at her finger tips, just like a doll,  dark hair & big brown eyes.    One letter from Wyatt. & I thank God for His blessings. 

Tue. Feb. 2. 1954./ No. eggs yet./ Elbert sawed a while & took Wheel barrow & carried broken cement blocks & brick around & pilled them up to use by & by.    Guess “(God Willing)’    We will build up the old hen house again so we can use it for a few hens & a car shed & to catch rain water.    Had a nice letter from Audrey,    she thinks she will get back to work, where she had been.   She said she walked so much last week her ankles were badly swollen & she was do less this week,    she says People won’t hire elderly people & she’s uneasy out of work.     It’s sure terrible when one sister can’t do for another, with out paying cash for the work done,    Audrey bought a roll-a-bed    now she wants to sell it,    I ask her a long time ago to get one for me,   she never said anything about it untill now    I told her I give her the money for it,    Now she says the first one with 25.00 cash can have it,    she said Ella Jane would like to buy it.    I sent her a card & Wyn Grant a birthday card.    Elbert went to town & got some chicken wings 12. one lb. is 39 cents & what he got cost 53 cents    he got a piece of shank & a joint & a small slice of smoked ham, 1. lb. butter, 1 bunch celery, bunch carrots & head of lettuce & yeast cakes 2.    all of it cost 3.54    he had 1.46 left & I gave him 5.00    that’s all we have now untill his check come & that should be Thurs.    I started cleaning of the cupboard shelf when Elbert left & I had just finished, when he got back,    he went to Vermilion.    He met Mr. Platto & he said he was going to get a little more money for Elbert if he could,    Elbert showed him his Dr. bill & he said give it back or send it to Dr.    that will be a big help, since the bill’s 18. something.    I’m all tired out   just trying to do that little bit & feel as if I weighed aton.   & I hope to set bread & wash my rags tomorrow    Mrs Keegan & Annie & Mrs. Haslet are coming Thurs & bring fresh fish for din-ner & cook them here. so I will have to get up early & get everything ready   table set & dishes & knives & forks & everything ready, for they have to get back to Sandusky to get Marian & get supper,    it’s a big job for me.    but I 

Tue. Feb. 2. 1954./ page. 3114./ No eggs today./ thank Thee Jesus for the strength of each day & pray I may do Thy Will in all things.    Glory to God in the Highest.    I missed Busers Sermon tonight & hope I’ll get it to-morrow night.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost forever & ever, Amen.    Been a nice day & sun shone bright several times today, so Chuck could have seen his shadow if he came out & there should be 6 weeks yet of cold weather,    Radio says they had several inches of snow & ice in Africa & they had never had such, in that hot climite before, in all the world, & Jesus tells us in Matthew 24th Chap, 15. verse. & the Vision He gave to Dr. Wyatt has been such a wonderful thing & Dr. Wyatt stepped out on God’s word & mericals are be-ing done,    Jesus is coming soon Glory to God, Glory, Glory. 

Wed. Feb. 3. 1954./ no. eggs today/  Today is Jim’s & Jean’s birthdays    they are 20. yrs old   Jean’s been married a yr. & Jim’s single & going into the Service the 24. of this yr.  Joan hasn’t been married very long & is going to have a baby so soon.    Oh if they would only live for the Spirit instead of the lust of the flesh but they don’t read the bible or study or take it seriously.     God help them.   Well, I baked 3 tins white bread biscuits & one tin of brown & a small loaf & I make a custard pie    I feel so bad when I have anything extra, because of the 2 million people out of work & standing in line for a small bowl of soup & a piece piece of bread    the “Radio says” they are standing in line for food in N. York & in Detroit”    I wonder who or What city will be next    We know Jesus will be coming soon.    We just heard a big noise in the basement & Elbert went down there, but said everything was O.K.    Well, I’m not always satisfied with his answers,    however I take his word for it & try to believe him.    I’m very tired to night.    I just finished sweeping & sweating like rain.    I wrinsed out my rags in two waters & put them in fresh clorox water     hope to wash them Fri. & I hope to do a little writting soon to Red Cross & to Dr. Wyatt.    Oh Jesus help me to do & to understand what I ought to be doing,    I thank You.    I Praise Thee & love Thee Jesus Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1954./ No. eggs today,/ Was really sick all night & Mrs. Hastel & Mrs. Keegan & Anna, didn’t come today.    I wonder what could have happened to them.    May God Bless them & help them in all the ways they need now & evermore.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray for each soul of Thine, strengthen there faith & give them a stronger spiritual courage, I thank & Praise Thee now & as long as Thou doth give me breath    Bless Thy workers every Where & help me do my part for him.that I want to do so much    I love & Praise Thee.

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1954./ page. 3115./ No. eggs today./ It snowed early this morning & tonight is gone,    not very cold out side   been a nice day & I thank God for my healing & I thank Him for taking away the pains & I Know Thou will keep me all the way.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen, Amen, I Praise Thee.    Elbert cut some wood today.    Mail was a boodk from DeHaan.

Fri. Feb. 5. 1954/ No. eggs today./ Well I washed most of my cloths today, but, Elbert didn’t leave me any water so I didn’t get them sudsed or wrinsed & I’ve had to bad spells this evening.    My bowels moved so hard this morning    guess I shouldn’t have tried to wash,    Elbert went to Huron & left me to get along the best I could    sometimes I pass out, but I prayed & God kept me,     then Elbert got dinner & I tried to eat a little,    then, he went to Vermilion,     he got his check in the mail this morning, so he went & got most of the groceries & now he has to go back to the garage & get the car doctored up once more.    He really got his shoes & paid 11.    for them & ordered a pr. of bedroom slippers.    I am glad for he’s much in need of them, & I have need, to, of slippers.    Been quite cloudy all day   it snowed & covered the ground & it’s colder today.    Elbert sawed some wood before 10-a-m.    I thank Thee Jesus for healing me    the test has been severe, but I’m so glad you hear & answer prayer, & trust for Thy infilling of Thy Holy Spirit & help me to Praise God in Spirit & Truth, Amen.

Sat. Feb. 6. 1954./ No eggs today/  Nellies birthday,    I hope she received our cards today.   It snowed quite a blanket  1 1/2 inches or 2. & stayed on.    I’m not as dizy as I was Fri. & last night but to much yet to be steady on my feet,    I had a dream that it was the milk.   Oh God, help things to be right like they should be, in Jesus Name I ask.    The sun shone a little while on the White snow & I had Elbert feed the birds out side    snow bird, chic-a-dees; sparrows & ground sparrows & red bird, or, cardnals.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & praise Thee & pray Through Thee I’ll find out what’s wrong with me.    Help me now I pray    I’m trusting & believing Amen.

Sun. Feb. 7. 1954./ No. egg today./ I’m better again    dizyness about all gone, Oh, how I thank Thee Jesus for all His many blessing    I am rather dumb but hope to understand soon      Thou kept me this time & I’m wondering how long it will be & in what way it will come next    help me Jesus & give me health & strength & fill me with the Holy Ghost that I may Praise Thee in Spirit, & in truth.    Well, not a soul came to-day, they, just talk,    Been a beautiful day, sunshone all day, winds been from N. West to S. west & in strong Puffs tonight.    New Moon, & it’s bright & clear.    Oh God help us to live Close to Thee & do Thy bidding,    Oh Jesus help me to be filled soon & regain my strength that I may testify for Thee.

Mon. Feb. 8. 1954./ Page. 3116/No. eggs today./ The henny was crowing Sun. morn-ing & the other one singing.    Been Cloudy most of the day.    Elbert went to Lorain    Didn’t see Audrey    & the bread biscuits I sent he brought home again    he could have left them with some one, but said he didn’t think about it.    He got the car fixed and it runs good,     he says he has a new spark plug very soon,    he got part of the food & forgot the rest    I wonder What’s wrong with him,    he’s got a bone or two out in his back bone.    When he got back at 12. noon, I put the dinner on the cook & he insisted on finishing it,    he brought steaks & we had hot potatoes, gravy, broccoli; a steak & bread & butter & hot tea.    Wind’s been S. West all last night & today & puffy. No letter from Audrey or card today, or from any of Nellie’s Children or from her or the Christians, from Sandusky or the Church folks.    Well, I haven’t done much    cold out   my heads bad yet, & still some things are better, I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee    Glory to God in Jesus Name,    I love Thee more than all else forever, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 9. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much again today    We had some sun cloudy toward even-ing, but, cleared off & moon half full & very clear    I wrote a card to Audrey & received letter from her today    Elbert’s back’s been bad all day.    I wrote a card to Mrs. Keegan & Mrs. Haslet    they were coming to have fish supper last Thurs & haven’t come or wrote to us.    I pray they are O.K.    I’m better, but wish I had more strength    I do Praise God in Jesus Name for all I have & I want to be able to praise Him in Spirit   I’m trusting & believing.   I thank Jesus may all Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen.

Wed. Feb. 10. 1954./ No eggs today/ Elbert’s back’s better but he went to Huron to see Dr.    he wasn’t there today    he got the checks (they came this am.)  cashed & got a little food;   We received letter from Audrey yesterday & a card today & all’s as well as usual    some sun, & wind today.    I washed my two wool petticoats & dried them,    I took a bath & cleaned my feet & toe nails,    it a hard job, but, while Elbert was gone I could have the door open & it was warm in the bedroom & I started as soon as he left & had only just got finished when he was back,    I cleaned wash bowl & put it & my dirty clothes away & was sweeping when he came in    & so I finished & he got potatoes ready to fry.   & I put them on & we looked after them together & the meal like wise.   I thank Thee Jesus for helping to keep us,    I rubbed his back last night & tonight    I didn’t feel able either.

Wed Feb. 10. 1954./ page. 3117./ No eggs today./ but some how God help us to keep going   Praise His Holy Name.    I thank Him for all things & give him the Glory,   He is so worthy.    Been a beautiful day,    I’m craving to get out & get to prayer meeting again    Oh God, help Martha & Merlin to come to Thee before it’s forever tolate.    I will thank Thee & Glory in Thee for ever & ever Amen. 

Thurs. Feb.11. 1954./No eggs but hens singing/ Elbert was sick all day    he said he threw up twice this morning & hit the toilet as many or more times,    he looks sick, but, looks better tonight & he ate some soup & drank coffee,    he couldn’t eat this morning & he didn’t even get the mail from the box today,    his stomach & bowels are on a rampage,    he has carried the water & got coal up & empted my can,    I sure will be glad when I can get out again,     I ground some lettuce, pickles, celery, peppers carrots, onions for relish, took all the vim out of me.    I made soup for supper,    he ate some & a little more later on & now says his stomach & bowels are paining him,    I gave him a dose of salts, but he should have taken some more in couple of hours but he didn’t seem to want to.   I feel so weak,    I just gave Elbert one table spoon of olive oil,    he says it feels like a lump in the pit of his stomach.    Well I can’t work much    I take care of the beds & help with the meals  wash dishes.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus,   help me to do Thy Will in all things   Oh Jesus, Thou Knowest I’m afraid of not doing all I can for Thee I want to do Thy Will always forever & ever, Amen.    Cold all day & tonight    wind puffy,   North West.   Oh, how much I wish I could be with the others tonight in prayer meeting & feel the power & be filled anew. 

Fri. Feb. 12. 1954./ No. egg today./ Elbert has felt bad but I believe he’s better for he went out & split some wood for the fire    We burn wood days & coal at night    I did the ironing & was just done when Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in & visited an hour or so    then they went,    Nellie looked tired & said she bumped her arm & it was swollen & she’s afraid she cracked the bone,    I hope she didn’t & pray God will take away the pain & help her to learn of Him.   We ate soup today.    Geo. has been out of school 5 weeks & just got back today & the school children all gave him 4.5 valin-tines,   he was so happy to know, They all though of him & love him & one little girl wrote a note on hers & told him how much they & she had missed him & hoped he’d soon be well & come back to school again.    I didn’t get to visit much for

Fri. Feb. 12. 1954/ page 3118./ No eggs lots of singing./ they all talk at once.    The girls are working,    Ella Jane’s been back at work for a week now    she gets 35.00 per. week & yesterday 3,75 or so in tips.    God of Love & Mercy Keep her clean I pray & I thank Thee.   I marked off a rose pattern, a round doily, in cross stitch this week.    I received a valintine from Sister Keegan today & she put her picture in, a snap shot & a good likness,    I believe she & Mrs. Haslet love me    I pray God will bless them in Jesus Holy Name.    Well it’s been so cold & the winds snappy & it’s cold tonight,    Elbert says he don’t think it’s as cold as last night    the wind isn’t blowing so hard but, it’s cold enough   Sun White as ice    you could look right at it.    I gave Elbert 20.00   I thank Thee for all Thou hast given me & pray I may praise Thee in Spirit and in Truth    I ask in Jesus Name & thank Thee, Amen

Sat. Feb. 13. 1954./ 2 eggs today./Partly cloudy, no rain.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few groceries    I gave him 20.00 out of my check & he used it all & says he’ll need more to get the milk,   he’d like to have me sign my check & hand the money all over,   he’s very domanating about things every now & then,    but I have to pay taxes, gas & light bill & I’ve needed some wool petticoats all winter & thought maybe I could make these last but they’re not going to.     Elbert went to Huron for treatments    Dr’s gone for a little vacation & rest & left another Dr’s name to take his plase, but Elbert wouldn’t go to him & his stomach & bowels are all up set,    I gave him a dose of salts tonight.   it’s after 1.-a.-m. & he’s just getting settled    got every thing done my stocking darned & biscuits all ready to put water in & mix up & I made the saucage & cooked it,    Elbert got a hen to cook & it’s done & dishes washed & I will read & go to bed    the wind is puffy & it’s cloudy, raw wind    I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & pray Thou will turn Elbert soon to Thee,    I thank Thee & trust for my healing & to get back to Church, soon.   Glory, Glory Hallelujah Amen.  

Sun. Feb. 14. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I been very heavy on my feet & my head has been to heavy & thick.    look lots better but I have felt happy in my soul    Elbert is & acts better but his stomach & bowels are not just right yet, his stomach bone & bowels bone & atic bone all out of place,    his bowels moved twice before daylight    it’s warmed up outside tonight    Radio says 40 degree, & maybe rain before morning.

Sun. Feb. 14. 1954./ Page. 3119./ 1. egg today./ 1. egg  our valintines. 2. Sat.   Well No one came today. & we do thank God    He has helped us have 6 or more sermons today   good one that strike home & bring the tears    Praise the Lord God of Hosts,    I thank Thee Jesus for my healings & Pray Thou will put Satin far away from us & turn Elbert to Thee so strong he wont ever want to turn back & that he will wonder why he didn’t turn before.    We had a very strong puffy wind all last night & it’s quite strong tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray for strength & trust myself in Thy Keeping for Thou hast promised & I Know Thou will keep Thy promises help me to praise Thee in Spirit    I thank Thee & all Glory & Praise & Honor be Thine forever, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 15. 1954./ No. eggs today./ I received Valintine from Mrs. Heslet & a note & a short but nice note from Mrs. Harwell from Phoenix Arizona, saying she received my Christmas card just before they moved & that Mrs. Nina Singleton & Children had called on her & they are well & happy.   & she ask me to Write Soon.    I wrote a letter to Red Cross & ask what to do about insurance    we can’t find any one, Who will insure the house with Cinder block chimneys.   Hope Elbert puts letter in mail box, in the morning.    Been mostly cloudy & windy & was windy all last night coming in heavy puffs & been so today only, it shifted to S. West & was to warm (69 degrees after being so cold.  that sort of weather will kill the tender young trees & bushes.    Elbert did his washing today.  dried it in the house, he forgot his sleepers. & they are so sweaty.    Well, it’s to warm, but I’ll have to put in some coal & read & go to bed.    I’ve been so tired all day.    I do thank Thee Jesus I can get up & do a little.    I Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever Glory to Thy Name, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 16. 1954./ __ eggs today./   Been a nice rainy day,    Elbert carried a lot of water to the cystern & it’s raining & the barrel’s runing over,    not cold out,    flies are flying about out side & a big fat spider made a web in the north window & he’s still there tonight & it started to rain about 5-a.m. came in heavy showers & then in a mist.   & we had a heavy fog & then it cleared away,   the wind had died out,   it has freshened again tonight & they had two tornados in Arizona, some were Killed & many were hurt.   Ernie stopped here after school & Helen & Dolly

Tue. Feb. 16. 1954./ page 3120./ No. eggs today./ came for Ernie & Dolly was selling flower & garden seeds,   I got 60 cents worth of seeds & they left happy.    Well, Ernie gave me 50 cents for taking care of him so I gave it back & an extra dime for the seeds,    I gave Ernie the chickens wish bone & a baking powder biscuit cut in 3 slices with butter & grape jam on them & a cup of coffee with sugar & cream in it    he said thank you & when he had finiished he asked to be excused & he washed his hands & face & begged me to tell him a story.    I had been trying to cut for myself a waist pattern but gave up as I can’t seem to do two things & keep my mind on both at once, any more.    I received card from Miss. Clark    she says Rev. Eppler will broadcast her sermon, Sun Morning Feb. 21 1954 over Sandusky Net Work   8.45.a-m    I pray God’s will be done.   I received another little paper from Dr. Wyatte   it is wonderful to see bible scripture coming to pass so fully before our eyes   help me to do Thy Will   Speak to me I pray & help me to do the things, Thou would that I should do.   Oh God, I Praise Thee & thank Thee & may all glory be Thine, Amen. 

Wed. Feb. 17. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I got at 10-a-m    We received a letter from Inez & Henry & one from Audrey & she said Nellie & Jean fixed a farwell dinner for Jim    he’s leaving Sun. I think they said & Nellie & Ella Jane Bonita & her 3 children George, Bonita Jr. & Nelson, Bill & Jean, John & Joan, Gertie & Audrey & Jim, all had dinner together while Martha was being arrested & charged 50.00 & costs for hand-ing out liquar over the bar to Jrs.   Oh. God pick up that mother, my neice & show her the terrible side of her life & help her back to Know Thee & love us as We love her.    Well, I got my washing done today & as I rested Elbert & I talked about what we could have for supper, When Brother & Sister & Naomie Dear came in,   they brought in some weiners & buns & Ginger bread & we opened some corn & we still had some biscuits & relish & mustard & they had hot coffee & so they visited & told us about there own children & those of the church & all the different ones of the church,   they had one more stop to make before going home    they looked so tired & worn.    I pray Thou, oh God will give them rest & strength for Thy Name Sake & I thank Thee & Give Thee all Praise & Glory Glory to God in the Highest now & for ever more, Amen.    It snowed early this morning but sun came & soon melted all away.    Elbert sawed wood this forenoon.   his back pains him bad, & Dr. wont be back untill Feb. 25 a week from tomorrow.   Henry & Inez are hoping to buy a Studlbaker car, second hand,   That’s usually foolish.   I hope they can find a good one.    It’s been a beautiful day.    Oh Jesus I’m crying to The for help. 

Thurs. Feb. 18. 1954./ page. 3121./ 1. eggs today./ Been a nice day    Elbert cut some limbs from another apple tree & I haven’t done any much, hemed a towel & swept my room & Kitchen & made soup for supper    Elbert cooked potatoes & I creamed them & we had a can of salmon “sockeye”. & spinage & bread & coffee.    No mail to day.    I wrote Audrey a card, she never mentioned Martha Monagon in her letter, & Sun. Radio was telling the world Martha Monogon was arrested & charged $50.00 & cost for handing liquar over the bar to Jrs. & I’m oh so sorry & wondering if some of her family will help help her or if she had to go to jail & no one to help her,    I thank they said the Law had put a padlock on the door of that place where she worked,    to bad a woman with a good education as she has & with 3 nice children & then get herself into such a jam,    Oh God, I thank Thee the door has a padlock on it & I pray any other door she may try that is wicked,  will have a padlock on & Thou will turn her about face & teach her Thy way,    if in Thy Plan I can help her, tell me & I’ll do my best, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 19. 1954./0. eggs today./ Franks been gone 21 yrs today/ I wrote a card to Clark, Goll & Audrey & sent money for money order, 7.60 for my wool peticoats from Lane Bryant’s & money order 7.00 for Dr. Wyatt to help with God’s work.& the African Chalenge paper they put out telling us all the good news they are doing over there,   It’s truely wonderful.    I wish I could help more.    I’ve spent 13.00 for His work. this month.   Been a beautiful day.   I see 4 mourning doves & a pair of Yellow birds, cardnals & some blue Jays today.    Elbert worked out side some today & I sent him down to Vermilion to get money orders & pay light bill.     my order cost 14.90 light bill 1.50 & he got a little meat & he had 2.00 left out of 20.00, & that has to do us untill he gets his check;   I have 5. left & he Knows it & will want it before check comes.    I baked 2 loaves & 2 tins bread today    I sent a bag of potatoes apples, onions & carrots & rice & 2 pieces of dough to Miss Clark, but she wasn’t home, so he brought it back.    It’s been a beautiful day out side not cold, flies & bugs are out in force.    I Praise God for all things. Glory to His Name, I’m trusting & believing for my healing. Amen.  

Sat. Feb. 20. 1954./   eggs today./ I did the ironing & mended my dress & if I don’t get another one made soon I’ll be with out    I ought to wash

Sat. Feb. 20. 1954./ page. 3122./ 1. egg today/ Mon. I’ll have to have the rags to use unless Jesus sees fit to heal the stead [steady?] leak,   I trust He will    Oh God how I thank Thee in Jesus Holy Name,  for for the vision Thou gave Rev. Dr. Wyatt & for giving him courage to step out & let shore line go & do Thy Will Oh I pray for reapers & that I may give all I can to help, reveal to me What to do & help me to get it done, I pray;   & be with Martha & help her to turn back & do Thy will while there is still time.    Be with each one of my brothers, Sisters  Sister in laws & All my Nephews & Neices & turn them to Thee in Jesus Name I ask & I thank & Praise only Thee forever & ever Amen    Elbert’s been working around outside, we got the little appricot tree out from inunder the roof of the coop & got it up almost strait I hope it wont sliver raising it so fast & it’s been bent for so long June 8th 1953. 8. long months before it was released, poor thing.  No mail today, only Audrey’s letter this week, I wonder.    So I received another African Chalenge paper,    It’s a wonderful work Rev. Wyatt’s doing I pray God will bless his efforts & give him all the workers he needs & money,    there are lots of folks who have money & could help.   We have been having 3 or 4 extra warm days & lot of lightening tonight off toward the S.W. W. & N.W.  & we have a hard strong puffy wind tonight S. east.

Sun. Feb. 21. 1954./ 0 eggs today./ Well, it poured rain before morning & it lightened hard in the S.W. W. & N. West.    Elbert had the barrel covered so by the time he took the notion to uncover it he only cought 1/2 a barrel, it was good rain & I’m thankful & am sure all things out side was glad also,    Wish we could have had more of it but, Praise God & for all things I Praise Him & I’m trusting He will take care of each one of His & our family.    Been mostly cloudy, sun came, out for a while after dinner clear & so white. & not a soul came near all day & radio on the blink, so, no sermons,    Wind blew so hard all night & the had another tornado-   ripped up trees by the roots & took roofs off some houses.   Well, we thought it might rain but it only partly cloudy.    Oh Jesus how I wish I knew how to do more for Thee    I thank & praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name     Wind has all died out tonight,    I hope we get some word from Audrey about Martha, tomorrow. 

Mon. Feb. 22. 1954./ page. 3123./ 1. eggs today./ Washingtons birthday Our first President.    Well, I tried to put a dress together but Elbert’s felt bum   his vertebras are out of place several of them & I tried to rub them back. with terpo but he can hardly straighten up they pain him so bad & then I had to start soup for supper & so put dress away, but I’ve got to get it done for all 3 of these    I’ve been wearing are tearing apart.   We had a frozen fog last night & it’s been partly cloudy mostly sunlight today    Elbert’s felt to bad to work.    No mail & no word from the girls today.    I pray God will forgive my sins & Keep me ever closer    I’m so weak    I can’t seem to endure the hardships.    Elbert says he’s going to Huron in the morning but the Dr. wont be there untill Thurs.    he might as well wait, it only eratates his back to drive.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & pray for the Holy Ghost & strength, I thank & Praise Thee, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 23. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I am mailing a letter to Lane Wings of Healing Rev’s Dears & Levers for Elbert & card to Francis Page & Elbert went to Huron & mailed them,    we had no mail to-day worth while.   Elbert felt to bum to work, he got a little meat.    Ernie came tonight & I gave him a lunch & Dolly came & gave us a dollar for taking care of Ernie    it will come in handy, for a little meat    Elbert’s check comes a week from Thurs.  that seems a long time & still the times flying.    I tried again today to get the dress put together, I thank I have it ready to stitch, now, so maybe I will try to stitch tomorrow.    I ought to wash so, I don’t Know Which I’ll do    I have to Write Mrs. Keegan & Mrs. Haslet.    I hope they have enough to eat & that God has helped her rent her house, for she says that’s all they have to live on,    for he isn’t working untill April first     I don’t know if he’s sick she didn’t say,    Been a very Nice day, tried to rain tonight.   heavy frost last night.   Jesus I’m trusting Thou will make things to come out right & help Audrey to write & tell us all the news, help it to be good news & I pray Thou will Keep us from the evil ones & Closer to Thee, I thank Thee & give all the Honour & Praise to Thee forever & ever, Amen.   Glory, Glory, Glory I Praise Thee for all things. 

Wed. Feb. 24. 1954./ page. 3124./ No. eggs today./ And neither of worked today,   been a very dark dreary day, sun came through a couple of times, as White as it could be, but, didn’t stay only a few seconds each time & it tried to rain tonight,    it gave us a good shower once last night, after midnight.    Radio has been out for sometime now & I sure miss that thing, for we can’t get any news & since we can’t buy a news paper    we don’t know whats going on & it seems as if the world was dead.    Well I received a prety card from Mrs Hastel & Joe & she said they hadn’t rented the house yet, but thought they would soon, then, they would be over again.    We received a letter from Audrey     & she said Martha was as usual & she had a supper for Jim & the young folks     & Jean & Joan are both going to have babys      & that I’d better read her hen tracks over once or twice before I told any one what she wrote.  Well I didn’t tell Nellie & girls anything wrong, but they didn’t listen, or, at any rate they didn’t tell Audrey what I told them, that she had worked a few hrs. & wished she could work at least 3. days a week & they told her I said she was working 3 days a week,   if they can’t do or say something to start a rowe they twist things to make it look as if I was terrible bad & better watch my step,    I wish they had to hear a good sermon & abid by it    they all seem to enjoy twisting things the wrong way,    God help them, & forgive them. & teach them Thy Ways, I thank Thee, Amen.    I love Thee Jesus & pray Thou will keep me close to Thee, Thank You.

Thurs. Feb. 25. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I did my washing and a few odds & ends & got cloths all dry    I got the po-tatoes & carrots & peas ready for supper & Elbert fried the pork shoulder & apples, I had them cleaned & sliced    He felt so bad,    he went to Huron & took a treatment & we had a cup of tea & crackers & he went to Vermilion & got some chiken backs & wings & pork    he cooked meat & apples & his hips were paining him so bad & mine were hurting me from standing so long,    I washed his pillow slip & cover & pr socks & 2 Kercheifs,    I can hardly do my own any more.    Been a cloudy day    rained hard last night & began to snow at 3-p-m & is still at it & blowing hard at 11-p-m.    colder tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus for food, warm fire & clothing.    I Praise Thee for all things although I don’t understand all things.    May I be of service to Thee forever & give Thee the Glory & Honor forever & ever, Amen.    We received a card from Audrey today.   she says Jean & Joan are both going to have babies & that shop[?] isn’t doing much & she said she’s loofing selling blankets & [?] gowns for babies.

Fri. Feb. 26. 1954./ Page. 3125/ 2. eggs today./ Well I tried to sew     didn’t get very much done, but pray be a little each day will get it, by & by.    Elbert has to go back to Dr. tomorrow.    He hasn’t been able to work & his back is sore & pains him.    he has done the chores every day, in pain,     I know how bad it hurts for I’ve had to endure the same things many times.    It turned quite cold last night & snowed about an inch of snow & it is half gone to-night.   not much wind  S.W. what there is, Was S.W. all day.    Dr told Elbert he shouldn’t saw or work, to Keep quite for a few days & he should for an other week    We saw several hundred starlings today in one flock.    Jackie is real miserable    he can’t see & his feet are hurting him,    I had to clean them,    I hope they will soon feel better.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Sat. Feb. 27. 1954./ No eggs today/   Well I felt to bum to sew & didn’t do so very much today.    Elbert didn’t understand    he was to go this morning to Dr. & so he didn’t get his treatment today,    he got a little pork to fry & got the radio, so we can have the sermons to-morrow Praise God from Whom all blessing flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him all ye Heavenly Hosts Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, forever & ever, Amen.    Been rather cloudy, sun came through only for a few seconds only a few times.    Nellie & the girls came & brought ice cream & cones & visited a little while,    the children played out side a while & then Bonita Sr. got there coats & hats & they went again    they left us a piece of blogna & a piece of cheese & Nelson gave me some pretzels,    I gave them 3/4 laof of bread,    Nellie said they stopped at Baldwins & had a lunch last time they went from here & they made sandwiches of the tin of biscuits I gave them.    Nellie isn’t very well    they heard some noise & all flew to the toilet,    they thought it was there mother but she heard it to & wondered what it was.    Bonita’s lips was as White as paper,    they were all frightened.    Ella Jane said, her mother would fall over while she walked around,    I pray she really knows Jesus before that happens.    I hope & pray for each one, Oh God, help us each one.   No rain last night but tried today to rain   dust mixed with rain making mud splaters.       We didn’t get it very hard here, but radio said Chicago did.   warm enough so flys are out    We received letters from Rev’s Dears & Naomie & Miss McGovern today.

Sun. Feb. 28. 1954./ page. 3126./ 2. eggs today./ No one called to day;    Been a dark dreary sort of day, started to snow before dark,   it had been raining a misty rain from a-bout 3-30 or 4-p-m turning to snow about 5-p-m  West a little North. not cold, 34 degrees.    We have listened to the sermons all day on, Radio.    Sorry I can’t go to church & will be so glad when Jesus lays His hand on me,    I’m so weak & Miserable, but Praise God I can get up & do a little,    I thank Thee Jesus more than I can tell & I pray for strength & understanding.    I do need a little care for a while.    May all Glory be Thine forever,  I pray, Amen. 

Mon. Mar. March. 1. 1954./ 2. eggs today/ Well March sure came in like a lion    it blowed & snowed & the bushes & evergreens are laying all most flat & snow thick on the tops & sides    I’m sorry for them bent over so far for so long &, it snowed all day so thick we were shut in a part of the time, couldn’t see even the neighbors houses or telegraph poles along the rail road or the tracks    Snow came heavy & thick & there’s been a wind that keeps it drifting.    We haven’t had to be out in it,   the Radio put out a call for Rev. Johny Harnish    he’s been missing since Sunday & this is Mon. night.    Oh God, I ask in Jesus Name,   Thou will take care of him & get him safly back home to Marcie & there 4 children    I trust that nothing else has come between them    Nellie seemed terrible upset when they were here Sat. & the girls watched her every minute.    I’ve had some queer “presentments” of late.   I almost passed out, Just like before they came in Sat. & I’m so terribly weak yet.    We haven’t done any work today.    & haven’t been able to sleep  thinking & praying for verious ones of the families, May God take a hand in all these things & soon, I pray & I thank Thee Jesus.    All roads are blocked & many trucks & cars are lined up a mile long, hundreds are stalled on all roads.   & they are pleading for help as many of those people have been waiting Since Sat. & Sat night Sun. & Sun. night & Mon. & Mon night & Radio says tonight will be as bad as last night,    it was bad last night.  I’m glad the girls got coal last week & the children carried it into basement.    I thank there neighbors would help them if they had to call them.    Elbert’s just got out of bed & gone out to see what the noise was at S. east corner of house,    it was the top ends of ramblers.     Again, I thank you Jesus for all things & trust Thee, Amen. 

Tue. Mar.2. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Well, the big tree, the evergreen to the South fell down Sun night & though it would fall but it got so full of snow last night    the wind blew so hard & puffs seemed as if the south end of the little house would cave in & the poor tree lay down again & this time we can’t raise it up a-gain,   I’m sorry, but Jesus will be coming soon & we’ll enjoy being with him.

Tue. Mar. 2, 1954./ page. 3127./ 2 eggs this day./more than all the earthly things we’ve ever had & I’d rather do His will & ways.    It’s been a hard day,    I’ve felt as if I had been up all night,    I listened untill 12-30-p-m to see if we could get any more news about Johny Harnish    I’m trusting Jesus has taken care of him & hope Nellie will let us know by mail     We haven’t had any mail Mon. or today, but I see the trucks & cars are runing tonight so maybe we will get mail tomorrow.    I had a time cleaning the stew pan we heat the water for coffee & tea,    it burnt dry not bad, but it’s such a job for me to clean it & scour the out side    I made onion potatoe soup with milk & seasoning, so that was our supper & tomorrow    We hope to have Kroute & Weiners  creamed potatoes &   perhaps milk gravey & Cornflake muffins & no butter    I know if any of those people on the other side could have it they would be so happy, God help them & I want to help more.    Wind’s starting to blow a little more & Radio says rain tonight & snow tomorrow.    All the young evergreens were laying almost flat sun melted snow such a lot & Elbert shook them & it fell off.    but they didn’t get up straight yet sudden cold has turned them a redish brown    some trees “Willows” in the back are down.    Rev. Buser was cought in the snow down on Oberlin Ave.    I hope Johny has got home safe also.    Jesus I’m trusting & believing in Thee. & I hope I can write some cards & notes tomorrow.    I Praise Thee Jesus Amen.

Wed. Mar. 3. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well we sure got the cold wind & it was strong & puffy, all night & all day    seemed it would almost crush the house at times & it’s cold, wind has eased off a little tonight, but Raido says it’s going to blow 4 miles an hour before morning,   it was snowing at dark.    Well, weather is still bad.    We received a card from Miss. Clark a letter from Miss. Mc.Govern & Card from Audrey & no word about Johny.    I hope we do hear tomorrow.    Elbert was just outside & says wind’s S. west & it’s starlight    wind’s not blowing more than 10 or 12 miles & hour.    I haven’t done much today,    patched one shirt & help with cooking, made the beds & listened to Radio    a young mother got cought in the traffic jam,    they called for help & docotr & nurse & warm amblulance had reached her & was on way to hospital last we heard.     A queer thing just happened,    I was in the my bedroom & a cars headlights loomed up & went out,    we thought some one was coming in & we both looked again & there wasn’t any car on the drive,     I pray all is well, with all the familie’s   Oh God 

Wed. Mar. 3. 1954./ Page. 3128./ 1. egg this day./ help us, in Jesus Name I ask.    & if I can help in any way, help me to know & to do what ever is right in Thy sight.    Audrey was painting her rooms on Sun.    I pray they will turn to the Lord yet before it’s to late    they think I’m crazy & God has said they would, but I’m still praying & trusting they will turn.    I love my Jesus, He’s all the world to me,    When we Know Him, it’s so much different When we pray untill Jesus lays His hand on us.    Rev. Buser is preaching or talking on the radio.     Miss Clark got a ride to Cleveland & back,     a friend of hers was hit & tossed “by a car” 50 ft. & was unconscious 20 days & died,    she’s been so weak & tired out,    I wonder, if she has improved so much.    I am glad she’s able & trust I’ll rise up again, also.    I thank Thee Jesus forever & ever, Amen. 

Thurs. Mar. 4. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Wrote card to Audrey & sent one to Nellie, Wed & now one to Mrs. Goll & letter to Mrs. Keegan & I hope I can write some more tomorrow.    I’ve been seeing Mrs. Brackets face & I dreamed she was staring so must write her a card or letter soon.    I hope we hear about Johny soon & Nellie.    We had a card from Audrey Wed.     I got my wool skirts & a note from Mrs. Keegan today & some adds.    Been a blustry day   snowed & wind blowed it up from the ground in big clouds & its cold     wind’s S. West.    we see one rabbit & the birds,    we tried to feed but snow covered up feed    My bird died last night    poor little fellow    he tried so hard to get about    he was blind & we had to put the feed dishes in front of him & then he would eat & drink,    I can’t tell how much we miss him.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many many blessings.    Oh how terrible to be blind    God help us. 

Fri. Mar 5. 1954./ 2. egg today./ Well I did the washing, with God’s help, & I am so weak tonight I wont be able to dry them all.    I just have the rags to dry,     I hope to do it tomorrow.    We received a letter from Audrey, but not a word from any of them about Johny,  & here it’s been a week tomorrow.    I’m still trusting God took care of him.    Elbert got a man to haul his car to garage up this side of Huron & he went on to Huron & bought 4.50 worth of food & paid 2.50 on radio & managed to drive car home & then he went to Sarr’s & phoned Vermilion garage & one of there men lives in Huron, so, he’s to stop & pick up Elbert & car & take them to Vermilion,    I pray it won’t cost him much    he has to pay for car tag & his slippers so it wont leave much for food.    Sun shone yesterday at intervals & the same today with the exception, it wasn’t quite so windy & it snowed hard several times     We couldn’t see only Snyders & things close to us, was better this after noon.   I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & answering prayer    I nearly strangled after Elbert left on Johny cake, it strained me bad

Sat. Mar. 6. 1954./ page. 3129./ 2. eggs today./ I wrote to Audrey, Nellie & Mrs. Bracket & Elbert mailed them today,    he went with the young man & car to Vermilion & he got 2 lbs of green tea 1.94 & left it in the car,    Now I wonder,     he got a ride all the way back to end of our road & he feel all in & he had a bad spell just before supper    sort of a congestion, like the one I had & it nearly strangled me, hurt my chest, arms & thigh,    His was in his head, arms & chest.    I prayed while I rubbed him with alcohol & put hot flanels on him & talked to him about other things & he soon got over it    Jesus help us do what ever we ought to do,   I’m ready & willing, if You Will but re-veal to me.     I Praise & thank Thee Jesus.    Ive been listening to Rev. Buser.    Oh God, I pray Audrey has gone & found what’s wrong.    seems as if some one could help & let us know.    It’s been a nice day, any way the sun shone but wind was cold & raw.    I received receipt for 7.00,   I sent last mo. to Rev. Wyatt.   The man brought Elbert’s car & bill 5.50 & he went up & got some gas & paid the other man 3.50 & he owes Martin’s 2.69    he has spent 20.25 for, car, & food.    he has to get tag yet.  10.25     A rabbit was up by the grainery last night & he must have eaten the grain Elbert put out for the birds,   he put out some more today,    The red cardnals are so pretty & there are all kinds of birds come to eat.    Wind eased off today a little, but is sure at it again tonight.    I don’t like the wind .    I got my dresses starched & dried & all those rags & put away    I didn’t do any ironing    I’ve been so terribly weak & miserable & no strength or not as much as I need,    I wiped up Kitchen today.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all times Amen.

Sun Mar. 7. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ Elbert called Nellie today & found Johny’s safe, he had been cought in the snow, but, soon got out & home safe,     I could only see him at home with Marcie & the children, but, I had heard weeping & wailing before we heard over the radio, that he had been missing since Sat.     seemed to be women that was weeping    I thought it would be best to call & find out for sure & do as I’d like to be done by.    They knew the call had been put out over radio but, when all was well with them, they forgot me     still were praying & trusting & believing all was well, but, that they should have at least sent us a card;     Elbert ask why they didn’t send us a card & she said, she didn’t have a card, a worthless excuse for post man stops at there door each day    I pray God will help them to be true sisters & neices even though they still call us, just folks,    May God have mercy & teach them His Ways.    We have listened to the Sermons all day & evening.    It’s been a nice day with sunshine & snow has melted a lot.    We have a new moon tonight,    we fed the birds & have had a meal & lunch & thank God in Jesus Name for all things & I Pray He will teach me & help me to do the right things & give Him all Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    Glory to God in the Highest in Jesus Holy Name.   I need Thy help.

Mon. Mar. 8. 1954./ page. 3130./ 1. eggs today./ I miss Jacky so much, poor little fellow.    Elbert went to Vermilion & spent all he had with in 3.00 & a few cents    I kept ac-count of all but about 4.00 or so     he spent 20.25 for car  9.00 repair   24.12 for food & he owed Martin 2.69 & Cook gas 1.90 for [?]& 4.49 & 2.50 for radio & 1.10 Krogers, butter & 2 boxes cheese 1.63 off milk wagon & 56 cents for bread & cookies from bread wagon & 7 cents for 1 newspaper & I gave him 10.00 & I only have 7 more to give him untill I get my check & then I’ll give him 17.80 more to live on untill the 12th of April    he didn’t get his slippers or pay Baker 5.50    he will get check for 8.00 when I get mine the 12th of this month & I wont give him the 7.00 I have untill he gets his check    then he’ll have 15.00, 5.50 for Baker & 5 for slippers & he has to get socks & I’ll have to see to it he gets them & he’ll have to spend 1.00 for gas & then we have to milk money 35 cents every other day, 16 dimes & 16 quarters for milk every month (5.60)    I hope there wont be [?] extras or we’ll have to fast awhile for sure.    I thank God for What we have & pray we won’t have so much extra to spend in April,    I gave him the gas 10.15 & tax 12.50 money & so they will have to be taken out of my check along with my church money   11.00 to Huron & Rev. Wyatt & I ordered a New Testiment 4.00,  about 38. out of 59. so there will only be 21.00 for food, “maybe”, it will have to do untill next mo.    & we ought to save out 18. each mo now to pay for the coal for next winter.   No. mail today.    I tried to write a letter to Sister Haslet today, but, Elbert got back before I got it done    hope I can get it done tomorrow & send a note to Inez & Henry & Sister Harwell. & Sister Singleton.    they are in Arizona.    It’s been a very nice day, but snow is hasn’t all gone off yet bu     it’s coming into the basement    I hope it don’t get bad.    Wind didn’t blow much last night or tonigh so don’t seem so cold.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust all will work out for Thy Good & Glory.    Today is little George Eddy’s Jr. birth day,   he was born just be-fore midnight & Bonita Jr. just after midnight.  11. yrs. ago.  today & tomorrow.   Glory Hallelujah, I Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.

Wed. Mar. 9. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today, just didn’t have the strength    We got a card from Audrey     Martha is staying on Washington Ave. & Merlin told her to get out    Audrey says they are both to blame & Joan are having there fights,   John hit her in the back & nearly Knocked her out & she screamed & the land Lord came to see what was going on     she expects to have her baby in June.    I know I could never stay with that sort of beast.    She’s a go-between, for her mother & father & she was going home to cook a supper for her father.    Audrey feels terrible & so do We.  then

Tue. Mar. 9. 1954./ page. 3131./ 1. eggs this today./ We received a letter from Mrs Bracket & one from Miss Mc.Govern, she must think of me as I was, 21 yrs. ago, she thinks I could still crochet for a living,    how I wish I could,    I can hardly do the little work & have for the two of us    Elbert washes his union suits & work shirts & pants & I do the house washing & my clothes,    we do the cooking of the meals to-gether most of the time    I sweep & wipe up floors & do the dishes & mend & darn & iron  Keep the bedroom each day,  water run so much to day I haven’t felt able to be on my feet,    I hope to feel better soon.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & I’m trusting Thou will heal this leak soon & help all who are in need of Thee spiritually as well as other wise    I thank Thee forever & ever.    Been rather quite outside but, lots of wind in sky tonight.    Card Co. still after me to sell cards,    I could earn 50 cents a box.   I miss Jackie more & more & almost wish I had another.    Oh God Please help Audrey’s families to come to Thee & Audrey to & Gertie, Frank & Ruby & there families & Ethel & hers & the Wheelers & there’s & all who need Thee. 

Wed. Mar. 10. 1954./ 2. eggs today/  Elbert got up & did out his washing & had part of it dried when I got up at 10-a-m    I set bread after dinner & made 2 tins of Brown & 2 of white bread,    I did out my washing after I set the bread & made the Brown or graham dough into biscuits to raise.    & now all is done & all dried except his heavy union suits, & my rags,    I’ll try to get them dry tomorrow,  God Willing.    It’s been a nice day, partly cloudy but not very cold, bugs are starting to fly about.    We received our checks today & there was some added to each    Elbert got 9    he’s been getting 8    I been getting 59 & today 63 and I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all Praise for answering prayer for just a little more & I can give a little more to Thee Jesus in Thy cause,   Keep me Close To Thee & give me stronger in Thee & bolder for Thee, I give Thee all the Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.    Rev. Buser signing off.   Oh yes my tax blank came today 13.98 cents     just take the extra. 

Thurs. Mar. 11. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion after dinner & paid Baker garage 5.00    he got his slippers 5.00 & socks 1.00 & cashed my check & bought 4.89 cents worth of food & paid for the meat & was short 35 cents but his was O.K.    Well, it don’t hurt me but, it does happen every now & then I have my taxes & church & gas & I ordered a new testiment & so I won’t have very much to run us untill April 4th.    We got a little raise in old age pension but it goes so fast   everythings so high.    I ironed 2 dresses, 2 shirts skirts & put tape in them & tonight came near fainting as I cleared the table & knocked my little cup full of tea on the floor & broke it.

Thurs. Mar. 11. 1954./ page. 3132./ 1. eggs this day/ into the finest pieces & cut my finger & it really blead bad,    I felt & still do feel to bad for anything, so I’m leaving dishes & going to bed    I Pray God will in Jesus Name give me more strength spiritually & phyically,    I thank Thee Jesus    Thou art Wonderful    Been partly cloudy    N. East wind rather strong   Praises to Thee Jesus.    Elbert mailed letter to Mrs Haslet & card to Audrey, 

Fri. Mar. 12. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ Elbert tried to get little building up & move it off hen house floor yesterday    his back is still hurting him bad & today he’s had several places in his back bone paining him.    he couldn’t work    wind has been blowing so hard in puffs all day    & in Kansas, Arkansas they have had dust & rain & a wind that took the dust 300 ft. in the air,    it has been so strong seemed as if it would lift the house up & felt that way.    We received a note from little Nelson Eddy today, with a few big red roses on one corner of the page,   said he was sick,   the glands in his neck are badly swollen & his throat was sore & his grandmother was teaching & the wind blew some limbs out of the apple tree & fell the cheery tree.    He said mom is working & George & Pinky were in school & they hoped we (Elbert & I) were all right & they’d come when they could, Lots of Love   Nelson Eddy.    We thought that was just fine, for he’s only 9. yrs. old.    We got a card from Audrey telling about Johny getting cought in the snow    he could have been dead & buried long before now. & that she isn’t working yet.    I’ve felt terribly weak today,    I tried to mend Elbert’s union suits today but seemed as if I just couldn’t.    & I sweat like rain trying to do up the dishes,    Elbert wiped them.    I pray we will both feel better tomorrow.    Mostly cloudy today & windy.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will help all of us to do Thy Holy Will in all things,    I want to do Thy Will Thou Knowest.

Sat. Mar. 13. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ For taxes. 13.89, for Safe reducing 2.98 & a money order to Wings of healing 6.00; 1 of it is for subscription for African Chalenge booklet.    then I sent a birthday card to Geo, Bonita & Nelson for there birth-days,    they are late, but guess it wont make any difference.    I put a 1 dollar bill in each card & the extra coupon, for sweater, shirt gave them 2 & now there money can send for all 3.    I have several more letters & cards to write.   Mr & Mrs Haslet came in just before supper & we had chicken for supper   Brown bread & the chicken gravy, lettuce, celery, sweet pickles & coffee & potatoes    We visited a while & Joe & Elbert were outside for awhile    We had a good visit, they have a preaching every night

Sat. Mar. 13. 1954./ Page. 3133./ 1. egg this day./ Who has the gift of healing    I wish he could & would come to me, like Jesus use to go among the poor, but they don’t do much of that any more    God help me I have to go & be filled & healed in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    Well, Elbert did half the dishes & I finished the balance & mixed up the Chicken balls for tomorrow    We didn’t get the relish ground.    but got part of it in the pan ready for water to freshen it.    Elbert moved the little hen house out in the back where old Colly house was    he did most of it with the car.    Wind has been 20 miles an hour in heavy puffs & we been getting a lot of the dust in the wind,    We are to have more tomorrow.    I hope trust & pray that Minister comes here tomorrow & that we are both made whole in Jesus Name Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    I love & Praise only Thee.   Received card from Mrs. Goll & The Chalenge.   Today is Sister Haslet’s birthday   she’s 62. yrs. old. 

Sun. Mar. 14. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ It started to snow early this a-m. about 2-a-m. & keep at it in intervals all day coming in heavy showers at times.    I felt sure they would pray for me at church & the water would be normal again but it hasn’t yet.    I still believe He will.   I praise Him.   I got up at 10-30    bathed, combed my hair & cleaned my teeth & cooked the dinner,    I fried the Chicken balls, heated the gravy & made the tea & Elbert warmed the string beans & then we ate & tonight we had popcorn & listened all day & tonight to sermons.    I’d like to be in Church & testify for Jesus, Oh Jesus, help me.    No one came today.   its cold out tonight.   I do love Thee Jesus.   help me to be normal I ask.   I thank Thee & Praise only Thee. 

Mon. Mar. 15. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, it’s been some day,    I got up before noon & after dinner I mended & just got done be-fore supper & then Dolly & Ernie came & stayed from 7-p-m untill 9-30    We don’t have any thing they can amuse themselves with.    but Helen came & took them home    she had gone to some meeting with a neighbor & he came to the door for the children;    Been a nice day,   wind’s cold & raw & it blowed hard during the night but not quite so hard to-day.    Elbert’s head has ached today    I think he has more cold.    Well, maybe Mr. & Mrs. Haslet might come tomorrow     they said they might,     but, I’m hoping Elbert will feel better    but, if they come he will do what every they start.    I feel better in some ways, but, not the water trouble.    I thank & trust Thee for all things in Jesus Name Amen.    May all Praise be Thine    all Glory & Honor & Power, Amen.    There is plenty of wind yet,    it’s partly cloudy & moon-light.   Oh God.   I do Praise Thee & hope to be filled & do all His Will. 

Tue. Mar. 16. 1954./ Page. 3134./ 1. eggs today./ Sister Hastel & her husband came back today & Elbert has worked to hard, but, he feel they have got a lot done.    Well, they had dinner here & we had a good visit & they went home before supper    said they had to feed dogs & hens,    I failed to ask them if they had enough to eat for tomorrow, but from What they said thought they had.    Been a beautiful day & the wind has eased off & its clear & moon & starlight tonight & little cooler.    We received a letter from Audrey today,    they all have there Joys & they seem to think Audrey can just pick the money up some where,    she did earn $10.00 Mon.   she has her rooms painted at last.    Well I helped get supper & I washed the dishes & now I’ll read & pray & go to bed    Rev. Buser in on the radio now.    & they are having meetings at Huron all this week, but only one has been blessed with a real healing as far as I have learned    Oh God, We beceach Thee to strengthen each one of thine in the Church of Thine & take the evil out & clean & fill those Who want Thee & I do in Jesus Name forever & ever Amen,    I need strength & pray Thou will hear & help me.    Ernie came & stayed untill his mother & Dolly came for him & Helen & Dolly came & visited a little,    she was tired she works every day.

Wed. Mar. 17. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been a beautiful day & Elbert cut the limbs off the big evergreen that fell over again in this last wind storm,    it had just got started to grow again,     it had put out long slender roots & top was getting green but he has cut it up,    it hurts me & it offtimes seems as if others enjoy hurting the things I love.    God sees, hears & Knows & I put my trust in him; God helps us.     I did my washing & didn’t have much either.     I hung out my bedding & Elbert went to Huron & sent the money orders for taxes & for the food supplement. & got some meat & butter & forgot the carrots & peppers.    Fishermen set nets Tue. & today.    Elbert hung out several pieces & they dried good     I made up the beds & got supper & felt to tired to eat.    but I’m getting rested again.    I thank Thee Jesus for the blessings of today, & still am trusting about this water trouble I know Thou are able.    I received a letter, a wonderful letter from Sister Wyatt.    she really prays & God hears her for she said she was a-going to ask me to help more in their work but God told her to give to [?]mes,    she seemed a little puzzled, but I know God will see that all works out for His good & Glory,    Praise His Holy Name,   I want to do His Will & pray I’ll be a blessing to those about me that need His help so much, all around us;    I gave Elbert a $20.00 dollar bill, there wasn’t much left   1.00 & some cents & we 2. weeks yet before we get another check.   God help us. 

Thurs. Mar. 18. 1954./ Page. 3135./ 1. eggs today./ Well I had half the rags on the line & half I had dried when the Ministers came in Rev. Dear brought the new testement I had ordered 3.95    I believe it was at any rate I gave him my 10th 6.00 & told him the rest was for the book     I was sorry I couldn’t give him more but as far as I know we only have 5.50 between now & April 4th.    Well, they did pray & I felt the heat of God’s power cross through me & I thank Him for this Healing in Jesus Name, Glory to Thee for ever & ever Amen.   Naomie was with them & busied herself with her doll.    Elbert was out by the coop working & they went & talked to him & then went a-way.   God bless them & keep them ever close to Thee.    I set some bread & have to wait for it to bake 3. tins 2 brown & 1 white,    I sent Sister Dear a can of coffee     she gave us a can Dec.    she’s been sick but was doing her washing today.    Rev Frank the Evanlest tooks as if he has a water tumor    he’s a big as Mrs. Haslet through his stomach & bowels & he wears glasses,    I pray God Will heal me & his eyes & Rev. Dear’s eyes & Sister Dear & Haslet’s eyes in Jesus Name & I thank Thee Jesus. Blessed Pure & Holy.   May all Glory Praise & Hon or be Thine, Amen.    It’s been another beautiful day getting hazy around [?] tonight.    Elbert’s worked to hard & is so tired today.    Ella Jane, Bonita & her children came in to-night     the 3. children thanked me for there cards & the 1.00 bills I put in each letter.    Nellie had to go to a teachers meeting & so staid home to rest & get dressed for the meeting, & Ella Jane said she might come at the end of the week.    The children raced over the place & Bonita went out also to see that they were O.K. & then they came back & we talked awhile & then they piled into the car & went for home.    I miss going to prayer meeting.   

Fri Mar. 19. 1954./ 2. eggs today/ Pussy Willows are coming out & trees are leaving out    Elem has been trying to leave out for the last 2 weeks & the Black birds are here & Starlings in big flocks.    a plain was flying overhead & making rings streak & circules yesterday.    Well, it’s been cloudy all day, misty rain this morning    then it sprinkled & stopped.    Elbert went to Huron, but no fish,    We got the carrots & peppers & some hamberg at Brodes & the millk.    I took a cold in my head & have a sore head,    it’s in flesh & mucels,   it’s better tonight.    I pray God will bless the meeting,    it’s raining hard & sounds like a bird in downspout    Elbert took flash light & looked    said he couldn’t see any,     I pray if there is one there, God will help him to get away safe.    Well I haven’t worked today    head & eyes to sore & Elbert’s back & knee. Oh God, I thank & Praise Thee in Jesus, Pure Holy Name for all things forever & ever. Amen.

Sat. Mar. 20. 1954./ page. 3136./ 1. eggs today./ Been feeling rather punk allday & so has Elbert,    It poured rain in showers & this morning it froze & snowed & then snowed several times during the day,    cold N. West wind & I’m wondering if it will go N. East & come back at us.    My stomach hurt me all night & Elbert all so,    I don’t know if it was the soup “to much salt” or the jello,    & then I felt so weak I didn’t get up untill 2-p-m & then all undone it again, by eating a little salmon, tonight    Elbert fixed toast & an egg, so far it has set well    I thank God & Praise Him & that I may be worthy in Jesus Name.    Well, I can’t give to every one Who are preaching, but I do what ever I can,    I gave Rev. Dear 10.00 for my tenth & for a new testiment, that would take the most of it & I gave the Evanglest 1.00 & we have 5.00 left to live on untill April 4th:    Elbert was hoping for fish today, but it’s a bad storm we have had again for this time of year    & we had a few warm days & now it’s icy & stormy & Cold.    We pray, all Who are able to go to Church will go & pray & Worship God in Spirit & in Truth.   I thank Thee for my healing. 

Sun. Mar. 21. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Todays the first day of Spring & I’m hoping the little birds that have just come back will find a place of protection    it’s really cold after being so warm   wind’s raw & goes to the marrow    I think my cold is gone    pray the stomach & nerves will soon be releived    feels like chills coming up into my lower teeth & into my face    God is able & I’m still standing on His promises,   Praise His Name Glory, Glory, Amen.    Oh it is wonderful to be in the Lord’s house & feel the power    I thank Him & praise Him,   He’s a wonder Savour & phyician    I love him more & more Glory Glory to His Holy Name,    Well every one was so nice & came & shook hands & said how glad they were to see me again    I’m glad they like me & pray God will bless them four fold.    & One woman ask me to come & spend a day with her “Mrs. Valintine “I believe her name is.    I like to go    I do need to get out among them more    We had a very good meeting & a lot of folks went to the altar    I pray God will convert & heal & fill many    Oh I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Glory, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day,    Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. Chidlren came out for a little while,    Nellie’s head & neck have been troubling her,    I pray Oh God of Love & Mercy Thou Will heal her & if she isn’t converted I pray You Will help her now.    Bonita was laid off from her work & Ella Jane is suppose to go to work a couple blocks from home for the O’Neil Co.    I gave each of the children a dollar & they have 

Mon. Mar. 22. 1954./ Page. 3137./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I did my washing today.    Was a fine morning but clouded up & has got so thick    a heavy mist came for awhile, but, now at 9-p.-m. it isn’t as cold as this morning    it was cold & raw.    Radio says rain or snow in morning    & Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish & they sure tasted good    I wish Nellie had some    she’s feeling so miserable,    I’m so sorry,    the others don’t know What real pain & how hard it is to endure,    if they only Knew Jesus.    All the shops & factories are closing done & thousands of families are in trouble,    no money to pay there payments or buy food for elders or children,    the bible has fore-told us,    but most people live worldly lives and now when things begin to tighten up & there is no money to pay for there cars or homes or pay bills of any sort or buy fuel or food or cloths, it’s terrible    & in Michigan they have had soup lines & bread lines for almost a yr.     maybe it less or more & in California    & the Ministers Children will soon be coming home,    they can’t get work to keep them.   God help us to cling close to Thee & do Thy Will in Jesus name. 

