October 1953

Thurs. Oct. 1. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert couldn’t get the car to start this morning so he walked for the milk   Clayton was coming back to John Snyders, so he rode back with him,    he said if it would run he’d take me to prayer meeting & it did   God heres & answers prayer & I am trusting He will help us get the car fixed & some-thing done about the cystern for water,   help me to know what & how to do    I thank Thee Jesus & praise Thee forever & ever Amen.   I went out & help Elbert a little while cleaning up wood, limbs & roofing paper & then we cut of alot of rambler rose branches & weeds on hen park side of fence

Thurs. Oct. 1. 1953./ page. 3057./ 2. eggs this day./ I am hoping I can go out & help him again soon, if I could help we’d get along faster, but I don’t seem to have the strength to lift & tug like I use to.    We have to make a foundation for that floor where hen house was & he’s so tired he says we can’t do this & we can’t do that & we got to have some one to help that can.    I didn’t get any sewing done today.   It’s been a beautiful day. Praise God.

Fri. Oct. 2. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ 3 leghoins [?] hens/ Well, I didn’t do much today,   I aired my bedding, the wind went from North east to N. west & was quite fresh,    it changed changed from N. west back to N. east & Clayton was cutting the soy beans & his boy was going over the field with a mulcher & the dust filled the air untill you couldn’t see anything & it spread all over   looked so thick like a heavy fog.   I wonder what that child’s lungs will be like after inhaling so much dust    John Snyder came this afternoon to look after the harvesting of the beans.   Been a nice day, but queer  a pecular cold in the air,  White sun rather warm.   Elbert watered the trees & done some more cleaning   sawed some wood & so on    he’s tired tonight,   he cut some limbs off from 2. English walnuts  one by the drive & one on the hill. & to-morrow morning he’s going to dress 2 hens,   we are both hungry & they will make enough for 3 or 4 meals,   they are small    he will grind breasts & thighs & skin from the thighs, breasts & neck.   I hope to bake a cake or pies or something for filling.   I want to go to Church, Sunday morning & evening if I can.   No mail worth while.   Dolly & Earnie were here untill 5-10-p-m.   I tried to teach Dolly how to crochet block & space.   she did real way   I think she’ll learn fast,   she has a hard time to make her hands do as she wants them to do, to hold the hook, work & thread, but she will learn & I think she will like it   she hated to stop to go home, so I hope she keeps at it.    I made soup for supper.     Im sure tired of soup. but glad to have a little something,   we got along so far,   Elbert ought to get his check tomorrow or Monday.   I sure want to go & get the groceries with Elbert    he don’t get all on the list & we are out of food & money at or before end of the month.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy help, that I my do Thy Will & ways,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee forever & ever. Glory Hallelujah.

Sat. Oct. 3. 1953./ page. 3058./ ___ eggs today/ I swept & dusted & took care of the bedrooms & made 2 & a half pies apple & then made 2 tins of bis-cuits & chicken gravy for supper,   Elbert cleaned 2 hens   cut them up & saved breasts & thighs for meat balls & put rest in roaster & we ate a little for dinner & biscuits & gravey for supper   no mail to day,  Oh Well, there has been a good breeze most of the day & to hot & radio says its going to 90 degrees tomorrow,   I pray Gkod will take care of us & all He has given us.   I thank & Praise Him & wish I knew what I ought to be doing & how to do it,   I love Thee Jesus. Amen.

Sun. Oct. 4. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ We went to Church this morning & the Ministers came home to dinner with us & we went to Church tonight & God blessed all the Christians  Praised the Lord & worshiped Him and it seemed as if God stood beside or Jesus, Glory, Glory may God be blessed forever & ever Amen.   We had communion this morning.   Our Chicken balls were not a success for some unknown reason but we had plenty any way & thanked Jesus for the Ministers fellowship.   it rained 1. barrel of water today.   been rather cool & cloudy & windy aafter preachers left we went out & picked the Dutches pears.  one pear tree is tiped over, but the roots are in the ground.  the cheery tree roots are partly out of the dirt & one apple tree or 2.   We have a little fire again tonight & it feels good.   I feel good after our meeting tonight.  & Pray & trust . for tomorrow.

