November 1953

Sun. Nov. 1. 1953/ 1. eggs today./ Well, I felt to ill to go to Church & Mr & H___ came in just after we had dinner & stayed couple of hrs   they were just leaving when Audrey, Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her children came in,    they brought cream & cones & the other couple brought me 6. or 8. geranium roots all on them & the girls took part

Sun. Nov. 1. 1953./ page. 3070./ 1. eggs this day./ them.   so I have one left.   I was so exausted when they left.   Ella-Jane is still angling for the cherry table but she hasn’t apology yet & I feel I have one coming & straight from her heart, but, she is still feeling in that same trend of mind, I see, When she tried to fix graphone, so, it it will depend a lot on herself.    What she gets in this world & the next.   I thank God He sees & Know & I pray they will learn to know & trust in Him, in Jesus, With all there heart’s soul’s minds & with all there strength.   It’s been a nice day    Clouded up tonight & girls left early,  Elbert gave them 1. bu tomatoes & Audrey took a few.   I thank Thee Jesus for the love of the Church folks   I thank Thee for there prayers,  I know Thou will care for each one in Thy own way & I Praise Thee from the very depth of my soul for answering prayer & trust you will rebuke the devil & keep him out of both of us & the house & off the ground we call our home.   & Help Mr. & Mrs. H.____ to do thy will in that may be free also  I thank Thee & give all Praise & Glory to Thee, forever, & ever Amen. 

Mon. Nov. 2. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ I have only done little things,  don’t seem to have the strength,    but I do believe God will in Jesus Name, soon give me health & strength so that I can be in his House & worship & testify for Him & Give Him all the Glory.    Elbert has been doing a little here & there & he fixed my West Window   it didn’t go up or down like it alway has before   seemed to stick, but thank Jesus it’s it’s O.K. now,   he took alot of block back to the pile & he cleaned the iron fry pan once more & I have to clean top of stove & iron my dresses slips & Elberts shirts.   Been a beautiful day.   Oh God, I thank Thee I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost and ask you to keep me close & help me to help all Thou would that I should to be Thine. Amen. & May all Glory be Thine, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

Tue. Nov. 3. 1953./Page. 3071./ 2. eggs today./ I got up when Elbert went to Huron & swept & thought I’d wipe up floors, then remembered Elbert was going to bring yeast cake so I got every thing ready to cook dinner & when he came he cleaned enough fish for dinner & after we ate, “I had set bread While he cleaned fish” I cleaned one cupboard shelf & the dishes standing on step ladder, so I didn’t get floor wiped up but if another day comes I may.   I still have to iron.   Well, got squared away for tomorrow   Elbert got big mess of fish.   Been a very nice day  cool wind.   I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & I’m trusting & believing for my healing.   got Audreys letter today.   Glory to God in the Highest, The light over table burned out last night & Elbert hasn’t got it fixed yet & I miss it so. 

Wed. Nov. 4. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert has done odds & ends & he feels so tired tonight     he even watered the trees & put some dope in water & he’s getting ready to jack up the house    I washed & am tired,  I didn’t get Elbert’s wash done.   Well, we got a card from Audrey to day   she said Ella Jane had a call to come to work to Hallies store in Cleveland Ohio & she’s tired & wishes she (Audrey) could rest.   I do believe she needs a care free rest.  She says, Nellie trys to put on the dog & that Gerti’s talking as if she was going to be working much longer & Audrey say wont that be sweet.   I’m sorry she’s so tired, hope she can get cought up on her rest.  she’s been so nice to us & writes one letter & several cards each week.    Elbert got his check this morning.   Mrs. Brode gave him a duck & some Kidneys out of the deep freeze this morning.   We had fish for dinner & have enough for tomorrow. got clothes all dry except rags.   I thank Thee Jesus for all the wonderful things you do for us & pray you will help us to go to prayer meeting tomorrow night.   May God be Blessed for ever & ever Amen.

