October 1954

Fri. Oct. 1. 1954./ 1. egg today.  Well, Elbert went to Huron & got quite a mess of fish 13 bulheads & 12 perch & nice & fresh & the wind’s been fresh. & died out about 4-p.m. & came up just at dark, fresh & quite strong, & cool.    Well Elbert cleaned & fried them all & he fried some saucage & I baked 2 tins brown & 2 white & a little loaf in coffee can.     & I darned some & had Dolly & Ernie here this afternoon & tried to teach Dolly to crochet    she’s learning,    Ernie played phonegraph & talked with Elbert & played out side & he came back for bread biscuits,    Dolly said her grandmother dished up there soup & they told her about the biscuits & she let them come back for some     they like them & so I gave them 4,    they are quite large,   4 would make a loaf of bread,    they took them & run back home,    Ernie was on his bike,    they said their aunt Helen & Uncle Ernie were driving up from California & expected to get into Cleveland to-morrow & they are going to Cleveland, tomorrow to see them.    I got my receipt from Wyatts.    I pray God will in Jesus Name bless there work, & help me to help    I got DeHahn’s little bible study book also today & his books are good.    I know Elbert is as tired as I feel & his big toe is torturing him again,    he limps when he walks.    I thank Jesus for the strength he gives us & Praise Him for all things & for answering prayer, to Him I give all Glory & Honour now & for ever more, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day,    it was 80 degrees when wind died out. 

Sat. Oct. 2. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well, Elbert got the under side of the little hen coop cased in so it wont be quite so cold if we keep a few hens in it.    (We received a letter from Nora today; from California.    I did the sweeping    took care of bed, aiared my bedding & ironed 2 dresses 1. petticoat & 3 work shirts & got all or everything done but wiping up the floors,   I to tired,     been a fine day & quite warm.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen.

Sun. Oct. 3. 1954./ page. 3242./ 1. egg today./ Received receipt from Wyatt yesterday.   No one came in today.    Been a nice cool Fall day,    it rained several showers early this morning,    Elbert has felt so tired    he went & got the milk & laid down again  then he let the hens out & laid down again    then he got up took his bath & set in the big chair awhile, after eating a little & drinking his coffee.    Then I got up & took my bath & came out after, thanking Jesus for my rest    I felt terribly bad when I went to bed, but Jesus took away a lot of the swelling & pain & although my head still feels dopy & my left arm feels so bad as though it had been help to tight.    Well, wind has been quite strong & all around the compass.    Mostly cloudy    We listened to the sermons on the radio & to Rev. Buser tonight.    He preached a good sermon,   it was understandable,    I pray Jesus Will help people to listen, understand & do as they should.    Oh Glory be to Jesus    He’s all the world to me, Amen,    Elbert got his check    he went to Huron & paid Dr. Leidhouser 7.00 & Cook & Tomas & 7.95    & Kroger. 17.38 (17.79 my share) Envelops & cards 48 cents

Mon. Oct. 4. 1954./ No. egg today/ He went to Vermilion after dinner & got the groceries.    I cut out a house dress while he was gone, but my head & arms felt to bad to sew it up.    Elbert came just as I had it cut out,    I like to be alone when I’m cutting, for I can’t keep my mind on what I’m doing When any one talks to me.    Well it rained Early this morning, in heavy showers & puffy winds.   but stopped about 10-a-m.    hit part of Cleveland hard & one other town    they had to call in U.S. Guards & were taking the people out of to much water,    I can’t remember the name of the town, isn’t that terrible? (cooler tonight)    Elbert’s all tired out,  said he didn’t sleep good last night & I woke up at 4-a-m. & the room smelt like it was full of Cloriform    I got up & opened the window wide,    seemed like Elbert was calling me  that’s what woke me.    I left the window open untill it began to rain in   then shut it for a while then opened it up again,    So I didn’t get a good rest either,    my head has felt bad all day.    I thank Thee Jesus, but trust you will wake me before I get doped    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou will help me to Know, & may all praise be Thine for ever & ever Amen.    I wrote a note to. Blades W. box S. Chi-7-Ill. for raysor blade 1.00 & a themometer & forecaster.) for Elbert & made out the money order.

Tue. Oct. 6. 1954./ Page. 3243./ 1. egg to day./ Been quite dark & cloudy alday    We had letter & card from Audrey    card said Jean had to go to hospital 8-30. Mon. a-m. for examination,    Martha is going with Jean & Bill to hospital & some one will call Audrey & let her know how all things are.    Audrey says she don’t get in full time any more at work,    she said, she & Gertie baby sit for Joan the other day or night & that Ruth Eddy came while she & Gertie were ther & brought a gift for the baby,   Whose Name is Randy Fulton    Ruth is married to a Mr. Kalo,    she lives with his parents on 31st & works at Elyria telephone.    E.J. was there a few minutes & told her, she had just got the job she ask for in June 1953. for Child Welfare work.    Well, she’s like all the rest, rushing the days,   she says Thanksgiving’s just around the corner & then Christmas & then New Year’s Day & then Valintine & St. Patricks & then Easter,    We never use to rush from one to the other,    but, today the world or the people in it are in such a terrible rush, hurry up. hurry up,    that was pa’s way, to,    but, I never liked it,    they don’t have time to live in there mad rush, to, go.    Audrey said Martha lives with Joan & that she & Merlin were there Fri. night & Bill & Jean & Martha fried hambergers & that they all ate a bite,    Martha hadd a bad fall,    she was going to sit down & cought her heel on the chair leg some how, as she started to fall    she reached for Bill & he moved & Martha went down with a bang,    she hit her back & her hips,    she told them it didn’t hurt much but Audrey said she Knew it must have hurt her & she had to go to work Sat. morning at 8.a.m. & so did Merlin,    he’s still at Thew Shovel Works & says work’s picking up.    She says, Stove Works is moving out Dec. 1. 1954,    It’s been in Lorain a good many years.    I haven’t felt able to work today    such a terrible ach in my flesh like a pressure being pumped in to my flesh.     I thank Thee Jesus for Keeping me & pray Thou will remove this from me,    I’ve been tempted to go to Herb Dr. for there isn’t any one I know, close by, to pray for me.    I pray Jesus Thou will releave me, in Thy Name I ask & I thank & praise Thee Wonderful Jesus.    Rained most of the night & part of the morning    We thank God in Jesus Name,    for it’s fresh & good & we need it.    Elbert’s hips are paining him these passed few days,   he was going to Devore’s, but says he wont go unless I go with him.   God help us to do Thy Will & Ways.

