May 1954

Sat. May. 1. 1954./ 1. eggs today/Well Elbert went to fish house & got a big mess of fish & dressed them all & we had 4 for dinner & 4 for supper & there 15. left besides    he saw Rev. Dear & gave him a doz. or so    he did a little around the yard & I got dinner   wiped the floors & chairs & washed dishes & ironed, darned & mended & I really played some of the Edison records & find that some are gone.    Bill, Jean’s man & Elbert took the rest of the broken arm “of the Victor arm”, off the maine part & put the Edison arm on, but I only have 9 records of Edison left.    well, most of them are good but I do hope I can get the other arm as I have lot more of Victor & Clombia’s & church hyms on them to play that I like so much.    Been quite warm wind with a heavy shower this after noon.   Wind all died out tonight.    They have been having a heavy earth quake in the mountains in Atnthens Greese for 2 or 3 days now & over 150 known dead & 2 towns wiped out & in Texas in 2 places & 3 other States they are having tornadoes yesterday & again today    & they are looking for the bombs to start falling any time,    They found thousands of soldiers laid pilled up in several caves, over in the islands & they are still fighting, God help all to do Thy Will.   Jesus I pray Thou will forgive me my sins & keep me close to Thee & fill me & heal me in Jesus Name, Amen.    I pray for all the countrys,    We have all sinned. Oh Jesus.

Sun. May. 2. 1954./ Page. 3160./ 1. eggs today./ Well, its been a rainy day with the sun coming through a number of times, with some strong wind easing off & coming again all day    & they said over radio 4 or 5 more tornadoes were in the making between midnight & morning in western part of Ohio & Indiana & 3 other States,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name, have mercy,     We had enough & I thank Him it was no worse, but pray We be spared from any more,    my head has been so bad today & I sort of stumble around,     feel as if I were on a rough sea.    No one came today.    & I wasn’t out side Sat. or today.    Wish I had the arm for Victrola so I could play & sing or Whistle the church Hyms.    I am still trusting for a complete healing & I am better in some ways    if only I was ride of the water leak so I could go to church.    But I thank Thee Jesus I’m emproving & Thou will see that I am healed & Filled with the Holy Ghost      & I pray Elbert will be converted & healed & filled Amen.

Mon. May. 3. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ Elbert got up & washed out part of his clothes,    we had dinner,    he got his check in mail, so he went to Vermilion & got the groceries & paid $20. on his car, half of it (I pay 20.00 of car bill & that isn’t the full bill, he paid 52.78 for food & (that is) car repair gas & food & food we run in debt for (52.78) thats more than his check & he had 1. & some odd cents left,    I can’t see how we can get along,    I nearly starve now,    he can eat most any thing but I can’t.    I have 1.00 I can give him now, & when my check comes, I’ll give him 20.00 for his repair on car & some to buy meat, my half on food is 22.41 as he figures it.    I give him 20.00 for car, save 20.00 for coal, 7 for Church & I’ll only have $16.00 left for meat untill June 4. 1954.    Well, I did part of my washing while he was gone & feel all in.   & he has felt bad all day,    I had to get up at 4-a-m & fix a cup of tea & drank cup of milk, & now I have to drink milk before I go to bed    I have a buzzing feeling & sweat like rain,    I pray Jesus will help me.    I did dishes   Elbert wipe them.    Rained some today & has been cool all day    Wind S. West & strong,    Sun warm when it shone.     Dolly Daniels Hellens Sarr’s grandaughter came to ask for flowers    she said she wanted them for a carage for Muffy    that she was getting married, but the lillies of the Valley

Mon. May. 3. 1954 / page 3161./ 0 eggs today/ are not out & there isn’t any thing else.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy tender Love & Care & pray & thank Thee for my healing in Jesus Name.    I love Thee Jesus & pray for strength in body & I know Thou art able to do all things & trust & pray I will be worthy,    I Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. May. 4. 1954./ 0 egg today./ Well I mended & didn’t get one union suit done    got 6. suits to mend  3 heavy  2 light weight & 1. B. V.D.    dark most of the day & my eyes are bad    got 1. pr. socks done,    Well, maybe I get more tomorrow God Willing,    Elbert didn’t work out side,    winds so chilly so he made soup for dinner & fried hamberg & the left over sweet potatoes for supper    I took care of beds & aired room as usual & did the dishes & dried my rags & folded them & now I’ll read & go to bed    & thank Jesus for the strength he has given & all the other things which are many.    He is a wonderful Jesus    I hope I can be found worthy in His sight.    We received a letter from Audrey    she’s back at her old job & she’s glad,    but Merlin & his mother are still stiring up a mess,    I never could see how people do like to fight,    if they would only follow in Jesus food steps & find something worthy to do,    it seem like real ignorance to me.    Martha alway liked peace & happiness    I pray God will take a hand in all there affairs & straighten things out    Oh Jesus rebuke the evil & change things to Thy Way,   I thank Thee forever & ever Amen.    New Cresent Moon tonight & star light    got real cold last night & they got 10 inches of snow in Minnesota & lots of wind & water in Wisconson & Misuri & tornadoes & trouble every where & Bible history coming true.    

