May  1953

Fri. May. 1. 1953./ page. 3080./ 3. eggs today./ Well, I got my washing done & it dried good out doors   warm S. breeze & hot sun,   I didn’t get all of Elbert’s clothes,  his union suit, work shirt, sleepers, Kercheifs & socks.   Well we hope to do them tomorrow.   I made soup for supper   I cooked rice then added a can of Dinty Moore’s stew & a piece of butter & it was good   we washed & dressed & went to Church & the Lord blessed me & I thank Him & those of His who prayed for me   there are several Who pray for me  bless them Lord God of Hosts & we are trusting for souls & pray Thou will touch them & give them there spiritual sight in Jesus Name Amen & Amen.   We Praise Thee Jesus Not just for our healing but for the things Thou doth show us.   Help me to be worthy & to be a clean vessel for Thy use.  & to do Thy Will & Thy way,   fill me with Thy Spirit the Holy Ghost to over flowing,   give me strengh & power & courage, Glory to God, Hallelujah   I praise Thee   Keep all harmful lusts from me & put Satin far away from me,  Glory, Glory, I love Thee Jesus. 

Sat. May. 2. 1953./ 6 eggs today/ We had some dust from a dust storm from some where last night   top of the car was covered thick with it   then it started to rain big drops & that was how Elbert discovered it.   we were up to Huron to Church,  they prayed for me & I felt a hot wave of heat go through me from head to toe   I Praise God & Jesus & trust for the fullfillment of His promise Glory to His Name,  I pray He will give me more strength & power  Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen. Amen.   I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever.   It’s been a fine day   warm sun & cold N east breeze.   I’ve been so tired I sweat terribly for these many days now.  I slept late & then got up & ate dinner.   Elbert got up early  cultivated awhile  then killed the 2 hens Clayton Brode gave him & he scalded & picked & schinged & dressed & put them on to cook & he got dinner & did several other things   & I swept & took care of beds & rooms & wiped up floors & washed out Elberts union suit & hung up all my raags & dried them & now I have to mend his suit a little & then go to bed,   Elbert got the supper & poor boy he’s dog tired   I receaive card from Nellie & letter from Eileen.   Nellie’s been having bad cold   I pray God will heal her so completely she wont have colds any more.   We received our strawberry plants Fri. & sorted them & put ’em in cans of water & they are freshened up good today.   they sent me 3 likoris lycoris bulbs & they look good,  hope they send me a nice Gardenia vine.   I pray they will & thank thee Jesus.   Glory to God. 

Sun. May. 3. 1953./ page. 3081./ 5 eggs today./ We went to Church tonight & I was so filled with the Spirit but couldn’t talk with other toungs of which I hope to be able soon to do Glory Hallelujah,  I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost forever & ever, Amen   It’s been a beautiful day, I took a walk out around the back yard & look at the trees  flowers   N. East wind & hot sun   We let hens out while we were lookiing about & shut them in when we came back,  they didn’t want to go back,   but, they went, grumbling along.   Was nice out only wind was cold.   I ment to have written Audrey a card & Nellie but was tired when we came back in   I cook-ed some rhubarb & took pt to the preachers   I was filled partly with the Spirit tonight   I trust God will fill me soon   I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy. 

Mon. May 4. 1953./ 5. eggs today/  I washed today & I washed my sleip & dress   it didn’t fade & ironed just fine.   One of the women from the Church  Sister ____ came & took Elbert & I to Church tonight & Sister & Brother Dear & the other Minister Galous or some such Name & the little Dear Brough us home,   it was raining.   I got so full of the Spirit, but don’t think I talked in Spirit when I came to myself I was on the floor & Praising Jesus.   Glory to his Name.   We had a good teaching of the Gospel explained so any one could understand it,   It was a nice day,   I dried the clothes out side & they all got dry even Elberts sleepers & union suit.  & I was washed & dressed & ready to go when Mrs. ____ came   I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all things Amen.   Elbert got his check & a few groceries & took car back to garage & left it to be repaired & Mr. West Sr. brought him home  visited with Elbert an hour or so & then went home,  he said they had a hundred & four to Sunday School Yesterday & 48 to Church,  God Bless their efforts in Jesus Name, Amen.

