April 1955

Fri. April 1. 1955./[page] 3336./  2. eggs this day/He has worked hard & is very tired tonight    he said Mrs Sehrem would call & leave a look for us to read    old peoples homes in Florida & New Mexico    Elbert talks a lot to her & tells her a lot about me,   she stopped this evening but didn’t bring the book, she & Elbert exchanged looks & she said I looked good to her,   well neither Know my condition but Jesus Knows,   Elbert would like to get out of doing anything in the house & I am sorry I can’t do it all but, he would fiind it would be just as hard & maybe worse,   they always think they Know,    but, when he was away to work I did many things to take my strength & did his washing on the board as long as I could & then he decide to take his away to be washed,    we go half on all things, so I pay half the bills.   I pay all the coal, gas, insurance & taxes & he had to get L. Plates for car a new grate for stone & a pr. new shoes & by the eats, he does most the eating    he got the dinner & supper & acted as if it was to much to give me a little, sort of edgy,   he ate his & after awhile he boiled two eggs for me   I ate them & some bread & a piece of peach, some caned ones Eva brought.   & I washed up all the dishes.    I cleaned up the news papers off the floor & wipe it in several spots & made bath beds & cleaned the corner where slop pail sets.    I was out doors once yesterday long enough to take clothes off the line & today I went as far aas the pump & I did try to flip a few pieces of chips & bark off the lillies    Elbert put alot in Wheel barrow & took to rubash pile to burn he brought the concreate blocks from ever-green tree, to pile in back yard.   Sun was hot & the N. Wind cool, it change to South & has been a weather breeder, rather warm,   I was out with out a jacket & didn’t feel cold.    Received  card from Audrey, she ask us down to Sun. dinner on April, 10,   they don’t seem to believe I can’t go in this condition.   My bowels have been quite loose for a couplle of days,    I’m sorry I have to ask Elbert to empty the can, he’s done it all winter    hope I’ll be able to do it before much longer.   I thank Thee Jesus for the strength of today & Praise Thee for all things great or small, Glory to Thy Name. 

Sat. April. 2. 1955./ Page 3337/ 1. egg today./ I washed my rags & old dress & got them all dry, except rags & the top of my corset    Elbert went to Huron    he was so agavated & felt ornery all day,   he’s so tired & he looks tired all out     & he’s gone to bed.    I’m tired & my right side is paining me again tonight    it pained me untill almost all night & untill most daylight while I prayed     & I had just as I’d got to sleep,    Elbert wake me & said he was going to Huron,  it was 10-a-m. & he didn’t get back untill 9-p-m. & he’s been so cranky, I’m wondering.   He has a guilty look    He saw 2 flocks of ducks, before dark going N. West.    We have had N. East wind all day.   Elbert hung out part of the cloths & they dried good.   Well, I didn’t get any sewing done today.   I do Praise Thee Jesus for all things & I’m trusting in Thee for this Healing.   Helen Sarr came to see if Ernie was here    I don’t know if she found him.

Sun. April 3. 1955/ 1. eggs today./ I sent Audrey a card Fri. card. & I received letter from Katherine saying she mailed the slips for Jan. & Feb & the slip & money for Mar. to Mrs. Weber.   & she was going with Joe to an auction sale & missed post man so would mail her letter      then I received card from Digest saying Miss Mc. Govern had paid for the Digest for me.    & I got De.Haan’s little book also & a card Fri. from Audrey.   & I sent her one Fri.   Well, it has been a great day;   Mr. & Mrs. Weber came in & spent an hour or so,    I gave Sister Dear 13. dollars, my tenth for Jan & Feb. & she didn’t turn in only 6.00 of it.   I pray God will help them to be honest since they claim to be God’s Ministers,   Well, I trust God will in Jesus Name bring all things to light & that He will give us minister that will do His will in His ways & soon.    We had a good visit & they went home feeling better satisfied.    I don’t know if it’s Mr. Weber’s mother or grandmother that lives with them,   but, she will be 100 yrs. old in July,   they say she get around & does little odd jobs. every day.    After they went Elbert made some hot tea & it was most ready to pour when Frank Bonney Ruby & there youngest son came in     & Frank brought us fresh pork, he got of a man he works for, now & again,    They told us Audrey has been laid off & all the others that work with her in the shop where she sews, on mens clothing.    Ruby met Audrey in dime store & they visited.    She said Pearl shivers & shakes just terrible,    she’s been laid off from her job

