August 1955

Mon. Aug. 1. 1955./ Page. 3373./ 2. eggs today./ Been 98 degrees to hot to work,    there was a very little N. & little east breeze but I didn’t work    Elbert cultivated his garden & he was to hot     his right arm’s been hurting him    he can’t hardly use it.    No mail today, & I ought to do some writing.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessing, which are many,    I’m hoping trusting & praying.    

Tue. Aug. 2.1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well I did my washing or the most of it    & it’s been all most a 100 in the shade    there’s been a nice cool breeze in the north     & so it wasn’t quite so bad,   but it didn’t dry very fast & my night gown was still quite damp When Elbert brought it in,      the thin pieces got quite dry,     anyway that done but we sweat so bad we’ll need to wash again Sat.   I received letter from Wyatt with the cloth that has Maricle oil, on it & they laid hands on & prayed     & I believe God will in Jesus Name make me Whole.   We received card from Audrey & tax blank today 14.26.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee      Thou art a Wonderful & Marvelous Jesus, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed, Pure, Clean & Holy,    I love Thee Amen.  

Wed. Aug. 3. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been lots to hot to work      & I’ve been thinking of all who work in shops & places with out a good ventilition      & Audrey says her work place is a sweat box & they are dripping wet when they get out & Hellen Sarr & a lot of other people in Verious places.    No worth While mail today & no dry cloths on us either,    it’s 10-p-m & still hot.    Well, We made out the food order     & Elbert’s hoping for his check in the morning      & if it comes he’ll go to the store.    air is a little cooler now, but still hot     & I’m going to read & go to bed thanking God in Jesus Dear Name for my healing,     & Praising Him for all things forever & ever, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 4. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been another hot day 97. & we did have a very little N. east breeze,    it dies all out toward night & now again there is a very little & the sweats runing down my neck in little streams.    I tried to crochet, hands so wet,   it’s hard job.   Got sample paper in the mail,   called O.M. I. Farm paper,   it’s for the Ohio, Michigan & Indiana Farmers, & then tonight Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came in for an hour or so & they brough us a special news paper,   showing all the improve-ments in the last 25 yrs. in Lorain Ohio, 200 pages.  that’s

Thurs. 4. Aug. 1955/ Page. 3374./ 2. eggs this day./ our home town    We grew up in Lorain.    Elbert got his check & he went to Vermilion & spent $33.53 & his check was for 52.80 so he had 19.77 left & he had some in his pocket, that made $26.88, & he had begged 5.00 from me, or he said he didn’t have any to buy milk & bread or anything for last week & untill he would get his check, so I had him give back the $5.00     he has 21.88 now & he’ll get 13.00 more the 12th that will be next Fri.    so I’m going to keep tab on all he spends.    It’s a terrible hard job to keep tab on a man’s money,   he squeals & sqirms & squacks,   Frank was the same way.   & I Kept track of every cent I spent      I felt sure he’d want to Know & ask me sometime     & he did, but I had my books to prove where all he gave me, went.    he looked one or two over & gave them all back to me.    I wont have much for anything out of mine $11.00 for Church, 1.00 for insurance, 10.00 for gas, 1.50 for light bill $14.26 for taxes  10.00 save for coal so I’ll have 17.24 left & I’d like to get some slippers   I need them so bad.    Nellie said Mr. Baldwin was in a car wreck & badly wounded    drove over 6 hundred moles in one day & it proved tomuch.    Poor Tomie here looking after things while his father went on a vacation to see Claud “his youngest son & wife & children” & Tomie suffering it out up here,   not able to go look after his father    but his father is up again    don’t know what he’ll do about coming back home.    Bonita told Elbert she has her car paid for now,    but didn’t say about Ella Jane’s car,   Ella Jane was sick today, but got her work done.    Elbert gave them some cucumbers     I pray they got back home safe.    Nellie & Bonita’s children been over to Johnies taking care of. there 4. children while they went on a vacation for couple weeks, Nellie looks & acts tired out     & Bonita says she’s to tired to get up & go to work mornings,   & they say Jim Monagon is home for 14 days.    Oh God, if only they would call on Thee & work as hard to do Thy will as they do to have a good time & eat.    Help us Jesus before it’s forever to late.    I thank & Praise Thee for my healing & all things Amen.

