July 1955

Fri. July. 1. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 1 barred Rock./ Been a hot sun & cool S. west breeze all day & the breeze is still with us, & we are very thankfull.    Elbert done some mowing this morning,    he tried 3 times to call Nellie & no ans.    I didn’t do much to day, aired bedding folded & put away cloths    I washed last evening & I had to hang all the rags out on the line & bring them in,   my new cloth pin bag is fine.     my bowels won’t move, makes me feel sick all over    Elbert feels bad to.    I ask Jesus to show me Where to find the scripture where they put a dead man in a grave “or sculpture” & when he touched Elisah’s bones he came to life & stood up, up on his feet.   Second Kings. 13. Chapter 26 verse.   Elisah was a prophet.   No nesws from Nellie & tomorrow is Sat. July 2nd  I pray she is O.K. & that God will give her strength & save her soul.    I received letter from Wyatt & they are going to annoit a cloth & pray & lay hand on it & send it to me    I am afraid least I do something wrong & I want to be-long to Jesus & praise God in Spirit & in truth & be so fill-ed with power that I can help others   Glory to God in Jesus Name Amen.

Sat. July. 2. 1955./ Page. 3360./ 1. eggs this day/ through her operation just fine & 3. Dr. were so worried, for she has other things wrong with her & they were amazed, but Jesus hears & sees & Knows,    I Praise Him & thank God in Jesus Name for Keeping her & still trust she will be O.K. from now on.    Oh God, I thank Thee & Pray she will know Thee before she’s called & each of the others also   Glory to God the Father Jesus His Son & the Holy Ghost Amen.    It’s been to hot, but Praise God for N. east breeze. 

Sun July 3. 1955/ 2 eggs today/ &2 Barred Rocks./ Well, God is truly good & He take good care of us    Hellen sent 2 sticks of smoked saucage & later Rue came in with a qt of red raspberries so we had short cake fried potatoes & the meat for supper,    Been a nice day but so hot & lots of peopl getting Killed one way or the other.    97 degrees. today. Sun. & no one but Rue & Ernie came in none of our own folks.    Ella Jane said Jimmy Monagon “Martha’s son” is home for a couple of weeks & they are talking of having a get together & an out door picnic at Martha’s, so we’ll get left out.    Elbert washed his b.V.D’s this a.m. & then it was so hot he didn’t trouble to put them on & tomorrow is Independance Day.    & we were to have thunder storms to-night  & tomorrow, heavy fog tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting for the Holy Ghost & healing, Amen.

Mon. July, 4. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, we washed,   I did mine first, my pillow ase & cover & night gown  2 underskirts & shirt & stockings & rages for both ends & 2 dresses & chair back slip    Elbert hung them out for me & then I washed his old sleeper pants  his pillow slip & cover & then he washed the union suit he’d been sleeping in & his socks, Kercheifs & 2 shirts.    & after supper I ironed my skirts & dress & smoothed out skirts & his 2 shirts.   tired & my feet hurt me so terribly.   No mail for today is Independance Day, the quitest one We have ever had in all the yrs. we can remember,    They have made fire works illaglele illegal & there hasn’t been hardly any fire crackers of any kind, just about like any other day, only lots of cars on the highway & radio reporting lots of dead & accident & Lancing Mich had a Wind, hail & rain, thunder & lightening & did a lot of damage ,   We haven’t heard how bad.    A little girl 2. or 3. yrs. old. she the mother said she saw a bear take the baby & go into the woods but they found her about 3,00 miles from the cabin & they think she wandered there herself.   a bear has been seen in that location.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus blessed Holy Name. Now & ever more Glory Hallalujah, Amen.

