May 1955

Sun. May. 1. 1955/ 1. eggs today./ Uncle Will’s birth day,   he would be 101 yrs. old today & Aunt Edith would be 105. yrs. old last Sept.   time is flying, brother would be 69.   Georgie would be 70 August 16. 1955.    Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came in late this after noon for half-hour or so    they didn’t come in the house,    Elbert & I were out in the yard looking at the strawberry blossoms & voilets & Myrtle, flowering current, it’s so fragrant & spicy    you can smell it all over the yard,    so they were hungry & they went on there way    there had been to Norwalk to visit,   they are trying to win back my good gracies, with out even apoligizing,    they act as if they owned the place,   so bold,    Well, I pray God will interced & Keep me close To Him;  I thank & Praise Him for all things & for removing so many achs & pains & for taking the pain from Elbert’s Knee. & hope He will convert him & heal him that we may work for His good & Glory.   I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.   Been a beautiful day,   a little N. east breeze untill late & then it died out & sun was hot. lots of wind scuds & things are getting worse fast. in high place & governments, as God said.    We hear a cock pheasent most every day out by grapes. 

Mon. May. 2. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well it’s been a nice day hot sun south breeze & tonight, it’s partly cloudy      didn’t feel like washing so tried to fix neck of my dress.    Miss Mc. Govern has sent me the digest & farm journl,   I wish so much she had-n’t,   I have to write & thank her & Mrs. Rotes sent me a box of scripture cards $1.25 & 5 cents postage;   Hope to hear from Audrey tomorrow.    Ernie & Dolly were here for a few minutes,   she picked voilets & Ernie went on his bick over to Snyders,  they didn’t welcome him   his father shot Snyders dog   he was Killing Rue’s chickens.

Mon. May.2. 1955./ Page. 3342./ 1. eggs today./ Snyders had 2 pups & we see them go past every morn-ing & one morning they had a chicken & other times we see them rolling on dead one’s they had left in John’s field,    they haven’t done anything about it & they Killed 25 or 30 of the cocks Rue raised to sell,   he got 10 or 15.00 apiece for them,    Bill was as nasty talking & as discusting as he always is.   Bill plowed & planted Bessies piece of land “12 acres” across the road on top of the hill & she didn’t know anything about it untill he sold the corn, then she made him pay or go to court, so he paid her, one time not so long ago,   some one tossed a little fox terrier out, here, & it don’t know what we said to it, so it must have belong to foreners,   we fed it untill it got over being lame & Elbert took it to Vermilion in the car & it went to play with some other dogs & Elbert said he couldn’t find it & came home with out it & each time he went back he never saw it,   Well before Elbert lost it, Bill came over one day & said Elinor   I don’t want you to have a dog, you don’t need a dog,   & I said it’s none of your buisness what I have & What would you think if I’d come over to your house & tell you, I didn’t want you to keep a dog? or cow or chicken,   that’s foolish Bill    I’ll do as I please aabout what I have & want & you take care of your affairs,   after the tornado he ask Elbert to help him fix the end of his cow shed & I tried to talk Elbert out of it, for, he had had so two bad sunstrokes & several parcial ones,    but he went & could hardly get home & it cost him lots more than Bill paid him & he never came to see how Elbert was or was getting along & then he ask Elbert several times if he could tie the cow over on the back of my place to feed   at last he told Bill he’d ask me,   I said I’d rather not,    but Elbert said it couldn’t hurt anything,    so Bill tied her over & in a couple of days, “his wife Georgie” came over & said, I suppose you think you will get the cow dung so we wont tie her over here anymore   & I said Bill ask several times, but Keep your cow & cow shit to home.

