February 1955 

Feb. 1. Tue. 1955./ Page. 3302./ No. egg today./ Well, I didn’t do much today-   I tried to help Elbert add his figures for his puzzle,    he has thought 3 or 4 times he had it all right then found he had miss a little here or there.    I wanted to sew but arms are so tired after Mon. wash.    Been a nice day partly or mostly cloudy    looked as if it would. rain or snow most of the day.    I wrote cards to Audrey & Mrs. Rotes.    Now I’ll read & go to bed,   Praising God, in Jesus Name for all our many blessing.

Feb. 2. 1955./ No. egg today./ Wood chuck Day.   he could have seen his shadow, for sun was bright most of the day,    it was duking behind clouds once in awhile    was clear & bright when it came out     strong Wind all last night & untill this after noon when it died down.   Moon is clear.    They had tornado in Miss. Louisiana & ____ 30, some are dead, they found so far.    Oh God have mercy.    Been quite cold with raw wind.   No mail today.   Oh God, I sure need your help so terribly much.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things. 

Feb. 3. Thurs. 1955./ No. egg today./ We had tank gas today/ The man came   fixed the pipe conection & brought the tank of gas    Elbert called them Wed & forgot to tell them to bring a tank, so that was good & be-cause We used 6 tanks of gas last mo they only charged $9.12 for this tank including the tax.   Praise God   that means a lot to us.    got conection fixed good & didn’t charge for his work.    Oh, how I Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things & pray I may be found worthy in Thy Sight.    Elbert has been sick all day & I’m not very well, but am trusting Jesus will take me sfly through.    haven’t done anything I could get along with out,    I set my bread late & it is only 2 ins. above the crock now at 10-p-m.    looks as if I wont get to bed untill morning.    Its been & still is very cold down to Zero & was 35 below in some of the northern states & today lots of snow in several states today.    Well mostly cloudy today, moon light last night all night but only partly tonight    & wind’s north east.    No mail worth while. 

Fri. Feb. 4. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, I sewed waist & skirt on the belt of my other dress & felt to bad to work so that was all I got done.    Been cold & not very windy today,   sun shone all day,    there was a big orange ring around the moon for 3. nights & between moon & ring it looked like a very pale pea green fog & the moon has a greenish cast & it’s almost full again,   no mail today.   What gets full once a month & never gets drunk?    God help us to be filled with Thy Spirit.    Well I’m sorry for Elbert    I think he has intestinal flu,    he says he’s better today.    there’s an out side phone booth up the highway near Ruggles Beach

Fri. Feb. 4. 1955./Page. 3303./ 1. egg today./ he went there to call Lorain & the gas office to have them come & fix a leak where pipes are joined & the car stalled, he walked back to Sarr’s & got Rue to take him back & push his car, it started & Elbert was chilled through when he got home,   his bowels are so sore & pain him bad & he ate to much, he threw up & I gave him salts & cleaned him out,    he had to get up & use his can several times last night & I fumagated the whole house,  his breath smelt as if his good had rotted in his stomach,    well he’s got cleaned out & now I hope he’ll feel better again but he wont do as he’s told he ate toast & milk for supper & then drank lemon juice little while after.    When he’s sick he wants help fast but hows anyone going to help him.    God help us & help me  I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.  

Sat. Feb. 5. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Haven’t done anything today    felt sick, realy sick   didn’t get up untill noon & hated to then.   but you have to get up when every ones praying for you & I got up prayed & combed my hair dresed myself & feet & Elbert’s still feeling bad to,    but he cooked me a bite to eat & we had hot coffee.    & we haven’t done anything we didn’t have to.    Been a cold windy day  S. west wind, no ring around the moon last night, but started to rain, snow & a little hail be-fore day light & kept at it all day & even tonight.    Elbert got his check today,    but, has felt to bum,   he’s set around all day,    We don’t see any animals & only a few birds any more    A week has gone so soon & tomorrow will be Sunday & it will be Nellie’s birthday,   she will be 58. yrs. old,   the youngest in the family,   she teaches kindergarden class, 5 mornings of the week, & a little boy in her home afternoons & then she has boy scouts after that & then they get in the car & fly off here or there & they don’t have time to read & pray like they should,   they hardly have time to live,    God help them to slow up & do Thy will & ways.    Oh help us, I pray Thou will    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will have mercy on our souls.    May all Glory be Thine now & forever Amen.    

