July 1953

Wed. July.1.1953./ __ eggs today/ Elbert picked up a doz. or more eggs today.   I have been tired all day.  We went to bed & a wind storm came up & shook the house a little & I felt so sick & dizzy when wind eased up   I remembered I hadn’t eat any supper so Elbert gave me a glass of milk, in half hr. or so

Wed. July.1. 1953./ Page. 3111./ ___ eggs today./ I went back to bed, but didn’t feel like sleeping so I prayed & yesterday I saw Naomie (in a vision)  I prayed for her & then at 3-a-m. or 4 I prayed for her again as I thanked Jesus for my milk & today her father said she to, was drinking milk.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus & pray we can all rest tonight and I will Praise God, in Jesus Name, forever, Amen.   When I woke the Minister was there talking to Elbert & then Inice & the Red Cross Woman came & chewed over the price of contract for fixing over the house again & they couldn’t come to any decision,  so, they were going to Huron after dinner, to try again, after they left, Rev. Deer visited for a while & then he went also   he & his wife are truly God’s children  he said if we can help in any way phone   Mr they & we’ll help, the wemon are the same,   Praise God.  Then we had a rain storm, wind blew, but God Keep us safe.   then we had supper & it’s a lot cooler now.   I have dishes done & we have company   I don’t Know yet who it is,  it was the Watkins man & his wife they found where they could get me some barley & they got it & some sweet spirits of nitre   I put a cupful & qt. of water to cook last night & cook it a little more today & have taken 3. cups this am. 1. at noon & 1. at 6.p-m & 1. before I go to bed.   they are such nice people & so good hearted & they even worry about us when the wind blows or it storms.   We visited awhile & then they went,  she had to go to Dentist this a.m.  I thank Thank Thee Jesus & pray I may be worthy of Thy Love & of there love & friend-ship,  I am trusting Thou will heal & keep me all the way   May the Glory be Thine & the power forever, Amen.

Thurs. July. 2. 1953./ 4. eggs today./ I didn’t do much of anything today   the red cross woman & a contractor & they are going to fix up the house.   I don’t know how well but the chimney basement walls & windows & stair way & the floor up here,   but no way was provided for either water.   I’m hoping something can be done about it.   I rapped 12 little Berlin hights paper & got them ready except trying to mail out to relatives  & friends today.   We received card from Martha, Merlin & Audrey are going over to Jean’s & Bill’s for a few days.   Elbert went to Berlin Hights  got some meat & a doz. more papers to mail those I raped today & he has been cutting & sawing today.   I truly Praise Thee & 

Thurs. July.2. 1953./ Page. 3112./ 4. eggs this day./ for the Ministers & Church folks I pray Thou will give them an extra blessing in Jesus Name & strengthen all our faith   We need Thee oh, we need Thee, More & more each hour & day, Amen   I received DeHaan’s book today;   It rained hard for several hrs. this morning, & again tonight,   I’m trusting  in Jesus to Keep me from harm & evil & keep my house   I thank Thee With my Whole heart soul mind & strength.

Fri. July. 3. 1953./ 3 eggs today./  Been a little cooler today.   I cleaned out the cloth today with Elberts help & washed up the fruit & soforth & the broken glass.   We put the fruit in box & had basket of tin cans of food.   I wrapped up glasses & few dishes & I’m as tired as if I’d work hard.   Elbert carried away small limbs & brush to burn & he’s sure tired.  they said I’d better pack the dishes & before they said I wouldn’t need to    I don’t know whether to or not   Well, I have 2. days but not able to work    wish some one would come in & help me with them, for Elbert don’t care much, about dishes.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy guidance Amen.   We received a duplicate of contract or some such thing from Red Cr.  

Sat. July 4. 1953./ 4. egg today.   It’s the most quite 4th I ever remember & not a soul came near, as if they really do think we should go to the poor house as they said,  they thought we should do.   I wonder if they were in our place how they would like us or any one else to tell them they ought to go to the poor house,  they hurt our feelings for we have done more for them, than than most brothers & sisters would have done,    but, I pray God will forgive them for they don’t know what they are saying & I pray they don’t ever have to endure the hard-ships we have had to endure.   While they work & go for vacations while we have given the best of our lives for them   I’m not sorry & I don’t hold any grudges.   Praise God we did our best to do right & God has blessed us  Praise His Holy Name.   Well the moving man came & talked with Elbert & I  & thank God He has answered one prayer to fix it so they couldnt work Sun & he did the men didn’t want to work Sun.   Oh. God of Love Mercy & Goodness I Praise Thee and love & ador Thee, Glory Hallelujah 

