May 1960

Her entries continue to sound like the society page in the newspaper, with a running account of everything that comes and goes, like a recording.  There is little mention of entertainment though Betty got new needles for a gramaphone and she does say one day she listened to records. She also does seem to take joy in the spring weather and flowers “dandilines for bouquets.  They’re so full of life… Almond bush is beautiful & the lavender, white & double purple lilics, also Violits.  Myrtle & Spice Bush are in bloom  White & purple violets & little Spring Beautys.”  But then she says “It’s like every things dead so quite.” Her life seems to be chores and obligations rather than enjoyment of any sort.  They are now able to get fish, just not for free or barter.  The marital problems of Milton and Betty seem to worsen and include physical abuse and though the children say they are not going allow it to continue. 

Elinor’s brother Frank has great grandchildren by now and the extended family of Harvey William Bonney (Jr.)[1914-1989, died at 74 years old, buried in Cleveland at Brooklin Heights Cemetery with his wife]  He (1950 census) was living with his wife Olive M. Bonney (they married when she was 17), daugther Shiela A, and son Darrel S, in Cleveland)  with mother in law, Anna Neat who was 48 years old in 1950. Elinor talks of her brothers new  baby great grand daughter (not found in Ancestry) and the rest of his son’s family.  Harvey William finished 4 years of High School and then worked through early 20s on a ship “Kingfisher” as a deckhand that sailed in and out of Seattle Washington and Brittish Columbia.  He joined the army April 4, 1942 at age 28 and was shot by a rifle in the buttock and was hospitalized March 19, 1945 and was discharged November 10, 1945.  Frank is described as gruff and not generous though he does bring Elinor and Elbert cast off food, hunting kills, various other big packages of meat.  It’s interesting to note that in 1930 when Frank and Ruby and family lived on the homestead at 760 Georgia Ave, Nelson McGinnis “Red” married Evelyn and was living with them as a lodger.  Frank’s daugther, Evelyn is 17 by this time.  By 1940 Evelyn, Red, and their daughter Ruby (Jr.) were living at 754 Georgia Ave.  The older  McGinnis family were living with them (Earl -working at the steel mill,  and Helen, and 3 children under 10).  The McGinnis family came from West Virginia just a few years earlier.  By 1940 William Wheeler (1854-1944), Elinor’s maternal uncle lived across the street adjacent to the Bonneys at 759 Georgia Ave.  At this point he was 86 and living with his daughters Pearl, (a teacher),Bessie and Lillian, (a practical nurse) all in their 50s.  He is listed as being born in Ohio but the girls are listed as being born in Michigan. 

By this time, Harvey Deville Bonney was  79 years old, living with his daughter, Gertrude at 760 Georgia Ave. He and his oldest son, Frank, were coming in and out of Ellis Island on trips to Cuba, probably for work in the fields.  One of the ship manifest lists them on the Saratoga in July of 1908.  He continues to take trips there, including sometimes Gertie and his wife Martha through the years.  In 1910 he is living at 760 Georgia Ave with children ages 13-27.  He is 49 and his wife 3 years older.  Harvey Deville’s father is listed as being born in New York.  Martha’s father is listed as being born in Vermont and Martha’s mother in New York.  He and his son Elbert are carpenters.  Frank is a fireman, Elinor a seamstress, Fred a machinist, Audrey a stenographer, and Nellie at 13 years old will finish high school and teacher’s college in Kent, Ohio and become a kindergarten teacher untill retirement in 1960.  All the children except Elinor and Elbert are born in Ohio, on Georgia Ave. The city directory lists Armond E Bonney at 153 Lakeside Ave with Frank & Ruby at Brush Berrilium 153 Lakeside Ave and Harvey D Bonney is listed as wid. from Martha, living at 760 Georgia Ave with Gertrude (Gertie).   In the 1900 census, the family is living on Harrison Street (the home that burned down). and all the children except Nellie are listed as being in school.  

Sun. May. 1. 1960./ Uncle Wills Wheeler’s birthday 106 today.   He lived to be 91. yrs. old.   It a dark [?] day  Betty & [?]