Thurs. Nov. 5. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Haven’t done much today myself but Elbert been jacking up the front side of the house & now the door shuts up as it’s supposed to do,   now he has to put the glass in the door.    & We wont feel the N. east draft so much & he straightened 

Thurs. Nov. 5. 1953./ page. 3072./ 1. egg this day./ a joice that was turning over    now he has the west side to jack up & fix & the windows to finish, & the back door & storm door.   God knows & I’m glad he sees what condition we have been left in,    I pray He will help Elbert get it fix up so it will be warm during the winter & there are such a lot of things that need doing so bad    the floor & linolium, the walls are so terribly dirty & ceiling needs painting    Well, maybe God Willing, We’ll get it done by & by, so it will be cleaner.   I haven’t felt like living since I cleaned the cupboard shelf yesterday afternoon.   Been quite cold all day, snowed after midnight about 1 1/2 inches & it’s snowed in showers, very light showers all day & tonight    it’s been blowing hard all day, but has eased up tonight.   Elbert put a tub of water on each of the ever green trees out in front of house the one’s that were down & he raised up in place again & he put some powder of Garden of Eden in each tub of water to help strengthen them & God has help them to begin to get green again   Praise His Name, He can do all things, Glory Hallelujah    Elbert went to Huron this morning & got the fixing for the light over the table & after dinner he fix it & it works O.K. now.   I leak so bad I can’t go to Church.   Oh. God help me to Know Whats wrong & what I can do,    I’m willing to do what ever Thou sayest. Jesus blessed Jesus.   I thank & paise Thee for all things forever & ever, Amen.

Fri. Nov. 6. 1953./ 0. eggs today./  Well, I was going iron, but Dolly & Earnie spent the afternoon & I tried to help Dolly learn to crochet    she’s beginning to learn & I hope she enjoys it so much it will Keep her from other things that she ought not to do,  May God help them to learn to be Thine.   So I let my ironing lay, but, hope to do it tomorrow for I dampened them.   I have had to go every few minutes 15- or 20 minutes.   I cooked the wild duck Brode’s gave, us for dinner & the Kidneys we floured fried & put onion & a little water on & let it simmer untill it’s tender for tomorrows dinner,   now all the dishes are done & ready to start again.   I thank God for all He gives us, in all ways.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got our food & he went to Huron to see if he could get his radiator fixed, it began to leak today    that’s another burden, he has done a lot of things & tomorrow is Sat.    Some man a neighbor from the Park brings Helen home from work & they came for the children,  it’s been a cold day puffy

Fri. Nov. 6. 1953./ page. 3073./ 0. eggs this day./ Clouds hung low & black & wind  N. east strong & puffy   snowed little snow balls, rained with clear ice in it & snowed little flakes, in showers all day, sun came through several times while it continued to storm, & is at it yet, with out sun.    I thank Thee Jesus for food & warmth   Earnie was here Wed.  & Elbert saw two geese go South Wed. just 2. 

Sat. Nov. 7. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got 2 bottles of milk this morning & it’s been cold & a raw wind & rain & sleet & a few snow flakes, tonight winds died out,   it sure blew hard all day & it’s going to change I think, it’s cloudy yet, thick black clouds.   I have to hit the can so often, I’m tired.   Tomorrow’s Sun can’t go to Church, both me & radiator leaking,   I can’t understand my case, but it’s just come to my mind, I’ve had this trouble every since I can remember, back when I was only 3. yrs. old & dad use to catch me by the arm & give me a clap on my back sides & swing me high in the air & and another clap when I came down again & the water running, when he had spanked me awhile, he’d say, go out to the toilet now,   I said no use now pa, but why don’t you do something so I don’t have to wet my clothes    he didn’t answer,   I’d tell mother & ask her to do something for me  for my back & bottom hurts me so bad after pa beats me so hard, but, they never done anything to help me & I was afraid to sleep for when I did I wet the bed & I didn’t know what to do for myself, so I wet the bed untill I was 12 yrs. old, when I was 10 yrs old I ask ma to get a piece of oil cloth & put a pad on it   then it wouldn’t be so hard to take care of the bed so she did & I ask her to put Gertie in the other bed in same room, but she was her mama’s & papa’s girl,    I didn’t care about that.   but the house burned down    I went to Professor Ward home & she made an abdoman belt that helped me such a lot for I didn’t wet the bed anymore & maybe I should wear one now.   A goodly number have prayed for me, but I haven’t been healed yet,   I know Jesus is abl but, I don’t understand why I haven’t received the healing    I’m still trusting & believing & Praising God & Jesus,   I Know He is able & I give Him all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.

