September 1955

Thurs. Sept. 1. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been up all day & am trembling all over,    stitched Elbert’s sleeper jacket together & it’s done all but buttons & holes    & I’m so tuckered,    but think I’m better than Wed.    I feel sure Jesus will take care of me all the way,     for He promised & He Keeps His promises.    Oh how thankful I am that I began to learn as a child & pray    I’ll know more & do better before I’m called.     Sister Haslet called this after noon & we had quite a visit    They were to have a meeting again tonight   & church & I do hope all things turneded out as God would have it.    & I pray God took care of each heart & tunge & soul.    I Praise Thee Jesus & may we bless Thee forever & ever Amen.    Been cloudy all day & tonight    Sept. weather.    No mail today.     Ella Jane Sister Haslet a pail cucumbers.    Ernie was here all after noon.    Now I’m going to bed to roll & roll untill I can relax. but thankful to Jesus for all things. Amen.

Fri. Sept. 2. 1955./ Page. 3387./ 1. eggs today./ No mail worth while & Ernie was here all afternoon    he didn’t get off for home on time, so his mother called for Him,    she visited a very few minutes, said she was anxious to get going to Cleveland to meet Muffy,   so Ernie went on his Wheel & Henen in her car,    Elbert went to town & got some meat 3.61 & milk 15 cents in all 3.76,    I gave him 10.00 Wed. Aug. 31. & that’s 16.50 I have given him & I only had 17.00 after paying out on all the other things, lights, gas taxes & so forth.    Been quite cool & we have keep a little wood fire since day before yesterday,    I pray for strength & I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me,    Glory to God, Amen.    Elbert sawed some wood & he’s so lame & stiff tonight

Sat. Sept. 3. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well I feel some better    my legs are still very bad    I can hardly get up or down    but my eyes are stronger & I’ll soon be back on even Keel    & I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, for it’s only through Thee that these miracles are done    I give all Praise & Glory to Thee now & ever more.    Eva & Marry Ann & Katherine & Joe were here    they brought two old tubs & an old ice box     Elbert says the box is so dirty it stinks.    thats 3 old ones that’s been given to us.    I do wonder what the next one will be like.    We had a good visit & they brought ice cream 2 1/2 qts    I don’t know why so much    they promised to come back soon again     Eva left Marry Ann go to a Childrens camp    it’s the first time she’s ever been away from Eva & she’s 14 yrs. old & not just normal like other children & she was home sick & didn’t eat for 4 days & lost 5 lbs,   so they sent for Eva to come & take her home,    she is very thin & looks more. so now & so white,    she says she wont never go again, poor child, but she says she’s coming over to stay with me some day all day,     I do hope she will, so to learn to stay for a day or so & give Eva a rest,    she has 4 old women to take care of & has her own health & troubles to reckon with    I love them & they love me    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost  Amen.    Well Elbert helped me turn his mattress & make up his bed & then I washed up all the dishes & he wiped them & then he turned my mattress & I made up my bed     then he went out & took care of hens & locked up & shut up car    & came in & opened soup & made supper & he’s so tired  but his head is better,   he says he feels better today.    Ernie brought & clean blankets but his ma said not to take any money.   What can I do.

Sat. Sept. 3. 1955./ Page. 3388/ 1. egg this day./ Well the Church broke up & are scattered,    God help them & keep them close to Thee I pray.    We don’t know but I hope all things work out for Thy good & Glory, Amen & Amen.

Sun. Sept. 4. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ Well, Eva & Marry Ann & Emma came & then Katherine, Joe, Marry Gilispy & her husband    they brought a lunch   ate   had prayer   & annointed & prayed for me,    I fel this a-m at 6 a m & hit the floor hard,    Elbert came & help me what he could untill I got back on the bed & I’ve laid a-round all day.    Jesus will ans. Prayer & I’ll be O.K. again.    Mike Hahn died with a heart attack last night & Mrs. Rugg had one this a.m. but is still alive    George Hahn died a year ago with heart trouble & Mike had just been raised to a higher job in the court House    & I’m sorry we don’t all live closer to Jesus.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name, for my healing & the interest they have shone for me & us & said they’d be back    Glory to God I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen.    God bless & take care of each of Thy children   I thank Thee.

