March 1955

Tue. Mar. 1. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a nice day.   We had an electric storm thunder & lightening, then it poured rain in big showers,    Elbert went out before it rained so hard & put the eve spouts on so the rain would go over the hill & so we didn’t get any water saved,   roof looks washed clean,   he don’t feel able to do much & don’t do untill he has to.  (Well, I wrote a card to Ella Jane(“This is what I wrote   Feb. 28. 1955./ Well, We thrashed everything over & out & I’ve decided not to let any of my chairs, or things go,   I don’t like the looks of things.    So, don’t bring the other chairs & I’m not going to talk anymore about it either.    I got all tired out looking back to see what I told you about the chairs so long ago & this is it (Maybe some day I might give them to you.    So I don’t feel I should be picked up by the seat of my pants & nape of my neck & tossed into the old peoples home, because you & your mother think I should be.   Many thanks for passed favors & May God help you.   Elinor Babcock))    They want to sell my chairs & pictures & frames & things & use the money to buy the place back from the State, so she can have the place.    Wouldn’t that be something, then they want us  Elbert & I to go to the poor house!   I pray God deals with them in His own way & if possible help them to love Him more than money or anything on earth.   Oh God help us, I thank Thee Jesus.    I pray Thou will make my nerves strong & help me over come all things in Thee,   I trusting & believing Thee Jesus, Amen.   S. Wind, a little West & partly cloudy.   Chilly wind tonight,   it  Mar. sure came in like a lion   Electric storm came after midnight.   Now the moon is shining clear & bright.   We see lots of birds today.   I Praise Thee Jesus & for all things     be with Eva & hers & Katherine & hers, Amen.  

Wed. Mar. 2. 1955./ page. 3319./No. egg today. (Tornado hes died today)/ We received a letter from Sister Rote today. & mailed card to E J     received a letter from Mrs. Bracket yesterday or day before & she seemed to be glad to hear from us.   She sent a note paper with picture of several fresh mackreal on it.    Been a beautiful day, cold N. West wind this morning & East little N. tonight.  I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for the sun   grass has started to grow, black birds are coming back & the mouring doves & looking the evergreen trees over.   Elbert worked on the chair a little today.   he still don’t feel very well yet.   I Praise Thee & thank Thee for my heal-ing    May all Glory to Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. Amen.    I cut out some slipper tops today & hope to stitch tomorrow. 

Thurs. Mar. 3. 1955./ No egg. today./ Got up about 11-a-m got a letter form the new grates for stone 11.93,   Oh, thats terrible.    Well, we haven’t got the money untill Elbert’s check comes that should be tomorrow or Sat. Elbert got dinner & after that,   I made a new nightgown yoke & sewed it on that’s all I got done,   Well, I washed dishes.   Elbert’s done his chores & went to Huron this morning & got the meat & milk, poor fellow he don’t feel very good.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus   Thou are a wonderful Friend a Savior & phyician &   Son of Man, help me to be like Thee,  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.   I thank & Praise Thee for all things which are many   Jesus True & Holy Amen.   it’s 9-30-p-m.   We are having another electric storm tonight & bad one & lots of rain with hail in it & hard thunder it made me jump.  

