January 1954

Fri. January. 1. 1954./ page. 3097./ No eggs today./ Elbert sawed wood again today    it makes him lame & sore. & I didn’t do much,    I fell last night    didn’t eat enough yesterday & day before,    Well Elbert gets his check Mon. & then we will have some fresh meat again.   This being New Years Day we received no mail & no one came to see us.    I’ll have to try to iron & wash rags tomorrow, if I can & God will help me.    Today rules the weather for Aug.   cold, S. West wind & it was S.W. last night & terribly strong puffy & I couldn’t rest,    it went N. West just before dark I think, & died all out     sun came out a 9-a-m & stayed & set red, few clouds floating around all day.   star light tonight, no rain   looks as if it’s going to  be a very dry Spring & summer.   & we ought to prepare to catch what water we can.   I Praise Thee Jesus & I believe Thy Words & hope I may be found worthy    Glory Glory Hallelujah I praise & love & give Thee all Honor Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 2. 1953./ no eggs today./ Sun came up way off to the S. east & shone all day & set way off to S. west cold & white    looked as if it were in a heavy snow storm.   Wind was South West and strong & heavy puffs    seemed as if it would pick us up again   house shivered & windows rattled.   Elbert sorted apples in basement & carried out the bad ones 1 1/2 bu. or there a-bout.   I washed my rags & dress & got them dry.   it’s warmer out tonight. & wind’s still blowing.    I had a vision of a young nun with a black robe & white about her face & front of neck,    she was sitting on a chair looking at a new born baby laying on a blanket on her lap     After I’d turned out the light & stood at my bedroom door a very bright star as big as the top of a cup appeared in my room & the room was so bright with a mellow light    I stood & waited untill the star went over the South window, but I couldn’t see the window,   then I prayed to God & to Jesus as us-ual & when I had finished the light still stayed,    I dressed for bed & Knelt & prayed for some time & when I got up I saw the star & light & I help my hands & arms up to Jesus & prayed some more & thanked & Praised Him for some time & the light begin to dim & I got into bed & after I was settled the nun & baby came back to me again & I still don’t understand,    that was Thurs night & last night was another most pecular, one,    Some one I did not see gave me two doves  one a pure White & one 

Sat. Jan. 2. 1954./ page. 3098./ no eggs today/ & the other a light slate blue & some one let them out & the pure white one came & I petted it & put it back into the cage which was made of little round pieces with a piece in center to keep them apart, & after awhile it went back in the cage and I shut it in.   It tried to be bossy & it was so angry because I had shut the door.   Then Sister Bowls & Rev. Dear & Naomie came & I see I was in the basement of the Church & they put a lot of money on a table & Sister Bowls said we have to count it & you are to have half of it & the Dears the other half   she & I counted it    I wrote it on a paper & queer but I didn’t see the money & we counted out a tenth to give to Church & then Naomie said a lot of queer things & took the figures that I had on the paper, to her mother,    I looked for the paper & Naomie gave it back & said mother made a coppy of the figures, then she left us & I went to the doves & stood wondering & praying & woke up & don’t Know yet what it can mean.   God help me in Jesus I ask & I thank Thee, forever and forever, Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 3. 1954./ no eggs today./ Wind blew, but not so hard & it partly cleared off, so the stars shone through after midnight for two hrs or so then clouded up & the wind went N. east & has been there all day & yet to-night, at midnight.    There were a frozen mist early this morning before daylight & the air’s been damp & low cloudy all day, no sun & colder.   No one called today, so it’s been a long day,   We had a lot of real good educational sermons,    I pray many got something they need.   I thank & Praise God, my heavenly Father & Jesus the Son of God & the Holy Ghost for my salvation & all He has given me & still pray for the Wisdom & Knoledge that I need & that He Will reveal things & the meaning of them to me to understand & be able to help the christians to know.   May all the Glory & Power be Thine forever, I Glory in Thee Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 4. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Been a nice day   not very cold   S, east breeze all day;    no sun all day,   a big fly came out & buzzed around the light & Elbert Killed it.   Wind is S. east at 10-p-m.   I thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & pray I may Praise Thee in Spirit,    I thank Thee for my healings & Give Thee all the Praise,   I pray all things work out for Thy good & Glory for ever & ever.   Make me a blessing Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 5. 1954./ Page. 3099./ No eggs today;/ Well, Elberts check came & he took grocery order “I had made out” & went to Vermilion    he spent, 30.10 for what he got yester-day & today &  my part’s 15.05.  I set bread & baked 2 brown loaves of graham & a tin of white biscuits & a round loaf & 2 bread tins of rice custard. & washed dishes & swept all 3. rooms & I’m sure tired tonight,    it’s been dark & cloudy all day, snowed from 11-a-m. in heavy showers in little snow balls to fine snow flakes & we now have about 2 ins.    Wind was N. West all day untill 6-p-m. tonight,   now it’s South west, not cold out    we have killed several flys 1. aday, even today.   We had an interesting letter from Audrey today.    I’ve been telling her to read the Bible & book of Daniel & Mathew & a few others & compare them with the signs of the times & today she’s getting worried, for so many are out of work & the young women are worrying, for there men are  subject to service call & out of work now & they haven’t any thing laid up for a rainy day,   There are many Thousands in the same fix,   if only those thousands would turn with there whole hearts to God souls & minds I’m sure Jesus would help more than they are able to believe.    Martin the grocery & mean man in Vermilion had a heart attack a week ago, & today there was wrote on door, closed till some future time.        I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee Glory to Thy Holy Name, Amen.   Elbert’s tired & gone to bed    I trust for his convertion for Thou hast showed me if I keep faith in Thee, he would come over on our side & do Thy Will    I thank Thee Glory to Thee.    Radio says they are having terrible weather over on the other side, wind 100 miles an hour   cold thin ice  bitter cold.   only a few months ago the sea washed away the dikes & a lot of farms & homes,   Truly God rules the world even though the men of the World are trying to do it with out Him & Now they are being whipped again with wind & storm.   God help us to trust in Thee & stay close & listen to Thy Voice. 

