April 1960

Elinor feels angry and abandoned by family  “& Ella Jane Audrey don’t write unless she’s in the mood very often, of late, but she & Nellie think Elbert ought to put me in some Home to far away for them to come visit, but it wouldn’t matter to me if they come or not,   they don’t love me or Jesus & He sure Knows,    Elbert don’t want me to ever be taken away again,   he nearly went crazy here alone day & night & no one come to visit him,   he says they are not sisters    Nellie must have been talking to Easel, for Audrey brought back 4 of my house plants & she said poor Elbert he’d have to water them,   she’s never liked him & she turned her nose up like Gertie & pa use to,   she’s terrible dis-custing putting on airs,   I feel happer when they stay away,   Audrey wrote some cards & I read them when I got “home”   she said don’t ask her to come home for you to wait on,   I pray God will take care of them in His own way,   I have always loved & done to much for them,   some day I hope they will wake up be-fore it’s to late,   we both have known for yrs. how they feel toward us,   after pa was laid away, they said   who will take care of Gertie?   they both said & Martha said they wouldn’t,    but, I know pa had it fixed with Audrey, Gertie Kept on working for the Good Will,   she has lived with Audrey & still is  & still works for Good will, pa died Nov. [k?] 1945    She will be 72. yrs. old May 13. 1960.  Such a world.”   She continues to keep track of her caretaker families (Ann and Milton, and  Betty and Bud) and issues in their families.  Milton and his father went on a vacation trip across 3 states and Ann stays home and is lonely.  The bread man and the egg man and the mail man are all part of her day now but the snow banks are preventing them getting into the yard.  The family of Opal with 6 children and her husband’s hit and run accident (Kelly Maynord) and the 10K lawsuit that put him in the Toledo Work House is mentioned and repeated multiple times.  She talks about losing ability to write “can’t hardly use a pencil any more to write.” and losing her eyesight, misinterpreting dull cloudy days when she is just not seeing well.  She is using “lanal” cream for the rash (likely candida).  She reports that Dr.. Llehouser made a house visit and discontinued her insulin, saying she was “in really good condition, good strong heart” She was supposed to test her urine before stopping it but it doesn’t sound like she did that.  Apparently they didn’t do lab work to make the decision to stop.  Her sense of chores has changed now that she cannot get up.  She worries about not keeping up with correspondence meaning responding to any letters or cards and initiating a letter if too much time has gone by.  Elinor seems to worry periodically why she is not healthy and hearty, wondering if she has done something wrong in Jesus’s eyes “I want to Know if I’m doiing anything that’s disobedient to His Will.  I don’t understand my condition”  She is getting 64$/month from Welfare and the “welfare woman Mrs Digan” visits occassionally to evaluate the amount and expenses.  Elinor used to count on Soldier’s and Sailor’s relief dollars but by now she is qualifying for welfare.  

April Fri. 1. 1960./ Been very thick fog.   No mail today   not cold out,   Elbert just said a big fly on the glass of the door   N. East breeze getting colder   raw.   Talked to Ann.   Milton called her & said he wasn’t going to be let off yet    they “his father & him” were going to start on a weeks vacation,    Ann said they talked things over last night & they felt better & he said if she changed some of her ways, he might go to church with her.   We are praying & trusting & Now, Mrs. Payne is with her.    We are praying & trusting & Now, Mrs. Payne is being troubled by Satan,    I pray Jesus will stand by her,   help her to be steadfast, give her strength & help me like-wise,   Amen.   I feel so weak,   Bill Snyder had load of lime stone put on his drive & we need a load on ours.  Ann came in last night by herself for an hr or so we had good visit & prayer Mr. Mound stopped & brought. a box of clothes for Elbert but they’re all to small, he’d said he’d stop again & if Elbert couldn’t use them he’d take them back so Elbert put them all back in the box.   Eva called at 9-30-P-M. & visited some,   Vera’s in Hospital   been there several weeks, is now worse   don’t know any one,   not expected to live   Eva said she was over to see her   she’s 77. yrs old.  is full of cansors    Eva fell 4 or 5 weeks ago   her leg & ft black & swelled so bad thought it would crack open,    but at last she can walk & get about again    Mary Ann talked to Elbert &  I    so did Eva  queer,   Elbert & I had just been talking about her & I have been praying for all of them so much of late,   Mrs. Armstrong said, Vera was in poor condition    Eva said she isn’t expected to live.   Lord help us.  