Wed. Oct. 7. 1954./ Page. 3244./ No. egg today./ Well, I have prayed for 3 days & nights for Jesus to remove this terrible ach,    it’s as if some one was pumping a presure into my hips, legs & feet & almost more than I could bear & today noon it left & left me weak & shaky, tired,    but, I thanked Jesus for taking it away, for rebuking Satan & I thank-ed Him for all those who trust & believe & were praying for such as I, that he would hear our prayers of faith & relieve me & He did hallelujah    & at 12-noon the pains were gone.    I did out my washing   a change of clothes & my rags,    Elbert hung them out & took them in for me & he carried the water.    He went up to Horvath’s     they are getting are around, she has had one leg taken of & gets around in a Wheel chair, but he’s walking around on his feet, yet,    they have the place up for sale,    she says her other leg is begining to pain like the other did & now she is worried     Swanbeck talked her into having her leg off.    John Moure’s mother did the same thing & soon died.    Queer how we come, live & then we go & all through life we don’t know what condition we’ll be in rich or poor in this world’s  good or  or poor in this world’s good & rich in God,    Oh, I pray my will be the latter    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.    Elbert went on to another place & got 1/2 bu. hand picked apples “stamens” 1 1/2 dollars & gal of apple Cider 50 cents    he went to cider mill & he was over to Berlyn Hights looking for a glass for his tale light.     We received a card from Miss. Clark & one from Audrey saying Jean has her baby 8.lbs & 7. oz. a girl,   she didn’t say what day or time.    Well, I was foolish enough, to tell her what a bad spill, I had & she was very sympathetic,    she said she was sorry about my bad spell, but I could expect them.    Well she’s having, lots of bad spells, but she’s only 62. yrs. old & thinks she’s young yet, but I’m sorry for her & all the others,    it’s hard for them,    We know we are not young & that it wont be many yrs. yet we’ll have to Keep going & take care of each other as long as we can.    Elbert has had so many achs & pains all day    I tried to help get supper & nearly fell over twice    & Elbert made me hot tea & hot water once.    I got the dishes done.    Wind was N. West & went N. East tonight strong puffy wind.    Hurry Cane coming toward Cuba wind 100 miles & hr.  only 1000 miles away.

Thurs. Oct. 8. 1954./ page. 3245./ 1. eggs today./ Well we got up early & went to Herb Dr.    Elbert’s thumb’s so sore & it itches so bad.    Dr. wasn’t there so we went to Vermilion & way out Rt. 60 & back & we bought some lima beans in the pads & 4 muskmellons & then we came back into Vermilion & went across the river & out the river road & out the ridge road to Amherst road & turned & came back    bought some cube steaks & 2 frankforters    he ate one & I the other,    but, I couldn’t eat all mine & gave him part of it.    We stopped at Herb Dr’s & he was there,    we gave his wife a nice sprig of white cedar full of pretty bronze cones & some white indian tobaco    it’s wild & some Chinnese lanterns they are red, bright red.    & Dr told Elbert to put on black save,    Elbert told him he had a little Dr. L gave him for his throat, so he said that was the kind,    he said to come back again in a few days,    he wanted to know how it was.    We came home  found a card in mailbox from Bonita, telling us Jean was O.K.    that the baby came Oct5. 4. -2-30-p-m. a girl, Whom she will call Wendy Joan Bonita said,    she had been ironing & her mother was sewing     Ella Jane went to a hard time party at work to night.    said, see you soon, Love from all, Bonita.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things    Oh how Powerful & wonderful & Marvelious Thou art,    help me to know Thee better.    Dr. Devore fell & had con-cussion of the brain & his face all cut & he said God healed it & didn’t even leave a scare,    he trusts & he believes    Oh Praise the Lord I’m happy in Him. Amen.    Now I know Why I had to pray for Dr. Devore, when God showed me his face cut & distorted    Oh Jesus I love Thee, take away the cause of this urine leak & help me to go to Church again   I Praise & thank Thee    Glory be to Jesus I love Him more & more,    I’m so glad He sees us & that He helps us to endure,    If we are patient kind & true in Him, He will keep us from sin & deliver us from temptation & evil when we trust Him fully.   Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen & Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 9. 1954./ ___ egg today./ Well, I thank God for all my blessing in Jesus Blessed, Pure, Clean True & Holy Name,   Oh Jesus how much we really need Thee,   strengthen our spirit & soul day & night & keep us close to Thee,    I thank & Praise Thee, help us to lean holy on Thee & not to yealed to temptation, Oh, Jesus keep me ever closer to Thee Amen.    Sister Dear came today & brought grape wine & bread & had a communion service with me,    I thank God she loves me & felt I should have communion in rememberance of our Blessed Saviour Jesus.    We talked about Him & His word

