February 1960

There seems to be a church or religion mandate that people cannot be helped, or cured, unless enough good other people pray for them.  There are lists that are created of the deserving or those in need of prayer for very specific problems.  “Elbert’s goll & blader was paining him bad last night.  We prayed & God heard  & took the pain & I trust the cause of the pain a-way”  Sometimes the “laying on of hands” is involved even if Elinor has to lay on her own hand on her own throat to cure it.  She depends on ‘the Erie Co. Reporter News Paper’ from Huron but seems reluctant to subscribe (3.50/year).  The Russians are buying sugar from Cuba which causes problems for USA. , there is a bad earth quake in Algeries with 18 dead and 100 hurt.  She seems to soften her criticism for her brother through the years and now in her last year she thanks the Lord “that he’s a real brother, one that likes to do for me as I have done for him, in Jesus name, Amen.”  She is still commenting on her siblings, watching her youngest sister Nellie now approaching retirement from teaching kindergarten, planning on living on Social Security starting June 1960, barely able to keep up teaching half days.  Although not as bad as the Spanish flu 1918, the amount of illness and the speed of spread through the community is remarkable and apparently in February 1960 requires a Public Health “corin-teen” for 2 weeks wherein “no one alouded to go in or come out” .  She seems fearful of the weather and dramatic in descriptions, “sleet froze on front steps.  Sun went down last night like a big round cake of ice & after dark it thundered & lightened hard for & hr. or more.  felt like the eaerth shook.  but Dark tonight.”   They are kept warm and alive by coal and gas fuel.  The coal comes in 3 ton loads.  The gas fuel is fed into a tank ( 9.43).  They take up most of the income for them both. Elinor has suffered from incontinence of urine since childhood and now, bed bound she also has a rash made far worse by the urine.  It is not clear what methods are used to keep the bed dry.  But she describes the rash, like hives, starting 4 weeks before leaving the Nursin Home (? possibly candida or due to high blood glucose?) which is also on her arms, and “groins and now in my privates & it’s next thing to murder. “The mattress does get flipped, and she does bed baths and the nightgowns are laundered and perhaps newspaper is used to soak up urine though they do not get a subscription for a newspaper.  She ends up with a sore, a decubitus on her back side.  She can only stand to be up in a chair for short periods.  It is probably a wonder she did not have more sores or infections.  She believes Jesus could solve it and does solve it temporarily “the itch most killing me.  Elbert prayed & so did I & ask Him to help me & then we thanked Him & He stopped the itch”  She has a touching relationship with a Miss McGovern, now in her mid eighties,  over the years “that she had loved me from the first time she set eyes on me,  she loved my beautiful brown eyes,  Well we met on the St. car & I liked her to,  that was in the 1920ties & she took my address & wrote me a card & we have written ever since.”  It is one relationship that doesn’t seem to revolve around Jesus and the church.  


Mon. Feb. 1. 1960./   It sure was thick fog   couldn’t see only the outlines of the trees close to the house & this morning we can see railroad & highway,    but, it’s very thick beyond them,    My throat’s better praise the Lord,    there’s something wrong with me    I sweat day & night,    I pray God will in Jesus Name have diminon over every portion of me,    I thank Thee Jesus.    We received letter from Ethel Hendrickson & they are going to Florida Feb. 7. 1960. to live in there house they built there,   the renters have moved & she is going to live there alone,    Walter is going to still do do his work in Elyria & room & board there & he has a yr. to work yet, before he going to get social security & so Ethel will have a long vacation all alone,    she says if she don’t get to home sick.    Mrs. Payne called & said they maybe over tonight,    they went over to Bellevue Sun & to Port Clinton Sun. evening.    A young woman called from Chevelet garage want-ing to come demonstrate a car for me,    well I told her my condition & she has arthritic & is only 26 yrs. old,   said she might call & talk to me;   it’s so Dark & only 3-p-m.   Ann & Milton came in for & hour tonight,    Payne’s, were coming but they been having sore throats & he decide to go to Port Clinton to revivil meeting.

