October 1955

Sat. Oct. 1. 1955./ Page 3399./ 0. eggs today./ To me it’s been a hard day    Elbert tried to call Webbers & couldn’t get them.    Dr. Leidhouser said he couldn’t come untill Mon.    So Elbert went to Sarr’s & called Dr. White, he came put the bone back & said I’d best lay around on the bed & not get up any more than I had to untill the bone got set again & the nerves & cords & Mucalls got to feeling better,    so I have done just that,    he said he would agree with me in Jesus, that the bone would stay    he said, he didn’t understand my faith but wished he did,    I told him a lot of things & told him to read & study his bible & believe it, for it is God’s Word.    Elbert ask Hellen if she would come & rub my back & she said hers was so bad she needed some one to rub her’s,    she washed today & sent Ernie to see if we had anything she could wash    Miss Clark washed out my nightgown, “the new one I just made” & my skirt  a bath towel 4 shirts & 2 prs stockings & 2. dresses & she ironed them.    I put a dollar bill in a towel I gave her & she got one of her towels in with mine.     Dr. L. has something wrong with his hands    they crack open like Elbert’s thumb   get sore & bleed.    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert some rib bones to boil & they have a chicken they are going to give him    I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings.    Dr. charged me 5.00,    Dr. L charged $4.00 & was here 4 times,    Elbert’s so worried he feels so bad  his back & hips & his head part of the time.    No letter from Audrey this week,    I pray they will all be well taken care of, when they can’t help them selves.    I pray God will in Jesus Name save our soles & heal us & fill us & keep us    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever, Amen.   

Sun. Oct. 2. 1955./ 0. eggs today/ Got up   took my bath & dressed    Elbert had be out & let hens out & got the milk & took his bath    We had a bite to eat & then Katherine & Joe came     they went to a Morman church somewhere & didn’t

Sun. Oct. 2. 1955./ Page. 3400./ 0. eggs today/ didn’t like it.    but it wouldn’t be like our church services.    Well, they ate a lunch with us & then went home    they took some cans & some corn stalks for rabbit feed & few cucumbers & tomatoes,   she said she would give us a few of the tomatoes caned.    Well, Nellie & Ella Jane, Bonita & her three children came    ate cream   visited awhile & left;    Nellie said Sat. & Sun. (today  she didn’t feel as if she had, had any rest   just on the go.    Well it’s been a fine day, beautiful,   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all my blessing & ours & pray Elbert will turn to God that we can both be His & work for Him.    I’d be so glad. Amen

Mon. Oct. 3. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion    got Dr. White & brought him back   & he got some tablets   different Kind,   the bone stayed in place, but been loosing little blood came from the rectum,    bowels wouldn’t move this morning or all afternoon,    Dr. said for Elbert to go get hot, water bottle so to I could take injection,     so Elbert Went and back, cost 4.28 so that the way the money I saved for future bills has been going 10. to Dr. (5.) last time & 5.00 today & I’m not supposed to do any walking around, or any work.    Well, I been in bed all day & it’s terrible,    but, that,    No mail today.    Been a beautiful day & just hundreds of starling flying in big groups & they got after a big bird looked like an owl golden color under his wings on his body & legs & big head like a cat’s head.    & thousands of those little starlings,    I don’t know where he went    they were after him thick & furrous,    I was in bed.    I don’t know what’s going to become of me. 

Tue. Oct. 4. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Letter from Audrey & card from Miss Clark,    Dr. L. came tonight,    he’s having bad time with his hands,    I told him I was in such misery    Elbert called Dr. White,    he said he was glad    only he wished we had called so he hadn’t had to come.    Been a beautiful day, wind S. & S. west.    I been in bed all day.    & I Praise God for all my blessing & am trusting yet some of the Christians will come in & pray for me    Help me soon Jesus.    I do thank THee from my very heart & soul. Amen.