Wed. May. 5. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ WEll it’s still damp & cool,    air feels all most a mist in it.     I finished darning socks & my stocking & baked a loaf & 1. big tin of white bread & biscuits & 2 tins of brown biscuits & got dishes all done,    now I read & go to bed.    Elbert went to Huron & paid for the butter he got    went to fish house, but didn’t get any fish.    he hasn’t felt very well.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things, Amen & Amen

Thurs. May. 6. 1954./ Page. 3162./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I finished Elbert’s Spring & Fall suits & one B.V.D. suit     now I’ll have 3 heavy suits to look over & they will more than likely all have to be mended,    but I think I’ll try to sew on my dress next & try to get that done.    I’ll have to wash & mend the other old ones tomorrow so to have a clean one for Sun.    I’m glad I’m getting the mending cought up,    my eyes are bad yet,  but am trusting all will soon be well with every part of me.    Been partly cloudy, fresh breeze all day    dies out mostly at sun down.    We see that light, we saw twice before over on the lake bank, playing across the sky, untill a plain went over     then we didn’t see it any more & we are wondering if its O.K.    No mail today.    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert 3. beef ribs & he cut some meat off & ground it for dinner & boiled the rest for soup,    that is wonderful & I thank THee Jesus for answeering prayer,    we needed it so much.    I sent them a nice tin of graham bread biscuits & Elbert said she seemed very well pleased.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things    help me to get fixed for Church soon, Glory to God in the Highest,    I love Thee Jesus.    Grass & weeds a growing fast.    Elbert’s been trying to get enough ground turned over for a few potatoes.    The Man that had a garden over on Sarrs hill last yr. is plowing it again this yr.    I hope we can have a few fresh tomatoes this year & green beans, cabbage & cucumbers.    I’d like some shoes to walk around in    the heels on these are to small. 

Fri. May. 7. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Well I just felt so bad,    I couldn’t work    I did even sew on my dresss   it was to dark all morning and up untill 2-p-m,    then I washed out the hand towels in the wash basin took care of bedrooms & did the dishes & cooked the dinner    & Elbert fried the fish for supper,    I didn’t get much all day    feel tired out & weak & brainless.    Elbert’s complained of his back & hips, but he went up to fish house & dipped fish & they gave him a good mess of catfish,    then, after dinner he chopped wood awhile    Then of all things he tried to mow the front yard & tonight & don’t feel able to sit up,    but I rubbed his back.

Fri. May. 7. 1954./ page. 3163./ 0 eggs today./ good & he’s in bed & now we both been talking about Jesus & the wonderful things, He does do,    Oh such wonderful things “miricals” so wonderful it’s hard to believe, even, when they are done right before your own eyes,    Oh, He’s truly the best & Dearest Friend I ever had or any one could ever have,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & pray Thou will help me to help others.    I received a prety card from Mrs. Eva Keegan today    they “she, Anna & Marrian” haven’t been very well & she said they were thinking of us & wondering how we were.    I sent Audrey a card today,    Elbert mailed it in Huron & he’s talking of going to Huron in the morning & asking Mrs Keegan & her 2. & Mrs Haslet & Joe to come to dinner or supper, tomorrow night. to eat fish.  

Sat. May. 8. 1954./1. eggs today./ Well, another day gone    Elbert don’t feel very well,   he’s been trying to spade a patch for a few potatoe cutting,    I don’t know if he will try to plant any thing else or not,    he does a little here & there,    he burned one rubbish pile or brush pike today & has 3 or 4 more to burn.    I hope I get some slippers, yet, so I can walk a round out side,    I’d like to get more fresh air.    Well I got my dresses washed & one ironed,    feel rather weak & not to sure on my feet.    Just gone done dress ironed when nellie & Ella Jane came  in    they brought me 2 little baskets of beautiful pansies big flowers all over them    if we can only get them in the dirt.    & tomorrow is Sunday.    Mrs. Baldwin & Mr. Baldwin & there eldest son Tomie bought the house across the road from Nellie’s, & thought she was going to be happy near Nellie & her family,    she hasn’t lived there only since last summer or Fall & 2-a-m. Wed or Thurs. morning they called Ella Jane & Nellie & they call the Fair View Hospital & Ella Jane & Tomie took Mrs. Baldwin over there,   she has enlargement of the heart,    they had a time getting her in the car & getting her out, but now she’s where she will be cared for untill the end of her time    she seems to be in a very bad condition.    Ella Jane & her mother were over to see her Fri.    They didn’t say any thing about Mr. Baldwin & I wondered about it,    they have been so happy together.    Bonita & the 3 children were over to Johny’s & Marcie’s & so they came to see if I was O.K. & brought me a big bouquet of Liliacs lavender & white & 2 baskets of pansies.    I gave them 3 sheets, we use blankets year around & Ella Jane took my measurements for a house dress & she made them same as I did 46 in bust 48 in hip & length 34

Sat. May. 8. 1954 / Page. 3164./ 1. eggs this day/ inches skirt length in back 31. in. in front.    she’s going to see if she can get me a house dress.    We had a shower of little ice balls, clear as glass    sky looked so bad,    I stood & watched & prayed    clouds were going several ways all at once but Jesus broke them up & took them away before Ella Jane & her mother came,    it’s cold at night & warms up some in the day time.    Elbert mowed a little,    he’s going to take old lawn mower to a man in Vermilion, who said, if it would work he wouldn’t charge him for looking it over.    Well I have to read then go to bed Praising God & Jesus for all our many blessing for His Love & Protection.

