November 1954

Wed. Dec. 1. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I got up at 10-a-m, the police man & a Dick came to hunt,    they had 2 hounds & didn’t get a rabbit & left at noon.    Elbert & I were measuring & cutting floor covering.   We have his piece & mine, ready to lay down, so, hope we can do it in the morning or from 10 to 4-30-p-m.    I’ll sure be glad when it’s all done & Praise God, it will mean less work for me,   then will have painting of wood work & ceiling & chair seats to renew    We’d hoped to put a toilet seat & septic tank in    its to far to go over hill.

Wed. Dec. 1. 1954./ page. 3274./ 1. egg this day./ We don’t have the power in our body & legs to do the running back & forth.    We had company 2 week or so,   I didn’t want to go in my room & use can,   so, tried to go out to the toilet & nastied all down my stockings petticoat & shoes & had to clean up as much as I could & then come in & change cloths, after a sponge bath    so if we had a toilet seat inside it would be a big help.   Wish I could have done it along time ago.    Elbert isn’t very well & neither am I.   We are both so tired tonight,   it would be wonderful to find a young couple or some in there early 30ties that would like to build & live here & give us a willing hand when we needed it    I pray God will help us.   Been cloudy & snowed this morning    Wind south east then went N. east & snowed light showers  not freezing  & is N. east yet tonight not very cold.    We received card from Audrey said she didn’t know anything. but did say Ella Jane was there one night    set around & didn’t talk,    said Jim came home Thurs. night & went back Sun. night, & they had a small turkey, said Gertie wanted it, as if she had to have & excuse,    Why should we care   its nice if they can still have such things    we had fish.   We thank Thee Jesus for giving Thy love & care to us. 

Thurs. Dec. 2. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Today we put the floor covering on my bedroom floor & tore it in so many places & cut it clear across the floor under the bed in order to get it down,    I was the one that had to lift the bed with all the blankets & boxes on it, with a 2X4  a human jack,    I strained from head to ft & ach all over,    I rubbed Elbert’s back & hips & he’s tucked in bed & now, I must take a rub myself & get to bed & We hope to do his room tomorrow    have to take old covering up & wipe up floor & we decided to bring every thing out of his room it should be much easier that way We have found out.   then we’ll put it all back again & that’s sure terrible when we are to tuckered out.    We can’t find any one to even help us.    I don’t believe Elbert & I will ever do it again,   it’s to hard work, for us at our age.   Been partly cloudy & we had light rain & snow & it froze on & Elbert’s wondering how to clean windscheld    it rain & snow on it & froze.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus for the strength of today,    & am trusting He will help us get it all done,   but I feel so tuckered out,   don’t seem as if I can do any more.    God help us & keep us I pray & I thank & praise Thee now & ever more Amen & Amen. 

Fri. Dec. 3. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well, we put the floor covering on Elbert’s floor & it went on good   We cut a big piece off the end. 

Fri Dec. 3. 1954./ page. 3275./ 1. egg today/ Sun did shine several times,   tried to snow & is still cloudy tonight.   Wind’s been backed up to S. then S. east.    We are to tired for words tonight,    I rubbed Elbert’s back & hip but point he sets on is paining him bad,   he twisted it some way about the last thing tonight, when we had all the heavy work done,    We will try to rest Sat. & Sun. now.    I thank Thee Jesus help me to help others & spiritually as well as phyically, & give Thee the Honour & Glory for Thou are worthy, Amen. 

Sat. Dec. 4. 1954/ 1. egg to day/ Len Bonney’s birthday   he’d be 72. yrs. old    Well another hard day,    I washed & fixed my corset & slippers & mended Elbert’s union suit,   done dishes & helped cook & hung out our night clothes to air & the air is so damp   cloths felt so damp we had to hang them up in here & dry them,    We were going to rest today but didn’t for Elbert had to go for food,   his check came this morning,   he went to Huron, couldn’t get fish so got a little meat & we ate a lunch & he went to Vermilion & got most all we needed,    he saw Tom Eppler & talked with him,   he said he’s working & had to in order to eat,    things are so costly & they keep telling over radio that things are cheaper.    The wind was South, but has gone  N. West tonight    We got a card from Audrey very short & crisp & a letter from Nora Christmas card & she did write a letter in it.    about same as she wrote the last time    I must try & write her soon    she’s not very well,   I do thank Thee Jesus for the strength of these last few day & trust my healing will con-tinue so I can get out & go to church again,    I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things, Amen. 

