September 1953

Tue. Sept. 1. 1953./ Page. 3142./ 3. eggs today./ No mail today  only adds.   I did my washing & it baked dry fast & it’s all put away   Elbert carried the water & hung up some of the things   I put two blankets out to air & they felt baked so I brought them in again.   Elbert went to Huron be-fore I got up & forgot to bring me water to wash with but I got a third done, before he got back.  it’s been 98 in the house   I Keep Elbert as much as I could, out of the sun, hens run from one shady spot to another & loll with wings spread out.   Well I will be glad for some rain & to have it a little cooler.   I thank Thee Jesus for all we have & pray I may do Thy will in all things, Amen.   Elbert has lifted the other evergreen up a little & he watter them every night   he cut the broken limbs out of the butternut tree beside the drive this evening.   and he carried them away.  it takes a lot of time. 

Wed. Sept 2. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ I sewed a little   I got the sleeper pants sewed together & several Kercheifs hemed.  Elbert’s done several jobs & he has the pump all apart   I’m wondering if well, Rue & Earnie came in some one gave him some fish,  he had to many & brought us what he couldn’t use & Elbert dressed them & gave Brodes half of them, they have given us tomatoes several times. & the man that has a garden on the south end of Rue’s place, has given Elbert cucumbers, tomatoes & beets several times & he picked up the pears under the tree on Bessies place   the crickets & ants eat holes in them, but we cut out the bad & use the rest to eat.  I washed 2 corsets today   they baked bone dry.   Rue came in  set down & said he went over to the best Dr. in Cleveland & had his throat examined & Dr. said he hadn’t come any to soon,   he has a tumor in the side of his throat like Fred, had & he’s going to hospital next week to have it taken out,  he looked scarte most out of his wits & began to tell us of all the things he had ought to have done, & hadn’t made any preparations & there are to many things now to get done in just a few minutes  had nice N.  breeze for 3 or 4 hrs.  dried at evening I wish I coud help him but he needs a good minister to talk to him, one that really Knows the Lord.   Oh God, I pray in Jesus Name   Thou will help us to help him,   I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise & thanks for all things forever & ever, Amen

Thurs. Sept. 3. 1953./ Page. 3143./ 1. eggs today./ It’s been terribly hot.   101 degrees  a lot of people have died from heat;  a tornata in Arazona  a hurricane comeing toward Florida & a pecular thing happened to some of the Army men.  number died in the water when the craft they were on turned    we received a card from Audrey   she was over to Sevile to see Johny & Marcie & the children.   she says Mark is up & around & the baby is very cute little Bonney Bell.   Gertie is having her vacation & has caned 13 pts. of peaches. & her plants are doing well & full of buds.   Well, I ironed my dresses & well, we had a good N. east breeze, but still it seemed terribly hot.   We neither of us did much today & I do hope it wont be quite so hot tomorrow.   Mrs. Dear, will have a hard time laying in bed   I pray God will give her the strength she needs & help her in all the ways she needs   I‘m glad Alberta can be with her mother & wish I was able to do more for them.   I’ll try to send bread when I bake again.   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy love & tender mercies & pray I may be found worthy in Thy Sight & May all the Poer & Glory be Thine forever & ever,   I thank & Praise Thee.   

Fri. Sept. 4. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I washed out all the dirty clothes & the sun was hot, but, we had a strong south wind & so clothes dried extra fast   We received book from De Hahn.  today, Elbert has been doing little jobs he lifted the tree up a little more today & just before supper it began to look like rain & Elbert shouted, it’s raining, & I looked & sure enough & I Praised God & thanked Jesus & we has 1 1/2 barrels of water & Elbert carried 8 pails out & put it in the cystern & brought in several buckets full in the house & it’s still giving misty showers & turned quite a lot cooler   been over 100 degrees & dropped to 54 tonight.   Hurricane is still coming, 150 mile wind the things are coming fast that Danill the bible prophet tell us about.   I pray I may be all of me to Jesus for ever & ever & thank Him for all things & pray He received all Power & Glory now & forever Amen.     I parted with the 1.75 cents I had for butter pork & pressed meat. 

Sat. Sept. 5. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert got the other evergreen up today,  the root cracked & split,  he put roof pitch on it    I pray it lives, it looks worse off than the others & he put a solution of garden of Eden on roots & filled in the dirt & put 2 wash tubs of water on it   sure looks as sick as I have felt & still feel,   but, I believe it is thankful to be up again   God is able to strengthen it & help it grow & thrive, both of them, they should have been put up right a-way   wouldn’t been so hard on them,   but I thank God in Jesus

Sat. Sept. 5. 1953./ Page 3144./ 1. egg this day./ Name for all things;  Elbert is so tired  he’s been having cramps since noon but was determined to get it finished & the boards & 2 X 4’s, taken back in back yard so the front will look better for Sun.   I couldn’t coax him to leave it untill Mon.   I’ve rubbed his back with alcohol & turpo, & he’s in bed.   It rained last night, but is cooler tonight & no rain   radio said showers & it did look that way this after noon late.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray I will be able to get to church again soon,  help me I ask Amen. 

