June 1954

Tue. June. 1. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ It rained hard early & again this after noon & it hit Cleveland with heavy wind & broke trees & tore out phone lines    it blew quite hard here   we had several good showers, but no damage so far    & I pray Jesus will keep us safe from harm & evil.    I wrote a letter to Marry Vitowich “Old Peoples home in Elyria.” & now I thank I’ll try to get one more done if I can,    Elbert’s been cutting grass, he sawed a few chumps off the black walnut tree & he has been walking around in wet shoes & then he’ll wonder why his back is so bad tomorrow,    he went to Huron this morning, but no fish,    he went for milk but got no meat.    I help him a little & he tied the 4 partys of the white cedar tree together with insulated. wire, with pieces of rubber on the parts so it wouldn’t cut into the bark.    We have been having strong winds & the clouds flying swift & low & radio says Washington & some other states are looking for tornadoes tonight & tomorrow.    & a polit on a big air plane saw a queer object big very large & they told the air port & said it was on their coarse & going a-bout 2.75 miles & hour & they were rather discusted, when they were told it was probably a baloon & they said it sounded like a cover up.    People are getting so bad and the bible is right, in every respect.    I praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost & trust Jesus will keep us close & turn the others to Him soon, Glory Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    We got about 1 1/2 barrels of water this morning.   No mail today.

Wed. June. 2. 1954. /page. 3179./ 0 eggs today./ Been partly cloudy & cool South West breeze  damp air  almost wet clothes were real damp.   Grass is sure growing    Elbert has been mowing & hoeing & cultavating & he’s tired tonight.    Dolly & Ernie came just at noon & spent the after noon,    he was out side part of the time with Elbert & Dolly was trying to learn to crochet.    I feel, or my bowels feel better today    they didn’t want to move yesterday but today they moved several times    hope they’ll be O.K. tomorrow.    I haven’t done the washing & will have to bake at least Sat. & maybe wash Fri.    Children said they would be back Thurs & maybe Fri. so I’ll alter my bake to Fri. & wash Sat.    We still have a little fire nights   air damp & chilly like in the Fall.    & they are still having tornadoes, here & there,   they are bad.    I pray we never have to go through another one.    so cold the flowers turn a brownish color & petals soon fall off,    I gave Dolly some iris & mock orange blossoms when she went home tonight.     I didn’t get the other letter wrote either.    I thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & keeping me & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Pure Holy Name, Amen. 

Thurs. June 3. 1954/ 1. eggs today./    I did my washing & part of Elbert’s & all dried except my skirt & dress & Elbert hung a few things out side & they got dry    I didn’t do all there was to be done but perhaps I’ll get the bedding after a little.    I do hope to get the wool blankets on a warm sunny day with a warm brisk breeze.    No mail & I’m to tired to write letters tonight.    Dolly said she & Ernie would be here today, but they didn’t come    Elbert went to Huron & got a box of tender leaf tea   a little piece of pressed pickled pig meat, some bones to boil for soup & a little piece of veal to fry for dinner    it was all tender & good.    Been a rather dark day   had showers this morning & some this after noon.    I gave Elbert the 2.00 I saved for Joe & we are not going to have much out of my check to live on.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will see us safely through in spirit and all things Amen.

Fri. June 3. 1954./ page. 3178./ 1. eggs today/ Well I haven’t worked very much today & I didn’t bake bread.    I did make a few muffins of the sour milk I had,    but, I just can’t stand the soda smell    I ate one    it tasted O.K.    I wrote a few lines to Audrey,    but Elbert didn’t get his check today,    he got a lb. of hamberger from Brode’s     He took a bath & dressed clean to go to Lorain.    Well he hopes to go tomorrow.    I hope to wipe up floor & iron my 2 dresses.    Rainy day & cool.    2 men on a big truck came & ask us to buy coal from W. Va. 5. ton & almost 3/4    they said $13.00 a ton    it looked like good coal so we took it  $70.00    I hope it will be O.K.   Elbert thinks it’s soft coal    We hope it will burn clean.    We still have to keep little fire to keep chills out.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen. 

