August 1953

Sat. Aug. 1. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Well we both felt bad today   Elbert worked sawing wood (tree limbs) he’s got a lot done this week, but I haven’t gained much.   I haven’t felt like eating, but I ate & drank to much for my own good & then we had a terrible time catching the hens & getting them in the other building but a long last we got them in    one most in & he cought one put her under a box & she riped & tore untill she got out so he had to catch her again,  she sure did a lot of talking about it & the red hen is hard to see & keep tract of but he cought her in the fence near pear tree & rambler roses   she yelled so loud & shook her feathers out,   but, he had her & put her in little coop, so now they are in & he says he’s going to keep them in, he don’t feel so good & had a pain over his heart after he got in bed,  his pain has gone from back & right hip into left hip   he ask me to rub it tonight so I rub back & both hips & pray God will convert & heal him.   I thank Thee Jesus.   Well 2 days & no mail.   I wish I felt able to go to Church & sunday school in the morning help me Jesus,  I’ll give Thee all Praise & Glory Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 2. 1953./ page. 3128./ 3. eggs. today./ Well it been such a long day I have been sick with stomach & bowels again  the bowels just wont move & haven’t yet 9-p-m. Mrs. Cranage & her son & daughter Elvedore & Ruth came & visited for a little while this afternoon,  I was so surprised to see them   she isn’t very well & don’t get out very often. & Elbert has felt bad all day   he fell down last night chasing hens & he was so angry to,  his intestines has been paining him for several days anyway,   I don’t know whether it’s flu. or what it is.   It’s so cold tonight a little fire would have felt good.   They have prayed for us at Church & I wanted to go so much & I’m going to try to go Tue. night & then every meeting night with God’s help:   I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 3. 1953./ 3. eggs today/ Well, I haven’t done anything more than I just had to but Elbert has done a lot of sawing & triming  & he’s so tired he groans every few minutes & had cramps in his back over his ribs   now I have him bathed with alcohol & rubbed with turpo & he’s in bed.   It was very cool last night & it is again tonight   Well, my bowels moved hard, could hardly keep my head level, but after awhile they moved again,   I turn out & it makes me so terribly sick all over    & I get such a shock in the early morning must of been about 3- or 3-30-a.m   sounded as if Elbert fell in the middle of kitchen,  he answered after I called him several times & his voice sounded sullen, said he hadn’t been out of bed,  last night he said he locked the back door,   but, I felt I should look & he hadn’t locked it at all & when I told him he seem eratated about it.   I looked tonight to be sure & another queer thing   I found some dry grass in foot of my bed   I don’t know for the life of me how it could have got there.   I’m glad God see, hears & Knows & I pray He will keep me close to Him for ever & ever,   I thank Thee Jesus & love Thee more than all else & Praise Thee.   Elbert did his washing first thing this morning & he goes for milk every morning.   We were eating supper when Frank & Armond came to help get the toilet up & they did a lot in 2 1/2 hrs.  got an other back made & then put the front & sides on the floor Elbert had made & they got the roof, back on, the back of toilet is under the building we called the cottage, but the front & sides & roof of old toilet  they used over.  some board gone at top of sides & they will have to be put in , some how, Frank said he’d be back in few days   said work was easing up & spoke as if he’d like to get the Job of rebuilding Bill Snyders barn, he (Bill) says he

Mon. Aug. 4. 1953./ page. 3129./ 3. eggs this day/ thinks he will rebuild his barn.  Frank says he has some onions so sweet you can eat them like apples & they 1 1/2 lbs. each.   said he’d bring me 1. & some beans when he comes back;  Wish we could pay him for them & there worth it   It rained some & has been cloudy & thick most of the day.