Sun. Feb. 6. 1955./ No. egg today./ No one came in today.    Been mostly cloudy all day,   snow melted & is most all gone   N, east wind,   my intestine across uper bowl is so terrible sore I could hardly breath,    I excepted the healing on the radio to heal throught Jesus & it don’t pain me so bad tonight.    Elbert’s got it in his left knee   been limping a couple of days     if he’d only believe in something.    I’ve been so miserable all week    good thing I washed Mon.    I laid around Tue. & Wed. & baking bread Thurs. & haven’t done much of anything since.   

Sun. Feb. 6. 1955./ Page. 3304/ No. egg today./ today’s Nellie’s birthday   she’s 58, yrs. old./ Well, we listened to some very good clear sermons & I pray God help some to turn to Jesus.    I thank & praise Him for all things,   Jesus I’m still trusting for the infilling of the Holy Ghost    teach me to say & do the right things that I may be filled.   I’m sorry but haven’t written to Sandusky girls since they were here,    been so bad just seemed I could write to anyone. 

Mon. Feb. 7. 1955./ 1. egg today./ John Harnish birthday today   he’d be 88. yrs. old, one day younger than Nellie  they are both 58. yrs. old.  [she starts sentence talking about John Sr. and ? maybe then switches to John Jr.?  ]  there are a lot of them in that compact city, if we only knew they all belong to Jesus, but it’s terrible the great numbers that go each day, with out knowing Him.    I received a box of scripture note cards & envelops today from Mrs. Lulu C. Rote.   beautiful ones with such nice verses on them.    I tried to sew today,    Elbert went to Huron this morning & when he got back we had dinner & then he went to Lorain   got my typing paper $1.03 & the Olive 2. qts. olive oil $2.39, & 4 note cards with flowers on them,   & he stopped in Vermilion got money orders 2.00 for him for puzzle & 10.00 for Wyatt for me & 1.50 for me, for Mrs. Rote for cards    Well, after he left, I tried to sew,  the thread kept breaking, but at last I got the darts stitched in my corset & my dress sleeves done then the belt broke on sewing machine    Elbert took a piece out the old one & put on the new, so it works good again    I don’t feel able to do any thing,     but, seems as if I ought to try,   you can’t seem to get much done when you feel as I do today.    N. East breeze.  not so very cold      sun shone about half the day.  I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things. Amen

Tue.  Feb. 8. 1955./ 1. egg today/ Elbert got some apples Mon. up near Hills place.   at Berlin Hights    Ernie Sarr came selling seeds for garden & flowers    we bought 50 cents worth.   Elbert’s Knee is so bad    he limps & had to walk from Washington Ave. to Broadway, no place to park,    he’s tired to-night from Mondays walking & shopping,    he got candy pears, grapes, Oranges, lemons & grapfruit & meat.   besides can goods & flour, sweet potatoes  fresh & pepper.    Well I been terrible sick all day & tonight, yet, at 10-p-m.   Been dark the most of the day,  & sort of misty tonight,    I praying God will in Jesus Name take care of me    I’ll give Him all the praise    We had a letter from Audrey,   I don’t like the sound of some things in it    she seems to be on our side God help us.    I had to lay down for a while this after noon.   all is well.   I thank Thee Jesus, & thank Thee hope & pray for all things

Wed. Feb. 9. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, this is a bad report for today been in bed all day so sick & feeling worse toward night & toward morning seemed as if I’d die    I ask God to take care of me & my soul & spirit & after a while it went both ways & was like it was the last time.   

Wed. 9. Feb. 1955./ page. 3305./ 1. egg this day./ my jaws all most locked      as I tried to throw up it went the other way     as in my heart & mind I called on Jesus for help which He gave so graciously    Praise his Blessed & Holy Name & I thank Him for all of His who pray for my good in Thee   Bless them Jesus I pray & help them.    It’s terrible to be so sick,   it was the same as when I got a dose of poison (Stri.)    I’ve had several doses,    each time Jesus has Keep me,    Oh God, How much I Praise Thy Holy Name, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah   Help me do Thy Will for-ever and ever.    I love Thee more than anything in this world.   

