April 1954

Thurs. April 1. 1954./ 2   1. eggs today./ Well I didn’t get anything much done today.    Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish & his clothes all dobed up with fish slime so it will have to go to cleaners.    Well, I received 3 books on the bible, but I haven’t found anything, that is” any thing new for that’s what I crave.    Oh Jesus Keep & help me in every way & be with all Who need Thee so much    I thank Thee more & more each every second

Thurs. April 1. 1954./ page. 3142./ 1. egg this day./ Paul Buser, Rev. Daniel Buser’s Son & he did a very convincing talk or sermon on the hour of comfort to-night His father being called for a few nights on revivil services in ____.    Paul will be preaching in Vermilion all this week,     God Bless Him & his efforts,    if only all the young folks would try to live & do as well What a different world it would be.    I have been drying rags    it’s a tiresome job.    It’s been a beautiful day    sun all day, but there is quite a little snow yet    wind is cold & rather raw.    Elbert took down the wire fence We had in red coop or cottage, we use to call it & getting ready to put up fence for hen park.    I do so wish we could get the house fixed up so it wouldn’t roll from east to west every time the wind blows,    broke one of the ceiling boards beside the Chimeny & loosened another.    & there are other places just as bad.    I’d like to have it stationary so we could paint paper & put some floor covering down, that wouldn’t be so hard to wipe up & Keep clean,    this way it’s terrible      & the shingles, flop up & down & some stay up & some tore partly into.   I pray God will take care of us to the end,    & I thank Him & Praise Him & give Him Honour & Glory He’s truly worthy.

Fri. April 2. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ My  I was talking to Elbert & he took what I said the wrong way.    I told him I didn’t mean it that way but he’s worrying & says maybe if he went & left me I’d be better off    but I couldn’t be,    we need to help each other,    there’s no one to take care of us among the relatives,    for the young folks don’t even want us to call on them, let alone staying with them.    We were not brought up like that but my other brother & my sisters are like that    no room for us old folks,    Well I received DeHaan’s book & two from Dr. Wyatt    one the work of Demons & the other the flaming sword.    Sun shone most all day & it was windy from the S. West, & tonight winds N. West,    I finished my washing & 3. prs. socks & 4 nose rags for Elbert    I starched both of my dresses 2 towels, 1. dish towel, some rags & wool skirt I use on my pillow & 3 of my shirts & 1. under skirt,    I only washed one dress    I did the other one the other day.    I feel so weak & bad.    & Elbert’s back is terrible,    he can hardly get up or down.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all Who pray for me & pray Thou will bless them fourfold & I don’t know what sort or class of demons are trying to hurt me, but I do pray Thou will rebuke any & all demons that are trying to harm me     & keep me close to Thee in Jesus Holy Name I ask    I thank Thee.

Sat. April. 3. 1954./ Page 3143./ 1 eggs today/ Felt so bad I didn’t get up untill 2. p. m.     Elbert don’t feel very well either    his back hurts him so bad     & so we didn’t get much done only the daily round.     I do hope I’ll be able to get our soon,    I do wish so much there was some one to come & help me get a little sewing done I need so much, some house dresses, one for Sun & my coat fixed over a little    It’s queer with milions of people in the world & relatives I’ve helped somuch    & not a soul to help me just a little.    Nellie, Bonita her 3 children, another woman & her eldest son  a boy about 12. years old, came tonight to get a few evergreens    & they took a doz or 15 & just said thanks,    & Nellie ask if I had the cherry table & said Ella Jane wondered if it was O.K. yet    I never have told her she could have it, the table.    I did say I had thought I’d have it made into a chest  & maybe give it to her sometime,     but, they act as if it was hers & sort of demand it’s all right    it was broken in the tornado,    Elbert put the pieces together & put them in the grainery,    they want anything I have that might be able to make a greate gain, like the stamps Ella Jane took     & they are bold    I pray God will teach them before it’s to late to love Jesus more than earthly things & to love those who have loved & done sacrifice many, many times for them    yet they would take all you have if they could.    Oh God, help us to understand    I pray Thou will rebuke Satin & help them to love as Thou did love us in our Jesus Name I ask & I thank & Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen    It’s been a nice day but cold wind,    the wind blew hard all night & eased off today, but it’s still real cold & fire feels good.    We have some woodchuck twice on Berry hill;     there is still some snow in patches here & there. partly cloudy.

Sun. April 4. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ WE didn’t get up very early,    I didn’t get up untill after dinner    then Mr & Mrs Haslet &Mrs. Keegan came in with Anna & Marrian    “her birthday is ____ she’s 74,    & we had a good chat on the Bible & our differances of thought     then Elbert sliced graham bread biscuits & I opened pickles & made tea    & Elbert got out cups & saucers bread & butter plates & knives & forks, cream & sugar & we had a lunch &

Sun. April 4. 1954./ Page. 3144./ 1. eggs today./ Visited some more    & then they went to church,    I feel so much better when they come    May God bless them & all the Church folks who are trying so hard to live & learn of the Lord    Oh help me to be cleansed & filled & able to help in His work in any way I can through His strength & Power, Glory Glory, Hallelujah Praises to God & Jesus & Holy Ghost.    It’s been a nice day,    that is, sunshine but a cold penatrating wind & quite strong.    I thank & feel better.    I saw a hen pheasent & Elbert heard the male North of hous.    Daffidils are budding out & I am anxious to go out to look. 