Tue. Aug. 5. 1953./ ___ eggs today./ Elbert cut or, sawed limbs from trees & he went to Huron to Dr. & said he gave him a good treatment   got some bones back that were out in his neck & back   he carried water from barrel & put it in the cystern & it rained this morning & we had a thunder & lightening storm late this after noon & it has been raining tonight,  I haven’t felt very well today, but baked some oat meal cookies & fried a chicken & stewed it tender in roaster, had hot creamed potatoes & apple sauce for supper & hot coffee   I wrote a letter to Jean & Bill & should write card to Audrey,   we received a letter from Jean & Bill today with $5. in it I put 5-1’s in her letter   funny wasn’t it   she says they love us, I’m so glad.  & pray God will bless them & keep them close to him.   Annabel & Bob wrote us to & said the storms were bad up there & around her home in Va.   Anna Mae looks after her mother’s place.  Jesus said when we see all these things coming to Know the end was near even at the door.   Earnie was here today & gave me a dollar for looking after him,  he’s a good boy & minds good, but he has to play alone,   he does Elbert’s steps & it tires him.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things   Glory to Thy Holy Name.   S. West wind & such a white sun.  

Wed. Aug. 6. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well Elbert’s cut & sawed most all day.  he let hens out & the heny hen that crows came out telling him a hard story & the language she use was terrible   she stuck her head in the air   flipped her big red comb & headed for the brush saying all maner of things & tonight she went back in the tree & when he tried to catch her she flew & said some more bad things & he didn’t get her either,   I hope nothing catches her tonight & that he gets her tomorrow.   I want to go to town with him but don’t know whether to or not, may tire me to bad & I want to go to Prayer meeting if Possible, God

Wed. Aug. 5. 1953./ page 3130./3 egg this day./Willing.   I didn’t do much to-day   mended Elbert’s b.v.d’s & socks  wrote card to Jean & Bill & one to Miss Clark & one to Audrey & now I’m tired   I got to get to bed   was up looking at the terribly black clouds last night & it sure rained   has been very cool all day & cold last night & tonight, lightening struck an oil tank & tossed it 500 feet into the air & it exploded & burned & 2 more were expected to go explode,  they were getting people out of there homes just in case & fighting the fire radio said    I thank Thee Jesus for Keeping us & hope Thou will get us into Church & Keep us Closer to Thee.

Thurs. Aug. 6. 1953./ 3. eggs today/ Well, Elbert has worked all day   he did the shopping this morning.   I set bread & baked 2 tins. 1. big  1 small &  I gave big tin to Rev’s Mr. & Mrs. Deer & gave them some rolled oat cookies & then I gave Earnie a small loaf, they give us 1.00 a day for looking after him.   I made the cookies yesterday.   I was just taking the bread out the oven When Nellie Bonita & Ella Jane came in   they all had a cup of tea & Ella Jane had hot biscuit   they didn’t stay long,  they have a new car,   I don’t Know how they can afford it, but they didn’t say & I didn’t ask.   We received a letter from Carl Betz   he said they got the paper with Elbert’s picture in it & that he had been in the hospital & there boy Dalas had just got home from Japan & that he & his mother had gone for a drive so he thought he’d write as he didn’t feel like going.   There are some men that bring Helen & Muffy home at night & they come clear, here to get Earnie.   I went to prayer meeting & we a good lesson & Sister Oney talked in other tongues & Sister Dear interpeted,  the end time is near & we all ought to work harder for Jesus,   Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus.  help me to do Thy Will in all things, Glory Glory Hallelujah.  

Fri. Aug. 7. 1953./ __ eggs today/ Elbert worked to hard today, sawing & triming & he burned the triming & this after noon, he went to 4 corners & he had to go into Skippy Shoe’s for water   pump wont work at corners, so Skip was there & he visited a bit with him & then came back   hung out a line of clothes for me

Fri. Aug. 7. 1953./ page 3131./ __ eggs this day./ I thought if he helped me he’d stay & rest but he had his mind made up to burn all that dry brush & there was such a lot of it   Earnie was here & he helped & enjoyed it   he has brought us a dollar each time, 3. or 4.00 this week.   Elbert had part of it.   I had big washing,  I did Elbert’s wash also & we got it all dry except my dress & it was 3/4 dry.  We’re both tired & I feel sort of sick to my stomach.   I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & for the strength of today & pray for that great infilling in Thy Holy Name.   I thank Thee for all things & Praise only Thee, Thou art Wonderful, Marvelous Pure & Holy   help me to be like Thee all the rest of my life. Amen.