Tue. 5. July. 1955./ Page. 3361./ 2 eggs today./ 1. R. / Been terrible hot & tonight    it is thundering & lightening,    hope pray & trust storm it wont be bad if it storms,    I’ve felt bad all day   bowels are stubern again    & Elbert hasn’t felt good either      sun has been hot & there has been a little breeze most of the day & evening & been all way round     Ernie came in at noon    had piece of toast & cup of tea & then he came in & talked to Elbert late this afternoon.    Elbert took some broccoli to Sarrs to put in ice box untill tomorrow,    he said Dolly was back    she’s been visiting her father & step mother & half brother & sisters at Berlin Hights,    her own mother is married & lives in Cleveland & has some children “more half brothers & sisters    Hellen had 2. children “Helen & Bill Dryer” before she married Rue & she had Jean & Elain “or Muffy & Ernie, by Rue & Young Hellen is Dolly’s mother,   Dolly’s last name is Daniels.   Well, it’s 10-p-m & getting cooler.    I ought to fix up my old corset,    I sweat this one so bad Elbert hung it on the line last night & the due sweetened it & it was fresh & dry this morning,   Oh, God, help me to praise Thee in sprit & do Thy Will & make me Whole in Thee,    I give all the Praise & Glory Amen.

Wed. July. 6. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2. R./ Been another hot day.     I darned 2 prs & a 1/2 socks  run out of thread   have to wait now for darning cotton.     It’s been partly cloudy thundered & lightened, but no rain.    & I need to wash blankets ((wool))    Well, I didn’t sew     bowels have been loose today & makes me feel weak.    We received letter from Audrey today,    she says 2 day of her vacation gone al-ready     she has a fushia for me & it has a bud on it.    she was over to see Nellie & she said Ruby has some sort of absess on her intestine & it has come clear up through her abdoman, but Dr. thinks he’ll be able to take care of it.    Audrey talked as if she was discusted with Ruby,    but, we all have our share of grunting to do,  it seems.   & to me there are lots of discusting things for me to,   the way some of them treat & talk & do, me,    I ought to still be able to think for them & get around as I did a few years ago,   they are so smart & can’t remember,    but I’m so dumb I can’t do it for them,    Well, I’m sorry for Ruby & pray God will help her & all the others Who are as sick in other ways & need God’s help.    I’m so far from being perfect.    So hot tonight.    I do thank & praise Thee Jesus for helping me to see some things spiritually & pray for a stronger faith & to be able to do more in His Name & for His sake, Amen.

Thurs. July. 7. 1955./ Page. 3362./ 2. eggs today. / 2 R’s./ No mail today & I tried to work but didn’t get much done    I swept & tried to clean up east window where the flowers are,    had to stop but I’ll try again.    Been mostly cloudy & when sun did come through it was so very hot    felt as if it was burning hot    Elbert has been doing what he could     he cultavated his garden   cut weeds with hoe.   Couldn’t sleep last night but got an hour or so this morning.     hope I have strength enough to wash wool blankets in the morning.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will reveal to me What to do about Wyatt,    I Know Jesus didn’t charge to heal people nor did He ask for a generous gift & the people Who pray for us “or a large persent of them” do remind us to send a generous gift before they pray & I have sent 10.00 twice & they still send a slip to be filled out & ask for more money,      I send 5.00 a month & only have 65.00 per. mo. & all the other things   coal for the winter, gass every 2 or 3 mo’s. light bill Church tenth & 2 or 3. other things & I have got to have a pr of shoes    I’ve worn these for 6. yrs. or more & they are all I have left & they are hurting my feet & I’ve got to get some cotton blanket’s     such a world.    May God help us & Keep us close to Him forever & ever, Amen. 

Fri. July. 8. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2. R’s./ Oh it’s been a fine day,    I got up early & washed 3 wool blankets & Elbert washed 1. wool & I did one cotton    I sudsed them good in 2 waters & wrinsed in 2. waters & Elbert wrong them & I hung them up,    they all got dry    sun got so hot & it was 97 degrees    we were done, but, sun so hot we could hardly hardly endure it.    Received letter from Audrey    every one O.K.    I haven’t done anything all after noon.    We had a nice cool breeze untill late this evening.    We sat out front on boards & a man came from the east off the track & ask for water,    he went with Elbert to pump & drank 3 big cups of cold water & when he came back to front of house I gave him cup of coffee    he drank it as if it tasted good    he wouldn’t take any food    he said he worked all morning & the farmer gave him only a dollar,    he looked in his 70 ties & looked tired,    he went back to track & on west.    Radio says 72 degrees.

