December 1955

[Thurs Nov. 31, 1955 and Fri. Dec. 1, 1955: no diary entry]

Dec. 2. 1955./ day,  [Friday] I’m laying around & can’t remember for the pain is so bad in hip & leg.    I pray God will soon have mercy & hear me in Jesus Name. 

Dec. 3. 1955. Thurs.[Should be Saturday] /  Audrey brought me a box of C. Cheerys & some old fashion Lickrish Drop

Fri.[should be Sunday] Dec. 4. 1955./ Dark & cloudy all day    I thank & praise God for my blessing Amen.   

Sat.[Should be Monday] Dec. 5. 1955./ Been so much in pain haven’t been able to write.    The minister took my tax blank to mail Dec. 10.   Im behind in my writing

[Tuesday Dec. 6. 1955-Friday Dec. 9. 1955:  no diary entries]

Sat. Dec. 10. 1955./Page. 3418./ no eggs/ It was today the minister from Norwalk took my tax blank to mail for me.    I thank God for my blessings.

Sun. Dec. 11. 1955./ no eggs./ Still in such pain    I can’t hardly Keep my mind straight.    Frank & Armond came in & brought us two rabbits & visited & Jean & Bill & there baby.    & Nellie Bonita & her 3 have been here several times.    Oh I sure will be so happy to been free again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things. 

Mon. Dec. 12. 1955/no eggs./ Rev. Dear’s & Naomie were here tonight & they brought us a food suppliment they sure recomend very high, so we took half a months suply for the two of us & I don’t believe God will condem me for it.    Christmas cards coming & I didn’t even buy any.    Oh Praise the Lord, He’s good to me.   Glory Hallelujah. Amen

Tue. Dec. 13. 1955./ no. eggs./ Joe & Katherine came & she stay’d with me & Elbert & Joe went to Vermilion for grain & straw & food for us & then they went home as soon as Joe got back,    they have so much Christmas shopping to do.    I sent a card to Nora    put a dollar bill in it    & one Harry Miller 3.00 in.   1.00 more with dollar in can’t remember to Who    & a card to some one & gas tank card.    We had some more snow can’t tell what day.   sun did shine couple of days    I can’t seem to remember, but 

this will be for Dec. 14. 15. 16. & 17./ [Wed, Thurs, Fri. Sat]/ Dr was here Sat 17.  & took his pills back.    I nearly strangled on one of them then got a cold from exertion,    none of our folks out this week.    Dec. 17. Eva Keagan & Marry Ann came out for half hour or so, gave Elbert 2 Kercheifs & some candy & a few date[?]  sticks  a tea pot for 2 cups tea & a strainer   a can of tomatoes & one of plumbs.    I had given Eva & Marry Ann each a Kerchief with crochet-ed edges & I sent one to each of her old ladies & give her one for Ema,   hope they will each write card & tell me they got them & liked them.    I’m sitting in rocking chair (Eva’s) & my leg & butt paining me so bad.    I got to get back in    I can’t sit in chair.

Sun. Dec. 18. 1955./ page. 3419./ no. eggs today/ It snowed last night & is a dark day.    David Hunters birthday    he would be 70. yrs. old & he’s been gone for sometime now.    Partly or mosly cloudy.    No. one in today.   God help us. 

Mon. Dec. 19/ Partly cloudy   not so cold & so far no one been in today   cards still coming  7. Sat. & 4. today.    had lots of pain today. for 2 or 3 days & nights.

Tue. Dec. 20  Wed. Dec. 21. Thurs. Dec. 22./ We had a little snow    No one in today   Normand’s wife from G. Store came & brought a box of fruit & visited a while    she has 3. boys little ones.    Rained again today little & I fell & it took a lot of my strength tonight.    No one came in today.    I thank & praise God for all our blessing

Fri. Dec. 23. 1955./ no eggs./ Two boys came in to hunt & gave us one rabbit    it was a nice young tender one    Elbert dressed it for Sun. dinner.   

Sat. Dec. 24. 1955./ no eggs./ WEbbers brought us 2 chickens,   We paid for one & they gave us one & she brought milk & fruit & cookies & such like.    Partly cloudy all day   nipy breeze & fresh.