Sun. Sept. 6. 1953./ 2 eggs today/ Oh God I thank Thee for all things & for answering pray,   I was so glad Nellie & the girls & hope & pray that all things will work out for His good & Glory forever & ever.   It has been cooler today & it got quite cool before morning, but how much I thank & praise God for many, many, things;   Elbert didn’t have any more cramps & although he was still tired this morning, but he rested last night, he over worked yesterday and it seems so foolish to me.  for it “the work he was doing” doesn’t gain anything for us, in the sight of Jesus,    if we only did half as much for Jesus as we do for ourselves,  Oh God, help me to do the things Thou would that I should do,  When we decide we want some perticular thing, we usually make or find the time for it & God gives us so much   I can’t understand,  why, we don’t try as hard if not more so, for Him.   Oh Jesus help me to be of greater service to Thee.   I thank Thee for removing that thing that felt like a kernel of wheat that hung on my lower, left eye lid   I don’t know when He took it, but, Praise Him for it, & now I will give Him all praise for taking care of the swelling in my legs & ankles & removing the cause in Jesus Name & making me a living testimony for Him, Glory to God for-ever & ever, bless Thy children & make them strong spirit-ually & phyically, I thank Thee & Praise Thee forever Amen.   Nellie said Mrs Baldwin’s sister died yesterday & Pete Traxler (Maud Mahore’s husband.)   Nellie was looking so sad & said the Sunday school lesson hit her hard this morning but with all the children talking I didn’t find out what the lesson was, but, pray God, will keep them close to Him.    Weather is very cool tonight.   I gave them the sanwitches & ice cream & tea,    they went before dark,   Elbert gave them a doz. eggs & I gave them some cake flour that was given to me. & a few peas  Elbert picked up under Bessie’s pear tree.   they seemed starved for the pears.   Jesus I pray Thou will keep them out of trouble by preventing them to do things that will hurt or harm them, I thank Thee Jesus.

Mon. Sept. 7. 1953./page. 3145./ 0. eggs today./ Well Hurricane done lots of damage in verious places as it turned this way & that.   It’s been quite cool, with North West breezes & I took a walk out to the toilet & around cottage in it & now I don’t believe its worth moving.   tornado set it off the blocks with the west end clear off & the east end facing N. east,  I wish it was back on the blocks, it would last a long time yet.   I waded through the weeds & Elbert picked a big bunch of wild tobaco for winter bouquets, then on through what use to be the hen park to old hen coop cement floor & the wind was to cool so I got the night cloths & came in the house   we had a little fire & it made it more comfortable  just took chill out of the house.   Well I just don’t know what to do about the cystern, I’ll have to do the talking & planing with who ever does the job.  Today’s called Labor Day, & the labor’s don’t work, but rest, it’s been so quite seems like Sunday.  I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & we praise Thee for all we have for it’s Thine & Thou did give to us all we have   I thank Thee so much & pray I may be worthy & that through Thee I may do Thy Will Amen.

Tue. Sept. 8. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Oh; I’ve felt to weak & miserable to work today   I wanted to get a little fresh air, so went out to the cottage, as we called it, to distinguish it from other buildings.   Elbert cleared south east corner & put some wire fencing around, so we can can put a few hens in there   Brodes offered us 10 or 16 hens a yr. and a half old, for $1.00 a piece, they are putting a lot in the deep freeze & these are what will be left over.   Well I helped Elbert a little holding the wire, handing him the hamer & so forth.   I begin to feel as if I couldn’t stand up, so came back to house   made us a cup of tea & ate crackers & Elbert washed changed cloths & went to Vermilion & got meat & a little food  brocolie & pears lemons, coffee, 4 cans soup 1. can pineapple & soap, fels, lava, lux & Dial. & box grape nuts flakes.   He went to West’s & Mrs Sprunk was there & her son & his wife from California & Mr. & Mrs. West   he talked to Mr. West who said he’d tell his son, Lindy just to come out & talk to us about making a cystern.   Elbert brought cream & cube steaks & I like it all so much    I have not eaten much these last few days.   I feel so weak & the sweat comes with the least exersion.   Well, I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I’ll soon gain in strength, Amen. 