Sun. Nov. 8. 1953./ page. 3074./ 0. eggs today./ Rather strong wind & cold & chilly & it has stormed off & on & late this afternoon Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children & they brought Bonney Bell’s & Joe’s two youngest children the baby & one a 1 yrs & few months older “Patty or Patricia & baby Penny Pennalipy.    Nellie looked sick & said she had over done & couldn’t work Fri.   The girls don’t seem to show her the respect they ought to & Nellie looks as if she was about to have nervous convultions.   If Nellie would only confied in me, perhaps We could figure out a way.   I pray God will in Jesus Name take a hand & help them all, as He sees they need,  I thank Thee Jesus.    I thank Thee for the prayers of all Who pray earnestly for me & trust as Thou hear & Know that I will receive the healing I am so much in need of,   Oh Jesus,  I am will to do What ever Thou want me to do or be if only I can have the healing & the strength I will always give Thee the Praise & Glory, forever & ever Amen.

Mon. Nov. 9. 1953./ 1. eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron & got a good mess of fish.   I slept a little & then got up & at it cleaning up & getting ready to get dinner & Elbert came & no fish but he had the yeast cakes & so I set bread & baked 2 graham 1. tin & 1. loaf white bread & I made 1. custard 1. apple & 1. peach pie & washed up all the dishes & Elbert cleaned all the fish & we had 2 big basins full, had five for supper. & now we wish Nellie had part of them & Audrey a few, but no way to get them there so, I guess he’ll give part to Brodes   they give us frozen meat once in a while.   I salted one pan but the other I didn’t.    Now I must read & go to bed thanking & praising God for all our many blessings & trusting he will help me to be worthy.   I love Thee Jesus, Amen.   Not very cold out   just a little nippy. Starlight & no wiind. 

Tue. Nov. 10. 1953./ 0. eggs today./Elbert went to Vermilion & got his arch support, he took it out to have his shoe sewed or a patch sewed on & forgot to put it back & wondered why his foot f[?] so bad & after awhile he took shoe off & no arch support,  he put in an old one & this a.m. he went back for it,   he mailed card to Audrey.   he mailed 3 cards. Mon. 1. to Audrey, Nellie & Inez Hunt.  & I did part of the washing & got part of it dried & Elbert phoned & to Nellie (cost 30 cents) & told her we had a few fish & she said, if Ella Jane wasn’t to tired they’d come for them & so then, he had been to see Miss. Clark, but he didn’t take her any fish, she said she was invited out to eat turkey dinner other wise she would have come & then he went a mile from end of our road to the man Who was going to fix the car & he said come back tomorrow morning,   he fixed or puttied in front door glass & then he 

Tue. Nov. 10. 1953./ page. 3075./ No. eggs today./ he got after the back storm door  fitted it in & got glass tacked in & he’s so tired.   I am to.   Nellie, the girls & 3. children came & got the fish & I gave her half my peach pie & she brought us a black raspberry pie   looks good   she’s a good cook, & they brought me some cold pack tomatoes.   Elbert always cleans the fish alread to fry & it’s a lot of work & worry but he was glad they came for them    We may not get any more this Fall.   Earnie came here after school & I fix him a lunch & hot Nescafe coffee. & Rue came for him, he didn’t work today.   he brought me a galloon of cider & I gave him a loaf of the brown bread & a tin of white biscuits, so, Now we are both tired & Elbert’s gone to bed.   Mrs. Hobbs had another stroke & is in the hospital so Nellie told us,   Mr. & Mrs. Hobbs had a store on F. Street on East Side just a little ways from home   We bought groceries there sometimes.   There daughter Loreta married & went to California to live & they went & staid with her for awhile, but home is home & they came back.   Well I’m happy inside & Praise God from Whom all blessings flow   I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, & wish I were as Holy as, Thee   Glory to God in the Highest  I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen   It’s been a beautiful day.

