August 1954

Sun. Aug. 1. 1954./ Page. 3209./ No. egg today./ had blood clots in back of her legs & Dr. took them out,    she feels weak & weighs 298 lbs.  to much    she isn’t as tall as I am,    I pray God will take off all the surplus weight,    I thank Thee Jesus.    We had a nice visit & then they went home.    Joe is as thin as a shad.    She said Sister Dear was lots better.    I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise to Thee & pray Thou will continue their healing & mine & strengthen my faith & give me power in Jesus Name Amen.    They brought us 1. 1/2 doz. of eggs,    We are glad to get them    I’ll try to see they get some pay for they wouldn’t take any money.    Been partly cloudy all day & tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small & my Salvation.    I have Elbert’s back & neck bathed & he’s in bed & I’m going to mine.    The dress I made of bags, I wore today,    I cut it out over a yr ago.

Mon. Aug. 2. 1954./ No. egg today./ I ironed my 2 house dresses & my petticoat  & Elbert’s shirt.    I haven’t felt very well & I haven’t done any thing else worth while.    It’s been cloudy alday,    sun just peeked through once or twice & it got real chilly  cool tonight & we built a light fire.    the air has been damp    it tried to rain a couple of times.   still looks like rain.    Oh God, help me to Know Thee better & serve Thee more   strengthen me soul & body In Jesus Name I ask    I thank Thee and Praise Thee now & forever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 3. 1954./ No egg today./ Elbert did his washing this morning,    his neck pained him bad but he got it all done,    he had 3. shirts & 3. B. V. D’s.  1. pr. socks  1/ pr. pants.    We received a letter from Audrey,    she says when we get old we should keep right on working,    Well, we do the best we can & we don’t ask our brother sisters or nephews or neices to help us    We did ask Frank & Armond to come & fix up the toilet    Elbert wasn’t able to do things after the tornado,    they haven’t been back since,    we haven’t had any way to pay them for the couple hrs.     they put the toilet back together,     I’m more than sorry & pray God will see he is reimbersted, for what he did for us, & if we can do anything oursleves, I pray we may,    for we do want to.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for the strength Thou hast given us this day,    & pray well soon be able to go to Church again.    Been cloudy all morning but sun came out after dinner & it warmed up, not to much.    Elbert fixed a place to put the chickens, if Joe brings them    I baked 2. big tins of bread biscuits  1. small one.    Mrs. Kregg that use to preach in Amherst & VErmilion is going to preach in Vermilion each night this week.    I like to go & hear her.    I was thinking of her often of late.   Perhaps, because she was coming to Vermilion. 

Wed. Aug. 4. 1954./ page. 3210./ No. egg today./ Well, I got my washing done once more  & I thought once again, Praise God in Jesus Name I want to go to prayermeeting, if they have it,    they are having school for the children this week.  Katherine said.    Elbert has done odds & ends today.    Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children came about 7-p-m & brought a water melon & a few peaches & Ella Jane went got Ernie & he played with the boys & ate melon & played with the puppy & then out side,    Elbert Nellie & I ate & came in, for it was trying to rain,    so, we visited alittle,    They told me David Hunter died about a week ago    I had been thinking about him & had talked about him & I said I feel as if I was going to cry,    so my heart has gone out to Grace, his wife & family & his one brother & 3. sisters Alex & May    Nellie & Madiline Adam & John are gone & their mother & father,    We are all getting along in years,    Dave was 68. yrs. old Dec. 1953.    I only hope he had learned to Know Jesus    then we’ll meet again & I pray Grace & hers & Dave’s folks will learn to know Jesus.    Well it was cloudy all morning & then sun came & it was hot, but a cool in the hot air    Elbert is better & I do thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things more than I can tell, but Thou. Knowest Praise Thy Holy Name Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 5. 1954./             / We heard over the radio Wed. of a woman who has 4. girls 2 yrs. apart  each one born on Aug. 3.   What a birth-day party.   Elbert woke me a little after 10-a-m,    he was throwing up & groaning in pain,    I got up as fast as I could & he was standing on the step & bending over the pail, sweat standing like dew all over his head,    I did what I could for him     then got dressed    he went back to outside toilet    I went part way as far as well pump to see if he was O.K. & get a paile of water,    I had quite a time to get him settled, his stomach was cramping & his bowels    I gave him soda    he threw it up in about 10 minutes  washed his mouth & throat out & I got him to settle back in the big chair,    he had to set on the can & threw up in the pail    I Kept asking Jesus what I should do    I heard the Spirit say   get him into bed so I ask him to let me take his shoes off,   he did, then slipped off his pants & got into bed,    he seemed afraid,    I talked to him & prayed & then gave him 1/2 of anacin & cup of hot coffee & he slept a couple hours    then he went out back again,    I cleaned up after he went to sleep    some trip for me    I couldn’t sleep all night, I was so tired,    but, I did lay down & rested an hour or so this after noon    then, I dragged around & made soup for 