Fri. Oct. 9. 1954./ page. 3246./                 / & how much we need Jesus love & strength,   how he healed  gave me strength & blood & sent a great desire into Sister Dear’s heart to come & have fellowship & communion.    Oh Praise the Lord  He is so good & we are so unworthy.    I pray, Jesus Thou will lay Thy hand on sister Dear & put the bones in their natural places & give her strength to do Thy Will & Ways & reveal unto her the things she ought to Know.    I believe Thou Will,   I give all thanks & praise to Thee Amen.    Wind’s been strong & puffy & damp & cool.    Elbert’s done a little here & there but I coaxed him to come in out of the damp chilly air for he’s taken a little more cold & in his eyes to,   his back & hips to.    I didn’t work today.   to tired & I helped get the supper & While we were making soup, Ernie came & when we got him comed down we learned his mother had sent to see if Elbert would fix them some word to start a fire in the furnace & a bag of coal, one dog had a cold & cough & the house damp & cold & she had to take dog to Dr. at Berlin Hights for a cold shot & then get home & start the fire, then she came back here with Ernie Dolly & & waited for the fire to warm the house     they visited half or three quarters of an hour & then went back home,     they brought us a pk. tomatoes & gallon sweet cider,    they got some at the milk while they were up to Berlin hights.    Tried to rain several times late this afternoon & tonight.    We have been having a fire to keep out dampness.    Hellen took Elberts blankets home to wash & she said she would do the wool blankets.    I’m so glad for I don’t feel able to do them & she has a washer & does them clean and nice,    I hated to ask her, for she’s tired out most of the time for she works in Lorain allday 5. days a week; her brother gave her a brand new car, so she can save a little going & coming & she gets home half an hour or so after the children get home from school.    We look after children some.    I sent cards to Audrey Bonita & Mrs. Keegan.    Elbert hopes to get fish tomorrow & says he’s going to Huron about 9.a.m. 

Sat. Oct. 10. 1954./ 1. egg today./    Well, Elbert went to Huron & got 40. catfish    he skined them & I cooked 6 for dinner & he saved a doz. for tomorrow & he called Ella Jane    came with Bonita’s 3 children & Johny’s eldest girl Marcia Joe.    We gave them 22 fish   they didn’t stay long for Ella Jane has to work tomorrow & the children were

Sat. Oct. 10. 1954./ page 3247./ 1. egg this day./ were getting tired    Bonita Jr. ft. is better & George strain his ankle but, they were all happy & glad to get the fish,    I gave them a little candy in the pan    Nellie brought us the birds nest in upside down apple pie,    they went back at 8-30-p-m.   They are going to Seville for dinner with Johny & Marcie & there 3 children,    Mark is in Cleveland hospital   he’s been there for several days now.    Nellie & Bonita were takiing care of the other two children & didn’t come with Ella Jane.    We both got our old age checks today.   65.00 & 18.00.    I thank Thee Jesus    We couldn’t do with-out them.    Elbert’s all tired out tonight & he went to bed soon after the children left,    I don’t think he should do heavy lifting,    he dug some potatoes today,    said the red skins done the best,    it’s been a dry summer & rain came so late for a lot of things in the garden,    but, rain helped the the corn & beans.    It isn’t so cold out tonight partly cloudy & not so windy,    been a nice day cool wind.    I didn’t do much today,   just daily round tucker me out.    came near falling down the steps,   shook me up some.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trust You will fix me so I can get back to Church & Praise Thee & help those of Thine to be true to Thee, Amen. 

Sun. Oct 11. 1954./ No. egg today./ Been a nice rainy day,   no one came in to visit.   sun came out but only for a minute a two.    We had fish for dinner & no supper    We tried to eat a small mellon but I couldn’t finish my piece,    it made my lips & mouth burn.   he got up & went out & never said a word,    I thought he’d gone to toilet & shut up chickens,    when he was gone to long for that I yelled to him but he didn’t ans.    so thank he went to Sarrs to get the blankets,    I do wish he’d let me know for I don’t know if he’s to toilet sick or where he might be,    Well he did go to Sarr’s & got the blankets & said he told me he was going    I know he said he’d go, but he didn’t tell me when & he walked & that was queer to for he usually goes in the car.    Well he got back safe & we have listened to good & some wonderful sermons that ought to help many to want to love the Lord & turn to Him & work for Him.    Oh God fill us to overflowing with the Holy Ghost I ask in Jesus Name.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee    may Glory Honour & Power be Thine forever & ever, Amen.    Oh how I do crave to be in Church & the meetings for a living testimoney.