Fri. Aug. 5. 1955./ Page. 3375./ 1. eggs today./ I washed a dress & 2 shirts  2. prs. of stocking & the rags, could hardly get it done & now 9-10-    I nearly strangled on some grapefruit juice,    it’s terrible, was so terrible hot a gain today & so many people working & suffering from the heat & so many bed ridden & others who have to be in bed.    Audrey said it was sure a sweat shop & I’m so sorry for them all.    We had a good breeze most of the day & there’s a very little yet tonight,     it clouded up before dark,    raido says showers tonight in the morning & Sat. & a hurricane coming toward Florida with wind 120 miles an hour & gaining in speed so all will be watching for it.    Oh Why don’t we live closer to Thee    Jesus, help me to & save my soul    I Praise & thank Thee.    Elbert went to see if Hellen was O.K. & she was;    & he came back in 30 minutes or so.   No mail today.    I was sick most all day & couldn’t eat untill 4-P-m.    We haven’t heard from brother Frank & his families for some time now or Uncle Will’s Children.

Sat. Aug. 6. 1955./2. eggs today./ Well we had a good refreshing rain       been hot but a nice cool breeze most of the day,    just thundered & lightened all evening & now it’s raining hard     & We wish we could save some, but it’s runing away;    I Praise God & Jesus for the water & that the lightening is not to bad nor the wind.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will Keep me close & safe from evil & harm, Glory, Glory Hallelujah   I Praise Thee & pray I my Keep Thy ways & Will in all things.    deal with me as Thou seest    I need & Bless those of Thine & help me to be of service to Thee Amen.    I sent cards. to Mrs. Rote Audrey & letter to Wyatt.

Sun. Aug. 7. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well we sure got a down pour of rain & cooled the air & a warm blanket felt good    We had a nice day    was partly cloudy & cool    N. east breeze,    I was sick all night    my bowels run like water    my stomach upset & I felt like throwing up    then bowels would run & I had to get Elbert to empty can 3 or 4 times & today; he has been out looking to find his pocket knife, he lost    & he doesnt Know Where he lost it    he was mowing front yard & front of garden    then he was to toilet & hen house,    so he don’t Know where it is or when he lost it,    but there was only little blade that he would like to find,    for it was pointed,    it had White handle    he was up to store up here & after milk.    I sure feel weak.    & my head feels so bad.    I Praise Thee Jesus    Keep me Close.

Mon. Aug. 8. 1955./ Page 3376./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert doesnot feel so good but he got up & done his washing & then went down & worked 2. hrs. in Rues garden.    & he hadn’t been home long before Rue drove in,     & Hellen was there before Elbert got home,     He didn’t see her, to talk to her,    they wasn’t there long before Ernie Knocked at the back door,     Elbert let him in & shook hands & hugged him & he came & put his arms around me & we kissed each other & then he sat down & he & Elbert began to talk & visit    Elbert had supper about ready & & we put a plate on for Ernie,    he sat up & ate hamberg  a dish of peaches a bun & grape jelly & some carrots & had a cup of hot tea & said it was good,    then he got on his bick & went home, saying he’d be back.    We had a nice letter from Audrey today.    Elbert’s thinking of going to Lorain in the morning    I wish he wouldn’t go,   he’s so tired.    He was up to Huron this morning & he got himself 2. work shirts.   & he got fresh meat that the blood was still in    & we had steak chopped & ham-berg for supper & meat to boil.   so soup tomorrow.    Oh Jesus I am so glad Thou are with me & pray for more strenght.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee, Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 9. 1953/ 2. eggs today./ Well, I’ve been to weak today but am trusting to feel better tomorrow & Elbert’s talking of going to Lorain again tomorrow.    He gave the bread man an armfull of cucumbers today.    I received the 2 boxes of cards & note paper from Sister Rote today.    Ernie’s been here twice today,    he gave Elbert 4. dollars his father sent up, for looking after his garden.    Been quite warm & I hope & pray for more strength    I trully don’t feel able to sit up but have helped a little    I mended his sleeper a little & darned his socks & I cut out a sleeper jacket & have it ready to stitch.    I felt all day as if I’d pass out, but God has Kept me.    Elbert has fixed up his garden & been busy all day    he carried the water out of the wood tub and put it on his garden.    I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & for all things & give Thee all Glory & Honour, Amen.