Sun. May. 9. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well we had some callers just when we were eating supper,    We were talking about going to church to & Bill Valentine  his wife & baby came to talk with us about getting a part, or, an acre of our ground on South East Corner & I am going to see if I can let them have it for a small a-mount & perahps use the money for bedding & clothes & to fix the car up better.    I pray God will help me.    They went back to Church & we got dressed & went    Rev. Dear did the preaching & he gave us a very good sermon,    Elbert was with me.    Sister Haslet & Joe & Eva, Anna & Marrian were there & Sister Oney & her families & some young folks Southerners    We had a good service & altar service to.    Sister Haslet had a light stroke & isn’t intirely over it yet.    She was to church & loved me so,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name, heal her of all that’s wrong with her & help Joe to turn to Thee & Give Eva & her two charges faith strength & courage.    I do thank Thee Jesus & for my healing also.    I love Thee Jesus    Sister Dear took her Mother’s Day Corsage off her coat & pined it on mine    Oh how much I thank Thee for there love to me, bless them, strengthen there faith & Power through Thee & bless there efforts    help them all who are in the Church to be a blessing to Thee. Amen.    We have to plant the pansies tomorrow, some where.    It’s raining in heavy showers,    it rained all way home. 

Mon. May. 10. 1954./ ___ eggs today/ I went out & help Elbert a very little in planting the pansies.    I picked 2 bunches of pansies off the plants & gave Mrs Brode &

Mon. May. 10. 1954./ Page 3165/ 0. eggs today/ a nice bunch & Georgie Snyder & her mother a bunch & I gave the young folks that was here Sunday  Mr & Mrs Valentine, a bunch & to them, I gave the granite pans & covers.    Well Georgie told Elbert she had, had a heart attact, her mother had 3. strokes & it was so bad she don’t know even her own folks.   she gets up & they dress her & she walks around, but thinks she’s in the hospital & she don’t know where she is.   God help her.    Elbert saw a flock of bobolinks & this morning they were happy & landed in Apple tree.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee.   I love Thee & believe Thou will give me strength in body & soul    Last night the moon had a golden circular around it & outside of that it had a perfect rainbow allway around it    Oh so bright & beautiful.    Jesus Thou are the Wonderful One.    

Tue. May. 11. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I pieced a [wanas?] out of old overall legs, today for Elbert    wont look any worse than the one he’s wearing,    I didn-n’t get it all stitched    hope I can do it tomorrow & get some done on my dress.    Elbert’s had headach all day & it’s rained most of the day both heavy & light showers    & the wind clouds have been going from most all directions,    I’m trusting God wont let them touch us a-gain.    Last night the moon had a very light yellow haze around it about 2 yards wide with a deep orange around it 18 in. wide.    the pansies freshened good.    Elbert’s back & hips pain him so bad     I’ve been rubbing them at bed time.    Sun shone through between the showers Spring Weather    I thank & praise God His Word is True & I thank THee Jesus for Keeping me    I long to do more to help in Thy work, Amen. 

WEd. May. 12. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ I wrote a card to Audrey, Inez, Eva & Kathirne & letter to Welfare aid for aged to see about selling a piece.    I washed today & washed a cotton double blanket & all of Elbert’s clothes except his shirt,    he hung them out for me    it was a bright suny day with damp air.    No. mail, only our checks & the check back on that powder (2.95)     Elbert got hamberg of Brodes for our dinner & he got most of the dinner.    he went to Huron & cashed the checks,    I gave him 40.00 for food & the payment on car & can’t put away any for coal this time.    I saved 6.00 for church & 10.00 for gas & same for Ella Jane for my dress & 2.00

Wed. May. 12. 1954/ page. 3166./ 1. egg this day./ I promised Joe Haslet & a 1.00 to her for eggs & tooth powder & I’m broke a-gain untill next mo. & it will be about the same again, for he can’t pay all the car bill this time.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will keep me safe all the way Amen. 

