June 1953

Fri. June. 5. 1953./ page. 3099./ 3. eggs today./ Well we got the washing done    Elbert washed his clothes & I mine, I sudsed & wrinsed & hung his out & they dried just fine & we had them all took care of before supper,   I started supper & had to go to can, bowels got a stuborn streak & was trying to move when Rev. Deers came in with little Nomia  they’d had supper, but sat down & ate a little fish & drank coffee & we visited & had prayer & Elbert cut a few flowers & they left there eldest daughter is home, the son & his wife went to California to go to school there.   Mrs. Haslet & Mrs. Smith fell & hurt there ankles & they are terrible busy & so had put off coming to me & that’s better than Myrtle does by me,  & I know she’s busy, but I’ve turned my tenth in there for a long time & they don’t bother to come & see how I am,   Well God see Knows & hears & I’m glad.   Praise His Holy Name.   I was sick  my bowels moved so hard   I hope they feel better tomorrow.   We re-ceived a faithfull card from Audrey & I’ve felt  so punk I haven’t wrote a word to any one, poor girl  she says so tired & feels as if she’s in prison all day while she works.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessings & wish I could do more to help each one.  

Sat. June. 6. 1953 / 6. eggs today./   Well my face has been swollen, but I feel it is better today, or tonight rather.   I thank God for His Power & blessings & pray He will have deminon over every member of my body & my body soul & spirit & Elbert’s & all my brothers sisters & sister-in-laws nephews, neices & all there families,  help them all & call loud to there souls in Jesus Name I pray. & I thank Thee, Amen.   It thundered lightened & hailed & rained & has showered all day & I see John Snyder’s corn is up all over the field.  Clayton Brode & one of his boy’s sprayed the weeds & brush all a-round,  the south, east & north fences & he give it a good spraying.   Elbert went to Huron & got a few things to eat while I lay in bed feeling so sick   I ask him to make a cup of tea for me & he did.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

Sun. June.7. 1953./ page. 3100/ 4. eggs today./ 9. hens./ It’s been quite cool.  We had a fire all day   It felt good  it hailed last night & toward morning but it hasn’t rained any today,  been mostly cloudy  I have felt some better this after noon I know the the Christians will pray for me tonight & I expect the healing & strength   I’m so much in need of & I thank Thee Jesus for the healing & strength & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.   There is a mother rabbit that has become real tame, she come for a cracker, cabbage or carrot crust of bread.   We talk to her   she sets up chews & looks, earnestly at us   she has big brown eyes & beginning to look slick & filling out   we can walk all around but she isn’t afraid of us.  Oh God  I thank Thee for the Holy Spirit & trust I’ll soon be able to pray again  praise Thee in Spirit, Keep me clean & use me, in Jesus Name.   

Mon. June 8. 1953./ 5. eggs today./ Been a cool today,   Elbert dug the trench & planted the potatoes & then he was to tired to help get supper & I felt as if I just couldn’t work, but I thanked God [?   ] the supper & then a storm had been brewing for 20-30 [?]  last night it began to look like a tornado sky was yellowish & pea green & clouds look black & started to twist & turn long black fingers twisting all ways & I said we better shut up the back door & my bedroom window,   I got the window shut but, Elbert didn’t get door shut,   I saw the wind twist the car shed one way & another untill lifted it up off the car & took hen coop, car shed & then the house lifted & set back down with the front of foundation of house under middle of floor   I felt & heard Elbert fall & called him several times before he answered & then he said I’ll come in a minute soon’s I can get up   the house was turning like the hen house had been & I fell & we both got bruised rather bad   only lasted a few minutes, but such a mess.   Rue Sarr came runing,  hen house & trees all gone or tore up & broke off & my evergreen trees in front of the house up rooted & the one that always has all the berries one & the one beside it, lay across each other as if sympathizing with each other   Well, the state police.  3 different one’s came to see if we needed help or Dr.  & line men were here cleaning up line & men clearing the road of trees & boards & rubbish all night & lots of cars to people snuping around & I had felt  for 3 days as if I was more dead than alive & no sleep all night & Elbert like wise, so, the house is on a slant & we had to lay with heads to the foot of the bed.