Wed. Jan. 6. 1954. / no. eggs today./ Been cloudy with the sun trying to peek through through several times this afternoon    I sleep late    I don’t know what Elbert was doing but he said he had sweat untill his union suit was to wet to be out side very long,    he looks queer of late   he turns white around his mouth & nose, his eyes are shifty & his hands & fingers are constantly on the move, just like Frank use to be as if he were going to choke some one, but I don’t see or Know Why Elbert should be that way,   he watches me like a cat watches a mouse,    I pray God will help me Know

Wed. Jan. 6. 1954./ Page 3100./ No. eggs today./ & understand what’s wrong.   I’m getting thin fast & if I take anything sweet it all but gives me lock jaw,   I’ve had that experience before,   I am superstitious about my well being,   I am sure I’m not well & I can’t see Why my liver & stomach & bowels don’t act normal & Why does those pains stab me like they use to, after I’d had a dose of strychnine     Right now I’m sweating as if it were Aug,     Who can I go to, to find out,    my stomach feels sore & I feel to full.   I have to find out & soon or maybe soon one else will after it’s to late.   May God help me. 

Thurs. Jan. 7. 1954./ no eggs today./ I washed Elbert’s two bedroom windows & the curtians Wed. & hope to do one or 2 out here today in the Kitchen, today but I did the ironing instead,     Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few bites of food he forgot,    Well he stopped at West a few mi-nutes & Mrs. West seemed to be on the war path, Elbert said she said twice, once if he sawed wood again or ____she said, she ment it, & he said she looked like she would Kill him    Mrs. Sprunk was there & Kept her coat on,    Mrs. West ask her if she was cold & she said-N-O.-    We got a card from Audrey, she’s been having a bad time with some rash all over her face.    & in her eyes,    she says eyes run some yet & she hopes she never has anything like it again.   God help her to find Thee.   John “Joan’s man” has got a job on some construction work.   Audrey didn’t say what was wrong with her eyes.    I was hoping Mrs Haslett would come today but they didn’t & none of the rest    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will give me free-dom, in Thy Name    Fill me, cleans me & make me a worth while vessel Amen.   May all Praise & Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen.    Snowed some last night or early this morning & tried to snow several times today    sun made light spots through the clouds a few times, star light to night.    Penn felt the tremors of an earth quake in several places today.    God is getting the earth ready to be cleaned up again   Oh God help me to understand.   I miss going to prayer meeting, Praising God in Song & prayer. 