Fri. July. 8. 1955./ page 3363./ 2. eggs this day./ 2. R’s./ this evening at 9.p.m & it was 97. at noon.    breeze all died before dark.    Oh God I truly thank & Praise Thee for all things & the strength of today.     I thank Thee for Thy Holy word & revealing the truth to me,    I’m still praying for the Holy Ghost & my healing of body & feet in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sat. July. 9. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 1. R./ I was so tired,    we didn’t sleep much last night,    I got Elbert up to fill the rain barrel & tubs    we didn’t get them all full,    but, it was nice to get some,    Elbert went back & laid down & we didn’t catch the next shower.   partly cloudy & sultry hot,    Jean & Bill & there baby Wendy & Audrey came & they visited, while Bill & Elbert went out & Bill sawed off a few limbs off the big oak, that tornado broke & left hanging    they are hard & dry & hard to saw.    I was going to try to wipe up the floor but didn’t    instead I made an apple & one raspberry pie,    well, it looked & tried to rain but only got a little cooler     We are thankful for that.    Bill said he had to go home early & get ready for a party      they were here about 1 1/2. hrs.    We didn’t have much of a visit some how.    Well I got every thing done,  dishes & Kittles filled for bath & hot drink    Elbert was up to Huron & got some meat cabbage & lettuce & grapefuits & butter this morning & after the folks left he went up to Mrs Perkins & got some rasberries & ice cream.   been to hot to work, but it cooler now,    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.    I thank Thee Jesus & all Praise truly belongest to Thee forever & ever Amen

Sun. July. 10. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ 2. Rock./ No one came    but Jesus was here with me & I’ll never be able to tell how much He means to me.    I Praise & Honour Him.        Been a cool wind  N. east & partly cloudy, real cool tonight        last night it thundered & lightened just terrible & in showers      & moon would shine nice & clear every now & again but didn’t rain much.    Wish I could go to church. Amen. 

Mon. July. 11. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ 1. R. / Well, Elbert arose early & went to Lorain    went & got his shoe altered    went & got olive oil & his 2 suits B.V.D & sock & a 4.55 blanket,    I told him & wrote it on the order,   a light cotton blanket & this one has wool in it    he stopped in Vermilion   got the groceries 10.00 worth    discusting,   he done need a woman tied to his shirt tails, but, he needs my brain    he can’t think & he had it wrote on the order to,    Well he ordered some coal.

Mon. July. 11. 1955./ page. 3364./ 2. eggs this day/ 1. R./ I don’t know how much & he got cream & we didn’t have a meal to eat untill supper & I had potatoes & beans all ready cooking & they were cold When we got the meat fried 2 1/2 hrs. later    he said he hadn’t eat but he wasn’t hungry & looked as if he had been stuffed,   Well we had supper & I washed dishes & then a car stopped & let Miss. Clark out & we had a good visit,   she says Mrs. Sprunk isn’t very well,   had a couple heart attacks.    She told me about the church & all the folks & I gave her a bag of caned foods, oranges a grape fruit, & 1. doz. eggs    she wished she could live closer to me & the poor soul looks worn out     she’s been staying at the church while Tom & Mertle & Roney have been on a Vacation & she’s been working hard to get cleaned up there    she painted that big hall & a door that’s been an eye sore    she scraped sanded & painted it white & she did the hall & stair case,    I do hope they show her how glad they are from time to time,    she says she feel so weak & staggers in the morning when she gets up, but after she gets hot coffee & breakfast she gets her strength.   I gave her a hot cup of tea & piece of black raspberry pie,   she seemed to enjoy it although the seeds trouble her as they do me getting under our plates.    the couple that left her came for her some after 10-p-m.    Then Helen Sarr came in & said Rue went to Cleveland to Dr. & he took Ernie with him & she’ll have to be there all night alone    she talked to Elbert in the back yard & went back home to iron & clean up the house.    I pray God Thou will help to help others for Thee.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost,  keep me close to Thee.