Tue. Mar. 23. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Been a fine day, but me am to weak.    God will lift me up & fill me with his Spirit & Power & strength soon    I’m some better & am trusting & believing    was to weak to go to Church tonight,    hoping for tomorrow night as there will be meeting all this week.    No letter from Audrey today,    I hope all is well among them.    I did get a letter from Eleanor Clark,    We use to give Lida “her sister” fruit & fish & now she’s worrying about there being gone the trees & bush fruits.     I have just wrotten a letter to Miss Mc.Govern & a card to Nellie & one to Audrey & Henry & Inez. Hunt     now it’s late & I’ll have to fix fire & go to bed.    wish I could have had the strength to go to church,    but I know they will pray & God will give me all I need.    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things Amen.    Ernie was here after school & Dolly came    The gave me 50 cents. 

Wed. Mar. 24. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I’ve been to weak to go to Church tonight    couldn’t work today.    Elbert’s work to hard & is so tired,    I have an upset stomach tonight.    I pray Jesus, thou will help me to do Thy Will & give me strength in body to go to Church,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee. & pray Thou will keep me all the way.    I need Thee more & more each day & hour.    Audrey sent a card & I was glad to hear they were all as well as usual,    but I hope Nellie & all are better, bless us & keep us close to Thee & all of Thy People    I do thank Thee Amen.    It rained last night or early this morning, about 2-30-a-m.  it’s at it from N. East tonight    cold rain & the wind’s not to warm. 

Thurs. Mar. 25. 1954./ Page. 3138./ 1. eggs today./ The radio reports some twisters & some tornadoes    6 dead in one place & they thought we were going to get part of it    Wind’s been strong & puffy & is still at it, even though the stars are clear & bright.    I’ve not been able to work all week    have that stuper feeling     head to heavy as if I’d been dopped    if only there was some one human to help me    my right side rist feels & looks as if it had been gripped & the left one also, by a strong hand    & my the lower part of my bellie as if it had been punched in several places in aline across me,    it’s miserable & I pray God Will in Jesus Name put a stop to What ever is the cause of it.    I feel I can’t go on in this way,    there ought to be some one to help me, but I don’t know who,    Jesus Thou Knowest & I’m calling on Thee for help,    God of love & Mercy, help me now.    I thank Thee & give Thee all Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    Wish I were in Church tonight    I do pray God will bless them & that they will come back & pray for me again be-fore Rev. Frank leaves.    Lots of things happened in Wind storm today,   13, tornados reported today & they said there were to be several in New York State, tonight,    I just got this report tonight at 10.-15 p.m. 

Fri. Mar. 26. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Only a card from Audrey,    Well, some have colds & most of them are as well as usual.   I’ve been bad for 2 days,    but as soon as God gets me healed up inside I’ll be O.K. again,    I am shaking all over from washing up the dishes    I gave Elbert 5.00 for a little food & to pay light bill & I hope he can get some meat at Brodes in the morning.    Cloudy half the day & looked as if we would get a tornado late tonight,    we are hoping to get fish tomorrow    & if Nellie & the children come I hope there will be enough for them & Audrey & Gertie perhaps    It’s colder tonight    wind’s been raw & cold & more so tonight,   Wind’s was S. west & went to N. West this. afternoon.    Oh God, I pray for Thy cleansing & filling of Spirit in Jesus Name,    I’ll give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 27. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been a nice day,   Elbert went to fish house & got 40 fish    he cleaned them all & he took 8. up to Brode’s & we hope if the girls come, to give them some, tomorrow.    Looked stormy again tonight,    it was starlight & clear at midnight & about 1 or 2-a-m    clouded up again & wind blew in puffs,    eased off again tonight    it’s cloudy now.    We had fish & they tasted so good, but my stomach has & still has a terrible sore spot, & all this week I’ve been to sick to hardly do athing,    Elbert’s done most the work,     Thurs & Fri  I could hardly sit up   seemed 

Sat. Mar. 27. 1954./ page 3139./ 1. eggs today./ as if I’d faint inspite of me once in a while    had to fight it off, & pray pray Jesus would give me the needed strength,    but I don’t leak quite so bad,    queer how I didn’t all day last Sun. & in the evening I staid dry untill I got home again,    it took all the strength I had.    Sister Oney sent me a card asking me to Sunday school,    they don’t Know or understand how much I’d like to be there,    Oh God I am trusting for a complete healing in Jesus Name.trusting & believing.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.    No mail today.    Elbert has spent all but 1.36 of that 5.00

Sun. Mar. 28. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ We had some showers this morning    then sun came out several times & it shone most of the afternoon    wind was south west & went N. east & then the lower current was N. east & clouds going toward the N. east    I do hope we don’t get moved or torn up again or hurt in any way again    Snyder’s had 8 cars there & they were pilling the last years tornado limbs & wood in to piles & they burned most of it  5 piles    & they have about that much more to do some other time.    fires are still burning.    We listened to Sermons all day & evening & I have had to bad spells to-day    have to fight to keep from fainting.     I’m standing on God’s promises  trusting & believing for my healing to continue & for strength,    & I do thank & Praise Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.    No one  came near us today    I hope they’re O.K.

Mon. Mar. 29. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ I felt as if I couldn’t hardly sit up at times today,    but after dinner I set the bread & baked 2 big tins of brown & 2 small tins of bread.    I feel all tuckered.    Yesterday was a real Spring day, “but Sarr’s rooster crowed all day, so loud & strong”    & after midnight it began to rain, then sleet & then snow & then sleet & rain with ice in it.    the trees are heavy with frozen ice & snow,    limbs hanging low & whipping     Duetizy bush hanging clear down over the well pump,    it’s is another bad storm with tornadoes in Indiana & same others

Mon. Mar. 28 [she means 29]. 1954. /page. 3140./ 1. egg today./ Radio said.    I got Buser but he was cut off,    so lines are bad to.    I thank Thee Jesus we don’t have to be out & have a warm place to stay & enough to eat.    God help those with less & some with out anything & subjected to the weather    Oh God help us to do Thy Will fully & free in Jesus Name I ask,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Bless-ed Pure True & Holy, I thank Thee for all things, Amen.    Ground covered with snow & wind’s freshening at 11-p-m. & Elbert said it seems to go right to the marrow.    his back has pained him so bad since 2 or 2-30.-a-m.    Brodes gave him a nice boiling piece of beef,    I need the broth so bad,    my body’s buzzing from head to toe    I do need something I don’t get & if there was only some one to do things & wait on me for a little while.    We received 2 U.S. Postal card from Inez,     her mother is in the hospital & so she & Helda & Inez’s girls are taking turns looking after her, poor soul.    but we all have to go some time,    I have been thinking of them so often, since Feb.     & I wrote her a card, but she’s been so busy,    I pray God will help her & hers & I thank Thee Jesus.

Tue. Mar. 29. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been quite a nice day after the terrible puffy wind last night.    & there is something phony around here.    Sounded like Elbert jumped off the food board into the bed so hard it shook the house,    I still don’t know what it was,    he looks guilty at times & he looks scart sometimes & there are times he turns so white a-round his moth & nose    & he likes to be misterious    he has practised cat walking, & can do it real well, but he does tell takes at times,    he’d like to believe I don’t know the things he does    & I sometimes wish, I didn’t, but God does show me things,    I hope Elbert will change his ways be-fore it’s forever to late,    God help him I pray in Jesus Name.    We received a typed letter from Audrey today  & she is so worried & so am I about Martha    Oh God help us to know how to help the others, to come to Thee.    It seems at times as if my heart will truly break because of the verious ones who just won’t listen to God’s word.    I received a letter from Wyatt’s also saying they received my 6.00 & used it for the radio &. 1.00 was for the booklet to be sent to Dears.    Well, you just can’t trust ((it would seem)) even the Christians    help us to be truth even as Thou are Jesus.    I feel so often as if I can’t go on, as if there isn’t any one to trust & I don’t know what or Why people just have to snoop,    I detest it.    May God help me.    We had sun a little while    everything has & is partly yet, covered with ice.

Tue. Mar. 30. 1954./ Page. 3141./ ___ eggs this days./ the shrubs have lost some of it, but the trees have a lot of ice yet.   Elbert says it’s a little warmer tonight at 9-30-p-m.    I’ve been listening to Rev. Buser,    he had a good sermon tonight with several Hyms.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trusting for complete healing,    Rev. Wyatt said they are having a special prayer for me,    I pray I will feel God’s hand on me,    I Praise Thee Jesus,    Wind died out & its quite outside tonight.    I found a screw driver in the cloth closet & a belt on the side cleat.    So now I wonder about that,    it was from sewing machine drawer. 

Wed. Mar. 31. 1954./ ____ eggs today/ The last day of March, & ground still covered with ice & snow.    Bill Snyders & a lot of there’s had a bond fires in the lot between them & us Sun. night     & Bill was out there untill after 1-a-m trying to get it all burned & cleaned up     & Mon. it was covered with snow & still burning,    isn’t all done yet.    Bill looked like one of the night riders out there with a big fork walking & poking.    Well, I wrote to Red Cross. & for gas tank,    Rev. Dears, Mrs, Haslet, Audrey, Mrs. Rev, Hance & Inez. Hunt.    Oh, I’m so sorry I have failed to send Mary Vodovich a card    I haven’t any cards fit to send but I’ll try to send her a nice card & a good note with it,    she’s lonesome & sent me a short note,    God bless her I pray,    & I do hope I can have her with me for a while this Spring.    I’m terribly weak in body,    I managed to wash my rags & nose rags & I’m tired, Oh, so tired,     Jesus help me I believe Thou will strengthen me before another day,    I thank Thee Jesus.    Elbert went to Huron & wasn’t gone long.   no fish.   & his back has pained him all day.    Oh God help him to come to Thee.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name    I saw a few wild ducks today & a few days ago also.    

Thurs. April 1. 1954./ 2   1. eggs today./ Well I didn’t get anything much done today.    Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish & his clothes all dobed up with fish slime so it will have to go to cleaners.    Well, I received 3 books on the bible, but I haven’t found anything, that is” any thing new for that’s what I crave.    Oh Jesus Keep & help me in every way & be with all Who need Thee so much    I thank Thee more & more each every second

Thurs. April 1. 1954./ page. 3142./ 1. egg this day./ Paul Buser, Rev. Daniel Buser’s Son & he did a very convincing talk or sermon on the hour of comfort to-night His father being called for a few nights on revivil services in ____.    Paul will be preaching in Vermilion all this week,     God Bless Him & his efforts,    if only all the young folks would try to live & do as well What a different world it would be.    I have been drying rags    it’s a tiresome job.    It’s been a beautiful day    sun all day, but there is quite a little snow yet    wind is cold & rather raw.    Elbert took down the wire fence We had in red coop or cottage, we use to call it & getting ready to put up fence for hen park.    I do so wish we could get the house fixed up so it wouldn’t roll from east to west every time the wind blows,    broke one of the ceiling boards beside the Chimeny & loosened another.    & there are other places just as bad.    I’d like to have it stationary so we could paint paper & put some floor covering down, that wouldn’t be so hard to wipe up & Keep clean,    this way it’s terrible      & the shingles, flop up & down & some stay up & some tore partly into.   I pray God will take care of us to the end,    & I thank Him & Praise Him & give Him Honour & Glory He’s truly worthy.

Fri. April 2. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ My  I was talking to Elbert & he took what I said the wrong way.    I told him I didn’t mean it that way but he’s worrying & says maybe if he went & left me I’d be better off    but I couldn’t be,    we need to help each other,    there’s no one to take care of us among the relatives,    for the young folks don’t even want us to call on them, let alone staying with them.    We were not brought up like that but my other brother & my sisters are like that    no room for us old folks,    Well I received DeHaan’s book & two from Dr. Wyatt    one the work of Demons & the other the flaming sword.    Sun shone most all day & it was windy from the S. West, & tonight winds N. West,    I finished my washing & 3. prs. socks & 4 nose rags for Elbert    I starched both of my dresses 2 towels, 1. dish towel, some rags & wool skirt I use on my pillow & 3 of my shirts & 1. under skirt,    I only washed one dress    I did the other one the other day.    I feel so weak & bad.    & Elbert’s back is terrible,    he can hardly get up or down.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all Who pray for me & pray Thou will bless them fourfold & I don’t know what sort or class of demons are trying to hurt me, but I do pray Thou will rebuke any & all demons that are trying to harm me     & keep me close to Thee in Jesus Holy Name I ask    I thank Thee.

Sat. April. 3. 1954./ Page 3143./ 1 eggs today/ Felt so bad I didn’t get up untill 2. p. m.     Elbert don’t feel very well either    his back hurts him so bad     & so we didn’t get much done only the daily round.     I do hope I’ll be able to get our soon,    I do wish so much there was some one to come & help me get a little sewing done I need so much, some house dresses, one for Sun & my coat fixed over a little    It’s queer with milions of people in the world & relatives I’ve helped somuch    & not a soul to help me just a little.    Nellie, Bonita her 3 children, another woman & her eldest son  a boy about 12. years old, came tonight to get a few evergreens    & they took a doz or 15 & just said thanks,    & Nellie ask if I had the cherry table & said Ella Jane wondered if it was O.K. yet    I never have told her she could have it, the table.    I did say I had thought I’d have it made into a chest  & maybe give it to her sometime,     but, they act as if it was hers & sort of demand it’s all right    it was broken in the tornado,    Elbert put the pieces together & put them in the grainery,    they want anything I have that might be able to make a greate gain, like the stamps Ella Jane took     & they are bold    I pray God will teach them before it’s to late to love Jesus more than earthly things & to love those who have loved & done sacrifice many, many times for them    yet they would take all you have if they could.    Oh God, help us to understand    I pray Thou will rebuke Satin & help them to love as Thou did love us in our Jesus Name I ask & I thank & Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen    It’s been a nice day but cold wind,    the wind blew hard all night & eased off today, but it’s still real cold & fire feels good.    We have some woodchuck twice on Berry hill;     there is still some snow in patches here & there. partly cloudy.

Sun. April 4. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ WE didn’t get up very early,    I didn’t get up untill after dinner    then Mr & Mrs Haslet &Mrs. Keegan came in with Anna & Marrian    “her birthday is ____ she’s 74,    & we had a good chat on the Bible & our differances of thought     then Elbert sliced graham bread biscuits & I opened pickles & made tea    & Elbert got out cups & saucers bread & butter plates & knives & forks, cream & sugar & we had a lunch &

Sun. April 4. 1954./ Page. 3144./ 1. eggs today./ Visited some more    & then they went to church,    I feel so much better when they come    May God bless them & all the Church folks who are trying so hard to live & learn of the Lord    Oh help me to be cleansed & filled & able to help in His work in any way I can through His strength & Power, Glory Glory, Hallelujah Praises to God & Jesus & Holy Ghost.    It’s been a nice day,    that is, sunshine but a cold penatrating wind & quite strong.    I thank & feel better.    I saw a hen pheasent & Elbert heard the male North of hous.    Daffidils are budding out & I am anxious to go out to look. 

Mon. April 5. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I sewed my waist to my dress up & how I got it put together wrong, I don’t know    now I’ll have to take it a-part & do it all over.    I cooked one meal & washed the dishes up & sweat like rain;    Elbert got his check & went to Vermilion & spent most of it for food,    it sure seemed good to have some fresh vegetables & meat     & he got hamberg at Brodes this morning.    No mail, only his check.   & it’s been a nice day    cold wind nice cold sun.    Elbert heard cock pheasent. & he got the hen park fence done    & now he has to fix gate & we can let hen out in middle of the day.    I thank Thee Jesus for my healings & trust for strength so as to be with the others for worship    I Praise Thee Jesus & hope to testify soon again for Thee Amen.  

Tue. April. 6. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Well I started to get ready to rip out what I did Mon. but didn’t get hardly started    I looked for my garters for my corset & found them & by the time I had done some scratching & cleaned out one end of the dresser draw, Elbert was back from Huron,    He got some of the wash rags, red & lavender & yellow,      so he’s going back in the morning & change the red & get light green or pink & then he’s going to fish house & to the Dr’s    he’s got several bones or vertebras out.    I do hope I can get a little done on my dress.    I put new string on door & the things that hold dresser draw from going in to far put back & some things put away.    I put clean sheets on Elbert’s bed & aired room    & he got the most of the dinner & the supper,    I made Johny Cakes & got sweet potatoes on to cook    I put away the eagle stamps. & a few other things.    We had quite a number of showers & it thundered & lightened & the frogs are Crocking loud & the blue birds singing loud & in Idaho the had 6. tornadoes & it’s to hot here today & also in Wisconsin.    Elbert mailed card to Audrey    I saw a big flock of geese going toward the lake.   Myrtle is in bloom pretty flowers size of Voilets & about the same color,   the green leaves are glossy & dark green.

Wed. April. 7. 1954./ page. 3145./ 2. eggs today/ Well, I thank Jesus for taking care of us    it was 80 degrees today & the bread sure raised fast & was good, Elbert said,    he got rye instead of graham, but it didn’t taste like rye or look like it,    I thought I’d look at the bag, but didn’t.  I mended 2 corsets & have one more to do,    one is old & the one I been wearing is old but, when mended I can wear them a little more     I got several odd jobs done,    it was to hot to work.   & Elbert took off his heavy union suit & put on Spring suit    he’s been sneezing, but says he didn’t feel cooled    I pray he wont catch a severe cold.     Henry crowed when she laid her egg today.    Elbert has fence all up & has gate ready for wire.    Well it’s getting ready to storm    clouds are thickening & it’s lightening & I can’t get Rev. Busers sermon     so much static    so I pulled the plug & storm’s getting bad    the wind is blowing, thunder is severe    sounds as if it hit the earth with a vengence    house felt as if it almost lifted several times,    but, I prayed most all night for all of us and God’s children, for the deaf, dumb & blind & bed ridden     & I wondered if the sever blast was to remind us of the bombs, of course it wasn’t nearly as bad as that will be.    God of Love, Goodness & Mercy, I thank Thee in Jesus Name for my salvation for all the wonderful healings & keeping Power  Glory Glory Hallelujah  We Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.

Thurs. April. 8. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Elbert has done odds & ends today  just a little at a time,    it’s been so cold today after being so hot Wed.    Elbert went to Vermilion yesterday morning & to Huron & got a nice mess of fish, some catfish, perch & pike & we had some for supper & he had some for his breakfast & we had some for dinner & he has some left for morning.    We had just vegetablesoup for supper & I do thank & praise God for His care of us.   Brother & sister Dear were here for a few minutes before supper    they said they couldn’t stay,    so we talked & then they left to make one more call, before going back to Huron to prayermeeting     neither of them look-ed very well & I wonder    maybe they don’t have as much to eat as they need,    they have to pay on the car.    I do pray What ever it is, God will help them.   & help me to help.    I ironed two dresses today,    I sure have to get one or two made,    or else, it’s going to be to bad.    I praise Thee Jesus & pray for strength & my eye sight.   I thank Thee.

Fri. April. 9. 1954./ page. 3146./ 2. eggs today./ Well, I got the washing done & I do thank Jesus for the strength He has given me this day,    We received no mail today.    I stopped in the middle of my washing & swept the kitchen & then finished the washing.    Elbert got us our supper & before we had hardly started on it a car drove in,    it was Mr. & Mrs. Yuntz & Mrs. Bowls,    Yesterday Brother & Sister Dear & they brought a pat of Highcents from the Brothers & Sisters of the Church, lavender flowers & ribbon & gold & silver tinfoil, crushed in shape, gold on the out side & silver inside around the pot.    Well they came in to visit & we had a good Visit,    they got me telling them Visions I’ve had & they want to hear them & stayed untill 9-p-m,    they are all God’s Children    We talked about Church & they told me what had been going on & about there going to Parma to some great meeting    & the minister prayed for alittle boy who was terribly crippled    his hands & arms & leggs & feet & fingers & toes & body all twisted in all manner of shapes & God heared & Jesus healed that Child right there before there very eyes    & it was as normal as any other child Praise God, Glory Hallelujah, Wonderful Wonderful Jesus ,    the same yesterday, today & forever Amen & Amen.    We had prayer before they left & Jesus hears & ans. prayer     Elbert did several things out side    got the park gate done & let the hens out for a little while & then he put them in before 5-p.m. as it was getting cold,    snow’s been gone for a few days   wind’s been puffy,    it was bad once this morning early, but only for a few minutes  Praise God,    He Keeps us & saves our souls,   I thank Him & Praise Him for ever & ever, Amen. 

Sat. April 9. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, Nellie Ella Jane Bonita & the 3 child-ren were here tonight,    I’ve worked all after noon to get my corset done & I dried & folded all those rags     next week I do hope to make progress on my dresses.    Tomorrow is Palm Sun & the 18th is Easter,    I hope I can get some shoes & another hat,    I’m so sick of this one;   they the children

Sat. April. 10. 1954./ Page. 3147./ 1. egg this day/  like to come for the ride & they are full of vim running jumping & playing indian.    & Ella Jane want to know if she could cut a piece off the leaf of the cheery table,    it sure wouldn’t last long if they once got a hold of it.    It’s terrible to want what belongs to some one else & the bible says it’s wrong, but they only believe part of it & they say they don’t believe the way I do,   my way is crazy, to trust fully,    Oh God help them before it’s to late,    it’s frightening for Nellie says she believes we should trust with all our heart, soul, mind & strength, but we have to have a Dr when we are sick    & Jesus said that was sin for it was unblief.    Marci’s Aunt believes & Nellie thinks she’s crazy;   such a world.    Martha sinking in sin & no one doing a thing about it.    Jesus What can I do, What can I do.    I love them & want to help them.   I thank Thee Jesus    Thou hast saved my soul, & keep me but my heart achs for all those Who know Thee not.    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sun. April 11. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ Palm Sun.    My bowels haven’t moved today & not very good Sat.    I had a cold when I woke up,    Elbert went up to gas station & got Smith’s black cough drops & he gave me a cup of hot coffee    I drank the lemon juice before he went & coffee after he got back    I got up about 1-p-m.    he had cooked all the fish & some potatoes & carrots & eat what he wanted & so I at a fish & some potatoes    he gave me a small piece of toast, after I drank the coffee this a-m.    Well I’m free of the cold Praise the Lord    but my head achs,    if only the bowels would move.    Help me Jesus, I thank Thee.    Been nice day    it rained after 11-p-m. in showers untill 8 or 9a-m, some heavy showers & puddles are still in the road yet.     Audrey Bill & Jean came & stayed about & hour & took Elbert’s blankets & 3 suits of heavy union suits home to wash,    she said she’d see or look at some house dresses for me.    Audrey took another vine & some voilet leaves to start.    Elbert saw Hauffman when he was getting cough drops & he talked to him a few minutes,    he ask about my bird     Elbert told him it was dead & he wanted to bring me some parakeets & I was glad Elbert told him I didn’t want

Sun. April. 11. 1954./ page. 3148./ 1. eggs this day./ Looks like rain again today & tonight more so,    hope the wind don’t blow hard.   I didn’t get the table cleaned up & it did look terrible & so does all the house but, I don’t have the strength to use in legs arms or body    & no one to help me,    Elbert don’t feel able to do much & he hates to do anything more than he just has to & he has to cook if he wants to eat,    wish I could, but every thing I could do has been put off on me, untill now I can’t & I have to take a lot of slams, but God knows sees & hears & when I’m ready, I ask Him to take me & I believe He will,    Glory to His Name.   Bless the Church folks  Jesus & give them & extra blessing for their love to me,   I thank Thee Jesus.    Oh Jesus if I only knew how to get Martha & Merlin back together & to Thee, but I’m sure Thou can do it with out any of our help,    Oh, I pray Thou will Jesus, Blessed & Holy.   I will give Thee all the Praise & Glory, Amen.    We saw a big flock of geese Sat. & we hear the pheasent & see the wood chuck every few days.    I thank & Praise Thee for all our many blessings Amen.

Mon. April 12. 1954./ 1. eggs today/I felt so weak & miserable today I could hardly stand on my feet but I ironed 5 work shirts & his sleepers pillow slip & cover & washed the dishes & started supper    then Elbert had been to Huron & took a treatment & his back was paining him so bad,    but I just couldn’t get supper    I had biscuits ready to fry, so he took over & fried them & heat up the beans & fried cube steaks & warmed potatoes & made tea    my arms & legs are so tired    if I could only have some one to do the few little things for a while untill I can get my strength again.    Help me Jesus I pray   I thank Thee.    Elbert cashed our checks & & got the butter & meat & I can’t send the money to Wyatts this time   We are not cought up on the money we borrowed from the coal money yet,    so it makes us short on the eats.    & some how I can’t seem to go with out the little things I need    Elbert did out his wash, except his union suits 3, & 2 big cotton blankets.    Audrey was doing them.    Been a nice day.    I thank Thee Jesus & praise THee for all things Amen.

Tue. April. 13. 1954./ Page. 3149./ 1. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & I did a little cleaning & wiped up the floor & fell & shook & bruised me some & I cleaned the chicken & got it on to cook    Elbert bought chicken backs, neck, ribs & rumps,    he brought ice cream & 3. Easter cards & 6 cans Chicken noodle soup,    we cook rice & add to it,   it’s a light supper.    I gave him 5.00 & he must have spent it & some of his.    & Now the car has to have new springs in front $20.00 unless he has to get a whole new set.    seems we can’t get a cent a head for cloths & shoes.    Elbert did a little work about yard & then he tried to clean strawberry patch,    he got half of it done,   his back hurts him so bad & his head’s been bad    I didn’t get any sewing done but if I’m still alive tomorrow hope to try to sew.    I have to have a dress    mine are just rags.    It’s been a nice day    wind’s little chilly but frogs have been croaking for a week or so & birds are happy.    I should be, but am so weak,   I feel like crying,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things & trust for strength.   Received letter from Mrs. Day this morning,    she said Mr. Day died Feb. 1. & Harry Jr. is working in Youngston, & she has been in hospital & had tumor removed & is feeling lots better now.    I pray God will Keep her in the right path. 

Wed. April 14. 1954./ ___ eggs today./ It’s been a fine day partly cloudy, but quite warm.   Received letter from Audrey today.   Seems John Fulton is cruel to Joan & she’s expecting her baby in June,    Wish Martha would go home & let Joan come & she could take care of Joan    she’s a little girl & doesn’t know as much as a lot of girls her age & then to be kicked & beaten by a big fellow like John,    I pray God will take a hand in it & put them both right with Jesus.    Bill & Jean get along so well together, but don’t belong as yet to the Lord.    I haven’t done much today,    took care of rooms & washed dishes & feel as if I’d like to run off to the highest mountian top,    I’d need some one to serve meals & wash dishes & do the washing,    I’m so tired of it all, over & over again.    Elbert went to Huron, but no fish.    I hope he mailed my letters & cards.    I thank Thee Jesus for my blessings & pray for strength to rise above this weakness in Jesus Name strengthen my faith & give me that which I’m so badly in need of, I thank Thee Jesus for ever & ever.

Thurs. April 15. 1954./ page. 3150./1. eggs today./ Well I received a card from Mrs. Haslet, Easter Card. with a picture of Jesus Kneeling in prayer & I feel He has encluded me in prayer that I maybe filled with the Holy Ghost & praise Him in spirit & be made Whole in Him & my soul & body.    I’m glad she love me & prays for me & I pray God will rebuke Satin & his evil spirits & make Elbert & Joe & all of us Whole in Him,   I thank Thee Jesus,    I’m waiting trusting & believinig,  Thou Knowest,   take away all my doubts, I pray Amen.     I washed my rags today    seemed as if I couldn’t & I called on Jesus many time & He has lifted & strengthened me.    He is wonderful & loves me more than new hats & dresses,    it’s nice to have something fresh & new, in the body, soul & spirit & to show His new life in His resurrected body & Spirit of Jesus,    Oh. God, help us to be able to go & testify our love, faith & trust in Jesus.    I’m so glad I bleong to Him & hope He’ll give me strength to go to Church & bless Him with my soul & spirit forever & ever Amen;  Glory, Glory, to His Holy Name.    It’s been a nice Spring day with showers & sun-shine & quite a warm breeze, from the S. West.    Elbert’s back & right arm & shoulder are paining him    he’s been sawing & moving some sticks & boards that’s only good for stove wood.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all Things.

Fri. April 16. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Good Friday.    Elbert’s been sick since last night    his back arm & his stomach,   he has sit around most of the day, for it’s rained most all day & has been dark, quite dark & is still raining & the’re has been 7 tornadoes in Florida & Alabama, Georgia & Carlina & they were looking for one in the Northern part of Florida tonight.    I thank God we escaped,    it’s a terrible thing to go through,   it will soon be a year & we are not straightened up yet.    I’ve felt terribly bad all day & have-n’t done much,    mended my old dress & washed the front door curtians    I hope to try to clean the east window & curtians tomorrow if possible.    Rain drops are such big sorrowful ones & it’s dark all day & tonight & I wonder if Sun, it will smile or still weep for all the souls who are lost & far from home,    Oh Jesus, the older we get the more we relize & wish we could do more to gather them in as Thou wished for Iseral. 

Fri. April. 16. 1954./ page. 3151./ 1. eggs this day./ I thank & Praise Thee Lord, God of Hosts in Jesus Name, for ever & ever Amen.    Some how I’ve felt as if I were just waiting for some word from somewhere as we did before Frank’s mother died.   I hope Inez will write,    I know how busy it keeps us, when some one is sick & we have to be on the go.    We received a card from Mrs. Keegan Marrian & Anna for Easter   two rabbits & Easter egg with one rabbit sitting in it & looking out of a hole in the side, with a nice note inside (Just an Easter Hello! That is ment to express more thoughts & good wishes Than you’d ever guess.    Sister Keegan wrote on the back saying she hoped we’d be feeling better,    that she though of us so much & would be seeing us soon again    & May our risen Saviour Bless you two aboundently on Easter & ever after: & May God bless them each I pray. 

Sat. April. 17. 1954./ ____ eggs today./ Well I finished washing front door & the storm door & the glass in both,    it’s nice to see them bright & clean again,    but it made me sick & Oh so tired,    I wish the other Windows & wood work was clean but it will have to wait untill I or maybe some one else can do it      the Kitchen is so terrible dirty & the house shirted today on the West side.    We received a letter from Inez saying her mother was much better & they took her home & then took her over to Inez & Henry’s home,    Hilda went back to Cleveland & Keneth went to Florida, some change     I’m glad Mrs Robinson is feeling so much better & it will be easier on all concerned,    I received a card form Mrs. Keegan Marrian & Anna     that was Fri.    but Miss. Clark sent a card & letter today.    she isn’t very well & Mrs. Day has told her I wrote her a letter, so Miss. Clark wrote right away.     I’m sorry she isn’t well,    she says her sister isn’t a bit well either,    Well it’s been a windy day & the wind is strong & puffy tonight.    Elbert has been trying to get weeds out of strawberries & he set a post for the rambler rose that stood in front of hen house, Frank’s rose.    Hen forgot to give us & egg today.    I thank Father, Son & Holy Ghost for Love Salvation & Mercy. Amen.

Sun. April 18. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Jesus rose today,    Christ is risen & I am so thankful    He loved us so much  Glory, Glory, Hoasana to His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen.    Easter Sunday Cloudy all day    not even a glimps of the sun    rained in light showers most of the day & at 10-p-m thundering & lightening & starting to rain been quite cool all day     everything’s getting green out side.    I thank Jesus    Thou art & ever will be & art the same yesterday today & forever. Glory Glory Hallelujah to our King Amen. 

Mon. April. 18. 1954./ page 3152./ ___ eggs today/ I praise Thee Jesus for my healing   Oh Jesus, Thou are wonderful and have been so kind to me in so many ways,    I pray Thou will help me to be worthy of Thy mercy.    I washed out my rags & a change of clothes & fell down again today. after I was done    Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish  perch, pike, catfish & a white fish,    he cleaned them all & took enough to Brodes for a double mess & they gave him a hen Sat. for our Sunday dinner,    so turn about’s fair play,    Rue Sarr came & brought Elbert about 8 more fish & left Ernie to stay with us untill his mother come home at 5-p-m.    Elbert went up to the highway & called Audrey    she wasn’t home so he called Nellie & Bonita answered  & said they would come for there fish,    Nellie was going to teacher’s meeting      & Bonita to some other meeting & Ella Jane & Bonita’s 3 children came visited of few minutes & then took fish & were on there way home again    I have my closes dry.    & Elbert fried the fish for supper.    I didn’t eat very much    my stomach has been so sore all last week & so far this week,    I pray God will in Jesus Name help my stomach to take care of the little I ate & not let it hurt me at all    I thank Thee Jesus & give The the Praise.    I also ask that Thou will lay Thy hand on little Mark & over night heal him so completely they will all be surprised.    Oh Jesus, I’ll give Thee all the praise & thank Thee & give Thee all the Glory forever and ever Amen.    Elbert’s terribly tired to night.    It is lightening & looks as if it would storm again tonight.     Ella Jane stopped to Audrey’s but she had a headach,    the itch on her head’s troubling her again.    It cost Elbert 30 cents to call them besides cleaning all the fish.    I pray God will help him to be His     he’s had enough of this life     Oh I thank Thee more than I can express in words for all things. 

Tue. April. 20. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I was out & sat in the car awhile this after noon While Elbert tied up the ramblers to the post he set yesterday    wind was fresh & from the north east & a little chill in it if you are standing still but I wasn’t out long    I hung my nightgown out & it felt damp when I bought it in.    Elbert went to Vermilion this morning & got a little food,    he talked to Miss Clark,    she was catch-ing a buss to go to her brothers funeral & she said it had made her heart bad & he saw Mrs. Goll but didn’t get to talk to her.    Elbert has to go to get a new set of springs on the car in front ($20.00)    Well, he changed the locks on front the 

Tue. April. 20. 1954./ page. 3151./ ___ eggs today./ back storm doors & he put the glass in the grainery door & he’s carried my can out twice for me,    so he’s very tired & his back is paining him & his arm, has that catch in it.    Everythings starting to grow out side, & I wish so much I could get around & do a little so as to get the fresh air & sunshine,    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healing & hope to get back among those of His to hear & to pray with the others    I Praise Thee Jesus & give Thee Honour,  Amen.

Wed. April. 21. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion, had to have the springs put in the car, then as usual some other things were to old & had to get them new so he came home     they said it would be 3 or 4-p-m. before it would be done, so he got a ride with Rue to Vermilion & payed His fare back on the bus & left the car there & forgot to have them look after the cause of gas coming in to the car, burnt gas.    I baked 3 tins & 2 small loaves of bread brown & white. & wahsed up all the stew pans & dishes & bread pans & now I got supper, half, & Elbert took it up & I’m so tired guess I’ll go to bed with out doing dishes.    I hope I can do a little work tomorrow,    but, I’m so tired tonight.    Well. I thank God for the strength He has given me & am trusting in His Name that He will go with me to the end,    Elberts so tired also & has gone to bed.    It’s been a terrible hot day 85 degrees they said, over the radio.    mostly sunshiny & a storng, S. West wind & hot.    The moon looked queer sometime after midnight, full moon or I believe it is and close all around it a ring of thick golden yellow looked about 2 ft wide with a deep orange, or redish orange ring about a ft wide around the other & close, edge to edge, looked so queer.    A few years ago We saw some White thin clouds here & there in the sky with, strips of the rain-bow as if they had been cut cross wise from the rainbow & laid onto the thin white clouds,    it was beautiful as the rainbow Wheel I saw to the North west, just this side of the trees on Sarr’s hill in the white frost in the air, that looked as if it was a 100 ft. up & down & cross wise.   a redish pink hub white spokes & rainbow went all the way round & clear to the other outer big circle     that to was one of God’s miricales    Oh how I love Jesus.    Jim Monagon, “Martha’s son”  he’s in the service in Kentucky & we receive a nice note from him this morning & he’s coming home in 2 weeks & says he will 

Wed. April 21. 1954./ Page. 3154 ./ 1. eggs this day./  surely come to see us,    we will be glad to see him & I pray God will win him to Him, through some one of His children    I thank Thee Jesus.    I sent Audrey 4.00 money order & a note & I gave Elbert the last 5.00 bill I had for food & only have 1.00 bill left.    Well we had a letter 15 from Inez & 16th from Miss Lida Clark & 17th   one from Mrs Day & one from Jim Monagon today,   and now I’ll have to dig in & write before I get to far behind,    I should write to Johny & Marcie & Bonney Bell & Joe.    & tomorrow’s Thurs.    I love & Praise Jesus. Amen. 

Thurs. April 22. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Ella Jane’s birthday   she’ll be 35 yrs. old. today and I didn’t get to even send her a card, a yr. ago    she & her mother & I guess Bonita gave me a pyrex coffee pot & some very prety birth day cards but I don’t get out to buy any thing & so I haven’t sent her anything & I can’t send to each one & it isn’t fair to give one & not the other.    It’s been hot today, but not as bad as Wed.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got his car & has to go back Sat.   they for-got & sent 2 pieces just alike & so another trip. & take apart & put in the new piece    about 1. hr work or so.    When a car gets old it costs a lot to fix them up,    he don’t know if it will be 40.00 or 50.00 & I hope it won’t be that much.    We are so short for food & cloths    Elbert paid the light bill 1.50 today.    I walked out to the toilet & scratched weeds & grass off the pink & white sweet peas & off the lillies by the well pump    & then I went over where the big evergreen had fell down by the English walnut tree    it’s roots were broke off short, but were alive & had grown some new roots 2 ft or more long,    but we had no way to fasten it up & Elbert’s so tired,     so he sawed the tree close to stump & trimed branches off & put them on pile to be burned & cut body in 3. posts & carried them to the pile in the back of grainery,    the voilets are so pretty blue & white & the Myrtle is almost the same color blue as the voilets    we have 2 peach trees 3 pear trees & a plumb tree, in bloom.    I miss the evergreens & black walnut here by the house     the 3. spruce had grown so tall & wide.    & they are all gone now. & the Yellow Chineese roses are in bad shape,    & the posts around old toilet pit are all down & the trumpet & wistiera vines,     it needs a crew of strong men to fix things up & get them in order    lots of trees & lots of pieces of hen house laying on the ground,    it tireds me so just to try to walk around to see what we have to do

Thurs. April 22. 1954/ Page. 3155./ 1. eggs this day./ Well I didn’t even get a few lines wrote to Jim but must try soon to get it done.    No mail today.    I ought to wash in the morning.    It rained so hard today while Elbert was in Vermilion & it looked for some time as if we might have another tornado,    I ask Jesus to breake it up &. He did    wind was coming from all sides & clouds begin to roll round & round but they did break up & after Elbert come it poured rain with ice in some of it.    Elbert’s all tired out    he went to Brodes & got the fish & 1. qt. of milk for supper & we have 11 days before payday & I only have a dollar left for food,    We have the coal money, but I haven’t got all of that put back,    I borrowed for the repair bill last time, so we’ll have to get along some how.    I’m better in some ways if my feet were only so I could get around on them but they sure do torture me    feels as if I’m walking on a peg in balls of my feet.    Well I thank Jesus I can still get around & do a little & I’m trusting He will fix this water condition & my feet,    I still believe He will    I thank Him   will give Him all the Praise forever & ever Amen.    I would like to have gone to prayermeeting tonight.  

Fri. April. 23. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today, but Elbert has been to Brodes & to gas station & then he pulled out the stump of the evergreen in front of the house & cleaned up here & there & got a big mess of greens (dandelins) & I picked them over & washed them in 4 waters & cooked them for supper    took care of beds & rooms & helped with the meals & did the dishes    I’ve been to tired all day & so has Elbert.    Dolly & Ernie were here tonight & I gave Ernie the bread biscuits & he scouted around out side & found some robbin’s eggs    they were extra large one’s    he took them home,    he likes to come & run about & tag Elbert & ask question,    he was happy with the bread biscuits    they said they were so good & he’s been asking each time if I baked any of late.    I didn’t get out side today,    Hope I can get to sew before long    I’ll be with out a dress to wear about the house.    I got a little cold Thurs. & it’s been a more chilly air today than it was Thurs.    Christmas days are working out correctly;    Oh how I wish I knew how to help those who need Jesus so much.   Help me Jesus, help me now I pray & thank Thee a great deal & give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.    Been partly cloudy & rained early & up untill 9 or 9-30-a.m. Spring Showers & sunshine & the voilets are so prety & some of the trees are bloom ing Peach Pears & Plumbs.

Sat. April. 24. 1954./ page. 3156./ 1. eggs today./ Well I ironed my dress & petticoat & chair back cover,    felt to bad to do much today, just the rooms & bed & meals & dishes    but Elbert worked hard & is to tired again today,    but he has both evergreen stumps out in back & limbs taken care of & I told him which limbs to cut from the wild Cheery infront of the toilet & we cleaned up some of the wistiery Vine & trupet vine    & he got the wire off the old posts & is about ready to put in the new ones,    he cut some apple limbs, big ones & trimed them, & then carried away the brush,    then Ella Jane came, her mother & Bonita’s 3. children,     Nellie brought us some pie  a black raspberry (berries from her garden) & a pumpkin pie just for me as Elbert don’t like pumpkin,    I ate a lot of it,    been wanting it so bad.    I had started to make soup & so put in a little more filling & they each had a bowl of soup & pepper (green) & dandelions cooked, & sweet pickles & crackers & bread & butter & hot tea.    Children ran about & played & Ella Jane washed up dishes & Elbert wiped them & he was tired to do it,    they took a few flowers & before they went we got such a hard puff of wind with almost tornado force, only lasted few second, but frightened the children    they were sitting in there car & came flying for the house & couldly stay on there feet.    I hope they got home safe & with the car.    Dolly & Ernie came & got a few flowers & talked awhile & both told how much they liked the sermons for Easter & then how much they enjoyed my bread biscuits,    I’m so glad I can do something for them.    We Elbert & I had another dish of soup before he went to bed & a cup of hot cocoa,    he’s to tired to sleep.    I received another neck-tie from the handicaped boys & girls, $1.25,     I will give it to Elbert if he wants it,     if not I’ll give it to Jim Monagon when he comes.    I’ll have to send 1.25 for the tie.   Have to read fix fire & go to bed now.    Been a nice day    cool North east breeze      & after that hard puff wind felt like it had ice in it & the wind all died out.   We had White thick dew last night    We listened to Rev. Buser tonight.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all my & our blessing, Blessed Jesus Holy & Pure. 

Sun. April 25 1954./ 1. eggs today./ We didn’t get to church today but hope we can soon    Been queer day    partly cloudy very cool air & foggy,   thundered & lightened last night & rained untill most daylight.    We didn’t have any company today.    Neither of us feel very well.   We had 2 good sermons on radio.    I long to go to Church & Pray God will help us I thank Thee Jesus.

Mon. April 26. 1954./ Page. 3157./ 1. eggs today./Well I managed to get the clothes washed & Elbert hung them    the big pieces out side    they were damp,    air’s been fogy all day & it rained in showers,    then sun came out,   wind North east & it shifted   backed up & then went N. east a-gain    real Spring weather, Cold nights.    Elbert went to fish house dipped fish & they gave him a few    enough for Brodes, 2 a apiece (6 of them) & he gave Bill Snyder 8, & Bill gave him 47 cents to clean them,    he gave Mr. & Mrs. Douglas 4 all cleaned & I cooked enough for dinner & supper    & he had Mrs. Brode put enough more in the ice box for 2 meals & she gave him 1. lb hamberg.    I’d liked to have given Audrey & Nellie some, but we didn’t have money enough for telephone call.     Well I feel stronger tonight than usual after washing    I got two meals all so today.   some ones stealing our building blocks,    they are half gone.   Not even a card from Audrey,    I wonder what’s the trouble, but will have to wait,    maybe some one will let us Know.    A Mr. Slowcome came to ask about buying the moulder sand     & he wants the top soil also, “he said I might as well sell it I couldn’t take it with me When I died.    I don’t want anything to do with him.    Two other young men was with him,    they went out & looked at the hill;    Well, I Praise God & thank Him for my healings & all I have for saving my soul & guiding me helping keeping me.   Glory to His Holy Name forever & ever. I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. April. 27. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ We received a card from Audrey    she’s working something about card Co. & cards & said she can’t work fast enough to suit the boss, so expects to get her walking papers    & she said Monogans were expecting a call at 4-p-m from Jim, so he must be home by now.    Well, Elbert’s been sick all day & tired out,    I know how he feels    I feel that way after I do the washing or do a little cleaning or wipe up the floor,    he looks sick tonight.    I’ve been to tired to work today,    I did clean up the table & put on a clean table cloth,    it’s been mended, but it’s clean.    & I thank God for the strength He has given me & all the many blessings He has given me,    I pray He will loose us from any demons of Satan & keep us close to Him.    Oh God, in Jesus Name I ask & I thank Thee forever & ever,    May all Glory be Thine.    It’s been a showery windy day,    the wind has a chill in it that I can’t just describe,    Wind’s South West & quite strong.    I believe Ernie took Elberts night bottle,    he said he didn’t but when I said it was gone, Helen ask, was it one with a handle?  it was.

Wed. April. 28. 1954./ Page. 3158./ 1. eggs today./ Frank Babcock would be 72. yrs old. today.   Dark Day with the sun only peeking out a very few times,    this after noon cool breeze, North east,    & some one is taking all the building blocks we had piled up in the back    it’s really vexing.    We received a letter from Audrey today,    she’s going back to the sewing job.    And it’s Merlin’s mother that’s causing Martha to do the things she does    & Merlin & his mother are in Kayhoots,    seem queer a man of today sticks out his pouny ches & puffs & snorts & hasn’t got sence enough to last him up a short hill    & he thinks he’s so smart    Well, if I were Martha, I wouldn’t do the wrong things    then in one way or another I’d make him Whine.    Oh God, help those two & you can do it in a way that Will make them both repent,    I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. I didn’t get up untill noon & I didn’t do only house work.   & Elbert got dinner & supper.    Oh Jesus, I thank Thee for all things & for a better understanding of Thy word, Amen.     Once more I feel stronger in body & thank Thee forever & ever Amen. 

Thurs. April 29. 1954./ 0 eggs today./   I got up late but got at my room & moved the chests out & the trunk & all the blankets & things on top of them & clean-ed all the dust & repacked & put them all back    & Elbert took the rugs out & swept & cleaned them & brought them back    & I’m so tired, was sick all night & didn’t eat untill supper time & Elbert’s been sick also & hasn’t felt like doing anything either    he thought it was his stomach & bowels,    Well, I don’t know what it was unless it was some caned tomatoes we ate    What was left, was foaming in the morning.    We ate some warmed up potatoes & ground beef, with water, salt & pepper added.    I still don’t feel just right & neither does Elbert.    No Mail today.    Was Cloudy all morning & sunshiny this afternoon cool wind    grass was wet all day.    I praise Thee Jesus,   Thou are wonderful    I pray I & we will be Holy Thine in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Fri. Aprile 30. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I was out in the back yard twice today    takes to much strength    my feet are so bad & eyes,    but God is able & Jesus is able & I’ll get fixed up by & by,    We listened to Rev. Buser tonight,    they have changed the time, turned clock one hour a head    I’m so sorry they can’t get up as early as they want & keep Gods time.    I thank & Praise Him    He’s the same & Jesus time is the same    Oh help us & keep us ever  close to Thee, I thank Thee Jesus.    I’m still hungry to Know Thee better Hallelujah, Hoasana to Thy Holy Name for ever & ever Amen

Fri. April. 30. 1954./ Page. 3159./ ___ eggs today./ Been a nice day   cloudy & a light shower this morning, S. West breeze & there is a chill in the air;   The voilets are just as thick & beautiful & the Myrtle in the back yard, a blue carpet;    the back where the apple trees are & were is full of briers & poisen ivy    I hope we can Kill them.    Some of the apple trees that are laying down are full of blossoms    the gooseberries are in bloom also. & pears & plumbs.    If we could have some help we could get cleaned up, but no help,    & we, don’t know where to get any one,    seems wages have been so high that even if a fellow’s out of work, he wants a small forturn to do just such a little you could hardly notice it.    The concrete blocks are walking off;   half of them are gone.     Oh it a terrible place to live in today; God help us; 

Sat. May. 1. 1954./ 1. eggs today/Well Elbert went to fish house & got a big mess of fish & dressed them all & we had 4 for dinner & 4 for supper & there 15. left besides    he saw Rev. Dear & gave him a doz. or so    he did a little around the yard & I got dinner   wiped the floors & chairs & washed dishes & ironed, darned & mended & I really played some of the Edison records & find that some are gone.    Bill, Jean’s man & Elbert took the rest of the broken arm “of the Victor arm”, off the maine part & put the Edison arm on, but I only have 9 records of Edison left.    well, most of them are good but I do hope I can get the other arm as I have lot more of Victor & Clombia’s & church hyms on them to play that I like so much.    Been quite warm wind with a heavy shower this after noon.   Wind all died out tonight.    They have been having a heavy earth quake in the mountains in Atnthens Greese for 2 or 3 days now & over 150 known dead & 2 towns wiped out & in Texas in 2 places & 3 other States they are having tornadoes yesterday & again today    & they are looking for the bombs to start falling any time,    They found thousands of soldiers laid pilled up in several caves, over in the islands & they are still fighting, God help all to do Thy Will.   Jesus I pray Thou will forgive me my sins & keep me close to Thee & fill me & heal me in Jesus Name, Amen.    I pray for all the countrys,    We have all sinned. Oh Jesus.

Sun. May. 2. 1954./ Page. 3160./ 1. eggs today./ Well, its been a rainy day with the sun coming through a number of times, with some strong wind easing off & coming again all day    & they said over radio 4 or 5 more tornadoes were in the making between midnight & morning in western part of Ohio & Indiana & 3 other States,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name, have mercy,     We had enough & I thank Him it was no worse, but pray We be spared from any more,    my head has been so bad today & I sort of stumble around,     feel as if I were on a rough sea.    No one came today.    & I wasn’t out side Sat. or today.    Wish I had the arm for Victrola so I could play & sing or Whistle the church Hyms.    I am still trusting for a complete healing & I am better in some ways    if only I was ride of the water leak so I could go to church.    But I thank Thee Jesus I’m emproving & Thou will see that I am healed & Filled with the Holy Ghost      & I pray Elbert will be converted & healed & filled Amen.

Mon. May. 3. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ Elbert got up & washed out part of his clothes,    we had dinner,    he got his check in mail, so he went to Vermilion & got the groceries & paid $20. on his car, half of it (I pay 20.00 of car bill & that isn’t the full bill, he paid 52.78 for food & (that is) car repair gas & food & food we run in debt for (52.78) thats more than his check & he had 1. & some odd cents left,    I can’t see how we can get along,    I nearly starve now,    he can eat most any thing but I can’t.    I have 1.00 I can give him now, & when my check comes, I’ll give him 20.00 for his repair on car & some to buy meat, my half on food is 22.41 as he figures it.    I give him 20.00 for car, save 20.00 for coal, 7 for Church & I’ll only have $16.00 left for meat untill June 4. 1954.    Well, I did part of my washing while he was gone & feel all in.   & he has felt bad all day,    I had to get up at 4-a-m & fix a cup of tea & drank cup of milk, & now I have to drink milk before I go to bed    I have a buzzing feeling & sweat like rain,    I pray Jesus will help me.    I did dishes   Elbert wipe them.    Rained some today & has been cool all day    Wind S. West & strong,    Sun warm when it shone.     Dolly Daniels Hellens Sarr’s grandaughter came to ask for flowers    she said she wanted them for a carage for Muffy    that she was getting married, but the lillies of the Valley

Mon. May. 3. 1954 / page 3161./ 0 eggs today/ are not out & there isn’t any thing else.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy tender Love & Care & pray & thank Thee for my healing in Jesus Name.    I love Thee Jesus & pray for strength in body & I know Thou art able to do all things & trust & pray I will be worthy,    I Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. May. 4. 1954./ 0 egg today./ Well I mended & didn’t get one union suit done    got 6. suits to mend  3 heavy  2 light weight & 1. B. V.D.    dark most of the day & my eyes are bad    got 1. pr. socks done,    Well, maybe I get more tomorrow God Willing,    Elbert didn’t work out side,    winds so chilly so he made soup for dinner & fried hamberg & the left over sweet potatoes for supper    I took care of beds & aired room as usual & did the dishes & dried my rags & folded them & now I’ll read & go to bed    & thank Jesus for the strength he has given & all the other things which are many.    He is a wonderful Jesus    I hope I can be found worthy in His sight.    We received a letter from Audrey    she’s back at her old job & she’s glad,    but Merlin & his mother are still stiring up a mess,    I never could see how people do like to fight,    if they would only follow in Jesus food steps & find something worthy to do,    it seem like real ignorance to me.    Martha alway liked peace & happiness    I pray God will take a hand in all there affairs & straighten things out    Oh Jesus rebuke the evil & change things to Thy Way,   I thank Thee forever & ever Amen.    New Cresent Moon tonight & star light    got real cold last night & they got 10 inches of snow in Minnesota & lots of wind & water in Wisconson & Misuri & tornadoes & trouble every where & Bible history coming true.    

Wed. May. 5. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ WEll it’s still damp & cool,    air feels all most a mist in it.     I finished darning socks & my stocking & baked a loaf & 1. big tin of white bread & biscuits & 2 tins of brown biscuits & got dishes all done,    now I read & go to bed.    Elbert went to Huron & paid for the butter he got    went to fish house, but didn’t get any fish.    he hasn’t felt very well.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things, Amen & Amen

Thurs. May. 6. 1954./ Page. 3162./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I finished Elbert’s Spring & Fall suits & one B.V.D. suit     now I’ll have 3 heavy suits to look over & they will more than likely all have to be mended,    but I think I’ll try to sew on my dress next & try to get that done.    I’ll have to wash & mend the other old ones tomorrow so to have a clean one for Sun.    I’m glad I’m getting the mending cought up,    my eyes are bad yet,  but am trusting all will soon be well with every part of me.    Been partly cloudy, fresh breeze all day    dies out mostly at sun down.    We see that light, we saw twice before over on the lake bank, playing across the sky, untill a plain went over     then we didn’t see it any more & we are wondering if its O.K.    No mail today.    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert 3. beef ribs & he cut some meat off & ground it for dinner & boiled the rest for soup,    that is wonderful & I thank THee Jesus for answeering prayer,    we needed it so much.    I sent them a nice tin of graham bread biscuits & Elbert said she seemed very well pleased.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things    help me to get fixed for Church soon, Glory to God in the Highest,    I love Thee Jesus.    Grass & weeds a growing fast.    Elbert’s been trying to get enough ground turned over for a few potatoes.    The Man that had a garden over on Sarrs hill last yr. is plowing it again this yr.    I hope we can have a few fresh tomatoes this year & green beans, cabbage & cucumbers.    I’d like some shoes to walk around in    the heels on these are to small. 

Fri. May. 7. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Well I just felt so bad,    I couldn’t work    I did even sew on my dresss   it was to dark all morning and up untill 2-p-m,    then I washed out the hand towels in the wash basin took care of bedrooms & did the dishes & cooked the dinner    & Elbert fried the fish for supper,    I didn’t get much all day    feel tired out & weak & brainless.    Elbert’s complained of his back & hips, but he went up to fish house & dipped fish & they gave him a good mess of catfish,    then, after dinner he chopped wood awhile    Then of all things he tried to mow the front yard & tonight & don’t feel able to sit up,    but I rubbed his back.

Fri. May. 7. 1954./ page. 3163./ 0 eggs today./ good & he’s in bed & now we both been talking about Jesus & the wonderful things, He does do,    Oh such wonderful things “miricals” so wonderful it’s hard to believe, even, when they are done right before your own eyes,    Oh, He’s truly the best & Dearest Friend I ever had or any one could ever have,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & pray Thou will help me to help others.    I received a prety card from Mrs. Eva Keegan today    they “she, Anna & Marrian” haven’t been very well & she said they were thinking of us & wondering how we were.    I sent Audrey a card today,    Elbert mailed it in Huron & he’s talking of going to Huron in the morning & asking Mrs Keegan & her 2. & Mrs Haslet & Joe to come to dinner or supper, tomorrow night. to eat fish.  

Sat. May. 8. 1954./1. eggs today./ Well, another day gone    Elbert don’t feel very well,   he’s been trying to spade a patch for a few potatoe cutting,    I don’t know if he will try to plant any thing else or not,    he does a little here & there,    he burned one rubbish pile or brush pike today & has 3 or 4 more to burn.    I hope I get some slippers, yet, so I can walk a round out side,    I’d like to get more fresh air.    Well I got my dresses washed & one ironed,    feel rather weak & not to sure on my feet.    Just gone done dress ironed when nellie & Ella Jane came  in    they brought me 2 little baskets of beautiful pansies big flowers all over them    if we can only get them in the dirt.    & tomorrow is Sunday.    Mrs. Baldwin & Mr. Baldwin & there eldest son Tomie bought the house across the road from Nellie’s, & thought she was going to be happy near Nellie & her family,    she hasn’t lived there only since last summer or Fall & 2-a-m. Wed or Thurs. morning they called Ella Jane & Nellie & they call the Fair View Hospital & Ella Jane & Tomie took Mrs. Baldwin over there,   she has enlargement of the heart,    they had a time getting her in the car & getting her out, but now she’s where she will be cared for untill the end of her time    she seems to be in a very bad condition.    Ella Jane & her mother were over to see her Fri.    They didn’t say any thing about Mr. Baldwin & I wondered about it,    they have been so happy together.    Bonita & the 3 children were over to Johny’s & Marcie’s & so they came to see if I was O.K. & brought me a big bouquet of Liliacs lavender & white & 2 baskets of pansies.    I gave them 3 sheets, we use blankets year around & Ella Jane took my measurements for a house dress & she made them same as I did 46 in bust 48 in hip & length 34

Sat. May. 8. 1954 / Page. 3164./ 1. eggs this day/ inches skirt length in back 31. in. in front.    she’s going to see if she can get me a house dress.    We had a shower of little ice balls, clear as glass    sky looked so bad,    I stood & watched & prayed    clouds were going several ways all at once but Jesus broke them up & took them away before Ella Jane & her mother came,    it’s cold at night & warms up some in the day time.    Elbert mowed a little,    he’s going to take old lawn mower to a man in Vermilion, who said, if it would work he wouldn’t charge him for looking it over.    Well I have to read then go to bed Praising God & Jesus for all our many blessing for His Love & Protection.