Thurs. Aug. 5. 1954./ page. 3211./ No. egg today./ our supper.    I only gave Elbert half a bowl full    he ate it all    he was so empty    I was a little anxious a-bout it,    I gave him a little olive oil before he had his soup    & he did have a few gas pains, but is better    I rubed his back & neck & greesed him & he’s in bed now.    he got up this a-m & put some wire netting over a window on the building we called the cottage where we had planned to keep a few young roosters,    I think it was our sister Mable’s birthday today.,    I received a letter today from Sister Haslet    they were coming on Sun.    I didn’t like the idea,   but, in her letter she said they’d come Sat. & that they wanted 1.50 a piece for the roosters    seems to much,    but maybe it’s O.K.    I hope there wont be very many of them & she said they were bringing some pullets we wouldn’t need to take unless we wanted to.    I pray God will help us & that He will turn Elbert to Him soon & save his soul,    Eva & Marian & Katherine & Joe & Maybe Mrs Cooley are going over to eastern part of Norwalk to a really Hallelujah meeting.    Wish so much we could have went.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Praise to Thee for allthings Amen.

Fri Aug. 6. 1954./ No egg. today./ Well, Elbert’s feeling better    he tried to do a little work hoeing & pulling weeds so he can put out the stump of the Baldwin apple tree by the path    there are alot of small trees  come up from the roots of the big tree    we thought we would try to save some to see if they would grow but the bible says in the end time a third of the trees will die & there are lots of them dying    Cleveland has been called the City of trees & the radio said a few days ago, that, over 2. thirds have died this summer,    & they have been digging them out & will replace them with new ones this Fall & the 2. big Elms are dying on this place & some of the other ones are dying.    I do believe the bi ble.    I aired the blankets today & made up the beds a gain.    No mail today.    Ernie came today & he looks so miserable & he complained of a headach,    I hope all will be well with him.    I thank & praise God & the Son & the Holy Ghost, for all the many blessing & pray I may go to church soon again.    May all praise be His now & ever more.    The air is nice, but there is an icy chill in the breeze & it’s been partly cloudy, white sun today. Amen.

Sat. Aug. 7. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, Elbert is tired,    he has done all he had to do.    Katherine  Joe came about 3 or 3-30-p-m.    they didn’t stay long,    they had 3 roosters & e. pullets abaout 3. months old    Elbert had fixed a place in old cottage    We understood there 

Sat. Aug. 7. 1954./ page 3212./ No egg today./ would be 6 or 7 roosters, but they had a change of mind & brought, the others,    we killed & dressed 2. roosters & cooked ribs, rumps & necks for supper & made a little gravy warmed up, potatoes & had some beets I cooked Fri. from our garden    & Elbert picked a doz. big nice cucumbers, I believe it was Tue.    he gave nellie & the girls 6 or 8 & Helen Sarr several & we have had 3 or 4 & there are more coming faster than we can eat them.    Well we had supper & I washed dishes & then I fried the rest of the chicken & put it in the roaster & let it simmer untill done,    So now the dishes & fry pan & tins are washed & put away (I made biscuits for supper)    & Elbert is rubed & greesed & in bed.    I felt so bad today but helped pick the chickens & cut them up & get them cooked    & I’m still feeling so bad    my arms & wrists & my head feels as if it had been thumped over my right temple & some sore spots in my left & right side & down around my blader & my hips where I set down    the flesh is sore as if some strong fingers had clamped into them & sometime my finigers feel as if they had been badly twisted    & I can hardly get up & do what I have to do.    I’m so glad God sees, Knows & hears & I pray He will help me soon, that I may be free.    Katherine wrote me a note & said they were going from Huron Church to Eastern part of Norwalk for a Hallelujah meeting,    but that there cars would full but she wished we could go in ours,    however we’re not able    & Elbert hates to try to drive,    his head feels so bad.    Well, they are going to have a big picnic dinner over there all so.    I pray God will be strong in there midst.    Haven’t heard from Sister Dear & she doesn’t come any more.    Oh God help us to live close to Thee I pray;   I thank Thee for all there prayers & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name

Sun. Aug. 8. 1954./ No eggs today./ We began to think there wasn’t anyone coming,    but, then, in come Bill & Jean & Joan & baby Randy James & Audrey & she had the rolla way bed,    I owe her 10.00 on it yet,    then I hope to get our linolium of floor covering.    I do wish I could paint the inside, so as to make it brighter for winter.    Well we visited awhile & then they went.    Joan has a nice baby short & chunky, aubrun hairs & dark eyes.   we

Sun. Aug. 8. 1954./ page. 3213./ No. eggs today./ Audrey & I didn’t get to visit very much    there were 2. linen hand-kercheifs wrapped in a little storry[?] paper & 2. crochet books.    We had a lunch & I have dishes washed & Elbert rubed & now I’m listening to a preacher from Indiana, Fort Wayne. & wishing I could be in church    & trust He will help me to get able to be there sooon,    Glory to God in the Highest   I love Thee Jesus & wish they all knew Thee, that they would be as serious about Thee as they are about earthly things.    Oh God, put a desire so strong in there hearts they will take there bible every day & scearch the scriptures & learn more about Thee, that our souls may be saved.    Been partly cloudy & tried to rain before the children went,    I would have ask them to eat with us but they were going back home & have supper for Merlin & there selves.    One of the little pullets got out & we had a time getting her in. 