Sat. Aug. 8. 1953./ __ eggs today./ Been feeling so bad all day & so has Elbert but he’s tried to work.   I haven’t done much   been sort of sick all over & bowels moved 2. or 3. times;  Frank Bonney came & put in a new seat in toilet.  he had to make it after he got here,  then he shingled one side of the roof   there’s paper on the other side & he said he’d do that side when he come again & try to fix the doors & do the porch & pull up trees   not all in one afternoon but each time he comes, he’ll do some.   Well, that will be wonderful, so we can get fixed up before cold weather   he said Armond & wife had company & so he didn’t come today   he brought us several of his onions   I don’t think they weigh 1 1/2 lbs. each, though, & he brought 1/2 pk. yellow wax beans.   Frank said Ella Jane had a car wreck, there new car, I hope it wasn’t bad, & pray God will help her to live closer to Him & teach her to listen to His voice, I thank Thee Jesus.   I prayed for the St. corner meeting tonight & wished so much I could have been there to swell the member & sing.   I received a note from Mary Vedowich   she’s hopping to come & I do hope we can take her for a little while so she can get out of that place for a rest, poor soul.   May God help us both to do his will forever & ever Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 9. 1953./ 3. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t get to Church untill to -night,   We had a good meeting & God blessed me good   I thank & Praise Him   I gave the Ministers some relich & a few roses & felt better in some ways & am trusting for my Whole healing for Jesus said ask & receive trust & believe.   I Praise Thee & Pray this will be another testimony for Thy Glory   I give Thee all the Praise for I am helpless in my-self.

Mon. Aug. 10. 1953./ page. 3132./ 2. eggs today./ It rained thundered & sounds like terrible blasts & shook the house & sleeted & hailed & poured rain & they said over Radio “Elery Morton” that he saw a foot of snow in Oragon & that it would have been hard to have believed had he heard it,   but, he saw it as he came home on a train, he’d been to a funeral of one of there, Ministers & he said there were a lot of wrecks along the highway.   God help us I pray, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for ever & ever, Amen. Amen.   Well, I baked bread today   did a little cleaning, got the dinner, took care of bedrooms & made beds & swept the Kitchen  washed dishes & got supper, only soup dishes to wash & I’m leaving them   I’m so tired   was only out side once today.   Been cool, sun came out late & got hot after dinner, no. mail today.  Elbert hoed 2 hours in potatoes & pulled weeds & this after noon he putat in two siding boards on east side of toilet.   he has some pieces to put in on South & West sides & he has to put paper & siding on the back & then get it painted   I mended 3 shirts of mine  put big patches under the arms.  & darned & patched Elbert’s work shirt.   Didn’t storm While we were at Church last night.   Church has a new loud speaker & it plays records also,  they used it last night   Elbert said he could hear as well as if he was inside the church.   Hen like there new coop & go in by them selves now   only got the 3. white leghorns left.   I ought to iron tomorrow.

Tue. Aug. 11. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ Well I did the ironing cooked washed dishes hung night clothes out & my dress & slip & I’m as tired as if I’d been working, ought towash in the morning   only got few clothes,   but, 4 wool blankets.   hope to get them done and way.  Received letter from Audrey today, she’s getting to the place where she tires easy & so she frets about things that not so long ago she never worried about,   I’m truly sorry for her & I’m sorry for Gertie   she live such a queer lonesome sort of life & she’s getting to the place where a days work tells on her   shes 65   I haven’t been able for over 20 yrs. to do a days work but I had a vision of it & now they are talking about having one in about 4 yrs.  I’ll be 72 & Elbert 74 yrs.   It’s been a cool day hot in sun to cool out of it & just right to iron or work in shade.   I Praise Jesus. 