Thurs. Feb. 10. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Elbert went to town & sure made fast time,   maybe he was worried, I was so weak,    but, I got up & shook up my bed & took my rags out    opened window to air things & opened Elberts window & took care of his bed.    then I washed out the few pieces & Elbert was back again.    I felt sorry he let hens out & they were out untill he got bac,   they must have got chilled,   Elbert’s knees been paining him bad,    I pray God will have mercy & fix his Knee & turn his heart to Him.   Times running out.    We received our pension checks, today.    Radio just said the home of Chapman a man & wife & 2. children   the man & 1. child & the father burned to death, so we understood.   & they are taking up a collection for them all ready.    We know how bad it is,    our home burned all up when Elbert was only 14. yrs. old & I was 12. yrs. old & walked to my aunts house in my nightgown,   snow was 1 1/2 ft. of snow & it was 9. degrees below & Feb. 9.th 1887. 68. yrs ago.     Weather warmed up a lot   snow was all gone this morning & tonight it rained a very little, then began to snow & the ground is white tonight & we need water so bad. 

Fri. Feb. 11. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, I feel rather weak,   I got up & sit a while & then had to go lay down a couple of times,    Well I praise Thee Jesus,   Thou has proved to me many times Thou are close beside me & hear & see & Know all things,    Glory to God in the Highest I love & praise Thee now & forever, Amen.   Well, it’s turned so bitter cold & not anyone going or coming that don’t have to,    we listened to Fred Gordon on the good ship Grace,   they sung the hyms I love so much 4. or 5. of them.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Glory Glory to Thy Holy Name.   Haven’t done much to day    Elbert hung my blankets out & aired them for an hour or so,    wind was fresh, sun shone part of the day,  partly cloucy. & cold shifting around & backing up after dark to S. West    Elberts Knee has pained so bad & he limps.    I pray God will fix it.    Elbert turned my mattress over. 

Fri. Feb. 11. 1955./ Page. 3306./ 1. egg this day./ I made the bed    seemed as if it stunk & now it smells fresh.   I came near fainting yesterday & have felt like it a couple times today.    I tried to write to Miss. Mc.Govern & didn’t get it finished, but maybe  I’ll get it done yet.   No mail today.   & I didn’t get Audrey’s card off either.   Well, I’m still trying & Praising Jesus for His help.   Miss. Mc.-Govern laid Marry away sometime ago & she hoped when John was laid away she & Mike would be able to live & be happy together,   but, she didn’t figure God’s will is not that way    & so she can’t get over the fact that He took Mike & spoilt there plans,    Oh, God teach us Thy Will & Thy ways, I pray.   Rev Buser is preaching on radio now,   Radio says gardens & fruit is very apt to be frozen tonight.

Sat. Feb. 12. 1955./ No. egg today./Was a very cold night;   I wrote letter or note to Mrs. Rote, Wings of Healing, a card to Audrey & finished letter to Miss Mc. Govern. Note to Marry Vitowich & Eva Keegan.   Elbert mailed or gave them to postman & we received card from Audrey, Vaintine from Eva & Marrian & a letter from Katherine & Joe    she has been sick & well, all of them got gall stone & heart.   Eva sent a hankie & pretty card for us both, with such a nice expresion of thoughts.    I was sick at 2-a-m, to empty   Elbert got up & warmed the beef broth & I had,  well a small cupful to drink & not quite as much with crackers in it,   & then I rested for a while    got cold toward morning,    but, we had a good fire & was warm & comfortable.    I thought & prayed many many times for those who had no place to stay & no warm cloths or food.    I pray God will help me to Know the things, I ought to Know.   Oh Jesus. I Praise Thee for all things & blessings of today, Glory to Thy Name. Amen. 

Sun. Feb. 13. 1955./ No.  1. egg today./ Beautiful day with sunshine    I got up in time for dinner,    We had chicken broth & noodles & chicken backs, rumps & necks & hot drink.    Elbert looks sick   his back hurts him bad,    I feel as if I’d fait when I get up & try to help him with dishes, meals or any thing thats work.   & about 2-p-m. Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came in     they brought a pumpkin or squash pie & ice cream,    they visited untill almost 4-p-m. & then went.    (wind’s N. west) Little Mark, Johny’s boy told his ma, he dreamed his pa was dead,    I was saying to Elbert a few days ago, that Johny wasn’t well or strong,    it would be to bad if he were taken away,   so it seemed to me.    & Nellie says Ella Jane has bad fainting spells.    George has a bad cold in his bronical tubes.    Nelson & Bonita Jr. went out & slid down hill & got there seats wet,    I hope they don’t catch a cold,& that they got home safe.    Gertie told Nellie she could have old barrow.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou Will take care of me & us. Amen.   Today they told us about Wyatt.-