Mon. Sept. 5. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Today’s Labour Day   the last big holiday untill Columbus Day (12. of Oct.)    No one came in to-day & I feel so weak in body, but pray God will take out all my unbeleif & any doubts or fears in Jesus Holy Name, Amen,    I’m still trusting & believing, Keep me Close Jesus I thank & Praise Thee, now,  & ever & ever.    Elbert feels rather bad yet tonight & Thou art the only one who can reach down & turn him about face,    hear our cries, Oh God, hear us Jesus & save us. Amen.    Ernie came up for a while & brought his (or Muffy’s little black dog) & his nephew.   Who is 12 days younger than himself,   he came to town after his youngest sister was in high school;   Been partly cloudy & not so hot,   chill in air & last night there was a thick heavy fog with moon light looking cold & dreary.

Tue. Sept. 6. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Hot in middel of the day & cool in evenings & nights   N. East breeze.    Well Elbert got his check & went to Vermilion & got 23.95 worth of supply’s & Rue had take Ernie & got him a hair cut & Elbert brought him back home & Rue went on to work    he gave us 50 cents & 2.50 last week,     I made 3 tins of bisquit with Elbert’s help    I set in my chair & he brought all the necessary things & I mixed & needed them,    I feel tuckered tonight.    & have read & going to bed now thanking & Praising God in Jesus Name for today’s strength.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things Amen.

Wed. Sept.7. 1955./Page 3389/1. eggs today. Letter from Audrey & DeHan’s book & Minister came in & had communion & wanted me to buy tables, mineral & Vitamans,  they didn’t stay lon & Weather same as yesterday, partly cloudy, cool breeze, N, east hot sun & white. & I thank God in Jesus Holy Name I am better & pray He will rebuke Satin & Keep me covered with his blood & forgive my sins & Keep me close to Him    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee Glory to God & may all Glory Honour & Praise be Thine forever & ever, Amen.    The school bus went passed at usual time today.    Rue gave Elbert some corn today,    Ernie didn’t come in today.    Elbert went up to Shures & got sausage & ice cream today.

Thurs. Sept. 8. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been bum today, can hardly stand on my feet hips, Knees & ankles, they just won’t hold me up,   no strength,    it’s terrible .hot sun & cool breeze that’s been all way round Radio said 46 or 47 degrees tonight & it’s real chilly, at 8-p-m.   Elbert called Dr. but he had to go to Sandusky to hospital & said he’d come soon as he could,    when he got back,  I feel sick to my stomach.   can’t eat tonight,    Elbert’s been wanting to go off to Lorain & the only thing he has to go for is get his pants shortened & get a glass for the mir___ frame, & leave me in this condition,    I don’t see how he could go to be contented knowing I can’t get on my feet, part of the time.    Seems queer how they all act & talk when I can’t help my self,   seems as if they’d like to get the upper hands of me, show they can dominate    I’ve been to good to them all in yrs. gone by & todaythey don’t do as they were brought up, to do by others as they would like to be done by,    they don’t want to help others.    I’m sorry for them & hope they will be well taken care of.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things now & ever more Amen. Ernie was here tonight   missed his mother   she went to Hauffmans for cr4eam & he was at Brodes & didn’t see her pass so he came here.   

Fri. Sept. 9. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Letter from Audrey, such a world.    Dr. came & put 8 bones in my back bone back in place & the Sackerrilliack was out just far enough to cause constint pain all the day & night,    & I’m so tired all over,     I didn’t have any clean kercheifs and more of the rags & my stockings    thought I’d never get it done,    but, I did & Elbert hung them out.    there was hot sun & S. & little west & every thing got dry. but the rags   & I didn’t get them rung out,    Elbert got to hot up at Huron,   he got 15 pike & cleaned them, nice ones    Hellen came for Ernie & she took my shirts & underskirt & light dress home    & Ernie told his mother he had to get in bed with his father & then over slept    & Rue had to take Ernie to school at noon,    teacher told him not to let it happen a-gain,   it’s his father’s fault.    a beast of a guy & I’m so sorry for Ernie    he is betwix & between afraid to tell his mother, because of his father’s threats & his mother’s threats    she ought to be able to figure it out,    I hope God will come to his rescue.    Well, Elbert’s been having cramps over ribs,    he sure got to hot,   he fried 3 nice ones  took fish 1. white & 1 graham bread biscuits & fish all hot to Hellen & Ernie      & then came back & took down clothes & finished frying fish & I fix potatoes & then mashed them while he did  did the rest of the odds & ends    & we thanked God for all  our blessings this day & we’re both to tired    I saw at least 100 geese flying west, low, tonight.    Praise God in Jesus Name for all things, Amen.