Tue. May 3. 1955./Page. 3343./ 2. eggs today./ Such people     may God Keep me ever close to Him & rebuke Satin & Keep him far from me,   I Praise Thee Jesus, Oh, how I wish Thou would convert them & help them to live for Thee,    Oh, Jesus, how terribly we need Thee every second of our lives, Amen.  Well M it’s been a fine day.    Mr. Plato was here to all   call on us,   he says he only calls from now on, one a yr.      & he said he’d try to get us a couple rain barrels    he says he don’t have much time any more for he has a funeral most every day    the old folks are leaving & he feels he will be leaving before long. & his face & neck look like if full of little lumps.   Elbert was up in the attic & took down 2 fire clay tile full of soat & such a mess to clean, up      he was angry because I wanted the trap door made secure so I’d Know there was no one up there that could get in-to my room that way      & now I have to find out how they get in any other way      Mon. a.m. the lock or catch on the latch & the paper I stick in the crack of the door was unlocked,   but the bolt was O.K.    now I’m wondering.   We received a letter from Audrey a card in the Morning    Well he’s got trap door done      & next is the old radio      we are going to fix it so I can stow my books in it & then get rid of the little old lounge & one graphone & then his big chair & my rocker seat.   Been terrible hot today.   & wind all dies out at night & gets so cool & weeds are sure growing & lots of them & my hands to bad to hoe.

Wed May 4. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert has felt bad all day    he felt a lot better & went out & spaded a big piece & then he almost cried, he Knee pained him so bad,     I’ve been rubing his hip & back for a week or so   I pray God will turn Him about face & soon    & help me to Know how to win souls for Him,    he took old radio out of the cabinet & is going to try to fix it so I can keep my books & sewing in the top & the few cans of things we use most on bottom shelf      & I got up 9-a-m & did my wash,    Elbert got his check & went to Huron & spent 6.00 & said when he came back that he had spent half of it,    Strong S. wind clothes dried good.    I Praise God for all things.

Thurs. May. 5. 1955./ Page. 3344./ 0 2. eggs today./ Didn’t do any work Today & didn’t get up untill 1-p-m.    I wash all the dishes & cleaned up, but, that all      Elbert has felt so bad all day      but he has tried to fix the old radio so I can put my song books bible & such like in it & my sewing on top shelf      & now he’s trying to fix bottom to put the ketsup & chillie sauce bottles, grape juice, pickles, mustard, jelly & tea, so we don’t have them on the floor    & when I get rid of the lounge & the other phonegraph I’ll have room for the ice box Inez said she was giving & bringing to me. I only got a booklet in the mail,    it was “The march of Faith” from Wyatt’s,     Oh, if only I was able to work, I’d be so happy,   Oh God, fix me so I can do more around here I thank & Praise Thee Jesus strengthen my faith, I pray.  We saw to Malard ducks fly past toward evening & a crane that acted as if the wind was to strong    & he tried 4 times & then came down toward the creek    the ducks were so low to.    Wind has been South & quite strong all day.    Suny mostly.   Wyatt’s book tell of some of the Miracles that’s being done right before there eyes,    I know it’s wonderful, for the Healings have been wonderful that He gave me    Glory to God in the Highest   all Honour & Glory belongest to Thee.

Fri. May. 6. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ We both felt to bad to work & just as we sat down to try a dish of tomatoe soup the Sandusky girls came in & Marry Ann,    I gave Marry Ann the 2 bath towels & wash rags & 2 cakes of toilet soap & the card I didn’t want    & she was the happiest thing you ever saw,    they picked some flowers & visited some    & Eva & Marry Ann layed down & rested a little    Eva cleaned the Church today & Katherine sat in the car & waited    & when she was done the ate there lunch & then came over here,    they said the power lawn mower kicked back & cut off a part of Dears big toe the other day,    & they said Oney gave 60.00 to pay his rent & the church is run the way Oney wants it, & they say there is only 25 or 28 members & so not enough to pay his rent & 50.00 payment on his car & 60. per. month to pay his rent & not any for food & cloths & the members are divided, part for Oney & the rest for God & God said a divided church couldn’t stand,    I pray God will in Jesus Name take a hand & help those of His to rule for Him, Amen,    It’s been a nice day after two very cool nights.    No mail.   I was so glad the girls came in for Elbert has been rather glum, he’s tired like the rest of us & don’t feel like working.    I was out some today.   I thank & Praise Thee for all things. Amen. 