Mon. Aug. 9. 1954./ No eggs today./ Well, I tried to clean a place for the rollaway bed & it tireded me out but I got it in between the dresser & old comode that had belonged to my grandma Bonney’s home    it’s over 100 yrs. old & it has lost the board off the back & the pieces on the sides, used for towels & wash rags.    Ella Jane always wanted Miss Baumgart’s little old coutch, so one day she gave it to me & I told Ella Jane she could have it, it matches my black walnut chairs & little rocker,    she has the dresser that had been Aunt Nellie Mastins     When she died Van gave it to me    I left My sister Nellie Bell Bonney Harnish take it to use & when I ask for it she was nasty about it & didn’t want to give it up, so I felt God Knew & so, I never ask for it again,    she’s like our dad in that respect, selfish, greedy & longs for style ease & luxier.    Well the cautch or lounge has been set here for a couple or 3 yrs or more, since before Miss Baumgart died & she didn’t know what to do with it, so Joan said she’d like to have it.    Then Ella Jane came last week & said she still wants it but if she don’t get it this week Joan will get it.    It’s been rather cool most of the day   hot during middle of the day   cool S. west breeze today.   No. mail worth while.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got the most of the grocieres & some fresh & salt meat & I went with him up to Brodes tonight,    Elbert ask her to put the meat in the ice box & she did, God bless her. 

Mon. Aug. 9. 1954./ page. 3214./ No. egg today/ Oh I thank & Praise God my Heaven-ly Father, Jesus my Savior & Phyican & the Holy Ghost  that They are & ever will be,   I love Thee & pray all Honour Power & Glory be Thine forever & ever,    I thank Thee for my healings & for this one & pray for a stronger faith in Thee, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 10. 1954./ No. egg today./ No mail worth while.   I mended 1. shirts of mine & 1 suit B’.V’.D’s. & cooked the supper.    Elbert tried to split the old apple tree stump out of the ground    The wind has a cold chill in it & it’s tried to rain & wind went N. West & it’s quite cool tonight.    radio says wind’s to blow 25 miles & hour tonight & will be 55 degrees  quite cool before morning.    I have Elbert rubed & he’s in bed.    Oh God of Love & Mercy help me I pray & I do try always to give Thee all Praise & Glory. Amen    We had Ernie all after noon & he came back & ate supper with us & I gave him a little jar of soup for his mother.   

Wed. Aug. 11. 1954/ No. egg today./ Well I finished mending the 2 shirts    my eyes seem so weak & the water runs so free    I know Jesus sees & hears & Knows my condition    I’m standing on his promises & believing He will heal me soon,   I’m trusting & believing He will   Glory to God & Honour & Power I thank Thee Jesus, & give Thee all the Glory & Praise, Amen.    Ernie was here this afternoon untill 5-30-p-m.    Strong wind all day    lots of fast moving clouds,    We had a light fire as it is so cool/ 

Thurs. Aug. 12. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, I did my washing & 2 cotton blankets.    tired Oh I’m so tired but not as bad as I’ve been some times.    I was only half done when Sister Haslet came in & we were both so happy to talk about all things & try to find the best way out,    she took Eva’s pocket book & Elbert gave her 3. cucumbers,    she brought 3 or 4 children to Huron to bible study at the church   & she may be here tomor-row.    Well, I finished the washing,    Elbert chased the Spang bake wagon or car up on the main highway & got bread, cookies & doughnuts & he stopped at store & got some fresh saucage & we had it for supper    then Ernie came in & brought me 6 nice green peppers & I gave him 2. saucage sandwitches,    he said he just loved them    I don’t believe he gets enough to eat,    Well we had the supper about halve eat when Frank & his son Armond came in from Lorain to go wood chuck hunting    they talked a few minutes & went     then they came in & talked awhile & started home at dark, no chuckes.   Franks knee doesn’t bother him he says.

Thurs. Aug. 12. 1954./ page. 3215./ No egg today./ He also says his garden isn’t much good this year.    Armond is living in the old home place.   & he help his dad a lot with boats & the work,   they dock about 57 boats  launches small & large, some so nice you have to take your shoes off to walk around on deck,  Armond said he’d rather have an old fish boat or any way something he could walk on & not worry about scratching,   his dad (my youngest brother) & I use to get in the flat bottom (old No. 3) & I’d hold out my full skirt   stick a paddle in the sculling socket & sail from the bend down home,    he was about 8. yrs. old,    I helped him make a sail out of burlap bags,   it was on a pole & not very safe as we couldn’t raise it up or down on the pole   wind was blowing agale one day & we went up to the bend   got wet turning around & had to pull boat on bank  drain water out   then put sail in    & when we got half way back wind lifted it out & dropped it in the river    Frank wanted to try to grab it, but I said no.   he was so worried,   thought we would loose it, but I told him it would float & I’d get it, but he was to do as I told him for I couldn’t swim; so since we neither one could swim    we had to be very careful & he had promised to do as I told him so he did & I re-treived the sail,   mother was standing in the Kitchen door wringing her hands so I told Frank to stand up & be carefull not to fall & then set down a-gain, so ma could see him    for I knew she thought it was Frank I was trying to get out the water but when she saw him she knew it was the sail,    I told him I could get the stick back in the hole,    I’d hold my skirt out,    he was happy then & we all most flew    the spray soaked us    I put my skirt down before we got to close to the dock & skulled in along side with out even bumping the dock & little brother said Onger [the name Frank called Elinor] that was just swell   do you think I can do as well someday?   I told him sure he could in a few yrs. more   he was 9 or 10 yrs old before he called me Elinor    I loved my brothers & sisters dearly, but they have changed over the years.    I pray they will know the Lord before He comes, God help us. 