Wed. Oct. 5. 1955./ Page 3401./ 0. eggs today./Rained all day in misty showers & once in a while heavy shower    Joe & Katherine came after dinner awhile    they brought back the tomatoes all caned & they went to Webbers & brought them back    & they all prayed for me     the pain is mostly all gone & I feel better in a lot of ways, but so weak    I’m sweating terrible ,    it sure was brotherly & Sisterly,    God bless them,    Mr. Webber said he was trying to pray for each one last night & he said Lord have I forgotten any one?    & he waited a few seconds & Jesus said mrs Babcock.    I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more & Pray He will bless each one & all of HIs who pray in faith believing.    Only Elbert’s check in mail today.    Raining in showers tonight & We thank Thee for the water  all so.   not cold. Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 6. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been a fine day, partly Cloudy, but not cold    Elbert did my washing all ex-cept my rags & his back begin to hurt so bad he gave up,  after I coaxed him for a long time,    he wanted to do his washing to,    but decided he’d wait     he got what he did wash dry,    then he got dinner     & then Eva & Marry Ann came in,    she gave me a good bath & I feel better & she prayed for me & so did Marry Ann & I prayed for her    she had a head ach & she soon feels better after I pray for her.    Oh how I do wish Elbert would trust the Lord.    Tempture 76. degrees.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus & I’m trusting to be able to walk soon Amen

Fri. Oct. 7. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been a great day,    started raining about -8-30-a-m. & aat it in showers all day.    Elbert went to Vermilion    got Alcohol   ask Mrs Eppler to come pray for me,    then he see Dr White & he said same as Dr. L.    he doesn’t know what’s wrong with me,    they want me to go to Hospital    but Jesus Knows & is healing me    Praise His Holy Name.    Elbert had been gone an hour or so, when Ernie came    I went hobbling to door & let him in    he ask if he could stay after noon & then went to tell his dad & I had him fix door so he could get in when he came back      he was here an hour or so before Elbert come    & he had Miss Clark with him,    she help him get dinner for the 4 of us    then she tore of the skirt for another night gown & I took off the one I had on & cut the yoke & got it 

Fri. Oct. 7. 1955./ Page 3402./ 0. eggs today./ got it all pined together    she wanted to sew it so she took it home,    Elbert took her home & Ernie went with him & came back with him & had a lunch before his mother got home,    then he see her car on there drive & he went home,    he gave us 50 cents    The Mertyl & Mrs. Young came from 4 squar Church & prayed for me    they talked a while & left & said they would continue praying for me & come back in a few days.    Praise God.    Then tonight Nellie & Ella Jane came & brought an apple pie    We talk awhile about Welfare & Dr’s & what could & couldn’t be done & Bonita & her 3. had gone to Johny’s & they came here.    Well, I thank God in Jesus Name & the Holy Spirit for His Care.    Wind S. & south West    sun come through for half hour once this afternoon & cleared off tonight.

Sat. Oct. 8. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Elbert changed my bed & put all clean on it     & I’d just got easy when Elbert had our dinner ready    & in come Sister Cooly & 2 elders of another church. “Mormans I think she said”    & they talked & visited untill 2-p-m.    I felt all in, but Elbert gave me hot tea & warmed dinner over & we ate & I was in such pain they anointed & prayed for me,    they ask Jesus to Seal me in His Name,   Praise God.    Sister Cooly brought a loaf of home made bread, apple sauce & jelly    deoderant & a cake of soap & some choclate cheeries & buns & I sure thank Jesus for all my blessings    Miss. Clark God Mr. West to bring her out & the night-gown she had made & washed & she gobbled up the other one & took it & the extra half breat back, so as to put it in & make it wider    she made button holes & sewed buttons on,    she came in, in a flurry & out again while, Sister Cooly & Elders were here.    & after we ate Sister Webber came in with apple sauce, beef broth & jelly & then we had supper & I tried to rest & now, it’s 10-p-m.    Winds been S & Swest   I Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 9. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Mrs. Haslet ask 6 young women & 2 men in from ____ to pray for me     each one feels sure it’s the place where they go to church that should pray