Sun. May. 1. 1960/ Betty & Ann came in after church & talked about 15 mi. & said they had 91. for church this morning & they had a good service, preachers brother was there this a-m.   They wanted me to see them in there Sun. dresses & bonnets,   they looked well.   quarter to 2. p.m & Sun shining throug bright.   I thank & Praise God for ans. prayer & that the church is growing again.   Mr. Anderson was in a car wreck Sat. morn, so, I did-n’t see it wrong,   hurt his back some more, & they took him & exrayed his back again.   & it’s worse,   she didn’t say if they brought him home or not.   It seems good to see sunshine.   I received, Jan. Feb. Mar. & April Miracle Magazines Sat.   they are trully good & filled with the Holy Spirit, Praise God.   Well of all things if Mr. & Mrs. Weber didn’t come in,   they didn’t stay very long   an hr. or so. & they brought some ripe dates from Arizona,   they were so sweet & good    We had begun to think they wasn’t coming any more when they left whe said she wouldn’t promise but hoped to come again soon & now at 6.-p-m Mrs. Hensley  her husband & 4 children came in for an. hr. or so  exchanging news   & she was feeling bad   she wanted to go to church & couldn’t find the babys sweater,    she said the children were all sick with colds & the bab had to have a shot    she was so short for breath.    she said she’d try to be back one day this week.   35 degrees last night & they say 38 degrees tonight.   I was out in Kitchen & played records today. 

Mon. May 2. 1960./ Nice Day   Wind’s been strong and cool.   Elbert washed this a-m & his feet hurt him so bad    strong S. wind cloths dried good.   Got a letter from Allen & anouted cloth with comands how to do & how to use it.   Jesus please help me to obey & that we both may be happy in Thee   I thank Thee, Amen.   Well Ann hasn’t called up today.   Some one jamed into back of Mr. Anderson’s Sr. car & hurt his back some more,   I don’t know where he is,   Milton & Ann just came in & were here for & hour or so & his father is back with them & Milton is back on day work,   he fogot his smokes & was so uneasy for them he could hardly visit.   Jesus help his heart & soul turn to Thee  Thank you,   Nice for this time of yr. 35 degrees tonight.   We do need few things from store but check wont be here for a week or so yet & not much money left. 

Tue. May 3. 1960./ Beautiful Morning   Wind is cool   Elbert has the wash finished & dinner is now ready    We ate & rested little while then Betty came & her 2 boys, boys brought me dandilines for bouquets.   they’re so full of life    Well I think I’ll send for some strawberry plants Everbearing Gems,   it will be nice to have a few up untill Fall.   Anna’s washing this a-m.   Received card from Audrey   not much news   she says it’s for my weather & it Rained Sat. & Gertie did her washing Sun.   they are like that   they don’t keep the sevth Day Holy.   the little flowering almond is beautiful & the spice bush so fragrant    Betty is going to get few things for us at store.  She made it & left here at 5-p-M.

Wed. May. 4. 1960./ Been fine day   nice breeze from south, no rain & we need it.   Betty was here yesterday   got us a few grociers, but Ann didn’t even call up yesterday or today.   I read my bible & some of Allens books & got rather muddled up   I don’t know why    I don’t talk in other tongues or praise God in Spirit   He he says we can’t go to heaven if we don’t    No letters     I don’t know what’s wrong,   the weather 70 some today & 55 degrees tonigh.   Wind all died out tonight    Almond bush is beautiful & the lavender, white & double purple lilics, also.   Violets.   Myrtle & Spice bush are in bloom.   White & purple voilets & little Spring Beautys    Next week Gertie will be 72. yrs. old next Fri. 13th of May.   It’s like every things dead so quite. 

Thurs. May 5. 1960/ Well a beautiful day, partly cloudy late this after noon,   Well Betty & Ann came 1-30-p-m.  & took Elbert to town & he done his shopping,   he took his shoe for them to stretch & come back with out it,   his feet hurt him so terribly bad he can hardly get around.   Well, he got a bucket of fish   Ann took a few but Betty had tooth ach & didn’t take any   she didn’t feel like cleaning them,   Elbert cleaned catfish & cooked 3. for supper & now he’s gone to clean the perch.   He forgot to mail my letter to Allen,   I’m still trusting & believing for my healing   Betty & Ann both got double teeth  they have to have pulled & they both feel bad.   [?] picked flowers to take home.   We had supper  fish perch taste good   Elbert been tired.

Fri. May. 6. 1960./ B a nice day   sun a little this morning then getting dark & darker toward evening,   no mail.   No one came in or called.   Elbert doesn’t feel very well & his right eye is red & swollen & feels sore & he’s so tired.    I wrote 3 pages to Allen & ask for one of his books (Gods garntee to heal you.) sent $1.10 for it.   I wrote Rev. Armstrong & sent 5.00 & I wrote Mrs G. I. Armstrong at Beaulah Beach & thanked her for her gift of 1. dollar & I wrote Edna & her husband a card & thanked them for the pie & cream, & now I’m tired & Elbert’s feet are paining him   he made corn bread & fried fish for supper    Ann came & brought the wash   she’s going to town   Dian’s birthday to-morrow – she’s 13. yrs. & having a party Sat. 7.     it’s trying to rain    I hope we get some   I thank the Lord for all our many blessing.   Amen.

