December 1953

Tue. Dec. 1. 1953./ Page. 3084./ 1. eggs today./  We have one hen that hasn’t moulted yet & I hope she can & be well & normal after word,    we only have 2 white  ones that came through the tornado, one molted & then died,   We have one red hen yet,   she looks as if she would lay befor long.   she mouled quite a while ago & her head’s getting red now.    Elbert still don’t feel very well yet,    his bowels distress him so bad & he is hungry to for we are 3 or 4 days to wait yet for Elbert’s check    We haven’t done much to-day,   he fixed some park wire to Keep hen’s in closer    Earnie was here for a little while after school,    Elbert took him to the top of hill to meet Helen,    she said she tried tonight,    I ask him if that was all she said & he couldn’t remember anything else.   I made biscuits for supper. & them & some sauce were all we had & an egg apiece.   Elbert says he’s going to fish house in the morning, & get himself something to eat    I gave him a dollar for gas & I amd sorry I have to take the whipping & glad Jesus Knows hears & sees all things,   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost.    We saw about 25 or 30 geese going South yesterday

Wed. Dec. 2. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron, but, no fish,   he mailed a card to Audrey, Inez, Rev. Dears & Miss. Clark    I slept a while then Snyder’s dog woke me & so card to Audrey I got up & Elbert came with 50 cents worth of ham-berg & it looked so good, but, no juice & so punk,   Well he’s felt so bad,   he worked finishing a little pen for the hens for a short time.   the hens have laid 2. eggs since they been down there.   I mended 2. house dresses, Elbert’s heavy union suit & my shirt & I hemed 2 hand towels;   It’s been a fine day   not very cold   no snow left on anything out side.    My head’s still dizzy.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things, great or small & Pray Thou will keep me close to Thee for ever & ever.   I Praise Thee & love Thee. 

Thurs. Dec. 3. 1953/ No. eggs today./ Elbert worked untill he can hardly move to-night.   I got a letter from Rev. Whyatt today and my body has felt better so, I know they have been & still are praying for me   they ask me to try & write often & let them know how I am progressing & to send them what ever I can to help in the work they are doing,   God gave him a vision to hasten the work of His & showed him some other things of great importance    I do wish both Elbert & I could help do some of that work.    I did my ironing in much less pain today & trust God will in Jesus Holy Name help me, to do His Will & His ways.   My throat achs as if I was going to cry about some thing.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, forever Amen.

Fri. Dec. 4. 1953./ Page. 3085./ No. eggs today./ Lenord Bonney’s birth day   he would be 71. yrs. old.   he’s been dead a long time.   Aunt Corneal use to tell him he’d break him neck sometime,   he drove a racing car & he built a an air plane   it had wings that would fold & plane could hover like a bird,   his partner was jelous, so it was mised[?] about & everything was ready for his first flight,   he had looked it all over to see for himself that everything was as it should be, but when he was ready to come down to earth something was wrong it seemed it was perfect, he had tested it in all the ways & as he came in to land it crashed & his pardner was laughing, but said he didn’t know why it crashed & broke Len’s neck,   he had some secrets that he wouldn’t give his pardner,   he wanted pattent them first;   Some one said his pardner said if any thing happens to you, I couldn’t make another,   they had quareled several time over the secrets & so even if he had given them to his pardner, some said it might have happened just the same.   Well, I don’t know.   Only God, He Knows.   Elbert went to Dr. & got the bones put back into place    he had 3 out    he felt to sick to do the chords but he got them done,   he was gone 3 hrs. & I began to wonder    he went to the fish house & got 2 white fish,   we had one for our supper.    Earnie stopped here from school   I gave him a lunch & she Helen came for him   I ask her to eat supper with us, for Dolly was staying with a girl friend & wont be home untill Mon. night, after school.   I cleaned the fish & Elbert helped fry the one    I had the potatoes & carrots all ready & we had supper & now I have dishes done & have rubbed Elbert’s neck & back again tonight & pray God will heal his heart & soul, that we may work together for Him.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus.   The wind blew hard yesterday & all last night & all tonight untill 9-p-m it eased up a little.   They had tornadoes in four states Wed. 