Thurs. May 13 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Gertie’s birthday   she’s 66./ Well Elbert went to Huron early & I was just starting to dress when Jim, Jean & Joan knocked at the door,    I looked out & ask them to wait untill I could get dressed    they went out & looked around the back & came in & had a cup of tea a hamberg on bread & some Jelly & we visited for 2 hours    I gave them each a pt. of jelly & Jim a pt of the Strawberry Jam,    he said he would take it all the way back to camp & wished he had a loaf of my bread to take also.    I gave Jean & Joan the last 2 cake plates,    they were Frank’s mother’s & then I gave them some tea saucers of different colors,   I had for years.    they are China.    Well, Jim says he’ll be back in Aug. & will come to see us,    he’s thinking they may have to go acrossed to fight    God have mercy, he has already learned from the old Minister that preaches & teaches them quite a lot of good lessons, Praise God in Jesus Name, He answers prayer.    Well we had a good visit & Jim kissed me goodby,    the girls said they’d drive out again.    Elbert came just before they left. & Jim wanted to see him before he went,    Jim’s going back in the morning, he’ll be going by me on the buss on the main highway,    Poor Jim,   I love the children & feel so sorry for each one of them.    It’s been a beautiful day.   sun all day, cool breeze & a cross section of long wind streaks.    I baked 1. tin & 1. loaf of brown bread & 1. tin & 1. loaf white bread & I’m tired.    I was out in the yard for a very few minutes twice today    Elbert went to Vermilion after dinner & bought $18.39 worth of food and necessities. & paid $20.00 more on the car. & he still

Thurs. May. 13. 1954./ Page. 3167./ 1. eggs this day./ has some to pay & has to have something done yet in the engine yet,   that’s $40.00, he’s paid,    car is getting to be a dead horse    Oh, if we could only have another new one now.    No letter from Audrey yet. & I hope for some letters or cards tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee forever Amen.

Fri. May 14. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I sewed a little today this afternoon. making Elbert a jumper out of demming patches, raglin pattern,    I cut it after his old ragged jumper    I have it over half done & haven’t got enough patches.    Well, anyway I have the satisfaction of knowing I haven’t forgot how.    I’ve had to stop so often because of the thread    it’s so rotten & breaks every few seconds.     I’m so tired,    John Snyder came early to his grainery & tool shed, across the road  little south on the otherside of road.   he started the tractor & been drilling in fertilizer all day    he left 5-p-m. & told Elbert he was coming back tomorrow so he’ll be making a noise with the tractor & no sleep for me after that.    so I’ll have to get up & see if I can get a little on my dress & iron one in case some one comes in Sun.    I ought to wipe up the floor.    It’s been a fine day,    wind rather cool, but sun all day.     No mail today.   Elbert went to fish house    got such a big mess of fish,    he cleaned what he wanted & gave the rest uncleaned to Helen Sarr.    he didn’t seem to want to call anyone,    Well, I don’t like to have him clean them, after he goes & gets them, for all the others,    they did say, they liked them all cleaned.    they did bring two small pies & they were good & I do know it takes time & money to make the pies & gas to come for them,    We use to clean them & then take ’em clear over to them    We did it for a long time, but we are older & don’t have the endurance any more    Elbert’s tired out after her goes & gets the fish & don’t feel like cleaning ours.    I thank & praise Jesus for all our blessing and may all Glory & Honour be His for ever & ever, Amen.

Sat. May. 15. 1954./ 1. eggs today/ Well, I been feeling sick all week & had to lay down for a couple of hours late this after noon.    Elbert fixed me some toast & I went out side for half an hour while Elbert cut out some dead limbs out the evergreens.    I swept & wiped up floor & I just couldn’t iron my dress,    Well maybe I’ll feel

Sat. May. 15. 1954./ page. 3168./ 1. egg this day./ Mon.    I sure am all in tonight,    It’s been a fine day.    Elbert has cut & split up fire wood & hauled some he had pilled in front yard    orchard oreoles are here & they are such pretty things,    I hope they stay,    there has been some every year & once they had there nest in the mock orange bush, by the north east side of the grainery     & the red, or cardnals, had there nesxt in the Duetzy bush by the well pump & the rens had there boxes & the blue birds & canarys were in the bushes & rose bushes & the brown thrush by the post, in the corner of the park where I had entwined the rambles & the catbird in the apple trees & the meadow larks & bobolinks in the field    the robbins & black birds have been trying to take over the evergreens,    the female evergreen that Elbert straightened up has begun to grow & looks good.    We have 3 nice young trees    we thought we’d transplant one where the big one fell the second time & Elbert cut it up,    it would been coming good, had nice new roots but he didn’t have it braced up right    moon’s over half full.    wish I could work outside a little every day & get the fresh air.    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me & if heaven isn’t my home what will I do,    Oh Jesus.    No letter or card from Audrey,    I wonder who the trouble maker is,    Ella Jane was coming back & she neither come or wrote.    Well, my conscience is clean, hope they can say & know there’s is also.    I hope none are sick.    Jean & Joan said Audrey was working     I know she will be tired & maybe not feel like writing.   Queer World.

Sun. May. 16. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well it’s been a nice day with south wind 5-30 or 6-p-m    big long black clouds from west & south W.    I have sore spots all through my body from under my shoulder blades clear down all through the bowels & rectum tonight,    then Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & there 3 children came     they had buns & weiners & spread & Elbert made tea & they ate brown biscuits & ice cream & then Elbert dug up 2 Black walnut trees   2. buckeyes or more & wild cucumber & wisteria vine & I gave them a loaf of brown bread & 3 of Elbert’s fried fish, box & half of Walkins soap powder & 4 or five glasses that had had weiners in.    Children & them to drink out of pump.    We are both very tired.

