December 1960

Dec. 1. Thurs. 1960./ Rather dark Day cold & windy No. Mail.   sun came came in for a little while, one is in school, he is out of work & they are living rather scimp. so the people are begining all over to feel the pinch & to wish they had saved more;  not real windy  snow most all gone.   Seems the girls don’t tell me all that goes on, but it leaks out one way or another,  it doesn’t pay to be proud or self righeous, God sees & hears & Knows & helps if we trust him.   Betty was in a corner Wed. but we did-n’t let on we knew,   We all have to ans. to God & they know that.   Sun is nice & bright at 4-p-m.  I must try to ans. rest of Opals letter.  I did.

Fri. Dec. 2. 1960./ But I’m out of stamps,  We got 1. letter from Mrs. Bracket.  No letter from Nellie Audrey or Frank.   Wrote letter to Mrs. Acker.   I am out of stamps.  No one come in,   I have a bad cold.   Payne’s brother came in to hunt & Ernie Sarr called & told us young Helen tried to take her life.  he didn’t say any thing about his father,   he got all beat up a while ago for molesting little girls & boys.   Ernie & his mother were going to Cleveland Sat. so he said   Findings came in for few minutes & said they would be back Sat & put plug in for ice box & put a light on front porch   I’m feeling [?]

Sat. Dec. 3. 1960./ Nice day & Elbert washed out few pieces   Findings came & brought a young man,  he fix ice box plug & light on porch   it’s O.K. now,   Ann called late & said she’s been so busy.   that they are going to try to have sunday school in morning.   I sure have hard cold & Elbert is getting it also & he’s feeling punk,   they had little trouble with lights but got them done   she had to go to Huron for parts but everythings working good  Was late when they went home 7-15-P-M & said they would be back Sun & bring commution

Sun. Dec. 4. 1960./ Well, we got up & ha our bath & got read for Farrels & Findings & communion & he read the 8 ch. of Romans   they sang & talked & ser-ved bread & wine & they sang two hyms & they went home.   I have been fasting & praying for their church & the one Payne & the group up here are try-ing to get started.    it’s only 3-p-m & I’m begining to feel empty   have to cough & blow so much maybe that’s why.  Sun trying to shine & it’s still white.   Elbert is sleeping he feels so bad.  Every one’s gone home

Mon. Dec. 5. 1920 [should be 1960]./ Nice sun this morn, wind quite cold.   A letter from Roberts & book from Allen & family picture of Roberts in color   Elbert got his check Sat. & today Mr & Mrs. Finding came again,   she was taking her wash to Huron to do it, so Elbert went with them & did our wash & got few things done   he want to get done, pay light & phone bills & got some of the groceries & then he & Tom went to fish house & got catfish & perch & Elbert dressed them   they had 2 big catfish & we had 2 & rest perch   he was tired,   we had ours for supper- the catfish.   Mrs Jameson stayed with me   she finished dishes Elbert had washed & He carried in water. 

Tue. Dec. 6. 1960./ Betty & Mrs Walker came & Frankie   Betty is going to  g the rest of the groceries   she going to take my draw sheets home & hem them   she brought 1/2 bu apples & Elbert paid her for them & the eggs, he owes Ann for doz eggs 60 cents,   it’s dark & cloudy    tried to rain.   my head is terrible bad   was sick at be[?] half the night & Elbert feel so bad,  he got birthday cards from Easel & Nellie.   Betty brought him a cake last yr & forgot it this time    Mrs. Walker brought a nice pie today.   they gone to town    will stop when they come back & they did.   Betty wasn’t feeling very good or Mrs Walker either   Well she got the groceries & Elbert gave her 3.00 for apples & paid her for 2. doz eggs.   I’m sick

Wed. Dec. 7. 1960./ Feel so bad   No one in this a-m  Elbert got card from Virgina & Wyn.   & I feel to bad to worst   Milton came to hunt, got rabbit  [?]