Tue. June. 9. 1953./ page. 3101./ ___eggs today/  Hens half of them dead & rest run loose & the Rode Island  Clayton gave Elbert, so with her we Hafe 5 hens & we don’t know if they are laying or not,  it’s been a great day, we so sore & lame & care going thick as they can  travel both sides of road going & coming & looking & taking pictures & snooping, even in the yard   so, Elbert was on the move doing things, all day,  & we both so tired   Nellie heard of the tornado & then they didn’t know how to come or What to do but at last they got here   Ella Jane & Martha & Audrey & some others of the families  Johny’s boy is in the hospital not expected to live,   I don’t see why they wont try Jesus,   there are a lot of things we can’t seem to understand but when we trust Jesus, He Knows,  Now I stoped & talked to a married woman a friend of Bonita’s   she don’t know the Lord   we did do much today,   but, I praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all things. 

Wed. June 10. 1953./ & Thurs/___ eggs today./  People coming & going Mr. & Mrs. Brode has been wonderfully good & help us to hot foods   Ella Jane been here & shes going back,   but, I can’t think, but I don’t know when, things are in a turmoil   it’s going to be hard to get things squared away.   I can’t remember all that’s gone on but will try to write, as I remember.   We got a man to put in a wire or try to fix the electric, so one curoite worked   we have the light by the sink so we had the use of the hot plate for a while & that’s a relief.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen,   Thurs.   Ella Jane came back & she’s so tired  she cross & she wants us to pack up & move & she’s so infuriated she began to cuss & told us we could go to hell & she didn’t give a dam,  we were such stuborn beasts bull headed & a heap of things she said   so many wicked things.   I do hope God will help her for she isn’t living for Jesus nor neither is Bonita   the bible is the truth.   Rev. Dears were here today & Rev Myrtle & her husband.   Tom Eppler, they didn’t pray with us but Rev Deers did.   the Kentucky boy Geo. King came back & he’s been helping Elbert some,  he went fishing,   but, no fish;  he’s tired,  it’s now 10-p-m.  Well Johny & Nellie & Bonitas children & Johny’s two, he says Mark is better  he’s in Cleveland Clinic & Marcie stays with her Aunt (the one that goes to 4 square   Oh God help them to learn to know Thee.  they are

Fri. June. 12. 1953/ & Thurs/page. 3102./  ___ eggs today/ nellie brought some cream & lettuce & meat, it was so good & they sent short cake & straw-berries yesterday   Ella Jane went home with her folks today & so, the day has been    We got a card from Audrey today.   I’m so tired I’m going to bed   we got one Electric light & we used hot plate & get news on radio.   there were a lot of little bad twisters Mon. night  Elyria, Cleveland Ohio & Flint, Mich   I do thank God & praise him for all our many blessings.  Inez gave 2.00 (we got our checks Thurs.  Inez & Henry were there Thurs.

Sat. June 13. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ Armond came & helped Elbert fix the pump Thurs.  & hopes to come back & help fix toilet.  & do a few other things so many coming & going  I can’t remember,  gas man came & fix the stove, the tubing was broke     it’s a big relief to have the stove   I don’t like the hot plate so well , it cooks good when it gets hot.   Martha come & took the Kentucky George King back to Elyria   His father’s shop men were having a picnic & he wanted to go.   queer how people think & me to, I suppose.  Tom & Myrtle Eppler came & looked the back yard & house over   came in to see the inside, talked to Elbert & ignored me & tryed to say the bible said something about the rath of God being turned on those who wasn’t His.   We all truly need God help in Knowledge & un-derstanding   When they look at you’re ankles with a smirky grin & say you’d better go to a Doctor,   What does Jesus think I wonder & can’t help but wonder, some of them are in the same fix & even the ministers have to use eye glasses.   Hundreds of cars & people have been passed here & some come in to look & talk, but not many to help a little & they all want to give you advice & tell what you really ought & should do,   but Mr Plato says to stick to the ship.   There have been a lot of twisters a bad one in Mass.  hail stones as big a golf balls & smaller & 18 ins. deep.   I do thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small things Amen.   

