September 1954

Wed. Sept. 1. 1954./ page. 3228./ No. egg today/ Been a nice day partly cloudy   it clearned all off last night & heavy dew & quite cool last night & another heavy dew tonight & starlight & we saw the new moon, a west moon.    Last night before dark we watched the sky from suppertime untill dar,    looked like a nother tornado,     To day, Elbert went to Huron & heard the wind dipped down passed Shinrock way & tore out trees & took a big hen house that belonged to a Mr. Johnson & 2.50 laying hens & ripped things up all a-round, killing the hens & Spippy Shoe said it up rooted several of his trees    that’s only 1/2 mile or so from here,    it sure looked bad,    I thank God in Jesus Name He spared us & am trusting He will take care of us in the future    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things,    May God be blessed for ever & ever Amen.    Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children came & got 3 baskets of potatoe, cucumber peppers & little water melons & 6. nice sized pike    They broug us y. string beans & grapes    they were thinking of going to Seville yet, tonight, to get there mother.    they had come here from Bay village where they had been to see Hazel Harnish at hospital    she has only been home a week from there,    it a mental condition    God help us.   I gave the children some bread,    they like it so much.

Thurs. Sept. 2. 1954./ No egg today./ Well, I washed today,    there was such a strong puffy wind from the south cloths dried so fast    hot sun, partly cloudy & looked bad before dark & it’s 9-30-p.m. & lighten-ing & thundering yet only light sprinkling of rain so fare,    Elbert hasn’t felt very good today,    he sawed up some wood out in the back & done odds & ends    carried water for me & hung up cloths & brought them in.    They are having bad storms all over,    I wonder Why people don’t think about there souls.    No mail from any one,   DeHaans book came & a letter from Dollila card Co.     I hope to stitch up Elberts pajims tomorrow    I got them cut out yesterday. & I do thank God im in Jesus Name for all things, Amen.    I wish I could have gone to prayermeeting

Thurs. Sept. 2. 1954./ page. 3229./ No. egg today./ Well, the storm was bad all around us but we thank God, he broke it up & some time before 2-a-m.     after that I slept alittle.    Sky all clear & wind died out & we have a heavy dew,    I thank Thee Jesus for answering prayer, Glory to God, We Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy. Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 3. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well, I got up at 10-a-m.   it’s a beautiful day Warm N. wind, went S. early then W & backed up or breeze.   then went S & west.    We hung out night cloths & the pillow    & I finished my night gown & hung it out to whip the raveling off.    got to make button holes next.     I got Elbert’s sleeper jacket & pants all most done    have to get the sleeves stitched once more & neck faced, botton & holes & the pants have to have rubber in belt & bottons & holes.    I sure am tired.   Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children were here for a little while tonight.    heavy dew again tonight    Boston’s looking for another bad storm tonight, or tomorrow.    & they say more heavy winds    I pray We wont get it to hard,    it hailed ice balls like big marbles.    the children gathered a lot & put them in the ice box.    Nellie had letter from California but, only said the Soughtons were well.   Elbert took another tumble today    scrubbed his fore arm & shook him up    he looked sick, but kept going    I don’t know what he was doing, pilling up & picking board wood    & he helped get the meals & done a lot of little things    he’s tired & feels bad,    I’ve been rubbing his back again for several night.    Hope to get another dress or two for house wear.  

Sat. Sept. 4. 1954./ No. egg today/ Well, I got the stitching done & the sewing, & aired bedding & night cloths.    & I’m to tired    Elbert didn’t get his check & no mail now untill Mon.    & he went up here by the park & run in dept for buns & some meat & he took the young man’s wife to Blue Birds Beach, so the young man cut off some on his bill,    I hope we can get along now on what we have,    I don’t like to run bills, to hard to get them paid & have to go with out more, next time      & I do feel so tired & weak from the work this week & last.    Been a nice day    Elbert’s toe is troubling him like mine did    mine is better.    I tried to cut his toe nail & put a little piece of batton under edge & corner    I hope it will help    he was limping yet tonight.    Oh God help us I pray to live Thy Will & ways    I give Thee all the Glory & Honour    there’s no One like Jesus.    I love Thee Jesus. Amen.