Sat. Sept. 10. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ 94 degrees heat today, nice cool breeze & the sky & sun looks bad tonight & a sun dog,    they had hail, hail stones & rain in near by places & they say on radio We will have wind 30 miles & hour,    I pray God will help us & all things work out for his good & Glory & hope I will be his for ever & ever & many others will turn to Him.    Elbert called Dr. & he hasn’t got here yet,    my back is paining me so bad    I feel as if I can’t endure it.    haven’t felt like eating ,   Well, Dr. came & put the bone “sackrcilian” back & loosened the muceles & said it would be 2 or 3 weeks before I would be much better they he hadn’t been gone long before Nellie, Bonita & her 3. children came & brought a water mellon & visited for about an hour then went, said they’d been thinking about us all week,    they had Bonney Bell’s children 5 of them all week. while Bonney Bell, & Joe went to Penn. to a Wedding & Nellie, Bonita & the 3 Children went to the Delaware Ave. Church to a wedding 4 & 4 weeks ago of a grandaughter of one of Cody’s grand children,   Ruby was there but Francia Cora has been in car wreck & has to set in a chair all the time,   hurt her back,    I pray Jesus Thou will through this, turn her back to Thee & heal her in Thy Name.    Oh God have mercy on our souls & teach us Thy Will & Ways,    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & I Know Thou art able to do all things    give us that we need to fix our bones & keep them fixed & our souls & bodies. 

Sun. Sept. 11. 1955./ Page. 3391./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been a nice day partly cloudy yet today     rained    the barrel full early but was so terribly dirty Elbert dumped the barrel & it didn’t rain any more,    hope it rains some more before morning.   Sister Webber & her husband & Sister Haslet & her husband came in late this afternoon & we had a good visit    Katherine & Joe brought potatoe salid, meat balls & a can of pickle pears.    We had ground veal cooked with a very little water, salt pepper & butter, mashed potatoes & hot drink    & Elbert gave them cucumbers & a squash.   They left before dark,   Well, Mrs Webber brought me some butter  1/2 lb., home made.    They went to Norwalk to Church & enjoyed it.    I Praise Father son & Holy Ghost now  U ever more Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hoasana to Thy Holy Name Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 12. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ We got our Checks Sat.    I felt so bad & hardly Know what goes on,    I got up & took a bath,    Elbert had gone to Huron, he got a little meat  veal leg for broth & we had some meat balls Mrs. Haslet brought.    We had dinner when he got back & then he heat some water & I washed my underskirt, pillow slip, 4 shirts, head towel, bath towel  several wash rags & my rags & he washed my night gown 2 dish towels 2 hand towels & he sudsed & wrinsed them all & hung them out to dry,     I didn’t hang rags out.    Elbert is feeling real bad his back & hips.    Nellie & Ella Jane come to-night & Ella Jane ironed two dresses for me    I sure did feel so thankful for that,    Nellie brought some fresh applesauce   it was good    Elbert got banannas & oranges & he bought 8. yds. tennis for his sleepers & 2 shirts for me & I got them washed    I pray it will rain soon so we can get some clean water.    Well water is so terribly hard    Well we got cloths all dried & put away,    Elbert made rice soup for supper,    I washed the dishes & put them away & now I’ll read & go to bed.    I gave Katherine a plate doily.   she seemed pleased with it.    It’s been a beautiful day  warm sun   Win’s been all way round.    They’ve had rain & heavy wind, tornadoes & hail in several places.    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name for the strength & many blessings. Amen. j

Tue. Sept. 13. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been a beautiful day  hot sun, warm breeezes    Elbert went to Huron & I sweep & dusted & have felt so bad all afternoon.    Elbert got bacon buns & chore girls sponges (2.) & he got 15 fish & cleaned & fried them for supper & he is syre tired tonight .    we got our letter from Audrey today & I’m sure not fit to work, but am still trusting Jesus will rebuke Satin & set me free.    I Praise Thee Jesus & believe I will be set free, Glory to God in the highest now & ever more   I Pray Thou Will guide in all things.  

