March 1954

Mon. Mar. March. 1. 1954./ 2. eggs today/ Well March sure came in like a lion    it blowed & snowed & the bushes & evergreens are laying all most flat & snow thick on the tops & sides    I’m sorry for them bent over so far for so long &, it snowed all day so thick we were shut in a part of the time, couldn’t see even the neighbors houses or telegraph poles along the rail road or the tracks    Snow came heavy & thick & there’s been a wind that keeps it drifting.    We haven’t had to be out in it,   the Radio put out a call for Rev. Johny Harnish    he’s been missing since Sunday & this is Mon. night.    Oh God, I ask in Jesus Name,   Thou will take care of him & get him safly back home to Marcie & there 4 children    I trust that nothing else has come between them    Nellie seemed terrible upset when they were here Sat. & the girls watched her every minute.    I’ve had some queer “presentments” of late.   I almost passed out, Just like before they came in Sat. & I’m so terribly weak yet.    We haven’t done any work today.    & haven’t been able to sleep  thinking & praying for verious ones of the families, May God take a hand in all these things & soon, I pray & I thank Thee Jesus.    All roads are blocked & many trucks & cars are lined up a mile long, hundreds are stalled on all roads.   & they are pleading for help as many of those people have been waiting Since Sat. & Sat night Sun. & Sun. night & Mon. & Mon night & Radio says tonight will be as bad as last night,    it was bad last night.  I’m glad the girls got coal last week & the children carried it into basement.    I thank there neighbors would help them if they had to call them.    Elbert’s just got out of bed & gone out to see what the noise was at S. east corner of house,    it was the top ends of ramblers.     Again, I thank you Jesus for all things & trust Thee, Amen. 

Tue. Mar.2. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Well, the big tree, the evergreen to the South fell down Sun night & though it would fall but it got so full of snow last night    the wind blew so hard & puffs seemed as if the south end of the little house would cave in & the poor tree lay down again & this time we can’t raise it up a-gain,   I’m sorry, but Jesus will be coming soon & we’ll enjoy being with him.

Tue. Mar. 2, 1954./ page. 3127./ 2 eggs this day./more than all the earthly things we’ve ever had & I’d rather do His will & ways.    It’s been a hard day,    I’ve felt as if I had been up all night,    I listened untill 12-30-p-m to see if we could get any more news about Johny Harnish    I’m trusting Jesus has taken care of him & hope Nellie will let us know by mail     We haven’t had any mail Mon. or today, but I see the trucks & cars are runing tonight so maybe we will get mail tomorrow.    I had a time cleaning the stew pan we heat the water for coffee & tea,    it burnt dry not bad, but it’s such a job for me to clean it & scour the out side    I made onion potatoe soup with milk & seasoning, so that was our supper & tomorrow    We hope to have Kroute & Weiners  creamed potatoes &   perhaps milk gravey & Cornflake muffins & no butter    I know if any of those people on the other side could have it they would be so happy, God help them & I want to help more.    Wind’s starting to blow a little more & Radio says rain tonight & snow tomorrow.    All the young evergreens were laying almost flat sun melted snow such a lot & Elbert shook them & it fell off.    but they didn’t get up straight yet sudden cold has turned them a redish brown    some trees “Willows” in the back are down.    Rev. Buser was cought in the snow down on Oberlin Ave.    I hope Johny has got home safe also.    Jesus I’m trusting & believing in Thee. & I hope I can write some cards & notes tomorrow.    I Praise Thee Jesus Amen.

Wed. Mar. 3. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well we sure got the cold wind & it was strong & puffy, all night & all day    seemed it would almost crush the house at times & it’s cold, wind has eased off a little tonight, but Raido says it’s going to blow 4 miles an hour before morning,   it was snowing at dark.    Well, weather is still bad.    We received a card from Miss. Clark a letter from Miss. Mc.Govern & Card from Audrey & no word about Johny.    I hope we do hear tomorrow.    Elbert was just outside & says wind’s S. west & it’s starlight    wind’s not blowing more than 10 or 12 miles & hour.    I haven’t done much today,    patched one shirt & help with cooking, made the beds & listened to Radio    a young mother got cought in the traffic jam,    they called for help & docotr & nurse & warm amblulance had reached her & was on way to hospital last we heard.     A queer thing just happened,    I was in the my bedroom & a cars headlights loomed up & went out,    we thought some one was coming in & we both looked again & there wasn’t any car on the drive,     I pray all is well, with all the familie’s   Oh God 

Wed. Mar. 3. 1954./ Page. 3128./ 1. egg this day./ help us, in Jesus Name I ask.    & if I can help in any way, help me to know & to do what ever is right in Thy sight.    Audrey was painting her rooms on Sun.    I pray they will turn to the Lord yet before it’s to late    they think I’m crazy & God has said they would, but I’m still praying & trusting they will turn.    I love my Jesus, He’s all the world to me,    When we Know Him, it’s so much different When we pray untill Jesus lays His hand on us.    Rev. Buser is preaching or talking on the radio.     Miss Clark got a ride to Cleveland & back,     a friend of hers was hit & tossed “by a car” 50 ft. & was unconscious 20 days & died,    she’s been so weak & tired out,    I wonder, if she has improved so much.    I am glad she’s able & trust I’ll rise up again, also.    I thank Thee Jesus forever & ever, Amen. 