Wed. Aug. 10. 1955./ Page. 3377./ 2. eggs today./ To hot although partly cloudy & the air was thick & fogy clear to the top of the trees & it thundered & looked bad but passed by with out any rain.    We thank God for our checks this morning,    I have the money order for Wyatt & forgot to put 14.26 on tax order, So Elbert will mail that tomorrow,    he plans on going back to Lorain to get shoes streched.    air cool & damp tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things,    Oh Jesus Keep me Close. 

Thurs. Aug. 11. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain & he took poor fat little Dixie back to Lipp’s Tea Store,    she was a very ambitious little thing,    she wanted to have a nest & she bult two but she never laid an egg.   & Mrs. Kegean brought her male, but he didn’t want to mate with her & now he’s yelled all day for her, so I’ll be glad when she comes for him, or if he sings again, it wont be so bad.    Elbert talked with Mrs. Cranage & with Audrey & Gertie at Noon    he went at 8-30-a-m & got back at about 2-30-p-m.    he is so tired,    he got his shoes stretched again    Audrey sent us a pint of quinces      Elbert bought 40 cents worth of candy & not what I wanted,     he got hamberg & mailed my tax money & cards.   he got gas & oil 1.92 & 49 cents for a lunch.    Well, I feel so weak & so miserable & didn’t get right up when Elbert left but slept & a car came in & blew the horn right by my window     woke me with such a start & then drove off    they stopped at Snyders & then went on    I don’t know who it could have been,    at least they don’t know I can’t move very fast any more,    I ironed my two house dresses & Elbert’s dress shirt     & I don’t see why I should feel so weak,    I pray God will give me strength in body as well as soul & spirit     & I do thank Him for all our our many blessing,    We had nice letter from INez & Henry today.    Weather is hot during middle of day & cool at night, so we close the house up & they said over Radio tempture droppes to 50 degrees tonight & in Lorain Wed.    they had such a down pour, the water was up to top of curbs     we had a heavy rain, lasted about 3. minutes, between 2. a.m. & 4.a.m. this morning.    Oh, God help to to rest & strength.   I thank Thee

Fri. Aug. 12. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well I didn’t think I could wash today but I did the rags & my skirt & my shirts    seemed as if I’d pass out every few minutes     I’d wash a piece & sit a little untill at last they were all done,    Elbert hung them out & wind was quite puffy. & strong.    & sun was hot when it got through the clouds & tonight it has freshen up & the hurricane is & has been bad & another one has formed & getting bad also,    it is real cool here & was, 50 degrees last & feels as if it will be 40 or 45 degrees tonight.    Well I was out to mail box yesterday but not out today.    Ernie didn’t go to Dearborn today, said they had phone call & every one’s down with flu or something.   Well I thank

Fri. 12. Aug. 1955/ page. 3378./ 2. eggs this day/& Praise Thee Jesus for all things & the strength of this day.    Elbert has wonderful cucumbers,    but, it looks as if something has been put onto some of the vines & turned them brown & killing them, just here & there.    Oh, I’m so tired wish I was in bed,    Elbert’s felt all tired out from his trip to Lorain Thurs. back hurts him      he can hardly walk around    he did a lot of walking around & looking    he talked with Mrs. Cranage & only saw 3. people he knew on the street, in Lorain,   he talked to West in Vermilion 

Sat. 13. Aug. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been stormy,    winid blew in heavy puffs all last night & all day & is raining & blowing yet tonight    Radio says it will blow out after midnight,    it’s been quite cool & more so tonight.    I’ve been feeling rather dumb & as if I had been doped      when I walk & feel as if I was stumbling along or going to go headlong,    if only I had a kind & loving soul to help me.    I pray Jesus will help & show me What to do. 