Sat. June. 4. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I baked bread white & Brown 2 tins of each    & ironed 2 old house dresses & skirt & wiped up floors.    Elbert mowed grass & did a few other odd jobs & at noon he went to Vermiliion & bought groceries “he got his check this forenoon about 11-p-m.    he spent 15.00 at Krogers    some at A& P. & some at Martins & some up to Huron at cooks.    he has spent 28.76 for food, hat, & gas & paid Baker $7.50 balance of bill.   he says he only has 12.00 left out of $52.80 & he don’t want to talk about it.    I don’t get my check untill June 12th.    he is so tired tonight & went to bed some time ago.    I’m going to read then I’m going to my bed.    I use to call my bible, the good book & now I wish I had not for Hitler had a book he called the good book    I hope to go over my writings some day & correct it & say my bible,    I never thought of my bible as anything but good & God’s word,     seems we are all apt to mistakes.    Well I love God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost & Pray They will Keep me close & safe in Them.   

Sun. June. 6. 1954. [should be june 5] /0. eggs today./ Well I got washed & dressed & my hair combed & made biscuits for dinner & we had chicken biscuits & gravy for dinner & broccolie    We had just finished when Inez & Henry Hunt

Sun. June 6. 1954./ page. 3179./ 0. egg this day./ came in & we had a good visit,    she’s had a hard time taking care of her mother,    she’s 82. yrs. old   13. yrs. older than I,    and she & Dave “her hus-band” (Who was quite black) but a very good natured man, came & rented one of aunt Edith’s houses & she was a tall redheaded girl of fair as a lillie & she was so happy & sang & worked at her house work & took care of Inez.    Who was a little fat child with such golden curls    her hair curled in little pencil curls all over her head, Inez says she is 64. yrs. old    Henry was 69 Jan. 1. 1954.    Elbert’s 71. yrs old Dec. 6. 1953.    & I was 69. Jan 16. 1954.    They have been working in there garden & says it’s so cold,    nothing is growing.    They bought a studebaker car 1941. but have been kept good & looks nice,    they paid 2 hundred dollars for it & I wish we had one as good.    Well, when they had gone, Sister Keegan came with Marian,    she brought us a box of ice cream,    Well, we talked untill she went went on the church, she said she put old lady (Anne) in the rest home 30 miles the other side of Sandusky & had been over there to see if she was alright & then came back & on over to see us. 14. miles this side (east) of Sandusky,    she was going back 4 miles to Huron to Church & then back home to Sandusky.    She said Katherine was able to sit up, but infection had set in around the stitches & they are worried,    I pray God will in Jesus Name heal her body & keep her faith & give her strength spiritually & phyically,    I thank Thee Jesus,    I thank & praise Thee for her healing Amen.   May all the Glory be Thine forever & ever, Glory Hallelujah.

Mon. June. 7. 1954./ 1 eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Lorain after dinner,    he left his car in Vermilion & went by bus the rest of the way,    he took some perch to Audrey & Gertie (got 18 perch this morning) & got the olive oil & talk with Eagar Job & 2 or 3 other men he knew & tried to call Eylen & Frank but couldn’t get them, but got Lillie Wheeler, girls (Pearl & Tessie) have been working steady.    Elbert’s extra tired   walk around a lot    he talked to Ruth Cranage, she invited him over. 

Mon. June. 7. 1954./ page 3180./ 1. eggs today/ it’s so lonesome with Elbert gone & so quite & it has clouded up again tonight    it did last night to    then cleared all off before morning.    N. East breeze seemed west at times.   Rev. Dear came & we had a little chat about all the welfare of the church folks,    They are having a fellowship meeting today & churches from far & near came to the grainge Hall where they all are to meet & have a big supper    they went to Church & had prayer before supper,    Wish we could have went, but Elbert was to tired to go & he wouldn’t go if I didn’t,    Ministers went to Raberta Faiths graduation in Penn.    & Patil & his wife just got in from California    & he said they drove 48 hrs in a stretch & were all tired out & looked it.    Naomie is fine.    Sister Dear did her washing this morning & the pain came back in her hip,    Jesus, take it out, fix the back bone & keep her well & able to do Thy work,    We give Thee all praise & Glory.    I have been up & around all day head bad.    but thank Jesus He took care of Elbert & I.