Feb. 2. Tue. 1960/ Sunshining & woodchuck can sure see his shadown good.    My throat’s a lot better praise the Lord & I’m not quite so shaky.   Just received a letter from Mrs. Crisco,   she says all are well & she’s praying for Elbert & I & was glad to get my letter  asks I keep praying for her boys,    I do thank & praise God He hears & ans. Prayer.   Praise His Holy Name    I want to write few letters & am so terribly weak.    Elbert’s goll & blader was paining him bad last night    We prayed & God heard & took the pain & I trust the cause of the pain a-way,    he gets worried & that don’t help,   he looks better today & I feel so terrible weak,    I pray for each one & that Thou will keep them in Thine own Way Amen    I pray for the meeting at Berlin Hights & that The power will so fill each one that they will be  able to help some one else, just now touch them Jesus blessed Jesus,   touch me & fill me, Amen

Wed. Feb. 3. 1960./ I will lay my hand on my throat & thank Thee Amen.   Well I did & Jesus has taken the sore throat away    Betty brought Opals picture  a color print this after noon    Sun was so nice today & Betty came in & stayed untill 5-p-m.   I did-n’t feel able to write anyway.   Betty brought can tomatoes    We were just trying to cut & fit a patch on Elberts pajama jacket so that’s a job for tomorrow,   I felt punk today   wrote five letters Tue.    to much.   but Elbert was sleeping & I let him sleep untill 5-p-m.    I gave Betty 4 wash rags.    I didn’t feel like just sitting & doing nothing so Kept writing.    We haven’t any snow now but had heavy frost last night thick & white.   Talking war. 

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1960./ Elbert got his check Wed.  that was yesterday.   Beautiful sunshine today,    a note from Mrs. Armstrong this a-m. & the Erie Co. Reporter News Paper from Huron.

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1960./ Then man came & wanted us to pay 3.50 per. yr. for paper    Betty came & brought the bu. apples Elbert had ordered & a few golden delicous, they are good.    I prayed for her yesterday & she felt so much better before she got home,   she said & pain all left her side    she went home 5-30-p-m.   We received Mrs. Armstrongs note again this morn.    They are having missionary meetings up un till Feb. 9.    Wish I could go listen & see the picture slides they are showing

Fri. Feb. 5. 1960./ The 3rd. Was Jim’s & Jean’s birthdays   I can’t remember how old they are.    Sat. Nellie will be 63.    Well. we talked to Ann & Betty over phone this a-m.    Ann & I were going to pray for L.M. at 9-p-m last night & so we did & he got up    felt so much better, he went to school,    but Dian & Ann are feeling punk this morn    Dian didn’t go to school.   Oh, Jesus, help Ann with her burdens.     Light bill come this morning $1.11 & Betty come & has gone to town to get us a few grocery’s   only had 5.50 for food,    We paid her 3.50 for apples & gave her a dollar for her gas.   she’s been gone half hr. now.    & she got back 5-p-m.    she said she was going home give boys a bath & there supper & take them to her sisters while she goes & helps Bud pack apples for Cincinnatii a truck load,    they put them in celaphane bags & they put clamps on to hold them shut.    We gave her 5.50 for food & she charged part of it so we owe 3. something for food & meat.    Elbert gave her $3.50 for the apples & I gave her 1.00 for her gas.   She had cup coffee & talked untill most 5-30-   then took off as young folks say “for home.   God help her.

Fri. Feb. 5. 1960.  Mr. Mound stopped in on his way home from Cleveland,   he gave Elbert some second hand pants,   he visited some, said they had looked at the old Sanders home & thought it was to large to buy,    they’d like to get a place along here some where half way between Sandusky & Clevel-and,    he & his wife are photo-grphyers & they have money.    Elbert didn’t feel like getting us some soup but he did, & he really ought to be in bed,    he called Ann & she’s bad tonight.

Sat. Feb. 6. 1960./ Nellie’s birthday   she’s 63 yrs. old& still teaching Kindergarten half a day mornings   has to go to bed soon as she get’s home.   No mail today.   No one called or came in.    It’s been snowing & raining all morning & is still at at 5-p-m.  Damp & chilly.

Sun. Feb. 7. 1960./ Dark & Cloudy,   the sun came out for a few minutes several different times & it snowed a little at same time,   snowed a light blanket of snow last night & it’s mostly gone at 5-P-M.    Mr. & Mrs. Payne & 4 children came in for couple of hrs. & checked up on Church serves & they said “so called” REv. Price run off with one of the women of his church choir,   they each had 2. children    Well the bible tells us to beware of the likes of such.    We haven’t heard from Ann today.    Payne says the meetings have been good all week.    & some come to the Lord.    Elbert called Ann, her cold’s bad, the rest were alright    I’ve thank Thee Jesus & pray all will be well with thine all over the world,   Give us health & Power through, Thee, Amen.