Sun. July.5.1953./ page. 3113./ 3. eggs today/ Well Praise God in Jesus Name,  after dinner Mr & Mrs Hastel came & Mrs Krug & little Eva & a little later Rev Deer, & Rev. C. & the Reverends left to go sightseeing & the others stayed untill 5-p-m.   I ask them to eat a hand out but they went to Huron & ate & we went to church & met them & had a wonderful meeting & 2. were converted & now I pray God will strengthen there faith & help them in all the they need.   I feel stronger after being in the meeting & meeting Jesus & being with those of His  Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus & pray thou will use me   Sky looked bad when we left, but God took care of both of us & the car Glory Hallelujah.

Mon. July. 6. 1953./ 4. eggs today./ Well, we got up qite early & then had a toasted bun & hot coffee & then we move sewing machine  chairs & the picture of Ma, Pa, & Fred taken in Cuba.   The men came at quarter to nine, a-m & took chimney down, then they jacked the house up, & slowly but surely moved it over foundation   they even got a few blocks cleaned & have twise as many more to clean    Elbert cleaned up the broken glass & bottles & crocks & took them out this morning,  there’s a little more yet to take out.   Elbert got his chick today   he bought meat & pt. ice cream & fly spray  cost 1.64,   The men went home early,  they worked hard & were tired   it was cloudy most of the day & cool breeze & Elbert has worked doing odds & ends most of the day & he is so tired & the men will be back to clean & set up basement wall  then sidiing & cornish & supper time Eleane Sarr “Moffy” we call her, a nick name or Midgie”, & her little brother Earnie.   she had one place on roll film & so took a picture of the house after men got done, tonight & we were up on even keel but they forgot to cover chimney hole & it rained a light shower so Elbert climbed up & put roofing paper over it & Midgie tied slats on a rope for him to put over paper to hold down,  then we ate supper, he got steak & had to take it back,  it was sticky & a had bad smell.

Mon. July. 6. 1953./ page. 3114./ 4. eggs this day/ Well by the time we got around to eat, it was all most cold.   I do thank & praise God for all our many many blessings  Jesus is all the world to me   I love him more than all else  Glory to Thy Name forever   The house jumped & bounded when they moved it back, but not half as hard   I lay on the bed been half sick all day, But Praise God. 

Tue. July 7. 1953./ 3 eggs today/ Well they got some blocks cleaned & laid up & house over to North 2 ft. & part the shingle on & it’s been quite hot, today & Elbert says I look lots older than he does,  well, he uses my brains 1/2 time, but he complains most of the time & didn’t feel able to do anything all after noon & has just gone for a pail of water to Broads for cooking   I’ve felt some better but need some one to cook & look after me   Brodes gave us another package of chicken & we cooked it   I didn’t like to have it yet but now it’s done & it made Elbert sick, it was so fat & he eats tomuch at a time.   I felt terrible rocky allday, but Praise God for all things. 

Wed. July. 8. 1953/ 4. eggs today/  We lost one hen,  she crawled away & died.   We have 3. white ones & 1. red one.  Men came & laid up side walls & ends in basement & they put on a few more shingles & they brought a small building 7 X 8 ft. they thought we could use it for a toilet but we don’t neet it so big & we think it will do for a hen house   they worked hard today & left at 4-30-p-m.   they desided to buy new blocks for the 3 tier above the ground & they will be plain instead of using ours over, they broke a few trying to clean them.   They electric man was here & we have the lights up here now,   but he has to fix the ones down in basement yet,   When they raised road to the pole, then call them this morning & told them.   I’ll be glad when they are done, but what a mess inside & out   the blocks are not as good, as the ones we have.   Just after 12 noon, Rue came & brought Earnice, he ate dinner with us & was here untill 5-p-m & Muffy came & visited a little & then took him home,   she said she was surprised when she see they were starting to work on the house, that

Wed. July. 8. 1953./ page. 3115./ 4. eggs this day./ from all the things the neighbors had said, that they were going to let us set in that terrible condition untill 3 months or so before they did a thing, but maybe some else found away, Praise God.  Glory to His Name, Hallelujah Glory, Glory, Glory.  May God be praised for ever. Amen.   Now we are done with dishes & Elbert’s gone to bed & I’m going to mine.  