Sat. April. 2. 1960./ Milton & Ann came & took Elbert to town for a few groceries      his head is sore bad he had 5.00 & few cents & I gave him 3.00 when he started to figure up    he’s 2.00 short, now we have to check each time so the money will come straight but we have to do it.   Milton’s father had his teeth out, all of them This morning    God help him    I know how it feels & how hard to endure, to.

Sat. April. 2. 1960/ Ann & I had good visit & prayer.   It’s dark gloomy day.   Just at supper time Mrs. Myrtle Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Hensley & there 4 children came in,   gave me 1/2 doz. oranges we had a good visit, then Elbert & Clayborn went out & got some pieces of boards    Hensley wanted to fix his porch   & then they went,   they wer suprised to see me in the Wheel chair.   Elbert had just started supper when they came so he set it off & we ate about 8-P-M.   Elbert changed the mattress & made up my bed, after he put me back into bed,    I don’t feel as strong as I did before    we had 3. flies. & severe cold & that ter-rible itch,  that just about took what life I had left out of me    haven’t been able to write my letters arousual & after sitting in wheel chair I knew how weak I really was,    well, from now on I hope to gain in strength,   I pray I can get up & stay longer each day.   Cloudy tonight & it rained some this after noon,    I got one book from Allen, The Plain Truth from Armstrong & a long letter from Wyatt & book from S. Hill Nurcery   Well, it’s been a greeat day.   Praise God, Amen.

Sun. April 3. 1960./ Sun came out this a-m. & it begin to get cloudy at 8-a-m, & has been real bad & thick & raining  ssome light showers.   Ann called   said they had good number out to sunday school & 77 to church.   M’s father don’t feel so bad as he thought he would   they want to go to Tennessee as soon as he is able for a week,   he’s like a spoilt boy & he foments most of the time    doesn’t talk like a man with good judgement,   Betty went to church with Billy,   Franky is sick now.   Ann says Bill’s nose is sore way down  to his lip & looks bad.   Ann hopes to get to church tonight.   It a drizzle out side   So warm we slept with windows open [?]

Sun. April 3. 1960./ 8-15-P.M.  Betty came about 16- to 6-P-M & she ate lunch with us & had lunch with us & she left at 8-15-p-m.   she’s had her hands full with Billy & Frankie   they had some sort of flu   Billy’s better but Frankie threw up all last night.    I read my bible & some of the book of the life of A.A. Allen   I wanted to sit in chair but didn’t get there,    Elbert’s feet hurt him just terrible, he slept from 1.P.M. till 4-P-M. he’s tired, I didn’t sleep untill after 5-a-m had to use pan to often.   But Praise Jesus I’m feeling much better again.   It’s raining not cold, quite warm S. East Wind. 

Mon. April 4. 1960./ Gloomy fogy day sun came out a couple of times but mostly Dark & cloudy.   A letter from Mrs. Clark & 1. dollar & she isn’t very well & doesn’t feel very strong,, but the Nazerines are still looking after her    they take her to do her shopping.   Well I was just set to write when Ann & Milton came in    he took Elbert to town & he got few things   till some one of them come to take him for all the food supply.  Wed. or Thurs.    We had such a good visit spiritual & prayer.   We have prayed so hard, God will wake the Minister up & help him to preach, they’ve had 2 or 3 good sermons of late, God hears & he ans. prayer.   Praise His Holy Name.   Help us God of Love & Mercy to work harder.   Milton & kAnn are good to do part the washing. 