Sun. Oct. 9. 1955./ Page. 3403/ 0. eggs today/ & so these people came 34 miles to sing Praises to pray & testify,    Joe & Katherine Eva & Marry Ann came & Elbert said right when they were praying & shouting, Nellie came    she brought some cheese & cider, but wouldn’t come in,    they were going some where else.    Well, the Lord was here & blessed us,   but the pain still hang on.    Eva & Marry Ann stayed for supper & Eva said the old woman that use to come into Church at Huron once in a while, came in morning & she shouted & prayed & danced up one isle & down & around praying in Spirit untill every one began praying  some in Spirit & they seemed to be all of one accored.    Been a fine, day & Wind S. & S. west,    I’m tired, but trust all things work out for His Good & Glory. Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 10. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert got up & did his washing & a dress & few handkercheifs of mine    he was half done when Miss. Clark came in with chicken & noodle for dinner & Elbert said he was glad, for he’d only had one slice of bread & cup of coffee,    he finished his wash & brought in white clothes & hung out colored pieces & Mrs. Young called for Miss. Clark, & Elbert sat down, to rest,    then he came in to talk to me a little,    he was so tired,    for the pain had been so bad in my hip & back I cried & seemed as if I couldn’t endure any longer, but at last I fell a sleep crying,     Elbert went to bed & I rested for a little while then it started in again & then easied off again    so he was really to tired to try to wash,    but he got it all done & my bedding aired & he helped me get part of a bath & clean gown on & then I felt better.    Eva & Marry Ann & Eva (one of the old ladys that stay with Eva) came & brought a hot pork roast potatoes & onions & carrots & gravy & they ate supper with Elbert,     he was so terrible tired poor boy, but Eva & Marry Ann help do up supper dishes & that was a big releaf.    Eva & Katherine have been so kind & thoughtful,    Mrs Cooly to & All the folks, praying    I never be able to tell Him how much I thank Him but He knows.    Eva brought a rocking chair for me to set in & rest my head against.    Well at last they went & we got to bed, but I had another bad spell in night, but Elbert got up & heat the water bottle & 

Mon. Oct. 10. 1955./ Page. 3404./ 0. eggs today./ at last I got quite a gain & he went back to bed.    Eva isn’t very well    I pray God will in Jesus Name give her understanding & help her,    Knitt our hearts closer together in Jesus Name & help us to remember not my Will but thine be done always & forever. Amen.

Tue. Oct. 11. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert got up    went for milk & let hens out    they are over half shed off,    & the days are warm & sunny & good for them.    Elbert had his breakfast & gave me mine    toast scrambled egg & tea & now he’s gone to Huron to get some food,    It would be so nice if we had someone of our own family to come & help us a little, in our condition they want us to sell the place    pack up & come live closer to them,    it was never to far to come when I could cook & wash dishes    What a selfish world it has grown to be,    years ago we left our own work & took care of the sick neighbors as well as our own.    I thank God He taught us His ways & we tried to do them.    Received love not from Katherine this Morning.    I love those girls    they are so human,   God bless them.    Well Elbert washed out the rags & hung them out,    then Elbert was about done When Ethel “John Snyders wife” came in & brought some lima beans & ask how I were & she came in & talked a few minutes, then went.    Then Myrtle came in from 4 Square & visited some & read the bible to me & prayed & then she went,    Elbert’s feeling real bad tonight & I ask Myrtle to see if she could find some one that would come in once or twice a week & help us some    I sure praise God for all things in Jesus Name.    Been & extra fine day  S. & S. west wind.    Elbert went & come with out any trouble or any one coming in.    I Praise Thee Jesus forever, Amen.    We didn’t get a letter from Audrey.   but a card from Sister Haslet. 

Wed. Oct. 12. 1955./ Page. 3405./ 0. eggs today./ Been a fine day & it rained light shower tonight.    Received pretty card from Sister Cooly & she wrote a few complements.    & wished me well.   I thank God for all my blessing.    Ernie came after school   had broth & crackers & cup cocoa & he went home when he saw his mothers car drive in,    she told Ernie to ask if he could stay here tomorrow night while she goes to a party,    her back so bad she can hardly work & she refused to come & rub my back & sends Ernie to ask if he can stay untill midnight While she goes for to party.    God help us & Keep us & me close to Thee Amen.    Elbert’s sick     went out at 10-p-m & threw up,   he feels better now    he had cup of coffee.   No letter from Audrey.