Mon. Feb. 14. 1955./ 1. egg today./ page. 3307./ Rev Wyatt is up in the Montiors[?] fasting & praying for power & a better understanding,   God help him to all he need   I couldn’t remember Who I sent the letters to & one was to Ruby Jean  & I have one for the blind for cards.    I don’t like to send them back,   I can use them & they do need the money $1.25.    Well, we ordered a load of coal 4. ton.   I believ that is & I don’t know what the price will be per. ton,    they said they’d bring coal tomorrow so I’ll Know then.    Been mostly cloudy today;   I received nice letter from Mrs. Rote this morning    Wind was S. West this morning & went to N. East,    Well it snowed several times to day  fine dry snow, small flakes, a little warmer today, & warmer tonight.    I did do dishes & felt as if I’d faint for some time after word.   Really felt to bad to even try to work any way.    I thank God He gets me up every day & takes sore spots away.    I Praise Thee Jesus & Pray for Mr. Wyatt    bless him & fill him & help him to do Thy work as Thou would have him    Oh God help us to do Thy Will & Thy Way in all things Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 15. 1955/ 1. eggs. today./ Well I didn’t get up very early    the sun did-n’t shine untill 9-a-m.    Elbert went for milk & then he went to Huron   got the terpo alcohol & his saraka and anisin, for phyic.    We received no mail of importance & I haven’t been able to do anything today.   It’s been a fine day; rather raw wind.    Oh God I do thank Thee Thou art & ever will be,    Keep us from evil & from anything Thou would not reveal   Oh, Jesus, & help us to Know & understand what we ought to do, Amen.    Elbert looks sick & acts as if he isn’t all there Jesus help him.   We need Thee Jesus,  We need Thee every second of life    I Praise Thee & thank & Glory in Thee, now, & forever. 

Wed. Feb. 16. 1955./ 2. egg today./ Been mostly cloudy   not very cold   snow & ice have been melting & it rained a misty rain this morning.   No important mail today.   I washed my rags & was so weak I stagered a-round, but managed to stay on my feet & I got them dry.    I feel so terribly weak & all gone tonight.   Trust-ing I’ll be stronger & more able bodied soon & I do pray for all the others who ask & those who need prayer & strengthing through Thee.   Be with thy folks in Sandusky & all in the Church & with the Ministers    Strengthen there faith & Keep us all close to Thee now & forever & I give Thee Praise & Glory in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 17. 1955./ page. 3308./ No. egg today./ Well, I washed 2. dresses & night gown & 4 shirts & my stockings  8 nose rags & few rags & 3 handtowels & I’m all in tonight to tired to write.    I pray Jesus will help Dr. Wyatt in power strength & money to keep his work going For Thee,   teach us Thy Will & ways, I pray, Oh God I thank & Praise Thee for all things.   Wind’s North & little west.   Thawed quite a lot today    They brought coal Wed. $50.83    now I’m done untill next mo.    We paid cash & got a little discount.    Well it paid,   I don’t like bills.   The truck cut into the sod couple inches but Elbert said he’d flatten it out again.    Wish it would rain, partly star light tonight.    Elbert got the new muffler on the    only went a mile up the highway, it cost $5.31, I gave him 4.00,   he thought it would be 7.00 & a few odd cents,   Well, he has to buy the food the rest of this month & untill March 4.th.   No mail today.   John Snyder & his wife were over to there tool Shed today.    They went to Florida but didn’t stay long.    Elbert hung his bed cloths out & my blanket & they were so wet, when he brought them in.   I have the clothes dried & wish my dress was ironed    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my salvation  most of all & for the strength & for my healing    Thou hast promised & I’m trusting & believing Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 18. 1955./ 2. egg today./ Been dreary sort of day,   mild but no rain   Arizona was in another cold gripe snow & rain    we need the rain so bad.    Well, Elbert’s back is very bad today & it’s in his Knee part time.   he took old chair apart today,    it’s was sure a wreck,    he has some of it fixed again & I Know he will be glad when we have it all together a-gain & the padding & covering on it,    Oh, such a dirty job,   I’ll be happy to when it’s finished.    I have felt sick all day,   I made some biscuits & Blend Bread so I wont have to mix bread,    I feel so terribly weak    Well, I’m going to bed exausted.   Trusting & believing for strength tomorrow.   I thank & Praise Thee for all things Jesus & trust & believe Thou Knowest   Keep me I pray Amen   I received letter from Dr. Wyatt & I trust through those of Thine, he will receive the help he need Here, but that he will receive help spiritual from Thee & the Knowledge & Phyical strength   I thank Thee Glory be to God. 