May. 16. Sun. 1954./ Page. 3169./ 1. eggs this day/ & miserable    I have rubbed his back & hips with alcohol & terpo & he’s in bed now & I wish I was in mine.    I believe Jesus has touched me again & that He will clean me & help me to understand,   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will rebuke Satan & all his demons & free me of anything that has ever belonged to him & help me to know how to Keep free.    I Praise Thee & love Thee Jesus Pure & Holy Amen. 

Mon. May. 17. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ My wedding annaversary 34. yrs. to-day.   We moved here Aug. 16 on Cousin Georgie’s birthday.    she’s been gone 2. yrs. now.    Well I Praise God & Praise Jesus for all things for my healings & for this one    I’ve felt better, some, today & I mended one old dress & put patch on the dirty dress & stitched the one I have started on the hips,    “had to take off couple inches on each hip”    then I stitched belt on the skirt & now I’ll have to stitch waist & bast it on belt on skirt & bast sleeves in & try it on    & then maybe I can finish it,    takes me such a long time.    I know now how mother use to feel when she said her fingers were all thumbs & she didn’t have any strength to lift her arms to work & sew & that she was so glad I went ahead & done so many things that were getting to be a chore for her,    I’m so glad I could do those things.    We often think, when we’re young, that we do realize, but now I know we do not,    We truly do have to learn as we grow.    & when we are to the place where we can’t do things as quickly & as good as we use to, that’s the time we begin to realize & when this one or that one says “in not so many words” that we have to do a little here & a little there, even if we just haven’t the endurance or strength, they don’t know,    may God help them.    Well.  I do more than I feel able to do,    it doesn’t help me any, as far as health is concerned.    Well no letter from Audrey today or any of the rest.    I must try to write to Marry Vodovith.    It’s been a nice day   partly cloudy as it was the day we were married.    The old fashion spice bush & Lillies of the Valley fill the air,    it’s wonderful the things God gave us.    some of the flowers don’t look as if they will bloom.    Back yard is a terrible sight.    doesn’t look like home.    I love Thee Jesus & hope I may be found worthy,    I wish so much I could visit with Martha.    It’s terrible all the things the rest think & say & maybe I’m just as bad. 

Tue. May. 18. 1954./ page. 3170./ 0. eggs today/ Elbert did his washing & then cut & up small pieces of wood    his clothes dried good out side,    Today he’s feeling punk,    he went to Huron,    N. east wind & no fish    they didn’t go out,    So Elbert cut wood & did few odds & ends.    I tried to sew, but didn’t get much don e.    Mr Plato came in to see if we had taken out the insurance & I told him & he said I’d have to write to Mr. Copley & he’d send a man out to take care of it,    so, I wrote the card & have it ready to go in the morning,    Elbert got 2 yeast cakes Mon. & 2. again today & only one good one    so he’s taking them back & will mail the card & a couple of money orders, one to Henry Field for bulbs & one to Necktie organization Cripples who make a little money selling mens ties.    The world is in a bad fix.    Jesus will be coming before we know it.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things, for my healing & saving my soul    I pray Thou will help me to Praise God in Spirit, strengthen my faith & help other to come to Thee, I ask in Jesus Name & give Thee all the Praise Amen.

WEd. May. 19. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, the insurance man came & it cost me $11.40 for the policy for a year & I gave it to him out of the coal money.    seems as if I’ll just never get that coal money put back   20.00 for car repair & 11.40 for insurance.   (Mr. Copley the manager came)  he said Mr Platto had told him alot about us & I think he came to see what kind of people we were & how we had to live,    he seemed a nice & conserate sort of person    answered all our questions & then told us a few things we didn’t know about taxes and insurance for today.    I haven’t been worth my salt to-day.    I darned 4. prs. socks for Elbert while I told storys to Erine,     Rue brought him about noon or a little after & he was here untill 5-p-m.    gave us 50 cents for keeping him,   he had a cold & sore throat.   I gave him 2 anacins & 2 Smith brothers cough drops,    I hope he will be free in the morning of his cold.    No mail today.   We hung night clothes out & they felt quite damp when I brought them in    Oh, God help me & help Elbert.    I love & Praise Thee. 