Sat. May. 7. 1955./Page. 3345./ __ eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron    got a little food & got back in time for din-ner he paid for 6 catfish, the little work basket book was all the mail.   I’ve felt to bad to work & I haven’t worked,    the moon was quite bright most of the night & a bad looking storm passed over after midnight    I watched & prayed & had to use can at 4-a-m & Elbert went out & emptied it for me & about 5-a-m I went to sleep & got up 11-a-m- & now it’s been cool & strong wind all day.    We got a light shower about 6-30-p-m.      my, hands & arms have ached all day & feet & legs,    I think I’ll go to bed early    maybe I’ll rest a little anyway    I did put a patch on the right side of Elbert’s night pants.    I saw those big malard ducks go S. east past here today.    I didn’t get March of Fath booklet finished & the girls took it home to read    I pray God will help them a lot by it.    Elbert didn’t get the cabiniet done & so this mess over. Sun.    He’s felt so miserable all day    his Kee’s been paining so bad.

Sun. May. 8. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, didn’t get up untill noon & laid down twice before I got dressed & seemed as if I couldn’t but I thanked God for my rest & that He had helped me to get up & I thanked Him for Elbert & all the many things he does & asked Him to save his soul that we might work together & do His will & ways    Oh God I pray for power & that Thou will give it to me in Jesus Name & let me be of service to Thee.    Eva, Marry Ann & a neighbor woman Joe & Katherine brought over a big dinner,,   fried chicken, potatoe salid & two other salids, pie & cake, & we made tea & they said they came for mothers day to eat with us.    I couldn’t eat much, but tasted & before they went, Bessie Seniff came in    she was rather take back, with the folks all here, said she couldn’t stay, that Anna Jean & her 4 children were up at her place on the hill & she would try to come again,    she’s angry with her brother    he plows over on her place in front & up behind he tool shed,   he rented  rented the back part to use for grain but he took her top soil most of it & put it in the hollow   & she don’t know that,   she is getting thin, Anna Jean came for Bessie & waved to me & they left.    The others left in time for Church & the salid made Elbert sick & he threw up part of it,    Joe looked tired most to death & said he felt that way.    I pray Jesus Thou Will Keep

[she repeats 3336-3345 at this point.  I accepted the new sequence]

Sun. April. 8. 1955./ page 3336/ 2 eggs this day./ me close to Thee   I thank Thee & Praise Thee, now & ever more Amen.   I pray Thou will take them home safly, & that Thou will instill some thing new in there soul to think upon    Oh God do help them to pray & talk with Thee more often & to trust Thee Jesus more fully Glory to God evermore Amen.

Mon. 9. 1955. May./ 1. eggs today/ Well, May is sure flying past & then it will be getting hot,    I hope I’ll feel stronger in soul & body by then & I hope Elbert will be feeling better also.    but now it’s Mon. night & we don’t either of us feel to good,    I am thankful we are able to get up & do a little,    it has rained a very light shower,     Elbert waited to see if he could catch some water,    but, now it has stopped.    I haven’t done any work today, Elbert made soup for dinner & we ate soup for supper.    Elbert don’t feel like driving to Vermilion & he didn’t get the cabinet done today.    I hope to get ride of the little loung & get room for the ice box.    We do need the ice box.  Been damp & chilly & we have been Keeping a little fire.    only one night we let fire go out & we both got a cold   & so now we Keep enough to last all night & put in coal in a.m.    I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name Amen. 

Tue. May. 10. 1955./ 2. egg today./ Been a very dark day,   it rained untill 9-30- then eased off & just been very cool & damp all day & no mail    hope Audrey is O.K.    We usually get her letter on Tue.     Well, I have to Write & thank Eva & Katherine for the mother’s day supper & I feel so punk, seems as if I can’t write,   I managed to wash dishes.    Elbert had the potatoes ready to cook & bacon cook so we cooked cabbage & potatoes & made milk gravy & had dinner & we ate left over for supper & some eggs.    Hope for a better day,   that is, that I’ll feel able to do more. 