Well, I washed my clothes  part of Elbert’s   he washed his shirt & B’V’D’s, but they got all-most dry.   Tomorrow I hope to wash blankets & perhaps rugs.   it’s been hot today.   Elbert was up to Huron, got some meat & went to 4 corners & got water & pump is on the bum yet.   No mail & no checks today.  Earnie Sarr was here from 1-30 untill quarter to five   I had just got him washed to the waist line When Muffy & her mother came in the car with the man they ride to work with & come home with.   Been partly cloudy   Radio said 92. but would be cooler tomorrow   The coal bin has to be fixed & Elbert don’t want to get at it.   I hope he get it done before end of this month,   we get it a little cheeper.   I can’t get out to do things or look after things & he don’t seem to care.   Oh God I pray & trust for Thy help & pray I may be of greater service to Thee.   I thank & Praise Thee for all things great or small, Amen.  

Thurs. Aug. 19. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ We had a big wash   I rubbed out 7. blankets 4. wool 1 heavy cotton 2 light cotton. & Praise God they all got dry & I got the beds made up   got supper  took a bath & was almost ready for church when Mrs Mc.Neil & 3 of her children came in & Mrs Sprunk,   they wandered about the yard with Elbert “he had taken his bath & dressed but I wasn’t quite done so he talked & talked & then I went out & they came in & stayed untill 10 minutes to eight   We hurried & got on our way to Church   had & extra good service & one of the women that use to be a Bartender girl was at the altar & at last she laid on the floor still doing antics & talking but she didn’t talk in spirit while I was there   I came out before they were through   I would like to have stayed,  Sister Deer was feeling pains in her back.  but she was so filled with the spirit   I’m sure she’s O.K. by now.   I didn’t mail my cards  forgot to take ’em   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Aug. 14. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ I didn’t do much today   mended my two wool petticoats   they wont last long but I hate to pay for the new ones, it’s just terrible the price they put on every thing,   Well it wont be for many yrs. more.   I had a vision of world war 2. & a little while “few yrs” ago I had a vision of revelution “war” & now they are talking about it on radio.   Elbert got coal   been done today & he’s felt bad all day   We worked to hard washing blankets in the heat I guess.

Fri. Aug. 14. 1953./ page. 3134./ 2. eggs this day./ & he worked at coal bin yesterday & finished it today.   My head has felt terribly heavy today,  haven’t been able to rest as much as usual.   Earnie was here today, he gave us 4 quarters & I took them all for we have to make up the coal money & that helps out a lot,   Elbert told Earnie he better give it to him next time & he’d take it to,   but, it belongs to me.   We are pinching,   I gave him money several times out of the money I was saving for coal & I took out for taxes & gas 22.00 & so now he feels hurt because I have to put it back,   Well, I can’t give or pay back when I don’t have it.   Oh Well I can’t do any more than I can,   We ought to finish the washing tomorrow, for it looks as if I’d have to serve[starve] this next week   Elbert has to have sleeper pants & a pillow slip & I need night gown pillow slip & dish towels & I will have to make petticoats soon & I just don’t know what to do about blankets to put under us to sleep on   have to fix binding on one or two of the top blankets   wish I could get some at Wards Dry Goods store while they are having there sale, reversable ones & some to sleep between.   Checks came yesterday & doller from Tue. & 3. cards from Sister & Brother Deer Miss. Lida Clark & Audrey, but none today.   I feel sort of lost & so weary today, I love only Thee Jesus & Praise Thee.

Sat. Aug. 15. 1953./ only 3 hens/ 3 eggs today./  They are having a terrible time on some Island Mountias falling down, land slides, floods & over 1.000 dead & tonight hospital roof caved in on the sick & the world fighting to see Who is going to rule the world & tornadoes Cyclones, Typhones & Hurry canes along the Coasts & in verious States leaving a wake of destruction behind it,   Bible history being full filled.  Oh God help us to live closer to Thee & do Thy Will.  