Sun. Dec. 5. 1954./____ egg today/ We had just begin to think there wouldn’t be any one here today,   but, Nellie, Bonita 3 children came in a little after 3-p-m & they visited untill all most dark.    then they flew off for home.    It’s been a beautiful day with sun most of the day & tonight    Wind has freshened & blowing from the N. West.   now very cold, but, damp & penetrating.    Nellie & Bonita put new floor covering on there floors, & had a man lay it & said it was a bad job.    Nellie looks sad & maybe they were hungry

Sun. Dec. 5. 1954./ page. 3276./ 1. egg today./ I could have brought given them bread,   but, like as before, I didn’t think.     God help us to do Thy Will.    I hope we can both learn to live more perfectly.    Jesus help us,     I thank Thee for the added strength & trust, for a full healing     & pray I may be able to say Thou hast made me Whole in Thee & teach, me to Know how to Keep that way.    Partly Cloudy tonight    Oh how I wish we could have went to Church tonight    Dear Heavenly Father I Praise Thee, Jesus my Savior & phyican & the Holy Ghost now & forever more  Glory, Glory. Amen. 

Mon. Dec. 6. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, today’s Elbert’s birthday,   he’s 72. yrs.    He went to Vermilion   got a few more of the food   he forgot yesterday,     & some ice cream for his birthday & held out his hand for me to give him some money.    I have to give for all I have money I save for my dresses & cloths. & shoes & I give for part money for his cloths, the car tires & gas untill I’m drained dry.    I have to watch every cent.    I still have to pay the balance on the floor covering ($9.69)   I have it    Praise God,    I’ll be happy when I finish the payment,     but, then, he has to have new tires,    I agreed to pay half on them & a battery,    then I hope to save for taxes & insurance, & to get paper for the walls & make it clean for Spring.& get it painted  “the” the wood work so we can keep little more clean.     I baked 3 pies  2. apple & 1. custard   he ate 1/4 of custard & I ate a forth & there’s 1/2 a pie left   a 1/4 for each of us.    Been quite cold today    wind’s raw & it was freezing    Elbert took his cloths to Vermilion & had then washed cost 80 cents & he brought them home wet      they don’t smell clean as when we wash them     he hung 1. shirt out & it froze stiff,    I hung the rest up in here & they’re all dry except heavy underwear,   he had four shirts.    Well we had saucage, potatoes, bread & peaches & hot tea for our supper.    he had hot pig hocks “smoked” potatoes, cabbage & carotts for dinner,   he had it all cooked when I got up,   he had eaten his dinner,   so went to Vermilion & looked after getting car     took care of     & he couldn’t get it done today, or find out about tires & couldn’t get them, either,      but, he don’t seem to Know how to go about things sometimes,    he says he wont be able to drive much longer.    He got a birthday card from Audrey & $10.00 bill.   so he felt rather good, but he’s tired tonight.    I’ve been rubing his back & hip nights,    but, he went to bed & didn’t ask me to rub him tonight.    Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things   I love Thee for Thou are truly a wonderful Jesus Glory to Thy Holy Name Amen. 

Tue. Dec. 7. 1954./ page. 3277./____ egg today/ Elbert went to Huron & no fish, all pulled out there nets.    He went at 1-p-m & got back at 3-p-m.   I washed my 2 shirts & 2 skirts & what rags there were & his sleepers  nose rags & 4. pr’s socks.     & was just done when he got back.    Been a fine day cold raw air but nice sun, partly cloudy, White clouds N. west going S. West late this after noon.backed up.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our many blessings     & now I will try to Write Nora & Marry Vedeiwich a letter & go to bed.    We received letter from Audrey & Elbert got a card from Easel & 2 pictures, one of the house outside & one in the house with Earnie “her husband” & her 3 dogs,  taken with new color camera.    Oh God, it’s terrible the condition of the world,   how so few look after Thee, Oh, help many come quickly to Thee before it’s forever to late,   for-give me my sins & show me my wrongs & help me to over come & keep the victory.   Jesus Holy & Pure.  