Mon. Oct. 5. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert has done so many jobs today.   He went for milk, watered the evergreens, sawed wood & after dinner he went for groceries & he spent $25.94.   so now I have to give him $17.87 my half.   Been a very cloudy day, not cold, but damp air.    Only Elbert’s check in the mail.   I do wonder what’s wrong.   no word from any one of them,   Oh Well, I hope & trust all are O.K.  Now Elbert’s gone to bed & I must go,   We had little fire all day & tonight. 

Tue. Oct. 6. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Rained this morning   Elbert carried 30 pails of water, to cystern,   sky has been bad all day,  clouds going from S. West & quite strong wind   clouds from N. east & lifted 8. ft. boards that are loose in front on the frame for porch   they were just laying so we could get out front door

Tue. Oct. 6. 1953./ page 3059. 2. eggs this day/ Elbert is so tired    he sawed wood & did odd jobs all day   we had a nice letter from Audrey, telling us Bill & Jean are back,   got a 4 room house South of Elyria & she thought they would be moved in by now.   & she is working    she said Jim was there took a bath & shaved,   she loves her grand children & I’m glad,     we never had a chance to hardly get acquainted with them.   Jean Ann has been more sociable that the others.   Elbert’s in bed,   wish I were in mine.  I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things great or small   May God be blessed for ever & ever.   Wind is blowing strong 11-p-m. 

Wed. Oct. 7. 1953./ 1 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got a little meat & todays Wed. & that man hasn’t come yet to see about the car.   I did out part of the washing & sure felt as if I just couldn’t, but I got at it & the sun shone through & at noon it shone clean not to hot today  N. east & icy feel in it & radio says frost tonight.   I really hope Jesus will keep it away for a night or two yet.   God willing,    I hope to wash blankets tomorrow & Elbert’s clothes    I hope I can get it done.  4 wool & 2 cotton.   We had a nice letter from Audrey,  she has a lot to do & I pray God will in Jesus Name help Martha turn to her familie & love & work for Him & them, Amen.   Now I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & I’m so glad & happy in my soul that Thou art & ever willbe, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, I praise only Thee.

Thurs. Oct. 8. 1953./ 2. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish 7. or 8. pike & 12 or 14 catfish   We cook most of catfish & they were so good.   Well, I baked bread  2 big tins biscuits & 1. loaf. & I got the balance of washing done   Elbert washed his work shirt & socks & they are all dried, my rags & nose rags  his night jacket & pants pillow cover & Kercheifs, now the blankets are next & rugs, wish they were done.   We went to prayer meeting & had a good lesson Praise the Lord God of Hosts   Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost forever and ever, Amen.   Audrey sent a card & we received it today,   she works hard & she enjoys her grand children all 3. & the girls had their boys   Jim’s alone yet & there mother flying around to her sorrow, theres & ours.   I pray Jesus you will rebuke the evil spirits & help us to help them before it’s to late.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Praise & give Thee all the Glory.   Elbert worked on the front door & got it so it will shut   he’s done several jobs today & carried water for me to wash with   he does lots of good things.   We had heavy frost last night  cool air today

Sun. Oct. 11. 1953./ Page. 3060./ 2 eggs today./ Well I was as the indian man Who said, after he had be converted the store Keep had given him a lot of change, lots to much & he didn’t know it untill he walked 7 miles home & then counted it & was so sorry he hadn’t counted it at the store, so he said, I’ll take it right back & then, he said what’s the use,   I’ll give it back when I pass in the morning, so he went to bed & he said, you Know you ought to take it back right now & the bad man in my heart said go to sleep it’s O.K. but the other man said take it back now & so he couldn’t sleep & told the bad man to scram for he & the good man was going right now & when he got home again he laid down & went to sleep & now I know I have to live for the good man allways. Amen.    So I felt to weak to go to Church this morning,  so after dinner Mr & Mrs. Hastlit & Mrs. Kruge & the little girl  came in for a visit (Annie the elderly woman Mrs Kruge takes care of.)  & were here for an hour or 2. & they hadn’t been gone more than 5 minutes when Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in   I had got the tea in the picture, sow had a cup of tea & Nelson had cup of milk    we had a nice visit   they brought us half a pie & a can of fruit relish (fresh fruit)    it was getting dusk when they left & they thought they’d come back tomorrow   Clayton gave Elbert some potatoes   said they were to small to sell, so we told Nellie they could have part of them & they’d like more tomatoes if they can get them.   I hope Elbert will get what he can at Brode’s    they told him he could have all he wanted.   Well I felt so bad  I thought we couldn’t go to Church tonight, but we went & God blessed us all Praise His Holy Name, Amen.     Now today was the first geese we have seen only 4 of them   they were headed south & then turned & went N.W.   been a beautiful day, partly cloudy & tonight wind’s N.W. & strong.

