November 1955

Tue. Nov. 1. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Half of what I wrote for Mon. was for today.    so I’ll have to write the next one for Wed. 

Wed. Nov. 2. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron   got little to eat    Been a very dark day all day.   No mail today    I sent Audrey 13.95 for milk can & got money order for 2.00 to send blind boys for cards. “Christmas cards.” no one came in all day.    I got a bath.    girls were going to bath me Tue. but to busy talking.    I thank & Praise God for all things.

Thurs. Nov. 3. 1955./ Page 3412.[should be 3453]/ 0. eggs today/Sent for tank of gas. Wed.     Nellie & Bonita came     brought me a bunch of flowers & my 2. pillow cases she made of the goods I gave her for them    & they gave me few grapes   the big black solid Kind “Italian”      they said Ella Jane would be here tonight & I said why tonight & then Bonita said Audrey was coming with her    Well I told them to come if they wanted to but I was so tired,    I gave Elbert 20.00 today    Elbert cleaned the corner & moved things so to make a place for the refrigeator she was sending us & I talked & told him what & how untill I was all tuckered    & that’s life so it seems.    Well they didn’t come,    I felt bad & had to cry a lot all last night & Windy & cloudy & cool.    I Praise God in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Nov. 4. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ Elbert’s check came & he went to Vermilion & got the food & he had come just got here when Joe & Katherine came & they stayed for supper,   she helped Elbert do up dishes & then they went to Huron to Church    Marry Ann got my note & dollar I sent her.    Dark day & yesterday snowed a few flurry’s but warmer tonight.    I feel bad again tonight,    but Praise God in Jesus Name for all things    Received Card from Sister Weber    her ears are so bad she’s thinking of going for operation

Sat. Nov. 5. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ No one came today,   been a hard day,   but trust Jesus will soon come to my rescue.    Katherine was telling me City’s going to tax every one for there ice boxes or frdgators & oil firnaces    that will be like Lorain charging 25 cents extra for toilet seat & 50 for bath tub,    Well I never paid it     We paid for what water went through the meter & same for Electric & that was all. They never paid there help enough to hardly get along on & when the State or Goverment checked on all & company. water work had more money than any other Co.  & they just couldn’t figure it out.    Suny & partly Cloudy S. west wind.    I do thank God & Jesus & Holy Ghost for taking care of me (Sun. Nov 6. 1955) Mrs. Cooly & 2 young women came & spent a couple of hrs. & I was so exhausted,    I like to have them come but I tire out so easy.

Sun. Nov. 6. 1955./ page. 3413 [should be 3454; decided to just accept the new sequence even though it causes another overlap of about 40]/ 0. eggs today./ I wrote part on Sat. & so will try to finish here.    Been a fine day.    strong wind S.W.   No. one else came all day.    I thank God in Jesus Name for love & fellowship & His Love & Mercy, Amen. 

Mon. Nov. 7. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Gas tank came today $9.02,    Been a fine day, partly cloudy.   S. west wind  rather strong & puffy,    Elbert washed out part of the cloths today,    We get a little water from the well.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got the food from his check.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.  

 Tue. Nov. 8. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Was nice this morning but clouded up & we had snow flurrys in several showers.    Elbert washed my gowns & a small tins of bread that was still raising over a hot apple pie,   he put it in the oven & then went to Huron & got a few things, while the girls were here & Ella Jane took care of the bread.    Well radio says they found rainium over at Vermilion.    it has frozen ice several times of late.    We had a big fires up at the Park “Mitawanga” early in the morning    I heard the fire truck & wondered,     I called Elbert but, he was sleeping hard,    so, I let him sleep.   DeHaan’s book came today.   No worth while mail today.    Ella Jane said Gertie has been sick with flu. for a week.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings.  

Wed. Nov. 9. 1955/ 0 eggs today/ Nice sun this morning but clouded up at noon    Received letter from Eva & Marry Ann & one from Katherine    none from Audrey    Nice day quite a lot of wind & air is cold,    I felt terrible bad last night but better today   Gaberil took me to Church in a casket & then called Rev. Swarthouse & his wife & Webers & Mr Yungn & Elbert & I sat up & they put a robb around me & blankets & brought me back home & Epplers were there. [? maybe that was a dream]   Oh but I feel sick & pain so firce in my hip & groin.    weak all day.       I pray for deliverance soon & I thank & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for all things great or small, Amen. 