Thurs. Mar. 4. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Wrote card to Audrey & sent one to Nellie, Wed & now one to Mrs. Goll & letter to Mrs. Keegan & I hope I can write some more tomorrow.    I’ve been seeing Mrs. Brackets face & I dreamed she was staring so must write her a card or letter soon.    I hope we hear about Johny soon & Nellie.    We had a card from Audrey Wed.     I got my wool skirts & a note from Mrs. Keegan today & some adds.    Been a blustry day   snowed & wind blowed it up from the ground in big clouds & its cold     wind’s S. West.    we see one rabbit & the birds,    we tried to feed but snow covered up feed    My bird died last night    poor little fellow    he tried so hard to get about    he was blind & we had to put the feed dishes in front of him & then he would eat & drink,    I can’t tell how much we miss him.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many many blessings.    Oh how terrible to be blind    God help us. 

Fri. Mar 5. 1954./ 2. egg today./ Well I did the washing, with God’s help, & I am so weak tonight I wont be able to dry them all.    I just have the rags to dry,     I hope to do it tomorrow.    We received a letter from Audrey, but not a word from any of them about Johny,  & here it’s been a week tomorrow.    I’m still trusting God took care of him.    Elbert got a man to haul his car to garage up this side of Huron & he went on to Huron & bought 4.50 worth of food & paid 2.50 on radio & managed to drive car home & then he went to Sarr’s & phoned Vermilion garage & one of there men lives in Huron, so, he’s to stop & pick up Elbert & car & take them to Vermilion,    I pray it won’t cost him much    he has to pay for car tag & his slippers so it wont leave much for food.    Sun shone yesterday at intervals & the same today with the exception, it wasn’t quite so windy & it snowed hard several times     We couldn’t see only Snyders & things close to us, was better this after noon.   I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & answering prayer    I nearly strangled after Elbert left on Johny cake, it strained me bad

Sat. Mar. 6. 1954./ page. 3129./ 2. eggs today./ I wrote to Audrey, Nellie & Mrs. Bracket & Elbert mailed them today,    he went with the young man & car to Vermilion & he got 2 lbs of green tea 1.94 & left it in the car,    Now I wonder,     he got a ride all the way back to end of our road & he feel all in & he had a bad spell just before supper    sort of a congestion, like the one I had & it nearly strangled me, hurt my chest, arms & thigh,    His was in his head, arms & chest.    I prayed while I rubbed him with alcohol & put hot flanels on him & talked to him about other things & he soon got over it    Jesus help us do what ever we ought to do,   I’m ready & willing, if You Will but re-veal to me.     I Praise & thank Thee Jesus.    Ive been listening to Rev. Buser.    Oh God, I pray Audrey has gone & found what’s wrong.    seems as if some one could help & let us know.    It’s been a nice day, any way the sun shone but wind was cold & raw.    I received receipt for 7.00,   I sent last mo. to Rev. Wyatt.   The man brought Elbert’s car & bill 5.50 & he went up & got some gas & paid the other man 3.50 & he owes Martin’s 2.69    he has spent 20.25 for, car, & food.    he has to get tag yet.  10.25     A rabbit was up by the grainery last night & he must have eaten the grain Elbert put out for the birds,   he put out some more today,    The red cardnals are so pretty & there are all kinds of birds come to eat.    Wind eased off today a little, but is sure at it again tonight.    I don’t like the wind .    I got my dresses starched & dried & all those rags & put away    I didn’t do any ironing    I’ve been so terribly weak & miserable & no strength or not as much as I need,    I wiped up Kitchen today.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all times Amen.

Sun Mar. 7. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ Elbert called Nellie today & found Johny’s safe, he had been cought in the snow, but, soon got out & home safe,     I could only see him at home with Marcie & the children, but, I had heard weeping & wailing before we heard over the radio, that he had been missing since Sat.     seemed to be women that was weeping    I thought it would be best to call & find out for sure & do as I’d like to be done by.    They knew the call had been put out over radio but, when all was well with them, they forgot me     still were praying & trusting & believing all was well, but, that they should have at least sent us a card;     Elbert ask why they didn’t send us a card & she said, she didn’t have a card, a worthless excuse for post man stops at there door each day    I pray God will help them to be true sisters & neices even though they still call us, just folks,    May God have mercy & teach them His Ways.    We have listened to the Sermons all day & evening.    It’s been a nice day with sunshine & snow has melted a lot.    We have a new moon tonight,    we fed the birds & have had a meal & lunch & thank God in Jesus Name for all things & I Pray He will teach me & help me to do the right things & give Him all Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    Glory to God in the Highest in Jesus Holy Name.   I need Thy help.

