February 1954

Feb. 1. Mon. 1954./ Page. 3113./ No. eggs today/ Febuary/ Been a nice day    snowed in show-ers this morning & was sunshining all after noon,   not very cold    Elbert sawed some wood.    Johny Harnish was here for a while    he had been to Norwalk to a preachers meeting & was going to Lorain to see Audrey & Gertie & then to see Joan & then on home to his mothers & then to his own home. eife, & babies.   Some one gave little Marcie Joe a baby chicken, so I gave him & old square bird cage to put it in;  poor chicken.   Johny said they’d all had the flu. & coughed so hard they threw up & all was done with it  but the baby & she was still coughing & throwing up,   she’s only 6. mo. old    he said they call her Bonney Bell.    they have 2. boys & 2 girls & Bonney Bell Kodiak [she means Dudiak] has 5 babies  4 of them girls,    she named the last one Penney   she was so small her head lay in the bend of Bonney Bell’s elbow & feet at her finger tips, just like a doll,  dark hair & big brown eyes.    One letter from Wyatt. & I thank God for His blessings. 

Tue. Feb. 2. 1954./ No. eggs yet./ Elbert sawed a while & took Wheel barrow & carried broken cement blocks & brick around & pilled them up to use by & by.    Guess “(God Willing)’    We will build up the old hen house again so we can use it for a few hens & a car shed & to catch rain water.    Had a nice letter from Audrey,    she thinks she will get back to work, where she had been.   She said she walked so much last week her ankles were badly swollen & she was do less this week,    she says People won’t hire elderly people & she’s uneasy out of work.     It’s sure terrible when one sister can’t do for another, with out paying cash for the work done,    Audrey bought a roll-a-bed    now she wants to sell it,    I ask her a long time ago to get one for me,   she never said anything about it untill now    I told her I give her the money for it,    Now she says the first one with 25.00 cash can have it,    she said Ella Jane would like to buy it.    I sent her a card & Wyn Grant a birthday card.    Elbert went to town & got some chicken wings 12. one lb. is 39 cents & what he got cost 53 cents    he got a piece of shank & a joint & a small slice of smoked ham, 1. lb. butter, 1 bunch celery, bunch carrots & head of lettuce & yeast cakes 2.    all of it cost 3.54    he had 1.46 left & I gave him 5.00    that’s all we have now untill his check come & that should be Thurs.    I started cleaning of the cupboard shelf when Elbert left & I had just finished, when he got back,    he went to Vermilion.    He met Mr. Platto & he said he was going to get a little more money for Elbert if he could,    Elbert showed him his Dr. bill & he said give it back or send it to Dr.    that will be a big help, since the bill’s 18. something.    I’m all tired out   just trying to do that little bit & feel as if I weighed aton.   & I hope to set bread & wash my rags tomorrow    Mrs Keegan & Annie & Mrs. Haslet are coming Thurs & bring fresh fish for din-ner & cook them here. so I will have to get up early & get everything ready   table set & dishes & knives & forks & everything ready, for they have to get back to Sandusky to get Marian & get supper,    it’s a big job for me.    but I 

Tue. Feb. 2. 1954./ page. 3114./ No eggs today./ thank Thee Jesus for the strength of each day & pray I may do Thy Will in all things.    Glory to God in the Highest.    I missed Busers Sermon tonight & hope I’ll get it to-morrow night.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost forever & ever, Amen.    Been a nice day & sun shone bright several times today, so Chuck could have seen his shadow if he came out & there should be 6 weeks yet of cold weather,    Radio says they had several inches of snow & ice in Africa & they had never had such, in that hot climite before, in all the world, & Jesus tells us in Matthew 24th Chap, 15. verse. & the Vision He gave to Dr. Wyatt has been such a wonderful thing & Dr. Wyatt stepped out on God’s word & mericals are be-ing done,    Jesus is coming soon Glory to God, Glory, Glory. 

