January 1956

Sun. Jan. 1. 1956./ I sent card to Hunts, Miss Clark, Webbers  Rev. Swarthouse Sat Dec. 21. 1955.    Today’s for Aug. 1956/  weather nice day  froze, frost, every night & some heavy:   raw wind. S. east N. east & S. east.  not overy promising for garden.    Frank, Ruby & Armond came for little while tonight     Armond & Elbert went to 4 corners & got can of water;   partly cloudy  3/4 of a moon yet & looked like it wading in snow & we haven’t had rain yet.    I do thank & Praise God for all our many blessings, Amen.

Jan. Mon. 2. 1956./ Today’s for Sept.   heavy snow at 9-a-m light layer of snow.   Wind’s S. east.

Mon. Jan. 2. 1956./ Sept. weather/ page. 3422./ Sun came out not very bright not very cold, rather hazy.  snow’d hard & sun shone.    I saw a pr of white doves this morning.   I saw a pr. of whit, & iron ore & white & blue one’s circul. the house just before John died in Jan. 1946.  & when I spoke to Elbert about it they flew a way.    I pray I don’t go in the Winter & there is 1 1/2 months before Spring.   & at 12 noon it’s thickened up & looks like more snow.    started to rain 2-30 & just drizzled & still is at 15- to 7-p-m.   Joe, Katherine, Eva  Marry Ann were here    Joe’s full of the devil & making life as miserable as he can for Katherine,    Eva brought me some towels pillow cases & such things;     the old ladies sent me they were so pleased with Kercheifs with crocheted edges I sent to them    may God help them through some of His to teach them all His Will & ways.    I was so full of pain I had to yell & cry    Katherine cried Elbert said & prayed, but the others went to Kitchen.    I pray God’s will be done in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 3. 1956./ No. eggs/ Weather today for Oct. 1956./   A dark dreary day   tried to snow & tried to rain but no sun today, so dark untill 9-a-m & got dark early tonight,   no one came in today    hope & pray I’ll soon be O.K.   South West breeze all day.    Elbert washed my night gown & few nose rags & dried them in the house & now he is finishing the dishes    he feels real bad today.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for my healings & for all our many blessing.    Glory to God, Amen.

Wed. Jan. 4. 1956./ no eggs today./ Weather for Nov.   no sun rather dark & Cloudy all day.   S. west breeze.   Dark tonight,   Rev. Swarthouse & wife & Brother Weber & wife came & prayed untill the severe pains left me.  & I do believe I’m free    flesh is sore but all things will work out for good & Glory of the Lord    I thank & Praise Him for all things now & ever more.    Received letter & the news from home from Audrey today    her back is so bad she has to put her girdle on before she can dress her feet   that’s bad.   I pray God will spare her what I’ve been going through.   God help & Keep us Amen.

Thurs. 5. 1956./ Page. 3423/ no eggs./ Johns been gone 10 yrs today./ Weather for Dec. 1956./ It’s a beautiful day partly cloudy in after noono.   Sister Weber came & cleaned up worst of dust, brought me milk & prayed.   & Nellie & Bonita came, & Helen Sarr & Ernie were here & aate soup with us,   Rue forgot to leave key for Ernie,    he waited for his mother untill he felt half froze & then came here & she came for him & talked about her back    & said Clark has cansors & they say only yr. to live,    we talked about our souls     her back is getting like mine & Muffy expects a raise 4. hundred Dollars a month.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for my & our blessing. 

Fri. Jan. 6. 1956./ no eggs today./ Beautiful Day,   Audrey & Martha came in for a little while & brought back the blankets Bonita took home & then Ernie came for a few minutes,    Helen said they were going to  leave Ernie to get himself off to school on, time by himself,   Rue’s going early to work Mon. morning & Helen at 6-30-a-m & Ernie at 7-45.   he’s so small it seems to bad, for he’s never had to do for his self like we children use to.    I hope it works out O.K.   I thank & Praise God for all my & our Blessing & for my healing in Jesus name & pray to be filled with holy Ghost. 