Tue. May. 5. 1953./ page 3082./ 5. eggs today./ Been a nice rainy day, sun did shine for a little while I wanted to go out but grass was so wet,  Elbert said ground turned over good he spaded a small place he said for parsnips & he hopes to get to Vermilion in the morning   I am anxious about Nellie   Pray she gets O.K. soon.   We had 2 letters one from Audrey & One from Marry Vedovich Poor soul she wants to get out of the county home for a while.   I hope we can,   but, I don’t know.  Audrey said she’s to tired & she & Martha worried about Jean who isn’t well.   Jean & Bill are coming home on the 20th.  for a few day & thinks they will come & bring her out & see us,   Well I hope they can, but there’s usually to many other things & take up there mind & time.   Well, it got so thick & fogy we could-‘nt see only the outlines of the Elem tree & hardly that & the evergreens close to the house at 10-p-m.  We had to shut the house up,  couldn’t breath that fog,  it choked us, was quite warm out & the ground was steaming Where John Snyder was plowing   Sat & Mon. about 4-p-m birds began to desert & no traffic on roads or in air.   I Praise Thee Jesus for my salvation & many healings,   Thou are pure Holy & Truth itself,   I pray Thou will cleans me & make me worthy today in Thy Sight forever & ever, Amen.   I’m still feeling happy in my soul & Praising God from Whom all blessing flow. 

Wed. May. 6. 1953./ 5 eggs today./ Elbert walked to Brode’s for the milk & then he worked in the Garden & planted a few things broccoli, (squash green & white strips) & a few cucumbers & cabbage seed.   Tried to rain today   no mail today   Nice day & I went out to the West garden with Elbert for half & hour or so & then came in & scoured fry pan & roaster & did dishes & cleaned top of stove   my feet have pained me terrible all day,   think my shoes have something to do about it.   If only I could be with miss. Willitts for a while & she could help me to understand, God help me to do Thy Will   in Jesus Name I ask.   Elbert’s car is on the bum   looks as if we’ll have to have a new one or go with out & if I get it paid for to, for I believe Audrey would loan us the money if he would be faithful in paying it back.   Well the man “& his son” came to tell Elbert the car is worse off than he though & it will cost about 75.00 to fix it, if the man that does the boring thinks it is worth fixing it got some cracks  the have to be fixed & one is bad & he is afraid it can’t be fixed.  he drove clear out here to tell Elbert,   Elbert went to Sarr’s & phoned the to the man;  Well Helen Sarr’s children are in Cleveland with the mumps. & she’s there alone. 

Wed. May. 6. 1953./ page. 3093./ 5. eggs this day/ & Rue hasn’t been home since he went to work Mon.   Elbert’s not only tired, but worried,   I’m so sorry but he don’t want me to tell untill he’s in a rut then if I can help him out, O.K.   Well I just did my usual round & aired our night cloths & I’m terribly tired.   I thank God & praise Him for all things,   Jesus Blessed Jesus   I’m trusting & believing   I give Thee all the Glory & Honor & Know Thou art Worthy Amen.   

Thurs. May. 7. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ No Mail today.   Well I got up about Noon & just got dress when Elbert called me at the door    he had been over to Vermilion Beach, Lake & sold 3 doz. eggs 60 cents per. doz. & went back to highway & a man picked him up & took him clear into Vermilion   & then he went & talked to one of Bakers man & they had a ford they had just overhauled & want 2.50.00 for it   we think we’ll try it out.  & bring our old one home   I set bread & had 2 tins white biscuits & 3 loaves of sweet bread & I’m so tired & so is Elbert   they drove clear out here to show us this one   it’s & old car & a coup, don’t look bad but I hate the change & so does he.   Well I got all the dishes except baking pans washed.   Now I’ll read & go to bed   Elbert went at 9-p-m.   I’m so sorry I can’t go to Church,  that’s some of the things in life we have to put up with.   I thank God for all our many blessing & pray all will be well with this change.   Glory to God the Father & Jesus & the Holy Ghost forever & ever Amen.   

Fri. May 8. 1953./ 6. eggs today/ Elbert phoned & told the man thats been working on his car that he would bring it back home,   I hope he wont charge to much for what he has done to it & the other man at Ford’s is coming to give us a ride & see if we want it.   I pray God will help us not to be to hasty in what we do & to help us to Know & do the right thing.   I received a letter from Kruse Nursery & they are sending me another vine.   No mail from the girls.   Wish Audrey would come out.   Well We’ll have to make our own way some how.   Was damp & Chilly air, this morning & cleared up this After noon,   I went with Elbert out to the park & he sawed s[?] of the dead limb of that apple tree in South W. corner of park & the ivy’s so thick over there.   I only watched him but my feet tired the life most out of me.  I Praise God I can walk & see yet & am trusting him for a full deliverance in Jesus Name.   Glory to God in the Highest I thank Thee Jesus   Keep me close I pray.