Wed. Sept. 14. 1955./ Page. 3392./ 1. eggs today/Elbert done his washing & there was a good South breeze & hot sun & they dried fast & he is tired & can hardly get up or down & I’m that bad & worse for there to many times I have to have help to get up from my chair.   haven’t done anything today    hope to feel better tomorrow.    There are two hurricanes one Hilda that has crossed the south end of Cuba Killing several persons & the new one “Ion” is over by the Behama Islands & they have had & earth quake in Los Angeles California & they are having what they call smog,   it’s like a heavy fog & greenish yellow, smarts the eyes so bad they say you can hardly stand it.    They settled the big dock strike     & it’s something all the time.     Ernie has been sick, had to have Dr.    he went to school today Hellen said, but his throat is still bad    God, take a hand & Thy Will be done & not mine.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things    for I don’t know or understand & I’m so glad Thou doeth see Know & hear    I Praise Thee & thank Thee may all Glory be Thine    Received card & some pictures from Jean today.    she was thanking me for the doily I gave her.    she has a film of mine she’s had since the tornado,   she’s promised to return it to me & it hasn’t got here, yet, Amen. 

Thurs. Sept 15. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ No important mail.   Mrs. Haslet came this afternoon & gave me beets & pears 1. qt. 1. qt. can home caned & we gave her some jelly jars & some screw tops & some plants all sprouted rubber plant, cactus & voilet leaves all with roots on them.    I did mend Elbert old pants & sewed he hems in the new work pants & darned 3. prs. work socks.   & the new sleeper pants are going to pieces all ready,   I have to mend them tomorrow if I can,   & my night gown is all going to pieces.    Hellen called for Ernie,   he went to school & got off here.    his mother gets home an hour later,   he was out with Elbert, so we talked a while, she was telling me how had Ernie’s throat was & the Dr. showed her with light & exray glass.   Been a beautiful day partly cloudy quite warm. N. east breeze.   It gets cool after dark, but no frost yet.    Well, Elbert is thinking of going to vermilion in a.m.    Oh God please do help them to use this building for a meeting place for worship in Jesus Name I ask. Amen.   & may all things work out for Thy Good & Glory. & Jesus I’m trusting for the infilling of the Holy Spirit that I may Praise Thee in Spirit & truth & be made whole in Thee & I thank Thee Amen.

Fri. Sept. 16. 1955./ Page. 3393./ 1. eggs today./ A letter “or circular with add for her new church    Mrs Glipspy is building & a camra picture of her. & a receipt for the 5.00 I gave her    no one came for it from Huron Church, so I gave it to her.    & I don’t blieve Jesus want me to give it to Huron so I’ll wait & see.    I pray Jesus Thou will take care of me   Keep me close to Thee & rebuke the devil, forgive me my sins & save my soul.    Vengence is comeing thick & fast    We need Thee every second,    I thank Thee & give all Praise to Thee.    I nearly fell again tonight.    I mended Elbert’s sleeper pants & my nightgown    I thank Thee Jesus for all thing,    Elbert went to Vermilion got me a little nightgown & a few other thing & went & talked to Miss Clark & she’s been sick with flu. & Elbert says she looks bad.  

Sat. Sept. 17. 1955./___ eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got his sweater & left his pants at the cleaners       & one of the fisher men (Weigan) had a stroke fell off the dock & bruised himself up rather bad.    Elbert bought a few fish & then came home    & I helped him a little getting dinner  & I made chicken balls for supper,    his back & legs have hurt him today so bad.    he hung my blankets out & aired them & turned my mattress over     & I made my bed with his help.   & while he was gone Hellen Sarr came to see if I had some washing she could do for me,    I let her take the two light cotton blankets,    she said a man at the office where she works got it fixed so Ernie could go out on one of the harbor tugs to tow in a big ore boat so Rue took him to Lorain & to the boat with the other man    & so now Ernie will tell us the rest.    Hellen didn’t stay Long,   she only had a sleeveless waist & pr. of shorts on & pr. of sandles.   Such a queer world,    we did visit 20 minutes   then she ran up the road as as Ernie does.    Received letter from Sister Hastlet    she’s so worried about Eva,     but Eva’s 57. yrs. old.    she said Joe was 65. yrs old Sept 16 to day.      & they been married 39. yrs. Sept. 20. 1955.    Wish I could give her a little gift of some sort.    Well. I do thank God for His love & tender mercies,    I’m so glad, He will be the judge at the last day although it’s going to be so hard    to terrible,    Oh how I hope & pray He will get all our folks & many more into the Fold before it’s forever to late.   I do Praise Thee for all things & hope I will do Thy will, not mine Amen.