Sat. Dec. 5. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert got up & after he ate breakfast & cut wood for awhile & then I got dinner & he went to Vermilion & got the food & a hen all dressed & it cost $3.89.   he paid for his tire & for some tools he had sharpened,   he spent 43.55   my part to pay is 21.67 & then I pay for a tank of gas $10.15 & I have my tenth 6.00.   Well, I’ll have 37.82 left, but, there are several things more.   Scotland has real winter, while Switzerland is having summer weather & we are to get rain tonight    Wind is S. east & not very cold out at -9-30-p-m.   I Praise God for all things in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sun. Dec. 6. 1953./ Page. 3086./ No. eggs today./ Elbert’s birthday today   he is 71. yrs. old. & the hen is all cooked so it wont take long to get dinner,    I have to make some biscuits & cook potatoes & brocolie, gravy, & chicken.   Oh how I wish I could be in Church,   God help me I pray.   It was cloudy all morning, then sun came out [?] & it has been a bright suny day with queer clouds, as those of the tornado & strong puffy winds all last night & today.   We had a chicken dinner & then I washed the dishes & we listened to sermons on the radio;   Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children & Audrey came in for a little while & told us about Joan & John & there little home,   it’s a new apartment & they all went up to see it & visit a few minutes   it’s on 21st. street. Lorain, Jean has an apartment in Elyria.   Then they said, Ruby Jean & her husband didn’t stay away after they were married & they are living with her husband’s parents, Chapman is there name   father-in-law Chapman was in world war one & is a Cripple because of a posining he got & has to be in a wheel chair.   Both Ruby Jean & her man, work.   & Audrey is working in a place on Elyria Ave. in an upholstering shop.   Ella Jane is working for Mack   the fellow who, put Martha on the wrong road,    Oh God, Keep Ella Jane from Wickedness, I pray.   We had a very clear & good sermon tonight on the radio, by Rev. Barnhouse.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus that I can listen & that I may soon be able to go back to Church    Help me to Know & understand that I may help in the Church.  

Mon. Dec. 7. 1953./ No. eggs today./ I mended table cloth & tried once more to adjust the dress form    I’ve partly got it & hope to get it    I need some house dresses & to fix my coat if I can.   It’s been a nice day with sunshine but the wind is puffy & strong,  was so all yesterday last night & today & is so at 10-30-p-m.   I’ve cooked & washed the dishes, listened to Rev. Buser’s Comfort hour with some of the bible scripture cards & hyms. & now I’ll read & go to bed trusting & believing for tomorrow.   I do thank God in my Jesus Holy Name for all things    May all Glory & Honour be His for ever & ever.   I love love Thee & pray I my be worthy Amen.   (Elbert got a card & 5.00 for his birthday from Audrey)

Tue. Dec. 8. 1953/ No. eggs today./  We got our checks today.   Elbert went over to Horvath’s & picked up about 6 bu. of apples & then tonight he carried them & to the basement & he’s sure tired    I did a little cleaning & then Earnie came in from school   I fixed him a lunch & he played out doors untill Elbert came & then he taged him about untill a- quarter to 6-p-m.    then Elbert took him home   it was dark & Henen had 

Tue. Dec. 8. 1953./ page. 3087./ No eggs today/  stopped to tell a woman at the park about a job & then walked on toward home & Elbert & Earnie met her at the end of the road & Highway & he walked back with them & then on home & we had supper & he then put apples down in basement & he’s so tired & gone to bed    he got a card from Easel today for His birthday & he has a card ready to mail to her tomorrow her birthday was is Dec. 9.    I thank thee Jesus & praise Thee for Thy Salvation & wonderful care of me,   I’m so unworthy, but Oh, how I will I were more as Thou art.   It’s been a nice day, wind died out this after noon & it has got cloudy & looks like rain  S. West breeze,  it quite warm   Elbert Killed flies & a spider today & tonight, 