Tue. June 8. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ War new is bad.   & they’er having big fire in wooded airer 5000 acers & in Detroit department, fire,   wind 60 miles & hour in Canada fire,    Elbert went to Huron & they filled a big 25 lb. paint bucket full of perch,    he stopped & gave Rue Sarr a big pan full & he had called Mrs. Keegan & she & Marrian came for supper,    he called Nellie & she, Ella Jane & George came out,    we had just finished supper & they didn’t want to eat,   they brought some cream & waffers & we all ate cream except Mrs. Keegan    she said she was to full of fish & she brought 2 qts. of cream “cheery” it was good.    I hadn’t eat much & it just fit me tomie.   Nellie had a terrible cold, could hardly talk,    Ella Jane was just getting over her cold;   Bonita & Bonita Jr. & Nelson were over with Johny & Marcie & their children.

Tue. June. 8. 1954./ page 3181./ 1. egg this day./ & Nellie said she didn’t know how soon they’d be back.    she said it was so nice & quite with them gone, & they were sort of having a vacation,    I think that’s terrible,    Nellie has infection in her eyes from her cold & had on very dark glasses with red rims.    They all seem to have they’er troubles,    Elbert & Audrey thrashed me around while, he was there talking to her,    she says I put to much pressure on things I don’t be-gin to know what things.    I like to close to the Lord to suit all of them,    but, I love the Lord more than any thing in this world,    I Praise Thee Jesus Glory, Glory, to Thy Holy Name, Amen.    We sent a plate of fried fish to Sister Haslet & Joe & & a tin of biscuits brown to divide between them & some raw ones for Mrs. Keegan & Nellie had more than we had there must have been a big pan & ahalf of them,    they ate the cream & talked abit & went    & Mrs. Keegan left just before dark.    We had a letter from Audrey & she sure has a terrible time,    she wants money,    I thought she’d be wanting her money back she let us have      & she’ll want the interest to more than likely.   she wants 25.00 for the roll a way bed.    I’ll save it & give it to her when she brings it out.     & I’ll try to send her a little to catch up on the other     I really don’t like some of the things she says,    but, I’ll try to give her the money back,    she was sure she never wanted it back & said some rather harsh things because I sent some of it & now more hard things     & then wants to know what she can do for us    they all like to whip me, but Jesus Keep agood tight hold on me    Praise His Holy Name.    Oh Jesus fill me & Keep me always close to Thee Amen Amen. 

Wed. June. 9. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert got his washing most all done,    he even took of his shirt & washed it.   3 shirts & 3 suits underwear  his towel kercheif & socks & his sleepers all so,    Well, I tried to sew    didn’t get much done,    I cooked dinner & did dishes,    we sat out side for a while, he got the milk & Brodes gave him a hen & white hens don’t her    she’s a Roade Island Red.    I pray God will bless them for helping

Wed. June. 9. 1954./ page. 3182./ 0. eggs this day/ us.    I have felt so bad alday & so has Elbert    his head has been bad,    he’s taken a bath & gone to bed.    I made soup for supper.    No mail.    I only got the belt of my dress stitched & a lining in the yoke to cover the patched or pieced yoke of the out side yoke.    Well Radio says it will be 92. degrees tomorrow, so I don’t know how much I’ll get done,    We were hoping for more settled weather, but seems the Christmas Days are, as were, hot & sultry during middle of days & cold nights & now a hot night or so.    & it’s that way sort of fogy or thick hazy.    Well I can’t help thinking about Anna the old lady that stayed with mrs. Keegan,    she’s put her in a home & she don’t have much room to move around in her bed room & she’s thinking of putting Marrian in a home,   she’s so tired,    they both were hard to take care of,    the old woman wets her self & I Know it’s hard to keep dry & Marrian isn’t normal  sort of foolish & acts like a spoilt child, wanting to be on the go,    she’s an adopted child, such is life,    Partly cloudy & tonight moons in a haze.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou Will Keep always close to Thee,   made me well & strong in soul & body, Amen. 

Thurs. June. 10. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well I did my washing & got it dry & we had a thunder & lightening storm tonight & rain with fine hail in it     No mail today    & I didn’t get a letter off to Sister Haslet, but sent cards to Audrey & Miss. Clark    I want to wash wool blankets tomorrow if I can     & Id like so much to get this water fixed so I can go to Church,      I might help by going & testifying.    I pray Jesus will hear all the prayers & release me,    I’ll Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen.