Sat. Feb. 19. 1955./ page. 3309./ No egg today/ Frank has been gone 22 yrs. today & I am still here.    I do want to do what ever He wants me to,    but may-be I’m selfish,    I’d like to be with Jesus.    Well I didn’t work today   shook up beds & aired them & made them up again, helped Elbert to clean up some of the muss he made fixing up the old chair,    he has the hardest part done, had to take it all apart,    he fixed rocker coils & put in bolts in the place of screws & some new braces   a few nails here & there & Mon. he’s starting on the arms & then the back,   then we have to tie springs & fasten them,    then the burlap covering & then the padding & ougside covering.    sure some job but it will last or should for another 20. yrs.    if only I had some one to go look for some old overcoats, all about the same weight,    Well I’m glad he’s getting it fixed & I’ll be happy when it’s done   I sure will, the seat in my chair has to be fix be-fore long   I trying to talk to Elbert & can’t seem to talk & write at same time,    I use to but guess those days are over.    We got just Audrey’s card today,    she’s going to be out of work before long she says & wishes she had a shop to take in sewing,    she makes a little sewing for friends.   that helps her some,    she said she might be seeing us soon.   Been quite warm & raido says raiin tonight or tomorrow & some wind storms have killed or been blamed for 9 lives & they are expecting tornadoes in several states    & they are having cold snow & rain & wind storms in several states.    & I pray He will wash the roof & give us plent rain to fill barrel & tubs,  I pray Thy will be done, Amen.

Sun. Feb. 20. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a nice day, mostly cloudy, tried to rain Early before dark    Nellie & Bonita & 3 children came late, brought some cream & visited about an hour,  then went home,    They said Martha has two big tumors & she went back to work 2 weeks after she got home,   the baby boy “Jerry Merlin” was born Jan.   Merlin takes care of baby when he’s home & when Martha there she takes care of him   such a world,   Hazel went to Bay Veiw Hospital & is back with Johny & Marcie again,   Elbert was just out,   said it was raining a light shower.    Wish roof would get cleaned off so we could

Sun. Feb. 20. 1955./ page. 3308 [should be 3310]/ No egg this day./ save some    I thank Thee Jesus & I Praise Thee for all things.   & pray for all of Thine everywhere   help me Jesus to be of service to Thee & pertect me from evil & harm    May all Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever Amen.

Mon. Feb. 21. 1955./ No. egg today./ Well it’s been mostly cloudy,  came out a very few times, it was a nice day & I thank & praise Thee for all things.    I haven’t done much today.   Dolly & Ernie came in after school tonight & ask if they could come & stay untill there mother went to Lorain to a party & she came back about 9-30-P-m. said they had a nice supper & visit    she talked here 20 minutes or so,   said Mrs. Myres was so crippled up she had to set in a chair all day not able to comb her hair or do any thing,   he still gets around, but is so deaf.    So we do have lots to be thankful for.    Well Dolly brought her dress & she got half of it hemed by hand & I darned to prs sock for her.    They had a dish of soup & biscuits & jelly & brand biscuit & hot coffee.    I have dishes done    Elbert’s in bed,   it’s raining again tonight    it rained a slow drizzle most of last night    now I hope we do get some good clean water tonight & in the morning.   No mail of any good.   Tonight we listened to Rev. Buser, if he don’t get in enough money the sermons are short.   I do wish he preached like Rev. Ward, full of power & spirit.   God help us to be as Thou has said we should be    God help me to fill me & use me, in Jesus Name. 

Tue. Feb. 22. 1955./ No egg today./ Been to sick to work, & Elbert has been to.    Weathers like Cold Spring Day.   George washington’s birthday today (so) no mail.   N. East wind & chilly    a rather dark day,   but I still have a song in my heart & Trust Jesus all the way Amen.   The wild life out sides seems very scarce all winter. 