Wed. Dec. 9. 1953./___ eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron this morning for fish but he didn’t get any & they didn’t get scarsly any  40 lbs   he went to farm Bureau. & got a calendar for next year.   & he got some pork shoulder sliced, no juice in it & he ask the Farm Insurance man to call & he did, but said he could not give us any insurance for Red Cross put in cinder blocks for the chimney,    he said he thought there were some Company Who would give us the insurance,   So Elbert’s gone to Vermilion to see a fellow there & to get his driving license & to take Miss clark a lump of bread dough, some apples, potatoes onions and head of cabbage & 2. or 3. carrots,   he’s not back yet at 4-30-p-m.   Poor Marary Vidowich in the poorhouse Lorain Co. Home. Elyria Ohio sent me a flowered hankercheif & very nice christmas card   May God bless her.   We got a letter from Audrey telling us about the young folks & she started at the upholstrey Co but didn’t stay, such is life    not so easy these days   they are laying off men here & there.   Well Elbert didn’t find the insurance man, but some woman said she’d send him out here.   Platto hasn’t been here since June.   Elbert got his driving permit   cost him a dollar.   Well the wind has been S. east & went S. West tonight & is trying to rain at 10-p-m.    I baked 2 loaves of graham & a big tin of white biscuits & 1. loaf. & I’m, so tired tonight & Rev. Buser is to come & see every one again,  May God bless her,  poor soul.   Wind comes in hard puffs.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me be all Thou would have me to be.   I Praise Thee.

Thurs. Dec. 10. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Elbert’s back been hurting him every since he picked up apples,   I did my wash & part of his today   dried them in the house,   Well it was cloudy this morning   cleared off this after noon   no Mail   We have new moon, partly wet   it rained last night or early this morning    I should say & Elbert had barrel covered up & so we lost the rain.   I wish I could have gone to church to-night   God of Love, Mercy & Goodness.   I pray you will rebuke Satan & help us soon.   Jesus help us soon & thank Thee forever & ever Amen.

Fri. 11. 1953./ page. 3088./ No. eggs today./ Been quite cool but sun shone untill late after noon.   Elbert went to fish house   got 9 fish 1. catfish 8. pike & he brought steak & we had it for dinner & then he cleaned the fish.   & then he took two fish to the old folks. Mr. Harvath & his wife & he got another batch of apples.    Yesterday he gave a good pk. to Bert, a young fellow who works in fish house & he said gosh the kids will sure enjoy them & today he gave a pk. to an-other fisherman & he said, good, now, we’ll have a pie & some apple sauce,   So, thats nice but his back is sure howling from stooping, bending & lifting & he took cold standing around then to warm  picking up the apples,   he gets so tired, I don’t think he has the strength he use to have,   he got weighed today & says he was shocked to see he weighed 187 lbs.   My hips & legs are getting so thin,   Well I’m thin all over except my stomach & bowels.    Well, I cleaned up the 3. rooms & it’s quite a job   linolium all in small pieces & I don’t know when we can get a new piece,   I hope to get it for it’s easier to clean,   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many, many blessings,    We received cards from Henry & Inez Hunt for Christmas & a crisp new one dollar & a nice letter of friendship & love, one from Mrs. Goll & Mr & Mrs Epp Eppler & I haven’t any cards,   hope I get them Soon.   Glory to God in the Highest forever & ever Amen & Amen.   We got a pretty tie   man’s neck tie  & beautiful.

Sat. Dec. 12. 1953. No. eggs today./ Elbert went back to Huron this morning, but no more fish.   he got some saucage & then we had dinner When he got back    & those men from Cleveland, came driving in a man & his two boys & his brother   they got two rabbits & gave us one,     I had Elbert put a good sized bag of apples on there car.    Elbert went to Vermilion for shank meat    they didn’t have any so he got pork shoulder,    then the men gave him the rabbit,   They all started home.   Miss Clark must have been pleased with her bag of potatoes, Onions, apples, a can of jam, & a piece of bread dough,    she said, thanks a milion for contents of a thanks-giving bag.   & she even gave Mrs. Fredrick an apple dumplin At last    I thank God & you, she said on her card,    maybe she needed a little love,    I’m glad she liked them & I to, thank God I could help her just a little,    Well I got a necktie by mail,  it’s sure a beauty, but, I didn’t send for it     the crippled soldiers sent it & I have to send 1.10 or send it back, so, I had Elbert get the money order to send them.    I received another letter from Rev. Wyatt & a card with 4 or 5 flowers & tiny fern stem pasted on the card, flowers & fern sprig were picked in Jersalm & Juda    they are very pretty. 