Sun. 14. Aug. 1955./ 1. eggs today/ Been raining off & on all night & a part or most of the morning, sort of heavy mist all morning, heavy showers all night.    I got up late & we had dinner & about 3. oclock   Eva, Marry Ann, Joe & Katherine came in & brought supper    fried chicken potatoe salid buns milk & chocolate cake,   we made hot coffee & tea & they ate & visited a while & packed up again to go to Church & home     Elbert gave them cucumbers & apples,    I gave Katherine a Kercheif with a blue edge & so today I gave Eva & Marry Ann each one with crocheted edge of pink.    MarryAnn’s yellow & pale blue.    They are all having their troubles & taking pills & dope.    They left 10 minutes to eight for Church.    Sky is full of stars tonight & wind about died out.    They had hard wind & rain in Cleveland    water gutter deep blow down telephone posts & up rooted trees & done quite a lot of damage.    Jesus Keep me close & fill me with Thy Spirit that I may praise Thee in Spirit & in truth.   Oh God of Love & Mercy,   We are as lost sheep hear & help me before it tolate for I know we must Praise Thee in Spirit.    Glory to God in the Highest   Hallelujah Hallelujah; Amen.

Mon. Aug. 15. 1955./ Page. 3379./ 2. eggs today./ Was so cool we had light fire night before last & last night,    but, to hot today & tonight & there is another Hurricane called Dyan,    they think it will hit the Maine land tonight or tomorrow & they haven’t cleaned up the last one “called Conny” yet.    Well I’m still not feeling very strong yet.    but am trusting & believing I will soon.    Elbert was just Out side & says it’s little cooler, it 11-15-p-m.   I couldn’t work today.   Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came in just as it was getting dark,    they brought a water mellon & ate half of it,    Elbert got a half of one at supper tonight.    I went out & set in the car with Elbert for half an hour or so & watched the sun set as red as blood.   then Nellie & children came in for an hour or so      Nellie is feeling real bad & could hardly keep from cry crying,   she says she don’t see how she is ever going to teach when school starts    Well I pray God will help her in all the ways she needs & soon.   & I pray He will deal with her girls & grand chilodren.    Oh God I ask in Jesus Name for help,   we need Thee so much.    Elbert don’t look very well & his head & back are bad.    Ernie was here all after noon & he made an air plane & begged me for stories.    he says Dollie is coming back to go to school this Fall,    he said Bill & his sister Hellen were here to his home yesterday,    & his father went to work today.    Ernie went home at 4-30-p-m.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou will reveal to me the things I ought to Know & do    I thank Thee Jesus, Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 16. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ I had a gall stone attack & came late in afternoon/  Elbert went to Huron    got a little food & it was a little 3.83. including milk.    Ernie was here all after noon & Hellen came for him,   he went home once but she wasn’t there,   We gave her some apples & cucumbers    & she said she’d wash Elbert’s sheets.    it’s almost more than I can do, to wash my own cloths.    I feel some better today, but have lots of room for improvement ,   (Cousin Georgie’s birthday 70 yrs old.    Been partly cloudy & hot.   We came here in 1921. on 16th  34 yrs. today     winds all around & N.E. tonight    no mail today.   Hurricane Dian is expected tonight or in the morning on coast Georgia & Carriline    Oh, God, Keep me Humble & close to Thee in Jesus Blessed Name. 

Wed. Aug. 17. 1955./ 0. eggs today/ Been hot with a very damp N. E. breeze all day & tonight.   2 Hurricanes are over & they think the 3rd one is forming & the fog, is thick very thick tonight,     Ella Jane was here tonight    she came to tell me she has to go to the hospital in a month or so     she is going to try to hold off untill her vacation time for she will have to have at least a month after that before

