January 1960

Elinor is very close to her own death but does not consciously know that.  She picks up her pen again after a gap from February 1956-December 1959, almost 4 years, during which time she had lost the ability to stand up or walk,  hospitalized multiple times, put on insulin, getting medication for pain, admitted to a ‘home’ in Bellveue,  dependent on a hoyer lift, totally dependent on others to go to the bathroom, be set up for a bath, to get up to a chair, cook, feed, bake, can, clean, and do laundry.  She is surrounded by a new group of caretakers/church members/friends some of whom seem to revere her for her (special) connection with Jesus.  The most significant shift for her during this time was that she had to depend on a community rather than Jesus to cure her.  She still for the most part asks Jesus to cure her of the sicknesses but had to succumb to letting the society, the hospital, the nursing home try to make her better as well.    Elbert and Elinor  are essentially house bound.  The car was still working, apparently, and possibly being used by others to accomplish chores and errands.  E/E parents are dead, other siblings were located in Vincent (sister Nellie, niece Bonney, Bonita, Ella Jane) and at the original Black River homestead (brother Frank and nephew Armond and Uncle Will, Aunt Edith), and living elsewhere, brother Fred and wife Ethel Norderer and child Laura Ann on her second husband who also has children,  and living in Lorain in an apt (sisters Audrey and Gertie, and neice Martha), but did not visit or assist E/E.   This is the beginning, however, of assistance from their nephew young John Harnish, minister at the “largest Methodist Church in Ohio”  and his family who previously lived in Seville, Ohio but now are living on Westwood Ave in Lakewood, Ohio.  This part of the diary is overshadowed by Elinor’s sense of abandonment by her family which she describes in stark terms:   Referring to the meal Mrs Hensley must cook to feed 10 for breakfast, Elinor says

Well I know what she means.  We use to have John & Nellie and there six for a week & P & Fred & Ethel for a few days & Martha & Audrey for few days.  Pa was here most of the time & now I can’t cook & they seldom come even for an hour or so to visit.  people ride a free horse to death; Well, it’s over now 13 yrs. noise & confusion & all there dirty tricks.   I didn’t keep my diary all those yrs.  it would have been terrible & some of it horrible & discaacful.  Well Milton came & put me in chair & helped Elbert to turn mattress & Elbert made bed again & then put me in it again,    I’m terrible weak    Milton let dogs run a while    then went home,   & it so foggy  thick fog.   I lay half dead for several hrs. to weak.”

It is unclear how she drew the new group of caretakers to her home, especially since she was unable to go to church or prayer meetings and it seems like most of the helpers were from a church.  The two main families who come and provide care, apparently free of charge, are named Ann  and Milton and their 5 children, Cathy, Billy, Frankie, and Connie,  & their dogs that come to run on the Bonney property,  and Betty and Bud and their 2 boys.  We don’t learn their last names.   It sounds as if these people live in Lorain near each other but the exact location is not mentioned.  But they call (on the phone that E/E have apparently obtained) and come almost daily and do all the chores and then just sit with Elinor and Elbert and pray with her.   These families attend a church, possibly in Lorain.  They, like other parishioners attend different other churches or  prayer groups during the week, sometimes  at a person’s home (Mr. & Mrs. Canaberry) in Berlin Heights.  There are missionaries (Armstrongs,) who come to the churches to show slides of their work.  There is a church in Berlin Heights as well and the minister there is Rev. Gibson.   Another minister is Rev. Schmidt and he seems to be odd in some ways that Elinor disapproves of.  However, Brother Payne for example goes all the way to Port Clinton for prayer meeting.  Elinor also maintains her philanthropy sending 1-5 dollars to a Boys Home, to Oral Roberts, to a Fred Gordan and Wyatt for children, & 5.00 to the Armstrongs for Missionary work.  