Sat. Jan. 7. 1955./ REceived good encouraging letter from Sister Willitt’s,   Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus for the Care Thou doeth take of us & we are so unworthy    Armond came & brought a few groceries & he & Elbert went to Huron & got few more & got water at 4. corners.    I Praise Thee Jesus for my healing. 

Sun. Jan. 8. 1955./ Joe & Katherine were here part of the after noon.   I’m feeling much better & Praise God from Whom all blessing flow & pray He Keeps me safe from all who would still like to harm me.   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Mon. Jan. 9. 1956/ Page. 3424./ Mostly cloudy & fine misty rain early in eving j& frozen sleet toward morning,   noone came in today & I’m still trusting & praying & believing for the complete healing    had good encouraging letter from Sister Willitts & she says to trust & not fret.   Glory to God   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 10. 1956./ no eggs today./ Elbert got up to help me     & in a little while Ernie came crying said he got all ready for school & Keep looking for the bus & then fell a sleep & missed it    poor little fellow   he’s only 9. yrs. old.   will be 10 in April & they his parents go off to work & leave him to get himself off to school.   Armond Bonney said he was 31. yrs. old Aug. 19. 1955.   I Praise The Jesus for all things. Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 11. 1955/ no eggs today/ Snowing in light showers,    I got my bath & felt bum today,    Elbert is so bad today, but got chores done & he washed my night gowns & some wash rags & took care of me & chickens.   Got nice note from Harry Miller    & we got our checks.   No one come to get us food today.   I thank & Praise God for my blessing & pray he will Rebuke Satan & take care of Joe in His own way. 

Thurs. Jan. 12. 1956./ No eggs./ Well, it’s been a dark gray day & no one come in all day or evening    so we tried to rest    I think I ought to get up & sit up more   my legs & hips pained me so bad & Kept Elbert up    I thank God & Praise Him & I Praise Jesus & thank them for my healing. 

Fri. Jan. 13. 1956./ no eggs today./ LauraAnn’s birthday she’s 21. yrs old & has 2 babies./ Sun came out early & shone all day,   some fast flying clouds after nooon.   heavy frost last night & it was star light.   Loura Ann is 21. yrs. old today & has 2. babys, a girl & a boy.   No mail today & so far no one come in    Elbert killed red hen & got it on to cook    other hen died,    I said, when Joe & Katherine were here last night that one hen died, & Joe said, with a big grin, a Rode island Red?   he seem happy for some reason.    I wish he didn’t come here.    I gave him a dollar last time, for taking Elbert to get food & they seemed greedy to get it.    I Praise Father Son & Holly Ghost    No one came tonight.   No one all week.   I wonder Why.

Sat. Jan. 14. 1956./ Page. 3425./ no. eggs. 2 hens./ Sun came up nice with a lot of wind   clouds flying fast    No one has come yet to help us to food or water.    I wonder what can be wrong.   Jesus Help us I pray    Nellie & Bonita came, brought some ice cream & they went to Vermilion  got tea & came back with it & promised to come back Mon. night early enough so Elbert can get the food.   Well I was in miserable most allnight   I do pray God will heal & fill me.   I thank Thee Jesus.

Sun. 15. 1956. Jan./ no eggs/Well, Katherine & Joe came & Oh, I do wish God would deal with them.   Eva & Marry Ann came in late & they went before dark.   My hips ach so bad, but Im still trusting & believing God will in Jesus Name take care of me & I will give all Honor & Glory for ever & ever Amen.   Katherine brought Irish stew,  we managed to eat it.

Jan. Mon. 16. 1956./ no egg today./ Well I’m 71. yrs. old today.   Ernie came early  thought he’d missed school bus but he saw it, coming at last up on the highway & he got it O.K.   no mail & it’s dark & gray out side today.   Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came tonight & Nellie stayed with me While Elbert & Bonita & 3 went to Vermilion & got the food supply.   Armond & Clara & there two children came & brought washing they had & visited for a while    I gave her my old white linen table cloth & the printed one thats washable & the head for grass seed to her “Clara” & now we are in such pain again.   I wrote a few lines to REv. Swarthouse & his wife & one to Webers & it tuckered me about out   I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for all things now & ever Amen.