Mon. Oct. 12 1953./ 0 eggs today/ Elbert got the potatoes & tomatoes for Nellie at Brodes this a-m. & then took his car up to Huron & they tightened up the bolts or nuts or what ever it was that was loose so maybe it wont need much more done to it.   We had dinner & was most through  well Elbert was, but not I.  When Nellie & Ella Jane came in they went up on Elbert & Ella Jane went over on the hill & got a bu. of tomatoes & so they had 2 bu tomatoes & 4. bu. potatoes, the little ones Brode gave us.    Nellie brought a small piece of cheese, sharp, for Apple pie she brought, 1/2 an apple pie & the apples came from Seville from place where Johny Marcie & children live.  they are having 3 weeks

Mon. Oct. 12. 1953./ page. 3061./ 0 eggs today/ vacation.   I made a new skirt for my night gown & put the waist back on it & got it done for tonight after the girls went home;  They went home early, so as to be home by the time the children got home from school, George has been sick for a few day, so he came out with them today.   It was a beautiful day, wind N. E. today.   Elbert has a bad head ach, a cold or bone out in vertebra.   I pray it will be O.K. in the morning.   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy, I thank Thee for all things & Praise Only the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.   Take the world, but give me Jesus,  I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. Oct. 13. 1953./ 2. eggs today./  We received a nice letter from Audrey & some of the joy & a lot of the sorrows.   Been a fine day.   N. East Breeze & rather strong.   I did the washing & it dried good,   I got rather tuckered & Elbert washed his B.V.D’s & work shirt & socks & he hung the cloths out & brought them in & Everything is dry   I wish I had the blankets dry.   but I don’t know if there will be enough water to do them.   Elbert has cut & sawed wood & he don’t feel very well   he has some bones out of place pinching nerves in his arms.    I thank & Praise God for all things & Praise His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 14. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert has done odds & ends all day & was up to Huron   no fish   he may go again in the morning.    we got our checks today & it’s 57.00  same as usually & today’s Wed. so, we can’t go the store, so have to go tomorrow for food.   I baked 2. big tins bread biscuits & one loaf.   I feel so weak, I was out & we talked about the curb around hen house floor & how we can widen it 2. or 2 1/2-inches so we can us the old blocks on there & build it up 3. blks. high & make it 10. ft. wider on the back side, so, it can be used as a cottage if need be & I wish we had it done while the weather is good   we need the water if it rains   We need the water so much,   I pray God will guide us what we ought to do, & how.    We received a card from Audrey today & work is slack    I’m wondering about what they will all do when they can’t work, or pay rent, gas or electric & nothing for food or cloths.   Oh God help us in Jesus Name I pray & I thank Thee,   I just woke up to the fact that the visions I’ve had in the passed, are coming to pass before long,  one of all the cars & big trucks with people & there most necessary belongings & Elbert & I helping in many ways.  We met Brother & Sister Dear on a truck & gave it to them for the children in the truck & since then a big black slate

Wed. Oct. 14. 1953./ Page 3062./ 1. egg this day/and in white letters, flight, help ye one another was wrote on it.   Oh how I wish each one Knew Jesus & that I could help them more   Oh Jesus, help me to un-derstand what to do,   I am so slow, I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen

Thurs. Oct. 15. 1953./ 1. egg today./ Elbert went to Huron & got some things at the drug store like 2 bottles alcohol 49 cents & today 2 bottles for 50 cents Mi. 31. 2 for 80 cents 4 wash rags 56 cents good firm canon wash rags,  no fish but he did get pt of raspberry ice cream   it’s been another beautiful day  tempture 80 degrees, Elbert fell & hurt his hand & arm  left one & it’s swollen quite a bit   hope he’s all right tomorrow.  he’s talking of going back for fish in the morning & then to Vermilion for food.  no mail today.   Elbert cleaned cement off some of the old blocks & we think God Willing, we’ll rebuild on old foundation so we can have the rain water.   Oh, if I only Knew what to do.   We went to prayer meeting to-night & Praised the Lord & prayed for all the others who ask for prayer   Mrs. Krug, “Mrs. Hastills cousin” is having a terrible time of sorrows, the little girl had a heart at-tact & is quite sick, poor child   I pray Jesus Thou will take charge & help Ty will to be done.   Help us to help each other.   I thank Thee for all things   I love Thee but as Peter was weak I am weak & need understanding.

