January 1955

Sat. Jan. 1. 1955/ 2. egg today./ Well, I made 3. tins & a small loaf of bread & I wiped up floors & I made the meat ball of the rabbit meat,     it was so good & for supper we had some more beef rice soup & then a lot of dishes & now I have Elbert’s back rubbed & a hot flanel on it & he’s tucked in bed,    he’s been feeling rather bad for several weeks,    he tried to chop some limb wood & said he just didn’t have the pep,   he has looked as if he didn’t feel well.    Since today’s New Years day,   there’s no mail & tomorrow is Sun. & we hope we can read & trust Jesus & talk to Him,   Praise His Holy Name, I love Him.   Now Rev. Buser is on the Radio.    I try to hear him every night.    Help our faith & spiritual needs.   I thank & Praise Thee, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.   The weather. Dark untill 9.a.m. then sun came through at intervals & then more & stronger & a little longer at a time.    flies were out again today    We Killed 2. in the house    quite warm & it started to rain about 3-p-m & the water from roof is so dirty we can’t use it & the only way I know to soften the well water is to boil it.   No one came in today.    Oh Praise Thee Jesus Now & ever more Amen.

Sun. Jan. 2. 1955./ Page 3290./ No. egg today./ Well, I got up late   took my bath & cleaned my feet that’s a real job    I had just finished when Katherine, Eva, Marrian & Joe came in  & the old lady that lives with Eva & we visited for some time.   I & Elbert ask ’em to stay for supper, but they wouldn’t,     Katherine bought my new coat 35.00 & so I have to look for another if & when I get to town & we hope to go this week, for shoes & slippers.    Todays for Sept.   a very mild warm day   Sun came up early & set red    S. West wind didn’t freeze last night hasn’t froze for 3. nights,    flies were out today.    A beauitiful day   Praise God in Jesus Name,   I Know Jesus will hear & answer prayer & set me free I’m so glad Glory to Thee Jesus   I thank & praise Thee & pray Marry Will Write or they will let me Know if she is still with us.    I praise Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure, Clean & Holy, Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 3. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Dark & cloudy untill most noon   then sun came out several times but clear all off & got dark soon after 3-p-m. & it’s been trying to rain every since & it 15 minutes to 11-p.m.    We re-ceived a card or rather a note with Marcie Joe’s picture & an outline of the each one of the family & wished we could come over,    Well it’s nice to get just a freindly note   We are always glad to hear from any & all of them.   Elbert’s head has felt bad all day & tonight I rubed his back & hip, but he wont have his head bathed.    I’ve felt rather punk but hope to feel better tomorrow.   Well, I got my dress all ready to stitch & hope to do it tomorrow. & to do some on the other one & then to cut out another one or two.    It’s quite warm out.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things great & small & I pray for Wyatt’s needs & I thank Thee for my healings & strength & praya for Katherine that Thou will take care of that trouble she has in Thy way & I thank Thee Jesus & I Praise Thee for takiing away the cause of bed wetting from Marrian & am trusting she will be made whole through Thee, Glory. Glory, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 4. 1955./ No. egg todays/ Been a beautiful day N. East wind.  not very cold,   hens found another big night crawler    We had a fly in house    sun came out about 9-a-m this a-m. & set red & Elbert said there was a sun dog,   the sun was so white clear & sparkly.   Wind stayed N. east all day.    My head has felt as if I’d been druged  so dizzy can