Tue. Jan. 17. 1956./ Partly cloudy & No one came in allday,   Ernie came in before bus came but he got it out here. & I haven’t felt very well   pains are steady & pain my hips & legs so bad.   Sister Weber came & read & prayed with me,   she’s such a Kind person,   she wrote to a Rev. Robert’s & he’s one of God great men “he is in Astrailia  & they called to him & he sent an anointed cloth that many had prayed over & now we are all of one accord & I do trust my healing is complete    I Praise God our Father Jesus our Saviour & phyican & Holy Ghost now & for ever & ever, Glory be to Jesus.    Colder a little tonight    it thawed a little today   Clouded up early tonight.   (from Katherine today) I Praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost.   Received letter other day from Marry Vedowich & one

Wed. Jan. 18. 1956./ page. 3426./ No one in all day,   Bonita & Nellie brought back the wash.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our blessing.   Elbert prayed for me to this morning   I was in pain so bad. 

Thurs. Jan. 19. 1956./ 61. days before Spring    Ernie got the bus here this morning,   it did snow, but thawed quite a lot today.   partly Cloudy to day or mostly cloudy,   no one came in so far.  

Sat. Jan. 21. 1956./ Well cloudy mostly all day & a Man a Mr. Bruster, that was here, with a group of Christians, that prayed & sang, called & had prayer & today Armond & Ruby came    he took Elbert to town & he did the shopping & a few erands & Ruby wiped up Kitchen floor & my room    We are grateful   & tonight Nellie & Bonita & 2 chidlren came   brought 3 pears & bunch of grapes      Geo. cut his hand so bad they had to take him to Dr.    couldn’t get the blood stopped,   but, it did after Dr. give him a shot.   they didn’t stay,  had to go home & do out a washing & do some baking.    I thank Thee Jesus for my healing.   All praise & Glory be Thine for ever Amen.

Sun. Jan. 22. 1956./ Been mostly cloudy but nice day & not a soul came in all day.   I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for my healing & our many blessings.   I’m still trusting to be made Whole & I’ll give all honour & Glory to Thee Jesus, Wholy & Worthy. Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 23. 1956./ Sun came up early,   I had to get up    I felt so bad.   Earnie came   thought he had missed the buss, but it came.   he said Uncle Clark was at there house,   he was in Cryle hospital for Cansore   he drove his car to Rue’s last night.   Been a beau-tiful day   sun all day.   Elbert’s felt terrible bad.   he’s still trying to do all the odds & ends &  cleaned stove pipe this morning & chickens out, wasgooddaytodoit, I received letter from Sister Swarthouse,   she been ill for 3 weeks & he hasn’t had his cloth off in all that time.   I sent

Mon. Jan. 23. 1956./ Page. 3427./ no eggs./ them 5.00 & she seemed greatly pleased   I’ll try to send 5.00 more soon.    I do Praise God for all we have & all thats done for us.   Oh, Glory be to Jesus I love Him more & more   He leads me to green pastures & through His open doors.    He will never, never fail me.   I’ve proved Him o’er & over.   Well, Frank & Armond came this evening & brought us our 10 gal milk can of water & visited for a while & I spent a bad night, but Praise God for all my blessing    I thank & Praise Thee God of Love & mercy & Jesus  & am thankful for my healing & blessings.   I’m still trusting

Tue. Jan. 24. 1956/ It’s been a beautiful day with bright sun.   Ernie came up & left for school from here,   Clark was there again last night & left this morning    Rue is still working days, so Ernie is on his own.    Audrey wrote & said she could get the mattress in store below her, but they are charging 49.95 & the sale price in all stores that handle that mattress, is only 39.95,    We wrote her a card & told her & if she couldn’t get it for less, & send one out.   No one here today.   There are hundreds of robbins here & starlings for a week or more. Not quite as sunny today   sort of haze in the air.  I thank thank God in Jesus Holy Name for my healing & pray He will strengthen Rev. & Mrs. Swarthouse & give them what they need