Fri. Mar. 4. 1955./ No. egg today./ A very thick fogy day & tonight a little breeze from N. east & trying to rain   we got a barrelfull of water it’s not clear, but we can use it.    I wrote a card to Katherine,   she’s ill,   wasn’t able to come to us Sun.    I pray God will in Jesus Name help her & heal her wish I could talk to her more often I do know it helps.    Elbert’s check didn’t come today.    He hasn’t felt very good, & he looks sick at times, but he plugs along, if my feet were better I believe I’d feel 100 per cent better    We neither of us worked today   I took care of beds & dishes, he did cooking (No mail today)   We saw about 100 ducks only for a second   it’s been terribly fogy  I Praise God for all our many blessings, Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 5. 1955./ page. 3314./ No. egg today./ No sun today   fogy & cloudy & a little rain fine misty & a little on the shivery side.    I got the rags for both ends,  washed the towels.   & I’m terribly tired    I did wash 2. pr. stockings that was more than I felt able to do & I didn’t get a dress or under skirt ironed.    Elbert’s been trying to dry rags, he’s so tired & feels all in,    but, he isn’t getting thin,    he saw a 100 geese, for just a few seconds, to fogy to see them very long,   Elbert ground some pork he bought this morning   he was up to Huron & got some oysters & fish, salt water fish & he got broccoli & crackers, & butter. & tea balls.   Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all the many blessings & the strength He has given me this day,    I’d like to go to Church & testify & praise God in Spirit.    I set up late writing a card to Katherine Haslet & to Sister Audrey.   Elbert mailed them.   Lots of birds are coming.   & They are having more tornadoes in Texas, Mississippi & well, I forgot the other State I pray God will take care of His own & I thank Him, Amen. 

Sun. Mar. 6. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been partly cloudy not so fogy, it tried to rain & tried to snow, but sun set a little yellow a few nights ago I saw a beautiful rain-bow in the fog,   it was a ilumaness a luminous light from the moon & the rainbow was bright colors painted a-cross the sky from the west a little South & toward the N. a little & more toward the East  something I never saw in the night, before I forget just what night it was but whilewe have been having the fog & at the first part.     They have been having valcanos in Honalulu & Sat. March. 5. 1955. radio said they had 100 earth quakes Sat. Mar 5. 1955  & were ready to leave the island, if necessary. & they had some twisters & tornadoe in several of the U. S. States.   The ground was white with snow this morning, most of it was gone tonight but it’s quite cold & freezing some, I had my bedroom window open & the wash rag froze.   No one came in to call on us today, God help each one as Thou seest we need; & we do need Thee Jesus so much, pa use to say some day,   Nellie will turn & grind her heel in you for all the good things you have done for her.    Well, I’ve kept it in mind & now she’s trying just that.   I heard lots of things, but didn’t want to be-leive them,   looks as if they were true.   Jesus Keep me Close I pray. & help the others before its to late.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for All things help to have & keep the victory Amen. 

Mon. Mar. 7. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Was sick all day & sat up untill after 12-p-m   it was moon & starlight & then at 12-30-p-m  began to get cloudy fast wind was N. east & freshened up fast then went N. West & blew the eav troughs was fastened above rain barrel & the cover blew off & it thrashed those 2. troughs unbearably      at last Elbert dressed at 5-a-m & went out & let them loose,   the pails went flying over the hill   Oh; it was terrible, rocked the house & I wondered if henhouse would be here, wind quited down at 9-a-m. storm snowed when it got so dark after midnight a good white covering.  & it was sure cold been cold all day, sun shone most all day clear & bright, but radio say another night like last night.   & it’s cold now, 9-35-p-m. had to lay down twice today.   I wrote card to Rev. Dears.     Elbert gave it to Postman, no mail for us today.   I hope Audrey writes so we got it in morning.    We saw few ducks today  going toward the lake.    I do thank God for teaching me His word & Praise Him forever Amen. 

Tue. Mar. 8. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Sunshone all morning & untill 3 or 4 oclock & it sun shone while it snowed for awhile then after the soft wet snow it began to stick on to trees & bushes & ground & every is White again today   S. west wind & blew hard for awhile & was chilly;   Elbert put out, they smelt real fresh when he brought them in;   We both have felt real punk today,    but I ironed 2 dresses & my peticoat.  & swept & wiped up the dust & washed dishes & milk bottles, Elbert wiped the dishes,   his head has been so bad,   he can’t think   & I dread his driving the car, but trust God to take care of him & He does,   Praise His Holy Name.   We receive a nice letter from Audrey    she says all are well. & she herself has been doing up the washing & cleaning    Gertie is much better & was out to the hair dressers & I had been & took her scalpe treatment,   she was bald on middle of her head but has a new groth of hair now & quite thick.    Elbert gave birds some grain & they dug right in for it then     it began to snow hard.   Well, I’ll have to write Audrey a card.   She, to, thought Elbert & I ought to go to Poor House,    but, as far as I know, it was-n’t because of anything I have that she wants.    I do pray God will teach each one to Know His Will & ways,    I don’t want only what I need of this worlds goods, but if I could get a lot of money for these old chairs, I’d take it & try to fix the house so it wouldn’t rock in the wind.   & a few things such as getting