This is for Sat. also.,  Elbert cleaned up & burnt up a lot of brush & pieces of branches,   He went to Huron for food & & burned more brush when he got home.   Well, I did out two lines of clothes & washed 4 grain & mash bags white & got them all dried, swept & made bed & got 2. meals & washed dishes & got the meat cooking for tomorrow & I got the clothes all put away.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & praise Thee & pray I may be found worthy   help me to do Thy Will in all things Amen.

Sun. Aug. 16. 1953./ page. 3135./ 2. eggs today./ Well we got off to church tonight   had a good sermon & I wrote a note & gave it to Mrs. Bouls &  I gave her a dollar & told her the Deers were hungry for pork chops & I ask her to collect enough to get some chops & she took up $6.00 & the decided to just give them the money to use for meat   I didn’t wait to see but hope it will be excepted in the Way We ment it & may God Bless them each & every one.   Oh I’m so sorry Audrey didn’t get her cards this week but she’ll get several tomorrow. I hope & pray she’s feeling better.   Well the world is in a termoil & it looks as if time is growing short & I pray God will help me to help others & that He will help me to praise Him in spirit.   May God be blessed for ever & ever & Jesus b Gloryfied Amen.  We saw a piece of rain bow  look 3 or 4. yds long   Elbert says they call it a sun dog & it means a storm   it rained a light shower be-fore we went to Church & is still cloudy & cool.  Things are bad on other side & edgy one this side.  No word from Nellie

Mon. Aug. 17. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got up & dressed to go to Lorain then he woke me up & told me he & I had talked it over & I was to go with him that such a mean way to do.   I told him to go ahead.  he said he’d wait for me if I wanted to go, he said Sat he had enough to get his shoes & have old one’s repaired so I gave him $16.00 from my check all I had left,  now he said, that was all he had to buy & fix his shoes, such a wicked world,  Well, I was just getting a little sleep when he woke me up & after he left I went back to bed & then he went only to Vermilion & got his old shes repaired while he waited & then he came back just as I got back to sleep,  he was locked out so I unlocked the door & went back & got dressed & washed & got dinner   I’m so tired  seems as if I’d die, but, who is there here to care?  I’m glad God sees, hears & Knows; & oft times shows me What is going on.   Well, after dinner Elbert cleaned the boards the fruit cupboard was made of before & he nailed them up & put the shelves in  another job done & now we have to clean fruit jar & put them down.   that’s my job I suppose.   I didn’t get any sewing done  felt to bum.  It was so cool I had to put an extra blanket on last night & going to be the same tonight

Mon. Aug. 17. 1953./ page. 3136./ 2. eggs this day./ Earnie was here this after-noon,   “I got the coal money” & now I’m going to save for floor covering & paint for Kitchen wall, don’t Know if I’ll be able to get it done or not   I have so little endurance   I pray God Wil help me do the most necessary things.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray for more faith & strength.   I thank Thee, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 18. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ We received nice letter from Jean & Bill yesterday. & today Nellie Ella Jane & Bonita & 3 children were here & Earnie was here.   The girls had a weinie roast & hot coffee with buns & potato salid & we had a nice visit   Marcie had her baby Aug. 9. 1953. a tinny girl & they Named it Bonney Bell after Nellie “her middle is Bell” & Bonney Bell Harnish, Dudiak,  Bonita isn’t very well,  Ella Jane has arthritis & Nellie isn’t very well & one twin “Georgie” has rhumatism of the heart   Bonita gave me a picture of each of her children today.  I still feel half dead today & they looked as if I was going to die, but I told them I was feeling lots better than yesterday.   I felt as if I might die Mon. but am better today,  they started for home at 5-p-m & bought a pk of peaches & brought them back to us,  they really can’t afford to do such things & I do pray God will give them an extry blessing for it,   I gave them one of the big onions Frank gave me & they left us a few tomatoes from they’re garden.   I received a nice letter from Audrey today   she was sort of upset she didn’t get a card all last week but she must have got 3 by this time & I ought to write one tonight but feel to tired,  I cut out apr. pajama pants for Elbert today & few small squares for handkercheifs from left over pieces.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & give Thee all the Praise for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Aug. 19. 1953/ 2. eggs today./ We both felt so bad today  We did not much work only What We had to do.   Elbert fell & shook himself up last night,  he said, this morning he felt terribly bad   he went up to Huron & got Scotts block & tackle & said it made him sick to think of trying to raise up the evergreens & then loosen, got to get it up or it will be spoilt.   Well if I could help a little I would.   I hope to go to prayer meeting tomorrow night.   Well Muffy isn’t allowed to earn more than 6. hundred dollars for she’s only 19. yrs old, today was her last 