Mon. April 5. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I sewed my waist to my dress up & how I got it put together wrong, I don’t know    now I’ll have to take it a-part & do it all over.    I cooked one meal & washed the dishes up & sweat like rain;    Elbert got his check & went to Vermilion & spent most of it for food,    it sure seemed good to have some fresh vegetables & meat     & he got hamberg at Brodes this morning.    No mail, only his check.   & it’s been a nice day    cold wind nice cold sun.    Elbert heard cock pheasent. & he got the hen park fence done    & now he has to fix gate & we can let hen out in middle of the day.    I thank Thee Jesus for my healings & trust for strength so as to be with the others for worship    I Praise Thee Jesus & hope to testify soon again for Thee Amen.  

Tue. April. 6. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Well I started to get ready to rip out what I did Mon. but didn’t get hardly started    I looked for my garters for my corset & found them & by the time I had done some scratching & cleaned out one end of the dresser draw, Elbert was back from Huron,    He got some of the wash rags, red & lavender & yellow,      so he’s going back in the morning & change the red & get light green or pink & then he’s going to fish house & to the Dr’s    he’s got several bones or vertebras out.    I do hope I can get a little done on my dress.    I put new string on door & the things that hold dresser draw from going in to far put back & some things put away.    I put clean sheets on Elbert’s bed & aired room    & he got the most of the dinner & the supper,    I made Johny Cakes & got sweet potatoes on to cook    I put away the eagle stamps. & a few other things.    We had quite a number of showers & it thundered & lightened & the frogs are Crocking loud & the blue birds singing loud & in Idaho the had 6. tornadoes & it’s to hot here today & also in Wisconsin.    Elbert mailed card to Audrey    I saw a big flock of geese going toward the lake.   Myrtle is in bloom pretty flowers size of Voilets & about the same color,   the green leaves are glossy & dark green.

Wed. April. 7. 1954./ page. 3145./ 2. eggs today/ Well, I thank Jesus for taking care of us    it was 80 degrees today & the bread sure raised fast & was good, Elbert said,    he got rye instead of graham, but it didn’t taste like rye or look like it,    I thought I’d look at the bag, but didn’t.  I mended 2 corsets & have one more to do,    one is old & the one I been wearing is old but, when mended I can wear them a little more     I got several odd jobs done,    it was to hot to work.   & Elbert took off his heavy union suit & put on Spring suit    he’s been sneezing, but says he didn’t feel cooled    I pray he wont catch a severe cold.     Henry crowed when she laid her egg today.    Elbert has fence all up & has gate ready for wire.    Well it’s getting ready to storm    clouds are thickening & it’s lightening & I can’t get Rev. Busers sermon     so much static    so I pulled the plug & storm’s getting bad    the wind is blowing, thunder is severe    sounds as if it hit the earth with a vengence    house felt as if it almost lifted several times,    but, I prayed most all night for all of us and God’s children, for the deaf, dumb & blind & bed ridden     & I wondered if the sever blast was to remind us of the bombs, of course it wasn’t nearly as bad as that will be.    God of Love, Goodness & Mercy, I thank Thee in Jesus Name for my salvation for all the wonderful healings & keeping Power  Glory Glory Hallelujah  We Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.

Thurs. April. 8. 1954./ 1. egg today./ Elbert has done odds & ends today  just a little at a time,    it’s been so cold today after being so hot Wed.    Elbert went to Vermilion yesterday morning & to Huron & got a nice mess of fish, some catfish, perch & pike & we had some for supper & he had some for his breakfast & we had some for dinner & he has some left for morning.    We had just vegetablesoup for supper & I do thank & praise God for His care of us.   Brother & sister Dear were here for a few minutes before supper    they said they couldn’t stay,    so we talked & then they left to make one more call, before going back to Huron to prayermeeting     neither of them look-ed very well & I wonder    maybe they don’t have as much to eat as they need,    they have to pay on the car.    I do pray What ever it is, God will help them.   & help me to help.    I ironed two dresses today,    I sure have to get one or two made,    or else, it’s going to be to bad.    I praise Thee Jesus & pray for strength & my eye sight.   I thank Thee.