Fri. Jan. 8. 1954./ No eggs today/ Well I washed out my rags & few kercheifs & seemed as if I’d never get done    I need a lot of strength   got ’em all dry & now I’ll do my reading & go to bed    so tired    bowels moved to much Thurs. & haven’t moved at all today.    Mostly cloudy    sun shone for about & hour nice & clear    then be-gan to look like a big soft snow ball & disappeared.    not very cold & another big fly tonight fliting around light    I didn’t get him,   Elbert Killed one at noon today he says   Wind’s S, West raw & cold to be out in it very long & he sawed wood today & Thurs. for awhile.    I Praise

Fri. Jan. 8. 1954./ Page. 3101./ no eggs this day./ Thee Jesus for my healing & trust for strength to go to Church & testify,    I trust water will be normal & I’ll give Thee all the praise & Glory Thou art so worthy, I love Thee Jesus, as Thou helped Peter help me Amen . 

Sat. Jan. 9. 1954./ no eggs today./ Well, today Elbert sawed quite a lot but I didn’t do much today, felt to weak, just couldn’t seem to hardly wash the dishes. & sweep the Kitchen,    I wanted to wipe up the floor & do the windows but couldn’t make the grade, but, Praise God He takes care of us all the way,   Glory to God in the Highest Amen    Winds been cold & raw but sun came out & melted the snow that’s been on the ground for several days,   Sun didn’t stay out, but like yesterday it looked like a snow-ball with soft fluffy snow all over it & then went behind a black cloud, like a blanket.    Wind’s blowing a little stronger tonight, but Elbert says it isn’t any colder.    We received a letter from Nellie & a card from Audrey.

Sun. Jan. 10. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well we had just made up our minds Nellie & the girls & children were not coming when they drove in,    they had some cough & cold but brought there sled & tried to slide down the side of the road, but there wasn’t enough snow    it snowed in light showers all day.   We tried to visit but every one talking it made a confussion    We are alone so much.    They said Johny’s children had the flu. & coughed untill they threw up & some of Bonney Bell’s also,   Ella Jane has Bronchitis & been home 2 or 3 weekis & Bonita says, I don’t Know What I’ll do if the load all falls on me again    Nellie trys to fill in for absent teachers to help keep things going,    I hope Ella Jane gets a better paying job     she isn’t very well as a rule & I do pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name Thou will turn her more to Thee, convert & heal her, so she can help take care of her mother & the children & set a better example for them & help Bonita.    They brought cream & waffers of verious sorts & they seemed to enjoy them selves,    they left before dark,    it was snowing & they were worried about the farnace & it did look as if it was going to snow hard,    I pray they got home safe.    Elbert gave them another bag of apples.    I gave them a few bread biscuits, the children like them so well.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings & pray I may do more for Him in some way.    I hope I can send money & get those 30 lessons & learn how to be of more help here.    Oh God, I need Thee more & more each day & pray for help & that I may understand    I Praise Thee Jesus forever & ever Amen.

Mon. Jan. 11. 1954./ page. 3102./ No. eggs today./ Sun came out several times today    been mostly cloudy.    Elbert burned up a big brush pile or 2.  & sawed & split wood    carried the water in & slop pail out    coal up & ashes out & then helped me get the supper,    I haven’t felt even as if I could write & I have done my reading & listened to Rev. Buser & now I have to go to bed again,    I thank Thee Jesus for taking out the pains & fixing my back & shoulder.   I wish I Knew & could understand what’s wrong with me.    Help me, Jesus, to Know,    I love & Praise & Worship Thee Amen.

Tue. Jan. 12. 1954./ No eggs today./ Stormy, snowed sometimes heavy & sometimes light showers & the sun would come out clear & bright between times & once when it was snowing hard it shone bright.    Radio says it’s bitter cold in a lot of places & even in Florida it’s so cold they’re shivering “& Jesus said”   When you see all these things in places where they ought not to be, Know the time is near even at the door & still there are so many who don’t believe it,    Oh God help us, in Jesus Name I pray.    We had a letter from audrey,   she, & a few of the others in the family are out of work,   she gets $33.00 & some cents a week    I don’t know how much Gertie gets “she told Elbert & I she had enough to Keep her as long as she lives” but she works at the Good Will & earns some    Well I have 13.77 a week & Elbert the same & we get by with it,    we don’t have enough for cloths & shoes & bedding & have to go on less when we have to buy them.    We have to pay the taxes, gas, light & save for next winters coal & expence on car,    We do have to pinch,   I feel better when we have just a little meat, but we can’t have it often.   Jim has signed up for service & is going Feb. 9. 1954.    he will be 20 yrs. old Feb. 3.    Jim & Jean were born 1934.The year after Frank died.    Well it was cold last night & wind was strong & puffy, clouds fly through the sky some white some smoky & some dark ones    Elbert didn’t try to work outside & I was glad,    he’s had pains in his back arms hips & legs & I’m glad he didn’t try to work out side.    Earnie got off the school buss at home & then walked up here,    I gave him hot cocoa bread & jelly & he went out & bum around in snow for a while & then came in,    Hellen & Dolly came for him & brought us some fruit  4 oranges & 2 grape fruit & I gave her a pt. of relish & 6 brand muffins.    I thank God for taking good care of me & pray He will help Nellie to have coal enough to keep them warm & I do hope Ella Jane gets a better job & that they can Keep things going at home.    May God’s will be done. forever & ever Amen.