Sat. May. 7. 1960./ Dark & fogy  not real cold 54 Degrees lats night & 68 Degrees today.   Elbert’s eye is still swollen & his feet are so sore he can hardly stand on them.   he’s been washing & doing odds & ends.   Letter from Mrs. Clyde or Helen Green from Norwalk Memoral Hospital,   she’s able to walk & dress herself & she says she’s home sick,   she did what seems to us a very foolish trick,   she says she sold her home in Lorain   her sisters wanted her to sell it & be where they could come to her,  then one sister died & now the other one just had a stroke & died, last week,   she wishes she could change & be nearer her home,   it’s so hard & I know it might be nice if she could come & visit with us for a week or so    I don’t know a-bout that.   I got letter & receipt from Wyatt & 

Sat. May 6. [should be 7] 1960./ & we got Plain Truth booklet & Edna wrote nice letter & he’s gone back to work   It’s to dark to see to write.   Mr, & Mrs, Payne & there 4 children came in for & hr or 2,   we talked about all things going on in the world today & how thought-less & reckless the people as a whole are today    Paynes 2 brothers from Virgina are up here looking for a house & for work,   one’s a newly Wed & the other has 6 children,   the one without children got a job   the one with children none.   but they‘re are a big crowd 10 children & 6 grown ups.   I pray God will help them to draw closer to Him & that He will draw closer to them. Ann called & said Milton & his father were going to Detroit & get his money & right back   she was having a party for Dian at 6-p-m.  she’s so to tired & wished it was all over & men were back home.   It’s been raining a little slow drizzly rain.   been quite cool & we have some fire every night & it feels good, but I’ve sweat bad all day.   Some how weeks all turned round   They say 40 degrees tonight & 55 degreese tomorrow. 

Sun. May. 7. [should be 8]1960./ Dark dreary morning,  Then Betty & Bud came in & the 2 boys & spent the after-noon   Betty brought me 6 apples,   we talked a- many things, she went to Sunday School, her & the 2 boys, went home & had dinner & came over here,   Ann wanted to go to Bellevue to Rev. Gibsons Church & Bud & Milton told the women they could not go, but Ann prayed about it & I to was ask-ing God to make a way for both of them to go & Ann felt God wanted her to go & her father-in-law said to her  take my car & Milton said if you go I’m taking off right now,   she said, I’m going & he went out & went away, so Ann got into the other

Sun. May. 8. 1960./ & started for Bellevue   she only took some people that were on there way there & she follow them all the way to church,   she said the Lord give her a good blessing & there was a big crowd there & they had a wonderful meeting,   she got back home a 8-P-M & she follow-ed the same car back to Milan & then knew her way from there home,   Milton’s father said Milton had been back 3 times to see if she had got back,   he came & was so angry  he felt like killing her he said,   the three eldest child-ren saw him slap her with force & talk & swar terribly,   Ann Kept praying in her heart,   she went into her bedroom for her night clothes & he told her to get out & stay out,   she took her cloths & went & prayed all night    “now I know why I had to pray with her most of the night”  the children said they wasn’t going to see him harm her & I pray God will keep her close to Him & call loud to her & that He will put objects in Miltons way & help Ann & children & turn Milton about.   I pray Jesus for help for them, for Budd & Betty & boys, for Edna Clifford & there children  for Loty her man & children & relatives, for Payne & his wife & children & there relatives   God we all need a great deal of Thy strength & help.   I do thank & Praise Thee more than I can tell Amen

Mon. May. 9. 1960./ Dark morning we slept late. and it was a drizzling rain   we thought no one would be coming in today but after dinner Edna Hall & Patty 4. yrs. old came in & brought us a big 2 layer piece of pink cake with white frosting on it,   well it was so good we had good visit & she wiped

Mon. May 8. [should be 9]. 1960./ wiped up the floors & then helped Elbert get me in the chair,   it was queer but platform broke & they had to take chair off & Elbert took the wood seat he had made for the wheel chair & put the pieces he had the wheels & put on it & nailed them good & put chair on platform & it’s better than before   Edna pulled phone agraph out & Patty got some recards & we played some of my Hyms   it was so good to hear them again, & Patty got the records & put them on for me to play,   they went home at 4-30-p-m.   I gave Patty some nursery book & the flowers Nellie & Bonita brought Lilacs. & Elbert gave Edna some Pie Mix he got by mis-take,  she seemed pleased with it.   An & her second daughter Kathy came in at supper time & we had a good spiritual visit & some other     Milton was comed down this a.m. & I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for ans. prayer & pray Thou will cause him to turn Wholy to Thee in Jesus Name we ask. Amen.   We had prayer & Jesus touched us & we were glad we prayed for 6 or 8 persons. Amen.   They were here about 2 hours,   I pray Thou will help Ann to win in all things for Thee. 