Wed. Dec. 8. 1954./ ___ egg today./ God has surely blessed us,   I ask Him to send in some one to help us lay the floor covering    & we had just got everything moved & old cloth up & floor wiped up when brother Frank Bonney came in,   he really brought us a fore quarter of the buck deer he shot in Verginia   & he said Armond did put the rabbit in the deep freeze & he forgot to bring it,   he went hunting a little While & then came back & helped Elbert lay one piece & that’s the hardest    now we have the piece from the cupboard to my bedroom door,   that’s hard to, in away,   so many notches for cupboard to cut,   but not so much stuff to move.  to cut,   but sure glad Frank came    it’s to hard work for me.    We had a good fire, but they lifted heatarola,  “it’s like a young furnace,” about 1 1/2 inches & shoved the covering under the zink under stove,   they did a good job,   hope the other goes down as well.    I’ll trust Jesus,    He helped us get this down & I feel sure He’ll help get this piece down right.   We got our checks today & I have to order gas & take out $10.15 to pay. for it,   out of my check.   & I agreed to pay half on the new tires.   I don’t know how much that will cost,    have to take out church money & as usual, wont have much left,   but we are greatful for all we have   & Jesus takes good care of us.    Frank said Ruby isn’t very well, but the rest were O.K.     Mrs. Baldwin died last week & they were waiting for the youngest son “Claud” & family to come from California & would have funeral this week.    We had card from Audrey yesterday,   they have there achs

Wed. Dec. 8. 1954./ Page. 3278./ No. egg today./ & pains like we do & the babys both have colds but they still fly about & go place & eat together,    Audrey loves the babys, I’m glad,     & she said Good Will was moving back to Broadway, “that’s the repair shop” the’re store has always been on Broadway.   & Gertie wont have so far to walk.   Oh, how glad I am that Jesus takes care of me & I pray He will teach the others through some of His Own, to live His way & do His will.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray He will keep me close to Him all the way. Amen.    Well it’s trying to rain tonight & wind was West & little south & guess it is yet, it was raining in heavy puffs & is yet.    Frank didn’t get any game.

Thurs. Dec. 9. 1954./ 1. egg today/ I got the socks darned, but still have 2 union suits to mend.    Elbert had a headach & didn’t feel like he could work,      but, he did mend the end of the sink cupboard at end    tornado caused sink pipe to break top end of one board & inside cleat    so that’s done, but we still have the one piece of floor covering to lay    I’ll be happy when we have it done,    I got the towels “8. of them for 1.00”   that I sent for, paper dish towels.   Well it rained then it snowed & been at it in light showers all day & there’s snow on the road tonight wind’s still S. west.    We cooked some deer meat today, for tomorrow.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will make me a worth while vessel for Thee,    I thank & Praise Thee for all things, Amen

Fri. Dec. 10. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, it’s been a dark day outside & Elbert hasn’t felt able to work, so, we didn’t get rest of floor covering down.   I slept untill noon couldn’t sleep last night    we ate a late dinner & supper & I washed up the dishes & God answered prayer & in come the folks from Sandusky Mr. & Mrs. Haslet, Mrs. Cooley & Mrs. Keegan & Marrian & the Minister Mrs. Rotes    we visited & read the word & Prayed & Praised God & Jesus & it was 11-30-p-m when they left    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee    I’ll try to do what ever Thou would have me to do, in Thy Name, Glory Glory Hallelujah Amen & Amen.     I’ve been wonderfully blessed this day    Sister Willitts wrote me a card from Miami Florida & said read 1. Corinthian 1.3 verse.   Grace be unto you & peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Fri. Dec. 10. 1954./             [no page number, would be 3279]/No egg today/ Jeremiah Cap. 33. Verse 3. Call up to me & I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou Knowest not.    It’s wonderful to Know she thinks of me,  for she’s a noted Evangelist & has much to do & thank of,    so I thank & Praise God for His love & tender mercies in Jesus blessed Holy Name;   Jesus Bless her 4. fold   give her all she needs to carry on her work, for Thee,    I Praise Thee Jesus.Who truly sees, hears & Knows.    The ground was covered with snow this morning, but the sun came out about 9-a-m & stayed untill 11-a-m.  then clouded up & snowed in light snow showers & was quite dark at 4-30-p.m. only a little snow on the ground,   melted most of it away, winds south west & raw   just shivery cold.    Praise God, Jesus & Holy Ghost now, & ever more. Amen.   Now it after midnight & I can’t write letters now. 

Sat. Dec. 11. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, Elbert got up & went to Sandusky & got the tires for his car at Cousins & Ferns,   they did the changing of tires also he stopped at the dry goods store & got the stamps & glow coat for the floor & a little meat & cashed his check & mine & I gave him $13.00 on the tires, & he had 7.00 left out of his 20.00 & his 13.00 out of his check so I hope he can get his over shoes $52.00 left of my check & I’ll have to take out my church dues $6.50 for Huron & 5 to Wyatte & I hope to send Sister Willitts $5.00, 16.00 more 36.00 left for food.  &. Been a beautiful Day light wind & cool not bad.    We each received a card today,   Elbert’s was from Jean & Bill & Wendy & our’s Chistmas card, from Eva Keegan.    We Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & for those who love, & care for us.    The Sandusky girls or women brought pints of fruit & Mrs. Rote a very pretty paper table cloth,   they all love me, pray for us both.   I thank Thee Jesus Pure true & Holy. 