Mon. Oct. 12. 1954./ page. 3248./ 1. egg today./ Well I got up at 9-30-a-m. & got the water on to heat & with Elberts help we washed 1. heavy cotton   3 light wool & 2 heavy wool blankets  3 first one’s got real dry but 2 heavy we had to bring in wet one more so then the other    partly cloudy with a real fresh breeze & hot sun,    but clouded up at 4-30-p-m & it poured rain & filled the barrell & 3 tubs full & lots, run away,    some one took all the water out the cystern,    I kept telling Elbert that I could hear some one at the pumk but he acted shocked when there wasn’t any there today,    they like to say it’s my imagination & he got himself all balled up to day, about how Dr. Mate’s knew so much about my imaginations.  God of love & mercy do something about the things that are going on, I ask in Jesus Name   Thou Will & soon.    I will thank Thee & give Thee the Glory.    I can’t hardly endure all the bad things that, I don’t Know What to do about them,    I Know Thou can stop it & help me to Know,    Please do it now,   Please, Jesus.    I thank Thee for the rain & drying the blankets & for Elbert’s help,    we washed the old coat blanket to.   thats all we go, or I got done,    I aired the pillows & one of my bed blankets    I made soup for supper & we are both terribly tired tonight    it sure thundered & lightened while it rained    & Dekota prison are in a bad up roar.    & the hurricane is still racing around & they still don’t know where it going to strike,    and Texas & Indiana are looking for tornades tonight & Chicago has had flood storms,    it seemed to be receading but tonight it’s getting worse     over 1.000 homeless & many are dead & many suffering    God, take care of Thine I pray in there behalf,   that my prayer will be one in Faith with theirs to Thee.    It is still lightening all around us. here & there    Elbert put the systern pipe  in basement & chain in grainery,    he’s planing on going to Huron in the morning,   he will pay Dr. Ludhouser 8.00 & cash our checks.    I will have him get a money order for Wings of healing 5.00. Disabled Veterans 1.00 & 1.00 for card from the blind & 1.50 for stainless steel knives, fork, teaspoon & soupspoon. then 6.50 at Huron Church & 10.15 for gas.    that leaves me 40.35.    I’ll give him 25.00 my part for food & 5. for dress goods.    that leaves me 15.35 for floor covering. 4.65 at drugstore  I’ll only have 10.70 left        Oh me. I’d like to sew on my dress if I can tomorrow.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my healing & believe for this water trouble & the Holy Ghost. Amen, Glory to God.

Tue. Oct. 13. 1954./ page. 3249/ 1. egg today./ Well, it was a great effort, but I washed my rags & nose rags 2 shirts & the towels & my stochings    I had to lay down.    Elbert didn’t sleep last night said it was his stomach,    I have a severe sore spot in the top of my stomach,    I have prayed & am still trusting in Jesus to take it & the cause away,    the sore spot down by the bladder doesn’t hurt me so bad    Jesus has promised to take care of us all the way & I’m trusting & believing standing on His promises, praise God He hears, Knows & sees & takes care of those Who are true to Him in all things,  in all ways.    All Praise be to Him forever more, Amen.    We received a letter from Audrey,    every ones as usual,   I believe it.    Been a nice rainy day,    I dried the few things I washed in the house      Today’s Call Columbus Day,   so he didn’t cash my check but, he did his own & he paid Dr. 8.00;   So he’s going back tomorrow.   Drug Stores selling Alcohol 2 for 70 cents & Mi. 2 bath towels 2 for 80 cents  49 cents -4 wash rags- 56 cents cards 61 cents dish rags 2 for 26 cents, totle $4.92.    Well I wont have much left;   Quite warm & sky look queer   all colors    & we had a rainbow   God’s promise   it’s so wonderful, that God never forgets how very great-full we should be,   Oh Jesus, how thankful I’m & wish I could do more for Thee,  help me Gracious Redamer.   I must write to Sister Dear, she’s so Kind & thoughtful   she’s been so good to me,   I thank Thee for her & her love, bless her I pray in Jesus Name, Amen.   Glory to God. 

Wed. Oct. 13. 1954./ ____ egg today./ I got up at 9-a-m.    Elbert went to Huron & he cashed my check & got the alcohol mi. 31. towels wash rags & dish rags & cards 5.-08 cents & he went to fish house & took the fish basket back (metel).   & got some saucage & came home    I gave him the 5.00 he paid on my dresses.   he got a check for Dr. Wyatte (wings of healing) a check for Veterans & one for the Blind,    I took out money for Huron Church & 10.15 for gas  saved 20. for food  from now untill Nov. 4. & have 10.-00, for floor covering,   hope I can get it soon now.    I set bread & made 3 big tins & small loaf in coffee can.   I washed my night gown 2 dresses & all my rags & nose rags, the towels & wash rags & dish rags he brought home  2 pillow slips & the towels we use over pillow & hung the pillows on the line & one blanket & done up all the dishes & folded up all the rags & put away all the washing & darned one pr. socks & the dish-rag the shark edge of butcher Knife had been over.    I thank & Praise Jesus for the many blessing of today.    It’s been a beautiful day   clothes dried good.  I helped

Wed. Oct. 13. 1954./page 3250./ No egg today./ Elbert make potatoe, rice & onion soup for supper.   We had just finished eating, when Frank & Armond came in, to talk about fixing the house    We had a nice visit to,   he said Audrey called him,   they can’t come for a little while yet,    but, they will come,    Now they’re gone & I must go to bed Praising God for all our in Jesus Name, Glory Hallelujah.    Elbert had a sick spell up to the fish house today.   had to set in the car for awhile before he could come home,   then he dug almost a bu of potatoes & picked them up    he looked bad & set a while his face a purple red,    his heart can’t be working as it should.    I pray Jesus you will save his soul.   