Thurs. May. 20. 1954./ Page. 3171./ 1. eggs today./ We started on the new tank of gas yesterday.    Well I tried to sew, didn’t get much done, but maybe if I can keep at it I will get a dress by & by.    I have the skirt & waist sewed together, that is, basted in.    looks O.K. now so I’ll try to get sleeves basted in & a piece basted around neck, then bottom of sleeves pocket & hem & buttons & snaps.    I ought to wash out the rags tomorrow,    don’t feel as if I have the strength but maybe I’ll make it, if I can get started.    We got a card from Audrey,    all’s well, as far as she knows, Praise the Lord     I wish all was or is well with there souls.   God help them.    I felt so sick & dizzy headed to-night,    I wanted to go to church tonight.    Jesus help me     I know Thou can & pray Thou will I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.    Winds very cool   partly cloudy.    I was out to toilet yesterday & today once    I picked a few lillies of the valley & pansys & sent them to Helen Sarr yesterday,     Ernie came on his bicycle, was in & out a couple of times, he ate a piece of toast & 2 slices pineapple.   I feel so weak today.    Well I bathed Elberts back with alcohol & terpo & he’s in bed.   wish I was in mine.     I pray God will bless each minister & there efforts & each one in the church & all the children & young folks. 

Fri. May. 21. 1954./ 1. eggs today/   I did out most of the washing & washed Elberts cotton double blanket,    Elbert carried the water & put the blankets through 2 waters & hung them on the line    he hung out a few other things,    they got dry & I got his blankets sewed together & his bed made up fresh    he turned the mattress over    I swept it on both sides    swept all 3 rooms & worked up the dust & now dishes are done & Elbert’s back rubbed & my rags most dry.   I Praise God for His care of me.    I thank Jesus for all things & for helping me to under-stand better than I did     but I pray for a stronger faith & more power spiritually & physically,     I’d like to have more use of my feet & body,    in other words I’d like to be normal.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee Honour & Glory & Praise forever & ever, Amen.     Sun all day, cool breeze, N. east but not so damp today     A card from Audrey Thurs. & light card today.    & Elbert paid it    he went to Huron this morning, got his saw fixed up & got a little meat,    he hopes to go for fish tomorrow. 

Sat. May. 22. 1954./ page 3172./ 1. egg to day./ Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & he cleaned them all & gave John Snyder 4. all cleaned, & his wife was in the car & never said a word,    John began to tell Elbert he would have plowed a little for him, only he’d been so busy getting his own done,    Elbert told him “so he said”  thats all right.    He called Mrs. Kegan & she said she was so glad for she hadn’t got to write & Mrs. Haslet was in the Hospital in terrible condition,    they are feeding her by injecting something in her blood & have a pump of some sort on her all the time, that pumps every so often     & Eva said she didn’t Know what was wrong    she had 2 ruptures & she looked as if she had a big tumor, perhaps that’s what they are pumping out.    I pray God will, in Jesus Name help her to overcome this difficulty if she can be of more service in the future to Him & to us & that He will give her faith, strength & courage, in Jesus Name I ask & pray for her & for Rev. Frank & Myself & Mark Harnish & I thank Thee for healing George Eddy Jr.     I pray for Ethel & her mother & family & all our relatives & Martha & Merlin & there families & Jim.    God help us in Jesus Holy Name to learn to do Thy Will.    It’s been a nice day   cool N. East wind    I did the ironing & baked 2 big tins  one big loaf & one small loaf of whole wheat bread & Eva & Anna & Marian came for supper & I gave marrian the little loaf & Eva one tin bread biscuits.    I re4ceived insurance pollice today    I don’t know if it is O.K. or not & will show it to Mr. Platto.  

Sun. May. 23. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Another beautiful & Nellie & the children,   they had 3 of Johny’s & Marcie’s, children with them Marcie Jr. Wesley & baby, Bonney Bell,    Johny was preaching some other place & Marcie had gone to the Hospital in Cleveland    she went on the Buss    We gave Nellie a big pan of fish all cleaned & salted,    they didn’t stay long & when they left Dolly & Erine came for a little while    Dolly picked a few lillies of the Valley & 

Sun. May. 23. 1954./ page. 3173./ 1. eggs this day./ then they went home & Erine forgot to take 2 old car jacks Elbert gave him, but he didn’t come in & say a word but ran out, picked them up & ran back & up the road as if he was stealing them,    he caught me up, when I said it aint & then corect it to isn’t) & he said, that isnt good Englishe to say aint,    I said thank you, I know & I’m sorry    I do make that mistake & then corect it right afterword.    We came in after they left & had a bite to eat & drank & have been listening to sermons, & Barnhouse is now preaching.    Wind was N. east & then died out before dark.    I was out in the yard a little While, sun was warm, but so White.    I do pray God will be with all His Children every where all over the world.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will soon take this cause of leakiing from me,    Oh I thank & Praise Thee    I pray for all the people of Thine on the other side of the world & all over the world & for the Slaves, prisoners & captives & those who have been wounded & crippled    I thank Thee for all things great or small.    I pray for Sister Haslet & Joe & that Thou will bring them both to Thee Amen. 

Mon. May. 24. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I haven’t earned my salt today    to heavy,    I got the insurance policy yester-day.    Elbert’s been spading & he planted a few beet seeds    he sawed & cut some light wood to & he’s to tired tonight    I been praying for Mrs. Haslet day & night trusting she’s better,    it will be sometime before she will be up again, but Jesus is able if she’ll just trust & believe,    I know He sees & Knows her condition & that He hears all our prayers & will do His Will & I pray all things Will work out for His good & Glory    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou Will rebuke satin & all his demons & make us clean for Thee,    help us & Keep us close to Thee for ever & ever Amen. Amen. 