Sat. May. 9. 1953./ page 3084/ 6 eggs today./ Well the man was here before I got up & Elbert told him he could not swing the deal at present so he went back & sold it for cash to another man.  he said tonight he came back to tell us.   Well I don’t know what we can do, but trust God will help us   We would have to get the money if. we could borrow it & maybe we can get a new engine & us our car a while longer,   we’ll have to go & come on the buss for a while at least he will & he’s all tired out walking & worrying.   Well, he went to Vermilion & over to the man that has the car & he said he’d bring the car tomorrow   his wife had gone to a wedding & he had to take care of 7. children & then he was going to the huraue tonight & his wife takes care of the children.   Roney Eppler came to the man’s house & brought back some tools & Elbert ask him for a ride back to town  & he said he was in a hurry, so the man said he’d leave the children & take him back to town, he had to get gas anyway.  & he got a ride with Dominick “a macanic from Bakers” right to end of our road,   I thank God & Praise him for His care & pray we will get fixed up just the same.   I washed & got everything dry & Elbert put tar on part of the tree he sawed up Fri & has to finish it Mon if he can   he’s so tired out of late.   It’s been quite warm, but there’s an icy feeling in the air,   John Snyder plowed awhile on his place & Clayton & one of his boys plowed this after noon.   Elbert brought in rhubarb & I’ve got it cooked & caned 1. qt. & 2. pts. & I have dishes done & will read & got to bed, glad & sad I can’t go to Church and I’m glad for the strengh God has given me.   The bible says all things work out for the good & Glory of the Lord Praise His Name.   I do Praise Thee Jesus, trust & believe, Amen.

Sun. May. 10. 1953./ 3 eggs today./ Well, the junk man his wife & 2 of there 7. children “Mr. & Mrs. Gregg” brought our old car out, after dinner.   He’s a talker.   Well, I don’t know what we can do now,   I tried to get him to look after getting it fixed up while we could still run it but as long as it would run, he didn’t do anything & now he can worry   I’m sorry we need a car here.  but I pray God will help us.   It’s been a beautiful day.  Mrs. Gregg brought me 2. qt. cans of fruit 1. peach & 1. black berry & I give her a loaf of sweet bread & can of jelly that was going to 

Sun. May. 10. 1953./ page. 3085./ 3. eggs this day./ to sugar & some plants 5 or 6 & some tiger lillies bulbs that were about 8. ins. high.   We listened to some Radio preaching & were out side several times,   it been so warm & a N. east cool breeze. Elbert says potatoes & peas are coming up.   Brown Thrush is making her nest in honey suckle vine.  black birds & mourning doves are in ever greens & we saw 2. squirrels eating walnuts in the walnut tree.  & World is waring & looks bad.   I pray God will help me to be able to get to Church & I thank Him for my healing & give Him all the praise & Glory & Honor forever & ever Amen. 

Mon. May. 11. 1953./ 6. eggs today./ I have been suffering a severe cold & to make it worse I’ve been broke out with a rash that itches so bad seems as if I could bite it out.   When Elory Morton Prayed for the sick I thanked God for my healing,  & it’s lots better today.  & my cold also.   It was a beautiful morning & it was a nice rainy after noon   Elbert sawed some limbs off from an apple tree & peach trees & covered the cuts, he can’t stand the sawing like he has done & there is such a lot of it to be done, & he can’t even keep a deal, square in his mind   does the wrong thing each time,   he was going to buy the Ford coup & when he had it paid for he’d try to have a better one in sight & sell the Ford & get the other but he told the salesman to sell it if he could,   he wasn’t ready to buy a car,   so now we have to stay at home   I dont Know how long.   The salesman came clear out here in the morning last Sat. May 9.  to see if he wanted the car, for an-other man wanted it, if we didn’t take it.   We need a car here so bad & then he let that one slip away,    so, if I can’t be right on the job that’s how things turn out & he say, well, I’m out of money & I give him 20.00 for food & I don’t eat half that much & I pay gas, light & coal.   I sure hate this way of living,   if I could go & see & do things but it’s as if he though he has the strangle halt on me,  I have to do something about it.   I have felt heavy & logy all day,   I received a letter from Marie Kruse Nurseries & hope she will send me the vine in good shape.   We had a nice day  I received a baby card from Loura Ann Sosack Brother Fred’s daughter,  she had a baby girl born April 24, 1953.  she has Named her, “Margaret Ethel Sosack;   I hope they are well   She had card mailed out May. 3. & we only got it today May. 11.   I thank THee & Praise Thee Jesus for all things. Amen.