Mon. Feb. 8. 1960./ Dark trys to snow & to rain    No mail today,   no one called or phoned.    I had bad time with rash for an hr. or so    water burned it so terrible bad seemed as if it would kill me but I called fond to Jesus & now its better Praise God.    I don’t feel able to write today.   no snow on ground,   Wet, damp & chilly     Elbert’s washed 3. nightgowns & rags for noses   good breeze & they dried.   He’s sick with flu. & don’t feel able to work, God helps.

Tue. Feb. 9. 1960./ We thank Thee Jesus for all things.   It’s warmer out & mostly cloudy, sun does come out once in awhile    Letter from Vera & they are having there troubles to.   Elbert’s washing & he’s a long way from 

Tue. Feb. 9. 1960./ being able, but it seems to help to keep him going,   wish I could work.   Well at 7-P-m in come mrs. Crisco, her Sister in laws   Mrs. Gants & I didn’t get the Names of the other Sister    Oh, we had a wonderuful time testifying & visiting & praying  Praising God & thanking Him for all our many blessing,   it was snowing when they come & began to rain before they left & they nearly run in to the ditch but Elbert help them get back on the road & on there way. home.   I pray God’s Blessing on them,   they brought two boxes of prepared food & caned tomatoes & rubarb & seeral cans of jam & jelly. & she brought back my crochet she accidently took one time for an-other package.    Oh, God they are all so good to us.    Bless them & keep them close to Thee,   I thank Thee & Praise only Thee, Amen.   Mrs. Gantz lost her car keys & Jesus help them find them & He did, Praise His Holy Name.   Well, I Praise God in Jesus Name for All & for sending in His children to lift my Spirit    He’s a wonder Saviour & Physcian;  I love Him.

Wed. Feb. 10. 1960./ Rained & been cloudy & Dark   & no one came in today    Received letter from Miss Clark of Vermilion with 2.00 in it & a some news,  she’s feeling quite good again but still weak & a wonderfully good letter from Viola Wolf from Bellevue, she said God has kept her well & close to Him,   but, every jone else had the flu & house been corin-teened    no one alouded to go in or come out for 2 weeks & just yesterday Tue. They were set free again,    poor Mrs. Wright had flu. bad & is so weak,   May God help her & strengthen her, I thank Thee Jesus & pray for each one of thine all over the world, Amen.   Ann called, said she was better & didn’t go to Berlin Hights last night    It was a bad night & morning snow gone before    warmed up before noon though.

Thurs. Feb. 11. 1960./ Bad morning or dreary,    it’s trying to snow then rains a little    it’s colder now 3-50-p-m.   Edna & her little girl Patty came in at noon & visited a couplle of hour & told us what news they had,    she said the little girl Cliff backed his car over had got O.K. & they had moved to Washington D.C.    they were ready to go & so all’s well      Edna said they were or seemed to be very nice people & their little girl stayed a day with Patty before leaving.    Her own folks are as well as usual.  she brought us a big piece of cake,   it’s good, but I like Ann’s better, now isn’t that terrible.    Edna was given the receipt by a woman that works with her & she paid 300.00 for it.   Edna been laid off again   says she don’t care so much if he don’t get it to.   Well, it’s cold & dark,   I don’t feel able to write.    Elbert ordered 3 ton of coal & it come right after dinner $55.00,   boys oh boys, not much back out of 3 $50 he’s. Well Milton & Ann were coming to take Elbert to Huron to get groceries & it’s 4-10, & they’re not here yet.   they came & boys went to Huron & Ann & I talked Bible scripture,   boys got back   sleet froze on front steps.   Sun went down last night like a big round cake of ice & after dark it thundered & lightened hard for & hr. or more,   felt like the eaerth shook,   but Dark tonight  windy & quite cold.   Well, we didn’t eat dinner, had supper 7-30-p. m.  & are late getting to bed   it’s 11-30-p-m. now. 