Tue. Jan. 4. 1955./ Page 3291./ No. egg today./ it’s terrible    I can hardly walk   eyes going round & round & the windows & room,    I really believe it’s dope of some kind but as yet I haven’t found out how I get it    & Elbert’s that way to & since I know he tried to give me dope once before, by holding it under m nose, & he got it to, I’ve been suspicous of him.    I don’t know how he operates,    Ive got to find out somehow   it hurts my arms to be tied & hurts my heart to be drugged.    I pray God will help me;   if I talk about it, he has such a smirky grin, I can’t tolerate it.    I received a letter from Marry Vedowich & a Kercheif & glad she’s O.K.   she longs to get out side that place and I wish I could help her    God help her I ask.    I pray Thou will make me strong in Thee & teach me & I pray for Wyatt believing thou will give him as Thou seest he needs.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & I pray for Sister Haslet take the poison & soreness from her throat & her jaws,   I thank Thee Jesus & for Eva & Marrian & for Sister Cooly & Sister Rote & the Revs Dears. & all those in the Churches    God help us in Jesus Name   I thank Thee & give Thee the Praise & thank Thee more than I can tell Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 5. 1955./ 2 eggs today/ Rainy all day & we have 3. tubs & barrel full of clear water,    tried to snow this after noon but melted in few minutes after it fell   sun made big luminus spots in the clouds, but didn’t come clear through,   not very cold,   bugs & flys & night crawlers.    Elbert’s terrible nervous  complains of his head    acts as if he isn’t all here    & my stomach has been giving me a lot of pain & my whole body feels bad,   but when I talk of going to the Dr. to see or find out whats the trouble with me, he don’t want to take me    but I have to do something & do it soon, tonight as soon as I finished my supper my stomach pained me so bad & when I drank it begin to bloat me.  & it feels so sore across the upper part of stomach & in upper part of bowels.    Elbert had gas pains around his heart tonight & he looked so scart or frightened.    Well it hasn’t been light enough to sew & I haven’t done anything.    I pray Jesus Thou will Keep me soul & body.    I Praise Jesus & thank Thee & trust for Thy help    Please show me I pray, please before its to late    I give Thee the Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.

Thurs. Jan. 6. 1955./ Page. 3292./ 1. little egg today./ No frost last night or Wed. night before Tue.  & no rain today & we had a bad accident    one leg on the wash bench broke & dumped 2 tubs of nice clean water & bent my tub bad.    I feel so miserable   my stomach feels sore, cross wise, upper part,    I ought to wash rags but don’t feel as if I can lean over the wash board.    It’s been mostly cloudy & sort of chilly cold.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got 20.00 dollars worth of food & brought it all in 3. little cartons,   He sent a money order to moore & Meyers for the battery 21.00 & some odd cents, so that’s paid in full.    He has been feeling bad, pains around his heart, gas pains,    he ate piece of orange & it relieved some of it.    My passage was black today    it was that way when Jesus healed me one other time.    I don’t Know any one Who is like unto Him, He’s all the World to me    I thank & Praise Him Glory, Glory to His Holy Name.  

Fri. Jan. 7. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been a fine day   dark & damp this morning then sun came out about 10-a-m. & shone all after noon    little cloudy but thin white wind clouds & tonight looks as if we are in the center of the wind   it split in the West & clouds going N. east & S. east & sun White as ice & the moon clear & bright tonight.     We had a little freeze last night & a frost.    I did out part of my washing & few light pieces of Elbert’s & he washed the towels,   my feet are sure bad, sore, I think I took cold in them.    Received letter from Sister Haslet.    I am sorry I sugested there coming for a lunch for Elbert’s & my birthday but we’ll have to call it off.    I’m not able, some other time, perhaps.    Well, I do thank & Praise God for His love & care & hope He will find me worthy.    He said to Keep what we have of His spirit untill He come & I’m trusting & believiing Glory to God in Jesus Holy Name, I love Thee & hope to be all Thine, Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 8. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well I swept & dusted all 3. rooms, ironed my dress & under skirt dried rags & folded them,    It’s been a nice day    Elbert cut some brush & limbs & I have him rub-ed & he’s in bed & I do wish I had some one to rub me,    but God takes care of me even if I do have to have to suffer many things.    I have Him to thank, Praise to love & I wish I could show Him I do love Him   Glory Glory, Hallelujah, Amen;   froze a little & little frosted

Sun. Jan. 9. 1955./ page. 3293./ 1. egg today./ S. west wind quit strong & chilly, Rained this morning & cloudy    & cloudy tonight.    My cold is better.   Praise God & I thank Jesus   He does hear & see & Know & pray I may do His Will & His ways;   Oh God, We are so bad  Daniel would be dumbfounded & I wonder more each day of all the wickedness that goes on.    Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came,    they didn’t stay long, but we had a little visit,   they to, have a hard time to get along on the little money they have & I pray they will soon learn to live for Jesus,   love each other & do as He would do.    I got up late & we ate about 3.-p.-m.   & again at 6.p.m.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & Glory in Thy Power & Name Amen, 