Tue. May. 25. 1954./ ___ eggs today./Wrote letter to Feild Nursery    I sent for 6. bulbs & 4. carnations & they sent card & said I owed them 21 cents 1.00 for bulbs & 98 cents for carnations    they figure faster than they use to when I went to school.    been cool, nice sun    Elbert has planted one 94 ft row potatoes & beets & carrots.    Little old man was here today    he’s terrible deaf    we gave him 3 slices brown bread & butter & can of coffee & he was on his way    I received card from Mrs Haslet   she wrote May 20

Tue. May. 25. 1954./ Page 3174./ 1. egg this day./ & a letter from Audrey & I’m glad to hear how they all are.    World is full of sorrows & getting worse.    It got cold toward morning & was cold all day  N. east breeze.   We been seeing a strong light that shoots far into the sky, west of us. like a beacon light.    Well I haven’t felt right or well for a number of days.    feel heavy & thick headed.   I love Thee & praise Jesus, help us to understand how to pray & teach us Thy will & Thy Way. Amen. 

Wed. May 26. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ No work today    sorry I have neglected writting to Marry Vedovich  poor old soul there in the old peoples home & longing for her freedom     & I’m not able to go & get her or to take care of her     if she was here it would be so nice if each one would take her, if it were only for a few days apiece the church members ought to do that much for one of there numbers, but they gad all over & don’t want to be bothered.    God help us    I’d like to take for awhile if only I could, but Elbert thinks it’s terrible he has to do part of the cooking,    he told Mrs. Keegan he went to Huron work for the fish then come home & cleaned them & had to fry them,    What he didn’t tell, was, he eats most of them    he weighs 198 lbs.    I don’t know if I’m getting something in the milk or what makes my stomach hurt so bad & my bowels.    & I have a bad place in my left side for a week now    feels like something hard rubbing on my ribs.    God knows & I hope He will deal in His own way.    (beacon light on again tonight)  (cloudy tonight. N. E. breeze)No card from Eva Keegan today but a letter from Fields Nersery    they send back my order with some of there add. & said bulbs & carnations were on there way.    & a card from Miss. Clark   she’s in Broadway taking care of her brother    he’s quite ill she says, & she’s been with him 4. weeks now,    & she quite well,    I don’t know where Broadway Ohio is.      & I received Card & letter from Sister & Brother Dear, it was to both of us.    She was telling about the nerve in her hip & leg____ & having arthritis in her arm (it’s her vertebras out of place, God know & I pray Jesus will put the bones in place & strengthen them & keep them normal & keep Mrs Haslet    give her strength & power to overcome through Jesus We thank & praise Thee for all things.   Oh Jesus keep us true I pray & I Praise Thee.

Thurs. May. 26. 1954./ page. 3175./ 1. eggs today./ Well I bake bread white & the whole wheat & I’m so tired,     then Dolly & Ernie came in to spend the after noon,    Elbert went to Huron but the fish boats did-n’t go out.   so he wasn’t gone long.    I mended my old dress & I hope to wash out a few rags & maybe a change of clothes tomorrow    Elbert thinks he’ll go to Huron if the wind don’t blow for fish & to Brodes for milk & hamberg    I’m so tired tonight.    Well the beacon light is going, that’s what we call it.    I got the bulbs & the carnations today    a card from Miss Clark from Broadway   one from Wings of healing   & card from Mrs. Keegan telling us Mrs. Haslet is coming along fine & a card & letter from Sister Dear, Rev. Dear & Naomie.    They are going to see Faith graduate 500 miles away & she ask me to pray for a safe trip there & back & for Paul & his Wife Norma, who are starting home from California this week end.    She also said the Dr. said, it was only through the Grace of God that Sister Haslet was spared    she was on the operating table 3. hours. & had two ruptures & her intestines were twisted & caught in those ruptures.    & they didn’t tell the cause of the terrible bloat.    I praise God & Jesus,    He takes care of His own   Glory Glory Hallelujah Hallelujah, Amen.    Partly cloudy & cool breeze N. east & Radio says Chicago (the City) is looking for a big tornado, they had one on the out skirts, this afternoon ) & one in 2 southern states also.

Fri. May. 27. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I did my washing today & Elbert hung it out side & it all dried,    he went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & cleaned them all & gave Brodes a mess & she gave us 1 lb. hamberg.    & we put 12. fish in her ice box.    Elbert carried the water.    No mail today.   & it was a nice day  hot sun but partly cloudy with South West wind, quite strong.    I put my Cameilus begonia bulbs in a pot of dirt today.   I washed the door & all around the slop pail & the cupboard doors & hope to wipe up floors tomorrow & next week I hope to get the blankets or some of the wool ones, washed.     I told Erinie I’d give him some bread biscuits & he went home & came back twice & I gave him 4,   he was sure happy.  I thank & Praise God & Jesus for answering my prayers.    George Eddy is pronounced well by his Dr. & Dr,  & seem surprised,   Now I am trusting for Mark’s healing    I know he can surprise the Dr’s & his parents also    I’m praying for Rev. Frank to & Rev. & Mrs. Dear.    she had such a pain (sciatic) & I’ve prayed along time for her & she wrote me a letter & said the pain was gone, Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.    I thank Thee Jesus Glory Hallelujah. Amen. 