Tue. May. 12. 1953./ Page. 3086./ t. eggs today./ Been a nice rainy day & I was out where Elbert was mowing the grass & weeds,   he took out some of the dry stalks & grass from among the flowers,  he mowed the paths between showers.   I’m sick & I can’t figure for the life of me what’s wrong,   I’m broke out as if I’d been in the ivy.  but I haven’t & the queer thing about it is, it’s in a ring right where I sit on the can,   I use clorox in can, but have been very careful to see it’s thoroughly cleaned   it came on my arm first just like a scratch, it rises in a blister & a liquid comes out, like water & my stomach gripes & pains & burns & I am burning as if I had a terrible fever   I’m trusting God will in Jesus Name take it & the Cause, all from me.   I will Thee all the praise & Glory   Thou art Merciful & have been so kind & Gracious to me   I’ll never be able to repay, only Testify & Praise Thee,   We received our checks today and a letter from Audrey & one from Marry Vedovich   she wants to come to me so bad,   but now, we don’t even have the car to use,   I am so sorry;   Well Texas is having her sorrows (tornadoes) & over 200 buildings thrown down on main streets & private dwellings   quite a few dead & injured.   Help us Jesus to live for Thee & do Thy Holy Will in all things great or small.

Wed. May. 13. 1953./ 5. eggs today/Received letter from Audrey  We got our checks yesterday. & Elbert went to Huron & cashed them & got some meat & fish.  he came back & I had some washing done,   I had a bad accident & had to wash my night gown, so washed my skirt 2 shirts my rags & Kercheifs & dried them in the house for it’s been another rainy day & N. east, cool,   Elbert mowed some, & tonight before dark he went over to see the man that keeps books in Lorain at Studybaker Garage so as to make arrangements to ride to Lorain with him in the mornings,   (Today was Gertie’s birthday   she was. 65. yrs. old.   he’s going for bird seeds, olive oil, & to talk to Audrey & get some food.   I don’t feel as tired as usual but so sick to my stomach every once in a while.   We received card from Nellie   she says she’ll be glad When school is out, said children had planted a lot of tomatoes.   Bonita’s working nights & that Ella Jane saw Tessie & talked to her.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my healings & all our many blessings,   I love Thee & pray Thou will keep me close.

Thurs. May. 14. 1953./ page. 3087./ 4. eggs today/ Elbert went to Lorain with the book Keeper & his wife & Elbert clear to Colgons to studdy Baker garage & looked the cars over & said he didn’t go over Where Frank Bock was working, he’s in another shop quite a ways from there but working now, for Colgon,   he had been working for himself.   Elbert did a lot of walking & is terribly tired   he went up to Brodes for milk after he rested a while & they gave him some frozen chicken   it was still in a frozen lump when he brought it & it looked just fine & smells good  3 rumps  3 ribs. 3 necks & the ends of the wings,   it’s fat to & so nice.   Well Elbert see Audrey & talked to her at noon   she’s so tired & worried, Martha has tumer on her wrist & she says it’s bad.   Well, I know Jesus can heal & even if I do look & feel bad I still believe & know He is able & can, if she’s willing to go to Him.   God help her that she will,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever,  I thank Thee for all things Amen.   It has been real cold, shivery, damp & cool N. east breeze & misty & raining in showers before & since dark We received card from Martha today   Elbert got a ride from Vermilion home right to door with a man from Goance   he lives couple miles from here.   I’m trying to get Elbert to get new engine for his car & perhaps he can get another top some where,   he’ll have a better chance to look for a top if he has the car.   I pray God Will help us & I thank Him for all We have for it’s what He gives us.   I haven’t done much today,   Elbert took Audrey’s crochet books back. 

Fri. May. 15. 1953./ 3. eggs today/ It’s been & still is a beautiful morning & it now 1-30-p-m & it’s still a nice day 10-p-m & it’s been a nice day very cool breeze & we have a new moon way off toward the N. West.   I haven’t done only my daily work, except, I aired the bedding.   Wed May 13th 1953 the Lord God of Hosts gave me strength lifted me out of the despear I was in & now I feel better & aftger a lot of talking we may have the car again, so We can go to Church again & How glad & happy I am that God takes care of us,   Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy more to be desired than silver & gold or anything on earth  I love Thee I Praise only Thee  I pray for each of Thine all over the world.

Sat. 16. May. 1953./ Page. 3088./ 4 eggs today/  Been a slow misty rain all morning & heavy fog this afternoon & tonight   Elbert went up to Huron this morning & found out he can get the car fixed,  they were coming tonight for the car but it’s raining & so they can’t work on it un-till Mon. so perhaps they’ll come Mon.   & I hope the other guy will not harm to the pieces he didn’t bring   he’s supposed to bring them back this week but he has not so far. I haven’t done much today.   No mail from any of the girls, I pray God will Keep & show them the way & save their souls, every one of them I thank Thee Jesus.   & I thank Theefor all things great & small & for my healing   give me a stronger faith & help me to help others,   & I thank THee Glory Hallelujah Praise the Lord God.   Elberts back is bad, but he mowed grass & was up to fish house & got 2 small white fish   they tasted so good for supper, he all so got piece of lamb shoulder. 