Thurs. Oct. 13. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Katherine came at 10-a-m.    So, Elbert thought it a good time to go to Lorain,     he got the oil & see both Gertie & Audrey,    A. is sick & Elbert says she looks bad.   but, as Ella Jane says,    she’s one of the Bonney’s & independent as a hog on ice stubborn & all that goes with it & she stays alone untill Gertie gets home to give her, food & hot drink,    I do pray Jesus thou will heal her soon    she has been so good to us & she’s needing some one to help her sometimes    Elbert did all the erands & got the food.    Katherine went a few minutes to 4-p-m & Ernie came after she’d been gone about 5 minutes & Elbert came,    he is so tired.    Ernie is staying untill 11-p-m    then his ma will come for him & it 10-15-p-m now.    I received letter from Eleanor Clark this morning.    It rained good steady showers all night, but was nice today, partly cloudy, good breeze    I Praise God for my many blessing.    Myrtle came tonight & read the bible to me & prayed for me.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost.

Fri. Oct. 14. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ A beautiful Oct.     Radio say tonight that there’s a heavy wind & rain storm coming up through Penn,    water 5 ft deep on the streets in some places.   & they expect rain & wind tonight here.    Been partly cloud all day & warm Sun with little chill in air,    a card from Dears.   I can’t walk by my self    legs are so bad yet    have to lay so much head feels bad    Well God sees & Know & I’m believing for this healing   Praise God.

Sat. Oct. 15. 1955./ Page. 3406./ 0. eggs today./ Partly cloudy all day & the storms are terrible & so we Know the end is fast drawing near.    Nellie Bonita & the children were here for a few minutes   ( I gave Elbert 15.00 out of my check.)   Bonita’s 3 children are learning to cook & Nelson brought us 4. biscuits he had made & baked in cup cake tins   they were so light & very good.    Elbert saw a big cock pheasent by front steps today    Sister Haslet & Joe were here & left after Nellie & Children left.    I gave Katherine 1 1/2 doz. qt. fruit jars. & a bu. & a half of grapes,    they were not very good this year.    Well I praise God He looks after us in Jesus Name. Amen.  

Sun. Oct. 16. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Joe & Katherine & Eva & Marry Ann came late this after noon & & they brought a lunch & ate before going to Church,   they had prayer & left in time for Church in Huron    I felt so bad all last night    hope & pray I’ll feel better tonight.    Elbert’s so tired, I wish so much I could get up & dress & feel like myself,    I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost.    Buser preached a very good sermon tonight & they sang old hyms.    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Mon. Oct. 17. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Well, Eva called Welfare & Platto can & said his speach & when he was done he said the county Welfare were the ones in our township to talk to,   that Elbert was to have had me hauled off to the hospita. soon as he could after I fell & that he didn’t know if they would pay a woman to come in & help, or not,    but I’m sure Ella Jane said they would.     Elbert went to Huron & got a few things at the drug store that were on sale & has to take the water bottles back, no screw corks in tops,.     Well.   We only got add.-bills in mail today.    I managed to write Audrey a card today;    I don’t think pains are quite so hard today, but augervating enough.    Harry Miller sent me a nice note, “ooor man” & sent me 2.00 dollars,    I make it up by & by.    Rained most all day.   Cloudy yet tonight.    We had soup for supper & I had egg nog today.    Elbert’s so tired.    I pray God will soon come & heal us both.    I Praise Him for all things. Amen.

Tue. Oct. 18. 1955./ Page. 3407./ 0. eggs today./ Well it’s been a very dark & cloudy day   little misty once in a while.   Elbert took radio to Huron & exchanged rubber goods & got hot water bottles    he got 2 more disht towels,   I have 5 & hope he gets me 2 more,   he got a little meat,    his back is real bad   I do hope we can find some one to come in & help us some & that I’ll some be able to get up again & at least wait on my self.    Johny Harnish came in for a few minutes this evening,    he had been to a preachers meeting at Sandusky, said he came over the new turnpike as far as Norwalk & that it was wonderful.   I pray God will in Jesus Name help him to Know Jesus.    He is just going along like a lot of people & it’s only Thee who can change his heart & mind toward Thee.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for changing me & that Thou art & always will be Amen. 