Sun. June. 14. 1953./ No eggs today/  The church men came in a truck to try to fix the roof but we can’t do it unless it rains through   We can’t do a thing untill Red Cross & Mr. Plato says we can,   We’ll wait,   I wish they could fix other building on hen house concrete floor & we could move things out there untill they get this fixed.   I learned a lot about the Families when Ella Jane exploded   E. had been telling Audrey a heap of things & getting them so twisted   she said got any old dishes & Audrey got up opened the cupboard door & dishes started moving & A. said  why don’t you sell her a lot of the old junk

Sun. June. 14. 1953./ page. 3103. /no eggs today/ Those people we use to get the condition powder of were here   she seems like a very nice person & offered to do any thing they could if we would tell her or write to them, they came in & talk quite a spell, they are the kind I enjoy talking to.   Then Armond & his wife & 2 children & Clara’s, sister & her girl were here   I can’t remember all of them   Mrs. Sprunk came with Mrs. Mc.Neil & 3 of her children & talking as if I wasn’t a christian, for they didn’t get touched. none of them prayed with me   What Would Jesus do & say or think. 

Mon. June. 15. 1953./No eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron, no fish, he got a few things. no berries, not much I can eat.   he got me some slippers   I don’t know if I can wear them.   Plato was here & said Red Cross said they wouldn’t even fix the old Cottage so we could have shelter init & for our few house hold effects & beds,  May God help them,  I know there is a lot to be done for others & I’ll be thankful for what ever we can have.   pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, for strength from Thee.   I thank Thee for all things & Praise Thee, Amen, 

Tue. June. 16. 1953./ No eggs today./   Elbert was over to Vermilion & Nacombers Beach & talked to Eileen & he was over to Berlin Hights & Huron & up to 4 corners for waater & he talked to Skip Shoe & his wife & he got me a pr. of bedroom Slippers & 4.00 & some odd cents, & 4 or 5 dollars for food . & Shooks came from Amherst & brought us a hot roast, potatoes & carrots & nice brown gravey & a lot of spices, shaving lotion razor blades & I don’t remember,  there’s 3 boxes soap powder,  they are such human folks.   Then Joice from Joice & Kuntz & a man from Sandusky & Mr. Oney were here to figure on the house repair   Mrs. Oney came & her daughter & we had a nice visit   her  the oldest daughter is being married Sat. in the after noon   they sent me & invitation, it’s at the church.   I don’t know what to give them for a wedding gift.  they are nice people.   I did my wash & part of Elbert’s today & he got his B.V.D’s. & sleeper jacket & shirt’s done, but not dry.   We got at least a lot of things done & We thank Thee God of Love & Mercy in our Jesus Blessed holy Name & Praise Thee forever & ever. 

Wed. June. 17. 1953./ Page. 3104./ No eggs today./ Well, this morning the idfferent men came to look over mason job & so forth & at last we managed to have a little lunch & soon after 2 of the sisters from the Church & then Inez & Henry came & they all brought food & meat, sugar, can goods & pancake flour, surup & I can’t think of it all.   Elbert found a doz. eggs in the brush,  they have been such good hens.   Well another man & his wife came to look the house over.   We had such a lot of dust & inhaled a lot,  no mail today.   Oh, I wish I could go to prayermeeting tomorrow night   my feet are in such a bad condition & so swollen, God help me,  I Know Thou art able  I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory forever & ever, Jesus, Jesus, Blessed, Pure & Holy, Amen

Thurs. June. 18. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ There were some men here today to look after wiring & the carpenter work, no mail   A man & his wife stopped & looked a-round & he was a big blow hard & she was so discusted with him   Well he always gives 2.00 a yr. to Red Cross.  He is sure a big guy- his wife said you are a big old blow hard.   Hahn, one of the Hahn’s (Mike) was here & said “it didn’t look as if there would be enough today [? ?] half of the work here,  by the time they got the others taken care of.   We have turned our money into this Co. since 1921.