Thurs. Aug. 12. 1954./ page. 3216./ No egg today/ I ask in Jesus Name.    I thank Thee & give all the praise & Glory to Thee for all things for ever & & ever Amen.    I pray Thou will rebuke that dumb Spirit in Marian & keep her covered with Thy blood    make her Thine in Spirit & Truth, I thank Thee Jesus, & Keep Eva close to Thee, strengthen her soul & body, heart & mind   I’ll give Thee the Praise & Glory now & ever more, Amen & Amen.    It’s been a windy day partly cloudy    was the same last night    wind whipping around most N. West & east.    Elbert has been trying to work,   he has a cold in glands of throat.    it’s better but he’s so tired, he’s tired through his stomach tonight & it don’t want to take care of his supper.    Well he’s planing on going to Huron tomorrow & cash checks.   

Fri. Aug. 13. 1954./ No egg today./ Well I cut the bottom of the boughten dress & got the facing basted on ready to stitch.   Ernie was hear all after noon & came back after supper & then he helped Elbert water the garden & went home on his bycle,    he cought a grasshopper and took it & a few small carrots home,   he had hopper in a glass jar & put it & carrots in a bag,    he’s so happy to be here with Elbert out doors,    hope he will learn to Know Jesus.    Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in,    they went up & got cream & came back & all had cream & crackers & visited a while    Jimmy’s wife “Hazel” is in hospital    she been studying to hard to be a practical nurse   she’s in St. Joseph’s in Lorain;    Mrs. Baldwin seems worse again.    & they were telling about the O’Neil Store,   said there were at least 2 thousand cars in the parking lot & they wished we could see.    It tires me so to do the least little bit out side my usual duties.    I’d like to be in Church Oh, so much.     I was out side twice today,    it’s been a nice day, tempture drops to 50 degrees most every night & will tonight.    ELbert twisted his back & it is hurting him to-Night    I rubed his back good tonight & he’s sleeping hard.    He was up to Huron & hoped for a few fish, no luck,    he got a little lunch meat & had everything started for dinner    he got pork & liver & he fried it;    we had soup for supper “Liptons dry” makes 2 dishes of soup, one package;    Elbert got my glasses fixed, today & he got the 10.00 money order for Audrey,    I’ll have the bed paid for now & I have to send 5.00 to Wyatt & 5.00 to Huron church  10.00 for gass & 24.00 for food & not any thing for

Fri. Aug. 13. 1954/page. 3217./ No. egg today./ clothes.   Elbert gave the girls some cucumbers & the vines are drying up,   they should have been watered Last night,    I hope they will come back to life & give ore cucks.    Well we have a full clear moon & most as light as day outside.    Bonita only worked a week & 2 days & is layed off again,   her children are growing & getting tall, most as tall as there mother.    Nellie says she’s going to teach Kindergarden school this Fall, half days. & tuter one boy at home.    Wish I was more able bodied.    I pray & thank God for the strength he does give me Glory to his holy name. Amen.   Getting cool    got to go to bed. 

Sat. Aug. 14. 1954./ No egg today/ Been a cloudy rainy day    the sun peep through once & it was raining a steady shower,    I rested a few hrs. this morning.    Elbert got damp & his neck seems to be worse today,    I pray he will turn to God & get converted & healed    he’s been a hard working Kind hearted man doing good for all he could & some who have seemed to hate him & he wants to have a good place before it’s to late,    Ernie was here for a while today.   came on his bycykle bicycle    he likes to come & we like to have him.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things for my healing & trust Thou will keep me covered with Thy Blood & close to Thee Amen.   It’s thundering & lightening hard, but not as much rain. 

Sun. Aug. 15. 1954./ No egg today./ It sure rained    the tub was full that set under the grainery eves & kept at it untill almost morning then it cleared up, been clear or partly cloudy, sunset like ball of ice, thundered tonight & looks like rain & it did give us a light shower,    then Nellie, Ella Jane & Bonita & 3 children came,    they didn’t stay long & went back home.    Bonita has to go to the employment office & Ella Jane has to work.    & she looks tired out    We have just sit around all day.   it’s been so hot.    Ernie told us his dad has 2 sets of hand cuffs for big & small wrists & a star & that the cuffs are locked & his father is going to try to get keys for them.    No what sort of trouble is this, I am wondering. & hope it wont be grivus    God help me, in Jesus Name I ask & please help me soon. 