Mon. Mar. 8. 1954./ page. 3130./ 1. eggs today./ I miss Jacky so much, poor little fellow.    Elbert went to Vermilion & spent all he had with in 3.00 & a few cents    I kept ac-count of all but about 4.00 or so     he spent 20.25 for car  9.00 repair   24.12 for food & he owed Martin 2.69 & Cook gas 1.90 for [?]& 4.49 & 2.50 for radio & 1.10 Krogers, butter & 2 boxes cheese 1.63 off milk wagon & 56 cents for bread & cookies from bread wagon & 7 cents for 1 newspaper & I gave him 10.00 & I only have 7 more to give him untill I get my check & then I’ll give him 17.80 more to live on untill the 12th of April    he didn’t get his slippers or pay Baker 5.50    he will get check for 8.00 when I get mine the 12th of this month & I wont give him the 7.00 I have untill he gets his check    then he’ll have 15.00, 5.50 for Baker & 5 for slippers & he has to get socks & I’ll have to see to it he gets them & he’ll have to spend 1.00 for gas & then we have to milk money 35 cents every other day, 16 dimes & 16 quarters for milk every month (5.60)    I hope there wont be [?] extras or we’ll have to fast awhile for sure.    I thank God for What we have & pray we won’t have so much extra to spend in April,    I gave him the gas 10.15 & tax 12.50 money & so they will have to be taken out of my check along with my church money   11.00 to Huron & Rev. Wyatt & I ordered a New Testiment 4.00,  about 38. out of 59. so there will only be 21.00 for food, “maybe”, it will have to do untill next mo.    & we ought to save out 18. each mo now to pay for the coal for next winter.   No. mail today.    I tried to write a letter to Sister Haslet today, but, Elbert got back before I got it done    hope I can get it done tomorrow & send a note to Inez & Henry & Sister Harwell. & Sister Singleton.    they are in Arizona.    It’s been a very nice day, but snow is hasn’t all gone off yet bu     it’s coming into the basement    I hope it don’t get bad.    Wind didn’t blow much last night or tonigh so don’t seem so cold.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust all will work out for Thy Good & Glory.    Today is little George Eddy’s Jr. birth day,   he was born just be-fore midnight & Bonita Jr. just after midnight.  11. yrs. ago.  today & tomorrow.   Glory Hallelujah, I Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.

Wed. Mar. 9. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today, just didn’t have the strength    We got a card from Audrey     Martha is staying on Washington Ave. & Merlin told her to get out    Audrey says they are both to blame & Joan are having there fights,   John hit her in the back & nearly Knocked her out & she screamed & the land Lord came to see what was going on     she expects to have her baby in June.    I know I could never stay with that sort of beast.    She’s a go-between, for her mother & father & she was going home to cook a supper for her father.    Audrey feels terrible & so do We.  then

Tue. Mar. 9. 1954./ page. 3131./ 1. eggs this today./ We received a letter from Mrs Bracket & one from Miss Mc.Govern, she must think of me as I was, 21 yrs. ago, she thinks I could still crochet for a living,    how I wish I could,    I can hardly do the little work & have for the two of us    Elbert washes his union suits & work shirts & pants & I do the house washing & my clothes,    we do the cooking of the meals to-gether most of the time    I sweep & wipe up floors & do the dishes & mend & darn & iron  Keep the bedroom each day,  water run so much to day I haven’t felt able to be on my feet,    I hope to feel better soon.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & I’m trusting Thou will heal this leak soon & help all who are in need of Thee spiritually as well as other wise    I thank Thee forever & ever.    Been rather quite outside but, lots of wind in sky tonight.    Card Co. still after me to sell cards,    I could earn 50 cents a box.   I miss Jackie more & more & almost wish I had another.    Oh God Please help Audrey’s families to come to Thee & Audrey to & Gertie, Frank & Ruby & there families & Ethel & hers & the Wheelers & there’s & all who need Thee. 

Wed. Mar. 10. 1954./ 2. eggs today/  Elbert got up & did out his washing & had part of it dried when I got up at 10-a-m    I set bread after dinner & made 2 tins of Brown & 2 of white bread,    I did out my washing after I set the bread & made the Brown or graham dough into biscuits to raise.    & now all is done & all dried except his heavy union suits, & my rags,    I’ll try to get them dry tomorrow,  God Willing.    It’s been a nice day, partly cloudy but not very cold, bugs are starting to fly about.    We received our checks today & there was some added to each    Elbert got 9    he’s been getting 8    I been getting 59 & today 63 and I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all Praise for answering prayer for just a little more & I can give a little more to Thee Jesus in Thy cause,   Keep me Close To Thee & give me stronger in Thee & bolder for Thee, I give Thee all the Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.    Rev. Buser signing off.   Oh yes my tax blank came today 13.98 cents     just take the extra. 