Tue. July, 12. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2 R’s/ Well, today has been cool  breeze N. east, hot sun.    We didn’t work    Elbert’s tired out after driving to Lorain.    Rue Sarr came back today & Ernie came up to see us,   & he came back & ate supper with us,   we hadn’t got done with Nellie, Ella Jane & Bonita’s 3. children came in    Nellie says she’s feeling better    Well, I hope she can feel better & that she will gain in strength.    Girls didn’t stay long & then I got dishes done & now must do the reading & go to bed,    I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Wed. July 13. 1955/ Page. 3365./2. eggs today./ 2. R’s./ I didn’t do much    made Elbert’s bed up fresh & aired his cover blankets.    & made up my bed    I got up & put the wool blankets on & then I rested    tempture is 89 & 90 during the day & at night 50 or 58 & air damp & heavy    stars look such a long way off.    We had thought of going to town   but stores are closed on Wed. so I’ll have to wash Thurs rags all in the wash.    I wiped up the floors & feel all tired out & tried to keep Elbert from the hot sun & he seems determined to do What he Knows he ought not to do.    I haven’t been able to get money orders yet but hope to soon & pray God will help me in all my needs.     They cut the Wheat acrossed the road today   No Wevils.     I have the money order forms made out to Wyatt, Mrs. Rotes & Blind,   I’m sure I sent it but only put in money instead of money order

Thurs. July. 14. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2. R’s/ Been bum all day & not able to do any thing as night draws near     I’m feeling worse at 9-p-m,   bowels tried to move,     by forcing them hard I got rid of most of it but could hardly get to the bed      Elbert brought me water & soap & I washed good & then lay down.    he made me hot tea,   I drank it, but felt, oh, so sick  thought I’d get up & read & write but was to weak & he brought in my wash rags & water & my teeth    I had them all ready to bring in    he brought my tablet & I got ready for bed,    rectum turn way out.    Been windy hot & partly cloudy,   S. West wind thundered hard & lighten-ed    Elbert emptied can & then we got a very heavy shower.   barrel was open.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessing. 

Fri. July. 15. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 1. R./ Barrel was full this morning, so Elbert filled the oil tank & now when barrel is full again & the buckets, we’ll have enough to do the other blankets.    Elbert went to Huron got the money orders for Wyatt 10.00 & I’ll add 5.00 & 2.00 for blind men & 1.50 for Mrs. Rote.   Now to get them wrote and on there way.    My bowels moved with ease this morning    back & rectum sore.   No, mail;   I’m sick to my stomach,   hope to get settled soon.   There’s a misty rain  high wind   S. West & a hurrcane expected in one of the states,   I didn’t catch the name.    I washed out the rags & nose rags & 3 shirts 4 towels & my stocking – the wash rags tonight;  winds been quite strong all day & tonight & it’s quite cool    I wrote the letters got them ready to go & now I’ll read some scripture to think over while in bed.    Elbert’s not feeling very good yet.    I thank & praise God for all He does for us & hope we can do more for Him.   Jesus Keep me all the way & help me to be strong for Thee, Amen.