Mon. Aug. 16. 1954./ page. 3218./ No. eggs today/   I hope Elbert doesn’t have any-thing to do about it, or that he does-n’t know anything about it if he is a depty in the plant Otis Steel where he says he “Rue” works    I wouldn’t think he’d alowed to take the police badge or hand cuffs home.    Well, Rue didn’t work today.     Elbert got up & washed out most of his cloths & hung them up when he went to Huron    got some meat for soup & two little chopped steaks;    I had just got his washing in & windows shut when he drove in & the wind had broke    I tried to help him in & he was very curt & told me to get out of his way     he had a pail of fish & a bag of corn & the meat,     I don’t know where his mind was    the wind was terrible, he got the door shut & barred & came in & washed his face & hand & looked rather queer,    he walked around & looked at the storm & then started to get dinner,    I ask him not to light the gas & he said he guessed it would be better not to but in a couple of minutes he lit the burners & started dinner & he still didn’t act like himself,    his norstrels extended & white around his nose & mouth & so nervous he couldn’t stand still,    maybe I’ve said to much about what I’d like to do any guy that tried or did get into my room,    I was so sick “that was quite a while ago”  I dressed then lay down on the bed,    I dosed off & began to strangle & fought to get up & he was holding something under my nose,    he said he guessed he got as much as I did, but opened the window at my demand & said, I’d better lay down,   I might fall,    I don’t know how he or any one else could get into my room    I lock the door & put the bolt on & tie the bolt,   the screen is nailed in sides & bottom but I see one side of frame is cracked & I don’t know when that was done,    every once in a while I have big finger marks black & blue on my arms & something on my legs & hypo needle marks on arms or body & just a short time ago my hands & wrists were so sore & lame & it looked as if my wrists had been bound with fish cord,  such as he has here, off from fish nets & the prints stayed on my wrists & black & blue marks for 3 days.    God help me to know what to do if there was only some one I could trust to help me. 

Mon. Aug. 16. 1954./ Page. 3219/ No egg. today./ It rained in torents & wind blew terrible,    it’s cooler to-night.     I got the dress faced & his sleeper pants patched & I patched my petticoat & sewed the sleeves in the patch demim jack I was making    he tried it on    it’s O.K.    I have to put color on it    hem sleeves & bottom & put buttons & holes & it will be done.    Oh, I forgot the pockets but I can do them.    Oh, God either turn him to Thee soon or shew me What to do.    I received return on the dress I sent back to Lane Bryant’s today.    I Praise & thank Thee Jesus for all things & believe Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 17. 1954./ No egg today./ Been a fine day,    it rained so hard early this morning & then was mostly cloudy & not to hot    Rev & Mrs. Dear & Naomie came in just after supper,    they didn’t stay very long, for they were taking care of the young folk’s meeting & had to get back to church    We had a nice Visit & prayer & then they were on there way aagain.    I was out in the yard again today    Elbert sawed off some limbs the wind broke off the other night- when the wind blew so hard & a couple that had been broke last year,    Elbert got a bad spell & shook,   so after he got off the ladder, but he put the ladder a-way & came in & had a cup of coffee & rested a few minutes & then, “Ernie was here all after noon    he & Ernie cleaned up the mess & he came in & felt satisfied to rest    Ernie went home 5-30-p-m.    he came back While Ministers were here & went before they left    & came back after they had gone,    they had 91 children to bible study classes & had picnic lunches in the park,   I thank THee Jesus for Thy love & for the love of those in the Church & after 15 or 20 minutes, Preachers & Ernie were gone,  in came Mrs. Keegan & Marian  Mrs. Cooley & Mrs. Mc.Nutt & Mrs Cooley read us some verses she had written through the inspiration of the Sppirit    we had a good visit & prayer & testimonies,    they ate cold fish & we made hot

Tue. Aug. 17. 1954./ page. 3220./ No egg today./ coffee for them & they had a lunch some where & brought us a bowl of salid,    it was good  had ripe green grapes in it    they brought buns & lunch meat & hard boiled eggs lettuce & carrots    I gave carrots & lettuce back & should have given buns,     but, forgot them   we did give cucumbers to Rev’s Dear’s & each of the others & a green pepper to each & I’m sorry I forgot buns but pray God will bless them with all they need,    I thank Thee Jesus & for all things & for blessing me with there company.    I pray they will come again soon & that we can pray & be blesse of Thee, Jesus, Glory to thy name.    It’s real cool again tonight & looks like rain     the rain had little clear pieces of ice in it last night.    Oh God I do thank & Praise Thee in Jesus Name Amen.

Wed. Aug. 18. 1954./ No egg today./ Sister Dear gave me Alberta Faith’s picture Tue.    I was so tired & felt bad all day.    I rejoiced while doing the dishes & then read a little & went to bed.    Today I washed out all I had to wash & was plenty tired.    Elbert has done a few odds & ends & he walks around & sighs.   Ernie says his father is getting the Keys to the handcuffs today    & I said what in the world does he want with them & what’s he going to do with them.    & he said with a chock in his voice that, his dad said, if he didn’t do as his father told him he was going to fasten him hands & feet to the bed,    it has appeared for a long time as if he did things to his grand daughter who is 11. yrs. old & his son who is 8. yrs. old.    Dolly stays with them & goes to school with Ernie.    Oh God help me to Know what to do & how in Jesus Holy Name,   help me soon I pray..    Rained in light showers till after noon then cleared off    I dried a few things out side.     Elbert don’t act as if he’s all there.    The marks are still on my arms where the fish cord was around them & my right leg just above my ankle,    Oh God, help me soon, E. walks so soft about the Kitchen you can hardly hear him.   I’m so thourghly discusted with him & he acts queer toward me & why?    Ernie went home at 6-p-m & came back on his bick & went home just before dark    I sent some flowers to his mother & I know she’s afraid to talk    she’s so nervous her eyelids jirk steady.    We need a good Dick one that keep his tongue & one who’s quick to see & hear.    Elbert’s glum & gone to bed.  