She left a page blank and wrote in ” page. 3104./ I forgot to turn page so missed this one. ”   [However the sequence would make this page 3103.]

Wed. Jan. 13. 1954./ page. 3104./ no eggs today./ Loura Ann’s birthday    she’s 19. yrs. old & has a daughter    she’s Mrs.     Sosack. of Independence Ohio, now.    Joan will be 19. in March    I’m so sorry I forgot the date. & I have not done much today,    it’s been cold, but, sun part time.    Elbert sawed some today    Checks came & he went to Huron & cashed them, got some food & I gave him 10.00 & I’ll give him $10. more toward end of mo.    I have to pay for a tank of gas $10.15 & save a little for coal & taxes.    I have several letters to write,    I sent Audrey a a card, but must write some more cards.    I do Praise Thee Jesus for our checks & Keeping us in all ways.    Elbert forgot the butter & he is going back in the morning.    Winds S. west yet.    I thank and Praise Thee Jesus for my healing.    take out all doubts & fears & fill & heal me for Thy Glory, Amen.

Thurs. Jan 14. 1954./ only 2. hens. / No. eggs today/ Well it been mostly cloudy,    Elbert did go to Huron & got back before the misty rain came     it snowed some,    he sawed some wood, he sawed about an hour    rather cold out.    I baked 2. loaves & a tin of bread biscuits 1. brown loaf.   & helped cook & do dishes & take care of beds & I’m just as tired as though I’d worked    I wrote 3. card One to Miss Mc Govern, one to Mrs Hasled & one to Mrs. Keegan & now I have to write to Rev. Wyatt & to several more.    I thank God for all things & am trusting for a complete healing. 

Fri. Jan. 15. 1954./ no. eggs today/ Well I washed my things today    Elbert sawed some wood today.    It tried to rain a misty frozen rain tonight.    not very cold out, & even the meat didn’t freeze out side    quite a little snow yet on the ground.    I received a very pretty birthday card from Audrey with 5.00 tucked in it,   she was telling me how hard it is to live on 33.00 & some odd cents a week,    I never thought of my birthday, but she did  & sent 5.00,   she sent Elbert 5.00 for his birthday all so.    Well I sure thank her, but, she’s been telling me how much she’s in need of money & I feel terrible to have to except it, but, such is life,    she said 33.00 was such a little to live on a week & I told her I only had 13.77 a week & Elbert has the same so we only have 27.54 for the 2 of us.   It’s thick & fogy or fogy mist.    I thank God for all our many blessings & for my salvation & my many many healings & I give all the Glory to Thee in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 16. 1954./ no. eggs today/ Well todays my 69th. birthday at 2-p-m.  Audrey sent me 5.00 & Nellie & the children sent a pretty card & Best Wishes & Mrs. & Mr. Schnook sent a nice card of Good Wishes & a note of friendship & Best Wishes.    We had boiled potatoes & steak for dinner & can soup for supper.   tomatoes & tea, bread & butter & tomorrow is Sun.    My head’s been so bad for 2 days now   seems as if I can’t endure it.    Well wish I was going to Church in the morning.    May God bless all who go, in Jesus Name.    I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen.