Thurs. 8. Dec. 1960./ Sun did peek through a few times & I can’t see straight, feel to bad to sit up or eat.   Mrs. Payne called up.   Elbert feels so bad but no one to help do anything   Praise God he keeps Elbert & helps him to do what has to be done   our checks come this morning,   We thank God for them & for what help the neighbors can give in getting the food home for us    It has tried to snow several times,   it’s cold & little windy    Elbert has cooked the rabbit   going to have onions potatoes & beans.   sun is trying to shine but it is so cold & white.   I trust colds are better tomorrow.   Mrs. Finding came in after supper & visited untill most 2-a-m.   I sweat 3 gowns   I feel tired & weak.   Didn’t get any letters done   we got to bed at 3-a-m.    I slept till 9-a-m & had coffee & slept some more.    Elbert’s trying to fix my nightgown    no mail of importance.   Only God Knows how bad we feel.   sun is shining nice today, wind cold & raw   Pray God helps us feel lots better tomorrow.   Elbert feels so bad 

Fri. 9./ Milton stepped a mill & got the storm door Elbert he had left to have glass putted in & he got meat to boil & ham ready to eat,   he couldn’t change a 10 so now Elbert owes him 2.48 but he will pay him,   he owes Ann 60 cents for eggs   I was asleep when he came & was glad for once  he didn’t stay  No one else came to talk to & my cold is so bad   I hate to do much talking.  

Sat. Dec. 10. 1960./ Dark very dark day,   Jordon’s money went   No one here except bread man.   Elbert is real miserable  his rump pains so bad he can hardly step on his feet.   Well we sure will thank God when he takes it all away.   Elbert has to go out & get bed clothes on line.   he’s got in some water & some coal up. Praise the Lord.

Sun. Dec. 11. 1960./ Stormy night cold  8 degrees yes, terrible cold, wind & freezing   I took my bath & had breakfast & [?]

Sun. Dec. 11. 1960./ then Betty & 2 boys came brought the towels & draw sheets & talked a while   then went home.   Milton & Ann came little later & talked & Milton in with us   I Know Jesus hears & see & Knows all things   I Praise His Holy Name & Pray He will help them at the church they are trying to get to-gether,   help them to get organized & stand on God’s Promises,   we prayed & talked & am trusting Holy in Jesus.   Now I’ve been ask to guide there evening service & guide each one there & those who wish they had gone   I pray God will take charge of Ann entirely    I thank Thee & I thank & Praise Thee for ans. my prayer, for Elbert,  he’s so much better today   trusting he’ll be healed soon   Praise God. Amen.   Then Mrs. Ramm came & brought me Christmas cookies, bless her God   she didn’t forget m.   We visited some & some on the bible & on faith,   God help to read Thy word & understand.   Well, We Praise the Most Hight God, Amen.

Mon. Dec. 12. 1960./ Stormy & very cold.   Letter frown Miss Willitts   It’s queer   they write & write & never aask how you are or why you don’t ans. , but still call you a sinner if you can’t send them some money,   Well I pray God will help them to know & to help them.   I’m better but weak   I want to send Annabell a letter and thank her for the five she sent us. [?]

Mon. Dec. 12. 1960./ 70 mile winds  lots dead & lots fighting & dying.   I have to write to several    eyes are very bad   I was in Kitchen a while & fixed a cauiflower for supper while Elbert made my bed   he turned mattress over.   We had cauflower potatoes carrots & little piece of ham & dumplins & spinnage   he is so terribly tired   wish I could do more   am still so weak  & eyes so bad,   pray God will strengthen my eyes so I can read & write.   I praise God for all things Amen. 

Tue. Dec. 13. 1960./ Radio said going down to 12 below.   I talked to Ann last night   Been praying God would send some one to lead in the singing & she said a young man from Amherst had come to ask about taking charge of the singing & that should help a lot if they manage right.   I pray they will.   Oh God help them to work & pray trust & believe,   I thank Thee.   Oh God how much we need Thee.   Deal with Gibson in Thine own way & don’t let him trouble the others, but keep them Close to Thee   Elbert ans. 3 birthday cards & I sent note to Findings & carad to Annabell.   Budd & Betty came & the boys & brought the laundry   been blustry all day & quite a few died from storm,   Betty Kissed me & said she had a gift for me,   I pray God will give her a better one   Quite a little sun Tue.  got dark early   his back felt bad more light last night

Wed. Dec. 14. 1960./ This is for Wed.   Bright suny day turned [?]  received cards from Epplers, Finding, Myrtle Smith, Gilipie & Shram’s (5 to ans) 32 degrees & wamer.   I’ve been laying lot more than sitting.   eyes some better  Praise God.  Mr Anderson S. & Milton came in gave us 2 rabbits.  No call today or night.