Sun. April. 3. 1955./ page 3338./1. egg this day./ Elsie work at the school cafiteria & I never knew Phylis was (not all there)  that’s Elsies daughter & she’s married to a young man by the name of Smith    & they live in a trailer on the Wheeler place.    Every one sent things for a baby & she hasn’t had a baby yet    Ruby says they sent all the things back to those who sent them.   They stayed an hour or so & had to fix the pan under the car after they got started & just off our drive a little,   they wired it up & went on again.   They have 6. or 8. fence posts, they split for us & are plannning on bringing them & doing a little work lifting up the house & leveling it up    We had supper & listened to Rev. Buser for 1. hr.    today is palm Sun. & cummunion Sun.     Armond’s little girl was sick & so Clara didn’t come     little boy, O.K. & so is Evylin & her families & Francis & her family.   Elbert’s in bed & I wish I was.   I Praise Thee Jesus, Pure & Holy

Mon. April 4. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well I felt bad all night but Jesus heard my cry & releaved me before I got up,    I didn’t feel like doing ay work,    but, we ate & then I made Elbert a new sleeper Jacket & put the bottons & wholes & so finished it so he has it to sleep in tonight,    he put it on & it’s O.K.    I had to use 4 pieces in each sleeve & 3. pieces in the piece that faces each side of the front & I use a piece of mash bag I had made into a handkercheif,    but, used it & 2 other pieces for yoke in the back & I just put a binding a-round the neck,    I had to make it shorter than old one couple of inches but it will be lots more comfortable than the old one,    they strained it all to pieces at Huron laudry,    I feceived the little work basket book, that Audrey sent for, for me.    She must have got my card today.   & I have several to answer    got to do it soon.    It’s been a nice day   little more hazy but nice sun   & it was a real beautiful day, Sun.    I thank Thee God of Love & Mercy, in Jesus Name for Thy tender mercy & care,   I thank Thee for all things great & small & pray for all of Thine,   I know not who they are, but Thou Knowest. Amen.

Tue. April 5. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been a partly gray day.   been hot 70 degrees.   We received letter from Audrey & a not from Fred Kendall saying his mom & dad had been dead a couple of yrs. now.   he didn’t say anything about Edd.   queer, but maybe he’s the only one left.    Well, I been sick all day    to much sewing Mon.   Audrey didn’t work,   she says all March.   she wishes she could be working.   Well, I’m Praising Jesus forever Amen

Tue. Mar. 5. 1955./ Page. 3339./ 1. eggs this day./ It’s been a nice day, not much breeze.    A car stopped & honked 3. times & I went to the door & they waved to me  & went on    I don’t know who it was,    they had to wait at the rail road crossing,    they might have come in for a few seconds,   Well, I thank Thee Jesus & hope they let me Know by & by.   I praise Thee Lord God of Hosts & may all Glory Honour be Thine for ever & ever, Hallelujah Amen.

Wed. Mar. 6. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a fine day,   partly cloudy & a strong puffy wind  quite warm but a raw N. East wind, hot white sun.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got the groceries, 22.21, & then he bought 2X 6 & pressed board 2.___ & 1.00 gas & oil 93 cents.    I cooked the dinner & supper today with a lot of effort & washed & scoured dishes twice. today.    Elbert brought his 2. heavy under suits & 3 shirts back wet from the laudry    & they looked as if they had been soaked in suds & wrong out & they were more dirty than when he took them so he put them in hot suds & rubbed them on the wash board   sudsed & wrinse & hung them out on the line & they were almost dry at 5-p-m,    the wind whipped them so hard    I had him bring them in,   the wire loop the cloths line was fastened to broke & let his blanket to the ground, so I took it & his night cloths down & brought them in & hung mine out for a half hour or so,   & then got them in    I went to the mail box & but no mail today.   My bowels were so bad didn’t move Tue & I had a hard time with them today but they moved & I felt sick all day.   couldn’t work Tue. or today.    I Praise God in Jesus Name   He helped them & me today & took care of Elbert.    They are having such heavy snow storms & tornadoes & wind storms in Kansas Texas & Carlina has the worse fire they have ever had.    it started raining this after noon & putting out the fire, the ice has pilled up at the Falls & in the river & spoilt lots of the cottages along the river.    The bible says the men of this world will try to rule it,    but, God will rule it in spite of all there efforts & the have a weapon that can wipe out a whole fleet of air planes.    Jesus help me & keep me & turn my brothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, nephews, neices & all my cousins to Thee through some of Thine    I thank Thee & Praise Thee.   & may all Glory be Thine forever & ever, Amen.   God of Hosts, help all of Thine in Jesus Name I ask, God be Blessed for ever, help me to Praise Thee in spirit.