Sun. Sept. 5. 1954./ Page. 3230./ No. egg today./ I saw a big bird sitting on a dead willow cleaning hisself & every once in awhile he stretched his long neck & let out some loud yells,    it had a long beak & legs    Elbert thought it was a crane.    Wind about all died out before dark, but has freshened up a lot at-11-p-m. & is star & moon, light   new moon.   This was for Sat. 4. of Sept.    Now today’s Sun. Sept. 5. & Sister Haslet & her husband Joe came after dinner & ate a bowel of soup with us for supper & had a cup of coffee & went back to Church at 7-15-m.     I hope they will get home safe & I pray they have a safe trip to Graftin to visit there nephew her sisters boy,    she has just heard from him that “his mother” her. sister is in a mental hospital    she would like to go to her    she hasn’t seen her for years & she has spinal megelise [meningitis?]I haven’t spelt this right.  Mrs. Haslet wrote a letter to sister in 1933 & just received ans.     & Sister Haslet had it once & Jesus took it away     I pray her sister will turn to God & let Jesus heal her soul, heart mind & body in Jesus Name,    Mrs. Haslet tries to do to much work & isn’t as well as she might be.    Been a terrible hot day.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all mine & Elbert’s blessings Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 6. 1954./ No. egg today./ Labour Day.   Very quite around here    Elbert discovered he had a flat tire last evening & I got him to jack it up before he left it to get the weight off from it,    this morning he took it up to a man on main highway & was luckly,    got a ride up & back to end of our road & Rue took him up    a man brought him back to end of road,   & Helen brought him home & he put it back on car & went for the milk,    he ask Clayton Brode about a hen for eating & he brought 3. hen. 1.00 a piece nice heavy ones,    Elbert killed one & dressed it,    it was full of eggs    he put it on to cook & ground the breast & a thigh to.    I fixed it for meat balls & he took it to Brodes & they put it in ice box.    Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.    Been a very hot day & clouded up tonight & 11-30-p-m.    it’s thundering & lightening,    I pray it wont be a bad storm but hope we get some rain    we need the water    I did some stitching & got the bottons & hole in Elberts jack & pants & patched his old pants & am terribly tired.    I Praise God for all our blessing, Salvation & healings. & that He cares for us,    Glory Hallelujah I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. Sept. 7. 1954./ No egg today/ Elbert went to Huron & paid what he owed & the man up by the park,   he got his S. check 52.80 he said.   & he owes 4.00 in Vermilion & he paid Brodes 4.85 & I said I guessed I’d send Mrs. Brode a chicken meat ball & Elbert had to tell her.   & he said she said I shouldn’t send it   she didn’t want it,    I do wonder how 

Tue. Sept. 7. 1954./ page. 3231./ 2. eggs from B. hens./ she ment it.    Well it was so late by the time I got Elbert’s pa-jama pants, patched, last night & it thundered & lightened Oh so hard & the wind blew & took the crate by basement window clear over the hill,    it whipped the trees so hard & shook the fruit most all off    Elbert picked up 1/2 bu. or so of pears, from John’s tree, only half a tree left    even broke off the sprouts from the bottom of the trees,    it rained & then big soft snow flakes; & then it hailed & rained some more after 2-30-a-m    it stopped for a while     & then this a.m.I mended my corset while Elbert went to Huron & it poured rain,     so I thank God for the rain & the water we cought & for taking care of us.    now it’s late again tonight, for I mended a dress & washed most of the dishes,    I made button holes in my new tennis night gown & sewed buttons on it & I thank & praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name & pray for each of His & Jerulem & His Holy Mountian.

Wed. Sept. 8. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Elbert’s work at odd jobs & helped me,    I did my washing & he carried the water & hung out the cloths & brought them in     been a fine day    some clouds & thickened up tonight & wind has been blowing strong & puffy.   & still is at 11-30-p-m.    No letter from Audrey, but the corset came today from Lane Bryants today    bag was all ripped & been taped shut    what ever comes through Huron Post Office has to be snooped into.    No sewing today.    I hope we can wash blankets tomorrow     but, Elbert’s talking of going to Vermilion   pay his bill & get a few things to eat.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & give all Praise & Glory to Thee forever & ever, Amen & Amen.    N. east wind & feels like winter’s just around the Corner. 