Mon. Jan. 10. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a nice day, tried to rain then snow, but sun did shine for a very little while, then cloudy again.    Well, I got my dress stitched to-gether    that is the waist & skirt on the belt.   & I also got the other skirt stitched together & the waist & hope to get it together, so I can measure them & baste them & stitch, as I get them read.    I received some sort of bag, made of heavy silk black, trim of old rose    it’s pretty    looks like the bags we use to carry our sewing or crochet in when going to the ladys aid,    Well, insid were 4 pretty handkercheifs  the flowered kind & 2-1.dollar bills.    I thank Thee Jesus, & pray Thou will bless her as Thou seest best as, as he needs.   she isn’t able to get out side by herself any more & I know it’s so hard to bear & she’s 75.yrs. old -Oct. 1954.    I’ll try to write her soon.   Then I got a letter from Sister Dear    she thanked me for the money for church & for them & she told me about her children & some of the others.    God Bless her & hers & cleanes & help each one in the Chruch, All the Churches & be with all of Thine all over the world & help us each one in Jesus Name, I Praise Thee Wind was N. west & N. East tonight didn’t freeze only top soil a little

tue. Jan. 11. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well I sure did more than I had ought to do today my right foot & leg are so sore & the left one almost as bad    but I baked 3 tins & put away & ach so bad I can hardly endure it & Elbert’s head seems to be bothering him & he don’t want to be around me  so he went to town & then went down & saw some limbs,   fed hens & got the supper   I rubed his back & hips & he’s in bed    I had to do the dishes & read

Tue. Jan. 11. 1955./ Page. 3294./ 1. egg today/ & go to bed.    We had a letter to day from Audrey, said she worked 4. days last week. & E.J. called on them.   & she says little 3 months old Wendy weighs 15. lbs & coos & trys to talk    she’s a pretty baby.   she said she didn’t see Joan much,    I hope they don’t neglect her    Martha & Merlin have bought a house on E. river Rd. & that will sort of leave Joan alone,    I hope all will be well with her.    Audrey said she might be out Sun. for my birthday, Jan.   I wonder if she will.    Well it’s been a fine day mostly cloudy & cloudy tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus that I can still get about & do some work.   & that He looks after us & takes care of us.    Glory to His Holy Name He convert’s us heals us & fills us with His Spirit & keeps us,   He’s Wonderful.   All hail the power of Jesus Holy Name, Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 12. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a very dark day I couldn’t see to sew & didn’t try to write,    it tried to snow & at last after supper it did & the ground is white now at 11-30-p-m. & sky is very dark    our checks came today.    I feel some better a-gain today & thank & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will have dimond over ever part of me soul, body & Spirit, Amen

Thurs. Jan. 13. 1955./ No. egg today:/ Loura Ann’s birthday, I believe she’s 17. yrs. old.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good today,    It snowed quite a little last night    maybe 3 inches   winds rather cold & raw   wind’s been south west most of the day.    I ironed my old dress & sewed up the slits & tried to do a little on the new ones, but didn’t get much done,    hope to get more done tomorrow  just have to have another dress soon.    We had some sun shine today that make the day & life lighter.   I thank Thee Jesus for removing the soreness from my feet & legs & Keep me ever close to Thee Jesus, Prue, Clean, Devine, Holy & full of Glory, draw me ever closer, Amen.

Fri. Jan. 14. 1955./ 1. egg today/ Oh God, I Praise Thee in Jesus Name for all our blessings that you see hear & Know I thank Thee so much for the love & for the fellow ship of those of Thine,   We thank Thee for the letter from the young folks,    I pray every one that is able will give the young folks, that they may catch up there bills 6. hundred dollars for baby’s birth____birth.   Well, Eva & Marrian, the & the old lady & Katherine & Joe,   they brought a hot meat mixture & buns & ice cream & cake & strawberry drink of some sort