Wed. Aug. 19. 1953./ page. 3137./ 2. eggs this day./ day at work.   Earnie was here today but he wont be back for a while,  & anyway he does tire us rather bad when we are so punk.  Well, Elbert says his back don’t hurt him at all tonight   Praise God I hope it wont hurt him at all tomorrow   The young man that moved the house came & got the timbers & steel beams, 60 ft. long & took all his stuff away this morning, he promised to move the other building but now he says he can’t unless we give him 2.50 two hundred and fifty dollars,  I thought that was what he would do   Well I pray & trust God will get it back for me.   I thank him & praise Him for all things.   I cut out a pr & pajama pants for Elbert but haven’t sewed

Thurs. Aug. 20. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ I baked 3 loaves of bread, 2 Brown & 1. White   wasn’t able, but got it done   got such a sore throat for 3 days,   I feel sick all over & so tired seems as if I can’t keep going   Jim Cattelle came tonight & gave Elbert 25.00 for putting on some siding & fixing the doors & the doors are not done yet & I’m wondering if they will get fixed before cold weather.   Elbert’s been sick most of the week  he had to do just a little more after supper & was to tired then,   but, he went back to get it done, fell & hasn’t felt good since & hasn’t worked   we went out & looked around   moved few blocks so we can get at the trees & raise them up a little tomorrow untill we get them up straight again.   I pray God will make them to leave out & branch out & be fresh & green again,   Oh I do wish we could have gone to pray-ermeeting but it isn’t good to go with a sore throat,   it’s better,   so, hope to go Sun. morning if I can   We received card from Audrey today.   I cooked dinner & supper & washed dishes & took care & beds, feeling half dead.   I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, Pure & Holy & for the Holy Ghost & pray I be all Thine, Amen. 

Fri. Aug. 21. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron for a treatment  says his back feels better tonight   he didn’t work today,  neither have I for each time I cough seems as if the top of my head would come off & I feel terrible weak trusting in Jesus to feel better tomorrow.   Been cool all morning hot from noon untill evening. N. east breeze.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things. 

Sat. Aug. 22. 1953./ 2 eggs today/ I did my wash  seemed as if I just couldn’t, got them all dry, Elbert went to Vermilion for few eats & ordered Coal 16.75 per ton.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.

Sun Aug. 23. 1953./ Page. 3138./ 2. eggs today./ Today Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & the 3. children came for an hour or so,   Other wise we were here alone all day   I was out by the place the hen house & only to the end of drive with the children as they headed back for home,   Elbert’s bowels is on the bum again & he’s sick to his stomach to night & has to go to doctor tomorrow.   The evergreens are still laying out in the front yard & it is about the worst job in the world “to hear tell” to pull them up on end & brace them.   I pray & trust in God, to heal & Keep them growing.   May Baldwin’s sister has come home sick sister & they took her to the hospital, she has cansors. in her stomach.   Sun has been terrible hot today, with a cool breeze, N. West.  I thank God for my healings & hope desperately to get out of the rut and able to go to Church regulo.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray all things work out for Thy good & Glory forever & ever, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 24. 1953./ 2. eggs day./ We had dinner & we out in the car when we see Miss Clark coming down the hill so we waited not Knowing if she would want to go   Elbert had to take a treatment & I had wanted to talk to him to see how I could build up my health some so Elbert drove to Huron & got the treatment for his back bone & hip & I did get to talk to both him & the nurse, but they only said to come back & report in a week or so,   Miss Clark lay on the back seat in the car & went to sleep,   well, when Elbert came out he drove up by the park & we looked around a little & came back to Cooks store & got 3 cube stakes & some buns & we had them & brocolie, fresh tomatoes hot potatoes & tea.   I thank God & Jesus for taking care of us going & coming & we each had & ice cream cones & after supper we put her on the buss for Vermilion   she & the old woman she lives with fight so bad & it keeps her stomach all upset,   Well, Praise God in Jesus Name   He takes care of me.   I love Him & am hoping to get to prayer meeting Thurs.  One of the Sandusky high school girls came here after we had  just got back from Huron  she was one of 4 that pass with flying colors & they have a contest, the one that gets the most points getting subscriptions for verious magizines getts a schoalar ship of 5 hundred dollars to send them to train for nursing & so she’d always wanted to be a nurse & that was my calling to,   so, I gave her a subscription & so did Miss Clark & she danced for joy for she only had to get 