Fri. June. 11. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I did get 1. cotton blanket & 3 wool blankets washed & dried    & I have 1. more heavy cotton & 3. more all wools to do yet     No mail.   Hot sun, cool breeze N. east.     & I’m sure tired    & so is Elbert    he planted seeds today,   carrots are up that he did plant    & some of the potatoes are up.    I praise Thee Jesus for helping me with the blankets & for all things.    I love Thee Jesus & Thank & Praise Thee for all my blessing. 

Sat. June. 12. 1954./ page. 3183./ 1. eggs today./ Well I was to tired to finish the other 4 blankets.    Elbert done some mowing & he killed & cleaned the hen Brodes gave him & put it on to cook late this after noon,    been a nice south breeze all afternoon & this morning    & after dark it began to thunder & lighten & it rained a very light shower, is still at it & it rained heavy showers last night & early this morn-ing,    been 92 degrees in the house,   partly cloudy    Once it poured rain last night    & the moon was shining clear & bright like when it rains & the sun shines, bright.    Well, it’s been hot & sticky,    I tried to sew on my dress & couldn’t seem to make any headway,   basted one sleeve in, had to rip belt on both sides of front & I lengthened the belt a little & trimed skirt at top a little,    then I got supper & mended my old dress,    it’s clean, for tomorrow.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus & hope I will soon be able to go to Church again. Amen.    We got our checks today & I am thankful for them. 

Sun. June. 13. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Been a nice day    Edith & Carl Wagner were here today a couple of hours & we had a good visit,    they said they would be back again, soon,     they are well, & say there boy is 6 ft. 7. inches tall & has to have all his tall & slim cloths & shoes made to order,    he been doing ofice work for the goverment & expects to be home next month.   Donald     Carl has been out of work since March & just got back Mon.    they walked around outside awhile    then left for home on 22nd St. Lorain Ohio.    Then it was getting to be a-bout 7- or 7-15-p-m.    they brought 1/2 a big watermelon    they ate & visited & walked about & then they went    Heavy due began to fall before Nellie & Ella Jane & Nelson left for home & it’s 11-p-m    moon & starlight & quite cool.   Wish I could have gone to Church & hope Eva & Annie & Marrian are O.K. & that Katherine is much better & Joe    Oh God, in Jesus Name have mercy on me & help me    Thou. are worthy & I want to be keep me close to Thee. now & forever & ever Amen & Amen. 

Mon. June. 14. 1954./ page. 3184./ 0 eggs today./ Been to hot to work,    Elbert got up quite early & got to hot trying to cultavate,    so we didn’t work    to hot to sew or write    I’m not quite so tired tonight as last night    & I do hope tomorrow, I’ll be lots better    stomach & bowel sore & so tired they ach & water run bad today    We washed the dishes,    Elbert wiped them & I took care of the rooms & cooking    I made a short cake for dinner & we have enough for tomorrow.    Well it’s getting cooled off,    looked like rain but maybe not     we had a heavy due last night & it looked white this morning.    No mail  today.   Hope all is well.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus.   for all things, in Thy Holy Name now & forever Amen.

Tue. June. 15. 1954./ 0 eggs today./ Another hot day, but has turned out cool tonigh    storm clouds gathered just before supper     we had to close up the house    we had several heavy down pours of rain,    we ate, & Elbert carried 30 buckets, large milk bucket size pails of water to the cystern,    it was raining a fine mist all that time & he got a big bucket of water for the house,    he fed hens & locked them in & lock grainery  & he had shut car windows    & grainer & the windows in the basement    & then he took a bath & went to bed.    I have read the word & tried to think it out    & now I’m going to bed.    We received cards from Mrs. Keegan & a letter from Audrey;   I truely thank God for all the many blessings & hope to be able to go to prayer meeting. Thurs. night,    hope it will be a good meeting.    I Praise Thee Jesus for the strength Thou hast given me & am trusting for a complete healing in Thy Holy Name, Glory Honour & Power belongest to Thee Amen. 

