June 1955

Wed. June. 1. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been partly cloudy,    I been sick all day, but as usual tried to do a little.   Elbert washed his 3 winter union suits his b.V.D & work shirt, sleepers & wash rags, Kercheif & socks & he felt or acted as if he was angry & talked that way,    I had partly cooked the pork roast last night,   I cooked potatoes, onions, carrots & made gravy & he found fault with that, onions was no good & carots to sweet.    I didn’t eat much,   I felt dizzy headed for 2. or 3. days, now,    I emptyed my can & it took about all the Vim I could muster to walk out there & back,    after noon Elbert scrubbed my rug & he wrinsed & hung it on the line & together we took sudse water & scrubed the toilet & he carried well water & give it a good wrinsing & then I got back again & looked around the yard at the flowers & wind being N. east, I came back in & crocheted a little on a doily I had started & made a mistake I couldn’t patch   had to take out 2 3/4 rows.    Well, I washed up the dishes & now going to bed.    I sent Audrey a card today.  Warm in the middle of day & very cool at night.   I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will direct me as Thou Had done by so many others.    I love Thee for Keeping me & pray I may be worthy & Thou will keep my feet in the right path. 

Thurs. June. 2. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ Nice day   was quite hot from 2 untill 6-p-m. then it began to get cool & a heavy due was falling,    Elbert spaded up a small place in back yard & we put in some bachelor’s button seeds & he put in 3 rows of various seed out by his garden    I went with him but my feet hurt me so bad,    I was in real misery    I have a few more to go in hope it wont half kill me    I was hoping to sew Fri.    Oh God I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever Amen. 

Fri. June. 3. 1955./ page. 3347/ 2. eggs today./ Martha’s birthday   she is 43. yrs. old.   I was in Astabula helping Audrey & Dr. & Martha. & I can never forget.   Martha’s grand daughter has her birthday on the 4th but, she will be 6. mo’s old on the 4th of June.   & it will be 2. yrs. the 8th of June we were in the tornado.   Been a nice day,   Elbert’s so tired he can’t sleep & I haven’t done much today, just the daily grind,   now I had to get Elbert anacins & water then rub his leg with alcohole,   I’m so weak it makes me sweet so bad    he’s easy now, he laid down with out covers & he’s sweat all day    We do have a little fire,    but, well, we each do foolish things.    I have crocheted a little today.   Received letter from Katherine Haslet    she hasn’t felt so well all week & Mrs. Yants took sick in Church & they took her home,     Eva was to bring Katherine over, but, she didn’t all of 2 weeks now.    She said, “When I ask her not to stay away to long” that they had other places to go to,   I said, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be selfish.    Hope I haven’t hurt her feelings,    I truly haven’t ment to.    Well, I’m glad Katherine writes,    I wrote to Eva last & owed a a letter to Katherine & she has written second letter.    Well I’ll try to write tomorrow to them both.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blesing.    Help me & us I pray Thou will & help Elbert to turn to Thee. Amen. 

Sat. June. 4. 1955./ 2. eggs. today./ Miss Wenda Freda is 8. mo’s old today.    She is Martha’s grand daughter & Audrey’s great grand daughter.    Martha’s son “Jerry” was 4 months old   May 20    I believe Audrey said “& little Randy” Joan’s” baby is 1. yr old ____ 1955.    Elbert’s so tired he’s worked so hard at garden & cleaning up the yard.   Mrs Brode gave us some pigs feet with a slice of pork from her deep freeze & we cooked the slice for dinner & we ate part of the feet for supper & have 2 left for Sun. dinner.    Elbert picked 3. qts. strawberries today & we had a qt. Fri.  4 qts so far & they are very small like wild ones.    We have picked them over & put sugar on them for Sun.    I made a short cake of the other qt.    I finished my daily.    Well I wonder what Sun will be.   No one comes in & it seems queer.    I thank God for taking care of us in my Saviour’s Holy Name.    Wind was N. east & then tonight it’s back N. east.

Sun. June. 5. 1955./ page. 3348./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a beautiful day & Not a soul come in all day.    The radio said they have had 10 tornadoes in Texas & some in Oregon, Kansas Ohamaw Omaha & they said Wisconsin,   Iowa & Minasota are expecting tornadoes tonight.    It is so quie out side & has been to hot & now it is getting cooled off & the air is damp,    wind has all died out.    We have listened to many good sermons & I would like to be filled & praise Jesus & God in spirit.  & the Holy Ghost & be, able to do more for others for Jesus,    I have felt for a couple of days now, as if I were druged, staggering around as if I were drunk,    Oh God in Jesus name I pray Thou will help & Keep me, fill me & help me to testify for Thee more often, Amen.    I’m wondering what tomorrow will bring forth.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more, Amen. 