Elinor uses the diary to relay stories she hears about the local community and the world.  There is a well-to-do family, the Wards who come to the Bonney rescue after their home on Georgia Ave burns down.  She ends up spending months and years at the home of the Wards and in fact is home-schooled there during a time when she was suffering miserably with incontinence at night and during the day.  She never was able to confess this or get help from her parents about it but the wife or someone working at the Wards helped her handle it physically and psychologically.  But here, 45+ years later she is speaking about a daughter of “The J Wards”  who has “cansor” and the father who has begun to abuse alcohol and be abusive, at least to the wife.  The connection seems to be with Betty and Milton’s 14 year old boy who is writing letters to this girl with cansor.   She repeats dramatic stories of the world “going to fast a pace.” with Bill Snyder next door in a car accident, 4 teen boys in a car that total a new car; about two boys, sons of Opal, who find a washing machine, put one boy in it, and roll it off a steep embankment 500 ft almost straight down; about someone named Clifford Hall, father of Patty, husband of Edna, backing his car accidently over a girl his daughter’s age,  who was playing in the water in a ditch at the end of his drive.  Cliff is devastated! This girl was rushed to the hospital, had a cracked “spline” and later gastric hemorrhaging but with recovery in the end.   This last year of her life notes contact with friends she has known for over 50 years, including the first woman Elinor tried to work for, Mrs. Baumgart, and the friend abandoned by her son and family, Miss Clark from Vermilion, and the friend who tries to bribe Elinor, Miss McGovern.  She is amazed how old these friends are, when of course she is aging at the same rate.   We learn of several families who show up at holidays or who just keep in touch by letter.  Mrs. Crisco with a 19 year old in military, and another daughter and granddaughter from Lorain, and a sister in law from Bellevue.,  The Hensleys who rent a house and have 4 children, Viola Wolf  who ends up in the same Bellevue Nursing Home as Elinor but on the “insane” ward.  The story of Opal continues to be told, including the husband who had a car accident 2 years previous that ended with a woman in the other car suing for 10 thousand dollars, causing him to be a wanted man who gets caught and  ends up in the Toledo work house and the 6 boys who are being removed by the Welfare office

The neighbors there on Hahn Rd are also known for >50 years, headed south Snyders before the railroad crossing , and the Hoffman farm after the crossing.  Going North the next neighbor is the Sarrs.  That is the family she runs to when her husband Frank Babcock, dies and the family who “hire” E/E to watch their son, possibly just as a way to give the Bonney’s some income.  Heading West through the woods is “old Mr” Holbroook, who tries to take advantage of Elbert, and intimidate Elinor, but in the end someone E/E help frequently giving food, transportation, and assistance. 

Jan. 1. 1960. Fri. / Ann called & she & Betty went to watch service & got home 1-300-a-m.,  she told me yesterday that J. Wards little girl has cansor & he has got so he drinks & is mean to his wife   he has 2 little boys all so & Ann’s boy, 14. yrs. old writes to the little girl & Bill Snyder was in car wreck, but not hurt bad & 4 boys over by Ann smashed there new car all to piecese, but they wasn’t hurt boys 17 & 18 yrs. old.   the folks in the world going to fast a pace.   Ann thought she’d be here in the morn. & then visit.   How much I thank Thee Jesus for all our many bless.

 Jan. Sat. 2. 1960./ Nice out tonight. Dec. & 1. & this Jan. morning is dark   very cloudy.   Ann was to come at 9.a. m. but came at 2-30P-m.   Elbert’s bowels has pained his all day,   she brought the Peptobismol   she gave him a dose & now its about time for third dose   he feels so iratable & is in pain,   she talked to me a few minutes & her boy came in, but acted like a frightened deer,   hardly spoke a dog words,   they went & then Milton & boy came back to hunt    they got a rabbit & gave it to Elbert,   he feels to bad to dress it   he’d gone to toilet when Milton came    his bowels are a very little better,    While they were hunting it began to rain & they got in car & went,     just before they left, Mrs. Crisco  her son “the 19. yrs old boy from Cali.” came in,    Oh God, how she loves me,    I pray it never failes.   I love her & her sister-in-law & her husband & all theirs,   they are trying to live for the Lord & do His Will,   Oh, Jesus help them,   the rain will turn to sleet & then snow before morning.    & Elbert was just out & said it’s raining hard.   he still feels so bad yet,   he fixed can soup for supper “called” bakin bean soup”   it wasnt bad but I didn’t like.   hope beans don’t cause trouble.   No letters today    I mailed 3.   Nellie mailed one the other day for me.   Johny brought things, so they got me out of bed & back in again    We gave him $10.00 for fixtures.

Sat. Jan. 2.1960./ Well Elberts laying down & he sure feels so bad,   I am trusting he’ll feel better tomorrow.   Mrs. Crisco. had her grand daughter from Lorain with them & her son came in for 10 minutes   they were taking, grand daughter home to Lorain & her Sonny boy had a girl  he’d picked up & ask his mother to keep untill next week, then the boy’s going back to Washington in the Service    Such is the world.   May God watch over & Keep us close to Him Amen.    Ann got us milk & lemon, cough drops & Pepto bismol.   We owe her 24 cents,   I’ll try to remember it if I can.

Sun. Jan 3. 1960./ Been a very dark dreary Day & getting worse as after noon wore on & its to dark to see to write or read.   Elbert layed down a little while & slept    I slept this a.m.   It tried to rain but didn’t make it    Radio says rain, sleet & snow.   Ann called & hopes to go to Church tonight,   she said morning services were good & a few more were there than usual.   No one came in to call on us today.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus Thou art still with us. 