Sat. July. 16. 1955./ page. 3366./ 1. eggs today./ 1R../ Been partly cloudy & gave us a good storm & a light misty shower & just before dark it sure rained big heavy drops & my clothes were most dry & before we could get them it soaked them,    then they hung & dripped & whiped untill almost dry & Elbert brought them in.   I hung them up in here, some got dry & the rest are damp.   The coal man brought the coal today & that cost us 86.47   it was 88.97, but, they gave us a discount of 2.50.    I thank Thee Jesus that we had enough saved to pay cash     f or now it’s done untill another year,     didn’t leave us with much to live on,    but, Thou hast always taken care of us.    Ernie was here couple of times this after noon & he ate noodles & drank coffee & crackers with us for supper,    he said Muffie & her boy friend was home    they came today & were going to the beach to have a weiner roast tonight,     Charlie Brode came along on his bicycle & Ernie yelled at him & he came back & waited untill Ernie finished his coffee    they’re about the same age & hight & both have small sized bicycles,    they looked like 2 gig suill mosquitoes as the rode off up the hill to Ernies home.     It’s star light tonight.    Elbert got his self all dirty   getting over the coal to shut the window,     so he took a bath & put on clean clothes & hung the dirty ones on the line ,     was quite hot for a few hours & now it’s cool.    We’ll have to wash Mon. if we can.     I didn’t do all mine this week & he didn’t do any of his.    Hope we both feel better soon.    I am so glad & thankful we can be up & do the most necessary things    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sun. July. 17. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ 1. R. / Been very hot today    We have just sit around     just before supper time Katherine & Joe came in & said they had brought a lunch to eat out of doors     & they said Eva & Marry Ann were coming    they came & had lunch out side & then were going home & not to Church,    I pray Thou will cleans the church folks & help them to be one again.    Brother & Sister Swarthouse are expecting to preach in Sandusky before long.    Looked like rain, partly cloudy all day.    I thank Thee that Thou Jesus has taken care of us & I pray we may do more for Thee    I’m trusting & believing,    take all my unbelief & give me a stronger faith & courage & power,    Keep me ever close to Thee, help me to step out in Thy work Amen & Glory to God in the Highest,   Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Amen.    We have had several very good Sermons. 

Mon. July. 18. 1955./ Page. 3367./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got up & got his washing all done & dried  work pants & all.   now I’ll have mine to get out & I’ve been so week & my leggs don’t feel as if they would hold me up,    but, & maybe I’ll try,    Elbert has made plans to ride to Lorain in the morning,    & it will be early 4-a-m slow time & 5- fast time.    Well Rue & Ernie came up after supper    Rue wants Elbert to look after his garden a little,    he’s going on a trip for 2 weeks & take Ernie with him,    I do wonder if Hellen will have to be there along all that time.    Well, I felled the belt down & sewed the buttons on my dress & now I’ll have to stitch the hem & the sleeves in & it will be done,    then some day soon I hope to cut out a couple more & get them going before these worn out   & one I can wear to Church.    I do thank my God for saving my soul & trust to be able to praise Him in spirit in Jesus Name    I’m asking     Oh Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free Where Jesus is -it’s heaven to me, on land or sea    What matters where where Jesus is ti’s Heaven there.   Help us Jesus.    I thank Thee.    We received a letter from Audrey today & a March of faith.

Tue. July. 18. [should be July 19]1955./ 2. eggs today./ Johny was ordained a minister on July 10. 1955.     No mail today    I mailed Audrey a a letter this morning,    Elbert was going to ride to Lorain with Hellen,    but, he didn’t feel able, so he got up & went down to Sarr’s & had to wait half hour, to tell her he wasn’t going,    I got up & put a stamp on the letter he was to give Audrey,     & wrote across back that Elbert changed his mind & wasn’t coming & when Elbert got back from Sarr’s, I told him to give letter to Postman.    Rue & Ernie went on there trip this morning.    they left after Hellen went to work.    It’s been hot through the middle of the day & untill evening,    then cools off fast,     I’ve felt so weak today,    I tried to hack off a few weeds today, but just don’t have any strength,    I feel so terrible weak.    I have black & blue marks on my legs, arms & body,    they look like finger & thumb marks & my right arm feel as if it was all most broke & has been so sore & ached so bad – a big black & blue mark on it,    God I pray you will reveal what it is & how I got it.    do I get up in my sleep he asks me if I heard him calling me & there by hang a tale, in Jesus Name. 

