March 1960

Spring usually brightens Elinor’s mood.  She looks forward to fishermen setting nets and getting fresh fish even though Elbert can no longer go to the Fish House, help pull in the nets and bring home fresh fish.  Elinor seems to get discouraged about her physical health but then says “sore in privates lots better but one above the rectum so sore.  seems as if it would kill me but Praise God He is taking care me & it will soon be over with.” She is referring more to the end of the world, the second coming, not her own personal death.  The landscape is changing. The big Elm tree is gone and she fears for the walnut tree. There continues a steady stream of people coming in either to help care for her or to conduct prayer sessions for specific other people.  They come from Vermilion, Lorain, Huron, Sandusky and Milan, up to 30 miles away.  Most adults bring children.   Elinor  has a wheelchair but Elbert tries to adapt other furniture for her , using her favorite little rocker, taking off the rockers and making a new platform for it with castors, but it is still wanting, “could be a little higher the seat & back will be more comfortable anyway.”   She comments on her younger sister Nellie who has twin 17 year olds and another boy, Nelson who is 15, and Elinor’s sister Audrey whose daughter has been married 27 years now.  She is getting 64$/month in this year.  She talks about the cost of stamps going from 4 to 5 cents because “they need money.”  She comments on the marriage of the people who help her  “Bud wasn’t angry with her when she got home,  … the men usually get angry when they stay so long” (with Elinor).   She is at the center of quite a community and apparently hears all the gossip, and has strong opinions about what people do, and holds herself to quite a standard of not openly criticizing anyone  but also not being dishonest.  In the diary though she can be a little more free “I pray God will help Rev. Gibson keep his flock together & don’t let Sims or any one else brake them up.  There are a lot of things being told & no truth what so ever in them.   I pray God will take care of that group of busy bodys.”

Tue. Mar. 1. 1960./ Beautiful Morning & it didn’t come in like a lion so may go out like a loin    I suppose fishermen will be setting nets in a couple of weeks.   & fresh fish will taste good,    I wish I could walk.   Praise God I know I am impatient    But Lord help me.   Well, Milton & Cathy came & brought the wash & visited about 1. hr.   Elbert had put me in wheel chair & Milton put me back on bed before he left    Ann planed on going to prayer meeting tonight 

Wed. Mar. 2. 1960./ Beautiful Day,   so it looks as if loin will come at the end of the month.   No. mail today.   & I can’t hard-ly use a pencil any more to write.   No one came in today.   Elbert talked a little to Mrs Haufman   she lost her son rather sudden & then she had heart attack    he ordered the eggs.    I wrote to Wyatt & Alen & sent each $5.00 & I wrote to Miss Clark in Vermilion & then rested some.   & had supper,     not very cold today   I didn’t get in the wheel chair today.  We’re better [?]

Thurs. Mar. 3. 1960./ It began to blow about 9-P-M. & kept at it all night & snow came in puffs an in showers all day.   sometimes thick snow & some times blowing a gale.   No postman today nor school buss.   snow is drifted in places maybe 2 ft. & every one seems to be afraid of a little snow    today my old ford walked right through 3. ft. deep   can only see walnut tree outlines    snowing so hard.   We’ve tried to get Ann, but haven’t been able so far, no eggs or or bread delivery today.   & to dark to read or write.   I read bible some.  Still blow-ing agale & snowing,   Elbert’s got coal up & water in it looks as if it will be a bad night out    I’m sorry for those that have to be out & hungry.   Oh God, Please have Mercy on the poor people.

Fri. Mar. 4. 1960./ Beautiful morning,    snow plow been up & cleaned most of the road, bumped mail box & turned plank around   no postman yet.   Ann got call to us last night.    Milton had hard job getting out to work yesterday morning,    said he run way out in a field & a big truck pulled him back onto road   made him late to work, but he got there,    Children all had to stay home from school, buss couldn’t get through.   Sun is bright this a.m. & snowplows working & pilled snow up across drive so no one can

Fri. Mar. 4. 1960./ come in & he put snow so that post man can’t reach the box    We talked to Ann,   she said maybe Milton & L.M. would come & clean it away,    Elbert isn’t able to shovel it    his back is so bad    I pray they will do it.    It’s getting cloudy & will be hard to write now,    I wrote to Frank & Mrs. Crisco.   getting Dark & cloudy 5.P.M. 