Sun. Jan. 17. 1954./ page. 3104 [sequence should be 3105]/ No. eggs. today./ And, no company & the Church folks haven’t been here for 2 weeks    It’s been a beautiful day    I feel a little stronger, but still not normal,    I bloat at night & it doesn’t matter wheather I eat or not,  It seems everything is full of salt,    I can’t stand the salt    it calls for water & then my feet & legs swell,    I’m going to stand on God’s promises,    He said He would heal us & He has so many times & I know he can heal me of this,    He can do all things,    I have proved Him ore & ore & He will do it & I’ll testify, when ever & where ever I can & give Him the Glory for He is Worthy.      I thank Thee in Jesus Name for all things & pray Thou will help me to be able to testify Soon  Amen.    We have listened to the sermons on Radio all day & we do thank & Praise Thee that we can hear Thy word, Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 18. 1954./ No. eggs today./   Sun did shine but now, it’s real cloudy.   Last midnight the moon “most full,” & a wide light yellow & then a deeper yellow around the moon.    looked about 1 1/2 yds. wide & beyond an orange ring about 1/2 yd. wide & a light lemon greenish yellow, so bright were the colors    I gazed for sometime at it,    it was so clear & beautiful.    Elbert’s been sawing the balance of wealthy apple tree, the one that stood on the south West corner of little colony house & the Dutches tree that stood west of Wealthy is down & will have to be saved & the Baldwin’s all down, one wealthy left that stood in corner of park at S. east corner of Colony house.    Baldwin trees inside park & just out side tore out & spoilt all peaches, appricot, prunes & cheeries    Elbert has sawed up & there are a lot in the back to be sawed up yet.    Wind is cold & raw today.    I thank God I can be in where it’s warm, but my heart goes out to all those who don’t have food, cloths or any where, to get in out of the weather.    I sent card to Audrey & to Miss Clark, at least Elbert said he gave them to the post. man this Morning.    One received card from Audrey & I a letter from Sister Willitts,    I feel so happy when she takes time to just write for she is so busy for Jesus, every day.    I pray & trust God will in Jesus Name, bless & keep & give her all she needs in all the ways she needs to help her in thy work.    Cloudy to-night.    I haven’t earned my salt today & we sure get enough salt.   The old age pension man was here today.    he has been sick for 2. months,    he said I should ask the red Cross about the chimney,   Well, I’ll ask God’s help in the writing of they letter & trust He will help us for the things we need.    Platto says we will have to ask Red Cross, He said.Old age would pay for water  a tank of once every other month I think he said

Mon. Jan. 18. 1954./ page. 3106./ No. eggs today./ Seems as if it would have been better to build a cystern, but we have to do as they say.    Mr. Platto says we have to tell the Red Cross about the chimney,    we can’t get insurance they put in, it’s a cynder instead of cement chimney, & the acid from the coal smoke eats some porsion of the block & lets them crumble & the insurance man said they had just paid out an insurance on a home that burned down because of cynder blocks,  what a mess.    Well, I’ll try.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings    Jesus is Wonderful, Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 19. 1954./ no. eggs today/ Another day I haven’t worked    just did what had to be done;    Elbert went to Vermilion got the money order for Wyatt’s & a few things to eat,    I gave him 10.00 & food was a little over 5.00    he had to pay that out of his pocket   that makes 15.00 I’ve given him for food.    I am sending 5.00 to Nellie,    they gave us a basket of fruit & some frank-forters for Christmas, it cost such a lot for so little now days & she ha’s had to take George to Dr. twice & 5.00 each time & Audrey said in her letter that Ella Jane had to have her head lanced,    I hope it isn’t to bad for Nellie isn’t able to stand so much worry.   Geo went out & played with the other two when they were here last,    Nellie didn’t want him to, but, I said if he bundled up good it didn’t seem as if it ought to hurt him, so maybe it’s my fault,    I pray God will heal him quickly & help me not to butt into there affairs in the future. & Bonita sure will have all the load as she said.    I hope she will let me hear from them soon,    I put a U.S. Post card in my letter addressed to me hoping some one of them will write.    Hellen was here tonight Rue got his car in a wreck & she was so worried to leave the Children & go to work,    Dolly had to get up & get there breakfast & dress them for school & get buss at the door,   she did it but Earnie went out carring one shoe & his coat & forgot his gloves,    he got off buss here tonight & Helen came here   said Dolly had gone to Girl scout’s meeting & hadn’t got home yet, but while she was here Dolly came & was glad to find Helen & Earnie here.   I gave her a qt. of soup & 4 bread biscuit.

Tue. Jan. 19. 1954./ page. 3107./ No eggs today/ Elbert took them home in the car,   Helen says Bob got married after Christmas 1954 [error] & Georgia May is getting married on Jan. 30. 1954.   Rue. got in a wreck & bought a second hand car,  he didn’t work all last week & part of this & so she’s  having her troubles.    Elbert fell down & Knocked some bones out, ‘stomach bone & hipbone & his head & stomach & hip are paining him again.    He sawed wood couple hours today.    We received letter from Audrey today & they are having there troubles,   she can’t find a job & Bill hit a car & cost him 40.00    she didn’t say how much his car damage was.    John Foulton  Joan’s mans gone to work 50.00 a week & Joan is having sick spells mornings,    Martha went & got John & he went with Merlin to Elyria to work & they expect to go back to Theres[?] in Lorain in a couple of weeks.    Jesus I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things,    Oh, God, have so much to thank Thee for;   I pray for each one & trust Thou will help them to trust Thee, Amen.