Tue. May. 10. 1960./ Rainy morning   we slept late   Elbert’s eye is better but he had a terrible sore throat such as I have been having   mine has mostly gone & his is lots better today,   it was 1-p-m. when Elbert got dinner ready & brother Frank Bonney came in & visited an hr. or so,   he said Ruby was coming one day last week with him, then they got my card saying I had a cold & she was afraid to

Tue. May. 10. 1960./ come & today it’s to wet, but maybe the weather will get more settled by & by    Frank brought us a big package of meat of verious kinds.   He was over to see Harvey & his wife & family & he also saw his grand daughter & new baby, great great grand daughter,   they all live in same apart-ment house.   He said Bill Todd died about a week before he was here last in Feb. 1960. & we are all think-ing about Nellie going to California in an air plaine,   her heart isn’t very good,   she looks a me rather queer as if she might never see me again,  or perhaps she thinks I might not be here when she gets back.   Well We don’t know a man over by Betty’s was talking to her just before she went to get Billy from school & when she got back in 15 or 20 minutes some one ran in & said the old man was died   it was a real shock to Betty,   she couldn’t help talking about it,   but I told her God gives us our breath & takes it, just a quick, so it pays to be ready to go at any second.   Oh God help us I ask.   We can never learn all there is in the Bible to Know    Ann called while Frank was here so I didn’t get to talk to her.   Well we decided to call Eva & so we did    she’s feeling all in    said she hardly knew what to do,   she goes to the Dr. she says & gives him 3 or 4 dollars & he gives her a few pills & she don’t feel any better,    I talked a minute then she talked to Elbert & Marry Ann & she told him she thought she’d try to come over Fri.   his feet feel so bad he is-n’t able to cook fish for them,   Oh well;   No mail this a-m.   & it drizzled rain all day    Ann gave me 2 little round white glass placks to hang on the wall,    Oh, you should see all the things hanging on the wall   One of those hols ten comi-dments & other The Lords prayer,   I’m so tired   Jesus help me. 

Wed. May 11. 1960./ Another dark morning

Wed. May. 11. 1960./ Well, one of Sister Gant’s daughters wrote me a letter    I received it this a-m.  & a letter from Boys town   they want some money,   I Know they ought to have it.   It is terribly dark & cool, damp still raining a little    I’d like to read my bible.   I got one of Fred Jordon’s Missionarys papers yesterday   They are good reading & many things to think about.   It’s 12-30-P-M.    Ann thought she’d be over.   Well she came this evening.   We had quite a visit   Mr. Caniberry is home & Dr’s.say he only has 6 weeks to live,     instead of trusting the Lord, he began to take dope & now he is terrible bad,     & they didn’t go to see Mrs. Gilispie,    Milton called Jim & he said Drs. were going to exray & see what’s wrong with her inside,    Ann took my washing home   I’ll give her 2.00 for just washing it & getting it ready to hang up to dry.   she will bring it back for us to dry.   Elbert dug out the sewing machine & partly cleaned dirt off from it & together we tore a sheet into & sewed selvage edges together & hemed the out side edges & got it done & everything put away at 6-P-M.  & I had to be hoisted on bed for pan & let down again before we got the sheet all done,    We were eating supper when Ann & Milton came & before they left  Milton lifted me back on the bed & now we are going to bed.   Its rained all day & is yet.