Thurs. April. 7. 1955./ page. 3340./ 1. eggs today./ Been another nice day, but lots of sorrows all over the world that side & this, but still people dont look to Jesus as much as they should,    Oh, God help me I pray to do Thy Will & ways in Jesus Name.    I didn’t work today & Elbert hasn’t either he says so tired & he went to bed early & I am going to & pray Thou will give us both strength for another day.    Bessie Senffnth sent me an Easter Card,   it was for us both.    I sent her a birthday card    she had said she’d be 67 in March and on her card she said her mother’s birthday was April 4th. & her Jean’s was April 5.th & she & her parret Samy live alone & she’s glad Spring here again.

Fri. April. 8. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert finished the fixing on the evergreen today & he’s sure tired,    I swept & wiped up floors & I’m so tired  I’m going to bed with out writing cards again. tonight,    I made a cake this after noon & it’s a big job today & think of my making 4 or 5 cakes in a day beside the 100 & 1 other things I did,    well, I’m glad I can do a little,    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name,   He takes care of me & us.   He died for me & for all Who Will except Him.   Been partly cloudy & quite a cold breeze & South west.    I haven’t been able to rub my clothes out, all week.

Sat. April.9. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, once more thought I couldn’t,   but, I washed rags & nose rags 3. towels  8 or so wash rags,    I’ll have 2. prs. stocking  shirt 2 peticoats 2. dresses & night gown for Mon.    Elbert has a few pieces,    they don’t wash them clean at the laundry,   it’s terrible, so I don’t like to have them washed there,   might get some decease.   Been a fine day, hot sun, breeze a little cool not bad.    My right leg hurts me, nerve jerks so it almost lets me down.   Jesus is able & I trust He will fix it,   the legements around my arms in the back to feel as if they had been strained bad & my back bone as if it had been twisted makes me feel sick & I don’t like the sound of the remarks,    God help me I have to sleep some.    Elbert went to Huron & got some fish & we had part of them for supper.    I Praise Thee Jesus Thou has promised never to leave me alone   Glory Hallelujah,   I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, always. 

Sun. April 10. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, I saw Nelson one night last week & said to Elbert maybe he was sick & today Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children come in & said Nelson had been in the hospital, cold on his lungs he’s as frisky as usual today,   they came in as though there hadn’t been anything wrong & didn’t make any apoligies    they had been over to New London   Johny Marcie & there children were there,   they were tired & they didn’t stay

Sun. April. 10. 1955./ [no page number, would be 3341]/ 2. eggs this day./very long, they came with an excuse   they have 7 baby chicks, they wondered if we would want them,    I said if Elbert would want to take care of them, but I couldn’t   We’ll have to buy feed to;   I wish we could get a few more about the same age, might as well feed 50 as 7    Well, they came in all decked out in there Easter outfits & boquets of carnations & ribbons pined on them,  no they didn’t even bring us & Easter gift,   they did as I had dreamed,   walked in as though nothing had ever happened   still hoping to get the things they want,    they remind you, of a horse that would like to trample you   May God help us,   I ask, in Jesus Name Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day   warm & hot sun not much breeze.    Jesus Keep me ever close to Thee, I thank Thee.

Mon. April 11. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t work today    Elbert went to Huron   got a big mess of catfish & 6 pike & he cleaned all & gave Clayton Brode the pike, Clayton gave Elbert a small pail of fertilizer    We had fish for supper & there’s enough for tomorrow,    I ground fresh vegetables & made chow,   I didn’t have the carrots to put in &. ony 1. onion & 1. small pepper,   but it’s good.    Nellie & the children & Bonita came & brought the chickens,   now that’s another job for Elbert    he will have to make some sort of box to keep them in & a wire crate for them to get on the ground    they are 2 weeks old now.    Been a nice day only cloudy & tonight its been trying to rain    I pray it will give us 3 tubs, the barrel & several buckets full    we need it bad.    Well we received letter from Audrey & receipt from Wyatts & I’m to all in to do any more letters tonight    I wrote 8 letters & 1. card last night, Miss Eleanor Clark, Sister Audrey Carlisle, Mrs. Cooly, Mrs Keegan, Katherine Haslet, Mrs. Goll, Miss. Mc.Govern, ____ & a card to Fred Kendall to thank him, for letting me know that his mother & father had passed on, he said about 2. yrs. ago.    I can’t remember who the other letter went to.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & ask to praise Thee in spririt,   I’d be so happy & thank Thee so much, Amen. 