Mon. Jan. 4. 1960/ Partly Cloudy untill afternoon then sun came out & it’s been so nice.    We received letter from Opal, poor Girl.   Ann & Betty came & 2 boys & Connie   they brought Lorain News Papers a Calender & some hard candy & 2 qt cans 1. of peaches 1. tomatoe & 1. jar grapejelly & Ann brought back the washing    she had sheets & draw sheets.    They’ve been having such good meeting during the holiday Huron, Port Clinton & Bellevue Ohio.   Oh God help each one to receive Thy Spirit & do Thy Will,   Ann was struck down with the Spirit Sun. night, now, I wonder, Oh, Jesus help me to help Ann & Betty more   I thank & Praise Thee. Jesus.

Tue. Jan. 5. 1960./ colder last night & they say tonight going down to 12 degrees.   Mostly cloudy this a-m.   clearing round noon & sun now bright,   but, wind still cold & raw.   Elbert got his check the 4th Mon.   Mail today light bill, got Opal’s letter Mon. & now the big job ans card notes.    Ann called & said she thought Rev. Gibson & Bro. Payne would call on us this afternoon & she said Mr. Holbrook had been in Hospital & has rehumatic fever. & ask for prayer.   May God help us to Keep His commands, in all ways,  read our bibles, pray for understanding & wisdom, to trust & believe with our heart, soul, mind & strength & understand the meaning there of.    Ann said, she & Betty were going to Berlin Hights to Rev. Gibson’s meeting tonight & she ask Milton to go but don’t know yet , if he will go,   God help him to go I ask in Jesus Name & that Thou will cast him down & deal with him, untill he will give in & do Thy Will,  help us Jesus, Thou has said we could ask & it would be given, nothing doubting, now Jesus strengthen us in all Thy Ways, We thank Thee.   Wind was S. West Mon. & today, untill noon,  went S. W.   Well, I’ve had a feeling a group was coming in & I saw Mrs. Simms face,   well, she came & brought her 2 daugters & one son-in-law & there baby, & a neighbor woman,   They belong to Jesus   they all say & I pray they do,   Mrs. Fisher is well versed in the bible,   the son-in-law has just re-cently been converted & filled with the Holy Ghost.   the power went through him strong each time we prayed,   they all [?] were happy in the Lord   We all prayed, they said they couldn’t come at Christmas so they brought me $1.75 & 1. box choclates cherries, they said they’d be back again soon to read talk & pray. 

Tue. Jan. 5. 1960/  I wrote a letter to Opal to-day   had hoped to do a couple more & tomorrow is Wed. & Ann & Betty are coming in the morning to take Elbert to get the shopping done    I hope all will go well   Elbert don’t feel to well  his bowels don’t distress him, but are sore & he feels lame & sore.   The Minister didn’t get here,   I hope Ann & Betty got away to Church meeting.   Its been a great day its been cold raw breeze all day & say it will be     I wrote a letter to Miss Clark   that’s 2 today    8. degrees tonight.

Wed. Jan. 6. 1960/ Bright morning, little cloudy, just a cloud passes over once in a while.    We had letter from Audrey, says she’s sewing again but is not to strong & she’s had & still is having her troubles with Gertie   she likes to be bossie & Jean & Joan had to “as Audrey puts it” tell her off, for they look after Audrey,   Guess Gertie didn’t have a cold,   she’s working,   she use to like to make out she was terrible hoarse & then wasn’t at all.   Mrs. Simms  her 2 girls & son in law & baby & Mrs Fisher were here last night    We had a good Spiritual visit & prayer    the Son in law was converted the night they left here last time & then filled with the Holy Spirit    he says he don’t know how he lived the other way before.   Mrs. Simms brought a belated Gift  a box of milk chaccolate Cheeries & rest gave $1.75 in money,    Mrs. Fisher gave the dollar.   & They ask me to pray for several,   I can’t remember the Names,    but, will ask Jesus to, & to help them each one ,   one of the girls has a bad sore toe,   we prayed for it.   Received letter from mrs. Armstrong & she says God is ans. prayer & ask I continue Praying for all of them yet.  She said God had ans. prayer for Miss Clark & that she lots better & up, Oh, how I Praise Thee Jesus & trust Thou will Keep me ever so Close & help me help others for Thy Sake Amen.    Opal, said she received a check for $32.00 dollars & when she got it she thanked God for my prayers for she felt it was my prayers that had helped her receive the money & if she had-n’t received it they would have been distarte[?desperate] for Holidays. May God help them. 