Fri. Jan. 14. 1955/ page. 3295/1. egg today/ like coke,    I don’t drink that sort of thing, but since it don’t hurt any one, I drank 2 good swallows to be polite.    Eva has been sick & Katherine not very good but we had a good visit & the are coming again soon they hoped,    They gave me a box of writing paper Eva did, & a handkercheif & Katherine gave me pillow slips, embroidered, & very pretty This week They have been ill & planed all week to come, bring a birthday lunch & gifts, not thinking of the snow & slippery hill & pray & visit, lunch & Hym His songs of courage, love & Glory.   All the strife hardships & toils forgotten at His call, We thank & praise Thee Jesus for All.   We missed Sister Cooly & Sister Rotes, but they were on Godly missions & earns & we pray Thy guiding Spirit guided & Kept them  & took those who were here safly home & give them a renewed strength    help me to read & learn how to be of more comfort & strength to them.    I Praise Thee Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more Amen    didn’t get much done on my dress but hope for an-other day.   Elbert & I saw 2. mourning doves over by John’s grainery late today   they acted cold.   It’s been partly cloudy or mostly & snappy cold   snowed a little, flake were small, & cold goes right through one,     Elbert’s back & head are bad, yet.   Wind’s quite strong & South West    it’s most 12.p-m half to go to bed. 

Sat. Jan. 15. 1955./ No. egg today./ Well, I tried to sew    didn’t get much done.    Been partly cloudy, quite a breeze alnight & today.    snowed a little & melted some off this noon.    no mail   or Elbert didn’t look in the box, but thought there was-n’t any.    I didn’t get up very early & didn’t feel like work-ing today & tomorrow’s my birthday again got to fix the fire & go to bed    We listened to Rev. Buser tonight   he didn’t say how his wife was,    she been quite ill he said    Starlight tonight   wind’s been S. West last night & today & was strong, felt as if it was going to lift us.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting & believing that I’ll be filled & made whole in Thee, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.

Sun. Jan 16. 1955./ No. egg today./ None of our family came in today, but the Minister & his wife & daughter & some other woman came,    only he came to the door to see if we were able to go to church,    they are having some other Ones in to preach.    I’d rejoice to be able to go again & take part    God bless Thine & reveal unto them & help them to understand for even those Who have been filled with the Holy Ghost are still ignorant    We need Thee every second & I pray Thou will fill me & help me to help others,    Oh God in Jesus Name    I ask and give Thee all the Glory now & ever more Amen.

Sun. Jan. 16. 1955./ Page. 3296./ No. egg today./ My birthday   I’m 70. yrs. old today.    Audrey wrote as if, she new she would be coming out today but neary a one come.    Nellie & her children didn’t come either,    Well, they will be coming, I hope no one is sick any where among them,    Wind’s quite cold & blew quit strong all night, not so strong tonight    it was moon & starlight light last night & is tonight.   We had warmed up potatoes & caned frankforters corn & pears & bread & tea for dinner.   (wrote cards to Audrey & Ella Jane    I’m feeling better, as the soreness has mostly left my legs & ankles,    I Praise Thee Jesus. make my faith sure & fill me with Holy Ghost & help me to help others, been a fine day only cold.

Mon. Jan. 17. 1955./ 11. egg today./ Well, I was going to try to sew today but had an accident & had to do some washing    I’m tired & didn’t feel able but such is life    I received a birthday card from Eva this morning.    Elbert went to Huron & got a few groceries & this after noon he went in the hollow & saved afew cuts off Elm limb,      the tornado took a big one on the north side of the big Elm off      & he has been trying to trim & cut it for wood.    Well I now have his back & hip rubbed & the dishes done & cloths all dry except the rags  guess I’ll do ’em in the morning the Lord Willing.    It’s been a nice day, looked like Spring but wind’s raw & frisky    sun shone mostly all day clear & bright star light & moon light last night & tonight.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray for more spiritual power.   Oh Praise  the Lord for all time,    I trust I’ll always be Thine Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, He’s Pure & Clean & Holy Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 18. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Oh God Call loud to Ella Jane,    Oh, I pray You wont let her go,    Oh, I pray you wont let her go wrong,    give her a shock of some sort & wake her up,    Oh, God, Wake her up now, Please Jesus, help her now, & help her to be glad she escaped.    Nellie & Bonita came in for an hr. or so & brought some cream but there is something on there minds they didn’t tell    I wish so much they would talk to me,    I tried to did it out, but I didn’t have any luck.    God help me to Know how to help her, in the right way.    Bonita has one day a week off & no pay for that day, either,    things are truly going from bad to worse    I had. a letter from Audrey today.   She work-ed a week she said.    I Praise Thee Jesus & trust for Thy help Amen.