Fri. Feb. 12. 1960./ Lincoln’s Birthday./ Well it snowed & the ground was white this morning.   1. letter from Opal.   Snow not melting very fast   it’s quite cold out.    The gas tank came this morning $9.43 so we don’t have much left of our checks.   I put the money we took out of the savings $60.00 back, out of my check.   & food is terrible high   2 labs beef shank cost 

Fri. Feb. 12. 1960./ $2.28, highway robery.    sun came out fe times & while it shone it snowed,   it’s getting dark & trying to snow again,    Well I hope to get at the writting again soon.   I’m still to weak,   it’s 2-30-;,m. & so dark & Here come Mrs. Hensley, her 3 children “she left the baby with her husband at home” and was with her sister-in-law,   they are going to W. Virgina tomor-row for 6. days & it’s snowing now part time,    it’s dark,   I have light on to see to write   it’s 6.p.m.

Sat. Feb. 13. 1960./ Dark day   sun shone a few times & snowed while sun shone   got real dark & stayed so dark at 5-p-m.   I fasted untill supper time, then we ate chicken for supper    Ann called tonight    she’s better but hoars    & Betty is better.    Letter from Armstrong thanking me for 5.00 toward Lord’s work.   & got flower book from Spring Hill Nursery,    Radio sounds as if things are getting worse,    Russia is going to buy Cuba’s sugar then see what U.S. will do,   every one seems to be ready to fight at the drop of the hat.    Virginie getting big snow storm tonight,   it’s colder here tonight, tried to snow but don’t amount to anything.   I’ve felt worse today    this is first time I set up, all day.

Sun. Feb. 14. 1960./ It snowed last night & it’s a lot brighter out side,   most of the snow is melted,   the sun trys to shine & it tries to snow.    Ann called last night    everythings O.K. with them,    she saw Mr Hensley & says he looks terrible, he’s been having flu & has some trouble    I have has to watch what he eats & takes insulin      snows every little while.   Elbert made chicken balls for dinner.   Well, no one called up so far,    I took my bath & washed privaates in soda water,   the rash & itch has been almost unbearable,   God touched me last night    it’s better today,    I don’t feel like setting up,    Milton & Ann came in for an hour or so    she brought lemon, pie 2 pieces & bowl of po-tatoe salid & before they 

Sun. Feb. 14. 1960./ they had been here but few minutes when Betty & Bud came,   they brought us 1-pan tomatoes & 1. whole lemon pie,   I, & we appreciate all the things of love they bring us.    We had a hard night last night,    my cold was so bad & the itch most killing me    Elbert prayed & so did I & ask Him to help me & then we thanked Him & Praised Him & He soon stopped the itch & my head cleared & in a short time,  he Elbert went to his bed & we both went to sleep for 2 hrs.   then I awoke & trembled but to-find I was better,   Oh, Praise God from Whom all blessing flow, Glory to God on High forever & ever.    The Children went home to get ready for Church.   We had a lunch & Elbert is laying down resting.   & I’m praying for God’s children all over the earth.   I thank Jesus for the wonderful strengh He gives me. 

Mon. Feb. 15. 1960./ Elbert got up & did part the wash & moped up the floors, gave me my breakfast, most noon, ate a lunch hisself & had to take pan out twice for me.    I talked to Ann   she’s sick & frightened   she thought she was in bad shape with a severe pain in left lower part of bowels     she had called earlier & Elbert talked to her    I prayed over the phone for her & she said she felt better & I’ve been thankinig Jesus & trusting all is well,   We sure do get our faith put to a severe test every now & again,   We Love & Praise Thee Jesus now & ever more, Amen.   No mail,   No one come in today.   It’s 4-P-m. sun is getting covered up & looks cold.    radio says snow tonight,   Ann called   says she’s lots better since we prayed over phone so much so she did out her wash this after noon & called on Betty    little Frankie is having flu.    Betty is feeling better,  8-15-  We have to get ready for bed   long night

Tue. Feb. 16. 1960./ Sun made little shadow this morning but been dark most of the morning.    A letter from Audrey,    she just has-n’t felt like writting,   she hasn’t had much work   she & Gertie & Jean went shopping one day in last week.   Bill & Jean are moving to Eastside of River    Bonita & Glene were talking of moving, too bad that she & her mother can’t get along, they have always fought,   it’s terrible,   Nellie’s sold her car & Glene has bought a car for them, his family    & so if they do move it will be hard for Nellie,      Audrey was over & called on Wyn    said she was surprized to see Wyn feeling so well after so many sick spells,   she’s 85. yrs. old.   & Mrs. Hoffman is 80 yrs. old, our neighbor at the corner of the road South   she lost a son 55. yrs. old. Sun.   If we were only ready when we are called.    Audrey said she had to write to Ella Jane so she must have had a letter from her.    I owe her a letter all so. & many others.    Hope Betty’s boy is better today    Ann thought she would go to church or the prayer meeting they have at Berlin Hights in private home Mr & Mrs. Canaberry   It’s terrible dark at 10