Thurs. Sept. 9. 1954./ ___ eggs today./ I wrote cards to Audrey Mrs. Haslet & Mrs Keegan.     last night, another Hurrycane coming off Florida & it has turned quite cool tonight Sept. 8.   Well I felt so tired & wore out I couldn’t work    I swept & that was all I did today    I have those strikes around my arms & this time around my left thigh    I’ll ask Elbert to call the state police, but he hasn’t done it yet & he says he don’t know a thing about it,    I’ll find out before very long.    I believe I will.    He went to Huron & got 17 bulheads,   he cleaned & fried them all.    I don’t eat them,    he don’t act like hisself either today    & he’s been looking at himself every once in a while in the look

Thurs. Sept. 9. 1954./ Page. 3232./ 2. red hen eggs today./ glass & he said he just wondered how he looked.    When he don’t know he’s been watched he steps around as if he was full of strength like a person so angry he’d like to kick the daylights out of some one.    The wind’s been N. east damp & cool & some sun, cloudy again tonight.    The man from Sandusky Ohio Studeybaker called today,    but, we couldn’t find a way to swing a deal    he offered 185 dollars for Elbert’s car,    but, we’d have to make a down payment of 171 dollars & we can’t find a way,    if we could find some one to buy it we could have the other car.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & am standing on Thy Promises,   Help me, Jesus, I pray.

Fri. Sept. 10. 1954. 1. red hen. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a great day    Elbert got for me 6 mash bags yesterday     & today I set bread & washed the bags & am to tired.    I changed Elbert’s bed also.    He went to Vermilion for food 7 dollars at Kroger & all most as much, at the other stores &    baked 3. tins of bread biscuits  2. brown & 1. white.    The other Hurricane will swoop in  in a couple of hours & is expected to hit New York City early in the morning.    Oh God have mercy I pray.   We have raised a few of the little water mellons, Henry Fields sent them the seeds    they are good, but so full of seeds     We have had quite a few to eat     & Elbert gave Joe & Katherine some & Nellie & the children & we’ve had several    Elbert went to see Plato but he’s off on a vacation    We want to sell the building we call the cottage & exchange the money for a car & turn ours in on it    We need the car,    I pray God will make it possible    I thank Thee Jesus & trust Thou will see, we get a good car    He went to Lumber yard & they said they thought we should get 6.50, 700 or may be 800 for it.    & I trust we can,    he got 6 bags at Mill & I have them washed & ready to iron & make my nightgown skirt tomorrow if I can.    Elbert has been trying to fix a place to Keep the lumber dry.    I thank & Praise Thee for all,    help me to be worthy   May all Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 11. 1954./ 2 red hen eggs today./ Well, I’m dog tired,    I ironed those 6 mash bags,    they are quite heavy & hard to iron first time    & my petticoat & dress & trimed & sewed 2 bags & hemed one end & sewed the yoke & sleeves I had on the old gown, on the new skirt so now, I can have a whole gown tonight with out sticking out in front & back.    Been a fine day N. east wind    Elbert washed part of his cloths    they only partly dried & started

Sat. Sept. 11. 1954./ page. 3233./ 2 eggs this day./ to rain,    he had a little wood fire so fix it up & dried clothes in the house.    I helped make soup for supper    it was good made from shank meat.   we got the sticher from California this morning & our checks & I’ll have to take out 16. for Church 12.50 for cultavator & 1. for insurance, leaving me 35.50 & I’ll have to give part of that to Elbert to help pay for the food & milk.   I have a letter ready to go to Dr. Wyatt or Wings of Healing.    We have to have tax money next.    I want some shoes & a hat & to get my coat fixed & to get the floor covering & fear it gets cold weather.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Great Love Salvation & care   Glory be to Jesus & to God & the Holy Ghost.  