Tue. Mar. 8. 1955./ page. 3316./ No egg today./ a cystern put in here by the house & putting some shingles on the roof    that we could use the water off of them & getting a place for the car, fixed & a few things like that.    Well, I have to get to bed.   (I think today is George Eddys birthday 12 yrs. old) I do thank Thee Jesus for help me & giving me more strength & courage,  I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus, Amen.   Moon shining & stars are bright & wind died out. 

Wed. Mar. 9. 1955./ No egg today./ Bonita Jr. 12 yrs. old today. & George was 12 yrs old, just before midnight & Bonita just before she looks like her mother   dark eyes & hair & George looks like his father, light hair & blue eyes.    they are quite tall & normal children.    I gave Nelson 2. boy scout handkercheif but I’ll have to mail them to the twins.   Been a fine day, the sun shone all day & was golden yellow, last night it was red. & an orange ring around the moon, clouded up & then clearned off & got warmer & ground was covered with snow & it got warmer & snow was gone this morning   Elbert mailed card to Audrey (we received letter from Audrey yesterday & our checks. Praise God.   Chilly wind & quite strong allday easing off tonight. & it’s moon light & star light tonight & not quite so cold.   Jesus I thank Thee for the strength of today    I washed rags & nose rags 3. shirts & the towels hand & dish & Elbert’s hand-kercheifs wash rag & 1. pr. socks,   I made the beds.   Oh Praise Thee Jesus, I’m so glad Thou art an ever Will be. Amen. 

Thurs. Mar. 10. 1955./ No. egg today./ Elbert let hens out today.   strong wind S. west & still at it at 10-p-m.  I have been bum all day, but got up & dressed & had dinner with Elbert    he got the dinner & supper & his back & head has felt bad all day,   he put the night clothes out & didn’t leave them long, wind was to strong.   Well, I couldn’t see very well, but cought up a few holes & put a few patches on Elbert’s 2. union suits,     now, I have 3. of my shirts to put big patches under each arm.   & then Sat. wash rags & I hope to feel able to sew next week.    Elbert went for the milk & he has done the chores such as empty ashes bring up coal & bring in water & take care of hens      only have the 2 We got from Joe Haslet.    I ought to write card from to Eva.    I pray Jesus thou will give her strength & a stronger faith,   I Know Thou can & will hear & supply our needs, I thank & Praise Thee Jesus help us to be bold & strong in Thee,   I do thank Thee so much, so much Amen,     Glory to God.   I thank Thee for Thy Holy Word & for helping us to understand    but there are still many thing I should know   I give Thee praise

Fri. Mar. 11. 1955./ Page. 3317./ No. egg today./We received a nice card & note from Eva    she said Katherine wasn’t very well & she herself didn’t fee very well, but was going to Huron to clean church today.    she ask how Elbert was feeling by now & hoped they’d be seeing us soon,    We like to have them come & glad they like to come & pray God will bless each of us & help us in spirit and truth & give us strength & boldness for Him    help us & lift us in Jesus Name I ask. Amen.    I thank & Praise only Thee, Glory, Glory Hallelujah.   It’s been a beautiful day, but was a hard night & day in many other places that have been visited with destruction wind 90 miles & hour tornados & twisters, one town only had one building left,   a pason[?] all other homes & every other building lowered to the ground, rivers overflowing there banks, milions of bushels of wheat destroyed & the place they called the dust bowl Has been whirling with dust so thick they couldn’t see the sun for hours & then rain & hail came the color of the dust.   Thou has told us all these things would come to pass in the last day.   but still people are wanting the worthless things of this world.   Oh God, help us I pray & I thank Thee for all things Thou has showed me & helped me to Know.    After midnight it surely stormed thundered lightened & rained & the sun came out this morning & it looked like Spring.   Elbert went to Huron & bought a few things to eat while I lay slept & rested.    I mended his 2 union suits, Thurs & my shirts today.