Wed. Nov. 11. 1953./1. eggs today/ This morning Elbert went up to the man that was to fix his car & he got it fixed & while the man fixed Elbert rode to Huron with another man who was there & he bought some meat & saucage, the saucage was so tuff I couldn’t eat it,   Well he walked home for garage man had to send to Ver-milion for a tube & I had every thing ready & onions half cooked & I put potatoes on when he came to the door & soon after the man stopped on his way back & took Elbert up to get his car, cost $10.01 cash   Oh me.   I haven’t got my check yet & I pay half the bills   I pay the taxes & gas, then pay half the others.  Well, I just couldn’t work today    had to hit the can to often    I managed to air room & night clothes & make beds & cook & Elbert worked at the doors & got all done except the putting in the glass in storm door,   he gets so tired, work worries him, it is tegest [tedious] to patch up the doors & after it’s as set on the foundation to jack it up here & there,    but, he’s getting it done   Praise God.   & We thank God  He takes such good care of us.   I only hope He will make me to be of service for Him in some way.    Glory to His Name. Sun shone this a.m. but, started to cloud up after noon & at 3-p-m.  was quite cloudy & got dark early, not very cold out if you were busy.   I Praise Thee Jesus forever.

Thurs. Nov. 12. 1953./ page. 3076./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert worked at the doors & he’s so tired,    I think he works to long.   I have only done what I felt was really necessary.   bowels were stuborn Wed. but relaxed & moved late- last night & 3 or 4 times today.   Elbert is so good   he gets up dresses & goes clear out over the hill to the toilet,   I feel so bad when I have to get him out, after he’s been warm in bed, & what would I do with out him   God help us, I’ve been so weak in my body & my stomach & bowels so tired out when I was or bake bread that I stumble around as if I were drunk.   A card from Audrey says, Nellie has hardening of the arteries & she may not live long, I pray God will heal her,   I know He can.   Oh Jesus teach me  fill me & heal us both & help us to live for Thee, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus   I do believe, take away all our unbelief & help us to be true testimonies, in Jesus Name.    & May all the Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day, sun this morning & cloudy after noon.   N. east wind today, not very cold, flys out yet. 

Fri. Nov. 13. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron   got a big mess of fish.   We got our checks Wed.  & he wanted me to sign name last night, so he could be sure to get it cashed today.   I gave him $22.00    he got 15 or 16.00 dollars worth of food mostly can goods in Vermilion this after noon, then he did a few things   odds & ends trying to get house fixed for winter     the air is fresh, but a little warmer than Wed.    Wind South & a little West most all day & to-night, just at dark it was N. east,    Elbert’s got a cold to-night in his head & throat,   I hope & pray God will take it away.    I ask in Jesus Name & thank Thee & trust Thou will keep me free,   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed, Pure & Holy.   Sun didn’t shine untill 2-p-m or there about.   I aired the night cloths, but didn’t do any more than I had to all day.   I thank God for all things great or small & trust Him in all things.    Glory to His name forever & ever Amen.  

Sat. Nov. 14. 1953./ 0. eggs today/ No mail today; S. west wind all day & nice sunshine, nice out side & lots of flies out side yet today.   I’ve thought of Nellie all day & see that hurt look in her eyes & the way she holds her hands as if she didn’t know what to do,    Oh God, help me to talk to her & help her to un-stand how to really trust Jesus all the way & to feel His power & be healed.    I feel I should be healed to help any one else, Oh Jesus, Please help.

Sat. Nov. 14. 1953./ page. 3077./ 0. eggs today/ us through some one of Thine.    I haven’t done much today,   I will have to sweep the floor & wipe the glass in the front door,   My arms are so tired & I’m so lo-gy.   Elberts cold’s better, but he feel tired & his back still pains.   We have a clear half moon & wind died before, dark & now a 9-p.-m. it has freshened up again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & for Thy Love & care, Amen.   My mind doesn’t work as fast as it use to,   I pray you will reveal to me & give me strength & courage & I give Thee all praise & Glory forever & ever I thank Thee. 