Thurs. Dec. 15. 1960./ Dark day,   Betty came & brought Ann to stay with me & she & Elbert went to store,  he paid up the little bills, got few few things to eat   I had 44. dollars left.   I haven’t got cards out yet just don’t have the pep to think & write  hope to get most of them done tomorrow.   Ann & I had good talk & prayer   Betty went to Church Wed, night & she & Ann sang to hyms,  The Lord sent the Power   they had a blessed meeting   Payne is doing fine   Elbert is tired, but done him good to go.   Ann wiped up floors.   real cold out.

Fri. Dec. 16. 1960./ Mo. most gone again   Cold 12 degrees tonight   several cards today   I am in a hurry to get cards addressed and sent   am so weak.   Milton came & hunt-ed a while this morn, no game.  he gave Elbert 2 yesterday.   We had soup for supper.  No one came in today.   Elbert washed out quite a few pieces & he sure is so tired tonight   he had to carry coal & water   his legs & feet are so bad & pain him such a lot.   Martha sent Elbert a card but none to me.   I pray God will help her before it’s late.   How can she & Audrey be like that.   I pray all will turn out O.K.  Elbert says its cold out 18 degrees   Radio says Two big plains crashed over N. York today killing 24 or more  this morning causing 2 fires burning several big buildings.   Elberts 2 rabbits most cooked   its 10 to 8 P.M.

Sat. Dec. 17. 1960./ Been a fine day partly cloudy   7 pieces mail I tried to write

Sat. Dec. 17. 1960/ to write some   only got 6. card done, no one called or phoned,   Praise God I’m feeling better   Milton ask Ann what she would do & the church if I were to die,  of course if that was to happen  God would know all about it & have some one to take my place among them,   I hadn’t known about that,   I only suggest what we read & study in the bible.   God will take care of all Who stand on His promises, steadfast & firm & do His will & His ways.   We thank Thee Jesus Amen.

Sun. Dec. 18. 1960/ Dave Hunters birth day.   Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word, just to stand up on His promises  just to Know Thus saith the Lord.  Jesus Jesus How I love Him how I’ve proved Him over & over Jesus Jesus Precious Jesus  Oh for Gace to Love Him more.   No phone calls or no one come in & few cards today & I wrote a few cards. 

Sun. Dec. 18. 1960./ Betty & 2 boys came in for an hour after church & had a cup of hot coffee & cocoa,   Sun came through often but got dark often   no one called us to visit or come in to visit except Betty   I do love Betty.  I pray Jesus has blessed Ann & Kept her close in mind & soul.  Bless her Lord.  I have prayed Thou will have blessed the’re meeting & the fellowship, help them to be [?] Jesus in heart & soul.  Oh help us. 

Mon. Dec. 19. 1960./ Cold  partly cloudy   No one came in untill this after noon & Mr Hensely & his wife & 3 children came in for an hour & brought a present from Mrs Smith “Myrtle” a very pretty box of writting paper & envelops & a pretty box.   & Elbert a big candy cane full of candy, from Bernice, Mrs. Smith’s daughter   & we don’t have money to buy just a small gift for them.   God I pray Thou will give them some extra gifts better than I could give   I thank Thee & Praise Thee.  Glory to God   Ann hasn’t called up today.   I pray Lord Thou will Bless & Guid there meetings.   Cold tonight  few snow flurrys this after noon.   No one called us up.  9 cards this morning.

Tue. Dec. 20. 1960./ No one come or phoned today & 9 or 10 cards,   I wrote several cards to Rev Willitts, Armstrongs, Jordon, Allen & Roberts & there are more,   I have so many more to ans.   It’s been snowing light snow most of the day & to dark to read & write.   Don’t seem so cold   snowing fine light snow  like heavy frost,   Lots of lives being lost in air plains & fire & crashes & still I’m wondering how many are waking up to the fact, the end time is here  God help us do what we ought to do

Wed. Dec. 21. 1960./ Shortest Day of the year,  No one come in or called, it’s been a beautiful day,   we got 6 or 8 cards & letters & I have used up all my cards & stamps but will try to [?]