Wed. July. 20. 1955./ Page. 3368./ 2. eggs today./ 1. R./Well, I got up at 10-a-m    Elbert had been over & got the milk & to Huron & got steaks for dinner,    he went over to the fish house & they gave him abig mess of fish    he cleaned them all & fried a few for supper & took the rest over to Brodes,   gave them a few, for putting ours in there deep freeze.    & while he cleaned fish I washed out m nightgown 2 under skirts pillow cas towels rags & nose rags, stocking & 2. dresses & I sure lots better by way of strength, than I thought I would    & I hung out most of them    Elbert handed the rags to me to hang & he brought them all in    & I aired my blankets & made beds & he cooked dinner & supper.    Been hot sun with cool N. east wind.     We thank Thee Jesus for the wonderful blessing of this day    but I do hope & trust for the Holy Ghost & my healing & to be enabled to do much for Thee in the manfature.    I Praise Thee Jesus for this healing & thank, Thee Amen. 

Thurs. July. 21. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ I didn’t work today,   Elbert did    he has filled up the hole where the big apple tree stood,   part of the root is still there,     some of the trees are alive & some are die-ing & it’s 2. yrs. the 8th of June 1955. since the tornado    the big old Elm down in the hollow by the road begins to look as if it will all be died before long & the one a little farther west on the line is all dead.    Well, I went out & watched Elbert carry water from the cystern  some that leached in from the top & it’s begining to stink,   to the garden   dirt is so dry, it’s like flour,    it needs a good all night drizzle to soak in, but radio says it will be hot all week,    there’s been a good N. east breeze un-till late this after noon, then it all died out.    No mail to-day.    We aired our sleeping garments & I made bed & washed dishes & crochet a little,    my bowels haven’t moved today either.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small Amen. 

Fri. July. 22. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well I did feel so bad this morning just felt as if I couldn’t get up    Elbert brought me a cup of hot tea but it didn’t give me the usual lift,    but I got up at 10-a-m.    my stomach & bowels feel so sore,    we had dinner & I got at my dress     finished sewing on snaps,     made button holes    finished sleeves & the hem,    now it’s ready to wear     & it tired me some    it’s so hot 97. degrees today here     & over 100 in New York Radio said     & Elbert hasn’t done much    it’s to hot for his head outside

Fri. 22. July. 1955./ Page. 3369./ 2. eggs this day./ Mr. & Mrs. Weber came in this evening & brought us some of the ice cream from her mothers birth-day party Sun. July. 17.th 1955. (there were 97 people who called on her    she can read & walks about the house & takes care of her self)     the cream was sure good & it was so thoughtful of them,    they have a farm & lots of work to do.    Sister Weber just had all her teeth out & so she don’t feel to strong,    she said she was healed once of her deafness & she lost her temper & her healing,    Oh God help her to recapture her Victory in Jesus name,  that she may be a blessing,    help us Jesus I pray.    Oh, I Praise Thee & thank Thee for all things & hope & trust Thou will give me that understanding I’m so much in need of.    Glory to God,    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sat. July. 23. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Oh, it’s been so hot 96 & Radio said over 100 degrees in New York but it began to look like rain & did rain a very little late this after noon & it’s still thundering & lightening all around    air is cooler,    but, I do hope it rains for not only do we need it, but the garden trees & every thing out side,   we have 5. or 6. weeks of this yet    We are so thankfull  We have some breeze most of the day.    I got up 10-a-m. & lay down & got up again,    I set a little bread & made 12 biscuits & one loaf.    I made few baking Powder biscuits for supper,    Elbert Killed & cooked the last barred rock hen    she would have laid every day    we eat the most of it for supper,    she was such a little thing & the meat was hard & dry.    Well, she’s done.    I baked 4 pies 2. pumkin & custard & 1. black berry,    Elbert picked the berries out in the back this morning,    the trees are loaded with apples & the Whole big limb in the top broke off one tree, in the wind, the other night,    the whole back is full of weed black berries & brush & Frank & I kept it clean side hill & flats.  & now it’s terrible,    & Elbert can’t seem to keep up with more than the front half & not all of that.    Jesus I thank Thee for all we have & I thank Thee for saving my soul for all the many healings Thou has given me so freely & I crave to do more for Thee,    help me to understand, in Jesus Name I ask & I give Thee The Praise.   & Glory forever more Amen. 