Thurs. Mar. 11. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion after dinner & paid Baker garage 5.00    he got his slippers 5.00 & socks 1.00 & cashed my check & bought 4.89 cents worth of food & paid for the meat & was short 35 cents but his was O.K.    Well, it don’t hurt me but, it does happen every now & then I have my taxes & church & gas & I ordered a new testiment & so I won’t have very much to run us untill April 4th.    We got a little raise in old age pension but it goes so fast   everythings so high.    I ironed 2 dresses, 2 shirts skirts & put tape in them & tonight came near fainting as I cleared the table & knocked my little cup full of tea on the floor & broke it.

Thurs. Mar. 11. 1954./ page. 3132./ 1. eggs this day/ into the finest pieces & cut my finger & it really blead bad,    I felt & still do feel to bad for anything, so I’m leaving dishes & going to bed    I Pray God will in Jesus Name give me more strength spiritually & phyically,    I thank Thee Jesus    Thou art Wonderful    Been partly cloudy    N. East wind rather strong   Praises to Thee Jesus.    Elbert mailed letter to Mrs Haslet & card to Audrey, 

Fri. Mar. 12. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ Elbert tried to get little building up & move it off hen house floor yesterday    his back is still hurting him bad & today he’s had several places in his back bone paining him.    he couldn’t work    wind has been blowing so hard in puffs all day    & in Kansas, Arkansas they have had dust & rain & a wind that took the dust 300 ft. in the air,    it has been so strong seemed as if it would lift the house up & felt that way.    We received a note from little Nelson Eddy today, with a few big red roses on one corner of the page,   said he was sick,   the glands in his neck are badly swollen & his throat was sore & his grandmother was teaching & the wind blew some limbs out of the apple tree & fell the cheery tree.    He said mom is working & George & Pinky were in school & they hoped we (Elbert & I) were all right & they’d come when they could, Lots of Love   Nelson Eddy.    We thought that was just fine, for he’s only 9. yrs. old.    We got a card from Audrey telling about Johny getting cought in the snow    he could have been dead & buried long before now. & that she isn’t working yet.    I’ve felt terribly weak today,    I tried to mend Elbert’s union suits today but seemed as if I just couldn’t.    & I sweat like rain trying to do up the dishes,    Elbert wiped them.    I pray we will both feel better tomorrow.    Mostly cloudy today & windy.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will help all of us to do Thy Holy Will in all things,    I want to do Thy Will Thou Knowest.

Sat. Mar. 13. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ For taxes. 13.89, for Safe reducing 2.98 & a money order to Wings of healing 6.00; 1 of it is for subscription for African Chalenge booklet.    then I sent a birthday card to Geo, Bonita & Nelson for there birth-days,    they are late, but guess it wont make any difference.    I put a 1 dollar bill in each card & the extra coupon, for sweater, shirt gave them 2 & now there money can send for all 3.    I have several more letters & cards to write.   Mr & Mrs Haslet came in just before supper & we had chicken for supper   Brown bread & the chicken gravy, lettuce, celery, sweet pickles & coffee & potatoes    We visited a while & Joe & Elbert were outside for awhile    We had a good visit, they have a preaching every night

Sat. Mar. 13. 1954./ Page. 3133./ 1. egg this day./ Who has the gift of healing    I wish he could & would come to me, like Jesus use to go among the poor, but they don’t do much of that any more    God help me I have to go & be filled & healed in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    Well, Elbert did half the dishes & I finished the balance & mixed up the Chicken balls for tomorrow    We didn’t get the relish ground.    but got part of it in the pan ready for water to freshen it.    Elbert moved the little hen house out in the back where old Colly house was    he did most of it with the car.    Wind has been 20 miles an hour in heavy puffs & we been getting a lot of the dust in the wind,    We are to have more tomorrow.    I hope trust & pray that Minister comes here tomorrow & that we are both made whole in Jesus Name Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    I love & Praise only Thee.   Received card from Mrs. Goll & The Chalenge.   Today is Sister Haslet’s birthday   she’s 62. yrs. old. 

Sun. Mar. 14. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ It started to snow early this a-m. about 2-a-m. & keep at it in intervals all day coming in heavy showers at times.    I felt sure they would pray for me at church & the water would be normal again but it hasn’t yet.    I still believe He will.   I praise Him.   I got up at 10-30    bathed, combed my hair & cleaned my teeth & cooked the dinner,    I fried the Chicken balls, heated the gravy & made the tea & Elbert warmed the string beans & then we ate & tonight we had popcorn & listened all day & tonight to sermons.    I’d like to be in Church & testify for Jesus, Oh Jesus, help me.    No one came today.   its cold out tonight.   I do love Thee Jesus.   help me to be normal I ask.   I thank Thee & Praise only Thee. 