Wed. Oct. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Another very dark day.    We got a little more rest last night,    I’m still trusting Myrtle will bring that Sister & I shall be healed, for Jesus said all things are possible through Him.    No one came in today.    Elbert aired 3 wool blankets & washed out 2 night gowns   some towels wash rags & Nose rags,    We saw 5 geese going North West & later 2. ducks.    no mail of importance     I thank God so much more than I can express in words for our blessings, Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 20. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert called Myrtle & she & Mrs. Lulu Hoffman Evangelist came & prayed for me    God showed me her face & Myrtle a few days be-fore    she came,    I believe I’m healed & God showed me I would walk again    Praise His Holy Name I do Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & for ever more.Amen,   I have sweat so bad, have to take bath every morning    & Elbert hangs all the bedding out & washes my night gowns & he went to Huron & got little to eat   some fish    & the radio    they didn’t charge him anything,    I am glad.    Myrtle & Mrs. Hoffman said they be out again.   Received card from Miss Clark today.    Elbert says the crickets are still chirping & he see pretty blue birds today.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen. 

Fri Oct. 21./ 1955./ Page. 3408./ 0. eggs today./yesterday was Ma’s & Pa’s wedding anna-versy 50 yrs.   Tempture 72 degrees today & 42 tonight.    Well, Dr. L. came tonight, thinks, like many others, that I’m a little off balance,    but, God said people would think that way.    Been cloudy all day untill about 5.-p.-m.     sun came out a few times but soon covered up & now moon is shining clear & stars.    Received card from Mrs. Webber today.    Mr & Mrs. Dear were here & had communion & brought me a plant from the Brethern & Sisters from Church.   a yellow christhanthum in a pot.   they visited a little & left.    & No one else came in.    I feel better    I can’t explain just how but God will take care of me through all the way    Praise His Holy Name.    I saw about 25 geese going S.east this afternoon,   Wind N. east all day.   Glory to God. Amen   I gave Dr. L. a good testimony to night.    We cought 3. mice of late. 

Sat. Oct. 22. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Eva came before I got my bath finished & stayed untill almost noon    then she went home & got dinner & brought us ox taile soup can peaches & some apple juice (sweet cider) piece of cake, bottle of milk & jelly beans & then Mrs Cooly her daugter & two other girls came in & stayed untill most supper time    she brought a home made bread.    Eva & Marry Ann went home & then, the rest soon after,    Elbert went to Huron & got few things for over Sun.    then we were alone again.   When Elbert went for milk Clayton told him he got the last bottle yesterday,    Elbert didn’t think he hurt there dog, he try to bite Elberts heels & he has some poisn with his teeth & he swung the milk bottle after him & bumped the dog,    he Kept right on barking,   so Elbert didn’t think he hurt him,    but, it made Clayton angry.    Now I’ll have to do with out the milk & I do need it so bad right now.    I pray God will help us in some way about the milk.    I Praise God for all our many blessing, in Jesus Name. Amen. 

Mon. Oct 24. 1955. [she forgot to write Sunday]/ 0. eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy & a few showers & late tonight, before dark it snowed little snowballs & some queer snow flakes rolled into finger long rolls.    Elbert picked his squashes then brought flowers/   I forgot to write Sun.   nellie Bonita & 3 children were here.

Mon. Oct. 24. 1955./ Page. 3305. [should be 3450]/ 0. eggs today./ No one came in today    They had a frozen fog in Caralina & thousands of starlings were caught in it & died,   a foot deep all over pavements & ground     & Claifornia had a terrible earth quake in San-francisco simeral to the one in 1906.   & that was a terrible thing,    lots of storms.    May God help us.   I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name, Glory to God Amen. 