Tue. April 5. 1960./ Sun tried to shine through several times & it snowed & blowed a gale.   while it was shining.   Well Mrs. Hensley, her 3 children & her sister in law came rather unexpected & took Elbert to Berlin Hights. 

Tue. April. 5. 1960./ to shop,  they come so late it didn’t pay him to go,   they had to get back on time,   so, Mr. Hensley could go to work, little sister-in-law took Elbert & Mrs Hensley brought her little phone a graph & 6 or 7 records & played them, I couldn’t seem to hear them plain   Well they left & late about 6-30-P-M   Joe the shoe cobbler came to get Elberts shoes to stretch & he came in & stay to visit untill 7-30-P-M. We had a goo visit & I testified for Jesus, then Elbert got supper & I went to the kitchen & ate supper with him, he did out some washing  5 night gowns & several small pieces & nose rags & his feet are paining him so bad,   Joe said he would put some rubber things in his shoes,   he thought would help his feet,   I pray Jesus will help him to get some releaf Amen.    There wasn’t any mail today,   I didn’t write. 

Wed. April.6. 1960./ A very dark day & has been Snowing in heavy showers as it did yesterday.   no one in today   no mail & Ann called & said Milton got a notice Tue he would get a week off begining Fri.   & that they would come Thurs & get the rest of our food order.   so I pray his feet wont hurt him so bad.   it’s to dark to write     another snow-storm  coming.   Elbert is making Aunt Jaminys muffins for supper,   he’s frying potatoes & liver & warming spinnage.   We had fresh spinnage last night.    Well it’s cold out tonight & feels that way in the house. 

Thurs. April 7. 1960./ Partly cloudy but I wrote a letter to Miss Clark, one to Mrs Armstrong & one to Mrs. Sosact & Loura Ann.  I’m so tired,   Milton & Ann came 4-30. & Elbert went to Huron & got the rest of food order.   Ann stayed with me.   Mr. Mound came but didn’t come on he brought farm magazine.  said he was in hurry.   Elbert heard a phesent to day. 

Thurs. April 7. 1960./ today in hollow & he see a big fox squirel yesterday but only a few birds today.   warmer tonight.   Ann has read one of Allens book & took another tonight    fasting & prayer.   A card from Gillispie   she said she preached to 1200 people.   I wonder where. God help us.

Fri. April 8. 1960./ Sun shone early & off & on untill 4-p-m,   Got our checks.   Edna called from Sleepy Hollow,   she was wondering how we were    she’s cleaning house & going home for Easter on April 17.    I ought to have sent her a note, but truly felt so bum.   I didn’t.    I owe Mrs. Crisco a letter & Miss Mc.Govern.   & Ella Jane Audrey don’t write unless she’s in the mood very often, of late, but she & Nellie think Elbert ought to put me in some Home to far away for them to come visit, but it wouldn’t matter to me if they come or not,   they don’t love me or Jesus & He sure Knows,    Elbert don’t want me to ever be taken away again,   he nearly went crazy here alone day & night & no one come to visit him,   he says they are not sisters    Nellie must have been talking to Easel, for Audrey brought back 4 of my house plants & she said poor Elbert he’d have to water them,   she’s never liked him & she turned her nose up like Gertie & pa use to,   she’s terrible dis-custing putting on airs,   I feel happer when they stay away,   Audrey wrote some cards & I read them when I got “home”   she said don’t ask her to come home for you to wait on,   I pray God will take care of them in His own way,   I have always loved & done to much for them,   some day I hope they will wake up be-fore it’s to late,   we both have known for yrs. how they feel toward us,   after pa was laid away, they said   who will take care of Gertie?   they both said & Martha said they wouldn’t,    but, I know pa had it fixed with Audrey, Gertie Kept on working for the Good Will,   she has lived with Audrey & still is  & still works for Good will, pa died Nov. [k?] 1945    She will be 72. yrs. old May 13. 1960.  Such a world.