Sat. Dec. 12. 1953./ page. 3089./ No eggs today./ & letter ask for a contribution & saying they will pray for me untill I’m free & tell me how to Keep free,    Well I’ve tried others & have been wonderfully helped & so as they are doing a great work for Jesus, I am sending them $5.00 & pray & trust all is as they says & I Praise God for the lift in strength & trust He will make me Whole in Him forever & ever, Amen.    Been a nice day   little colder but not bad,    Elbert burn two brush piles before supper & then the insur-ance man from Vermilion came in & he said the same as the one from Huron, that he could insure it with this kind of chimney cynder block.   So now I don’t know what we can do about it,   think I’ll write & tell the welfare people in Columbus about it.    & I have to write to Rev. Wyatt.  all so.  I thank Thee Jesus for all my many blessings Amen

Sun. Dec. 13. 1953./ No. eggs today./ Well, not a soul came today.    Elbert fried bacon for dinner & warmed potatoes & cooked cabbage it was so tender & sweet    We listened to several sermons Rev. Elroy Morton, Rev. Wyatt, Rev. Fuller & Billy Graham & Barnhouse & several more    God is working.    Oh I thank Him in Jesus Name,   We ate the rabbit for supper    I made dumplins with it.    I love Jesus & am trusting for my healing,    I feel the Lords hand on me & power & Know many are praying but don’t understand,   I sure I’ll find out before long,    I thank & praise Thee for all things & pray for the Great infilling of the Spirit & understanding Glory Glory Hallelujah   Partly cloudy today & tonight    wind backed up to the S. east. 

Mon. Dec. 14. 1953./ No. eggs today/ Elbert went to Vermilion & spent 8.00 for food & Christmas cards & he gave postman some to send out & he mailed a few & I have a few more to send & am so weak   I nearly passed out tonight    Oh God help me to know & understand I be-seach Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.    Been mostly cloudy,   when sun did come through, it looked like cake of ice,     going to be colder    it snowed some last night & again tonight    I tried to clean a little down in the cupboard today & it did tire me so. & Elbert has helped me with dinner & supper & Now I’m going to bed.    I had a bad spell tonight    had to fight to keep from fainting,    I ought to do washing tomorrow    I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings & pray He will keep me close to Him Amen.

Dec 15 skipped.

Wed. Dec. 16. 1953./ page. 3090/ No eggs today/ Been cold & snowed some last night & tried today.   Wind’s cold & raw,   sun shone at inter-vales & melted the snow where the wind didn’t hit.   they said it was 6 below early this morning & is going to be even a little colder    Thurs. morning about 2.a.m. we saw several flocks of geese going South this a.m.   Well I have been ans. cards & haven’t got them all done yet.    I thank God for my blessing in Jesus Name, Amen.     Inez & Henry sent us a dollar & Annabell sent 2 dollars    I sent her a card with 5.00 in it.    I put a dollar in Sister Willitts card & 11.00 in Sister Dears card    6.00, of it is my tenth for church.    & I sent 1.10 for a necktie     I think we’ll give the tie to Walkins man & I have a chair set most done for his wife.     Oh Jesus call loud to Martha & all the families.    I thank Thee & am trusting & believing, Amen. 

Thurs. Dec. 17. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Well, still cold & snowed untill car is a-bout covered,   Elbert started the car & she started O.K.   We washed today    I did mine & part of his    he did his work shirts & they are most all dry.   I wrote a few cards & now I write a few more, now.     I’ve dried the rags & now I Praise God in my Dear Jesus Name for all my blessings & trust all will be well, Glory to God in the Highest I Praise Thee forever & ever, Blessed Jesus.   Prue, True clean & Holy  more to be desired than silver or gold.   I love Thee & pray I may understand & do Thy Will more perfectly.    cold tonight    windows are frosted heavy.   S. West breeze. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. 