Tue. April 12. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron   took back the rope & tackles & got his pants he had cleaned & got a piece of bacon,    he’s been trying to fix a crate (wire screen) for little chicks & a box    he feels so punk, he can’t seem to think but he has it most done & tomorrow is Wed.    I ought to wash, but we want to go to Lorain one day, if we can this week.  Receive card from Audrey & receipt from Wyatt & I thank & Praise God for all any & our blessing Amen.

Tue. April. 12. 1955./ Page. 3342./ __ eggs today./ We received our checks Tue. 12. & I do thank & praise the Lord for them.    I gave Elbert 20.00 of mine, he got his social S. check the 5th & says he spent all but 18.00 of it, he’ll be broke before May. 4.   Well he got old age pension 13.00 When I get my old age pension,    well it was partly cloudy & quite warm today   N. east breeze & an icy chill in it,    flowers are trying to come but its so cold at night they had quite a snow storm Mon & a lot of rain I can’t remember if it was Arazona or where    It’s hard now with no wash water & going to be terrible by & by.   Oh God I thank & praise Thee for all things & trust Jesus will help me to Know what to be doing. Amen. 

Wed. April 13. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ I feel as if Im getting to much dope a-gain & wish I had some one true to help me,    It tastes like soda in the milk & Elbert says in a flurry   it can’t be soda    they wouldn’t put it in the milk.  God knows & I’m still hoping & trusting he will help me find out & that he will get me free in some way for I Know He can.   It’s so terrible & I feel so worn out most of the time.    Not a soul    I can trust near by.   Been partly cloudy & gave us one shower hope it will rain hard & wash the roofs,    We need the water so bad.   Received no mail of importance today.   I was out to toilet & in back yard today.   Ernie & Dolly came for golden bells & what ever they could get in flowers for school    I don’t have very many any more   few voilets, mertyle, not many daffodills or Narcisis    they were happy with what they got,   if only they don’t come back & get the rest of my daffies narcisis & so forth I’ll be glad.    I do enjoy the flowers.    I cleaned the bird & then took care of the rooms but felt to punk to sew or to wash.    We hope to go to Lorain Fri. if all goes well. Still cloudy out hope it will rain.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for help in Thy Holy Name, Amen. 

Thurs. April 14. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t get up untill noon & then help get dinner,   Elbert worked on the big chair,    I’ll be a happy as he will when it’s done.    I’ve felt so bum today & the least little work makes me sweat like rain & Praise the Lord it has rained & Elbert filled the tubs crocks & buckets & now the barrel is filled & he has covered it & put the troughs on to let the rest go down hill    Wishe we could save it.    Well we thank God for what we have,   & at 10-p-m. it’s getting colder   hope it don’t freeze.    We still have little fire    Oh God, how much I thank Thee for our many blessings. Amen.

Fri. April 15. 1955/ Page. 3343./ 2 eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy today   Wind mostly west & N. west & Elbert went to Huron & paid 1.00 for fish,   he got cube steaks & he cooked dinner & we had the fish for supper.   I haven’t done much today, wasn’t out doors today.  turned cool before dark last night & it got quiet cool before morning & has been cool all day.    Received note from Mrs. Lulu C. Rote Sandusky Ohio,   I owe her a letter.    She’s been taking care of a little girl for couple of weeks.   Said she’d love to come over but hasn’t a way to come.    I’ll try to write a few lines soon,   I’m feeling so weak & miserable.    I thank God in Jesus Name for taking, care of both of us, & for His love & mercy & pray He will save Elbert’s soul & the rest of the family.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will Keep me & those of Thine Very close to Thee,   May all Praise & Glory & Honour be Thine Amen.    I haven’t done much today & Poor Elbert, says he’s so tired to night & I know how tired he feels.    I feel that way so much of late.    I thank Thee Jesus for the water  3 tubs & a barrel 2. crocks (12) gal. a little bath pan a Kettle & several buckets full.   It is star light tonight & quite cool out side & every thing trying to grow   We had a big mess of greens, they were so tender & good,    We have had 2. meals & enough for another.   & Elbert got oysters today & boiling meat & meat is done.   