Fri. April. 9. 1954./ page. 3146./ 2. eggs today./ Well, I got the washing done & I do thank Jesus for the strength He has given me this day,    We received no mail today.    I stopped in the middle of my washing & swept the kitchen & then finished the washing.    Elbert got us our supper & before we had hardly started on it a car drove in,    it was Mr. & Mrs. Yuntz & Mrs. Bowls,    Yesterday Brother & Sister Dear & they brought a pat of Highcents from the Brothers & Sisters of the Church, lavender flowers & ribbon & gold & silver tinfoil, crushed in shape, gold on the out side & silver inside around the pot.    Well they came in to visit & we had a good Visit,    they got me telling them Visions I’ve had & they want to hear them & stayed untill 9-p-m,    they are all God’s Children    We talked about Church & they told me what had been going on & about there going to Parma to some great meeting    & the minister prayed for alittle boy who was terribly crippled    his hands & arms & leggs & feet & fingers & toes & body all twisted in all manner of shapes & God heared & Jesus healed that Child right there before there very eyes    & it was as normal as any other child Praise God, Glory Hallelujah, Wonderful Wonderful Jesus ,    the same yesterday, today & forever Amen & Amen.    We had prayer before they left & Jesus hears & ans. prayer     Elbert did several things out side    got the park gate done & let the hens out for a little while & then he put them in before 5-p.m. as it was getting cold,    snow’s been gone for a few days   wind’s been puffy,    it was bad once this morning early, but only for a few minutes  Praise God,    He Keeps us & saves our souls,   I thank Him & Praise Him for ever & ever, Amen. 

Sat. April 9. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, Nellie Ella Jane Bonita & the 3 child-ren were here tonight,    I’ve worked all after noon to get my corset done & I dried & folded all those rags     next week I do hope to make progress on my dresses.    Tomorrow is Palm Sun & the 18th is Easter,    I hope I can get some shoes & another hat,    I’m so sick of this one;   they the children

Sat. April. 10. 1954./ Page. 3147./ 1. egg this day/  like to come for the ride & they are full of vim running jumping & playing indian.    & Ella Jane want to know if she could cut a piece off the leaf of the cheery table,    it sure wouldn’t last long if they once got a hold of it.    It’s terrible to want what belongs to some one else & the bible says it’s wrong, but they only believe part of it & they say they don’t believe the way I do,   my way is crazy, to trust fully,    Oh God help them before it’s to late,    it’s frightening for Nellie says she believes we should trust with all our heart, soul, mind & strength, but we have to have a Dr when we are sick    & Jesus said that was sin for it was unblief.    Marci’s Aunt believes & Nellie thinks she’s crazy;   such a world.    Martha sinking in sin & no one doing a thing about it.    Jesus What can I do, What can I do.    I love them & want to help them.   I thank Thee Jesus    Thou hast saved my soul, & keep me but my heart achs for all those Who know Thee not.    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sun. April 11. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ Palm Sun.    My bowels haven’t moved today & not very good Sat.    I had a cold when I woke up,    Elbert went up to gas station & got Smith’s black cough drops & he gave me a cup of hot coffee    I drank the lemon juice before he went & coffee after he got back    I got up about 1-p-m.    he had cooked all the fish & some potatoes & carrots & eat what he wanted & so I at a fish & some potatoes    he gave me a small piece of toast, after I drank the coffee this a-m.    Well I’m free of the cold Praise the Lord    but my head achs,    if only the bowels would move.    Help me Jesus, I thank Thee.    Been nice day    it rained after 11-p-m. in showers untill 8 or 9a-m, some heavy showers & puddles are still in the road yet.     Audrey Bill & Jean came & stayed about & hour & took Elbert’s blankets & 3 suits of heavy union suits home to wash,    she said she’d see or look at some house dresses for me.    Audrey took another vine & some voilet leaves to start.    Elbert saw Hauffman when he was getting cough drops & he talked to him a few minutes,    he ask about my bird     Elbert told him it was dead & he wanted to bring me some parakeets & I was glad Elbert told him I didn’t want

Sun. April. 11. 1954./ page. 3148./ 1. eggs this day./ Looks like rain again today & tonight more so,    hope the wind don’t blow hard.   I didn’t get the table cleaned up & it did look terrible & so does all the house but, I don’t have the strength to use in legs arms or body    & no one to help me,    Elbert don’t feel able to do much & he hates to do anything more than he just has to & he has to cook if he wants to eat,    wish I could, but every thing I could do has been put off on me, untill now I can’t & I have to take a lot of slams, but God knows sees & hears & when I’m ready, I ask Him to take me & I believe He will,    Glory to His Name.   Bless the Church folks  Jesus & give them & extra blessing for their love to me,   I thank Thee Jesus.    Oh Jesus if I only knew how to get Martha & Merlin back together & to Thee, but I’m sure Thou can do it with out any of our help,    Oh, I pray Thou will Jesus, Blessed & Holy.   I will give Thee all the Praise & Glory, Amen.    We saw a big flock of geese Sat. & we hear the pheasent & see the wood chuck every few days.    I thank & Praise Thee for all our many blessings Amen.