Thurs. Nov. 10. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Easel mailed Elbert a birthday card & wrote letter in it, she said Clate & Ernie want to find a place 

Thurs. Nov. 10. 1955./ Page 3414./ No eggs today./ to go hunt ducks.    Well Mrs. Cooly came & Mrs. ____ from Sandusky,   Mrs. Cooly brought bread   an apple pie, they visited a while & picked a few Chinesse lanterns & went home after we had prayer together.    I tried to set in the rocker before they came & fell again,    but struggled hard & with Jesus & Elbert’s help got back in bed again    We got our checks yesterday.    I thank & Praise God for our many blessing   I Praise God my Heavenly Father, Jesus our saviour & Holy Ghost. 

Fri. Nov. 11. 1955./ No eggs today./ Armistis Day   no mail   rainy to day,   no one come in today & I did not get to set up today.    I feel so sick to my stomach every meal times    I thank God for all I have & my salvation &, I pray Elbert will turn whole hearted to God,    I believe he will. Amen.    

Sat. Nov. 12. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Nice day partly cloudy    no one came in today    Elbert washed night gowns 3. of them & few towels & wash rags.    & he don’t feel at all well    I fell, but between us I landed on the bed,    it sure shakes me up.   warm out side & lots of flies & bugs.   No mail today,   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our & my blessings.  

Sun. Nov. 13. 1955./ 0. eggs today./To warm today    no one came in untill all most evening    then Eva & Marry Ann & Katherine & Joe came in    they brought there supper & ate & visited untill most Church time,    then went to Huron Church    they had prayer before they left.    & did the dishes.    May God bless them & help them in all the ways they need.    I thank Thee Jesus for all thy teachings, now & ever, Amen.    Lots of flies, spiders & bugs on the out side. 

Mon. No. 14. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion for food & cashing our checks    Mrs. Cooly & Mrs K & were here & gave me a bath    & they brought a toilet seat & a wheel chair & fresh apple dumplings & milk.    Well.   I’ve can’t use the chair & am sorry they go ahead & bring them but they mean well.    After they’d gone Mrs Glipsy & Mrs. Oney came

Mon. Nov. 14. 1955./ Page. 3415./ 0. eggs today./ had prayer talked alittle & went just as, Nellie, Bonita Pinky & Nelson came in Ella Jane’s in Columbus a bout her work    they didn’t stay very long & when they were gone    I was all in & had to give vent to tears for a couple of hrs.    Warm & Cloudy all day.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name now & for ever.    I had a vision    They took me to 4 Square church in a black casket & Gabbrel was with me & he said I go   bring your brother mr. Yantz. Rev. Swarthouse & his wife & Mr & Mrs Weber & He did & He had ask me just before He left if I’d be afraid while he was gone & I said, no,  he brought a robe & blanket & after they had all prayed    He said now you put robe on & they rapped me in blanket & put me in a car & brough me home.    Well, I feel I am better for I feel like stretching.    We haven’t had a letter for Audrey since I been in bed.    Well, she’s been good to us    I don’t know why she don’t write.    I hope I didn’t hurt her in my way.   God help us. 

Tue. Nov. 15. 1955./ 0. no eggs today./ Rainy all day to warm Mon. night lightening storm deep blue lightening.    Elbert fixed up troughs to put water in basment in tubs & tank & I been in bed the most of the day,    I did sit up in chair a little.    Todays starts hunting season.     Elbert saw flock of geese today going North   was 70 degrees today.

Wed. Nov. 16. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Wind blew a gale all night & they had tornadoes Daton, Indiana & I’ll. & sun shone well     it was partly cloudy & the wind blew hard    no one came, but we had a good letter from Audrey & Eva Keegan & Marry Ann.     & we saw an other big flock geese 250 or more going north.    I thank & Praise God for His Love & Care. 