Wed. Feb. 3. 1954./ no. eggs today/  Today is Jim’s & Jean’s birthdays    they are 20. yrs old   Jean’s been married a yr. & Jim’s single & going into the Service the 24. of this yr.  Joan hasn’t been married very long & is going to have a baby so soon.    Oh if they would only live for the Spirit instead of the lust of the flesh but they don’t read the bible or study or take it seriously.     God help them.   Well, I baked 3 tins white bread biscuits & one tin of brown & a small loaf & I make a custard pie    I feel so bad when I have anything extra, because of the 2 million people out of work & standing in line for a small bowl of soup & a piece piece of bread    the “Radio says” they are standing in line for food in N. York & in Detroit”    I wonder who or What city will be next    We know Jesus will be coming soon.    We just heard a big noise in the basement & Elbert went down there, but said everything was O.K.    Well, I’m not always satisfied with his answers,    however I take his word for it & try to believe him.    I’m very tired to night.    I just finished sweeping & sweating like rain.    I wrinsed out my rags in two waters & put them in fresh clorox water     hope to wash them Fri. & I hope to do a little writting soon to Red Cross & to Dr. Wyatt.    Oh Jesus help me to do & to understand what I ought to be doing,    I thank You.    I Praise Thee & love Thee Jesus Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1954./ No. eggs today,/ Was really sick all night & Mrs. Hastel & Mrs. Keegan & Anna, didn’t come today.    I wonder what could have happened to them.    May God Bless them & help them in all the ways they need now & evermore.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray for each soul of Thine, strengthen there faith & give them a stronger spiritual courage, I thank & Praise Thee now & as long as Thou doth give me breath    Bless Thy workers every Where & help me do my part for him.that I want to do so much    I love & Praise Thee.

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1954./ page. 3115./ No. eggs today./ It snowed early this morning & tonight is gone,    not very cold out side   been a nice day & I thank God for my healing & I thank Him for taking away the pains & I Know Thou will keep me all the way.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen, Amen, I Praise Thee.    Elbert cut some wood today.    Mail was a boodk from DeHaan.

Fri. Feb. 5. 1954/ No. eggs today./ Well I washed most of my cloths today, but, Elbert didn’t leave me any water so I didn’t get them sudsed or wrinsed & I’ve had to bad spells this evening.    My bowels moved so hard this morning    guess I shouldn’t have tried to wash,    Elbert went to Huron & left me to get along the best I could    sometimes I pass out, but I prayed & God kept me,     then Elbert got dinner & I tried to eat a little,    then, he went to Vermilion,     he got his check in the mail this morning, so he went & got most of the groceries & now he has to go back to the garage & get the car doctored up once more.    He really got his shoes & paid 11.    for them & ordered a pr. of bedroom slippers.    I am glad for he’s much in need of them, & I have need, to, of slippers.    Been quite cloudy all day   it snowed & covered the ground & it’s colder today.    Elbert sawed some wood before 10-a-m.    I thank Thee Jesus for healing me    the test has been severe, but I’m so glad you hear & answer prayer, & trust for Thy infilling of Thy Holy Spirit & help me to Praise God in Spirit & Truth, Amen.

Sat. Feb. 6. 1954./ No eggs today/  Nellies birthday,    I hope she received our cards today.   It snowed quite a blanket  1 1/2 inches or 2. & stayed on.    I’m not as dizy as I was Fri. & last night but to much yet to be steady on my feet,    I had a dream that it was the milk.   Oh God, help things to be right like they should be, in Jesus Name I ask.    The sun shone a little while on the White snow & I had Elbert feed the birds out side    snow bird, chic-a-dees; sparrows & ground sparrows & red bird, or, cardnals.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & praise Thee & pray Through Thee I’ll find out what’s wrong with me.    Help me now I pray    I’m trusting & believing Amen.

Sun. Feb. 7. 1954./ No. egg today./ I’m better again    dizyness about all gone, Oh, how I thank Thee Jesus for all His many blessing    I am rather dumb but hope to understand soon      Thou kept me this time & I’m wondering how long it will be & in what way it will come next    help me Jesus & give me health & strength & fill me with the Holy Ghost that I may Praise Thee in Spirit, & in truth.    Well, not a soul came to-day, they, just talk,    Been a beautiful day, sunshone all day, winds been from N. West to S. west & in strong Puffs tonight.    New Moon, & it’s bright & clear.    Oh God help us to live Close to Thee & do Thy bidding,    Oh Jesus help me to be filled soon & regain my strength that I may testify for Thee.