Wed. Sept. 9. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I washed out a few rags for both ends & my shirts & the towels     I didn’t feel as if I could but I force myself along.   Elbert’s done small jobs today   he hasn’t feltt able to work either,   he did tomuch Sat.   We received a nice newsie letter from Audrey, said Jean was going with Bill to Mass.  he’ll be done 28th & then

Wed. Sept. 9. 1953./ page 3146./ 2. eggs this day./ they will come back to Elyria & hunt for a place to live.    Martha went over to New York to Bill & Jean’s & brought back every thing they could spare, so, they wont have to be bothered with the moving.   It’s been partly cloudy today white sun quite warm through middle of the day & quite cool at night   radio says it’s going down to 46 tonight.   I thank Thee Jesus for being close to me & taking care of us & pray I may go to prayer meeting tomorrow night   help me to go I ask in Thy Name, I thank Thee. & give praise & Glory to Thee forever & ever & pray for all of Thine, Amen. 

Thurs. Sept. 10. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well Elbert only got 9 hens & paid 5.00 on them & he forgot to feed them tonight   he’s so tired, yet today.   & my arms are tired out,   I tried to sew,   seemed as if I  couldn’t make any headway but at last I got the sleeper pants & my nightgown all done except buttons & button holes & I cut out 2 more handkercheifs of the left over pieces of mash bags.   We didn’t get any mail today.   Elbert waters the trees.   I had to scour water stew pan & the one I cooked the beets in   they cooked down.    Elbert went to Huron & bought meat for supper, so we had creamed potatoes, pork chops & beets & bread & we truly have many blessings    I can’t understand why I’m so weak & miserable & I pray & thank God & Jesus for all things, Amen.

Fri. Sept. 11. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ I baked 3 loaves of bread “white” today & the children Dolly & Earnie came from school here & had to wait untill 6-p-m. for Helen, they went to Cleveland to bring Muffy home,  she had her tonsiles out & Rue expects to go this coming week, he said, Dr. says, he has a turmor in his neck.  every one seems to have their troubles.   Elbert’s tired   he has dug 2 rows of potatoes & only got a pk.  Clayton cut the weed in our front yard & he cut them in Bill Snyder lot, also Rue’s weeds.   It’s been a nice Sept. day. N. east wind, quite fresh.  no mail.   I’m sure tired & wish I was in bed.   Elbert washed the cans of fruit & emptys & put them down stairs yesterday.   I made button holes in my nightgown & sewed buttons on,  have to try & do Elbert’s tomorrow.   I baked   I’m sending Mr. Mrs. Brode a loaf of bread in the morning when Elbert goes for the milk   they have been kind to us & have given us tomatoes all we wanted every few days.   I surely thank God & Praise Thee Jesus & pray for a stronger faith & to worship God in spirit & in truth & spiritual gifts that may be more perfect in Thee,  I Praise Thee & love Thee Jesus for ever & ever Glory to God in the Highest   I miss the Dears & pray Thou will give them their every need & I thank, Thee Amen.

Sat. Sept. 12. 1953./ page. 3147./ 2. eggs today./we have 3. Whites & 8 red hens now./ Elbert cleaned 1. of the 9 hens & cooked it & he fixed the wheel barrow,   it good [?got] hurt in tornado.   he went to Brodes   took the bread & got the milk & he’s done little odds & end all day & all I did was my daily grind & sewed on the buttons & bade the button holes & made 3. Kercheifs from mash bags.   I’m so tired seems as if I just can’t live let alone trying to work.   Elbert’s knee pained him all night & all today & still pains tonight   he says he wrenched it getting on staging to finish putting on the shingles on back side of toilet roof.   he covered the windows in cottage, so hens would be more comfortable    Wind’s been fresh & more strong tonight & looked bad till dark, it rained early this morning about 3 or 4.a.m.    it started to lightening before dark last night & was bad untill a couple of hours before the rain when it be-gan to rain; tonight those thick long black cloud with lots of wind came from South West & circuled around from North & came back toward south east & some coming from south east, but, Praise God they went some-where with out hurting us    I pray for all the people to turn to Jesus.    They had the worse storm in history on Lake Supiour mountianous, waves that was so strong, they steam boats engines couldn’t hold against them 500 ft but boat “Bethelham Steel” it rolled over 300 ft. from shore & when waters comed a little, they took all the men off in a pr. of pr. of life savers britches & the Captian,  A tug broke loose from a barge & they were drifting radio said    & there is an-other hurricane coming toward Florida & on earth quake in Greese that shook most of that country & a small one in Misouri,   but they didn’t know how bad when they reported tonight bible history’s coming true & coming fast.   May God help us before it forever to late to turn to Him.   I thank Thee Jesus for all Thou hast give me & all my many blessings, help me to be a blessing to Thee. Amen.