Sun. May. 17. 1953./ Franks been gone 20 yrs.  I was married 53 yrs. / 5. eggs today./ We got one little egg today.   Been thick fog rolled in over the ground in big waves so thick, part of the time we were hemed in with just the evergreens around  us, as it began to get dark the over cast broke & moon & stars came out.   rained in showers all last night & most of today.   Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my healing that rash that come out on my legs & right arm was so terrible & it itched untill I felt as if I could bite it out   it was about 2 1/2 in. wide & from my hand to elbow & it was 4 in. or more wide on the back of my thigh  from Knee to bend in hip some across hips where I sat on the seat & a small or narrow strip on left thigh   some one prayed for me Wed May 13th & it begin to dry up   I thank Thee Jesus from the dept of my heart that Thou doth hear, know & see our needs & answer prayer, I thank Thee for all the prayers for me as well as for all the others in need of Thy care;  bless those who are mindful of us & give them an extra lift.   Bless all of Thine all over the world where ever they may be & help us to do more for Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.   I’ve been rubing Elbert’s back & hips nights, they hurt so bad he can hardly get up or down & walks bent over part of the time.  Well Vermilion Gregg, no bring parts of car & the Huron man didn’t come for the car today or Sat., so I wonder. 

Mon. May. 18. 1953./ page. 3089./ ___ eggs today./ Been a fine day  sun shone untill it set & then it clouded up & did lighten but I didn’t hear it thunder,   Elbert’s hip & back have been bad today & he hasn’t tried to work & the man didn’t come for the car & other one didn’t bring the parts   I hope & trust all will be well.   He’s thinking of going if he’s able to Vermilion tomorrow.   I wrote 2 cards to Audrey & one to nellie & one to Rev’s Deer’s.  Praise God for my healing  Some one prayed much for me Wed. May 13th. (on Gertie’s birthday) & I just felt the strength flood into me & I thank & Praise God for His touch & for his Children. Amen.

Tue. May. 19. 1953./ 5 eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion, got the parts of his engine & left them at the gas station.  he felt he couldn’t carry them & the food he bought,  he is all tired out walking, it’s hard when you are not use to it.   he rode down with the book Keeper & came back on the buss about 2-30-p-m.  We had a lunch & he help me a little,  I had potatoes ready to cook, he brought steak,   so, we had them & spinage peach sauce & bread for supper & hot tea.  & after supper he got Bob Snyder to take him to Vermilion & got the car parts   only took half hour to go & come, now he’s talking of going to Huron in the morning to see Why the man didn’t come to look after the car,  such a lot of bother, but it maybe all for some good.   I did out my washing & Elbert’s small pieces,  his sleepers, pillow slip, Spring union suit & 4 work shirts & blanket yet to be done   I don’t know if I can do them or not   I have them in a pail soaking,  Sun shone but air so damp cloths felt wet that I hung out side.   We had heavy fog last night & it did rain in heavy showers but fog stayed until 8. or 9, oclock this morning.   I thank THee Jesus & Praise Thee with all my heart for saving my soul & hope Thou will use me.   We received Jim & Joan’s announcement for Graduation May. 26. 1953. & a nice letter from Audrey,    Jean & her Billexpect to land at Cleveland Ohio air port tomorrow.   They are so happy that they are coming together for 20 days,  I’m so glad for them & hope they enjoy every second they are home.   Well, guess I go to bed   I feel so tired.   I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things, for Martha’s healing & trust for her conversion soon, help us Jesus I pray Thou will Amen.   I hope I can see her & talk to her soon & get her on the right path   Oh God; have Mercy & pray before it’s to late.

Wed. May. 20. 1953./ page 3090/ 5. eggs today./ Well Elbert went to Huron & the man that were going to come & look at the engine brought him back & said they’d come back for the car in a night or two & let him know what it would cost & I had started to wash   had a few light pieces & his union suit done & I hung them outside & it was so warm & strong breeze & by the time he had his shirts washed I sudsed & wrinsed & hung them out & brought the others in,   he didn’t feel very good & neither did I so We didn’t get sleepers & his pillow slip or blankets done but hope to yet this week.   It’s 11-p-m, I sweating like rain.   Elbert felt to sick to eat his supper & I fixed him salts & he’s been out twice,  he’s sleeping again.  No mail.   he went out & worked to hard cultivation after dinner & his back & hip are still paining him.   Oh God be merciful to us sinners  help us to live for Thee in Jesus Name I ask, Keep me, heart, mind, soul & body all time I thank Thee Jesus forever & ever, Amen. 