Wed. Dec. 21. 1960./ Shortest day in the yr.   We got a card from each family & a letter from Audrey & note from several. Betty was coming but hasn’t & we haven’t heard from Ann for several days.   Have tried & tried to call Ann no ans. 

Thurs. Dec. 22. 1960./ A Beautiful Day 7. below   Bright sun & very cold raw wind quite fresh   Birds are nearly froze up, no cars runing to speak of   We got few card & letter from Nellie sort of insulting   I’m so glad Jesus sees, Knows & hears.   I have a doz. or more cards to write yet if I ever get them to write.   I feel so discusted,   Elbert hurt his thumb,  it badly swollen & pains him.   Ella Jane has a puss sack on her hip   she & Pinky are planing on spending 25th at Loura Bell’s   nellie’s had a shot in her arm for flu.  she’s been over helping Marcie Joe make a dress for herself, she’s 12. yrs. I believe.   They, most of them like to give me dirty little digs.   Oh Well;  I’m Happy in Jesus.   I had a vision short time ago, a big white Angel with big white wings & feathers, lite on south side of drive   it was so peculair, one car came in length of it & stopped & quite a few more & they couldn’t get them started & some people fell & rolled on ground & Elbert in the house   We prayed & it stayed long time & took Elbert & I on porch & said we were going up to meet Jesus,  God help us to do His will & way that we may be ready to go.   We’d sure like to help the rest to know, but they don’t believe us.   So I  Its a very cold night 6 below.

Fri. Dec. 23. 1960./ Nice morning good sun.  Cold raw wind bleow zero  We thank God for friends food & warmth   I had my breakfast 9-30-a-m   Couldnt sleep good even an hour at a time,   Elbert wasn’t feeling very good, but I really do praise God in Jesus Name   He takes care of us both,   I’ve felt terribly bad for passed 2. weeks, but we both try to keep going.   I got washed & dressed & then with Elbert’s help I set bread & made bread dough cake  made grahm 3 tins biscuits;   then we put 3 cups bread dough 2 eggs 1/2 milk cup light molasses 2 cups raisins & 2 white  1 teaspoon nut megg 1 cup shortening  cup white cherries & juice 2 cups sugar  1 table spoon soda & mixed it stiff with self raising flour    We had a great time but got it done.   I spilled some on my blanket  got paper’s moved some way, but we got cleaned up,  have to wash blanket.   got biscuits done but waiting for cake.   A woman came & brought us nice basket of fruit from Womens Jr. league from Huron & then. Edna & Cliff came before church   woman still came   they visited & hr. or so.   they brought us a big piece of ham & box of choclate cheery [?] tonight  M & Mrs Young came & brought us a chicken candy fruit  [?] & their Christmas blessing   they were [?] there way home to [?]

Fri. Dec. 23. 1960./ We are still waiting for fruit cakes to bake,   they are done but Elbert felt so bad he forgot to turn the heat on so after all the hard work, it isn’t to bad, but its eatable,   I’m thankful for that.   I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sat. Dec. 24. 1960./ Well, it’s been a fine day   Emerick & his peg leg pardner came to hunt but no luck.   Mr. & Mrs. Young came & they brought a chicken & a lot of can good & a bit of homemade candy & cookies & there was 3 different organizgans sent a big box of canned foods & jellow tea & can milk jelly & jello & soups & soap & I can’t remember all of it, but a lot,  I pray God will bless each one a plenty & Betty & Bud brought a bu. of apples. & box cherrie chocolates & Milton & Ann gave a box like them & Edna gave us a box, so we are sweet.   There was a ham in a big tin box, bread & also & Ann gave a fruit cake   We haven’t give Ann anything yet & I don’t know what to give her.   Mrs. Walker sent some pot holders.   Well I can’t remember but guess I wrote it All for today   It’s so nice to have them All come in & talk to us   Ann & Milton Budd & Betty & 2 boys all here tonight   God surely opened up the [?] of Heaven & showered us with [?] We praise His Holy Name now & ever more.   Glory to God Hallulu[?]