Mon. Feb. 8. 1954./ Page. 3116/No. eggs today./ The henny was crowing Sun. morn-ing & the other one singing.    Been Cloudy most of the day.    Elbert went to Lorain    Didn’t see Audrey    & the bread biscuits I sent he brought home again    he could have left them with some one, but said he didn’t think about it.    He got the car fixed and it runs good,     he says he has a new spark plug very soon,    he got part of the food & forgot the rest    I wonder What’s wrong with him,    he’s got a bone or two out in his back bone.    When he got back at 12. noon, I put the dinner on the cook & he insisted on finishing it,    he brought steaks & we had hot potatoes, gravy, broccoli; a steak & bread & butter & hot tea.    Wind’s been S. West all last night & today & puffy. No letter from Audrey or card today, or from any of Nellie’s Children or from her or the Christians, from Sandusky or the Church folks.    Well, I haven’t done much    cold out   my heads bad yet, & still some things are better, I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee    Glory to God in Jesus Name,    I love Thee more than all else forever, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 9. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much again today    We had some sun cloudy toward even-ing, but, cleared off & moon half full & very clear    I wrote a card to Audrey & received letter from her today    Elbert’s back’s been bad all day.    I wrote a card to Mrs. Keegan & Mrs. Haslet    they were coming to have fish supper last Thurs & haven’t come or wrote to us.    I pray they are O.K.    I’m better, but wish I had more strength    I do Praise God in Jesus Name for all I have & I want to be able to praise Him in Spirit   I’m trusting & believing.   I thank Jesus may all Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen.

Wed. Feb. 10. 1954./ No eggs today/ Elbert’s back’s better but he went to Huron to see Dr.    he wasn’t there today    he got the checks (they came this am.)  cashed & got a little food;   We received letter from Audrey yesterday & a card today & all’s as well as usual    some sun, & wind today.    I washed my two wool petticoats & dried them,    I took a bath & cleaned my feet & toe nails,    it a hard job, but, while Elbert was gone I could have the door open & it was warm in the bedroom & I started as soon as he left & had only just got finished when he was back,    I cleaned wash bowl & put it & my dirty clothes away & was sweeping when he came in    & so I finished & he got potatoes ready to fry.   & I put them on & we looked after them together & the meal like wise.   I thank Thee Jesus for helping to keep us,    I rubbed his back last night & tonight    I didn’t feel able either.

Wed Feb. 10. 1954./ page. 3117./ No eggs today./ but some how God help us to keep going   Praise His Holy Name.    I thank Him for all things & give him the Glory,   He is so worthy.    Been a beautiful day,    I’m craving to get out & get to prayer meeting again    Oh God, help Martha & Merlin to come to Thee before it’s forever tolate.    I will thank Thee & Glory in Thee for ever & ever Amen. 

Thurs. Feb.11. 1954./No eggs but hens singing/ Elbert was sick all day    he said he threw up twice this morning & hit the toilet as many or more times,    he looks sick, but, looks better tonight & he ate some soup & drank coffee,    he couldn’t eat this morning & he didn’t even get the mail from the box today,    his stomach & bowels are on a rampage,    he has carried the water & got coal up & empted my can,    I sure will be glad when I can get out again,     I ground some lettuce, pickles, celery, peppers carrots, onions for relish, took all the vim out of me.    I made soup for supper,    he ate some & a little more later on & now says his stomach & bowels are paining him,    I gave him a dose of salts, but he should have taken some more in couple of hours but he didn’t seem to want to.   I feel so weak,    I just gave Elbert one table spoon of olive oil,    he says it feels like a lump in the pit of his stomach.    Well I can’t work much    I take care of the beds & help with the meals  wash dishes.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus,   help me to do Thy Will in all things   Oh Jesus, Thou Knowest I’m afraid of not doing all I can for Thee I want to do Thy Will always forever & ever, Amen.    Cold all day & tonight    wind puffy,   North West.   Oh, how much I wish I could be with the others tonight in prayer meeting & feel the power & be filled anew. 