Sat. Mar. 12. 1955./ No. egg today.   I swept & wiped up the Kitchen & nearly fainted    I need strength & protection & I ask Thee Jesus to help me    keep my tongue, heart & mind   help me to live for Thee & help others, Keep me ever Close & those of Thine, I thank & Praise Thee Jesus    Been another mild Spring Day    wind blew but not as hard as night before last.   Elbert’s felt bad all day his head & neck.   We thought the canvase on the car & the shingles would be gone but they were all in place.    There has been storms & sorrows all around us    Sun shone today & was quite warm   moon S. east and yellow, frogs were croaking Sat. morning   we saw several Mourning doves.

Sun. Mar. 13. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Well, Jesus I thank you so much more than I can tell for all the Christian Children who call & visited with us today.   Henry & Inez came in today & visited for a while & then Joe & Katherine Eva & Marry Ann came & so we had quite a visit.   

Sun. Mar. 13. 1955./ Page. 3318./ No. eggs today./ & they ate there lunch here    we put in a little & they all ate & enjoyed themselves    they told us how the Church was getting along.   I didn’t get to visit with Inez & Henry very much    its been a beautiful day, wind’s cold & sunshine hot, & comfortable.    Well, I feel sort of tired out tonight,    I made a little corn-starch custard, after the folks left.   & we ate it.   I felt so all in.   Wind’s been N. West & rather cool & it’s Starlight I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for answering prayer & for Thy love & tender mercies to us,   Oh, I pray 
We may be Worthy,   Bless the Church & help it to prosper in Jesus Name, Amen.    I do thank & praise Thee for all things, Jesus, Pure, & Holy. 

Mon. Mar. 14. 1955./ No. egg today./ Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few things & the L. plates for the care while I washed my night gown & underskirt towels shirts 2 & nose rags & I got them done   had to sit often    Elbert’s feeling bad    he took cold in his neck, in bac, the bones & nerves & flesh but he feels better today,    he put new plates on the car.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for the strength He gave me today,    I felt as if I couldn’t ever get those few pieces out but Jesus has blessed me with strength    I did-n’t do it all, but will try again God willing.    I wrote cards to Eva & Katherine & Inez. & sent a small gift to each  3 green leaves each.    Inez she is going to have a new ice box & she wants to give me to have the one she now has so I said I’d take except it & thank her    I don’t want a big ice box, but here, it is & what could I do.    may God bless them in Jesus name I ask,    I Praise Thee Jesus Thou doest take sure go care of us.   Be with each of Thine all over the world. Amen.

Tue. Mar. 15. 1955./ No  1. egg today./ Fisher men ought to get there nets set today & I pray they get fish.    We had a gray day & the wind blew so hard it took big evergreen down again & I don’t think Elbert will raise it again.    Well we are to get one more storm & I hope it wont be to bad,    Ive been bum all day, so just set & wrote a letter to Mrs. Goll.  Miss. Mc. Govern, Mrs Seniff Miss Clark & card to Audrey.   We received letter from Audrey &

Tue. Mar. 15. 1955./ Page. 3319./ 1. egg this day./ she said Ella Jane was there & they talked about the things she wants, but didn’t tell her all,   I’m sorry she talked about it all, but thats a part of Nellie’s grape wine, they go to Audrey’s to see what they can learn about the rest of the families, what they say, think or do.    I received a letter from Miss. mc. Govern, to,    she misses Mike so bad & says John’s & invalid & he don’t drive his car much any more & she gets the neighbors to take her once in a while.    Elbert got up & filled 3 tubs in the basement with rain water,    it’s been raining quite hard   it’s midnight & it stopped raining just long enough for him to fill the tubs,    now it cal fill the barrels.    I do wish we had at least 2 more barrels.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things, Keep me Close, Amen.