Fri. April. 8. 1960./ 4-30-p-m. dark & cloudy.   we ate chicken & dumplin’s for supper, spinage, cottage cheese, pears & coffee,   Ann called & said Milton got home ate & he & his father were on there way home to Tennesse & to Alabama & Virgina for a weeks vacation    Ann said she felt lonesome,   but she has the children    I don’t know what that boy of there’s does nights   Ann’s going to Sandusky tomorrow to get shoes for some of the children & Betty is going with her & they will shop together.    I do hope she Keeps her mind on the Lord,   & on her driving.   Well wind’s cool & it looks like rain tonight    Milton expects to be home for breakfast   We hope he’ll be careful.

Sat. April 9. 1960./ [includes Sunday apparently)Beautiful Day   Palm Sun & not a soul came in,   Ann talked over the phone, as yet, all is well, she & children “except L.M.,” went to church & Sun. school & then they & Betty went for a ride, over to Norwalk, came back & stop-ped to talk to Edna at Milan & then they came back home tired   & decided to rest to night   they won’t go to church tonight,    help that family to keep clear    I pray Milton & his father will have occasion to think of God every day & try harder for God    It’s been so nice out all day.   Oh God.   help us to be of more use to Thee & help us to understand, Jesus, & do Thy will & way.   We have listened to sermons & are still.   Oh, we Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. forever.

Mon. April 11. 1960./ I didn’t write Sat. but it was partly cloudy & cool & then so nice Sun. & now the wind is strong penetrating & raw,   it’s strong nearly knocks Elbert down getting out & in,   They say its a lot warmer, 60. degrees today.  sun trying to shine & trying to rain at 5.P.M.   Ann & Betty were here   I gave Betty a aluminum Pie pan 12. in. wide & [?] in deep. 

Mon. April. 11. 1960./ L.M. & boy next door died there hair black,   he promised to be home at 6-p-m. & didn’t come untill 8-P-M. & she went out to look for him   when she got back he was there & the black die running down his face    she took him into bathroom & scrubed his head half hr.   & didn’t get it all off. & give him good talking to.   Betty & Ann were painting this a-m, at Anns & then went back to Norwalk & then back & over here.    Joe the shoe cobbler came & brought Elberts shoes    he was stretching them & put some sort of pad in to ease corns & he took the slippers to fix the heel    stiffining broke.   paper or cardboard.   Well, sun set red & wind is strong  little warmer.   I pray All will be as Jesus sees best Amen. 

Tue. April 12. 1960./ A Beautiful suny morning    I took my bath & thought I’d make bread but, I didn’t get it done.    Elbert’s feet hurt him so bad, he didn’t feel like being on his feet.    Edna came about 2-P-m. & stay-ed untill 4-30-p-m.   she brought a beautiful hyiceth white,   I gave her an aluminum pie pan like the one I gave Betty.   A letter from Miss Clark with 2. dollars in it   I pray God will bless her, & help her in all ways.   It is sure so nice out side,   Elbert dug 2 nice evergreen trees & gave to Edna to take to her mother,    I hope she gets them there in good condition.   It’s 6-20-P-m & sun still very bright.   I was out in Kitchen for couple hrs.   Pussy willow most done blooming.   Ann didn’t call all day & we couldn’t seem to get her.   Such a nice day.

Wed. April, 13. 1960./Beautiful Day,   Betty called & said she was coming & bring another woman to stay with me & she’d take Elbert to town,   he cashed the checks & got little food & meat & got a pail of fresh fish perch & catfish nice ones   they got back at 11-a-m.  & Betty & other woman

Wed. April 13. 1960./ went home   other woman had a nice quite little girl 4 yrs old with her & has 2 children in school   she gave me there pictures.   Elbert has dressed 4 catfish & getting them on to cook.   Mrs Myrtle Smith had heart attack   she sent me & Easter Card   I got it this a-m.   I pray God will take care of her.   Oh, it’s such a beautiful day,   frogs croaking  bird’s singing  red birds close by.   Its been beautiful day.