Mon. Mar. 15. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, it’s been some day,    I got up before noon & after dinner I mended & just got done be-fore supper & then Dolly & Ernie came & stayed from 7-p-m untill 9-30    We don’t have any thing they can amuse themselves with.    but Helen came & took them home    she had gone to some meeting with a neighbor & he came to the door for the children;    Been a nice day,   wind’s cold & raw & it blowed hard during the night but not quite so hard to-day.    Elbert’s head has ached today    I think he has more cold.    Well, maybe Mr. & Mrs. Haslet might come tomorrow     they said they might,     but, I’m hoping Elbert will feel better    but, if they come he will do what every they start.    I feel better in some ways, but, not the water trouble.    I thank & trust Thee for all things in Jesus Name Amen.    May all Praise be Thine    all Glory & Honor & Power, Amen.    There is plenty of wind yet,    it’s partly cloudy & moon-light.   Oh God.   I do Praise Thee & hope to be filled & do all His Will. 

Tue. Mar. 16. 1954./ Page. 3134./ 1. eggs today./ Sister Hastel & her husband came back today & Elbert has worked to hard, but, he feel they have got a lot done.    Well, they had dinner here & we had a good visit & they went home before supper    said they had to feed dogs & hens,    I failed to ask them if they had enough to eat for tomorrow, but from What they said thought they had.    Been a beautiful day & the wind has eased off & its clear & moon & starlight tonight & little cooler.    We received a letter from Audrey today,    they all have there Joys & they seem to think Audrey can just pick the money up some where,    she did earn $10.00 Mon.   she has her rooms painted at last.    Well I helped get supper & I washed the dishes & now I’ll read & pray & go to bed    Rev. Buser in on the radio now.    & they are having meetings at Huron all this week, but only one has been blessed with a real healing as far as I have learned    Oh God, We beceach Thee to strengthen each one of thine in the Church of Thine & take the evil out & clean & fill those Who want Thee & I do in Jesus Name forever & ever Amen,    I need strength & pray Thou will hear & help me.    Ernie came & stayed untill his mother & Dolly came for him & Helen & Dolly came & visited a little,    she was tired she works every day.

Wed. Mar. 17. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been a beautiful day & Elbert cut the limbs off the big evergreen that fell over again in this last wind storm,    it had just got started to grow again,     it had put out long slender roots & top was getting green but he has cut it up,    it hurts me & it offtimes seems as if others enjoy hurting the things I love.    God sees, hears & Knows & I put my trust in him; God helps us.     I did my washing & didn’t have much either.     I hung out my bedding & Elbert went to Huron & sent the money orders for taxes & for the food supplement. & got some meat & butter & forgot the carrots & peppers.    Fishermen set nets Tue. & today.    Elbert hung out several pieces & they dried good     I made up the beds & got supper & felt to tired to eat.    but I’m getting rested again.    I thank Thee Jesus for the blessings of today, & still am trusting about this water trouble I know Thou are able.    I received a letter, a wonderful letter from Sister Wyatt.    she really prays & God hears her for she said she was a-going to ask me to help more in their work but God told her to give to [?]mes,    she seemed a little puzzled, but I know God will see that all works out for His good & Glory,    Praise His Holy Name,   I want to do His Will & pray I’ll be a blessing to those about me that need His help so much, all around us;    I gave Elbert a $20.00 dollar bill, there wasn’t much left   1.00 & some cents & we 2. weeks yet before we get another check.   God help us. 

Thurs. Mar. 18. 1954./ Page. 3135./ 1. eggs today./ Well I had half the rags on the line & half I had dried when the Ministers came in Rev. Dear brought the new testement I had ordered 3.95    I believe it was at any rate I gave him my 10th 6.00 & told him the rest was for the book     I was sorry I couldn’t give him more but as far as I know we only have 5.50 between now & April 4th.    Well, they did pray & I felt the heat of God’s power cross through me & I thank Him for this Healing in Jesus Name, Glory to Thee for ever & ever Amen.   Naomie was with them & busied herself with her doll.    Elbert was out by the coop working & they went & talked to him & then went a-way.   God bless them & keep them ever close to Thee.    I set some bread & have to wait for it to bake 3. tins 2 brown & 1 white,    I sent Sister Dear a can of coffee     she gave us a can Dec.    she’s been sick but was doing her washing today.    Rev Frank the Evanlest tooks as if he has a water tumor    he’s a big as Mrs. Haslet through his stomach & bowels & he wears glasses,    I pray God Will heal me & his eyes & Rev. Dear’s eyes & Sister Dear & Haslet’s eyes in Jesus Name & I thank Thee Jesus. Blessed Pure & Holy.   May all Glory Praise & Hon or be Thine, Amen.    It’s been another beautiful day getting hazy around [?] tonight.    Elbert’s worked to hard & is so tired today.    Ella Jane, Bonita & her children came in to-night     the 3. children thanked me for there cards & the 1.00 bills I put in each letter.    Nellie had to go to a teachers meeting & so staid home to rest & get dressed for the meeting, & Ella Jane said she might come at the end of the week.    The children raced over the place & Bonita went out also to see that they were O.K. & then they came back & we talked awhile & then they piled into the car & went for home.    I miss going to prayer meeting.   