Sun. Sept. 13. 1953./ 2 eggs today./ Well, it snowed near Cleveland & was quite cold here & so windy & from all directions.   Jesus will be coming soon.   I miss getting to Church & prayer meeting   been mostly cloudy all day.   I’ve listened to sermon on radio all day & most of them are such good ones  I don’t see why more people don’t live for Jesus.   (no one here all day)  I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee & trust & believe Thou will lift me up & give me strength & Power Amen.

Mon. Sept. 14. 1953./ Page. 3148./ no. eggs today./ We received a nice letter from Audrey but she doesn’t say Whats wrong with Martha,   I had a presentment & I hope Martha will turn about face & do the right thing soon   Be with Joan & help her to keep to the right path   God of Love, Mercy & Goodness help me to lift her through Thee   I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.   Elbert says his knee is better,   he dug potatoes 2. rows & only 1/ bu. potaotoes   his Knee is swollen bad & he doesn’t feel able to get a-bout as usual.   he cought some rain water & barrel is half full.   I did out most of the washing & it’s been cool cloudy & a damp breeze,   We tried to dry my night gown & skirt, but didn’t,   they didn’t dry very good,   so, as we had a little fire, I dried them over the fire.   & they’re all about dry except the rags & then I have 2 dress & table cloth & 2. B,V,D’s & 2 work shirts & 1. pr work trousers to be washed yet & Elberts jacket & an old wool blanket that was on the big chair & 3. rugs.   I wish I could have done them while the sun was hot, but now it will be hard to dry them.   I thank Jesus & pray I strive to get to prayer meeting Thurs. night;   Help me Jesus to make it.   Well, We are half way through Sept. & my check hasn’t come. 

Tue. Sept 15. 1953./ 2 eggs. today./ Ell, Elbert washed his shirts, B.V.D.’s & 2 prs. of trousers & I got up & washed my dresses & the table clothe, my shirt & my rags & hung them out & they all got dry,   but, I’m so tired   We got a letter from Audrey,   We all have our troubles & she has hers, but I do hope she & Gertie manage to stick together,   I’m sure Gertie wouldn’t want to be alone & we haven’t much longer here   I thank Jesus & Praise Him for all I have   sometimes it seems as if I can’t endure, but, I know that’s foolish.    We need to help each other & we all have our faults.   Been a fine day,   clouded up tonight, but no rain, & it’s cleared off tonight,   the new moon looks as if it’s half full.   Bill & Bob Snyder had a big fire, burning up rubbish & weeds  some fence posts still burning.   I hope it wont cause any damage.   I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost forever & hope & pray for all of His in Jesus Name.   Our checks came today   Elbert went to Huron  cashed them & got a few things to eat & I gave him 20.00 for food from now untill Oc t. 4.   We have seen a pr. of pheasents twice of late & a squirrel.

 Wed. Sept. 16. 1953./ 2. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Lorain to get his shoes but he couldn’t find a high top shoe he did did get the olive oil & he went to see Audrey & When he gets back home he can’t remember.   Oh Well he had lunch with her so she’s alive.   I went out & picked up my flower pots & gal glass bottles & clam shells & a few other things,   I want to put the hand washer down stairs & the wringer, before cold weather

Wed. Sept. 16. 1953./ page. 3149./ 2. eggs this day./  I put them all out by the path except the washer, so I hope we get them taken care of.   I swept the Kitchen & took care of bed rooms & beds. & then I got the sewing machine out & mended the table cloth, darned it with thread, then I cut an old blanket in half   hemed the edges & stitched the selvage edges together in the middle so now I got the two heavy blankets done & off the sewing machine   I have a pr of work pants & the big chair back cover to patch & make a new cover & darn 1. pr. sock & mend 1. suit B,’V,’D’s. & I have to try to clean the bedroom walls & floors & windows & curtains & the basement floor,   such a queer world.   Elbert came a little after 2.p.m. & he brought two pork chops,   I had potatoes ready to cook so put them on to cook & some spinage & put water on to heat & in a very short time all was ready & we ate & he brought two catfish that cost 1.   there was only enough for supper,   they were about 10 ins. long with head & tails off they were good.   he also got a small piece of shank meat about a pound & couple joints so we’ll have soup tomorrow.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name, that I get to prayer meeting tomorrow night.   I thank Thee Jesus for my renewed strength, & for the prays of all Who pray for us.   Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Thurs. Sept 17. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Well I haven’t earned my salt & Elbert’s had bad head ach untill late afternoon & when it was to late for me to wash & dress he said he could have taken me to prayer meeting, but, he still feel bad   has a heavy head, has a cold in his throat all so tonight,   he has, just garguled & fels to tired,  he hasn’t watered the trees for 3. days.   I felt so sick when I found I wasn’t going to prayer meeting, but, God knows & I’m still trusting we He will lift me fianly out of this rut & set my feet in His ways.   We had card from Audrey today    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things,   May Thou be blessed forever & ever & all Power Glory & Honor be Thine   I love & Praise, Only Thee, Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day & the new moon is clear & half full.   North east breeze all day & yesterday.   Help us both Jesus I pray. I thank Thee.