Thurs. April. 14. 1960./ Been another nice day    after dinner got little cloudy,   Betty called & she ask Elbert to loan her 5.00 & she & Ann came for it & didn’t come in, but then they went to Sandusky.   Betty she wanted to sell her carpet sweeper   did sell it.   maybe she’s got herself in a jam.   she loves money & to spend it,   I gave Ann 2 Dollars for washing & sent Swarthouts 2.  & now I have to send my tith money out.   I have to write to Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Hensley–  Ann & 4 girls came in about 6-P-M. for half hr. or so,   children are so uneasy they don’t give us time to visit.   she’s tired    been cleaning & painting the wash, she took to Huron    she cleaned yard & washed the car & Milton called & is home sick but having good visit    they went in his fathers car & he let Milton out at his mothers   Alabama & he went on to Georgia & Milton said he hadn’t heard from him since,   how ever they planed on coming back home   Anna’s so tired she achs all over. 

Fri. April 15. 1960./ Partly cloudy quite warm   3 letters   Dears  Mrs. Betz & Miss McMcGovern with 3 bills in it   Dears wrote a letter   others were cards for Easter & it rained a good shower & thundered a little & I got 2 more books from A.A. Allen    they are good but I don’t understand my own condition.   Oh God, help me to Know & what to do Amen

Fri. April. 15. 1960/ Good Fri./ rained & sun shone & birds were singing   it’s Spring time & I pray Jesus will help me to know what I am to do & how to do it,    I want to Know if I’m doing anything that’s disobedient to His Will.   Help me to understand Jesus I pray you will,   I feel I must know,   It’s a little cooler tonight.   No one called or come in today    I didn’t write letters today.

Sat. April 16. 1960./ Nice Day Partly cloudy & a very light shower.   I received card & note from Mrs. Bracket & 1. green bills, in it,  “I haven’t any Easter cards since last yr.”  Mrs. Ramm, Womens Legae & Mrs Sosack. & Loura Ann.   Well, I’ll have to ans. them.   Mrs. McGovern 3. bills.    I set bread & baked 4 tins 2 big & 2 little small tins, 2-white & 2 graham & gave Ann a little piece of graham dough for biscuits,   she got a few things from the store for us,  fruit, fresh  the biscuits taste real good,   the breadman came   Elbert got a loaf & showed him mine & he said it looked good.   didn’t have it baked or would have let him tasted it,   Ann had been to Norwalk to do her shopping   she was tired & was going home to get supper,   L.M. was to have worked Fri. & today,   he got in Fri. & got laid off today at noon,   she was worried, the boy he runs around with & one other got laid off,    Ann was worried about it,   she had hoped he could work this summer for Mr. Daniels.   I do hope he didn’t do something wrong,   Well, we have had suppe & Elbert washed bread dishes & left the rest   his feet are paining him so bad.   I pray for Gods love & protection. Amen.

Sun. April. 17. 1960./ Easter Sun.   Christ is risen   Dark & cloudy untill noon, then partly cloudy   quite warm.   We had last of fish for dinner

Sun. April 17. 1960./ Easter Sunday 2-15-p-m & no one came in,   it’s a queer world,   Well Jesus sees hears & Knows, Praise the Lord, now & ever more.   Well, Nellie Bonita & her man & two babies came in & they brought us some ham & glazed sweet potatoes,   they had the babys hair cut   he looks better,  they didnt stay long   Nellie’s legs pain her so bad.    I wish she would go to Allen’s meeting in Penn. & be healed & learn of the Lord   I’m hoping to go when he comes to Cleveland    Mr Mrs. Hensley, the 4 children came in    they were all broken up, his father died suddenly Thurs. April 14th.   some one call them over phone & they got on there way to Virgina for the funeral   they were terribly broken up,   he said there were so many things he wished he had done & now it’s to late.   Oh God Please help him to change there ways,   We never know Who will be called out next.   Well I tried to comfort them & ask them to live closer to God. 