Sat. May. 28. 1954./ 0. eggs today./  Been a very cool breeze & day partly cloudy,    Elbert fixed the dirt & I planted the carnations    I feel bad to buy a plant or anything, the call is so great for money for the need of the missionarys & the sick & hungry,    but, I did spend $2.19.    the lillies look as if they had been cooked     night are really cold & white sun is hot in middle of the day.    One of the hens is sick    only got two left,    they were in the tornado, one lays most everyday.    I darned one pr. my stocking, the knees are letting stitches go & so they will soon be done,    I was hoping I could wear them all summer & start on the others this Fall.   Elbert’s going for the milk & some fish he had put in the ice box, in the morning.    We have a whole week before we get Elbert’s check.    he has felt tired & all in for a few days & tonight, he didn’t care if he ate.    We finished the hamberg tonight for supper.    I thank Thee Jesus for our many blessings & praise Thee.  

Sun. May. 30. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Decoloration Day & we wont get over the graves.    Soon Jesus will be coming    I hope I can be ready & that all the others will be.    God help us soon. I pray.    We been alone all day, nice day, but cool,    we saw a poor old man, with only a top coat on his arm & limpiing & so Elbert gave a yell & called him & gave him some bread & butter & eggs & hot coffee,    he cried as he ate & when he got up to hand the dishes in, he ask if he could sleep in the old cottage,    it’s a wreck & so dirty but he said he slept under the railroad bridge last night & this would be lots better & he carried dry grass & put on the floor & put a big piece of soft card board on top & an old wool blanket & put his coat on & streached out & went to sleep    & Elbert went to Sarr’s & called State police to see

Sun. May. 30. 1954./ Page. 3177./ 1. egg this day./ if they couldn’t give him a better place to sleep & he said he’d be right over    he came & said he answered the dicription of the man they were hunting for that stole a car & left it up near the beer joint near 61. highway.    so he went out to the shed & woke the old man up & looked at his identafication card & a few questions & said it’s a younger man we’re looking for,    it said on his card he was 70 yrs. old    he says he has arthritis so bad they wont hire him to work any more     his hair is black streaked gray & he is a Jew,   I’m sorry for him,   he’s on his way to Chicago to his daughter & has walked from Cleveland.    he could hardly get up on his feet after he sat a while.    I pray he will rest some & get to feel able to walk or bum a ride tomorrow    maybe he will stay tomorrow if he’s to stiff to walk.   I do thank thee Jesus for all our blessing Which are many.    I wish I was in Church tonight & trust all will be well with each one there & who belong to Thee Jesus.    I thank Thee for there prayers & all who pray for me. & I pray for them & for Dr. Wyat’s missionary’s in Jesus Name. 

Mon. May. 31. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, the girls came this afternoon & brought there lunch & we ate with them Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children & 2 of Johnys, the eldest Marcie Joe & Wesley & after they finished lunch Ella Jane & Bonita took the 5. children & went to the beach for an hour or so,    they had put all there things in back of car & just came back to get Nellie    she & I sat in Elbert’s car  with him & visited for a while    Bonita has been out of work since Mar.    she gets $35 a week State compation, school’s out so Nellie isn’t teaching & Ella Jane is working yet.     Mrs. Baldwin is back in hospital.    Ralph Ward is back in China.   Nellie & the girls & children were over to Johny’s Sun & they were expecting Johny to there house to get their children    the had been over to Cleveland to get Mark there second childm, they had taken him for a new kind of dope they were using.    Will Johny ever learn?   God help him.    Well they flew away home    children all waving therre hands as they left our drive & went up hill & out of my sight but not out of God’s sight.    I trust Jesus took them safely.   They bought 6. rosebushes

Mon. May. 31. 1954./ Page 3178./ 1. egg this day./ for a dollar, the highbred kind.    Ella Jane got them for Nellie.    I do hope they grow & bloom nice for her but I don’t want to buy any more flowers & I don’t believe even fruit trees we have had such severe weather & spoiled the lillie leaves    just cooked them & turned them all white as paper.    South wind & quite strong,   they had lunch on old cement floor & built a fire & roastid weiners & buns.    Elbert helped with fire & roasting & toastings    they all seemed to have a good time,    Oh God, if only they would spend more time in prayer & reading Thy Word.    Ella Jane made coffee in the pyrex pot she gave me a yr. ago for my birthday.    I praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things & trust Thou will keep me Jesus Close to Thee    I thank & Praise Thee forever & ever & wish I were as pure, clean & Holy as Thou. Glory Glory to Thy Name. 

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