Sun. Sept. 12. 1954./ No. eggs to day./ Well, it’s a great day    I got up late    I didn’t sleep untill 5-a-m. before I finished my bath Katherine & Joe drove in & they brought in 2. victor record players & such a big bunch or stack of records.     I sold her my Electic hot plate & roaster for 25. dollars. & gave a tenth to Dr. Wyatt,    Elbert gave them some beets I had to wash the stove & roaster & today was Sun.    & I had told them not to bring them on Sun.    we only bargained for one graphone    I don’t know what I’ll do with them.    I hope we can keep all things straight,   she said it was Joe’s determination that brought the graphones,     Well I’ll have to be mor-determined    it seems, in the future.   God help me to be all Thine in Jesus Name, I ask,   I Praise Thee now & for-ever.    We ate a dish of soup & then Eva & Marian came   Katherine said they had talked of coming.   It’s been a nice day    Hurricane. only did a little damage around Gulf of Mexico   Hurricane broke up went back to sea.    3 planes down today We had a nice visit &    But I pray God will strengthen their faith.     Eva & Marian ate cold. lunch with us & we talke-ed of faith & strength & courage in Jesus    Eva has gall stone attacks & had a more severe one last week than she has had before,    I told her of Sister Willitts & I do hope she will try her for advice & strength.   Eva left in time for Church & I gave her my tenth for the Church,    I gave a few tax stamps to.     & I gave my tenth to Sister Dear last time & I gave Naomie a 50 cents piece with the Liberty Bell on oneside.    Oh God fill me with the holy Ghost & help me to be a blessing to Thee.    Jesus I pray Thou will see to it that I’m filled & healed & able to do more to help others come to Thee    be with mrs. Cooley & help her to be able to decide what to do about her church.    I thank Thee & praise Thee I believe Thou will help me in all the ways I need & They need.    Keep Elbert from evil & from harm I thank Thee. 

Mon. Sept. 13. 1954./ Page. 3234./ 1. eggs today./ Well we washed the 3 rugs & door pieces after Elbert got his washing done,    they all got dry except my rag rug & the old pants we us in the door.    been rather cloudy all after noon & was partly cloudy. this morning, North east Wind.   No mail,   I sorted a few records,  only about 6. out of 1 1/2. doz any good & I don’t know really about them.    I’m tired & wish I was in bed my arms are so tired, but, Praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost    I still am trusting, hoping & believing to be filled & made whole    Glory be to Jesus,    He’s all the world to me    And it’s Him I’m hoping to see    where Jesus is sea What matters Where,  Where Jesus is his heaven there,    Oh Glory be to Jesus Oh Praise Him just now    Who wore the cruel thorns upon His Blessed, brow.    Why don’t we pause & listen to the good things we’re missing    Why can’t we be still & think of Him on the cross & hill.    Oh, Jesus keep me close to Thee I pray,    They had a Cyclone in Japan today & a buss wreck 36 dead./ 

Tue. Sept 14. 1954./ No. eggs today./ I gave Elbert 15.00 out of my check & he got a money order 12.50 for the Cultivator & I made out an order 5.00 for Nellie & guess it should have been 10.00   they were right here  & I let them go with out figuring out what they said, for I’ve been feeling so bad all day      & I did out my washing    We did the rugs & things Mon.    & I’m to tired to even think but after they, had gone something bit at my heart & I began to think how queer they had acted & Now I’m frantic.    Elbert went to Lorain & got the (olive oil) & a few things to eat,    Nellie & the children came at eight oclock.    Oh God help them some how I pray, & help them to tell me so I can help them    I believe they came all the way thinking I give them bread & food.    Been mostly cloudy & real over cast this after noon, but the cloths all got dry,    I didn’t hang rags out.   rag rug isn’t quite dry.    Elbert talked to Audrey a few minutes.    he got home at 3-30-p-m. & he brought pt. of cream & I was glad, for I hadn’t eat only cup of brand & milk all day.    I thank God in Jesus Name for taking & bringing Elbert safe & helping him do all the erands,    he got 6. more bags today,   they are good & heavy.    Wind freshened up & got quite strong tonight & we had a fire last night  today & tonight    Oh I Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.