Sat. April. 16. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I did my wash & Elbert did a few of his & the sun was hot & breeze from the south & the clothes sure dried.    I got my 2. dress washed & ironed & my 2. peticoats also, & pillow slip & towels & rags & ELbert helped carry water wring the heavy pieces I even got my night gown washed & dried,   Elbert made Oyster stew for supper for supper   I darned 2. prs. of his socks & now all rags & all things put away I wrote just a card, to Sister Rotes & wish I had all the others wrote.   & no cards from Katherine or Eva all the week.   My throat aches since yesterday as if I were going to cry & greive over something,    I pray, Dear Heavenly Father all is well & Thou will help me do Thy Will, in Jesus Name Amen.    Now Thou Knowest how I’d like to be free to go & worship in church & I pray Thou will cleanss the church.   It’s not as cold as last night but it’s cool nights.   No mail.  

Sun. April 17. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ We have listened to sermons today & to Wyatt & a letter from His wife & the great mircles that have been happening since they have gone back to Africa,    the greatest thing that has come to them   God came into there room & the light was so strong & bright they were gripped untill they spoke & she had discovered he was not in bed as she rose & stood

Sun. April 17. 1955/ Page. 3344./ 2. eggs this day./ beside Him at the window he could hardly talk to her, for God had been talking to him telling him all, these things will come to pass    I have been telling & showing you.   Oh God, help me to do Thy biddings, help me, I ask & pray.   Mr. & Mrs. Weber came in for a little while this after-noon   I gave them (6.00 my tenth)   I haven’t signed a card & don’t belong there & I went back to Vermilion & they have changed some of there methods so I didn’t feel the power of God there any more & sort of alone.    Weber & I had a good visit    she took a few of my outside plants home, to put in her garden.    I though I’d ask her about the folks from Sandusky, but some how didn’t hope to hear from them tomorrow & Elbert wants to go to Lorain in morning.    I sure dread it,  but since it must be done guess I’ll try   Webers, brought us eggs & hamberg & it was sure good   our boiling meat, spoilt & a little of the rice & broth,    I wish I had eaten a little more of the rice    I could with out any, trouble but thought we’d eat it for our dinner, but it had started to spoil.   Mrs. Weber prayed for me & I feel better    hope she comes again so we can keep in contack.   Was a wonderful day, after the thunder-lightening & hail last night it sure did pour down hail stones & rain     the thunder was ruff,  but lightening didn’t crack, but was strong & so bright,     Weber’s said they tried to catch some to use & it was full of dirt;    It truly was a beautiful day.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus & still hope to be strong & do Thy Will Amen. 

Mon. April 18. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain & bought a pr of shoes $22.61     now he says he only has 5.00 left.    I gave him 20.00 & he had 18.00    Oh Well I don’t know & so he got back safe & I’m glad    the fellow said these shoes should last him 3. yrs.    they look like good leather & well made.    He went up & see Audrey & had cup of coffee with her,    she had out a big washing, has to hang it on a roof    Elbert said she had 3 lines of bed spreads blankets, jackets, rugs & soforth & she said she has to go to work in the morning    her back has been troubling her since she washed the windows.    Well I hung my bedding out & turn mattress over & aired his bed & made up both beds & helped get the supper & did the dishes & after he got rested a little     we dug a few greens & I looked at the trees here & there & then I washed greens & got them on to cook,   but we’ll have to have them tomorrow,    We had potatoes, cube steaks & 

Mon. April 18. 1955./ Page. 3345./ 2. eggs this day./ tomatoes bread & hot tea for supper.   No mail.   Where are the Sandusky girls I do wonder.    God has shone His golden sunlight on me so strong this week & I feel He is with me, that He will be coming before we Know it.    Last night it was starlight untill after 2-a-m & then clouded up & was cool untill 10-a-m.    Elbert left at 9-a-m. & got back 10 or 12 minutes to 2. p-m & he’s so tired & said he was so tired    When he got to Lorain he could hardly navagate & he’ll be tired for several days, for he’s not use to walking any more,   he’s gone to bed,   I pray God will help him to feel better than he expects to be in the morning.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus.   & Pray Thou will reveal unto me.  the things I ought to Know & to do. Amen.   The white & blue voilets and the Myrtle are in bloom & looks like a blue carpet so pretty, the golden bells & white narcisis, yellow dafodils & Japanesse fire bush   it is firy red.  & very pretty & the plumb brush, pears & apples are in bud.   Lots of things are gone & a lot of the folks & we are to feeble to do very much. 