Thurs. July 9. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Prayer meeting night,  I thank Thee Jesus for Thee & the prayers of those of thine   I felt some better & walked about in the yard today & wrote 4 post cards & ironed 3 shirts  my under skirt & dress,   I visited with Muffy while Elbert went to Berlin Hights with Earnie Sarr & got us a few things to eat,   he got steak & some pig hanks for tomorrow & some raspberries 2 black & 1 red   he bought a nice green cabbage. 4.25 he paid for the food.   Muffy said Earnie was going to DearBorne Mich for a couple of weeks,  Dolly is with her mother in Cleveland.   We received a card from Audrey, Nellie & Miss Clark today,   Audrey is with Jean.   I wonder how Gertie is for she will be alone & she’s so afraid alone   I pray God will take care of her & keep her & I pray for Nellie   help her to go some where & rest for a while, she’s all tired out   she’d be so welcome, if she wanted to come here.   Well, who should come in tonight, but the Walkins man & his Wife & she brought us a large glass of current jelly, clear & pretty.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray I may be worthy & I must receive my healiing to prove Thou art the same yesterday today & forever Glory, Glory Hallelujah, I praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. July 10. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ Cattell came back with 3 men   2 he did have & one other & they worked hard untill 4-p-m.  then went home.   they got the house squared up a little more & put the steel beem through the middle to hold the floor   got the windows in basment & finished the basement walls.   We got another card from Audrey today.   I sat in the car a while this after noon.   It rained this morning & was so cold last night felt as if it might snow & its cold tonight   I did half my wash tonight   hope to do rest.

Fri. July.10. 1953 / page. 3116/ 3 eggs this day./ it done tomorrow & get it all dried.   I have to go to bed   I’m cold.  Praise God for ever & ever  I thank Him for all my blessings in Jesus Name   I love Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help my brothers & sisters & in-laws & my nephews & neices to Know Thee & I will thank Thee & give Thee all praise & Glory Amen. 

Sat. July.11. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ Well, I finished the wash & did out Elberts 2 cotton blanket, but I feel terrible tonight   his bead was so sweaty & now it smells fresh again   he turned the mattress over & helped me make his bed & I rubbed his back & hip,  he took the pieces of 2X4 out from under the casters at head of the beds & now they seem more level & like they should be & I’ll be glad when I can have the door shut & locked again,   I have bruised spots on my legs & arms today & my breasts are sore & needle marks on me,   I can’t stay awake day & night,   men didn’t come to work today, so got my cloths all out & dried  rags & all & Elbert has strained him self,  he felt sick for 2 days.   I got him to put his belt on again   he’s been trying to get weeds out of potatoes & doing odds & ends.   he put the roof of old toil toilet over the pit so no one would walk into it. & I think I’ll try to see if we can make an other out of some of the lumber.   & I do pray we can get the cottage over on the concrete coop floor so to get some rain water.   no mail to-day,  I got some cards ready to mail out but, he didn’t give them to postman or take them to Huron,   he went to store for a few things 3.43 meat, potatoes, winter green & pepper mints & bread & raspberries.   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy word & Salvation for all Thou doth give us so freely   I praise Thee forever & ever Amen. 

Sun. July 12. 1953./ 4 eggs today./ Inez & Henry Hunt came & visited a while & got the rest of the bulbs & then the Minister came with there 2 girls & his

Sun. July. 12. 1953./ page. 3117./ 4 eggs this day/ brought us a pie banana cream pie & told us about the young folks that were converted were baptized to day   I pray God will bless & guide them in all things.   May all the Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen  Dear Father, Jesus, Pure, True & Holy, I love Thee.  It’s been a nice quite day with North east breeze. 

Mon. July. 13. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Been a nice day  N. east breeze hazy  thick all around the edges   men didn’t come today.  Elbert cut & hauled brush over hill & tonight he tried to fix siding on N. West end of house   hope he will get it done before they get here, he’s having cramps here & there, shoulders, legs, hands & over his ribs, & his lower limbs & ankles.   Men came & put on a new eve spouting, this after noon & fixed it for barrels & said we’d have to make covers for them,   but, they haven’t brought the barrels yet.   We hope to get the other building over on the hen house foundation & some roofing paper & eve troughs on so as to get water in systern.   I do hope  pray we can get it done before Fall   trees are tipped over all ways & makes it hard to clean up   we have to get trees cut up & out of the way before we can move the other building   the house isn’t right   we can’t shut the doors yet & I cold rest some better if I could lock my door,   I feel as if I’d been doped & raped to often, untill the blood runs   its terrible,   I pray Thee Jesus for help, it’s terrible & he talks & lies to me & thinks I don’t know but you are able to help me speadly & I’m trusting you will,   I know you can  Oh Jesus forgive me & reveal unto me I thank Thee  I praise Thee Jesus for all things    Received letter from Marry Vedowick today   she still wants me to come for her,   wish I could.  I been thinking of Ella Jane for several days   hope all is well & Jesus will turn her a-bout face. 