Wed. Mar. 16. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Oh, but the wind blew & it poured rain    I felt so sick I didn’t go to bed & at 11-30-p-m. my bowels sure let loose, Praise God    I ask Elbert to dress & empty the can, it wasn’t raining so hard then & he filled the tubs 3 & then it was 12-30-p.-m.    When he went back to bed,    I went but didn’t sleep much,   wind blew so hard & has blown some today    Starlight to night,    Elbert had just got supper ready when Helen came in with Dolly & Ernie,   she wants them to stay with me while she goes to a birthday party the women are giving for her Thurs. night,   she’ll call for them when she gets back from Lorain.   We talked for an hour or so then she and Children went home.    Helen’s so nervous,   she says Rue shot one of Snyders dogs, “they are puppies” cookie & candy by name & they have killed 40 some of Rue’s game hens & cocks & he shot  the one as it iwas going with a hen before it got off his front yard & both have bad tempers & tongues    I pray they will learn to do unto others as they like being done to.    Oh Jesus we live between them 34. yrs. now & Thou Knowest    I thank & Praise Thee for all things & Pray Thou will me & us, close to Thee   I thank Thee now and ever more.    Elbert went to Huron this Morning  bought 4.45 worth of eats.   I have

Wed. 16. Mar. 1955./ Page. 3320./ 1. egg this day./given him 6.00 & 6.00 to the S. girls & 11.00 for Church   that’s 23 out of my check, so, we only have a little left & 3. weeks before another check.  & taxes & a tank of gas.   hope we can make.    Elbert don’t seem to feel very good  today, achs & pains,   Jesus help him I pray.    I had an other bad spell again today,   he helped me make oatmeal cookies this afternoon

Thurs. Mar. 17. 1955./ 1. egg today./ St Patrix Day  Top o the morning to you./ Been a fine day,    but, I didn’t work today    Cool today.   We received a letter from the Rev. Dears, said they were moving into a house 15.00 cheaper than the one they had planned on   the other was 64.00 per. mo.    the church folks couldn’t pay the rent on the one they are in 32.00 per mo. & are behind in that rent.   I don’t know how she happened to write & I don’t un-derstand the meaning of the letters,    but, Praise God He Knows & I do thank & Praise Him for all things and pray He will guide us & Keep us & thank Him He does.    Helen just came in at 10-30-p-m for the children,   she wanted me to take a dollar but I told her if she would wash my blankets I’d be satisfied, so she said she’d send the children for them one day next week.   hope she wont forget.   Those Elbert took to the laundry stink & are as Yellow as saphorn    I hate to think of his wearing this his under wear & shirts.   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Fri. Mar. 18. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, it was partly cloudy today  & wind mostly N. West.    I feel so weak & shaky & blood been trying to run down below & I don’t know of any reason it should,    I sleep with my door locked, bolted & I tie the bolt head to a nail but every once in a few days I feel as if I’d been raped    I feel sore & some times as had been punched & so sore & as if a needle had been pushed under my finger nails 3 & sometimes 4 fingers & they get so sore & my left breast gets sore every since the nipple & a place looked & felt as if it had been sucked untill the bright red blood stood up in the pores & the place on the flesh was drawed up in a lump that stayed for over a week,   God Knows & I’m glad but pray He will remove all the devils plaques from me.    Jesus help me I ask, I thank & Praise Thee Amen,    Ernie was here for a little while tonight after school   Dolly went to her step mothers  for supper  her own fathers, so Elrnie Ernie here until his mother got home about 1. hr.    I received my tax blank this morning & I have it ready for Elbert to send back in the morning.    I gave him 20.00 dollars 2. 10.00 dollar bills   that makes 26.00 I’ve given him.   taxes 14.26 this time.   I gave Eva 3.00 & Katherine 3. for there birthday,    I can’t give as much to them as they give me.