Fri. Dec. 18. 1953./ no. eggs today/Dave’s birth day  he is 58. yrs/ Been very cold    was a terribly cold night & I kept fire & wrote cards untill long after 2.a.m.    haven’t done much  only to write cards.    Elbert thinks he will go to Lorain tomorrow     I have given him 20 dollars so he can get his shoes and if he don’t get his shoes this time & good ones I won’t trust him any more with my money.     I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all my blessing in all all things.   Wind is & has been South West,   they say warmer tomorrow. 

Sat. Dec. 19. 1953./ no. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain  see Audrey & Gertie & got Olive Oil & bird seed & spent 9.31 & gave me back 11.00 & bought food with rest 9.31   been cold raw wind    he was cold driving from Vermilion home & seemed glad to be home   he mailed out 16 cards

Sat. Dec. 19. 1953/page. 3091./ no eggs today./  he had to buy stamps for & got few extra stamps & 6 or 8 more cards   I had stamped & bought a few more cards.   While he was gone I swept & did the ironing & I sure feel all in    had to fight to keep going & pray that Jesus would help me,    seemed as if I would faint.   I darned 3 prs. socks & crochted & edge on a handker-cheif for exchange gift at Church & now we have to get the things ready for the Minister to take back with him when he comes   wrapping paper, bag of can goods  Naomie’s sweater    hope I get them all together tomorrow.   Wind has freshened up & lots of white clouds.    I do thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting for all I need to get able to go back to Church, Amen.

Sun. Dec. 20. 1953./ No. eggs today/Been a nice day    still cold raw wind. S. West.    We had a letter from Ministers saying they would call to take us to Church Sun-day evening to service & to hear the Christmas songs & pieces but I’m so miserable, I wasn’t able to go to night.   Rev. Dear & Mr. ____ a friend of his,  came in at 7-p-m. to take us to church & they visited 5 or 10 minutes.    We gave them a bag of canned vegetables, some pickles, chillie & a box of rice & a box of rapping paper, Christmas paper & tags & a letter & card with my tenth & five dollars for them for Christmas,   we gave them a bag of beets & cabbages & then hurried away, saying they had a few things for us at the church & would come back with them tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus.   More than I can express in words, for Thy great love & salvation & I love Thee more than any thing   I have or ever will have here on earth & rejoice in Thee & all things of Thine & for the love of those of thine shown forth in deeds & tenderness of expression   Glory to God in the Highest   Jesus most Holy, I thank Thee.    Well Nellie & the girls did-n’t come today,  so they may come this week,   I pray God in Jesus Name, Nellie will be freed before Tue.    I do thank Thee Jesus and giving all thanks & Praise to Thee, Amen    Now I’ll read & go to bed.    We have listened to sermons & songs all day & evening.   Wind is strong,  it’s S.West & moon about full.   beautiful out side    snow & ice all gone & they say it warmer

Mon. Dec. 21. 1953/ no eggs today./ Shortest day of the year. & the radio man even thought of it for once.   We received a few more cards today.   I think I’ve answered all we got & some besides.   & I’m to tired to answer any more tonight    I did 2. or three.   Rev. Dear & Naomie came & brought us some things from the church brethern & Sisters of the church   canned vegetables jam & fruit a beef roast candy, homemade from Mr & Mrs Haslet Mrs Bowels & a nice hand perse from Mrs____ 4. hankies from church ex-

Mon. Dec. 21. 1953./ page. 3092./ no eggs today/ -change.   I sent a handkercheif with an old fashion crocheted rose. & then I crocheted all the way round making a picote every 3/4 in. on a very pretty green kercheif with hem stitching in 2 rows about an in. apart from edge of hem,  it was pretty if they like crochet.   & they sent a few nuts & candys & a bag of tangerines & we gave him back part of the things we didn’t need  a 14 lb. bag of potatoes & some can goods & coffee & big grain bag apples.   they sent Elbert handkercheifs 2. white & 2 or 3 red ones & a pr. of gloves. for work, Brown Knitt.    It’s rained fine misty rain & tried to snow,    it’s been over cast all day   not so cold as Sun. but radio said colder to night, but so far at 10-p-m.    Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Love Thee, for Loving me. Amen.