Wed. Jan. 6. 1960/ It’s a nice day  cold raw S. West wind.   Nice Sun, but white.   Ann & Betty were coming to take Elbert to town for food & other shopping   He’s feeling better & I pray he won’t get any more cold.   Well they went to town,   its Wed. so only got part of it done, as most stores closed on Wed. afternoons,   he got the most necessary things.   Ann wiped up floors while they were gone   Car didn’t run very good but they got home at 5-30-p-m.   they left here 2-30.P.m.   they went to Berlin hights & got 1. bu. apples & stopped & told Milton on there way back that they were on way back here & Ann & Connie would be home soon.   Betty’s boys were in the car all that time & tore up Anna’s mail & a 1/2 bu basket in little pieces    they are such mischievious boys.    Letter this a-m from Audrey   she, to, has her troubles.   she’s feeling lots better & trying to catch up her sewing,   she’s so weak.   

Thurs. Jan. 7. 1960./ Cloudy all morn, then sun came out few hrs.   & now its getting dark again at 3-30 & quite dark at 5-p-m  Rev. Schmit was here for & hr. or so,   he don’t act or talk like a minister,   he says he don’t want to preach to hard & hurt peoples feelings   Well, the word of God hadn’t ought to hurt us.   Ann said they had a good service Sun night & she fell over with the Power Praise God.   They had a good Meeting at Berlin Hights Tue. night  Rev. Gibson & one other Minister & a number of people were there Payne & Betty were there    Betty said it sure was good to be there   Payne come & helped Elbert fix pump tonight, nut was loose;   we had Spiritural talk & prayer & then he went home   It’s good to talk & pray.

Fri. Jan. 8. 1960./ Partly cloudy west wind & cold. getting real cloudy this after noon.   Elbert got a letter from Easel, she talks as if I was making a slave of him, but he says he’s glad I’m here & he has some one to talk to & he hasn’t said a thing to any one to make them think other wise,   she said, she’s as good as any Crist-ian living,   we both know better & both said so-  she may be a good as some Who profess to be Christians.    We are not judgeing,   I feel she un-der conviction & Pray God will rebuke Satan    I had not from Mrs. Armstrong   she says Gods ans. prayer.   I talked to Ann, she went & had Prayer with Holbrooks this morn,   I thank Thee Jesus for ans. prayer, we have been praying for him he had rhumatic fever, says he’s feeling much better    We thank Thee so much Jesus.   Mrs Simms called from Sandusky Thurs & we have ask God to heal Mrs Fisher’s grand daughter’s kidney.  Ann prayed for Mrs Holbrook today she could hardly talk, her cold was so bad.   Oh Dear Heavenly Father guide direct & keep Thy people,   We need Thee Jesus so much.   Well no one came in today,   Keep us Close Jesus.

Sat. Jan. 9. 1960./ A beautiful morn, nice sunshine   hardly any breeze at all.   A letter from Mrs. Crisco  Mrs. Bracket & one to me from Easel   she’s so terrible ignorant.   It’s so nice to hear from those we love & uner-stand & that understands us.   Ann came & took Elbert to town & he mailed Audreys letter.   Dian stayed with me while they were gone.   Elbert feels sore & lame again tonight   it’s different ex-ersize than he’s use to & breathing the fresh air walking on concrete walks.   Well, I only fasted part of the day.

Sat. Jan. 9. 1960./ It’s sure been a beautiful day a lull before a storm,   there was a big ring around the moon last night, cloudy tonight.    Elbert bought a new Big Ben clock today.   Mrs. Crisco says they can come & have prayermeeting this coming Fri. Jan. 15.    I hope they come & God will bless converting & healing us each, one, Praise God. 

Sun. Jan. 10. 1960./ Dark very dark dreary day & Mr. Marshell & his wife & baby & an eledery man from Sandusky came in for & hour or so,   he, Marshell wanted to talk about some things in the scriptures,   my mind must be getting bad   I can’t seem to remember with out looking it up, so I’ll have to do it.   Mr. Marshell is Mrs. Simm’s son in law    we had a good Spiritual visit & we all prayed together & they said they’d be back in a few days,   they brought 4 cans of food.  it’s to dark to see & doing it, & hoping I get it right.    Ann hasn’t called today,   she always calls on Sun.   Milton & Ann came & spent the Evening.    They looked out to see if there care was O.K. & a car was over by John’s building they, started the car & it sounded like 2 revolver shots,   they left & in few minutes came back & when Elbert went & looked out once or twice the 2 shots sounded clear again, then they left.   & we wondered about it. 

Mon. Jan. 11. 1960./ Been partly cloudy al day.   we got letter from Miss Clark with 2.00 in   & she said mumb is the word .  I wish she wouldn’t send it.   Elbert says maybe she’s trying to pay back a little of what we’ve done for her, but we don’t want her to do that,    we never felt that way,  she’s lots better she says & had lots of mail & company & gifts    Praise the Lord.   Well I’ve wrote 3. letters & one card, hope I get caught up.   It’s cloudy & dark today.   had heavy fogg last night & looks as if it would be the same tonight

Tue. Jan. 12. 1960./ No mail.   Wind S. east this morn.   No one came in or called today, was foggy.   but not bad last night & a little tonight.    Wind went S. west & quite warm    It rained most of the day stopped before dark but Elbert says looks & feels as if it would get at it again & he says its quite warm out,    The radio says they are having freakish weather & the roads were glasey ice in some placews & a buss rolled over 2 or 3 times but no one hurt & Elbert says it is raining now at 8-15.   & real dark.