Wed. Feb. 23. 1955./ No. egg today./ Well it’s been a beautiful day   nice bright sun & mild breeze.    We received a nice letter from Audrey,  One from Mrs. Vedowich, One from Mrs. Cooley    I pray God will bless her    she wrote such a nice letter,   she has to work so hard for so many.    I wish I could help her.   While I think of it, Ernie said he looked in the other night & I was reading & he didn’t see Elbert, he had gone to bed   I read befor I get.

Wed. Feb. 23. 1955./ page. 3309 [should be 3311]/ No. egg today./ I let on I didn’t think about what he said,    but I have thought about the queer noises we sometimes hear;   Douglas told told us that while that old Ford was setting over just beyond the highway & that dead man was on the beach, that he saw Rue went  & looked at dead man every day.    Douglas has moved to Huron so I heard    I hope All will be well.   that God will take care of us through every second.   New moon tonight    I didn’t work today just took care of the beds & rooms    & Elbert got supper & I piled dishes. & got them close enough so they all went everywhere   then I bumped my head & leg    I had to lay down for a while, so a few more sore spots.   Gertie & Audrey watch the crows mornings & evenings  100’s of them   We saw a lot of starlings to day.   I’ve had very bad black & blue thumb prints on each of my wrists for 3 or 4. days now, & a mark of night line around my arms & a half drug feeling in my head.   God Knows & how I wish He would help me to Know in some way.    I Know He can, help me Jesus, I ask.   I thank & Praise Thee, Glory Glory, Hallelujah.   I Praise Thee now & forever, Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 24. 1955./ No egg today./ I received letter from Mrs. Cooly, Sis Dear   a card from Audrey & an Easter card & handkercheif from Mrs. Marry Vedowich.   God help that soul,   there are some who could take her out of the home for a while,   she wants so much to go to Church,   help me to be able to take her for a while.   Sun shone most of the day & not cold up to 9-30-p-m. but radio says colder tomorrow    Well don’t seem possible   Feb. is all most gone & I expect the fishermen are looking forward to Mar. 15. to set nets.    I have really felt so bad all day    I wish I Knew Where & how I get doped.    I Know God is able but I’m to dumb some how to understand,   Make me know Jesus.   Elbert got the back on the big chair today & strings tied.   I thank & praise Thee for the love & fellowship of Thine & trust in Thy Keeping for Them & I. Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 24. 1955./ No egg today./ Well it’s been a nice day   N. east wind untill tonight,    it’s gone S. West. tonight    & the Ministers called tonight    we had quite a good spiritual visit & prayer.   My feet are so cold again tonight.    We finally got the dishes washed & Elbert wiped them   & he feels all in tonight    I got the March of faith booklet from Wings of healing.    Well, its 12.-p-m & I have to try to wash rags tomorrow if I can,    I’m terribly weak   I need blood & strength   I pray & thank God in Jesus Name for His gifts of Love today, Glory to God help me to be filled and of more service to Thee. 

Sat. Feb. 26. 1955./page. 3310 [actually skipped 2 pages in sequence]/ No. egg today./ Well I got rags & nose rags washed & I washed the piece I use on my pillow & the towel & the hand & dish towels & it tuckered me worse than any time yet    I was almost done when Ella Jane, Nellie  Nelson & a little friend his drove in.   so I stopped & talked for an hour or so & then they went for home,    I tried to finish,  but Elbert said he’d do it & for once I let him.    but, I got the suds & wriinsing done & now they’re all dry except the rags.   Ella Jane wanting the black walnut chairs,   she said when they are refinished they’ll be worth over 2. hundred dollars each    I was told that a long time ago & I would liked to have sold them, but I partly promised Ella Jane she could have them sometime,   she has done & said a lot of things,    but, maybe she’ll learn   I hope beofre it’s to late,   nellie’s so set in her ways it’s terrible & Bonita has tantrums & was having one today    I feel sorry for her to,   she gets as tired as all the rest & has scrubbing cleaning washing & ironing to do    I think if Nellie would keep quite & let Bonita do & say & not argue,   but I don’t know what’s wrong so I couldn’t say Who’s to blame.    I feel sick & tired out but Praise God for all things in Jesus Holy Name Amen.    I received two U.S. post cards from Inez today,   her mother is home & up today for the first time again today,   Nellie had Ella Jane take her there today,   she never knew her,   Hilda. was there taking care her mother,   I nez has got all tired out & has been having flu.   it good Hilda can take over.    Nellie called on Cranages Mrs. Cranage wasn’t home,   but she talked with Mr. C. a few minutes.    I did ask Ella Jane to call on Mrs Bracket & see how she was,    I’ve written twice & no reply.   she’s 77. & all alone. 