Sat. Mar. 19. 1955./page. 3321/2. egg today./Well Elbert went to Huron  & I washed my 2 wool peticoats & 3 towels some nose raggs & rags & my stockings & 2 dresses, got them all dry,  N. east breeze all day cold  raw with nice sunshine & sun set blood red tonight.    Received letter from Miss Clark & one from Mrs. Haslet   Well, I to tired tonight.    Elbert bought 6. fish 2. white bass & 4. perch   they were so good & sweet & fresh   bass was still flopping when he got home, he got 4 Kercheifs 2. for each of the twins Geo. & Bonita & he got a few things to eat. but not anything for tomorrow,   fish cost 55 cents.   he done a little toward getting the evergreen up again it’s nice & green.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & trust for my healing soon, Amen. 

Sun. Mar. 20. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ No one came in today,   been mostly Cloudy today & it’s raining a slow rain    Elbert has the tubs full & the barrel can only hold another tub full.   I didn’t get my dresses ironed but this old one’s clean, just patched & patched & little tatters. & I’m still to tired to work,   Elbert’s planing on going to Vermilion in the morning to get a little food, some wings & chicken backs & pay light bill.   I’ve listened to sermons allday   don’t know just what I try to do tomorrow    have to iron for one thing & maybe set some bread & I believe I’ll write to L Ward & trust for a healing.   Help me Jesus.    I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things, I don’t know what’s wrong.  

Mon. Mar. 21. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ (First day of Spring./ Oh I Praise Thee Jesus for the letter I received today. from Wings of healing.    Now, help me to know & do Thy will,   talk to me Jesus & help me to understand, I Praise Thee & thank Thee.   I thank Thee for all ouf our many blessing & there are Truly many,    Elbert went to Huron & got fish & to Vermilion & got grocery order & he looked all tired out & I believe he felt that way    he brought ice cream   it was good, to.   I ironed two dresses & petticoat & chair cover & swept & cleaned up papers & washed & cleaned up pots & pans & dishes   & I feel so weak & miserable    I’ll have to rest more tomorrow.   I should write some cards & notes,    but, maybe I will tomorrow.   I Praise Thee Jesus.

Tue. Mar. 22. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ We been having a lot of wind & it blowed so hard, it tore the canvas all to pieces off the front of Elbert’s car & it’s flopping shingles    hope it don’t do any harm,   it has being doing lots of damage   up rooting trees & taking off roofs & taking down telegraph poles snapped off, planes & in trouble & the wind lifted a steel try[?] up & turned it bottom

Tue. Mar. 22. 1955./ Page. 3222./ 2 eggs this day./ side up, sickness, troubl, sorrows every where.   It has been a bad wind all day   it poured rain about half the night & part the morning & then turned to snow & the wind swept it in clouds across the fields cold raw S. West Winds  shook the house bad    N. wall cureved in & out & windows rattled & shuddered,   Oh, Jesus I’m sorry for all those who haven’t a warm place to stay tonight,   be with the needy poor miserable & wreched & all those of Thine I pray.   I thank & Praise Thee for all Thy Gracious Blessings.   The birds had a hard time tacking against the west wind to night.    We received a letter from Audrey & Card from Mrs. Goll today.   We had chicken for dinner & biscuits & creamed potatoes & gravy & fresh fish, perch & catfish    Huron fish house gone out of business. 

Wed. Mar. 23. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been a beautiful sunshiny day cold wind, but you would never Know    We had a real blizard yesterday   it rained with little sharp pieces of clear ice in it then turned colder & froze & snowed a good white covering & this morning it went before 9-a-m. & Post man didn’t take my cards out the box.   no mail of importance.    & I didn’t do much   my head has felt so heavy all day.   & Elbert has felt to bum to work.   Was starlight for a little while but clouded up again    radio said more wind, rain, & snow tonight & tomorrow   Jesus I Praise Thee for all things, Amen. 