Mon. June. 6. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Haven’t been able to work today    Elbert don’t feel very good either    He got his check today & went to Huron & got a few things & forgot the butter & that was one of the main things he went for.   Well, he went & came safe thank God & I’m so glad he’s able to go.    (I wrote note to Katherine & card to Eva.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things.    Weather was changeable today    wind went from N. West around to S. West   cool breeze & hot sun. 

Tue. June 7. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been cloudy most of the day.   & it tried to rain several times    the sky looked bad tonight,    but, the Lord has Kept us & I praise Him,    He the only one that can Keep us soul, spirit & body.    My stomach is better & I believe He will heal me inside, & out, soul, heart, mind & all there is of me, for His Name’s sake.    I Praise Him & thank Him, for He is truth  it’s self & I have never, yet, found one person that’s really true or that you could really trust.    Oh God help me to keep true to Thee, then I’ll be true to myself & others,    We don’t all think alike so, there are many mis-understandings.    Elbert’s so tired,    Postman honked his horn several times & E. said something was wrong with horn    I don’t believe it so    there’s one example, he also says he don’t know the postman,    Elbert went to the car,   I don’t know what he gave him, by mouth, or package.    It’s good to Know God sees & hears & Knows,    E. is so nervous & turns so white around his mouth & nose as if he’s half frightened,  that I might know

Wed. June. 8. 1955./ Page. 3349./ 2. eggs today./ Well I washed out what few things that were dirty & Oh how I thank Him for the strength He has given this day,    & I Praise Him now & for ever & ever;    It’s been a cloudy day & has rained several showers    I thank Thee Jesus for the rain,   Wind has been all the around.   I’m very tired & weary, but happy in my heart with Jesus.    Elbert’s tired to    he’s shoveled, hoed & mowed & so he’s very tired also,    but we are so glad we can do a little    Elbert put the little chicks pen outside the park to-day where they can get more grass & they were happy, but old hens miss them & set by the fence & watched them.    (2. yrs. today we were in tornado)    Well I must try to iron my dress & to sew the other one,    for it’s hard to get along with 2.    It cleared off tonight & stars & moon are shining.  

Thurs. June. 9. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ It’s been mostly cloudy & cool. & I hung all my bedding out & aired it & brought it in before Elbert got back from Vermilion,    he got the food suply for the month & the coal is going to cost 16.75 per. ton & we are getting 5 tons & if we can pay it all in a mo. we get 25 cents per. ton off.   that would be $82.50    I hope we can pay it all    I have 51.00 & it will take 31.50, more out of my check,    I hope we make it.    Elbert gave me 10.00 toward it today. but looks as if it will be hard nipping to get my shoes & slippers.    I received card from Miss Clark today.   Elbert spaded some today    I darned his socks & made beds & helped with the meals.    I do thank & Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for the strength & faith & courage He has given me & us. Amen. 

Fri. June. 10. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ I am sorry to say I couldn’t get up steam enough today to work,    Elbert has worked untill he is like a log so heavy & tired.    Clayton Brode cut the grass & weeds along the road,    he came in & cut some for us & for Sarr, & his dog got into some tall thick grass where he was working & he cut the right front food clear off    it came under our front steps & then went out to the Car    Elbert tried to get her in the car but she wouldn’t so he went & told Clayton she was badly hurt & so he told Elbert how he had done it & it made me sick & he came home & left her   she had 

Fri. June. 10. 1955/ Page 3350./ 2. eggs this day./ come here & then tried to go on & got to Snyders drive   they called Clayton & he came with the truck & took her home    she’s 12. yrs. old    I hope he had her taken care of    she was bleeding so bad & had been for several hours,    Clayton felt so bad he said he didn’t know what to do.   he told Elbert he had just lost 2 cows “Vetirin said they had eaten “Water Elm” a weed deadly to cows.   We received a card from Audrey this a-m saying Mrs. Robinson had died  Inez’s mother   & Miss Clark said a woman in Vermilion was dead.    So things have been sad for many today.    When my throat achs I cry later & so I have cried today.    It’s been mostly cloudy & cool   did rain a light misty shower late this after noon & evening    We have had a fire to keep chill out & just a little.    I do thank Father, Son & Holy Ghost for our blessings & for saving me soul & pray He will save all the rest, Amen