Thurs. May. 21. 1953/ 5. eggs today./ Mostly cloudy all morning,  John Snyder got over most of his ground,  his wife came & brought him a rain coat & it poured rain,  she stayed with Georgie for awhile (Bill’s wife).  then they both went South maybe to Brode’s,  then it rained & it came down untill it looked like a fog across the fields, rained for 2. hrs. or so & now at 6-15 the sun is shining bright again   We had strong puffy wind since before midnight last night,  now its mostly died out & radio says, they had a tornado in Huron near Port Huron & they found 3. dead & don’t know how many more as yet.    Little more news say the tornado was bad.   Well it’s cooler since the rain, it came down in torents.   Elbert still feels sick   he mowed some & before it rained he hoed some.   THe man came & said he would come Mon. forenoon for the car & that it will cost 50 or 60 dollars to fix it & he don’t know about getting a top but he’d see about it.   I picked a few lillies of the Valley today,   weather spoiled white lilacs & after storm today (rain with hail in it) I wonder what the other ones will look like.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things.

Fri. May. 22. 1953./ page. 3091./ 6. eggs today./ Well there some bad tornados around us, & they thought we would get one,   but, Praise God we got out some way & I hope we stay clear.   It’s poured rain in torrents with some ice in it.   I listened to 11-p-m, news but nothing more about it.   The world is all in a turmoil & still not turning to God,  just think it’s freak weather.  A letter from boys home today asking for 1. or 2. dollars & they sent a bunch of stamps to put on out going mail.   I should have wrote letters today & cards.   I haven’t done much,   Elbert did some mowing,   I haven’t felt to good to day so only did my daily round.   I thank Thee Jesus for helping me to be able to do that & Praise Thee forever. Amen.

Sat. May 23. 1953./ 6. eggs today/ Been a beautiful day after the stormy weather   the N. east breeze felt as if it came right off the ice   Elbert has done a lot of jobs  he cleaned the out side of the water stew pain,   I had let it burn dry so he scoured out side & the cover   I cleaned inside Fri. & he mowed the front yard & pathes & he’s hoed potatoes & sprayed goose & current bushes the orchard oriela has 5 little very blue eggs in a nest in the gooseberry bush.   I tried to hoe a few weed out of the yellow Chinese roses.  but my arm & shoulder felt so bad I had to give it up.   The only mail was light bill.   I thank God for all things   I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost,  Glory to God in the Highest. 

Sun. May. 24. 1953./ 5. eggs today./ Been a nice day  N.east breeze & it rained about 4-p-m or 4-30.  then cleared joff & now moon’s shining through clouds & it’s quite cool,  we still keep fire at night & a little all day.   I was out to pump & in the yard but to cool & damp.   Lillies of the Valley are in bloom, spired, & tulips, lilacs, weigalia & the Myrtle & voilets everythings been full of bloom trees & bushes & peonies & honeysuckles & goose berries are as big as peas & currents are hanging full of currents little yellow roses don’t look very good.  hope we can clean the ground so the young plants will be O.K. but weather is to cool.   the Westeria vine winter Killed back so there’s only a few vines left,  buckeyes are in bloom.  & wild crab tree & grass grows so fast.   Well, I’d like so much to have been in Church, but thank God for my blessings that He is God & watches over us,  I pray He will bless all of His & strengthen them in Jesus Name, Glory , Glory Hallelujah  I Praise & worship Thee forever & ever   Keep me close to Thee & use me for Thy work. 

Mon. May. 25. 1953./ Page. 3092./ 4 eggs today./ I wrote a card to Jean & Audrey   Elbert mailed them for me   I ought to have wrote a few more but just didn’t feel as if I could.  & it been so terribly hot today;   I ought to wash but its going to be hot again tomorrow & my feet & legs are bad, so maybe I’ll try to do a little writing   I ought to clean house & do some sewing also.   Elbert went to Huron  got a ride both ways but walked up our road to highway   Nye “from the Park up by Ruggles” pick him up & let him out in Huron & he walked to fish house   they gave him a white fish & some perch & he hailed the young fellow coming around the corner with trash for the dump & they were coming on out here to get the car, so he got some groceries & got a ride back with Hauff & aneighbor.   & they brought him right to the drive & Elbert & I, to, was thankful for it makes Elbert so stiff & lame to walk & the weather is sure bad for arthritis.  Been cool  breeze, damp, & hazy, cold white sun & breeze to cool to stay in & to-day my Gardenia Vine came   it don’t look very good   so dry, but the root has freshened up so maybe it will come   some are the bulbs are coming, & the strawberries   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.    & pray Thou will fill me & make me a to help others.   Keep me well & in church,  I thank Thee Jesus; Amen.