Tue. Dec. 22. 1953/ no eggs today./ Rained & turned to snow I sent Elbert to Huron & mailed out another bunch of cards & bought a few more cards & stamps & I got another 7 cards in morning mail,      well, I hope to get the rest done.Wed. & the chair set so Elbert can take them Thurs. if weather is O.K.    it got bad before he got back,     but, he got there & back O.K. & got his batery tested & got yeast, bread & broccolie.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray in Thy Name for understanding, as to what I must do to be freed of this water condition,    They tell me What I do Know “that Jesus never fails” but if they know how to help me, they don’t tell me.    I pray for Thy guidance,    help me that I may help others   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus forever & ever, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    Ernie was here after school & had lunch & dinner.    We saw a big male pheasent half way up hill on this side.    Nellie sent card & said her cold was better, again. 

Wed. Dec. 23 1953./ no. eggs today./ We heard Nixson tell of his trip over on the other side in India China & Koria  storys that rent the heart.   We had heavy snow showers all day & strong, raw, S. West winds    sun came out a few times but not for long,   it shone twice through heavy snow showers.   Mr. Webber came & brought us hamberg meat, butter with milk & cream,   he can’t see very well,    had an other man driving for him,    his wife is sick & not able to come,   they think they have the flu.   I pray God will lay his hand upon them & free them & bless them 4 fold for there efforts & kind-ness.   & I thank Thee Jesus more for there brother & sisterly love than all else & I’m greatful to Thee & them for the food.    Thou art a wonderful Jesus Saviour & Phyicain Glory to His Holy Name    I love Him & wish I understood better what & how to do His will more perfectly.  Amen. 

Thurs. Dec. 24. 1953./ page. 3093./ no eggs today./ Well, we have had a strong & puffy wind for 2 days now & radio says 18 & 28 miles & it’s still blowing,    I pray it easies up tomorrow.   My heart achs as we listen to the Christmas Hyms on radio, for the trials & tribulations are great on the other side & I know our time is soon coming to an end.    Oh God help us to come willing to Thee & do Thy will as Thou would we should, do,   I praise Thee & give all thanks to Thee, forever & ever Amen.   Snows all gone   been partly cloudy  S. West wind.    But to me it seems like half the world is dead    I don’t know just how to explain it, but even the songs seem hollow & empty    Oh God I tremble with fear & trust that Thou will keep me close   Oh Jesus Thou hast said that not all who call Thee blessed shall be with Thee   Oh Jesus Thou Knowest I love Thee but as Peter was weak, so, am I    Oh help me I beseach Thee Amen.  Fri. I baked 2 brown & 2 white bread today & did few odd jobs.

Fri. Dec. 25. 1953./ no. eggs today/ Christ’s Birthday today.   I Praise Thee & Ador Thee & love Thee more than any thing on earth,   I love Thee most of All Amen.    Not a soul came to see us today.   We had Mr. & Mrs. Webber’s ham burger, Mr. & Mrs. Brodes potatoes & Rev. & Mrs. Dears caned pears for dinner & my bread & our tea & we made milk gravy & creamed the potatoes & we thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings    It’s been a nice day    I thought some of the children would be, out, but maybe Nellie wasn’t able to come,   I pray she’s better & that the rest are O.K.   I saw Ella Jane laying on the ground, at length she opened her eyes & looked startled & I’ve seen Nellie & then Audrey told us she has a bad cold   then Nellie wrote & said she had a cold, but was better.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Salvation Thy Great Love & care.    Oh, Glory Hallelujah may all Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen. 