Sun. July. 24. 1955./ ___ eggs today./ Well Joe & Katherine came at noon.    I hadn’t got up yet & they had been to Sunday School & church & then came here     Elbert had potatoes read to cook & he put them on

Sun. July. 24. 1955./ Page. 3370./ 2. egg this day./ I got up, feeling terribly weak and all in    & greeted them & we had dinner together,    they seemed to enjoy it    Elbert & Joe went up on highway & called Eva & she & Marry Ann came & had supper with us all    Eva’s heart is so troubled    Marry Anna own mother Wants to put her in some sort of home Where, not even her own people can go to see her,    I pray Jesus will, in His own way, keep her from such a destiny, Oh God, have Marcy & see that the right way is done,  Jesus I do believe Thou Will,     help Eva to live closer to Thee,    Keep her ever closer & help her to pray & trust with all her heart, soul, mind & strength, I thank Thee Jesus. Amen.  Elbert picked 2 qt’s of black berries for each of the 2. families.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus    Oh how much we need Thee every second of our lives,    Forgive us & save us, Amen.    Today is Audrey’s birthday    she is 63. yrs. old. 

Mon. July. 25. 1955./ 2 eggs today./ Well I was so tired I forgot to tell about the nice rain, we got last night in heavy showers,    Elbert got up & filled up the containers,    he got wet & it broke his rest,    but We Praise & thanked Jesus for the water & that although it thundered & lightened hard the wind wasn’t so bad & it was such a good rain & I’m sure every thing.outside greatful    I thank & Praise Thee for answering prayer and feel sure all will be well with my soul.    May all Glory & Honour be Thine-forever & ever Amen.    Well, Katherine got me 2. cotton blankets 1.69 sents each,    I paid her for them & 2. hens $6.88 cents so that’s done.    I washed the blankets & got them most dry & washed my dress under skirt & rags & towels     feel rather tired,    Elbert went to Huron & I gave him $13.00 & the change from 10. Mrs Haslet gave me     he had 1.00   & he spent 4.42, so he has $9. left so he says, seems he should have 10.00    Well, I thought he’d help me with the wash a little,    but he went down & cultavaated Rue’s garden & talked to Hellen      she said Rue was in Oregon & she thinks he’s going to California.    My clothes will have to be hung out in the morning, part of them    I thank & praise Thee Jesus, for all things & Pray for Hellen & for Eva    that Thou will help them in all the ways they need    bring them closer to Thee Amen.  

Tue. July. 26. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been a terrible hot day    We didn’t try to work    I tried to crochet,    but hands to hot   We received Nice letter from Sister Rote & a card & letter from sister Audrey. nice to get a letter & not know it’s coming.   I do

Tue. July. 26. 1955./ Page. 3371./ 2. eggs this day./ hope & pray all will be well with each one of us & I thank & praise God in Jesus Dear Name for all my & our many blessings & pray for mercy on our souls & trust, Jesus, Thou will call each one to Thee, put a craving in there souls & draw them to Thee Amen.    I give Thee all Praise & Glory now & for ever more Amen. 