Fri. Oct. 16. 1953./ 1. eggs today/ Well Elbert went to Huron but no fish   I washed out the few things that were dirty, & Elberts 2 blankets he sleeps between & got them all dry,   been a fine day.   No mail today.   Elbert’s been trying to clean blockse & he took Wheelbarro & wheeled several oads back to where hen house was & now he says the floor is all crumbly & he dont think it will pay to try to put the blocks on it to build it up, but make a new footing & then build up on that, so, now maybe we’ll try to do that, God willing.    I hope we get at it soon. hope I can help some.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & ask for Thy guidance.

Sat. Oct. 17. 1953./ 2. eggs today/   Didn’t do much today  wiped up floors & washed back steps & got table ready for Nellie & her children & grand children, they were coming for supper, but Nellie’s been feeling bad, her legs paining her bad, then Johny & Marcie came & left the 4 children , & went to a party to meet Johny’s class mates of highschool that’s been quite a few years now,   he was in the service “U.S.” was over seas came back & after ashort time he married & went to college & now has 4 children.  & the girls, Ella Jane & Bonita her 3 & 3 of Johnys came late    We had our supper at 6-30

Sat. Oct. 17. 1953./ page. 3063./ 2. eggs this day./ it was after 7-p-m. when they came the girls had fed the children but they ate fish & had coffee visited a little  took big pan of fresh fish & went back home,   Marcie’s baby is 2 months old & tiny   they named her Bonney Bell after Bonney Bell Harnish, Nellie’s youngest daughter & Bell after Nellie Bell Bonney Harnish    I hope, pray & trust Jesus took them safly home, & that He will take care of Nellie, also,  Johny & Marcie who hope to go to Boston for the last part of there 3. weeks vacation.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & that. Thou art & ever will be, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 18. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Well we didn’t get to go to Church this morning.   Sister Keegan, ‘an elderly woman she calls Annie & the girl Merry Ann   she takes care of both of them & they are no relation ” were here today & had supper with us & then went to Young peoples meeting & we went to church    we had a very enlighting sermon, but, few go to the Altar.   The Lord touched my body & I thank & Praise Him, Glory to His Holy Name.   It’s been a beautiful day.   Mrs. Keegan had been to Vermilion to see her father Mr. Smith.   & they had dinner at the O’Key’s restruant, she said they serve good food, but, she couldn’t go there again, it cost tomuch.  she seemed to enjoy her self here;  I’m glad.   Well I don’t Know What’s doing tomorrow    he’s going to fish house.  

Mon. Oct. 19. 1953/ 1. eggs today/ I haven’t done much of anything today   I went out & sawed off a few little limbs,  my back achs tonight,  my bowels moved to much this morning    I had to change to my skin & then do a wash & the floor & rug,   I haven’t felt good, so thought I’d go out side,   Elbert was trying to get the hen park fence out of the weeds gathering up old, broken fence & weed & dead branches,   he’ll burn weeds & branches soon & its a hard job & tiresome,   he’s so tired every night,   he went to Huron this morning & got enough White bass for our dinner & we had soup for supper,   he’s gone to bed & I wish I was in mine    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessing & pray I may be & do His Will for ever & ever, Amen.   Wind South west & tempture 80 degrees.  Mow I’ll read & think & pray & trust Jesus for the answers, for He see, hears & Knows Praise His Holy Home    I love Him for all things. 