Tue. April 19. 1955./ 2. egg today./ Been a nice day, partly cloudy & wind quite & puffy untill evening it sure thundered & lightened & poured rain after midnight,    but I didn’t hear any hail,   it lasted untill daylight & it clouded up & rained, a little be-fore dark & it came from N. east & had little clear ice in it,    every things so green & trees in bloom, but I’d like to be doing more for the Lord & helping here in His work.    I’ve been feeling so bad for a few days again & so terribly weak in body & legs & arms.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good   took a lot of his strength to go to Lorain & back,   he thought he’d go to Huron today, then changed his mind & thinks he’ll go in the morning & get fish & Call Sandusky Girls & see whats wrong;    He put another piece of linolem on the chair,   that the seat tore out,   & he made a window frame for basement window to put screen on.    & he fixed hen coop window.   he’s extra tired & I pray Good will in Jesus Name help. 

Wed April 20. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ Been a very nice day,   Wind was rather puffy & Elbert went to Huron   he couldn’t get fish so he got meat      tonight the wind blew hard & things went flying over the 

Wed. April. 20. 1955./ 2. eggs this day./ hill & it rained in sheets & several times then cleared off & turned just a little coolr, tonight, some how   I couldn’t work so far this throat has ached as if I were going to cry & I did cry last night,      but thus far,I don’t know what’s wrong.  To night a little bird, a light slate color on it’s breast flitted up & down on the east window pane untill we saw it, it attracted our attention then Elbert went out & it dropped out of sight ((a fore runner of death)) so that’s why my throat has been aching so hard, but I don’t Know who it will be.    Frank Bonney isn’t very well, nor Ruby & Johny Harnish isn’t very well.    Elbert isn’t, either.    Well, I pray God’s will be done but, I hope they will be ready to meet Jesus, Oh help me to do Thy Will & ways, reveal to me I pray.    Elbert called Sandusky Girls & they haven’t been feeling able to even write a card to us.    I pray from the depth of my soul Thou will give them faith & courage to trust & & believe & if we all trust & believe God will answer prayer.    I received card from Mrs. Goll Tue, saying Miss Clark had come home to stay & felt so tired out,   she’s alin.   Oh God, help us & Keep us close to Thee, Thou are worthy of all Praise, Glory & Honour forever & ever Amen.  

Thurs. April 21. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it rained a light shower this morning, been partly cloudy & strong puffy S. & S. west wind all day.    Rev. Mrs. Deer was here today, brought grape juice & crackers & had communion with me & she brought 4 oranges & a can of peaches & box of crackers & visited a little while & then went ,   she came back after she got to her car & wanted to know, if she came for us some day,   if we’d go for a ride, I’ve said so many times, I can’t go in my condition    Ella Jane’s 36. yrs. old    God Knows I don’t tell lies  not any kind of lies.    I pray God will Keep them close & help them to do His will.   now & ever    We received card from Audrey, she’s been working some   We received Farm magizine, I think Miss Mc.Govern sent it

Fri. April. 22. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a great day,   a beautiful summer day,   I washed & it dried out side & Elbert went to Huron he bought catfish cleaned them I salted them & then set down & tried to crochet a new edge for hand kercheif then Katherine & Eva & 

Fri. April. 22. 1955./ Page. 3347./ 2. eggs this day./ & Marry Ann & they stayed for supper & enjoyed the fish supper    We had a good visit & pray before they went home    I pray God will bless them & help them to pray more often & trust Thee more fully   strengthen our faith    Jesus & help us to be able to do all thing through Thee,    I thank & Praise Thee now & ever more   Oh God;   We are both very tired & I pray for strength both phyically & spiritualy.   Wind was North & went south after dinner. 

Sat. April. 23. 1945./ 1. eggs today/ It’s been partly cloudy the air is very damp, N. east wind.   No mail today and Elbert’s back has been so bad,   I am so sorry for I’ve been in that condition a lot of times.   but I’m hoping trusting God will open his spiritual mind & help him to turn about  face & be happy in Jesus, now & ever more;   I swept & wiped up floors & help with meals.& am tired      I have dishes all done  read & studied the bible for a while     & now I’m going to bed hoping I’ll soon be able to get up & do things again, for Jesus & my self.    I Praise Thee Jesus,   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen. 