Sat. Mar. 5. 1960./ Beautiful Day,   cold raw one,   One letter or 2  I should say from Edna Hall & other from Oral Roberts.    Postman had to stretch to reach the box & Milk man fell & rolled over in snow   Bread man & egg man made it & Milton & Ann made it & left their car in middle of the road & they took Elbert to town, & he did the shopping & spent the most of his check,   he has to pay milk bill yet & then phone    he pay light bill today   & gave Charlie Haufman 5 letters to mail   Frank, Miss. Clark & Mrs. Crisco.   Ann wiped up the floors, took care of my pan & read a psalm & prayed hard for me,   those hives come out in my privates & seemed as if they’d kill me    I’m raw & urin smarts me so bad,   Elbert got another tube of Lanal   it’s so easying or quiting,   hope God will take it all from me for good & all time in Jesus Name.    We are more than greatful to Ann & Milton for all they do for us,    I pray God will Bless them as they need.   Ann said they were calling over the radio for Opals man, Kelly Maynord,   that he run in to a woman’s car & she’s asking 10 thousand dollars damage.    Radio says they had 2 more light quakes over at Ageries & that relatives are trying to dig out some of there families   that they now believe there are 8000 dead.   God have Mercy & help us all as we need before it’s to late.   No wind tonight.   big U.S. Plaine went down off Italy 29 aaboard parachuted to land safly.

Sun. Mar. 6. a960./ Beautiful Day,  it’s cold but sun is bright & mades it beautiful,   I wonder if God will send in some of children today.   A beautiful day & not a soul come near.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for Thy help. 

Mon. Mar. 7. 1960./ Dark & hazy untill noon & my recktom felt so bad & my bowels haven’t moved today,    I feel so miserable.   Ann called & said it was so stormy & wind blew so hard she didn’t get to Church all day,   that must have been Milton    The Plain Truth magazine, Jordon’s little paper & one add came this morning.    I felt to bad to do any writing.    Was Suny all after noon.   Ann said her uncle & father in law came in & father in law out of work & going to stay for awhile. 

Tue. Mar. 8. 1960./ Oh, but it’s a beautiful morning.   a heavy white frost & sunshining, frost glistening & sparkling    it’s quite cold   not much breeze   hardly noticeable.    My bowels moved Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,    He ans. my prayer for help,   I felt sure He would & I feel He will lift Rev. Gibson’s wife,    I pray she will trust & believe.   Be with all Thine every where I ask in Jesus Name.    A letter (air mail) from Mrs. Swarthout & one from Audrey & Roberts, & My Check came to  $64.00    Milton & Ann came in for & hr. or so & Ann & I had prayer together    Elbert took rockers of my little rocken chair & fix plat form with slats & casters on & it’s well   could be a little higher the seat & back will be more comfortable anyway.    Its been a beautiful day,   getting little hazy toward night.   not very cold tonight.

Wed. Mar. 9. 1960./ yesterday & today twins birth days, George & Bonita,  they are 17. yrs. old   it don’t seem possible & Now there mother is married & has 2. little boys,   one’s little more than a yr. old & the other a few months making her five children.   Nelson was 15 yrs. old Jan. 27. 1960.   Well it’s Cloudy    & No worth while mail.    Elbert trying to wash,   he took anicins half the night so he got rid of part the pains, from shoveling snow out of drive.   So far no one has phoned or come in.   Well Mrs. Edna Hall come in just at noon & brought us an apple pie & pink of cream,   she is so good & usually brings us something,   she comes about 18 miles from Sleepy Hollow Milian,   her man was laid off this last week & she off her job,   she says it’s terrible    they have 3 children 2 boys & 1 little girl Patty with long platonem hair  a pretty child & she minds good    Mrs. Gillipsie gave me a busy bee pan,    I gave it to Patty.    Well it’s getting very dark 5 to 6.P.M.   Didn’t get my letters mailed    I wrote Tue. & I didn’t write any today.  to Miss Clark & Mrs. Swarthout.    Elbert’s pains not so bad today as he & I thought they might be.    Police been looking for Kelly Maynord,   they got him  Edna said & he’s in Toledo Work House,   he crushed his car 2. yrs. ago & now the woman in other car has sued him for ten thousand dollars.    Pooor Opal & 6. boys.   Well it’s 6-15-p-m. & very dark now outside,