Wed. June. 16. 1954./ 0. eggs today./   Well I did my wash & house wash & 2 heavy cotton blankets & got them all dry.    it was so hot untill after supper,    we see it was getting ready to rain & it raining in showers & has cool the air untill a wrapp feels good. about the shoulders.     I helped get the meals & do the dishes,    I am terribly tired    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert some side pork, two saucage patties & some chicken gizards, liver & heart.    It’s raining 10-30-p-m.    I truly thank & Praise Thee Jesus

Wed. June 16. 1954. page. 3185./ No eggs today/ there is only one hen left but.    she seems quite well, & the henny died today.   I’m sorry she is all alone now.    Elbert spaded another patch & put in more tomatoes & they sure got soaked in tonight.    Sun is as white as a cake of ice & plenty hot through middle of the day,    Elbert’s head has been hurting him today.    The gas man came to see what was wrong with the oven    it doesn’t heat, some times, other times it’s O.K.   he tested it & it heat O.K.    he said they done that some times when they begin to get old.    So most things hesatate at times when they are growning old.    Well the man said he had a garden that keeps 4 families going & he picked 20 qts strawberries this morning,    he said the woman’s husband died that lives next door & she told him he could use the acer,    they use to use for flowers, for garden, that would keep weeds down,    so he has garden enough for 4. families & gives her all she wants,    she has a deep freeze & puts in enough for winter,    God bless them & help them to live for Thee.   The man use to but has slipped back    I Praise Thee Jesus & am stronger & make my faith stronger   I thank Thee for fixing some of the vertebras & pray Thou will fix them all & my pelvic also. 

Thurs.  June. 17. 1954./ ___ egg today./ Felt bum all day,    it got cooler & partly cloud after dinner,    Rue let Ernie out here & he was here untill 5-30-p-m      then, he said, mum must be home,    so I told him to go & see,    she was there & Ernie got his bike & came back & talked to Elbert awhile & then went back home & had Chicken noodle soup & got on his bike & came back    then he went home & came back again     Elbert was hoeing & he gave the hay fork to Ernie & he used it for a rake & pile up quite a pile of both dry & green grass,    I cut a little grass & weed around the rose bush    & I nearly fell over & Elbert helped me to the house    I had such a hard time trying to get my bowels to move.    I tried untill most 2.-a.-m. & at last Jesus help them to move, they bled,    & I didn’t work only to take care of the beds & washed dishes    & Elbert had gone to Vermilion & cashed our checks & he got the

Thurs. June. 17. 1954./ Page 3186./ 0. egg today./ the groceries ($11.64)    he paid the car bill $15.    got a money order for Wyatt & 6.30 for my tenth for Church   & $10 for the roll a way bed she wants to sell 25.00 for     & I believe it would be a good thing to have,    we might need some one to stay with us    we’re not very strong & so I thought I’d take it,    we had a card from her today.    Red McGinis & his son stopped here tonight & said Frank our brother is in the hospital for an aperation on his Knee,    he has a Siss on it, Red said,    Franise Cora Page had her operation & is home again, but not able to work yet    & he said Harvey had been in the hospital,    he didn’t know what had been wrong,    & he “Red” owns 2 cars one for Evylin & his own.    Well I hope Elbert can go see Frank,     I can’t go but I hope the rest will go to him & let him know we all love him.    Well, I sent Erinie home before dark,    I am feeling better    wish I had went to prayer meeting,     God help me that I may go to Church   I hope & pray every day & I thank Thee Jesus for the extra strength & for taking care of my bowels      & Oh I Love Thee for taking care of me always.    I washed my head & hair today but head still itches.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Fri. June 18. 1954./ 0. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today & didn’t get up untill noon,    I was dressing when Rue let Ernie out here to stay untill his mother gets home 5-30-p-m.,     he eats & drinks with us & wanders about out side & where Elbert was working, making a trench for potatoes he hopes to plant tomorrow & put a few more beet & carrot seeds in.    guess I wont get any flower seeds in    I only have a very few I hoped to get in,    but, some how I just can’t work out side any more.     I ought to do something about a house dress, 3 sisters & no one to get me dresses to wear for every day.    No mail today    been a fine day.    Elbert went to Huron, no fish,    he got his hat cap & pants he left last week to have cleaned.    It was hot during the middl of the day,   but cooled off early tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus for giving me strength & I’m trusting for a full healing, to be filled & healed, I thank & Praise Thee