Fri. Feb. 12. 1954./ No. egg today./ Elbert has felt bad but I believe he’s better for he went out & split some wood for the fire    We burn wood days & coal at night    I did the ironing & was just done when Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in & visited an hour or so    then they went,    Nellie looked tired & said she bumped her arm & it was swollen & she’s afraid she cracked the bone,    I hope she didn’t & pray God will take away the pain & help her to learn of Him.   We ate soup today.    Geo. has been out of school 5 weeks & just got back today & the school children all gave him 4.5 valin-tines,   he was so happy to know, They all though of him & love him & one little girl wrote a note on hers & told him how much they & she had missed him & hoped he’d soon be well & come back to school again.    I didn’t get to visit much for

Fri. Feb. 12. 1954/ page 3118./ No eggs lots of singing./ they all talk at once.    The girls are working,    Ella Jane’s been back at work for a week now    she gets 35.00 per. week & yesterday 3,75 or so in tips.    God of Love & Mercy Keep her clean I pray & I thank Thee.   I marked off a rose pattern, a round doily, in cross stitch this week.    I received a valintine from Sister Keegan today & she put her picture in, a snap shot & a good likness,    I believe she & Mrs. Haslet love me    I pray God will bless them in Jesus Holy Name.    Well it’s been so cold & the winds snappy & it’s cold tonight,    Elbert says he don’t think it’s as cold as last night    the wind isn’t blowing so hard but, it’s cold enough   Sun White as ice    you could look right at it.    I gave Elbert 20.00   I thank Thee for all Thou hast given me & pray I may praise Thee in Spirit and in Truth    I ask in Jesus Name & thank Thee, Amen

Sat. Feb. 13. 1954./ 2 eggs today./Partly cloudy, no rain.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few groceries    I gave him 20.00 out of my check & he used it all & says he’ll need more to get the milk,   he’d like to have me sign my check & hand the money all over,   he’s very domanating about things every now & then,    but I have to pay taxes, gas & light bill & I’ve needed some wool petticoats all winter & thought maybe I could make these last but they’re not going to.     Elbert went to Huron for treatments    Dr’s gone for a little vacation & rest & left another Dr’s name to take his plase, but Elbert wouldn’t go to him & his stomach & bowels are all up set,    I gave him a dose of salts tonight.   it’s after 1.-a.-m. & he’s just getting settled    got every thing done my stocking darned & biscuits all ready to put water in & mix up & I made the saucage & cooked it,    Elbert got a hen to cook & it’s done & dishes washed & I will read & go to bed    the wind is puffy & it’s cloudy, raw wind    I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & pray Thou will turn Elbert soon to Thee,    I thank Thee & trust for my healing & to get back to Church, soon.   Glory, Glory Hallelujah Amen.  

Sun. Feb. 14. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Well I been very heavy on my feet & my head has been to heavy & thick.    look lots better but I have felt happy in my soul    Elbert is & acts better but his stomach & bowels are not just right yet, his stomach bone & bowels bone & atic bone all out of place,    his bowels moved twice before daylight    it’s warmed up outside tonight    Radio says 40 degree, & maybe rain before morning.