Wed. Jan. 13. 1960./ Loura Ann’s birth day,    I forgot her age.    We had thick fogg last night & untill all most noon & it didn’t all clear away,   its foggy yet, we can see about 400 ft. away & we have a misty rain damp & chilly    A card from Nellie,   George isn’t very well for 2 days & Mark has had a very poor spell   been under that for awhile, is a little better.    They have been having lots of rain & afraid the basement will flood again,   not very cold outside.   So dark, hard to see to read or write.  15 to 4. p.m. 

Thurs. Jan. 14. 1960. / Dark & damp & foggy & we slept late or I did,   Elbert got up to pay Milk man,   he paid him & got things straightened out,   how he should leave it & cheese, then he lay down after he ate hiBreakfast & slept untill 11.a.m. then Betty & Ann came    Betty took Elbert to town   he had to put a dollar’s worth of gas in her car so it cut us short on the food,   Well we have to get along with out it.   We had prayer Ann & I & Connie       & she told me Rev. Gibson came to Berlin Hights & lost the way here ,    Ann should have called the place at Berlin Hights but she didn’t,     it’s a long way from Bellevue there & it would seem as if they would have a better understanding Where & when to meet.    Elbert & Betty wasn’t gone long & they went to Berlin Hights & got Billy & came here & left Elbert & got Ann & Conie & went back     Betty had to get Buds dinner.   Betty has bad cold,   she likes the meeting     to her they are shocking.

Fri. Jan. 15. 1960./ Dark & foggy untill noon & little after    then began to snow & is at it yet.   Received two birthday cards  one air mail  from Ella Jane from Jackson California & it was good    the other from Audrey with $15.00 in it    I’m thankful for her love, but she has to work hard for what she has & I’d feel better if she’d just send a handkercheif or some such thing,    but I pray God will reward her.   ground is getting covered with snow.     Audrey says Nellie & Bonita are rangling & coreling again,    I pray Nellie  will try to Keep peace,   she’s to much like pa.    Well at 7.p.m. Mr. & Mrs. Crisco  there daughter & grand-daughter & Mr. Crisco’s Sister came in from Bellevue. for some reason Rev. Gibson & some others couldn’t come,   well Elbert & Sister Crisco & Mrs Grants got my dress on me & they hoisted me up & over wheelchair & let me down    We went out into the Kitchen & they talked a little then Mr. Crisco read some of the scripture & talked on it & other things & things coming to pass right now before our eyes   the horrible things being done now    some one or ones painting swathy, nazia, communies &, all doing dirty work painting on Churches, schools & other places.   & we are having Dark foggy misty days,    it rained some & snow a light covering     most of it melted    its 37 degrees the radio says.   The Honalula Isleland had & earthquake & split a big crack in center over a food wide then they had a worse shake in the morning,    they were expecting the red lava to come up through & it would cover a very large space where the homes are.    I haven’t heard anything more.    The weather man says we are to have a month of bad weather.   no wind.   Crisco’s & Sister brought & Chicken & caned fruit & cottage cheese & she cut end of her left fore finger, a piece clear off the side on front side of finger nail.   I pray God Heals it

Sat. Jan. 16. 1960./ Yesterday was Milton’s & Ann’s boy was 14. yrs. old yesterday.   We can’t give to each one 64.00 dollars    wouldn’t be-gin to take care of them all, Brothers Sister & Nephews Neices, Great nephews & Neices & great greaat nephews & neices & friends,     there are quite a number.    We received 3 letters,    well, one was a card from Vera Whitmer, Opal & Wyatt.   It’s Dark & chilly   froze hard last night,   mild out today.   Lots of auto wrecks & plane miss haps & Killing many people, who are not ready to meet there maker.   No-one in, or called today,     but, tonight Johny & Marcie came in,    they had had there supper, but, Marcie hadn’t eaten much so she had some Chicken & Coffee & Johny did to    although he said he was full   & the looks as if he lived good,    he got some castors for my bed & helped Elbert put them in & they fixed the thing to lift me out & in bed so it won’t be so much work    & she & I had a good visit,    they have 444 & 50 people in there Church   it is the largest church “Methodist” in Ohio.    They brought the family picture for us.    They are sure good children & it’s so nice they feel they want to help us,   God Bless & help them. 