Fri. 18. 1953. Sept./ 1. eggs today./ The Minister called on us today & prayed for us & with us.   I Praise Thee Jesus.   I gave Him my tenth & 2. for them. & pray I can go to church soon.   Sister Dear & 2 others from the Church   Sisters C.__(I can’t remember there names) went some distance to pray with a woman who had once went to the church where Dears were preaching,    the woman fell from a load of corn fauder & broke her back, & the bone in one arm clear off,    I pray she’ll give her life to Jesus  be converted and healed,   she is as broken as I was & I know Thou art able   I give all praise to Thee, Oh Glory, I love Thee Jesus

Fri Sept. 18. 1953./ Page. 3050/ 1. egg this day./ & Praise & thenk Thee for all things, most of all for the spiritual life Thou hast given me & I crave to do more for Thee in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee.   Been partly cloudy, south fresh breeze.   I didn’t do much today, cleaned out some bags of papers & letters & found my last rolled oat cookie receipt & a few things that were miss laid.   Elbert went to fish house & they gave him 33 perch   he cleaned them all & gave Brods 17,  & I cooked 16 for supper   have a platerful left   tried to get Minister to have supper with us but he had to go & load a truck with wood to take home.   Elbert’s tired,   it’s a big job to scale 33 perch & wash & scrape them.   I Know.  & he ask me to go to Vermilion to shop for food tomorrow. 

Sat. Sept. 19. 1533 [should be 1953]/ 2. eggs today./ Brother Fred’s birthday.  67. yrs. old.   I baked 2 loaves of bread & a tin of bread biscuits & some cup cakes from ready mix,   I put some raisins in them   Elbert dug 2 rows potatoes for a half bushel faire sized ones & 1/2 bu small ones.   I did the ironing & we got the supper, or, help do most of it,   I been feeling rather low today   I aired night clothes & it has tried to rain all day & Praise God & Jesus it’s sure raining in heavy showers tonight & if it could only run into the cystern,   I pray God will help us find a way.   I Praise Thee Jesus & pray for power in the Church.   We Praise & thank Thee forever & ever in Jesus Name Amen.

Sun. Sept. 20 1953./ 1. eggs today./ We been home all day   my head’s still bad;  Elbert’s better, but not feeling to strong   he carried 24 pails of water & put in cystern   I tried to help by filling the pails   made me dizy & weak but we got it done & I made soup from broth of rib beef Mrs Brode sent or, give Elbert, for us   it made good rich broth.  I think she gave it in return for the fish.   We thank God for all our blessing & I trust He will help Elbert to call on His Name & be saved .   I thank Thee Jesus & pray for the Holy Ghost to fill us & all my sisters & in laws & nephews & neices & brothers & pray all Thine will be strengthened in Thee   Glory Hallelujah Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 21. 1953./ page. 3051./ 1. eggs today/ 3. hens./ First day of Fall. & I did the washing   Elbert’s & my own & although it was partly cloudy they all got dry except rags & I hung them in house & they’ll be dry in the morning & I sure feel half dead,   I didn’t think I could possibly wash, but now it’s done;   I even washed & Elbert’s light wool sweater & it’s dry except bottom of the sleeves.  I even washed his sleepers,   I thank my God for all I have, in every thing.   No mail.   I hope Jesus will help them, if they would only talk & tell me all things.    So as it is I don’t Know what to do.  & I’ll admit I feel anxious.   Clouds looked like snow & bad at times & showered misty rain at times   We have to get some help to fix house doors & do some thing about cystern water & soon.   Well, there doesn’t seem to be a soul to help us, queer world,   But I pray I may do the Lords Will. 