Tue. Oct. 25. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Nice Day    no one came untill late    then Rev. Swarthouse, Mr. & Mrs. Weber came     We visited awhile then they prayed for me & went.    He’s one of God’s men & I thank Him for coming to me & for prayers & petitions in my behalf & thank Thee Jesus for my healing .   May all Honour & Glory be Thine for ever & ever, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 26. 1955/ 0 eggs today./ No one came all day.    Elbert cleaned the floors & rugs & aired blankets & bedding      & tonight he fell just as he reached Kitchen floor & spilt the whole bucket of coal, strained his back & hurt his Knees,    he felt so lame & stiff be-fore    he went to bed,    I pray God will help him    it’s hard for him to lift me on can & off & do all the many things to be done & the light in my room went on the blink,    so, one more job to be done.    I didn’t get my bath & I sweat so my gown is so wet,   I feel miserable & not a sister or neice to do just a little,    May God have mercy I pray in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Thurs. Oct. 27. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Nice bright sunny day.    I got my bath & with Elberts help I ripped up one night gown & got the waist fixed over,   but have the skirt to do yet.    I didn’t get Audreys letter done, but will try again,    my arm’s so bad can’t do much at writting or sewing,    can’t get up or down alone    am hoping to soon.    Note from Mrs Haslet yesterday    no- mail today.   Letting dark & 

Thurs. Oct. 27. 1955./ Page. 3410 [should be 3451]0. eggs today/Frank & Armond came in,    said Nellie just let them know today, I were sick,    they said they’d have been out before if they had known.    We had only visited a little when Nellie Ella Jane & 3. children came in    We had quite a visit    Audrey took Christmas Cactus & beefsteak begonia home & is still promising to bring me a fushia    Nellie’s going to bring little ice box  Elictric froze ice few nights ago    Elbert fell in stair landing 2 nights ago  spilt bucket of coal,    he don’t feel very good but still going, yet.    Well every one in Lorain & Elyria able to Keep going & working.    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.  

Fri. Oct. 28. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Card from Audrey wondering why I didn’t write.   Now I think she will know after she came & took a look for her self.    Eva hasn’t been here all week    maybe she’s sick.    Elbert made soup of the meat he got Wed.    it’s good flavor.    Elbert got 1. qt. milk & box cheese from Milk wagon.    Been beautiful Fall Days 87 degrees today.    The Morman boys were here & gave me one of there bibles.   nice young men that try to Live for God.    I pray God will be with each of His own,    I do thank Thee & praise Thee forever & ever,    I thank Thee for my healing & All for those who pray in my behalf. Amen. 

Sat. Oct. 29. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Wind quite strong all day, but nice day.    Katherine & Eva & marry Ann came & she gave us a Holownee box of candy & they talked & told about many things & I learned that many of the christians take pills & they want me to do the same & go to the hospital & all that  when God said He made us & if we trust Him He will repair us & I still believe He is now healing me.    I Praise His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came this evening & Nellie fixed my night gown good.    she brought us piece of pumpkin pie & small apple pie & she gave us fresh apples & they hope to come back Tue. or Wed. 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1955./ Page. 3411.[should be 3452]. /0. eggs today./ a beautiful day & I do believe I’m better    Oh how I Praise God & Jesus for His Love & Power,  Oh how I Praise Him now & ever Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 31. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Partly Cloudy all day.   No mail today    Elbert went to Huron    got little meat & food    & he is feeling bad    his back & hips & knees    if anything happens to him we’d have to be draged off to hospital then they’d all be happy,   they are modern.    Well-8-P-M. Ella Jane just came in    she had been to Audrey’s & they will send out the little Electric ice box;   & Gertie sent me 2 night gowns  new ones & I let Ella Jane take the balance of the musiline home to make pillow slipps.    she went to see Platto & she’s trying to get some one to come in & help a little,    she had a cup & tea    & now she’s gone.    Elbert picked last of tomatoes today & gave Ella Jane all of them.    & They are all determined to haul me off to the hosp-ital.    Well if I do go it won’t be because I want to go.    Nellie & Bonita came     brought back my pillow & 2 of Ella Janes.    They are so bent on getting me out of here & into a rest home,  they want to break up my home & take all they can get of what they want & you would really think I didn’t have any brains or dudgement to hear them talk,    Well it was nice untill noon, then clouded up & got cooler    tried to rain once or twice.    Gertie sent me 2 new night gowns she had made & then didn’t use.    I pray God will help me & keep me. 

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