Wed. May, 11. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ I did my wash,   didn’t think I could, had a queer feeling Sun as if Jesus was doing something to me & He did.   Over at Toledo they prayed for me & anointed a white ribbon & Jesus has healed me    I feel better & Praise Him He is so wonderful to me,   Sister Cooly ask for prayer for me & they give her the anointed ribbon for her to send to me,    I have loved her since I first met her,   she said her mother’s 71. yrs. old, & fell broke both her arms & fractured her scull & they want to take one arm off,  so Sister Cooly’s going home to Penn. & I have Prayed Jesus will heal her  & make her

Wed. May. 11. 1955./ Page 3337 / 2. egg this day./ whole in Him    Oh how I do praise Him & thank Him for all things He does    things no one on earth could do,    How I wish I could be like Him    may all Glory & Honor be His for ever & ever, Amen,    Elbert hung part the cloths outside,   they got most dry & I finished them over the stove,   they felt as if they had been froze & smelt that way;   I hung the blankets out & had to hang them up in the house they felt so damp,   had to made the beds to,   I washed Elbert’s slip cover he has over his pillow & his sleepers kercheifs & socks.   not a very big wash, but with all else I’m tired.    & Elbert mowed grass, Tue. & today & his Knee achs so bad he can hardly endure it,    Oh if he would only turn to Jesus.    Cloudy most all day  N. east wind.   & there has been wind storms & tornadoes all around.    Elbert went to Huron bought fish & meat & a few things to eat    Sister Coolys letter came & the M. glasses & some odds, but, not any letter from Audrey or any of the families.

Thurs. May. 12. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Cloudy day,   sky has looked bad,    I pray & trust God will take care of us.    Elbert went to Huron & got the groceries while I did little odds & ends & feel to tired to even write a post card to those Who have been so kind & thoughtful of me.    Sun peeked out once or twice & wind cool & N. east, cool tonight & we built a fire,   it felt comfortable.    I’m going to bed & pray for more faith strength & power through Jesus,   I thank & Praise Him for all things now & ever more, Amen.   We received card from Audrey.,    & I mailed note to Sister Cooley & mailed M. glasses back again today   hope next one O.K. 

fri. May. 13. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Gerties birthday  she’s 67. yrs. old today & still working for Good Will.   How many of the others will be working at 67. yrs.    Sorry I didn’t get to send her some lillies of the Valley & lilacs   she likes them so much.    Well, Sister Weber & Swarthouse came in to see me today    I gave Sister Weber 7.00 dollar  my tenth for May for church & missionary    they prayed for me & I felt the power like a heat wave go through me   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & I thank Thee for answering prayer for I had ask Him to send them to me   Oh Praise His Holy. Name, now & forever,    Elbert went to Huron, got fish & boiling meat    he’s better in some ways, but knee still hurts bad, he is 

Fri. May 13. 1955./ Page. 3338/2. eggs this day./ still trying to work, he has been mowing, mornings when grass is wet.   He’s been fixing cabinet   has it almost done    has to put hinges & latch on door.   it has to shelves & the bottom to store things    I didn’t do much today    hope to iron my dress tomorrow   I maild Audrey & Sister Haslet cards today.

Sat. May 14. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well it’s been a great day   I baked 3 tins & a loaf of bread    ironed 2 peticoats & my dress aired beding & sleepers & Elbert finished the cabinet & I have put in a lot of caned stuff in bottom & book & papers on middle & top shelves & I am so tired,   & so is Elbert,   he’s gone to bed 3 hrs. ago & here am I   haven’t got things all put, but as time goes on I do hope to get ride of a lot of this junk.   Been so windy all day from N. east & rather cold tonight   stars are clear as if we might have a frost    the baby black birds have hatched in little evergreen tree & 2 are out of the nest & it’s rather cool for them.  I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessing & for my healing & Elbert’s Knee is better today he says,   Praise God, help him to thank Thee Amen.   Ernie was here a couple of times today.    I don’t know what he wanted.  

Sun. May. 15. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, we were alone all morning,   it’s been a beautiful day cool N. east wind,  I feel stronger today   Praise Thee Jesus & thank only Thee for my healing & I thank Thee for those who pray in my behalf    it’s surely wonderful all the things Thou are able to do    make me strong in Thee like Thou hast made Wyatt, bless him & Keep him strong & answer prayer for me that I will soon receive the holy Ghost & be able to do more for Thee, Amen     Just before dark Evelyn & Red McGinus & there 2 children came in    the boys name is Ariee & he is 15 in Sept. 1955 & Susian is 11 yrs. old in July.   “Ruby Jean is married to John Chapman   she is ____ she’s the eldest.”   They are all lookiing good.    Ruby Jean & John didn’t come,   they live out Colorado a mile or so.    They said they said they would be back soon.    After they left we had a lunch    I have dishes done & have read the bible & listened to sseveral sermons  good ones & wished so much to have been in church today,   May God bless all of His All over the world in Jesus Name.    I brought a cocoon in Sat & it hatched to day a pretty moth.