Tue. Sept 22. 1953./ 2. eggs today/ We got up & went to Nellie’s, but she had just got her check & they went & got the food they needed,   so, I was to slow, but they will need all we took, just the same, a can of Dinty’s stew   can of treet  1. of beans  2. of dried milk  lb macironi  can of Herseys cocoa & 1. of Nestles Coffee   few tea bags 2. home made loaves of bread & a hen.  2 muskmellons  2 green peppers & a lettuce basket of REd pear tomatoes, 1. box flake corn 1. roll toilet paper & 2 or 3. lbs granulated sugar & a 24 lb of flour $2.19 & 1. yeast cake   They were frying chicken wings & they just had one apiece for there family & 2 over,   we ate supper with them & visited a little then Elbert tried to sharpen & old axe for Bonita & got it quite well but it’s to thick grind,   she’s got the yard cleaned up so, it don’t look like the same place,   Nellie says she has to have a new roof & that Frank Bonney & Armond are going to do the work.   WEll, I hope they do a good job.   They been fishing they told Nellie, & that’s the reason they didn’t come back here to help Elbert fix the house doors,   Well, I had Elbert get the shingle for the grainery roof & hope he can get them on this week   it leaks so bad.   I hope they can get the other building up on some blocking   We could use it some for a long time.    We had a newsie letter from Audrey today   Martha seems bent on going the wrong way.   I pray God will give her & eye opener that will wake her up & help her get over on the right side & Keep her there   I ask in Jesus Name & thank Thee Amen.

Wed. Sept. 23. 1953./ Page. 3052./ 2. eggs today./ Well I baked 2 loaves & one tin of bread biscuits & a few other things,   Elbert dug a long row of potatoes & only got 1/2 bu.   then he cleaned west side of grainery roof & put on new shingles,   he only got 5.92  2. p’k’s & so has to get 3. pks. more & 1 roll of paper as near as I can figure from what they said   shingles 2.60 a p’k. & 1. roll roofing, 3.20. & so there goes over 11.00 more & no floor covering yet.   2 men were here with floor covering this a.m. & be cause of misunderstanding so I didn’t get it.  35.00 for one strip 30 ft long & one strip 20 ft. long  6. ft wide.   it was good,   but, they ask 45.00 at first   We didn’t have that much money,  but, after they went out they told him 35.00 & he didn’t come & tell me so, I’m sorry. now he will spend it for the shingles & roofing.   I helped him what I could handing him his tools & shingles & picked up the potatoes he had drying & then the old shingles that missed the box he was putting them into,   so there wasn’t so many to pick from the ground,   he thought that was one of my foolish notions,   but, found it saved stooping to pick them up from the ground;  He went up here to the store & got 4 pork chops & I got supper & felt so bad   seem as if I couldn’t, but now I have dishes done & I rubbed his back hips & shoulders good & he rubbed his knees   they were paining him tonight.   I hope & pray they won’t go bad.   We didn’t get the frost last night & I hope we don’t get it tonight & I hope he can get the tomatoes in the morning.    I want to be sure to get away to prayer meeting tomorrow.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things,   forgive me & help me to do more for Thee & bring Martha back,   Oh, God I pray she will come back & love Thee & her own.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.

Thurs Sept 24. 1953./ 2. eggs. today./   I had just started to dress when Nellie & Ella Jane drove in,   Elbert had gone for tomatoes he had been for the milk, so they came in   looked in the roaster   Elbert had killed a hen & put the bones on to cook & so they knew there would be something for dinner   Ella Jane went & helped get tomatoes & came back & I got potatoes ready for dinner & Elbert ground the chicken meat & I seasoned it & made chicken balls & got them on to cook,   We had gravy & coffee & tomatoes.

Thurs. 24. 1953./ Page. 3053./ 2 egg this day/ & pickles & bread & after dinner we I washed dishes & made room on the table to put more dishes,    Ella Jane climbed up & took the dishes down from top shelf & while I washed & wrinsed & wiped them, she washed iin side & out side & by that time got paper on shelf & put the dishes all back,   it’s queer,   so few were broken   not more than a half doz. pieces.   she Ella Jane wants all the good old dishes,   I have a few pieces 175 yrs. old.   Well, we got 2 shelves cleaned & 2. more to do in upper cupboard & one to do on lower cupboard & the shelf between to do & it looks good to see outside clean again   wish I could manage the ceiling,   there has been only one thing I didn’t like,   I couldn’t go to prayer meeting tonight   hope I can go to Church Sun. Morning for sure.   Elbert got the supper & Nellie made 2 huck gest towels & worked the pattern across the ends,   they left after supper & I washed up the dishes,   Elbert’s arm or, shoulder joints & elbows were paining him bad today, but he said his knees & back were all right.   he’s in bed & sleeping.   Nellie & Ella Jane were planing on getting tomatoes ready tonight, to can tomorrow & she was wondering if Hazel (Jimy’s wife) would pay her 1.50 for each towel,   Nellie said she’d ask in several places & found that to be the price, the towling for 2. 1 1/2. yds. cost 1.50    I don’t know what the thread she works the pattern on with, does cost.   she took her food money to buy the matieral with & was hoping to get it back soon to replace it.   Bonita is so worried she can’t sleep for she’s the only one working & she had to run in debt for the childrens shoes, 29.00    God help them,    Ella Jane isn’t very well,  I pray they will find the truth & lean on the Lord.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to help them, open there spiritual mind & help them,   I thank Thee Jesus & will give You all the Praise & Glory if only they can be brought to Thee   It’s been a beautiful Fall Day   warm Sun. cool breeze from South West.  hot sun & N. east cool breeze  Wed. that felt as if it went right to the marrow.