Sat. June. 19. 1954./Page. 3187./1. egg today./ The one hen we have left is mourning for the other one that died & she don’t want to eat,    I’m so sorry for her.    Well, I baked 2. big tins bread biscuits & one loaf & gave Ernie the loaf,   he was here half the day,    I didn’t get much else done    it was quite hot during the middle of the day,    then the breeze was N. east, but went south tonight & got quiet cool    a blue haze started to come about 4-30-p-m. & was quite thick at dark.    Elbert worked in his garden part of the day     he got his potatoes in, & covered,    he cut weeds for awhile.    I swept my room but didn’t get Elbert’s or Kitchen done.    I baked a raspberry & a cheery pie,    my feet have just pained me terrible all day.     Oh Jesus help me to get back to church    Elbert went to Huron    got 2 dresses from mrs. Gunsenhouser,    but, I can’t wear either one of them,    they are short,    just come to the middle of the calf of my leg in front & only to bend of my Knee in the back     & sleeve “if that’s what they call them” barely cover shoulder joint & so tight you can hardly move,    Well, I don’t know what to do    I just can’t go as the rest go half necked.    I have to send them back & will have to let other things go untill I get some dressed made.    Oh Jesus please help me, help some of Thine to help me.    I love Thee Jesus & Know Thou can help me some how.    I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever Amen.

Sun. June. 20. 1954./ 0. egg today./ A fine day, mostly cloudy,  nice South breeze, & tried to rain but only dampened the grass.    it’s still quite warm, 90. degrees    Elbert’s back pains him bad,    I rubbed it with alcohol & terpo & pray God will turn him & heal him in Jesus Name,    I’m trusting he will.    I thank Him with all my heart, mine, soul & strength for His salvation, Love & mercy,  He’s truly more wonderful, than I’ll ever be able to express in word,    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.

Mon. June. 21. 1954/ __ egge today/ The poor little hen    she’s so lonesome & don’t eat as she ought to.    Been so hot today, 96 degrees.    Elbert did some work in his garden    I only did what I had to    it was to hot to sew    I tried but didn’t get much done

Mon. June. 21. 1954./ Johny’s birthday he’s 29./ Page. 3188./ No. egg today./ I thank God for all I have & if only the rest would turn to Him & could wish to be with Him     this world is so full of wickedness,    Oh Father in Heaven hear & answer our cries in Jesus Name.     I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things & pray though will help me to know & understand. 

Tue. June. 22. 1954./ ___ egg today./ Well I did my washing & part of Elbert’s & I’m sure tired.    Elbert went to Huron & took the dresses back & got 2.00 worth of food & you can’t see what you got for the money.    Well we got a nice letter from Audrey,    I had Elbert mail a card to her   one to Frank Bonney   & a letter to Rev. Wyatts,    well we received a letter from Sister Haslet & she’s been to Sunday school & Church & went back in the evening & said she over did it    I hope she will be more careful    she’s so terribly fat throught her abdoman & fat is usually more serious to deal with & to heal.    Elbert hung out part of the cloths & brought part of them in.    they all got dry except my 2 dresses.    Wish I could get the other one done.    I’ll have to try again.    Ernie was here from 1 to 5-30-p-m    Elbert worked in his garden some,    his back bone needs a going over,    he said one just shifted in back of his neck & doesn’t pain now.    We saw 16 cranes flying toward the lake tonight.    It’s been hot today, 96 degrees & it’s cooled off fast & alot tonight    wind shifted from S. west all around & is in the W. tonight.    Dr. Wyatt sent me a 1. dollar bill to test my faith,    I had the money ready & sent a money order for 5.00 & a five dollar bill & I have the money for the Church up to Huron.    & we will be short for eats before Elbert gets his check.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Love & care for all Thou doth for us,    & pray we made be found worthy in Thy sight.    Help me Jesus & be able to conquer this trouble in Jesus Name.    I give all Praise & Glory to Thee. 

Wed. June 23. 1954./ No egg today/  Been very cool today   had card from Audrey saying Joan’s baby came June 21st on Johny’s Harnish birthday.   Elbert felt to bum to work today.    Ernie was here today & I did my ironing & feel as if I’m walking in a daze for 2 days now.   Ella Jane was here for a few minutes, tired, took the 

Wed. June 23. 1954./ Page. 3189./ No. eggs today/ folks over to Lakeside Sat. 19th & she has gone to bring Bonita home in the morning,     she has to look after her compensation money then shell take Bonita back & stay Sat & Sun & then they’ll all be coming home again    Ella Jane looks so tired out.    Well Joan has a baby boy 8. lbs & __ ozs. June. 21.st. 1954.    So that ordeal is over & I pray she will have a good baby.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, & trust Thee for all things & Oh how I wish we could see how We ought to live for Thee,    Keep me close & help me to help the rest.