Mon. April 18. 1960./ Milton & his father got back home Sun. morn & the older man wasn’t feeling very good.    It turned cold last night & wind blew hard all night,   but isn’t bad to day,   only real chilly, partly cloudy.   Ann & Betty & 2 boys & Conie came in for a little while & Betty brought 2 pieces pie  a piece of cake, some eggs & candy & she brought some graphone needles    she was going to bring several mo’s. ago.   hope I can use them.

Tue. April. 19. 1960./ Beautiful morning   Elbert’s been washing now he got me washed & give me grapefruit & cup of tea & he’s going to hang out the rest of the wash & get dinner,   I’m not hungry.   I hope to write some today.   No worth while mail.   I wrote 3 letters, Miss. Mc.Govern  Mrs. Brackett & to Fred Gordon & sent him 2. for missionary work.   Well Mrs. Ackert Edna came in    we had a good visit.

Tue. April. 19. 1960./ Edna wiped up the floors & she & Elbert went out & dug some little evergreen trees    I gave Edna two nice trees a least a yd. high & she took them home a Easter time & her mother came back with her & over to see me   she was so happy about the trees,   now I pray they & there last ones will grow & be nice far from home in Kentucky & make them glad.   they took 4 or 5 back this time to some of there family.   she brought us a pt. can of apple butter, home made.   Mrs. Akler looks thiner than when she was here last,   she has so many things she worrys over.   Edna was taking her back as far as Columbus in the morning.

Wed, April, 20. 1960./ Beautiful morning,   it turned colder Sun. night & they had a heavy frost at Sleepy Hollow & the wind’s cold & raw Tue. night, not so cold today,   but quite strong.   The Daily Blessings book was all the mail this morn.   Ann called & said Marcie was sick & ask for prayer   she was lots better before prayermeeting time.   Glory. 

Thurs. April. 2, 1960./ Dark morning, tries to rain,    Letter from Opal this a-m.   Milton & Ann came in.   The welfare woman Mrs Digan came to check on us to see if anything has raised in price, such as coal E. light, Phone, insurance, & such like,   they changed the insurance,   I don’t know if it’s for our good or there’s.   Mrs. Digan went.   Ann & Milton stayed half hr.   His father’s coming to take Elbert to town tomorrow after noon.   Well it’s to dark to write.   Well we’re alone again.

Fri. April, 22, 1960./ Sun shining. No. mail.   I sent out 3 or 4 letters yesterday   Wyatt, Allen, Wheeler Girls.   I wrote a letter today to Opal.   my nose runs & my eyes & I cough & sneeze all most continuely,    Elbert trimed & fastened rose bushes.   Been a beautiful day,   I felt to bad for anything today.   Joe, Shoe cobler was here   brought Elbert a pr. of slipper for around the house.   hard day for me. 

Sat. April 23. 1960./ Been Beautifull day.   A letter from Wyn & Mrs. Swarthout  interesting,   & Mr & Mrs [?] em-in & they raked a little grass out of the peonies & dug 2 nice evergreens about 4 1/2 or 5 ft high   nice ones for them selves & a mosscasua [?]  & took Elbert to town & Elbert did the shopping   he was [w.trd to do ill?] its 4-p-m,    Now it’s 7. P.M. & no one else came in but Joe left Elbert’s slippers on porch,   82 degrees today.   been to hot for this time of yr.   Ann’s been spading, Elbert called to ask about Conie,   she’s cutting teeth double ones & Anns back achs tonight.   Milton’s working 15 hrs. per day,   works nights,   Well I Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name. Amen.   