Wed. Aug. 17. 1955./ Page. 3380./ __ eggs today./ she can go back to work,    I hope she gets alone O.K. she had a cup or 2 of tea as we visited & I think she did dread to leave.    Oh God, if only I could help each of them as they need, but Thou art able to help them through some one of Thine & I’m believing Thou Will.    Ernie was here all after noon & back & forth on his bicycle,    he ate a little when we ate.    It was real foggy when Ella Jane headed her care for home.    Oh, Jesus, help me to help Ella Jane when she gets out of the hospital,    I thank & praise Thee for allthing, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 18. 1955/2. eggs today/ WEll I got up at 10-a-m & washed out some of my cloths,    it was hot  but we had a good N. breeze & I had them all done except my dress when ELbert got back from Huron,    he made me toast & tea before he went & he got back about 12. noon    he waited & got some fish  8 perch    they gave them to him, he got pork shoulder for dinner & Ernie ate with us,    he gave me a dollar & he gave Elbert 50 cents Wed.  2.50 he has given us for this week,   he’s good for having to play alone,    Well I tell him stories sometimes & we take a word like fragile to see how many words we can get out of it    we got 50, he brought some book & read them to day   funy picture books.    Elbert was gone quite a while to Huron & he didn’t seem to be all there     he was to put the waiste & leg measure on the card I wrote to Audrey & he forgot so I wrote another card & he mailed it at Huron,    dreaded to see him go,   he acted so nervous & all upset    I don’t know what over.     Well I do feel glad that Audrey writes    We got her letter today & I got one from Miss. Mc.Govern.    She to, wishes she lived closer to me,    if they could all live close to me that say they would like to,    Elbert says it wold be a small City, but if they would each live closer to God, I’m sure they would be much more happier.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for my healing & healings & strength of the day    May all Glory be Thine, Amen. 

Fri. Aug. 19. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Received good letter from Wyatt & I picked a hot day for making a pie,    but, I made a lemon cream pie    Ernie went home & ate his supper & came back & ate

Fri. Aug. 19. 1955./[would be Page 3381] 2. eggs this day./a piece & then went home a-gain,   he was determined to have pie    The gas tank came today, $9.17, & it was 112 degrees in the shade today.   I made a black berry & elderberry pies & the berries were some I had caned in 1949. six years ago.    & was they good, just like fresh.     I’m tired tonight    it’s been so hot    about 5-p-m it gets terrible   air dies all out, but 8 or 9 oclock begins to get cool again.    Well months half gone & Radio’s be-ginning to tell us Fall’s just around the corner.    I do thank God we have the coal in but wish we had the house leveled up.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy blessing & care & pray We may both work for Thee & do Thy will in all things,   show me what Joe ment by telling Elbert, that his wife would pray me right into hell.    help me to know, what he was trying to tell Elbert;    Help me do Thy bidding in all things now & forever. Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 21. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Received letter from Wyatt & Marry Vedovich Sat.    Been extra hot for the past 3 or todays 112. & 98. degrees.    We were alone all day, no one called,     Ernie did come & brought the blankets, Hellen washed, Elbert’s blankets   I sent her $2.00 but she sent it back, so I don’t know how to pay her but maybe God will help me to find a way.    I Praise Him for all things, Amen.   We have listened to Radio Church sermons all day.

Mon. Aug. 22. 1955./ Page. 3382./ 1. eggs today./ Been another hot day    it lightened all night & rained a good shower but only got a bucketful in the barrel,    Elbert did out his washing & it all got dry, or damp dry    air’s quite damp.    Inez & Henery Hunt came & visited for an hour or so,    she is so very thin,   but he looks real well    she said his head had been bothering him some when it’s so hot,  but otherwise he’s well,    she said Hilda is building a 4 room house over one street from them & that she don’t know what Keneith is going to do but old age pension board will sell the old home her mother lived in to get back what her mother had in money from them,    the house is on Elyria Ave. & ought to bring a good price, it would seem      thought I’d write letters,   been to hot to do any-thing.    & there’s a nice fresh breeze tonight & quite cool.    Elbert said a queer long black cloud went over us before the rain,    he woke me up,   I hadn’t slept all night,    he said it broke in three pieces    they were rolling fast over & over, the two ends rolling oppsite directions & the middle whirling all drictions    but it was going fast & soon passed over us.    Miss. Clark’s card & Companion was only mail today.    I really ought to write to Sandusky women & quite a few others who like to hear from us now & again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 23. 1955/ 2. eggs today./I did my wash,    it was small but took all the strength I had & I still feell all in.    Been cooler today & a N. easterly breeze & got quite fresh be-for supper & blowing in puffs yet,    been partly cloudy all day.    Elbert went to Huron    got a little meat & had to take the liver back.    he’s tired    he took the screen off the frame of the combin-ation door that’s been on there since I bought it in 1928. & put on a new screen,    he tried to paint the old one with aluminum paint & messed it all up & didn’t know how to clean it    & now I wonder how long this screen will last.    cloths dried good today    We got a book from Field’s Nursery & letter from Audrey.    Ernie was here today from noon untill five oclock.    Wind’s quit puffy.    It’s extra cool tonight    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for All things .   May the Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Aug. 24. 1955./ Page. 3383./ 1. eggs today./ been so all in all day & haven’t done any work.    I got a letter from Sister Haslet    things are not going very well at Church she says    I am still praying God will, in His own way, clear every thing up & help that church be a guiding light to all Who love the Lord.    I Know I’m a long way from being perfect,    but, I do try desperatly & I make such a lot of mistakes,    God help us,    we are so much in need.   I ask in Jesus Name & pray He will Keep me ever close    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee forever & ever. Amen.    It’s been quite cool allday N. east, wind partly Cloudy today & tonight.    Ernie was here half a day & says Dolly’s going to school in Cleveland this Fall so he will be here a great deal I guess.    Goverment is giving 100 milion dollars for several states that were hit with Hurricanes & floods & lots of destruction still going on   (very cool tonight like Sept.)