Sat. Dec. 26. 1953./ no eggs today./  Wind S.W. yet & cold & raw, eased up at noon & wind went weswt & then back up to S. west, to-night,   sun came out a few times & set yellow, with long streaks of clouds in west, yellow green pink & blue tinted along the edge with a silvery white, then there were big billowy black cloud up high & lots & firce wind   clouds flying over us with long fingers & fringy around edges of them.   I pray they don’t come at us in Feb.  Wind eased up a little but it is is begining to feel tired out,   I know for I’m feeling like that all so.   Well, we had a letter from Audrey & she says

Sat. Dec. 26. 1953./ page. 3094./ no. eggs today./ she writes what news there is & she says Nellie was in bed a week, but she got her weekly shampoo & her head feels better,    she thought maybe she would get to come out Sun. but things didn’t pan out.    She went to Martha’s for Christmas dinner & to Church at Vincent Sun. evening, with Jean & Bill,     Joan & John went to Audreys & took her & brought her from shampoo shop & she let them have 5.00 5.00    she got her compension check & John said maybe his was at home, to since Audrey got her’s,   I do wonder what all the children are going to do before long  no money for rent or food, it’s surely going to be hard.     & Joan is the worst off, it seems.   Audrey did 9.00 worth of sewing & spent it for a dress.   She said she hadn’t heard from Nellie this week & that Gertie was having this week off, part of her vacation she didn’t get last summer.    I pray God of Love & Mercy Thou will help Nellie & help her to pray often in Jesus Name,    I thank Thee & give Thee the Praise for ever & ever, forgive us our sins & help us to do & be like Thee for Thy Name’s Sake.   I love Thee.     The Men from Cleveland came hunting today & it looked as if they had 4 or 5.    but they didn’t give us any.    Elbert had gone over to the Walkins Man’s house to give them the chair set & Necktie.   & so they started car up easy & went about 12-10-p-m.    Elbert stopped in Vermilion    got Crackers Cheese & paid light bill & got light bulbs, & got back 12-30-p-m.  & after dinner Elbert Killed red hen & dressed & cut it up & put it on to cook & Dollie came aft. & brought us 6. oranges & 2. nice grape fruits & she visited a little, then Earnie came & brought his bow & arrows to show us & I gave them a loaf of brown bread & a dozen & half choclates & they went home happy & said they’d come back again,    we had beef broth for supper & I did dishes,   Elbert ground breast & thigh of hen & I have it fixed & ready to fry.    Well I thank my Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for His love & care.    I gave them chair set to Mrs. Schnaak & she told Elbert it was just what she needed & he said they both seemed much pleased.

Sun. Dec. 27. 1953./ No eggs today/ Well, we had dinner, & we listening to Fuller sermon “we had heard Billy Grahm & Rev. Dr. Tomas Wyatts.  God bless them all and there efforts”    When Mr & Mrs Haslet came in & we had just began to visit when Nellie Ella Jane Bonita & her children    the twins & Nelson    They brought up a peck basket dressed up with a red ribbon of love, filled with fruit & nuts & a package of cranberries & nice slice of cheese. & the children brought

Sun. Dec. 27. 1953./ Page. 3095./ no eggs today./ made me a beautiful corsage of a tiny bell & little blue balls & a red ribbon of love,    I love the children & wish so much I could do more for all of them, but I only can pray for them & trust & believe God will in Jesus Name, help them to Know Him & care for Him ever Amen.   Mr & Mrs Haslet said they would come back one day this coming week    & Nellie & the girls said they’d also be back in the coming week   I hope they all come but on different days,   then we can get more out of our visits.   So I pray God will help them to come on seperate days.   I  I thank You Jesus & Praise Thee & pray Thou will bless those in our Huron & all Thy Churches & bless them with a stronger faith & more power,   I need Thee so very much   Oh God, help me to understand & Obey Thy Will    I’m trusting & I thank Thee Jesus   I beseach Thee to fill me & help me to stand on Thy promises & be strong in Spirit & truth & do what ever Thou would I should do. Glory Hallelujah. Amen.    Today’s for April.   cloudy.   not very cold   sun at intervals from 10.a m. till 3. p. m.  S. west breezy very dark tonight.