Thurs. Mar. 10. 1960./ Beautiful Morning   sun’s so bright on the snow it hurts the eyes to look at it    No mail only & add from stark     flowers are pictured so beautiful,   I’d like to get out & start digging & reseting & cleaning up the yard.   Elbert has washed out

Thur. Mar. 10. 1960./ 4 blankets, sheet & draw sheets & night gowns & got dinner,   he’s so tired & his hip starting to hurt    I feel so lazy but would like to work if I could.    I’ll have to try to write some today & get letters cleaned up.   Well, I got half a letter wrote to Helen Pithoper & here Come Mrs. Crisco & Mrs. Grant.   Oh, I was so Glad to see them & we had only got started to visit,   they put me in wheel chair & took me to Kitchen,   Mrs. Crisco had a dress she had given me some time ago   brand new she bought the goods & made it,   & we began to talk & visit & here come Frank & Armond,   they had brought rabbit, & Fresh pork, saucage & lard,   they cleaned a little more out of the drive & then we had a good visit & they left & now Ann called & said they were coming over & I have half a letter done for Helen P. & Elbert’s getting supper & I’ve got to hit the pan.    it was late when we ate.   & Milton & Ann came   he had a tube of Lanacane save      they visited & hr. & went home (after Ann & I had prayer) Not cold out.

Fri. Mar. 11. 1920.[should be 1960]/ Beautiful Morning,  bright sun & a cold North East wind.   I am fasting today & wonder if Ann is.   I mixed up a batch of bread, both white & graham   rested a few minutes & Elbert changed sheet & then went out & repined sheets to line & now he’s laying down to rest a few minutes,   then we’ll eat at supper time, God willing.   I’d like to finish my letter & write to Audrey, Mrs. Armstrong   sent note with dollar in it.   so I’ll have to write few lines to her & I wish Miss. McGovern would let us Know how she & Sarah are    Oh, God, have mercy on them & viola wolf, Amen.

Fri. Mar 11. [should be 12th] 1960./ Well I wrote Helen’s letter & a post card to Audrey.    They said on radio stamps will soon be 5 cents a letter & cards 4 cents. they need more money

Fri. Mar. 11. 1960/ I baked 4 tins bread 2 tins graham 2. tins white & 1 loaf & little loaf in a coffee can.   Joan Monagon will be 25 yrs old tomorrow,   Jim & Jean must have been 27 in Feb.    I wrote Audrey a card & finished Helens P. letter    I hope she will be pleased & ans. it.   No one came in. 

Sat. Mar. 12. 1960./ Beautiful morning.   No mail only the Vitimans & insulan from Drug Store,    Ann & Milton came after noon & before supper & brought the ham-berg & oranges,    they visited a while & went home.    Snyders dog is a pest,   he’s got the mange & stays around here half the time   he’s as bad as [ ?] the boys    they carry the tin cans & through them around the yard & the dog does some thing & he picked up Elberts shoes he had throughed out to grainery & when he went out to pick them up, they were gone & no where to be found,   maybe he took them home,   Elbert wanted soles & heels.   Well, he should have taken care of them.    It’s been such a nice day.   martha’s been married 27. yrs. & Jerry’s 5. yrs. old Jan. 30. 1960. & the twins must be 27. yrs. old    I can’t hardly Keep track.

Sun. Mar. 13. 1960./ Another beautiful day,   I’ll be glad when snow is gone.   They are having terrible times all around the world   2000 families cut off by 7 ft. snow & some miners about 8. men 400 ft down & earth quakes & after 12 days some more crawled out of the wreckage of quake in Algeres & then 2. more quakes.    I wonder if this is the time of the cream horse to go forth to kill one forth the people.   Ann & Betty came & spent the afternoon & we had a real scripture visit & prayer,   they both need more of God’s word & understanding    they had only been gone about 10 min. & Mrs.Hensley & baby came in,    I pray God will reach down  touch them both Amen.

Mon. Mar. 14. 1960./ Well it was cloudy untill noon & then cleared up.   Ann called & her cold seems to have gone all over her    the pain left her head after I prayed for her & Betty called her & said after I prayed for her she felt lots better this morning, & that Bud wasn’t angry with her when she got home,   he was sleeping when she & 2 boys got in car stopped & left boys with Ann’s children & she & Ann came over here & stayed quite a while & the men usually get angry when they stay to long.   Praise God all was well.   I been hunting my bible to find what it says about paying in a tenth, an tith money to Church.   I called Ann    she’s lots better tonight   No mail or callers. 