Sun. May. 9. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well we had some callers just when we were eating supper,    We were talking about going to church to & Bill Valentine  his wife & baby came to talk with us about getting a part, or, an acre of our ground on South East Corner & I am going to see if I can let them have it for a small a-mount & perahps use the money for bedding & clothes & to fix the car up better.    I pray God will help me.    They went back to Church & we got dressed & went    Rev. Dear did the preaching & he gave us a very good sermon,    Elbert was with me.    Sister Haslet & Joe & Eva, Anna & Marrian were there & Sister Oney & her families & some young folks Southerners    We had a good service & altar service to.    Sister Haslet had a light stroke & isn’t intirely over it yet.    She was to church & loved me so,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name, heal her of all that’s wrong with her & help Joe to turn to Thee & Give Eva & her two charges faith strength & courage.    I do thank Thee Jesus & for my healing also.    I love Thee Jesus    Sister Dear took her Mother’s Day Corsage off her coat & pined it on mine    Oh how much I thank Thee for there love to me, bless them, strengthen there faith & Power through Thee & bless there efforts    help them all who are in the Church to be a blessing to Thee. Amen.    We have to plant the pansies tomorrow, some where.    It’s raining in heavy showers,    it rained all way home. 

Mon. May. 10. 1954./ ___ eggs today/ I went out & help Elbert a very little in planting the pansies.    I picked 2 bunches of pansies off the plants & gave Mrs Brode &

Mon. May. 10. 1954./ Page 3165/ 0. eggs today/ a nice bunch & Georgie Snyder & her mother a bunch & I gave the young folks that was here Sunday  Mr & Mrs Valentine, a bunch & to them, I gave the granite pans & covers.    Well Georgie told Elbert she had, had a heart attact, her mother had 3. strokes & it was so bad she don’t know even her own folks.   she gets up & they dress her & she walks around, but thinks she’s in the hospital & she don’t know where she is.   God help her.    Elbert saw a flock of bobolinks & this morning they were happy & landed in Apple tree.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee.   I love Thee & believe Thou will give me strength in body & soul    Last night the moon had a golden circular around it & outside of that it had a perfect rainbow allway around it    Oh so bright & beautiful.    Jesus Thou are the Wonderful One.    

Tue. May. 11. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I pieced a [wanas?] out of old overall legs, today for Elbert    wont look any worse than the one he’s wearing,    I didn-n’t get it all stitched    hope I can do it tomorrow & get some done on my dress.    Elbert’s had headach all day & it’s rained most of the day both heavy & light showers    & the wind clouds have been going from most all directions,    I’m trusting God wont let them touch us a-gain.    Last night the moon had a very light yellow haze around it about 2 yards wide with a deep orange around it 18 in. wide.    the pansies freshened good.    Elbert’s back & hips pain him so bad     I’ve been rubbing them at bed time.    Sun shone through between the showers Spring Weather    I thank & praise God His Word is True & I thank THee Jesus for Keeping me    I long to do more to help in Thy work, Amen. 

WEd. May. 12. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I wrote a card to Audrey, Inez, Eva & Kathirne & letter to Welfare aid for aged to see about selling a piece.    I washed today & washed a cotton double blanket & all of Elbert’s clothes except his shirt,    he hung them out for me    it was a bright suny day with damp air.    No. mail, only our checks & the check back on that powder (2.95)     Elbert got hamberg of Brodes for our dinner & he got most of the dinner.    he went to Huron & cashed the checks,    I gave him 40.00 for food & the payment on car & can’t put away any for coal this time.    I saved 6.00 for church & 10.00 for gas & same for Ella Jane for my dress & 2.00

Wed. May. 12. 1954/ page. 3166./ 1. egg this day./ I promised Joe Haslet & a 1.00 to her for eggs & tooth powder & I’m broke a-gain untill next mo. & it will be about the same again, for he can’t pay all the car bill this time.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will keep me safe all the way Amen. 

Thurs. May 13 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Gertie’s birthday   she’s 66./ Well Elbert went to Huron early & I was just starting to dress when Jim, Jean & Joan knocked at the door,    I looked out & ask them to wait untill I could get dressed    they went out & looked around the back & came in & had a cup of tea a hamberg on bread & some Jelly & we visited for 2 hours    I gave them each a pt. of jelly & Jim a pt of the Strawberry Jam,    he said he would take it all the way back to camp & wished he had a loaf of my bread to take also.    I gave Jean & Joan the last 2 cake plates,    they were Frank’s mother’s & then I gave them some tea saucers of different colors,   I had for years.    they are China.    Well, Jim says he’ll be back in Aug. & will come to see us,    he’s thinking they may have to go acrossed to fight    God have mercy, he has already learned from the old Minister that preaches & teaches them quite a lot of good lessons, Praise God in Jesus Name, He answers prayer.    Well we had a good visit & Jim kissed me goodby,    the girls said they’d drive out again.    Elbert came just before they left. & Jim wanted to see him before he went,    Jim’s going back in the morning, he’ll be going by me on the buss on the main highway,    Poor Jim,   I love the children & feel so sorry for each one of them.    It’s been a beautiful day.   sun all day, cool breeze & a cross section of long wind streaks.    I baked 1. tin & 1. loaf of brown bread & 1. tin & 1. loaf white bread & I’m tired.    I was out in the yard for a very few minutes twice today    Elbert went to Vermilion after dinner & bought $18.39 worth of food and necessities. & paid $20.00 more on the car. & he still

Thurs. May. 13. 1954./ Page. 3167./ 1. eggs this day./ has some to pay & has to have something done yet in the engine yet,   that’s $40.00, he’s paid,    car is getting to be a dead horse    Oh, if we could only have another new one now.    No letter from Audrey yet. & I hope for some letters or cards tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee forever Amen.

Fri. May 14. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I sewed a little today this afternoon. making Elbert a jumper out of demming patches, raglin pattern,    I cut it after his old ragged jumper    I have it over half done & haven’t got enough patches.    Well, anyway I have the satisfaction of knowing I haven’t forgot how.    I’ve had to stop so often because of the thread    it’s so rotten & breaks every few seconds.     I’m so tired,    John Snyder came early to his grainery & tool shed, across the road  little south on the otherside of road.   he started the tractor & been drilling in fertilizer all day    he left 5-p-m. & told Elbert he was coming back tomorrow so he’ll be making a noise with the tractor & no sleep for me after that.    so I’ll have to get up & see if I can get a little on my dress & iron one in case some one comes in Sun.    I ought to wipe up the floor.    It’s been a fine day,    wind rather cool, but sun all day.     No mail today.   Elbert went to fish house    got such a big mess of fish,    he cleaned what he wanted & gave the rest uncleaned to Helen Sarr.    he didn’t seem to want to call anyone,    Well, I don’t like to have him clean them, after he goes & gets them, for all the others,    they did say, they liked them all cleaned.    they did bring two small pies & they were good & I do know it takes time & money to make the pies & gas to come for them,    We use to clean them & then take ’em clear over to them    We did it for a long time, but we are older & don’t have the endurance any more    Elbert’s tired out after her goes & gets the fish & don’t feel like cleaning ours.    I thank & praise Jesus for all our blessing and may all Glory & Honour be His for ever & ever, Amen.

Sat. May. 15. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ Well, I been feeling sick all week & had to lay down for a couple of hours late this after noon.    Elbert fixed me some toast & I went out side for half an hour while Elbert cut out some dead limbs out the evergreens.    I swept & wiped up floor & I just couldn’t iron my dress,    Well maybe I’ll feel

Sat. May. 15. 1954./ page. 3168./ 1. egg this day./ Mon.    I sure am all in tonight,    It’s been a fine day.    Elbert has cut & split up fire wood & hauled some he had pilled in front yard    orchard oreoles are here & they are such pretty things,    I hope they stay,    there has been some every year & once they had there nest in the mock orange bush, by the north east side of the grainery     & the red, or cardnals, had there nesxt in the Duetzy bush by the well pump & the rens had there boxes & the blue birds & canarys were in the bushes & rose bushes & the brown thrush by the post, in the corner of the park where I had entwined the rambles & the catbird in the apple trees & the meadow larks & bobolinks in the field    the robbins & black birds have been trying to take over the evergreens,    the female evergreen that Elbert straightened up has begun to grow & looks good.    We have 3 nice young trees    we thought we’d transplant one where the big one fell the second time & Elbert cut it up,    it would been coming good, had nice new roots but he didn’t have it braced up right    moon’s over half full.    wish I could work outside a little every day & get the fresh air.    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me & if heaven isn’t my home what will I do,    Oh Jesus.    No letter or card from Audrey,    I wonder who the trouble maker is,    Ella Jane was coming back & she neither come or wrote.    Well, my conscience is clean, hope they can say & know there’s is also.    I hope none are sick.    Jean & Joan said Audrey was working     I know she will be tired & maybe not feel like writing.   Queer World.

Sun. May. 16. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well it’s been a nice day with south wind 5-30 or 6-p-m    big long black clouds from west & south W.    I have sore spots all through my body from under my shoulder blades clear down all through the bowels & rectum tonight,    then Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & there 3 children came     they had buns & weiners & spread & Elbert made tea & they ate brown biscuits & ice cream & then Elbert dug up 2 Black walnut trees   2. buckeyes or more & wild cucumber & wisteria vine & I gave them a loaf of brown bread & 3 of Elbert’s fried fish, box & half of Walkins soap powder & 4 or five glasses that had had weiners in.    Children & them to drink out of pump.    We are both very tired.

May. 16. Sun. 1954./ Page. 3169./ 1. eggs this day/ & miserable    I have rubbed his back & hips with alcohol & terpo & he’s in bed now & I wish I was in mine.    I believe Jesus has touched me again & that He will clean me & help me to understand,   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will rebuke Satan & all his demons & free me of anything that has ever belonged to him & help me to know how to Keep free.    I Praise Thee & love Thee Jesus Pure & Holy Amen. 

Mon. May. 17. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ My wedding annaversary 34. yrs. to-day.   We moved here Aug. 16 on Cousin Georgie’s birthday.    she’s been gone 2. yrs. now.    Well I Praise God & Praise Jesus for all things for my healings & for this one    I’ve felt better, some, today & I mended one old dress & put patch on the dirty dress & stitched the one I have started on the hips,    “had to take off couple inches on each hip”    then I stitched belt on the skirt & now I’ll have to stitch waist & bast it on belt on skirt & bast sleeves in & try it on    & then maybe I can finish it,    takes me such a long time.    I know now how mother use to feel when she said her fingers were all thumbs & she didn’t have any strength to lift her arms to work & sew & that she was so glad I went ahead & done so many things that were getting to be a chore for her,    I’m so glad I could do those things.    We often think, when we’re young, that we do realize, but now I know we do not,    We truly do have to learn as we grow.    & when we are to the place where we can’t do things as quickly & as good as we use to, that’s the time we begin to realize & when this one or that one says “in not so many words” that we have to do a little here & a little there, even if we just haven’t the endurance or strength, they don’t know,    may God help them.    Well.  I do more than I feel able to do,    it doesn’t help me any, as far as health is concerned.    Well no letter from Audrey today or any of the rest.    I must try to write to Marry Vodovith.    It’s been a nice day   partly cloudy as it was the day we were married.    The old fashion spice bush & Lillies of the Valley fill the air,    it’s wonderful the things God gave us.    some of the flowers don’t look as if they will bloom.    Back yard is a terrible sight.    doesn’t look like home.    I love Thee Jesus & hope I may be found worthy,    I wish so much I could visit with Martha.    It’s terrible all the things the rest think & say & maybe I’m just as bad. 

Tue. May. 18. 1954./ page. 3170./ 0. eggs today/ Elbert did his washing & then cut & up small pieces of wood    his clothes dried good out side,    Today he’s feeling punk,    he went to Huron,    N. east wind & no fish    they didn’t go out,    So Elbert cut wood & did few odds & ends.    I tried to sew, but didn’t get much don e.    Mr Plato came in to see if we had taken out the insurance & I told him & he said I’d have to write to Mr. Copley & he’d send a man out to take care of it,    so, I wrote the card & have it ready to go in the morning,    Elbert got 2 yeast cakes Mon. & 2. again today & only one good one    so he’s taking them back & will mail the card & a couple of money orders, one to Henry Field for bulbs & one to Necktie organization Cripples who make a little money selling mens ties.    The world is in a bad fix.    Jesus will be coming before we know it.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things, for my healing & saving my soul    I pray Thou will help me to Praise God in Spirit, strengthen my faith & help other to come to Thee, I ask in Jesus Name & give Thee all the Praise Amen.

WEd. May. 19. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, the insurance man came & it cost me $11.40 for the policy for a year & I gave it to him out of the coal money.    seems as if I’ll just never get that coal money put back   20.00 for car repair & 11.40 for insurance.   (Mr. Copley the manager came)  he said Mr Platto had told him alot about us & I think he came to see what kind of people we were & how we had to live,    he seemed a nice & conserate sort of person    answered all our questions & then told us a few things we didn’t know about taxes and insurance for today.    I haven’t been worth my salt to-day.    I darned 4. prs. socks for Elbert while I told storys to Erine,     Rue brought him about noon or a little after & he was here untill 5-p-m.    gave us 50 cents for keeping him,   he had a cold & sore throat.   I gave him 2 anacins & 2 Smith brothers cough drops,    I hope he will be free in the morning of his cold.    No mail today.   We hung night clothes out & they felt quite damp when I brought them in    Oh, God help me & help Elbert.    I love & Praise Thee. 

Thurs. May. 20. 1954./ Page. 3171./ 1. eggs today./ We started on the new tank of gas yesterday.    Well I tried to sew, didn’t get much done, but maybe if I can keep at it I will get a dress by & by.    I have the skirt & waist sewed together, that is, basted in.    looks O.K. now so I’ll try to get sleeves basted in & a piece basted around neck, then bottom of sleeves pocket & hem & buttons & snaps.    I ought to wash out the rags tomorrow,    don’t feel as if I have the strength but maybe I’ll make it, if I can get started.    We got a card from Audrey,    all’s well, as far as she knows, Praise the Lord     I wish all was or is well with there souls.   God help them.    I felt so sick & dizzy headed to-night,    I wanted to go to church tonight.    Jesus help me     I know Thou can & pray Thou will I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.    Winds very cool   partly cloudy.    I was out to toilet yesterday & today once    I picked a few lillies of the valley & pansys & sent them to Helen Sarr yesterday,     Ernie came on his bicycle, was in & out a couple of times, he ate a piece of toast & 2 slices pineapple.   I feel so weak today.    Well I bathed Elberts back with alcohol & terpo & he’s in bed.   wish I was in mine.     I pray God will bless each minister & there efforts & each one in the church & all the children & young folks. 

Fri. May. 21. 1954./ 1. eggs today/   I did out most of the washing & washed Elberts cotton double blanket,    Elbert carried the water & put the blankets through 2 waters & hung them on the line    he hung out a few other things,    they got dry & I got his blankets sewed together & his bed made up fresh    he turned the mattress over    I swept it on both sides    swept all 3 rooms & worked up the dust & now dishes are done & Elbert’s back rubbed & my rags most dry.   I Praise God for His care of me.    I thank Jesus for all things & for helping me to under-stand better than I did     but I pray for a stronger faith & more power spiritually & physically,     I’d like to have more use of my feet & body,    in other words I’d like to be normal.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee Honour & Glory & Praise forever & ever, Amen.     Sun all day, cool breeze, N. east but not so damp today     A card from Audrey Thurs. & light card today.    & Elbert paid it    he went to Huron this morning, got his saw fixed up & got a little meat,    he hopes to go for fish tomorrow. 

Sat. May. 22. 1954./ page 3172./ 1. egg to day./ Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & he cleaned them all & gave John Snyder 4. all cleaned, & his wife was in the car & never said a word,    John began to tell Elbert he would have plowed a little for him, only he’d been so busy getting his own done,    Elbert told him “so he said”  thats all right.    He called Mrs. Kegan & she said she was so glad for she hadn’t got to write & Mrs. Haslet was in the Hospital in terrible condition,    they are feeding her by injecting something in her blood & have a pump of some sort on her all the time, that pumps every so often     & Eva said she didn’t Know what was wrong    she had 2 ruptures & she looked as if she had a big tumor, perhaps that’s what they are pumping out.    I pray God will, in Jesus Name help her to overcome this difficulty if she can be of more service in the future to Him & to us & that He will give her faith, strength & courage, in Jesus Name I ask & pray for her & for Rev. Frank & Myself & Mark Harnish & I thank Thee for healing George Eddy Jr.     I pray for Ethel & her mother & family & all our relatives & Martha & Merlin & there families & Jim.    God help us in Jesus Holy Name to learn to do Thy Will.    It’s been a nice day   cool N. East wind    I did the ironing & baked 2 big tins  one big loaf & one small loaf of whole wheat bread & Eva & Anna & Marian came for supper & I gave marrian the little loaf & Eva one tin bread biscuits.    I re4ceived insurance pollice today    I don’t know if it is O.K. or not & will show it to Mr. Platto.  

Sun. May. 23. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Another beautiful & Nellie & the children,   they had 3 of Johny’s & Marcie’s, children with them Marcie Jr. Wesley & baby, Bonney Bell,    Johny was preaching some other place & Marcie had gone to the Hospital in Cleveland    she went on the Buss    We gave Nellie a big pan of fish all cleaned & salted,    they didn’t stay long & when they left Dolly & Erine came for a little while    Dolly picked a few lillies of the Valley & 

Sun. May. 23. 1954./ page. 3173./ 1. eggs this day./ then they went home & Erine forgot to take 2 old car jacks Elbert gave him, but he didn’t come in & say a word but ran out, picked them up & ran back & up the road as if he was stealing them,    he caught me up, when I said it aint & then corect it to isn’t) & he said, that isnt good Englishe to say aint,    I said thank you, I know & I’m sorry    I do make that mistake & then corect it right afterword.    We came in after they left & had a bite to eat & drank & have been listening to sermons, & Barnhouse is now preaching.    Wind was N. east & then died out before dark.    I was out in the yard a little While, sun was warm, but so White.    I do pray God will be with all His Children every where all over the world.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will soon take this cause of leakiing from me,    Oh I thank & Praise Thee    I pray for all the people of Thine on the other side of the world & all over the world & for the Slaves, prisoners & captives & those who have been wounded & crippled    I thank Thee for all things great or small.    I pray for Sister Haslet & Joe & that Thou will bring them both to Thee Amen. 

Mon. May. 24. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I haven’t earned my salt today    to heavy,    I got the insurance policy yester-day.    Elbert’s been spading & he planted a few beet seeds    he sawed & cut some light wood to & he’s to tired tonight    I been praying for Mrs. Haslet day & night trusting she’s better,    it will be sometime before she will be up again, but Jesus is able if she’ll just trust & believe,    I know He sees & Knows her condition & that He hears all our prayers & will do His Will & I pray all things Will work out for His good & Glory    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou Will rebuke satin & all his demons & make us clean for Thee,    help us & Keep us close to Thee for ever & ever Amen. Amen. 

Tue. May. 25. 1954./ ___ eggs today./Wrote letter to Feild Nursery    I sent for 6. bulbs & 4. carnations & they sent card & said I owed them 21 cents 1.00 for bulbs & 98 cents for carnations    they figure faster than they use to when I went to school.    been cool, nice sun    Elbert has planted one 94 ft row potatoes & beets & carrots.    Little old man was here today    he’s terrible deaf    we gave him 3 slices brown bread & butter & can of coffee & he was on his way    I received card from Mrs Haslet   she wrote May 20

Tue. May. 25. 1954./ Page 3174./ 1. egg this day./ & a letter from Audrey & I’m glad to hear how they all are.    World is full of sorrows & getting worse.    It got cold toward morning & was cold all day  N. east breeze.   We been seeing a strong light that shoots far into the sky, west of us. like a beacon light.    Well I haven’t felt right or well for a number of days.    feel heavy & thick headed.   I love Thee & praise Jesus, help us to understand how to pray & teach us Thy will & Thy Way. Amen. 

Wed. May 26. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ No work today    sorry I have neglected writting to Marry Vedovich  poor old soul there in the old peoples home & longing for her freedom     & I’m not able to go & get her or to take care of her     if she was here it would be so nice if each one would take her, if it were only for a few days apiece the church members ought to do that much for one of there numbers, but they gad all over & don’t want to be bothered.    God help us    I’d like to take for awhile if only I could, but Elbert thinks it’s terrible he has to do part of the cooking,    he told Mrs. Keegan he went to Huron work for the fish then come home & cleaned them & had to fry them,    What he didn’t tell, was, he eats most of them    he weighs 198 lbs.    I don’t know if I’m getting something in the milk or what makes my stomach hurt so bad & my bowels.    & I have a bad place in my left side for a week now    feels like something hard rubbing on my ribs.    God knows & I hope He will deal in His own way.    (beacon light on again tonight)  (cloudy tonight. N. E. breeze)No card from Eva Keegan today but a letter from Fields Nersery    they send back my order with some of there add. & said bulbs & carnations were on there way.    & a card from Miss. Clark   she’s in Broadway taking care of her brother    he’s quite ill she says, & she’s been with him 4. weeks now,    & she quite well,    I don’t know where Broadway Ohio is.      & I received Card & letter from Sister & Brother Dear, it was to both of us.    She was telling about the nerve in her hip & leg____ & having arthritis in her arm (it’s her vertebras out of place, God know & I pray Jesus will put the bones in place & strengthen them & keep them normal & keep Mrs Haslet    give her strength & power to overcome through Jesus We thank & praise Thee for all things.   Oh Jesus keep us true I pray & I Praise Thee.

Thurs. May. 26. 1954./ page. 3175./ 1. eggs today./ Well I bake bread white & the whole wheat & I’m so tired,     then Dolly & Ernie came in to spend the after noon,    Elbert went to Huron but the fish boats did-n’t go out.   so he wasn’t gone long.    I mended my old dress & I hope to wash out a few rags & maybe a change of clothes tomorrow    Elbert thinks he’ll go to Huron if the wind don’t blow for fish & to Brodes for milk & hamberg    I’m so tired tonight.    Well the beacon light is going, that’s what we call it.    I got the bulbs & the carnations today    a card from Miss Clark from Broadway   one from Wings of healing   & card from Mrs. Keegan telling us Mrs. Haslet is coming along fine & a card & letter from Sister Dear, Rev. Dear & Naomie.    They are going to see Faith graduate 500 miles away & she ask me to pray for a safe trip there & back & for Paul & his Wife Norma, who are starting home from California this week end.    She also said the Dr. said, it was only through the Grace of God that Sister Haslet was spared    she was on the operating table 3. hours. & had two ruptures & her intestines were twisted & caught in those ruptures.    & they didn’t tell the cause of the terrible bloat.    I praise God & Jesus,    He takes care of His own   Glory Glory Hallelujah Hallelujah, Amen.    Partly cloudy & cool breeze N. east & Radio says Chicago (the City) is looking for a big tornado, they had one on the out skirts, this afternoon ) & one in 2 southern states also.

Fri. May. 27. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I did my washing today & Elbert hung it out side & it all dried,    he went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & cleaned them all & gave Brodes a mess & she gave us 1 lb. hamberg.    & we put 12. fish in her ice box.    Elbert carried the water.    No mail today.   & it was a nice day  hot sun but partly cloudy with South West wind, quite strong.    I put my Cameilus begonia bulbs in a pot of dirt today.   I washed the door & all around the slop pail & the cupboard doors & hope to wipe up floors tomorrow & next week I hope to get the blankets or some of the wool ones, washed.     I told Erinie I’d give him some bread biscuits & he went home & came back twice & I gave him 4,   he was sure happy.  I thank & Praise God & Jesus for answering my prayers.    George Eddy is pronounced well by his Dr. & Dr,  & seem surprised,   Now I am trusting for Mark’s healing    I know he can surprise the Dr’s & his parents also    I’m praying for Rev. Frank to & Rev. & Mrs. Dear.    she had such a pain (sciatic) & I’ve prayed along time for her & she wrote me a letter & said the pain was gone, Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.    I thank Thee Jesus Glory Hallelujah. Amen. 

Sat. May. 28. 1954./ 0. eggs today./  Been a very cool breeze & day partly cloudy,    Elbert fixed the dirt & I planted the carnations    I feel bad to buy a plant or anything, the call is so great for money for the need of the missionarys & the sick & hungry,    but, I did spend $2.19.    the lillies look as if they had been cooked     night are really cold & white sun is hot in middle of the day.    One of the hens is sick    only got two left,    they were in the tornado, one lays most everyday.    I darned one pr. my stocking, the knees are letting stitches go & so they will soon be done,    I was hoping I could wear them all summer & start on the others this Fall.   Elbert’s going for the milk & some fish he had put in the ice box, in the morning.    We have a whole week before we get Elbert’s check.    he has felt tired & all in for a few days & tonight, he didn’t care if he ate.    We finished the hamberg tonight for supper.    I thank Thee Jesus for our many blessings & praise Thee.  

Sun. May. 30. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Decoloration Day & we wont get over the graves.    Soon Jesus will be coming    I hope I can be ready & that all the others will be.    God help us soon. I pray.    We been alone all day, nice day, but cool,    we saw a poor old man, with only a top coat on his arm & limpiing & so Elbert gave a yell & called him & gave him some bread & butter & eggs & hot coffee,    he cried as he ate & when he got up to hand the dishes in, he ask if he could sleep in the old cottage,    it’s a wreck & so dirty but he said he slept under the railroad bridge last night & this would be lots better & he carried dry grass & put on the floor & put a big piece of soft card board on top & an old wool blanket & put his coat on & streached out & went to sleep    & Elbert went to Sarr’s & called State police to see

Sun. May. 30. 1954./ Page. 3177./ 1. egg this day./ if they couldn’t give him a better place to sleep & he said he’d be right over    he came & said he answered the dicription of the man they were hunting for that stole a car & left it up near the beer joint near 61. highway.    so he went out to the shed & woke the old man up & looked at his identafication card & a few questions & said it’s a younger man we’re looking for,    it said on his card he was 70 yrs. old    he says he has arthritis so bad they wont hire him to work any more     his hair is black streaked gray & he is a Jew,   I’m sorry for him,   he’s on his way to Chicago to his daughter & has walked from Cleveland.    he could hardly get up on his feet after he sat a while.    I pray he will rest some & get to feel able to walk or bum a ride tomorrow    maybe he will stay tomorrow if he’s to stiff to walk.   I do thank thee Jesus for all our blessing Which are many.    I wish I was in Church tonight & trust all will be well with each one there & who belong to Thee Jesus.    I thank Thee for there prayers & all who pray for me. & I pray for them & for Dr. Wyat’s missionary’s in Jesus Name. 

Mon. May. 31. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, the girls came this afternoon & brought there lunch & we ate with them Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children & 2 of Johnys, the eldest Marcie Joe & Wesley & after they finished lunch Ella Jane & Bonita took the 5. children & went to the beach for an hour or so,    they had put all there things in back of car & just came back to get Nellie    she & I sat in Elbert’s car  with him & visited for a while    Bonita has been out of work since Mar.    she gets $35 a week State compation, school’s out so Nellie isn’t teaching & Ella Jane is working yet.     Mrs. Baldwin is back in hospital.    Ralph Ward is back in China.   Nellie & the girls & children were over to Johny’s Sun & they were expecting Johny to there house to get their children    the had been over to Cleveland to get Mark there second childm, they had taken him for a new kind of dope they were using.    Will Johny ever learn?   God help him.    Well they flew away home    children all waving therre hands as they left our drive & went up hill & out of my sight but not out of God’s sight.    I trust Jesus took them safely.   They bought 6. rosebushes

Mon. May. 31. 1954./ Page 3178./ 1. egg this day./ for a dollar, the highbred kind.    Ella Jane got them for Nellie.    I do hope they grow & bloom nice for her but I don’t want to buy any more flowers & I don’t believe even fruit trees we have had such severe weather & spoiled the lillie leaves    just cooked them & turned them all white as paper.    South wind & quite strong,   they had lunch on old cement floor & built a fire & roastid weiners & buns.    Elbert helped with fire & roasting & toastings    they all seemed to have a good time,    Oh God, if only they would spend more time in prayer & reading Thy Word.    Ella Jane made coffee in the pyrex pot she gave me a yr. ago for my birthday.    I praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things & trust Thou will keep me Jesus Close to Thee    I thank & Praise Thee forever & ever & wish I were as pure, clean & Holy as Thou. Glory Glory to Thy Name. 

Tue. June. 1. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ It rained hard early & again this after noon & it hit Cleveland with heavy wind & broke trees & tore out phone lines    it blew quite hard here   we had several good showers, but no damage so far    & I pray Jesus will keep us safe from harm & evil.    I wrote a letter to Marry Vitowich “Old Peoples home in Elyria.” & now I thank I’ll try to get one more done if I can,    Elbert’s been cutting grass, he sawed a few chumps off the black walnut tree & he has been walking around in wet shoes & then he’ll wonder why his back is so bad tomorrow,    he went to Huron this morning, but no fish,    he went for milk but got no meat.    I help him a little & he tied the 4 partys of the white cedar tree together with insulated. wire, with pieces of rubber on the parts so it wouldn’t cut into the bark.    We have been having strong winds & the clouds flying swift & low & radio says Washington & some other states are looking for tornadoes tonight & tomorrow.    & a polit on a big air plane saw a queer object big very large & they told the air port & said it was on their coarse & going a-bout 2.75 miles & hour & they were rather discusted, when they were told it was probably a baloon & they said it sounded like a cover up.    People are getting so bad and the bible is right, in every respect.    I praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost & trust Jesus will keep us close & turn the others to Him soon, Glory Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    We got about 1 1/2 barrels of water this morning.   No mail today.

Wed. June. 2. 1954. /page. 3179./ 0 eggs today./ Been partly cloudy & cool South West breeze  damp air  almost wet clothes were real damp.   Grass is sure growing    Elbert has been mowing & hoeing & cultavating & he’s tired tonight.    Dolly & Ernie came just at noon & spent the after noon,    he was out side part of the time with Elbert & Dolly was trying to learn to crochet.    I feel, or my bowels feel better today    they didn’t want to move yesterday but today they moved several times    hope they’ll be O.K. tomorrow.    I haven’t done the washing & will have to bake at least Sat. & maybe wash Fri.    Children said they would be back Thurs & maybe Fri. so I’ll alter my bake to Fri. & wash Sat.    We still have a little fire nights   air damp & chilly like in the Fall.    & they are still having tornadoes, here & there,   they are bad.    I pray we never have to go through another one.    so cold the flowers turn a brownish color & petals soon fall off,    I gave Dolly some iris & mock orange blossoms when she went home tonight.     I didn’t get the other letter wrote either.    I thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & keeping me & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Pure Holy Name, Amen. 

Thurs. June 3. 1954/ 1. eggs today./    I did my washing & part of Elbert’s & all dried except my skirt & dress & Elbert hung a few things out side & they got dry    I didn’t do all there was to be done but perhaps I’ll get the bedding after a little.    I do hope to get the wool blankets on a warm sunny day with a warm brisk breeze.    No mail & I’m to tired to write letters tonight.    Dolly said she & Ernie would be here today, but they didn’t come    Elbert went to Huron & got a box of tender leaf tea   a little piece of pressed pickled pig meat, some bones to boil for soup & a little piece of veal to fry for dinner    it was all tender & good.    Been a rather dark day   had showers this morning & some this after noon.    I gave Elbert the 2.00 I saved for Joe & we are not going to have much out of my check to live on.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will see us safely through in spirit and all things Amen.

Fri. June 3. 1954./ page. 3178./ 1. eggs today/ Well I haven’t worked very much today & I didn’t bake bread.    I did make a few muffins of the sour milk I had,    but, I just can’t stand the soda smell    I ate one    it tasted O.K.    I wrote a few lines to Audrey,    but Elbert didn’t get his check today,    he got a lb. of hamberger from Brode’s     He took a bath & dressed clean to go to Lorain.    Well he hopes to go tomorrow.    I hope to wipe up floor & iron my 2 dresses.    Rainy day & cool.    2 men on a big truck came & ask us to buy coal from W. Va. 5. ton & almost 3/4    they said $13.00 a ton    it looked like good coal so we took it  $70.00    I hope it will be O.K.   Elbert thinks it’s soft coal    We hope it will burn clean.    We still have to keep little fire to keep chills out.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen. 

Sat. June. 4. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I baked bread white & Brown 2 tins of each    & ironed 2 old house dresses & skirt & wiped up floors.    Elbert mowed grass & did a few other odd jobs & at noon he went to Vermiliion & bought groceries “he got his check this forenoon about 11-p-m.    he spent 15.00 at Krogers    some at A& P. & some at Martins & some up to Huron at cooks.    he has spent 28.76 for food, hat, & gas & paid Baker $7.50 balance of bill.   he says he only has 12.00 left out of $52.80 & he don’t want to talk about it.    I don’t get my check untill June 12th.    he is so tired tonight & went to bed some time ago.    I’m going to read then I’m going to my bed.    I use to call my bible, the good book & now I wish I had not for Hitler had a book he called the good book    I hope to go over my writings some day & correct it & say my bible,    I never thought of my bible as anything but good & God’s word,     seems we are all apt to mistakes.    Well I love God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost & Pray They will Keep me close & safe in Them.   

Sun. June. 6. 1954. [should be june 5] /0. eggs today./ Well I got washed & dressed & my hair combed & made biscuits for dinner & we had chicken biscuits & gravy for dinner & broccolie    We had just finished when Inez & Henry Hunt

Sun. June 6. 1954./ page. 3179./ 0. egg this day./ came in & we had a good visit,    she’s had a hard time taking care of her mother,    she’s 82. yrs. old   13. yrs. older than I,    and she & Dave “her hus-band” (Who was quite black) but a very good natured man, came & rented one of aunt Edith’s houses & she was a tall redheaded girl of fair as a lillie & she was so happy & sang & worked at her house work & took care of Inez.    Who was a little fat child with such golden curls    her hair curled in little pencil curls all over her head, Inez says she is 64. yrs. old    Henry was 69 Jan. 1. 1954.    Elbert’s 71. yrs old Dec. 6. 1953.    & I was 69. Jan 16. 1954.    They have been working in there garden & says it’s so cold,    nothing is growing.    They bought a studebaker car 1941. but have been kept good & looks nice,    they paid 2 hundred dollars for it & I wish we had one as good.    Well, when they had gone, Sister Keegan came with Marian,    she brought us a box of ice cream,    Well, we talked untill she went went on the church, she said she put old lady (Anne) in the rest home 30 miles the other side of Sandusky & had been over there to see if she was alright & then came back & on over to see us. 14. miles this side (east) of Sandusky,    she was going back 4 miles to Huron to Church & then back home to Sandusky.    She said Katherine was able to sit up, but infection had set in around the stitches & they are worried,    I pray God will in Jesus Name heal her body & keep her faith & give her strength spiritually & phyically,    I thank Thee Jesus,    I thank & praise Thee for her healing Amen.   May all the Glory be Thine forever & ever, Glory Hallelujah.

Mon. June. 7. 1954./ 1 eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Lorain after dinner,    he left his car in Vermilion & went by bus the rest of the way,    he took some perch to Audrey & Gertie (got 18 perch this morning) & got the olive oil & talk with Eagar Job & 2 or 3 other men he knew & tried to call Eylen & Frank but couldn’t get them, but got Lillie Wheeler, girls (Pearl & Tessie) have been working steady.    Elbert’s extra tired   walk around a lot    he talked to Ruth Cranage, she invited him over. 

Mon. June. 7. 1954./ page 3180./ 1. eggs today/ it’s so lonesome with Elbert gone & so quite & it has clouded up again tonight    it did last night to    then cleared all off before morning.    N. East breeze seemed west at times.   Rev. Dear came & we had a little chat about all the welfare of the church folks,    They are having a fellowship meeting today & churches from far & near came to the grainge Hall where they all are to meet & have a big supper    they went to Church & had prayer before supper,    Wish we could have went, but Elbert was to tired to go & he wouldn’t go if I didn’t,    Ministers went to Raberta Faiths graduation in Penn.    & Patil & his wife just got in from California    & he said they drove 48 hrs in a stretch & were all tired out & looked it.    Naomie is fine.    Sister Dear did her washing this morning & the pain came back in her hip,    Jesus, take it out, fix the back bone & keep her well & able to do Thy work,    We give Thee all praise & Glory.    I have been up & around all day head bad.    but thank Jesus He took care of Elbert & I.

Tue. June 8. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ War new is bad.   & they’er having big fire in wooded airer 5000 acers & in Detroit department, fire,   wind 60 miles & hour in Canada fire,    Elbert went to Huron & they filled a big 25 lb. paint bucket full of perch,    he stopped & gave Rue Sarr a big pan full & he had called Mrs. Keegan & she & Marrian came for supper,    he called Nellie & she, Ella Jane & George came out,    we had just finished supper & they didn’t want to eat,   they brought some cream & waffers & we all ate cream except Mrs. Keegan    she said she was to full of fish & she brought 2 qts. of cream “cheery” it was good.    I hadn’t eat much & it just fit me tomie.   Nellie had a terrible cold, could hardly talk,    Ella Jane was just getting over her cold;   Bonita & Bonita Jr. & Nelson were over with Johny & Marcie & their children.

Tue. June. 8. 1954./ page 3181./ 1. egg this day./ & Nellie said she didn’t know how soon they’d be back.    she said it was so nice & quite with them gone, & they were sort of having a vacation,    I think that’s terrible,    Nellie has infection in her eyes from her cold & had on very dark glasses with red rims.    They all seem to have they’er troubles,    Elbert & Audrey thrashed me around while, he was there talking to her,    she says I put to much pressure on things I don’t be-gin to know what things.    I like to close to the Lord to suit all of them,    but, I love the Lord more than any thing in this world,    I Praise Thee Jesus Glory, Glory, to Thy Holy Name, Amen.    We sent a plate of fried fish to Sister Haslet & Joe & & a tin of biscuits brown to divide between them & some raw ones for Mrs. Keegan & Nellie had more than we had there must have been a big pan & ahalf of them,    they ate the cream & talked abit & went    & Mrs. Keegan left just before dark.    We had a letter from Audrey & she sure has a terrible time,    she wants money,    I thought she’d be wanting her money back she let us have      & she’ll want the interest to more than likely.   she wants 25.00 for the roll a way bed.    I’ll save it & give it to her when she brings it out.     & I’ll try to send her a little to catch up on the other     I really don’t like some of the things she says,    but, I’ll try to give her the money back,    she was sure she never wanted it back & said some rather harsh things because I sent some of it & now more hard things     & then wants to know what she can do for us    they all like to whip me, but Jesus Keep agood tight hold on me    Praise His Holy Name.    Oh Jesus fill me & Keep me always close to Thee Amen Amen. 

Wed. June. 9. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert got his washing most all done,    he even took of his shirt & washed it.   3 shirts & 3 suits underwear  his towel kercheif & socks & his sleepers all so,    Well, I tried to sew    didn’t get much done,    I cooked dinner & did dishes,    we sat out side for a while, he got the milk & Brodes gave him a hen & white hens don’t her    she’s a Roade Island Red.    I pray God will bless them for helping

Wed. June. 9. 1954./ page. 3182./ 0. eggs this day/ us.    I have felt so bad alday & so has Elbert    his head has been bad,    he’s taken a bath & gone to bed.    I made soup for supper.    No mail.    I only got the belt of my dress stitched & a lining in the yoke to cover the patched or pieced yoke of the out side yoke.    Well Radio says it will be 92. degrees tomorrow, so I don’t know how much I’ll get done,    We were hoping for more settled weather, but seems the Christmas Days are, as were, hot & sultry during middle of days & cold nights & now a hot night or so.    & it’s that way sort of fogy or thick hazy.    Well I can’t help thinking about Anna the old lady that stayed with mrs. Keegan,    she’s put her in a home & she don’t have much room to move around in her bed room & she’s thinking of putting Marrian in a home,   she’s so tired,    they both were hard to take care of,    the old woman wets her self & I Know it’s hard to keep dry & Marrian isn’t normal  sort of foolish & acts like a spoilt child, wanting to be on the go,    she’s an adopted child, such is life,    Partly cloudy & tonight moons in a haze.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou Will Keep always close to Thee,   made me well & strong in soul & body, Amen. 

Thurs. June. 10. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I did my washing & got it dry & we had a thunder & lightening storm tonight & rain with fine hail in it     No mail today    & I didn’t get a letter off to Sister Haslet, but sent cards to Audrey & Miss. Clark    I want to wash wool blankets tomorrow if I can     & Id like so much to get this water fixed so I can go to Church,      I might help by going & testifying.    I pray Jesus will hear all the prayers & release me,    I’ll Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen.

Fri. June. 11. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I did get 1. cotton blanket & 3 wool blankets washed & dried    & I have 1. more heavy cotton & 3. more all wools to do yet     No mail.   Hot sun, cool breeze N. east.     & I’m sure tired    & so is Elbert    he planted seeds today,   carrots are up that he did plant    & some of the potatoes are up.    I praise Thee Jesus for helping me with the blankets & for all things.    I love Thee Jesus & Thank & Praise Thee for all my blessing. 

Sat. June. 12. 1954./ page. 3183./ 1. eggs today./ Well I was to tired to finish the other 4 blankets.    Elbert done some mowing & he killed & cleaned the hen Brodes gave him & put it on to cook late this after noon,    been a nice south breeze all afternoon & this morning    & after dark it began to thunder & lighten & it rained a very light shower, is still at it & it rained heavy showers last night & early this morn-ing,    been 92 degrees in the house,   partly cloudy    Once it poured rain last night    & the moon was shining clear & bright like when it rains & the sun shines, bright.    Well, it’s been hot & sticky,    I tried to sew on my dress & couldn’t seem to make any headway,   basted one sleeve in, had to rip belt on both sides of front & I lengthened the belt a little & trimed skirt at top a little,    then I got supper & mended my old dress,    it’s clean, for tomorrow.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus & hope I will soon be able to go to Church again. Amen.    We got our checks today & I am thankful for them. 

Sun. June. 13. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Been a nice day    Edith & Carl Wagner were here today a couple of hours & we had a good visit,    they said they would be back again, soon,     they are well, & say there boy is 6 ft. 7. inches tall & has to have all his tall & slim cloths & shoes made to order,    he been doing ofice work for the goverment & expects to be home next month.   Donald     Carl has been out of work since March & just got back Mon.    they walked around outside awhile    then left for home on 22nd St. Lorain Ohio.    Then it was getting to be a-bout 7- or 7-15-p-m.    they brought 1/2 a big watermelon    they ate & visited & walked about & then they went    Heavy due began to fall before Nellie & Ella Jane & Nelson left for home & it’s 11-p-m    moon & starlight & quite cool.   Wish I could have gone to Church & hope Eva & Annie & Marrian are O.K. & that Katherine is much better & Joe    Oh God, in Jesus Name have mercy on me & help me    Thou. are worthy & I want to be keep me close to Thee. now & forever & ever Amen & Amen. 

Mon. June. 14. 1954./ page. 3184./ 0 eggs today./ Been to hot to work,    Elbert got up quite early & got to hot trying to cultavate,    so we didn’t work    to hot to sew or write    I’m not quite so tired tonight as last night    & I do hope tomorrow, I’ll be lots better    stomach & bowel sore & so tired they ach & water run bad today    We washed the dishes,    Elbert wiped them & I took care of the rooms & cooking    I made a short cake for dinner & we have enough for tomorrow.    Well it’s getting cooled off,    looked like rain but maybe not     we had a heavy due last night & it looked white this morning.    No mail  today.   Hope all is well.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus.   for all things, in Thy Holy Name now & forever Amen.

Tue. June. 15. 1954./ 0 eggs today./ Another hot day, but has turned out cool tonigh    storm clouds gathered just before supper     we had to close up the house    we had several heavy down pours of rain,    we ate, & Elbert carried 30 buckets, large milk bucket size pails of water to the cystern,    it was raining a fine mist all that time & he got a big bucket of water for the house,    he fed hens & locked them in & lock grainery  & he had shut car windows    & grainer & the windows in the basement    & then he took a bath & went to bed.    I have read the word & tried to think it out    & now I’m going to bed.    We received cards from Mrs. Keegan & a letter from Audrey;   I truely thank God for all the many blessings & hope to be able to go to prayer meeting. Thurs. night,    hope it will be a good meeting.    I Praise Thee Jesus for the strength Thou hast given me & am trusting for a complete healing in Thy Holy Name, Glory Honour & Power belongest to Thee Amen. 

Wed. June. 16. 1954./ 0. eggs today./   Well I did my wash & house wash & 2 heavy cotton blankets & got them all dry.    it was so hot untill after supper,    we see it was getting ready to rain & it raining in showers & has cool the air untill a wrapp feels good. about the shoulders.     I helped get the meals & do the dishes,    I am terribly tired    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert some side pork, two saucage patties & some chicken gizards, liver & heart.    It’s raining 10-30-p-m.    I truly thank & Praise Thee Jesus

Wed. June 16. 1954. page. 3185./ No eggs today/ there is only one hen left but.    she seems quite well, & the henny died today.   I’m sorry she is all alone now.    Elbert spaded another patch & put in more tomatoes & they sure got soaked in tonight.    Sun is as white as a cake of ice & plenty hot through middle of the day,    Elbert’s head has been hurting him today.    The gas man came to see what was wrong with the oven    it doesn’t heat, some times, other times it’s O.K.   he tested it & it heat O.K.    he said they done that some times when they begin to get old.    So most things hesatate at times when they are growning old.    Well the man said he had a garden that keeps 4 families going & he picked 20 qts strawberries this morning,    he said the woman’s husband died that lives next door & she told him he could use the acer,    they use to use for flowers, for garden, that would keep weeds down,    so he has garden enough for 4. families & gives her all she wants,    she has a deep freeze & puts in enough for winter,    God bless them & help them to live for Thee.   The man use to but has slipped back    I Praise Thee Jesus & am stronger & make my faith stronger   I thank Thee for fixing some of the vertebras & pray Thou will fix them all & my pelvic also. 

Thurs.  June. 17. 1954./ ___ egg today./ Felt bum all day,    it got cooler & partly cloud after dinner,    Rue let Ernie out here & he was here untill 5-30-p-m      then, he said, mum must be home,    so I told him to go & see,    she was there & Ernie got his bike & came back & talked to Elbert awhile & then went back home & had Chicken noodle soup & got on his bike & came back    then he went home & came back again     Elbert was hoeing & he gave the hay fork to Ernie & he used it for a rake & pile up quite a pile of both dry & green grass,    I cut a little grass & weed around the rose bush    & I nearly fell over & Elbert helped me to the house    I had such a hard time trying to get my bowels to move.    I tried untill most 2.-a.-m. & at last Jesus help them to move, they bled,    & I didn’t work only to take care of the beds & washed dishes    & Elbert had gone to Vermilion & cashed our checks & he got the

Thurs. June. 17. 1954./ Page 3186./ 0. egg today./ the groceries ($11.64)    he paid the car bill $15.    got a money order for Wyatt & 6.30 for my tenth for Church   & $10 for the roll a way bed she wants to sell 25.00 for     & I believe it would be a good thing to have,    we might need some one to stay with us    we’re not very strong & so I thought I’d take it,    we had a card from her today.    Red McGinis & his son stopped here tonight & said Frank our brother is in the hospital for an aperation on his Knee,    he has a Siss on it, Red said,    Franise Cora Page had her operation & is home again, but not able to work yet    & he said Harvey had been in the hospital,    he didn’t know what had been wrong,    & he “Red” owns 2 cars one for Evylin & his own.    Well I hope Elbert can go see Frank,     I can’t go but I hope the rest will go to him & let him know we all love him.    Well, I sent Erinie home before dark,    I am feeling better    wish I had went to prayer meeting,     God help me that I may go to Church   I hope & pray every day & I thank Thee Jesus for the extra strength & for taking care of my bowels      & Oh I Love Thee for taking care of me always.    I washed my head & hair today but head still itches.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Fri. June 18. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today & didn’t get up untill noon,    I was dressing when Rue let Ernie out here to stay untill his mother gets home 5-30-p-m.,     he eats & drinks with us & wanders about out side & where Elbert was working, making a trench for potatoes he hopes to plant tomorrow & put a few more beet & carrot seeds in.    guess I wont get any flower seeds in    I only have a very few I hoped to get in,    but, some how I just can’t work out side any more.     I ought to do something about a house dress, 3 sisters & no one to get me dresses to wear for every day.    No mail today    been a fine day.    Elbert went to Huron, no fish,    he got his hat cap & pants he left last week to have cleaned.    It was hot during the middl of the day,   but cooled off early tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus for giving me strength & I’m trusting for a full healing, to be filled & healed, I thank & Praise Thee

Sat. June. 19. 1954./Page. 3187./1. egg today./ The one hen we have left is mourning for the other one that died & she don’t want to eat,    I’m so sorry for her.    Well, I baked 2. big tins bread biscuits & one loaf & gave Ernie the loaf,   he was here half the day,    I didn’t get much else done    it was quite hot during the middle of the day,    then the breeze was N. east, but went south tonight & got quiet cool    a blue haze started to come about 4-30-p-m. & was quite thick at dark.    Elbert worked in his garden part of the day     he got his potatoes in, & covered,    he cut weeds for awhile.    I swept my room but didn’t get Elbert’s or Kitchen done.    I baked a raspberry & a cheery pie,    my feet have just pained me terrible all day.     Oh Jesus help me to get back to church    Elbert went to Huron    got 2 dresses from mrs. Gunsenhouser,    but, I can’t wear either one of them,    they are short,    just come to the middle of the calf of my leg in front & only to bend of my Knee in the back     & sleeve “if that’s what they call them” barely cover shoulder joint & so tight you can hardly move,    Well, I don’t know what to do    I just can’t go as the rest go half necked.    I have to send them back & will have to let other things go untill I get some dressed made.    Oh Jesus please help me, help some of Thine to help me.    I love Thee Jesus & Know Thou can help me some how.    I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever Amen.

Sun. June. 20. 1954./ 0. egg today./ A fine day, mostly cloudy,  nice South breeze, & tried to rain but only dampened the grass.    it’s still quite warm, 90. degrees    Elbert’s back pains him bad,    I rubbed it with alcohol & terpo & pray God will turn him & heal him in Jesus Name,    I’m trusting he will.    I thank Him with all my heart, mine, soul & strength for His salvation, Love & mercy,  He’s truly more wonderful, than I’ll ever be able to express in word,    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.

Mon. June. 21. 1954/ __ egge today/ The poor little hen    she’s so lonesome & don’t eat as she ought to.    Been so hot today, 96 degrees.    Elbert did some work in his garden    I only did what I had to    it was to hot to sew    I tried but didn’t get much done

Mon. June. 21. 1954./ Johny’s birthday he’s 29./ Page. 3188./ No. egg today./ I thank God for all I have & if only the rest would turn to Him & could wish to be with Him     this world is so full of wickedness,    Oh Father in Heaven hear & answer our cries in Jesus Name.     I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things & pray though will help me to know & understand. 

Tue. June. 22. 1954./ ___ egg today./ Well I did my washing & part of Elbert’s & I’m sure tired.    Elbert went to Huron & took the dresses back & got 2.00 worth of food & you can’t see what you got for the money.    Well we got a nice letter from Audrey,    I had Elbert mail a card to her   one to Frank Bonney   & a letter to Rev. Wyatts,    well we received a letter from Sister Haslet & she’s been to Sunday school & Church & went back in the evening & said she over did it    I hope she will be more careful    she’s so terribly fat throught her abdoman & fat is usually more serious to deal with & to heal.    Elbert hung out part of the cloths & brought part of them in.    they all got dry except my 2 dresses.    Wish I could get the other one done.    I’ll have to try again.    Ernie was here from 1 to 5-30-p-m    Elbert worked in his garden some,    his back bone needs a going over,    he said one just shifted in back of his neck & doesn’t pain now.    We saw 16 cranes flying toward the lake tonight.    It’s been hot today, 96 degrees & it’s cooled off fast & alot tonight    wind shifted from S. west all around & is in the W. tonight.    Dr. Wyatt sent me a 1. dollar bill to test my faith,    I had the money ready & sent a money order for 5.00 & a five dollar bill & I have the money for the Church up to Huron.    & we will be short for eats before Elbert gets his check.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Love & care for all Thou doth for us,    & pray we made be found worthy in Thy sight.    Help me Jesus & be able to conquer this trouble in Jesus Name.    I give all Praise & Glory to Thee. 

Wed. June 23. 1954./ No egg today/  Been very cool today   had card from Audrey saying Joan’s baby came June 21st on Johny’s Harnish birthday.   Elbert felt to bum to work today.    Ernie was here today & I did my ironing & feel as if I’m walking in a daze for 2 days now.   Ella Jane was here for a few minutes, tired, took the 

Wed. June 23. 1954./ Page. 3189./ No. eggs today/ folks over to Lakeside Sat. 19th & she has gone to bring Bonita home in the morning,     she has to look after her compensation money then shell take Bonita back & stay Sat & Sun & then they’ll all be coming home again    Ella Jane looks so tired out.    Well Joan has a baby boy 8. lbs & __ ozs. June. 1954.    So that ordeal is over & I pray she will have a good baby.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, & trust Thee for all things & Oh how I wish we could see how We ought to live for Thee,    Keep me close & help me to help the rest.

Thurs. June. 24. 1954./ No. egg today./ No mail today, but I sent Audrey a card.    Elbert felt so bad he went to Dr. after dinner,    he got up & washed out his cloths this morning, his sleeper Jacket & pants, 3. suits B.V.D’s. & 3 work shirts,     I did wash out all the small pieces, the other day.    he went to fish house & got enough for supper, breakfast. & dinner tomorrow & gave Brodes 8. for Keeping ours in ice box.    Ernie was here today & he gives us 50 cents for his 2 lunches & either Nescafe or Cocoa.    I was trying to sew on my dress & he talks & asks so many questions & we jpaly word games,    I spell the words backwards & he spells them for-wards & then he dings me for a story    Well I forgot to look at the clock after he said it was 4-30-p-m. & he flew off for home & when I did look it was 4-15    Elbert had his fish all dressed but 2   he did them & then went down to see if Ernie was O.K. & he was    & Clayton was mowing the weeks & Ernie was watching,    Elbert waited untill Helen came 5-30-p-m.    Clayton had gone & Helen came of 5-30-p-m.     she told Elbert she’d been to Dr. that she’s plastered with poison ivy from her hips down & felt sick    Elbert ask her to come eat fish with us but she felt to sick.    Ernie ate supper here last night & he & his mother went 10-minute walk on main highway, up to Knights to a weiner roast & they had a nice lunch & the men & boys layed out fish enough for supper & cooked potatoes & green beans fried bread & coffee.    I managed to get my two old dresses mended & only have sleeves & belt & hem 

Thurs. June. 24. 1954./ page. 3190./ No. egg today./ bottons & holes & snaps to do yet.    & hope to get it washed & ironed before Sun;    then must try to get another one started.   I’m weared tired, got up more tired than when I went to bed, and to tired to sleep tonight.    Elbert feels real bad tonight to.   I thank Thee for all our many blessing Jesus & sorry we didn’t get to prayermeeting but hope I’ll be able to go soon.    I love only Thee Jesus & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen. 

Fri. June. 25. 1954./ No egg today./ We.. it’s been quite hot today & we didn’t do much    I felt so bad I went & lay on the bed for couple hours    then got up & tried to get a little supper     after supper we sat in the car for a while,    Elbert had carried water to his garden,    there is an icy cool in the air & yet it’s so hot.    No mail, well, I thank God He cares for me & us & takes good care of.    Ella Jane came just as we were coming to the house & brought half a water melon    we ate it & she & Elbert had hot coffee    we visited a little & then she picked up her hand bag & went.    she said their house is full of fleese & she spent & hour or more doping it,    she don’t know how they could have got in.     Bonita went back with a friend this morning to Lakeside so Ella Jane was alone tonight.    she left here round 10-p-m.    I hope she will be O.K.     she looks tired out,    she will be there Sat. & Sun.    Johny will be ordained a Minister Sun. & they all want to be there,    I pray God will fill him with the Holy Ghost.

Sat, June. 26. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I was sick all night.    it thundered & lightened all night & they had some bad storms in Toledo & Sandusky & a few other small towns    & we only had a couple light showers    been partly cloudy hot but, a cool in the breeze that feels like ice.     We neither done much     I lay on the bed for a while & then Elbert got a lunch & I mended & darned & sewed a little,     still have to put hem in my dress & sew the pocket on it   then snaps button & holes, a long time since I started it over a year & then some     I have a sore spot in the lower part of the abdoman,    it feels like a sharp knife cut & pains me just terrible,   can hardly stand on my feet.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things,   May all Power & Glory, be Thine forever & ever    I wish I could be with Thee. Amen

Sun. June. 27. 1954./ Page. 3191./ No. egg today./ Well, I got up at 3-p-m.    Elbert had potatoes read to cook & a carrot    & he had been to Brodes & got the milk & fish & so he had got them on to cook    & Johny & Marcie & 2 of there Children came in from Lake Side,    Elbert gave them hot tea & milk & Marcie ate a fish & they visited awhile & had just got over the track when Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in,    they made coffee & then gave us a piece of water melon & visited awhile & drank coffee & then they started for home    Ella Jane looked tired out & Nellie looked ready to go to battle    I don’t know much about there lives.    When Nellie is tired she’s apt to argue & she seemed all up in arms, over something,    Bonita & Nelson were the ones that seemed most happy    Bonita Jr. was quite    she & George were tired.    Ella Jane had been crying to.    I hope they were better after they got home & got to bed.    Nellie says her feet & legs pain her when shes on them of late,    her neck is beginning to shrink & leave wrinkles.    We like to have them come, but it tires us alot & then I haven’t been feeling so well for a few days again.    I thought I was going to miss all the sermons on the radio, but got Rev. Ward & Rev. Buser.    Ward does my heart good.    I thank Thee Jesus we could hear them & help us to find out the things we ought to Know    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    Quite strong N. E. breeze. & so cool we had a little fire tonight 11-p-m real cool.   

Mon. June. 28. 1954./ No egg today./ planted wild Hyacinthes./ We got the picture post card. Bonita sent Sat.    & Elbert has been helping Bill Snyder re-build corner of the cow shed & Ernie was here all after noon,   he gave me 50 cents, he had 2 lunches & Elbert went up to the store to Shur’s & got bread & little piece of fresh saucage & it cost 61 cents     I’ve felt to bad to even try to work.    Elbert watered his garden & planted 2. circules of wild Hyacinths & watered them good & the pansys.    Oh Jesus fill me & help me to do Thy Holy Will.    I’m glad to give Thee the Honour & Praise Amen. 