Tue. May. 26. 1953./ 4. eggs today./ Elbert got up & washed out most of his cloths   he forgot his pillow slip & the cover he has over it & his blankets so I washed out my cloths & then I did his pillow slip & cover & his dry very fast.  & I didn’t hang  blankets out,  put them in some water untill tomorrow   everything else is dry.   Well it was so hot last night   to warm to cover up, to cool to uncover so I couldn’t rest untill morning & Elbert didnn’t either,   I’ll be glad when car is fixed.   Elbert hoed some & planted 3 rows of corn   I hope it has good corn on it,  we’ve had lots of rain but maybe next mo or so we wont have so much.   Elbert says peas or in bloom & only 6 or 8 ins. high.   I received letter from Audrey & she says Johny & Marcie’s boy “Mark” is so ill they don’t expect him to live,  God only knows how much I wish I could go to them,   I pray they will call Mr. Rev. Clark from Cleveland & have him come & pray for him & help them to know Jesus can heal today as He did yesterday & forever

Tue. May. 26. 1953./ page. 3093./ 4. eggs this day./  I believe mark’s illness is to test his parents faith & I pray they will take heed & learn His will & ways in my Jesus Holy Name Amen.   Help them to be stead fast, take away there unblief, every doubt & fear & trust & believe wholy in Thee I pray,   I’d like to be with them to help strengthen them but Thou are able    Elbert feels so bad tonight, he’s sick,   I’ve been rub-ing his back & hips nights   but, he over does, by doing to much diging & stooping,   don’t do any good to try to keep him from it & he don’t trust in God.   Well, I Praise God & for all things forever & ever amen.   Audrey sent 4 pictures of Jean & Bill & her brides maids   & two of Bonney Bell’s little girls & Johny’s & Marcies girl in color pictures & she loves Jean, so much,  she said Martha met them at the air port in Cleveland at 6-45 & Jean called her by phone at 7-15-  she was pleased to Know Jean was thinking of her to & tonight they were “all hands & the cooks” going to Jim & Joan’s graduation exercise’s Jean & Bill’s came home on 20th of May. a week tomorrow.   Well Audrey’s still tired Poor Girl. 

Wed. May. 27. 1953./ 6. eggs today.   Well, I wrote a letter to Johny & Marcie & one to Rev. Clark  4. Square Church in Cleveland Ohio.  We both felt bad all day   Elbert’s back & hip & I’m just exausted & not enough to eat   the milk had a very queer smell,   I used the cream in my tea & feel weak & all in   I wish I could go & find out that & a few other things but, no car so that’s a good excuse   We should have it back by the end of week & I hope we do.   Been a very fresh N. east breeze & to cool to work in   partly cloudy.  & partly moon light last night & tonight.   No mail  only Country Gentle man magazine.   Broads gave us some more frozen chidcken ribs rumps necks & tip end of wings.   Oh God my letters didn’t get mailed today.  but I & many others know Thou are able & I’m trusting & believing Thou will heal that little boy, & in away to supprise the Dr’s. & parents,   I trust Thou will & I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Pure & teach them Thy ways    I thank Thee for all things great or small.  Amen.   Please help me to get those letters mailed tomorrow.   Elbert’s back hurts so bad, I hate to ask him to go to end of the road.

Thurs. May. 28. 1953./ page. 3094./ 6. eggs today./ Well, I sent in to find out about an insurance card that was sent to us & a young woman & her mother came   we didn’t find out all the things we wanted to Know.  but I’ll try to find that out.   I gave Elbert 15 or 20 out of my check & now I have given him 30.00 out of the coal money to pay on his car repair on engine & he hopes to get car tomorrow.   he says he’ll give it all back & I have had him order some lumber to raise middle of the floor up for its sagging in the center.   Elbert thinks he will try to go to Huron & get the car tomorrow & a few things to eat.   It was real cold last night   I felt bum yesterday & today,   I don’t know if it was the milk or not , my head has been bad all day & I feel so week,  I baked 2. tins of bread biscuits today   it’s been another nice day but so cool & Elbert says he feels better but he can’t get up or down with out groaning.   I rub his back & hips every night & he has got so he likes the wool blanket under him to sleep on.   I sent the letters this morning by the postman, one to Rev. Clark & one to Johny & Marcie.   I pray God will bless them  strengthen their faith & help them to be steadfast & I pray Thou will heal & fill them & make Mark a vessel for Thy use Amen.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, Glory to God in the Highest I love Thee Keep us Close to Thee. 