Wed. Feb. 17./6-30-p-m./   I read & we got a letter from Mrs. Ralph Betze,  “Mrs. Edna Betz”.    she is affected with arthritic & walks on crutches & has married son who lives with wife & 10 months old baby in her appartment up stairs.    Ann called & said she’d be here tomorrow & bring the wash.   Dark tonight   Snowed last night  covered ground,  melted off today,   not cold tonight.

Thurs. Feb. 18. 1960./ Turning colder,   No mail   just Erie Co paper & add.    I been feeling sick since last night & have laid down most of the day    it’s a dark cloudy day 4-p-m.    Elbert’s frying chicken balls for supper.   Ann & Milton said they would be here tonight to put me in the chair.   Ive thank God   He takes care of us & I hope things. will soon become better for us in the ways we need.   Milton & Ann came after supper & set me in the chair & the boys

Thurs. Feb. 18. 1960./ went to town & got a few necessary things,  while Ann & I talked the scriptures over & then boys “Elbert & Milton” came back & we all visited while Elbert turned mattress & made up the bed   & then Milton lifted me in bed,    he & Elbert talked a little while    Ann & I had prayer, Praise God, Amen.    Milton brought the dogs & let them run while he was gone.   Colder tonight & may  snow tonight    it’s so Dark.   The gas tank came on the 12.   We thank Jesus for all .

Fri. Feb. 19. 1960/ Frank Babcock’s been gone 27. yrs. today    sun trying to shine & trying to snow.   & I really got up 10-30-a-m.   eyes are so hazy but hope to write a little today.   God of Love & Mercy I pray in Thine own way Thou will turn the girls about face before it’s to late, in Jesus Name, Amen.   & I’m praying with Ann for her husband & family & for Elbert,    I thank THee that he’s a real brother, one that likes to do for me, as I have done for him, in Jesus Name.    I got a letter from A.A. Alen few days ago & today one from Wyatt & one from Armstrong.    I sent Roberts 5.00 & ask for 6 subscriptions how he sends them & I forgot to copy the names   one was Eva  one to Ann & can’t recall the rest,    Ann called   she’s been fasting to-day, may God bless her & strengthen her faith    Oh, God, in Jesus Name.   Dark early tonight. 

Sat. Feb. 20. 1960./ Cloudy this morning    Wind gone from N. East to West    sun came & is so bright & make me feel like getting outside    I was in such misery last night    I had Elbert call Ann to pray for me,   she called Bellevue Minister    they said they to would pray & then would come over at 1.p.m, & lay hands on me & pray   it’s 3.30-p.m.    they haven’t come yet   & Ann was going to San-dusky today,    Milton will be & so will she,   so angry.   Well I’m better today & able to sit up,   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus more than I can tell.   3. letters & 1. card, Inez letter, Nellie card, Vera get well letter & Annabel Bob.

Sat. Feb. 20. 1960./ Inzez received Daily Blessing book and says she reads it every day in the morning.    She says she’s feeling lots better & stronger & cooked a meal for 14. for thanksgiving dinner.    She is still going to the little church near her & getting benifits from the Lord.   she don’t know the Lord as she ought to, & neither do I.   Bob & Anna-bel & there children all been having there troubles & I can’t remember what Nellie had to say on a card.    Mrs. Armstrong called on phone from Beaula Beach & wondered how I was & that Miss Clark had called her,    well, I haven’t been able to write, but, did write 4 notes Fri. to Armstrong, mrs. Hensley, Mrs. Smith & Edd & Dorthy Rosecranes.    Ive read my bible & studied it.  some this a-m.    Ann has called twice   I guess they will be all upset,    I’m so sorry about it,   she came & spent an hr. visiting,   she was alone   said Opal’s mom was over to there house,   he said he had the promise of a job for next week,   she didn’t know where he would stay    she was taking the children to some doing at Berlin Hights. 