Mon. April 12. 1954./ 1. eggs today/I felt so weak & miserable today I could hardly stand on my feet but I ironed 5 work shirts & his sleepers pillow slip & cover & washed the dishes & started supper    then Elbert had been to Huron & took a treatment & his back was paining him so bad,    but I just couldn’t get supper    I had biscuits ready to fry, so he took over & fried them & heat up the beans & fried cube steaks & warmed potatoes & made tea    my arms & legs are so tired    if I could only have some one to do the few little things for a while untill I can get my strength again.    Help me Jesus I pray   I thank Thee.    Elbert cashed our checks & & got the butter & meat & I can’t send the money to Wyatts this time   We are not cought up on the money we borrowed from the coal money yet,    so it makes us short on the eats.    & some how I can’t seem to go with out the little things I need    Elbert did out his wash, except his union suits 3, & 2 big cotton blankets.    Audrey was doing them.    Been a nice day.    I thank Thee Jesus & praise THee for all things Amen.

Tue. April. 13. 1954./ Page. 3149./ 1. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & I did a little cleaning & wiped up the floor & fell & shook & bruised me some & I cleaned the chicken & got it on to cook    Elbert bought chicken backs, neck, ribs & rumps,    he brought ice cream & 3. Easter cards & 6 cans Chicken noodle soup,    we cook rice & add to it,   it’s a light supper.    I gave him 5.00 & he must have spent it & some of his.    & Now the car has to have new springs in front $20.00 unless he has to get a whole new set.    seems we can’t get a cent a head for cloths & shoes.    Elbert did a little work about yard & then he tried to clean strawberry patch,    he got half of it done,   his back hurts him so bad & his head’s been bad    I didn’t get any sewing done but if I’m still alive tomorrow hope to try to sew.    I have to have a dress    mine are just rags.    It’s been a nice day    wind’s little chilly but frogs have been croaking for a week or so & birds are happy.    I should be, but am so weak,   I feel like crying,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things & trust for strength.   Received letter from Mrs. Day this morning,    she said Mr. Day died Feb. 1. & Harry Jr. is working in Youngston, & she has been in hospital & had tumor removed & is feeling lots better now.    I pray God will Keep her in the right path. 

Wed. April 14. 1954./ ___ eggs today./ It’s been a fine day partly cloudy, but quite warm.   Received letter from Audrey today.   Seems John Fulton is cruel to Joan & she’s expecting her baby in June,    Wish Martha would go home & let Joan come & she could take care of Joan    she’s a little girl & doesn’t know as much as a lot of girls her age & then to be kicked & beaten by a big fellow like John,    I pray God will take a hand in it & put them both right with Jesus.    Bill & Jean get along so well together, but don’t belong as yet to the Lord.    I haven’t done much today,    took care of rooms & washed dishes & feel as if I’d like to run off to the highest mountian top,    I’d need some one to serve meals & wash dishes & do the washing,    I’m so tired of it all, over & over again.    Elbert went to Huron, but no fish.    I hope he mailed my letters & cards.    I thank Thee Jesus for my blessings & pray for strength to rise above this weakness in Jesus Name strengthen my faith & give me that which I’m so badly in need of, I thank Thee Jesus for ever & ever.

Thurs. April 15. 1954./ page. 3150./1. eggs today./ Well I received a card from Mrs. Haslet, Easter Card. with a picture of Jesus Kneeling in prayer & I feel He has encluded me in prayer that I maybe filled with the Holy Ghost & praise Him in spirit & be made Whole in Him & my soul & body.    I’m glad she love me & prays for me & I pray God will rebuke Satin & his evil spirits & make Elbert & Joe & all of us Whole in Him,   I thank Thee Jesus,    I’m waiting trusting & believinig,  Thou Knowest,   take away all my doubts, I pray Amen.     I washed my rags today    seemed as if I couldn’t & I called on Jesus many time & He has lifted & strengthened me.    He is wonderful & loves me more than new hats & dresses,    it’s nice to have something fresh & new, in the body, soul & spirit & to show His new life in His resurrected body & Spirit of Jesus,    Oh. God, help us to be able to go & testify our love, faith & trust in Jesus.    I’m so glad I bleong to Him & hope He’ll give me strength to go to Church & bless Him with my soul & spirit forever & ever Amen;  Glory, Glory, to His Holy Name.    It’s been a nice Spring day with showers & sun-shine & quite a warm breeze, from the S. West.    Elbert’s back & right arm & shoulder are paining him    he’s been sawing & moving some sticks & boards that’s only good for stove wood.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all Things.

Fri. April 16. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Good Friday.    Elbert’s been sick since last night    his back arm & his stomach,   he has sit around most of the day, for it’s rained most all day & has been dark, quite dark & is still raining & the’re has been 7 tornadoes in Florida & Alabama, Georgia & Carlina & they were looking for one in the Northern part of Florida tonight.    I thank God we escaped,    it’s a terrible thing to go through,   it will soon be a year & we are not straightened up yet.    I’ve felt terribly bad all day & have-n’t done much,    mended my old dress & washed the front door curtians    I hope to try to clean the east window & curtians tomorrow if possible.    Rain drops are such big sorrowful ones & it’s dark all day & tonight & I wonder if Sun, it will smile or still weep for all the souls who are lost & far from home,    Oh Jesus, the older we get the more we relize & wish we could do more to gather them in as Thou wished for Iseral. 