Wed. Sept. 15. 1954./ No. eggs today./ Well, its been a nice day but the wind’s been all way round.    Elbert went to Huron early & mailed 5.00 money order to Nellie & he got a big mess of fish & called Eva & she came for supper & Marian & brought us 3. cans of peaches & even 

Wed. Sept 15 1954./ Page. 3235./ No eggs today./ put 50 cents on the table for tele    -phone calls but I had Elbert put it in her perse    she’s good hearted, but we don’t want her to over do it,    we don’t ask them so they will give,    We love to have them come.    I pray God will use me, to help them,   they need help.   Well I moped my bed room & part of the Kitchen    I haven’t felt very well for several days,   such pains & misery.    It’s rained this morning.    Elbert got both tubs full & the barrel two thirds full & several pails full,    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for the rain & water I had ask for & now I ask for the Holy Ghost & to be made whole    I give Him the Praise   there’s no One like Him,    He is truly wonderful.   Glory Hallelujah I love Thee Jesus & trust Thy Will be done.   

Thurs. Sept. 16. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Been cloudy, today,    Wind all around dieing out tonight & it’s moonlight tonight.    I haven’t worked today    have felt so bad, got such a sore spot in my stomach.    No word from Nellie or the girls, or no letter from Audrey.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good either but he’s tried to saw up & old peach tree.    I thank Thee Jesus for hearing an answering pray    & I pray God will to me.  close to Jesus now & forever more,  Glory to His Presious Name. Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 17. 1954./ No. egg today./ No. letters or cards from any of our brothers, sisters or nephews & neices & we don’t know what’s wrong.    So we just have to wait,  no telling how long.    I pray Dear Jesus that Thou will help us to know tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus.    Been mostly cloudy, not much breeze,   been all around.    Elbert went to Huron got a nice big mess of fish & cleaned them & I had potatoes & cauliflour ready to cook & I cleaned beet greens & cooked them for dinner,    I been sick for several days & all last night & today,    so didn’t eat untill tonight    I feel so weak & miserable,   but trust to feel better tomorrow.    Keep me Jesus close to Thee.    I got a box of cards sent to me from a blind school   Christmas Cards.    I have to send them back or send $1.00 so I’ll send. the $1.00,   I thank Thee Jesus for my eyes & pray for the blind    Jesus help me in the ways I need most    I thank & Praise Thee now & forever & ever Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 18. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ Well we had company,   Sister Haslet & Joe came & he & Elbert got some ties from John Snyder’s tie pile & he & Joe jacked up the poor old cottage on the South side & Elbert’s had cramps since supper on his ribs in his back & legs    he looked all tired out & so did Joe    I gave them a cup of coffee before supper & Joe was to tired to eat his supper,    I gave them 4 fish all cooked & a bouquet of roses.    I have felt better today but so

Sat. Sept. 18. 1954./ Page. 3236./ 1. eggs today./ terribly weak but I got the dishes done & now I’ll read & go to bed   Hoping, trusting to be feeling better & stronger tomorrow    It rained this morning,    we have every thing, barrel, tubs & pails ful of water.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray for all of those, of Thine, & Our Ministers,  We All need Thee so much,  they tell me Sister Keegan & Sister Haslet & Rev. Dear told me, first his wife & then he go to the Smith home to see their son on the Television Sun morning & come in late to Sunday school & Church & he had been talking against people doing such things but now they do it.    What would Jesus do?   What would He say?  & What does He think?   Oh God help us to do Thy Will & Thy ways in Jesus Name I ask, Amen, Amen.    Fuller brush man came,    I paid him 2.5 for tooth & hair brushes.   Winds south west not cold & looks like rain.   I thank & praise Jesus,   I love Thee & Praise Thee. 