Wed. Jan 25. 1956./ No quite as suny as Tue.   sort of haze in air.   Ernie came & got buss from here.   Elbert’s back is sure bad & so are my hips & legs.    I took bath & feel clean but bone between shoulders is paining bad.   no mail today,   Well, it’s been a nice day & looks like Spring out    I set up in chair & on edge of bed, but tonight pains are sure bad.   Oh God of Love & Mercy take all the evil spirits out of me & fill me with the Holy Ghost to over flowing,    I thank & Praise Thee now & ever more

Thurs. Jan. 26. 1956./ Well Ernie left from here for school   hot sun today   no mail,   Audrey & Martha came tonight & talked about the mattress,   Martha had Joan’s boy   nice little fellow, nice smile & we had a nice day   & Mr. & Mrs. Weber came in for an hour or so & prayed with me   they are such nice people  more like our own ought to be    Elberts back is so bad.   I Praise God for All thing in Jesus Name. Amen.

Fri. Jan. 27. 1956./ Page. 3428./ Ernie went to school from here.   cold last night   12 above Zero this morning    Nelson’s birthday   he’s 11. yrs. old today. another beautiful day,   hot sun, No mail & no one came in.   I am trusting Jesus will send some one to help me soon,   I will always give Him the Praise & Glory,   I had to pray most of the night. Amen.

Sat. Jan. 28. 1956./ Mostly Cloudy, No mail, No one came in sofar.   Well, late afternoon Eva & Marry Ann came in,   she went for a few things to eat & got some ice cream, cheery,   Nellie & Ella Jane came in before Eva left for town & left soon after she got back.    Nellie brought one night gown she had fix over, one of the big ones Gertie gave me.   They didn’t stay long   Ella Jane had 2 bad tumbles & didn’t look to good.   Eva stayed a couple of hrs.   it began to rain & get dark & she went,   she said Katherine was sick & she might be in hospital    she was going there before she went home.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small.    All Glory be to Jesus.  2 people close to Eva died last week.

Sun. Jan. 29. 1956./ A very dark sort of gloomy day.  Ernie came this morning  snowed & there a was about 4 in snow & no school today.  while after dinner  Letter from Sister Willitt’s & Deaars, & Elbert food supplement table to.  Dark & looks like more.   Thanks be to God for all our many blessings,   I do Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust for Thy help Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 30. 1956./ to day’s Jerry’s birthday/ Martha’s baby Jerry’s 1. yr. old today.   Letters from Sister Willitts & Dear this morning.   Elbert food pills.  Saw 4 in. snow last night & no school bus.   Ernie’s been here all day    snowed a while today.   been quite dark all day.   Frank & Ruby came & brought the wash. back last night.   Ruby Jean is expecting baby in Feb.   No one came in tonight.   I thank & Praise Thee, Jesus for all things. 

Tue. Jan. 31. 1956./ Wyn’s birthday, 81. yrs old/  A beautiful day nice sun & hot;   Card from K- or a note & a letter from Audrey.   she bought & payed for the mattress 40.69 & tax & olive oil 1.49, so 42.18, I owe Audrey.   katherine isn’t very well & going for an exray to see what’s wrong with her ribs   they go out of place   Miss Willitts says get up & stand on my feet    I do try   there’s no strength in them.   they are sore & stiff, but I’m trust-ing I’ll be able before long to manage it,   she said she wished she was near & So do I.

Jan. 31. 1956, Tue./ Page. 3429./ Wyn’s 81. yrs old today./ Ernie went to school from here today.   Elber’s feeling so bad, thinks it’s flu.   Been nice day.   Dear’s came, brought jellow & pie. & cookes.   I didn’t visit, had a bad case  my bowels just were so hard they couldn’t move, so took injection 3 times & before 10-p-m. got cleaned out.   Praise the Lord.   We told Audrey We needed Olive Oil right away, but we haven’t got it yet & she paid for mattress & no mattress yet.   Mrs. Dear said her mother’s in bad shape.   No mail a letter from Audrey & Hastlets   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & trust You Will help me to do the things, I ought to do & receive the help I need. 


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