Sat. June 11. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well it been a great day.    Elbert went to Huron & got fish & celery a head of lettuce & a pepper & I washed the head of lettuce & other things & carrots & sweet pickles onions & horse radish   I seasoned it & he put it in jars    he ground some of the shank meat & I seasoned that   put it in a wax paper in between the screen & front door   I washed & dried Knives & forks & spoons plates cups saucers & set the table    Eva, Marry Ann, Ema Katherine & Joe came in & had supper with us,    Elbert had 3. fair sized cat-fish & we had creamed potatoes & fish & they brought beets biscuits & blogna & cookies & cucun,    Elbert made coffee & tea & we had a good supper & visit,    then we went out & cut flowers & they went home    & Elbert picked up dishes & cleaned them off & I washed them & put them away & put table in order while he put the baby chicks in the coop & took care of hens & shut basement windows & got some coal & locked up grainery & shut car windows.    It’s been a nice day but there is a penatrating damp & chill in the breeze & it’s been S. west all day,    it rained between Huron & here, when Elbert came home     he went back for more fish but they had sold out but 

Sat. June. 11. 1955./ Page 3351./ 2. eggs this day./ I think they had enough to eat   they ate all there was.   I’m tired, but glad we could be together again.    I received receipt for 5.00 I sent to Wyatts & now I’ll send 5 more as my check came today.    I thank God & praise Him in Jesus Name for the checks & for His wonderful love for us.    Oh God Help Eva read & study her bible,   she needs Thee.  for she says, she going to have enough to eat if she don’t have enough to pay her tgh,   Jesus help her to see & understand it is Thee who gives it to her & she ought not cheat Thee.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee   Thou has taught me & I Pray Thou will Keep me. Amen. 

Sun. June. 12. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ No one came in to day & it has been cloudy all day    sun only peep through & a little. & this evening it’s raining for the which all things will be glad of.    Well, my heart achs for many & I’m still trusting God will bring all our families close to Him.   It’s 11-p-m & giving us a good shower.    Oh God help the many who need Thee so much & give me what I need to help in Thy work.    I thank Thee for all things & that Thou are fixing my feet & healing me   Glory to Thy Holy name Now & ever more Amen. 

Mon. June. 13. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ We neither felt able to work & after dinner Eva, Marry Ann & Katherine came in    Joe sent Elbert some Cabbage plants & 3 or 4 tomatoes to plant,   been a good day to set them but Elbert’s felt lame all over    he said maybe he has taken cold,    it’s cloudy all day & rather chilly    We have a fire,    radio says same kind of weather to-morrow.    I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now  forever Amen. 

Tue. June. 14. 1953. [should be 1955]/1. eggs today./ Ans. card from Methodist Church Delaware Ave Lorain, Homing coming.    Wrote note to Hunts & a note to Miss Clark & a gas card for tank of gass.   Received Audreys letter today.    Been another cloudy with only little sun & air damp & cool & the water has run free,   had to wash skirts & dress out at bottom & my stockings a while later & so I haven’t done much today outside the usual daily duties.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for the care He gives me & am trusting to be entirely free soon    I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen. 

Wed. June. 15. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ Sun shone all day    has been quite cool all morning, then got real hot.

Wed. June. 15. 1955./ Page 3352./ 2. eggs this day./ from noon untill 4.P.m. & then it started to get cool again    Elbert went to Huron to get fish that they told him he could have today    so he went & didn’t get any,   he’s still feeling bad.    I was sick all night & today    I did my washing on only a cup of tea & did part of Elbert’s cloths,   he was going to wash his but let me do it,    he didn’t feel like it,   but I’m not as able as he is & next time he will have to do his own    he didn’t cook anything for me, today.    Oh well, God will take care of me & I Praise Him & thank Him in Jesus Name for ever & ever, Amen.    Wind N. & cool, Sun hot from noon untill 4.p.m.    I am to tired & my arms & legs ach so bad   I wont sleep. 