Sun. Jan. 17. 1960./ Dark & cloudy & quite cold,    the old snow about gone.    I was sick last night   stomach upset,    I ate a piece of frankforter I ought not    they are to salty,    so I sat up untill 12.P. M.  then lay down & it hurt untill most morning.   Edna & her husband Cliford Hall came in about noon & I was still laying, but got up & washed & brushed my hair,    she’s been having flu.   been home from work a week,   she don’t look very good yet & talking about going to work tomorrow,  her daughters birthday Mon. 17. & she will be 17. yrs. old.     mercy, but it’s dark,    they talked about an hour,   said the 3 children were home watching T.V.   They had letter from Opal & she said Her boys put one of them in old washing machine & rolled it off the Cliff 500 ft. almost straight down, but he didn’t

Sun. Jan. 17. 1960./ to be hurt when they got him up again.    Oh, what wont boys do.   & Cliff backed his car over a little girl playing in the ditch of water at end of his drive,    he rushed her to the hospital   it had cracked her spline & then later her stomach began to bleed but the4y said she’s O.K. now,   Cliff seemed terrible hurt about it,   he has little Patty, his own daughter about the same age & I know he feels bad    Oh, Jesus help us to live close to Thee & do Thy will     Well, Betty & Bud & boys came in late this afternoon & she brought me a fancy box, with writting paper & envelopes in it & a birthday card for my 75. birth-day,    then Milton & Ann came     she gave me a tray &  it’s to big,   Elbert don’t like it    & a. card with a gold cross & roses & birthday Greetings on it,   God help me to be worthy of there love & the many that do come & give me little things.   N. East Wind little colder.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my many healing in Jesus Name. 

Mon. Jan. 18. 1960./ Dark & cold raw S. West wind, drops of water on limbs   sun come through for just a minute or so, 2 or 3 times,    Received letter from Mr. Baumgart & it’s no good.   A belated Birth day card from Bill, Jean & Girls & one from Wheeler girls.   Very pretty cards & verses.    & this after noon, Mrs Ranm & her eldest daughter came in,   she brought my granit pie plate back & gave me a box of writting paper & enelopes with spray of roses on left hand upper corner, Very pretty    she didn’t bring the cookies, “said they had got to dry” but she would bring some later when she got ready to leave the car    wouldn’t start after a lot of fixing    her man came & it started right off,   he had to bundle up other 3 chldren & come way over here & it started right off for him   she came round 4-30-p.m. & got away 6-30-P.M.    Milton & Ann came & brought us 2. qts. milk & box cottage cheese,    we have to pay them for what money there is left from light bill Milton is going to pay with the 5.00 bill Elbert gave him.   Ranm’s left & then Milton & Ann went.

Tue. Jan. 19. 1960./ Dark morning & it snowed last night    it’s quite cold & snapy   Wind N. West,    I pray for all those Who haven’t any fire or warm clothing or food    it’s hard & trying.    Well, Mrs. Hensley came in & brought us some butter cookies, she wanted to come for the 16th. but couldn’t make it.    they’re have car trouble to the tune of 200. dollars.   His health is improving & he has worked every day 6. days a week she says the rest are well & her father & his family are well & her brother & his wife have gone to Columbus    he got a job over there, he just come in & stays when he’s out of a job & never give her anything for board & washing,    seems as if he’d feel he ought to give them a little for laundry & eats because he’s her brother he don’t think he ought to pay but Mr. Hensley rents his house & has to pay for every-thing,    Oh, what greed there is in this world today.    She brought me a doz. or so, butter cookie,   she always brings me something.   I pray God will bless & Keep them.   Sun shone a very few second yesterday & again today,   it’s lighter out today & my room’s lighter.   no one cam in. 

Wed. Jan. 20. 1960./ Dark & snowing    sun came out for few minutes, but didn’t stay & now it’s snowing thick & fast & stopped, at 2-30-p-m.    REceived a letter one narrow page.    I’ve been telling Elbert I see Mrs Swarthout laying in bed & I have prayed so hard for her, she’s so weak,   but still feels she’ll be O.K. after they operate on her, for gall blader,   she’s tired of shots, but I hope she’ll have strength to pull through, with God’s help.    & so I was glad to get her letter even though it wasn’t much,   she said the Webers were with her,   so she’s content that will help her a lot.   she had got my letters, but I hadn’t got hers.    & Mrs. Armstrong is faithful to send me a note quite often,    God Bless her.   Ann was coming but guess she wont for it’s 10-to 3-p.m. & snowing hard again.