Sun. Feb. 14. 1954./ Page. 3119./ 1. egg today./ 1. egg  our valintines. 2. Sat.   Well No one came today. & we do thank God    He has helped us have 6 or more sermons today   good one that strike home & bring the tears    Praise the Lord God of Hosts,    I thank Thee Jesus for my healings & Pray Thou will put Satin far away from us & turn Elbert to Thee so strong he wont ever want to turn back & that he will wonder why he didn’t turn before.    We had a very strong puffy wind all last night & it’s quite strong tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray for strength & trust myself in Thy Keeping for Thou hast promised & I Know Thou will keep Thy promises help me to praise Thee in Spirit    I thank Thee & all Glory & Praise & Honor be Thine forever, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 15. 1954./ No. eggs today./ I received Valintine from Mrs. Heslet & a note & a short but nice note from Mrs. Harwell from Phoenix Arizona, saying she received my Christmas card just before they moved & that Mrs. Nina Singleton & Children had called on her & they are well & happy.   & she ask me to Write Soon.    I wrote a letter to Red Cross & ask what to do about insurance    we can’t find any one, Who will insure the house with Cinder block chimneys.   Hope Elbert puts letter in mail box, in the morning.    Been mostly cloudy & windy & was windy all last night coming in heavy puffs & been so today only, it shifted to S. West & was to warm (69 degrees after being so cold.  that sort of weather will kill the tender young trees & bushes.    Elbert did his washing today.  dried it in the house, he forgot his sleepers. & they are so sweaty.    Well, it’s to warm, but I’ll have to put in some coal & read & go to bed.    I’ve been so tired all day.    I do thank Thee Jesus I can get up & do a little.    I Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever Glory to Thy Name, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 16. 1954./ __ eggs today./   Been a nice rainy day,    Elbert carried a lot of water to the cystern & it’s raining & the barrel’s runing over,    not cold out,    flies are flying about out side & a big fat spider made a web in the north window & he’s still there tonight & it started to rain about 5-a.m. came in heavy showers & then in a mist.   & we had a heavy fog & then it cleared away,   the wind had died out,   it has freshened again tonight & they had two tornados in Arizona, some were Killed & many were hurt.   Ernie stopped here after school & Helen & Dolly

Tue. Feb. 16. 1954./ page 3120./ No. eggs today./ came for Ernie & Dolly was selling flower & garden seeds,   I got 60 cents worth of seeds & they left happy.    Well, Ernie gave me 50 cents for taking care of him so I gave it back & an extra dime for the seeds,    I gave Ernie the chickens wish bone & a baking powder biscuit cut in 3 slices with butter & grape jam on them & a cup of coffee with sugar & cream in it    he said thank you & when he had finiished he asked to be excused & he washed his hands & face & begged me to tell him a story.    I had been trying to cut for myself a waist pattern but gave up as I can’t seem to do two things & keep my mind on both at once, any more.    I received card from Miss. Clark    she says Rev. Eppler will broadcast her sermon, Sun Morning Feb. 21 1954 over Sandusky Net Work   8.45.a-m    I pray God’s will be done.   I received another little paper from Dr. Wyatte   it is wonderful to see bible scripture coming to pass so fully before our eyes   help me to do Thy Will   Speak to me I pray & help me to do the things, Thou would that I should do.   Oh God, I Praise Thee & thank Thee & may all glory be Thine, Amen. 

Wed. Feb. 17. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I got at 10-a-m    We received a letter from Inez & Henry & one from Audrey & she said Nellie & Jean fixed a farwell dinner for Jim    he’s leaving Sun. I think they said & Nellie & Ella Jane Bonita & her 3 children George, Bonita Jr. & Nelson, Bill & Jean, John & Joan, Gertie & Audrey & Jim, all had dinner together while Martha was being arrested & charged 50.00 & costs for hand-ing out liquar over the bar to Jrs.   Oh. God pick up that mother, my neice & show her the terrible side of her life & help her back to Know Thee & love us as We love her.    Well, I got my washing done today & as I rested Elbert & I talked about what we could have for supper, When Brother & Sister & Naomie Dear came in,   they brought in some weiners & buns & Ginger bread & we opened some corn & we still had some biscuits & relish & mustard & they had hot coffee & so they visited & told us about there own children & those of the church & all the different ones of the church,   they had one more stop to make before going home    they looked so tired & worn.    I pray Thou, oh God will give them rest & strength for Thy Name Sake & I thank Thee & Give Thee all Praise & Glory Glory to God in the Highest now & for ever more, Amen.    It snowed early this morning but sun came & soon melted all away.    Elbert sawed wood this forenoon.   his back pains him bad, & Dr. wont be back untill Feb. 25 a week from tomorrow.   Henry & Inez are hoping to buy a Studlbaker car, second hand,   That’s usually foolish.   I hope they can find a good one.    It’s been a beautiful day.    Oh Jesus I’m crying to The for help. 