Wed. Jan. 19. 1954./ Page. 3297./ No. egg today./ Well, I baked 4. tins of bread biscuits & 2 small loaves, both of white & graham & 2 bread pans of rice custard & so I feel real tired tonight.    Wind’s is cold & raw   mostly cloudy or, it was Cloudy all day.    I have had Elbert put out grain for the birds,    We don’t see any rabbits & not many birds any more.    & Today I came to with a jump,    for, I remember Nellie said as she went out the door that Bonita had been living on popcorn all the week,    Oh, why didn’t she tell me she was in need of food.    Oh God, speak to me when they are here so I can help them.    I wrote a letter to Nellie & put a 5. bil in for them.    I have to read a few lines & go to bed, trusting Jesus will take care of All of the Families. Amen.

Thurs. Jan. 20 1955/ ___ egg today./ Jesus I do hope & pray & trust Ella Jane is safe & that Thou will Keep her from harm & evil,   help her to talk to me & I pray Thou will help her & help some of them to come soon & help me to be able through Thee & only Thee for all our blessings help my brain to be more clear & alert,  I Praise Thee & all Glory & Honour should be Thine & Glory forever Amen.

Fri. Jan. 21. 1955./ 1. egg today/  I haven’t felt able to work & so short of blood it’s booming way above my ankles & have another sore spot beside navel on the left side, felt sick to my stomach    ought to have written some cards & notes, but just had to let them go,    I feel so weak all over & the aches & pains are terrible.    God help,    I do, want to do Thy Will    I thank & praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name forever & ever, Amen.    Wind South little west   cold & raw.   not quite as bad as Thurs.   Mostly Cloudy, snowed several showers this afternoon & tonight heavy mist falling.

Sat. Jan. 22. 1953./ No. egg today./ I wrote cards to Mrs. Bracket, Mrs. Cooly, Mrs Keegan, Mr. & Mrs. Haslet, Mr. & Mrs. Hunt & Edd Rosecrans.    I didn’t get much done today.    wrote the cards last night & mending today,    I ironed my old dress & mended it,  what I could;    & so, after I read & fix the fire, I’m going to bed.    We are listening to Rev. Buser now.   It’s been a fine day mostly cloudy S. wind.  I quite strong  rain.    Elbert went to Huron & got a little meat & it sure cost plenty.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus now & forever & ever. Amen.

Sun. Jan. 23. 1955./ Page. 3298./ 1. egg today./ No one called today except Ernie Sarr    I don’t know what he came for but one thing I do Know, there was a reason.    Dolly lost “so she said” some sort of frame to make pot holders on,    but, Elbert & I both cleaned off all the things on the cough & we didn’t find it.   I pray she will find it yet,  Jesus, so I won’t be blamed in any way for I’m not to blame,    I gave Ernie a few bread biscuits he likes them so much,    he didn’t stay very long, he says Jean his siter has a baby boy & he said it’s so small & he’s, his Uncle    he seemed to be very proud to be Uncle.   Well, it snowed last night & tried to snow today,    Wind’s backed up from S. West to S. East, tonight    it’s still cold.   And the sun just peeked through every once in a while    I thank & Praise Thee for Thy Holy word & that we can listen to many heart rendering sermons, help us Jesus to want & have a desire to do Thy will & ways    Oh, I thank & Praise Thee & I have many on my heart. 