Thurs. Jan. 21. 1960./ Dark & snowy,   my cold is bad   laid down all day   no mail today.   Elbert don’t feel very good   his back & hips across his rump pain him bad.  & I’ve laid here half dead all day,   Hope we feel better tomorrow   it’s been so very dark for the last hour    can’t see to write.    I set in wheel chair & ate supper at the table with Elbert last night,   the falls didn’t work as they ought to,   but we got out & in with out any serious trouble.   I don’t feel able to gte up tonight, 5-30 & so very dark;   Sun shone from 10 untill 2-30-p-m.    then snowed.    Milton & Ann came & spent the evening,   My cold is so bad & Elbert is having such pain in his Knees, hips & across his rump & his head is so bad;   Wind’s S. West. 

Fri. Jan. 22. 1960./ I should have fasted, but felt so bad with the cold I didn’t.    I took most of my bath & aate my breakfast at 12-noon.   my bowels didn’t move Thurs. but they did today & I thank the Lord for helping me.    We got letters from Wyatt & Gordon    they want more money & we just can’t give it,   Ann called this morning God Bless her & help her to understand me also.    its been snowing fine snow all morning,   its now 2.Pm. & still snowing at 8.p.m.    Well, I had good bath this morning, so maybe things will be better Sat.    Elbert talked with Payne tonight,    he’s going to Port Clinton for prayer meetings where he goes often, he says

Sat. Jan. 23. 1960./ Dark,  it snowed hard this morn for a few hrs. then sun tried to come through but couldn’t make it.    No mail worth while.   Ann & Milton came in with few pieces of food & Elbert forgot hamberg    then Dian called & said grandpa had called from Sandusky & now from Huron so Elbert gave them 20.00 & they went back to Huron & got meat & grandpa & came back here & got bill all paid & then on there way home,   children were clamoring to go skating, ice skating.   she hoped to come in Sun.

Sat. Jan. 23. 1960./ just think a whole week gone since my birthday.    Elbert washed clothes this morning & dried them in doors.    Well, he’s doing dishes now & it’s 4-22.p.m.    road’s nearly cleared of snow now.    I’d like to write one letter, but can’t hardly Keep head level    No one come except Ann   she got food from store for us.  

Sun. Jan. 24. 1960./ Sun is bright & warm this morning   Milton came in,   said Ann had been to Church & she went out on the pond near them & tried to ice skate with the children, about a doz or so of them with 3 of hers.     so he left her home with Conie & he came here & brought the dogs to let them run    Rlnrty hsd finnrt most ready    he slept late this morning.   We got 3. church this a.m.    I long to go to Church.   My throat is lots better today    hope I can write tomorrow

Mon. Jan. 25. 1960/Sun shone nice this morning untill noon then clouded up.   A letter from Miss-Clark & I wrote the U.S. card she sent & sent it back in the morning    & a letter to Opal with handkercheif in it    & A letter to Herbert Armstrong with $5.00 in it.   & Got to write Mrs. Myrtle Smiths, Mrs. Mrs. Crisco   & hope I get them done tomorrow,   & Miss Mc.Govern.    got dark early    Elbert washed some today    his neck is hurting,    he thinks he sliped a bone tonight in his neck.    No one come in today, it’s now 9-15-p.m. bedtime.

Tue. Jan. 26. 1960./ Beautiful Sunshine alday so far 4-30-;-m. & A letter from Audrey & one from Nellie   belated birthday cards & notes & then Mrs. Smith came in,   I’ll not write her, right away,   her brother has gone to Elyria to live with his son & he’s not well & her daughter has liver trouble & she has them all to pray for & she a poor little old soul 75 yrs. old in Nov.    she said Hensleys were coming but had car trouble.    they hadn’t been gone long, when Frank Bonney drove in,    he brought us a big roll of fish & he gave me 20.00 back I had sent him to pay for work on porch,    said he & Armond were glad they could do the work & hoped to finish it yet.   We had a good visit,    most of his families are sort of under the weather,  but he thought it was so nice out

Tue. Jan. 26. 1960./ he’d come see how we were     we had a very good visit.    Well I been thinking all day about Mrs. Swarthout & pray it all turned out well;    Frank went & then Milton & Ann & 2 youngest children came in for an hour,    he went out to let dogs run & took the next to Conie with him,    Ann wanted prayer but Conie wants all the attension & pesters her mother so much she can’t get the spiritual good she would like to get    I can’t see Why they don’t make her mind,     they spank her, then pick her up & hug & kiss her & she don’t shed a tear.    I pray God will help them While they have the chance to make her mind,   she’s a pretty child & does cute baby things but I’ve seen those things to turn & hurt more than making them mind.    Now Ann & Betty & Annie are going to Church up to Berlin Hights,   I pray God will take over the service. 