Thurs. May. 12. 1960./ A letter from Miss Clark & 2. dollars in it   she’s feeling better but not very strong,    the woman that worked in the old Martin Store use to take her food order then bring it to her broke her ankle;  she had

Thurs. May. 12. 1960./ planed on taking a vacation but in a different way.   And Tom & Myrtle are going on in the 4 Square Church & she pitys the congeration & she ask me to pray for some woman     I think it’s one that broke her ankle & bruised it   she in the hospital.  & it’s terrible how gready most people are for money.   Well we had been wondering how she was & Elbert was thinking of stopping to see her Sat. if he could manage.   she wrote a good letter,   she’s half blind,   it’s hard for her to write,   she’s going to the Naz-erine Church,   they bought the old brick Liberary building & having services there.   I don’t feel any the worse for my sewing yesterday & we have another sheet to be turned.    Elbert called Eva & told her he couldn’t get to town.   & he had a bad sore throat,  was sorry to disapoint her, but we’d try later,.   she said she was just as well pleased, for she had some electricians working in the house,   Elbert does have a very sore throat & feels like droping on the bed each time he comes in the room,    I had it & have some yet.   The sun shone about half hr. today about 2.P.M.    I looked at the cardnal   we call them red birds,   haven’t seen Red birds yet.    America & Rushia still rangling over the plaine,   Rushia shot down, of ours,  Rushia has bomb that can kill all human life;  we hadn’t been told a-bout it untill now    Oh God, how wicked can they get.    Thought Ann would bring the wash but she didn’t,   I pray all’s well for she didn’t call.   I pray Jesus Thou will take care of all things Amen. 

Fri. May. 13. 1960./ Gertie’s birthday 72. yrs. old.    A letter from Loura Ann & Mrs. Sosack and a card from Gillespie from Norwalk Hospital,    We have a nice sun & ground covered with fog so sun must be hot,    Welbert says his cold is better    I pray Jesus .   I told Loura Ann Pa left some money in Gaerden Trust Bank in Trust for her & she’s wanting to know about it    she will have to find out about it for herself   Milton Ann

Fri. May. 13. 1960./ came in for couple hrs.   & she brought the washing back.   & we had a good visit & prayer together,   I thank Thee

Sat. May. 14, 1960./ Budd & Betty & there 2 boys & 3 of there sister’s boys came & cut the grass.   Elbert called off his trip to Lorain,    I was glad   I had a terrible time moving my bowels,   Betty helped Elbert,    I don’t like to have them do anything of that kind   there tongues waggle to much some times    I sat in the wheelchair & turned a bed sheet,   Elbert turned the treadle while I looked after the stitching,    Elbert told Ann & she had to tell it right away   & here come the two young Marchels wife & baby today & said they heard I stitched a sheet & was walking around,   Now Betty knows I had to be exposed to both there hers & Elbert’s, naked, & I wonder what we will hear about that,   I didn’t think to tell her, not to tell of it to every one, so what a disgraceful thing    & we don’t have any one to come in, not a woman to help in such a case,   hope Jesus will hold there tongues.   Budd & boys mowed the grass & went home at 15- to-1-p-m.   she’s going to get us a few groceries & be back at 5-30-p-m.    I Praise Jesus for taking care of us, for Elbert sure feels so bad,   his rupture beging to hurt him so bad Fri. & his feet about take the life about out of him.    A letter this a-m- from Sister Crisco & Soul Clinic & card from Gillespsie,   she was in Norwalk hospital, but went home Fri. morning,   Ann stopped to see her,    but she had gone home.   I’m feeling bum but thank Jesus He took care of me.    Well it’s 20-to-6-P-m.    Elbert has supper about ready,    I’m so sore   hurts me to move.   & he says I have eat.   Well we got the eating done & I laid down again & Milton & Ann came in about 8-P-M. & stayed untill 11-P-M. just talking over things & we prayed,    Ann’s nerves are bad    she going to have her teeth out Mon. May. 16. 1960 & she dreads to get them pulled & she has to have them all out.   Well we got to bed before 12-P-M.     I pray God Will take care of Elbert, his throat & feet,   Crisco having some hurt throat trouble

Sun, May. 15. 1960./ It’s a beautiful day   little S. west Breeze not cold, 42 degrees last night,    Elbert feels real bad this morning   his throat’s so sore,   I pray the Lord will heal it & I Praise Him for all our many Blessing,    Hensleys came & there 4. girls & visited quite a while,   She was telling about her brother getting a fine apartment & when the rent is up he’ll have to move    he’s out of work again & no money to pay on the car    she is discusted with them   they come & board & room on them & it takes about all they have to keep going & they did’t go to church today,   they brought me some green onions   Wyn, Virgina her husband & daughter came in for & hr or so,   he was going to Sandusky to look after work today Sun.   they brought new rags & been house cleaning   the daugter is a big girl now.     Milton & his father came & brought 1 box of cough drops & they were & other kind & didn’t seem to work   Elbert’s throat is bad & no jok but how little some people think     I pray God will help.