Tue. June. 29. 1954./ No egg today./ Elbert went over to help Bill on the cow shed & everything got so dark he could hardly get across the corn field home & Ernie was here & he’s full of life    & I felt rather bum for several days, but after dinner I felt better    I drank a cup of coffee & had a cracker     & then Elbert went to Brodes & got a lb. & 1/2 of hamberg & he put a patie in a little water & I seasoned it & ate the broth & a couple more crackers & tonight I made some stew speggety corn “Mexican corn” to    when it was done I put some hamberg in it & baby lima beans green one

Tue. June. 29. 1954./ page. 3192./ No eggs today./ & seasoned it     & it tasted real good    I ate a good cupfull & couple hours later, I ate another cupfull & it hasn’t hurt me one bit,    it had been distressing me if I only drank milk    a cup of hot drink, couple bits of food,    but this for tonight it feels comfortable,    but, now Elbert feels to bad    his head got to hot,    Jesus fix his head    I don’t want him to be sick,    I thank Thee Jesus.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things   Glory to God in the Highest.    Sun’s been so hot from 10-a-m untill sun down,    while the breeze felt good, yet it has & ice cool in it & is to cool in the shade.    Ernie had coffee & bread & Jelly at noon & before he goes home at 5-15-p-m he has coffee crackers & a slice of pine apple & some juice & then he flew for home.   No letter from Audrey today.    I’ll try to write her a card to night. 

Wed. June. 30. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well I puddled along untill I washed out what few things I had   2 shirts handkercheif, & rags & dish towels & hand towels    Elbert went to Huron “& took Ernie” & got some meat, Broccoli grape fruit & lemons & his head has been heavy & bad all day    We received card from Audrey she said Joan was home & she was there to carry baby boy into the house,   it were 8. lbs. & 10. oz. & has thick brown wavy hair,    Well I hope she & her son come along good & that Martha will help her.    Audrey said, Martha & Merlini were there also & that Martha seemed rather cool,    I hope Audrey will go alone as if nothing had ever been wrong,   God help them I pray.   Been terrible hot 90 degrees here in Kitchen.    We had a thunder shower tonight,    I’m thankful & I know everything outside was, there was some hail in it   hope it didn’t do any harm.    It has cooled the air,    I noticed, already.    Elbert’s gone to bed    Ernie gave us a dollar bill & with the 50 cents from yesterday & 1.00 I gave him, Elbert got the food. 50 cents of the dollar is for tomorrow,    it help a lot.    We been having a dose of lake flies but they are about gone today.    there were lots of fuzy[?] heads last night    I thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for Thy healing   Keep me free from Satan & all his works, Amen. 

Thurs. July. 1. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Been a very hot day “90 degrees.”    Ernie was here all after noon & he & Elbert played some sort of game with lake flys & the other spelling a word backward & telling what it is when spelled forward Ernie has to write them backward, then forward,    it teaches him to write, spell & think & helps the time to fly fast & then he is happy & he isn’t in a hurry to go home.    I thank God for His Salvation & Grace & Love for those of His.    I love Him Amen

Fri. July. 2. 1954./ page. 3193./ No. egg today./ Been terrible hot & we didn’t try to work    hope I can do a little tomorrow.    I’d like to finish my dress & make a yoke for my night gown.    & I wish so much I had something to put on over my night gown, when it necessary.    No mail today.   Elbert’s head been bad & my bowels.    Ernie came & said his ma could work,   they wont let her untill poison ivy has healed up on her.    Rue was home all day & is going on a 2 weeks trip.    We here over radio lots are killed & in trouble & the whole world in trouble.   May God help us    I thank Thee Jesus for all my many blessing & I love & Praise, Father, Son & Holy Ghost for ever, Amen. 

Sat. July. 3. 1954./ No. egg today./ Elbert’s felt real bad today & so have I.    I made another yoke & put on my nightgown & my eyes are so dim, could hardly see with my glasses on.    It rained several good showers early this morning & been partly or mostly cloudy all day,    we saw the new moon tonight a very thin cresent.     & it’s clouding up again   may rain before morning again.    Elbert got ham-berg of Bordes this morning    & Bill Snyder gave him 10.00 for what work he done  & Dr. bill will cost him more than $10.00     he went to Dr. after dinner today     & then got a few potatoes a little boiling meat & a piece of short steak to fry for supper & for once it was tender,     he got some cream & it was good to, & lb. of butter & some broccola leaves chopped.    Jesus Keep me near the Cross & fill me with the Holy Ghost, strengthen my faith & give me courage to help others.     There is a Minister on the Rado who preaches, Back to the Bible,    he’s from Nebraska & not at all afraid to preach the Truth,    Praise God & it sure lightenes my heart to hear Him preach,   last night he preached 6 Chap Galatians, on the lust of the fles & living for the Spirit.    Glory, Glory, Glory I Praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small    I Praise Thee, & pray Thou will teach us to live to do Thy ways, Jesus Blessed Jesus, help the Christians to live for Thee.

Sun. July. 4. 1954./ page 3194./ No egg today./ 4 of July. & we were alone untill 3-p-m,    then Mrs. Keegan & Marrian came & had Mrs. Cool with her & her two girls Ruth & Surley 9 & 11 yrs. old,   they were going to go to Huron Park, but there were so many there they de-cided to come here      & we had a good visit & testimony for the Lord       & we prayed & thanked God & Mrs. Cool said she knew some women who were true Christians & she ask if I’d like to have them come & we could read the word of God & pray together      & I said I’d enjoy it & they deside they would, that we could help one another.    they spread there papers & table cloths on the front step & ate out there     & after we thanked God,     then they picked pink & white sweet peas & started for Church,    Eva had her car with Mrs. Cool & the 3. children & Joe & Sister Hastlet had theres.    & the Highway are full of cars being the Forth of July.    Elbert gave the rat some biscuits & we haven’t got him yet,    he’s going to look for him tomorrow.    Well all not any of our folks came, but maybe they might come Mon. since some say they have it for a Holiday,     so we may not get any mail.    Been a nice day, not quite so hot, cool last night     put on my wool blanket & not any to warm.    I thank God, My Father in Heaven & Jesus my Saviour & the Holy Ghost for my care & am trusting for Him to help me, help in His Work & be strong in faith soul & body Glory, Hallelujah, Amen & Amen.

Mon. July 5. 1954./ No eggs today./    Well, I cleaned the window over the sink & the plants & it’s a real job for me    I had just set down & Elbert had started for the store & got a water melon & met Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & 3 children coming in so she let “Ella Jane” let the others out while she went back to the store & got the water melon & ice cream,    they had brought a picnic lunch, weiners & buns, potatoe salid, pickles, black raspberry pie & lots of greens, lettuce, cellery, radishes & such like    & they had hot coffee, milk & water.  children & there mother & Ella Jane all went to the lake but the waves were so big & were dashing up against the high bank so they didn’t stay very long,     & we talked & visited while they were out about the time when we were children & the things of today,    then they packed off for home    Ella Jane looks tired most to death & said she felt that way.    No word from Audrey    Ella Jane says, Joan’s baby is only 2 week old & is so cute.    Oh God, if they only knew & could know what they ought to know & do & if only I could help them.    But I know with out any of my help, Thou can pilot them safly home.    Oh how I love & praise Thee & give Thee Glory, praise & Honour, Amen.

Tue. July. 6. 1954/ page. 3195./ No egg today./ Mon. it was quite cool & very cool in the evening    we had a white due early Mon. morning, to,    a little fire would felt good.    Wind East breeze & a new wet moon, to cold for things to grow.     Well, I felt as if I couldn’t wash,    but, Elbert went to Huron to Dr. & so I thought I’d wash the rages but I washed the towels my pillow slip & wash rags & under skirt & night-gown, handkercheifs & rags & towels & then my dress & I sudsed & wrinsed & hung them out & they all got dry except rags.     Wind was N. east but went S. and a little west tonight    Rue had the weeds cut south of the house & barn & they had got real dry & he burnt them,     but, my clothes didn’t smell of the smoke,    they were going for a trip but her poison ivy has been so bad she couldnt work & they are still at home    Elbert went to fish house & he said they all seemed glad to see him & they gave him 21 perch,    he feels bad,   cought cold & its in his throat & flesh of his neck & vertebras.     He gave Brodes a few & ask her to put our meat in the ice box, that he had bought & I sent her a bouquet of peas, red & white ones    she says she loves flowers    Elbert says she has a small flower bed.    Mine has been neglected.    I received a card inviting us to a shower on Mrs Day’s daughter Bluette    she is going to marry Howard Jackson July-11-1954. 2-p-m.     Well, I couldn’t give Martha’s girls a gift & I don’t know how I can manage to give Bluette a gift but I’ll see what I can do about it.    No word from Audrey.    She says no news is good news so, I hope it is.    I thank & praise God for my & our many blessing & hope for a letter or card tomorrow,    Nellie said they have taken Frank Bonney home,    but, she didn’t know how he was feeling,    the Dr that operated on his Knee was almost Kill by a drug addict & his wife was killed,    they don’t know if the Dr. will live.    Oh Jesus Keep me close & help the women to come & have prayer meeting that we may be strengthened & able to do more to help others Who are weak.

Wed. July 7. 1954./ No egg today./ Rained a misty rain last night & all day    Elbert went out & tried to mow & got his feet & pants wet & he had a bad sore throat & it’s worse tonight,    he does that sort of thing all the time & wont do as I ask

Wed. July 7. 1954./ page 2196./ No. egg today./ him to,    he don’t use good judge-ment,    I wish so much he would.    Well, I rubed him in alcohol & terpo. & he took some pills Dr. gave him & has gone to bed.    I pray God will heal him & help him to feel lots better in the morning & that he wont go out in the damp air & try to work.    I thank Thee Jesus for the care Thou doth give us & trust I may be found worthy & that soon I’ll be able to do more in Thy work If We only Knew & understood better how.     Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Hosana to Thy Name.    It’s so cool & we have had a wood fire all day & tonight.    We received letter from Audrey & I received receipt from Rev Wyatte.    I wrote a card to Nellie & the Girls & one to Miss. Clark.    & I have card addressed to Mrs. Goll, Rev. Dear’s, Inez Hunt, Mr & Mrs. Haslet , & Mrs. Keegan, & hope to write them tomorrow

Thurs. July. 8. 1954./ No egg today./ Elberts cold’s bad,    but I think he’s some better tonight    he went up to Dr. but note on door said it would be late after noon before Dr would be in,    he went & got few things to eat & turpo & came home & went up to Shures & got cough drops,    he went clear up there & forgot his pocket book, had to come back & get it,    he feels bad I know, but I’m trying to do what I can rub him with alcohol & turpo & give him hot coffee with honey & Brandy in it,    I pray God will strengthen him in all the ways he needs.    I wrote the cards,    I mailed to this morning & have 5 to go in the morning.    Been cool N. east breeze all day & cool enough so we had wood fire tonight,    No mail today.    I haven’t been able to eat much today, feel so terribly weak & miserable & even lay down for a while.    wanted to sew but didn’t.    I thank & Praise Jesus for all things. 

Fri. July. 9. 1954./ No eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got about 50 fish,    he gave Brodes some & then phoned to Nellie    she didn’t know if they would come,    Ella Jane went to work & then had to go home sick    she went to the Dr. & went back at noon & had to go home early tonight & went back to Dr. & then drove clear out here with out eating

Fri. 9. July. 1954./ Page. 3197./ No eggs today./ out any supper.   we were just eating,    so Elbert got up & got them plates, tools & cups & Nellie Ella Jane & Geo set up & ate    & they brought us a qt. of black rasp-berries with applesauce in them.    It makes it soure.    We went out side & they picked 2 qts. of goose barries,    the birds ate the currents,    Well they started back for home    I don’t know if they will stop to Audreys & get rid of part of the fish, or not.    We ask them to,    We neither of us worked today    I ought to sew but just felt as if I couldn’t.    Elbert got some hamberg at Brode’s when he took the fish.    it was hot in middle of day with a icy cool in the N. east breeze & extra cool to-night.    We received a card from Audrey today & Elbert gave postman 5 cards I wrote last night.    We have a fire    Elbert’s cold is bad,    I pray he will feel better in the morning.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things,    May all Glory & Honour be Thine forever Amen & Amen. 

Sat. July. 10. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well, Elbert’s cold is still bad,    but seems to me it is some better,    I have him rubbed & he’s drank cup hot coffee brandy & honey.    he went up to 61. & got cough drops last night & up to Shure’s & got some buns & a water melon    we ate half of it, 1.25    Elbert got his social security check 52.80 & today he got old age check 18.00- 70.80 all together.    I got mine  65.00.    I gave him 10.00 out of mine,     he’s got to get the groceries Mon. & he has to get some more work on the car.    he hasn’t felt able to endure the cold N. east breeze    there seems such an icy cold in it.    the 2. checks were all the mail we got    I have got mine in bunches, Church, gas, taxes, & Audrey’s 20.00 on the cot. or roll away bed.    Well, she talked as if she might come & bring it soon.    My little rubber scraping knife with plastic handle, it hasn’t been gone long for I used it only a short time ago     & my last 2 sauce dishes are gone,    Nellie & girls don’t know any thing about them,    they are only ones in the cupboard for things     but, I don’t know where they could have got to    we both knew they were here.    I’m Glad God knows.    They brought us a qt. of raspberries.    I hope I fine the rubber scrapper     Martha gave it to me,    it was white with a pretty blue handle.    I made another yoke for my night gown & got it all done except buttons & holes.    & I sewed the pocket on my dress.    I have to mak button holes & put hem in, then it will be done.

Sun. July. 11. 1954./ Page. 3198./ No. eggs today./ Rather cool day,    Nellie & Ella Jane & George & Nelson came & ate water melon & they visited some & then started for home just at dusk.    Johny came & took Bonita & Bonita Jr. home with him Fri.    They had been over to see Frank Bonney before that,     & he was out in his garden,    said no one had kept the weed out while he had been gone,    I would have thought his boys would have tried to keep it clean.    I don’t think it’s quite as cold tonight as it has been the past few nights    & we haven’t any fire tonight.    Ella Jane looks all tired out.    I wish so much I could go to Church & I believe I will before long.    Oh Glory be to Jesus    I love Him more each day.    I pray He won’t miss me when He passes this way,    Keep my faith strong & help me to pray,   teach me Thy Will & Ways    Oh Praise the Lord He loves me still,    He said He would & always will, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Amen.     Bonney Bell & her Joe & 5 children were over to Nellie’s this afternoon.   

Mon. July 12. 1954./ No egg today./ Wrote cards to Nellie & Sister Keegan & Audrey     Received card from Mrs. Day saying I could send the dollar for Bluette’s shower & telling me Harry Jr. was married June 26. 1954.    Well, I so sorry I can’t give to them all but with my church’s I can’t even get the floor covering we need so bad,    but, I hope to before winter.    I hear Martha & Merlin took Jim back to camp    God of Love & Mercy I trust Thee to rejoin them & convert all 3 & help them to Know Thee as never before.    And I pray for Nellie & All of her’s like wise    I thank & Praise Thee   May God be blessed for ever & ever Amen.    I washed out what dirty cloths I had & got them dry    & am so wobbly on my feet, it’s terrible.    Wind S. west & puffy   cloudy tonight.    Elbert coughs hard but I think he’s better,    Paraise God.    Elbert gave the post cards to Post man this morning.

Tue. July. 13. 1954./ No. eggs today/  Well, I managed to finish my dress all but the hem today & it’s been a terribly hot day    Elbert’s cold is better    he doesn’t cough so hard & seems a little stronger,    he got up & went to Lorain early, got down there 9-a-m,    the stores were just opening    then he went to Moore & Myre & they tested his battery     & after looking it over said it was the starter, they think they can fix it.    I aired night clothes & Elbert’s wool blanket.    he came back to Vermilion & did the shopping (21.00 food)    I gave 10.00,    now I have to get money order for Wyatt taxes & Audrey for bed,    I wish I could give her the money back she gave us a while back & will try once more,    I gave her some 

Tue. July. 13. 1954./ page. 3199./ No egg today./ I received a letter from Sister Dear,    she said the Lord touched her Sun. July. 11. & she felt some better    & I pray He will touch her again & again untill she is whole again    (Elbert got 2 qts olive oil today)    We thank Him & praise Him & I trust We will learn to do His Will more perfectly.    I wish I could go about helping those in need,    she brought me pie when I craved it so much,    I do trust Thou will give to her & help her  what she needs.    We had a letter from Audrey all so,    she’s having a hard time trying to get money enough “so she says” to get floor covering & the walls painted.    & I’m Praising God Martha & Merlin are together once again & hope it will be for good this time    & Joan & John got a divorse so I heard & now they are loving each other again    Oh God I pray for them all & trust Thou will put a craving into their hearts for Thee,    I give all Praise to Thee for ever & ever.    Glory to God    Amen & Amen. 

Wed. July. 14. 1954./ No. egg today./ Elbert did his washing this morning.    Received Card from Miss. Clark & a nice one from Mrs. Goll with note in it    she sends such nice cards of encouragement,    I praise Thee Jesus & trust Thou will teach her & Keep her,     strengthen her faith.    Well, Elbert says he’s going to Huron in the morning, so I’ll have him get money order for taxes & send it.    & get money orders for Audrey & Rev. Wyatte & I’ll send them later.    Been a terrible hot day,    I mended Elberts sleeper pants & sewed on 2 buttons & made 2. button holes in my night-gown.    The gas man Mr. Jellison from Lorain. was here,    I was talking about getting & Ice box,    he has some white enamaled ones electric & he has a good old fasion one of “wood out side”    they have it in the storage room at his home,    they thought they would rent a cottage by the lake & it would do for a couple of months,     in that case it ought to do me for the summer,    it holds 25 lbs of ice    it would keep the milk & butter & once in awhile, some meat or fish.    We didn’t try to do much,    Elbert was tired after he did his washing    his cold is better, but makes him feel week,    his cough is better, but it’s hard yet,    he got some cream for supper & few buns for tomorrow,    I still rub his back    Oh God of Love & Mercy, I thank Thee for all our many blessing,    send the power through Sister Dear & Sister Haslet & heal them and 

Wed. July. 14. 1954./ Page 3200./ No egg today/ Rev. Frank & Little Mark & I Praise Thee Jesus & heal Elbert’s cold    kill even the roots of it & make the strength to come back into his body    & touch me also & heal me, I pray,    & I give thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    It tried to rain     had a little ice in it,    lightened alot & a little thunder      but not enough rain to freshen the garden.  Clayton Brode & his boys combined  John Snyder wheat today & got it all done about 3 or 3-30-p-m.     97. Degrees in the house & they looked, cooked. 

Thurs. July. 15. 1954./ No. egg today./  Elbert went to Huron & mailed the tax money order 13.89 & he mailed 20.00 money order to Audrey.    I have to write a note & put in with Dr. Wyatts letter & 5.00 money order.    I want to get that cultivator for Elbert & hope I can soon.    No mail worth while today.    Elbert got some beets today  a piece of ham & some beef short steaks,    we had them for dinner,    I do wish I could have went to prayermeeting to night    well I finished my dress today    now I’ll have to wash & iron it,     just seemed all day as if I couldn’t work,    I feel so weak & miserable,    I didn’t get the darning done yet.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my many blessings & trust Thou will hear me & fill me to overflowing with the Holy Ghost    I Praise Thee Jesus, Pure True & Holy for ever & ever.    Wind N. east cooler today & they got bad storms all around us last night., in other towns. 

Fri. July. 16. 1954./ No egg today./ I only darned 2. prs. socks today & we Received a letter or note on a very pretty card,    had little posts with sign boards on them 5 of them  1st. one says, Lots of Luck, then Marrian, No.2. says good health, then Eva has written her name, then 3rd one says Best wishes “from Kathrine” Good cheer “from Joe” 4th & 5th one says, Many Joys, “Sister Cooly”  flowers around each post daisies, roses, red petunias, larkspurs, & poppies.     In side she said We all hope to see you soon.    The verse insid printed says Here’s “sunshine” from a garden, And wishes from a friend- May both do much to cheer you and Keep “you on the mend.”    Then she said, Tell Elbert I said hello and take care of himself & you,   from Sister Eva Keegan.    She said all the people prayed for me in church Sun- the Rev. had ask them to,   no wonder I got a lift,    I thank & praise God for all He does for me & would like to get back to church & worship with

Fri. July. 16. 1954./ Page. 3121.[she means 3201]/ No. eggs today./ the rest,    I thank Thee Jesus & belive Thou will fix us both soon so we can go to Church,    I praise Thee Jesus truly I do with all my heart    Thou Knowest.    been cool, N. east breeze going South before dark & then dying about out.    I pray Jesus Thou will bless all of Thine.    I thank Thee & give Thee all the Glory forever Amen

Sat. July. 17. 1954./ No eggs today/ Well, I washed my new dress & startched it & my two old ones & I washed a line of rags  2 shirts  1/2 doz. nose rags & wash rags & then I ironed the dresses,    I darned 2 prs. Elbert’s sock & have 1. pr to finish,     sun was hot & N. east breeze    & they dried fast.    I didn’t get the floor wiped up,    I’ll try to sweep it in the morning.    We received card from Audrey,     she ask why I sent her 20.00 on the bed.    & she’s been having fits she needs money so bad,    I’m going to try once more to save the amount of money she let us have when we were so hard pressed    she says she don’t & won’t take it back,    but she would like to have it I know.    She says John Fulton “Joan’s” man has to go to service soon.    Well it wont be long now before a lot of them will be going.    If only they Knew the Lord.    God help me to help others.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me soon to be Whole again    I praise THee Jesus Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

Sun. July. 18. 1954./ No egg today./ A. very nice day & no one come in.    Elbert’s cold is bad his ears & throat.    cough & more cough & drops don’t seem to do any good, now.    I praise God He took that sore spot out of my stomach & pain out of my back.    Glory to His Name, Hallelujah    I praise Thee for all things.    N. east wind, this morning & then went South & rained a very light shower then cleared off.     We need a good rain one that will soak, in, the ground is so dry.    I didn’t even go out in the yard today, but maybe will try tomorrow.    Jesus I’m trusting & believing. 

Mon. July. 19. 1954./ No egg today./ Well I didn’t do much today,    Elberts head still feels so bad,    We cut a few weed in the shad of the evergreen tree on the hill from among the roses & then we got the mock orange bushes cut back    have to do a little more on them & then the deitzia bush & spray & lime.    Nellie & Ella Jane & Nelson came in just before dark,    some one gave Nelso a pussy & they have a cat & now there yard & house is full of flees & they dopped the house from celler to attic Sun & again tonight & then came out here while the dope was working.

Mon. July. 19. 1954./ page. 3202./ No. eggs today./ They didn’t stay long    Nelson ate the chicken leg & last dumplin & some gravy,    I was glad for it might have spoilt before morning.    Girls brought us a nice piece of cake (date cake.)    Ernie was here this after noon un-till 5-30-p-m,    he likes to come & he want a pice of my bread,    but, I’ve felt to bad to do the baking,    so we have had buns & dumplins rice & noodles & so forth    I feel better today & hope I continue,    I’m trusting I will.    Ernie gave me 50 cents,    he had crackers with butter on them & jelly & hot coffee with sugar & cream in it.    Hellen went to work & so Did Rue.    Elbert’s cold makes him feel so miserable & I rubed his  back with turpo & alcohol & he rubed his neck & chest & he’s in bed.    he had a bad pain in his right side over his gall nearly toppled him over,    I call on Jesus to help him & it left,    I trust it won’t come back    Oh, Jesus I thank & Praise Thee for all things,    I testified to Jellyson today & ELbert told him it was true,    he seemed eager to listen & was here & hour or so.    he hoped to sell me & ice box,    I told him I’d take the old one if it was O.K.    he said he’d see,    I’d like to have the other one,     but, we need the floor covering so bad.    Praise God from Whom all blessing flow forever & ever Amen. 

Tue. July 20. 1954./ No. egg today./ I made 2. tins of white bread biscuits      & Elbert took away the brush we trimed off yesterday    & he tried to trim trumpet vine out of the goose berry bushes & he took blosoms off of the thisles,    they have got a big start,    he’ll have to dope or spray them,    he put ’em in paper bags so when they are dry he can burn them.    Been terribly hot & floods in Virginie & Cara-lina    lots of hogs died from heat & some other stock & alot of people    & they had another hot day, today.    It’s was partly mostly cloudy here & a little breeze untill tonight      at 4-30-p-m, wind died out & we had a heavy shower & the wind blowed & rain came in sheets    but we did not get enough only wet the top,     Wind freshens & dies    it is lightening in the south west now, 4 oclock shower came from N. West.     Well it’s getting cooler, again.    I have rubed Elbert & he’s in bed,    his cold is better but he don’t have his usual pep,    he tires easily & feels shaky.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all Things,   I Glory in Thy Power & Give Thee Praise & Honour now & forever Amen.    We had a letter from Audrey today & she can’t think of brother Frank being 64. yrs. old July 27. 1954. or herself being 62. yrs. old,    she says she don’t feel old.    Well we all have to slow up & by & by     God helps me for I’ll have to admit I don’t feel good tonight. 

Wed. July. 21. 1954./ Page. 3203./ No egg today./ cloudy most of the day  & to-night.    Wings of healing came today.    Elbert has done some work out side & I was in the yard for a little while    N. east breeze & real cool tonight.    We have house shut up & it’s none to warm.    My stomach & bowels have hurt me every since I drank a cup of coffee 3 or 4 mornings ago.    Elbert offered to make it for me when he got up about 7 or 7-30 a m    I felt rather empty, so drank it    stomach has hurt me every since,    I can’t understand.    Well Elbert figures on going to Vermilion in the morning to mail a birthday card to Audrey, one to Frank & Wings of healing letter & a letter to Farmers Nursery Faribault Minn. for a Ro. Ho that weeds, hoes, cultivates & mulches. & 1 1/2 lbs. Boosten,    don’t look as if we would have any garden stuff     to cold nights    “I don’t know yet wheather I’ll send for the Ro.Ho & boosten,”    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trust for Thy help & guidance,    I glad Thou Art & ever will be. Amen. 

Thurs. July. 22. 1954./ No egg today/ Did my washing    felt so bad I didn’t gt up untill 2-p-m. fast time    then Elbert went to Huron got some fish 5 perch    he cleaned them & he fried them,    I felt rather all in,    & so does he, for he scraped & scoured & cleaned stove saucer & grate top,    they were so dirty neither of us has felt like cleaning them & he cleaned roaster or broiler oven didn’t clean the broiler,    I have to see they do another time.   Elbert spent half aday clean stove parts & I know it’s a hard job.    Well I have him rubed & he’s in bed & I wish I were in mine.    It’s a queer world.    I do Praise God for all my blessings in Jesus Name & Pray God be Blessed for ever & ever & all Power & Glory be His, Amen.    N. east cool wind all day    I hung out my night gown & Elbert’s blanket,    he had his sleepers out then at 4-p-m.    I hung out my washing & it all dried but my dress,    I pray all were refilled with the spirit who went to prayermeeting tonight & those Who couldn’t go. 

Fri. July. 23. 1954./ No egg today./  I’ve been so weak & felt as if I had my choise    I’d have just lay on the bed all day,    but I got up before in-ner{?} & then I darned my stockings  2 pr.    they havent last much longer,    I’ve worn them 2 years, so can’t complain     Ernie was here all after noon, he torments me for stories

Fri. July. 23. 1954./ page. 3204./ No egg today./ he don’t care if the story is a-bout animals, birds or humans just so it’s interesting.    Elbert tells a story sometimes about when he was 10 yrs. old & I was 8. yrs. old. about delivering papers (news papers) or fishing in Black river Lorain Ohio.    Ernie is 8. yrs. old. but, he’s such a little boy.    Well, Elbert doesn’t feel so good    he don’t have strength enough to suit him,    he hoed all his garden this morning & waterid it tonight,    his head still bothers him.    Oh Jesus, help us to be all Thine.   & I’m trusting for my healing Jesus you Promised, if we ask you would hear & take care of us & I’m standing on your promises, I know you hear & I believe you will answer prayer.    All Praise & Honour & Glory be Thiine for ever & ever Amen.    Wind South this morning but at 10-a-m. was N. east & cool & partly cloudy,    we shut the house all up before dark & it’s not any to warm.    I’ve rubed Elberts back & he’s in bed.    They had an earth quake in Chillei today.

Sat. July. 24. 1954/ No egg today./ Well, I been rather lazy & I haven’t done much only what I had to do    & Elbert felt so bad he got partly dressed got up at 8.-a-m.    he has sprayed & watered the garden    we have jigers & he didn’t get all the spraying done so guess Mon will be some more of same job.    I was out to the hen house & got a wee baby rabbit to come almost to me.    ground’s so dry & hard, that it would take a lot of water to get it wet.    I went out in front & over to look at the garden, While he was watering,    then I set in the car untill he was done,    then we both came into the house    & I washed the dishes & we listened to news.    & now he’s rubed & in bed & I wish I was in mine.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing Thou will releive me soon.   Glory to God in Jesus Name, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.    Audrey was 62. yrs. old today.

Sun. July 25. 1954./ No egg today./ Yesterday some one came & drove to the back of the house, while Elbert was up to Huron,    I must have been sleeping sound for I didn’t hear them    we saw the wheel tracks.    I got up at 10-30-a-m.    Elbert had just got home & I ask him about the tracks,    but he said he didn’t know,    his sleepers were on the line & my window was open.    (We get wonderful sermons over the radio that ought to win many souls to Christ)    Been a nice day, & not a soul came near    I’m better & will be so happy when I can go to Church again    I pray for every soul that belongs to Jesus & the world over.    I thank & Praise Thee, Jesus for all things, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen & Amen.

Mon. July. 26. 1954./ page. 3205./ No. eggs today./ My arms just below the joint of my shoulder, feels as if they had been bound close up underthe arm pit so tight they pained me now for 2 nights & 2 days & they still hurt so bad & last week my wrists felt as if they had been bound & week before my little fingers felt as if they had been twisted & hurt me so terribly & they are still sore & pain some yet & there are new hypo needle marks    Oh if only, Jesus would help me to find out how this is being done    I know He can, I pray He will, & help me to put a stop to this terrible thing, God help me to Know, I will give Thee the honour & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.    Been a cool N. east breeze, hot today. breeze dying out about 4-30-p-m.    Ernie came & stayed untill 5-45-p-m. fast time.    No Mail today,    I mailed cards to Sisters Katherine & Eva & Dear & our sister Audrey.    I love Thee Jesus & Praise THee for all things great or small, Amen.    Elbert filled tubs & buckets this morning    he’s pulled weeds & cut weeds & tonight he watered the garden & I helped carry a little water, 4 or 5 pails full.    to dry & to cold for garden.    I haven’t done much today,   I’m better in some ways. 

Tue. July. 27. 1954/ No. egg today./ Frank Bonney is 64. yrs. old today.    I sent him a card but no answer.    They never hardly if ever reply reply,    it feel we can’t be real brothers & sisters as we should.    I do pray, Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Dear Name, We all may learn to Know Thee & do Thy Will & ways.    Elbert went to Huron 11-a-m. & didn’t get back un-till 8-30-p-m. & that’s all I know about that,    he said he did the erands & had to wait in Dr’s office so long, he was just get up to leave When the nurse called him,    he went to fish house   got fish   they even gave him ice,    it lasted untill he got them dressed,    we had them for supper,    he got steak & saucage & after supper he took it to Brodes & they wasn’t home, so he took it to Sarr’s    & Helen put it in ice box & he stayed so long I began to wonder, what had happened to him,    but, he said they were visiting,    but he didn’t remember hardly anything they talked about.    No mail today.   One of the Hahn boys or men died today or yesterday,    he had been in 

Tue. July. 27. 1954./ Paage. 3206./ No. eggs today./ the hospital & had only been home few days & dropped dead.    It pays to be ready.    I did my washing & one cotton blanket today & got them all dry.    Now I have 1. work shirt, 2 house dresses, 2. petticoats  1, night gown  1. shirt & 2 towels  4 hand towels. 6, hankercheifs  my pillow slip & cover & wash rags & rags & stocking    & I washed a wash rag & 3. more rags, 1. pillow slip & cover & 2. prs. socks, for Elbert.    he will have his B.V.D’s.  3. suits & 3 work shirts, & 1 pr. pants.    Been terrible hot, through middle of day, but cool off at night with heavy dews.    Farmers are be-gining to worry about crops, it’s so dry.    Dear Heavenly Father, if people would only read Thy Word & try to understand it even my own brothers & sisters, & All their families.   Oh God help me & us before it’s tolate,   God have mercy on me a siner & give me wisdom & understanding    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen. 

Wed. July. 28. 1954./ No. eggs today./ We didn’t work today    to hot    & Ernie came & stayed untill 5-30-p-m.    We received a card from Audrey,    Joan’s man gone to Fort Knox Kentucky & Jim has gone to North Carlina.    Well Elbert’s neck is so sore & stiff,    he says it’s worse than before he went to the Dr.    I hope it will get better soon    Hope I can wipe up floor.    I baked 2. tins bread biscuits 1. brown & 1. White,    Ernie went home to go to a cub scout party & he had to take a box lunch & his mother went with him,    they went in swiming & after that they dressed & ate there lunch & came back home & went to bed.    he looked tired today,    his father brought him at noon & he went home at 5-30-p-m.    he ate part of a biscuit & drank coffee & he love my bread    I put a white & a brown one in a bag for him when he went home,    but he didn’t Know & went home with out them    We received card from Audrey Wed & none today    neither of us felt very good today,    been hot    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings    May all Glory & power be his for ever & ever, Amen. 

Thurs. July 29. 1954/ No. egg today./ Well, I got floor wiped up    took me couple hours & I was just getting done when Ella Jane, Nellie & George & Nelson came in,    they gave us some string beans   a pepper & pice {?] hot peper & 1. cucumber.    they have a little doz some gave them    Ella Jane ate a biscuit

Thurs. July. 29. 1954./ Page. 3207./ No. Egg today./ & some hot pepper,    She & the two boys went down to see Ernie,    he took the biscuits home tonight.    They didn’t stay very long,    Ernie said he’d like to see & play with them when they come again so they called on him.    & Nellie & Elbert & I visited some     she hasn’t been able to work this week & they were wondered how we were & it gave them a little ride    they were coming this morning, but they called Ella Jane & ask her to work & they was just ready to leave the house for here.    I had to sit so often though I’d never get floor wiped up.    It rained light showers from early morning untill late after noon & radio says same for tomorrow,    We need the rain,    air is very damp & it’s dark tonight.    We received letter from Audrey today not much news.    Joan’s looking at new apartment on the Levite road,    Jim’s going to try for the foodball team & Jean & Bill bought a cake with 62 candles on it & ice cream for her birthday    & she went to there home & had chicken dinner.    Jean dneeds dishes to cook in.    Well, I wish I could have gone to prayermeeting tonight    Elbert’s throat is better or at least it don’t pain quit so bad,    he’s rubed & in bed,  wish I was in mine    I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things Amen. 

Fri. July. 30. 1954./ No egg today./ Was lots to hot to work & the grass & voilet leaves are cooked    & when it gets as hot as the bible tells us & a third of all things are Killed how will be able to endure;    I think  Elbert is better although his neck is still sore & stiff.    sweat rolls down my face & neck like rain on the window pane.    It’s been so hot all day, I’ve wondered about those working in ships or out in the sun    & Nellie & Ella Jane were sick & I know it’s hard for us & so it will be for Audrey & Gertie & Many others    we got a letter from Audrey today saying it was to hot to work    I thank My Heavenly Father for all our many blessings & healings in Jesus Name    & I pray, Katherine is lots better & Joe & Eva & Anna & Marian & Mrs. Cooley & all of hers & Sister Dear & all the thousands of boys & girls & the Christians all over the world & all the slaves & prisoners & captives all those fighting & dying  all the deft dumb, and crippled  bed riden  those in camps, prisons, hospitals, homes & old peoples home, orphans & for all who take care of them that 

Fri. July 30. 1954/ page. 3208./ No egge today./ God will hear all Who call on Him in faith believing & my prayer in faith with theres & He will here & answers, Praise His Holy Name & I do Praise Father, Son & Holey Ghost now & forever more, Amen.    It’s been partly cloudy, wind’s been all way around. 

Sat. July, 31. 1954/ No egg today/ The dresses came today    I riped the cotton one up   took the belt & put a yoke in the front of skirt & the rest of belt I cut in half & peiced the sleeves down 3 inches    got it all done except the hem in the bottom of skirt & it’s the cheapest of any dress in the making I have had instead of cutting it with the length of the good they cut it all the other way.    Well maybe I can get 2.54 cents wear out of it,    it’s nice firm good percale, woven good    wish I could have had the goods & made it myself    the other one is rayon & pretty,    but they cut the waist off 2. in 2 short in the front & it makes the skirt pull up in front,    I don’t think I’ll Keep it    havent any way to piece it down in front    & sleeve are to short.    I’ve felt rather bad all day & so has Elbert      & tonight it did really look like we would get another tornado    it was a low wind   clouds & long streaks & at last it broke and the wind blew & it rained in heavy sheets,    then it eased off & in half hour or so, it began to look once more, as if it would be a tornado, but it to, passed over,    I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee,   Thou art wonderful  I love The Jesus   help me to do Thy Will & way.    Thou Knowest all things & I believe Thou will get m back to Church again,    I hope Nellie & the children didn’t get scart bad, for the storm went that way,    it’s lots cooler at 10-30-p-m. & we got a barrel & 2. tubs of rain water,    I have Elbert’s back rubed & his sling made & he drank it & is now in bed.    & I’m sure tired tonight,    it’s so hard to try to sew when you can’t see & the bobin thread & the one on top kept breaking    & I can’t see to thread the needle & Kept praying for Jesus to help & keep me & He Has,    He does all the way & I worship Him for He sees, hears, & understands;  Glory to His Holy Name. Amen.     The wind blew real hard about 3 or 3-30 this a.m.

Sun. Aug. 1. 1954./ No. egg today./ Wish I could go to church.   Been a nice day   cooled off such a lot last night & hasn’t been quite so hot today.    We were about half done with dinner when Katherine & Joe came in    they came in answer of prayer,    I ask God to help us to get some chickens & so Joe has a few to spare so they are going to bring them end of the week.    Katherine

Sun. Aug. 1. 1954./ Page. 3209./ No. egg today./ had blood clots in back of her legs & Dr. took them out,    she feels weak & weighs 298 lbs.  to much    she isn’t as tall as I am,    I pray God will take off all the surplus weight,    I thank Thee Jesus.    We had a nice visit & then they went home.    Joe is as thin as a shad.    She said Sister Dear was lots better.    I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise to Thee & pray Thou will continue their healing & mine & strengthen my faith & give me power in Jesus Name Amen.    They brought us 1. 1/2 doz. of eggs,    We are glad to get them    I’ll try to see they get some pay for they wouldn’t take any money.    Been partly cloudy all day & tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small & my Salvation.    I have Elbert’s back & neck bathed & he’s in bed & I’m going to mine.    The dress I made of bags, I wore today,    I cut it out over a yr ago.

Mon. Aug. 2. 1954./ No. egg today./ I ironed my 2 house dresses & my petticoat  & Elbert’s shirt.    I haven’t felt very well & I haven’t done any thing else worth while.    It’s been cloudy alday,    sun just peeked through once or twice & it got real chilly  cool tonight & we built a light fire.    the air has been damp    it tried to rain a couple of times.   still looks like rain.    Oh God, help me to Know Thee better & serve Thee more   strengthen me soul & body In Jesus Name I ask    I thank Thee and Praise Thee now & forever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 3. 1954./ No egg today./ Elbert did his washing this morning,    his neck pained him bad but he got it all done,    he had 3. shirts & 3. B. V. D’s.  1. pr. socks  1/ pr. pants.    We received a letter from Audrey,    she says when we get old we should keep right on working,    Well, we do the best we can & we don’t ask our brother sisters or nephews or neices to help us    We did ask Frank & Armond to come & fix up the toilet    Elbert wasn’t able to do things after the tornado,    they haven’t been back since,    we haven’t had any way to pay them for the couple hrs.     they put the toilet back together,     I’m more than sorry & pray God will see he is reimbersted, for what he did for us, & if we can do anything oursleves, I pray we may,    for we do want to.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for the strength Thou hast given us this day,    & pray well soon be able to go to Church again.    Been cloudy all morning but sun came out after dinner & it warmed up, not to much.    Elbert fixed a place to put the chickens, if Joe brings them    I baked 2. big tins of bread biscuits  1. small one.    Mrs. Kregg that use to preach in Amherst & VErmilion is going to preach in Vermilion each night this week.    I like to go & hear her.    I was thinking of her often of late.   Perhaps, because she was coming to Vermilion. 

Wed. Aug. 4. 1954./ page. 3210./ No. egg today./ Well, I got my washing done once more  & I thought once again, Praise God in Jesus Name I want to go to prayermeeting, if they have it,    they are having school for the children this week.  Katherine said.    Elbert has done odds & ends today.    Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children came about 7-p-m & brought a water melon & a few peaches & Ella Jane went got Ernie & he played with the boys & ate melon & played with the puppy & then out side,    Elbert Nellie & I ate & came in, for it was trying to rain,    so, we visited alittle,    They told me David Hunter died about a week ago    I had been thinking about him & had talked about him & I said I feel as if I was going to cry,    so my heart has gone out to Grace, his wife & family & his one brother & 3. sisters Alex & May    Nellie & Madiline Adam & John are gone & their mother & father,    We are all getting along in years,    Dave was 68. yrs. old Dec. 1953.    I only hope he had learned to Know Jesus    then we’ll meet again & I pray Grace & hers & Dave’s folks will learn to know Jesus.    Well it was cloudy all morning & then sun came & it was hot, but a cool in the hot air    Elbert is better & I do thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things more than I can tell, but Thou. Knowest Praise Thy Holy Name Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 5. 1954./             / We heard over the radio Wed. of a woman who has 4. girls 2 yrs. apart  each one born on Aug. 3.   What a birth-day party.   Elbert woke me a little after 10-a-m,    he was throwing up & groaning in pain,    I got up as fast as I could & he was standing on the step & bending over the pail, sweat standing like dew all over his head,    I did what I could for him     then got dressed    he went back to outside toilet    I went part way as far as well pump to see if he was O.K. & get a paile of water,    I had quite a time to get him settled, his stomach was cramping & his bowels    I gave him soda    he threw it up in about 10 minutes  washed his mouth & throat out & I got him to settle back in the big chair,    he had to set on the can & threw up in the pail    I Kept asking Jesus what I should do    I heard the Spirit say   get him into bed so I ask him to let me take his shoes off,   he did, then slipped off his pants & got into bed,    he seemed afraid,    I talked to him & prayed & then gave him 1/2 of anacin & cup of hot coffee & he slept a couple hours    then he went out back again,    I cleaned up after he went to sleep    some trip for me    I couldn’t sleep all night, I was so tired,    but, I did lay down & rested an hour or so this after noon    then, I dragged around & made soup for 

Thurs. Aug. 5. 1954./ page. 3211./ No. egg today./ our supper.    I only gave Elbert half a bowl full    he ate it all    he was so empty    I was a little anxious a-bout it,    I gave him a little olive oil before he had his soup    & he did have a few gas pains, but is better    I rubed his back & neck & greesed him & he’s in bed now.    he got up this a-m & put some wire netting over a window on the building we called the cottage where we had planned to keep a few young roosters,    I think it was our sister Mable’s birthday today.,    I received a letter today from Sister Haslet    they were coming on Sun.    I didn’t like the idea,   but, in her letter she said they’d come Sat. & that they wanted 1.50 a piece for the roosters    seems to much,    but maybe it’s O.K.    I hope there wont be very many of them & she said they were bringing some pullets we wouldn’t need to take unless we wanted to.    I pray God will help us & that He will turn Elbert to Him soon & save his soul,    Eva & Marian & Katherine & Joe & Maybe Mrs Cooley are going over to eastern part of Norwalk to a really Hallelujah meeting.    Wish so much we could have went.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Praise to Thee for allthings Amen.

Fri Aug. 6. 1954./ No egg. today./ Well, Elbert’s feeling better    he tried to do a little work hoeing & pulling weeds so he can put out the stump of the Baldwin apple tree by the path    there are alot of small trees  come up from the roots of the big tree    we thought we would try to save some to see if they would grow but the bible says in the end time a third of the trees will die & there are lots of them dying    Cleveland has been called the City of trees & the radio said a few days ago, that, over 2. thirds have died this summer,    & they have been digging them out & will replace them with new ones this Fall & the 2. big Elms are dying on this place & some of the other ones are dying.    I do believe the bi ble.    I aired the blankets today & made up the beds a gain.    No mail today.    Ernie came today & he looks so miserable & he complained of a headach,    I hope all will be well with him.    I thank & praise God & the Son & the Holy Ghost, for all the many blessing & pray I may go to church soon again.    May all praise be His now & ever more.    The air is nice, but there is an icy chill in the breeze & it’s been partly cloudy, white sun today. Amen.

Sat. Aug. 7. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, Elbert is tired,    he has done all he had to do.    Katherine  Joe came about 3 or 3-30-p-m.    they didn’t stay long,    they had 3 roosters & e. pullets abaout 3. months old    Elbert had fixed a place in old cottage    We understood there 

Sat. Aug. 7. 1954./ page 3212./ No egg today./ would be 6 or 7 roosters, but they had a change of mind & brought, the others,    we killed & dressed 2. roosters & cooked ribs, rumps & necks for supper & made a little gravy warmed up, potatoes & had some beets I cooked Fri. from our garden    & Elbert picked a doz. big nice cucumbers, I believe it was Tue.    he gave nellie & the girls 6 or 8 & Helen Sarr several & we have had 3 or 4 & there are more coming faster than we can eat them.    Well we had supper & I washed dishes & then I fried the rest of the chicken & put it in the roaster & let it simmer untill done,    So now the dishes & fry pan & tins are washed & put away (I made biscuits for supper)    & Elbert is rubed & greesed & in bed.    I felt so bad today but helped pick the chickens & cut them up & get them cooked    & I’m still feeling so bad    my arms & wrists & my head feels as if it had been thumped over my right temple & some sore spots in my left & right side & down around my blader & my hips where I set down    the flesh is sore as if some strong fingers had clamped into them & sometime my finigers feel as if they had been badly twisted    & I can hardly get up & do what I have to do.    I’m so glad God sees, Knows & hears & I pray He will help me soon, that I may be free.    Katherine wrote me a note & said they were going from Huron Church to Eastern part of Norwalk for a Hallelujah meeting,    but that there cars would full but she wished we could go in ours,    however we’re not able    & Elbert hates to try to drive,    his head feels so bad.    Well, they are going to have a big picnic dinner over there all so.    I pray God will be strong in there midst.    Haven’t heard from Sister Dear & she doesn’t come any more.    Oh God help us to live close to Thee I pray;   I thank Thee for all there prayers & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name

Sun. Aug. 8. 1954./ No eggs today./ We began to think there wasn’t anyone coming,    but, then, in come Bill & Jean & Joan & baby Randy James & Audrey & she had the rolla way bed,    I owe her 10.00 on it yet,    then I hope to get our linolium of floor covering.    I do wish I could paint the inside, so as to make it brighter for winter.    Well we visited awhile & then they went.    Joan has a nice baby short & chunky, aubrun hairs & dark eyes.   we

Sun. Aug. 8. 1954./ page. 3213./ No. eggs today./ Audrey & I didn’t get to visit very much    there were 2. linen hand-kercheifs wrapped in a little storry[?] paper & 2. crochet books.    We had a lunch & I have dishes washed & Elbert rubed & now I’m listening to a preacher from Indiana, Fort Wayne. & wishing I could be in church    & trust He will help me to get able to be there sooon,    Glory to God in the Highest   I love Thee Jesus & wish they all knew Thee, that they would be as serious about Thee as they are about earthly things.    Oh God, put a desire so strong in there hearts they will take there bible every day & scearch the scriptures & learn more about Thee, that our souls may be saved.    Been partly cloudy & tried to rain before the children went,    I would have ask them to eat with us but they were going back home & have supper for Merlin & there selves.    One of the little pullets got out & we had a time getting her in. 

Mon. Aug. 9. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well, I tried to clean a place for the rollaway bed & it tireded me out but I got it in between the dresser & old comode that had belonged to my grandma Bonney’s home    it’s over 100 yrs. old & it has lost the board off the back & the pieces on the sides, used for towels & wash rags.    Ella Jane always wanted Miss Baumgart’s little old coutch, so one day she gave it to me & I told Ella Jane she could have it, it matches my black walnut chairs & little rocker,    she has the dresser that had been Aunt Nellie Mastins     When she died Van gave it to me    I left My sister Nellie Bell Bonney Harnish take it to use & when I ask for it she was nasty about it & didn’t want to give it up, so I felt God Knew & so, I never ask for it again,    she’s like our dad in that respect, selfish, greedy & longs for style ease & luxier.    Well the cautch or lounge has been set here for a couple or 3 yrs or more, since before Miss Baumgart died & she didn’t know what to do with it, so Joan said she’d like to have it.    Then Ella Jane came last week & said she still wants it but if she don’t get it this week Joan will get it.    It’s been rather cool most of the day   hot during middle of the day   cool S. west breeze today.   No. mail worth while.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got the most of the grocieres & some fresh & salt meat & I went with him up to Brodes tonight,    Elbert ask her to put the meat in the ice box & she did, God bless her. 

Mon. Aug. 9. 1954./ page. 3214./ No. egg today/ Oh I thank & Praise God my Heaven-ly Father, Jesus my Savior & Phyican & the Holy Ghost  that They are & ever will be,   I love Thee & pray all Honour Power & Glory be Thine forever & ever,    I thank Thee for my healings & for this one & pray for a stronger faith in Thee, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 10. 1954./ No. egg today./ No mail worth while.   I mended 1. shirts of mine & 1 suit B’.V’.D’s. & cooked the supper.    Elbert tried to split the old apple tree stump out of the ground    The wind has a cold chill in it & it’s tried to rain & wind went N. West & it’s quite cool tonight.    radio says wind’s to blow 25 miles & hour tonight & will be 55 degrees  quite cool before morning.    I have Elbert rubed & he’s in bed.    Oh God of Love & Mercy help me I pray & I do try always to give Thee all Praise & Glory. Amen    We had Ernie all after noon & he came back & ate supper with us & I gave him a little jar of soup for his mother.   

Wed. Aug. 11. 1954/ No. egg today./ Well I finished mending the 2 shirts    my eyes seem so weak & the water runs so free    I know Jesus sees & hears & Knows my condition    I’m standing on his promises & believing He will heal me soon,   I’m trusting & believing He will   Glory to God & Honour & Power I thank Thee Jesus, & give Thee all the Glory & Praise, Amen.    Ernie was here this afternoon untill 5-30-p-m.    Strong wind all day    lots of fast moving clouds,    We had a light fire as it is so cool/ 

Thurs. Aug. 12. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, I did my washing & 2 cotton blankets.    tired Oh I’m so tired but not as bad as I’ve been some times.    I was only half done when Sister Haslet came in & we were both so happy to talk about all things & try to find the best way out,    she took Eva’s pocket book & Elbert gave her 3. cucumbers,    she brought 3 or 4 children to Huron to bible study at the church   & she may be here tomor-row.    Well, I finished the washing,    Elbert chased the Spang bake wagon or car up on the main highway & got bread, cookies & doughnuts & he stopped at store & got some fresh saucage & we had it for supper    then Ernie came in & brought me 6 nice green peppers & I gave him 2. saucage sandwitches,    he said he just loved them    I don’t believe he gets enough to eat,    Well we had the supper about halve eat when Frank & his son Armond came in from Lorain to go wood chuck hunting    they talked a few minutes & went     then they came in & talked awhile & started home at dark, no chuckes.   Franks knee doesn’t bother him he says.

Thurs. Aug. 12. 1954./ page. 3215./ No egg today./ He also says his garden isn’t much good this year.    Armond is living in the old home place.   & he help his dad a lot with boats & the work,   they dock about 57 boats  launches small & large, some so nice you have to take your shoes off to walk around on deck,  Armond said he’d rather have an old fish boat or any way something he could walk on & not worry about scratching,   his dad (my youngest brother) & I use to get in the flat bottom (old No. 3) & I’d hold out my full skirt   stick a paddle in the sculling socket & sail from the bend down home,    he was about 8. yrs. old,    I helped him make a sail out of burlap bags,   it was on a pole & not very safe as we couldn’t raise it up or down on the pole   wind was blowing agale one day & we went up to the bend   got wet turning around & had to pull boat on bank  drain water out   then put sail in    & when we got half way back wind lifted it out & dropped it in the river    Frank wanted to try to grab it, but I said no.   he was so worried,   thought we would loose it, but I told him it would float & I’d get it, but he was to do as I told him for I couldn’t swim; so since we neither one could swim    we had to be very careful & he had promised to do as I told him so he did & I re-treived the sail,   mother was standing in the Kitchen door wringing her hands so I told Frank to stand up & be carefull not to fall & then set down a-gain, so ma could see him    for I knew she thought it was Frank I was trying to get out the water but when she saw him she knew it was the sail,    I told him I could get the stick back in the hole,    I’d hold my skirt out,    he was happy then & we all most flew    the spray soaked us    I put my skirt down before we got to close to the dock & skulled in along side with out even bumping the dock & little brother said Onger [the name Frank called Elinor] that was just swell   do you think I can do as well someday?   I told him sure he could in a few yrs. more   he was 9 or 10 yrs old before he called me Elinor    I loved my brothers & sisters dearly, but they have changed over the years.    I pray they will know the Lord before He comes, God help us. 

Thurs. Aug. 12. 1954./ page. 3216./ No egg today/ I ask in Jesus Name.    I thank Thee & give all the praise & Glory to Thee for all things for ever & & ever Amen.    I pray Thou will rebuke that dumb Spirit in Marian & keep her covered with Thy blood    make her Thine in Spirit & Truth, I thank Thee Jesus, & Keep Eva close to Thee, strengthen her soul & body, heart & mind   I’ll give Thee the Praise & Glory now & ever more, Amen & Amen.    It’s been a windy day partly cloudy    was the same last night    wind whipping around most N. West & east.    Elbert has been trying to work,   he has a cold in glands of throat.    it’s better but he’s so tired, he’s tired through his stomach tonight & it don’t want to take care of his supper.    Well he’s planing on going to Huron tomorrow & cash checks.   

Fri. Aug. 13. 1954./ No egg today./ Well I cut the bottom of the boughten dress & got the facing basted on ready to stitch.   Ernie was hear all after noon & came back after supper & then he helped Elbert water the garden & went home on his bycle,    he cought a grasshopper and took it & a few small carrots home,   he had hopper in a glass jar & put it & carrots in a bag,    he’s so happy to be here with Elbert out doors,    hope he will learn to Know Jesus.    Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in,    they went up & got cream & came back & all had cream & crackers & visited a while    Jimmy’s wife “Hazel” is in hospital    she been studying to hard to be a practical nurse   she’s in St. Joseph’s in Lorain;    Mrs. Baldwin seems worse again.    & they were telling about the O’Neil Store,   said there were at least 2 thousand cars in the parking lot & they wished we could see.    It tires me so to do the least little bit out side my usual duties.    I’d like to be in Church Oh, so much.     I was out side twice today,    it’s been a nice day, tempture drops to 50 degrees most every night & will tonight.    ELbert twisted his back & it is hurting him to-Night    I rubed his back good tonight & he’s sleeping hard.    He was up to Huron & hoped for a few fish, no luck,    he got a little lunch meat & had everything started for dinner    he got pork & liver & he fried it;    we had soup for supper “Liptons dry” makes 2 dishes of soup, one package;    Elbert got my glasses fixed, today & he got the 10.00 money order for Audrey,    I’ll have the bed paid for now & I have to send 5.00 to Wyatt & 5.00 to Huron church  10.00 for gass & 24.00 for food & not any thing for

Fri. Aug. 13. 1954/page. 3217./ No. egg today./ clothes.   Elbert gave the girls some cucumbers & the vines are drying up,   they should have been watered Last night,    I hope they will come back to life & give ore cucks.    Well we have a full clear moon & most as light as day outside.    Bonita only worked a week & 2 days & is layed off again,   her children are growing & getting tall, most as tall as there mother.    Nellie says she’s going to teach Kindergarden school this Fall, half days. & tuter one boy at home.    Wish I was more able bodied.    I pray & thank God for the strength he does give me Glory to his holy name. Amen.   Getting cool    got to go to bed. 

Sat. Aug. 14. 1954./ No egg today/ Been a cloudy rainy day    the sun peep through once & it was raining a steady shower,    I rested a few hrs. this morning.    Elbert got damp & his neck seems to be worse today,    I pray he will turn to God & get converted & healed    he’s been a hard working Kind hearted man doing good for all he could & some who have seemed to hate him & he wants to have a good place before it’s to late,    Ernie was here for a while today.   came on his bycykle bicycle    he likes to come & we like to have him.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things for my healing & trust Thou will keep me covered with Thy Blood & close to Thee Amen.   It’s thundering & lightening hard, but not as much rain. 

Sun. Aug. 15. 1954./ No egg today./ It sure rained    the tub was full that set under the grainery eves & kept at it untill almost morning then it cleared up, been clear or partly cloudy, sunset like ball of ice, thundered tonight & looks like rain & it did give us a light shower,    then Nellie, Ella Jane & Bonita & 3 children came,    they didn’t stay long & went back home.    Bonita has to go to the employment office & Ella Jane has to work.    & she looks tired out    We have just sit around all day.   it’s been so hot.    Ernie told us his dad has 2 sets of hand cuffs for big & small wrists & a star & that the cuffs are locked & his father is going to try to get keys for them.    No what sort of trouble is this, I am wondering. & hope it wont be grivus    God help me, in Jesus Name I ask & please help me soon. 