Fri Mar. 19. 1954./ 2. eggs today/ Pussy Willows are coming out & trees are leaving out    Elem has been trying to leave out for the last 2 weeks & the Black birds are here & Starlings in big flocks.    a plain was flying overhead & making rings streak & circules yesterday.    Well, it’s been cloudy all day, misty rain this morning    then it sprinkled & stopped.    Elbert went to Huron, but no fish,    We got the carrots & peppers & some hamberg at Brodes & the millk.    I took a cold in my head & have a sore head,    it’s in flesh & mucels,   it’s better tonight.    I pray God will bless the meeting,    it’s raining hard & sounds like a bird in downspout    Elbert took flash light & looked    said he couldn’t see any,     I pray if there is one there, God will help him to get away safe.    Well I haven’t worked today    head & eyes to sore & Elbert’s back & knee. Oh God, I thank & Praise Thee in Jesus, Pure Holy Name for all things forever & ever. Amen.

Sat. Mar. 20. 1954./ page. 3136./ 1. eggs today./ Been feeling rather punk allday & so has Elbert,    It poured rain in showers & this morning it froze & snowed & then snowed several times during the day,    cold N. West wind & I’m wondering if it will go N. East & come back at us.    My stomach hurt me all night & Elbert all so,    I don’t know if it was the soup “to much salt” or the jello,    & then I felt so weak I didn’t get up untill 2-p-m & then all undone it again, by eating a little salmon, tonight    Elbert fixed toast & an egg, so far it has set well    I thank God & Praise Him & that I may be worthy in Jesus Name.    Well, I can’t give to every one Who are preaching, but I do what ever I can,    I gave Rev. Dear 10.00 for my tenth & for a new testiment, that would take the most of it & I gave the Evanglest 1.00 & we have 5.00 left to live on untill April 4th:    Elbert was hoping for fish today, but it’s a bad storm we have had again for this time of year    & we had a few warm days & now it’s icy & stormy & Cold.    We pray, all Who are able to go to Church will go & pray & Worship God in Spirit & in Truth.   I thank Thee for my healing. 

Sun. Mar. 21. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Todays the first day of Spring & I’m hoping the little birds that have just come back will find a place of protection    it’s really cold after being so warm   wind’s raw & goes to the marrow    I think my cold is gone    pray the stomach & nerves will soon be releived    feels like chills coming up into my lower teeth & into my face    God is able & I’m still standing on His promises,   Praise His Name Glory, Glory, Amen.    Oh it is wonderful to be in the Lord’s house & feel the power    I thank Him & praise Him,   He’s a wonder Savour & phyician    I love him more & more Glory Glory to His Holy Name,    Well every one was so nice & came & shook hands & said how glad they were to see me again    I’m glad they like me & pray God will bless them four fold.    & One woman ask me to come & spend a day with her “Mrs. Valintine “I believe her name is.    I like to go    I do need to get out among them more    We had a very good meeting & a lot of folks went to the altar    I pray God will convert & heal & fill many    Oh I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Glory, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day,    Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. Chidlren came out for a little while,    Nellie’s head & neck have been troubling her,    I pray Oh God of Love & Mercy Thou Will heal her & if she isn’t converted I pray You Will help her now.    Bonita was laid off from her work & Ella Jane is suppose to go to work a couple blocks from home for the O’Neil Co.    I gave each of the children a dollar & they have 

Mon. Mar. 22. 1954./ Page. 3137./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I did my washing today.    Was a fine morning but clouded up & has got so thick    a heavy mist came for awhile, but, now at 9-p.-m. it isn’t as cold as this morning    it was cold & raw.    Radio says rain or snow in morning    & Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish & they sure tasted good    I wish Nellie had some    she’s feeling so miserable,    I’m so sorry,    the others don’t know What real pain & how hard it is to endure,    if they only Knew Jesus.    All the shops & factories are closing done & thousands of families are in trouble,    no money to pay there payments or buy food for elders or children,    the bible has fore-told us,    but most people live worldly lives and now when things begin to tighten up & there is no money to pay for there cars or homes or pay bills of any sort or buy fuel or food or cloths, it’s terrible    & in Michigan they have had soup lines & bread lines for almost a yr.     maybe it less or more & in California    & the Ministers Children will soon be coming home,    they can’t get work to keep them.   God help us to cling close to Thee & do Thy Will in Jesus name. 