Sun. Dec. 25. 1955./ no eggs. today/ Ernie Sarr came & brought us some Florida Oranges & grapefruits, his Uncle Ernie sent a bu. from Florida. & they were having a big dinner    Muffy is home   her man has gone into service & the rest of there family will be home tomorrow.Ernie said.    Tonight Nellie, Bonita& her 3. children & Ella Jane came for a little while    they brought fruit salid turkey, & dressing.    The Rev. Dear came & brought us things,  a night gown, scarf & big red poinsetta,   one evening last week.    God takes good care of us.    I received Card from Miss. McGovern    she fell 3 stepps & can’t walk & Mr & Mrs. Rev. Swarthouse sent me ther picture on post card  good ones.    Today is for Jan.   a beautiful Spring like day,   flys out side & 2 spiders.    rained early & snow all gone,   ground froze last night & stayed froze all day;    Partly cloudyt mostly fair.    I thank Jesus He is & allway Will be.

Mon. Dec. 26. 1955./ page. 3420/ no eggs./ Today is for Feb. 1956 weather    Sun came through about 9-a-m.    it was so dark before that    & it was nice untill 4 or 4-30.p-m.    Wind was N. East but all died out before dark,    ground stayed froze all day & it tried to snow before dark    didn’t make out.    it’s freezing freezing tonight,   I still have heavy severe pains in hips, legs & back.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things I don’t know or understand,   but Thou Knowest.    There were 4. boys from Lorain here hunting rabbits   they got several & gave us 1. one was & Emerick boy. heavy frost

Dec. 27. Tue. 1955./ no eggs today/Weather for Mar. 1956. & it came in howeling-wind N. east cold & raw   clouds going [?] up above   not so bad below, partly cloudy all day   sun came out aabout 9-a-m.  nice afternoon & not quite so cold   started to get dark about 4-p-m-   beautiful moonlight night, sun looked like big, ball of ice    you could look right at it & waning in the snow or rain.   Elbert found lower end of water pipe off stone in bottom of well.   he got it up, but, not where it belongs, Emerick man & one other came to hunt gave, Elbert 2. rabbits & helped get pump back in place.   Oh Praise the Lord forever & ever.   march went out nice

Wed. Dec. 28. 1955./ no eggs./ Weather for April nice day.   partly cloudy but bright sun   Clouded up at night but cleared off & was star & moonlight & not quite so cold,    Joe & Katherine came after noon    Joe took Elbert to town.   I gave them a dollar for gas, for she is be-gining to plead, no gas.   but she said they had half tank of gas & are well fixed in all ways for winter,    she said they wouldn’t be out again for a week or so    Oh God show people how to be Christians    What would Jesus do?   not as most of us take care of our selves & not take care of the sick & helpless,   they don’t take care of only them  they love in there families,    Elbert is sick & no one to depend on for just a little help.

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1955/ Weather for May– been a dark cloudy day    tried to rain about noon, but no luck:   I felt so bad last night    trust Jesus will ease off pain tonight.   Still cloudy & dark. no sun today.   have received stack of cards & notes.   Emerick came back hunting today    God help & keep us.

Fri. Dec. 30. 1955./Page. 3421./ no. eggs/ Weather for June. 1956. Dark most of the morning   then sun came out at intervals 10-a-m.    tried to snow & again a noon & all the after noon the same, not very cold.    wind N. West this a-m.  sun hot but, white.   Wind has shifted & to-night cleared partly hazy over the moon.   Oh God I praise Thee & give Thee all Glory & honour. Amen.

Sat. Dec. 31. 1955./ no eggs./ Weather for July, mostly cloudy  spits snow in light showers,   sun came out at 10-a-am but didn’t stay,   wind has gone from N. West to S. west.    Elbert gave the Emeric boy 5.00     he paid light bill & got us 2. lbs. butter Fri. the 30th.   No one been here to give us a lift all week,    Nellie & children were coming middle of week, didn’t come & no word & no word about Jim Monagon,    he was coming home on airplane for Christma & the last we heard hadn’t come yet.    Wind’s gone back S. West. at 10-to 2.p-m.   We had pleasent after noon some clear sunshine & it cleared off tonight again wind died out late this afternoon.    The bread man said he saw 4. wild deer this morning.    he seemed surprized.    Nellie, Bonita & Nelson came & brought us our wash, wet, been having bad luck with wash machine    they brought pumpkin custard & baked it here, ground froze & stayed froze so looks like queer hot & cold weather.   so cold hens didn’t come out side,    Gas tank man was here & he’s going to try to bring us a refregdarator    Well, I thank & praize God in Jesus Name for our blessing & healings. 

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