Sun. Nov 15 1953./ 0. eggs today./ It’s been a beautiful day & Henry & Inez came, they brought brought us some glasses of Jam & Jell & a pt. of pickles. & 2. new suits of underwear she has,    got so thin she can’t wear them.   I believe Nellie can wear them,   they didn’t come today & I do wander how Nellie is & all of them & Where is Martha & What is she doing,  Oh God, We all need Thee & I’m still believing & trusting for deliverance   for many of us We are all sinners  Thou hast said & I know tis true, Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    Mrs. Mr. Joe Heslet, her name “Mrs. Katherine Haslet” & Mrs. Eva Heegan, Anna & Marrian were here   they are quite well,   Inez is very thin & her mother has had a cansor peeled from her legs, roots & all Inez says,    I had to fly to toilet & the effort & talking to them all has tired me but I was so glad to see them all.    I pray God will Keep them all, close to him, always, Amen.   Been a nice day, S. west breeze but hazy around the edges.    The President’s wife was 64. yrs. old Nov. 14. 1953.   He was in Oct.   We couldn’t go to Church, so listened to a lot of good Sermons over the radio, this morning & after supper & to Rev. Buser tonight.   I pray God will bless the sermon & all to go to Church tonight.  & that many more will be brought into church. 

Mon. 16. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Well I thank God for hearing and answering prayer    I haven’t wet so often today & the church folks & Ministers still remember me, & Audrey sent a card today & invited us to her thanksgiving dinner next week.   May God bless her & help her to Know Him & give thanks to Him,   Oh if we could all live closer to Him in spirit & help others to know what life is all about    I thought Nellie & the girls might come but they didn’t    hope Nellie is better   I’m asking Jesus to heal her & keep her & to teach her & hers the things they haven’t learned & I thank Thee Jesus,   May God be blessed for ever & ever Amen.   Elbert has got most done on basement windows.

Mon. Nov. 16. 1953./ page. 3078./ 2. eggs this day./ & he’s so terribly tired.   We both felt as if we could get supper he warmed up potatoes & ground meat & we had a good supper   I made a custard pie 3. berries red & black, raspberry & cheery    it’s to much for me all in one day.   We ate the custard for supper, it didn’t take long to eat them,   I baked 3 loaves of bread  2 brown & 1 big white & one small & got all the dishes washed up.   Praise God, Brodes gave us some ribbs of beef & we ground part of it & have enough for 3. or 4. more meals   it tastes so good, like real beef,    what we buy is goodness is froze out.   It’s been a beautiful sun shiny day   South breeze.   I do thank Thee Jesus for Thy loving care & I’m trusting to be Whole in Thee Glory Hallelujah Hallelujah, Amen. 

Tue. Nov. 17. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Well, I washed out most of my cloths & had togive up for today    feel so weak & as if I were going on my nose,    Elbert went to Vermilion   had to leave car there & he said they had to go to Lorain to get a tire, so he got a ride home with a fisherman going to Huron   he ate dinner & did a few odds & ends & then went back to the highway & caught a ride after waiting for almost 2. hrs. with a Mrs. Snyder Who lives in Vermilion & had been shopping in Sandusky    he didn’t get back home untill 5-10, & the tire & all expences, cost $21.31 – We had a letter from Audrey. & Martha is still at loose ends.   Earnie was here after school & Helen came with man she rides from Lorain home with, & talked a few minutes & went.    Elbert came & fed hens & then, he put some Liptons soup mix in some beef broth & we ate it for supper,   I washed the dishes & we talked a while about car & shed & he seemed so excited  & nervous,  he clinches his fingers like Frank use to & seems he is getting worse of late & he acts rather queer at times   I have to be on my guard, he’s tired & he has gone to bed.   I ment to write Audrey & Nellie a card last night , but I was to tired, but Ill try to send Audrey a card,   I did send a letter to Nellie Sun. by Inez & a letter to Rev. Wyeit.   Oh God, I’m trusting & believing in Thy Word & Promises   It’s been a beautiful day, South wind,    Elbert hung part of the Cloths out & they dried in the sun & fresh breeze   I Praise Thee Jesus, Glory to Thy Holy Name for ever & ever Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 18. 1953./ 1. eggs today/ Digest only mail today,   been another beautiful day,   I had a bad spell with my bowels,   been feeling terrible for passed 4 days,   my bowels bled & sweat run down my face in streams   Oh such misery.   God heard and answered Prayer.   Oh how I love Jesus & Praise Him 