Thurs. Mar. 24. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been a fine day   sun shone all day   25 mile wind cold & raw    We have fire & warmth & Praise the Lord for it    & my stomach is so bad I can’t eat,    it felt good only empty this morning,    Elbert had just made fresh coffee, he gave me a cup, & it’s played havoc all day & felt as if it was going both ways tonight,   I feel some better at 10-p-m & so I’m going to bed & hope & trust I’ll feel lots better tomorrow.    We need to clean bird cage, floor & the table, no mail today.   I felt so bad couldn’t even enjoy looking at the magazines Brode’s gave Elbert,   I Praise Thee Jesus & trust You will give me knowledge, wisdom & under-standing & make me strong that I may help others   I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.

Fri. Mar. 25. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Was nice & sunshiny untill 4-30-p-m   Muffy Sarr has been home from Columbus from colledge for a few days & today she came to call on Elbert & I  & to take home Elbert’s bed sheets, they are going to wash them.   We visited for an hour or so & then she said the children out to be home & I want to get the supper started be-fore her mother got there,    she hadn’t been gone but a few minutes before it started to snow a real blizard & it’s still at it   wind’s N. east & quite fresh,   Elbert fixed another piece to

Fri. Mar. 25. 1955./ Page. 3223./ 2. eggs this day./ put on front of his car & he had it on now & it’s still blowing & snow-ing;   he went to Huron this morning    I gave him 10.00   he bought steak chopped & shank meat & fish & oranges   we ate chopped steak for dinner & for supper we had fresh fish, catfish, a white fish & a Jumbo haring[?]  the fish was sweet & good  my stomach feels better tonight Praise God.   I so sorry for all those who are homeless ragged & no place to sleep;   God have mercy in Jesus Name.   I received a box with a Christmas card & note & 2. prs. stockings 2. men’s neck ties & a pr of bed slippers to wear in bed,  she said they had been given to her & she couldn’t use them   if l couldn’t to give them to some one else, she said if the stockings were to short to cut them across the ball & sew in a patch.   she sent a dollar all so;  the beleve if they give you something, you should return to them something that cost just as much or more    Lida told me, so I really wish they wouldn’t send me things    I can’t a-ford to do more a lot of times      I  like to give but not to the greedy.   I Praise God & still hope I’ll be able to do all He wants me to do .   Glory to His Holy Name. 

Sat. Mar. 26. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been a stormy day    sun peeked through, not clear & only for a few seconds & it has been snowing in thick heavy showers all day from S. West,   like a blizard all last night & tonight, radio says lots of trouble & sorrows, the bible tells us when these things come to pass to Know the end is near at hand even at the doors:    Well I haven’t done anything today   looked after beds & washed the dishes & we sit here & let the water pan, we heat water for hot drinks, burn dry & that was some scouring job    I did most of it, “the scouring”   then Elbert finished it,   he has felt so bad all day & had a bad spell, in the stair way    I gave him a swollow of water & put some water to heat in the dipper & made him a cup of coffee    he soon got over it, if he didn’t get so scart.    Wind is so strong & he had brought in a pail well water emptied the  slop pail & got 2 pails coal & he heap them full & brings 2. at a time,    I can’t get him to do one at a time,   he hasn’t done only chores but wind’s strong & its & effort to carry water & cool     lots of snow coming at 10.p.m. & it’s so bleak out side,   there wont be any one here tomorrow because of the weather & as I read over the christmas days it looks like a bad summer, dark dreary days & already the men of athority are begining to look about the water shortage soon to be

Sat. Mar. 26. 1955./ Page. 3324./ 1. egg this day./bible tells us about this & the dark days & about the water being turned to blood.   Oh God of Love & Mercy have mercy on our souls in Jesus Name I ask,   Keep me close to Thee  I Praise Thee for Thy love & care & want to be of real service to Thee.   Glory, Glory Hallelujah Amen Amen. I love Thee Jesus.