Sun. Dec 12, 1954./ 1 egg today/ Very dark day, Ernie & Dolly came in about 11-a-m,    I was still in bed,   but I got up    they didn’t stay long,   Dolly lost the little loom she maks potholders on & thought she left it here, but I didn’t see it & don’t know what it looked like anyway      if it had been here I’d have found it,    it may have been an excuse for a reason, all there own.   No one else came today,     & its been so terribly dark & couldn’t see to read or write I have tried to address some Christmas cards, but didn’t get many done.   & Now I’m wondering about. tomorrow.    I do hope we can lay the other piece of floor covering.   I Praise God in Jesus 

Sun. Dec. 12. 1954./ page. 3280/ 1. egg this day/ Name   I hope trust & believe in my healing & Praise & thank Jesus for all things great or small & give Him the Glory for ever. Amen.   

Mon. 13. 1954 Dec. / No. egg today/ We had a dark day only little sun      before dinner we marked & cut the floor covering & got it down before supper time    Elbert’s back’s about killing him but we are glad we have it done & we feel, we never will do it again    I Praise God, He help us get it down,   it isn’t perfect, but hope maybe Frank might come back some day & help it over a 1/4 of an inch,    it sure looks & feels lots better.    We received a card from Mrs. Keegan & one from Mrs. Haslet & Joe.   & I have a 1/2 doz. or so ready to go    hope I can get them done this week.    Have to add. 4. 5 yet.  I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for the wonderful strength & I’m trusting for my infilling of the Holy Ghost & my healing Amen    Wind’s gone from N. E. to the S. W. & it’s not cold out.   

Tue. Dec. 14. 1954./ (12. cards.)/ 1. egg today./ Another very dark day & I haven’t got much done    I have answered several cards & Miss Willitts    Mrs. Eppler. Joan, Martha, Johny Harnish & Bonney Bell, Harry Miller & Mrs. Day.  Mrs. Goll &, Sosack, Nellie, Miss. McGovern.    & I’ll have 3. doz. more to write yet.    It’s so hard to write read or sew.    We are out of water,    I need to wash clothes.   started to rain, but stopped as it has done so many times.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name.    He sees, hears, & Knows.    Help me to go with Elbert tomorrow.   Glory to God    I thank & Praise Him for all things    Received card from Annabel.   

Wed. Dec. 15. 1954./ gass tank today/ 1. egg today/ Well, Elbert went to Huron & mailed part of my cards & why he didn’t take them all I don’t know      he got a few more cards  & I have got the most of them ready to go out & then  I do the rest tomorrow & mail them Thurs or Fri.    I’m so tired tonight     guess it most 2-a-m.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & pray all Glory be Thine for ever,    It snowed early this morning & was gone at noon.    I wish it would rain.   We need to wash. Not very cold   tried all day to snow  Been Dark.   sun, came out few minutes before noon

Thurs. Dec. 16. 1954. 1. egg today./ I did my washing & got it done & then finished my cards     we got a few more this morning.    Elbert has felt bad all day    he’s going to Vermilion in the morning & I’d like to go but will be to tired    it’s 12 or more now I ought to be in bed    I thank & praise God for all our many blessings & hope I’ll be able to work tomorrow     I ought to bake

Fri. Dec. 17. 1954./ page. 3281./ 1. egg today./ 17. cards so far. Been so dark today    I tried to sew but couldn’t see    Well felt to tired anyway,   I did trim neck & arm holes, took care of beds  aired rooms, wind has been strong & sure blew out old air & fill up with fresh    tried to rain & spit with snow & froze a little.    Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed out 48 cards,    I had him mail a few the other day & I have 3 or 4 yet to mail. “near by.”  So there isn’t much news,    Audrey sent a card but didn’t write anything.    I have to find out where Mr. & Mrs. Douglas are & perhaps send them a few things  some potatoes, bread & maybe some meat.    they are getting old.   in there 80.ties & 90.ties   We received a card & note from Ed Rosecrans & he says Christmas & Spring are so terribly lonesome with Aunt Edie & Georgia Gone    One went before Christmas the day before & Georgie the later part of March, & after Aunt died Edd & Georgia made up there differances & went here & there to try to make up to Georgie what he had done wrong & help her to go & out more,   she was home so long taking care of her mother.    I sent him a card & will try to write again to him.   Mrs. West sent card & short note,   Mr. West & several of the others have been sick, but are better again.   Mrs. Greene send a card, no note,   she queer that way.   but maybe she isn’t well.   Mrs. Sprunk sent a card & Nellie Mc.Carthy & Mrs. Kanary from 31,st St Church in Lorain.    Elbert bought 9.00 worth of fruit, meat, greens & catfish, it’s terrible how much it cost to live,    he can’t have muc left & I only 18.00 & 10.00 of that is for Church,    Well we’ll have to make out some how    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert some boiling meat & we have got along good,   in 2 weeks Elbert will have his check again.   he didn’t get his shoes or over shoes & neither did I.    Oh, Jesus I do thank & praise Thee for all things & pray I may learn of Thee & do Thy will & ways    I Praise Thee Jesus.