Wed. Nov. 18. 1953./ page. 3079./ 1. eggs this day./gas tank came today. 10.15/ Wonderful Jesus Wonderful Marvelous, Pure, True & Holy & more to be desired than silver or gold   I love Him and pray He rebukes that Satin, in our bocys, soul & mind & put him out of our home & off the place. Glory, Glory Hallelujah,   I Praise God forever & ever, Amen.    Elbert went to Huron but didn’t get a fish,   he got some pickled pork with peppers & pickle & clear sour jelly    I like it & had thought I’d ask him to get some but, I was feeling so weak & sick to ask him    he mailed   he mailed a card to Audrey I wrote last night.   He moved the hen coup after he got home    he hopes to put up some sort of a carshed where it use to be.  

Thurs. Nov. 19. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Well I’m so weak but Praise God I’m able to get up & dress & do the daily chores.   I shook up the beds & sweat like rain,   I went out & looked at the evergreen tree on the hill that’s still laying on the ground, God help it,   Elbert’s so tired & I can’t help him,   I’d rather be doing work for Jesus & helping to do my house work & keep us together, I want so much to be able to go to Church, God help me I pray, No, mail. no eggs,    Elbert has tried to pull a North end section of the hen house over where it use to be & the North end of car shed & he hopes to get it made into another carshed.   I hope he can for the car is in bad shape, at least the top part door and fenders are so rusted around edges.   Well, its been a beautiful day with a south breeze, so warm,  I went out with out a jacket.  One hen is about naked, but she flaps her wings & runs on her toes as if it were summer,   there are 3. White hens left from tornado & one brown one from Brodes out of the few we paid 1.00 each for,   she’s all moulted & feathered out & one white one hasn’t started to moult yet & if she don’t start soon she will be cold.   Well I think I’ll read & go to bed,   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I can remember & do Thy Will. Amen. 

Fri. Nov. 20. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Still feel punk & Elbert’s stomach & bowels are paining him yet tonight & now he says the liver gas is cuting like a knife & I seem to be filled with gas pains, but I don’t eat enough I guess,  I’m sore & weak from bowels Wed.   I made Elbert a sleeper jacket out of tennis flanel & got it all done except sleves & button holes,   I got sleeves all made but have to put them in,   tired me rather bad.    I didn’t eat much, but stomach has felt so bad & is paining me yet & my bowels all so.   Its been a beautiful day & it’s trying to rain tonight.   Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish   perch & pike white bass & catfish,   we had some for dinner & supper & Elbert took about 9 or 10 nice pike to Brodes & a pan full of the perch & catfish for us & ask them to put ours in ice box

Fri. Nov. 20. 1953./ page. 3080./ No. eggs today./ Well if I could only get out & be with Elbert, I believe we could get the foundation laid & start the building after alittle While he don’t seem to get at it,    guess I should have tried to got him at the foundation while the weather was good.   but perhaps we can get started yet, guess we both have the flu. in stomach & bowels.   We got a card from Audrey & Joan’s wedding anoncement.   Joan Mae Monagon to Mr John Daniel Fulton on Sat. 28th of Nov. 1953. at 11-a.m. in the 20th. St. Methodist Church. W. 20th. St. & Reid Ave. Lorain Ohio    I do hope Martha will help her have a nice a wedding as Jean had.   Sorry we can’t help them more & I hope & pray they can always be as happy as two bug in a rug.   I. thank Thee Jesus for my salvation & trust I may soon re-ceive the Holy Ghost & be all His forever & ever   Bless be God. Amen. 