Tue. July. 14. 1953./ page 3118./ 3. eggs today/ Received letter from Audrey today, she’s home again & hates to go back to work, she says she will be 61. July 24. & it doesn’t seem as if it could be, but the yrs tell on us by & by & Frank will be 63. yrs. old July 27th. & he to is beginning to feel old & they think Elbert & I ought to go to the poor house   I couldn’t feel that way a-bout my brothers or sisters nephews or neices & I pray God will change them before it’s to late    Well the men came, late, & finished ridge on roof & the masons came at supper time & laid up the chimney & fix the flashing & ceiling in Kitchen & got the frame up, for little front porch & they got steps done & light man came & fixed light wires in basement & he’s going to give Elbert 40.00 to finish putting on the siding fix the doors so they will shut.  We got our checks come today.   Elbert can’t seem to get settled on doing a job at a time, he does a little here & there,   he wants to get the toilet done, but, he’s doing it the hard way   a little here & there,   he needs some one to help him   he isn’t able & he’s shaky.   Well the boy took the wheel barrow & took several loads of the good rock face blocks & pilled them out in the back   we hope to use them for another foundation on hen house concrete floor so we can have water again when we get other building over there   I thank & praise God for our blessing & for all things   I want to live to do His Will & His ways. & I pray God be blessed & Glorufied forever & ever Amen.  Been quite warm in sun with cool N. east breeze.

Wed. July. 15. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ I wrote card to Audrey, Nellie & Rev’s Deers.   I cleaned out under sink  they cans of fruit & put them back.  I clean at the outside end & the corner between west end of cupboard & wash bench, now I have to move move table & couch & little stand & both radios & Victrola & clean the walls, windows, curtians & floor, then next day, the floor, in the middle cupboard doors & shelf.  then inside of the cupboards   it will take me all summer to get clened & straightened up.   I received card from Jean & I hope to get a letter off to her soon   I know she would be lonesome after Audrey left  she’s got a mo or so, yet before they can come back to Elyria   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy great Love & care & Praise Thee forever Amen. 

Wed July. 15. 1953./ page. 3119./ 2. eggs this day/ Men were over here doing little odds & ends, been quite warm in sun N. east breeze & Elbert went to Huron  got a big mess of fish & gave Brodes half of them & he cleaned them & took fish to them,  he says he’s going back to Huron & try to get the rope & tackle to pull up evergreens   I pray God will let them grow just to prove to folks He is Lord of all things & can make it grow as He did.  the other one we fixed & He mended so good, now it was so badly splintered, they cut it off. & pulled the roots part of the surface roots & the tap roots are still in the ground on the other two in front of house, so if they get them up & tied fast & braced good they will take heart again & grow.   I hope to save one or two apple trees also out in the hen park & between park & cottage.   Men put a new light in my south bedroom window, that & front door glass was only ones broken, up here.   I did my ironing 2. dresses & underskirt & table cloth & Kerchiefs. & so I’m tired also, but pray God will get me to pray-ermeeting tomorrow night.   I will have to try to get a little done every day & got testify & worship as often as I can get there. & I pray He will bless them One & All in Jesus Name. Amen.

Thurs. July 16.1953/ 4. eggs today./ Been a nice day 93 degrees in the shade. Radio said.   Received a letter from Mrs Bracket, a card from Henry & Inez Hunt & one to Elbert.   Elbert went to Huron   got some rope from Skippy Shoe & cashed our checks   got a few things to eat & turpo & alcohol  he spent 9.75 for food & drugs.   I gave him 10.00 out of my check   I have taken out 7.00 for Church & the rest I’ll have to save for coal gas & taxes.   & Elbert paid 2.25 for Clorid of lime.   Oh I feel so miserable because, I didn’t get to church & I have to break this chain some how  I want to be in the house of God & do His Will.  & there is no reason, only he does to much work & then he didn’t have any clean pants   he bought 1. pants 2. shirts 2. prs. socks 14.00, & he put pants on & they looked as dirty as the one’s he took off, tonight,   I can’t see how he gets so dirty.  he has got door steps & where gas tanks stand painted & he got siding on North end of house done & floor in Kitchen fixed   I wiped all the ceiling & walls down half way in my room & cleaned the pictures,   now have to get lower half & floor & I’ll have to put bedding all out on the line & wipe up floor   I cleaned some of the work work around doors & wash stand.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will use me, fill & heal me & I pray for the souls of those of my family & many, many others,  I thank Thee Jesus & Give all Praise to Thee for all things Amen.