Fri. April. 16. 1954./ page. 3151./ 1. eggs this day./ I thank & Praise Thee Lord, God of Hosts in Jesus Name, for ever & ever Amen.    Some how I’ve felt as if I were just waiting for some word from somewhere as we did before Frank’s mother died.   I hope Inez will write,    I know how busy it keeps us, when some one is sick & we have to be on the go.    We received a card from Mrs. Keegan Marrian & Anna for Easter   two rabbits & Easter egg with one rabbit sitting in it & looking out of a hole in the side, with a nice note inside (Just an Easter Hello! That is ment to express more thoughts & good wishes Than you’d ever guess.    Sister Keegan wrote on the back saying she hoped we’d be feeling better,    that she though of us so much & would be seeing us soon again    & May our risen Saviour Bless you two aboundently on Easter & ever after: & May God bless them each I pray. 

Sat. April. 17. 1954./ ____ eggs today./ Well I finished washing front door & the storm door & the glass in both,    it’s nice to see them bright & clean again,    but it made me sick & Oh so tired,    I wish the other Windows & wood work was clean but it will have to wait untill I or maybe some one else can do it      the Kitchen is so terrible dirty & the house shirted today on the West side.    We received a letter from Inez saying her mother was much better & they took her home & then took her over to Inez & Henry’s home,    Hilda went back to Cleveland & Keneth went to Florida, some change     I’m glad Mrs Robinson is feeling so much better & it will be easier on all concerned,    I received a card form Mrs. Keegan Marrian & Anna     that was Fri.    but Miss. Clark sent a card & letter today.    she isn’t very well & Mrs. Day has told her I wrote her a letter, so Miss. Clark wrote right away.     I’m sorry she isn’t well,    she says her sister isn’t a bit well either,    Well it’s been a windy day & the wind is strong & puffy tonight.    Elbert has been trying to get weeds out of strawberries & he set a post for the rambler rose that stood in front of hen house, Frank’s rose.    Hen forgot to give us & egg today.    I thank Father, Son & Holy Ghost for Love Salvation & Mercy. Amen.

Sun. April 18. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Jesus rose today,    Christ is risen & I am so thankful    He loved us so much  Glory, Glory, Hoasana to His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen.    Easter Sunday Cloudy all day    not even a glimps of the sun    rained in light showers most of the day & at 10-p-m thundering & lightening & starting to rain been quite cool all day     everything’s getting green out side.    I thank Jesus    Thou art & ever will be & art the same yesterday today & forever. Glory Glory Hallelujah to our King Amen. 

Mon. April. 18. 1954./ page 3152./ ___ eggs today/ I praise Thee Jesus for my healing   Oh Jesus, Thou are wonderful and have been so kind to me in so many ways,    I pray Thou will help me to be worthy of Thy mercy.    I washed out my rags & a change of clothes & fell down again today. after I was done    Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish  perch, pike, catfish & a white fish,    he cleaned them all & took enough to Brodes for a double mess & they gave him a hen Sat. for our Sunday dinner,    so turn about’s fair play,    Rue Sarr came & brought Elbert about 8 more fish & left Ernie to stay with us untill his mother come home at 5-p-m.    Elbert went up to the highway & called Audrey    she wasn’t home so he called Nellie & Bonita answered  & said they would come for there fish,    Nellie was going to teacher’s meeting      & Bonita to some other meeting & Ella Jane & Bonita’s 3 children came visited of few minutes & then took fish & were on there way home again    I have my closes dry.    & Elbert fried the fish for supper.    I didn’t eat very much    my stomach has been so sore all last week & so far this week,    I pray God will in Jesus Name help my stomach to take care of the little I ate & not let it hurt me at all    I thank Thee Jesus & give The the Praise.    I also ask that Thou will lay Thy hand on little Mark & over night heal him so completely they will all be surprised.    Oh Jesus, I’ll give Thee all the praise & thank Thee & give Thee all the Glory forever and ever Amen.    Elbert’s terribly tired to night.    It is lightening & looks as if it would storm again tonight.     Ella Jane stopped to Audrey’s but she had a headach,    the itch on her head’s troubling her again.    It cost Elbert 30 cents to call them besides cleaning all the fish.    I pray God will help him to be His     he’s had enough of this life     Oh I thank Thee more than I can express in words for all things. 

Tue. April. 20. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I was out & sat in the car awhile this after noon While Elbert tied up the ramblers to the post he set yesterday    wind was fresh & from the north east & a little chill in it if you are standing still but I wasn’t out long    I hung my nightgown out & it felt damp when I bought it in.    Elbert went to Vermilion this morning & got a little food,    he talked to Miss Clark,    she was catch-ing a buss to go to her brothers funeral & she said it had made her heart bad & he saw Mrs. Goll but didn’t get to talk to her.    Elbert has to go to get a new set of springs on the car in front ($20.00)    Well, he changed the locks on front the 

Tue. April. 20. 1954./ page. 3151./ ___ eggs today./ back storm doors & he put the glass in the grainery door & he’s carried my can out twice for me,    so he’s very tired & his back is paining him & his arm, has that catch in it.    Everythings starting to grow out side, & I wish so much I could get around & do a little so as to get the fresh air & sunshine,    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healing & hope to get back among those of His to hear & to pray with the others    I Praise Thee Jesus & give Thee Honour,  Amen.