Thurs. Nov. 17. 1955 / No eggs today./ Nellie Bonita & 3 children, came tonight     said tornado signs were up all day.   in Lorain & Elyria.    Letter from Ella Jane & Katherine & Mrs Cooly & Mrs Knujake was here to day    she brought dope to rub on my leg I moaned untill 1.a.m. this morning.   Praise God He sees & Knows

Fri. Nov. 18. 1955./ Page. 3416./ No eggs today./ Well, it’s been dark & it’s getting ready to snow, a man was here trying to sell products, shivering his eye teeth about out.    Mrs Weber products, shivering, his eye teeth about out.    Mrs Weber came a little later & we had a good visit,   she went to the ear Dr. & got her ear fixed up, so it feels lots better   Mr. Webers grandmother live with them & is a great care to Mrs. Weber,   she’s over 100 yrs. old & begining to fail fast of late.    Well we had Dr. Arnold come in to see if he thought the same about my condition as the others,    he gave me some capsols to take to quite the nerves & I think they do,   but I’m sure weak & undone.    I do Pray God will do all the healing for me, for I don’t want to go to Dr’s,    but, the rest all dinging at me to go get & exray & see what can be done for me,     Elbert is getting tired & I know it’s hard on him,    it’s been very hard on me to in days passed.    but God will go with me all the way & I thank & Praise Him for all things in Jesus Name. 

Sat. Nov. 19. 1955/ no eggs today./ Receipt from Arnold came this a.m.    no other mail, Nellie, Ella Jane & Audrey came this evening, took 2. nightgowns home to wash & fix a little,    they talked a while, picked some cabbages & went again,    it snowed a good blanket of snow last night,   wind eased off not very cold,    5. boys came hunting rabbit & didn’t stay long,    I heard one say 4 shots & 3 rab-bits    not so bad.    Ella Jane’s going to Hospital to be operated on tomorrow, I don’t know for what.     said it would be 3 weeks before she’d be able to do anything after word.    I thank & Praise God for His tender mercies & Pray He will take care of us both & teach us His will & ways.    Amen

Sun. Nov. 20. 1955./ 0. egg today/ Well, I forgot, but it was quite a nice day & I can’t remember but believe Cooly & Kumake were here a little while     & the days & weeks are all mixed up. 

Mon. Nov. 21. 1955/ page 3417/ no eggs–/ Went to Sandusky Hospital Tue. 22. & came back Sat. 26    they took exray pictures, found cartlege most gone between the vertabas while the ____ nerves go down to the legs, right one being pinched so bad    I’m most crazy unless doped & lots of sugar in blood & urine & now I can’t help my self, my right leg in so helpless since I fell Sept. 4th. 1955.    The Dr talks as if I might not stay around much longer, but only God knows.  It won’t so pleasent over there,    they dropped me on the floor & banged my hip up & right elbow making it harder for me to lift or turn.    got back before it snowed    been beautiful days.    cold at night.    Sun. Audrey, Martha & Merlin were Here & Eva & Marry Ann were here one evening,    I haven’t been able to write    so forgot the days & verious ones brought in turkey & trimming for thanksgiving.   I pray God will bless them one & all.    I saw lot of wild geese fling over as I lay there in bed.    Im still trusting Jesus will give me a perfect healing. & I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things, Amen. 

[Tue. Nov. 22. 1955 through Sat. Nov. 26./ HOSPITALIZED 5 days] [Sun. Nov. 27, 1955 and Mon. Nov. 28- no diary entries]

Tue. Nov. 29 1955./ no. eggs./ Ma’s birthday, she would be 99. yrs. old.    Mostly cloudy today with snow flurrys.   Elbert says it nippy air, out side & the hens drinking dish froze up solid.   It’s a nice suny day.   

Wed. Nov. 30./ a nice crisp sunny day Elbert went to Huron & got a few things to live on,    Card from Miss. Clark yesterday,    her brother died so she stayed while longer.    A card from Miss Gracie Doat for Christmas Fri. Dec. 2.   Well, Audrey & Martha & baby Jerry came in this Wed. 

[Thurs Nov. 31, 1955 and Fri. Dec. 1, 1955: no diary entry]

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