Thurs. Aug. 25. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ No mail worth while, just gas booklet.    Partly cloudy N. West changing to N. east breeze.    I’ve been real sick & had to lay down part of after noon,    Elbert’s head has felt bad all day.     Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came just as we were having supper,    said they had theres     so we ate    we had soup.   they talked a while, they had about a dozen an a half of small peaches they brought us     & Elbert gave them a bu. of cucumbers    big nice ones & they picked a few Chinnesse lanterns,    they are so pretty & bright red,   the boys were catching bugs,    they went home before dark.    Ella Jane & Bonita both working & they are worried they haven’t water to do there washing & just begining to think about the things in the bible.    God hlep them each one & all of us I pray.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy holy word & pray Thou will save my soul & those who are Thine strengthen    I do thank Thee & praise Thee in Jesus Name for all things, Amen. 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ Been partly cloudy,   N. east breeze what little there was.    I haven’t done much today.    Ernie didn’t come today,    Rue sent 2.50 for taking care of Ernie for 5 days so, 50 cents will go on the next time.    He seems to be so unhappy.    Well I did write & send a card to Audrey & I have one wrote to Nellie & family.    I hope to write Sister Cooley tomorrow & Rotes & 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1955./ Page 3384./ 2. eggs this day./ & Eva & Katherine,    Oh, once again, I’m so far behind.    Elbert is not feeling very well & his heart troubles him so bad.    John Snyder & Elbert were over near Bessie’s where he has a few tomatoes growing    he gave Elbert a few & Elbert gave him some cucumbers,    so I thank God for the few things we get in exchange.     I darned Elberts sock’s & I finished the new edge I was doing & today I got most of an old edge sewed on to a kercheif.    & then perhaps I’ll do another & start another doily     I’d like to get at the chair back for Marcie.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I may praise God in Spirit & truth Amen.

Sat. Aug. 27. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Felt bad today, but with Elbert’s help I made some oat cookies & tonight I’m feeling so exausted & all in     Ernie came up to ask if he could come & stay untill 10-30-p-m. & so it’s almost 10-30 now, they went to a wedding Fri. & to-night to the banquet    well I’ll be glad when they come.   I feel so weak.   & Ernie’s playing records & I’m tired.    No mail.   I thank & praise God for all our many blessings,    Elbert went to Huron & got some meat & spent $3.77;   Oh God, time is running out so fast & I wish I could Praise God in Spirit & in truth.    & tomorrow is the day of rest     Wish I could go to Church.   It’s been hot & sultry & not hardly any breeze at all today a blue fog that’s very damp, no breeze tonight, either, 

Sun. Aug. 28. 1955./ 1. eggs to day./ Still feeling dumb & Elbert don’t feel so good.   We listened to sermons all day.     Ernie came in at noon for few minutes & then after dinner    Rue came & brought his lawn minutes “it a power mower” he wanted to do some mowing, but I told him, no, not on Sunday, so he talked to Elbert a while & went back home, a female skunk came in on the drive just before Rue came, it had been hurt & could hardly walk,   it went out toward the toilet & then came back to henpark & went west out of sight,     they 3. Rue, Ernie, & Elbert to see if it was in sight, but it had gone.    Well, John don’t put cheery bombs in the corn any more & there are hundreds of black birds in the corn now.    Been partly cloudy even sprinkled a few times late this after noon.    We been alone all day, fog came early.  Well, I hope all is well with all the folks      I think I’ll see if Mrs. Webber will get Sister Swarthouse & come pray for me & with me.    Moon light tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus for All things Thou Knowest. Amen.