Thurs. Oct. 14. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well & other off day    to all in to even use my hand’s    I darned one pr socks and that seemed to much. Elbert’s done the cooking,   I didn’t do anything   had a bad spell at supper time & right now I’m feeling so punk & I should write to Sister Dear & a few others    I just cant stand it to work, hard, or steady.    been a very nice day  fresh, brisk strong & puffy wind,   rained early this morning    & Elbert did out his washing    didn’t take it very long to dry,    he hung my dress out & took all the sweat out & my night gown to & he hung the heavy wool blankets out for just a little & they smelt so fresh & nice,    he sawed a little wood & he’s done odds & ends   put his potatoes “he dug Wed.” down below.    it rained hard yesterday late & this after noon, not so hard,    he filled the tubs & barrel is only half full.    It’s lightening hard off over the lake   there’s, very dark blue clouds over there.   & over us blue sky & star light & the full moon is shining.    The hurricane’s headed for Carilina & 130 mile wind    they think it will hit tomorrow after noon “that will be Fri. Oct. 15. 1954.    There are so many troubles all over from coast,   the bible, says, to Know the end that’s is right at the door    & I do believe with all my heart that it’s so.    Elbert tried 4 shots on the big wood chuch this after noon,    he gets to excited & never touched him,   he’s a big fellow & I hope he gets him,    it will be wild fresh meat,    he was in the hen park & right close to the red hen,    she didn’t seem a bit afraid of him,   he looked so big standing almost beside her    Elbert was within stones throug of him & shot 4 times & check went over to cottage very slow at if he wasn’t sure he was in danger,    he’s made 3. holes under cottage.    It is nice & fresh

Thurs. Oct. 14. 1954./ page. 3251./ 1. egg today./ I use to like to take a long walk in the evening or early morning. in the winds & sometimes, wind & rain,    Elbert’s got pains in his shoulders & so I rubed them with alcohol.    he says he’s so tired.    Well, I listened to Rev. Buser & I’ll read a little & go to bed & ponder over Gods Word.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things, in Jesus Name. 

Fri Oct. 15. 1954/ 0. egg today./ Been rainy     wind went N. West from South & S. West    little coller puffy wind, & the Hurrican came in. to Caralina & washed & blew lots of homes into the sea    Virgina then Coastal Washington D.C. then Marriland, Delaware Penn, State of New York, hitting on west side & no headed for Canada.    Winds up to 100 miles & hour in some of the places.    Wind’s N. West here tonight,    We had little ice or sleet in the rain just before dark    some of the rain come in heavy sheets & it’s raining in showers to-night, as it has all day,    it’s cooler, but not cold.    I haven’t been able to work all day & neither has Elbert.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for taking care of my soul & all the many blessings, He gives to me & to us,    I pray for Elbert’s soul & each brother sisters nephews neices & Cousins,    put a strong craving into them that they will try harder to learn what life is all about before it’s forever to late, God help us.    I pray for that great infilling of the Holy Ghost, Jesus Blessed, Pure, Holy & Clean, more to be desired than silver & gold, or anythings else of this earth   Jesus help us.    Oh, Jesus help me to be a greater testimony for Thee. Amen.

Sat. Oct. 16. 1954./ 1. egg today/Been a rainy day, but a nice day.    I couldn’t work to day    felt every little while as if I’d pass out & my bowels have been to loose all day & I don’t Know Why & so has Elbert’s    he started for bed & has come back & gone out side to toilet again & the toilet’s way out over the hill & he will be 72 yrs. old Dec. 6.th.    I hope he will be O.K.    I’m feeling to tired to write,   I pray God will help me soon   (mostly cloudy)   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

Sun. Oct. 17. 1954./ ____ egg today./ Well, I got up & took my bath & Ernie & Dolly came on their bicycles to visit a little.    I told them I couldn’t open the door for a few minutes & Elbert had gone for the milk,    they said they saw him leave & that they’d ride home & come back again & they did.    Elbert had dinner read, ham, cabage, potatoes & hot drink    the children stood & wouldn’t sit with us so we gave them each a piece & ham to chew & some slices

Sun. Oct. 17. 1954./ page. 3252./ 1. egg today./ of carrots & in a few minutes they were off for home again to  eat meat loaf & the triming for there dinner    they were expecting Hellens daughter Dollie’s mother.    Mrs. Keegan & Marrian, Mr. & Mrs. Haslet came in to spend the afternoon & they stayed & had a lunch,    Elbert didn’t give them plates    I felt so bad about it but, it went that way & they said they liked it like that just common, but although I did get up & try to wait on them, I couldn’t,    I felt so weak & my legs so wabbly     Ernie came back as they were about to sit for their lunch,    I sit him down with the rest & before he left he said when 2 cars come in they though I might be sick,    I thanked him for coming to see & ask him to come back again.    The two families visited & talked & then, went off to Church.    Eva is in a queer condition,    she took in an old woman 80 yrs. old & then her cousins mother died & her son had taken care of her the best he knew how & also of the sister,    she’s never worked they say & now she goes from on re-lative to the other, wanting them to take care of her & wait on her    her story reminds me of sister Gertie    she had to work after I left home & she’s still working,     some of us have to learn the hard way & I’m sorry.    I don’t know what she Eva will do    I pray God will in Jesus Name direct her path & mind & keep her close to Him & Whisper loud & keep her safe & sure in Him,    Jesus help us to “stop look & listen”  life is moving to fast.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my & our blessing & pray Thou will keep us in Thy way & if it is Thy will, help us to get back into church & help our testimony to help the faith of those in the church & our ministers    I thank & Praise Thee.

Mon. Oct. 18. 1954./ 1. egg today./ I felt to bum to work, but did make a custard & 1. apple pie  & 1. pie schell & I’m tuckered I took care of beds & helped cook mostly cloudy today & cloudy tonight.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    Thou are a Wonderful Jesus & I love Thee more than all else, Amen. (Elbert’s feeling so bum).   We received baby card from Jean & Bill for their new baby. Wendy Joe.    I hope I can send them & Joan a”calls her baby Randy” a dollar each for the babys to help swell there bank account.    I’ve felt to bum to even write a card today & I must put forth an effort to write Sister Dear.    God bless her & hers.