Sat. Dec. 18. 1954./ ___eggs today./ David birthday & I hear he’s dead some time ago but I don’t know what was wrong with him.    Well it’s been another stormy day & Dark.    I made 3. tins bread biscuits ironed 2 dresses & mend Elberts union suit & it’s not worth mending       I’m feeling so miserable     my feet torture me so bad & I’ve felt so out of sorts with Rev. Whyatt,    he does need a lot of money to carry on his work, but I wonder What would Jesus do?   Would he try to tie a person to the whipping post by getting them to promise to pay for a healing?   What would Jesus do?

Sat. Dec. 18. 1954./ page. 3282./ No egg today/ I give all I feel I can & live & I need shoes, have worn this pr. 6. yrs,     & my feet torture me most to death.    Well, I will pray about it & do what ever Jesus shows me to do.    I need this healing so terribly bad,    but, Why promise to give more money than I have,    I give him 5.00 a month & pay my church dues & give to several others & help here & there where it is badly needed & God blesses me in many ways    & I’m willing to do His will & trust He will show me.    Hear me now Jesus & help me to understand I pray,    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.    I kill a fly,    he came down from above the window. 

Sun. Dec. 19. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I laid in bed untill after 1. o’clock   got up & took a bath & we ate at 3-30-p-m & had a lunch at 6-p-m;   some cornstarch custard bread & butter, piece of pressed ham & cup of tea    I washed up dirty dishes & no one came in today    & Elbert put new seats on 3. chairs of the floor covering & they look real nice.    & now the stair platform covering & my chair seat.    Been a Dark day,   snowing part of time,    we got about 3. inches last night.    I do hope I can sew tomorrow    I only have one dress left    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will help me to Know what to do about the money for Rev. Wyatt,  Jesus help me to Know.    I give all Praise to Thee

Mon. Dec. 20. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I basted my skirt & waist together & that’s all I did of any consequence    I had to cook the cranberries & Elbert peeled some apples & I am afraid I do feel vexed with Wyatt,    he wants me to give him extra money, if he prays for me for his work,     I know God ans. prayer & so I’ll trust him this once more    I been sending him 5.00 a mo, & they were going to have special prayer for me,    I haven’t as far as I know received any help yet & so I pray God hears & gives him & I the things we truly need so very much.    I’m so glad to do what ever Jesus would have me to do, & I believe this test will prove many things,    I’m trusting & believing for my healing.    Elbert’s head has been so bad    he has been in-side most of the day,    he’s done out side chores,    he got 2. qts. milk Mon.    So he will go in the morning if car will run,    he could get back Mon.    battery run down,    Clayton charged it up again & Elbert walked home & back a-gain.    We had about 3. inches of snow     it thawed a little but, has been very cold out side     & my heart goes out to the hungry & cold & no place to get in out of the weather.    God I pray in Jesus Name for Wisdom, Knolldge & power, health & strength

Tue. Dec. 21. 1954./ page. 3283./ No. egg today/Shortest day/ We received 8. card Mon. & 2 cards today & one of them was from Inez & Henry,    her mother is ill again & they don’t think she will recover this time,    Jesus Thy Will be done.    Inez feel so bad, but all things are to teach us greater lessons than we have ever Known,    I pray God will help her & Henry to Know the lessons even though we Know how hard it can be, help them Jesus, I pray,    & help them to cling closer to Thee now & forever more.    & they sent us a dollar for Christmas.    We give to Church our 10th. & even though we are not able to get there.    I believe Jesus will make me Whole in Him yet   & I thank & Praise Him,   He is Truth & has promised if we trust & believe it will be so,    I’m trusting Jesus & Pray & trusting, for I know Thou are able, I Praise Thee Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen    I love Thee Jesus. forever. 