Mon. Aug. 29. 1955./ Page. 3385./ 2. eggs today./ Been partly cloudy & so hot all day & tonight breeze died all out at 4-30-p-m. & 20 minutes to 10-P-m   a nice breeze is spring up,   Radio says storm & thunder showers tonight.   I fell down after I had said my prayers this morning    wonder if I didn’t pray long enough.   I feel so weak it’s hard to get down & pray.    I wrote Sister Webber & sent card to Nellie.   Radio talking war & Peace & a big oil refinery in Indiana 5 blocks long or square & flames shooting 500 or more ft. into the air was burning yet today  Killing & burning some people, “one of the best & most improved oil refineries.   God is showing us He is the ruler of all things,    they are trying to clean up after some of the worst floods they have had since the flood of Noe,    it has washed out houses towns & cities, big stores & buisness places,    Why wont the people read the bible & try to live & do God’s Will    Why don’t they?  Frank Babcock wepted & wailed when it was to late & now When things are tumbling all about us people still don’t listen or read or Obey God’s word.    Oh, God have mercy on me a sinner    help me to understand & do what You would that I should do in Jesus Name I pray,    I thank Thee, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 29. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well, Audrey sends a letter every week & it’s come today & of all the things that the young folks do & hope to do, we can’t begin to understand all the changes that take place during a yr. there are so many & some so heart rendering in our own families & those about us.    Sister Webber received my card this a.m. & late this after noon    she & Sister Swarthouse came    we had a good heart to heart talk & then they prayed for me    I’m badly in need of blood & strength both & body & spiritial     I felt the power go through me. & trust I’ll receive & be much better tomorrow,    I Praise God our Heavenly Father Jesus His Son & our Saviour & phyican  & the Holy Ghost our comforture & guide, Amen.    I did get my stockings & rags washed out & I’m so terrible weak    it’s painsful    I can hardly get up from my chair or the can, but now God will take over & I’ll feel stronger soon.    Oh Jesus, how much I love & thank Thee.    Ernie was here all after noon, he looks sad & sort of lost with out Dolly & Jean told the big boxer dog home to Cleveland & Muffy is coming to take the little black one to Columbus.    So Ernie will be lonesome.    I’ll 

Wed. Aug 31. 1955./ page. 3386./ 0 eggs today./  The last day of Aug.   it rained 2/3 barrel of water Tue. morning,   was partly cloudy all day Tue.  damp air    I sent a card to Sister Rotes   a note to Sister Cooly & note to Eva.   & hope to send one to Katherine    & I did     & Elbert went to Huron   got some meat & few things in food.    I got up & was dressed when he got here     & Ernie came after we had dinner most done,    he love to eat just a little with us, but his father has threatened him,    he ask him every day if he has eaten any thing with us,    he told him not to eat or he’d do so & so & the poor little fellows nerves are so bad he can’t digest his food,    he likes to come to us   Oh, I pray God will take a hand in that family,    I believe Thou will.    The wind has been real cool & partly it’s partly cloudy all day,    & partly cloudy & moonlight tonight.    I have not been able to get up from my chair part of the time     I am so weak in my leggs.    But Jesus is able & I know.    Elbert picked up a few pears under Bessie’s tree,    I told him not to pick any off the tree all though John Snyder told him he could pick what he wanted,    but he’s augrgering with Bessie & maybe she didn’t tell him he could have them.    Elbert’s head & back are still bad,   he fixed a little platform to set the stool on, so I can get up & down with out his help.   No worth while mail today.    I didn’t do much today,   I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name, He loves & cares for me, Amen. 

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