Mon. Aug. 16. 1954./ page. 3218./ No. eggs today/   I hope Elbert doesn’t have any-thing to do about it, or that he does-n’t know anything about it if he is a depty in the plant Otis Steel where he says he “Rue” works    I wouldn’t think he’d alowed to take the police badge or hand cuffs home.    Well, Rue didn’t work today.     Elbert got up & washed out most of his cloths & hung them up when he went to Huron    got some meat for soup & two little chopped steaks;    I had just got his washing in & windows shut when he drove in & the wind had broke    I tried to help him in & he was very curt & told me to get out of his way     he had a pail of fish & a bag of corn & the meat,     I don’t know where his mind was    the wind was terrible, he got the door shut & barred & came in & washed his face & hand & looked rather queer,    he walked around & looked at the storm & then started to get dinner,    I ask him not to light the gas & he said he guessed it would be better not to but in a couple of minutes he lit the burners & started dinner & he still didn’t act like himself,    his norstrels extended & white around his nose & mouth & so nervous he couldn’t stand still,    maybe I’ve said to much about what I’d like to do any guy that tried or did get into my room,    I was so sick “that was quite a while ago”  I dressed then lay down on the bed,    I dosed off & began to strangle & fought to get up & he was holding something under my nose,    he said he guessed he got as much as I did, but opened the window at my demand & said, I’d better lay down,   I might fall,    I don’t know how he or any one else could get into my room    I lock the door & put the bolt on & tie the bolt,   the screen is nailed in sides & bottom but I see one side of frame is cracked & I don’t know when that was done,    every once in a while I have big finger marks black & blue on my arms & something on my legs & hypo needle marks on arms or body & just a short time ago my hands & wrists were so sore & lame & it looked as if my wrists had been bound with fish cord,  such as he has here, off from fish nets & the prints stayed on my wrists & black & blue marks for 3 days.    God help me to know what to do if there was only some one I could trust to help me. 

Mon. Aug. 16. 1954./ Page. 3219/ No egg. today./ It rained in torents & wind blew terrible,    it’s cooler to-night.     I got the dress faced & his sleeper pants patched & I patched my petticoat & sewed the sleeves in the patch demim jack I was making    he tried it on    it’s O.K.    I have to put color on it    hem sleeves & bottom & put buttons & holes & it will be done.    Oh, I forgot the pockets but I can do them.    Oh, God either turn him to Thee soon or shew me What to do.    I received return on the dress I sent back to Lane Bryant’s today.    I Praise & thank Thee Jesus for all things & believe Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 17. 1954./ No egg today./ Been a fine day,    it rained so hard early this morning & then was mostly cloudy & not to hot    Rev & Mrs. Dear & Naomie came in just after supper,    they didn’t stay very long, for they were taking care of the young folk’s meeting & had to get back to church    We had a nice Visit & prayer & then they were on there way aagain.    I was out in the yard again today    Elbert sawed off some limbs the wind broke off the other night- when the wind blew so hard & a couple that had been broke last year,    Elbert got a bad spell & shook,   so after he got off the ladder, but he put the ladder a-way & came in & had a cup of coffee & rested a few minutes & then, “Ernie was here all after noon    he & Ernie cleaned up the mess & he came in & felt satisfied to rest    Ernie went home 5-30-p-m.    he came back While Ministers were here & went before they left    & came back after they had gone,    they had 91 children to bible study classes & had picnic lunches in the park,   I thank THee Jesus for Thy love & for the love of those in the Church & after 15 or 20 minutes, Preachers & Ernie were gone,  in came Mrs. Keegan & Marian  Mrs. Cooley & Mrs. Mc.Nutt & Mrs Cooley read us some verses she had written through the inspiration of the Sppirit    we had a good visit & prayer & testimonies,    they ate cold fish & we made hot

Tue. Aug. 17. 1954./ page. 3220./ No egg today./ coffee for them & they had a lunch some where & brought us a bowl of salid,    it was good  had ripe green grapes in it    they brought buns & lunch meat & hard boiled eggs lettuce & carrots    I gave carrots & lettuce back & should have given buns,     but, forgot them   we did give cucumbers to Rev’s Dear’s & each of the others & a green pepper to each & I’m sorry I forgot buns but pray God will bless them with all they need,    I thank Thee Jesus & for all things & for blessing me with there company.    I pray they will come again soon & that we can pray & be blesse of Thee, Jesus, Glory to thy name.    It’s real cool again tonight & looks like rain     the rain had little clear pieces of ice in it last night.    Oh God I do thank & Praise Thee in Jesus Name Amen.

Wed. Aug. 18. 1954./ No egg today./ Sister Dear gave me Alberta Faith’s picture Tue.    I was so tired & felt bad all day.    I rejoiced while doing the dishes & then read a little & went to bed.    Today I washed out all I had to wash & was plenty tired.    Elbert has done a few odds & ends & he walks around & sighs.   Ernie says his father is getting the Keys to the handcuffs today    & I said what in the world does he want with them & what’s he going to do with them.    & he said with a chock in his voice that, his dad said, if he didn’t do as his father told him he was going to fasten him hands & feet to the bed,    it has appeared for a long time as if he did things to his grand daughter who is 11. yrs. old & his son who is 8. yrs. old.    Dolly stays with them & goes to school with Ernie.    Oh God help me to Know what to do & how in Jesus Holy Name,   help me soon I pray..    Rained in light showers till after noon then cleared off    I dried a few things out side.     Elbert don’t act as if he’s all there.    The marks are still on my arms where the fish cord was around them & my right leg just above my ankle,    Oh God, help me soon, E. walks so soft about the Kitchen you can hardly hear him.   I’m so thourghly discusted with him & he acts queer toward me & why?    Ernie went home at 6-p-m & came back on his bick & went home just before dark    I sent some flowers to his mother & I know she’s afraid to talk    she’s so nervous her eyelids jirk steady.    We need a good Dick one that keep his tongue & one who’s quick to see & hear.    Elbert’s glum & gone to bed.  

Thurs. Aug. 19. 1954./ page. 3221./ No. eggs today./ It thundered & lightened & sounded bad, but, no rain yet. at 11-30-p-m.  Wed. night.    Now it sure did rain before day light & light showers after that     I have not done much today,     Elbert cut the flax & weeds in the back yard & we found a bug such as I have never seen before    & Elbert said he had never seen one like either olive green on top & pinkish under neath long flat body    a queer short piece for neck & a long flat head,    had long legs simeral to “Caty Did” & the winds were long,   it jumped like a grass hopper & could fly.    Ernie was here all after noon & then came back & had supper with us & stayed untill all most dark,    he had a bad bruse on his cheek bone on right side & for to days looked as if he had cried his eyes most out.    Elbert has been acting queer & told Ernie he’d have to learn to keep his mouth shut.    My right arm up near my shoulder has pained me as if it had been tied & pains me clear out into my shoulder and across to left. blade,   I feel as if I’d been raped  I started to menistrate & I’m bloated & feel sore & my temper is so hot,    I’d like to whip the day lights half out of who ever dopes & then tortures me,    my head has felt so bad, & my nose feels as if it would bleed all day.    Elbert has been glum & doesn’t talk any more than he has to    in other words he isn’t sociable    he hasn’t felt very well, but he usually talks to me.    Well, no mail,    I do owe some cards & a letter to Audrey. & her money order.    Inez hasn’t answered my card yet.    We thought the girls would be here tonight, but they didn’t come.    Been mostly cloudy, hot this after noon & cool tonight    Winds been all the way around today.    I thank & praised God,    He takes care of us & I pray He will send the wimen- to me as often as they can come    I hope & pray I’m not doing anything wrong,   God knows my heart & wills is to do what soever He would have me to do.    I love & trust Thou will teach me & help me to understand & do Thy Will now & ever more & help me to know how to help myself.  

Fri. Aug. 20. 1954./ page. 3222./ No egg. today/ Elbert say he still feels shaky,    I don’t think he ought to climb up the ladder & saw off limbs,    He’s mowed the phlax off in back yard & carried it over the hill    Ernie was here all after noon & went home quarter to six P-m & came back & ate with us,    he said his mother might give him a lunch before he went to bed.    Well I didn’t write any cards,  so, no, mail.    I ought to bake & iron tomorrow but I don’t know as I can, for my feet hurt me so bad these last few days,     Been mostly cloudy & not to warm    Elbert don’t feel very good & talked to me about how he felt today.    I was out in the yard for a little while stumbling around trying to show Elbert what to cut & what not to cut,    the back yard needs to be cleaned up.    clouded up tonight.    I do thank Thee & give all praise to Thee    Keep me close to Thee, Amen,

Sat. Aug. 21. 1954./ No eggs today./ Elbert has felt bum but done a few things & was up to Huron & got 14. bullheads    he clean them salted & fried them & ate some for supper.    I fixed the potatoes & he did the rest.    I washed the dishes & I got 3 letters ready to go Mon. & hope to get a few more ready & some cards,    I’m sending one to Wings of Healing 5.00   one to Audrey 10.00  & one to Slim handstitcher California 2.95  & one to Lane Bryant to get my 4.94 back  one card to Miss Clark.  & one to Mrs. Goll. & one to Mrs. Keegan & Mrs. Haslett & I’d like to write to Mrs Cooley but don’t have her address & One to the Rev. Dear’s. & several more when I can get at them.    Been partly cloudy cool breeze N. East. 80 degrees.    Sounds like a rat in the basement & Elbert got up & went down & set the trap    he was in the Dry good Store & looking for pajama cloth,   his are going all to pieces.    I thank Father, Son & Holy Ghost for keeping & guiding me.    I Praise & love Thee Jesus help me to understand.    I gave all Praise & Honour & Glory to Thee Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 22. 1954./ No egg today./ Wrote card to Audrey, Miss Clark & Christy Rubber Co.    been a fine day, N. east wind.    NO one came near today.    Well, I hope some one will come this week,    we are so lone-some when no one comes     I ought to wash tomorrow if I can    the water has been running lot to free for the last 3 or 4 day    I know God is able, but the people do the judging, help us to lean stronger on Thee  Jesus. I am still trusting & believing,   help me Jesus, I pray & help Mrs. Cooley to come soon again.    I need a true friend here. 

Sun. Aug. 22. 1954./ Page. 3223./ No. egg today./ I thank & praise Father, Son & holy Ghost for all things, now and forever & ever Amen    & I long to go to Church & pray God will help those who are filled with the Holy Ghost to be strong & to be able to help in His work in the Church,    be with the Ministers & help them do & speak as Thou would have them to do & all the rest of us.    Help us all to give Thee the Honour & Praise, Glory, Amen.  

Mon. Aug. 23. 1954./ No. egg today./  Been to hot 92 degrees today to work.    so we didn’t do much    I do hope to do some washing in the morning.    No mail of any account.    Elbert gave the postman the cards to mail. but the letters I hope to mail in Vermilion    I have to see Mrs. Day’s daughter gets a dollar.    I wasn’t able to send it last month.    I hope I can write a few lines & send with the dollar money order.    Wasn’t hardly any breeze today.    Partly cloudy to day    Wind S. & a little west tonight.    I thank & praise God for all my many blessings & healings & trust I may be free to worship at Church, help me Jesus I pray,    I’ll be sure to give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever, Glory, Amen.  

Tue. Aug. 24. 1954./ No egg today./ I did my washing    got it dry all but the rags   Been 91 degrees, but a little breeze all day & before Ernie went home came up a storm with lots of wind,    but did no harm as far as we know    Ernie ran home between storms,   he had lunch at 3-p-m & supper at 6-p-m.   he brings us 50 cents a day & it helps us some,    We had a beautiful rainbow a half round & colors all the way over & a reflection all way round.    & just at dark Ella Jane, Bonita & 2 of her children & Bonney Bell & her 5 children came in for a little visit    Joe is working & he stayed home to take a rest & Nellie & Nelson stayed home,    he has a cold & the children tire Nellie & hot weather is all most to much for her.    Pinky seemed to have a touch of cold & its to much excitement with all the children,    the eldest one starts to school this Fall & the second one Kinder garden for half a day    then she will have 3 at home.    Bonney Bell is looking only her face is thiner    been 2 yrs or so since she was here.    We enjoyed there visit. 

Tue. Aug. 24. 1954./ Page. 3224./ I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee & am still trusting & believing Thou will help me to Praise Thee in Spirit & help Eva & Mrs. Cooley Katherine & Mrs. Mc Nut to come back & pray & receive a stronger faith in Thee  & to help in Thy work more in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee & Praise Thee Glory to God in the Highest Now & forever more.    Cool S. west breeze tonight    last night we had doors & windows open & it was to hot    tonight we have them shut & not to warm.   Oh, Jesus is coming soon & my heart greives for the many.   aired all lmy bedding today.

Wed. Aug. 25. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well I baked white & brown bread biscuits & 1. loaf.      Elbert has been filling up barrel & tubs with water     it rained last night & been partly cloudy all morning    hung the rags out with Elbert’s help,   sun was hot but air so damp they only dried half,  so hung them in side.   aired night cloths & pillows, & I made a peach pie & two schells for lemon pies.    rained hard & hailed before dark wind blew so hard & it hailed before dark    wind blew so hard & it thundered & lightened terribly hard.    Hellen just about had time to get home before the wind began to blow & We got Ernie started home, so he got there to same time his ma got there,     I was glad for it was a hard storm & the rain just came down untill we couldn’t see the trees or rail road tracks    We had a card from Audrey today.    Now it’s cool after the rain    I hope we can scrub the rugs soon    We need soap powder,    think I’ll try to iron tomorrow    Elbert plans on going to Vermilion for food supplies.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing in Thee & thank & Praise Thee for my healings & this one    May all Glory be Thine forever Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 26. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I finished darning Elbert’s socks & mended my old dress & ironed 3. shirts 2 dresses & one peticoat & hunted for a piece of goods I had started to make a night gown out of    & didn’t find it so will have to look again.    night gown’s gone fore & aft,     The little old man came today & he look well & said he came through a little place I can’t remember the name    & he said the wind picked him off the rail road & set him down at least 40 ft. from where he’d been & he

Thurs. Aug. 26. 1954./ page. 3225./ No. egg today./ was & lost his little suit case & it sure looked badly banged up    & he had a can of coffee in it & the cover was loose & leaking all over every thing    We tried to get him to take the stuff all out & Elbert would try to fix it together a little but he didn’t want to & acted as if he was still in a daze,    he rested for a while    I gave him another can of coffee & some bread & he went on his way,    he’s just skin & bones.    Ernie came & was here untill 5-30-p-m.    We had dinner, after the old man left    I ask him to stay & eat,    but he went on    thought it was going to rain & he wanted to get to Vermilion    Elbert went early to Vermilion & got 24.00 worth of food & paid light bill & said he didn’t have enough money to get the meat & there were several things he didn’t get at the store,    he don’t act as if he’s all there & stays outside by himself & looks as if he was studying about something.    Well, I praise God for all our blessings in Jesus Name & hope all is well.    Been cloudy & damp out side & in.    I Praise Thee Jesus.    They had earth quakes in 3 places in California to-day & Plaine crashes yesterday & today & Florida was making ready for syclone,    they figured 100 mile wind & the have had tornadoes in several places around here. 

Fri. Aug. 27. 1954./ No. egg today./ Oh I washed out what dirty cloths, I had     & Elbert washed out his small pieces,    he only has his B.V.D’s & work shirts & pants to wash    & he has an old coat to wash.    Well, I’m tired.    Ernie was here untill quarter to six,    Elbert went to Huron & got 17 perch all scaled    he clean out the insides cut off the heads & washed & salted them & fried them (at 12-30-noon)    Well I’ll have to see about making our night cloths,    Elberts jacket & pants are done fore & the skirt of my gown. & then my dresses.    Rained 2 good showers early this morning between 3 & 5-a-m.     sun shone most of the day & starlight tonight & cool now    I got a letter from krisie Rubber Co.  they failed to answer my questions    Well they want me to sell there products.    Wish I could.   Good 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1954./ Page. 3226./ No. egg today./ I thank Thee Jesus more than I can tell for taking those sore spots out of the lower part of my abdoman,     Oh, how much I thank Thee & praise Thee, Jesus, blessed, Pure, Clean & Holy,    I don’t know how to thank & praise Thee in words, but Thou Knowest my heart,    I love only Thee.   Amen & Amen.  

Sat. Aug. 27. 1954/ No. eggs today./ Been punk all day   feel as if I’d had an over dose of sleeping powder& my left eye feels as if the eye ball had been pushed nearly out the socket & so sore I can hardly see out of it    the right side of my head is sore as if it had been pressed to the left & pains where it had been fractured,    I’ve been feeling drunk all day,    it’s terrible.    Elbert did his washing this morning    his pajamas are so badly torn, & so is my nightgown.    Henery & Inez was here for half hour or so,    her mothers been with her,     she was only home “with Hilda taking care of her” for 3. weeks    then she went back to Inez & only got back to her own home last week,    she had gained 3. lbs. & wanted to go home & is feeling quite happy again.    but I wonder when she’s alone & no one to wait on her, how long her 3. lbs. will last God help us I pray,    Only 2. cards this week 1 from Audrey & one from Miss. Lida Clark,    she’s staying with her brother in Broadway Ohio.    Cool N. east breeze   air is damp, sun was hot from 11-a-m to 4-p-m.    Clayton Brode gave us 11. bags of small potatoes & Elbert cleaned S. west corner of basement & put in a platform & put bags on it.    I suppose Bonney Bell will be going home tomor-row,    I don’t know if Nellie will be here with the girls & 3. grandchildren or not.    Oh God of Love & Mercy keep me close to Thee in Jesus Name I ask    I thank Thee for my healings, & for taking away the sore spots & all the other things, help me to know & understand better.    I Praise & thank Thee forever & ever, Amen & Amen.   

Sun. Aug. 29. 1954.[this is out of sequence, maybe fixing one in july]/No. egg today./ No one came today & we been here a-lone,    Well, we listened to sermons all day & wished I were in church. & that I could visit with Mrs. Cooley & learn a few things more that she Knows that I don’t.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things, great or small.    I thank Thee for strength & that I can still walk & do the most necessary things.    Oh, Jesus help me quick, and fill me & heal me & take care of Elbert & all my brothers & sisters, nephews, Neices, Cousins & all there families.    May all Glory & Praise be Thine, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 30. 1954./ Page. 3227./ No. eggs today./ WE got tank gas. Aug. 28./ We neither have felt able to work    Elbert has kept busy most of the day     he covered up the building blocks    & can’t keep track of them now, they are half gone    I hunted for a pr of tennis pants for Elbert that I had cut out ready to sew together    now I can’t find them,    I found the night gown I cut out for myself.    & it’s queer    what could have become of those pajama pants.    Well, it tires me out to hunt for things    looks as if he’ll have to buy some goods, for his jacket is so badly torn in the back & my gown is thin or thread bear & tares so easy.    I haven’t felt good    my stomach is sore    I just can’t understand    that’s the way I feel if I alow myself to sleep & I can’t stay awake all the time.    Jesus heard my cry for help when Dan O’Neil was putting poisen in Frank’s coffee    & I have ask him to show me What’s going on now,    but no answer yet    God help me in Jesus Name I ask,   I’ll give Thee the Glory & Praise Thee  Amen.   we re-ceived card & note from Mrs. Hastlet & Joe,    she is having soreness in the insision spelt wrong,    hurt her to set behind car wheel & drive,     she said she hadn’t told Joe.    The card had a nice little wish.    If wishes were flowers, They’d blossom & bloom, To, gladden your hours and brighten your room.    Been partly cloudy N. east wind that whipped around for several hours before dark & the sky was terrible,    it poured rain several times & I do thank Thee Jesus for the rain I ask for & the pertection Thou gave us from those wind clouds hanging low & taking so menising, Wind’s still N. east & blows in strong puffs.    I Praise Thee Jesus & trust for Thy care tonight & for Your help in solving my troubles & for the love & friendship of Eva & Katherine.

Tue. Aug. 31. 1954./ No. egg today./ No one came today, 1. letter from Audrey & she said she received the $10.00 I sent & that makes $30.00 for the roll a way bed & she said I could have it for. 25.00,   she said she was going to use it to pay her hospitalization,    Well, she don’t work steady & what are people going to do when there isn’t work & they can’t pay bills or eat & there are several HurryCanes that Have come in from the ocean & Boston & New York & several other places have been terribly shook up & over 200 cottages washed away    I think that was on Long Island & there’s another one making near some Islands    I didn’t hear plain.    Wind has been puffy N. East & N. West & we have a fire in heaterola yes-terday & last night & today,    no rain today, but sky has been threating.    Many things are happening & Jesus said, that when these come to pass to Know the end is near & believe.    Oh God I love Thee & pray for the infilling of the Holy Ghost,   May all Glory be Thine now & forever more, Hallelujah, Glory to God in Jesus Name.

Wed. Sept. 1. 1954./ page. 3228./ No. egg today/ Been a nice day partly cloudy   it clearned all off last night & heavy dew & quite cool last night & another heavy dew tonight & starlight & we saw the new moon, a west moon.    Last night before dark we watched the sky from suppertime untill dar,    looked like a nother tornado,     To day, Elbert went to Huron & heard the wind dipped down passed Shinrock way & tore out trees & took a big hen house that belonged to a Mr. Johnson & 2.50 laying hens & ripped things up all a-round, killing the hens & Spippy Shoe said it up rooted several of his trees    that’s only 1/2 mile or so from here,    it sure looked bad,    I thank God in Jesus Name He spared us & am trusting He will take care of us in the future    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things,    May God be blessed for ever & ever Amen.    Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children came & got 3 baskets of potatoe, cucumber peppers & little water melons & 6. nice sized pike    They broug us y. string beans & grapes    they were thinking of going to Seville yet, tonight, to get there mother.    they had come here from Bay village where they had been to see Hazel Harnish at hospital    she has only been home a week from there,    it a mental condition    God help us.   I gave the children some bread,    they like it so much.

Thurs. Sept. 2. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, I washed today,    there was such a strong puffy wind from the south cloths dried so fast    hot sun, partly cloudy & looked bad before dark & it’s 9-30-p.m. & lighten-ing & thundering yet only light sprinkling of rain so fare,    Elbert hasn’t felt very good today,    he sawed up some wood out in the back & done odds & ends    carried water for me & hung up cloths & brought them in.    They are having bad storms all over,    I wonder Why people don’t think about there souls.    No mail from any one,   DeHaans book came & a letter from Dollila card Co.     I hope to stitch up Elberts pajims tomorrow    I got them cut out yesterday. & I do thank God im in Jesus Name for all things, Amen.    I wish I could have gone to prayermeeting

Thurs. Sept. 2. 1954./ page. 3229./ No. egg today./ Well, the storm was bad all around us but we thank God, he broke it up & some time before 2-a-m.     after that I slept alittle.    Sky all clear & wind died out & we have a heavy dew,    I thank Thee Jesus for answering prayer, Glory to God, We Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy. Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 3. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I got up at 10-a-m.   it’s a beautiful day Warm N. wind, went S. early then W & backed up or breeze.   then went S & west.    We hung out night cloths & the pillow    & I finished my night gown & hung it out to whip the raveling off.    got to make button holes next.     I got Elbert’s sleeper jacket & pants all most done    have to get the sleeves stitched once more & neck faced, botton & holes & the pants have to have rubber in belt & bottons & holes.    I sure am tired.   Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children were here for a little while tonight.    heavy dew again tonight    Boston’s looking for another bad storm tonight, or tomorrow.    & they say more heavy winds    I pray We wont get it to hard,    it hailed ice balls like big marbles.    the children gathered a lot & put them in the ice box.    Nellie had letter from California but, only said the Soughtons were well.   Elbert took another tumble today    scrubbed his fore arm & shook him up    he looked sick, but kept going    I don’t know what he was doing, pilling up & picking board wood    & he helped get the meals & done a lot of little things    he’s tired & feels bad,    I’ve been rubbing his back again for several night.    Hope to get another dress or two for house wear.  

Sat. Sept. 4. 1954./ No. egg today/ Well, I got the stitching done & the sewing, & aired bedding & night cloths.    & I’m to tired    Elbert didn’t get his check & no mail now untill Mon.    & he went up here by the park & run in dept for buns & some meat & he took the young man’s wife to Blue Birds Beach, so the young man cut off some on his bill,    I hope we can get along now on what we have,    I don’t like to run bills, to hard to get them paid & have to go with out more, next time      & I do feel so tired & weak from the work this week & last.    Been a nice day    Elbert’s toe is troubling him like mine did    mine is better.    I tried to cut his toe nail & put a little piece of batton under edge & corner    I hope it will help    he was limping yet tonight.    Oh God help us I pray to live Thy Will & ways    I give Thee all the Glory & Honour    there’s no One like Jesus.    I love Thee Jesus. Amen.

Sun. Sept. 5. 1954./ Page. 3230./ No. egg today./ I saw a big bird sitting on a dead willow cleaning hisself & every once in awhile he stretched his long neck & let out some loud yells,    it had a long beak & legs    Elbert thought it was a crane.    Wind about all died out before dark, but has freshened up a lot at-11-p-m. & is star & moon, light   new moon.   This was for Sat. 4. of Sept.    Now today’s Sun. Sept. 5. & Sister Haslet & her husband Joe came after dinner & ate a bowel of soup with us for supper & had a cup of coffee & went back to Church at 7-15-m.     I hope they will get home safe & I pray they have a safe trip to Graftin to visit there nephew her sisters boy,    she has just heard from him that “his mother” her. sister is in a mental hospital    she would like to go to her    she hasn’t seen her for years & she has spinal megelise [meningitis?]I haven’t spelt this right.  Mrs. Haslet wrote a letter to sister in 1933 & just received ans.     & Sister Haslet had it once & Jesus took it away     I pray her sister will turn to God & let Jesus heal her soul, heart mind & body in Jesus Name,    Mrs. Haslet tries to do to much work & isn’t as well as she might be.    Been a terrible hot day.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all mine & Elbert’s blessings Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 6. 1954./ No. egg today./ Labour Day.   Very quite around here    Elbert discovered he had a flat tire last evening & I got him to jack it up before he left it to get the weight off from it,    this morning he took it up to a man on main highway & was luckly,    got a ride up & back to end of our road & Rue took him up    a man brought him back to end of road,   & Helen brought him home & he put it back on car & went for the milk,    he ask Clayton Brode about a hen for eating & he brought 3. hen. 1.00 a piece nice heavy ones,    Elbert killed one & dressed it,    it was full of eggs    he put it on to cook & ground the breast & a thigh to.    I fixed it for meat balls & he took it to Brodes & they put it in ice box.    Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.    Been a very hot day & clouded up tonight & 11-30-p-m.    it’s thundering & lightening,    I pray it wont be a bad storm but hope we get some rain    we need the water    I did some stitching & got the bottons & hole in Elberts jack & pants & patched his old pants & am terribly tired.    I Praise God for all our blessing, Salvation & healings. & that He cares for us,    Glory Hallelujah I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. Sept. 7. 1954./ No egg today/ Elbert went to Huron & paid what he owed & the man up by the park,   he got his S. check 52.80 he said.   & he owes 4.00 in Vermilion & he paid Brodes 4.85 & I said I guessed I’d send Mrs. Brode a chicken meat ball & Elbert had to tell her.   & he said she said I shouldn’t send it   she didn’t want it,    I do wonder how 

Tue. Sept. 7. 1954./ page. 3231./ 2. eggs from B. hens./ she ment it.    Well it was so late by the time I got Elbert’s pa-jama pants, patched, last night & it thundered & lightened Oh so hard & the wind blew & took the crate by basement window clear over the hill,    it whipped the trees so hard & shook the fruit most all off    Elbert picked up 1/2 bu. or so of pears, from John’s tree, only half a tree left    even broke off the sprouts from the bottom of the trees,    it rained & then big soft snow flakes; & then it hailed & rained some more after 2-30-a-m    it stopped for a while     & then this a.m.I mended my corset while Elbert went to Huron & it poured rain,     so I thank God for the rain & the water we cought & for taking care of us.    now it’s late again tonight, for I mended a dress & washed most of the dishes,    I made button holes in my new tennis night gown & sewed buttons on it & I thank & praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name & pray for each of His & Jerulem & His Holy Mountian.

Wed. Sept. 8. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Elbert’s work at odd jobs & helped me,    I did my washing & he carried the water & hung out the cloths & brought them in     been a fine day    some clouds & thickened up tonight & wind has been blowing strong & puffy.   & still is at 11-30-p-m.    No letter from Audrey, but the corset came today from Lane Bryants today    bag was all ripped & been taped shut    what ever comes through Huron Post Office has to be snooped into.    No sewing today.    I hope we can wash blankets tomorrow     but, Elbert’s talking of going to Vermilion   pay his bill & get a few things to eat.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & give all Praise & Glory to Thee forever & ever, Amen & Amen.    N. east wind & feels like winter’s just around the Corner. 

Thurs. Sept. 9. 1954./ ___ eggs today./ I wrote cards to Audrey Mrs. Haslet & Mrs Keegan.     last night, another Hurrycane coming off Florida & it has turned quite cool tonight Sept. 8.   Well I felt so tired & wore out I couldn’t work    I swept & that was all I did today    I have those strikes around my arms & this time around my left thigh    I’ll ask Elbert to call the state police, but he hasn’t done it yet & he says he don’t know a thing about it,    I’ll find out before very long.    I believe I will.    He went to Huron & got 17 bulheads,   he cleaned & fried them all.    I don’t eat them,    he don’t act like hisself either today    & he’s been looking at himself every once in a while in the look

Thurs. Sept. 9. 1954./ Page. 3232./ 2. red hen eggs today./ glass & he said he just wondered how he looked.    When he don’t know he’s been watched he steps around as if he was full of strength like a person so angry he’d like to kick the daylights out of some one.    The wind’s been N. east damp & cool & some sun, cloudy again tonight.    The man from Sandusky Ohio Studeybaker called today,    but, we couldn’t find a way to swing a deal    he offered 185 dollars for Elbert’s car,    but, we’d have to make a down payment of 171 dollars & we can’t find a way,    if we could find some one to buy it we could have the other car.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & am standing on Thy Promises,   Help me, Jesus, I pray.

Fri. Sept. 10. 1954. 1. red hen. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a great day    Elbert got for me 6 mash bags yesterday     & today I set bread & washed the bags & am to tired.    I changed Elbert’s bed also.    He went to Vermilion for food 7 dollars at Kroger & all most as much, at the other stores &    baked 3. tins of bread biscuits  2. brown & 1. white.    The other Hurricane will swoop in  in a couple of hours & is expected to hit New York City early in the morning.    Oh God have mercy I pray.   We have raised a few of the little water mellons, Henry Fields sent them the seeds    they are good, but so full of seeds     We have had quite a few to eat     & Elbert gave Joe & Katherine some & Nellie & the children & we’ve had several    Elbert went to see Plato but he’s off on a vacation    We want to sell the building we call the cottage & exchange the money for a car & turn ours in on it    We need the car,    I pray God will make it possible    I thank Thee Jesus & trust Thou will see, we get a good car    He went to Lumber yard & they said they thought we should get 6.50, 700 or may be 800 for it.    & I trust we can,    he got 6 bags at Mill & I have them washed & ready to iron & make my nightgown skirt tomorrow if I can.    Elbert has been trying to fix a place to Keep the lumber dry.    I thank & Praise Thee for all,    help me to be worthy   May all Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 11. 1954./ 2 red hen eggs today./ Well, I’m dog tired,    I ironed those 6 mash bags,    they are quite heavy & hard to iron first time    & my petticoat & dress & trimed & sewed 2 bags & hemed one end & sewed the yoke & sleeves I had on the old gown, on the new skirt so now, I can have a whole gown tonight with out sticking out in front & back.    Been a fine day N. east wind    Elbert washed part of his cloths    they only partly dried & started

Sat. Sept. 11. 1954./ page. 3233./ 2 eggs this day./ to rain,    he had a little wood fire so fix it up & dried clothes in the house.    I helped make soup for supper    it was good made from shank meat.   we got the sticher from California this morning & our checks & I’ll have to take out 16. for Church 12.50 for cultavator & 1. for insurance, leaving me 35.50 & I’ll have to give part of that to Elbert to help pay for the food & milk.   I have a letter ready to go to Dr. Wyatt or Wings of Healing.    We have to have tax money next.    I want some shoes & a hat & to get my coat fixed & to get the floor covering & fear it gets cold weather.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Great Love Salvation & care   Glory be to Jesus & to God & the Holy Ghost.  

Sun. Sept. 12. 1954./ No. eggs to day./ Well, it’s a great day    I got up late    I didn’t sleep untill 5-a-m. before I finished my bath Katherine & Joe drove in & they brought in 2. victor record players & such a big bunch or stack of records.     I sold her my Electic hot plate & roaster for 25. dollars. & gave a tenth to Dr. Wyatt,    Elbert gave them some beets I had to wash the stove & roaster & today was Sun.    & I had told them not to bring them on Sun.    we only bargained for one graphone    I don’t know what I’ll do with them.    I hope we can keep all things straight,   she said it was Joe’s determination that brought the graphones,     Well I’ll have to be mor-determined    it seems, in the future.   God help me to be all Thine in Jesus Name, I ask,   I Praise Thee now & for-ever.    We ate a dish of soup & then Eva & Marian came   Katherine said they had talked of coming.   It’s been a nice day    Hurricane. only did a little damage around Gulf of Mexico   Hurricane broke up went back to sea.    3 planes down today We had a nice visit &    But I pray God will strengthen their faith.     Eva & Marian ate cold. lunch with us & we talke-ed of faith & strength & courage in Jesus    Eva has gall stone attacks & had a more severe one last week than she has had before,    I told her of Sister Willitts & I do hope she will try her for advice & strength.   Eva left in time for Church & I gave her my tenth for the Church,    I gave a few tax stamps to.     & I gave my tenth to Sister Dear last time & I gave Naomie a 50 cents piece with the Liberty Bell on oneside.    Oh God fill me with the holy Ghost & help me to be a blessing to Thee.    Jesus I pray Thou will see to it that I’m filled & healed & able to do more to help others come to Thee    be with mrs. Cooley & help her to be able to decide what to do about her church.    I thank Thee & praise Thee I believe Thou will help me in all the ways I need & They need.    Keep Elbert from evil & from harm I thank Thee. 

Mon. Sept. 13. 1954./ Page. 3234./ 1. eggs today./ Well we washed the 3 rugs & door pieces after Elbert got his washing done,    they all got dry except my rag rug & the old pants we us in the door.    been rather cloudy all after noon & was partly cloudy. this morning, North east Wind.   No mail,   I sorted a few records,  only about 6. out of 1 1/2. doz any good & I don’t know really about them.    I’m tired & wish I was in bed my arms are so tired, but, Praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost    I still am trusting, hoping & believing to be filled & made whole    Glory be to Jesus,    He’s all the world to me    And it’s Him I’m hoping to see    where Jesus is sea What matters Where,  Where Jesus is his heaven there,    Oh Glory be to Jesus Oh Praise Him just now    Who wore the cruel thorns upon His Blessed, brow.    Why don’t we pause & listen to the good things we’re missing    Why can’t we be still & think of Him on the cross & hill.    Oh, Jesus keep me close to Thee I pray,    They had a Cyclone in Japan today & a buss wreck 36 dead./ 

Tue. Sept 14. 1954./ No. eggs today./ I gave Elbert 15.00 out of my check & he got a money order 12.50 for the Cultivator & I made out an order 5.00 for Nellie & guess it should have been 10.00   they were right here  & I let them go with out figuring out what they said, for I’ve been feeling so bad all day      & I did out my washing    We did the rugs & things Mon.    & I’m to tired to even think but after they, had gone something bit at my heart & I began to think how queer they had acted & Now I’m frantic.    Elbert went to Lorain & got the (olive oil) & a few things to eat,    Nellie & the children came at eight oclock.    Oh God help them some how I pray, & help them to tell me so I can help them    I believe they came all the way thinking I give them bread & food.    Been mostly cloudy & real over cast this after noon, but the cloths all got dry,    I didn’t hang rags out.   rag rug isn’t quite dry.    Elbert talked to Audrey a few minutes.    he got home at 3-30-p-m. & he brought pt. of cream & I was glad, for I hadn’t eat only cup of brand & milk all day.    I thank God in Jesus Name for taking & bringing Elbert safe & helping him do all the erands,    he got 6. more bags today,   they are good & heavy.    Wind freshened up & got quite strong tonight & we had a fire last night  today & tonight    Oh I Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.

Wed. Sept. 15. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well, its been a nice day but the wind’s been all way round.    Elbert went to Huron early & mailed 5.00 money order to Nellie & he got a big mess of fish & called Eva & she came for supper & Marian & brought us 3. cans of peaches & even 

Wed. Sept 15 1954./ Page. 3235./ No eggs today./ put 50 cents on the table for tele    -phone calls but I had Elbert put it in her perse    she’s good hearted, but we don’t want her to over do it,    we don’t ask them so they will give,    We love to have them come.    I pray God will use me, to help them,   they need help.   Well I moped my bed room & part of the Kitchen    I haven’t felt very well for several days,   such pains & misery.    It’s rained this morning.    Elbert got both tubs full & the barrel two thirds full & several pails full,    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for the rain & water I had ask for & now I ask for the Holy Ghost & to be made whole    I give Him the Praise   there’s no One like Him,    He is truly wonderful.   Glory Hallelujah I love Thee Jesus & trust Thy Will be done.   

Thurs. Sept. 16. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been cloudy, today,    Wind all around dieing out tonight & it’s moonlight tonight.    I haven’t worked today    have felt so bad, got such a sore spot in my stomach.    No word from Nellie or the girls, or no letter from Audrey.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good either but he’s tried to saw up & old peach tree.    I thank Thee Jesus for hearing an answering pray    & I pray God will to me.  close to Jesus now & forever more,  Glory to His Presious Name. Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 17. 1954./ No. egg today./ No. letters or cards from any of our brothers, sisters or nephews & neices & we don’t know what’s wrong.    So we just have to wait,  no telling how long.    I pray Dear Jesus that Thou will help us to know tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus.    Been mostly cloudy, not much breeze,   been all around.    Elbert went to Huron got a nice big mess of fish & cleaned them & I had potatoes & cauliflour ready to cook & I cleaned beet greens & cooked them for dinner,    I been sick for several days & all last night & today,    so didn’t eat untill tonight    I feel so weak & miserable,   but trust to feel better tomorrow.    Keep me Jesus close to Thee.    I got a box of cards sent to me from a blind school   Christmas Cards.    I have to send them back or send $1.00 so I’ll send. the $1.00,   I thank Thee Jesus for my eyes & pray for the blind    Jesus help me in the ways I need most    I thank & Praise Thee now & forever & ever Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 18. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well we had company,   Sister Haslet & Joe came & he & Elbert got some ties from John Snyder’s tie pile & he & Joe jacked up the poor old cottage on the South side & Elbert’s had cramps since supper on his ribs in his back & legs    he looked all tired out & so did Joe    I gave them a cup of coffee before supper & Joe was to tired to eat his supper,    I gave them 4 fish all cooked & a bouquet of roses.    I have felt better today but so

Sat. Sept. 18. 1954./ Page. 3236./ 1. eggs today./ terribly weak but I got the dishes done & now I’ll read & go to bed   Hoping, trusting to be feeling better & stronger tomorrow    It rained this morning,    we have every thing, barrel, tubs & pails ful of water.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray for all of those, of Thine, & Our Ministers,  We All need Thee so much,  they tell me Sister Keegan & Sister Haslet & Rev. Dear told me, first his wife & then he go to the Smith home to see their son on the Television Sun morning & come in late to Sunday school & Church & he had been talking against people doing such things but now they do it.    What would Jesus do?   What would He say?  & What does He think?   Oh God help us to do Thy Will & Thy ways in Jesus Name I ask, Amen, Amen.    Fuller brush man came,    I paid him 2.5 for tooth & hair brushes.   Winds south west not cold & looks like rain.   I thank & praise Jesus,   I love Thee & Praise Thee. 

Sun. Sept. 19./ 1954/ No. eggs today/ Well, No one came today & we have been so all alone,   some one came in & took our pears last night    they were there yesterday & gone this morning.    I felt w ought to have picked them up yesterday,    Elbert was so tired & Haslets didn’t leave untill it was getting dark    & I was terribly sick all day & all day Fri & Fri. night    Well I often wish I had an iron cage that couldn’t be unlocked with out my help,    this morning I found my door unlocked.    I hope & pray for God’s help & that He will deal in His own way with any one that comes into my room,    I often have mark on me,   my arms & legs & my left breast had a mark as if it had been sucked so hard the blood almost came through the skin & again this morning & has pained me all day,   my flesh is so soft & my left arm felt as if some one had tried to pinch a hole through the flesh half way between Elbow & shoulder    I can’t begin to tell how it pained    I prayed & rubbed it all day, & only a couple of day ago I had 2 sore spots in the upper part of my stomach & it was almost unbearable,    it’s better & the expressions are such happy ones on the face    I wonder how anyone can be so cruel, feanish & beastly.   brother Fred’s birth day  he’s 68 yrs old & his wife remarried & his daughter married & has a baby girl 20 mo. old at Christmas time.    I pray Gods will be done.    I thank & Praise THee Jesus. & beseech Thee for help. 

Mon. Sept. 20 1956./ No. eggs today./ Well the Ro-Ho came today    Elbert got it put together & tried it but to hear him tell it’s no good,   but seems to me it will be O.K. when he gets use to it.    I did not work today.

Mon. Sept. 20. 1954./ page. 3237./ No egg today./ Been a beautiful day quite warm   Wind’s been all around.   I received a little book from Wyatte but none of those I ask for.    I wonder.    & no word from the girls & I sent 3 U.S. Post cards,  seems as if Ella Jane or Bonita could at least used one to let me know how things are,    I sent a card to Rev Dear’s & Audrey. & Bonney Bell.   Well, I’m trusting God will help us to Know, soon.    I couldn’t do by them, as they do by me,    every one of them, even I tried to get Elbert to call them by phone,    but, I’m still trusting we’ll hear something tomorrow    I do thank Thee Jesus for all things, although many times I don’t understand, yet all thing’s work out for Thy good & Glory forever & ever, & trust You Will Keep us Close to Thee

Tue. Sept. 21. 1954. ___ eggs today. We received card from Bonita,   she didn’t even say thank you for money order & cards & we received 3 pages full on both sides from Audrey    they are all O.K. all round.    Been a windy day & it’s more clouds than sun   wind strong & puffy,   it started very early before daylight & kept at it untill it stopped about 9-30-a-m.    I haven’t felt able to do anything today.    Hope Nellie is feeling lots better.    Wind’s still blowing & it is getting colder outside,    I’m so tired     noise all night,    a rat in the basement,    Elbert opened the windows & forgot them.   I thank Thee Jesus for taking the pain out of my body    I was so terrible miserable & today water still runs free & I trust Thou will Jesus will fix that part & be with those in Detroit in Thy meeting & bless & help the people to know & understand more about Thee Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy, Amen.    I wrote to Audrey & Bonita

Wed. Sept. 22. 1954./ No. 1. egg today./ Well I got the washing done except the blankets    been partly cloudy & quite fresh cool breeze.   I got the cloths dried    I washed my nightgown & 2 dresses, my arms are tired,    but hope to set bread in the morning.    the floor is getting so dirty again & so hard to wipe up,    I hope to go soon to get some before it gets cold weather.    Mrs. Haslet wrote a letter,    but, no other worth While mail.    Elbert has dug 2 pks. potatoes today. 5. good pks. from one row.    We had a little wood fire all day.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray for my healing of this water trouble,   be in all Thy meetings all over the world & help each one to have a craving for Thee & their soul.   

Thurs. Sept. 23. 1954./ No  1. eggs today./ Well Elbert went to Huron    got a big mess of catfish & bull heads & we had dinner & then he went out & skined them & washed & scraped them & I salted & packed them,    I put my bedding out & then made up the beds,   I washed dishes & Elberts so tired but he fried the fish & then we ate a part of little water. melon,    then Elbert had been up & called Nellie & they came for the fish  7 bullheads & 3 catfish & they

Thurs. Sept. 23. 1954./ Page. 3238./ No.  1. eggs today./ brought ice cream 1/2 pt. cup     it was good but I donn’t feel like eating,    I was sick all last night,    I don’t know what was the cause,    felt as if it would come up,    but, Elbert gave me cup hot water & it went the other way & they been running me some all day,    I didn’t feel able to wash yesterday,    now we hope to wash wool blankets tomorrow.    Nellie spent that $5.00 I sent them for a piece of white goods for petticoats & a dress for me & she said don’t worry about us,    if we can all keep working we’ll make out,    they have been busy after hours    Johny’s stomach is bad & he’s had to go to Cleveland twice & had to take Mark & both have a general check up “as they call it” & so they took Bonita to Johny    & Marcie is over to hospital Bay View taking care of Hazel Harnish    she is worse again & Ella Jane works 2 nights untill 9-p-m. so they are busy,    they either saw or talked to Audrey   she’s suffering a severe cold,    Elbert has a little & so have I,   such is life,   Oh, Jesus if only We trusted more in Thee & not on those here,    but we were brought up, to trust a Doctor & the things he could do for us,   how greatful I am that you taught me to trust in Thee,    Oh, help me to be strong in Thee & obey Thy Will & ways    I Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 24. 1954./ No  1. eggs today./ Felt so bad I just couldn’t work,    looks like 5. or 6. hipo marks right on my stomach & how bad they hurt me,    there are several marks on my left arm also,   my stomach seems to be griped & I can get rid of it,    I had it once some time ago also.   in their grip,    help me soon I pray in Jesus Name;   I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise.    Glory to God,   I praise Thee, Hallelujah.    Amen.    Been a beautiful day  little chilly breeze, South all morning & whipped around some & went back S. but cloud coming from N. W.     I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits today    Elbert went to Sarr’s  called Dr. & said he couldn’t come, but I only told him to call another, but he didn’t  I hadn’t wanted my vertebra adjusted.   I darned socks & mended & old dress but couldn’t eat    my stomach distressed me so,    I tried a little soup tonight but wish [?]

*Sat. Sept. 25. 1954./ No  1. eggs today./ Elbert killed 1. red hen & dressed & cooked it so we had crackers & broth at 5-p-m      & at 7-p-m we had some creamed potatoes, a piece of chicken some grape jam & cottage cheese & bread  (So Dr came after dinner,   I did let him put a hipo in my [?] it, I know God will take care of me) arm  & it’s still paining me    I don’t feel any effects of      Well I didn’t get my dress ironed    I wonder who will come to see me in this dirty ragged dress.   Elbert called the Dr. from Brodes, when he went for the milk but I haven’t any faith in him,    he did get the bone that effects the stomach back so it feels so much better.    I know God is able to do all the rest but if there were only 2 or 3. to trust & believe have faith & believe, I know He would heal me of all things,    Oh God you sent me the apples & other things I ask for & I’m still trusting for my full filling of the Holy Ghost & healing through Thee,    help me soon I pray,    I Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.

Sun. Sept. 26. 1954./ Page. 3239./ No eggs today/ Been a beautiful day, but no one came.    I’ve been really sick & tortured all night with cramps in my feet & toes & in my stomach    pains terrible to bear,    I did feel better after that bone went back into place,   it achs,   my stomach, yet, God will take care of me.   Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.     There has been quite a strong wind & a chill in it,   but died almost out tonight.    I hope my feet will not cramp tonight or any other part will be troubled.    I Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name & trust in Thee.    Elbert don’t feel very well & is so terrible nervous can hardly contain himself.   

Mon. Sept. 27. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ It’s another beautiful day,    Elbert did out his washing  split some wood & has now gone to Vermilion for shank meat hamberger & gas pay light bill, pay a dollar on some dress goods & mail a money order & soap wrappers for 2. knives 2 forks 2 teaspoons & fels naptha Soap.   stainless steel,    I get so tired scouring these jold ones.    I thank God in Jesus Name I feel better at least my stomach & trust I’ll regain my strength & get out in the fresh air alittle more,    I did set in the sun 10 or 15 minutes & watch Elbert split up the walnut chunchs he had sawed before,   trees we planted have grown   bore fruit & now are most all gone.    & we are getting old & shaky in our legs at times,    Elbert is so tired, he went to Vermilion & got some meat & fruit,    I gave him 10.00    I didn’t figure up how much he spent,    I gave him 2.00 for 2. knives, fork & teaspoons & he paid light bill; 1.50,    Elbert said it was hot going & coming.   been a good breeze all day,    sun was hot.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my blessing & healings & pray Sister Cooley will come & we can pray & keep close to Thee forever & ever, Amen. 


Tue. Sept. 28. 1954/ 1. egg today./ Well, I’m in a very weakened condition,    but, trust Jesus will take care of me.    Been a Beautiful day.    We received a letter from Audrey, & she said, she had a long talk with Merlin & he said he could afford to help Martha catch up the payments on her car & Audrey said, she couldn’t either, they seem to be a-fraid to give a little help & love,    she got herself into this, now let her get herself out.    What. would Jesus do   Would He help her or give her the Kick,    What would they do in her place,    What would they do if they had been told to get out of their home& stay out,   Who of us are perfect,    Didn’t God say when we are mar-ried we are one flesh & that He will be the Judge & that we should forgive one another & to love one another as He loves us,   I pray, Jesus Thou. will help things to work out in Thy own Way.   I thank Thee.

Tue. Tue. Sept. 28. 1954./page. 3240./ 1. egg today/ I didn’t work today   still feel so heavy headed & sort of stagger on my feet,    hope I ate enough to Keep me untill tomorrow,    been sort of blind for a few days, but when I get en-ough to eat maybe I’ll gain in strength again.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all I have & I don’t need much anymore,    We would like to build a shed so as to catch the water & cover the car.    Elbert’s got to make a new punk box, for the systern.    We’ll have to buy cement for foundation & all the lumber & nails for the building & evetroughs, money.  Yes.  

Wed. Sept. 29. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well I did my wash   it wasn’t very big this time & it was a fine day & the cloths dried fast,    Elbert hung most of them out & brought them in,   he’s been taking the roof of the old hen house apart & cleaning up & pilling up What can be used.   & he’s so terribley tired, come night,   he can hardly get around.    but We thank & praise God for our healing & that He helps us to see & Know & understand.   & I pray from the depth of my soul, He will get the young folks straighten out,    Oh Jesus, if only I could help.    but Thou can m ake it all come out right & I trust Thou will.    Show me what I can do,    Please show me.    We were just getting ready for bed when Nellie & the girls came with the 3. children    Bonita Jr. broke a bone in her foot & is on crutches.    Bonney had to come home from Johny’s to look after her.       Johny & Marcie have been looking after Hazel    they say she’s real off balance & sort of crazy.   if she only had Jesus & was more settled in her heart & mind.    Nellie took some Chinese laterns, red flowers for school a week ago and last night she took wild cucumbers.  I do wish I were able to do more for Jesus in helping others to come to Him.    I thank Thee Jesus & Give Thee all the praise & Glory now & ever more.   Glory be to Jesus, I love Thee more & more,   Make me strong in Spirit & faith & Keep me closer still closer to Thee    forgive me my weaknesses,  give me courage to do & dare.    I Praise & Honour Thee   I want to do Thy Ways. 

Thurs. Sept. 30. 1954./ 1. egg today/Well, I managed to get all the stitching done on Elbert’s pajama pants, now only the button holes, & button at belt & it will be all done.    Tires me terribly.    & I want to cut out some dresses so bad & that to is a hard job of late.    If I can I have to bake bread tomorrow & maybe a pie    Elbert’s planing on going to fish house early in the morning.    I hope to bake bread

Thurs. Sept. 30. 1954./ Page. 3241./ 1. egg this to day./ It. rained for about an hour from 4-30-p-m, untill 5-30-p-m.  good fresh smelling rain & steady,    got both tubs & the barrel full & it’s so nice to get it fresh & clean,    I thank Thee Jesus,    What a wonderful Jesus Who takes care of our every need, soul body & spirit   Oh Praise His Holy Name for ever & ever.   heat was 76 or 77 degrees heat today,   sky looked like a tornado sky tonight when the sun set,    it was a pink sky & earth was pink & they say heat will be 80 de-grees tomorrow with winds S. west. 25 miles to 30, with showers.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things,    I love Thee, Amen.

Fri. Oct. 1. 1954./ 1. egg today.  Well, Elbert went to Huron & got quite a mess of fish 13 bulheads & 12 perch & nice & fresh & the wind’s been fresh. & died out about 4-p.m. & came up just at dark, fresh & quite strong, & cool.    Well Elbert cleaned & fried them all & he fried some saucage & I baked 2 tins brown & 2 white & a little loaf in coffee can.     & I darned some & had Dolly & Ernie here this afternoon & tried to teach Dolly to crochet    she’s learning,    Ernie played phonegraph & talked with Elbert & played out side & he came back for bread biscuits,    Dolly said her grandmother dished up there soup & they told her about the biscuits & she let them come back for some     they like them & so I gave them 4,    they are quite large,   4 would make a loaf of bread,    they took them & run back home,    Ernie was on his bike,    they said their aunt Helen & Uncle Ernie were driving up from California & expected to get into Cleveland to-morrow & they are going to Cleveland, tomorrow to see them.    I got my receipt from Wyatts.    I pray God will in Jesus Name bless there work, & help me to help    I got DeHahn’s little bible study book also today & his books are good.    I know Elbert is as tired as I feel & his big toe is torturing him again,    he limps when he walks.    I thank Jesus for the strength he gives us & Praise Him for all things & for answering prayer, to Him I give all Glory & Honour now & for ever more, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day,    it was 80 degrees when wind died out. 

Sat. Oct. 2. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well, Elbert got the under side of the little hen coop cased in so it wont be quite so cold if we keep a few hens in it.    (We received a letter from Nora today; from California.    I did the sweeping    took care of bed, aiared my bedding & ironed 2 dresses 1. petticoat & 3 work shirts & got all or everything done but wiping up the floors,   I to tired,     been a fine day & quite warm.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen.

Sun. Oct. 3. 1954./ page. 3242./ 1. egg today./ Received receipt from Wyatt yesterday.   No one came in today.    Been a nice cool Fall day,    it rained several showers early this morning,    Elbert has felt so tired    he went & got the milk & laid down again  then he let the hens out & laid down again    then he got up took his bath & set in the big chair awhile, after eating a little & drinking his coffee.    Then I got up & took my bath & came out after, thanking Jesus for my rest    I felt terribly bad when I went to bed, but Jesus took away a lot of the swelling & pain & although my head still feels dopy & my left arm feels so bad as though it had been help to tight.    Well, wind has been quite strong & all around the compass.    Mostly cloudy    We listened to the sermons on the radio & to Rev. Buser tonight.    He preached a good sermon,   it was understandable,    I pray Jesus Will help people to listen, understand & do as they should.    Oh Glory be to Jesus    He’s all the world to me, Amen,    Elbert got his check    he went to Huron & paid Dr. Leidhouser 7.00 & Cook & Tomas & 7.95    & Kroger. 17.38 (17.79 my share) Envelops & cards 48 cents

Mon. Oct. 4. 1954./ No. egg today/ He went to Vermilion after dinner & got the groceries.    I cut out a house dress while he was gone, but my head & arms felt to bad to sew it up.    Elbert came just as I had it cut out,    I like to be alone when I’m cutting, for I can’t keep my mind on what I’m doing When any one talks to me.    Well it rained Early this morning, in heavy showers & puffy winds.   but stopped about 10-a-m.    hit part of Cleveland hard & one other town    they had to call in U.S. Guards & were taking the people out of to much water,    I can’t remember the name of the town, isn’t that terrible? (cooler tonight)    Elbert’s all tired out,  said he didn’t sleep good last night & I woke up at 4-a-m. & the room smelt like it was full of Cloriform    I got up & opened the window wide,    seemed like Elbert was calling me  that’s what woke me.    I left the window open untill it began to rain in   then shut it for a while then opened it up again,    So I didn’t get a good rest either,    my head has felt bad all day.    I thank Thee Jesus, but trust you will wake me before I get doped    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou will help me to Know, & may all praise be Thine for ever & ever Amen.    I wrote a note to. Blades W. box S. Chi-7-Ill. for raysor blade 1.00 & a themometer & forecaster.) for Elbert & made out the money order.

Tue. Oct. 6. 1954./ Page. 3243./ 1. egg to day./ Been quite dark & cloudy alday    We had letter & card from Audrey    card said Jean had to go to hospital 8-30. Mon. a-m. for examination,    Martha is going with Jean & Bill to hospital & some one will call Audrey & let her know how all things are.    Audrey says she don’t get in full time any more at work,    she said, she & Gertie baby sit for Joan the other day or night & that Ruth Eddy came while she & Gertie were ther & brought a gift for the baby,   Whose Name is Randy Fulton    Ruth is married to a Mr. Kalo,    she lives with his parents on 31st & works at Elyria telephone.    E.J. was there a few minutes & told her, she had just got the job she ask for in June 1953. for Child Welfare work.    Well, she’s like all the rest, rushing the days,   she says Thanksgiving’s just around the corner & then Christmas & then New Year’s Day & then Valintine & St. Patricks & then Easter,    We never use to rush from one to the other,    but, today the world or the people in it are in such a terrible rush, hurry up. hurry up,    that was pa’s way, to,    but, I never liked it,    they don’t have time to live in there mad rush, to, go.    Audrey said Martha lives with Joan & that she & Merlin were there Fri. night & Bill & Jean & Martha fried hambergers & that they all ate a bite,    Martha hadd a bad fall,    she was going to sit down & cought her heel on the chair leg some how, as she started to fall    she reached for Bill & he moved & Martha went down with a bang,    she hit her back & her hips,    she told them it didn’t hurt much but Audrey said she Knew it must have hurt her & she had to go to work Sat. morning at 8.a.m. & so did Merlin,    he’s still at Thew Shovel Works & says work’s picking up.    She says, Stove Works is moving out Dec. 1. 1954,    It’s been in Lorain a good many years.    I haven’t felt able to work today    such a terrible ach in my flesh like a pressure being pumped in to my flesh.     I thank Thee Jesus for Keeping me & pray Thou will remove this from me,    I’ve been tempted to go to Herb Dr. for there isn’t any one I know, close by, to pray for me.    I pray Jesus Thou will releave me, in Thy Name I ask & I thank & praise Thee Wonderful Jesus.    Rained most of the night & part of the morning    We thank God in Jesus Name,    for it’s fresh & good & we need it.    Elbert’s hips are paining him these passed few days,   he was going to Devore’s, but says he wont go unless I go with him.   God help us to do Thy Will & Ways.