Thurs. Feb. 18. 1954./ page. 3121./ 1. eggs today./ Been a nice day    Elbert cut some limbs from another apple tree & I haven’t done any much, hemed a towel & swept my room & Kitchen & made soup for supper    Elbert cooked potatoes & I creamed them & we had a can of salmon “sockeye”. & spinage & bread & coffee.    No mail to day.    I wrote Audrey a card, she never mentioned Martha Monagon in her letter, & Sun. Radio was telling the world Martha Monogon was arrested & charged $50.00 & cost for handing liquar over the bar to Jrs. & I’m oh so sorry & wondering if some of her family will help help her or if she had to go to jail & no one to help her,    I thank they said the Law had put a padlock on the door of that place where she worked,    to bad a woman with a good education as she has & with 3 nice children & then get herself into such a jam,    Oh God, I thank Thee the door has a padlock on it & I pray any other door she may try that is wicked,  will have a padlock on & Thou will turn her about face & teach her Thy way,    if in Thy Plan I can help her, tell me & I’ll do my best, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 19. 1954./0. eggs today./ Franks been gone 21 yrs today/ I wrote a card to Clark, Goll & Audrey & sent money for money order, 7.60 for my wool peticoats from Lane Bryant’s & money order 7.00 for Dr. Wyatt to help with God’s work.& the African Chalenge paper they put out telling us all the good news they are doing over there,   It’s truely wonderful.    I wish I could help more.    I’ve spent 13.00 for His work. this month.   Been a beautiful day.   I see 4 mourning doves & a pair of Yellow birds, cardnals & some blue Jays today.    Elbert worked out side some today & I sent him down to Vermilion to get money orders & pay light bill.     my order cost 14.90 light bill 1.50 & he got a little meat & he had 2.00 left out of 20.00, & that has to do us untill he gets his check;   I have 5. left & he Knows it & will want it before check comes.    I baked 2 loaves & 2 tins bread today    I sent a bag of potatoes apples, onions & carrots & rice & 2 pieces of dough to Miss Clark, but she wasn’t home, so he brought it back.    It’s been a beautiful day out side not cold, flies & bugs are out in force.    I Praise God for all things. Glory to His Name, I’m trusting & believing for my healing. Amen.  

Sat. Feb. 20. 1954./   eggs today./ I did the ironing & mended my dress & if I don’t get another one made soon I’ll be with out    I ought to wash

Sat. Feb. 20. 1954./ page. 3122./ 1. egg today/ Mon. I’ll have to have the rags to use unless Jesus sees fit to heal the stead [steady?] leak,   I trust He will    Oh God how I thank Thee in Jesus Holy Name,  for for the vision Thou gave Rev. Dr. Wyatt & for giving him courage to step out & let shore line go & do Thy Will Oh I pray for reapers & that I may give all I can to help, reveal to me What to do & help me to get it done, I pray;   & be with Martha & help her to turn back & do Thy will while there is still time.    Be with each one of my brothers, Sisters  Sister in laws & All my Nephews & Neices & turn them to Thee in Jesus Name I ask & I thank & Praise only Thee forever & ever Amen    Elbert’s been working around outside, we got the little appricot tree out from inunder the roof of the coop & got it up almost strait I hope it wont sliver raising it so fast & it’s been bent for so long June 8th 1953. 8. long months before it was released, poor thing.  No mail today, only Audrey’s letter this week, I wonder.    So I received another African Chalenge paper,    It’s a wonderful work Rev. Wyatt’s doing I pray God will bless his efforts & give him all the workers he needs & money,    there are lots of folks who have money & could help.   We have been having 3 or 4 extra warm days & lot of lightening tonight off toward the S.W. W. & N.W.  & we have a hard strong puffy wind tonight S. east.