Thurs. June 16. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ No mail.    Elbert still don’t feel good, & neither do I.    I did the ironing & mended 2. prs. socks & 2. of my shirts,    he bought a heavy piece of unbleached sheeting & I put boiling water on it to shrink it the other day & I dampened & ironed that today & dried & folded all my rags    & cleaned up all the roaster Kettle & 4 stew pans & tins, I baked biscuits on & what we used to eat on & sweat’s dripping off my chin & it’s a very cool evening 50 degrees tempture    almost had frost last night   lots of wind scuds today & wind went S. west tonight    stars very clear & bright 15 mile hr. wind.   Elbert Killed & dressed 3. of the young roosters this morning    & he said he felt all tired out before he got them done,    he fried them & didn’t able to do it.    I hope to sew tomorrow & get some mash bags washed    maybe he will scrub the paint off of them.    Oh God of love & mercy I thank & Praise Thee for all our many many blessings & trust for the infilling of the Holy Spirit & my healing.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee Wonderful Jesus.

Fri. June. 17. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ Received letter from the Dears & 2 cards & the death note from Inez   a card from Nellie & one from Audrey,    I don’t know how to write the Dears    I haven’t got the letter all figured out yet,    she’s such a very poor writer or rather her penmanship is very bad.    Nellie said Bonita’s place or shop where she works decided not to go, on strike & that they were very glad,    I felt so bad all day.    Elbert went to Huron   got a big mess of fish & dressed them all & gave Rue & family 12.   & they gave us a qt. of black Ox heart cheeries    they are so sour, I cooked them & sweetened them a little & they still are plenty sour.

Fri. June. 17. 1955./ Page 3353/2. eggs this day./ Dolly & Earnie were here a few minutes    We saw 15 ducks maybe more go to lake    sun shone all day but air is sort of hazy & a chill in it.   90 degrees tempture after noon today & at 4-30-p-m. began to get cool,    but we don’t have a fire tonight,    have house shut up,    wind is N. east.    Oh Dear Heavenly Father I thank & praise Thee in Jesus Name for all things & still believe for infilling of the Holy Ghost and healing. Amen.

Sat. June. 18. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it was 90 again today with a N. east breeze that died all out before dark & got cool    the air is so thick, blue  hazy & so damp     neither of us worked & both of our stomachs been sore & ach    I only wish I Knew.    I never use to answer or do anything for any one when I walked in my sleep, but I’m wondering & wishing I knew wome one who would be willing to help me find out & I can’t stay awake day & night,    God help me    I Know Thou can   I will thank & give Thee all the praise in Jesus name & I do thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy help soon in Thy Way Amen    I sent Audrey a card this morning.   No mail today.    Dolly & Earnie were here today & said some thing was Killing there chicks & hens again.    I do hope he finds out, if a fox got them he’d take them away.  

Sun. June. 18. 1955./ 2. eggs today./Been a nice day, was hot during the middle of day 90 degrees & a fog long before dark & damp air.    No one came in todays.    I was out in the yard twice today & thank God I could get out,    Elbert went up to the beach & talked to Rue for a while,    he saw something by the hens pen, but didn’t get a chance to shoot,    it’s now its 9-30. p.-m. & I heard a shot North of us,   hope Rue shot whatever it was, after his chickens,    he told Elbert he’d lost about 3. hund-red dollars worth of chickens.    Well I hope we don’t loose any of ours.    I pray God will keep us clean & from all evil.    I praise Thee Jesus & still trust Thou will fill me. Amen. 

Mon. June. 19. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well couldn’t sleep all, night but did get couple. hrs. this morning,    felt so punk & still tired when I got up 10-30-a-m    We had dinner 12-30-noon & set here talking.    Miss Clark wrote a note said her brother was sick again,    she didn’t say wheather she would go to him again,    she said she had to stick close by the 4 square church to ans. phone calls & give Buser calls that came in   that she couldn’t take care of, she said Mrs. Goll’s husband died 2 weeks ago & her 2 sons were living with her.   Queer, but Elbert & I had been talking about them for passed 2. weeks.   Miss Clark

Mon. June 20 [should be 19]. 1955./ Page 3354./ 2. eggs this day./ sent a post card so she is looking for it right back.   so, I’ll try to ans. it now & I have to write to Sister Dear also.   Eva, Marry Ann & Ema came & brought back the sheets for Elbert’s bed, she had washed,    she said Elbert was looking better, but that I didn’t look so well,    I told her I was feeling some better,    I can see better & feel a little stronger in my body.    Elbert said You look terrible    any one would think you were 80tie or more.    God Knows & sees & I’m glad.    & I’m still trusting & believing for all I ask in Him.    I Praise Him for all things in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.    We went out & picked a few flowers, rambler roses red, white & pink.    Been terribly hot all day & South breeze at 11-p-m.    Radio said bad storrms to night & they had an earth quake in California today didn’t say how bad. 