Tue. Oct. 19. 1954./ No. egg today/We, 20, Pa’s & ma’s wedding anaversary 75. yr   Ma would be 98. yrs old Nov. 29. 1954. & Pa would be 94. yrs Jan. 28. 1954. & Elbert will be 72 yrs old Dec. 6. 1954.    they were married 3 yrs. before Elbert was born.    It’s been quite cool & fresh & it’s partly cloudy.   N. east fresh wind    I aired the bedding & the night cloths.   & wiped up Kitchen floor.    I’m terribly weak    seems as if I’d pass out every few minutes all day.

Tue. Oct. 19. 1954./ page. 3253./___ egg today./ Oh, God I’m so glad, I can’t tell how glad I am Thou has lead  me all these years & now I have been trying so hard to learn what I ought to be doing, in my condition    I don’t know & I can’t seem to get those who claim to be Thine, to pray for me or give me the aid I need through Jesus.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to understand Glory to God in the Highest    may all Praise & Power be Thine for ever & ever Amen.   

Wed. Oct. 20. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Pa’s & Ma’s wedding anniversary,    I wrote it on the 19th.  We miss them so much.    Well, we received Audrey’s letter today & the news about the families.    I’m glad they sort of take care of each other in there way,    I’d like to help,    but, now we are aged & pray “Maggie.”     I did my washing & dried it in the house.    Elbert went to Huron & got 3 catfish & 26 bulheads & he dressed them all & called Nellie & they came & got 20 bulheads & they gave us 6. quinces Audrey gave them & 4. cup cakes & they bought 1. gal. of Johnasan apple cider & drank half of it,    it’s real good.    We have 1. qt. left,   Elbert likes it,   he for-got to give them the carrots & beets he fixed or put in bags for them, but gave them 1/2 potatoes.    They were all tired & had to go home & fix clothes to wear for tomorrow.    It’s to bad how they all must dress as if they had plenty of money.    Oh God, shortly they will be in a position where they can’t do or have all the things they are having today & it will make life so un-bearable.    Elbert talked to Rue for a while,    then after Rue went to work Elbert went & talked to the man that uses part of Rue’s land for a garden & helped husk pop corn, while he talked to him,   he use to live in Lorain, but now, he lives & works in Huron.    Rue told Elbert to pick all the tomatoes he wanted, now, before the frost gets them,    Elbert was to tired,    he does a lot of little things in a day.    It’s been partly cloudy light breeze & quite warm.    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father & Jesus my Saviour & the Holy Ghost for keeping me & giving me strength,   I didn’t feel as if I could possibly work today,    but, I’m sure I’d be a lot better if I could find out where I get these needle marks in my arms, body, legs & 

Thurs. Oct. 21. 1954./ page. 3254./ No. egg today./ Well another day I felt I just couldn’t work,    I’m to tired    I peeled a few pears & 6 quinces & sliced & cooked them together,    Audrey gave them to Nellie & she gave them to me,    I will be glad to get them cooked & into a can,   there are things I’d like, but not feeling able    often go hungry,    Elbert works hard, he dug the balance of the potatoes,   he’s put the beets & carrots in the basement,   has to dry last potatoes & then put them down & then fix basement screens on the windows.    been a beautifull fall day, not, cold, little breeze, North;    I wrote a letter to Sister Dear & to Wyatte & sent a dollar to Blind & 1.00 to Veterans for car tag & card to Audrey & one to Nellie.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Great Love,    I wish I could be as good & kind & thoughtful as Thee.    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Fri. 22. 1954 Oct./ No. egg today./ Well another day I haven’t been able to work    to tired & my head feels as if I’d been doped.    I have queer marks on my arms as if they’d had heavy fish twin tied around them & a needle mark on my left shoulder joint that itches & smarts,    I’m weak & shaky.    I’m sure with propper care I would feel well & much stronger.   No mail today.   Ernie came & played the record, called, the little red ca-boos & one or two others & then went home    I gave him some crackers & prunes,    he likes them,   then he went home,   he had left Dolly there alone, but I see Hellens car was there before he came in,    hope she didn’t scold him,   he had been over acrossed the road to John’s corn & tool shed,    John & Clayton have been picking corn across from Sarr’s with a corn picker,    John hauls it with a tractor to shed,   shovels in-to a conveyer that puts it in the bin for corn,    he has to take care of soy beans yet, & then John told Elbert he was going to Florada for the Winter.    Now we are listeneing to Rev. Buser & then I’ll go to my bed again, hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & pray Thou will wake me up & help me to understand that I may help myself for Thy sake, Amen, Amen. 

Sat. Oct. 23. 1954./ No. egg today/  Well, I wonder.   I baked 2. big tins of bread biscuits,   Elbert cooked ham, cabage & potatoes for dinner yesterday, so we had, what was left for supper tonight & I made dumplins in with them    he.   We had eat fish & bulheads for dinner & fried potatoes.    Elbert went to fish house this morning, & he got 2 pieces of dark goods for me at Mis Gunzenhauser’s    I’ll have to pay next Mo.