Sat. Nov. 21. 1953./ 0. eggs today/  Well, We both felt so bad but still I feel happy in my soul although we could hardly stand on our feet, but, we are trusting in Jesus & believing, all things will work for His good & Glory.   I’m glad He is and always will be Bless all of those who preach & teach Thy word & bless all those of Thine & help them to Know & understand & then help us to do Thy Will & Ways.   Be with the slaves & prisoners in What ever place they may be help them to remember to call often on Thy Name & to be saved, be with the one’s in hospitals homes or Where ever they may be & help the Christians on this side of the world to give up there foolishness, such as buying little trinkets to hang in there car they don’t cost much, but, there are many a person who would be over joyed with dime, or quarter they cost,   I try to spend only for the necessary things & help others as much as I can.   I love them all, but, we don’t like some of the things they do & say, but not one of us are perfect at least I know I’m not.   I love & Praise Thee Jesus & Need Thy help.  Been a wonderful day, it didn’t rain enough to wet the ground last night, rather strong wind today, South, little west, nice sun. 

Sun. Nov. 22. 1953./ 0. eggs today/ We had a few good showers & Elbert put 14. pails of water in cystern & I hope it rains some more tonight.   Elbert says it’s getting colder at 9-30-p-m. & both of us have sore stomach & bowels yet, hope we can be freed before tomorrow.   I have sweat so bad at inter-vales all day.   No one came in today because of the rainy weather I expect. & I wasn’t able to go, to church    I’m trusting in Jesus to fill & heal me & I thank Him & praise Him for all things, for ever & ever & trust He will bring back those who have gone astray, Amen.

Mon. Nov. 23. 1953./ page. 3081./ 1. eggs today./ We both have felt to bad to work to day. & I haven’t eat any thing untill late tonight.  Elbert fixed me some toast & tea    the Ministers came for supper & brought noodle soup & fruit    We warmed potatoes & soup & made hot coffee    We had tomatoes & cheese & graham bread & she had to help get the supper    I sweap so & was so dizy & after supper she was determined to do dishes but I told her we’d rather visit, so we did & had prayer & at 10-p-m Rev. Buser is on radio & I washed the dishes and put them away,   they were going to call on a family over near Aldrich’s, where all the little cottages are that Aldrich rents.   I’m so sorry I didn’t think & that we didn’t get the fish & fry them, but Elbert’s feeling so bad & me to.   We had enough rain to fill the barrell & 2. tubs & it was trying to rain tonight,   We had a beautiful day   South wind quite strong at times,    the 2 men that come from Cleveland to hunt each year cam & hunted but didn’t get anything   they were over to Fremont & got a pheasent they said.   There wasn’t as many hunters out as usual,   its been so dry, they didn’t alow them to hunt untill today & it’s still to dry for smokers.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things forever & ever Glory to God in the Highest we love Thee. & pray for Thy guidance.  Not very cold   flys are out side yet. 

Tue Nov. 24. 1953./ No eggs today./ Another day we have felt able to work   I feel some better but Elbert’s bowels still feel bad,   We have had a partly cloudy day   a little colder, but not really cold.   One old hen is so naked.   I hope she doesn’t catch a cold, poor thing,   the one that was all fethered out, died,   now there is only 2. white ones left. & 1. red. & she’s about ready to lay & I hope she does so we will have a few to use.   I thank God for all things & for the Christians & that they humble themselves to come into my humble home.   I Praise Thee Jesus  Thou art Wonderful & Marvelous & Maricalous;  Holy, Pure, Clean & more to be desired than all else in the world.   I love & Praise & Honour Thee, Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 25. 1953./ 0 eggs today./ Well it snowed this morning a nice cover, but didn’t stay & it colder all day & tonight,    We need the water   We had 2. U.S. cards yesterday from Inez & Henry Hunt & a nice letter from Audrey   They are having a big dinner & I’m so glad they can all be together,    if only they would thank God for there blessing 

Wed. Nov. 25. 1953./ page. 3082./ 0. eggs today./ I did part of my washing & got it dried in the house.   I thank God in Jesus Name that even though many things are wrong with our bodys, He is able to sweep us clean again   Glory to Him for ever & ever, Hallelujah, Amen.