Thurs. June. 24. 1954./ No. egg today./ No mail today, but I sent Audrey a card.    Elbert felt so bad he went to Dr. after dinner,    he got up & washed out his cloths this morning, his sleeper Jacket & pants, 3. suits B.V.D’s. & 3 work shirts,     I did wash out all the small pieces, the other day.    he went to fish house & got enough for supper, breakfast. & dinner tomorrow & gave Brodes 8. for Keeping ours in ice box.    Ernie was here today & he gives us 50 cents for his 2 lunches & either Nescafe or Cocoa.    I was trying to sew on my dress & he talks & asks so many questions & we jpaly word games,    I spell the words backwards & he spells them for-wards & then he dings me for a story    Well I forgot to look at the clock after he said it was 4-30-p-m. & he flew off for home & when I did look it was 4-15    Elbert had his fish all dressed but 2   he did them & then went down to see if Ernie was O.K. & he was    & Clayton was mowing the weeks & Ernie was watching,    Elbert waited untill Helen came 5-30-p-m.    Clayton had gone & Helen came of 5-30-p-m.     she told Elbert she’d been to Dr. that she’s plastered with poison ivy from her hips down & felt sick    Elbert ask her to come eat fish with us but she felt to sick.    Ernie ate supper here last night & he & his mother went 10-minute walk on main highway, up to Knights to a weiner roast & they had a nice lunch & the men & boys layed out fish enough for supper & cooked potatoes & green beans fried bread & coffee.    I managed to get my two old dresses mended & only have sleeves & belt & hem 

Thurs. June. 24. 1954./ page. 3190./ No. egg today./ bottons & holes & snaps to do yet.    & hope to get it washed & ironed before Sun;    then must try to get another one started.   I’m weared tired, got up more tired than when I went to bed, and to tired to sleep tonight.    Elbert feels real bad tonight to.   I thank Thee for all our many blessing Jesus & sorry we didn’t get to prayermeeting but hope I’ll be able to go soon.    I love only Thee Jesus & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen. 

Fri. June. 25. 1954./ No egg today./ We.. it’s been quite hot today & we didn’t do much    I felt so bad I went & lay on the bed for couple hours    then got up & tried to get a little supper     after supper we sat in the car for a while,    Elbert had carried water to his garden,    there is an icy cool in the air & yet it’s so hot.    No mail, well, I thank God He cares for me & us & takes good care of.    Ella Jane came just as we were coming to the house & brought half a water melon    we ate it & she & Elbert had hot coffee    we visited a little & then she picked up her hand bag & went.    she said their house is full of fleese & she spent & hour or more doping it,    she don’t know how they could have got in.     Bonita went back with a friend this morning to Lakeside so Ella Jane was alone tonight.    she left here round 10-p-m.    I hope she will be O.K.     she looks tired out,    she will be there Sat. & Sun.    Johny will be ordained a Minister Sun. & they all want to be there,    I pray God will fill him with the Holy Ghost.

Sat, June. 26. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I was sick all night.    it thundered & lightened all night & they had some bad storms in Toledo & Sandusky & a few other small towns    & we only had a couple light showers    been partly cloudy hot but, a cool in the breeze that feels like ice.     We neither done much     I lay on the bed for a while & then Elbert got a lunch & I mended & darned & sewed a little,     still have to put hem in my dress & sew the pocket on it   then snaps button & holes, a long time since I started it over a year & then some     I have a sore spot in the lower part of the abdoman,    it feels like a sharp knife cut & pains me just terrible,   can hardly stand on my feet.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things,   May all Power & Glory, be Thine forever & ever    I wish I could be with Thee. Amen