Wed. Jan. 20. 1954./ No. eggs today./ It thundered & lightened & rained    Elbert took 2 barrels of water over to the cystern    I do thank Thee Jesus for answering prayer,    We needed the water so bad & tonight barrel was full again & he filled the tubs & all the buckets & the bread crock & it’s still raining a little    I wish we could run pipe in-to cystern & fill it up, holds 50 barrels.   Oh, We are grateful for all we can save.    We received letter from Sister Haslet & card from Audrey & letter from Sister Willitts & Wings of Healing paper Whyatts & there workers are sure doing a good work in Africa & India & the Bible history is fat working out.   People are with out water in the country & the bible tells us the water will dry up & soon half the water will turn to blood & worm wood & men will die from drinking it.    Audrey’s hunting for work & she’s tired of the way they talk to her,   she says Ella Jane had to go & have her head lanced & they got Jean to take Ella Jane to the Dr.    well she didn’t know what was wrong & she didn’t find out.    Nellie isn’t very well but they don’t say anything about that either    Oh it’s a very queer world today,     if you can help the other fellow your O.K., but if you can’t they don’t Know You.   Oh God, help us in Jesus Name.

Thurs. Jan. 21. 1954./ page 3108./ No eggs today./ I received a little paper that has several pages so full of the good & mighty work of God through His people it’s so wonder-ful I can’t begin to tell    Dr. Wyatt is a minister of God    he has grasp the truth in the bible & is healing the sick & the blind are made to see & deaf & dumb can hear & talk & all maner of deases are healed,    God is working in a marvelous & wonderful way.    Dr. Wyatt is crying out for Christians to come & take part in this great work,    God gave him a vision off & told him to do & how to do it.    Oh God I wish I could help    so show me how, & what todo, I pray, & I thank Thee Jesus, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.  Wind’s strong & puffy, partly cloudy no snow, sun cold & white. 

Fri Jan. 22. 1954./ No. eggs today./ I did my washing or most of it & got it all dry.    I sent Elbert to Vermilion to pay the light bill & get a little food & gave him $6.00    he brought me the slips to show me how much he spent $4.43 for food $1.50 for light & his shoes have come & hes going to wait untill his check comes to get them    I have 10.00 left to pay for the gas.    I gave my tenth to the Ministers today,   they came in about 3-30-p-m    I was just sudsing & wrinsing,    had part of them on the line, so Elbert made coffee & we had doughnuts & they brought me fresh tomatoes & 2 pieces of berry pie.    We visited awhile, they said they couldn’t stay for supper as they had another call to make & after we had prayer together they left us,    they are wonderfully nice people,    Elbert gave them some apples      I gave Naomie some candy nuggets a Cottage Cheese box full, that made her eyes shine.    It’s been severe cold, broke milk bottle in stair-way,    Elbert’s knee has been aching bad,     he took anacin when he

Fri. Jan. 22. 1954./ Page. 3109./ No eggs today./ he got back from town, he hadn’t been here long when the ministers came,   he bought some chicken wings & backs & was just washing them when they came in    he put them on to cook & by the time they were gone the Chicken was done so we ate Chicken & broth for supper & have enough left for tomorrows dinner,    I made some dressing & got it all ready to put in the oven.   Mr. martin died just after Christmas & they have store opened again,    Now I listened to Buser,   he was late, got to talking about the march of dimes & so miss his own work.     I think he’s tired of it by the way he talks of late.    It did sure snow today & ground has thin layer    sun came out several times & even while it snowed,    Radio says cold to night & more snow tomorrow.    Hope I hear from Nellie to know How Ella Jane is, & Geo. & all of them.   I thank Thee Jesus Thou art and ever will be;    I pray & thank Thee Oh God, in Jesus Holy Name for Thy Love & Salvation & Holy Spirit    Keep me ever Closer to Thee & help me to be worthy Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 22. 1954./ No eggs today./ Been a nice day   not much wind & sun shone all day.    Received card from Audrey    she was over to Nellie’s    Ella Jane & George are both better & they are all up & going.    They have a great time running from one place to another,    Well it’s nice they can go & get a-round.    I swept wiped up floor & ironed, 3. pieces, chair back cover my two dresses & Elbert got supper & I washed & cleaned up all the dishes Kettle & pans    now the table needs to be cleaned & chairs dusted & it will be a full week & no sewing done all week,    I surely don’t feel able to do anything    I had Elbert hang out my blankets, after he came back from Huron & aired them for an hour or so    then I made up both beds.    I’m lots to tired,  but thank God I can still do a little.    Elbert cut wood a while,   his knees & legs ach.    God of Love & Mercy, I thank Thee in Jesus Name for all things & for Those of Thine Keep me I pray close to Thee & don’t let Satan ever have dimnion over any part of me,    I thank & Praise Thee for ever & ever,    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen..