Tue. June 21 [should be 20]/ 1. eggs today./ Johny Harnish birthday    he is ___ yrs. old & Randy Fulton Martha’s grandson is 1. yr. old today- he is Joans son.    I sent a card & note to Mrs. Goll  a card to Miss Clark & letter to Rev. Dear’s & I have felt bad today  ‘bowels & stomach”    Ernie & Dolly came at noon & stayed untill Helen came for them tonight,    Rue went to Dr. to Cleveland.    The children made 3. pot holders while here & gave them to me & Elbert played games with them untill an hour or so before Helen came,    they had lunch with us at noon.    Been a hot day, but a queer chill in the air    we didn’t work today, but hope to in the morning.    We have to get the washing & a blanket or 2. & I want to go to store & get a couple light tennis blankets.    I wrote letter to Wyatts & put 5.00 in for this mo.    It’s very cool tonight    Elbert put water on the garden.    I thank God & Jesus & Holy Ghost for showing me & helping me for the renewal of strength again & my eyes are better,   Oh, Jesus reveal unto me.  Amen. 

Wed. June 22 [should be 21]/2. eggs today./ We both did our washing today & Elbert washed a pr. of work pants & some of the mash bags,    he’s going to finish them in the morning,    I hope to wash blankets in morning also.    I’m so all in tonight,    I made soup with Elbert’s help, for supper.   We got the cloths all dry   had good breeze & partly cloudy.   Wind freshened & got real cool at 4-p-m & radio says wind will be 25 miles with thunder showers tonight at 52 degrees     tempture sure is cool.   Mr. & Mrs. Weber came tonight for church money & I had it ready,    they walked out in the yard & enjoyed the flowers & roses & they took a big a big bunch home with them,   his mother is 100 yrs old & 

Wed. June. 22. [should be 21]/2. eggs this day./ they don’t like to leave her alone very long & they don’t have any one to come in & stay with her    What a shame    we don’t have any one willing to come in for such things, but the people or so different today,   they don’t want to be bothered    they have there own troubles, & things they want to do.    Oh How I do thank & praise Thee Jesus for all Thou doeth do for us, in so many Ways.   Glory to God in the Highest.   We received a nice letter from Audrey to day.   Queer day.

Thurs. June 23.[should be22]/2 eggs today./ Well Elbert has felt tired out all day & he has slept in the big chair    he’s getting fat & he don’t like to be told that he is,    he washed out the rest of the bags this morning & there was a tub ful of water & 3 or 4 pails ful in the barrel,   but he said he used it all,    I didn’t argue, although I can’t under stand,   I had hoped to wash at least 2 blankets, but evidently he didn’t.   so I pray it gives us enough rain, so I can get them washed.    Well I washed dishes,   have sure been punk today,    I tried to cut a cloth pin bag & I folded Elberts shirts & sleeper jacked & b.v.D’s & put them in his room,   he went to Huron just after postman came & got some saucage & ham-berg,   I gave him 2.00 to pay light bill & I gave him the change from the gass money & he still don’t have any money.    he’d like to have me hand over my check money to him but when it come time to pay for coal, gas, taxes, insurance & he wouldn’t have any money,    he eats the most of the food he buys & is getting a big pot belly, & he tells every one I lay abed & well a lot more,   it’s almost more than I can bear at times,   & last night when Webers were leaving he pushed me against the door casing so hard my side & arm & ear have hurt me alday   & I hate an arguement,    but, next time he gets rough I’m going to have an understanding about it,    I may have to get some one to come & stay with me,    I have lost con-tact with things,    but, where there is a will there is a way   & seems I’ve got to exert myself & find a way,   With Gods help,     my arms often look & feel as if they had been tied & today they ached all day.   & I feel heavy headed as if I had been druged & my bowels were so loose, I had to stup to clean up after myself & yesterday, my stomoach & upper bowel were so congested seemed hard for them to move.    No mail of any concequence today.   I had him mail wings of healing letter & 5.00 & a card to Audrey.   Now I have to write to Miss. Mc. Govern & Sister Nellie,   Oh God of Love & Mercy I Praise Thee & I thank Thee in Jesus Name for all things Amen. 