Tue. Oct. 20. 1953./ page 3064./ 2. eggs today./   Well it’s been a beautiful day   my back’s been terrible bad,   I couldn’t hardly turn over all night    it’s like lumbago & I’m sore all through my bowels.   We received a newsy letter from Audrey,  she seems to be believing hearsays I don’t think I could believe   Ella Jane she’s lied to me & told Elbert & I “we could go to hell for all she cared.   & she’s not apoligized yet & she’s been here several times,   she’s watching to see when I Kick off   how she can get some of the old dishes & chairs & old cheery table & picture & frames, how foolish    & I can see all the foolish & the crazy things,   I pray God will in Jesus Name cleans there hears, souls, & minds & help them to lay up treasures in heaven.   I hope I can sell all these old things that any foolish person would want & get a few extra pennys    Well, if they don’t get them it wont take long to find out how dearly they love me,   one of them even wished they could have my brains,   Well if they had e’m I’m sure they would try harder to do the Will of Jesus.   God help us,  before it’s forever to late,    I’m sorry for each one of them & wish I could help them to turn about face & we are all irtable at times,    there isn’t one of us perfect,  it would be nice to use our brains & keep in the right path    I’ve always tried to help them along that way, but, When we feel we are our own boss & fail to remember God there are a lot of mistakes & I’ve had my share & repented sorely & wish so much I could help each one to see & realize there mistakes,    the bible says that there is a big judgement day coming,   then we can’t turn back & repent,   God tells us over & over in the bible that it is He Who is talking to us but most every one reads everything but Gods Word,   I pray He will have mercy on our souls.   Oh, Jesus Prue Clean & Holy.    Elbert has the big cheery tree all most cut up today.   I’m looking for Jesus coming,   all things are as He said. 

Wed. Oct. 21. 1953./ 1. eggs today./   I haven’t done much today,   got What I believe is lumbago,  it seems better today.   Wyn & Virgina came in for 10 or 14 minutes & then went again, God help them before it’s to late,   & I went out to the car with them after giving them some slipps off the red col . catus, & some roots of the vine called Job’s tears & they had been to Berlin Hights & left there dog to be clipped & Virgina was taking Wyn home & picking her girl up & then she was going back to Berlin Hights for the dog While Wyn got supper and 

Wed. Oct. 21. 1953./ page. 3065./ 1. egg this day./ looked after Joyce.   I wonder.   Well we talked a few minutes at the car & Elbert put his hand on me and shoved me & said, get over, so they can see the house,    I don’t like the way he talks & this is the second time he has shoved me,   my backs so bad & my legs    I realed around & thought I was going to fall & I was so angry,   I told him he didn’t need to push me & he said he wanted me to move, as if he was the big boss & was showing off,   Well, he’d better be carefull hear after,  you wouldn’t think I was his sister,   I pray God will deal with him severaly & soon,  Amen.    Elbert’s been sawing up Cheery tree  got it over half done.   He tried to smooth the little epsode over , but, God Knows.  It’s been another nice day, N. east, icy or chilly wind,   there has been a thick haze for several days.   Well I received light card, a note from Mrs Keegan thanking us again for there supper   she enjoyed it much.  a letter from the dress form Co. & a card from Jean & Bill    I was going to write a card & letter after dinner but Wyn & Virgina came & then I didn’t get it done & I’m wondering how Nellie is & how well the girls are taking care of her,  the grape vines to sour & all the branches, it’s truly a very wicked world & the ones you help are the ones who Kick you hardest,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name Help them;  I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee I thank Thee for those who intercede for me  Bless them Jesus. 

Thurs. Oct. 22. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron got a nice mess of fish & we have had 2 meals & there’s enough for 3. meals more.   Well I have to try to mix bread,  my back’s so bad I hate to think about mixing bread & I haven’t done the washing yet this week,   No one Knows how bad it achs.   I wonder how Nellie is today.   I sent Nellie & Audrey each a card today,   I went out & gave them to the postman this morning.   Been a nice day, but, very hazy & fogy tonight.   Elbert gave Clayton a good mess all ready to fry.   Well, I’m so unhappy I couldn’t go to prayermeeting, but I know they will pray for me & I know God hears sees & knows my condition & I trust Jesus will raise me up & give me strength & power & understanding   I thank Thee & give all praise to Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Fri. Oct 23. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elberts cut wood & sawed limbs & cleaned up here & there & he’s terribly tired out tonight.    he Killed & cleaned & put on to cook & it was as tender & nice as  could be for dinner, but we ate crackers & broth & not much of the chicken for dinner,   I made biscuits for supper & gravy & it was good.   I washed rags nose rags & towels,   my back is better, but am constandly in mine of it all    I washed, got dry over the stove.   Looked like rain, but only wind so far.   My dress form

Fri. Oct. 23. 1953./ page. 3066./ 2. eggs this day./ came today.   its steel, now I do hope & can get my dresses & coat fixed.   I want to get floor covering next,  if I can  God willing.   I catch my feet on the broken edges of this & it’s hard to clean in that condition & my condition.   I do Praise Thee Jesus & I’m glad we can talk to Thee & that we Know Thou art the truth & we don’t have to be afraid to trust Thee in all things   I thank & Praise Thee for my healing & all the many healings Thou has given me.   We keep a little fire every day & night   it isn’t very cold out, lots of flies & bugs out yet.    It’s been beautiful out this Fall,   Winds S. west tonight  last night was thick fog.   We couldn’t see only the trees close to the house, was still that way this a-m.     The world is in a terrible mess all the Whole World. 