Tue. Mar. 23. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Been a fine day, but me am to weak.    God will lift me up & fill me with his Spirit & Power & strength soon    I’m some better & am trusting & believing    was to weak to go to Church tonight,    hoping for tomorrow night as there will be meeting all this week.    No letter from Audrey today,    I hope all is well among them.    I did get a letter from Eleanor Clark,    We use to give Lida “her sister” fruit & fish & now she’s worrying about there being gone the trees & bush fruits.     I have just wrotten a letter to Miss Mc.Govern & a card to Nellie & one to Audrey & Henry & Inez. Hunt     now it’s late & I’ll have to fix fire & go to bed.    wish I could have had the strength to go to church,    but I know they will pray & God will give me all I need.    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things Amen.    Ernie was here after school & Dolly came    The gave me 50 cents. 

Wed. Mar. 24. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I’ve been to weak to go to Church tonight    couldn’t work today.    Elbert’s work to hard & is so tired,    I have an upset stomach tonight.    I pray Jesus, thou will help me to do Thy Will & give me strength in body to go to Church,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee. & pray Thou will keep me all the way.    I need Thee more & more each day & hour.    Audrey sent a card & I was glad to hear they were all as well as usual,    but I hope Nellie & all are better, bless us & keep us close to Thee & all of Thy People    I do thank Thee Amen.    It rained last night or early this morning, about 2-30-a-m.  it’s at it from N. East tonight    cold rain & the wind’s not to warm. 

Thurs. Mar. 25. 1954./ Page. 3138./ 1. eggs today./ The radio reports some twisters & some tornadoes    6 dead in one place & they thought we were going to get part of it    Wind’s been strong & puffy & is still at it, even though the stars are clear & bright.    I’ve not been able to work all week    have that stuper feeling     head to heavy as if I’d been dopped    if only there was some one human to help me    my right side rist feels & looks as if it had been gripped & the left one also, by a strong hand    & my the lower part of my bellie as if it had been punched in several places in aline across me,    it’s miserable & I pray God Will in Jesus Name put a stop to What ever is the cause of it.    I feel I can’t go on in this way,    there ought to be some one to help me, but I don’t know who,    Jesus Thou Knowest & I’m calling on Thee for help,    God of love & Mercy, help me now.    I thank Thee & give Thee all Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    Wish I were in Church tonight    I do pray God will bless them & that they will come back & pray for me again be-fore Rev. Frank leaves.    Lots of things happened in Wind storm today,   13, tornados reported today & they said there were to be several in New York State, tonight,    I just got this report tonight at 10.-15 p.m. 

Fri. Mar. 26. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Only a card from Audrey,    Well, some have colds & most of them are as well as usual.   I’ve been bad for 2 days,    but as soon as God gets me healed up inside I’ll be O.K. again,    I am shaking all over from washing up the dishes    I gave Elbert 5.00 for a little food & to pay light bill & I hope he can get some meat at Brodes in the morning.    Cloudy half the day & looked as if we would get a tornado late tonight,    we are hoping to get fish tomorrow    & if Nellie & the children come I hope there will be enough for them & Audrey & Gertie perhaps    It’s colder tonight    wind’s been raw & cold & more so tonight,   Wind’s was S. west & went to N. West this. afternoon.    Oh God, I pray for Thy cleansing & filling of Spirit in Jesus Name,    I’ll give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 27. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been a nice day,   Elbert went to fish house & got 40 fish    he cleaned them all & he took 8. up to Brode’s & we hope if the girls come, to give them some, tomorrow.    Looked stormy again tonight,    it was starlight & clear at midnight & about 1 or 2-a-m    clouded up again & wind blew in puffs,    eased off again tonight    it’s cloudy now.    We had fish & they tasted so good, but my stomach has & still has a terrible sore spot, & all this week I’ve been to sick to hardly do athing,    Elbert’s done most the work,     Thurs & Fri  I could hardly sit up   seemed 

Sat. Mar. 27. 1954./ page 3139./ 1. eggs today./ as if I’d faint inspite of me once in a while    had to fight it off, & pray pray Jesus would give me the needed strength,    but I don’t leak quite so bad,    queer how I didn’t all day last Sun. & in the evening I staid dry untill I got home again,    it took all the strength I had.    Sister Oney sent me a card asking me to Sunday school,    they don’t Know or understand how much I’d like to be there,    Oh God I am trusting for a complete healing in Jesus Name.trusting & believing.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.    No mail today.    Elbert has spent all but 1.36 of that 5.00

Sun. Mar. 28. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ We had some showers this morning    then sun came out several times & it shone most of the afternoon    wind was south west & went N. east & then the lower current was N. east & clouds going toward the N. east    I do hope we don’t get moved or torn up again or hurt in any way again    Snyder’s had 8 cars there & they were pilling the last years tornado limbs & wood in to piles & they burned most of it  5 piles    & they have about that much more to do some other time.    fires are still burning.    We listened to Sermons all day & evening & I have had to bad spells to-day    have to fight to keep from fainting.     I’m standing on God’s promises  trusting & believing for my healing to continue & for strength,    & I do thank & Praise Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.    No one  came near us today    I hope they’re O.K.