Tue. Mar. 15. 1960/ Beautiful morning & cold N. East Wind,   Elbert washed his sheet & 2 bed sheets & draw sheets for me  2 gowns & some towels & rags & he aired his bedding & has now made his bed,   he got dinner & has been trying to rest a little    We received letter from Miss. Clark.  with 2.00 in it,   I don’t know why she’s sending it.   she’s been sick   her bowels not moving for 2 weeks    her eyes so bad she can’t hardly read a letter or write one, poor soul,    May the Lord have mercy.   I’ve read & studied my bible & talked to Ann.   she’s going to meeting tonight.    I wrote no letters today, but received one from Allen    I have to read it again   I don’t quite understand it.   Well hope I can write some tomorrow.   Radio says 18 degrees tonight.

Wed. Mar. 16. 1960./ A dark & cloudy da & it snowed a heavy shower sev eral times today    We received a letter from Mrs. Brackett     she’s feeling sort of down & out   hasn’t got the 

Wed. Mar. 16. 1960./ she needs & like me when she looks at all the letters stacked up to be answered, she be-gins to wonder, how she’ll get through & I still wonder if I’ll get caught up.   It’s 5-15-p-m & snow coming down in sort of thick clouds.   They got the 12 coal miners aftewr 12 days  all dead & the 4 men that were last on a mountian they picked up alive with a heolicopter but no more word about the 6000 homes cut off without heat, food or water.   Well, Mrs. Armstrong & Minister’s wife came in after 2-p-m.   & we had a good Spiritual visit & prayer & they brought eggs, soup & a bread cake coolkun/ Kooken,    Oh God Help them in Thine Own way, I pray,    Ann called. & Ministers wife ask me to pray for a Mrs. Anderson   she’s a ministers wife, in a comma who has been a great worker for God in pray & healing    Now she needs a faith-ful one to pray for her,    Help her Lord,  I pray   right now as Thou seest she needs,   Oh how I thank Thee, Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    I couldn’t seem to write.   I ans. Mrs Armstrong letter   now I’ll send Miss clark a card,   Mr & Mrs. Pain came in at 7-p-m.   they helped a man & woman out of the snow drift across from Sarrs.     they had the four children with them & were here untill 9-P-m.   children went to sleep on Elbert’s bed.   Elbert got a St Patrick’s card from Easel.   Mrs Arm-strong got her letter & came to me with Ministers wife. today & she brought me a new kind of pencile & a refill & writing paper so, now I’ll have to write a gain,   Well I’m tired & so is Elbert tired Praise God   I. got a good letter from A.A.Alen, Praise the Lord

Thurs. Mar. 17. 1960/ Quite bright this a-m hot sun but 

Thurs. 17. 1960. Mar./ Partly cloudy & getting worse    I didn’t sleep untill about 5-a-m. so am feeling tired & all in today    Ann called & so did Betty.   Milton & Ann came in about 6-P-M & stayed about an hour,    she told me about the Tue. night meeting,    I Pray God will help Rev. Gibson to keep his flock together & don’t let Sims or any one else brake them up.   There are a lot of things being told & no truth what so ever in them,   I pray God will take care of that group of busy bodys.    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of us & Keeping us close to Thee.   Close to Thee All the way every day. 

Fri. Mar. 18. 1960./ Gas came today/ it was warmer & snow melted some.     Today sunshiny & now after 12-P-M getting cloudy, quite cloudy,    Mail was adds & church paper from Mrs. Armstrong,   it’s now 1-20-P-M. & Elbert’s ready for town,   Betty was going to bring 2. bu. apples    she was going for them & then pick up Ann & Connie & come here leave Ann & Connie & take Elbert & go on to town & get few grociers & then come back home.    Well, I still dont feel to good,   sore in privates lots better but one above rectum so sore   seems as if it would kill me but Praise God He is taking care me & it will soon be over with.    Elbert says it’s warmer out although air is real cold.    Betty came & 2 boys & Ann & Conie,     Elbert & Betty went & did shopping,    Ann was about worn out taking care of the children,    Billy just can’t be quite, into somethinhg every second   a card or booklet about church from Mrs. Armstrong   quite dark at 5-p-m.  & Elbert has supper most ready, liver warmed potatoes, broccolie, cottage cheese fruit & bread & tea.   Didn’t get one letter wrote.    They gave Elbert 6 pencile free with his order at Drug Store, that’s good.   Weeks’s most gone   hope to write tomorrow,   it’s snowing   Only have 20 dollars out of my check 64 left   Often must go for gas soon,  & it came tonight