Sun. Feb. 21. 1920 [should be 1960]/  Dark all morning snowing off & on & we had two heavy snow showers    They had bad earth quake in Algeries 18 dead & over 100 hurt & they don’t have full account of it.    We ate dinner late about 1-30-p-m.  & Mr. Payne & Mr. Hopkins came in for an hr. or 2.   & we talked Bible Scriptures & prayed & said they felt better.   Hopkins was going home to take his wife & children over to Mrs. Gillepsies to a party for the children, so they said, she’s tempting them & they “Hopkins” is living on a half way bsis.   He said he felt the power when we prayed    I pray Lord Thou will strengthen his faith & draw him closer to Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.   Snowed a gale twice & sunshining   quite bright.    Ann called   said she & children went to sundayschool & to church this a-m,    they were coming over here, but now they thought they’d stay home;   Betty went with them this morning to Church,   none of them going tonight she said.

Mon. Feb. 22. 1960/ George Washington’s Birthday today.   No mail today.   Dark & Cloudy    sun tried to shine through once or twice.    I got something like hives about 3 or 4 weeks before I left the home  & it has been terrible at times    come out around my arms in bend of elbow in bend of Kneese & on thighs & some on my body & then in my groins & now in my privates & it’s next thing to murder,   it gets better then when I wash off it comes a-gain, it was so bad I cried untill I’m still hoarse,   last night it began again not as bad as before, but couldn’t sit up untill after 1-30-a.m    there’s a swelling comes in left side of abdoman, to, & swells in groins & I get bad pains & it goes clear around my stomach & a congested feeling uper & lower part of stomach,    feels hard like a rope,  I been insulan put in my arms for 4 1/2 yrs. & I’m wondering if I’m getting to much   It’s only through faith in Jesus we can over come    I’ve prayed hard about it,    Jesus showed me to use judgerment,   He appeared to me with a gold crown with jewels in it.    & He said, to him that over cometh God givest a Crown.   Now I pray He’ll show me how I’m to go about it.   It’s to dark to write so I’ll wait    No one came in.

Tue. Feb. 23. 1960./ Partly cloudy,   well I mixed up a batch of bread, graham & white bread & it most ready to put into loaves & biscuits Bakers bread is so salty   everything’s so salty   meats, crackers & everything, it’s hard to eat so we will try some homemade for a change    No mail   guess we’ve been forgotten,   Oh Well.   God forgive me.   We had put some of the bread

Tue. Feb. 23. 1960./ in the oven & was waiting a little for the rest to raise   Elbert had put me in the chair,   I was in kitchen diricting the baking when Ann the Preacher Rev. Gibson & his wife & son & 3 or 4 other women came to the door.    Elbert let them in,   we had some interductions    talked a little    Elbert took out some bread biscuits & put in some more,   then he watched them bake & the rest sang spirituals & testified & then after 1 1/2 hrs. they went saying We feel we got a wonderful blessing & we’ll be back soon again.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thy forgiveness for my weakness & I thank Thee for my healing,   I’m trusting all will come out good in future.   Not cold tonight but, thawing snowed little last night.

Wed. Feb. 24. 1960./ Quite a nice day  partly cloudy, but sun was nice.    A letter from Eva Keegan this a.m.    Well I wrote to her & to Mrs. Armstrong & one to Mrs. Bracketts, hope I can do as many more tomorrow.   Ann & Milton came & brought the wash & took some back to do,  We had a good spiritual visit & prayer & she said they went to Caneberrys & had a good service over there & all who were here, testified they had received a good blessing here.    I thank God & praisee Him, Amen.    Well we had soup for supper & now it’s 8-30.p.m. & dark    was very cold out today    Elbert killed 3 flies on the west window yesterday, Tue.   