Wed. Oct. 7. 1954./ Page. 3244./ No. egg today./ Well, I have prayed for 3 days & nights for Jesus to remove this terrible ach,    it’s as if some one was pumping a presure into my hips, legs & feet & almost more than I could bear & today noon it left & left me weak & shaky, tired,    but, I thanked Jesus for taking it away, for rebuking Satan & I thank-ed Him for all those who trust & believe & were praying for such as I, that he would hear our prayers of faith & relieve me & He did hallelujah    & at 12-noon the pains were gone.    I did out my washing   a change of clothes & my rags,    Elbert hung them out & took them in for me & he carried the water.    He went up to Horvath’s     they are getting are around, she has had one leg taken of & gets around in a Wheel chair, but he’s walking around on his feet, yet,    they have the place up for sale,    she says her other leg is begining to pain like the other did & now she is worried     Swanbeck talked her into having her leg off.    John Moure’s mother did the same thing & soon died.    Queer how we come, live & then we go & all through life we don’t know what condition we’ll be in rich or poor in this world’s  good or  or poor in this world’s good & rich in God,    Oh, I pray my will be the latter    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.    Elbert went on to another place & got 1/2 bu. hand picked apples “stamens” 1 1/2 dollars & gal of apple Cider 50 cents    he went to cider mill & he was over to Berlyn Hights looking for a glass for his tale light.     We received a card from Miss. Clark & one from Audrey saying Jean has her baby 8.lbs & 7. oz. a girl,   she didn’t say what day or time.    Well, I was foolish enough, to tell her what a bad spill, I had & she was very sympathetic,    she said she was sorry about my bad spell, but I could expect them.    Well she’s having, lots of bad spells, but she’s only 62. yrs. old & thinks she’s young yet, but I’m sorry for her & all the others,    it’s hard for them,    We know we are not young & that it wont be many yrs. yet we’ll have to Keep going & take care of each other as long as we can.    Elbert has had so many achs & pains all day    I tried to help get supper & nearly fell over twice    & Elbert made me hot tea & hot water once.    I got the dishes done.    Wind was N. West & went N. East tonight strong puffy wind.    Hurry Cane coming toward Cuba wind 100 miles & hr.  only 1000 miles away.

Thurs. Oct. 8. 1954./ page. 3245./ 1. eggs today./ Well we got up early & went to Herb Dr.    Elbert’s thumb’s so sore & it itches so bad.    Dr. wasn’t there so we went to Vermilion & way out Rt. 60 & back & we bought some lima beans in the pads & 4 muskmellons & then we came back into Vermilion & went across the river & out the river road & out the ridge road to Amherst road & turned & came back    bought some cube steaks & 2 frankforters    he ate one & I the other,    but, I couldn’t eat all mine & gave him part of it.    We stopped at Herb Dr’s & he was there,    we gave his wife a nice sprig of white cedar full of pretty bronze cones & some white indian tobaco    it’s wild & some Chinnese lanterns they are red, bright red.    & Dr told Elbert to put on black save,    Elbert told him he had a little Dr. L gave him for his throat, so he said that was the kind,    he said to come back again in a few days,    he wanted to know how it was.    We came home  found a card in mailbox from Bonita, telling us Jean was O.K.    that the baby came Oct5. 4. -2-30-p-m. a girl, Whom she will call Wendy Joan Bonita said,    she had been ironing & her mother was sewing     Ella Jane went to a hard time party at work to night.    said, see you soon, Love from all, Bonita.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things    Oh how Powerful & wonderful & Marvelious Thou art,    help me to know Thee better.    Dr. Devore fell & had con-cussion of the brain & his face all cut & he said God healed it & didn’t even leave a scare,    he trusts & he believes    Oh Praise the Lord I’m happy in Him. Amen.    Now I know Why I had to pray for Dr. Devore, when God showed me his face cut & distorted    Oh Jesus I love Thee, take away the cause of this urine leak & help me to go to Church again   I Praise & thank Thee    Glory be to Jesus I love Him more & more,    I’m so glad He sees us & that He helps us to endure,    If we are patient kind & true in Him, He will keep us from sin & deliver us from temptation & evil when we trust Him fully.   Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen & Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 9. 1954./ ___ egg today./ Well, I thank God for all my blessing in Jesus Blessed, Pure, Clean True & Holy Name,   Oh Jesus how much we really need Thee,   strengthen our spirit & soul day & night & keep us close to Thee,    I thank & Praise Thee, help us to lean holy on Thee & not to yealed to temptation, Oh, Jesus keep me ever closer to Thee Amen.    Sister Dear came today & brought grape wine & bread & had a communion service with me,    I thank God she loves me & felt I should have communion in rememberance of our Blessed Saviour Jesus.    We talked about Him & His word

Fri. Oct. 9. 1954./ page. 3246./                 / & how much we need Jesus love & strength,   how he healed  gave me strength & blood & sent a great desire into Sister Dear’s heart to come & have fellowship & communion.    Oh Praise the Lord  He is so good & we are so unworthy.    I pray, Jesus Thou will lay Thy hand on sister Dear & put the bones in their natural places & give her strength to do Thy Will & Ways & reveal unto her the things she ought to Know.    I believe Thou Will,   I give all thanks & praise to Thee Amen.    Wind’s been strong & puffy & damp & cool.    Elbert’s done a little here & there but I coaxed him to come in out of the damp chilly air for he’s taken a little more cold & in his eyes to,   his back & hips to.    I didn’t work today.   to tired & I helped get the supper & While we were making soup, Ernie came & when we got him comed down we learned his mother had sent to see if Elbert would fix them some word to start a fire in the furnace & a bag of coal, one dog had a cold & cough & the house damp & cold & she had to take dog to Dr. at Berlin Hights for a cold shot & then get home & start the fire, then she came back here with Ernie Dolly & & waited for the fire to warm the house     they visited half or three quarters of an hour & then went back home,     they brought us a pk. tomatoes & gallon sweet cider,    they got some at the milk while they were up to Berlin hights.    Tried to rain several times late this afternoon & tonight.    We have been having a fire to keep out dampness.    Hellen took Elberts blankets home to wash & she said she would do the wool blankets.    I’m so glad for I don’t feel able to do them & she has a washer & does them clean and nice,    I hated to ask her, for she’s tired out most of the time for she works in Lorain allday 5. days a week; her brother gave her a brand new car, so she can save a little going & coming & she gets home half an hour or so after the children get home from school.    We look after children some.    I sent cards to Audrey Bonita & Mrs. Keegan.    Elbert hopes to get fish tomorrow & says he’s going to Huron about 9.a.m. 

Sat. Oct. 10. 1954./ 1. egg today./    Well, Elbert went to Huron & got 40. catfish    he skined them & I cooked 6 for dinner & he saved a doz. for tomorrow & he called Ella Jane    came with Bonita’s 3 children & Johny’s eldest girl Marcia Joe.    We gave them 22 fish   they didn’t stay long for Ella Jane has to work tomorrow & the children were

Sat. Oct. 10. 1954./ page 3247./ 1. egg this day./ were getting tired    Bonita Jr. ft. is better & George strain his ankle but, they were all happy & glad to get the fish,    I gave them a little candy in the pan    Nellie brought us the birds nest in upside down apple pie,    they went back at 8-30-p-m.   They are going to Seville for dinner with Johny & Marcie & there 3 children,    Mark is in Cleveland hospital   he’s been there for several days now.    Nellie & Bonita were takiing care of the other two children & didn’t come with Ella Jane.    We both got our old age checks today.   65.00 & 18.00.    I thank Thee Jesus    We couldn’t do with-out them.    Elbert’s all tired out tonight & he went to bed soon after the children left,    I don’t think he should do heavy lifting,    he dug some potatoes today,    said the red skins done the best,    it’s been a dry summer & rain came so late for a lot of things in the garden,    but, rain helped the the corn & beans.    It isn’t so cold out tonight partly cloudy & not so windy,    been a nice day cool wind.    I didn’t do much today,   just daily round tucker me out.    came near falling down the steps,   shook me up some.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trust You will fix me so I can get back to Church & Praise Thee & help those of Thine to be true to Thee, Amen. 

Sun. Oct 11. 1954./ No. egg today./ Been a nice rainy day,   no one came in to visit.   sun came out but only for a minute a two.    We had fish for dinner & no supper    We tried to eat a small mellon but I couldn’t finish my piece,    it made my lips & mouth burn.   he got up & went out & never said a word,    I thought he’d gone to toilet & shut up chickens,    when he was gone to long for that I yelled to him but he didn’t ans.    so thank he went to Sarrs to get the blankets,    I do wish he’d let me know for I don’t know if he’s to toilet sick or where he might be,    Well he did go to Sarr’s & got the blankets & said he told me he was going    I know he said he’d go, but he didn’t tell me when & he walked & that was queer to for he usually goes in the car.    Well he got back safe & we have listened to good & some wonderful sermons that ought to help many to want to love the Lord & turn to Him & work for Him.    Oh God fill us to overflowing with the Holy Ghost I ask in Jesus Name.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee    may Glory Honour & Power be Thine forever & ever, Amen.    Oh how I do crave to be in Church & the meetings for a living testimoney.

Mon. Oct. 12. 1954./ page. 3248./ 1. egg today./ Well I got up at 9-30-a-m. & got the water on to heat & with Elberts help we washed 1. heavy cotton   3 light wool & 2 heavy wool blankets  3 first one’s got real dry but 2 heavy we had to bring in wet one more so then the other    partly cloudy with a real fresh breeze & hot sun,    but clouded up at 4-30-p-m & it poured rain & filled the barrell & 3 tubs full & lots, run away,    some one took all the water out the cystern,    I kept telling Elbert that I could hear some one at the pumk but he acted shocked when there wasn’t any there today,    they like to say it’s my imagination & he got himself all balled up to day, about how Dr. Mate’s knew so much about my imaginations.  God of love & mercy do something about the things that are going on, I ask in Jesus Name   Thou Will & soon.    I will thank Thee & give Thee the Glory.    I can’t hardly endure all the bad things that, I don’t Know What to do about them,    I Know Thou can stop it & help me to Know,    Please do it now,   Please, Jesus.    I thank Thee for the rain & drying the blankets & for Elbert’s help,    we washed the old coat blanket to.   thats all we go, or I got done,    I aired the pillows & one of my bed blankets    I made soup for supper & we are both terribly tired tonight    it sure thundered & lightened while it rained    & Dekota prison are in a bad up roar.    & the hurricane is still racing around & they still don’t know where it going to strike,    and Texas & Indiana are looking for tornades tonight & Chicago has had flood storms,    it seemed to be receading but tonight it’s getting worse     over 1.000 homeless & many are dead & many suffering    God, take care of Thine I pray in there behalf,   that my prayer will be one in Faith with theirs to Thee.    It is still lightening all around us. here & there    Elbert put the systern pipe  in basement & chain in grainery,    he’s planing on going to Huron in the morning,   he will pay Dr. Ludhouser 8.00 & cash our checks.    I will have him get a money order for Wings of healing 5.00. Disabled Veterans 1.00 & 1.00 for card from the blind & 1.50 for stainless steel knives, fork, teaspoon & soupspoon. then 6.50 at Huron Church & 10.15 for gas.    that leaves me 40.35.    I’ll give him 25.00 my part for food & 5. for dress goods.    that leaves me 15.35 for floor covering. 4.65 at drugstore  I’ll only have 10.70 left        Oh me. I’d like to sew on my dress if I can tomorrow.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my healing & believe for this water trouble & the Holy Ghost. Amen, Glory to God.

Tue. Oct. 13. 1954./ page. 3249/ 1. egg today./ Well, it was a great effort, but I washed my rags & nose rags 2 shirts & the towels & my stochings    I had to lay down.    Elbert didn’t sleep last night said it was his stomach,    I have a severe sore spot in the top of my stomach,    I have prayed & am still trusting in Jesus to take it & the cause away,    the sore spot down by the bladder doesn’t hurt me so bad    Jesus has promised to take care of us all the way & I’m trusting & believing standing on His promises, praise God He hears, Knows & sees & takes care of those Who are true to Him in all things,  in all ways.    All Praise be to Him forever more, Amen.    We received a letter from Audrey,    every ones as usual,   I believe it.    Been a nice rainy day,    I dried the few things I washed in the house      Today’s Call Columbus Day,   so he didn’t cash my check but, he did his own & he paid Dr. 8.00;   So he’s going back tomorrow.   Drug Stores selling Alcohol 2 for 70 cents & Mi. 2 bath towels 2 for 80 cents  49 cents -4 wash rags- 56 cents cards 61 cents dish rags 2 for 26 cents, totle $4.92.    Well I wont have much left;   Quite warm & sky look queer   all colors    & we had a rainbow   God’s promise   it’s so wonderful, that God never forgets how very great-full we should be,   Oh Jesus, how thankful I’m & wish I could do more for Thee,  help me Gracious Redamer.   I must write to Sister Dear, she’s so Kind & thoughtful   she’s been so good to me,   I thank Thee for her & her love, bless her I pray in Jesus Name, Amen.   Glory to God. 

Wed. Oct. 13. 1954./ ____ egg today./ I got up at 9-a-m.    Elbert went to Huron & he cashed my check & got the alcohol mi. 31. towels wash rags & dish rags & cards 5.-08 cents & he went to fish house & took the fish basket back (metel).   & got some saucage & came home    I gave him the 5.00 he paid on my dresses.   he got a check for Dr. Wyatte (wings of healing) a check for Veterans & one for the Blind,    I took out money for Huron Church & 10.15 for gas  saved 20. for food  from now untill Nov. 4. & have 10.-00, for floor covering,   hope I can get it soon now.    I set bread & made 3 big tins & small loaf in coffee can.   I washed my night gown 2 dresses & all my rags & nose rags, the towels & wash rags & dish rags he brought home  2 pillow slips & the towels we use over pillow & hung the pillows on the line & one blanket & done up all the dishes & folded up all the rags & put away all the washing & darned one pr. socks & the dish-rag the shark edge of butcher Knife had been over.    I thank & Praise Jesus for the many blessing of today.    It’s been a beautiful day   clothes dried good.  I helped

Wed. Oct. 13. 1954./page 3250./ No egg today./ Elbert make potatoe, rice & onion soup for supper.   We had just finished eating, when Frank & Armond came in, to talk about fixing the house    We had a nice visit to,   he said Audrey called him,   they can’t come for a little while yet,    but, they will come,    Now they’re gone & I must go to bed Praising God for all our in Jesus Name, Glory Hallelujah.    Elbert had a sick spell up to the fish house today.   had to set in the car for awhile before he could come home,   then he dug almost a bu of potatoes & picked them up    he looked bad & set a while his face a purple red,    his heart can’t be working as it should.    I pray Jesus you will save his soul.   

Thurs. Oct. 14. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well & other off day    to all in to even use my hand’s    I darned one pr socks and that seemed to much. Elbert’s done the cooking,   I didn’t do anything   had a bad spell at supper time & right now I’m feeling so punk & I should write to Sister Dear & a few others    I just cant stand it to work, hard, or steady.    been a very nice day  fresh, brisk strong & puffy wind,   rained early this morning    & Elbert did out his washing    didn’t take it very long to dry,    he hung my dress out & took all the sweat out & my night gown to & he hung the heavy wool blankets out for just a little & they smelt so fresh & nice,    he sawed a little wood & he’s done odds & ends   put his potatoes “he dug Wed.” down below.    it rained hard yesterday late & this after noon, not so hard,    he filled the tubs & barrel is only half full.    It’s lightening hard off over the lake   there’s, very dark blue clouds over there.   & over us blue sky & star light & the full moon is shining.    The hurricane’s headed for Carilina & 130 mile wind    they think it will hit tomorrow after noon “that will be Fri. Oct. 15. 1954.    There are so many troubles all over from coast,   the bible, says, to Know the end that’s is right at the door    & I do believe with all my heart that it’s so.    Elbert tried 4 shots on the big wood chuch this after noon,    he gets to excited & never touched him,   he’s a big fellow & I hope he gets him,    it will be wild fresh meat,    he was in the hen park & right close to the red hen,    she didn’t seem a bit afraid of him,   he looked so big standing almost beside her    Elbert was within stones throug of him & shot 4 times & check went over to cottage very slow at if he wasn’t sure he was in danger,    he’s made 3. holes under cottage.    It is nice & fresh

Thurs. Oct. 14. 1954./ page. 3251./ 1. egg today./ I use to like to take a long walk in the evening or early morning. in the winds & sometimes, wind & rain,    Elbert’s got pains in his shoulders & so I rubed them with alcohol.    he says he’s so tired.    Well, I listened to Rev. Buser & I’ll read a little & go to bed & ponder over Gods Word.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things, in Jesus Name. 

Fri Oct. 15. 1954/ 0. egg today./ Been rainy     wind went N. West from South & S. West    little coller puffy wind, & the Hurrican came in. to Caralina & washed & blew lots of homes into the sea    Virgina then Coastal Washington D.C. then Marriland, Delaware Penn, State of New York, hitting on west side & no headed for Canada.    Winds up to 100 miles & hour in some of the places.    Wind’s N. West here tonight,    We had little ice or sleet in the rain just before dark    some of the rain come in heavy sheets & it’s raining in showers to-night, as it has all day,    it’s cooler, but not cold.    I haven’t been able to work all day & neither has Elbert.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for taking care of my soul & all the many blessings, He gives to me & to us,    I pray for Elbert’s soul & each brother sisters nephews neices & Cousins,    put a strong craving into them that they will try harder to learn what life is all about before it’s forever to late, God help us.    I pray for that great infilling of the Holy Ghost, Jesus Blessed, Pure, Holy & Clean, more to be desired than silver & gold, or anythings else of this earth   Jesus help us.    Oh, Jesus help me to be a greater testimony for Thee. Amen.

Sat. Oct. 16. 1954./ 1. egg today/Been a rainy day, but a nice day.    I couldn’t work to day    felt every little while as if I’d pass out & my bowels have been to loose all day & I don’t Know Why & so has Elbert’s    he started for bed & has come back & gone out side to toilet again & the toilet’s way out over the hill & he will be 72 yrs. old Dec.    I hope he will be O.K.    I’m feeling to tired to write,   I pray God will help me soon   (mostly cloudy)   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

Sun. Oct. 17. 1954./ ____ egg today./ Well, I got up & took my bath & Ernie & Dolly came on their bicycles to visit a little.    I told them I couldn’t open the door for a few minutes & Elbert had gone for the milk,    they said they saw him leave & that they’d ride home & come back again & they did.    Elbert had dinner read, ham, cabage, potatoes & hot drink    the children stood & wouldn’t sit with us so we gave them each a piece & ham to chew & some slices

Sun. Oct. 17. 1954./ page. 3252./ 1. egg today./ of carrots & in a few minutes they were off for home again to  eat meat loaf & the triming for there dinner    they were expecting Hellens daughter Dollie’s mother.    Mrs. Keegan & Marrian, Mr. & Mrs. Haslet came in to spend the afternoon & they stayed & had a lunch,    Elbert didn’t give them plates    I felt so bad about it but, it went that way & they said they liked it like that just common, but although I did get up & try to wait on them, I couldn’t,    I felt so weak & my legs so wabbly     Ernie came back as they were about to sit for their lunch,    I sit him down with the rest & before he left he said when 2 cars come in they though I might be sick,    I thanked him for coming to see & ask him to come back again.    The two families visited & talked & then, went off to Church.    Eva is in a queer condition,    she took in an old woman 80 yrs. old & then her cousins mother died & her son had taken care of her the best he knew how & also of the sister,    she’s never worked they say & now she goes from on re-lative to the other, wanting them to take care of her & wait on her    her story reminds me of sister Gertie    she had to work after I left home & she’s still working,     some of us have to learn the hard way & I’m sorry.    I don’t know what she Eva will do    I pray God will in Jesus Name direct her path & mind & keep her close to Him & Whisper loud & keep her safe & sure in Him,    Jesus help us to “stop look & listen”  life is moving to fast.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my & our blessing & pray Thou will keep us in Thy way & if it is Thy will, help us to get back into church & help our testimony to help the faith of those in the church & our ministers    I thank & Praise Thee.

Mon. Oct. 18. 1954./ 1. egg today./ I felt to bum to work, but did make a custard & 1. apple pie  & 1. pie schell & I’m tuckered I took care of beds & helped cook mostly cloudy today & cloudy tonight.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    Thou are a Wonderful Jesus & I love Thee more than all else, Amen. (Elbert’s feeling so bum).   We received baby card from Jean & Bill for their new baby. Wendy Joe.    I hope I can send them & Joan a”calls her baby Randy” a dollar each for the babys to help swell there bank account.    I’ve felt to bum to even write a card today & I must put forth an effort to write Sister Dear.    God bless her & hers.

Tue. Oct. 19. 1954./ No. egg today/We, 20, Pa’s & ma’s wedding anaversary 75. yr   Ma would be 98. yrs old Nov. 29. 1954. & Pa would be 94. yrs Jan. 28. 1954. & Elbert will be 72 yrs old Dec. 6. 1954.    they were married 3 yrs. before Elbert was born.    It’s been quite cool & fresh & it’s partly cloudy.   N. east fresh wind    I aired the bedding & the night cloths.   & wiped up Kitchen floor.    I’m terribly weak    seems as if I’d pass out every few minutes all day.

Tue. Oct. 19. 1954./ page. 3253./___ egg today./ Oh, God I’m so glad, I can’t tell how glad I am Thou has lead  me all these years & now I have been trying so hard to learn what I ought to be doing, in my condition    I don’t know & I can’t seem to get those who claim to be Thine, to pray for me or give me the aid I need through Jesus.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to understand Glory to God in the Highest    may all Praise & Power be Thine for ever & ever Amen.   

Wed. Oct. 20. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Pa’s & Ma’s wedding anniversary,    I wrote it on the 19th.  We miss them so much.    Well, we received Audrey’s letter today & the news about the families.    I’m glad they sort of take care of each other in there way,    I’d like to help,    but, now we are aged & pray “Maggie.”     I did my washing & dried it in the house.    Elbert went to Huron & got 3 catfish & 26 bulheads & he dressed them all & called Nellie & they came & got 20 bulheads & they gave us 6. quinces Audrey gave them & 4. cup cakes & they bought 1. gal. of Johnasan apple cider & drank half of it,    it’s real good.    We have 1. qt. left,   Elbert likes it,   he for-got to give them the carrots & beets he fixed or put in bags for them, but gave them 1/2 potatoes.    They were all tired & had to go home & fix clothes to wear for tomorrow.    It’s to bad how they all must dress as if they had plenty of money.    Oh God, shortly they will be in a position where they can’t do or have all the things they are having today & it will make life so un-bearable.    Elbert talked to Rue for a while,    then after Rue went to work Elbert went & talked to the man that uses part of Rue’s land for a garden & helped husk pop corn, while he talked to him,   he use to live in Lorain, but now, he lives & works in Huron.    Rue told Elbert to pick all the tomatoes he wanted, now, before the frost gets them,    Elbert was to tired,    he does a lot of little things in a day.    It’s been partly cloudy light breeze & quite warm.    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father & Jesus my Saviour & the Holy Ghost for keeping me & giving me strength,   I didn’t feel as if I could possibly work today,    but, I’m sure I’d be a lot better if I could find out where I get these needle marks in my arms, body, legs & 

Thurs. Oct. 21. 1954./ page. 3254./ No. egg today./ Well another day I felt I just couldn’t work,    I’m to tired    I peeled a few pears & 6 quinces & sliced & cooked them together,    Audrey gave them to Nellie & she gave them to me,    I will be glad to get them cooked & into a can,   there are things I’d like, but not feeling able    often go hungry,    Elbert works hard, he dug the balance of the potatoes,   he’s put the beets & carrots in the basement,   has to dry last potatoes & then put them down & then fix basement screens on the windows.    been a beautifull fall day, not, cold, little breeze, North;    I wrote a letter to Sister Dear & to Wyatte & sent a dollar to Blind & 1.00 to Veterans for car tag & card to Audrey & one to Nellie.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Great Love,    I wish I could be as good & kind & thoughtful as Thee.    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Fri. 22. 1954 Oct./ No. egg today./ Well another day I haven’t been able to work    to tired & my head feels as if I’d been doped.    I have queer marks on my arms as if they’d had heavy fish twin tied around them & a needle mark on my left shoulder joint that itches & smarts,    I’m weak & shaky.    I’m sure with propper care I would feel well & much stronger.   No mail today.   Ernie came & played the record, called, the little red ca-boos & one or two others & then went home    I gave him some crackers & prunes,    he likes them,   then he went home,   he had left Dolly there alone, but I see Hellens car was there before he came in,    hope she didn’t scold him,   he had been over acrossed the road to John’s corn & tool shed,    John & Clayton have been picking corn across from Sarr’s with a corn picker,    John hauls it with a tractor to shed,   shovels in-to a conveyer that puts it in the bin for corn,    he has to take care of soy beans yet, & then John told Elbert he was going to Florada for the Winter.    Now we are listeneing to Rev. Buser & then I’ll go to my bed again, hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & pray Thou will wake me up & help me to understand that I may help myself for Thy sake, Amen, Amen. 

Sat. Oct. 23. 1954./ No. egg today/  Well, I wonder.   I baked 2. big tins of bread biscuits,   Elbert cooked ham, cabage & potatoes for dinner yesterday, so we had, what was left for supper tonight & I made dumplins in with them    he.   We had eat fish & bulheads for dinner & fried potatoes.    Elbert went to fish house this morning, & he got 2 pieces of dark goods for me at Mis Gunzenhauser’s    I’ll have to pay next Mo.

Sat. Oct. 23. 1954./ page. 3255./ No. egg today./ I got 2 pieces from Junks, last month in Vermilion & I’d like a couple more light pieces.    Well he went to Vermilion after dinner, paid light bill & I gave him the money.    & I gave him 10.00 of rht 20.00 for food out of my share & he’ll be sticking out his hand next week for the 10.00 but we’ll have to go slow for we have 11. days yet before he gets his check,   & I wont get mine untill the 6.06 for my 2. pieces of goods.   my Church money & my shoes & Elbert has to have shoes this time.    We received card from Audrey   she said she got my card & that Nellie & the children stopped the other night & gave them 8. bulheads & she ate 2 1/2 & Gertie ate the rest,    well they were small & Gertie had been craving for them,   they sure have a great time.  It’s been a fine day quite warm to.   Elbert took my slippers to Tony’s to get heels fixed,   & he left them there so now I don’t have anything but these ragged slippers, felt & all tore out around heels & toes can hardly keep them tied on.    I praise Thee Jesus & hope I can go to Lorain & get some shoes & slippers from a man who fits your feet or your money back,    hope Elbert can get some better shes to.    I hope I’ll be able to go & able to do some sewing  also next week.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing for the Holy Ghost that I may praise Thee in spirit & be healed.    Oh, Jesus, I thank Thee & praise Thee for ever & ever. Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 24. 1954./ No. egg today./ Been a beautiful day.    Nellie Bonita & the 3 children came & spent a couple of hrs.    Bonita Jr.s foot is better, but she still has to walk on crutches, the found aceer mouse nest & a lot of babys & some half grown,   there’s a lot of them out there,    we’ll have to get after them & exterminate them.    Nelllie says the flees have come again & the basement is over run with them.    I hope they don’t bring any to us.    They gave us 1/2 doz. apples & 6 sweet potatoes & some flowers.    I gave them big tin of biscuits’s,    Nellie said they’d she’d glad  be glad to except them, but she couldn’t help thinking of the flour & work & she thanked me,    I told her she’s welcome.    She said Ella Jane wanted the roll away cot,    I told her it was the army cot I wanted to sell but if she wanted to pay me 30.00 for it I’d let her have it  Nellie said she’d have to pay me in 2 payments if she wants it after she’s paid the whole of it.    I can’t let her have it half price    Well, she said, she’d let Ella Jane talk to me about it. 

Sun. Oct. 24. 1954/ Page. 3256./ No. egg today./ They went home before dark.    Jesus I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & trust & believe Thou will make those children turn to Thee before they are hurt again    Oh God help all of Thine to be more faithful & to learn of Thee & not do the wrong things    it breaks my heart & greives me to as it greives Thee to Know you can’t be parchal to a few, for Thou hast said theyre’ll be weeping & nashing of teeth.    Help us to look to Thee for our Example & not those about us.   Glory to God in the Highest, Hallelujah, I Praise Thee. (Sent card to Audrey)

Mon. Oct. 25. 1954/ No. egg today./ Well I got up, 9-a-m.    Elbert went to Huron & I gave him 10.00 out of floor covering money to pay for 3. pieces of dress good    he had 42 cents left    he said he paid 49 cents for ham berg,   I still have to pay Church, gas.    Where does the money go,    We use to pay 6 or 7 cents per. yd. & today it’s 49 cents per yd.    The radio went dead Sat. so I don’t get the sermons or the news.    I cut out 2 petticoats & one dress & I had one dress cut out from last week    I set down & wond 16 bobbins & had stitched one seam when Inez. & Henery Hunt came in,   she brought us 2 bottles grape juice & gave me a dollar bill.    I didn’t want to take it but she insisted,    so I thanked her for it & Henry & Elbert sat out in the sunshine & talked & we talked in here,    she said her mother was feeling so well again & that Hilda has been retired from Salvation army & is home with her mother now,    the adopted boy lives with them.    & she has been caning fruit & vegetables & helping to clean up the garden      they have remodled there Kitchen & basement & put her house plants down stairs.  she has new ice box & a deep freeze & is keeping slim & able bodied.    They were here about 2. hrs.    it was 4-45, when they left, so I put my sewing away for another day & warmed up the soup & we ate supper,    Elbert fed hens & locked coop, grainery & shut car windows & I made the beds & closed our windows & he fixed the fire & we ate little more soup & he’s in bed & wish I were also.    I received a letter from Marry Vedovith today    she’s so lonesome & wants out so bad poor soul;    God help some one to take her out for just a little while,    I’m so sorry for her & all others in the County Home.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing, Jesus, Blessed Jesus.

Tue. Oct. 26. 1954./ page. 3257./ No. egg today./ Elbert mailed gas card & a card to Audrey & Miss Clark. Mon. a.m.    It’s been mostly cloudy & a misty rain at times tonight got dark early. started at 4-30-p-m.     (he took Radio & got it fixed & brought back)   Elbert’s worked all day trying to finish cleaning away the balance of old coop roof.    he’s got it about done,   & he’s so tired tonight.    I tried to sew, got the gores[?] done & stitched onto front & back of one petticoat    got the other gores pined on other skirt ready to stitch,    hope to make faster time tomorrow.    I have to wash out rags either tomorrow or Thurs.    Well, maybe if I can stick to it I’ll get it done by & by;    So many little odds & ends to do before I can get at the sewing.    Well, I don’t Know What we will do,   he’s thinking of going to the fish house & hes has to go for the milk & he wants to Kill & dress a chicken in the morning, so looks as if I’d better wash while he’s gone   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will ask God to loose little Mark & fill his mother & dady with the Holy Ghost that they may do more for Thee,   & ask Him to convert the rest of the families & fill them & me with the Holy Ghost, in Thy Presious Name I ask, Amen

Wed. Oct. 27. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, Elbert got up & cleaned & cut up the white rooster & put all of it on to cook except the breast.    I ground that & crackers & put the eggs & milk & seasoning in to it & put it down to flavor through for tomorrow    I did my washing & got it all dry, even the rags.    I made baking powder biscuits for dinner    Elbert tried to get some smoked belogny for a snak, but only got a news paper.    I hope I can sew tomorrow.    Tried to rain all day,    but, didn’t     We saw 3 flocks of ducks to-day, no mail of importance.    Elbert saw the things John Snyder said he was throwing away & he looked & it wasn’t any good.    Elbert thinks he’ll go to Huron in the morning & to Vermilion in afternoon.    No rain today.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus, for all Thou hast give me & that has been many things    Glory to God & May God be blessed forever & ever Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 28. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well Elbert went to Huron, no fish,    he got me one more piece of dress goods a pretty light back ground     he ate dinner & went to Vermilion,   he got my shoes   they put new heels on them. 95 cents,  he took the slipper back he brought home for me to try on,   they didn’t fit,    he got a piece of mutton & a piece of shank meat & joint to boil.    I browned the mutton & put it in the roaster to it all done for tomorrow.    I got the 2. petticoats ready for belt & hem in the bottom.   Maybe I’ll get to sew a little more.   I hung 

Thurs. Oct. 28. 1954/ page. 3258./ ___ egg today./ my night gown & blanket out & aired them & wiped up the dust in Elberts room  got dinner     & then, I sewed a little    had to stop & fix the mutton meat & then made for chicken balls & fried them & made gravy for supper & put the sewing machine away,    I did make 2 dish towels & I’ll have to get more bags for more towels.    Elbert took radio up to Huron & got a new bulb in it & we heard the president give a speach tonight.    & we got the news & weather    cooler tonight & rain & maybe snow tomorrow.    It’s been nice day    Elbert sawed wood.      We saw 3. flocks of duck yesterday.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all our many blessings & I pray for all on the other side, help people to listen & talk to Thee in Jesus name I ask & I thank & Give Thee Praise Glory & Honor forever & ever Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 29. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well I really finished both petticoats today.    & I took care of beds & rooms & swept Kitchen.    Been partly cloudy,  & it did sprinkle a few times, but it’s starlight tonight before it rained there were a few snow flakes.    they melted as they fell,    wind has been cool & fresh.   Rev. Hance died in Bay View Hospital, Thurs night Oct. 1954.    I have prayed for them & their family, for a month, & haven’t known that any of them were sick, but I prayed God would care for each of them in His own way & I wish I could have helped them.    May God bless & comfort his wife & children & mother & folks & friends in Jesus Holy Name.   Jesus blessed help me to be filled & praise Thee in Spirit & Truth, is my great desire & that I may do more in His way.    Be with All Thy people far & wide & give them an extra shake & reminder that we belong to Thee & should be about our Father’s business,   a thing we neglect so often & a great deal to much,    if we only did half as much for Jesus as we do for our selves.    God help us.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    Glory to God & I love THee & wish so much I could know how to do more.   Elbert has got the coop cleaned up,    he’s terribly tired tonight.    It rained early this morning, so we cought half barrel of water,    I thank THee Jesus. Amen. 

Sat. Oct. 30. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well I got my dress skirt all sewed to-gether ready for waist & hem in the bottom.    I sewed several of slits up in blanket we use on big chair,    it’s a terrible dirty mess.    I been trying to get Elbert to fix a cabinet to put my books & sewing into,    terrible to come to the place where you are unable

Sat. Oct. 30. 1954./ Page. 3259. ____ egg today./ to work, as you once did.    Well I have to do something    he doesn’t care, but if I can only clean out some of the things that have acumulated    It’s a little colder, partly cloudy or mostly cloudy to dark to see to sew good, but Praise God, I got my dress started,    I haven’t a clean one to put on tomorrow,    I tried to sew & didn’t iron one of the old ones, so will have to wear the dirty one untill I can iron one    gas man came & brought tank of gas $10.15, so that is done    I gave Elbert 10.00 Thurs. morning for food & I still have the church money,    Then I’ll have to wait for my check, so we can get some of the things, we have to have,    Oh God, if only I could do more for Thee,   Jesus help me to be of service to Thee, I thank  & Praise Thee for all things, Amen.

Sun. Oct. 31. 1954./ No. eggs today/  As I began to thank God for our dinner Sat. I saw on a black slate written in an olive or Kakie color as plain as I can see any one or anything (Frank Bonney died)   Oh Jesus, I only hope he will learn to know Thee before he is called,     I saw in a dream my mother & dad & Fred.    I saw Martha   her face black & blue & a smile on her face, & I said to her, Martha, we have come to take you home with     she didn’t answer, but picked up her things & got in the car with us For several weeks    I’ve been dreaming of doing things & carrying a tiny baby around with me, sometimes tied to me with a long wool scarf.    I pray God will reveal to me,    I thank The Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.    Rev. & Mrs. Dear & Naomie came in at noon after church     I was in bed    didn’t sleep all night,    it thundered & lightened all night & even this morning    I was to tired to sleep & my back ached so, hard & never eased up untill morning so I was taking an extra nape when they came in & Elbert was up to Brodes for milk,    I got up & dressed & combed my hair & washed my face & came out    we talked a while,    They have had two Evangelists at church & to-night’s there last night,    they talk as if they think there’s nothing wrong with me.     I’d love to g, but will have to wait untill water don’t run away so freely     I gave them my tenth, all but 50 cents,    I didn’t have but will make it up later.     Elbert ought to get his check Nov. 4th.    We hope to go to Lorain soon Now & do a little shipping.    I received card yesterday from Miss Clark & not a word from any of the children.    I hope all’s well

Sun. Oct. 31. 1954./ page. 3260./ No. egg today./ It. snowed today in light flurries, but it didn’t freeze carriopes or glardes. & cabbages.     We had lots of good Sermons today,    I like to worship at Church & hope I can soon.    I Praise Thee Jesus forever & ever. Amen.    It’s been mostly cloudy    wind N. west.    Oh, Jesus 

Mon. Nov. 1. 1954./ No egg today./  Well I did some washing & got it mostly dry except the rags.   & I can’t begin to tell how tired I am.    I got dinner & Elbert warmed up the supper.    Well, it’s bed time again.    Partly cloudy & it tried to snow & air has been damp all day.    I received a letter from Mrs. Haslet today but no word from any of our folks   no word from Audrey since Oct. 22. so I had Elbert called her today,    she said she had sent me some cards,   I don’t know where they could have got to We got an add from Sandusky & it has just the cabnet I’ve been looking for & only $9.59    I pray Jesus will help me to have it & the floor covering all so    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great & small & pray for Thy guidance.    Elbert went to Huron & got a white fish & 7 or 8 bulheads & 5 perch    he dressed them all & then we ate dinner,    I had potatoes & beans a waiting & greese hot & so it didn’t take long to fry the fish    We thanked Jesus for them & we thank Him for all we have for we Know if He didn’t help us one couldn’t have, anything, we have.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah   I Praise Him forever & ever Amen.   

Tue. Nov. 2. 1954./ No. egg today/ Today I baked bread 2 big tins bread biscuits & one loaf, now my arms are sure tired.   It snowed a couple inches of snow.    Nellie & Ella Jane & Bonita came at noon,   they were of work as today’s “Election”   they had Wesley with them”Johny’s & Marcie’s youngest boy” & Bonita’s children were in school.    they brought me a piece of pumpkin pie   a jar of  cranberry jelly,   but to much of lemon for me,   the pie was good    she brought a custard pie to Elbert    the crust wasn’t so good but we enjoyed eating them,    they brought a few winter pears, big ones.    they started home 3-30-p-m so, to be there when children got home from school.    Been a nice sunny Morning getting cloudy & thick at 4-30-p-m & snow flurrys.    They had snow in Texas, Lousiana & one other state & a tornado come in Georgia where the hurricane had come & took one cottage & crushed it on

Tue. Nov. 2. 1954./ page. 3061./ No egg today./ other close by, but no loss of life.   but terrible things in a lot of places.    Cold wind & snow froze the green leaves on vines & trees & made them stiff,   snow mostly gone tonight.  (Elbert heard geese this morning.)    Nellie had her furnace fixed into an oilburner    I hope it will help them to Keep well & Keep them free from colds.    I pray  Jesus & thank Thee for all things, help me to do Thy will, Glory to God, Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 3. 1954./ No. egg today./ Had such a pain in my side all night & most of today, so I didn’t do much    riped belt on both peticoat’s & put them on a gain.    Elbert has sawed wood & done odds & ends.    We received a letter from Audrey & yesterday a letter from Sister Haslet & I owe a letter to Marry Vidoavich in old peoples home.   & several more.    I hope yet, God will show me, & give me what I need to Know    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, help me.    I don’t know why I can’t grasp the whole truth.   

Thurs Nov. 4. 1954./ No. egg today, / Elbert went to Vermilion for gorceries & he for got to put flour in car   left it in card in store.    while he was goine I did out small washing my skirt, dress & small pieces,  then I washed Elbert’s sleepers 4. nose rags, 3 prs. socks & have them all dry,     I should iron but we planed to go to Sandusky if the weather isn’t to bad    Elbert wants to get a tail light.    & I’d like to get floor covering & a cabnet I saw in an add from Cousin’s & Fern’s store.    But I done’t know if I can, or if I’ll be able to.    Elbert will go & get the flour & if I can be ready when he comes back we may go on to Sandusky.    I’d like a hat if I can find one.    I believe I feel stronger,    but, my feet are bad. & hurt me so I can hardly walk    I believe I’d be lots better in all ways if my feet were so I could walk naturally.   I Praise Thee Jesus that I can do as much as I do & trust Thou will fix my feet.     I Praise Thee for all things believing Thou will make me whole in Thee & able to help others,    Help me Jesus, fill me with faith & power   I thank Thee Jesus for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been snowy dark & not much wind today.   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Fri. Nov. 5. 1954./ No egg today.   I ironed 3 dresses & 2 skirts  2 twels & a slip for chair back cover,    was a nice suny morning but cloudy after noon & night moon shines through once in a while    We didn’t go to Sandusky & Elbert has a flat tire

Fri. Nov. 6. 1954./ page 32.62./ No. egg today/ Elbert put the ashes on the drive way.    They were full of nails from the wood we been burning, that’s twice & I’d think he’d clean them off, but I wonder if he will.    hope he can pump it enough to get to garage a mile up the road.    he’s so tired every night & he’s done a lot today cleaned potatoes & sorted  & put them in crates & cleaned beets & carrots & put them in crates   cleaned platform & put the big phonegraph down staairs on it & put wash bench on front of plat-form & the tubs on it & carried the water down & from barrel & filled them & there are so many odds & ends, he could hardly move after he set down for half & hour & my feet’s been so unbearable today.    I cleared out a lot of the empty glass cans I had up in the locker & put the oats up there.    hope to make some cookeies before much longer.    I did manage to take care of beds air rooms & sweep.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray I can go to Church soon.    We used the refreshing of the Spirit often. Amen.

Sat. Nov. 7. 1954/ No egg today/ Sat. & I didn’t do very much,   darned socks for Elbert & one pr. for me today    I spent some time trying to cut a zipper[?] pattern,   guess I have it now,   it cold on the floor at night.   was nice all day    suny this a.m. & clouded up this after noon & wind freshened & then died out before dark    we didn’t get to Sandusky either & I do hope we can get the cabinet,   no mail today.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou wont listen to any Who might pray against me   I Praise Thee Jesus, Keep me I pray

Sun. Nov. 7. 1954./ No egg today./ A beautiful day  Nice, suny, & quite warm.    We were home all day & not a soul came near.    Clayton tried to combine the beans across the road    he got into a soft spot & sunk deep    Elbert went over & help him get out    they shoveled the dirt out   it was in up to the frame & he got in, the last time, he went around    Elbert help him get out,   Sunday is God’s day.   Joe Oldham was over to Snyders & he came over & talked a while,   he said Anna & her husband were well & still on the ranch in Arkansas.    I was going to write her long ago, but lost her address.   Glad she’s well & happy    I didn’t get any cards or letters wrote.   Moon’s most full.   Two typhones again, one near philipine island & one off coast of Japan 1oo mile & hour wind.  I’m trusting, I’ll be able for church soon   I Praise Thee Jesus, 

Mon. Nov. 8. 1954./ page. 3263./ No egg today./ Well, Elbert went to Sandusky & got the one cabinet supposed to be 16X20X36, but that’s the top but, the cabinet it’s self is 14 X 16   theirs always a catch.    he went at 9-a-m. & got home at 1-p-m,    Well, we can use it, but its to small   I can use it in the corner but still must get one a little larger, to put the fry pans & Kneives & forks to use for cookiing. & cooking pans & the rice & barely, raisins & speggeti & noodles & such like.   Well, I tried to sew a little, but felt so bad, I could-n’t see, even with my glasses on.   so I washed the dishes & Elbert went out & cleaned some catfish & afew perch,   then I salted & floured part of them & & then Elbert helped to fry them & warmed the potatoes & I fried a half dozen apples.    We just heard that one cyclone had left thousands homeless in philipine islands, but no word about the other one.    Got my receipt from Wings of Healing.    I pray I will be given a stronger faith, be filled with the Holy Ghost & be able to Praise God in Spirit, then to help others to do God’s will.   Help me Jesus I thank & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Glory to God.   

Tue. Nov. 9. 1954./ No egg today/ Elbert did out his washing 3. B.V.D’s  4 work shirts sock & nose rags & 1. pr. work pants.    I tried to sew,    but, I didn’t make much headway,   couldn’t see very well    guess I haven’t been eating very much,    hope all will be better tomorrow,    Elbert went over & shoveled soy beans for Clayton, unload a truck heaping full.    John Snyder came about noon & helped untill dark    they are fixing the ground    they are taking beans off for wheat,    Elbert only done one truck load. & that sure made him sweat,    he came back & washed out the balance of his cloths & then I don’t know all the odds & ends   he did, & he worked at the toilet.    Well I hope I can get more done tomorrow.    I’ll have to bake, to.    I do Praise Jesus & thank Him & my Heavenly Father for all my blesswing,    It’s moon light & not much wind, it’s N. East.    They the families gave Ruby Jean a house hold shower Fri. Nov. 5. 1954.,   they have bought a house out on Wilson Ave. off the Root road, or you can get to it off Colorado Ave.    The house is 3. yrs. old.    They paid 5.00 on a stove & some on ice box & some one gave them a table & 4 chairs.    she’s been married a & Joan a year Nov. 28. 1954.    Audrey gave Ruby Jean towels & 

Tue. Nov. 9. 1954./ page 3264./ No. egg to day/ & Gertie gave embroidered pillow slips.    Audrey got a letter from Jim    he’s O.K. & said he thought he’d be home for thanksgiving & for her to save him a big piece of turkey.   Poor boy.    Glad Audrey writes us the news from all the Children & their Children.   I wish we could give Audrey back the money she sent to us when we needed it so bad    she’s wishing Ella Jane would pa her back what she borrowed, so she would like to have what she gave us, althoug, she said several times she never wanted it back.   but I’d be happy if I could give it to her.   I’m still hoping I’ll be able to do it some how.    God help me to do it   I pray & I’ll give Thee the praise Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 10. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I did my washing & got it most all dry.   I baked 2. big tins bread.   & I got dinner.   Elbert got the outside toilet about done, only 2. more corner boards to put on.    & then he’ll paint out side & tomorrow is Armistis Day & Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children were talking of coming to spend 3. or 4. hours., so the floor has to be cleaned, in the morning    Elbert’s so tired,   he’s gone to bed at 9-30-P-m.    We received our checks today,    I thank Thee Jesus; & I pray Thou will show me the thing that’s lacking in my faith.    I’ll be so glad to learn & do Thy Will, Glory to God in the Highest, I Praise & Honour Thee Jesus, help me. Amen. 

Thurs. Nov. 11. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, Nellie, Ella Jane & Bonita came about 2-30-p-m     they stopped at Freebolings & had a little visit with him,     his wife has been dead for about a year & he’s living alone in that big house she had him build, to entertain her company of friends    & he says he so lonesome, he can hardly live.    If he’d only live for Jesus & work for Him,    God help him to find the way through some of Thine,    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus.    Nellie brought us a pk of apples for 85 cents & they were eating one when they came in Ella Jane & Bonita.    I gave them 4. bread biscuits    they were pleased with them    I sent them for the children.    Ella Jane has a new car & they are in a very tight place as haven’t got the other one paid for.    Hope they can make it but it puts Nellie in a hard place.    I told her she ought to put her foot down & get things in some sort of order, so they will Know where they stand.    Nellie can’t seem to be the boss.   I’m sorry & whish they could manage better    they all have good educations.    It’s been a beautiful day    clear sky all the morning clouding up late this after noon & sky is all over cast a 9-30-p-m.    I  have felt rather punk all day & while they were here, I went to outside toilet & mussed all over

Thurs. Nov. 11. 1954./ page. 3265./ No. egg today/ my stockings, shirt & skirt,    I’m trusting Jesus to see me safly through,    I thank Him & give all Praise & Glory to Him.    Elbert got all the outside work done on the toilet today    only has 2 little pieces of board to put in on the ends of the seat from floor up,    then I do hope he gets it painted out side.    I pray God will help Frank & Armond to get the south west corner of the house leveled up before cold weather.    Wish I could be in Church tonight.    Elbert killed & cooked red hen today.

Fri Nov. 12. 1954./ No. egg today./ I didn’t do anything today, been a fine day.    Elbert finished inside of toilet & finnished the one screen for North basement window    he don’t feel very good either.    I feel better Praise God & Jesus hears, Knows & sees, Glory to His Holy Name, Glory Glory Hallelujah Amen.   I’m still trusting Thee Jesus in all things    South wind & a nice bony day.   The U.S. President was over near Toledo hunting & he got 4 duks & 5 pheasents fine   Wish we could have one of each    I’m hungry for Wild meat.   

Sat. Nov. 13. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I feel some better, but far from , even normal as I have been    but Jesus has re-moved the terrible ach & most of the sore-ness from the right side,   the place by the navel is bad & theres some in my stomach & back yet    Jesus does all things well if we trust & believe & I’m standing on His promises,    I wish I was able to go to Church in the morning,    bowels are better although they run me some this forenoon.    Elbert went to Huron & paid 3.96 for my dress good, at Gungenhausers.   & got a money order for Boys Town, 2.00, one for Wings of Healing 5.00 & bought a little food & some ointment for his thumbs & then had dinner & went to Vermilion    he spent 17.00 in all for food & other necessities,    I have 7.00 for Church  20.00 for food between now & Dec. 4. & 5. toward the taxes & I’m broke.    thought I’d be able to get my shoes, but have to wait for check in Dec. & hope it wont be to cold for me to go.    I also put back 15.00 I borrowed from money saved for floor covering    I have 50 cents. left    I gave Elbert 4 cents  there was in change.    Been a fine day.  not much wind   South what there was.    I mended one suit heavy under wear for Elbert & did the dishes & put away can stuff & food & got the mutton cooked for tomorrow, the day we ought to fast & pray & thank God, for all our many blessings.    Elbert said, Nellie said she had wanted the electric stove roaster, but I don’t ever remember hearing her say so, & she

Sat. Nov. 13. 1954./ Page 3266/ No. egg today./ said she didn’t see what we needed of the cabinet & Elbert said to put the fry pans & some of the boxes of food into.    Oh well, they don’t think I need anything    they don’t love me enough to come & clean once a month,    if I was well I’d be as independent as Armond says he is.    We all make lots of mistake & they act sometimes as if they’d “like to tell me off” as John said he did once,     but, my mother use to say, “every dog has his day”   John said “one day before he died” & I was staying with him & the baby, “Bonita’s baby” & Nellie & Bonita went with Elbert to buy their groceries “that he always liked to come & bring the family when Frank was alive, for Frank always fed them good,    I felt glad he didn’t know all I had to endure, for his families sake.    Frank said for the meals but I drove to town & bought the food as a rule & then prepare & cooked it, a thing they never did for us    & they came often  2. or 3. times or sometimes more often & so did Martha & Bob & then she & George twice a week & often Audrey & John & Fred & Ethel,   I loved Fred, he’s gone & Ethel don’t seem to know us any more.    Well, we all sure do make mistakes & plenty of them,    I pray Jesus will have mercy & help us to mend our ways,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee & pray for wisdome, Knowledge & better judgement.    I love them all,   but, not all they say & do.     Nellie tells her children I didn’t have any education,    but, it was I who see to it that she got hers,     it’s a pity we can’t remember that Jesus sees, hears & Knows every second of our lifes    I praise Thee Jesus & I forgive them & pray Thou will reach out & draw us ever closer to Thee. Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 14. 1954./ No egg today/ Well, I took my bath thanking & praising Jesus, that He gave me strength & took the pain away & most of the soreness & I know that He will set me free & make me whole in spirit & truth, Glory to God I thank & praise Thee   help me to be filled that I may praise in Spirit, Oh Jesus help me in Thy Holy Name I ask, Amen.    Elbert put the vegetables in with the meat & cooked them & we ate & before I had the dishes done, Sister Haslet & Joe & Eva

Sun. Nov. 14. 1954./ page. 3267./ No. egg today./ & Marry Ann,   they came in & brought their lunch & also they brought us 3. qts. of tomatoes & 1. big qt. of peaches & a nice marble cake,    they are so nice & try to realy live for Jesus.    they had a good bible talk & we reasoned together    I hope we did under-stand better than before.    Oh Jesus help us to think & pray & keep close to Thee.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & that Thou art & ever will be, Glory, Glory to God.    It’s been a fine day   South wind going North & a little E.    I sold my electric hot plate & roaster to Mrs. Hastlet for 30.00 & she says she would like to sell it but she didn’t how much she wanted for the Electric hot plate.    Well, I’m glad Jesus is able to Heal & save us.    partly cloudy, but not cold air quite damp alday.

Mon. Nov. 15. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well I mended my old dress & didn’t get much else done    I scrubbed the wall be-hind the stove & on either side,   took a-bout all the strength I had.    Elbert went to Huron, but no fish.    I gave him $10.00 of the 20.00 for food so only 10.00 left for food    I sent or have Dr. Wyatt’s letter ready 5. for mo. & 10 for lessons. & I don’t know how I’ll ever get my floor covering. & shoes & slippers & Elbert’s car “tires.”    Jesus help me soon to be filled & healed.    I give Thee the Glory Amen. Amen.    Been a nice day rather raw wind, & lots of moisture in the air,    I put my bedding out & aired it.    & made beds & aired rooms.    Wind was South this morning & went North east after dinner.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost.    

Tue. Nov. 16. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, I aired the night clothes & made beds & swept & wiped up dust & helped with meals & tried to get my house dress together. & washed dishes    & Elbert has been working on the little hen coop,   he took the door off & then hung it so it opens out & then he fixed it so it would be tight & not leak in     he’s tired tonight, but can’t seem to sleep for 2 nights now.    says his head achs & one Knee hurts him.    I am better again & we hope to go to Lorain Thurs. morning to get floor covering & I hope so much we can.    It was a beautiful day & not even frosty dampness in the air,    but, nice suny day.   We had light breeze first from South then North East,    Had a letter from Audrey & it’s queer how they are always so ready to jump all over me about what some one else has said    well, I haven’t said anything wrong & feel free    Praise God for His Knowing, hearing & seeing, Amen.

Wed. Nov. 17. 1954./ page. 3268./ No. egg today./ The Police man & his brother from Cleveland were here yesterday & went out hunting & got one pheasent or bird, I can’t think straight.    I did my washing & no cystern water    We put water softener in well water,    it’s a mess, but I got them done.    I still have a few pieces yet to do & in the morning Elbert & I, are thinking of going to Lorain to pick out the linolenon & look for chair seats & slop can, & shoes & slippers   oh yes. olive oil & I did want to go to Penneys to look at the coats & hats, & blankets.    I can’t hardly bring my self, or, make up my mind to go.   don’t feel able, but this Kitchen is so terrible & not a living soul to care    no one to help us  just a little.   May God have mercy on us, Jesus I do thank Thee for all I have.    I pray Thou will take care of me, & see that I get what I need.    I haven’t much money to buy with so that’s one draw back on having to go so far & I have to wet so often & thats an other hardship.    It’s been another fine day.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things   Glory to Thy Name.   Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish, catfish & perch & I got every thing ready, & fried fish & we had potatoes & beans & lettuce & hot coffee & bread.   

Thurs. Nov. 18. 1954./No/ 1. pullet egg today./ Well, we didn’t go today.    I baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & am tired & so is Elbert,    he’s been cleaning & doing odds & ends.   Maybe we’ll go in the morning.    I hope to get it over with    it makes me more tired than working here.    It’s been a nice day all day,    but lots of wind scuds & a few clouds    We sure need some rain    everything’s empty & water softener doesn’t seem to soften.   You Know it’s been so quite for the last few day, one would think every one was dead    & no one comes in to see if we are dead or alive.    & I haven’t answered any mail so guess we wont get any.    It’s so warm, to warm for a fire.   God help me I ask in Jesus Name, & thank & Praise Thee for ever, I pray I may be fond worthy, yet, in Thy Sight.   Glory-Hallelujah, Amen. 

Fri. Nov. 19. 1954/ 1 egg today./ The 2. pullets have started to lay & I’m glad.    Been a nice day   rained a very little this morning   not quite half a barrel but it will be a big help.    Elbert went to Lorain & he got a can of olive oil & he got a baby singer  Lipp sent it but Lipp is sick   he’s so thin, Elbert said he don’t look like him. 

Fri. Nov. 19. 1954./ page. 3269./ 1. egg this day/-self,  his pardener Frank has been gone for sometime, now & Lipp is getting old,    Elbert bought me a little plate to eat on,   it’s a little, alrger than the one I have been using,   it’s an old fashion plate, but it will do,    it cost a 25 cents,    he got some  black grapes but not the Itlian big black grapes, I like so much, Elbert got back about 4-30-or a quarter to 5-p-m.    he got some hamberg & smoked saucage,    I had potatoes all ready to cook so we got supper.     I didn’t sleep last night,   think I have some gall stones working off.   I hung bed cloths “sleepers” out & they felt so damp when brought in,   been partly cloudy or mostly & it looks like rain again tonight.     Elbert rode to Lorain from Vermilion with a colored man, Who hauls lime stone from Sandusky to Willaby Ohio & told Elbert what time he passes here & what time he leaves Lorain coming west & said he could ride any time, with him.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my blessings which are many Praise God in Jesus name & I am content with what I have.    I really do need my cloths & floor covering & bedding.    We need chair seats so bad.   only 3 left that’s whole.    Maybe before Spring we can make it    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus   I know all things work out for Thy good & glory Amen.

Sat. Nov. 20. 1954./ No. egg today/ Didn’t work today    neither did Elbert, he did to much walking, had cramps & I rubed his legs with alcohol & put a hot water bottle against his thigh & I gave him 2 anacins crushed in a cup hot water & prayed God would give him his reat & I thank Him, He did, for Elbert soon went to sleep,   I couldn’t take care of him, if it was to keep me going on my feet.    I took care of bedrooms & washed dishes & thank thanked God for my blessings    it tried to rain but didn’t do it.    been very dark & cloudy wind   S. west this morning   changed & went N.W. at 10-a-m & its N. East tonight.    We saw a hen pheasent come up from the hollow & go south past the front of the house, been a few hunters out, parked their cars on road side.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray I may be worthy before Thy coming.    Received letter from Wyatt asking for money    Elbert mailed the letter to him yesterday.   I praise & thank Thee Jesus. 