Sat. Mar. 19. 1960./ Sun is shining & I just laid as one dead all morning,    Elbert didn’t feel good    his feet & head feel so bad it’s so hard for him to shop,     Betty helped him,   he was all in when he got here,   He soaked his feet they still pain him terrible,   he’s resting now,   been laying since 3-30-P-M. & it’s now 4-30-P-m.   No mail today.   No one called or come in,   Elbert called Ann    she’s going to town to do her shipping & get a few things he couldn’t get up here,   gave Ann 2.30 for few things he couldn’t get up here 7.00    it’s quite out no breeze.    I haven’t any am-bition to write.   I’ve felt to miserable for anything.   

Sun. Mar. 20. 1960/ Partly cloudy warmer today.   I was so miserable from 4-a-m un-till after 6-a-m.   seemed as if I would surely die the itch & pain was so bad,     I didn’t eat, but prayed as much as I could,    but, at last He took the pain away but I have laid & prayed all day,   I am sitting for a few minutes this evening 8-P-m. to 8-30-p-m.    now I’ll lay again & pray much for all of God’s people & myself.   trust to feel much better tomorrow    No callers today,   Ann called before going to church.   

Mon. Mar. 21. 1960./ First Day of Spring,    I saw a possum out by Grainery. & a big Owl flew over grainery this a-m.   & crows are yell-ing for corn,   so, Spring must be just around the corner    tempture 27. degrees today.   Elbert says wind is cold,   very cold,  sun comes out bright once in a while,   the snow has melted a lot & still there is plenty left,   lots between Bessy’s & John’s & a lot beween her far corner as far as I can see,    I can see highway & Sanders house,   there’s quite a little snow on the ground in spots,   Snyder’s yard is covered & the ground half way to us,   then ours is covered to hollow   it still seems queer with big Elm gone.   Frank & Armond cut it this last summer.   Walnut don’t look very good.   it will go next.   Ann called   said she asked for healing & they prayed    she feels better & after

Mon. Mar, 21. 1960./ she ask a young girl ask to be prayed for & the Lord touched them all    there were only 10 or 15 people there including children    Lord I pray you will meet the need of that Church.   she made the bread yesterday,   I don’t believe in doing my baking on Sun, but she did & said it was good.   Partly cloudy today & it snowed a couple of times & it’s real dark tonight at 6-30-P-M.    I wrote letter to Mrs Armstrong & finished one to Opal. 

Tue. Mar. 22. 1960./ Wind blew hard all night & part of morning.   Sun shone bright    then, it snowed so hard couldn’t see walnut tree.   then cleared & sun came out & it was still snowing some,   it’s been so all day.   My books came from Allen & a card from Nellie,    I got a St. Patrick’s card from Ella Jane, Mon.   her mother says Ella Jane has gall bladder trouble & is planing on operation Soon.    I pray God will spare her.    I thank Thee Jesus One of Allen’s books is God’s man of faith & power, his life story .”Allen,” & The man whose number is 666.   there are 3 more.   Ann was here, she & Milton & she took one book    I don’t rem-ember which one,   Milton & Ann stayed an hr. or so,   she & Betty plan on going to pray meeting at Berlyn Hights tonight.   Mrs. Rahm called & said she & Mrs. Walters had planned on coming Sat. morning about 9-a-m, to cut my hair so I’ll have to get up   take a bath & get cleaned up.    Mrs. Payne called & said there car give out over this side Bay Bridge just West of Sandusky    Well they got safly back home & Payne’s brother come from South & he takes him with to work mornings & gets him at night.    I thank God for taking care of us & teaching us His Will & His Ways.   It’s snowing hard again,   road’s covered, been cold wind today.