Sat. Oct. 24. 1953./ 0 eggs today./ It. rained early before daylight & after & Elbert carried 16 big pails of water   Praise God from Whom all blessing flow,   He has taken away the pains from my back & hips, bowels & legs.   Oh God I do Praise Thee & may all Glory Honour be Thine forever & ever, Amen.   Help me to have strength to get to Church tomorrow   I thank & Praise Thee Oh God in Jesus Name & trust I’ll soon be able to Praise Thee in spirit, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.    Well, Elbert has been busy all day,   he didn’t  go to town,    so, we haven’t much on hand to eat, but we have been through some other times with not much to eat,  we have egg potatoes & beans, so we are not so bad off.   I thank Thee Jesus. & pray we may live Thy Ways & do Thy will in all things.   it tried to rain tonight, but didn’t make out.   Winds N. east & puffy and cool.  We received card from Nellie today.

Sun. Oct. 24. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I didn’t get to Church this morning but we went tonight & I thank & Praise Jesus    He is truly a Rock to stand on.   I thank God in Jesus Name, for all things.   We had a good lesson,  the mane point was what the jiant in our life might be & how we can talk to Jesus often & have victory, over any jiants, feels & doubts, for if we trust Him fully He will deliver us, so He has told us to trust & believe ask & receive   Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus, Keep me ever close to Thee, Jesus, Blessed, Pure, Clean, Holy & Wonderful, Amen.    Been part cloudy but a very nice day.   No one came today

Mon. Oct. 26. 1953./ ____ eggs today./ We went to Vermilion   took back shingles one pack we didn’t use 2.60 & paid light bill 1.50 & got the glass cut for storm door   it was the old wind sheald from the ford car,     then mailed card to Jean & Bill & bought $22.99 cents worth of food, mostly in cans    came back    stopped & visited with Hellen & children a few

Mon. Oct. 26. 1953/ page. 3067./ 0 eggs this day./minutes & came on home Elbert got the supper. & his back’s sore & paining him & he has a touch of strip throat again, I do pray he will decide to give over to the Lord, help him Jesus & save his soul I ask in Thy Holy Naame.   & I thank Thee for Thou hast said if we ask believing we woud receive,   I thank & Praise Thee & trust & believe Thy word Glory Glory Hallelujah, Amen.   I know he has a cold & that Thou art able to take charge over each of our members,    I thank & Praise Thee for my healing,   Thou art Wonderful   I love Thee Jesus   make me a vessel to work for Thee I pray, Amen.    Been quite hot today partly cloudy tonight.   Tornado in Texas.   I pray Thou will have mercy & help all of Thine.   I thank Thee.   

Tue. Oct 27. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Elbert has sore throat & back   I pray he’ll get rid of it soon    I thank Thee Jesus & will give Thee all Praise & Glory forever and ever.   it rained, he carried 22 or more pails of water to cystern & tonight    its raining again,   I do hope we can get a cystern in at the corner of the house.   Only a card from Miss Clark today.   We are both sort of weary & didn’t do much today   we, tried to get the dress form into my shape so much adjusting to do    we got it partly & hope it will be satisfactory so I can get a house dress or two done be fore long.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all things & trust. He will help me to understand.   Miss Clark said  Mrs. Day & Grace were back in Church    Winds been S. east rain is good, hope to get Cystern

Wed. Oct. 28. 1953/ 0. eggs today/  Well, it’s been a dark day & Elbert went to Huron & got a few white bass & 1. pike & some pork chops & so we had pork for our dinner & then he fixed the stove,    he had a piece welded on the apron & the piece that fitted in, & so when he had it done he built a fire & I set bread & made one tin & a loaf.   & I tried to make a cake, it was light but seemed to be to sweet,   I have felt rather lazy & am tired tonight.   its a little cooler out side.   I Praise God & thank Thee Jesus for all things,   Keep us close to Thee   Oh, Jesus We need Thee,  help us. & reveal what we should do & how I pray & I do thank Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure & Holy. 