Fri. July.17. 1953 / page. 3120./ 3. eggs today./ Well, Elbert has made a big showing,  he’s cleaned & burnt up a lot of rubbish & sorted the building blocks & carried the brick from the chimney back to the backyard & there are a lot of blocks to go back yet,  he’s got two sides, “North & West side” patched & painted & he has south side to put a siding board on & paint & then the porch floor to paint & lay & a railing to put on.   I haven’t done much   I cleaned corners where the water pails set the middle of Kitchen oil cloth was all tore up & it’s going to be hard to clean it untill we can get a new piece, to put down.   I hope I can clean up the floor a little more  then next week to clean Elberts room & then Kitchen walls. & such a job,  Well, Mrs. Bracket says she is 77. yrs. old & has just finished cleaning her up-stairs room & they or her whole house hasn’t been cleaned for 2. yrs. so, maybe I’ll get mine done before Christmas,  I hope so.   Elbert’s dog tired tonight,  The Ministers came in tonight with little Naomie & visited & prayed with us,  they are such nice people God’s children in truth & in spirit.   I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise to Thee forever & ever.  & it revives the spirit to see & talk & pray with them.   We had north east breeze & hot sun today.

Sat. July 18. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a nice day   Elbert has done a lot of odds & ends   went to Huron  got a little for us to eat Sun.   worked at the toilet   picked up & cleaned up & fixed my bedroom door & worked at the basement & uper door front door & back & basement doors all have to be ajusted yet.  Red Mc.Ginnis & his son Iria were here today & visited with Elbert awhile, then went wood chuck hunting, Frank Bonney & his son Armond had been hunting & stopped here & gave Elbert one a (small ) one   Frank ask us down to his house warming “he built a new house.” next Sun. evening,  but Elbert don’t like to go so far after dark   he can’t see to drive very far after dark. & I don’t like to go on Sun anyway   I hope to go to Church in the morning.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessing   I don’t understand but Jesus Knows  He sees & hears  Glory to His Name forever & ever.   I did some cleaning & put away some fruit today.  John Snyder borrowed 2 saws today

Sun. July.19. 1953/ page. 3121./ 3. eggs today./ Well I’m happy I got to Church today, this morning, & we had ex-pected to go tonight but Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 2 children came rather late & brought cream & cones & visited awhile & when they started for home they couldn’t get the car door shut & so it was after church time before they got away & then I wasn’t dressed for Church, so we had to stay home.  that pleased Elbert for he didn’t want to go back but my heart cries out for God to help me & to help me help others,   Bonita said she should have stayed home & worked, she’s always behind in her work at home & I said, today is Sunday & she said, yes, but I have to wash, iron, scrub & clean every night & I’m tired    8 hours in the shop & 6 or 8 at home & so, I came with the rest to relax.  Ella Jane lets her temper fly when things go wrong & Bonita says just enough to keep the fire burning.  Nellie is looking better, but Ella Jane looks tuckered & her left arm’s been tired out from lifting the children & taking care of them, she had to carry it in a sling for 3 days.   One of Bonney Bell’s children had a broken color bone & fell & broke it over before it healed the first time;  & this morning Rev Dear was preaching on marrage & he says if he were to live his life over he would marry young & raise a nice family,   he says we are to marry & raise Children, but I can’t find a place in the New Testement where it says such a thing,   He told his Deciples to look around the field was white & ready to harvest, all ready. & He tells us to live Holy as He is Holy & to Keep our seed with in us to live for the Spirit & not for the lust of the flesh & What does Paul teach? in Romans 12th verse & 13th, 14th, 15th. 16th 17th read 7th Chap of Romans & read chap 8. Paul says it isn’t a sin to marry, but he warns if you marry you will have trouble with the flesh & we are warnded so many many times about the lust of the flesh  I pray I may live for the spirit in Jesus Name Amen & I will give Him all praise & Glory forever & ever Amen. Glory to God I pray He will use me for HIs work. 