Fri. May. 29. 1953./ 4 eggs today./   Well I got the table cleaned up & washed & scoured stew pans & roaster & fry pan & I didn’t even get the sweeping done so that will have to be done tomorrow & wipe the dust off the chairs,   I just don’t have the strength to do so much, company or no company & I’d like to go to church Sun. if I can.  not a soul has been here from either Church, God help them in Jesus Name,   I pray,  We all need Thy help in many ways.   I pray for the sick   help them to lean on Thee, bless & comfort all Thy children  every where all over the world, be with Thy Holy Mountain, Jeruslem & all pray for all the slaves,  Oh, God only Thou Knowset how they are fighting & dying, be with those in hospital, prisons & camps & those who take care of them,  God of Love & Mercy, help the people to wake up before it’s forever to late  help them to put away all the foolishness of the world & live for the Spirit & not for this worlds goods.   I tremble with

Fri. May. 29. 1953./ page 3095/ 4. eggs this day./ fear when I realize how unworthy I am.   I’m wondering why Martha is keeping away from me   Audrey said, Nellie, Jean Bill & herself were coming sun right after dinner for a little visit,  I don’t know  what I could have wrote to her that hurt her feelings,  I’m so sorry & will try to make amends for it.   It’s been another nice day with South west breeze & yet tonight Elbert went on buss & got his car & paid 30.00 on it & still owes 14.00 dollars,  he promised to give back the 30.00  it was what I’d saved to pay the coal bill.   he talked as if that was all there was to it & he was so releaved he only had 14.00 to pay.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray for our souls, rebuke Satin & keep us & fill us with Thy Holy Spirit , take any & all lusts out of us & help us to be Thine in Spirit & in truth in Jesus Name, Amen.   

Sat. May. 30. 1953./ Decaration day./ 4. eggs today./ Well it’s sure been a great day  I wiped ceiling & walls & wiped the floor, washed my rags & a dress & ironed a dress & a work shirt for Elbert.  Georgia May Snyder did out a fair sized wash today,  her mother & father are visiting in Michigan   they told Elbert wehn he went over the other night to phone about the car,  Bob is home, he works in Elyria Ohio. & he drives back & forth.   I was another nice day partly cloudy, wind went all way round  it thundered & it lightened a little tonight   breeze is back N. east tonight & feels as if it came off a cake of ice,  they said it was 90 degrees today & going down to 50 or 55 tonight.   I do thank God for all our many blessing & that he has given us the bible “his words” for us to learn & to profit by.   Oh God,  Why don’t we learn & do faster.   John & Clayton finished planting his fields & Claytons boy cut the grass & weeds each side of the road.   The Brown thrush has her nest in the honey suckle vine.  the Cat bird was in goose berry bush & something got at her nest, & the gold finch’s nest in apple tree was tore to pieces,   I don’t know what done it,  the whole world seems to be like that today.   A man said over radio today that if we have another world war,  it would be the last one for this world and I believe it will. 

Sun. May 31. 1953./ page. 3096./ 5. eggs to day./ Well Audrey, Nellie, Jean &Bill came for an hour or so & went again.   I gave Jean the whistle aluminum tea kettle that Martha “Jean’s mother” gave me,  I hadn’t used it more than 2 or 3 times,   & I gave her the serving tray & glasses, that Martha gave me & I gave her a glass bowl with legs on it that Mrs. Horning & her girls gave me 3 or 4 yrs a go for Christmas, full of candy.  & a linen hand towel.   I gave Audrey 2. bowls like mine she wanted   I gave Nellie 2. bowels when she was here last.  & I gave Audrey some rhubarb I caned in her pt. jars.  maybe I can put some into jars for nellie   she said she wanted some so bad, but my head was getting that dull feeling & I forgot to go get the rhubarb.   Nellie don’t look very well, she said, Mark was better, that this Dr. where they now are had been giving him the wrong dope, poor little Mark,   I still pray they might trust God & He will heal Mark.   It is quite evident they don’t believe Jesus can heal today as When He was here in person on earth,   but, I told them how He had healed me & Elbert could tell them it was so but laughed & they think I’m Crazy, but I pray God will forgive them & show them, before its to late.   I’m sorry for them & told them I wished they could learn to trust Jesus as I had,   but, not have to endure the things I have had to,  they changed the subject,   so, I didn’t say any more & I don’t believe I will unless they do.   May God help them.  Audrey looked tired out and worried & Jean & Bill were full of pep.   Bill seems like a nice young man, not very talkative, but this was the first time we have met.   They come in a rush & then fly a way.   Well looks as if it will always be that way.  from here out & they said Martha didn’t feel like coming.   Been partly Cloudy cool breeze N. east.   Rue Sarr came a little while after they went & visited awhile & then said he came to see if I would keep his boy & Young Helens girls for a while afternoons & they would pay me, so I said,  We’d try it,   I hope it will work out O.K.  It’s a queer world.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will Keep me & us close to Thee   I give Thee all the Glory & Honor forever & ever. Amen.

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