Mon. Aug. 24. 1953./ page. 3139./ 2. eggs this day./65. more points & that would have to be 3 or 4. more subscriptions.  the womans home companion 5100 2. yrs  I paid for?  I pray God helped her to get them & I hope she’ll let me know,  she’s a poor girl & her aunt was helping by driving about in her car.   The coal man was here when we got here & another truck came with balance of coal,  it cost me $83.97, for 5. tons of coal;  I paid cash & got 2.50 off it was 8647   Received card from Miss Clark today   Been hot sun from noon untill evening, cool N. east breeze

Tue. Aug. 25. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well, the heny laid & egg today, she’s funny ;  she don’t sound like a yr. old rooster, but likes some of the young one’s when they are learning to crow.   Elberts getting ready to pull up the trees.   he cleaned up some more of the coop boards & piled them   he went to Vermilion & got some meat & tomatoes on the road stand by maine highway.   We had steak for supper & he bought shank meat to boil & 4. pork chops, for tomorrow.  My head has been so bad today I think it was from the ride in the car Mon. to Huron & back   I hoped to do my washing in the morning, but my poor head is sure rocky.  today & tonight.   I thank Thee Jesus for all thing & pray I get to Church Thurs. Amen.

Wed. Aug. 26. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I only did what I had to be-side doing the washing   Elbert washed out most of his cloths   I sudsed & wrinsed them & hung them out   the sun was so hot they baked dry.   We received letter from Miss. Clark   she enjoyed her ride & her supper & the potatoes & tomatoes & I don’t know what she was excited about but she got a lot of mail & what ever she was looking for in the mail.   She’s looking for another house & I hope she finds one where she can be by her self & not have to fight with some one all the time   she’s thin pale & nervous.   Elbert went out & pulled the evergreen tree up,  he though it was going to be a terrible job but I suggested pulling it with the car & putting four guy wires on it & it up & looks good, it shook it’s self & waved it branches & Praised God a-long with me,   I Know it must feel better even if it’s branches are sore & lame, they have been down since June. 1953. almost 3. months & there was no reason why they couldn’t have been raised up long before this.   I hope all goes well & we get the other one up soon & get them fastened, so they will stay up.  I pray God will get them set & make them grow & be pretty & green again   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.   We received a card from Audrey & she has her joys & her sorrows.   I pray she will learn to Know the Lord.