Mon. July. 20. 1953./ page. 3122./ 3 eggs today./ Elbert’s back is bad today but he washed the cloths & I have rubbed his back & hip twice today.   I did my washing   had a big one as I only washed once last week.   we got them all dry except my two dresses & corset.  I’m soaking wet with sweat.  & so tired my hand don’t want to do any more   I hope to take a bath & get into bed.  air seemed damp even though the sun is so hot.   Well, I thank Thee Jesus for the strength Thou hast given me today & I pray Thou Will help Elbert    fill us & heal us Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name I pray & Thou hass promised if We believe, we could ask to receive & Jesus, I believe & I’m waiting to receive, help me to do Thy Will & Ways, Amen.   Mr. Cattell was here today,  he hasn’t got his money yet for the inspection hasn’t been here yet, he seemed worried,   said he has another house to move but wasn’t working    I hope they get the evergreens raised up soon while moon is new. 

Tue. July. 21. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ We haven’t done much today,   Elberts back’s so sore, but, I pray God Will fix it so he wont be in so much pain.   I’ve done out a wash & been grumbled at many a time, in the same condition.  now, it’s him,  I am sorry for I do Know just how bad it is.   I put away the cloths that were in here on the line    got to meals & washed the dishes & feel as if I had been druged tonight   I don’t know how I got it unless it was dropped into my coffee,  my head felt better this morning when I got up but since dinner head’s been so dizzy & I could hardly stay on my feet.   We received nice letter from Audrey & card from Jean, but not a word from any of the rest,   I’ll have to try to write a few lines to them soon.   Audrey has it all figured out what she’s going to do in 4 yrs. from now   Well I wonder she’s only thinking of her clothes & her eats but life is more than that & she will have to learn the hard way.   I don’t Know What Gertie is going to do,  she lives a very lone-some sort of life.   I’m going to try to go to church Thurs. night   I love prayer meeting night & God’s blessings & May He be blessed for ever & ever, Glory, Glory Hallelujah  I do praise Thee for all things in Jesus blessed Holy Name, Amen.   Been quite warm  N. east breeze dying out tonight   Elbert went to Huron got food. 

Wed. July. 22. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Rained from early morning & all day in light & heavy showers.   Elbert’s back & hip are bad yet.  Mr Cattell was here this afternoon & he said he Would really put the cottage over on the henhouse floor foundation   Oh God of love & mercy Thou art marvelous,  how can I ever be able to thank you enough.  Jesus , pure & holy I love Thee & pray I may be more worthy.   I thank Thee for all things Glory to Thy Name.

Thurs. July. 23. 1953./ page. 3123./ 4. eggs today/  Well the inspector came today & I signed the paper so the con-structor could get his check & he gave it to Cattell right here & later Cattell came back & got his derrick truck.   Elbert’s back so bad he went up to the Dr. (Leighouser) & has to go back Tue. noon.   no mail today.  Miss Cark came,   she’s sick & been sick since may   she has no desire for food.   I gave her a part bottle of beef, iron & wine & she took a dose & drank a cup of tea but wouldn’t eat & she’s so worried about something, after she got started to talk, I learned she had worked to help Harry Miller for 16 1/2 yrs. & now he has said a lot of things that hurt her terribly & she’s going to stay away & not go there any more.  & after awhile I found it was her nerves all up set & she’s starving, for she can’t eat & her stomach sours & turns bitter.   she looks sick & she hasn’t much strength,  she said.   Mrs. Sprunk was sick after she was here, for 3 days.   Tom, Myrtle & Roney have been in hospital & had a cansorus tumer removed from  his leg on front of thigh,   she said the tornado went across Lindy’s back yard, but didn’t hurt them or house   Dicky said he got to Lindys just as it went through & they were in basement praying & he never was so afraid in all his life, not even when he was in the war on the front line, as he was getting to Lindy’s ahead of that Tornado,  Dicky doesn’t belong to God  they say.  God help us to work & pray & keep right with Thee.   We went to prayer meeting tonight   had a good prayer service & I give Glory & Honour to God our Father Jesus our Savior & Holy Ghost forever & ever & hope I may be found worthy, Amen.

Fri. July 24. 1953./ 4. eggs today./ Audrey’s birthday   she’s 61. yrs. old.   We didn’t get any mail today.   was rather cool today.  I laid a bed my feet’s so swollen.   cool all morning, hot sun from noon on untill night & started to get cool early this evening   Radio said tempture going down to 55 & I believe it for it’s real cool tonight almost shivery in the house & I haven’t done anything today & ought to work to-morrow   got few rags to wash & my dresses & his shirts to iron, so, have to get right at it soon’s I get up or I wont get it done.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father Thou will be with Miss Clark & be with all Thine all over the world & keep us strong in Thee & in body, that we may do Thy will in Jesus Name.   I Praise Thee for all things, forever & ever Amen.