Fri. June 24. [should be june 23] 1955./ Page. 3356/ 2. eggs today./ I wrote card to Nellie & letter to Miss. Mc. Govern.    Ella Jane came in this evening & left us a qt of milk & 1 1/2 qts raspberries black & 1/2 qt. red     & I’ve been sick all day     bowels didn’t move untill about 8-p-m & then I nearly fainted they moved so hard & I ate some short-cake for supper,   I was empty, but I ought not have eaten it.    I ironed 6 bags Elbert washed & 2 under skirts & my dress & swept all three rooms & washed dishes & seemed as if I never could    & I set down a great number of times.    I had to wash 2 under skirts & my shirt also this a-m. that I mussed on yesterday.    I thank Thee Jesus for the strength Thou has’t given me & I pray I may do more for Thee, Amen.    Bonita ask for & got her vacation & now she’s with her mother & her 3. children & Johny, Marcie & 3 of there children    their youngest is with Marcies Aunt in New London Ohio.    & Ella Jane got 3. days off so she’s going over to be with the family, today, Sat. & Sun.   she cut out & got all the stitching done on a new steel gray chambry dress & will finish it, “she hopes”, Sat.    she sews real nice, & neat,   she likes her work,   but, it’s sad, & she is learning many lessons.    Been partly Cloudy   hot sun & a very cool air & fresh. 

Sat. June. 25.[should be 24]1955./ 2 eggs today./ Hot sun, cool breeze & partly cloudy.   Today I can’t work   to tired    was sick be-cause of bowels & stomach,    well, Sister Haslet & Joe came in. after dinner & went before supper.    They are bringing 4 chickens & 2 bags of apples 5 or 10 lbs each & 65 cents a bag.    I don’t know how much we have to pay for them.    We visited a little & talked a-bout the bible & reading & study of it.    I didn’t even wipe up the floor but tried to clean up dishes,    it is cooling off fast & Radio says 48. degrees & I believe it.   Oh God, how I long to be with true Christians.    I Praise Thee for all things & for Thy help.  Amen. 

Sun. June. 25. 1955./ ___ eggs today./ Elbert Killed & cooked last of baby chicks & Joe brought the 2 barred rock hens  2. white leghorns   little things,    Well, Elbert says he’ll make another wire crate & put them in & as soon as rocks are eatable we’ll Kill them & maybe Brodes will put them in the ice box for a few days for us & the little ones have plumage lice so that’s another job.   maybe we’ll let them take ’em back, since they are so lousy.    It’s been a nice day partly cloud & it was really cold last night & they say it will be as bad tonight.   I fried the chicken balls & cooked them & Nellie & Ella Jane & Bonita & her 3 children came in    Earnie Sarr came in just before & brought Elbert some      & he was fixing a box for the chickens Joe brought      when he got them done he started cleaning fish      & the girls came     & I told him to come & eat    I set down & cut up the balls & gave

Sun. June.26./ 1955/Page. 3357./2. eggs this day./ them each some & they came back for more & each enjoyed them,    we had biscuits, some of which I made for dinner & relish & then they got in there cars & went for home.    I went out & helped Elbert get chicks & hens in crates & I pulled them to grainery & put them in While Elbert finished cleaning his fish    & I came in & cleaned up dishes washed wiped & put them into cupboard & warmed the chicken gravey where I fried meat balls put in a little more chicken broth & we had gravy & biscuits & hot drink & washed & cleaned up once more,   now Elbert’s in bed tired    he got up easly & ate his breakfast   took care of hens   dressed & cooked chicken. wings backs & necks & ground breasts & legs & crackers & I mixed in eggs, sage, salt pepper, & milk & set it down in cupboard for supper.    he scrapped & cleaned the fish & I salted them & set them down for tomorrow.    Johny Harnish was ordained a minister today & now I pray God will fill him with Holy Ghost.    They didn’t stop here as they had to go get the youngest child at New London,  little Bonney,    she was with Marcie’s Aunt.    It’s was cold enough for a fire last night & again tonight,    I have to read now & go to bed.    I Praise God for His Love & blessings in Jesus Name.    We listened to Sermons & read healing testimony.