Wed. April. 21. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion, had to have the springs put in the car, then as usual some other things were to old & had to get them new so he came home     they said it would be 3 or 4-p-m. before it would be done, so he got a ride with Rue to Vermilion & payed His fare back on the bus & left the car there & forgot to have them look after the cause of gas coming in to the car, burnt gas.    I baked 3 tins & 2 small loaves of bread brown & white. & wahsed up all the stew pans & dishes & bread pans & now I got supper, half, & Elbert took it up & I’m so tired guess I’ll go to bed with out doing dishes.    I hope I can do a little work tomorrow,    but, I’m so tired tonight.    Well. I thank God for the strength He has given me & am trusting in His Name that He will go with me to the end,    Elberts so tired also & has gone to bed.    It’s been a terrible hot day 85 degrees they said, over the radio.    mostly sunshiny & a storng, S. West wind & hot.    The moon looked queer sometime after midnight, full moon or I believe it is and close all around it a ring of thick golden yellow looked about 2 ft wide with a deep orange, or redish orange ring about a ft wide around the other & close, edge to edge, looked so queer.    A few years ago We saw some White thin clouds here & there in the sky with, strips of the rain-bow as if they had been cut cross wise from the rainbow & laid onto the thin white clouds,    it was beautiful as the rainbow Wheel I saw to the North west, just this side of the trees on Sarr’s hill in the white frost in the air, that looked as if it was a 100 ft. up & down & cross wise.   a redish pink hub white spokes & rainbow went all the way round & clear to the other outer big circle     that to was one of God’s miricales    Oh how I love Jesus.    Jim Monagon, “Martha’s son”  he’s in the service in Kentucky & we receive a nice note from him this morning & he’s coming home in 2 weeks & says he will 

Wed. April 21. 1954./ Page. 3154 ./ 1. eggs this day./  surely come to see us,    we will be glad to see him & I pray God will win him to Him, through some one of His children    I thank Thee Jesus.    I sent Audrey 4.00 money order & a note & I gave Elbert the last 5.00 bill I had for food & only have 1.00 bill left.    Well we had a letter 15 from Inez & 16th from Miss Lida Clark & 17th   one from Mrs Day & one from Jim Monagon today,   and now I’ll have to dig in & write before I get to far behind,    I should write to Johny & Marcie & Bonney Bell & Joe.    & tomorrow’s Thurs.    I love & Praise Jesus. Amen. 

Thurs. April 22. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Ella Jane’s birthday   she’ll be 35 yrs. old. today and I didn’t get to even send her a card, a yr. ago    she & her mother & I guess Bonita gave me a pyrex coffee pot & some very prety birth day cards but I don’t get out to buy any thing & so I haven’t sent her anything & I can’t send to each one & it isn’t fair to give one & not the other.    It’s been hot today, but not as bad as Wed.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got his car & has to go back Sat.   they for-got & sent 2 pieces just alike & so another trip. & take apart & put in the new piece    about 1. hr work or so.    When a car gets old it costs a lot to fix them up,    he don’t know if it will be 40.00 or 50.00 & I hope it won’t be that much.    We are so short for food & cloths    Elbert paid the light bill 1.50 today.    I walked out to the toilet & scratched weeds & grass off the pink & white sweet peas & off the lillies by the well pump    & then I went over where the big evergreen had fell down by the English walnut tree    it’s roots were broke off short, but were alive & had grown some new roots 2 ft or more long,    but we had no way to fasten it up & Elbert’s so tired,     so he sawed the tree close to stump & trimed branches off & put them on pile to be burned & cut body in 3. posts & carried them to the pile in the back of grainery,    the voilets are so pretty blue & white & the Myrtle is almost the same color blue as the voilets    we have 2 peach trees 3 pear trees & a plumb tree, in bloom.    I miss the evergreens & black walnut here by the house     the 3. spruce had grown so tall & wide.    & they are all gone now. & the Yellow Chineese roses are in bad shape,    & the posts around old toilet pit are all down & the trumpet & wistiera vines,     it needs a crew of strong men to fix things up & get them in order    lots of trees & lots of pieces of hen house laying on the ground,    it tireds me so just to try to walk around to see what we have to do

Thurs. April 22. 1954/ Page. 3155./ 1. eggs this day./ Well I didn’t even get a few lines wrote to Jim but must try soon to get it done.    No mail today.    I ought to wash in the morning.    It rained so hard today while Elbert was in Vermilion & it looked for some time as if we might have another tornado,    I ask Jesus to breake it up &. He did    wind was coming from all sides & clouds begin to roll round & round but they did break up & after Elbert come it poured rain with ice in some of it.    Elbert’s all tired out    he went to Brodes & got the fish & 1. qt. of milk for supper & we have 11 days before payday & I only have a dollar left for food,    We have the coal money, but I haven’t got all of that put back,    I borrowed for the repair bill last time, so we’ll have to get along some how.    I’m better in some ways if my feet were only so I could get around on them but they sure do torture me    feels as if I’m walking on a peg in balls of my feet.    Well I thank Jesus I can still get around & do a little & I’m trusting He will fix this water condition & my feet,    I still believe He will    I thank Him   will give Him all the Praise forever & ever Amen.    I would like to have gone to prayermeeting tonight.  