Sun. Feb. 21. 1954./ 0 eggs today./ Well, it poured rain before morning & it lightened hard in the S.W. W. & N. West.    Elbert had the barrel covered so by the time he took the notion to uncover it he only cought 1/2 a barrel, it was good rain & I’m thankful & am sure all things out side was glad also,    Wish we could have had more of it but, Praise God & for all things I Praise Him & I’m trusting He will take care of each one of His & our family.    Been mostly cloudy, sun came, out for a while after dinner clear & so white. & not a soul came near all day & radio on the blink, so, no sermons,    Wind blew so hard all night & the had another tornado-   ripped up trees by the roots & took roofs off some houses.   Well, we thought it might rain but it only partly cloudy.    Oh Jesus how I wish I knew how to do more for Thee    I thank & praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name     Wind has all died out tonight,    I hope we get some word from Audrey about Martha, tomorrow. 

Mon. Feb. 22. 1954./ page. 3123./ 1. eggs today./ Washingtons birthday Our first President.    Well, I tried to put a dress together but Elbert’s felt bum   his vertebras are out of place several of them & I tried to rub them back. with terpo but he can hardly straighten up they pain him so bad & then I had to start soup for supper & so put dress away, but I’ve got to get it done for all 3 of these    I’ve been wearing are tearing apart.   We had a frozen fog last night & it’s been partly cloudy mostly sunlight today    Elbert’s felt to bad to work.    No mail & no word from the girls today.    I pray God will forgive my sins & Keep me ever closer    I’m so weak    I can’t seem to endure the hardships.    Elbert says he’s going to Huron in the morning but the Dr. wont be there untill Thurs.    he might as well wait, it only eratates his back to drive.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & pray for the Holy Ghost & strength, I thank & Praise Thee, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 23. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I am mailing a letter to Lane Wings of Healing Rev’s Dears & Levers for Elbert & card to Francis Page & Elbert went to Huron & mailed them,    we had no mail to-day worth while.   Elbert felt to bum to work, he got a little meat.    Ernie came tonight & I gave him a lunch & Dolly came & gave us a dollar for taking care of Ernie    it will come in handy, for a little meat    Elbert’s check comes a week from Thurs.  that seems a long time & still the times flying.    I tried again today to get the dress put together, I thank I have it ready to stitch, now, so maybe I will try to stitch tomorrow.    I ought to wash so, I don’t Know Which I’ll do    I have to Write Mrs. Keegan & Mrs. Haslet.    I hope they have enough to eat & that God has helped her rent her house, for she says that’s all they have to live on,    for he isn’t working untill April first     I don’t know if he’s sick she didn’t say,    Been a very Nice day, tried to rain tonight.   heavy frost last night.   Jesus I’m trusting Thou will make things to come out right & help Audrey to write & tell us all the news, help it to be good news & I pray Thou will Keep us from the evil ones & Closer to Thee, I thank Thee & give all the Honour & Praise to Thee forever & ever, Amen.   Glory, Glory, Glory I Praise Thee for all things. 

Wed. Feb. 24. 1954./ page. 3124./ No. eggs today./ And neither of worked today,   been a very dark dreary day, sun came through a couple of times, as White as it could be, but, didn’t stay only a few seconds each time & it tried to rain tonight,    it gave us a good shower once last night, after midnight.    Radio has been out for sometime now & I sure miss that thing, for we can’t get any news & since we can’t buy a news paper    we don’t know whats going on & it seems as if the world was dead.    Well I received a prety card from Mrs Hastel & Joe & she said they hadn’t rented the house yet, but thought they would soon, then, they would be over again.    We received a letter from Audrey     & she said Martha was as usual & she had a supper for Jim & the young folks     & Jean & Joan are both going to have babys      & that I’d better read her hen tracks over once or twice before I told any one what she wrote.  Well I didn’t tell Nellie & girls anything wrong, but they didn’t listen, or, at any rate they didn’t tell Audrey what I told them, that she had worked a few hrs. & wished she could work at least 3. days a week & they told her I said she was working 3 days a week,   if they can’t do or say something to start a rowe they twist things to make it look as if I was terrible bad & better watch my step,    I wish they had to hear a good sermon & abid by it    they all seem to enjoy twisting things the wrong way,    God help them, & forgive them. & teach them Thy Ways, I thank Thee, Amen.    I love Thee Jesus & pray Thou will keep me close to Thee, Thank You.