Sun. Sept. 19./ 1954/ No. eggs today/ Well, No one came today & we have been so all alone,   some one came in & took our pears last night    they were there yesterday & gone this morning.    I felt w ought to have picked them up yesterday,    Elbert was so tired & Haslets didn’t leave untill it was getting dark    & I was terribly sick all day & all day Fri & Fri. night    Well I often wish I had an iron cage that couldn’t be unlocked with out my help,    this morning I found my door unlocked.    I hope & pray for God’s help & that He will deal in His own way with any one that comes into my room,    I often have mark on me,   my arms & legs & my left breast had a mark as if it had been sucked so hard the blood almost came through the skin & again this morning & has pained me all day,   my flesh is so soft & my left arm felt as if some one had tried to pinch a hole through the flesh half way between Elbow & shoulder    I can’t begin to tell how it pained    I prayed & rubbed it all day, & only a couple of day ago I had 2 sore spots in the upper part of my stomach & it was almost unbearable,    it’s better & the expressions are such happy ones on the face    I wonder how anyone can be so cruel, feanish & beastly.   brother Fred’s birth day  he’s 68 yrs old & his wife remarried & his daughter married & has a baby girl 20 mo. old at Christmas time.    I pray Gods will be done.    I thank & Praise THee Jesus. & beseech Thee for help. 

Mon. Sept. 20 1956./ No. eggs today./ Well the Ro-Ho came today    Elbert got it put together & tried it but to hear him tell it’s no good,   but seems to me it will be O.K. when he gets use to it.    I did not work today.

Mon. Sept. 20. 1954./ page. 3237./ No egg today./ Been a beautiful day quite warm   Wind’s been all around.   I received a little book from Wyatte but none of those I ask for.    I wonder.    & no word from the girls & I sent 3 U.S. Post cards,  seems as if Ella Jane or Bonita could at least used one to let me know how things are,    I sent a card to Rev Dear’s & Audrey. & Bonney Bell.   Well, I’m trusting God will help us to Know, soon.    I couldn’t do by them, as they do by me,    every one of them, even I tried to get Elbert to call them by phone,    but, I’m still trusting we’ll hear something tomorrow    I do thank Thee Jesus for all things, although many times I don’t understand, yet all thing’s work out for Thy good & Glory forever & ever, & trust You Will Keep us Close to Thee

Tue. Sept. 21. 1954. ___ eggs today. We received card from Bonita,   she didn’t even say thank you for money order & cards & we received 3 pages full on both sides from Audrey    they are all O.K. all round.    Been a windy day & it’s more clouds than sun   wind strong & puffy,   it started very early before daylight & kept at it untill it stopped about 9-30-a-m.    I haven’t felt able to do anything today.    Hope Nellie is feeling lots better.    Wind’s still blowing & it is getting colder outside,    I’m so tired     noise all night,    a rat in the basement,    Elbert opened the windows & forgot them.   I thank Thee Jesus for taking the pain out of my body    I was so terrible miserable & today water still runs free & I trust Thou will Jesus will fix that part & be with those in Detroit in Thy meeting & bless & help the people to know & understand more about Thee Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy, Amen.    I wrote to Audrey & Bonita

Wed. Sept. 22. 1954./ No. 1. egg today./ Well I got the washing done except the blankets    been partly cloudy & quite fresh cool breeze.   I got the cloths dried    I washed my nightgown & 2 dresses, my arms are tired,    but hope to set bread in the morning.    the floor is getting so dirty again & so hard to wipe up,    I hope to go soon to get some before it gets cold weather.    Mrs. Haslet wrote a letter,    but, no other worth While mail.    Elbert has dug 2 pks. potatoes today. 5. good pks. from one row.    We had a little wood fire all day.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray for my healing of this water trouble,   be in all Thy meetings all over the world & help each one to have a craving for Thee & their soul.   

Thurs. Sept. 23. 1954./ No  1. eggs today./ Well Elbert went to Huron    got a big mess of catfish & bull heads & we had dinner & then he went out & skined them & washed & scraped them & I salted & packed them,    I put my bedding out & then made up the beds,   I washed dishes & Elberts so tired but he fried the fish & then we ate a part of little water. melon,    then Elbert had been up & called Nellie & they came for the fish  7 bullheads & 3 catfish & they