Mon. June 27. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been hot sun & chill in the breeze     I haven’t done much today & thinking of Nellie    they are going to take her tonsiles out I believe she said, Tue., June 28.    I’m trusting & believing she will be O.K. in every way,    Jesus hear & answer my prayer, in Thy Holy Name, Amen.    I do thank & Praise Thee for all our many blessing & trust all things will be as Thou would have them to be.    I cut out pajama pants for Elbert but felt to bum to try to sew them.    We need some washing done, but no water.    I’ve kept dishes done & helped some with cooking    Elbert’s Knee & back are so bad today, but he planted corn.    Radio said Kanass had bad tornado today & they don’t Know yet how bad, but they said it was terrible.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & for ever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. June 28. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ & 2 from Bared Rocks./ Well, I trust Nellie is O.K.     received letter from Audrey today.    & my stomach hurt me so bad all morning I couldn’t work    Earnie Sarr was here most of the day    Rue sent 50 cents for our looking after him & Helen came for him tonight.    Rue went to Cleveland to his Doctor,    Helen said he didn’t tell her he was going,    Elbert Knew Ernie was come here, but he didn’t tell me,      so I had to get up to let him in    Elbert went to Huron.       Oh Well, I dress & then

Tue. June. 28. 1955./ Page. 3358/2. eggs today/ today 3. barred rocks./ 6. rock egg. Mon./ Elbert came back & we had a lunch,   Ernie didn’t want to eat, so we gave him a lunch of hot coffee & toast & that’s the way our day has been    we had steak for our supper & raspberry short cake & hot tea,    (hot. sun cool breeze) I swept & cleaned out the oven & am so tired.    Elbert planted cucumbers & squash & watered his gaarden & he’s so tired, for his back is so bad he can’t hardly get up or down    he sighs as if he is tired most to death.    Oh God, of Love & Mercy hear us & help us to live for Thee in Jesus Name I ask.    a bunch of boy scouts 15 or so went passed on bicks this a-m.

Wed. June. 29. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Sun has been hot & cool breeze,   Ernie was here today  gave Elbert 50 cents   Jesus is helping us to pay for the milk 15 cents per qt.   No card from Nellie’s girls & I pray Nellie is O.K.    her health is & has been very poor for such a long time now,    she never had very good health after she married,    she has look so miserable for such a long time;   I pray, Jesus Thou will heal her completely of everything that’s wrong with her & help her to Know Thee & give Thee all the Praise,   I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise to Thee for all things, Amen.   & Glory to God in the Highest.    Radio says it will be 90 degrees tomorrow    I sent a card to Audrey & Nellie Tue. 28th.   I got Elbert’s sleeper pants all done & stitched my belt on waist & skirt    hope to finish it soon as I sweat so & need more than two dresses.    hope to get another one cut out so to Keep one on the way & I wish so much for some slippers    my feet get so hot & tired in these old one’s.    I made close pin bag also. 

Thurs. June. 30. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ (2. Barred rocks./ Well I felt so miserable I didn’t get up untill 2-p-m.   then we had dinner.  it rained this morning & Elbert filled all the tubs, pails & barrel,    I washed the dishes & Katherine Eva & Marry Ann came in     Katherine brough us a Cholate Cake two layer, White frosting,   it was good, but I don’t care for dark cake, it’s to much for Elbert, but suppose he will eat it.    they didn’t stay very long,    Eva has taken 2 more old women to take care of & the one she did have causes arguments most of the time    she told one of the new comers, that she stunk & she wasn’t going to sit by her at the table,    I pray God will take a hand in it & help Eva to be able will take a hand in it & help Eva to be able to live in peace    & help Eva to Know What & how to deal with them.    after they left at 4-45-p-m.    I washed my nose & other rags  my shirts towels & stockings & feel so tired    Elbert’s been mowing to & he’s dead tired

Thurs. June, 30 1955./ Page. 3359./ 2. eggs this day/ 4. Rocks./ & he got wet.    I pray he wont get a cold.    Eva & Katherine was coming back to the church for prayer meeting   & I pray God will in Jesus Name bless that meeting with His power & Presents & help them to Know He is God & to try harder to do more of His Will & His Ways.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou Will Keep us close to Thee.   We give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever, & ever.    It rained in heavy showers all day & tonight    it’s wonderful to have the nice fresh rain water & I thank Thee Jesus for it & that we were spared from trouble,   it thundered & lightened & last rain had little clear ice particals in it & then some big soft snow drops,   they melted as they fell.   No mail today   & I have been thinking & praying for Nellie & am still, & trusting Jesus will care for her. 

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