Mon. Jan. 24. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, the women, Eva, Katherine, Marrian & Joe came about 4-30-p-m. & stayed untill 6-30-p.m. but wouldn’t have supper.    We had a good spiritual visit & we all prayed trusting & believing Jesus will answer,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee    help us to trust fully, Oh, God, I thank Thee & pray Nellie or Bonita will write & tell us in what condition things are in, help them to love me enough to do that   Please & I thank Thee,   I thank Thee for all things for I know not.    I saw a big rabbit in the back yard in the very early morning,    Elbert cut some wood today;   I have his back & hips rubbed & his in bed & I’ve felt so bad all day  & I hope & pray for strength & health for tomorrow, Amen.   Glory, Glory to His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 25. 1955./ ___ egg today./ Well we neither of us did much today    I got the map & water ready while Elbert gathered up the dirty news papers from the floor & swept, then I wiped up the floor & together we put on some glow coat but it doesn’t seem to look as if it would amount to much,    I didn’t get to sew today;   We did get a letter from Nellie & she thanked me for the letter,    I sent her 5.00 just loose in it & she said Bonita was glad of the potatoes,    God help them I pray.    I do thank Thee more than I can tell for all Thou doth do for me & us & Jesus, help me to sleep, so light I will hear if anyone comes into my room, hear me Jesus hear me I pray in Jesus Name & May all Glory be thine forever, Amen.

Wed. Jan. 26. 1955./ Page. 3299./ 1. egg today./ Well, I did my washing & part of Elbert’s   his sleepers  his flanel for his back & the towel for his pillow & his nose rags & his socks.    I washed my night gown, towels, rags & nose rags & stockings & they are all done or dry except rags & they’ll be dried & fold be-fore I get to bed    I have the dishes done with Elberts help & Praise the Lord God of Hosts.   Today Audrey sent me a box with a new gingham dress  3.98 black & white check & 2- 1. lb. boxes of chockets.   a box of niger toes & a lb. of mixed nuts & a letter saying it was a belated birth day gifts & several packages of gum.   cost 36 cents to mail it.    She said she hadn’t heard from any of the folks & so didn’t have much to write about,    I thank God for all there love & pray He will help them to hear His voice & come to Him.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things,    help me Jesus & help me to help others in Jesus Name I ask, for Thou has promised to hear Amen.  

Thurs. Jan. 27. 1955./ ___ egg today./ Nelsons birthday, had Elbert get 4 Kercheifs for him & Geo. /  Well, we didn’t do much today.    Elbert had to mend his canvas he uses on the car & then he worked on the puz-zel, he’s been trying to figure out.    I tried to get my dress done, but must have made a mistake, for it don’t look right,   the waist in the front,    Well I’ll try it on the dress form, tomorrow & hope I don’t have to rip it out again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our & my blessing.    Elbert went to Huron for food & meat & spent 9.00 & some odd cents    I gave him 10.00   that’s twenty dollars he has had out of mine so far & I sent Nellie 5.00,    I’ve saved 5.00 for Wyatt & 6.50 for up here.   That’s 11.50    I hope to give the 1. Pay Child [?] the dollar I promised & then I’ll be free again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small & pray We will have our pray meetings here & be blessed.    I sent Audrey a card telling her I got the box, O.K. 

Fri. Jan. 28. 1955./ Pa’s birthday    he would be 94. yrs. old today,   he’s 24. yrs older than I.    I was born on the 28th. & ma was 28.    We been having a few cold days & nights    windows froze last night & night before.    Elbert & I were born in Michagan Waxford Co. Cheery Grove township & Fred & Gertie were born in Brighton Ohio & Frank, Audrey, Mildred, & Nellie were born on Elyria Ave.   Lorain Ohio & Mable was born on HarrisonStr. Harrison St.  & st was later called Georgia Ave. on East Side of Black River Lorain Ohio.   & Ma. & Pa. & baby Mable died there.    Mildred died in Elyria Ave. 