Thurs. Sept. 23. 1954./ Page. 3238./ No.  1. eggs today./ brought ice cream 1/2 pt. cup     it was good but I donn’t feel like eating,    I was sick all last night,    I don’t know what was the cause,    felt as if it would come up,    but, Elbert gave me cup hot water & it went the other way & they been running me some all day,    I didn’t feel able to wash yesterday,    now we hope to wash wool blankets tomorrow.    Nellie spent that $5.00 I sent them for a piece of white goods for petticoats & a dress for me & she said don’t worry about us,    if we can all keep working we’ll make out,    they have been busy after hours    Johny’s stomach is bad & he’s had to go to Cleveland twice & had to take Mark & both have a general check up “as they call it” & so they took Bonita to Johny    & Marcie is over to hospital Bay View taking care of Hazel Harnish    she is worse again & Ella Jane works 2 nights untill 9-p-m. so they are busy,    they either saw or talked to Audrey   she’s suffering a severe cold,    Elbert has a little & so have I,   such is life,   Oh, Jesus if only We trusted more in Thee & not on those here,    but we were brought up, to trust a Doctor & the things he could do for us,   how greatful I am that you taught me to trust in Thee,    Oh, help me to be strong in Thee & obey Thy Will & ways    I Praise Thee forever & ever, Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 24. 1954./ No  1. eggs today./ Felt so bad I just couldn’t work,    looks like 5. or 6. hipo marks right on my stomach & how bad they hurt me,    there are several marks on my left arm also,   my stomach seems to be griped & I can get rid of it,    I had it once some time ago also.   in their grip,    help me soon I pray in Jesus Name;   I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise.    Glory to God,   I praise Thee, Hallelujah.    Amen.    Been a beautiful day  little chilly breeze, South all morning & whipped around some & went back S. but cloud coming from N. W.     I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits today    Elbert went to Sarr’s  called Dr. & said he couldn’t come, but I only told him to call another, but he didn’t  I hadn’t wanted my vertebra adjusted.   I darned socks & mended & old dress but couldn’t eat    my stomach distressed me so,    I tried a little soup tonight but wish [?]

*Sat. Sept. 25. 1954./ No  1. eggs today./ Elbert killed 1. red hen & dressed & cooked it so we had crackers & broth at 5-p-m      & at 7-p-m we had some creamed potatoes, a piece of chicken some grape jam & cottage cheese & bread  (So Dr came after dinner,   I did let him put a hipo in my [?] it, I know God will take care of me) arm  & it’s still paining me    I don’t feel any effects of      Well I didn’t get my dress ironed    I wonder who will come to see me in this dirty ragged dress.   Elbert called the Dr. from Brodes, when he went for the milk but I haven’t any faith in him,    he did get the bone that effects the stomach back so it feels so much better.    I know God is able to do all the rest but if there were only 2 or 3. to trust & believe have faith & believe, I know He would heal me of all things,    Oh God you sent me the apples & other things I ask for & I’m still trusting for my full filling of the Holy Ghost & healing through Thee,    help me soon I pray,    I Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.

Sun. Sept. 26. 1954./ Page. 3239./ No eggs today/ Been a beautiful day, but no one came.    I’ve been really sick & tortured all night with cramps in my feet & toes & in my stomach    pains terrible to bear,    I did feel better after that bone went back into place,   it achs,   my stomach, yet, God will take care of me.   Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.     There has been quite a strong wind & a chill in it,   but died almost out tonight.    I hope my feet will not cramp tonight or any other part will be troubled.    I Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name & trust in Thee.    Elbert don’t feel very well & is so terrible nervous can hardly contain himself.   

Mon. Sept. 27. 1954./ 1. eggs today./ It’s another beautiful day,    Elbert did out his washing  split some wood & has now gone to Vermilion for shank meat hamberger & gas pay light bill, pay a dollar on some dress goods & mail a money order & soap wrappers for 2. knives 2 forks 2 teaspoons & fels naptha Soap.   stainless steel,    I get so tired scouring these jold ones.    I thank God in Jesus Name I feel better at least my stomach & trust I’ll regain my strength & get out in the fresh air alittle more,    I did set in the sun 10 or 15 minutes & watch Elbert split up the walnut chunchs he had sawed before,   trees we planted have grown   bore fruit & now are most all gone.    & we are getting old & shaky in our legs at times,    Elbert is so tired, he went to Vermilion & got some meat & fruit,    I gave him 10.00    I didn’t figure up how much he spent,    I gave him 2.00 for 2. knives, fork & teaspoons & he paid light bill; 1.50,    Elbert said it was hot going & coming.   been a good breeze all day,    sun was hot.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my blessing & healings & pray Sister Cooley will come & we can pray & keep close to Thee forever & ever, Amen. 