Wed. Dec. 22. 1954./ 2. egg today/ Elbert went to Lorain this morning & I slept a couple of hours & then got up & washed what few things I had    mostly nose & rags & I washed Elbert’s sock & nose rags & I feel to weak to do it but as long as God gives me strength   I’ll Keep trying.    Elbert see Gertie & Audrey & talked to them    Bill & Jean have moved on to Elyria Ave. & Merlin & Martha are talking & moving over on East Side on River Rd. & Joan will be alone with thte baby    I hope she don’t go wrong.    Well I sent her & Jean a card with 5.00 bill in them & hope they will let me Know if they get them O.K.    I sent Martha a dollar in her’s.    Easel sent Elbert a dollar    Elbert got his battery & owes 21.00 & some odd cents on it,    he got our mail & Audrey had sent 10.00 to us & Elbert put it in his pocket    hope we can keep going untill he gets his check,    he got his over shoes 9.00 & something & talked with Starcast Allen    he sent best wishes to me,   he’s younger than 4. yrs.    he talked to Bessie Pratt & he see & spoke to Al Sims.    Elbert said Audrey told him Jim was home now until New Years.    he got home about 2-30- or 3-p-m.    I got all my wash dried & my old dress enough together so I can Keep good one for Sat. & Sun. for Sat. is Christmas.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for His Love & care    I love Father, Son & Holy Ghost

Thurs. Dec. 23. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy, & not very cold,  wind S. West & we saw a big fly yesterday & today outside & one inside on N. window    we only had about 3 inches of snow,    & Radio says second earth quake in California

page 3284/ [no date, would be Dec 23]/& terrible storms on the waters on ocean & in 4 countrys in Europe;  dykes & piers & worse than ever before in history & still people won’t trust Jesus & give their all to Him.    God help us to live for Thee & do Thy Will & Ways.    I haven’t done any work today & tonight    God answered prayer & the Sandusky Sisters came in     we visited & prayed & Jesus was in our midst, it was truly wonderful, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Amen.    Do you know they brought fruit cake & cookies & & a wealth of happy in spirit & soul,    they are so good to us & I Praise Thee Jesus With all my heart, soul mind & strength    Oh God help me to learn & be filled with the spirit that I may praise Thee in spirit & truth.    I thank & praise Thee for ever & ever now & ever Amen. 

Fri. Dec. 24. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Oh God of Love & Mercy,    I do thank & Praise Thee for all Who love us & went out of there way to come so far & give us so much,   how very much,    I like to give a part to some one else that wont have as much as we have,    Wish I could go & look after others Who wont have any dinner & no one to come in to visit    God help some one to see to there wants I pray    & I pray Rev’s Deers will have plenty & all the many others.    Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita Sr. & Jr. Geo & Nelson all came just as Elbert had gone to bed,     I rubed his back & then I sat down to to darn Elberts sock, as the honked the horn at the back door,    Oh my, they brought a small turkey all stuffed & ready for the oven    & we put it in the oven & it has to cook 4 hours    it’s all rapped in tinfoil & begins to smell good,    they didn’t stay very long, were going back to Church & going to Johny’s tomorrow & Bonney Bell & Joe & there 5 children will be at Nellie’s for supper.      Frank & Armond came in just after supper, & Armond gave us the rabbit he was going to give us for thanks-giving,    Frank & Ruby gave us 5.00 a piece & we had a nice visit,    they work half the day & were tired, so didn’t stay long    Armond brought his son Bruce, nice little boy,    I gave Him an orange.   I gave part of the cake Sister Haslet brought & some cookies & candy to Bonita’s children.    Nellie’s Girls brought all the trimings with the turkey   fresh fruit & candy & Olive, & jellys   it was wonderful   I thank Thee Wonderful Wonderful Jesus. 

Sat. Dec. 24. 1954./ page. 3285./ ___ egg today./ He opened the windows & really showered us with food.   Brad’s where we get our milk gave us part of a Chicken, looked like a big rooster.    Well, I pray Oh, God, in Jesus Name I may be filled soon with the Holy Ghost before Thy coming help me Oh Jesus I ask & I Praise & give Thee thanks forever & ever, Amen.    It’s not been a very cold day    flies were out & some on the out side.    And every thing so quite & queer,   & the Radio said 300 people been injured & Killed in California today & tonight    & the Dikes did hold in those countries on the other side,   they feared would let go & do lots of damage,    23 ships & most of the men lost.   & airplanes lost & more lives,    Oh Jesus, how many were ready to meet Thee.    & another earth quake rumbling in Cali.   & they had a bad one just a few days ago. with brick flying 100 feet in the air.   The bible says things will be going on as in the days of Nona, When the flood came & took them all away    God help us & Keep us, Oh Jesus. 