Thurs. Feb. 25. 1960./ Cloudy & getting dark & it snowed & blowed a gale 10-30-a-m.    it has done that 3 times today & it’s 5-320-p-m. now,    received letter from Miss. McGovern written so poorly I haven’t got it all made out yet, poor old soul.  she can’t

Thurs. Feb. 25. 1960./ see very well yet & Sarah “she says,” has been her eyes,  now she’s in hospital & I can’t see to figure out the rest of that part,   then she said she was so glad to hear from me,   that she had loved me from the first time she set eyes on me,   she loved my beautiful brown eyes,   Well we met on the St. car & I liked her to,   that was in the 1920 ties & she took my address & wrote me a card & we have written every since,    her sister died a few yrs. ago & later her half brother Mike   & last Feb. 25 her half brother John died,   now she’s had her eyes operated on & wishes she hadn’t & I prayed God would send her a Christian woman to help her & He did,   it was strange,  neither of us knew her but Ann took her & said they’d try to see if they could get on together,   they have & now Sarah’s in hospital   something wrong with her lungs,    I pray God will use her for a testimony for Him, by healing her, but I pray His Will be done, not mine, but it would be just wonderful,   Oh, how I love Jesus because He first loved me.   Mrs Crisco called me from Bellvue this morning,    I haven’t been able to write & she was getting anxious & she ask me to pray for her two sons & several relatives,    She said Miss Wolf & Mrs Wright were feeling better & she had my rayon dress done & wanted to see me, so she called, her husband’s getting over flu. & she wants me to pray for several    I pray God’s will be done in every thing & for each one,   it’s snowing again & radio says heavy storms & 50 mile wind in some places,   I pray Jesus will Keep us   I’ll thank Him.

Fri. Feb. 26. 1960./ It’s beautiful morning partly cloudy & I have read & studied my bible some & have been trying to figure out Miss Mc.Govern’s letter   she can hardly see & wants to talk to me so bad, poor old soul  80 or 85 yrs. old or somewhere there about as I understand it   she’s not alone but has a woman with her & she’s greiving over Sarah who had cold on both lungs,   she says she’s in St. John’s Hospital on corner 80th & Deteroit St’s.   says they tap her lungs twice a week & are going to remove one rib to ex-plore the lungs,    I pray God will heal her, but his will be done not mine    she wants me to write her a card,    I pray all will be well.   No mail today. postman left a card saying a letter was there for me with no stamp on it    Elbert called Post Office & ask it be sent & he would pay for stamp.   God help us to do what we should.   Snowing tonight & Elbert says real cold. 

Sat. Feb. 27. 1960./ I wrote a letter to Miss Mcgovern & 1. to Sarah, but mailed them both to Ann   she didn’t give me Sara’s last name    I fix it all but writing in last Name & put it in with Ann’s to mail.   Postman left us a card Thurs. saying there was a letter for us & no stamp on it    Elbert called Office & told them to bring letter & it came this a.-M.  a letter from Frorida from Ethel,   she don’t like being there alone,   thats all the maile except Farm Journal.   sun’s trying to shine. & is shining good now 20 to 5-p-m.   Was colder tonight.   No callers. 

Sun. Feb. 28. 1960./ Elbert walked to other side of highway what Ann & cups [?] were hard./ Sun shone long enough for Elbert to shave this morning then it cloudied up & it’s a fine misty snow & rain.    Mrs. Smith came in for 15 or 20 minutes, she’s quite well, her daughter & son-in-law, go some place every day & they won’t hardly let her come in & visit or take her to Church & Camaberrys it’s right across the St. & they wont even take her over there to prayer meetings, how selfish.

Sun. Feb. 28. 1960./ Well it’s 3-p-m.   Ann thought she would be over,    but, hasn’t come yet,   but, she came later & brought, Dian & Cathy & they were here for an hr. or so   Oh God, I hope Thou will govern her life   show her how to govern things as they should be & put a clamp on Milton & some way help him to turn & be gald he did,   they hadn’t been gone but afew mingutes when Mrs. Smith came in right after dinner    We talked & visited a little, her daughter don’t want her to visit long she says they go every after noon & most alway leave her there alone.    Well, she wants hoping to come again,   then Mr & Mrs. Hensley came & there 4 children,   he feels better,   they brought oranges to me,   they were in that snow storm on way to Vir-gina, her, with half socks on & had to wade snow 2 ft. deep & she was glad to get back home   Such a world & we were glad they all came   God Bless them.   

Mon. Feb. 29. 1960./ Dark untill most noon  then sun came out & Nellie & Bonita & Jean & came in   they left baby with Geo.   Ella Jane sent her mother a 3 piece luggage set hoping she’ll come & visit her when school is out.   Nellie is through teaching when school is out & will have enough social se-curity that she wont need old age pension.   they were here & hr. or so, quite cold tonight.

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