Fri. June 19. 1953./ ___ eggs today./  I went out side for a while today.   was a man or two around to look & we didn’t have much company today,   Mr. & Mrs. Webber from Berlin Hights came after dinner & visited a while & said they would come back & bring hamberg butter & cream   We offered Hellen some meat boiling beef for use of ice box & she took it.   Georgie told Elbert she wouldn’t have room for our meat so, we’ll get it tomorrow,  a package of gizzards  Skip Shoe gave Elbert.   Well water runs free   guess I wont get to the wedding   tomorrow  I thank & Praise God for all our many many blessing in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest Amen.    I love my Jesus,  He’s all the world to me    Elbert has felt sick to his stomach all day   didn’t eat much dinner & no supper   he took a bath   I rubbed hip leg & back & he in bed

Sat. June. 20. 1953./ ___ eggs today/  The sisters came, but to take me to the wedding, but, I couldn’t go, have to wet to often.   I gave them some glass dishes but I have some other dishes that are really nice, I’d like to give them.   The women didn’t come in.   Wedding set for 2-30-p.m. & reseption 5 to 7- & my bowels on the bum makes me sick all over & Elbert feels bum.   I thank God for our blessing & hope to get off to Church soon as possible again. 6-30 Elbert’s gone to Vermilion, Ohio.  Received card from Eileen today.   He only went to Knettles & phoned to Plato, he said he’d come Tue.  been s hot today & my bowels made me sick, but I thank God in Jesus Name for all things. 

Sun. June. 21. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Not a soul came near today & I’m so confused   I should have been able to think of getting a lock for the door,   I could have gone to church tonight if we could lock the door.   Well he got out of it again today & the old N. is making the same excuses again, now but I know God Will & has taken a hand,  they at Church have prayed for me & water has checked up & I believe He Will fix me all up,   I Praise His Holy Name    I trusting Him for all things   I Know He Will do What He sees best & I honour Him & Ador Him, Jesus, Blessed Jesus.    Elbert’s gone to 4 corners for well water & milk stop at Brodes. for chicken & get our package of gizzards at Snyders.   The wind turned a little cooler & N. West. but all died out tonight   I thank & praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all things great or small & trust He will help my brothers & sisters to really want to live for Him. Amen.

Mon. June. 22. 1953./ Well I did the washing, all but Elberts’ & we had to come in the house & Eileen came & then we didn’t go back to finish his things   he watched the cloths & brought them in when they got dry & I managed to put them a way & Eileen helped me make the bed    I had all the bedding out on the line to air   we had, supper & Eileen’s dad & sister & baby & the 2 little boy’s came & he made Eileen go home   he said she didn’t ask & come out here.   I tried to make amends & hope he isn’t to hard with her.   she helped me get jam from bottom of the cupboard & packed in boxes & put under the cofee & that was worth a lot to me   I Praise Thee Jesus Glory to Thy Name. 

Mon. June. 22. 1953./ page. 3106./ 1 eggs today/ Webbers came & brought us thin cream  beef broth hamberger & visited some & Rev. Dear & little Naomia came & brought beef steak & bread & I gave him 5 lbs sugar & box of soap powder,   I gave him my tenth for church & dollar for gas,   his wife wasn’t feeling so well, but was getting ready to paper  & sister Oney was helping.   REv. said it was a nice wedding & they had planed to go to Canada, but because his wife didn’t have her birth certificate they did-n’t go, for the law says they can come but if either one don’t have a birth certificate they can’t come back, so they changed there minds.   God bless & Keep them now & forever Amen. 

Tue. June 23. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Well Elbert went to Vermilion & Mr Platto came & went with out any good news.   We received card from Annabel & Bob   they are working at Mackinac Island Michigan.  they rented there house for 11 months & are working at the Grand Hotel for 4 month   Bob is night operator & Annabel works in linen room & her feet can hardly take it, outside that, they like it,   her great grand daughter is walking & every ones well,  she & Bob had a nice winter in Florada.   Well if she could see us now.   We received letter from Eleanor Clark,   the tornada struck in a number of places & it hit in her vin-cinaty  didn’t hurt her  she slept through it.   No word from the girls.  not any of them,   I made biscuits to go with chicken & gravy for dinner   Elbert got straw berries & we had short cake also.   he cleaned out some in the basement this am.  & sawed few limbs after dinner   he has to get water from Brodes   they have a filter systern.   I Praise & thank Thee Jesus for all things in Thy Holy & Presious Name, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.   I honour & ador Thee & love Thee. Amen