Sun. Nov. 21. 1954./ ___ egg today./ It’s been a very dark cloudy day.    Audrey & Bill & Jean & baby were to have come out today but, they rented a house more than likely went to see

Sun. 21. 1954. Nov. /page. 3270./ 1. egg today./ What they will have to do to fix it up liveable.    Oh Well, I’ll give what I can really spare for God’s work.    We have been alone all day.   Nellie or the girls never bothered to send a card to find out how I were.    Well they have there own troubles & times have changed a lot, in a lot of ways & no one who’s willing to lend a helping hand, not even if you pay them & Who will help them prety soon,   God help us.    Oh Jesus help us to see & do the right things & to Know  it isn’t this worlds goods that count,    I try to buy only what is most necessary.    Oh I thank & praise Thee, for all things Jesus, Blessed & Holy,

Mon. Nov. 22. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ Didn’t work today,    Elbert sawed & split wood,   it tried to rain & has been quite dark alday to much so to try to try to sew,   & no water to wash.    Well, I’m not fit to work, but try to help & keep beds & floors clean & help with the meals;   No mail today.   Elbert saw 2. pheasents hens today.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus that Thou art & ever will be,   (N. west wind)  help me to be like Thee, are,  I pray. Amen.   Hallelujah, Glory, Glory.  Pure Clean & Holy Thou

Tue. Nov. 23. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Oh God how much I thank Thee for this night,   Oh, how this visit to night has lifted my spirit & I thank Jesus, it must all have been planed by Thee to help give me that which I’m lacking,    Oh Glory, I thank Thee & may all, Praise be Thine for ever & ever, Hallelujah.    Eva & Katherine, Marrian Mrs. Cooley & Mrs. Rate “who is a minister” all came tonight to talk read the bible & talk about it & sing,   they were all filled with the spirit & praised God.    They brought me a big loaf of bread & bag of candy, apples, cookies, & corned beef,  home caned beans & peaches    they are just wonderful sisters in Christ & their faces show it.    Mrs. Haslet brought me a little black hat, brand new    Oh God I pray Thou will give them 4 fold.    & take them safly home & keep their car safe & bring them all again to us in Jesus Name we ask, Amen.    Elbert cut wood & we have burnt a lot today,   it has turned quite a bit cooler this after noon & to night.    There were 11 good sized shouts or pigs here today    they have been roving about for 2 days now.    they were here north of the house for quite a while  black & shiny, pink noses & feet.    Elbert had to keep them out of the garden & back yard, for they sure can root.    Georgia Snyder had a nice time getting them out of her yard   she drove them back to us & then up on Bessie’s place& we didn’t see them any More 

Wed. Nov. 22. 1954./ page. 3271./ 1. egg today./ Well, Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish several bulheads & a few perch,    we fried bulheads & 3 perch & have a big mess of perch left for dinner tomorrow.    & we are so thankful for them & they didn’t cost us, only the skining & washing & scraping & salting & frying.    Elbert had the potatoes ready, but we had to fry the fish    we had a good supper.    We both went to Huron again this afternoon    I paid 50 down on floor covering,    it will cost a little more & it will be a great blessing, for I’m not as strong & able bodied as I use to be & it will be so much easier to wipe up,    it’s going to be hard to get everything moved & put it down & get all moved back again into place but I pray Jesus will give us strength to get it all squared away.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee    Thou are trully good & gracious to me & us, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Amen.    It’s been raining some today & it is still raining in light showers & I pray we get the barrel & tubs full,  we’ve been having such a time trying to use the hard water    If it is boiled long enough the lime settles to the bottom & water is soft.    Well I am thankfull for all thing      every one in the store shook hands & greeted me & it’s nice to have people friendly.    I hope to put in a toilet seat in the house before long also,    Elbert often has to get up & go way out the outside toilet & when he’s feel punk & I’m not to good I hope, dislike, thinking about what I’d have to try to do if he’d fall or have a bad pain around his heart.    I always pray Jesus will keep him & help him & turn him to Him, for we should look to Jesus & not look at others,    we all make mistakes & can see the other fellows mistakes more than our own    Oh, I ask Thee Jesus to clean us inside & out, for Thy name’s sake. Amen.   Wind S little west. not freezing

Thurs. Nov. 25. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Thanksgiving Day & we are thanking & Praising Jesus for His Love & Care Glory to God, I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost & feel power in my body tonight, Hallelujah.    I did my washing today & dried it inside   was a nice wet day  not much rain or wind, but much colder sort of shivery cold, (we had fish for dinner)   it was so warm last week flies & bugs still flying around, now a sudden change.   Elbert’s back has been so bad & his hip,   I ask Jesus to fix him up & he says he’s feeling better tonight,  (no one came today)   Praise the Lord.   I am tired,   but, glad I have washing done   Praise the Lord

Fri. Nov. 26. 1954./ page. 3272./ 1. egg today./ Well, I didn’t do much today,   The men came & measured the floor for the covering & I feel sure they made a mistake in bedroom length, but, I may be wrong.    Elbert’s back & hip’s been paining him bad    seems a little better, tonight;   he has dizy spells   I have them sometimes all so.   Rather chilly today & cloudy    the sun only peeked through 3 or 4 times,   no rain, as yet    Lots of people Killed over week end, over a hundred.    Well, I truly thank & Praise God for the blessings He gives to us   We are well cared for   I wish I could give more.    No hunters   hasn’t been more than a doz. or 15 out & we don’t see pheasents, or rabbits & not many small birds either.   Wish I could paint before we lay floor covering & fix walls.   

Sat. Nov. 27. 1954./ 1. egg today/ Well it sure snowed and melted as it hit the ground but we got a few pails of water   the barrel hasn’t much in it    Elbert put it in the tubs & we filled the crocks & all the apils.   I mended my old dress after I ironed it today.    I have a touch of cold today    have ask Jesus to take it away,    I believe He will & I thank Him & give Praise & Glory to Him forever & ever, Amen.    I fixed a few pheasent feathers & put them on the little hat Sister Haslet brought me,    it was on sale for 88 cents    it looks nice but Elbert don’t like it,   he can’t just tell what’s wrong with it.    Been cold today   I want to go to Lorain & get me some shoes & Elbert has to have some to,   then tires, for the car & looks as if this coal wont all winter.    Elbert hasn’t felt like working   it’s his back & hip.

Sun. Nov. 28. 1954. No egg today./ Not a soul came today.   I felt as if I was coming down with the flu. last night, but I ask Jesus to take it away & thanked Him for the prayers of all the others Who are praying for me & it was gone this morning    praise God from Whom all blessings flow   I thank Thee Jesus & I am trusting Thou will Keep anything that belongs to Satan out of me & that Thou will have diminion over every member of my body   Tlory to God in Jesus Holy Name   strengthen my faith & body that I may be better able to serve Thee.   I pray We get to Church soon Jesus, both of us    I thank Thee.   I thank Thee for answering prayer & send the Sisters over to talk & read the word & pray.   Oh how much Thank & Praise Thee, & restore our faith & strength, spiritual & phyical,    rainy cloud  not much rain

Mon. Nov. 1954./ Page. 3273./ 1. egg today/ Ma’s birth day   she would be 98 yrs. old & Pa would be 94. yrs. old Jan 28th 1955   & I will be 70. Jan 1955.   & Elbert will b 72 Dec. 6 1954.    Well it was cold in Michigan when we were born, but not cold out tonight    just damp & a little chilly,    I wrote a card to Nellie   one to Katherine Cooley & Haslet, Keegan & Mrs. Rotes.    Well, we got the floor covering today & it sure smells up loud.    Elbert has been sick all day   his stomach & bowels.   & tonight he’s in such misery    been laying on the bed seem to act like intestinel flu.   but the Lord is able & I trust He will take it away soon,   he think’s he’d feel better if his bowels would move, so I pray God will take care of him & help him to feel better soon.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee,   Lord help him now.    We only got adds in the mail today.    The weather has been rather dark, it tried to snow several times & got dark early tonight.    Wind’s been S. east all day.   & is working toward S. West tonight.   Winston Church Hill will be 80. yrs. old, Nov. 30. 1954.   He has been a great war man. for yrs, even from a very young man.   Oh, Jesus, I thank Thee   Thou are & ever will be, help me to help to do Thy will in Thy Name I ask, Glory to Thy Name.   

Tue. Nov. 30. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Elbert’s back has pained him all day,    I rubed back & hip twice today,   I pray Jesus Thou will fix him & give him courage to help me get the floor covering, laid & I hope we can do it before any one comes in.    I’ll give Thee thanks & Praise.   & may all Glory be Thine for ever & ever.   Well I baked 3. tins bread biscuits & I’m so tired,     but, we have to get that floor covering down.    Now I had to stop & hunt Easel’s address, her birthdays the 9th of Dec & she always sends Elbert a card for his birthday.   Quite cool & cloudy to-day,    but, yet, a nice day.    I will try to read now & then get to bed.   I do thank Thee Jesus & pray I’ll find time to write. 

Wed. Dec. 1. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I got up at 10-a-m, the police man & a Dick came to hunt,    they had 2 hounds & didn’t get a rabbit & left at noon.    Elbert & I were measuring & cutting floor covering.   We have his piece & mine, ready to lay down, so, hope we can do it in the morning or from 10 to 4-30-p-m.    I’ll sure be glad when it’s all done & Praise God, it will mean less work for me,   then will have painting of wood work & ceiling & chair seats to renew    We’d hoped to put a toilet seat & septic tank in    its to far to go over hill.

Wed. Dec. 1. 1954./ page. 3274./ 1. egg this day./ We don’t have the power in our body & legs to do the running back & forth.    We had company 2 week or so,   I didn’t want to go in my room & use can,   so, tried to go out to the toilet & nastied all down my stockings petticoat & shoes & had to clean up as much as I could & then come in & change cloths, after a sponge bath    so if we had a toilet seat inside it would be a big help.   Wish I could have done it along time ago.    Elbert isn’t very well & neither am I.   We are both so tired tonight,   it would be wonderful to find a young couple or some in there early 30ties that would like to build & live here & give us a willing hand when we needed it    I pray God will help us.   Been cloudy & snowed this morning    Wind south east then went N. east & snowed light showers  not freezing  & is N. east yet tonight not very cold.    We received card from Audrey said she didn’t know anything. but did say Ella Jane was there one night    set around & didn’t talk,    said Jim came home Thurs. night & went back Sun. night, & they had a small turkey, said Gertie wanted it, as if she had to have & excuse,    Why should we care   its nice if they can still have such things    we had fish.   We thank Thee Jesus for giving Thy love & care to us. 

Thurs. Dec. 2. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Today we put the floor covering on my bedroom floor & tore it in so many places & cut it clear across the floor under the bed in order to get it down,    I was the one that had to lift the bed with all the blankets & boxes on it, with a 2X4  a human jack,    I strained from head to ft & ach all over,    I rubbed Elbert’s back & hips & he’s tucked in bed & now, I must take a rub myself & get to bed & We hope to do his room tomorrow    have to take old covering up & wipe up floor & we decided to bring every thing out of his room it should be much easier that way We have found out.   then we’ll put it all back again & that’s sure terrible when we are to tuckered out.    We can’t find any one to even help us.    I don’t believe Elbert & I will ever do it again,   it’s to hard work, for us at our age.   Been partly cloudy & we had light rain & snow & it froze on & Elbert’s wondering how to clean windscheld    it rain & snow on it & froze.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus for the strength of today,    & am trusting He will help us get it all done,   but I feel so tuckered out,   don’t seem as if I can do any more.    God help us & keep us I pray & I thank & praise Thee now & ever more Amen & Amen. 

Fri. Dec. 3. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well, we put the floor covering on Elbert’s floor & it went on good   We cut a big piece off the end. 

Fri Dec. 3. 1954./ page. 3275./ 1. egg today/ Sun did shine several times,   tried to snow & is still cloudy tonight.   Wind’s been backed up to S. then S. east.    We are to tired for words tonight,    I rubbed Elbert’s back & hip but point he sets on is paining him bad,   he twisted it some way about the last thing tonight, when we had all the heavy work done,    We will try to rest Sat. & Sun. now.    I thank Thee Jesus help me to help others & spiritually as well as phyically, & give Thee the Honour & Glory for Thou are worthy, Amen. 

Sat. Dec. 4. 1954/ 1. egg to day/ Len Bonney’s birthday   he’d be 72. yrs. old    Well another hard day,    I washed & fixed my corset & slippers & mended Elbert’s union suit,   done dishes & helped cook & hung out our night clothes to air & the air is so damp   cloths felt so damp we had to hang them up in here & dry them,    We were going to rest today but didn’t for Elbert had to go for food,   his check came this morning,   he went to Huron, couldn’t get fish so got a little meat & we ate a lunch & he went to Vermilion & got most all we needed,    he saw Tom Eppler & talked with him,   he said he’s working & had to in order to eat,    things are so costly & they keep telling over radio that things are cheaper.    The wind was South, but has gone  N. West tonight    We got a card from Audrey very short & crisp & a letter from Nora Christmas card & she did write a letter in it.    about same as she wrote the last time    I must try & write her soon    she’s not very well,   I do thank Thee Jesus for the strength of these last few day & trust my healing will con-tinue so I can get out & go to church again,    I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things, Amen. 

Sun. Dec. 5. 1954./____ egg today/ We had just begin to think there wouldn’t be any one here today,   but, Nellie, Bonita 3 children came in a little after 3-p-m & they visited untill all most dark.    then they flew off for home.    It’s been a beautiful day with sun most of the day & tonight    Wind has freshened & blowing from the N. West.   now very cold, but, damp & penetrating.    Nellie & Bonita put new floor covering on there floors, & had a man lay it & said it was a bad job.    Nellie looks sad & maybe they were hungry

Sun. Dec. 5. 1954./ page. 3276./ 1. egg today./ I could have brought given them bread,   but, like as before, I didn’t think.     God help us to do Thy Will.    I hope we can both learn to live more perfectly.    Jesus help us,     I thank Thee for the added strength & trust, for a full healing     & pray I may be able to say Thou hast made me Whole in Thee & teach, me to Know how to Keep that way.    Partly Cloudy tonight    Oh how I wish we could have went to Church tonight    Dear Heavenly Father I Praise Thee, Jesus my Savior & phyican & the Holy Ghost now & forever more  Glory, Glory. Amen. 

Mon. Dec. 6. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, today’s Elbert’s birthday,   he’s 72. yrs.    He went to Vermilion   got a few more of the food   he forgot yesterday,     & some ice cream for his birthday & held out his hand for me to give him some money.    I have to give for all I have money I save for my dresses & cloths. & shoes & I give for part money for his cloths, the car tires & gas untill I’m drained dry.    I have to watch every cent.    I still have to pay the balance on the floor covering ($9.69)   I have it    Praise God,    I’ll be happy when I finish the payment,     but, then, he has to have new tires,    I agreed to pay half on them & a battery,    then I hope to save for taxes & insurance, & to get paper for the walls & make it clean for Spring.& get it painted  “the” the wood work so we can keep little more clean.     I baked 3 pies  2. apple & 1. custard   he ate 1/4 of custard & I ate a forth & there’s 1/2 a pie left   a 1/4 for each of us.    Been quite cold today    wind’s raw & it was freezing    Elbert took his cloths to Vermilion & had then washed cost 80 cents & he brought them home wet      they don’t smell clean as when we wash them     he hung 1. shirt out & it froze stiff,    I hung the rest up in here & they’re all dry except heavy underwear,   he had four shirts.    Well we had saucage, potatoes, bread & peaches & hot tea for our supper.    he had hot pig hocks “smoked” potatoes, cabbage & carotts for dinner,   he had it all cooked when I got up,   he had eaten his dinner,   so went to Vermilion & looked after getting car     took care of     & he couldn’t get it done today, or find out about tires & couldn’t get them, either,      but, he don’t seem to Know how to go about things sometimes,    he says he wont be able to drive much longer.    He got a birthday card from Audrey & $10.00 bill.   so he felt rather good, but he’s tired tonight.    I’ve been rubing his back & hip nights,    but, he went to bed & didn’t ask me to rub him tonight.    Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things   I love Thee for Thou are truly a wonderful Jesus Glory to Thy Holy Name Amen. 

Tue. Dec. 7. 1954./ page. 3277./____ egg today/ Elbert went to Huron & no fish, all pulled out there nets.    He went at 1-p-m & got back at 3-p-m.   I washed my 2 shirts & 2 skirts & what rags there were & his sleepers  nose rags & 4. pr’s socks.     & was just done when he got back.    Been a fine day cold raw air but nice sun, partly cloudy, White clouds N. west going S. West late this after noon.backed up.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our many blessings     & now I will try to Write Nora & Marry Vedeiwich a letter & go to bed.    We received letter from Audrey & Elbert got a card from Easel & 2 pictures, one of the house outside & one in the house with Earnie “her husband” & her 3 dogs,  taken with new color camera.    Oh God, it’s terrible the condition of the world,   how so few look after Thee, Oh, help many come quickly to Thee before it’s forever to late,   for-give me my sins & show me my wrongs & help me to over come & keep the victory.   Jesus Holy & Pure.  

Wed. Dec. 8. 1954./ ___ egg today./ God has surely blessed us,   I ask Him to send in some one to help us lay the floor covering    & we had just got everything moved & old cloth up & floor wiped up when brother Frank Bonney came in,   he really brought us a fore quarter of the buck deer he shot in Verginia   & he said Armond did put the rabbit in the deep freeze & he forgot to bring it,   he went hunting a little While & then came back & helped Elbert lay one piece & that’s the hardest    now we have the piece from the cupboard to my bedroom door,   that’s hard to, in away,   so many notches for cupboard to cut,   but not so much stuff to move.  to cut,   but sure glad Frank came    it’s to hard work for me.    We had a good fire, but they lifted heatarola,  “it’s like a young furnace,” about 1 1/2 inches & shoved the covering under the zink under stove,   they did a good job,   hope the other goes down as well.    I’ll trust Jesus,    He helped us get this down & I feel sure He’ll help get this piece down right.   We got our checks today & I have to order gas & take out $10.15 to pay. for it,   out of my check.   & I agreed to pay half on the new tires.   I don’t know how much that will cost,    have to take out church money & as usual, wont have much left,   but we are greatful for all we have   & Jesus takes good care of us.    Frank said Ruby isn’t very well, but the rest were O.K.     Mrs. Baldwin died last week & they were waiting for the youngest son “Claud” & family to come from California & would have funeral this week.    We had card from Audrey yesterday,   they have there achs

Wed. Dec. 8. 1954./ Page. 3278./ No. egg today./ & pains like we do & the babys both have colds but they still fly about & go place & eat together,    Audrey loves the babys, I’m glad,     & she said Good Will was moving back to Broadway, “that’s the repair shop” the’re store has always been on Broadway.   & Gertie wont have so far to walk.   Oh, how glad I am that Jesus takes care of me & I pray He will teach the others through some of His Own, to live His way & do His will.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray He will keep me close to Him all the way. Amen.    Well it’s trying to rain tonight & wind was West & little south & guess it is yet, it was raining in heavy puffs & is yet.    Frank didn’t get any game.

Thurs. Dec. 9. 1954./ 1. egg today/ I got the socks darned, but still have 2 union suits to mend.    Elbert had a headach & didn’t feel like he could work,      but, he did mend the end of the sink cupboard at end    tornado caused sink pipe to break top end of one board & inside cleat    so that’s done, but we still have the one piece of floor covering to lay    I’ll be happy when we have it done,    I got the towels “8. of them for 1.00”   that I sent for, paper dish towels.   Well it rained then it snowed & been at it in light showers all day & there’s snow on the road tonight wind’s still S. west.    We cooked some deer meat today, for tomorrow.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will make me a worth while vessel for Thee,    I thank & Praise Thee for all things, Amen

Fri. Dec. 10. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, it’s been a dark day outside & Elbert hasn’t felt able to work, so, we didn’t get rest of floor covering down.   I slept untill noon couldn’t sleep last night    we ate a late dinner & supper & I washed up the dishes & God answered prayer & in come the folks from Sandusky Mr. & Mrs. Haslet, Mrs. Cooley & Mrs. Keegan & Marrian & the Minister Mrs. Rotes    we visited & read the word & Prayed & Praised God & Jesus & it was 11-30-p-m when they left    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee    I’ll try to do what ever Thou would have me to do, in Thy Name, Glory Glory Hallelujah Amen & Amen.     I’ve been wonderfully blessed this day    Sister Willitts wrote me a card from Miami Florida & said read 1. Corinthian 1.3 verse.   Grace be unto you & peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Fri. Dec. 10. 1954./             [no page number, would be 3279]/No egg today/ Jeremiah Cap. 33. Verse 3. Call up to me & I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou Knowest not.    It’s wonderful to Know she thinks of me,  for she’s a noted Evangelist & has much to do & thank of,    so I thank & Praise God for His love & tender mercies in Jesus blessed Holy Name;   Jesus Bless her 4. fold   give her all she needs to carry on her work, for Thee,    I Praise Thee Jesus.Who truly sees, hears & Knows.    The ground was covered with snow this morning, but the sun came out about 9-a-m & stayed untill 11-a-m.  then clouded up & snowed in light snow showers & was quite dark at 4-30-p.m. only a little snow on the ground,   melted most of it away, winds south west & raw   just shivery cold.    Praise God, Jesus & Holy Ghost now, & ever more. Amen.   Now it after midnight & I can’t write letters now. 

Sat. Dec. 11. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, Elbert got up & went to Sandusky & got the tires for his car at Cousins & Ferns,   they did the changing of tires also he stopped at the dry goods store & got the stamps & glow coat for the floor & a little meat & cashed his check & mine & I gave him $13.00 on the tires, & he had 7.00 left out of his 20.00 & his 13.00 out of his check so I hope he can get his over shoes $52.00 left of my check & I’ll have to take out my church dues $6.50 for Huron & 5 to Wyatte & I hope to send Sister Willitts $5.00, 16.00 more 36.00 left for food.  &. Been a beautiful Day light wind & cool not bad.    We each received a card today,   Elbert’s was from Jean & Bill & Wendy & our’s Chistmas card, from Eva Keegan.    We Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & for those who love, & care for us.    The Sandusky girls or women brought pints of fruit & Mrs. Rote a very pretty paper table cloth,   they all love me, pray for us both.   I thank Thee Jesus Pure true & Holy. 

Sun. Dec 12, 1954./ 1 egg today/ Very dark day, Ernie & Dolly came in about 11-a-m,    I was still in bed,   but I got up    they didn’t stay long,   Dolly lost the little loom she maks potholders on & thought she left it here, but I didn’t see it & don’t know what it looked like anyway      if it had been here I’d have found it,    it may have been an excuse for a reason, all there own.   No one else came today,     & its been so terribly dark & couldn’t see to read or write I have tried to address some Christmas cards, but didn’t get many done.   & Now I’m wondering about. tomorrow.    I do hope we can lay the other piece of floor covering.   I Praise God in Jesus 

Sun. Dec. 12. 1954./ page. 3280/ 1. egg this day/ Name   I hope trust & believe in my healing & Praise & thank Jesus for all things great or small & give Him the Glory for ever. Amen.   

Mon. 13. 1954 Dec. / No. egg today/ We had a dark day only little sun      before dinner we marked & cut the floor covering & got it down before supper time    Elbert’s back’s about killing him but we are glad we have it done & we feel, we never will do it again    I Praise God, He help us get it down,   it isn’t perfect, but hope maybe Frank might come back some day & help it over a 1/4 of an inch,    it sure looks & feels lots better.    We received a card from Mrs. Keegan & one from Mrs. Haslet & Joe.   & I have a 1/2 doz. or so ready to go    hope I can get them done this week.    Have to add. 4. 5 yet.  I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for the wonderful strength & I’m trusting for my infilling of the Holy Ghost & my healing Amen    Wind’s gone from N. E. to the S. W. & it’s not cold out.   

Tue. Dec. 14. 1954./ (12. cards.)/ 1. egg today./ Another very dark day & I haven’t got much done    I have answered several cards & Miss Willitts    Mrs. Eppler. Joan, Martha, Johny Harnish & Bonney Bell, Harry Miller & Mrs. Day.  Mrs. Goll &, Sosack, Nellie, Miss. McGovern.    & I’ll have 3. doz. more to write yet.    It’s so hard to write read or sew.    We are out of water,    I need to wash clothes.   started to rain, but stopped as it has done so many times.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name.    He sees, hears, & Knows.    Help me to go with Elbert tomorrow.   Glory to God    I thank & Praise Him for all things    Received card from Annabel.   

Wed. Dec. 15. 1954./ gass tank today/ 1. egg today/ Well, Elbert went to Huron & mailed part of my cards & why he didn’t take them all I don’t know      he got a few more cards  & I have got the most of them ready to go out & then  I do the rest tomorrow & mail them Thurs or Fri.    I’m so tired tonight     guess it most 2-a-m.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & pray all Glory be Thine for ever,    It snowed early this morning & was gone at noon.    I wish it would rain.   We need to wash. Not very cold   tried all day to snow  Been Dark.   sun, came out few minutes before noon

Thurs. Dec. 16. 1954. 1. egg today./ I did my washing & got it done & then finished my cards     we got a few more this morning.    Elbert has felt bad all day    he’s going to Vermilion in the morning & I’d like to go but will be to tired    it’s 12 or more now I ought to be in bed    I thank & praise God for all our many blessings & hope I’ll be able to work tomorrow     I ought to bake

Fri. Dec. 17. 1954./ page. 3281./ 1. egg today./ 17. cards so far. Been so dark today    I tried to sew but couldn’t see    Well felt to tired anyway,   I did trim neck & arm holes, took care of beds  aired rooms, wind has been strong & sure blew out old air & fill up with fresh    tried to rain & spit with snow & froze a little.    Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed out 48 cards,    I had him mail a few the other day & I have 3 or 4 yet to mail. “near by.”  So there isn’t much news,    Audrey sent a card but didn’t write anything.    I have to find out where Mr. & Mrs. Douglas are & perhaps send them a few things  some potatoes, bread & maybe some meat.    they are getting old.   in there 80.ties & 90.ties   We received a card & note from Ed Rosecrans & he says Christmas & Spring are so terribly lonesome with Aunt Edie & Georgia Gone    One went before Christmas the day before & Georgie the later part of March, & after Aunt died Edd & Georgia made up there differances & went here & there to try to make up to Georgie what he had done wrong & help her to go & out more,   she was home so long taking care of her mother.    I sent him a card & will try to write again to him.   Mrs. West sent card & short note,   Mr. West & several of the others have been sick, but are better again.   Mrs. Greene send a card, no note,   she queer that way.   but maybe she isn’t well.   Mrs. Sprunk sent a card & Nellie Mc.Carthy & Mrs. Kanary from 31,st St Church in Lorain.    Elbert bought 9.00 worth of fruit, meat, greens & catfish, it’s terrible how much it cost to live,    he can’t have muc left & I only 18.00 & 10.00 of that is for Church,    Well we’ll have to make out some how    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert some boiling meat & we have got along good,   in 2 weeks Elbert will have his check again.   he didn’t get his shoes or over shoes & neither did I.    Oh, Jesus I do thank & praise Thee for all things & pray I may learn of Thee & do Thy will & ways    I Praise Thee Jesus.

Sat. Dec. 18. 1954./ ___eggs today./ David birthday & I hear he’s dead some time ago but I don’t know what was wrong with him.    Well it’s been another stormy day & Dark.    I made 3. tins bread biscuits ironed 2 dresses & mend Elberts union suit & it’s not worth mending       I’m feeling so miserable     my feet torture me so bad & I’ve felt so out of sorts with Rev. Whyatt,    he does need a lot of money to carry on his work, but I wonder What would Jesus do?   Would he try to tie a person to the whipping post by getting them to promise to pay for a healing?   What would Jesus do?

Sat. Dec. 18. 1954./ page. 3282./ No egg today/ I give all I feel I can & live & I need shoes, have worn this pr. 6. yrs,     & my feet torture me most to death.    Well, I will pray about it & do what ever Jesus shows me to do.    I need this healing so terribly bad,    but, Why promise to give more money than I have,    I give him 5.00 a month & pay my church dues & give to several others & help here & there where it is badly needed & God blesses me in many ways    & I’m willing to do His will & trust He will show me.    Hear me now Jesus & help me to understand I pray,    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.    I kill a fly,    he came down from above the window. 

Sun. Dec. 19. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I laid in bed untill after 1. o’clock   got up & took a bath & we ate at 3-30-p-m & had a lunch at 6-p-m;   some cornstarch custard bread & butter, piece of pressed ham & cup of tea    I washed up dirty dishes & no one came in today    & Elbert put new seats on 3. chairs of the floor covering & they look real nice.    & now the stair platform covering & my chair seat.    Been a Dark day,   snowing part of time,    we got about 3. inches last night.    I do hope I can sew tomorrow    I only have one dress left    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will help me to Know what to do about the money for Rev. Wyatt,  Jesus help me to Know.    I give all Praise to Thee

Mon. Dec. 20. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I basted my skirt & waist together & that’s all I did of any consequence    I had to cook the cranberries & Elbert peeled some apples & I am afraid I do feel vexed with Wyatt,    he wants me to give him extra money, if he prays for me for his work,     I know God ans. prayer & so I’ll trust him this once more    I been sending him 5.00 a mo, & they were going to have special prayer for me,    I haven’t as far as I know received any help yet & so I pray God hears & gives him & I the things we truly need so very much.    I’m so glad to do what ever Jesus would have me to do, & I believe this test will prove many things,    I’m trusting & believing for my healing.    Elbert’s head has been so bad    he has been in-side most of the day,    he’s done out side chores,    he got 2. qts. milk Mon.    So he will go in the morning if car will run,    he could get back Mon.    battery run down,    Clayton charged it up again & Elbert walked home & back a-gain.    We had about 3. inches of snow     it thawed a little but, has been very cold out side     & my heart goes out to the hungry & cold & no place to get in out of the weather.    God I pray in Jesus Name for Wisdom, Knolldge & power, health & strength

Tue. Dec. 21. 1954./ page. 3283./ No. egg today/Shortest day/ We received 8. card Mon. & 2 cards today & one of them was from Inez & Henry,    her mother is ill again & they don’t think she will recover this time,    Jesus Thy Will be done.    Inez feel so bad, but all things are to teach us greater lessons than we have ever Known,    I pray God will help her & Henry to Know the lessons even though we Know how hard it can be, help them Jesus, I pray,    & help them to cling closer to Thee now & forever more.    & they sent us a dollar for Christmas.    We give to Church our 10th. & even though we are not able to get there.    I believe Jesus will make me Whole in Him yet   & I thank & Praise Him,   He is Truth & has promised if we trust & believe it will be so,    I’m trusting Jesus & Pray & trusting, for I know Thou are able, I Praise Thee Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen    I love Thee Jesus. forever. 

Wed. Dec. 22. 1954./ 2. egg today/ Elbert went to Lorain this morning & I slept a couple of hours & then got up & washed what few things I had    mostly nose & rags & I washed Elbert’s sock & nose rags & I feel to weak to do it but as long as God gives me strength   I’ll Keep trying.    Elbert see Gertie & Audrey & talked to them    Bill & Jean have moved on to Elyria Ave. & Merlin & Martha are talking & moving over on East Side on River Rd. & Joan will be alone with thte baby    I hope she don’t go wrong.    Well I sent her & Jean a card with 5.00 bill in them & hope they will let me Know if they get them O.K.    I sent Martha a dollar in her’s.    Easel sent Elbert a dollar    Elbert got his battery & owes 21.00 & some odd cents on it,    he got our mail & Audrey had sent 10.00 to us & Elbert put it in his pocket    hope we can keep going untill he gets his check,    he got his over shoes 9.00 & something & talked with Starcast Allen    he sent best wishes to me,   he’s younger than 4. yrs.    he talked to Bessie Pratt & he see & spoke to Al Sims.    Elbert said Audrey told him Jim was home now until New Years.    he got home about 2-30- or 3-p-m.    I got all my wash dried & my old dress enough together so I can Keep good one for Sat. & Sun. for Sat. is Christmas.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for His Love & care    I love Father, Son & Holy Ghost

Thurs. Dec. 23. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy, & not very cold,  wind S. West & we saw a big fly yesterday & today outside & one inside on N. window    we only had about 3 inches of snow,    & Radio says second earth quake in California

page 3284/ [no date, would be Dec 23]/& terrible storms on the waters on ocean & in 4 countrys in Europe;  dykes & piers & worse than ever before in history & still people won’t trust Jesus & give their all to Him.    God help us to live for Thee & do Thy Will & Ways.    I haven’t done any work today & tonight    God answered prayer & the Sandusky Sisters came in     we visited & prayed & Jesus was in our midst, it was truly wonderful, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Amen.    Do you know they brought fruit cake & cookies & & a wealth of happy in spirit & soul,    they are so good to us & I Praise Thee Jesus With all my heart, soul mind & strength    Oh God help me to learn & be filled with the spirit that I may praise Thee in spirit & truth.    I thank & praise Thee for ever & ever now & ever Amen. 

Fri. Dec. 24. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Oh God of Love & Mercy,    I do thank & Praise Thee for all Who love us & went out of there way to come so far & give us so much,   how very much,    I like to give a part to some one else that wont have as much as we have,    Wish I could go & look after others Who wont have any dinner & no one to come in to visit    God help some one to see to there wants I pray    & I pray Rev’s Deers will have plenty & all the many others.    Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita Sr. & Jr. Geo & Nelson all came just as Elbert had gone to bed,     I rubed his back & then I sat down to to darn Elberts sock, as the honked the horn at the back door,    Oh my, they brought a small turkey all stuffed & ready for the oven    & we put it in the oven & it has to cook 4 hours    it’s all rapped in tinfoil & begins to smell good,    they didn’t stay very long, were going back to Church & going to Johny’s tomorrow & Bonney Bell & Joe & there 5 children will be at Nellie’s for supper.      Frank & Armond came in just after supper, & Armond gave us the rabbit he was going to give us for thanks-giving,    Frank & Ruby gave us 5.00 a piece & we had a nice visit,    they work half the day & were tired, so didn’t stay long    Armond brought his son Bruce, nice little boy,    I gave Him an orange.   I gave part of the cake Sister Haslet brought & some cookies & candy to Bonita’s children.    Nellie’s Girls brought all the trimings with the turkey   fresh fruit & candy & Olive, & jellys   it was wonderful   I thank Thee Wonderful Wonderful Jesus. 

Sat. Dec. 24. 1954./ page. 3285./ ___ egg today./ He opened the windows & really showered us with food.   Brad’s where we get our milk gave us part of a Chicken, looked like a big rooster.    Well, I pray Oh, God, in Jesus Name I may be filled soon with the Holy Ghost before Thy coming help me Oh Jesus I ask & I Praise & give Thee thanks forever & ever, Amen.    It’s not been a very cold day    flies were out & some on the out side.    And every thing so quite & queer,   & the Radio said 300 people been injured & Killed in California today & tonight    & the Dikes did hold in those countries on the other side,   they feared would let go & do lots of damage,    23 ships & most of the men lost.   & airplanes lost & more lives,    Oh Jesus, how many were ready to meet Thee.    & another earth quake rumbling in Cali.   & they had a bad one just a few days ago. with brick flying 100 feet in the air.   The bible says things will be going on as in the days of Nona, When the flood came & took them all away    God help us & Keep us, Oh Jesus. 

Sun. Dec. 25. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Oh God I thank Thee in Jesus Holy Name for caring for us,    help me to help others.    & deliver me from this terrible thing that has come upon me,     I thank & Praise Thee,    I Know Thou doth hear me, and answer prayer, for I believe Thou will truly heal me again.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hosanna to Thy Name.    Well, Audrey & Bill & Jean & baby  Wendy 3 months old     & Joan & baby Randy 6 mo’s old & soiled flesh came & brought us a half bu. basket of flour, sugar, caned store good,  fruit, nuts, & hand soap, & Crisco,    We had a good visit,    they have nice babies,    I love them.   they thanked me for the 5.00 each family    We didn’t give Audrey 5. for I didn’t have any left,    We have planed to give her some a little later on,    her work is un-certein of late & there will be times she will need money    then we will send her a little,    she don’t look very well, & Gertie wouldn’t come today with the rest    she’s like that.    They said Jim was home, but, he hasn’t been out.    They brought out some of the colored pictures of the babys & one of Jim & his taffy haired girl,   she was holding Jean’s baby & Jim had Randy:    They hurried off home    had a 25 lb. turkey cooking for supper at Bills & Jeans home & there family    & Audrey & Gertie were to be there, Merlin, Martha & Joan & baby,    it’s so nice they can all be together,   Jim & John

Sat. Dec. 25. 1954./ Page. 3286./ 1. egg this day./ are in the service    John did-n’t get home this time.    Oh Jesus if they only Knew Thee,    I love them all so much & pray Thou will turn all of them to Thee soon    I thank Thee & Praise Thee.   We thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for Jesus Thy Holy Son & for the Holy Ghost I believe Thou will give Him to me soon.    We thank Thee for all our many blessing in Spirit & in truth.    It’s been a beautiful Day in side & out    big flies showed up in the house & out by front door.   

Sun. Dec. 26. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been a beautiful day & today’s for Feb.    No rain, partly cloudy & thickened at 4-30 & more so at 6-30 but partly starlight tonight    S & S. West Wind all day    to warm for this time of year, the little bugs that hover over the bushes in Spring were thick over the bushes today & we see a few big flies again today    & I Killed one on my wool blanket on the foot of the bed this morning.    No one came today.    Elbert’s thinking of going to town & get his washing done.   One of the hens picked up a night crawler  big around as lead pensle    Pray Jesus will have me fix soon & prove He is still able, to all Who don’t believe    I thank & praise Thee Jesus & I love & believe Thee,

Mon. Dec. 27. 1954./ No. egg today./ I have Nora’s letter & Wyatt’s ready to go & Rev. Dears. & today or tonight rather the Dears came & they brought there supper all cooked    a rabbit fried & cooked tender & gravey & butter & hot tea & pickles.    We had a nice visit.    They brought us some store caned goods,   a pointsetta plant, some candy & socks for Elbert & red handkercheif & a couple of Kercheifs & towel & wash cloth for me;    she says she feels as if she’s 80. yrs. old instead of 46.,    she is on the go every day & all day & they planted to have supper with us & visit & rest alittle for they relax when they are here.    I’m glad they do.    Well, it has rained a little & black & dirty & Elbert dumped out all most 1/2 barrel.   Wind’s South West all day & tonight.    Warmer than yesterday & todays for March. 1955.    They are having snow in some places & rain in others.    I told Sister Dear I sent the Church money & some for them.    She gave me Faith Alberta’s address. & they hurried away about quarter to nine    had one more stop to make on there way home,    I pray God, Thou will take care of them all the way & guide there every step & move in Jesus Name Amen.  Glory & Honour bleongit to Thee.

tue. Dec. 28. 1954./ Page. 3287./ 2. egg today./ Well I laid in bed untill about 2.p.m.    been feeling so bum.   We have pork chops & rabbit & saucage & he took some to Brods to put in the ice box.    Well, we’ll have enough meat for allthe week.    Praise the Lord & I don’t care for much any more    It’s been a very dark foggy day,   it rained all most a barrel of water & the shingls & coal smoke makes it the water’s thick & black, but he saved a little water.    No sun today & I couldn’t see to sew or write.    The wind S. West this after noon,  went North & is colder tonight.    & todays weather is for April,    don’t look like a very promising Spring.   Mar. so warm & it comes in like a lamb & went out the same & weather man says snow for tomorrow,    it is colder tonight.    Wind 10. or 12. miles tonight.    I think I’ll write a card to Audrey & to Nellie & Inez & one to Mrs. Bracket.  & Nylie Mc.Carthy,  She’s moved into a smaller house  2. bedrooms a bath & living room & kitchen   sounds to me to be as big as the house she had but she says it’s a much better location   has a basement but no upstairs.    Oh God I thank Thee in Jesus Name Thou art & ever will be, for my salvation for sending that beautiful angle & the wonderful golden light    help me to understand, & bless Rev. Wyatt & Those Who work for Thee    give him the strength & power he needs & show him the things to do & how to get them done    & help me to help as much as I can.    Bless him & strengthen him phyically & spiritually & send him money to take care of his needs.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus Devine, Pure & Holy Amen.    

Wed. Dec. 29. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I wrot cards to Audrey & Nellie Dec. 28. 1954.  & now to Inez & Jean & Joan,    we’ve had another dark, rainy day,    Elbert saved some water, but don’t know if we’ll be able to use it,    it’s black & thick.    I wish it would come clean    looks as if it would freeze now       & the other states & countrys across the seas are having there troubles also & snow.    Texas, Kansas, & Misouri & Missisippi & Alabama were having Tornados & California still rumbling with earth quakes & Italy & some island,   were being shaken.    We are expecting some of the cold & snow froze a thin scum of ice last night    a big night crawler came out of the ground & froze there  by the rain barrel.    Wind’s been N. east untill tonight     & I’m not sure but train whisles sound as if wind might be S. west, if so, it must have backed up.   don’t feel cold tonight.    I did wash afew things & got them all dried.  

Wed. Dec. 29. 1954./ Page. 3288./ 1. egg today./ I have felt very weak today & Elbert’s head has been so dizzy    to much solid meat & he has eat to much,    well, I haven’t.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost & pray for Rev. Wyatt that Thou will provide him with all he need spiritual & phyical strength & courage, faith that he may do for Thee & through others    Thy Will in Jesus Name & give to me also that I may be of service to Thee   teach me Thy Will.   May all the Glory be Thine now & forever, Amen,    Todays weather is for May of 1955.   I’m wondering. 

Thurs. Dec. 30. 1954./ ___ eggs today./ Well it’s been so thick & cloudy    sun came out 11-45-a-m  & again once or twice for only a few seconds   rest of day  been cloudy, no more rain.    I baked 2 tins of bread & Ella Jane came & had supper & visited a little,    I gave her enough dough to make a big tin of biscuits or a loaf of bread & I gave her 3 boxes & more than a box in bag of candys.   & now it’s most one oclock    I must go to bed.    Had a nice card & Note from Harry Miller   he only has one eye & that’s going bad    I pray God will fill him & heal him in Jesus Name Amen,   I Praise Thee Jesus, & pray Thou will give Rev. Wyatt all he need phyically & Spiritualy   I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure, True & Holy. Amen.    It’s a lot warmer tonight   Wind S. west.   todays for June.

Dec. Fri. 31. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, Elbert took one tin of biscuits to Brod’s & so, I must set bread again in the morning.    I did out a very small washing & got it dry.    I did want my dress, but no starch so, I’ll wear the old one,   it’s clean.    & I’d like to wipe up the floor.    Elbert has felt so bad,    I rubed his back & put a hot flannel on him; & pray Jesus will heal him again for me, & help him to call on Jesus & do His Will.   Elbert went to Brod’s, got the rabbit we had ground & ready for meat balls,    it’s froze so hard we wont be able to cook it untill tomorrow.    The flies were outside flying about    we aired bed cloths off each bed   turned the mattresses & made them up with clean sheets & am 

Fri. Dec. 31. 1954./ page. 3289./ 1. egg this day./ I tired.    Elbert got a beef joint & piece of shank meat & we had rice soup for supper,   it was good.    Well I got weather wrote down for July.  S. west wind, Sun came up at 9 a.m. or there about & shone untill 4.30-p.m.    it’s been partly cloudy since,   new moon is clear, as it shines between Clouds,   I have an answer from Sister Willitts today, & Myrtle 7-miles from here hasn’t ans. yet.  or neither has Dear’s & several others,    Harry Miller sent a thank you & nice note, Poor soul   I pray Jesus thou Will make him whole & a good example for Vermilion & may the Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen.    Mrs. Rote, Mrs. Cooly & Mrs. Keegan & Catherine Haslet.  ans. with many thank & food.   Martha hasn’t ans. But Bill & Jean & Joan & Audrey did come & thank me & brought us food for a gift.    I sent Wyatt 5.00    they have heavy mail & will ans. when they come to my letter.   May God open the flood gates with a rush of plenty in all the things he needs, I Praise, Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.   Wind a little raw tonight.   Sun Crystle white sort of glittering & ring around it.  


Diary 1955

Sat. Jan. 1. 1955/ 2. egg today./ Well, I made 3. tins & a small loaf of bread & I wiped up floors & I made the meat ball of the rabbit meat,     it was so good & for supper we had some more beef rice soup & then a lot of dishes & now I have Elbert’s back rubbed & a hot flanel on it & he’s tucked in bed,    he’s been feeling rather bad for several weeks,    he tried to chop some limb wood & said he just didn’t have the pep,   he has looked as if he didn’t feel well.    Since today’s New Years day,   there’s no mail & tomorrow is Sun. & we hope we can read & trust Jesus & talk to Him,   Praise His Holy Name, I love Him.   Now Rev. Buser is on the Radio.    I try to hear him every night.    Help our faith & spiritual needs.   I thank & Praise Thee, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.   The weather. Dark untill 9.a.m. then sun came through at intervals & then more & stronger & a little longer at a time.    flies were out again today    We Killed 2. in the house    quite warm & it started to rain about 3-p-m & the water from roof is so dirty we can’t use it & the only way I know to soften the well water is to boil it.   No one came in today.    Oh Praise Thee Jesus Now & ever more Amen.

Sun. Jan. 2. 1955./ Page 3290./ No. egg today./ Well, I got up late   took my bath & cleaned my feet that’s a real job    I had just finished when Katherine, Eva, Marrian & Joe came in  & the old lady that lives with Eva & we visited for some time.   I & Elbert ask ’em to stay for supper, but they wouldn’t,     Katherine bought my new coat 35.00 & so I have to look for another if & when I get to town & we hope to go this week, for shoes & slippers.    Todays for Sept.   a very mild warm day   Sun came up early & set red    S. West wind didn’t freeze last night hasn’t froze for 3. nights,    flies were out today.    A beauitiful day   Praise God in Jesus Name,   I Know Jesus will hear & answer prayer & set me free I’m so glad Glory to Thee Jesus   I thank & praise Thee & pray Marry Will Write or they will let me Know if she is still with us.    I praise Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure, Clean & Holy, Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 3. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Dark & cloudy untill most noon   then sun came out several times but clear all off & got dark soon after 3-p-m. & it’s been trying to rain every since & it 15 minutes to 11-p.m.    We re-ceived a card or rather a note with Marcie Joe’s picture & an outline of the each one of the family & wished we could come over,    Well it’s nice to get just a freindly note   We are always glad to hear from any & all of them.   Elbert’s head has felt bad all day & tonight I rubed his back & hip, but he wont have his head bathed.    I’ve felt rather punk but hope to feel better tomorrow.   Well, I got my dress all ready to stitch & hope to do it tomorrow. & to do some on the other one & then to cut out another one or two.    It’s quite warm out.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things great & small & I pray for Wyatt’s needs & I thank Thee for my healings & strength & praya for Katherine that Thou will take care of that trouble she has in Thy way & I thank Thee Jesus & I Praise Thee for takiing away the cause of bed wetting from Marrian & am trusting she will be made whole through Thee, Glory. Glory, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 4. 1955./ No. egg todays/ Been a beautiful day N. East wind.  not very cold,   hens found another big night crawler    We had a fly in house    sun came out about 9-a-m this a-m. & set red & Elbert said there was a sun dog,   the sun was so white clear & sparkly.   Wind stayed N. east all day.    My head has felt as if I’d been druged  so dizzy can

Tue. Jan. 4. 1955./ Page 3291./ No. egg today./ it’s terrible    I can hardly walk   eyes going round & round & the windows & room,    I really believe it’s dope of some kind but as yet I haven’t found out how I get it    & Elbert’s that way to & since I know he tried to give me dope once before, by holding it under m nose, & he got it to, I’ve been suspicous of him.    I don’t know how he operates,    Ive got to find out somehow   it hurts my arms to be tied & hurts my heart to be drugged.    I pray God will help me;   if I talk about it, he has such a smirky grin, I can’t tolerate it.    I received a letter from Marry Vedowich & a Kercheif & glad she’s O.K.   she longs to get out side that place and I wish I could help her    God help her I ask.    I pray Thou will make me strong in Thee & teach me & I pray for Wyatt believing thou will give him as Thou seest he needs.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & I pray for Sister Haslet take the poison & soreness from her throat & her jaws,   I thank Thee Jesus & for Eva & Marrian & for Sister Cooly & Sister Rote & the Revs Dears. & all those in the Churches    God help us in Jesus Name   I thank Thee & give Thee the Praise & thank Thee more than I can tell Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 5. 1955./ 2 eggs today/ Rainy all day & we have 3. tubs & barrel full of clear water,    tried to snow this after noon but melted in few minutes after it fell   sun made big luminus spots in the clouds, but didn’t come clear through,   not very cold,   bugs & flys & night crawlers.    Elbert’s terrible nervous  complains of his head    acts as if he isn’t all here    & my stomach has been giving me a lot of pain & my whole body feels bad,   but when I talk of going to the Dr. to see or find out whats the trouble with me, he don’t want to take me    but I have to do something & do it soon, tonight as soon as I finished my supper my stomach pained me so bad & when I drank it begin to bloat me.  & it feels so sore across the upper part of stomach & in upper part of bowels.    Elbert had gas pains around his heart tonight & he looked so scart or frightened.    Well it hasn’t been light enough to sew & I haven’t done anything.    I pray Jesus Thou will Keep me soul & body.    I Praise Jesus & thank Thee & trust for Thy help    Please show me I pray, please before its to late    I give Thee the Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.

Thurs. Jan. 6. 1955./ Page. 3292./ 1. little egg today./ No frost last night or Wed. night before Tue.  & no rain today & we had a bad accident    one leg on the wash bench broke & dumped 2 tubs of nice clean water & bent my tub bad.    I feel so miserable   my stomach feels sore, cross wise, upper part,    I ought to wash rags but don’t feel as if I can lean over the wash board.    It’s been mostly cloudy & sort of chilly cold.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got 20.00 dollars worth of food & brought it all in 3. little cartons,   He sent a money order to moore & Meyers for the battery 21.00 & some odd cents, so that’s paid in full.    He has been feeling bad, pains around his heart, gas pains,    he ate piece of orange & it relieved some of it.    My passage was black today    it was that way when Jesus healed me one other time.    I don’t Know any one Who is like unto Him, He’s all the World to me    I thank & Praise Him Glory, Glory to His Holy Name.  

Fri. Jan. 7. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been a fine day   dark & damp this morning then sun came out about 10-a-m. & shone all after noon    little cloudy but thin white wind clouds & tonight looks as if we are in the center of the wind   it split in the West & clouds going N. east & S. east & sun White as ice & the moon clear & bright tonight.     We had a little freeze last night & a frost.    I did out part of my washing & few light pieces of Elbert’s & he washed the towels,   my feet are sure bad, sore, I think I took cold in them.    Received letter from Sister Haslet.    I am sorry I sugested there coming for a lunch for Elbert’s & my birthday but we’ll have to call it off.    I’m not able, some other time, perhaps.    Well, I do thank & Praise God for His love & care & hope He will find me worthy.    He said to Keep what we have of His spirit untill He come & I’m trusting & believiing Glory to God in Jesus Holy Name, I love Thee & hope to be all Thine, Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 8. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well I swept & dusted all 3. rooms, ironed my dress & under skirt dried rags & folded them,    It’s been a nice day    Elbert cut some brush & limbs & I have him rub-ed & he’s in bed & I do wish I had some one to rub me,    but God takes care of me even if I do have to have to suffer many things.    I have Him to thank, Praise to love & I wish I could show Him I do love Him   Glory Glory, Hallelujah, Amen;   froze a little & little frosted

Sun. Jan. 9. 1955./ page. 3293./ 1. egg today./ S. west wind quit strong & chilly, Rained this morning & cloudy    & cloudy tonight.    My cold is better.   Praise God & I thank Jesus   He does hear & see & Know & pray I may do His Will & His ways;   Oh God, We are so bad  Daniel would be dumbfounded & I wonder more each day of all the wickedness that goes on.    Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came,    they didn’t stay long, but we had a little visit,   they to, have a hard time to get along on the little money they have & I pray they will soon learn to live for Jesus,   love each other & do as He would do.    I got up late & we ate about 3.-p.-m.   & again at 6.p.m.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & Glory in Thy Power & Name Amen, 

Mon. Jan. 10. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a nice day, tried to rain then snow, but sun did shine for a very little while, then cloudy again.    Well, I got my dress stitched to-gether    that is the waist & skirt on the belt.   & I also got the other skirt stitched together & the waist & hope to get it together, so I can measure them & baste them & stitch, as I get them read.    I received some sort of bag, made of heavy silk black, trim of old rose    it’s pretty    looks like the bags we use to carry our sewing or crochet in when going to the ladys aid,    Well, insid were 4 pretty handkercheifs  the flowered kind & 2-1.dollar bills.    I thank Thee Jesus, & pray Thou will bless her as Thou seest best as, as he needs.   she isn’t able to get out side by herself any more & I know it’s so hard to bear & she’s 75.yrs. old -Oct. 1954.    I’ll try to write her soon.   Then I got a letter from Sister Dear    she thanked me for the money for church & for them & she told me about her children & some of the others.    God Bless her & hers & cleanes & help each one in the Chruch, All the Churches & be with all of Thine all over the world & help us each one in Jesus Name, I Praise Thee Wind was N. west & N. East tonight didn’t freeze only top soil a little

tue. Jan. 11. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well I sure did more than I had ought to do today my right foot & leg are so sore & the left one almost as bad    but I baked 3 tins & put away & ach so bad I can hardly endure it & Elbert’s head seems to be bothering him & he don’t want to be around me  so he went to town & then went down & saw some limbs,   fed hens & got the supper   I rubed his back & hips & he’s in bed    I had to do the dishes & read

Tue. Jan. 11. 1955./ Page. 3294./ 1. egg today/ & go to bed.    We had a letter to day from Audrey, said she worked 4. days last week. & E.J. called on them.   & she says little 3 months old Wendy weighs 15. lbs & coos & trys to talk    she’s a pretty baby.   she said she didn’t see Joan much,    I hope they don’t neglect her    Martha & Merlin have bought a house on E. river Rd. & that will sort of leave Joan alone,    I hope all will be well with her.    Audrey said she might be out Sun. for my birthday, Jan.   I wonder if she will.    Well it’s been a fine day mostly cloudy & cloudy tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus that I can still get about & do some work.   & that He looks after us & takes care of us.    Glory to His Holy Name He convert’s us heals us & fills us with His Spirit & keeps us,   He’s Wonderful.   All hail the power of Jesus Holy Name, Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 12. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a very dark day I couldn’t see to sew & didn’t try to write,    it tried to snow & at last after supper it did & the ground is white now at 11-30-p-m. & sky is very dark    our checks came today.    I feel some better a-gain today & thank & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will have dimond over ever part of me soul, body & Spirit, Amen

Thurs. Jan. 13. 1955./ No. egg today:/ Loura Ann’s birthday, I believe she’s 17. yrs. old.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good today,    It snowed quite a little last night    maybe 3 inches   winds rather cold & raw   wind’s been south west most of the day.    I ironed my old dress & sewed up the slits & tried to do a little on the new ones, but didn’t get much done,    hope to get more done tomorrow  just have to have another dress soon.    We had some sun shine today that make the day & life lighter.   I thank Thee Jesus for removing the soreness from my feet & legs & Keep me ever close to Thee Jesus, Prue, Clean, Devine, Holy & full of Glory, draw me ever closer, Amen.

Fri. Jan. 14. 1955./ 1. egg today/ Oh God, I Praise Thee in Jesus Name for all our blessings that you see hear & Know I thank Thee so much for the love & for the fellow ship of those of Thine,   We thank Thee for the letter from the young folks,    I pray every one that is able will give the young folks, that they may catch up there bills 6. hundred dollars for baby’s birth____birth.   Well, Eva & Marrian, the & the old lady & Katherine & Joe,   they brought a hot meat mixture & buns & ice cream & cake & strawberry drink of some sort

Fri. Jan. 14. 1955/ page. 3295/1. egg today/ like coke,    I don’t drink that sort of thing, but since it don’t hurt any one, I drank 2 good swallows to be polite.    Eva has been sick & Katherine not very good but we had a good visit & the are coming again soon they hoped,    They gave me a box of writing paper Eva did, & a handkercheif & Katherine gave me pillow slips, embroidered, & very pretty This week They have been ill & planed all week to come, bring a birthday lunch & gifts, not thinking of the snow & slippery hill & pray & visit, lunch & Hym His songs of courage, love & Glory.   All the strife hardships & toils forgotten at His call, We thank & praise Thee Jesus for All.   We missed Sister Cooly & Sister Rotes, but they were on Godly missions & earns & we pray Thy guiding Spirit guided & Kept them  & took those who were here safly home & give them a renewed strength    help me to read & learn how to be of more comfort & strength to them.    I Praise Thee Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more Amen    didn’t get much done on my dress but hope for an-other day.   Elbert & I saw 2. mourning doves over by John’s grainery late today   they acted cold.   It’s been partly cloudy or mostly & snappy cold   snowed a little, flake were small, & cold goes right through one,     Elbert’s back & head are bad, yet.   Wind’s quite strong & South West    it’s most 12.p-m half to go to bed. 

Sat. Jan. 15. 1955./ No. egg today./ Well, I tried to sew    didn’t get much done.    Been partly cloudy, quite a breeze alnight & today.    snowed a little & melted some off this noon.    no mail   or Elbert didn’t look in the box, but thought there was-n’t any.    I didn’t get up very early & didn’t feel like work-ing today & tomorrow’s my birthday again got to fix the fire & go to bed    We listened to Rev. Buser tonight   he didn’t say how his wife was,    she been quite ill he said    Starlight tonight   wind’s been S. West last night & today & was strong, felt as if it was going to lift us.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing that I’ll be filled & made whole in Thee, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.

Sun. Jan 16. 1955./ No. egg today./ None of our family came in today, but the Minister & his wife & daughter & some other woman came,    only he came to the door to see if we were able to go to church,    they are having some other Ones in to preach.    I’d rejoice to be able to go again & take part    God bless Thine & reveal unto them & help them to understand for even those Who have been filled with the Holy Ghost are still ignorant    We need Thee every second & I pray Thou will fill me & help me to help others,    Oh God in Jesus Name    I ask and give Thee all the Glory now & ever more Amen.