Thurs. Feb. 25. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I did my washing and a few odds & ends & got cloths all dry    I got the po-tatoes & carrots & peas ready for supper & Elbert fried the pork shoulder & apples, I had them cleaned & sliced    He felt so bad,    he went to Huron & took a treatment & we had a cup of tea & crackers & he went to Vermilion & got some chiken backs & wings & pork    he cooked meat & apples & his hips were paining him so bad & mine were hurting me from standing so long,    I washed his pillow slip & cover & pr socks & 2 Kercheifs,    I can hardly do my own any more.    Been a cloudy day    rained hard last night & began to snow at 3-p-m & is still at it & blowing hard at 11-p-m.    colder tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus for food, warm fire & clothing.    I Praise Thee for all things although I don’t understand all things.    May I be of service to Thee forever & give Thee the Glory & Honor forever & ever, Amen.    We received a card from Audrey today.   she says Jean & Joan are both going to have babies & that shop[?] isn’t doing much & she said she’s loofing selling blankets & [?] gowns for babies.

Fri. Feb. 26. 1954./ Page. 3125/ 2. eggs today./ Well I tried to sew     didn’t get very much done, but pray be a little each day will get it, by & by.    Elbert has to go back to Dr. tomorrow.    He hasn’t been able to work & his back is sore & pains him.    he has done the chores every day, in pain,     I know how bad it hurts for I’ve had to endure the same things many times.    It turned quite cold last night & snowed about an inch of snow & it is half gone to-night.   not much wind  S.W. what there is, Was S.W. all day.    Dr told Elbert he shouldn’t saw or work, to Keep quite for a few days & he should for an other week    We saw several hundred starlings today in one flock.    Jackie is real miserable    he can’t see & his feet are hurting him,    I had to clean them,    I hope they will soon feel better.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Sat. Feb. 27. 1954./ No eggs today/   Well I felt to bum to sew & didn’t do so very much today.    Elbert didn’t understand    he was to go this morning to Dr. & so he didn’t get his treatment today,    he got a little pork to fry & got the radio, so we can have the sermons to-morrow Praise God from Whom all blessing flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him all ye Heavenly Hosts Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, forever & ever, Amen.    Been rather cloudy, sun came through only for a few seconds only a few times.    Nellie & the girls came & brought ice cream & cones & visited a little while,    the children played out side a while & then Bonita Sr. got there coats & hats & they went again    they left us a piece of blogna & a piece of cheese & Nelson gave me some pretzels,    I gave them 3/4 laof of bread,    Nellie said they stopped at Baldwins & had a lunch last time they went from here & they made sandwiches of the tin of biscuits I gave them.    Nellie isn’t very well    they heard some noise & all flew to the toilet,    they thought it was there mother but she heard it to & wondered what it was.    Bonita’s lips was as White as paper,    they were all frightened.    Ella Jane said, her mother would fall over while she walked around,    I pray she really knows Jesus before that happens.    I hope & pray for each one, Oh God, help us each one.   No rain last night but tried today to rain   dust mixed with rain making mud splaters.       We didn’t get it very hard here, but radio said Chicago did.   warm enough so flys are out    We received letters from Rev’s Dears & Naomie & Miss McGovern today.

Sun. Feb. 28. 1954./ page. 3126./ 2. eggs today./ No one called to day;    Been a dark dreary sort of day, started to snow before dark,   it had been raining a misty rain from a-bout 3-30 or 4-p-m turning to snow about 5-p-m  West a little North. not cold, 34 degrees.    We have listened to the sermons all day on, Radio.    Sorry I can’t go to church & will be so glad when Jesus lays His hand on me,    I’m so weak & Miserable, but Praise God I can get up & do a little,    I thank Thee Jesus more than I can tell & I pray for strength & understanding.    I do need a little care for a while.    May all Glory be Thine forever,  I pray, Amen. 

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