Thurs. Aug. 19. 1954./ page. 3221./ No. eggs today./ It thundered & lightened & sounded bad, but, no rain yet. at 11-30-p-m.  Wed. night.    Now it sure did rain before day light & light showers after that     I have not done much today,     Elbert cut the flax & weeds in the back yard & we found a bug such as I have never seen before    & Elbert said he had never seen one like either olive green on top & pinkish under neath long flat body    a queer short piece for neck & a long flat head,    had long legs simeral to “Caty Did” & the winds were long,   it jumped like a grass hopper & could fly.    Ernie was here all after noon & then came back & had supper with us & stayed untill all most dark,    he had a bad bruse on his cheek bone on right side & for to days looked as if he had cried his eyes most out.    Elbert has been acting queer & told Ernie he’d have to learn to keep his mouth shut.    My right arm up near my shoulder has pained me as if it had been tied & pains me clear out into my shoulder and across to left. blade,   I feel as if I’d been raped  I started to menistrate & I’m bloated & feel sore & my temper is so hot,    I’d like to whip the day lights half out of who ever dopes & then tortures me,    my head has felt so bad, & my nose feels as if it would bleed all day.    Elbert has been glum & doesn’t talk any more than he has to    in other words he isn’t sociable    he hasn’t felt very well, but he usually talks to me.    Well, no mail,    I do owe some cards & a letter to Audrey. & her money order.    Inez hasn’t answered my card yet.    We thought the girls would be here tonight, but they didn’t come.    Been mostly cloudy, hot this after noon & cool tonight    Winds been all the way around today.    I thank & praised God,    He takes care of us & I pray He will send the wimen- to me as often as they can come    I hope & pray I’m not doing anything wrong,   God knows my heart & wills is to do what soever He would have me to do.    I love & trust Thou will teach me & help me to understand & do Thy Will now & ever more & help me to know how to help myself.  

Fri. Aug. 20. 1954./ page. 3222./ No egg. today/ Elbert say he still feels shaky,    I don’t think he ought to climb up the ladder & saw off limbs,    He’s mowed the phlax off in back yard & carried it over the hill    Ernie was here all after noon & went home quarter to six P-m & came back & ate with us,    he said his mother might give him a lunch before he went to bed.    Well I didn’t write any cards,  so, no, mail.    I ought to bake & iron tomorrow but I don’t know as I can, for my feet hurt me so bad these last few days,     Been mostly cloudy & not to warm    Elbert don’t feel very good & talked to me about how he felt today.    I was out in the yard for a little while stumbling around trying to show Elbert what to cut & what not to cut,    the back yard needs to be cleaned up.    clouded up tonight.    I do thank Thee & give all praise to Thee    Keep me close to Thee, Amen,

Sat. Aug. 21. 1954./ No eggs today./ Elbert has felt bum but done a few things & was up to Huron & got 14. bullheads    he clean them salted & fried them & ate some for supper.    I fixed the potatoes & he did the rest.    I washed the dishes & I got 3 letters ready to go Mon. & hope to get a few more ready & some cards,    I’m sending one to Wings of Healing 5.00   one to Audrey 10.00  & one to Slim handstitcher California 2.95  & one to Lane Bryant to get my 4.94 back  one card to Miss Clark.  & one to Mrs. Goll. & one to Mrs. Keegan & Mrs. Haslett & I’d like to write to Mrs Cooley but don’t have her address & One to the Rev. Dear’s. & several more when I can get at them.    Been partly cloudy cool breeze N. East. 80 degrees.    Sounds like a rat in the basement & Elbert got up & went down & set the trap    he was in the Dry good Store & looking for pajama cloth,   his are going all to pieces.    I thank Father, Son & Holy Ghost for keeping & guiding me.    I Praise & love Thee Jesus help me to understand.    I gave all Praise & Honour & Glory to Thee Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 22. 1954./ No egg today./ Wrote card to Audrey, Miss Clark & Christy Rubber Co.    been a fine day, N. east wind.    NO one came near today.    Well, I hope some one will come this week,    we are so lone-some when no one comes     I ought to wash tomorrow if I can    the water has been running lot to free for the last 3 or 4 day    I know God is able, but the people do the judging, help us to lean stronger on Thee  Jesus. I am still trusting & believing,   help me Jesus, I pray & help Mrs. Cooley to come soon again.    I need a true friend here. 

Sun. Aug. 22. 1954./ Page. 3223./ No. egg today./ I thank & praise Father, Son & holy Ghost for all things, now and forever & ever Amen    & I long to go to Church & pray God will help those who are filled with the Holy Ghost to be strong & to be able to help in His work in the Church,    be with the Ministers & help them do & speak as Thou would have them to do & all the rest of us.    Help us all to give Thee the Honour & Praise, Glory, Amen.  