Mon. May 16. 1960./ Beautiful morning   I sent 3 card 1. each to Nellie Audrey & Gillespiie,    I feel to weak to even try to write.   No mail today.    I will try to write some if I can    it’s 12-noon & so terrible Dark & it’s trying to rain,   it thundered & lightened last ni-ght & poured done rain, then cleared up & moon shone clear & bright   & nice sun untill noon & begin to get hazy.    Elbert didn’t sleep “because of his throat”   all night & I couldn’t sleep knowing how bad he felt,    he is better tonight,  Praise God.   Ann had to 5 teeth out today,   face is swollen but feels O.K., under circumstances.     Betty call up.   Mr Anderson Sr. brought 1. box of cough drops over & we ask for about 8 boxes but God took care of him   I thank Thee Jesus   I did get little wrote to Miss Clark  have -now one to Audrey & one to Allen   I sent him one hundred on request & trusting God all[?]

Tue. 17. 1960. May./ Nice this a-m but cloudy & looks like tornado for several nights   sky is thick & dirty color   no one called & the Lord showed me Allen’s face twice, Mon. & we are in for a big war “religious”  I thank it’s the one the bible tells us about,   the divel is walking about roaring like a lion,   the war will be like the one with Williams Jenning’s Bryan & Clarence Darrow -row & teachers of the Godless Atheism, God help us.

Wed. 18. 1960. May/ Nice Day.  damp air.   letter from Allen about book, I sent for    I wrote letter Miss Clark & Allen & sent $100.00 & I wrote one to Edna today.   I received a long letter from Mrs. Armstrong asking for prayer,   Wish I could talk to her instead of writing  what she wants to know about.   Hawkins Church but if the preacher thats going there to help him is is as good as she says he is it wont take him loong to find out what Hawkins is .   No one came in today    Elbert called Ann & she’s feeling better.    I was out in Kitchen & I cleaned the top of the cabnet off & Elbert put clean papers on the top & wiped up dust    Well it looks lots better, throwed away some & put away some. 

Thurs. May. 19. 1960. Audrey write for 19th  So today is for Fri. 20. / God taxes ready to go/  & a letter to Edna Hall   Well, it’s a little hazy today    my bowels moved hard but Praise God they moved    I read chapter in letter to Elbert & I talked it over so we might understand it better,   Received Letter from Opal.    Johny & Marcie came in for a few minutes visit,   he had to change a tire    Elbert helped him.   & now it’s 2-30-P-M. & Elbert’s getting things ready for supper    tried to rain but didn’t,   but it poured at different times last night;  damp & cool partly cloudy today. looks like rain but went down the Lake tonight

Fri. May. 20 -no entry

Sat. May 21 1960/  Well, I wasn’t feeling good and didn’t get Thurs & Fri wrote in right places but wrote it all in one.   Milton & Ann or Betty & Ann were coming to take Elbert to town to get money order for taxes & to get groceries,    but, they haven’t come yet & it’s 3-30-P-M.   they seem rather rattle brained at times    I hope they are O.K.   I received letter from Edna   she & her folks are O.K.    Received letter from Armstrong & receipt for $5.00,   things are coming to the place where, Jesus will be coming befor all flesh is eneliated from the earth.   things are go-ing on as usual,   peace talks turning to war talks & to bombs big enough to clean of the whole contenn-ent,    Well I’ve tried to live & do as much as I knew how, as God wants us to, for His cause   Joseph Lewis” the apias” has serv ed a liable suit on A.A.Allen & Roberts & Billy Graham against the Bible & there preaching, saying the bible is a lie.   Now the christians must stand up for Christ as He stood up for God & us,   lift high our Royal Banners    He must not suffer lose.   Oh God give us that we need to do Thy Will   I thank thank Thee in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   Nice bright sun today & a strong S. & West wind all day.   & they had & earth quake in Chillie & a terrible rain & fire burning in the ruins a few yrs. perhaps 20 yrs. 30 thousand were killed there   Rushian leader K____ has captured 2 planes of ours,   they said they think they will let the last one & the people go,   the other Rushia claim is a spy,   they are arguing over that.   The people on that mountian top have most all been taken off after another plane [?]