Dec. 25. Sun. 1960./ Well it’s been a fine day   We thought noone was coming in but Mr & Mrs. Simms there Son-in-law & there little girl & Simms daughter & Mr. Marschal & Wife & Mr. Hatten & elderly man & a Mr & Mrs. Mason Who were with Simms,   it was a great meeting, prayer testifing, visiting & singing   they takes care of us, our heads are better, but not as usual.   We were both so tired we went to bed 9-P-M   Well, they brought us a big box milk chocolates   It’s not near so cold tonight as last night.

Mon. Dec. 26. 1960./ We slept late this a-m.   had breakfast at 10.a.m.  Mrs Jaemeson from 4 Square Church in Vermilion came in at 11-a-m.  her son brought her,   she was happy to see & talk to me & she gave Elbert a new shirt size 15 1/2 to small   he takes 17 1/2 size [?] get it & she gave me a [ }   I gave her one box chocolates we received 5 boxes.   We only visited a few minutes   her boy didn’t want to wait.   God Bless them.   Tonight Mrs. & Mrs Payne & there to youngest children came in   they brought 2 small chickens   they had coffee & piece of cake & they forgot to take the cake we gave them.   We visited had prayer & they went home   God Bless them    they gave me a box of writtin paper & pencil   We are tired   Elbert washed some this morning    going down to 20 Radio said for tonight. 

Tue. Dec. 27. 1960./ Beautiful Day not cold Mrs. Walker took Betty came & her 2 boys

Tue. Dec. 27. 1960./ & took our wash to Huron & I wrote 6. letters while they were gone.   Betty took Mrs. Walker home  picked up Budd & she & boys came here with our wash & a few groceries we had her get.   We visited a little   she think she’ll be back Fri.   Mrs. Walker thinks she might come & stay a few days,   I pray God’s will be done   Now they have gone & Elbert’s fixing rice soup   Not much mail today.   Mrs Finding come in at 7-p-m & we talked & visited untill 1.a.m.   she longs for good christian friends to talk to.   I do pray God will give her strength & power to do His work & will & if I can help her that He will help m.

Wed. Dec. 28. 1960./ Beautiful morning untill 2.p-m.  then clouded up.  Only Allen’s & Roberts book & add. for mail   no one come in.   Ann called last night before 6.p.m.  Mrs Finding brought us some turkey meat & we had part of it for dinner.   Dark at 5-p-m.  Gas tank came Tue. Dec. 27. $9.68.   Well, no one called or come in today.

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1960./ cloudy all day  sun tried to shine couple of times but didn’t make a go of it.   I was sick all last night   bowels wouldn’t move & didn’t untill 3-p-m this after noon, now I feel weak & all in.   No mail worth while & I didn’t write any today   Hope to feel better tomorrow   Can’t use bed pan Mrs Jameson brough, hurts my back terrible.  hurt my back from 9.P.m. untill 1.a.m   I cried it hurt so bad   legs felt as if they were paralized clear up to my hips   Praise God he took it out.  I have only eaten egg & toast““

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1960./ eggs & toast & now we are going to have supper hamberg onions carrots & potatoes. & Pray we feel better Fri.   No Ann today.   She was to have use of car this week, maybe she has . But they didn’t come

Fri. Dec. 30. 1960/ Dark untill 9-30-a-m.   seems these are the dark days the bible tells us about.   I have to read & find out.  but then Betty & Ann came in   Betty had her electric phonegraph player & Ann came to talk scripture & tell what they had been doing,   they have one convert Mr Tomson, Annie’s husband,   Well Anne wiped up my room & Betty the Kitchen   Betty played a few Church records then Mr & Mrs. Crisco came from Bellvue & we had such a good visit & prayer & Scripture talk,   they brought me 2 new night gowns & several cans of fruit.   We had a real good visit.   I pray God will help them through our visit,   Help them to see & understand what they ought to know   Betty & Ann went home   said they’d be over in a day or so.   It’s been a big day.   God help each one of us in the way we need.

Sat. Dec. 31. 1960./ Mostly Cloudy not very cold.   A letter from Miss Willitts, one from Soul clinics one from Edna’s mother Gretchel Ky,   I felt bum all day & just laid & dozed   Hope for more strength tomorrow   Elbert’s rump has pained him so bad,   he killed 4 flies in last few days.   This is last day of Dec.   But we don’t here the bells or whistles blow   Milton & his father came & hunted a while    He gave Elbert one shot all to pieces   no one call [?] Mrs. Paynes baby is sick.

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