Thurs. Oct. 29. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy & cooler today & Rue brought Earnie, He was fooling with another boy & Knocked his right thumb out of joint    they took him to Berlin Highs Dr. & he sent him to Sandusky Hospital & even took him in operating room

Thurs. Oct. 29. 1953./ page. 3068./ 2. eggs this day./ and laid him on the table & waited for Helen to come from work 5-15 & that was over an hour he waited    Dolly was with him & Helen came here, thinking Dolly might have come here    Elbert told her, she might be with Earnie & she said yes, she probbaly was & the person she was riding with took her to Sandusky & they gave Earnie an ____ & exrayed his thumb & put a splint on it & banaged it & sent Helen home & she had to go back & get him after she & Dolly had there supper so Helen had a long day & such a time, & all the expence that seemed very unnecessary.    Helen came for Earnie tonight.    He ate 2 small pieces of fat pork & 2 or 3 pieces of bread, he wanted some bread to take home   says he loves it   he drank 2 cups of coffee & seemed to enjoy him self,  he had a little square box about 8 X 8 with a clown insid & a little mucic box down in the bottom & a crank to wind it on the out side & it played the tune Pop-goes-the-Weseal & when tune was done clown poped up & pushed cover off & it was queer how, as many times, he jumped up, Earnie would jump.  Well, they always leave a dollar for the Keep of the children,   I would like to keep them as a neighbor, but they wont do it.    I hope we can give the Children a worthy gift so to return part the money at least.   Well Elbert didn’t sleep very good last night,   his head feels bad tonight & there seemed to be a draft on my head so, I couldn’t rest either.   Received card from Audrey   she said E.J. didn’t come to paint but went to take care Bonney Bell’s children & that she hadn’t heard from her since Bill & Jean & Joan were there to see her about 20. minutes.   Oh God, I thank & Praise Thee for all our many blessings in Jesus Name, help me & us to be worthy, Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 30. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ I’ve washed today, Nice south breeze,   I aired the bedding & we got all the washing done except my house dress & my sunday dress & slip,   it’s surely been a beautiful sunny day.   We dried all the big pieces out side.   Elbert went to Huron & got a mess of fish & he brought steaks so we had them for dinner    I had most of the wash done. when he came but, we finished after dinner,   I washed untill he was done with the fish    he finished his ‘b’v’d’s & partly washed his work shirts    I finished while he went over & got a few tomatoes    then we had cup of tea & he got the supper & I’ve got dishes done & I feel done.  but I thank God in Jesus Dear Name   He gave us the strength & I pray I can be more useful to Him.  Glory to His Name.   Received letter from Audrey today,   She thought

Fri. Oct. 30. 1953./ Page. 3069./ 1. eggs this day./she was going some where Sun & sh’d have more news but she didn’t go.   Martha said Merlin came home sick & went to bed & didn’t get up untill Sun after noon    Martha said Boss. gave him an other job & the men didn’t like him telling them What to do & it got on his nerves untill he felt sick.   Audrey said Jean & Bill, Joan & John came in again in the evening for awhile,   they were going over to Henertta to Look at some new houses, but didn’t say if they went.   any way she didn’t get to go.   Nellie & Ella Jane were there & she said Ella Jane was coming back to paint & hoped she could get at Kitchen & get that cleaned up, but they don’t think of helping the old girl get cleaned up,   Oh, Well, I’m sure that God will see me through some how   I thank Him. 

Sat. Oct. 31. 1953./ 1. eggs today/  Well, I been to tired to work but I did wash my dresses & slip & swept & got dinner & supper, but my hearts crying out for I didn’t get my dress or slip ironed & I only have one dress for Sun. that’s fit to wear    maybe God will forgive me if I press them out in the morning.    I can’t go anywhere unless I can get a check on the water it’s terribly bad.   No mail today.   Air is fresh & quite cool.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou will guide me & Keep me ever Close to Thee, Glory, Glory Hallelujah. Amen.   Elbert washed two pr work pants & they dried nice & straight, he went to Vermilion & mailed balance money order for the dress form $11.56,   I had sent 5.00 down payment so now thats all paid,   he said he paid 24 cents for the money order,    & gave him 11.75 & he said he had to give 5 cents more   I had given him 1.00 extra for groceries, so I’m left with out a cent, he said, well he had to pay for milk   Oh how I wish I could get out & do for myself.   God help us. 

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