Sun. Dec. 25. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Oh God I thank Thee in Jesus Holy Name for caring for us,    help me to help others.    & deliver me from this terrible thing that has come upon me,     I thank & Praise Thee,    I Know Thou doth hear me, and answer prayer, for I believe Thou will truly heal me again.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hosanna to Thy Name.    Well, Audrey & Bill & Jean & baby  Wendy 3 months old     & Joan & baby Randy 6 mo’s old & soiled flesh came & brought us a half bu. basket of flour, sugar, caned store good,  fruit, nuts, & hand soap, & Crisco,    We had a good visit,    they have nice babies,    I love them.   they thanked me for the 5.00 each family    We didn’t give Audrey 5. for I didn’t have any left,    We have planed to give her some a little later on,    her work is un-certein of late & there will be times she will need money    then we will send her a little,    she don’t look very well, & Gertie wouldn’t come today with the rest    she’s like that.    They said Jim was home, but, he hasn’t been out.    They brought out some of the colored pictures of the babys & one of Jim & his taffy haired girl,   she was holding Jean’s baby & Jim had Randy:    They hurried off home    had a 25 lb. turkey cooking for supper at Bills & Jeans home & there family    & Audrey & Gertie were to be there, Merlin, Martha & Joan & baby,    it’s so nice they can all be together,   Jim & John

Sat. Dec. 25. 1954./ Page. 3286./ 1. egg this day./ are in the service    John did-n’t get home this time.    Oh Jesus if they only Knew Thee,    I love them all so much & pray Thou will turn all of them to Thee soon    I thank Thee & Praise Thee.   We thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for Jesus Thy Holy Son & for the Holy Ghost I believe Thou will give Him to me soon.    We thank Thee for all our many blessing in Spirit & in truth.    It’s been a beautiful Day in side & out    big flies showed up in the house & out by front door.   

Sun. Dec. 26. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been a beautiful day & today’s for Feb.    No rain, partly cloudy & thickened at 4-30 & more so at 6-30 but partly starlight tonight    S & S. West Wind all day    to warm for this time of year, the little bugs that hover over the bushes in Spring were thick over the bushes today & we see a few big flies again today    & I Killed one on my wool blanket on the foot of the bed this morning.    No one came today.    Elbert’s thinking of going to town & get his washing done.   One of the hens picked up a night crawler  big around as lead pensle    Pray Jesus will have me fix soon & prove He is still able, to all Who don’t believe    I thank & praise Thee Jesus & I love & believe Thee,

Mon. Dec. 27. 1954./ No. egg today./ I have Nora’s letter & Wyatt’s ready to go & Rev. Dears. & today or tonight rather the Dears came & they brought there supper all cooked    a rabbit fried & cooked tender & gravey & butter & hot tea & pickles.    We had a nice visit.    They brought us some store caned goods,   a pointsetta plant, some candy & socks for Elbert & red handkercheif & a couple of Kercheifs & towel & wash cloth for me;    she says she feels as if she’s 80. yrs. old instead of 46.,    she is on the go every day & all day & they planted to have supper with us & visit & rest alittle for they relax when they are here.    I’m glad they do.    Well, it has rained a little & black & dirty & Elbert dumped out all most 1/2 barrel.   Wind’s South West all day & tonight.    Warmer than yesterday & todays for March. 1955.    They are having snow in some places & rain in others.    I told Sister Dear I sent the Church money & some for them.    She gave me Faith Alberta’s address. & they hurried away about quarter to nine    had one more stop to make on there way home,    I pray God, Thou will take care of them all the way & guide there every step & move in Jesus Name Amen.  Glory & Honour bleongit to Thee.

tue. Dec. 28. 1954./ Page. 3287./ 2. egg today./ Well I laid in bed untill about 2.p.m.    been feeling so bum.   We have pork chops & rabbit & saucage & he took some to Brods to put in the ice box.    Well, we’ll have enough meat for allthe week.    Praise the Lord & I don’t care for much any more    It’s been a very dark foggy day,   it rained all most a barrel of water & the shingls & coal smoke makes it the water’s thick & black, but he saved a little water.    No sun today & I couldn’t see to sew or write.    The wind S. West this after noon,  went North & is colder tonight.    & todays weather is for April,    don’t look like a very promising Spring.   Mar. so warm & it comes in like a lamb & went out the same & weather man says snow for tomorrow,    it is colder tonight.    Wind 10. or 12. miles tonight.    I think I’ll write a card to Audrey & to Nellie & Inez & one to Mrs. Bracket.  & Nylie Mc.Carthy,  She’s moved into a smaller house  2. bedrooms a bath & living room & kitchen   sounds to me to be as big as the house she had but she says it’s a much better location   has a basement but no upstairs.    Oh God I thank Thee in Jesus Name Thou art & ever will be, for my salvation for sending that beautiful angle & the wonderful golden light    help me to understand, & bless Rev. Wyatt & Those Who work for Thee    give him the strength & power he needs & show him the things to do & how to get them done    & help me to help as much as I can.    Bless him & strengthen him phyically & spiritually & send him money to take care of his needs.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus Devine, Pure & Holy Amen.    