Wed. July. 27. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Brother Frank’s birthday, he is 65. yrs. old    Audrey was 63.July 24, 1955.    Well we had a really hot day & we did not work,     I tried to crochet    it was to hot to get much done.    Elbert ought to have called Audrey, but he didn’t & he wants to go to Lorain,    it to hot for him to go,    but I don’t know what he’ll do,    I hope & pray he’ll use good common sence,    he don’t need to go,    he does have to have his shoes a-justed,     but he can wait. a little longer.    Brother & Sister Dear were here,    they took communion with me & had prayer    his toes are still very sore & the shock has made him sick,    he don’t look very good either.    & she’s thin & looks tired out & Naomie is to fat,    they were here an hour or so.    We had just finished our supper.    I thank God & praise Him & Jesus & the Holy Ghost, for all our many blessing.

Thurs. July. 28. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got up took a bath went for the milk   took care of hens & ate a bite & went to Lorain, I was so sleepy for I couldn’t sleep or rest last night & only had one nape be-fore Elbert left & had just dozed off when a woman came to the door  Jehova’s Wittness    at last I looked & she said   are you sick    I said yes,    she said   are you alone & I said  for a few hours,    she talked out & left me a book,   said she was sorry & left,   I thanked her.    Well after that I couldn’t settle down so just got up    hung bed things out & got a few odds & ends done & Elbert came 1-15-p-m.    We had a lunch & he put the water on to heat & washed out the b.V.D, Audrey gave him;    he pick cucumbers, to, this morning    & took some to Audrey, gave mrs Cranage some & Mrs. West. some.    & we have a few left, Well he wahed out his dirty cloths & got most of them dry    Audrey gave him 5 union suits,   he had 3.   so he ought to keep clean, he talked to Dr. Arnold.    but not to Kuntz a-bout [?] the house.   I hardly Know what to do a-bout it.    I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise & Glory to Thee for ever & ever. Amen.   Hot today  cool N.E. wind tonight

Fri. July. 29. 1955./Page. 3372./ 1. eggs today./ Well, it’s sure been hot to- today,    I swept & wiped up my bedroom floor & the Kitchen but didn’t get Elbert’s floor .    Elbert opened some can soup & we ate soup for supper    No mail today.    I finished Eva’s kercheif yesterday & Marry-Anna’s today,    so when they come I’ll give them to them     I gave Katherine one the last time she was here,    N. east breeze all day     & it looked as if it might rain last night & again tonight,    but, no rain, but it’s cooler tonight    I sweat untill all my clothes were wet while wiping up the floor.    I Praise Thee Jesus for caring for us & saving our souls    help me to understand,    I thank Thee. 

Sat July 30 1955./2. eggs today./ Well it’s been another hot day & late this after noon    I baked 2 black berry pies  1. custard.   & 1. peach    it’s to hot to work Elbert got supper    Brodes told him he could have corn & tomatoes, so he went & got them & a qt. of milk & he went up here to store & got some pressed meat, salt as salt & he cooked it in the Kraut for supper & we had the corn    Gets cool at night but to hot days.  I upset my grape juice & worst part of it, all down front of my dress & clear through my underskirt I washed it right out,    I don’t know if it will stain dress or not & now I have to iron a dress.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things Amen.   No mail today & N. east breeze untill just before dark then all died out leaving it so hot but now there is a little breeze & getting cooler,  & I have to iron my dress  Elbert took care of Rue’s garden this morning his own today.  

Sun. July. 31. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Got up late    took a bath & tried to soak my feet.    Joe & Katherine came & we had dinner together & Elbert gave Joe what old potatoes we had left.     she brought me a doz or so pie tins,   they look like aluminum, she buys pies on them.    she brought some beans she bought navy & marrow fats.    they left a-bout 3-30-p-m   Eva & Marry Ann & them were going out for a picnic supper & maybe to Church some where.   No one else came, all day.   So hot all day   97 degrees    a very little breeze.    I thank & praise God, our Father Jesus & the Holy Ghost for all things great & small & do pray I can do more to help others & that He will continue to deal with hearts here & ever more.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever.   

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