Mon. May. 16. 1955./ Page. 3339 / 2. eggs today./ Been a nice day   winds cold & raw but sun warm & Elbert spaded some nights are cool & a wool blanke feels good.    I didn’t work today & tonight the Sandusky folks came in & brought ice cream,   I sure enjoyed it,   We had prayer & a good visit & then they went back home & I pray they will reach home safe & that we may have said something to help each one in there troubles   help them to look to Thee & trust I pray Thou will have mercy Amen;   Now as we look & see both the passed & the present, help us to understand also.    I thank Thee Jesus.   Oh God of love & mercy, help me to help others, Amen.    The wind has freshened & is quite cool & strong tonight. 

Tue. May. 17. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been a nice day  hot sun, but cold raw wind. & tonight radio says frost so my Christmas days for the year as coming true.     We haven’t any garden & I don’t believe we will try much,   Elbert’s back is so bad,   he’s been mowing the grass & weeds around the house.   He has taken a little cold & so did I, trust well be free tomorrow & thank Jesus for all our many blessing, I Praise Him  He is & always will be, Glory to His Holy Name, now & forever & ever, Amen, Amen.    I riped out the hem of my dress & cut the facing & got it all ready to stitch & the other dress is basted together ready to stitch   so hope I can stitch it when I stitch the facing on the other one.   We received a nice letter from Audrey.   We have a fire & it’s comfy.    Elbert went to Huron got few eats & mailed note to Audrey, Gas card & card to Miss. Clark

Wed. May. 18. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Oh, it’s been a hard day    I felt as if I just couldn’t get up,    Elbert made me a cup of tea & it was 9-a-m so I did get up siped the tea combed my hair, dressed my feet & then me    had him put tea Kettle on to heat & then I finished my tea & Thanked God in Jesus Name for Keeping me & giving me rest & Elbert     & then I got the soiled clothes together & hot water ready & put them to soak,   Oh yes, I had washed the rice & put it on to cook & while clothes soaked, Elbert had gone out side & I washed most of the small pieces before he got back then he took up rice soup.    I put it to cook in meat broth.   it’s so filling, & we ate & I washed out nightgowns 2 shirts, towels & Kercheifs & rags & then he washed his union suit 3 shirts & socks & his Kercheifs.    I washed both pillow slips & covers also & so am tired tonight,    Elbert spade

Wed, May. 18, 1955./ Page. 3340/2. Eggs this day./ some & raked    he carried well water & hung up & took down the washing.    The gas tank come today $9.12 & Insurance man on the place $11.40 & it looks like no shoes this time,   the month over half gone.    I gave Sister Weber $7.00 for Church & gave Elbert $12.00 for food. & I gave Sister Cooley 5.00 so so 26 from 65 .   Been cool breeze strong at times, & all last night, we thought we have a frost but only white due.   No rain.    but a letter from Sister Haslet.    I Praise God and Jesus for all our many blessings & they are many, Amen. 