Wed. Dec. 29. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I wrot cards to Audrey & Nellie Dec. 28. 1954.  & now to Inez & Jean & Joan,    we’ve had another dark, rainy day,    Elbert saved some water, but don’t know if we’ll be able to use it,    it’s black & thick.    I wish it would come clean    looks as if it would freeze now       & the other states & countrys across the seas are having there troubles also & snow.    Texas, Kansas, & Misouri & Missisippi & Alabama were having Tornados & California still rumbling with earth quakes & Italy & some island,   were being shaken.    We are expecting some of the cold & snow froze a thin scum of ice last night    a big night crawler came out of the ground & froze there  by the rain barrel.    Wind’s been N. east untill tonight     & I’m not sure but train whisles sound as if wind might be S. west, if so, it must have backed up.   don’t feel cold tonight.    I did wash afew things & got them all dried.  

Wed. Dec. 29. 1954./ Page. 3288./ 1. egg today./ I have felt very weak today & Elbert’s head has been so dizzy    to much solid meat & he has eat to much,    well, I haven’t.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost & pray for Rev. Wyatt that Thou will provide him with all he need spiritual & phyical strength & courage, faith that he may do for Thee & through others    Thy Will in Jesus Name & give to me also that I may be of service to Thee   teach me Thy Will.   May all the Glory be Thine now & forever, Amen,    Todays weather is for May of 1955.   I’m wondering. 

Thurs. Dec. 30. 1954./ ___ eggs today./ Well it’s been so thick & cloudy    sun came out 11-45-a-m  & again once or twice for only a few seconds   rest of day  been cloudy, no more rain.    I baked 2 tins of bread & Ella Jane came & had supper & visited a little,    I gave her enough dough to make a big tin of biscuits or a loaf of bread & I gave her 3 boxes & more than a box in bag of candys.   & now it’s most one oclock    I must go to bed.    Had a nice card & Note from Harry Miller   he only has one eye & that’s going bad    I pray God will fill him & heal him in Jesus Name Amen,   I Praise Thee Jesus, & pray Thou will give Rev. Wyatt all he need phyically & Spiritualy   I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure, True & Holy. Amen.    It’s a lot warmer tonight   Wind S. west.   todays for June.

Dec. Fri. 31. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well, Elbert took one tin of biscuits to Brod’s & so, I must set bread again in the morning.    I did out a very small washing & got it dry.    I did want my dress, but no starch so, I’ll wear the old one,   it’s clean.    & I’d like to wipe up the floor.    Elbert has felt so bad,    I rubed his back & put a hot flannel on him; & pray Jesus will heal him again for me, & help him to call on Jesus & do His Will.   Elbert went to Brod’s, got the rabbit we had ground & ready for meat balls,    it’s froze so hard we wont be able to cook it untill tomorrow.    The flies were outside flying about    we aired bed cloths off each bed   turned the mattresses & made them up with clean sheets & am 

Fri. Dec. 31. 1954./ page. 3289./ 1. egg this day./ I tired.    Elbert got a beef joint & piece of shank meat & we had rice soup for supper,   it was good.    Well I got weather wrote down for July.  S. west wind, Sun came up at 9 a.m. or there about & shone untill 4.30-p.m.    it’s been partly cloudy since,   new moon is clear, as it shines between Clouds,   I have an answer from Sister Willitts today, & Myrtle 7-miles from here hasn’t ans. yet.  or neither has Dear’s & several others,    Harry Miller sent a thank you & nice note, Poor soul   I pray Jesus thou Will make him whole & a good example for Vermilion & may the Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen.    Mrs. Rote, Mrs. Cooly & Mrs. Keegan & Catherine Haslet.  ans. with many thank & food.   Martha hasn’t ans. But Bill & Jean & Joan & Audrey did come & thank me & brought us food for a gift.    I sent Wyatt 5.00    they have heavy mail & will ans. when they come to my letter.   May God open the flood gates with a rush of plenty in all the things he needs, I Praise, Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.   Wind a little raw tonight.   Sun Crystle white sort of glittering & ring around it.  

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