Mon. Dec. 28. 1953./ no eggs today./ We did our washing.    Elbert did his washing this morning & I did mine after dinner,    I got the dinner & he got the supper & I’m sure tired.    I’m going to starch my dress & read my bible & then go to bed.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for all things & trusting for all things & praying all things work out for Thy good & Glory for ever & ever,    Keep me close to Thee  I thank Thee, Amen.

Tue. Dec. 29. 1953./ no. eggs today./ Elbert hung all our bedding out & gave it a good airing,   I swept & dusted both rooms & make up the beds again, swept & dusted the Kitchen & made biscuits for supper & did the dishes.    I made a little cranberry pie of some biscuit dough   it was good.   I folded up 2 piles of rags & 1. of nose rags & hung up one or twice as many more rags,   I was so tired last night   though I’d rest today, but sun was shining & so the bedding needed to be aired & Elbert hung them on the line & took ’em down for me,   he’s tired    he sawed wood to day, besides he swept & dusted rugs & they need to be washed so bad.    his stomach & bowels are hurting him tonight & mine don’t feel very good    I received letter from Rev. Wyatt.    I thank God for there special prayer & Praise Him & I’m sure, He will take care of me   I pray I may feel Thy cleansing Power in Jesus’ Holy Name & thank & Praise Thee Jesus, for ever & ever Amen.    Only the it’s a cold raw wind strong & S. West    other wise a beautiful day.   Radio says, colder tonigh with rain & snow  tomorrow & today’s weather was for May.   heavy frost last night.    Radio says worst fire is raging in California in all history    over 6000 acers & many dwelling burned up & Now the big war may start on other side of the world, where all free nations will fight Russia & the small countrys she has took over.   May God’s will be done & not ours    We would like to live in Peace, but, like a 

Tue. Dec. 29. 1953./ Page. 3096./ no eggs today./woman with child, she must feel worse before she can feel better & so with the world we must have the wars & the battle of armegiden & the world will be cleansed & started over, after Jesus has ruled a 1000 years.  Glory Glory Hallelujah   I Praise & Love Thee Jesus, Amen. 

Wed. Dec. 30. 1953./ no. eggs today./ Elbert gave my letter to Nellie & card to Audrey & one to Eileen Mac. Dougall.   I patched Elbert’s 2 heavy union suits   I darned the socks last night.   it’s been dark all day,    sun tried to shine a few times this afternoon but couldn’t seem to make it,    it snowed a little this morning, no frost last night  but a fine mist & that turned to little snow balls & then to fine flake of snow & next time to flakes & snowed hard for a little barely covering the ground    I received a letter from 
Wyatt’s Tue. & I know God hears & I’m trusting for my healing & Praising God in Jesus Name,    He said He would take care of me to the end & I believe He will Glory to God in the highest.    Oh how fast things are working out.   Keep me close to thee I pray. 

Thurs. Dec. 31. 1953./ no eggs today/ only 2 hens left & they went through tornado./ The last day of the year.   We only have 2. hens & they are moulting    one’s about done & last one half done, they both feel good,   We thought we’d keep them since they came through the Tornado.   we are both feeling the effects of it yet.   So, in the house it goes & comes with the Wind   I hope we can get it settled when it comes summer again,  if the Lord is Willing     I would like so much to go to the watch’s, prayermeeting tonight.   Wind blew in puffs   snowed a little this morning & came over & wind S. west tonight & very strong puffs.   Snyder’s dog came over & was barking around Elberts car,   sounded as if some one hit him,  he came twice, after it sounded as if some one hit him, he didn’t come back & Elbert never looked to see if anything was missing today.   Wind is bad tonight,   I pray God will take care of us & the house.    We only had one good meal today & we have a ham bone & potatoes & Krout for dinner  tomorrow’s dinner    I don’t know what we can have but God has been kind & we have had enough so far & I’m so greatful for all our blessings which are many.    Well, Elbert’s gone to bed & I wish I was in bed,    I’m getting tired of getting up & fixing fire.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, that Thou art the All Powerful & Holy One.    I pray Thou will teach me Thy will & give me the great understanding I’m so much in need of    I thank Thee Amen.

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