Sun. Sept. 18. 1955./ Page. 3394./ 0. eggs today./ WEll, it’s been a good day    Katherine & Joe, Eva & Marry Ann, came & spent part of the after noon,    had there own lunch & ate it before they left.    WE had a good visite.    & then Nellie Bonita & 3. children they brought a glass of Jelly, “grape”. & an abdominal support foor me to try on & wear if it’s O.K.    I pray God will fix me, fill me & heal me in all the ways I need,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee   May all Glory & Honour be Thine forever & ever. Amen.    Been hot sun, N. east breeze all day untill 5-p-m & then died out, leaving us to warm, Partly clouday alday.

Mon. Sept. 19th. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Fred’s birthday    he would be 69. yrs old    Have felt rather punk all day,    but at times I could get up better than before,    but, only after hot meal today,     Elbert left at noon for Vermilion & seem to plan on waiting untill supper to get something to eat & he didnn’t give me a little before left & my strength is weak of late, so I just go so empty & pray God for mercy.    It’s been a beautiful day & very hot sun & a nice breeze N. east dieing out as usual just before dark.    No emportant mail to-day.   Hope tomorrow will be a stronger in legs & body for me.    I haven’t even crocheted just a little today.    Hurricanes are bad, Hilda with 125 miles an hour wind, & some water & Iown, with a terrible wind & lots of water, 3. ft of water in most streets, they don’t know how many are dead,     & tonight we listen to Buser when we can get him on the radio.    Oh God, in Jesus Name show me, what I ought to be doing Amen

Tue. Sept. 20. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well I thank & praise God in Jesus Holy Name    He’s taking care of me & us.    We received letter from Audrey today.    & They sure all have there troubles.    It’s been a beautiful day.   Sister Webber came in & had prayer & & visited a while & brought me some nice apples & some hamberg,    she seems like such a good hearted person.    Well, wind has freshened from N. east & is a little cooler    I got my rags washed & Elbert hung them out,   didn’t get real dry & he scrubbed the end of the rug & it was most dry.    I do Praise Thee Jesus & trust on Thy promises & now,  We two do believe & Thou hast said Thou would give what we ask in reason, so we are trusting & believing & Praising with all our hearts for Thy Love & Care. Amen.  

Wed. Sept. 20. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ I wrote a card to Audrey last night.    Well I didn’t do anything today    crocheted a little,    feel terrible weak  & Sister Haslet’s coming tomorrow & Elbert’s thinking of going to 

[there were a couple things tucked in between pages; one a full page folded with a four lines, maybe lyrics? at the top first in blue ink and then with green ink.  the other was a tiny cut out newspaper ad for Natural Bridge in Virginia.   The newspaper clipping had a little green mark on it possibly from same pen]

Oh Praise the Lord Glory be to Jesus   I love Him more & more;   He leads me to green pastures & through His open door ;   He will never, never fail me This I’ve proofed over over & over& Know over; He’s my Saviour, Physician, the Holy one that I dare. 

Spectacular stopover Natural Bridge In Virginia   One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World   Stop over at the new Motor Lodge…or historic Natural Bridge Hotel.   Plantation meals.   All-year swimming.  Drama of Creation pre-sented nightly.   The natural center for a Virginia holida!   James N. Hunter, Gen’l Mgr. CP-169 Natural Bridge, Va.   Please send free folder with map, pictures and 1959 rates.  Name_________Address_____________City____________State_______

Wed. Sept. 21. 1955./ page. 3395./ 0. eggs today./ Lorain to shop if Katherine comes.   His head is feeling so bad tonight    I hope he wont go unless he feels better.    Well, it’s been another nice day partly cloudy N. east breeze dying out be-fore dark, then coming again in puffs a gain.   Hurricanes have left a lot of destructionbehind them lots of dead & injured & in property damage into milions of dollars, so they sayover the radio.    Oh God of Love & Mercy, I pray for those of Thine & those Who ought to be Thine, Keep me ever covered with Thy Blood & close to Thee.    I pray, & help me to be steadfast & true in all things & all ways.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, Amen.