Mon. Aug. 23. 1954./ No. egg today./  Been to hot 92 degrees today to work.    so we didn’t do much    I do hope to do some washing in the morning.    No mail of any account.    Elbert gave the postman the cards to mail. but the letters I hope to mail in Vermilion    I have to see Mrs. Day’s daughter gets a dollar.    I wasn’t able to send it last month.    I hope I can write a few lines & send with the dollar money order.    Wasn’t hardly any breeze today.    Partly cloudy to day    Wind S. & a little west tonight.    I thank & praise God for all my many blessings & healings & trust I may be free to worship at Church, help me Jesus I pray,    I’ll be sure to give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever, Glory, Amen.  

Tue. Aug. 24. 1954./ No egg today./ I did my washing    got it dry all but the rags   Been 91 degrees, but a little breeze all day & before Ernie went home came up a storm with lots of wind,    but did no harm as far as we know    Ernie ran home between storms,   he had lunch at 3-p-m & supper at 6-p-m.   he brings us 50 cents a day & it helps us some,    We had a beautiful rainbow a half round & colors all the way over & a reflection all way round.    & just at dark Ella Jane, Bonita & 2 of her children & Bonney Bell & her 5 children came in for a little visit    Joe is working & he stayed home to take a rest & Nellie & Nelson stayed home,    he has a cold & the children tire Nellie & hot weather is all most to much for her.    Pinky seemed to have a touch of cold & its to much excitement with all the children,    the eldest one starts to school this Fall & the second one Kinder garden for half a day    then she will have 3 at home.    Bonney Bell is looking only her face is thiner    been 2 yrs or so since she was here.    We enjoyed there visit. 

Tue. Aug. 24. 1954./ Page. 3224./ I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee & am still trusting & believing Thou will help me to Praise Thee in Spirit & help Eva & Mrs. Cooley Katherine & Mrs. Mc Nut to come back & pray & receive a stronger faith in Thee  & to help in Thy work more in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee & Praise Thee Glory to God in the Highest Now & forever more.    Cool S. west breeze tonight    last night we had doors & windows open & it was to hot    tonight we have them shut & not to warm.   Oh, Jesus is coming soon & my heart greives for the many.   aired all lmy bedding today.

Wed. Aug. 25. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well I baked white & brown bread biscuits & 1. loaf.      Elbert has been filling up barrel & tubs with water     it rained last night & been partly cloudy all morning    hung the rags out with Elbert’s help,   sun was hot but air so damp they only dried half,  so hung them in side.   aired night cloths & pillows, & I made a peach pie & two schells for lemon pies.    rained hard & hailed before dark wind blew so hard & it hailed before dark    wind blew so hard & it thundered & lightened terribly hard.    Hellen just about had time to get home before the wind began to blow & We got Ernie started home, so he got there to same time his ma got there,     I was glad for it was a hard storm & the rain just came down untill we couldn’t see the trees or rail road tracks    We had a card from Audrey today.    Now it’s cool after the rain    I hope we can scrub the rugs soon    We need soap powder,    think I’ll try to iron tomorrow    Elbert plans on going to Vermilion for food supplies.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing in Thee & thank & Praise Thee for my healings & this one    May all Glory be Thine forever Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 26. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I finished darning Elbert’s socks & mended my old dress & ironed 3. shirts 2 dresses & one peticoat & hunted for a piece of goods I had started to make a night gown out of    & didn’t find it so will have to look again.    night gown’s gone fore & aft,     The little old man came today & he look well & said he came through a little place I can’t remember the name    & he said the wind picked him off the rail road & set him down at least 40 ft. from where he’d been & he

Thurs. Aug. 26. 1954./ page. 3225./ No. egg today./ was & lost his little suit case & it sure looked badly banged up    & he had a can of coffee in it & the cover was loose & leaking all over every thing    We tried to get him to take the stuff all out & Elbert would try to fix it together a little but he didn’t want to & acted as if he was still in a daze,    he rested for a while    I gave him another can of coffee & some bread & he went on his way,    he’s just skin & bones.    Ernie came & was here untill 5-30-p-m.    We had dinner, after the old man left    I ask him to stay & eat,    but he went on    thought it was going to rain & he wanted to get to Vermilion    Elbert went early to Vermilion & got 24.00 worth of food & paid light bill & said he didn’t have enough money to get the meat & there were several things he didn’t get at the store,    he don’t act as if he’s all there & stays outside by himself & looks as if he was studying about something.    Well, I praise God for all our blessings in Jesus Name & hope all is well.    Been cloudy & damp out side & in.    I Praise Thee Jesus.    They had earth quakes in 3 places in California to-day & Plaine crashes yesterday & today & Florida was making ready for syclone,    they figured 100 mile wind & the have had tornadoes in several places around here. 

Fri. Aug. 27. 1954./ No. egg today./ Oh I washed out what dirty cloths, I had     & Elbert washed out his small pieces,    he only has his B.V.D’s & work shirts & pants to wash    & he has an old coat to wash.    Well, I’m tired.    Ernie was here untill quarter to six,    Elbert went to Huron & got 17 perch all scaled    he clean out the insides cut off the heads & washed & salted them & fried them (at 12-30-noon)    Well I’ll have to see about making our night cloths,    Elberts jacket & pants are done fore & the skirt of my gown. & then my dresses.    Rained 2 good showers early this morning between 3 & 5-a-m.     sun shone most of the day & starlight tonight & cool now    I got a letter from krisie Rubber Co.  they failed to answer my questions    Well they want me to sell there products.    Wish I could.   Good 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1954./ Page. 3226./ No. egg today./ I thank Thee Jesus more than I can tell for taking those sore spots out of the lower part of my abdoman,     Oh, how much I thank Thee & praise Thee, Jesus, blessed, Pure, Clean & Holy,    I don’t know how to thank & praise Thee in words, but Thou Knowest my heart,    I love only Thee.   Amen & Amen.  