Fri. Sept. 25. 1953./ Page. 3053.[should be 3054]/ 2 eggs today./ I baked 2 loaves & one tin bread biscuits darn-ed one pr. socks & mended one work shirt.   & cooked dinner & supper & did all the dishes & odds & ends & took care of beds & aired sleepers & my night gown,  wind was strong & cool    Elbert had to brace the last evergreen & its still leaning heavy,  his Knee has pained him bad all day & tonight    he rubbed it with turpo & I put hot flannels on it & a hot water bottle & he has been taking anacins & at last he’s sleeping & it’s after 12 midnight so I think I’ll go to bed for I’m sure tired. & the pepople are expecting a hurrycane right now in Florida at midnight.   Elbert went to Vermilion   got rest of shingles for grainery & I gave him $11.00 shingles cost 8.41, & he will have to pay light bill 1.50 & get bottle of anacins 75 cents & get a little meat.   I made 2 apple pies & he took a piece of dough to Miss Clark & 4. apples but she had gone to see her brother & he stopped to see Harry Miller & he’s in the same rute, he said she was mad at him & didn’t come to see him any more & that he wasn’t going to coax her to come back,   such a world.   Well, I mixed a small piece of dough I had left in with the piece I sent to Miss. Clark & it just made the tin full.   I have to pay for the gas tank yet, $10.15,   I’ll have 10. left   We had a card from Audrey yesterday, Elbert says Knee feels better,   I thank THee Jesus & pray he will turn to Thee & that Martha will come to herself before it’s tolate.   Oh God help up us, help us, I pray   We truly need Thy strength & help,   I thank Thee for all things & pray & trust & Praise Thee.   They had a Typhone in Japan & torents of rain & floods & also in Florida even the lakes are raising & the ocean tides are much higher & stronger   a few boats are in trouble   mostly shrimp fishers & a plain crashed   these are dome of the things Daniel spoke of.

Sat. Sept. 26. 1953/ page. 3054./ 2. eggs today./ Well I swept Elbert’s room & wiped up the center & did the same to mine & the kitchen & we had macironie & chicken broth for supper & a little chicken.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got the shingle yesterday & today he tore off the old shingles on the west side of grainery & laid the new ones & hes to tired to rest tonight & I feel like wise,   we catch a mouse every night,   Elbert put a thick board in for a temperary thershole untill they get door fixed so the mice can’t get in so easy,   they are such dirty stinking things.  & flys to   I can’t bear them.    Elbert’s in bed   his Knee is better but pains him some,   last night he was almost crying it pained him so,   I put hot water bottle & flannel on it & he kept them on alnight,   he’s been eating to much tomatoe,  he does like them so much.   No mail.   Nellie & Children, hers & Bonita’s thought they’ed come tomorrow & perhaps bring Audrey & Gertie & have a weiney roast out side & a lunch, so I must go to bed,  so I can get up & go to Church in the morning,   they might stay late & I wouldn’t get away in the evening.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father for Thy help & strength to get there for worship.   I thank Thee for Thy salvation & love & all Thou givest me in jesus Name,   May all Praise & Honour be Thine for ever & ever, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Sun. Sept. 27. 1953./ 1 eggs today./ We went to church & Oh God, I thank Thee in Jesus holy Name & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever & trust I’ll get to prayermeeting Thurs. night,   Elbert works every day so we ought to be able to go to God’s House for one hour.   Well Nellie & the girls & 3 children & Audrey came & had a roast in back yard & went home early   Bonita had such a headach, she’s sick when she gives up & she went & laid in the car,   I pray God will help her over come her mental worry    the rest would be in a bad fix if anything should go seriously wrong with her   they have to depend a great on her money.   Oh Jesus; help her to lean on Thee & Ella Jane needs Thee so bad.   I do hope & trust in Thee & I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus for hearing & answering prayer,   May all Glory & Honour be Thine   It’s such a releif to be free from the thing on my lower left eye lid   it was like a kernel of wheat & bothered me terribly,   It’s so wonderful how Thou doth take care of us & we are so unworthy of such love,   help me to be of more service I pray.  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. Amen