Sun. Feb. 27. 1955./ No egg today/   I didn’t get up untill 2-p-m    We had dinner   Elbert got it   I only made the dumplins   we ate after Mr & Mrs. Haslet Eva & Marry Anna came in,   they said they were full up   they went home from Church & ate & they ate a lunch here at 6-30-p-m   they brought some & we put in some & we all had hot tea & then they went at 7-15. for Church   it was so nice for them to come    Katherine has been so

Sun. Feb. 27. 1955./ page. 3311./ No. egg today./ sick    she hasn’t been able to get out doors for 3 weeks,   she’s a little thiner,   but like me she didn’t feel able to sit up & she lay down & slept a little     while her face looks good, but Jesus, please cut down the fat on her with out it harming her in any other way.    Eva has her troubles to,   so show her how & what to do & Keep all of us close to Thee & Keep us well soul & body,   I thank Thee Jesus & Give Thee the Praise & Glory forever, Amen.    It rained in showers, light,   but, roof is still dirty    we had heavy fog after midnight & up untill 5.-p.-m. this evening & it’s fogy tonight

Mon. Feb. 28. 1955./ No. egg today./ I’ve felt a little better today    I did not sleep all night.    I find I had said to Ella Jane, I may give the Chairs to you some time,   so I didn’t promise to give them to her & she isn’t welcome to them   she come in as if she owned the place & walked into the bedroom & looks to see if every thing’s in place & as if it belonged to her,    she said if the chairs were done over they would be worth 2 hundred dollars each & there are 7 with little rocker & she wants to bring me some other old wood chairs for these & later she said since I had only been getting 65.00 per. mo. for 5. years, it would’nt take much to pay off & get the property back,  terrible sell my Chairs & the few old things I have & buy the place back for herself,    I can’t see how anyone who has had so much could be so underhanded & then they   Nellie & Ella Jane would stick us in the old peoples home & take all we have & freedom from us   they, don’t or haven’t come very often & of late they are trying to buy me off,    Oh God, they say we don’t know very much, but God,  what about them,   I pray Thy Will be done & correct there way & save there souls.    They even. want my diary   Such nerve,   I hope to take care of it before I die & trust Jesus will help me,   I believe he will.   God help me in Jesus Name, help rebuke Satan for Thou hast promised

Mon. Feb. 28. 1955./ page. 3312./ No egg today./ Now Jesus as I write to Ella Jane tonight, Thou will guide each word.   I thank Thee Jesus & believe Thou will.   Glory to God, I Praise Thee.   It’s been dark & sun only came through a very little a few times this after-noon & tonight it is thundering & lightening, but not bad.   it misted some, but no real rain  like we need.   Oh God, I’m sick because of the deceigfulness of those I love so much   do something to them now & fast,   Oh Jesus I pray for Thy help.   There are some things I didn’t write in all for Sun that I wanted to.  

[—letter, or statement found on separate half sheet paper, dated Feb. 28. 1955 What follows was on one side of the half sheet]/ I wrote this to Ella Jane.   She wants to sell my chairs & my pictures & frames & what ever else I have that would add to the chair money (& she said chairs would be worth 2. hundred dollars each when done over,   they are 1.50 yrs. old)  & later she said if I’d only had old age pension 5. yrs. it wouldn’t take much to get it paid off.    She’s always wanted the place.   Well, if she took the money on my things & bought the place into her Name Wouldn’t that be something.   I never thought she’d ever be like that, & she professes to be a Christian & her mother egging Ella Jane on.   & I put Nellie Jane through highschool & sent her to Normal school at Kent Ohio. & Oh the things they say against us.   Nellie tells her children, Elbert & I don’t have any education & don’t know much.   Such a world, God help them I pray before it’s to late! [on the other side of the half sheet was written the following] Feb. 28. 1955.  Well we thrashed everything over & out & I’ve decided not to let any of my chairs or things go.   I don’t like the looks of things.   So don’t bring the other chairs.   & I’m not going to talk any more about it either.   I got all tired out looking back to see what I told you about the chairs, so long ago, & this is it (Maybe some day I might give them to you.) So I don’t feel I should be picked up by the nape of the neck and the seat of my pants & tossed into the old peoples home, because you & your mother think I should be.   Many thanks for passed favors & May God help you.   Elinor Babcock.

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