Wed. Mar. 23. 1960/ Beautiful sunlight morning untill a0-a-m.   Clouded up & not so nice,   Edna Hall came & brought us an apple pie & pt. of ice cream & visited

Wed. Mar. 23. 1960./ untill 4-30-p-m.   she had quite a few pictures “snap shots,” her man is still out of work & so is she.   & she came over here all alone,    she had a letter from Opal & said she’d had letter from her man “Kelley” from the To-ledo Workhouse,   Oh, if they would only learn as they live,    I had letter from Edna’s & Opals mother this a.m. & card from Nelllie yes-terday & from Mrs. Armstrong & I have felt to miserable to write    I felt the touch as they prayed last night & feel some better in that I’m not quite so sore, but had to cry a couple times today.    Edna’s pie was sure good & the cream,   ground was covered with snow  this a-m,   but new snow gone at noon,    It’s very dark tonight,   may rain or snow,   Ann called   she went to Berlin Hights to meeting & Payne was filled with Holy Ghost  Praise God from Whom all blessing flow,   I thank Thee Jesus.    Elberts washed this a-m.   Ann took part of it Tue.,    I hope to write tomorrow.   Looks like rain. 

Thurs. Mar. 24. 1960./ Beautiful day,   snowing & blowing a gale & sun shining quite bright    thempture 24 degrees    wind west quite strong,   the snow’s gone on the road   road   some on ground yet.   Huron News paper, the Erie Co. Reporter came & latter from Opal,  she got letter from Kelly & Welfare is taking care of her & boys.   he’s in Toledo Work house.   Well there’s not much news,   no one called up today.   Elbert’s tired   his feet are bad.   I wrote a letter to Viola & ut it in the one I wrote to Mrs. Crisco to give her    it will go in the morning.   Now Now I hope to Hope to get another letter wrote   Fri. to Nell-

Fri. Mar. 25. 1960./ It wasn’t so cold last night.   Bt it’s a beautiful Morning, sunshiny    it scarcly no wind, not cold Spring is on the way.   No mail today    I sent out a letter to Mrs. Crisco with a letter in to Viola    Hope to write to Ethel.   then Ella Jane,   then Nellie,    I wrote to Ethel & now it’s dark    Ann brought groceries.  We bought 3 tons coal $2.50 per ton from a man from South selling coal. 

Sat. Mar. 26. 1960/ I got a good letter from Allen & the book I ask for.    Partly cloudy & I got up & took bath & slept a little & Mrs. Ramma & Mrs. Walter, came & brought baby boy,   he’s learning to walk & talk   a big 10 mo’s old boy   nice looking to.    they cut my hair & washed my head   I thank God they are so good to me.   Mrs Ramm brought me cookies she made this a.m.    They were real good, we enjoyed them,   Edna came,   I thought I’d set in chair for dinner, but hurt so bad I got back just before Edna came & she came all the way from Milan to bring me a tube of save for my itch,   but Methalatum     seems to be healing & cooling    guess I won’t change.   Edna  stayed untill 2 P.m.   We had dinner,   I wrote letter to Betty Clevenger    it’s 4-15-P-M. now.    I wrote one to Allie Anderson Rome, Brahan Ave 536. Ga.    Now to Ella Jane next.     7-P.M.   Ann c7 Milton came in with there son L. M.   they are out Looking for fresh eggs.   It’s 7. P.M. & not dark yet.   Cold tonight & warmer tomorrow.

Sun. Mar. 27. 1960./ Slept late & so did Elbert    had 2 eggs & fruit cup hot water & at 1-P-M. we had dinner,    then Mr. & Mrs. Payne came in & there four children    He was filled with Holy Ghost last Tue. night.   laid on floor for & hr. & then talked in tongues,   he is so glad & so are all the rest who love the Lord.    Been mostly cloudy wind cold but suns warm   cold nights & warm days.   I thank Thee Jesus for our blessings.

Mon. Mar. 28. 1960./ Dark foggy morning,   no one came in today.    Letter & receipt from Wyatt.   no phone calls.   to dark to read or write   it’s 15 to 5-P-m. & so thick & foggy & dark.   God to write Edna.   Mrs. Aker  Miss McGovern & Ella Jane.   I did write Ethel Viola, Mrs. Crisco,   I might write Mr. Baumhart.    I did write Mrs. Betze but not Nellie or Audrey.   Well 8-P-M.   no came in      the tempture going down to 38 thonight,   not cold out tonight.