Sun. April 24  1960./ Well, Elbert changed my bed & I took a bath.   Mrs. Payne called    They Mr. & Mrs Marshall & baby & her brother & a friend who has a car & brought them all,  came in & visited for. & hr. or so   sung a hym, testified & preayed,   then ask me to pray for them  for Mrs. Marshall, for bodily strength for his body & for a job he’s much in need of,   been out of work for most a yr. now & for the old gent & the brother to be converted “Simm’s son,”    now it’s 5-30-p-m.   Ann hasn’t called today,   her back was paining her bad from spading.   It’s a beautiful day  quite windy, tempture 85. degrees.   to hot for April.   Well Milton & Ann came in & visited & hr. or so,   they are having there troubles to    she didn’t get off to church this morning & wasn’t going tonight,   they seem to all be feeling better than they were   Ann admits she’s slipped some in prayer this week,   Oh God pick her up & bring her closer to Thee Amen   be with each of the youn g folks as well as the elders,   Help us each one   We need Thee so much   wind died out tonight.   

Mon. April 25. 1960./ Nice sun. this a.m.  

Mon. April. 25. 1960./ partly cloudy this after noon.   Well, we wish we Knew how Edd Rosecrans is today    Virgina said he has nurses around the clock,  his heart is very bad,  his children Aubrey & Dorthy come each night to him, if he would only repent & turn to the Lord.   Georgia has been gone for several yrs. now.   I believe Edd is 85. yrs. old,  I can’t remember.   No mail today.   No word from Mrs. Crisco,   I do wonder what’s wrong    hope for some news tomorrow.   Edd’s in Oberlin Hospital.   The letter we received from Rev. & Mrs. Swarthout was good,    but, there’s something wrong some where   she doesn’t get the healings as she should,   they seem to want things to go there way,   it would seem we work against God, at times.   It’s better to let Him have His way with us.   I’m so anxious to get up & so God has let me lay a gain with another bad cold,   I don’t want to do anything wrong & pray He keeps a tight grip on me.   6-P-m. & sun is clear & bright & warm.   Wind’s colder. 

Tue. April. 26. 1960./ Dark cloudy & it thundered & rain-ed hard    a beautiful Spring Day.    No mail & to dark to red or write   have to gues[?]’s & Keep mind on what I’m writting.   John Snyder plowed untill it began to rain.   There is vitamins in grape fruit, milk, eggs & I can’t remember the others.   Well, Mr. Payne called,  they went to Virgina & 7 of there folks came back with them & they’d no more than got in & here come another car & 2 more come in  9, beside there family of 6.     Ann hasn’t called today & it’s 3-30 & so very dark;   I’m feeling a little stronger today   I am weak.   Wish I could write.   Marchel faces Keep coming before me,   I pray God you will help them Keep him from temptation, be with him strong & help him I pray in Jesus Name, my Jesus.   It’s fogy raining nice gentle rain.   Wind cold.   

Wed. April 27. 1960/ Little cool alnight  We had

Wed. April. 27. 1960./ just a little fire to Keep the house warm.   Elbert felt sick all night,   his bowels “maybe” flu,   he’s some better to-day,   his feet paining him terrible,   he did out some washing & Ann came & brought what she had & talked a little,   Mr. Cantiberry went Penn & Allen prayed for him & he coughed up a cansor in small pieces,   now he got back home & his stomach began to pain & they called the Dr. & he said take him to Cleveland quick, he has an in-fection,   “Oh Why didn’t they call in the cristians & really pray? Why?”  I cried to God to help be-fore they could use a knife.   They have taken him to Cleveland Clinic.    Ann hadn’t heard anything this morning.   I prayed for Ann & her back & for Dian,   they thought she was getting flu, they’re better this morn.   Oh Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, Amen.   At noon Edna & Cliff & there little girl & Betty & her two boys came in to clean some the grass & weeds out of the flowers    they did a lot,   Cliff mowed the grass in yard.   Edna brought an apple pie & pt. of cream,   it sure was good.   Sun came out n ice & bright & hot,   Dr. Leidhouser came & examined me & said I was in really good condition, good strong heart & maybe I don’t need insulan any more, he said to let him know about the urin tonight & again in the morning.   Had letter card from Audrey this a.m.     I don’t know how Edd is.   I guess our company all come for today & now I’ll have to read, write & pray & God help us stay well, of all things after the rest were gone, if Howard Page didn’t come in with his brother he visited awhile   then [?] Francis was in Cleveland