Mon. Mar. 29. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ I felt as if I couldn’t hardly sit up at times today,    but after dinner I set the bread & baked 2 big tins of brown & 2 small tins of bread.    I feel all tuckered.    Yesterday was a real Spring day, “but Sarr’s rooster crowed all day, so loud & strong”    & after midnight it began to rain, then sleet & then snow & then sleet & rain with ice in it.    the trees are heavy with frozen ice & snow,    limbs hanging low & whipping     Duetizy bush hanging clear down over the well pump,    it’s is another bad storm with tornadoes in Indiana & same others

Mon. Mar. 28 [she means 29]. 1954. /page. 3140./ 1. egg today./ Radio said.    I got Buser but he was cut off,    so lines are bad to.    I thank Thee Jesus we don’t have to be out & have a warm place to stay & enough to eat.    God help those with less & some with out anything & subjected to the weather    Oh God help us to do Thy Will fully & free in Jesus Name I ask,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Bless-ed Pure True & Holy, I thank Thee for all things, Amen.    Ground covered with snow & wind’s freshening at 11-p-m. & Elbert said it seems to go right to the marrow.    his back has pained him so bad since 2 or 2-30.-a-m.    Brodes gave him a nice boiling piece of beef,    I need the broth so bad,    my body’s buzzing from head to toe    I do need something I don’t get & if there was only some one to do things & wait on me for a little while.    We received 2 U.S. Postal card from Inez,     her mother is in the hospital & so she & Helda & Inez’s girls are taking turns looking after her, poor soul.    but we all have to go some time,    I have been thinking of them so often, since Feb.     & I wrote her a card, but she’s been so busy,    I pray God will help her & hers & I thank Thee Jesus.

Tue. Mar. 29. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been quite a nice day after the terrible puffy wind last night.    & there is something phony around here.    Sounded like Elbert jumped off the food board into the bed so hard it shook the house,    I still don’t know what it was,    he looks guilty at times & he looks scart sometimes & there are times he turns so white a-round his moth & nose    & he likes to be misterious    he has practised cat walking, & can do it real well, but he does tell takes at times,    he’d like to believe I don’t know the things he does    & I sometimes wish, I didn’t, but God does show me things,    I hope Elbert will change his ways be-fore it’s forever to late,    God help him I pray in Jesus Name.    We received a typed letter from Audrey today  & she is so worried & so am I about Martha    Oh God help us to know how to help the others, to come to Thee.    It seems at times as if my heart will truly break because of the verious ones who just won’t listen to God’s word.    I received a letter from Wyatt’s also saying they received my 6.00 & used it for the radio &. 1.00 was for the booklet to be sent to Dears.    Well, you just can’t trust ((it would seem)) even the Christians    help us to be truth even as Thou are Jesus.    I feel so often as if I can’t go on, as if there isn’t any one to trust & I don’t know what or Why people just have to snoop,    I detest it.    May God help me.    We had sun a little while    everything has & is partly yet, covered with ice.

Tue. Mar. 30. 1954./ Page. 3141./ ___ eggs this days./ the shrubs have lost some of it, but the trees have a lot of ice yet.   Elbert says it’s a little warmer tonight at 9-30-p-m.    I’ve been listening to Rev. Buser,    he had a good sermon tonight with several Hyms.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trusting for complete healing,    Rev. Wyatt said they are having a special prayer for me,    I pray I will feel God’s hand on me,    I Praise Thee Jesus,    Wind died out & its quite outside tonight.    I found a screw driver in the cloth closet & a belt on the side cleat.    So now I wonder about that,    it was from sewing machine drawer. 

Wed. Mar. 31. 1954./ ____ eggs today/ The last day of March, & ground still covered with ice & snow.    Bill Snyders & a lot of there’s had a bond fires in the lot between them & us Sun. night     & Bill was out there untill after 1-a-m trying to get it all burned & cleaned up     & Mon. it was covered with snow & still burning,    isn’t all done yet.    Bill looked like one of the night riders out there with a big fork walking & poking.    Well, I wrote to Red Cross. & for gas tank,    Rev. Dears, Mrs, Haslet, Audrey, Mrs. Rev, Hance & Inez. Hunt.    Oh, I’m so sorry I have failed to send Mary Vodovich a card    I haven’t any cards fit to send but I’ll try to send her a nice card & a good note with it,    she’s lonesome & sent me a short note,    God bless her I pray,    & I do hope I can have her with me for a while this Spring.    I’m terribly weak in body,    I managed to wash my rags & nose rags & I’m tired, Oh, so tired,     Jesus help me I believe Thou will strengthen me before another day,    I thank Thee Jesus.    Elbert went to Huron & wasn’t gone long.   no fish.   & his back has pained him all day.    Oh God help him to come to Thee.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name    I saw a few wild ducks today & a few days ago also.    

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