Sun. April. 24. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ No one came in today & it rain & lightened & thunder & then cleared & was partly cloudy & rained again some, late this after noon     & radio says they think there might be a tornado at Cleveland or near by,    it’s been a beautiful day,   puffy wind at times.   Well, radio just said there wouldn’t be any tornado,   I thank God & Praise His Holy Name, for all things.    Elberts had head ach all day & I believe it’s a cold, for my head has been aching the same way.    We have a little fire yet   he must have a cold for he had it to hot for comfort when I got up, I open my bed-room window & let some fresh air in & it was sure fresh. 

Mon. April 25. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & I baked 4 tins of bread biscuits & 2 small loaves     & I partly cleaned top of stove    it was so covered with greese.it was most ready to float.    I took care of the beds & rooms & washed up all the dishes pots bottles & pans & now I’ll read & go to bed    Elbert got up an hour early & so he’s tired,    he got the clock turned ahead some how.   Been a rainy day in showers, all day, last night & tonight.  & lots cooler tonight,   no mail worth while today.    Wish we, could give the girls some fish;   Oh God of Love & Mercy help us to live for Thee & teach us Thy ways, I thank & Praise Thee for taking care of us but I want to do more for Thee   I Praise, Thee for all things, now & forever more, & Bless Thee & Honour Thee, Amen.

Tue. April. 26. 1955./ Page. 3348./ 1. eggs today./ Been a cloudy day with the sun peeping through for only a few seconds at a time, N. east wind,      it showered all night & part of the morning & it’s been cool,     we’ve had fire to Keep out the damp chilly air,   the water’s running through the basment like a river.    I haven’t felt able to work all day,   got those terrible pains under my finger nails.   & hands ach,   feels unbearable    feels the same as when I stick a needle under my finger nail only it’s under thumbs & fingers,    I pray Lord God of Hosts for help, in Jesus Name,   my rectum is so sore & feel as if it had been streched as far as it could be & my bowels was hard to move & my privates felt as if some hard thing had been shoved up between me & made me sore & as if they had put something to big in me & made me feel sore & lame & even I been men-strating & full of such kind of pains & my backbone “or vertabras” are out of place & cause me such pain.    God Knows & sees & hears & I trust Him to take care of this before long,    He answers many of my prayers & I believe He will answer this one,    I Praise Him for His help & for His Love & Care for me & pray He will help in His own Way.    Received letter from Sister Audrey, she’s working 8. hrs. per day.  again,   was off work 6 weeks, says her shoulders are so tired at night ,   men’s coats are so heavy to sew on & she’s been doing the samples ” they like her work”    Well, it’s been a nice day even though it’s been cool, apple trees are so full of blossoms & part of them laying half way down on the ground.    I thank Thee Jesus & praise Thee for all things.    Helen was here to ask us to look after the Child-ren mornings to see if they get off to school on time    Rue went to the hospital today,   his heart is enlarged & he’s feeling so bad & Helen dreads leaving the 2 children with Know one to look after them, so she wanted Elbert to drive down to see if they get up & off on the Buss for school in time.   so we said we’d look after them   God help them to get up & ready on time. 

Wed. April. 27. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went down to Sarr’s in the car,   blew horn & both children said they were ready for school,    so, he came back, & tonight we both went down for we didn’t see Helens car, but she was there & had drove down to unload coal & was going to some boy scout meetings up near Berlin Hights,  she came back before dark.   Elbert will go again in a.m. to see if the children get ready for school