Sun. Jan. 24. 1954./ No. eggs today/ Well I had a bad time with my bowels last night, but God help them to move enough to releive the terrible pressure & they moved good, again today.    I felt so bad all day yesterday, I swept wiped up floors & washed & scoured pots & pans & helped cook & did my ironing & cleaned the table & laid abed untill after-noon & my bowels moved again at 9-30-p-m & I felt as if I would pass out,    I drink a cup of hot drink & feel better again.    now we have listened to sermons all afternoon & Praise God in Jesus Name.

Sun. Jan. 24. 1954./ page. 3110./ no eggs today./ One thing, I believe I have learned, is, that we have to pray untill we get what we ask Jesus for & sometimes we should have some one with us who does believe we get what we ask for.     now I don’t know how else to get what we need so much & how to Keep What we are given from Jesus,    Now I don’t know any one that don’t go to a Dr. when they get into a serious condition in there body    I pray God will help me to learn through Jesus what I need so much to know right away, so I can help not only myself but others, Who have been filled with the Holy Ghost & Who pray in Spirit & yet they go to a Dr. instead of trusting Jesus with all there Whole heart mind, soul & strength,    Oh God, help me soon, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen and Amen.    Been Cloudy all day    no hint of sun   S. west wind & warmer tonight & misty rain tonight

Mon. Jan. 25. 1954./ no eggs today/Been dark & cloudy & begin to be misty & raining tonight,    I was thinking of bakiing, but Elbert woke me at 11-a-m & brought me some water to wash & said Mrs Kegan & Annie & Mrs. Haslet were here so I got up  & prayed as I washed & dressed & I came out & shook hands & kissed them & we visited for a couple of hours,    I wanted to get them some dinner, but they wouldn’t have it that way    they told me all the Church news & made a date “God Willing to come back Jan. 28th & bring fresh fish & have dinner  fish & po-tatoes & what evse we might have    Well they left at 2 or 2-30-p-m & it was raining then & Earnie came at 4-p-m.    I gave him coffee or Nescafe & crackers & jelly & told him a few stories & then Hellen came & visited a while & Elbert took them home,    We fixed some soup & ate & I washed dishes & then read the bible for a while & Elbert listened & now I fixed the fire & Me thinks Me will go to bed Praising & thanking God for all our many blessings.   We had prayer before the girls left.   We had a 5 page letter from Audrey,     she says Martha had some bones out of place in her waist & got them fixed & is feeling better   Jean isn’t feeling very well &

Tue. Jan. 26. 1954./ page. 3111./No eggs today./ Gas tank today/ Joan is going to have a baby, if she don’t lose it.    We received card from Nellie,   she thanked us for our rememberance & said George had, been to the ear doctor twice a week & had only been to school yet this mo.   Bonita Jr. & Nelson started back on Jan. 14.   Ella Jane is better but not feeling well,   she’s typing a letter & has hopes of the job she ask for in June    she said Audrey was out & had supper with them one day last week.    Ella Jane took George to Dr. & she teaches a little Jim school lessons & he has to make up for some while he was sick & she taught school at Vincent 1 1/2 days last week    every one has a lot of trouble    even the girls or women from Church & the Ministers “Swarthouse” that had Huron Church before the Dears took it,    she is at Webbers sick    I pray from the depth of my soul God will in Jesus Name help her & each one of His children to live closer to Him & to her & each one of His children to live closes to Him & to help us to understand,   Oh God, I thank & Praise Thee & Jesus. 