Sat. Oct. 23. 1954./ page. 3255./ No. egg today./ I got 2 pieces from Junks, last month in Vermilion & I’d like a couple more light pieces.    Well he went to Vermilion after dinner, paid light bill & I gave him the money.    & I gave him 10.00 of rht 20.00 for food out of my share & he’ll be sticking out his hand next week for the 10.00 but we’ll have to go slow for we have 11. days yet before he gets his check,   & I wont get mine untill the 12.th. 6.06 for my 2. pieces of goods.   my Church money & my shoes & Elbert has to have shoes this time.    We received card from Audrey   she said she got my card & that Nellie & the children stopped the other night & gave them 8. bulheads & she ate 2 1/2 & Gertie ate the rest,    well they were small & Gertie had been craving for them,   they sure have a great time.  It’s been a fine day quite warm to.   Elbert took my slippers to Tony’s to get heels fixed,   & he left them there so now I don’t have anything but these ragged slippers, felt & all tore out around heels & toes can hardly keep them tied on.    I praise Thee Jesus & hope I can go to Lorain & get some shoes & slippers from a man who fits your feet or your money back,    hope Elbert can get some better shes to.    I hope I’ll be able to go & able to do some sewing  also next week.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing for the Holy Ghost that I may praise Thee in spirit & be healed.    Oh, Jesus, I thank Thee & praise Thee for ever & ever. Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 24. 1954./ No. egg today./ Been a beautiful day.    Nellie Bonita & the 3 children came & spent a couple of hrs.    Bonita Jr.s foot is better, but she still has to walk on crutches, the found aceer mouse nest & a lot of babys & some half grown,   there’s a lot of them out there,    we’ll have to get after them & exterminate them.    Nelllie says the flees have come again & the basement is over run with them.    I hope they don’t bring any to us.    They gave us 1/2 doz. apples & 6 sweet potatoes & some flowers.    I gave them big tin of biscuits’s,    Nellie said they’d she’d glad  be glad to except them, but she couldn’t help thinking of the flour & work & she thanked me,    I told her she’s welcome.    She said Ella Jane wanted the roll away cot,    I told her it was the army cot I wanted to sell but if she wanted to pay me 30.00 for it I’d let her have it  Nellie said she’d have to pay me in 2 payments if she wants it after she’s paid the whole of it.    I can’t let her have it half price    Well, she said, she’d let Ella Jane talk to me about it. 

Sun. Oct. 24. 1954/ Page. 3256./ No. egg today./ They went home before dark.    Jesus I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & trust & believe Thou will make those children turn to Thee before they are hurt again    Oh God help all of Thine to be more faithful & to learn of Thee & not do the wrong things    it breaks my heart & greives me to as it greives Thee to Know you can’t be parchal to a few, for Thou hast said theyre’ll be weeping & nashing of teeth.    Help us to look to Thee for our Example & not those about us.   Glory to God in the Highest, Hallelujah, I Praise Thee. (Sent card to Audrey)

Mon. Oct. 25. 1954/ No. egg today./ Well I got up, 9-a-m.    Elbert went to Huron & I gave him 10.00 out of floor covering money to pay for 3. pieces of dress good    he had 42 cents left    he said he paid 49 cents for ham berg,   I still have to pay Church, gas.    Where does the money go,    We use to pay 6 or 7 cents per. yd. & today it’s 49 cents per yd.    The radio went dead Sat. so I don’t get the sermons or the news.    I cut out 2 petticoats & one dress & I had one dress cut out from last week    I set down & wond 16 bobbins & had stitched one seam when Inez. & Henery Hunt came in,   she brought us 2 bottles grape juice & gave me a dollar bill.    I didn’t want to take it but she insisted,    so I thanked her for it & Henry & Elbert sat out in the sunshine & talked & we talked in here,    she said her mother was feeling so well again & that Hilda has been retired from Salvation army & is home with her mother now,    the adopted boy lives with them.    & she has been caning fruit & vegetables & helping to clean up the garden      they have remodled there Kitchen & basement & put her house plants down stairs.  she has new ice box & a deep freeze & is keeping slim & able bodied.    They were here about 2. hrs.    it was 4-45, when they left, so I put my sewing away for another day & warmed up the soup & we ate supper,    Elbert fed hens & locked coop, grainery & shut car windows & I made the beds & closed our windows & he fixed the fire & we ate little more soup & he’s in bed & wish I were also.    I received a letter from Marry Vedovith today    she’s so lonesome & wants out so bad poor soul;    God help some one to take her out for just a little while,    I’m so sorry for her & all others in the County Home.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing, Jesus, Blessed Jesus.

Tue. Oct. 26. 1954./ page. 3257./ No. egg today./ Elbert mailed gas card & a card to Audrey & Miss Clark. Mon. a.m.    It’s been mostly cloudy & a misty rain at times tonight got dark early. started at 4-30-p-m.     (he took Radio & got it fixed & brought back)   Elbert’s worked all day trying to finish cleaning away the balance of old coop roof.    he’s got it about done,   & he’s so tired tonight.    I tried to sew, got the gores[?] done & stitched onto front & back of one petticoat    got the other gores pined on other skirt ready to stitch,    hope to make faster time tomorrow.    I have to wash out rags either tomorrow or Thurs.    Well, maybe if I can stick to it I’ll get it done by & by;    So many little odds & ends to do before I can get at the sewing.    Well, I don’t Know What we will do,   he’s thinking of going to the fish house & hes has to go for the milk & he wants to Kill & dress a chicken in the morning, so looks as if I’d better wash while he’s gone   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will ask God to loose little Mark & fill his mother & dady with the Holy Ghost that they may do more for Thee,   & ask Him to convert the rest of the families & fill them & me with the Holy Ghost, in Thy Presious Name I ask, Amen