Sat. May. 20 [should be 21]. 1960/ the plane that tried before this last one crashed & killed them all, but the other has rescued, some of them were in bad condition    they took off a mountian to thousand ft high.     I wrote to Mrs, Armstrong a letter at Beulah Beach & received letter from Edna.   I had one from Opal the other day & I have several now to ans.    Ann called, said Milton had to work alday & overtime.   & Marcie has chicken pox & the old gent was planting   been lots of gardens had to be replanted   it’s been so cold nights.   & They are having flood in Miniso-ta    to dams broke & 6. in of rain last night.   hot sun but cool again tonight & Russia has lost her wheat crop & the End is fast closing in failure of crops fruit & grain & people will, as the bible says   starve to death & die in all maner of ways,   Help us Jesus.  Keep us Close Amen. 

[John Harnish diary entry May. 20. 1960: In the afternoon Marci & I went to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert.   They are doing alright.   She is quite thin.- was sitting on edge of bed.- talks a lot about her visions of Jesus etc.   Had a flat tire there   Home at 430.]

Sun. May. 22. 1960./ Dark & very cloudy & it not very cold but we been having a little fire.   it’s 1-30-  no one come in & I wonder about Marcie  she has chicken pox & itch    My bowels moved with out any warning after we had gone to bed so Elbert got up & cleaned up muss.   to dark to read or write,   so I’ll just have to sit & pray.   Well it rained just a little & the sun came out clear for a few minutes   then Dark again.   I have Mrs. Armstrong’s letter ready to go. 

Mon. May. 23. 1960./ Dark, cloudy morn- no worth while mail.   rained little in the night.   Dark this a-m    sun shone few hrs. today & cloudy before supper time    breeze cool before dark & is yet, 9-30-P.m.    Milton & Ann came over 4-30-   he took Elbert to town & spent most of $64.    26 over for taxes  5.00 for the phone & rest for food,   he left left tax & phone money with Berdene to pay for us.   Ann & I had prayer & spiritual talks   I thank Thee Jesus & praise Thee for all things & pray you will Keep us close to Thee.   help us Jesus I pray.

Tue. 24. 1960./ May/ A beautiful day   we ate late dinner & just finished when Edna came in with a hot apple pie & pt. of ice cream   Oh but it was good.   she baked the pie & brought it all the way from Milan   it was still hot,    the man from Try Co Gas Co. came from Lorain to fix the stove,    a woman from the office called & ask to have him call the office when he got our work done,    he called & they sent him all the way back to Castoria & he had just come from near there & he sighed & said, now he had to go all the way back,    Well it’s all in a days work.   And now they have had an earth quake that has killed hundreds of people clear to Chillie Hawaia & around all those islens & Hon-alula & Philipines & an air plain had so sort of trouble in the air & had to land & put four people in hospital    I didn’t hear what the cause was.    Edna’s daughter was married just a few months ago & going to have a baby in Aug.   & her man beat her so bad & whipper her so her legs are all black & blue,   she came home to her mother   & Edna says she hopes it wont make a fuss between her & her man    Chilly tonight going down to 58 degrees tonight    I pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name Thou will help them to come to Thee & Thou will   help them to find Peace through Thee, Amen.   I love Thee Jesus.    Edna took a feew flowers home.   No mail   only letter from Fred Jordon wanting money.

Wed. May. May 25. 1960. /Send Allen letter & money 18./ Beautiful Day 65 degrees & a nice sun  quite strong wind fresh & cool    we have a little fire.   Letter from Mrs. Bracket   she seems despoondent    I think she’s 82. yrs. old but I haven’t heard from Allen,   wish he would say he got the money I sent him   its been a week today.

Wed. May 25. 1960./ I wrote letters to Crisco & to Allen & card to Myrtle Smith & letter to Mr. & Mrs. Mound.   We received letter from Mrs. Brackett.   Wish I had the rest ans.  65 degrees tonight    Ann had several more teeth out this after noon.   No one came in today   been rather cool & Chilli had another quake & 5.000 dead & they don’t know how many more   seems to be in Ocean bed from alaska to Chilli & around some of the island & some valcanoe erupting that haven’t done so for 40 yrs. they say. 

Thurs. May, 26, 1960./ Been a nice day  Dark this morning   tried to rain at noon then brightened up & sun was nice this afternoon.   Elbert washed some pieses & they dried   he got me some patches & my bag of skirts & towels are so damp some have mildew on them   got to hang them out in the sun,   I got my night gown mosly men-ded,   have to fell down the patch half way round    Well, after supper Milton & Ann came in tonight & visited awhile,   Budd & Betty “Ann said” were going home end of this week to Vergina.   Ann had the rest of her double teeth out & Sat is going to have the front ones out,    We talked about the scripture & then had prayers & they went home   very cool tonight,    Rushia lost her Wheat crop & this country has had to plant there vegetables & gardens over.   Well no letters today.   Nellie will soon be on her way.