Wed. April. 27. 1960./ with there daughter Shirley for a few days, they are expecting a baby & Howard & his brother Frank are batching it at Howard’s home,   he is foreman for the lumber Co.   Well he came “he said” to get the wheel chair,   they wanted it back he said,   we told him O.K. & Elbert got it & gave it to him    he has his front teeth all out,   he is quite stought    I didn’t know him   he’s quite gray   looks well & believes in God & the bible & he says those that trust & believe have the victory,  that’s so. Amen.   Now Elbert’s soakiing his feet & it’s 9-P,   Oh, Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free, where Jesus is tis Heaven to be, on land or sea   What matter where   Where Jesus is tis Heaven there.   Oh, Praise the Lord.   A card from Audrey    she said,  hope you are not thinking what I feel you could be thinking but haven’t forgot you, but have been & I am now quite busy sewing    wish I could be free for a while to wash windows   haven’t heard from any one   were at Martha’s Easter Sun.   they have done the outside of their house over in some sort of siding   gray bottom, yellow upper part.    they’ll be seing us some day, Audrey.   That’s that;  I didn’t feel able to do any writing.

Thurs. April 28. 1960./ Haven’t taken either vitimins or insulin since last Thurs & feel better    Been a fine day & no one in or called today,    We received card from Nellie   all’s well.   I read my bible & prayed & never wrote a letter  & tonight about 8-P-M. here Mr. & Mrs. Crisco & Rea Williams & his wife came in, all Holy Ghost people came & such a good spiritual meeting as we had, Glory to God,   I been asking God to send some of His Children,   I told Elbert there was a 

Thurs. April. 28. 1960./ [?] load of strange faces coming & here they were   Mrs Crisco didn’t have much time to talk to me but said Viola’s doing good & they’er having meeting at Clyde & she’s happy & she hopes to bring her & Helen & Mayline over some day soon   The folks were here couple of hrs.   Oh, it was just wonderfull   it was as if We’d always Known each other.     Frank Babcocks birthday   he’d be 78. years old 

Fri. April. 29. 1960./ Dark cloudy morning.   No mail.   John Snyed is still plowing.   I wish we could clean up weeds north of the house    No mail again today,   people forgetting us.   Well I wrote cards to Audrey, Nellie, Frank, Hunt, Hensley Mrs Smith , Seneff, Wasin. & I’m so tired.   Still dark & no one came in but Ann called.   Now we’re going to have our supper.

Sat. April 30. 1960./ Dark day   raining this afternoon every now & again.   Wish we had some more greens   they were so good.   No letter but 4 Mercale Magezines,   they are wonderful,   I don’t know if I sent Richard Acker a subcription or not,    I forgot to write Names down.   Well Elbert called Ann but no word,   Father in law went to Detroit & hasn’t got back yet,   they manage so Ann don’t get car to use,   God knows they’re both like that.   Ann has to take more than her share   God sees & hears.   I’ve been reading Mircale booklets, they’re very interest-ing,   No mail tomorrow.   Look before dark as if we would have a tornado   they had one over in Southern part of Mich,   didn’t know if any one was hurt,   don’t look so bad now.   Praise God & thank Him.   

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