Tue. Sept. 28. 1954/ 1. egg today./ Well, I’m in a very weakened condition,    but, trust Jesus will take care of me.    Been a Beautiful day.    We received a letter from Audrey, & she said, she had a long talk with Merlin & he said he could afford to help Martha catch up the payments on her car & Audrey said, she couldn’t either, they seem to be a-fraid to give a little help & love,    she got herself into this, now let her get herself out.    What. would Jesus do   Would He help her or give her the Kick,    What would they do in her place,    What would they do if they had been told to get out of their home& stay out,   Who of us are perfect,    Didn’t God say when we are mar-ried we are one flesh & that He will be the Judge & that we should forgive one another & to love one another as He loves us,   I pray, Jesus Thou. will help things to work out in Thy own Way.   I thank Thee.

Tue. Tue. Sept. 28. 1954./page. 3240./ 1. egg today/ I didn’t work today   still feel so heavy headed & sort of stagger on my feet,    hope I ate enough to Keep me untill tomorrow,    been sort of blind for a few days, but when I get en-ough to eat maybe I’ll gain in strength again.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all I have & I don’t need much anymore,    We would like to build a shed so as to catch the water & cover the car.    Elbert’s got to make a new punk box, for the systern.    We’ll have to buy cement for foundation & all the lumber & nails for the building & evetroughs, money.  Yes.  

Wed. Sept. 29. 1954./ No. egg today./ Well I did my wash   it wasn’t very big this time & it was a fine day & the cloths dried fast,    Elbert hung most of them out & brought them in,   he’s been taking the roof of the old hen house apart & cleaning up & pilling up What can be used.   & he’s so terribley tired, come night,   he can hardly get around.    but We thank & praise God for our healing & that He helps us to see & Know & understand.   & I pray from the depth of my soul, He will get the young folks straighten out,    Oh Jesus, if only I could help.    but Thou can m ake it all come out right & I trust Thou will.    Show me what I can do,    Please show me.    We were just getting ready for bed when Nellie & the girls came with the 3. children    Bonita Jr. broke a bone in her foot & is on crutches.    Bonney had to come home from Johny’s to look after her.       Johny & Marcie have been looking after Hazel    they say she’s real off balance & sort of crazy.   if she only had Jesus & was more settled in her heart & mind.    Nellie took some Chinese laterns, red flowers for school a week ago and last night she took wild cucumbers.  I do wish I were able to do more for Jesus in helping others to come to Him.    I thank Thee Jesus & Give Thee all the praise & Glory now & ever more.   Glory be to Jesus, I love Thee more & more,   Make me strong in Spirit & faith & Keep me closer still closer to Thee    forgive me my weaknesses,  give me courage to do & dare.    I Praise & Honour Thee   I want to do Thy Ways. 

Thurs. Sept. 30. 1954./ 1. egg today/Well, I managed to get all the stitching done on Elbert’s pajama pants, now only the button holes, & button at belt & it will be all done.    Tires me terribly.    & I want to cut out some dresses so bad & that to is a hard job of late.    If I can I have to bake bread tomorrow & maybe a pie    Elbert’s planing on going to fish house early in the morning.    I hope to bake bread

Thurs. Sept. 30. 1954./ Page. 3241./ 1. egg this to day./ It. rained for about an hour from 4-30-p-m, untill 5-30-p-m.  good fresh smelling rain & steady,    got both tubs & the barrel full & it’s so nice to get it fresh & clean,    I thank Thee Jesus,    What a wonderful Jesus Who takes care of our every need, soul body & spirit   Oh Praise His Holy Name for ever & ever.   heat was 76 or 77 degrees heat today,   sky looked like a tornado sky tonight when the sun set,    it was a pink sky & earth was pink & they say heat will be 80 de-grees tomorrow with winds S. west. 25 miles to 30, with showers.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things,    I love Thee, Amen.

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