Wed. June. 24. 1953./ Page. 3107./ ___ eggs today/ Been nice day but I’ve felt bad & haven’t done much got dinner & supper & dishes went out & set in car a while after supper & Elbert don’t feel very well either   he went to Vermilion & to Huron today & he let me out the car & went to Sarr’s to ask about papers that has his pictures in from Berlyn Hights & I went to the door   steped on stone & it turned over after I got on it & I felt sick   a wasp stung me on calf of my right leg & it’s swollen full & & now the foot is hurting so bad,   but, I thank God for all my blessings in Jesus name.   Ella Jane came in Johnys car & she had come from Lake side, her folks are over there except Bonney Bell & family & she was taking Marcie from Cleveland to Seville to a baby shower on Marcie & then back to Elyria & back to Lake-side tonight,   she ask Elbert to go with her for the ride, but he said he’d rather stay here.   she only stayed about half. hr.   she said Mark’s lots better & they have taken oxegen tent off from over him & the first thing he said when he woke, was, I’m mad,  how ever, he’s better.   Marcie expects the other one in Aug.   I’ve wrote a card to Audrey, Nellie, Martha, Annabel Eleanor Clark.   I fell off stone & at front door & it rolled on my foot, right foot.   God please help me I ask in Jesus Name Amen.   Glory to Thy Name. 

Thurs. June 25 1953/ 5. eggs today/  My leg & feet badly swollen today & pain so bad, but I got up intime for dinner.   Elbert hasn’t felt so well & didn’t do much,  he did fix the step, put 3 blks together  drove stakes in holes & nailed 2 boards on the top   now it’s firm to step on & I got out & set in the car this after noon a little while   We received card from Audrey   she starts her vacation Sat.   Well it acted & looked bad outside so Elbert put his tools in grainery & I got out car & into house & he put the car back on drive near where car shed was & came back & wind was sure blowing & dust & roofing paper flying so think we couldn’t see Snyder’s house we prayed & trusted & God Kept us,   Oh how I thank Thee Jesus, I feel all the bump & bruises  am sore & lame  can hardly walk but I praise God, for all things great & small things in Jesus Name, Amen.  A man & woman & 2 boys stopped here

Thurs. June 25. 1953/ page. 3108./ 3 eggs this day./ to day   said a girl in Huron told them about us & they could-n’t believe, so came to see if we’d let them look,  she said there was & antiak man that lived by them & she was sure the little old couch was worth 4 hundred dollars & a few other things were worth a lot of money & she said she’d tell him & she believed he’d come & look at them   she gave me her address & the man’s & I gave her mine.   I’d sell ’em if we could get some money worth while.   Jesus help me I pray.   We had a good shower & it still looks stormy. 

Fri. June. 26. 1953./ 4 eggs today/  I got up late  Elbert went to Huron,  he got some ground beef & pork & a big mess of fish,  he’s done a little here & there all day.   Mrs. Kilbride & her son Louftes came in a-bout noon & looked things over & visited awhile & went & I started dinner & we ate after they went   been so hot but partly cloudy & toward morning “this morning” the wind blew again quite hard & after that, it rained a good shower & it’s quite cool,    last night & tonight Audrey’s card came tomorrow starts her vacation.   I received card from Mrs. Kreeger, the Sisters & brethern have been very thoughtful & Kind.   hope we can go to Church Sun.   I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever   Elbert went to Berlin Hights for a doz Tornada papers & they didn’t charge him for them,   I hope to send one to friends.   I have them wrapped but have to tie them a little better.   I love & trust Thee Jesus.