Fri. April. 23. 1954./ 2. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today, but Elbert has been to Brodes & to gas station & then he pulled out the stump of the evergreen in front of the house & cleaned up here & there & got a big mess of greens (dandelins) & I picked them over & washed them in 4 waters & cooked them for supper    took care of beds & rooms & helped with the meals & did the dishes    I’ve been to tired all day & so has Elbert.    Dolly & Ernie were here tonight & I gave Ernie the bread biscuits & he scouted around out side & found some robbin’s eggs    they were extra large one’s    he took them home,    he likes to come & run about & tag Elbert & ask question,    he was happy with the bread biscuits    they said they were so good & he’s been asking each time if I baked any of late.    I didn’t get out side today,    Hope I can get to sew before long    I’ll be with out a dress to wear about the house.    I got a little cold Thurs. & it’s been a more chilly air today than it was Thurs.    Christmas days are working out correctly;    Oh how I wish I knew how to help those who need Jesus so much.   Help me Jesus, help me now I pray & thank Thee a great deal & give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.    Been partly cloudy & rained early & up untill 9 or 9-30-a.m. Spring Showers & sunshine & the voilets are so prety & some of the trees are bloom ing Peach Pears & Plumbs.

Sat. April. 24. 1954./ page. 3156./ 1. eggs today./ Well I ironed my dress & petticoat & chair back cover,    felt to bad to do much today, just the rooms & bed & meals & dishes    but Elbert worked hard & is to tired again today,    but he has both evergreen stumps out in back & limbs taken care of & I told him which limbs to cut from the wild Cheery infront of the toilet & we cleaned up some of the wistiery Vine & trupet vine    & he got the wire off the old posts & is about ready to put in the new ones,    he cut some apple limbs, big ones & trimed them, & then carried away the brush,    then Ella Jane came, her mother & Bonita’s 3. children,     Nellie brought us some pie  a black raspberry (berries from her garden) & a pumpkin pie just for me as Elbert don’t like pumpkin,    I ate a lot of it,    been wanting it so bad.    I had started to make soup & so put in a little more filling & they each had a bowl of soup & pepper (green) & dandelions cooked, & sweet pickles & crackers & bread & butter & hot tea.    Children ran about & played & Ella Jane washed up dishes & Elbert wiped them & he was tired to do it,    they took a few flowers & before they went we got such a hard puff of wind with almost tornado force, only lasted few second, but frightened the children    they were sitting in there car & came flying for the house & couldly stay on there feet.    I hope they got home safe & with the car.    Dolly & Ernie came & got a few flowers & talked awhile & both told how much they liked the sermons for Easter & then how much they enjoyed my bread biscuits,    I’m so glad I can do something for them.    We Elbert & I had another dish of soup before he went to bed & a cup of hot cocoa,    he’s to tired to sleep.    I received another neck-tie from the handicaped boys & girls, $1.25,     I will give it to Elbert if he wants it,     if not I’ll give it to Jim Monagon when he comes.    I’ll have to send 1.25 for the tie.   Have to read fix fire & go to bed now.    Been a nice day    cool North east breeze      & after that hard puff wind felt like it had ice in it & the wind all died out.   We had White thick dew last night    We listened to Rev. Buser tonight.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all my & our blessing, Blessed Jesus Holy & Pure. 

Sun. April 25 1954./ 1. eggs today./ We didn’t get to church today but hope we can soon    Been queer day    partly cloudy very cool air & foggy,   thundered & lightened last night & rained untill most daylight.    We didn’t have any company today.    Neither of us feel very well.   We had 2 good sermons on radio.    I long to go to Church & Pray God will help us I thank Thee Jesus.