Sun. Jan. 16. 1955./ Page. 3296./ No. egg today./ My birthday   I’m 70. yrs. old today.    Audrey wrote as if, she new she would be coming out today but neary a one come.    Nellie & her children didn’t come either,    Well, they will be coming, I hope no one is sick any where among them,    Wind’s quite cold & blew quit strong all night, not so strong tonight    it was moon & starlight light last night & is tonight.   We had warmed up potatoes & caned frankforters corn & pears & bread & tea for dinner.   (wrote cards to Audrey & Ella Jane    I’m feeling better, as the soreness has mostly left my legs & ankles,    I Praise Thee Jesus. make my faith sure & fill me with Holy Ghost & help me to help others, been a fine day only cold.

Mon. Jan. 17. 1955./ 11. egg today./ Well, I was going to try to sew today but had an accident & had to do some washing    I’m tired & didn’t feel able but such is life    I received a birthday card from Eva this morning.    Elbert went to Huron & got a few groceries & this after noon he went in the hollow & saved afew cuts off Elm limb,      the tornado took a big one on the north side of the big Elm off      & he has been trying to trim & cut it for wood.    Well I now have his back & hip rubbed & the dishes done & cloths all dry except the rags  guess I’ll do ’em in the morning the Lord Willing.    It’s been a nice day, looked like Spring but wind’s raw & frisky    sun shone mostly all day clear & bright star light & moon light last night & tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray for more spiritual power.   Oh Praise  the Lord for all time,    I trust I’ll always be Thine Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, He’s Pure & Clean & Holy Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 18. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Oh God Call loud to Ella Jane,    Oh, I pray You wont let her go,    Oh, I pray you wont let her go wrong,    give her a shock of some sort & wake her up,    Oh, God, Wake her up now, Please Jesus, help her now, & help her to be glad she escaped.    Nellie & Bonita came in for an hr. or so & brought some cream but there is something on there minds they didn’t tell    I wish so much they would talk to me,    I tried to did it out, but I didn’t have any luck.    God help me to Know how to help her, in the right way.    Bonita has one day a week off & no pay for that day, either,    things are truly going from bad to worse    I had. a letter from Audrey today.   She work-ed a week she said.    I Praise Thee Jesus & trust for Thy help Amen.

Wed. Jan. 19. 1954./ Page. 3297./ No. egg today./ Well, I baked 4. tins of bread biscuits & 2 small loaves, both of white & graham & 2 bread pans of rice custard & so I feel real tired tonight.    Wind’s is cold & raw   mostly cloudy or, it was Cloudy all day.    I have had Elbert put out grain for the birds,    We don’t see any rabbits & not many birds any more.    & Today I came to with a jump,    for, I remember Nellie said as she went out the door that Bonita had been living on popcorn all the week,    Oh, why didn’t she tell me she was in need of food.    Oh God, speak to me when they are here so I can help them.    I wrote a letter to Nellie & put a 5. bil in for them.    I have to read a few lines & go to bed, trusting Jesus will take care of All of the Families. Amen.

Thurs. Jan. 20 1955/ ___ egg today./ Jesus I do hope & pray & trust Ella Jane is safe & that Thou will Keep her from harm & evil,   help her to talk to me & I pray Thou will help her & help some of them to come soon & help me to be able through Thee & only Thee for all our blessings help my brain to be more clear & alert,  I Praise Thee & all Glory & Honour should be Thine & Glory forever Amen.

Fri. Jan. 21. 1955./ 1. egg today/  I haven’t felt able to work & so short of blood it’s booming way above my ankles & have another sore spot beside navel on the left side, felt sick to my stomach    ought to have written some cards & notes, but just had to let them go,    I feel so weak all over & the aches & pains are terrible.    God help,    I do, want to do Thy Will    I thank & praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name forever & ever, Amen.    Wind South little west   cold & raw.   not quite as bad as Thurs.   Mostly Cloudy, snowed several showers this afternoon & tonight heavy mist falling.

Sat. Jan. 22. 1953./ No. egg today./ I wrote cards to Mrs. Bracket, Mrs. Cooly, Mrs Keegan, Mr. & Mrs. Haslet, Mr. & Mrs. Hunt & Edd Rosecrans.    I didn’t get much done today.    wrote the cards last night & mending today,    I ironed my old dress & mended it,  what I could;    & so, after I read & fix the fire, I’m going to bed.    We are listening to Rev. Buser now.   It’s been a fine day mostly cloudy S. wind.  I quite strong  rain.    Elbert went to Huron & got a little meat & it sure cost plenty.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus now & forever & ever. Amen.

Sun. Jan. 23. 1955./ Page. 3298./ 1. egg today./ No one called today except Ernie Sarr    I don’t know what he came for but one thing I do Know, there was a reason.    Dolly lost “so she said” some sort of frame to make pot holders on,    but, Elbert & I both cleaned off all the things on the cough & we didn’t find it.   I pray she will find it yet,  Jesus, so I won’t be blamed in any way for I’m not to blame,    I gave Ernie a few bread biscuits he likes them so much,    he didn’t stay very long, he says Jean his siter has a baby boy & he said it’s so small & he’s, his Uncle    he seemed to be very proud to be Uncle.   Well, it snowed last night & tried to snow today,    Wind’s backed up from S. West to S. East, tonight    it’s still cold.   And the sun just peeked through every once in a while    I thank & Praise Thee for Thy Holy word & that we can listen to many heart rendering sermons, help us Jesus to want & have a desire to do Thy will & ways    Oh, I thank & Praise Thee & I have many on my heart. 

Mon. Jan. 24. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, the women, Eva, Katherine, Marrian & Joe came about 4-30-p-m. & stayed untill 6-30-p.m. but wouldn’t have supper.    We had a good spiritual visit & we all prayed trusting & believing Jesus will answer,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee    help us to trust fully, Oh, God, I thank Thee & pray Nellie or Bonita will write & tell us in what condition things are in, help them to love me enough to do that   Please & I thank Thee,   I thank Thee for all things for I know not.    I saw a big rabbit in the back yard in the very early morning,    Elbert cut some wood today;   I have his back & hips rubbed & his in bed & I’ve felt so bad all day  & I hope & pray for strength & health for tomorrow, Amen.   Glory, Glory to His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 25. 1955./ ___ egg today./ Well we neither of us did much today    I got the map & water ready while Elbert gathered up the dirty news papers from the floor & swept, then I wiped up the floor & together we put on some glow coat but it doesn’t seem to look as if it would amount to much,    I didn’t get to sew today;   We did get a letter from Nellie & she thanked me for the letter,    I sent her 5.00 just loose in it & she said Bonita was glad of the potatoes,    God help them I pray.    I do thank Thee more than I can tell for all Thou doth do for me & us & Jesus, help me to sleep, so light I will hear if anyone comes into my room, hear me Jesus hear me I pray in Jesus Name & May all Glory be thine forever, Amen.

Wed. Jan. 26. 1955./ Page. 3299./ 1. egg today./ Well, I did my washing & part of Elbert’s   his sleepers  his flanel for his back & the towel for his pillow & his nose rags & his socks.    I washed my night gown, towels, rags & nose rags & stockings & they are all done or dry except rags & they’ll be dried & fold be-fore I get to bed    I have the dishes done with Elberts help & Praise the Lord God of Hosts.   Today Audrey sent me a box with a new gingham dress  3.98 black & white check & 2- 1. lb. boxes of chockets.   a box of niger toes & a lb. of mixed nuts & a letter saying it was a belated birth day gifts & several packages of gum.   cost 36 cents to mail it.    She said she hadn’t heard from any of the folks & so didn’t have much to write about,    I thank God for all there love & pray He will help them to hear His voice & come to Him.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things,    help me Jesus & help me to help others in Jesus Name I ask, for Thou has promised to hear Amen.  

Thurs. Jan. 27. 1955./ ___ egg today./ Nelsons birthday, had Elbert get 4 Kercheifs for him & Geo. /  Well, we didn’t do much today.    Elbert had to mend his canvas he uses on the car & then he worked on the puz-zel, he’s been trying to figure out.    I tried to get my dress done, but must have made a mistake, for it don’t look right,   the waist in the front,    Well I’ll try it on the dress form, tomorrow & hope I don’t have to rip it out again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our & my blessing.    Elbert went to Huron for food & meat & spent 9.00 & some odd cents    I gave him 10.00   that’s twenty dollars he has had out of mine so far & I sent Nellie 5.00,    I’ve saved 5.00 for Wyatt & 6.50 for up here.   That’s 11.50    I hope to give the 1. Pay Child [?] the dollar I promised & then I’ll be free again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small & pray We will have our pray meetings here & be blessed.    I sent Audrey a card telling her I got the box, O.K. 

Fri. Jan. 28. 1955./ Pa’s birthday    he would be 94. yrs. old today,   he’s 24. yrs older than I.    I was born on the 28th. & ma was 28.    We been having a few cold days & nights    windows froze last night & night before.    Elbert & I were born in Michagan Waxford Co. Cheery Grove township & Fred & Gertie were born in Brighton Ohio & Frank, Audrey, Mildred, & Nellie were born on Elyria Ave.   Lorain Ohio & Mable was born on HarrisonStr. Harrison St.  & st was later called Georgia Ave. on East Side of Black River Lorain Ohio.   & Ma. & Pa. & baby Mable died there.    Mildred died in Elyria Ave. 

Fri. Jan. 28. 1955/ page 3300/ 1. egg to day./ The house we lived in belonged to my Aunt Edith Breckenridge    We lived beside her husband George   died before her youngest daughter was born, she named her Georgia after her husband,   she was born on Aug. 16th. 7. mo’s. after her father died, she was 7. months to the day ounger than I.   Aunt had 3. other 2. story houses & she rented them to 6 families    pa had his rent free for reparing & painting for her.   The house burned down in yr. of 1897.     I was 12. yrs. old & Elbert was 14. yrs. old.    it was the 9th of Feb.    Elbert bought a doll  glass head, hand & arms to elbow & feet & legs. to knees,   well, ma had let me set up to make cloths for it & then some one took the doll.    I had Grandma’s silver thimble & her sisers & I still have the shears.   but one of the neices have the thimble,    I think it was Martha    I told Ella Jane she could have the shears, but I have them yet.    I don’t know how old they are.  about 98 + 23 yrs. old as near as I can figure it,    they were wedding gifts & a pazely shawl & a hand carved black walnut fan  very fancy    on you can open & shut   had a beautiful picture painted in Colors pasted to the long narrow blades    a brass ring in the end & a ribbon & bow to carry it on her arm.   she married grand-pa when she was 16. yrs. old   pa was born in 1861.   i think ma said, grandma was 20. yrs. old  when pa was born, so I guess the wedding gifts would be 98. yrs. old    I have the hair brush, looking glass & box that pa gave ma 75. yrs. ago.    Well, the yr, the house burned was the coldest night we’d had all winter, snow __ft. deep & it made a big change in all our lives.    Well West, North West wind.    I did get the snaps & button holes & buttons on my dress so I guess if nothing come along to hinder me I may get it finished tomorrow.    I thank & praise God for all our blessings,    Elbert’s carbator was froze this morning,   must have been water in the gas he had put in.   Thurs. he had a man come from near 61 & he tried several times & at last it started    Elbert went for the milk & when he tried to start it again, it didn’t so there it sets.    Oh God of Love & Mercy I Praise Thee & thank Thee for all things for my Salvation & thy Great Mercies.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy. Ghost Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 29. 1955/ page. 3301/ 1. egg today./ Been a nice sunshiny day some snow on the ground   thawed very little during middle of the day    been cold & is cold tonight    stars & new moon so very clear & bright,    Elbert got the car started    took it to garage & found he had run his new battery down.    got it charged, now I hope it runs in the morning.    Young man came & ask to cross the place to hunt fox, but I didn’t know untill he had gone he wanted to do it tomorrow, or I’d have said, no.    Well, I didn’t dress quite done   have to stitch sleeves in & stitch bottoms, I put a band around the bottoms of sleeves,    I have one button & button hole to do & I’ll have it done,   hope it will look O.K.     I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & pray I may be found worthy in Thy sight Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.   

Sun. Jan. 30. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a fine day, cold wind west & N. West, light & penetrating;    Nellie, Bonita, Nelson & Audrey came late this after noon & Audrey brought candy   pt. of plumbs & pt. of quinces & Nellie & Bonita had a fruit cake & ice cream & we had made tea just as they drove in,   so we had a lunch & tea & lots of talk.    Martha had a baby Jan. 29. 1955.   I’m not sure its 29 or 30    & Audrey, says it’s the image of Jim.    & Jim & Jean will be 21. yrs. old Feb. 3.    Well, of all things I pray Jesus, that Thou will bring all things to Thy good & Glory. & I hope & am trusting for their salvation, Elbert, Gertie, Frank, Audrey, Nellie & all the neices & nephews,    Oh hear me & help both them & my cousins & me in Jesus, I ask, Amen.   a still cold tonight    I pray they have services in all the churches to bring in souls & through & Thee save them   Oh Jesus, there’s so many. 

Mon. Jan. 31. 1955./ 1. egg today./ 80 yrs old to day-is Wyn Grant/ I didn’t intend to wash, but, Elbert went to Huron so I washed out what few things I had & his small pieces & got ’em all dry.    Elbert does the cooking most of it.    he’s been trying to work a puzzle & having a great time at it,    thought he had it done & I suggested he look it all over again & he had forgot part of it    well it’s good for him to work at any way.    I have to get a letter off to Rev. Wyatt & I forgot to send my Church money to Huron when the Women were here.   Well, I hope I can sew tomorrow & that the water will be normal,    Wyn Grant is 80 yrs. old today.     & Jan has gone by so fast & Feb. tomorrow.    Been a nice day, but cold,    Chicago Ill. been froze up & the cars, today    the thawed out & say tomorrow will be froze up again.    There was a fly on window inside & a small spider just outside swinging on a web    & we saw one out side North window Sun.    A skunk scratched on a womans door,   she opened & he came in & went to the stove & got warm,    she didn’t say if she fed him, he went to the door & she let him out.    & a big truck overturned in Huron under the sign light in center of the street.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee. Amen

Feb. 1. Tue. 1955./ Page. 3302./ No. egg today./ Well, I didn’t do much today-   I tried to help Elbert add his figures for his puzzle,    he has thought 3 or 4 times he had it all right then found he had miss a little here or there.    I wanted to sew but arms are so tired after Mon. wash.    Been a nice day partly or mostly cloudy    looked as if it would. rain or snow most of the day.    I wrote cards to Audrey & Mrs. Rotes.    Now I’ll read & go to bed,   Praising God, in Jesus Name for all our many blessing.

Feb. 2. 1955./ No. egg today./ Wood chuck Day.   he could have seen his shadow, for sun was bright most of the day,    it was duking behind clouds once in awhile    was clear & bright when it came out     strong Wind all last night & untill this after noon when it died down.   Moon is clear.    They had tornado in Miss. Louisiana & ____ 30, some are dead, they found so far.    Oh God have mercy.    Been quite cold with raw wind.   No mail today.   Oh God, I sure need your help so terribly much.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things. 

Feb. 3. Thurs. 1955./ No. egg today./ We had tank gas today/ The man came   fixed the pipe conection & brought the tank of gas    Elbert called them Wed & forgot to tell them to bring a tank, so that was good & be-cause We used 6 tanks of gas last mo they only charged $9.12 for this tank including the tax.   Praise God   that means a lot to us.    got conection fixed good & didn’t charge for his work.    Oh, how I Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things & pray I may be found worthy in Thy Sight.    Elbert has been sick all day & I’m not very well, but am trusting Jesus will take me sfly through.    haven’t done anything I could get along with out,    I set my bread late & it is only 2 ins. above the crock now at 10-p-m.    looks as if I wont get to bed untill morning.    Its been & still is very cold down to Zero & was 35 below in some of the northern states & today lots of snow in several states today.    Well mostly cloudy today, moon light last night all night but only partly tonight    & wind’s north east.    No mail worth while. 

Fri. Feb. 4. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, I sewed waist & skirt on the belt of my other dress & felt to bad to work so that was all I got done.    Been cold & not very windy today,   sun shone all day,    there was a big orange ring around the moon for 3. nights & between moon & ring it looked like a very pale pea green fog & the moon has a greenish cast & it’s almost full again,   no mail today.   What gets full once a month & never gets drunk?    God help us to be filled with Thy Spirit.    Well I’m sorry for Elbert    I think he has intestinal flu,    he says he’s better today.    there’s an out side phone booth up the highway near Ruggles Beach

Fri. Feb. 4. 1955./Page. 3303./ 1. egg today./ he went there to call Lorain & the gas office to have them come & fix a leak where pipes are joined & the car stalled, he walked back to Sarr’s & got Rue to take him back & push his car, it started & Elbert was chilled through when he got home,   his bowels are so sore & pain him bad & he ate to much, he threw up & I gave him salts & cleaned him out,    he had to get up & use his can several times last night & I fumagated the whole house,  his breath smelt as if his good had rotted in his stomach,    well he’s got cleaned out & now I hope he’ll feel better again but he wont do as he’s told he ate toast & milk for supper & then drank lemon juice little while after.    When he’s sick he wants help fast but hows anyone going to help him.    God help us & help me  I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.  

Sat. Feb. 5. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Haven’t done anything today    felt sick, realy sick   didn’t get up untill noon & hated to then.   but you have to get up when every ones praying for you & I got up prayed & combed my hair dresed myself & feet & Elbert’s still feeling bad to,    but he cooked me a bite to eat & we had hot coffee.    & we haven’t done anything we didn’t have to.    Been a cold windy day  S. west wind, no ring around the moon last night, but started to rain, snow & a little hail be-fore day light & kept at it all day & even tonight.    Elbert got his check today,    but, has felt to bum,   he’s set around all day,    We don’t see any animals & only a few birds any more    A week has gone so soon & tomorrow will be Sunday & it will be Nellie’s birthday,   she will be 58. yrs. old,   the youngest in the family,   she teaches kindergarden class, 5 mornings of the week, & a little boy in her home afternoons & then she has boy scouts after that & then they get in the car & fly off here or there & they don’t have time to read & pray like they should,   they hardly have time to live,    God help them to slow up & do Thy will & ways.    Oh help us, I pray Thou will    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will have mercy on our souls.    May all Glory be Thine now & forever Amen.    

Sun. Feb. 6. 1955./ No. egg today./ No one came in today.    Been mostly cloudy all day,   snow melted & is most all gone   N, east wind,   my intestine across uper bowl is so terrible sore I could hardly breath,    I excepted the healing on the radio to heal throught Jesus & it don’t pain me so bad tonight.    Elbert’s got it in his left knee   been limping a couple of days     if he’d only believe in something.    I’ve been so miserable all week    good thing I washed Mon.    I laid around Tue. & Wed. & baking bread Thurs. & haven’t done much of anything since.   

Sun. Feb. 6. 1955./ Page. 3304/ No. egg today./ today’s Nellie’s birthday   she’s 58, yrs. old./ Well, we listened to some very good clear sermons & I pray God help some to turn to Jesus.    I thank & praise Him for all things,   Jesus I’m still trusting for the infilling of the Holy Ghost    teach me to say & do the right things that I may be filled.   I’m sorry but haven’t written to Sandusky girls since they were here,    been so bad just seemed I could write to anyone. 

Mon. Feb. 7. 1955./ 1. egg today./ John Harnish birthday today   he’d be 88. yrs. old, one day younger than Nellie  they are both 58. yrs. old.  [she starts sentence talking about John Sr. and ? maybe then switches to John Jr.?  ]  there are a lot of them in that compact city, if we only knew they all belong to Jesus, but it’s terrible the great numbers that go each day, with out knowing Him.    I received a box of scripture note cards & envelops today from Mrs. Lulu C. Rote.   beautiful ones with such nice verses on them.    I tried to sew today,    Elbert went to Huron this morning & when he got back we had dinner & then he went to Lorain   got my typing paper $1.03 & the Olive 2. qts. olive oil $2.39, & 4 note cards with flowers on them,   & he stopped in Vermilion got money orders 2.00 for him for puzzle & 10.00 for Wyatt for me & 1.50 for me, for Mrs. Rote for cards    Well, after he left, I tried to sew,  the thread kept breaking, but at last I got the darts stitched in my corset & my dress sleeves done then the belt broke on sewing machine    Elbert took a piece out the old one & put on the new, so it works good again    I don’t feel able to do any thing,     but, seems as if I ought to try,   you can’t seem to get much done when you feel as I do today.    N. East breeze.  not so very cold      sun shone about half the day.  I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things. Amen

Tue.  Feb. 8. 1955./ 1. egg today/ Elbert got some apples Mon. up near Hills place.   at Berlin Hights    Ernie Sarr came selling seeds for garden & flowers    we bought 50 cents worth.   Elbert’s Knee is so bad    he limps & had to walk from Washington Ave. to Broadway, no place to park,    he’s tired to-night from Mondays walking & shopping,    he got candy pears, grapes, Oranges, lemons & grapfruit & meat.   besides can goods & flour, sweet potatoes  fresh & pepper.    Well I been terrible sick all day & tonight, yet, at 10-p-m.   Been dark the most of the day,  & sort of misty tonight,    I praying God will in Jesus Name take care of me    I’ll give Him all the praise    We had a letter from Audrey,   I don’t like the sound of some things in it    she seems to be on our side God help us.    I had to lay down for a while this after noon.   all is well.   I thank Thee Jesus, & thank Thee hope & pray for all things

Wed. Feb. 9. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, this is a bad report for today been in bed all day so sick & feeling worse toward night & toward morning seemed as if I’d die    I ask God to take care of me & my soul & spirit & after a while it went both ways & was like it was the last time.   

Wed. 9. Feb. 1955./ page. 3305./ 1. egg this day./ my jaws all most locked      as I tried to throw up it went the other way     as in my heart & mind I called on Jesus for help which He gave so graciously    Praise his Blessed & Holy Name & I thank Him for all of His who pray for my good in Thee   Bless them Jesus I pray & help them.    It’s terrible to be so sick,   it was the same as when I got a dose of poison (Stri.)    I’ve had several doses,    each time Jesus has Keep me,    Oh God, How much I Praise Thy Holy Name, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah   Help me do Thy Will for-ever and ever.    I love Thee more than anything in this world.   

Thurs. Feb. 10. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Elbert went to town & sure made fast time,   maybe he was worried, I was so weak,    but, I got up & shook up my bed & took my rags out    opened window to air things & opened Elberts window & took care of his bed.    then I washed out the few pieces & Elbert was back again.    I felt sorry he let hens out & they were out untill he got bac,   they must have got chilled,   Elbert’s knees been paining him bad,    I pray God will have mercy & fix his Knee & turn his heart to Him.   Times running out.    We received our pension checks, today.    Radio just said the home of Chapman a man & wife & 2. children   the man & 1. child & the father burned to death, so we understood.   & they are taking up a collection for them all ready.    We know how bad it is,    our home burned all up when Elbert was only 14. yrs. old & I was 12. yrs. old & walked to my aunts house in my nightgown,   snow was 1 1/2 ft. of snow & it was 9. degrees below & Feb. 1887. 68. yrs ago.     Weather warmed up a lot   snow was all gone this morning & tonight it rained a very little, then began to snow & the ground is white tonight & we need water so bad. 

Fri. Feb. 11. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, I feel rather weak,   I got up & sit a while & then had to go lay down a couple of times,    Well I praise Thee Jesus,   Thou has proved to me many times Thou are close beside me & hear & see & Know all things,    Glory to God in the Highest I love & praise Thee now & forever, Amen.   Well, it’s turned so bitter cold & not anyone going or coming that don’t have to,    we listened to Fred Gordon on the good ship Grace,   they sung the hyms I love so much 4. or 5. of them.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Glory Glory to Thy Holy Name.   Haven’t done much to day    Elbert hung my blankets out & aired them for an hour or so,    wind was fresh, sun shone part of the day,  partly cloucy. & cold shifting around & backing up after dark to S. West    Elberts Knee has pained so bad & he limps.    I pray God will fix it.    Elbert turned my mattress over. 

Fri. Feb. 11. 1955./ Page. 3306./ 1. egg this day./ I made the bed    seemed as if it stunk & now it smells fresh.   I came near fainting yesterday & have felt like it a couple times today.    I tried to write to Miss. Mc.Govern & didn’t get it finished, but maybe  I’ll get it done yet.   No mail today.   & I didn’t get Audrey’s card off either.   Well, I’m still trying & Praising Jesus for His help.   Miss. Mc.-Govern laid Marry away sometime ago & she hoped when John was laid away she & Mike would be able to live & be happy together,   but, she didn’t figure God’s will is not that way    & so she can’t get over the fact that He took Mike & spoilt there plans,    Oh, God teach us Thy Will & Thy ways, I pray.   Rev Buser is preaching on radio now,   Radio says gardens & fruit is very apt to be frozen tonight.

Sat. Feb. 12. 1955./ No. egg today./Was a very cold night;   I wrote letter or note to Mrs. Rote, Wings of Healing, a card to Audrey & finished letter to Miss Mc. Govern. Note to Marry Vitowich & Eva Keegan.   Elbert mailed or gave them to postman & we received card from Audrey, Vaintine from Eva & Marrian & a letter from Katherine & Joe    she has been sick & well, all of them got gall stone & heart.   Eva sent a hankie & pretty card for us both, with such a nice expresion of thoughts.    I was sick at 2-a-m, to empty   Elbert got up & warmed the beef broth & I had,  well a small cupful to drink & not quite as much with crackers in it,   & then I rested for a while    got cold toward morning,    but, we had a good fire & was warm & comfortable.    I thought & prayed many many times for those who had no place to stay & no warm cloths or food.    I pray God will help me to Know the things, I ought to Know.   Oh Jesus. I Praise Thee for all things & blessings of today, Glory to Thy Name. Amen. 

Sun. Feb. 13. 1955./ No.  1. egg today./ Beautiful day with sunshine    I got up in time for dinner,    We had chicken broth & noodles & chicken backs, rumps & necks & hot drink.    Elbert looks sick   his back hurts him bad,    I feel as if I’d fait when I get up & try to help him with dishes, meals or any thing thats work.   & about 2-p-m. Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came in     they brought a pumpkin or squash pie & ice cream,    they visited untill almost 4-p-m. & then went.    (wind’s N. west) Little Mark, Johny’s boy told his ma, he dreamed his pa was dead,    I was saying to Elbert a few days ago, that Johny wasn’t well or strong,    it would be to bad if he were taken away,   so it seemed to me.    & Nellie says Ella Jane has bad fainting spells.    George has a bad cold in his bronical tubes.    Nelson & Bonita Jr. went out & slid down hill & got there seats wet,    I hope they don’t catch a cold,& that they got home safe.    Gertie told Nellie she could have old barrow.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou Will take care of me & us. Amen.   Today they told us about Wyatt.-

Mon. Feb. 14. 1955./ 1. egg today./ page. 3307./ Rev Wyatt is up in the Montiors[?] fasting & praying for power & a better understanding,   God help him to all he need   I couldn’t remember Who I sent the letters to & one was to Ruby Jean  & I have one for the blind for cards.    I don’t like to send them back,   I can use them & they do need the money $1.25.    Well, we ordered a load of coal 4. ton.   I believ that is & I don’t know what the price will be per. ton,    they said they’d bring coal tomorrow so I’ll Know then.    Been mostly cloudy today;   I received nice letter from Mrs. Rote this morning    Wind was S. West this morning & went to N. East,    Well it snowed several times to day  fine dry snow, small flakes, a little warmer today, & warmer tonight.    I did do dishes & felt as if I’d faint for some time after word.   Really felt to bad to even try to work any way.    I thank God He gets me up every day & takes sore spots away.    I Praise Thee Jesus & Pray for Mr. Wyatt    bless him & fill him & help him to do Thy work as Thou would have him    Oh God help us to do Thy Will & Thy Way in all things Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 15. 1955/ 1. eggs. today./ Well I didn’t get up very early    the sun did-n’t shine untill 9-a-m.    Elbert went for milk & then he went to Huron   got the terpo alcohol & his saraka and anisin, for phyic.    We received no mail of importance & I haven’t been able to do anything today.   It’s been a fine day; rather raw wind.    Oh God I do thank Thee Thou art & ever will be,    Keep us from evil & from anything Thou would not reveal   Oh, Jesus, & help us to Know & understand what we ought to do, Amen.    Elbert looks sick & acts as if he isn’t all there Jesus help him.   We need Thee Jesus,  We need Thee every second of life    I Praise Thee & thank & Glory in Thee, now, & forever. 

Wed. Feb. 16. 1955./ 2. egg today./ Been mostly cloudy   not very cold   snow & ice have been melting & it rained a misty rain this morning.   No important mail today.   I washed my rags & was so weak I stagered a-round, but managed to stay on my feet & I got them dry.    I feel so terribly weak & all gone tonight.   Trust-ing I’ll be stronger & more able bodied soon & I do pray for all the others who ask & those who need prayer & strengthing through Thee.   Be with thy folks in Sandusky & all in the Church & with the Ministers    Strengthen there faith & Keep us all close to Thee now & forever & I give Thee Praise & Glory in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 17. 1955./ page. 3308./ No. egg today./ Well, I washed 2. dresses & night gown & 4 shirts & my stockings  8 nose rags & few rags & 3 handtowels & I’m all in tonight to tired to write.    I pray Jesus will help Dr. Wyatt in power strength & money to keep his work going For Thee,   teach us Thy Will & ways, I pray, Oh God I thank & Praise Thee for all things.   Wind’s North & little west.   Thawed quite a lot today    They brought coal Wed. $50.83    now I’m done untill next mo.    We paid cash & got a little discount.    Well it paid,   I don’t like bills.   The truck cut into the sod couple inches but Elbert said he’d flatten it out again.    Wish it would rain, partly star light tonight.    Elbert got the new muffler on the    only went a mile up the highway, it cost $5.31, I gave him 4.00,   he thought it would be 7.00 & a few odd cents,   Well, he has to buy the food the rest of this month & untill March   No mail today.   John Snyder & his wife were over to there tool Shed today.    They went to Florida but didn’t stay long.    Elbert hung his bed cloths out & my blanket & they were so wet, when he brought them in.   I have the clothes dried & wish my dress was ironed    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my salvation  most of all & for the strength & for my healing    Thou hast promised & I’m trusting & believing Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 18. 1955./ 2. egg today./ Been dreary sort of day,   mild but no rain   Arizona was in another cold gripe snow & rain    we need the rain so bad.    Well, Elbert’s back is very bad today & it’s in his Knee part time.   he took old chair apart today,    it’s was sure a wreck,    he has some of it fixed again & I Know he will be glad when we have it all together a-gain & the padding & covering on it,    Oh, such a dirty job,   I’ll be happy to when it’s finished.    I have felt sick all day,   I made some biscuits & Blend Bread so I wont have to mix bread,    I feel so terribly weak    Well, I’m going to bed exausted.   Trusting & believing for strength tomorrow.   I thank & Praise Thee for all things Jesus & trust & believe Thou Knowest   Keep me I pray Amen   I received letter from Dr. Wyatt & I trust through those of Thine, he will receive the help he need Here, but that he will receive help spiritual from Thee & the Knowledge & Phyical strength   I thank Thee Glory be to God. 

Sat. Feb. 19. 1955./ page. 3309./ No egg today/ Frank has been gone 22 yrs. today & I am still here.    I do want to do what ever He wants me to,    but may-be I’m selfish,    I’d like to be with Jesus.    Well I didn’t work today   shook up beds & aired them & made them up again, helped Elbert to clean up some of the muss he made fixing up the old chair,    he has the hardest part done, had to take it all apart,    he fixed rocker coils & put in bolts in the place of screws & some new braces   a few nails here & there & Mon. he’s starting on the arms & then the back,   then we have to tie springs & fasten them,    then the burlap covering & then the padding & ougside covering.    sure some job but it will last or should for another 20. yrs.    if only I had some one to go look for some old overcoats, all about the same weight,    Well I’m glad he’s getting it fixed & I’ll be happy when it’s done   I sure will, the seat in my chair has to be fix be-fore long   I trying to talk to Elbert & can’t seem to talk & write at same time,    I use to but guess those days are over.    We got just Audrey’s card today,    she’s going to be out of work before long she says & wishes she had a shop to take in sewing,    she makes a little sewing for friends.   that helps her some,    she said she might be seeing us soon.   Been quite warm & raido says raiin tonight or tomorrow & some wind storms have killed or been blamed for 9 lives & they are expecting tornadoes in several states    & they are having cold snow & rain & wind storms in several states.    & I pray He will wash the roof & give us plent rain to fill barrel & tubs,  I pray Thy will be done, Amen.

Sun. Feb. 20. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a nice day, mostly cloudy, tried to rain Early before dark    Nellie & Bonita & 3 children came late, brought some cream & visited about an hour,  then went home,    They said Martha has two big tumors & she went back to work 2 weeks after she got home,   the baby boy “Jerry Merlin” was born Jan.   Merlin takes care of baby when he’s home & when Martha there she takes care of him   such a world,   Hazel went to Bay Veiw Hospital & is back with Johny & Marcie again,   Elbert was just out,   said it was raining a light shower.    Wish roof would get cleaned off so we could

Sun. Feb. 20. 1955./ page. 3308 [should be 3310]/ No egg this day./ save some    I thank Thee Jesus & I Praise Thee for all things.   & pray for all of Thine everywhere   help me Jesus to be of service to Thee & pertect me from evil & harm    May all Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever Amen.

Mon. Feb. 21. 1955./ No. egg today./ Well it’s been mostly cloudy,  came out a very few times, it was a nice day & I thank & praise Thee for all things.    I haven’t done much today.   Dolly & Ernie came in after school tonight & ask if they could come & stay untill there mother went to Lorain to a party & she came back about 9-30-P-m. said they had a nice supper & visit    she talked here 20 minutes or so,   said Mrs. Myres was so crippled up she had to set in a chair all day not able to comb her hair or do any thing,   he still gets around, but is so deaf.    So we do have lots to be thankful for.    Well Dolly brought her dress & she got half of it hemed by hand & I darned to prs sock for her.    They had a dish of soup & biscuits & jelly & brand biscuit & hot coffee.    I have dishes done    Elbert’s in bed,   it’s raining again tonight    it rained a slow drizzle most of last night    now I hope we do get some good clean water tonight & in the morning.   No mail of any good.   Tonight we listened to Rev. Buser, if he don’t get in enough money the sermons are short.   I do wish he preached like Rev. Ward, full of power & spirit.   God help us to be as Thou has said we should be    God help me to fill me & use me, in Jesus Name. 

Tue. Feb. 22. 1955./ No egg today./ Been to sick to work, & Elbert has been to.    Weathers like Cold Spring Day.   George washington’s birthday today (so) no mail.   N. East wind & chilly    a rather dark day,   but I still have a song in my heart & Trust Jesus all the way Amen.   The wild life out sides seems very scarce all winter. 

Wed. Feb. 23. 1955./ No. egg today./ Well it’s been a beautiful day   nice bright sun & mild breeze.    We received a nice letter from Audrey,  One from Mrs. Vedowich, One from Mrs. Cooley    I pray God will bless her    she wrote such a nice letter,   she has to work so hard for so many.    I wish I could help her.   While I think of it, Ernie said he looked in the other night & I was reading & he didn’t see Elbert, he had gone to bed   I read befor I get.

Wed. Feb. 23. 1955./ page. 3309 [should be 3311]/ No. egg today./ I let on I didn’t think about what he said,    but I have thought about the queer noises we sometimes hear;   Douglas told told us that while that old Ford was setting over just beyond the highway & that dead man was on the beach, that he saw Rue went  & looked at dead man every day.    Douglas has moved to Huron so I heard    I hope All will be well.   that God will take care of us through every second.   New moon tonight    I didn’t work today just took care of the beds & rooms    & Elbert got supper & I piled dishes. & got them close enough so they all went everywhere   then I bumped my head & leg    I had to lay down for a while, so a few more sore spots.   Gertie & Audrey watch the crows mornings & evenings  100’s of them   We saw a lot of starlings to day.   I’ve had very bad black & blue thumb prints on each of my wrists for 3 or 4. days now, & a mark of night line around my arms & a half drug feeling in my head.   God Knows & how I wish He would help me to Know in some way.    I Know He can, help me Jesus, I ask.   I thank & Praise Thee, Glory Glory, Hallelujah.   I Praise Thee now & forever, Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 24. 1955./ No egg today./ I received letter from Mrs. Cooly, Sis Dear   a card from Audrey & an Easter card & handkercheif from Mrs. Marry Vedowich.   God help that soul,   there are some who could take her out of the home for a while,   she wants so much to go to Church,   help me to be able to take her for a while.   Sun shone most of the day & not cold up to 9-30-p-m. but radio says colder tomorrow    Well don’t seem possible   Feb. is all most gone & I expect the fishermen are looking forward to Mar. 15. to set nets.    I have really felt so bad all day    I wish I Knew Where & how I get doped.    I Know God is able but I’m to dumb some how to understand,   Make me know Jesus.   Elbert got the back on the big chair today & strings tied.   I thank & praise Thee for the love & fellowship of Thine & trust in Thy Keeping for Them & I. Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 24. 1955./ No egg today./ Well it’s been a nice day   N. east wind untill tonight,    it’s gone S. West. tonight    & the Ministers called tonight    we had quite a good spiritual visit & prayer.   My feet are so cold again tonight.    We finally got the dishes washed & Elbert wiped them   & he feels all in tonight    I got the March of faith booklet from Wings of healing.    Well, its 12.-p-m & I have to try to wash rags tomorrow if I can,    I’m terribly weak   I need blood & strength   I pray & thank God in Jesus Name for His gifts of Love today, Glory to God help me to be filled and of more service to Thee. 

Sat. Feb. 26. 1955./page. 3310 [actually skipped 2 pages in sequence]/ No. egg today./ Well I got rags & nose rags washed & I washed the piece I use on my pillow & the towel & the hand & dish towels & it tuckered me worse than any time yet    I was almost done when Ella Jane, Nellie  Nelson & a little friend his drove in.   so I stopped & talked for an hour or so & then they went for home,    I tried to finish,  but Elbert said he’d do it & for once I let him.    but, I got the suds & wriinsing done & now they’re all dry except the rags.   Ella Jane wanting the black walnut chairs,   she said when they are refinished they’ll be worth over 2. hundred dollars each    I was told that a long time ago & I would liked to have sold them, but I partly promised Ella Jane she could have them sometime,   she has done & said a lot of things,    but, maybe she’ll learn   I hope beofre it’s to late,   nellie’s so set in her ways it’s terrible & Bonita has tantrums & was having one today    I feel sorry for her to,   she gets as tired as all the rest & has scrubbing cleaning washing & ironing to do    I think if Nellie would keep quite & let Bonita do & say & not argue,   but I don’t know what’s wrong so I couldn’t say Who’s to blame.    I feel sick & tired out but Praise God for all things in Jesus Holy Name Amen.    I received two U.S. post cards from Inez today,   her mother is home & up today for the first time again today,   Nellie had Ella Jane take her there today,   she never knew her,   Hilda. was there taking care her mother,   I nez has got all tired out & has been having flu.   it good Hilda can take over.    Nellie called on Cranages Mrs. Cranage wasn’t home,   but she talked with Mr. C. a few minutes.    I did ask Ella Jane to call on Mrs Bracket & see how she was,    I’ve written twice & no reply.   she’s 77. & all alone. 

Sun. Feb. 27. 1955./ No egg today/   I didn’t get up untill 2-p-m    We had dinner   Elbert got it   I only made the dumplins   we ate after Mr & Mrs. Haslet Eva & Marry Anna came in,   they said they were full up   they went home from Church & ate & they ate a lunch here at 6-30-p-m   they brought some & we put in some & we all had hot tea & then they went at 7-15. for Church   it was so nice for them to come    Katherine has been so

Sun. Feb. 27. 1955./ page. 3311./ No. egg today./ sick    she hasn’t been able to get out doors for 3 weeks,   she’s a little thiner,   but like me she didn’t feel able to sit up & she lay down & slept a little     while her face looks good, but Jesus, please cut down the fat on her with out it harming her in any other way.    Eva has her troubles to,   so show her how & what to do & Keep all of us close to Thee & Keep us well soul & body,   I thank Thee Jesus & Give Thee the Praise & Glory forever, Amen.    It rained in showers, light,   but, roof is still dirty    we had heavy fog after midnight & up untill 5.-p.-m. this evening & it’s fogy tonight

Mon. Feb. 28. 1955./ No. egg today./ I’ve felt a little better today    I did not sleep all night.    I find I had said to Ella Jane, I may give the Chairs to you some time,   so I didn’t promise to give them to her & she isn’t welcome to them   she come in as if she owned the place & walked into the bedroom & looks to see if every thing’s in place & as if it belonged to her,    she said if the chairs were done over they would be worth 2 hundred dollars each & there are 7 with little rocker & she wants to bring me some other old wood chairs for these & later she said since I had only been getting 65.00 per. mo. for 5. years, it would’nt take much to pay off & get the property back,  terrible sell my Chairs & the few old things I have & buy the place back for herself,    I can’t see how anyone who has had so much could be so underhanded & then they   Nellie & Ella Jane would stick us in the old peoples home & take all we have & freedom from us   they, don’t or haven’t come very often & of late they are trying to buy me off,    Oh God, they say we don’t know very much, but God,  what about them,   I pray Thy Will be done & correct there way & save there souls.    They even. want my diary   Such nerve,   I hope to take care of it before I die & trust Jesus will help me,   I believe he will.   God help me in Jesus Name, help rebuke Satan for Thou hast promised

Mon. Feb. 28. 1955./ page. 3312./ No egg today./ Now Jesus as I write to Ella Jane tonight, Thou will guide each word.   I thank Thee Jesus & believe Thou will.   Glory to God, I Praise Thee.   It’s been dark & sun only came through a very little a few times this after-noon & tonight it is thundering & lightening, but not bad.   it misted some, but no real rain  like we need.   Oh God, I’m sick because of the deceigfulness of those I love so much   do something to them now & fast,   Oh Jesus I pray for Thy help.   There are some things I didn’t write in all for Sun that I wanted to.  

[—letter, or statement found on separate half sheet paper, dated Feb. 28. 1955 What follows was on one side of the half sheet]/ I wrote this to Ella Jane.   She wants to sell my chairs & my pictures & frames & what ever else I have that would add to the chair money (& she said chairs would be worth 2. hundred dollars each when done over,   they are 1.50 yrs. old)  & later she said if I’d only had old age pension 5. yrs. it wouldn’t take much to get it paid off.    She’s always wanted the place.   Well, if she took the money on my things & bought the place into her Name Wouldn’t that be something.   I never thought she’d ever be like that, & she professes to be a Christian & her mother egging Ella Jane on.   & I put Nellie Jane through highschool & sent her to Normal school at Kent Ohio. & Oh the things they say against us.   Nellie tells her children, Elbert & I don’t have any education & don’t know much.   Such a world, God help them I pray before it’s to late! [on the other side of the half sheet was written the following] Feb. 28. 1955.  Well we thrashed everything over & out & I’ve decided not to let any of my chairs or things go.   I don’t like the looks of things.   So don’t bring the other chairs.   & I’m not going to talk any more about it either.   I got all tired out looking back to see what I told you about the chairs, so long ago, & this is it (Maybe some day I might give them to you.) So I don’t feel I should be picked up by the nape of the neck and the seat of my pants & tossed into the old peoples home, because you & your mother think I should be.   Many thanks for passed favors & May God help you.   Elinor Babcock.

Tue. Mar. 1. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a nice day.   We had an electric storm thunder & lightening, then it poured rain in big showers,    Elbert went out before it rained so hard & put the eve spouts on so the rain would go over the hill & so we didn’t get any water saved,   roof looks washed clean,   he don’t feel able to do much & don’t do untill he has to.  (Well, I wrote a card to Ella Jane(“This is what I wrote   Feb. 28. 1955./ Well, We thrashed everything over & out & I’ve decided not to let any of my chairs, or things go,   I don’t like the looks of things.    So, don’t bring the other chairs & I’m not going to talk anymore about it either.    I got all tired out looking back to see what I told you about the chairs so long ago & this is it (Maybe some day I might give them to you.    So I don’t feel I should be picked up by the seat of my pants & nape of my neck & tossed into the old peoples home, because you & your mother think I should be.   Many thanks for passed favors & May God help you.   Elinor Babcock))    They want to sell my chairs & pictures & frames & things & use the money to buy the place back from the State, so she can have the place.    Wouldn’t that be something, then they want us  Elbert & I to go to the poor house!   I pray God deals with them in His own way & if possible help them to love Him more than money or anything on earth.   Oh God help us, I thank Thee Jesus.    I pray Thou will make my nerves strong & help me over come all things in Thee,   I trusting & believing Thee Jesus, Amen.   S. Wind, a little West & partly cloudy.   Chilly wind tonight,   it  Mar. sure came in like a lion   Electric storm came after midnight.   Now the moon is shining clear & bright.   We see lots of birds today.   I Praise Thee Jesus & for all things     be with Eva & hers & Katherine & hers, Amen.  

Wed. Mar. 2. 1955./ page. 3319./No. egg today. (Tornado hes died today)/ We received a letter from Sister Rote today. & mailed card to E J     received a letter from Mrs. Bracket yesterday or day before & she seemed to be glad to hear from us.   She sent a note paper with picture of several fresh mackreal on it.    Been a beautiful day, cold N. West wind this morning & East little N. tonight.  I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for the sun   grass has started to grow, black birds are coming back & the mouring doves & looking the evergreen trees over.   Elbert worked on the chair a little today.   he still don’t feel very well yet.   I Praise Thee & thank Thee for my heal-ing    May all Glory to Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. Amen.    I cut out some slipper tops today & hope to stitch tomorrow. 

Thurs. Mar. 3. 1955./ No egg. today./ Got up about 11-a-m got a letter form the new grates for stone 11.93,   Oh, thats terrible.    Well, we haven’t got the money untill Elbert’s check comes that should be tomorrow or Sat. Elbert got dinner & after that,   I made a new nightgown yoke & sewed it on that’s all I got done,   Well, I washed dishes.   Elbert’s done his chores & went to Huron this morning & got the meat & milk, poor fellow he don’t feel very good.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus   Thou are a wonderful Friend a Savior & phyician &   Son of Man, help me to be like Thee,  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.   I thank & Praise Thee for all things which are many   Jesus True & Holy Amen.   it’s 9-30-p-m.   We are having another electric storm tonight & bad one & lots of rain with hail in it & hard thunder it made me jump.  

Fri. Mar. 4. 1955./ No. egg today./ A very thick fogy day & tonight a little breeze from N. east & trying to rain   we got a barrelfull of water it’s not clear, but we can use it.    I wrote a card to Katherine,   she’s ill,   wasn’t able to come to us Sun.    I pray God will in Jesus Name help her & heal her wish I could talk to her more often I do know it helps.    Elbert’s check didn’t come today.    He hasn’t felt very good, & he looks sick at times, but he plugs along, if my feet were better I believe I’d feel 100 per cent better    We neither of us worked today   I took care of beds & dishes, he did cooking (No mail today)   We saw about 100 ducks only for a second   it’s been terribly fogy  I Praise God for all our many blessings, Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 5. 1955./ page. 3314./ No. egg today./ No sun today   fogy & cloudy & a little rain fine misty & a little on the shivery side.    I got the rags for both ends,  washed the towels.   & I’m terribly tired    I did wash 2. pr. stockings that was more than I felt able to do & I didn’t get a dress or under skirt ironed.    Elbert’s been trying to dry rags, he’s so tired & feels all in,    but, he isn’t getting thin,    he saw a 100 geese, for just a few seconds, to fogy to see them very long,   Elbert ground some pork he bought this morning   he was up to Huron & got some oysters & fish, salt water fish & he got broccoli & crackers, & butter. & tea balls.   Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all the many blessings & the strength He has given me this day,    I’d like to go to Church & testify & praise God in Spirit.    I set up late writing a card to Katherine Haslet & to Sister Audrey.   Elbert mailed them.   Lots of birds are coming.   & They are having more tornadoes in Texas, Mississippi & well, I forgot the other State I pray God will take care of His own & I thank Him, Amen. 

Sun. Mar. 6. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been partly cloudy not so fogy, it tried to rain & tried to snow, but sun set a little yellow a few nights ago I saw a beautiful rain-bow in the fog,   it was a ilumaness a luminous light from the moon & the rainbow was bright colors painted a-cross the sky from the west a little South & toward the N. a little & more toward the East  something I never saw in the night, before I forget just what night it was but whilewe have been having the fog & at the first part.     They have been having valcanos in Honalulu & Sat. March. 5. 1955. radio said they had 100 earth quakes Sat. Mar 5. 1955  & were ready to leave the island, if necessary. & they had some twisters & tornadoe in several of the U. S. States.   The ground was white with snow this morning, most of it was gone tonight but it’s quite cold & freezing some, I had my bedroom window open & the wash rag froze.   No one came in to call on us today, God help each one as Thou seest we need; & we do need Thee Jesus so much, pa use to say some day,   Nellie will turn & grind her heel in you for all the good things you have done for her.    Well, I’ve kept it in mind & now she’s trying just that.   I heard lots of things, but didn’t want to be-leive them,   looks as if they were true.   Jesus Keep me Close I pray. & help the others before its to late.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for All things help to have & keep the victory Amen. 

Mon. Mar. 7. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Was sick all day & sat up untill after 12-p-m   it was moon & starlight & then at 12-30-p-m  began to get cloudy fast wind was N. east & freshened up fast then went N. West & blew the eav troughs was fastened above rain barrel & the cover blew off & it thrashed those 2. troughs unbearably      at last Elbert dressed at 5-a-m & went out & let them loose,   the pails went flying over the hill   Oh; it was terrible, rocked the house & I wondered if henhouse would be here, wind quited down at 9-a-m. storm snowed when it got so dark after midnight a good white covering.  & it was sure cold been cold all day, sun shone most all day clear & bright, but radio say another night like last night.   & it’s cold now, 9-35-p-m. had to lay down twice today.   I wrote card to Rev. Dears.     Elbert gave it to Postman, no mail for us today.   I hope Audrey writes so we got it in morning.    We saw few ducks today  going toward the lake.    I do thank God for teaching me His word & Praise Him forever Amen. 

Tue. Mar. 8. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Sunshone all morning & untill 3 or 4 oclock & it sun shone while it snowed for awhile then after the soft wet snow it began to stick on to trees & bushes & ground & every is White again today   S. west wind & blew hard for awhile & was chilly;   Elbert put out, they smelt real fresh when he brought them in;   We both have felt real punk today,    but I ironed 2 dresses & my peticoat.  & swept & wiped up the dust & washed dishes & milk bottles, Elbert wiped the dishes,   his head has been so bad,   he can’t think   & I dread his driving the car, but trust God to take care of him & He does,   Praise His Holy Name.   We receive a nice letter from Audrey    she says all are well. & she herself has been doing up the washing & cleaning    Gertie is much better & was out to the hair dressers & I had been & took her scalpe treatment,   she was bald on middle of her head but has a new groth of hair now & quite thick.    Elbert gave birds some grain & they dug right in for it then     it began to snow hard.   Well, I’ll have to write Audrey a card.   She, to, thought Elbert & I ought to go to Poor House,    but, as far as I know, it was-n’t because of anything I have that she wants.    I do pray God will teach each one to Know His Will & ways,    I don’t want only what I need of this worlds goods, but if I could get a lot of money for these old chairs, I’d take it & try to fix the house so it wouldn’t rock in the wind.   & a few things such as getting

Tue. Mar. 8. 1955./ page. 3316./ No egg today./ a cystern put in here by the house & putting some shingles on the roof    that we could use the water off of them & getting a place for the car, fixed & a few things like that.    Well, I have to get to bed.   (I think today is George Eddys birthday 12 yrs. old) I do thank Thee Jesus for help me & giving me more strength & courage,  I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus, Amen.   Moon shining & stars are bright & wind died out. 

Wed. Mar. 9. 1955./ No egg today./ Bonita Jr. 12 yrs. old today. & George was 12 yrs old, just before midnight & Bonita just before she looks like her mother   dark eyes & hair & George looks like his father, light hair & blue eyes.    they are quite tall & normal children.    I gave Nelson 2. boy scout handkercheif but I’ll have to mail them to the twins.   Been a fine day, the sun shone all day & was golden yellow, last night it was red. & an orange ring around the moon, clouded up & then clearned off & got warmer & ground was covered with snow & it got warmer & snow was gone this morning   Elbert mailed card to Audrey (we received letter from Audrey yesterday & our checks. Praise God.   Chilly wind & quite strong allday easing off tonight. & it’s moon light & star light tonight & not quite so cold.   Jesus I thank Thee for the strength of today    I washed rags & nose rags 3. shirts & the towels hand & dish & Elbert’s hand-kercheifs wash rag & 1. pr. socks,   I made the beds.   Oh Praise Thee Jesus, I’m so glad Thou art an ever Will be. Amen. 

Thurs. Mar. 10. 1955./ No. egg today./ Elbert let hens out today.   strong wind S. west & still at it at 10-p-m.  I have been bum all day, but got up & dressed & had dinner with Elbert    he got the dinner & supper & his back & head has felt bad all day,   he put the night clothes out & didn’t leave them long, wind was to strong.   Well, I couldn’t see very well, but cought up a few holes & put a few patches on Elbert’s 2. union suits,     now, I have 3. of my shirts to put big patches under each arm.   & then Sat. wash rags & I hope to feel able to sew next week.    Elbert went for the milk & he has done the chores such as empty ashes bring up coal & bring in water & take care of hens      only have the 2 We got from Joe Haslet.    I ought to write card from to Eva.    I pray Jesus thou will give her strength & a stronger faith,   I Know Thou can & will hear & supply our needs, I thank & Praise Thee Jesus help us to be bold & strong in Thee,   I do thank Thee so much, so much Amen,     Glory to God.   I thank Thee for Thy Holy Word & for helping us to understand    but there are still many thing I should know   I give Thee praise

Fri. Mar. 11. 1955./ Page. 3317./ No. egg today./We received a nice card & note from Eva    she said Katherine wasn’t very well & she herself didn’t fee very well, but was going to Huron to clean church today.    she ask how Elbert was feeling by now & hoped they’d be seeing us soon,    We like to have them come & glad they like to come & pray God will bless each of us & help us in spirit and truth & give us strength & boldness for Him    help us & lift us in Jesus Name I ask. Amen.    I thank & Praise only Thee, Glory, Glory Hallelujah.   It’s been a beautiful day, but was a hard night & day in many other places that have been visited with destruction wind 90 miles & hour tornados & twisters, one town only had one building left,   a pason[?] all other homes & every other building lowered to the ground, rivers overflowing there banks, milions of bushels of wheat destroyed & the place they called the dust bowl Has been whirling with dust so thick they couldn’t see the sun for hours & then rain & hail came the color of the dust.   Thou has told us all these things would come to pass in the last day.   but still people are wanting the worthless things of this world.   Oh God, help us I pray & I thank Thee for all things Thou has showed me & helped me to Know.    After midnight it surely stormed thundered lightened & rained & the sun came out this morning & it looked like Spring.   Elbert went to Huron & bought a few things to eat while I lay slept & rested.    I mended his 2 union suits, Thurs & my shirts today.

Sat. Mar. 12. 1955./ No. egg today.   I swept & wiped up the Kitchen & nearly fainted    I need strength & protection & I ask Thee Jesus to help me    keep my tongue, heart & mind   help me to live for Thee & help others, Keep me ever Close & those of Thine, I thank & Praise Thee Jesus    Been another mild Spring Day    wind blew but not as hard as night before last.   Elbert’s felt bad all day his head & neck.   We thought the canvase on the car & the shingles would be gone but they were all in place.    There has been storms & sorrows all around us    Sun shone today & was quite warm   moon S. east and yellow, frogs were croaking Sat. morning   we saw several Mourning doves.

Sun. Mar. 13. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Well, Jesus I thank you so much more than I can tell for all the Christian Children who call & visited with us today.   Henry & Inez came in today & visited for a while & then Joe & Katherine Eva & Marry Ann came & so we had quite a visit.   

Sun. Mar. 13. 1955./ Page. 3318./ No. eggs today./ & they ate there lunch here    we put in a little & they all ate & enjoyed themselves    they told us how the Church was getting along.   I didn’t get to visit with Inez & Henry very much    its been a beautiful day, wind’s cold & sunshine hot, & comfortable.    Well, I feel sort of tired out tonight,    I made a little corn-starch custard, after the folks left.   & we ate it.   I felt so all in.   Wind’s been N. West & rather cool & it’s Starlight I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for answering prayer & for Thy love & tender mercies to us,   Oh, I pray 
We may be Worthy,   Bless the Church & help it to prosper in Jesus Name, Amen.    I do thank & praise Thee for all things, Jesus, Pure, & Holy. 

Mon. Mar. 14. 1955./ No. egg today./ Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few things & the L. plates for the care while I washed my night gown & underskirt towels shirts 2 & nose rags & I got them done   had to sit often    Elbert’s feeling bad    he took cold in his neck, in bac, the bones & nerves & flesh but he feels better today,    he put new plates on the car.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for the strength He gave me today,    I felt as if I couldn’t ever get those few pieces out but Jesus has blessed me with strength    I did-n’t do it all, but will try again God willing.    I wrote cards to Eva & Katherine & Inez. & sent a small gift to each  3 green leaves each.    Inez she is going to have a new ice box & she wants to give me to have the one she now has so I said I’d take except it & thank her    I don’t want a big ice box, but here, it is & what could I do.    may God bless them in Jesus name I ask,    I Praise Thee Jesus Thou doest take sure go care of us.   Be with each of Thine all over the world. Amen.

Tue. Mar. 15. 1955./ No  1. egg today./ Fisher men ought to get there nets set today & I pray they get fish.    We had a gray day & the wind blew so hard it took big evergreen down again & I don’t think Elbert will raise it again.    Well we are to get one more storm & I hope it wont be to bad,    Ive been bum all day, so just set & wrote a letter to Mrs. Goll.  Miss. Mc. Govern, Mrs Seniff Miss Clark & card to Audrey.   We received letter from Audrey &

Tue. Mar. 15. 1955./ Page. 3319./ 1. egg this day./ she said Ella Jane was there & they talked about the things she wants, but didn’t tell her all,   I’m sorry she talked about it all, but thats a part of Nellie’s grape wine, they go to Audrey’s to see what they can learn about the rest of the families, what they say, think or do.    I received a letter from Miss. mc. Govern, to,    she misses Mike so bad & says John’s & invalid & he don’t drive his car much any more & she gets the neighbors to take her once in a while.    Elbert got up & filled 3 tubs in the basement with rain water,    it’s been raining quite hard   it’s midnight & it stopped raining just long enough for him to fill the tubs,    now it c