Thurs. May 19. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert spaded this morning & then he went to Huron & got a little meat & some fish & I was still in bed,   thought I just couldn’t get up,   but Elbert made me a cup of tea & he’s 2. yrs older than I and, I thought I should try to get up & I did,    While he went outside, I got dressed & prayed & then he came back & cooked dinner,   We ate & then I mended his union suit & darned his socks    took me all afternoon, he fried the fish & warmed the potatoes & cooked the broccoli, & I feel to weak to be good for me.    Been cloudy most part of the & tried to rain before dark, but has partly cleared off & can see stars most of the time,    it’s much cooler tonight & they say it will be real cool before morning & tomorrow.    A letter from Sister Haslet  one from The boys town.    I send them 2.00 a year & wish I could send more, but there are so many to send just a little that I can’t keep up with the demand;   I wasn’t outside today.  flowers are trying to bloom & it’s so cold,  baby birds are trying to fly   Cardnal Oriole, Brown thrush, Robins, Cat Bird, Black birds & Red Wings & Meadow Lark & there are 2 or 3 Mama rabbits that go off the drive, North, every eveing before dark. & the black birds fight the Crows every day in the air & the cranes fly back & forth all day,   some look as if they are cossed with the white one’s over on the Darrow road creek,   they have quite a white hackle.   The crazy one flies around 2 or 3 times over the spot where the hen house use to be & then over Snyders barn,   then made barn roof over, it’s shorter on the front & long on back.    Well, a sane one “crane” came along & takes Crazy one home, some times they have a fish in there beak.    We saw the big dirigable goe over the other morning, he wasn’t very high up & later he came back & turned east    been rather dark to sew today.    Elbert made a fire before he went to bed.   I Praise Farther, Son and Holy Ghost & thank Thee for all things, Amen.

Fri. May. 20. 1955/ Page. 3341 / 2. egg today./ Elbert raked up grass he cut & wheeled it away & he went to Vermilion & bought few things to eat now & over Sunday,   he got chicken necks, backs & rumps & a few gizards,    we fried a few for supper,   they are young chickens & cooked quick,    he helped me cook them & cramed potatoes & relish & coffee.   We fried the rest & have them cooked.    I swept & wiped up floors,    I didn’t wash the dishes tonight    I feel so tired & weak.    I do hope I can sew tomorrow for I need a clean dress & I hope to get a few dressed  made, before it gets to hot to sew    I am sure tired tonight and so is Elbert;   Cool N. east wind    & I didn’t get out side only to hang out night cloths    Elbert brought them in.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things.   No important mail today.    Wish I could get to Church.   

Sat. May. 21. 1955./1. eggs today./ Johny Harnish birthday  he would be ___ yrs. old.  & Joan’s little boy will be 1. yr. old today,    Martha’s daughter baby, Randy Fulton    John & His dad is overseas in the U.S. Service.    Elbert has mowed & raked grass, fix belt on the sewing ma-chine & I don’t know all he does    I got my receipt from Wyatt    I sent them 10.00, & I don’t have the coal money yet,  nor my shoes & slippers.    Been a nice day   N. east wind.    I got the facing stitched on my dress    I can wash & iron it now.    I didn’t get the other stitched.    do hope to get it before another week goes by.    I felt punk & so has Elbert,   glad tomorrows Sun.    got to try to write some cards.    Jesus help me to undertstand & do Thy Will more fully     Bless those of Thine who do Thy Will & We need Thy help.

Sun. May. 22. 1955./ 2. eggs, today./ Been rather cloudy all day & rained a hard shower late today    came in sheets    & Bonita said she couldn’t see to drive    they Nellie, Bonita & 3 children stopped here on there way home from Lake Side & were all in    hadn’t had much to eat    I wanted to give them a lunch & cup of tea but they said no,    I’ve wished so much since that I had, fixed it anyway.    they say Martha’s baby is in the hospital  cold is bad on his lungs,  he’s been there 2 weeks     I pray God Thou will help Martha to be a real mother & help them through some of Thine, to call on Thee & heal the baby I ask in Jesus Name Amen.

Mon. May. 23. 1955./ Page. 3342. / 2. egg today./ Been partly cloudy & it did sprinkle several times, but not enough to get a pail of water,    We have a wet, new moon   it’s clear, it thundered today.    I didn’t work at all today    was so sick all last night    bowels didn’t move Sun.    I don’t know why I am so weak in body & my feet pain me so bad they make me sick to my stomach  & I have some bones out in my back & hips.    We made a batch of relish & put some hors radish in it.    I do hope Martha’s baby is better,   Bonita was so worried a-bout him Sun.    Well, it’s been hot through the middle of the day & a thick haze or fog, begining early to-night, fog horn was blowing & it is cooler again to-night.    I think I’ll go to bed    it’s 10-p-m & Elbert went at 9-30    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things in Thy Name, Amen. 