Sat. July. 25. 1953./ page. 3124./ 3. eggs today./ Well I did out a small washing & set bread & baked 2 big tins & one round loaf & then Elbert fixed the little stand in the corner & I cleaned windows & couch & wiped the walls & put stand records back & the little radio I set plants on & the high stool & then we put fruit Jelly & Jams back under bottom of cupboard & I swept & we only had boiled eggs & Elbert had a biscuit & I had crackers & now I have his back & hip bathed in alcohol & turpo ointment & then I did up all the dishes & now I’ll read & go to bed, so, terribly tired I wont be able to rest for hours.   We had a card from Audrey & a nice sympathic letter from Boys Home, Nebraska, I sent them 2.00 & one of the little Berlyn Hights newspaper with Elbert’s picture & the house   I thank Thee Jesus for all the many prayers & that Thou art answering them,  this is the first time I ever Knew I had so many friends, Praise God from whom all blessing flow   Elbert bought a hen of Brodes & it cost $2.00   Well they said they had another one he could have,   it has a bruised foot,  but that wont hurt it any    Was very cold last night & early this a.m. but at noon the sun was so terribly hot & was untill 6.p.m.   Frank Bonney will be 63. yrs old tomorrow.   I thank & Praise God for all the many blessings he gives us day & night & no bombs on us as yet.   Glory, Glory Glory Hallelujah.   Oh God be with Rev. Hance & his wife & family   help them in all the ways they need   forgive him if he has sined & heal him in Jesus Name I ask & I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise.

Sun. July 26. 1953./ Frank Bonney’s birthday 63 yrs./ 4. eggs today/ No one came near us today,  been a nice day hot 94. degrees, they say it will be 70 degrees tonight   Elbert has felt bad all day, but, he has shifted it back to left hip again   maybe God will take it out of him again.  & Sat. I felt so bad all day & had a headach   it was my bowels, they refused to work & So I got up early this morning & took my bath & tried to get my bowels to move & at last I had to force them & it made me weak & sick, they moved & turned one inside out & bled so I didn’t get to God’s House of Worship, but I listened to many sermons & prayers & am trusting & believing.  I heard over Radio Rev. Hance is ill & tonight Rev. Buser & his staff took over for him & he did a very good job.   I Praise Thee God & Jesus & Holy Ghost.

Mon. July. 27. 1953./ page. 3125./ 3. egg today/  Elbert has been working today & I did the ironing my skirt 2 dresses & his 2. shirts  bowels are still rather sore but pulled back in side   I haven’t done much today.   Received card from Miss Clark  said iron tonic was O.K.   she begin to feel like eating again,  I thank Thee Jesus, she sure was in a bad fix the other day when she was here, & I’ve prayed a lot for her,   she’s getting old.   it’s been hot & sultry today & the breeze has been all around & a few clouds tonight & a full moon   lightened a few times then stopped.   I thank My Father in Heaven & Jesus my savior & the Holy Ghost for taking care of us & pray Elbert will soon know Thee Jesus & all sisters brother & nephews & Neices, Amen.

Tue. July. 28. 1953./ 3. eggs today/ I felt so sick I had to lay down,   Elbert got ready & went to Huron to the Dr.  he went to fish house & got a nice mess of perch  we had them for supper;   Rue Sarr brought Earnie & he’s a good little boy plays all by his self, told me about his visit to his Aunts home in Deerborn Mich & his cousins & Dolly his sister’s girl, went with him, his Aunt came here to Sarrs & took them home in there car & they came back on a plain to Cleveland   his sister met him & took them to her home & Earnie’s father went there & brought him home in his car   he enjoyed everything but said Dolly got sick on the plain,  he’s tanned to the waist line & from the middle of thighs down.   Muffy came for him tonight & said her mother wasn’t feeling very well, to hot to work.   Received tax blank today. (12.52) & we ought to get the coal in this coming month.   it was 91.00 & some odd cents last year,   I hate to think what it will be this yr.   We received a nice letter from Audrey,  she wishes now she hadn’t quit her Job in 1951.   I ask her Why she didn’t ask for 3 mo’s rest at that time, but she was discusted & has learned it doesn’t pay to be “as she often says” bull headed,  she wrote a nice letter   Jean & Bill are having a hard time like the rest of us to Keep living & pay bills.  Elbert paid light bill 1.50 & 58 cents for 2 cans tomatoes today & people all over the world starving & Miss Clark said in her card Gracie Day has a baby, but no husband.   Fish were good for supper.   Been hot sun & N. east wind all day.   I do earnestly thank Thee Jesus for all we have,   I Know it is What Thou givest.   I Praise Thee more for saving my soul & pray I may be blessed with the Holy Ghost that I may praise Thee in Spirit,  May all the Glory & Honour be Thine forever & ever   Thou are a wonderful miriculus Holy & Pure Saviour & Physicin   I love Thee Dearly, Amen. 