Wed. Jan. 27. 1960/  Today is another dark day & we enjoyed Tue, it was such a bright & joyful day & Praise God in all things & for all things,    We received a nice letter from Boys Town Nebraska & thanks for the 5.00 we sent to help take care of the boys Who have no other Home.    We received a letter or note from Mrs. Socack Loura Ann’s first mother-in-law, who takes care of Loura Ann’s 2 children by her first husband,    she sent a very pretty card wishing us well & saying they are all feeling better again,   they’ve all had flu & hard colds & Loura Ann sent a note in with the card   note  a very nice sounding note full of trouble & of sorrow,   God of Love & Mercy I pray right now that Thou will take Loura Ann into Thy Keeping & help her get back onto the right path before it’s to late & guide her safely Home to Thee,     Fred would be broken hearted if he was here & could see & know what’s going on.   Oh, Jesus take charge over her Amen

Wed. Jan. 27. 1960./ I talked to Mrs Payne Tue- they have been enjoying good services & are all quite well.    Elbert don’t feel so good today,    we had dinner & he’s sleepiing.   So foggy can only see as far as the tracks.    I didn’t get any writting done Tue.   Well Milton & Ann came in & we had such a good visit about the meeting at Berlin Hights last night    they were here about an hour & they brought our milk,    the milkman don’t stop as he should & we run out of milk.   Nelson Eddys birthday.   Ann brought a piece of cake for each of us    We always have prayer before she goes    Milton is begining to get inter-ested to, but some things are good & some not so good.    We are praying for faith Wisdom Knoledge & Power.

Thurs. Jan. 28. 1960./ Pa’s birthday   he’d be 99 yrs old.    Well, It’s been & still is terribly foggy at 15-to-3-p-m.    I received a letter from Allie Anderson   Ann’s mother-in-law from Rome, Georgia.    she said it’s terrible cold, 12 below & she’s hoping it will soon get warm again,    the Erie Co. Reporter said a large flock of Robbins, were here Jan. 27.   maybe they were hunting for a warmer place,    Well its fog is so thick we can’t see more than 200 ft. away    can’t see road to top of hill or to rail road crossing.    Elbert says it’s not very cold out side.    Ann called up & Mrs. Payne, but Betty has to smoke, so has to save her money for the devil & not for gas to go visit the shut-ins     she goes to Church with Ann    I pray Jesus You will do everything to bring her to Thee,    I got a letter from Fred Gordon thanking him for the dollar I sent.   How much I’d like to give help to them all that are working for the Lord.    Help us Jesus.

Fri. Jan. 29. 1960/ It rained a little in the night & the fogg is mostly gone down & not very cold.   No worth while mail today    & I’m feeling to bum to talk    wrote to notes yesterday.

Fri. Jan. 29. 1960./ Milton Ann & Cathy came over    Milton brought the dogs to let them run,    Ann forgot something & had to go clear back home & then she & cathy went to the store to do her shopping & she got a hen for us & cough drops & cottage cheese,   he paid her $5.00    he put me in the wheel chair for & hr.    I’m so week & sweat so bad I have to have another dry gown for bed, this one is almsot dripping wet    They have gone home    We’ve had supper    some foggy & so dark, but not very cold, damp     Sun was sure nice today,   I think everything enjoyed it.

Sat. Jan. 30./ Mrs. Hensley & 4 children came in & visited a little    While they seem to be good children, they got the car fixed for much less than 1/2 what garage had ask   they wanted 200.00 dollars,    they are happy & I don’t blame them.   they fed 10 this a,m,    she said she cooked 14 eggs for breakfast,   there are 6 in there family & 4 more is a lot more to provide for.    Well I know what she means,    We use to have John & Nellie & there six for a week & P, & Fred & Ethel for a few days & Martha & Audrey for few days,    Pa was here most of the time & now I can’t cook & they seldom come even for & hour or so to visit.    people ride a free horse to death;    Well, it’s over now 13 yrs. noise & confusion & all there dirty tricks    I didn’t keep my diary all those yrs,  it would have been terribl & some of it horrible & discaacful.    Well Milton came & put me in chair & helped Elbert to turn mattress & Elbert made bed again & then put me in it again,    I’m terrible weak    Milton let dogs run a while    then went home,   & it so foggy  thick fog.   I lay half dead for several hrs. to weak. 

Sun. Jan. 31. 1960./ Wyn’s birthday   she’s 85 today   the only one left in her family    Aunt Edith  Georgia & Aubrey all gone on.    Oh if we only knew we belonged to Jesus, we ha been & still are shut in with fogg, I felt

Sun. Jan. 31. 1960./ so bad I didn’t eat dinner at 2-p.m. the Nagerine ministe, his wife & a young man & Miss Clark came in    they sang & played accordina & read 14th Chap of John & sang some more hyms,  visited a little   prayed & then went home in the fog.  God ans. my prayer & sent them, Praise His Holy Name,  it was so good & we appreciated it & thank God    & now we must call Ann & Paynes.    Elbert says air is so wet, We can’t see corner fence post.    Elbert called Ann “busy”  & then Payne’s   no ans.   

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