Sat. June. 27. 1953./ Well I swept & got dinner going & Elbert helped & he took a lot more stuff out of basement  can cartons & cans   little pieces of boards & my flower pots & crocks    he is going to take out the broken glass the fruit & vegetables were in & the clean empty jars that were broken & then there will be the coal to move & blocks to take out & clean up (building blocks.)   & I do hope & trust God will help us to  what we really need.   The Red Cross Woman was here & said they couldn’t put in a cystern   the only thing they could do was give us a rain barrel to get the water. from the house & Elbert could build an outhouse for himself & he could build the front door steps & do the other carpenter work   Dr. said he shouldn’t lift & he’s all in every night, he isn’t

Sat. June 27. 1953./ page 3109./ 3. eggs today./ able to work & tonight he called Platto & told him about Red Cross & said to go see town ship trustes, so he did “Mike Hahn”  he said he couldn’t do anything & he couldn’t tell him What to do, so looks as if they have it all cut & dried.   Now I do wonder what we are to do.   Only waite & Pray God will help in His own way   I Praise Thee, Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sun. June 28 1953./ 3. eggs today/ Elbert got & & went to Knettles to phone   couldn’t get any one so went to Vermilion   couldn’t get any one so went to Amherst to Wakins man & they said they’d be here tomorrow night.   I hope we will “through Jesus” find a way out,   I got up took a bath & got dinner started   Elbert didn’t get back untill 12-30-[-m. we ate, after I got some hot drink down him, he felt so sick & had two bad spells today  he looks sick, been sick all day.   & we pried close press door open, got some corn beef, he ate a very little & said he felt to sick to eat, was rather stormy looking all day, but didn’t rain  everything wants a drink   I love Thee & Praise Thee, Jesus & believe & trust in Thy help, I thank Thee Jesus.

Mon. June. 29. 1953./ 4. eggs today/ We got at least half the washing don & I’m glad,  Nellie, Johny, Bonita, Ella Jane & Bonita’s 3 children came from Lake Side & Marcie & her children went on with the other Minister & his wife, they are friends of Johny’s, Nellie looked all tired out & Johny rather dosile,  Ella Jane & Bonita looked as if they had won the battle.   Elbert went to Knettles & called Kuntz & then he helped me with the wash & then we ate a lunch & he went to Huron & I forgot it was Mon & so Ministers were not there,   but, Oney was & he took the card & Note & said he’d give them to Rev. Deerss  The Wakins Man & his WIfe came in just a little after Elbert left & we had quite a visit & they will be back   they said toward the end of the week & tomorrow will be the day we are to go to Sandusky & neither one able.   Audrey came came in about 2-p-m & stayed about an hour   Joan & her intended brought her   they didn’t come in.   Audrey says Martha has leakage of the heart quite bad but they are going to Water town after Merlin comes back.  he’s going over to see Jean & Bill & then A & M are going  M’s coming back & Audrey will stay a few days more.   Jean expects to come home in Sept. & gets so home sick. Well

Mon. June 29. 1953./ Page 3110./ 4. eggs this day./ wash got dry & thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things & I’m trusting Thee & those of thine.   They told us of a queer thing that happened in Michigan Thurs evening to a man driving home from work,   the wind picked the car up almost plane hight in the air & then set him down almost in same place only headed back & the engine was still runing & took him about 3 hundred feet back when he shut off motor & got out on the ground & laided down & fainted a few hrs. later he was found & taken home.  he said he was scart almost to death.   May God help us to in Jesus Name to do His will, now & forever. 

Tue. June 30 1953./ __ eggs today./ Well, the preacher came today & said he was going to Sandusky & he would try to see what he could do, to help us.   Received letter from Mrs. Marry Vedovich & a card from Bonita, sent the day they left for home. Mon June. 29. 1953,   I have written a letter to Marry & weent her 2   I tried to explain things to her & I do hope she wont feel hurt.  I washed up dishes & that’s all I’ve done about & Elbert has been to sick to hardly eat anything,   Been terribly hot all day & late this afternoon   Another wind storm & little rain,  it’s 8-p-m & sky looks bad yet.   I thank God He Kept us save & the house didn’t move.  Elbert tried to carry brush from trees out in back & he freed little cherry tree & I’m sure it was glad to straighten up after 3 weeks   I have read the word & am so glad God is our Father & in all things if We trust Him & do our part.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, I Praise Thee Jesus Pure & Holy forever & ever, Amen. 

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