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, I felt bum most of the day, so weak   seemed as if I couldn’t sit up, but, I set up     & Katherine came & she cooked two hamberg patties & we ate 1. bun & some apple sauce & drank a cup of tea & then she fitted a new girdle Nellie had brought me    it , was a new one Mrs. Baldwin had bought & had not worn,   Bonita washed it.    Well so far it feels quite good    I only hope it will hold me and help me to get strong again.    Katherine got ready to go at 4 & Elbert rolled in  hot & tired,    he didn’t see Audrey, didn’t get all the things done, but he will have to go again.    Walter Allen has been dead a year    he run the Alten Hardwear Store after his father died,   he saw Ruby & Evylion,    They say Frank isn’t very well but works every day & that Howard & Francis Cora are both sick & at home,    he had a nervous break down, such a time each one has,    Ruth Cranage has something wrong with her feet    Dr. says it is arthritis & she’s been on crutches,    Will’s workiing & Mrs. Cranage says she’s O.K.     Well, Elbert was hot & tired.    Lillie & Pearl are home,    Pearl is retired, on pension.    Tessie is working, but he didn’t hear about Elsie or her daughter or Edith or there brother Francis, Nor Armond & his wife & family or Harvey & his family or Ruby Jean & her man.   or Martha & her families    he got my nightgown goods & some ice cream & came home & got supper after Sister Haslet went home he gave her some sweet corn.    We ate supper & then in come Nellie Bonita & 3. children    they were finding spider webs as perfect as possible & spraying a card board & catching it up on the board, to study at school    they got a few real good ones. , they brought a few peaches 6 or 8 & a so called pie,   it wasn’t done,  crust or apples,  simeral to our birds nest, apples sliced thick on bottom & biscuit dough on top when done turn over & put brown sugar & simmninum and butter    Well, Elbert has dishes washed & has gone to bed,  Katherine & I had good visit & the things Jesus has showed me are there.   Oh Jesus I’m so glad & thankful To THee for all things.    Now I have dishes wash that Elbert forgot & now

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1955./ Page. 3396./ 0. eggs today./ it’s getting late, so must read & go to bed  I’m so tired    no one but Jesus Knows, & I do think my legs are a little better    I thank him & pray He will bless those who pray for His good & Glory in all things Hallelujah Glory to God Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 23. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ No callers today.   No mail today.   & it started to rain early    got roof washed off & it’s rained a misty rain all day     & Elbert has 5 tubs, tank, barrel & several pails full of nice clean water.    Oh, how I thank Jesus & I Praise Him for all things great & small & trust He will put that bone back in place & make it strong so it will stay.    Elbert went to Huron & got boiling meat & saucage late this after noon   & we had it for supper,    I stitched up a nightgown for myself    didn’t get it quite done.    I am so weak,    but still seems as if I’m some stronger, in my legs.    Well, it dark, but not raining but radio says more rain early tomorrow,    I’m so glad we got the water & thank Thee Jesus so much,    I thank Thee for the things Thou doeth show me,   some times it does hurt my feelings, but Thou Knowest all things & I’m trusting & believing  Holy in Thee.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 24. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, it’s been nice day, Dr. came & put bone back again & I pray Jesus will Keep me & help us both,    Elbert went to town got boiling meat & little broccoli & can of spinage & I got soup most ready & he did the rest & now he had to go out & throw up his supper to much fat,    I feel like I might do the same but trust God will help us both & Keep us close to Him,    forgive me my sins & Keep me Jesus covered with Thy Holy blood my me & us all Thine.    Presendent had a heart attack 2. a. m. this morning    they got him off to hospital & say he is feeling better to night    I pray Thou will take care of him & his as Thy Will seest best.    Be with the World over & take care & strengthen those of Thine & may all things work out for Thy good & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    Elbert stopped to Sarr’s a minute Ernie was laying on his back eating a lunch a pillow under his head watching T.V. & so hoarse.  