Tue. Mar. 29. 1960./ Beautiful Day with warm southerly breeze or wind   clouded up at noon & had a good shower    Nellie, Bonita  2 babies & Audrey came in at 1-30-P-m,  was here about an hr.    Audrey brought back my violet & one she gave me    it’s a double white & my fucia & cacti    they talked an hr. or so & went    the sun was shining when they left & is still shining    wind quite strong.    One letter from Mrs. Crisco,   her son & wife from Lorain were soul save last Sun. & Viola is better off than Crisco thought she has a room by herself & goes out & talks to the other patients about the Lord.    Oh praise the Lord,   He hears & ans. prayer,   Glory.   They are praying for Elbert & I do trust he to will be saved.   Mr. Crisco had the flu. but is lots better   she only had a touch of it.    Well I thank God for the good news.   I read my bible & some of Allen’s book,   its so good  both books.   Sun set Red & the wind died out,   fog horn was blowing this a-M. & Pussy Willows are in bloom.   The girls are so two faced,   Nellie, had her nose in the air   she’s so sickining    acts & talks as if she knows it all,    I don’t like to talk to her   she’s discusting   tries to put on airs & looks foolish,   I see her looking at the walls,   I suppose for the picture frames,   she’ll never get them if I can help it.   Audrey’s little sewing machine came back.

Wed. Mar. 30. 1960./ Partly cloudy & we had a good shower in the early morning & midday & it still looks like rain    it thundered this afternoon    I set bread   only made a little,   thought there wasn’t flour enough, but there would have been,    we are in need of flour & a list of groceries.   & Check come Next Mon or Tue.   Well I’ve had a queer feeling & in comes Mrs. Yants & I believe she said, her 2 daughters & 2 grandsons, 2 more boys that has to be watched every second.   bread was baked 15 to 8. p-m.    Well the young Mrs. Grant  a fresh jelly roll    it was good for supper.   Women sang songs, with a great deal of mean-ing, “spiritual” & then one talked about the bible & spritual things,   then we really prayed   then they went    they told me Viola said it wasn’t to bad after they took her from the insane part & put her in a room by herself, but she isn’t happy there    I wish I could talk to her.   But I pray God will make away for her, & care for her.    She could write to the Welfare as she did while I was there in the Home & I believe she could be freed from the Calvin grip on her.    Well, Mr. Mound came in & brought Elbert 5 or 6 prs. pants, some shirts & his & hand-Kercheifs, but they’re all to small for him,    it’s to bad for he needed them.   Well Ann came in just before he left & stayed untill 6-30-p-m.   Milton is acting so disagreeable,    We had a good talk & prayer & she went just before dark     then we had supper,   Elbert baked the bread, 1. loaf & 1 big pie tin biscuits,   he was hungry for bread.   Mrs. Crisco didn’t come,   they said they couldn’t find her.   They promised to be back in little while.   Elbert washed my nose rags today.   Ann took shirts home to wash.   The corns on Elbert’s feet on the bottoms hurt him terribly God help him.

Thurs. Mar. 31. 1960./ Dark fogy morning   get more & more thick untill could hardly see tracks    a damp chilly fog day    We got a letter from Sister & Swarthout   it nice weather there & Mr & Mrs Webber are wishing to come back to Ohio but if they were here they’d wish they were there,   it did get real warm for couple days,   it isn’t cold now   to warm for a fire & to chilly without it.   Well, I can’t help thinking about [?]of the 400 four hundred thousand in Berzill that were flooded out by rain & they said on radio you could stand on the hill & see them come four abreast up the hill,   I wonder about all the animals, horses, cows, sheep dogs & all the stock,   it’s a terrible thing to try to realize    I pray God will help them to thing of Him & try to do His Will & way.   I got a not from Sister Armstrong & she says Vera Whetmer was exrayed & is full of cansors,   she’s in Hospital as I understand the note    I believe she’s 76. yrs. old,   Ann said sister Bouls had a bad spell at the church Sun evening,   they gathered about her, laid hands on her & she got all right in few minutes    she’s 78. yrs. old   I pray God will strengthen her, poor soul    she needs some one to help her in spirit & soul.   Ann called & will  let us know if Milton is going on his weeks vacation withh his father, to Virginia.   She’s going to try to help Elbert to get a little shopping either Fri. or Sat.    Well its been foggy day & not very cold,   the black birds, mourning doves, red birds, blue Jays & lot of small birds, hawks & crows,    Well we had so little fire it went out & ELbert rebuilt it & it was to hot for a while & it’s still rather warm,   my bladder is sick   keeps leaking just a little  anoining.   Well I haven’t done any writing for a few days.    I don’t feel like writing some how,   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen.

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