Sun. June. 27. 1954./ Page. 3191./ No. egg today./ Well, I got up at 3-p-m.    Elbert had potatoes read to cook & a carrot    & he had been to Brodes & got the milk & fish & so he had got them on to cook    & Johny & Marcie & 2 of there Children came in from Lake Side,    Elbert gave them hot tea & milk & Marcie ate a fish & they visited awhile & had just got over the track when Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in,    they made coffee & then gave us a piece of water melon & visited awhile & drank coffee & then they started for home    Ella Jane looked tired out & Nellie looked ready to go to battle    I don’t know much about there lives.    When Nellie is tired she’s apt to argue & she seemed all up in arms, over something,    Bonita & Nelson were the ones that seemed most happy    Bonita Jr. was quite    she & George were tired.    Ella Jane had been crying to.    I hope they were better after they got home & got to bed.    Nellie says her feet & legs pain her when shes on them of late,    her neck is beginning to shrink & leave wrinkles.    We like to have them come, but it tires us alot & then I haven’t been feeling so well for a few days again.    I thought I was going to miss all the sermons on the radio, but got Rev. Ward & Rev. Buser.    Ward does my heart good.    I thank Thee Jesus we could hear them & help us to find out the things we ought to Know    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    Quite strong N. E. breeze. & so cool we had a little fire tonight 11-p-m real cool.   

Mon. June. 28. 1954./ No egg today./ planted wild Hyacinthes./ We got the picture post card. Bonita sent Sat.    & Elbert has been helping Bill Snyder re-build corner of the cow shed & Ernie was here all after noon,   he gave me 50 cents, he had 2 lunches & Elbert went up to the store to Shur’s & got bread & little piece of fresh saucage & it cost 61 cents     I’ve felt to bad to even try to work.    Elbert watered his garden & planted 2. circules of wild Hyacinths & watered them good & the pansys.    Oh Jesus fill me & help me to do Thy Holy Will.    I’m glad to give Thee the Honour & Praise Amen. 

Tue. June. 29. 1954./ No egg today./ Elbert went over to help Bill on the cow shed & everything got so dark he could hardly get across the corn field home & Ernie was here & he’s full of life    & I felt rather bum for several days, but after dinner I felt better    I drank a cup of coffee & had a cracker     & then Elbert went to Brodes & got a lb. & 1/2 of hamberg & he put a patie in a little water & I seasoned it & ate the broth & a couple more crackers & tonight I made some stew speggety corn “Mexican corn” to    when it was done I put some hamberg in it & baby lima beans green one

Tue. June. 29. 1954./ page. 3192./ No eggs today./ & seasoned it     & it tasted real good    I ate a good cupfull & couple hours later, I ate another cupfull & it hasn’t hurt me one bit,    it had been distressing me if I only drank milk    a cup of hot drink, couple bits of food,    but this for tonight it feels comfortable,    but, now Elbert feels to bad    his head got to hot,    Jesus fix his head    I don’t want him to be sick,    I thank Thee Jesus.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things   Glory to God in the Highest.    Sun’s been so hot from 10-a-m untill sun down,    while the breeze felt good, yet it has & ice cool in it & is to cool in the shade.    Ernie had coffee & bread & Jelly at noon & before he goes home at 5-15-p-m he has coffee crackers & a slice of pine apple & some juice & then he flew for home.   No letter from Audrey today.    I’ll try to write her a card to night. 

Wed. June. 30. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well I puddled along untill I washed out what few things I had   2 shirts handkercheif, & rags & dish towels & hand towels    Elbert went to Huron “& took Ernie” & got some meat, Broccoli grape fruit & lemons & his head has been heavy & bad all day    We received card from Audrey she said Joan was home & she was there to carry baby boy into the house,   it were 8. lbs. & 10. oz. & has thick brown wavy hair,    Well I hope she & her son come along good & that Martha will help her.    Audrey said, Martha & Merlini were there also & that Martha seemed rather cool,    I hope Audrey will go alone as if nothing had ever been wrong,   God help them I pray.   Been terrible hot 90 degrees here in Kitchen.    We had a thunder shower tonight,    I’m thankful & I know everything outside was, there was some hail in it   hope it didn’t do any harm.    It has cooled the air,    I noticed, already.    Elbert’s gone to bed    Ernie gave us a dollar bill & with the 50 cents from yesterday & 1.00 I gave him, Elbert got the food. 50 cents of the dollar is for tomorrow,    it help a lot.    We been having a dose of lake flies but they are about gone today.    there were lots of fuzy[?] heads last night    I thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for Thy healing   Keep me free from Satan & all his works, Amen. 

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