Wed. Oct. 27. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, Elbert got up & cleaned & cut up the white rooster & put all of it on to cook except the breast.    I ground that & crackers & put the eggs & milk & seasoning in to it & put it down to flavor through for tomorrow    I did my washing & got it all dry, even the rags.    I made baking powder biscuits for dinner    Elbert tried to get some smoked belogny for a snak, but only got a news paper.    I hope I can sew tomorrow.    Tried to rain all day,    but, didn’t     We saw 3 flocks of ducks to-day, no mail of importance.    Elbert saw the things John Snyder said he was throwing away & he looked & it wasn’t any good.    Elbert thinks he’ll go to Huron in the morning & to Vermilion in afternoon.    No rain today.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus, for all Thou hast give me & that has been many things    Glory to God & May God be blessed forever & ever Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 28. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well Elbert went to Huron, no fish,    he got me one more piece of dress goods a pretty light back ground     he ate dinner & went to Vermilion,   he got my shoes   they put new heels on them. 95 cents,  he took the slipper back he brought home for me to try on,   they didn’t fit,    he got a piece of mutton & a piece of shank meat & joint to boil.    I browned the mutton & put it in the roaster to it all done for tomorrow.    I got the 2. petticoats ready for belt & hem in the bottom.   Maybe I’ll get to sew a little more.   I hung 

Thurs. Oct. 28. 1954/ page. 3258./ ___ egg today./ my night gown & blanket out & aired them & wiped up the dust in Elberts room  got dinner     & then, I sewed a little    had to stop & fix the mutton meat & then made for chicken balls & fried them & made gravy for supper & put the sewing machine away,    I did make 2 dish towels & I’ll have to get more bags for more towels.    Elbert took radio up to Huron & got a new bulb in it & we heard the president give a speach tonight.    & we got the news & weather    cooler tonight & rain & maybe snow tomorrow.    It’s been nice day    Elbert sawed wood.      We saw 3. flocks of duck yesterday.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all our many blessings & I pray for all on the other side, help people to listen & talk to Thee in Jesus name I ask & I thank & Give Thee Praise Glory & Honor forever & ever Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 29. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well I really finished both petticoats today.    & I took care of beds & rooms & swept Kitchen.    Been partly cloudy,  & it did sprinkle a few times, but it’s starlight tonight before it rained there were a few snow flakes.    they melted as they fell,    wind has been cool & fresh.   Rev. Hance died in Bay View Hospital, Thurs night Oct. 28.th 1954.    I have prayed for them & their family, for a month, & haven’t known that any of them were sick, but I prayed God would care for each of them in His own way & I wish I could have helped them.    May God bless & comfort his wife & children & mother & folks & friends in Jesus Holy Name.   Jesus blessed help me to be filled & praise Thee in Spirit & Truth, is my great desire & that I may do more in His way.    Be with All Thy people far & wide & give them an extra shake & reminder that we belong to Thee & should be about our Father’s business,   a thing we neglect so often & a great deal to much,    if we only did half as much for Jesus as we do for our selves.    God help us.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    Glory to God & I love THee & wish so much I could know how to do more.   Elbert has got the coop cleaned up,    he’s terribly tired tonight.    It rained early this morning, so we cought half barrel of water,    I thank THee Jesus. Amen. 

Sat. Oct. 30. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well I got my dress skirt all sewed to-gether ready for waist & hem in the bottom.    I sewed several of slits up in blanket we use on big chair,    it’s a terrible dirty mess.    I been trying to get Elbert to fix a cabinet to put my books & sewing into,    terrible to come to the place where you are unable

Sat. Oct. 30. 1954./ Page. 3259. ____ egg today./ to work, as you once did.    Well I have to do something    he doesn’t care, but if I can only clean out some of the things that have acumulated    It’s a little colder, partly cloudy or mostly cloudy to dark to see to sew good, but Praise God, I got my dress started,    I haven’t a clean one to put on tomorrow,    I tried to sew & didn’t iron one of the old ones, so will have to wear the dirty one untill I can iron one    gas man came & brought tank of gas $10.15, so that is done    I gave Elbert 10.00 Thurs. morning for food & I still have the church money,    Then I’ll have to wait for my check, so we can get some of the things, we have to have,    Oh God, if only I could do more for Thee,   Jesus help me to be of service to Thee, I thank  & Praise Thee for all things, Amen.

Sun. Oct. 31. 1954./ No. eggs today/  As I began to thank God for our dinner Sat. I saw on a black slate written in an olive or Kakie color as plain as I can see any one or anything (Frank Bonney died)   Oh Jesus, I only hope he will learn to know Thee before he is called,     I saw in a dream my mother & dad & Fred.    I saw Martha   her face black & blue & a smile on her face, & I said to her, Martha, we have come to take you home with     she didn’t answer, but picked up her things & got in the car with us For several weeks    I’ve been dreaming of doing things & carrying a tiny baby around with me, sometimes tied to me with a long wool scarf.    I pray God will reveal to me,    I thank The Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.    Rev. & Mrs. Dear & Naomie came in at noon after church     I was in bed    didn’t sleep all night,    it thundered & lightened all night & even this morning    I was to tired to sleep & my back ached so, hard & never eased up untill morning so I was taking an extra nape when they came in & Elbert was up to Brodes for milk,    I got up & dressed & combed my hair & washed my face & came out    we talked a while,    They have had two Evangelists at church & to-night’s there last night,    they talk as if they think there’s nothing wrong with me.     I’d love to g, but will have to wait untill water don’t run away so freely     I gave them my tenth, all but 50 cents,    I didn’t have but will make it up later.     Elbert ought to get his check Nov. 4th.    We hope to go to Lorain soon Now & do a little shipping.    I received card yesterday from Miss Clark & not a word from any of the children.    I hope all’s well

Sun. Oct. 31. 1954./ page. 3260./ No. egg today./ It. snowed today in light flurries, but it didn’t freeze carriopes or glardes. & cabbages.     We had lots of good Sermons today,    I like to worship at Church & hope I can soon.    I Praise Thee Jesus forever & ever. Amen.    It’s been mostly cloudy    wind N. west.    Oh, Jesus 

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