Sun. Mar. 27. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ No one came in today,   Wind blowing the snow in whirls & taking it in puffs in by white clouds across the fields,    been better this after-noon,   wind eased off, new moon came up clear & bright & at 10-15-p-m was behind a bank of dark clouds & the wind is freshening up again, radio said cold tonight & tomorrow,   it snowed quite a lot last night & wind blew in heavy puffs,   my west window was snowed in so you couldn’t see out but it went off by noon & eves were dripping & little ice cycles cycle & some big ones on grainery   We saw a big nice rabbit come across road & went on west of the house   first one we’ve seen in months.   Well we listened to sermons on radio all day & tonight but I would rather be in church, but they told people to stay home for it was to bad weather to get out & roads are bad but if you could see Bob Brode fly pass here you wouldn’t know the roads were slippy & bad.    I do praise Thee Jesus for all my many blessing & that Thou doesth keep me, & us.   may all Glory be Thine, Amen. 

Mon. Mar. 28. 1955./ 2. egg today./ Well I did half the wash & Elbert washed his sleepers pillow cover & his kercheifs & socks & now they are all dried except the rags & part of them are dried.   I’m tired, but not as much as other times    my bowels didn’t move as usual & so have pains but Jesus has taken care of me & given me strength & He has taken care of Elbert also,    he has been to Huron   bought fish & boiling meat & broccolie & come home & cooked dinner, dressed fish, & washed his cloghes & he carried water  Kept the fire & he’s so tired tonight,    God save his soul & heal him in Jesus I ask, I believe, Thou will, Amen.   Elbert mailed letters to Audrey.   I thank & Praise Thee, Glory Hallelujah.   Sun shone all day, hardly any wind, snow most gone

Tue. Mar. 29. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been a great day   Elbert went to Huron & got some grain for hens & a piece of pickled meat & we had potatoes & cold fish for dinner & hot potatoes, bread & tea,   he didn’t get home untill 11-30-p-m    Eva, Marry, Ann & Joe & Katherine came in & we had quite visit,   I’m glad I’m not in it, the fuss between the Ministers & members of the Church,    I detest arguments.   Why don’t they take it to God in prayer, God help them I ask.

Tue. Mar. 29.1955./ [page] 3335 [out of sequence, should be 3325] /2. eggs this day./We gave them noodles & pickles & hot tea & a piece of fish, apiece, & crackers & then they went home again.   I was glad to see them & they said they would be back soon again.    God help them as Thou see they need.    I Praise Thee Jesus.   Teach me Thy Will & Way    It’s been a nice day hot White Sun & not much wind    it was N. little West & quite cold,    snow has melted quite fast to day, over half gone.  I Praise Thee Jesus I love Thee & want to do Thy Will.   Now we are listening to Rev. Buser a good sermon tonight.

Wed. Mar. 30. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a beautiful day nice sun   N. breeze not very cold, Elbert’s Knee is bad all day,   but he raised the tree up a little poor old tree,    I pray God will help it to stand & stay this time.    I cleaned the floor & took care of beds & rooms & cut out sleeper jacket for Elbert & he needs it.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things     we received letter from Mrs. Rev. Dear & Wings of healing & they sent cemry[?] pictures they took there in calcuta Inda.   Well I darned 3 prs. socks, bad ones, big holes tire me so.    I also sent a letter to Waytt with 6.00 in it   hope they get it safe,   this letter is asking for Easter money for foof for the poor in Inda.   Oh God bless there efforts & give Dr. Wyatt strength & courage   We do thank Thee for all the things he’s trying to get done with so little help,   How I wish I could help, but I can only pray & send what money I can,    I need more & a stronger faith & power,    I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus from the very bottom of my heart.    I praise Thee for all things. Amen.   Ernie stopped & got his little magazines last night & his mother went on after the milk,   he brought Elberts sheets.  

Thurs. Mar. 31. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well I baked 2 tins of bread & hope it will be good,   Elbert got up & emptied can twice    I sure was sick both ways & bowels moved twice today    I Praise God from whom all blessing flow,   Glory Glory Hallelujah.    Received letter from Insez today,   they are all well as usual.    I’ll be glad when I am well again    I Praise Thee Jesus. & trust all things will be His Glory    Elbert went to Huron & got rope from fisherman & tackle & few things to eat.   he has got the evergreen up again, has got to fix the root & put dirt on it’s

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