Wed. Jan. 27. 1954./ No. eggs today/ Nelsons Eddy’s birthday     I believe he’s 10. yrs. old.    No mail today.    Been a windy, drizzly day & it froze & this after noon it snowed frozen mist & later to-ward evening snow flakes, wind’s N, West & cold tonight    & think of all the poor folks, no place to get in out of the cold, no cloths & no food, hot or cold    I pray God will have pity on them & help us to do His will & His Ways, in Jesus Name I pray.    I baked 2 tins of biscuits & one round flat loaf of bread & wish so much I could give some one who’s in need a part of it.    I thank Thee Jesus from the depth of my soul for my healing & many blessing for or saving my soul & pray Thou will help me to help others   I thank Thee Jesus & trust & hope Amen. 

Thurs. Jan. 28. 1954./ no. eggs today./ Today is Pa’s birthday,   He would be 94 yrs. old today,   doesn’t seem he’s been gone so long ((10 yrs.)) in some ways.    Fred has been gone 18. yrs.  & Frank Babcock 21. yrs.    times slipping fast.    Ma’s been gone 39. yrs.    Now we are the old folks & soon it will be us to answer to God to stand before that Great White Throon & answer to Him What we have done for Him all these many yrs.    Oh God turn us & help us to abide in Thee.   Buser’s eldest boy was ordained a minister just of the last few days so Rev. Buser told us tonight & he has another son who is studying for the ministery    his daughter’s husband has left to go into the service just a week or so ago    Rev. sounds sad & left out or let down, but even though we miss them more than we can tell we have to thank God He takes care of us all the Way When we trust & obey, Praise His Holy Name. I pray day & night He will turn each of our families to Him, plant a greater desire to be His & help us to

Thurs. Jan. 28. 1954./ no eggs today/2 hen’s/ live as Jesus would live, for the Spirit & not for the lust of the flesh    I pray He will Keep all lust out of me & fill me with the Holy Ghost & direct me in all things for ever more, I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise & Glory to Thee.    I did my washing today.    We received card from Audrey today.    Sun shone for a while today. & it seemed good,    Elbert has sawed the balance of the big cheery tree up.    Well I hope to mend Elbert’s two union suits & socks tomorrow,    he went to Huron got my Crochet hook “or the handle”    the man said he couldn’t make it hold together,     I broke the hook off,    it was the hook that ma bought me when I was 16 yrs. old.    it’s 54 yrs old when I broke it,    Elbert got me a new one today for 10 cents.    he also got a few oranges & tangerines, some pork to fry & some boiling meat,    Some one sent us cranberries for Christmas & I cooked them tonight.    Well I must read my bible & go to bed,    I have dishes all done

Fri. Jan. 29. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Felt so miserable didn’t get up untill after noon & haven’t done much     mended two heavy union suits for Elbert    my back was terrible all day & so was Elbert’s    mine’s a cold,   When I get all sweat from head to foot & he opens the door & lets a blast of cold wind on me I feel as if I’d been plunged into ice water    & it makes him so angry When I tell him to please shut the door, that I can’t stand the cold air.    It’s been cold today    snowed a gale this morning then about noon sun came & took it away,  We received a card from Audrey today,    I thank Thee Jesus for fixing my back again & pray for all the others who are sick & miserable, strengthen our faith Jesus & I thank Thee. 

Sat. Jan. 30. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well I finished the the mending today & I do feel better in some way & I’m trusting for a full healing & filling, Glory to God in Jesus Name Amen.  The sun came out this morning & shone all day a cold White sun    & wind, N. West.    A letter from Dr. Wyatt telling of the sor-rows on the other side & another fire that’s left 100’s in the cold again,    Oh Jesus We Know the time is drawing to a close, help us to do Thy Will in Thy Name We ask, Amen.    Elbert cut some wood,    he has a cold,    I pray Jesus Will turn him quickly to Him    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all Praise & Glory

Sun. Jan. 31. 1954./ No eggs today/ Slept untill 1200 noon, took my bath & dressed   combed my hair & cleaned my teeth.    Elbert warmed cabbage & potatoes & frankforters & we had hot coffee & some peaches I caned in 1947, & went through the tornado of 1953.    they were good & of good flavor,   I thank THee Jesus, & Praise Thee for all things.    We have listened to many sermons & calls for Harvesters    Wish I could be one, but I’ll send what money I can to help in Jesus Work & God Knows.    It’s been a beautiful day,   Wind last night & all morning, was in strong puffs, then at noon died out.    what little there is, is Mostly East.   No one came today.    Oh how I’d like to be in Church. .

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