Wed. April. 27. 1955./ Page. 3349./ 2. eggs this day./ Helen said Rue would be home tomorrow,   he has enlarged heart & they just gave him pills     Frank died with enlarged heart.    We were glad they were all right & so we came home    Elbert drove to highway  looked at the lake, it was real calm    he wants to go for fish in a.m.   I gave Helen 3. hot fish right out fry pan last night;   then we came home again. Dolly & Ernie picked a few of there voilets & gave them to me & showed me there report card that had real good marks,   they like me & I’m glad for it’s better that way.     Sorry about Rue, but, there are some who just go wrong.   I’ve felt so bad today.   Had queer dream & so real & so clear.   seemed I got a ride with someone to a little place where they ate in one room   drank in another & I’m glad I didn’t know what went on in the rest of the rooms    the person I rode with went & left me, so I waited for another chance for a ride & Martha came in her car & Audrey in a car, some one bumped Martha’s car & it was taped up sidewise on 2 wheels sort of tetering & they both came out & pushed it on all 4 wheels     Martha got in & Audrey got in her car & I had walked a-crossed the road & Martha passed me      then I ask Audrey if I could ride & she said sure get in,      I did & laid down on back seat she said she though I was going with Martha.    I was thinking about Elbert, for it seemed I was going to try to meet him at the loop in Lorain & I’d be late now,     she took me to the loop & went away & Elbert was walking up & down the curb crying      & he was so glad when I walked to him & said, I’m sorry I was so late      but had a trick pulled on me & he said I was so worried for fear something had happened to you     & I didn’t know how to find you      & there is a man here waiting to take us right to our road,      he took me over to man’s car & introduced us & we got in      & he brought us clear home & he told us his trouble & we helped him & Mr. & Mrs. Yance,    it was something about there homes & being evicked.  I do Praise God for all we have for it’s through Him we have anything at all.   Received nice letter from Sister Cooley, she says she will wash anything I send to her by Eva, Praise God these women have been so kind to me     I pray God will give them 4 fold what they have given to us.

Thurs. April. 28. 1955./ Page. 3340 [should be 3350]/ 2. eggs today./ Frank Babcock would be 73. yrs. old today.   & he has been gone 22. yrs. this last Feb. 19th.  he was 3. yrs. older than I,   it’s along time.    Received nice letter from Mrs. Cooly, Wed. Elbert went to Huron & got good mess of catfish, had to pay for them. 6 lbs. 80 cents.    I did my washing & he washed out his sleepers & shirts    I did his light pieces Kercheifs & socks   & we got them all dried,    I dried my little rags over fire.    & I’m tired,    I got the Magnafing glasses today & got them ready to send back   not strong enough.    We got Dehaans book & the little booklet they send once a mo.    Been a beautiful day, N. east wind or breeze & hot sun, but, white. I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all our blessings.   I praise Thee Jesus & love The  Keep me Close to Thee. Amen. 

Fri. April. 28. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ Well I fix my dress over & hope it’s O.K.    I wrote a note to Marry Vedowich & sent her a dollar.    & I wrote a card to Audrey & sent the M. glasses back for stronger lens & Elbert got the piece of old floor covering cut & put on stair landing    it’s so hard for him to do such things any more,   he opened windows in basement & he went to Vermilion & got a little scratch grain for hens & little chicks & he got a mash bag for 10 cents & I have 4 or 5 now to wash.    they have such a lot of coloring in them it’s hard to scrub it off.    Been a fine day,   We hung night cloths out & aired them today.    I feel like a ton of lead & so tired & Elbert says he feels the same way,    he saw & talked to Miss. Clark in Vermilion today,   her brother’s had another heart attack & she was so worried    Elbert said she didn’t seem like herself.   Eleanor has been sick & she went to Cleveland to see her & said she was no worse off than she was,   so she came home again .   & says she’s tired out.   she’s older than I by few yrs, so I recken she’s tired.   warm with cool breeze N. east.    I pray God will help her get her rest for what she has yet to do.   I Praise Father, Son, & Holy Ghost Amen.  

Sat. April 30. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I got my dress to big in the neck so now I’ll have to set in a little yoke    I can’t seem to keep my head level & think anymore but it isn’t spoilt anyway & I’ll get it fixed some how. I went out side & helped Elbert trim deutzia bush & the ramblers on South end of house & if it’s nice Mon we hope to get some more done    Elbert cut the grass around back of house & put it in the hens park,   my feet have pained me so bad all day,    we aired our bedding & made the bed & I should have swept, but didn’t,   We are living on all

Sat. April. 30. 1955./ Page 3341./ 1. eggs this day./vegetables    my stomach don’t like it.   but there’s 4 days be fore Elbert gets his check & so we have to wait, unless he gets some fish Mon. & runs in debt for them;   he’s in bed & I wish I was    I feel so tired.   I thank Thee Jesus for my healings & for this one & pray for All of Thine & that we may both be Thine & my Sisters & brothers nephews & neices & Cousins & all there families.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee forever & ever Blessed & Holy Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day hot, white, sun N. east breeze.

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