Sat. Aug. 27. 1954/ No. eggs today./ Been punk all day   feel as if I’d had an over dose of sleeping powder& my left eye feels as if the eye ball had been pushed nearly out the socket & so sore I can hardly see out of it    the right side of my head is sore as if it had been pressed to the left & pains where it had been fractured,    I’ve been feeling drunk all day,    it’s terrible.    Elbert did his washing this morning    his pajamas are so badly torn, & so is my nightgown.    Henery & Inez was here for half hour or so,    her mothers been with her,     she was only home “with Hilda taking care of her” for 3. weeks    then she went back to Inez & only got back to her own home last week,    she had gained 3. lbs. & wanted to go home & is feeling quite happy again.    but I wonder when she’s alone & no one to wait on her, how long her 3. lbs. will last God help us I pray,    Only 2. cards this week 1 from Audrey & one from Miss. Lida Clark,    she’s staying with her brother in Broadway Ohio.    Cool N. east breeze   air is damp, sun was hot from 11-a-m to 4-p-m.    Clayton Brode gave us 11. bags of small potatoes & Elbert cleaned S. west corner of basement & put in a platform & put bags on it.    I suppose Bonney Bell will be going home tomor-row,    I don’t know if Nellie will be here with the girls & 3. grandchildren or not.    Oh God of Love & Mercy keep me close to Thee in Jesus Name I ask    I thank Thee for my healings, & for taking away the sore spots & all the other things, help me to know & understand better.    I Praise & thank Thee forever & ever, Amen & Amen.   

Sun. Aug. 29. 1954.[this is out of sequence, maybe fixing one in july]/No. egg today./ No one came today & we been here a-lone,    Well, we listened to sermons all day & wished I were in church. & that I could visit with Mrs. Cooley & learn a few things more that she Knows that I don’t.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things, great or small.    I thank Thee for strength & that I can still walk & do the most necessary things.    Oh, Jesus help me quick, and fill me & heal me & take care of Elbert & all my brothers & sisters, nephews, Neices, Cousins & all there families.    May all Glory & Praise be Thine, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 30. 1954./ Page. 3227./ No. eggs today./ WE got tank gas. Aug. 28./ We neither have felt able to work    Elbert has kept busy most of the day     he covered up the building blocks    & can’t keep track of them now, they are half gone    I hunted for a pr of tennis pants for Elbert that I had cut out ready to sew together    now I can’t find them,    I found the night gown I cut out for myself.    & it’s queer    what could have become of those pajama pants.    Well, it tires me out to hunt for things    looks as if he’ll have to buy some goods, for his jacket is so badly torn in the back & my gown is thin or thread bear & tares so easy.    I haven’t felt good    my stomach is sore    I just can’t understand    that’s the way I feel if I alow myself to sleep & I can’t stay awake all the time.    Jesus heard my cry for help when Dan O’Neil was putting poisen in Frank’s coffee    & I have ask him to show me What’s going on now,    but no answer yet    God help me in Jesus Name I ask,   I’ll give Thee the Glory & Praise Thee  Amen.   we re-ceived card & note from Mrs. Hastlet & Joe,    she is having soreness in the insision spelt wrong,    hurt her to set behind car wheel & drive,     she said she hadn’t told Joe.    The card had a nice little wish.    If wishes were flowers, They’d blossom & bloom, To, gladden your hours and brighten your room.    Been partly cloudy N. east wind that whipped around for several hours before dark & the sky was terrible,    it poured rain several times & I do thank Thee Jesus for the rain I ask for & the pertection Thou gave us from those wind clouds hanging low & taking so menising, Wind’s still N. east & blows in strong puffs.    I Praise Thee Jesus & trust for Thy care tonight & for Your help in solving my troubles & for the love & friendship of Eva & Katherine.

Tue. Aug. 31. 1954./ No. egg today./ No one came today, 1. letter from Audrey & she said she received the $10.00 I sent & that makes $30.00 for the roll a way bed & she said I could have it for. 25.00,   she said she was going to use it to pay her hospitalization,    Well, she don’t work steady & what are people going to do when there isn’t work & they can’t pay bills or eat & there are several HurryCanes that Have come in from the ocean & Boston & New York & several other places have been terribly shook up & over 200 cottages washed away    I think that was on Long Island & there’s another one making near some Islands    I didn’t hear plain.    Wind has been puffy N. East & N. West & we have a fire in heaterola yes-terday & last night & today,    no rain today, but sky has been threating.    Many things are happening & Jesus said, that when these come to pass to Know the end is near & believe.    Oh God I love Thee & pray for the infilling of the Holy Ghost,   May all Glory be Thine now & forever more, Hallelujah, Glory to God in Jesus Name.

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