Thurs. Nov. 26. 1953./0. eggs today./ Thanksgiving Day.   We thought we’d have to be alone, but Nellie & the girls & the children cooked a swell & delicious dinner & came over with it all hot & they got it on the table & we thanked God for all the food love & blessings He had given us,   Ella Jane tried to sleep awhile, the children went out & played & we visited after dinner, then they gathered up the food & roasters & packed them in back end of there new car & Ella Jane got up & they were off for home,   they had to stop at Vincent Church to light the gas fire & get home   have a lunch & back to the church Where they were having a shower for Joan Monagon,   she is marrying John Fulton Sat. Nov. 28. 1953. & so all the friends are giving them house hold necessaties & I don’t know if they found a house to live in yet.   We got a nice snow & it snowed or tried to several times   didn’t thaw much   been mostly cloudy, all day;    We praise Thee Jesus for all things,    Brodes gave us a piece of beef roast & we sliced off 4. slices & had 2 for our dinner & saved 2. for tomorrow & a piece to boil for broth,   my bowels didn’t move yet today & so I’m feeling terrible bad, but, trust Jesus will help me yet tonight,   I am so greatful for all things & that I do feel some better, my head has been dizzy but maybe my bowels are the cause.   May God help us I pray to do His Will.   Nellie & her family seem to be feeling quite well.

Fri. Nov. 27. 1953./0. eggs today/Been a cloudy day   snowed a little during the night & all day in showers    Elberts bowels have hurt him all day & I didn’t feel to good my self.   I finished Elbert’s tennis[?] sleeper jacket.    & he made the soup with my help for supper;  no mail.   I Praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessings Amen.   Elbert got up & went out & brought in the 3. hens & he put them in a big box with a thick pad of straw on the bottom & put a cover on top & they liked it & are there to night    they sung & even the naked one & was happy.

Sat. Nov. 28. 1953./ page. 3083./ No. eggs today./ Been cold, sun did come out but neither of us felt like working,    I took care of bed rooms & I patched a suit of Elbert’s B’V’D’s. & put them away.   We haven’t eaten much today;    I can’t figure how anyone could get into my room    I lock & bolt the door, but, I have another hypo mark on my left arm & my arm feels as if it had been pinched so hard, its terribly sore    Oh God, help me to know how this can be,   I can’t stay a wake day & night & there isn’t a soul to help me, Jesus I’m trusting Thee,   I know Thou can show me this, as Thou has showed me many other things,   I pray Thou will do it soon,    Keep me on the top I pray.   The hens were singing today. & Elbert put the cabbages in the basement,   most of them were small, but will help us,   we won’t have to buy for a few weeks,    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus more than I can tell for all things Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 29. 1953./ No. 1. eggs today./ Mother’s 1953 birthday,   she would be 97. yrs. old    Bonita was 32. yrs. old in ___ 1953. & Ella Jane will be 35. April 22nd 1954.  Johny’s birthday is in June   he would be ___ yrs. old 1953.   We moved here on Aug. 16. 1921.& Cousin Georgie’s birthday.  she was 35. yrs. old,   I’m 7. months older than she;   I was 35 yrs. old in Jan. on 16th 1921 & Frank was 38. yrs. old in April, 1921 28th & we were married on May 17th. 1920.   Nellie is 12. yrs. younger than I & she will be 57 yrs old Feb. 6. 1954.    Been cold, 32 degrees today   very little sun & snowing tonight    Oh how I would like to be in the church, on meeting nights.     All sermons have been on the soon coming of Jesus.   All Who read & study the bible & help me to get back to church & help Elbert to turn to Thee with all his heart, soul, mind & strength; Oh God I   Praise Thee in Jesus Name & thank Thee for all things, Amen.  

Mon. Nov. 30. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert felt bad yet today but he carried the water & did out his washing & I did mine & part of his & it’s all dry except my dresses & rags,   my head feels as if I’d been doped, all day & Ive been as if in a dazed condition    it’s terrible   Oh God,   I pray you will help me to Know & find out what it this is & how I get this way.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou will help me & deliver me from the evils of this world.   Fill me with Thy Spirit in Jesus Name I ask Amen.   It’s been a very dark day   a little snow last night & then rain & trying to rain tonight  and heavy wind. 

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