Wed. July 29. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Another day   I didn’t do much but Elbert’s tried all day & he’s so tired tonight.   Rue brought Earnie Tue. & today.   Elbert took him home tonight   I tried to fix my corset but thread kept breaking & every thing seems to go wrong, but I got the stiching done.   We saw a

Wed. July. 29. 1953./ page. 3126./ 3. eggs this day./   rather queer thing, a car stopped over at John’s building & a man tall & dark & 3 women got out & took something out & laid it on the ground & covered it with lots of papers then man got down on his Knees & went through with some funny notion s for & hour or more.   he had a Knife & saw when a car came up or down the road, girl got infront of man or when a train went either way, they did the same, then they gathered & put in the car & at last all got in & went back north   they came from that way.   another car stopped  a man got out, I couldn’t see what they did, but he got back in car & went north, he also came from South & went north.   We watched for an hour & a half. or so now.  Elbert’s in bed & I’m late, but, Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, for all things & Praise Him & give Him all honour & Glory,  He’s always been so wonderful to me.   & I love Him & Praise Him for all things  Glory Hallelujah.   I received DeHaans book today & haven’t got the other one read.   Been mostly cloudy breeze been all way around & S & West tonight.

Thurs. July. 30. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ We did the washing & I’m sick once more   my bowels are on the rampage & haven’t moved today.   I had hoped to go to prayermeeting,   feet are to swollen untill they are broke out in red rash & pain me bad.   I Praise God & believe for my healing   I pray I may be filled & healed in Jesus Dear Holy Name & I thank Thee Jesus.   & Know there is some thing wrong or I’d have been filled & healed before now, help me to Know.   Elbert said there wasn’t any mail, but, I felt there should have been some,   was cloudy yet this morning & raining off & on untill noon,  we had several hard showers after midnight & so God answered my prayers, Glory to God, I love Thee Jesus.

Fri. July. 31. 1953/ 3. eggs today/ Well Elbert went to Huron & he mailed cards to. Rev & Mrs. Hance, Audrey Mary Ved    Eileen, Red Cross, Eleanor Clark & Lida, Boys Home with  Annabel, Mery Vidowich Henry & Inez. Hunt Jean & Bill Frank & Ruby Bonney & my taxes 12.52 & tax on money order 25cents & went to fish House & got 15 fish 1. was pike rust perch  he came back 11-30-a-m. I cleaned couch & dusted chairs & got every things as near ready as I could for supper,   Elbert got the milk & chicken from Brodes this morning & I got it thawed & bones cooked tender & fat tried out & potatoes ready to cook & at 5-15 I got beets ready & sliced & potatoes on, I had dumplins ready 

Fri. July. 31. 1953./ 3 eggs this day./ so when they came the potatoes were dune & I had chicken balls half done   Elbert creamed the potatoes   I finished balls & made gravey,   we had pickled pears & lettuce & Sister Deer brother 2. pies an apple & goose berry  We ate a good supper & Elbert took little Naomie & went to store got qt. strawberry ice cream & after awhile we had the apple pie & the cream & hot coffee   Elbert made the coffee   they said it was good & I thought it was, to.  We visited untill 9-p-m & Sister Deer read apor-tion of Revelation & we had prayer & then they went home   they are God’s children truely.   Brother Bill has to go into service, got his call last week & they have only been married a very few weeks   a fine young couple.   Now Elbert cleaned the fish & gave the ministers half of them, they seemed well pleased.   Sister Deer mended a dress for little Naomie she had cought on bobed wire & tore while we visited   Elbert is very tired   We had Earnie here all after noon & he & Elbert went to 4 corners for water,   Helen came for Earnie & I told her Elbert would bring him,  she felt lonesome,  Muffy went to Columbus for week end so she & the boy will be alone for a few nights.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will Keep us Close to Thee & use us in what ever way Thou seest best   I thank Thee & Praise, Amen

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