Tue. May. 24. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ We did our washing today,    Elbert went to Huron   got a few fish & boiling meat    he cooke ground meat & potatoes & we had tea & bread.    & tonight we had fish & warmed over potatoes.    He washed out his change of clothes & I mine    I had it most all done when he got home from Huron    he called on Mr. & Mrs. Douglas while there,    they told Him Mr. Baily was dead & his apartment house is for sale & they want to sell there cottage over on lake bank on main high way, back of us.    Well it tried to rain to-day, several times,    it sure poured last night or after midnight, thundered, & lightened & cracked alaround us,    & radio said they looked for tornadoes last night,    Praise God we were spared & they also,    I sent Inez a note, & Wyatt his 5.00.   & wish I could send much more.    Received letter from Audrey but she’s not said a thing about Martha’s baby,    Bonita said it has been in hospital over 2 weeks now,  such a world,   God, help us I ask in Jesus Name Amen.  I thank & Praise Him for all His many blessing,    He’s a wonderful, maracllous, Powerful Jesus.    Glory to His Holy Name. Amen.    Now He gave us a barrel of water last night  it poured rain,    I thank Him so much.   He hears, He sees & Knows & answers believing prayer    I love Jesus & Pray all works out for His good & Glory;   I’m glad He is & ever will be.    Oh Glory Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, I hope to be more worthy yet. 

Wed. May. 25. 1955./ Page. 3343./ 2. eggs today./ Well it has been cloudy & a few light showers    Elbert didn’t put card out for Audrey early enough for mail man to pick it up,    I felt to bad to even try to sew.    I do hope I can go for shoes & slippers this time when check comes    We have some wool blankets to wash & I hope we can get that done soon,   it so queer how today Your own relatives or any one else you Know don’t want to help a person wash a few blankets,    I use to go & help a lot of people do wash & clean house & iron, cook & bake & oft times didn’t get any money,   they were poor people that just needed a little help & now there are a lot of us that would be so happy with just a little help    Oh God help the others worse off than us, & help us, by sending some one who is honest, to give us just a little help.   I thank Thee.    Well Elbert has done some spading today,    I thank Jesus He took the severe pain out of his Knee,   it’s in his back now,   if he would only turn to Jesus    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things Amen.  

Thurs. May. 26. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well another day.    I thought I never could make a rise of it, how ever I kept asking for strength & God gave it me in Jesus Name    I baked 4 tins of biscuits & swept & darned 1. pr. socks & mended a work shirt & Elbert’s pajama pants & my feet have pained me so terribly bad all day.    Received nice letter from Sister Coooley & I owe Sister Rotes a letter & $1.25 for cards    Been a fine day, N. east breeze hot sun.   & quite warm   was quite cool last night  46 & 38 the night before.   5. States were hit with tornadoes last night & one town of 7 hundred was nearly wiped of the mape so the said over radio   100’s dead & 100’s more crippled  40 or so inmates in an old peoples home were Killed & they said it was queer.   but it picked a very large building up turned it completely around & set it back on the foundation, the tornado did some queer things here also.   Radio said Cleveland had a slight earth quake at 2-p-m today.    Lord is getting things loosened up & He’s coming before very longer.   Oh God help me to be ready & all our Kin folks

Thurs. May. 26. 1955./ page. 3344. /2. eggs this day./ I thank Thee more than I can tell for the strength of this day & for my healing & will trust & pray every day in Jesus Glorious Name for ever & ever Amen,   I Praise Thee for all things    Elbert has spaded & put in a few seed & his back is hurting him tonight.    I have to iron if I can, tomorrow    flowers are pretty & I long to get out side so much.    Radio said it would thunder & lighten & give heavy showers tonight,    We have a wet new moon tonight.   I do hope it wont be to bad, but we Kneed the water. 

Fri. May. 27. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert worked in garden & he went to Huron, got boiling meat & fish & he’s tired tonight,    I haven’t been able to work today    took to much strength for the bread Wed. & I feel so weak    bowels to loose, splatered all the way to the can & had to clean up & water has run to free today & had to clean that up to twice today.    Been a nice day, but wind so strong I could hardly stay on my feet.    & so I hope tomorrow will be a better day in all ways,    I Praise Thee Jesus & trust only Thou will deal with me in all way & those who would do evil Thou Will rebuke & help me to gain strength in both way in Thee, Amen. 