Thurs. Aug. 27. 1953./ page. 3140./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert has been doing little odds & ends & he pulled on the tree & got it a little more straight & it has to go over to east 2 ft. yet,   it has straightened up the tip end now & one man stopped & told Elbert it Looked just fine.   & it does & I hope if feels lots better, it must have been terrible laying there all this time & the other one must feel better since this was is up off from it’s body & I hope the one that’s still laying won’t be spoiled next to the ground   top side’s green, but lower side ma have to loose a lot of spines   I pray it will shake it’s self & straighten it’s branches & put out green spines & be happy again & Praise God; I thank him & praise Him for all things & may all Glory & Honor be His for ever & ever   Received card from Sister Dear today & she said they we trying to collect a few clothes for a little new arrival.  I’ll have to wait now untill next month I guess.   & I do wish I knew Who’s it is,  there is such a great demand for the money & we have to get shingles & roll roofing the shingles $5.20 & roofing$3.40 & so it Keeps me figuring to make all ends meet.   I baked 2 brown & 1. white loaves of bread today. My head is still rocky,  hope I’ll be O.K. for Sun. & I hope Sister Bowls can come out & talk to me   Elbert has to go to Huron tomorrow    maybe he can go & find & bring her back & I will Know What to do.   Help me Jesus, to do Thy will in all ways   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, Bless, Pure, True & Holy Amen.

Fri. Aug. 28. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron got a little meat & he brought a pt. of ice cream,  I sure enjoy the cream & he got 2 cube steaks, the potatoes were done,   I set them off & put fry pan on & let it heat slow untill we ate the cream & then I fried steak & he made coffee & I fried yellow string beans & we had our dinner   he mailed cards to Audrey Rev. Dears & Miss. Clark,  & I received card from Audrey   she say Gertie has-n’t had her vacation yet,   Joan has the new family car to drive to Penn.  to visit her boy friend’s mother & Merlin’s only working 3 & 4. days per. week & Jim’s quit at Thew’s & gone to work on construction work, at Fairview school, & she said some terrible things about two women that sew where she sews, because her husband works at the Minitol tube Co. & he sells insurance evenings   Well some seem to feel if they want to work they ought to have the priv-lage.   We have to Keep our life right & the others must do the same   I want to be like Jesus & wish we all could be.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou will keep me ever close to Thee.

Sat. Aug. 29. 1953./ Page. 3141./ 2. eggs today./ Have had another heavy head today.  & my left breast is sore like it was before but not quite as bad, but so it has pained me all day & my head also & my wrists and ankles feel as if they had been in a steel vice.   I do pray God will help me to find out some way.   I did the ironing today, its been so hot in the 90 ties. & not much breeze after noon,  was South this am, & went back N. East.   Well. no mail today & no one comes.   I hope they are all O.K.  I hope the mother of the new baby & the baby are all right,   it’s hot to lay in bed.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will teach us all things & help us to do Thy Will & ways & May God be blessed in Jesus Name for ever & ever, Amen, & Amen.   

Sun. Aug. 30. 1953./ 1. egg today./ Been a terribly hot day & not a a soul come near & I not able to go to Church & I wonder how they all are   I thank & Praise God for all our many blessing & pray I may get well & strong & that He will strengthen my fight that I may do more for Him, in helping others & doing Thy Will.  

Mon. Aug. 31. 1953./ 3. eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up early & did his washing 2. prs. work pants a B.V.D. suit 2. prs socks his wash rag, towels & nose rags,   it started to get hot by the time he was done & they dried bone dry.   It was a hot night sweat like rain & it been that way for several day,   radio said it was 99 degrees today & I believe it   We are as if we’d been dipped in the water all over, at evening   Elbert took a bath & I rubbed his back with alcohol & with turpo ointment & he’s in bed.   I will trust God to take care of me, for He takes good care of me,  Praise His Holy Name forever & ever. Amen.  I made 2 pillow slips 2 dish towels & a few kercheifs & I cut my dress sleeve off & stitched them, on 3. dresses,   I ought to make a couple of house dresses & I ought to buy some goods for dresses & night clothes & slips   it’s to hot to sew.   We received card from Miss. Clark & letter from Audrey.   Been thundering & lightening,   it clouded up before dark but thus far no rain,   wind has freshened up from the N. east. & I didn’t catch the name of the place but I think it was some where in Oregon it was snowing & blowing and howling a blizard & snow was 1. hundred & fifty ft high along the railroad tracks,   these are the things the bible tells us of & to watch & pray, for it’s (the end) right at the door & when we look about we can’t help believing

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