Mon. April 26. 1954./ Page. 3157./ 1. eggs today./Well I managed to get the clothes washed & Elbert hung them    the big pieces out side    they were damp,    air’s been fogy all day & it rained in showers,    then sun came out,   wind North east & it shifted   backed up & then went N. east a-gain    real Spring weather, Cold nights.    Elbert went to fish house dipped fish & they gave him a few    enough for Brodes, 2 a apiece (6 of them) & he gave Bill Snyder 8, & Bill gave him 47 cents to clean them,    he gave Mr. & Mrs. Douglas 4 all cleaned & I cooked enough for dinner & supper    & he had Mrs. Brode put enough more in the ice box for 2 meals & she gave him 1. lb hamberg.    I’d liked to have given Audrey & Nellie some, but we didn’t have money enough for telephone call.     Well I feel stronger tonight than usual after washing    I got two meals all so today.   some ones stealing our building blocks,    they are half gone.   Not even a card from Audrey,    I wonder what’s the trouble, but will have to wait,    maybe some one will let us Know.    A Mr. Slowcome came to ask about buying the moulder sand     & he wants the top soil also, “he said I might as well sell it I couldn’t take it with me When I died.    I don’t want anything to do with him.    Two other young men was with him,    they went out & looked at the hill;    Well, I Praise God & thank Him for my healings & all I have for saving my soul & guiding me helping keeping me.   Glory to His Holy Name forever & ever. I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. April. 27. 1954/ 1. eggs today./ We received a card from Audrey    she’s working something about card Co. & cards & said she can’t work fast enough to suit the boss, so expects to get her walking papers    & she said Monogans were expecting a call at 4-p-m from Jim, so he must be home by now.    Well, Elbert’s been sick all day & tired out,    I know how he feels    I feel that way after I do the washing or do a little cleaning or wipe up the floor,    he looks sick tonight.    I’ve been to tired to work today,    I did clean up the table & put on a clean table cloth,    it’s been mended, but it’s clean.    & I thank God for the strength He has given me & all the many blessings He has given me,    I pray He will loose us from any demons of Satan & keep us close to Him.    Oh God, in Jesus Name I ask & I thank Thee forever & ever,    May all Glory be Thine.    It’s been a showery windy day,    the wind has a chill in it that I can’t just describe,    Wind’s South West & quite strong.    I believe Ernie took Elberts night bottle,    he said he didn’t but when I said it was gone, Helen ask, was it one with a handle?  it was.

Wed. April. 28. 1954./ Page. 3158./ 1. eggs today./ Frank Babcock would be 72. yrs old. today.   Dark Day with the sun only peeking out a very few times,    this after noon cool breeze, North east,    & some one is taking all the building blocks we had piled up in the back    it’s really vexing.    We received a letter from Audrey today,    she’s going back to the sewing job.    And it’s Merlin’s mother that’s causing Martha to do the things she does    & Merlin & his mother are in Kayhoots,    seem queer a man of today sticks out his pouny ches & puffs & snorts & hasn’t got sence enough to last him up a short hill    & he thinks he’s so smart    Well, if I were Martha, I wouldn’t do the wrong things    then in one way or another I’d make him Whine.    Oh God, help those two & you can do it in a way that Will make them both repent,    I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. I didn’t get up untill noon & I didn’t do only house work.   & Elbert got dinner & supper.    Oh Jesus, I thank Thee for all things & for a better understanding of Thy word, Amen.     Once more I feel stronger in body & thank Thee forever & ever Amen. 

Thurs. April 29. 1954./ 0 eggs today./   I got up late but got at my room & moved the chests out & the trunk & all the blankets & things on top of them & clean-ed all the dust & repacked & put them all back    & Elbert took the rugs out & swept & cleaned them & brought them back    & I’m so tired, was sick all night & didn’t eat untill supper time & Elbert’s been sick also & hasn’t felt like doing anything either    he thought it was his stomach & bowels,    Well, I don’t know what it was unless it was some caned tomatoes we ate    What was left, was foaming in the morning.    We ate some warmed up potatoes & ground beef, with water, salt & pepper added.    I still don’t feel just right & neither does Elbert.    No Mail today.    Was Cloudy all morning & sunshiny this afternoon cool wind    grass was wet all day.    I praise Thee Jesus,   Thou are wonderful    I pray I & we will be Holy Thine in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Fri. Aprile 30. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I was out in the back yard twice today    takes to much strength    my feet are so bad & eyes,    but God is able & Jesus is able & I’ll get fixed up by & by,    We listened to Rev. Buser tonight,    they have changed the time, turned clock one hour a head    I’m so sorry they can’t get up as early as they want & keep Gods time.    I thank & Praise Him    He’s the same & Jesus time is the same    Oh help us & keep us ever  close to Thee, I thank Thee Jesus.    I’m still hungry to Know Thee better Hallelujah, Hoasana to Thy Holy Name for ever & ever Amen

Fri. April. 30. 1954./ Page. 3159./ ___ eggs today./ Been a nice day   cloudy & a light shower this morning, S. West breeze & there is a chill in the air;   The voilets are just as thick & beautiful & the Myrtle in the back yard, a blue carpet;    the back where the apple trees are & were is full of briers & poisen ivy    I hope we can Kill them.    Some of the apple trees that are laying down are full of blossoms    the gooseberries are in bloom also. & pears & plumbs.    If we could have some help we could get cleaned up, but no help,    & we, don’t know where to get any one,    seems wages have been so high that even if a fellow’s out of work, he wants a small forturn to do just such a little you could hardly notice it.    The concrete blocks are walking off;   half of them are gone.     Oh it a terrible place to live in today; God help us; 

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