Sat. May. 28. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Milk soured today,   sun was hot & a chill in the wind & it has been very strong & puffy    I could hardly stand on my feet    it’s been a nice day & I wish so much I could get out & take a few turns in the yard    flowers are so pretty but wind blows them so hard, they will soon be spoilt.    Elbert has spaded & planted seeds & raked & carried away grass.   & done odds & ends such as bringing in water, looking after chickens, little roosters are trying to crow now, & he went & got a qt. of milk tonight, tastes as if theres lots of soda in the milk, they say there’s no soda in the milk, but there is something in it that tastes like it to me.    I haven’t felt able to get or work, today but, got my skirts & dress ironed & wiped up center of floor.    Winds still blowing & moon trying to shine.    Elbert’s in bed & I wish I was in mine.   I Praise & thank Thee Jesus for Thy Holy Word & trust for the infilling of the Holy Ghost & all Praise & Glory be Thine. Amen. 

Sun. May. 29. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been a very strong puffy wind  South & a little West, blew the little tender leave off the big oak & off      the leaves & flowers look whipped & they look dry even though we had a good shower after midnight    & I’m feeling like the flowers look & tomorrow is Declaration Day,    I’m not fit to go to Cemetery

Sun. May. 29. 1955./ Page. 3345 / 2. eggs this day./ to take flowers in remembrance to our pa & ma & Fred, John & Uncle Will & Aunt Venie & Aunt Edith & Aubrey & Georgie her 2. children our cousins.   & Frank Babcock my husband & many more some relatives & many friends.    I have & so has Elbert, listened to many good sermons & I have, out of some of them learned some things I had pondered over & now believe I was right.    May all Glory & Honour be Thine Jesus forever & ever   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost Amen.    The sky has look bad all day,    the sun came through at times,    tonight the wind is colder & we have a little fire at nights & sometimes in the mornings,    We have never seen the sky look as forebearing as in the past few month.    They had snow in Colorado & lots or several tornadoes in Texas, Oregon; Kansas & 2. other States & they are still digging & trying to clean up the wreckage   one town wiped off or out.    Oh if We would only work for Jesus & be ready to meet Him

Mon. May. 30. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Declaration Day & in yrs. past the yard would have been filled with cars & re-latives & friends all day, but now, it’s so different, not a car or relative or friend has come in Sun or today,    I pray Oh God, in Jesus Name. Thou will be with each one & Keept them closer to Thee,    I Praise & Honour Thee now, & forever & ever Amen.    We didn’t have any thing extra to eat today, but Praised Godfor all allthings.    It’s been very cloudy & windy all day untill tonight, Wind all died out & clouds seemed to be coming from N. east.   was colder last night & been cool & damp all day,    Radio says rain & 15 mile wind tonight,   it said showers & 25 mile wind for Sun. night    I hope all will be well with soul & body & that Jesus will Keep us safe in all Way for Him, Amen.    I have enjoyed the Love of God all day & the flowers He gives us to brighten the yard & help us remember He it is, Who does all things, makes so many things come forth out of the same earth With different flavors & colors.   He’s a wonderful, Marvelous, Miraclous God & Savior.   There has been a great many Killed & on highway in verious ways today

Tue. May. 31. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well Elbert went to Huron  got fish & meat    Received letter & card from Audrey & I did my washing & felt sick all day & all evening.   Been mostly cloudy N. east breeze & cool    they gave Elbert big pail of fish   he dressed them & gave Brode’s 8 for letting us put hamberg in ice box & he cooked the rest.   so we had fish for supper;   he hung the cloths out & brought them in for me.   I’m still feeling 

Tue. May. 31. 1955./ Page. 3346/ 1. eggs this day./ I thank & Praise Jesus for the strength He give us each day.    I saw a big wood chuch up on Bessie’s hill today.   didn’t get out doors today & Elbert’s thinking of doing out his washing & then we have to do out blankets.    The flowers are so pretty & most every thiings in bloom, I like the flowers God has given us to brighten the way.    I Praise Him from the dept of my heart & soul for all things.    Radio said Chicago hasn’t had any Sun for 7. day.

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