Sun. Sept. 25. 1955Beautiful day, partly cloudy, cool air N. E. & it went around & is N. West tonight.   partly cloudy & the moon is shining    No one came today,    So we spent our time reading, praying & listening to sermon over the radio & now Buser is on the radio & now we Praise Thee Jesus & Glorify Thee to Honour Thee for all things,  many things    Oh, we thank Thee Blessed Jesus. Amen

Mon. Sept. 26. 1955./ Page. 3397./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up & did his washing & got it dry even though it looked so much like rain   sun shone through once in a while  breeze was S. West & N. East.    (I cut Elbert’s hair today)    I been feeling a little better in that I didn’t have so much pain this after.    Elbert went to call Dr. from Rue’s & he told Elbert to send him there when he left here, but he didn’t come.    I sewed by hand, my night gown sleeves & facing on front.   just have neck & buttons & holes to do, stitched skirt on machine the other day, & yoke,    I hemed ends on ends & to towels for Elbert’s pillow,    I cut a big bath towel half into.   We use them over the pillows to Keep them clean.    I got one shirt partly mended & have a couple B.V.D’s. to patch & a pr. of socks to mend yet    Elbert went to Huron to get meat for supper,   he got few peaches, & some broccoli for supper & he’s done all the odds & ends & is so tired tonight his back & hips pain him so bad,    I can’t get up or down very well    no power in my hips, leggs, & joints.    I thank Thee Jesus & give all praise & glory to Thee for ever & ever. Amen. 

Tue. Sept. 27. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Dr. came to day & put bone back    it’s sure sore but still I feel it’s a little better some how.   Rain find rain most off partly & clouded up again tonight    moon looks through once in a while    quite warm tonight.    Dr. wants me to go to the hospital,    I’ll think that one over.    there’s lots of sick ones & lots elderly ones dropping off.    President is better while others are worse.    No one came in today    got a letter from Sister Haslet & Card from Miss. Clark.     I sent a plate doily & Clayton’s wife & Elbert said she seemed real pleased with it & told him to thank me for it,     she’s neighbor that has been very kind to us.    I pray God will bless her & Clayton & there children & help them to be His.    That’s 2. plate doilys I have given away, one was to Jean Freda    I have another one most done.    I didn’t sew at all today. & have felt all tired out the pain was so bad Mon. & Mon. night & today it’s better tonight & I pray it wont come back.    & thank Jesus for answering prayer.    He is the Best Friend.  we can ever have.    I thank Him He is & ever will be & for hearing our crys when we are so unworthy.   

Wed. Sept. 27. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & got little meat & he brought Miss Clark home,    she helped Elbert cook dinner,   they did up dishes & then we visited for some time,    they cooked supper & Elbert took her home    we gave her a cucumber, piece of squash, pear & some, tomatoes & a tomatoe

Wed. Sept. 28. 1955./ page. 3398./ 0. eggs today./ pepper, a tea towel a dollar & a plate doily & Elbert took her home    she is white & thin,    had the flag[?]    We are getting to the place where Jesus  will be calling us before long,    I thank Him so much for saving my soul & taking such wonderful care of me & us.    We received card from Audrey today, no letter.    Well, I thank Thee Jesus more than tongue can tell      Thou art & ever will be & for my healings which have been many & for this one.     May all Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever, Amen.    Been a nice day, partly cloudy, moon light & partly cloudy.    I pray Miss. Clark wont be sick, from her trip out here.    Glory to God in the highest    I Praise Thee & Honour Thee. 

Thurs. Sept. 29. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Partly cloudy, but not cold,   just a beautiful Fall day    Sister Haslet. came in for a few minutes today & it sure give me a lift in spirit,    she said she would be back again in a few days, Praise God she love me.    I mended two B.V.d’s for Elbert today.  have 1. pr. socks, yet to do.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things & pray He will reveal to me What I ought to do, or be doing,   & then help me to do it.    Oh God seal me to Thee & save the souls of the rest of the families    I thank Thee & believe I’m better. 

Fri. Sept. 30. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, that bone left it place last night & I’ve been & still am in such misery.     Wudrey didn’t send any letter & no word from Nellie & the girls & only one more mail day.    Elbert went to Vermilion & to Miss Clark’s    & got my clean clothes   they are sweet & clean smelling    I put a dollar in a tea towel   I gave her & she, sent a bath towel in the wash that don’t belong to me.    De-Hahn’s book & wings of healing came today.    Every  one is begging for money,    I pray God will see that all things turn out for His Good & Glory.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things now & ever more, Amen.   Beautiful day & night   S. wind & fresh, moon light.    Elbert washed my shirt, the towels & my rags & dried them out side.    I gave him 7.00 today & had him mail order for pr. of bedroom slippers    I hope they’ll be O.K.    Haven’t been able to do anything today    Oh God help us    I think of Francis Cora, Howaard & theiyir children so often,    May God help us each one & Keep us closer to Him.  Amen. 

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