Mon. Sept. 28. 1953./ Page. 3055./ ___ eggs today./ Elbert finished grainery except the 4 ridges & he’s going to put same kind of roll roofing on in long strips    We thought it would look better,   he’s so tired tonight. & so am I, for I did out part of the washing,   I would have done it all, only, Dolly & Earnie came at 12-30-p-m.   they said Rue wasn’t lookiing for them, but, they didn’t know either   they let the school out so all that wanted to could go to the funerals of 3 of the school children that were in a car wreck & killed    careless young children driving to fast. We were just having dinner, but, for some reason they wouldn’t eat,  after awhile I fixed them some lunch & hot Nescafe & they ate & then went out with Elbert & he let them up on the staging where he was shingling & they thought that was wonderful   I hung the cloth out & the sun & wind dried them good.   Dolly tried to wrinse some towels   then she handed me the pins & clothes as I hung them up,   then she & Earnie played ball for a while then we talked crochet & I showed her a few pieces    she wants to learn to crochet so she can make Christmas gifts & it would be nice,   it would keep her mind on good thoughts & give her something to do.   They started for home at 5-10-p-m & Hellen was coming to get them   she was on top of the hill & they were to the foot & told me she was there,   they are small 8 & 10 yrs. old & small in size.   so I felt better when I knew she would see them safly home.   I’ll have to finish the washing one day this week & I did want to do a little sewing if I could.   I washed the dishes & made soup for supper & washed dishes again & now I’ll try to read & understand Jesus word.   How many things I’d like to do, for Thee so I pray I may be made well, that I can call on the sick & attend the meetings, regular.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great & small & pray for more faith to see the things that I should do,   I thank & praise Thee & I thank Thee for my healing & healings. 

Tue. Sept. 29. 1953./ 2. eggs today./ Been a very hot 90 degree or more here & all most a hundred in Cincinnati Ohio. & 90+ on up in a lot of places & 96 here.   We didn’t do much today, odds & ends,   Elbert watered trees this a-m    he worked to hard yesterday   tore off shingles on 2 sides of grainery & put new ones on,   he has to cover 4 ridges & tops & he hopes to get them before it rains,   he dug 20 ft. on 2 rows of potatoes & didn’t get a good pk!   it quite a job to pump 2 tubs of water for the trees,   its a job to carry it from tubs to trees, this was a bad day for them   wind was so hot it made us feel uncomfortable & sun felt as if it burnt    I hunted for some coupons I had put together, good for 2 boxes tea   didn’t find them, but, did find 2. receipts I had miss laid. 

Tue. 29. 1953. Sept. page. 3056./ 2. eggs this day. / gas/ we got our tank of gas today/ I wrote 6. post cards last night to AUdrey, Nellie, Martha, Hunts, Mrs Bracket & Cousin Edith Wheeler Wagner.   & Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed them & got some pork chops & boiling meat & 1. roll of roofing  he’s going to use, some on grainery ridges instead of shingles & maybe put some on back of toilet,    it isn’t finished yet.   & the doors are not done yet or the porch.   & lots of blocks in front yard to & Elbert works hard to get things done, if only he would do the work with out worrying so much & fretting for that tires a body so bad.    He didn’t & don’t feel very good, he has just been out back & the toilet is so far from the house he feels sick to his stomach, he’s worried about the car   it’s got to be over hauled & fixed up & some new tires    he never gets things done when he can but waits un-till the last minute & then says I’ll have to hoof it where ever I go,    he wont do it when I try to help him    What am I to do?    It’s a queer world or as mother use to say, “the people that live in it. We got tank of gas today 10.15   I pray God will take me home by & by   I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee  Glory to God in the Highest.

Wed. Sept. 30. 1953./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I washed out most of dirty cloths and feel all in.   Elbert finished grainery & renailed South end & some on east side & he plans to go all over the rest of east, north & west sides & it will sure need paint,   it ought to have it now but we can’t     I hope to get floor covering next. & go to Church more often    Elbert’s talking of putting car in garage for repairs, seems there is always something to Keep me away from Church.   It’s been a fine day, North east breeze & hot sun, but, not as hot as yesterday.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for faith & strength to do Thy will & ways,   God help me in Thy Holy Name help me Jesus   I know Thou are the only one that can help me & may all the Glory be Thine forever & ever, Amen.   no mail today & he “the post man” stopped but Elbert said there wasn’t any mail,  We are both tired tonight, just tired, 

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