Fri. Jan. 28. 1955/ page 3300/ 1. egg to day./ The house we lived in belonged to my Aunt Edith Breckenridge    We lived beside her husband George   died before her youngest daughter was born, she named her Georgia after her husband,   she was born on Aug. 16th. 7. mo’s. after her father died, she was 7. months to the day ounger than I.   Aunt had 3. other 2. story houses & she rented them to 6 families    pa had his rent free for reparing & painting for her.   The house burned down in yr. of 1897.     I was 12. yrs. old & Elbert was 14. yrs. old.    it was the 9th of Feb.    Elbert bought a doll  glass head, hand & arms to elbow & feet & legs. to knees,   well, ma had let me set up to make cloths for it & then some one took the doll.    I had Grandma’s silver thimble & her sisers & I still have the shears.   but one of the neices have the thimble,    I think it was Martha    I told Ella Jane she could have the shears, but I have them yet.    I don’t know how old they are.  about 98 + 23 yrs. old as near as I can figure it,    they were wedding gifts & a pazely shawl & a hand carved black walnut fan  very fancy    on you can open & shut   had a beautiful picture painted in Colors pasted to the long narrow blades    a brass ring in the end & a ribbon & bow to carry it on her arm.   she married grand-pa when she was 16. yrs. old   pa was born in 1861.   i think ma said, grandma was 20. yrs. old  when pa was born, so I guess the wedding gifts would be 98. yrs. old    I have the hair brush, looking glass & box that pa gave ma 75. yrs. ago.    Well, the yr, the house burned was the coldest night we’d had all winter, snow __ft. deep & it made a big change in all our lives.    Well West, North West wind.    I did get the snaps & button holes & buttons on my dress so I guess if nothing come along to hinder me I may get it finished tomorrow.    I thank & praise God for all our blessings,    Elbert’s carbator was froze this morning,   must have been water in the gas he had put in.   Thurs. he had a man come from near 61 & he tried several times & at last it started    Elbert went for the milk & when he tried to start it again, it didn’t so there it sets.    Oh God of Love & Mercy I Praise Thee & thank Thee for all things for my Salvation & thy Great Mercies.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy. Ghost Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 29. 1955/ page. 3301/ 1. egg today./ Been a nice sunshiny day some snow on the ground   thawed very little during middle of the day    been cold & is cold tonight    stars & new moon so very clear & bright,    Elbert got the car started    took it to garage & found he had run his new battery down.    got it charged, now I hope it runs in the morning.    Young man came & ask to cross the place to hunt fox, but I didn’t know untill he had gone he wanted to do it tomorrow, or I’d have said, no.    Well, I didn’t dress quite done   have to stitch sleeves in & stitch bottoms, I put a band around the bottoms of sleeves,    I have one button & button hole to do & I’ll have it done,   hope it will look O.K.     I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & pray I may be found worthy in Thy sight Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.   

Sun. Jan. 30. 1955./ No. egg today./ Been a fine day, cold wind west & N. West, light & penetrating;    Nellie, Bonita, Nelson & Audrey came late this after noon & Audrey brought candy   pt. of plumbs & pt. of quinces & Nellie & Bonita had a fruit cake & ice cream & we had made tea just as they drove in,   so we had a lunch & tea & lots of talk.    Martha had a baby Jan. 29. 1955.   I’m not sure its 29 or 30    & Audrey, says it’s the image of Jim.    & Jim & Jean will be 21. yrs. old Feb. 3.    Well, of all things I pray Jesus, that Thou will bring all things to Thy good & Glory. & I hope & am trusting for their salvation, Elbert, Gertie, Frank, Audrey, Nellie & all the neices & nephews,    Oh hear me & help both them & my cousins & me in Jesus, I ask, Amen.   a still cold tonight    I pray they have services in all the churches to bring in souls & through & Thee save them   Oh Jesus, there’s so many. 

Mon. Jan. 31. 1955./ 1. egg today./ 80 yrs old to day-is Wyn Grant/ I didn’t intend to wash, but, Elbert went to Huron so I washed out what few things I had & his small pieces & got ’em all dry.    Elbert does the cooking most of it.    he’s been trying to work a puzzle & having a great time at it,    thought he had it done & I suggested he look it all over again & he had forgot part of it    well it’s good for him to work at any way.    I have to get a letter off to Rev. Wyatt & I forgot to send my Church money to Huron when the Women were here.   Well, I hope I can sew tomorrow & that the water will be normal,    Wyn Grant is 80 yrs. old today.     & Jan has gone by so fast & Feb. tomorrow.    Been a nice day, but cold,    Chicago Ill. been froze up & the cars, today    the thawed out & say tomorrow will be froze up again.    There was a fly on window inside & a small spider just outside swinging on a web    & we saw one out side North window Sun.    A skunk scratched on a womans door,   she opened & he came in & went to the stove & got warm,    she didn’t say if she fed him, he went to the door & she let him out.    & a big truck overturned in Huron under the sign light in center of the street.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee. Amen

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