Fri. May. 27. 1960./ Heavy dew last night.   Mrs. Ramm called up to talk about getting my Kitchen cleaned up.   It’s been a very dark day raining fine mist every little while   sun tried to come through once or twice    4.P.M. Nellie & Bonita & babys came in    Nellie is all

Fri. May. 27. 1960./ excited   she’s most packed & is go-ing to stay with Johny & marcie tonight & take air plane at noon Sat. (tomorrow) for California   she seems real happy,   she went over & see Frank & Ruby & she went to see there Aunt Emma    She said Dr. Powel died last week.   hurt his back    Bonita has her hands full 2 babys & Geo. is so over grown he hasn’t any strength   can’t endure to do any work,   he’s even all in when he gets home from school & Nelson is there macanic & does out side work.   I pray all will be well.   I gave Bonita several bath towels & wash clothes   she looks tired out.  poor child.   Betty & Budd & boys have gone & I’m wondering how Ann is tonight.   Elbert don’t feel very good   his feet hurt him so bad,   only letter was from Wyatt,    he’s asking for more money.   I pray God helps all His Minnisters & Co. w2orkers. & gives them strength & courage I thank Thee Jesus & We will give Thee all the Glory now & forever more.   I put a ptatch on the shoulder of my night gown & sewed on a button & sewed some of the darts that was coming out & few other stitches & Elbert sewed on tapes to tie with.   & there are quite a few other things that are in need.

Sat. May, 29[should be 28], 1960/ Partly cloudy not cold, but was in the night toward morning & its 12 noon & Nellie is long on her way   they are on fast time & should be in California in about 3 1/2 hrs.     I hope she stays happy & keeps well.  No mail today.   65 degrees at 12-30-p.m. & Ann came in before I was up this morning,   she came to see what she could get to the store for us & then she came back & brought the food & only talked a few minutes    her face is swollen,   she didn’t get her front teeth out & she feels weak & shaky    her father in law took her in his car & brought her back   he is still feeling punk   that truck that run into his car hurt his back bone,  he has sued that company

Sat. May. 29. 1960./ Nellies Days.   Milton had to work today & there eldest children took care of younger ones.    John Snyder & Clayton both been working across the road & Bill’s been working his piece this morning & he cultavates his raspberries & takes some off from my dirt & I don’t know what to do about it,   but We’ll have to be doing something before long.   Sun is trying to shine at 3-p-m.   I don’t feel like writing    It thundered & lightened, rain came in heavy mist. & then hard for few minutes going down to 50 or 55 degrees tonight,   it’s quite cool tonight    my bow-els didn’t move today    I don’t feel good & last night I threw up in bed with out warning    we had to clean up the bed & pillow “I use a blan blanket for a pillow”  feathers are so terrible hot    Elbert’s feet are so bad & he’s back & legs,   Oh God I pray & trust ou will soon fix us up. 

[John Harnish diary entry Saturday May 28. 1960:   Out to the airport about 11.   Mother left for Cal. in a American Airlines 773 non-stop to Calif Los. Ang.  Had to send part of her luggage air freight.   She took off about 12.30    It will take about 8 hrs.   E.J. will pick her up. ]

Sun. May. 29.[should be 30.] 1960./ Dark & quite cool untill after-noon then the sun began to come through & at 3-30-p-m. is quite bright, N. East breeze & cool    no one called so far.   Well, I suppose Nellie is happy   she left Sat. May. 29th 1960,   & was to have supper with Ella Jane,   neither of them do much writting,   so it will be some time most likely before we hear from them,   We will calculate they are O.K.    I’ve been fasting today, usually do it Fri.   now I’m begining to feel empty.   They are having hard times in Chilli  living on the beach & in caves,   so many are homeless   lots starving.   God help people to think of those in want in [?] many ways.

Mon. May. 30. 1960./ Decoration Day & my flowers are not in bloom that should be.   Dark & rained all morning untill this 2.p. -m. & now mostly cloudy.   My bowels moved off terrible hard just as Ann & Milton came in   they sure were bad, “my bowels,”   Elbert’s not a bit well,   I’m so sorry & trusting Jesus will take care of him Oh God

Mon. May. 30. 1960./ Ann went to church morn. & evening   had 103 there.   Budd & Betty & boys ought to be home tonight    take care of them & turn them heart & soul to Thee,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus & Do help me to praise God in Spirit, Please. 

Tue. May. 31. 1960./ Well it rained during the night    was cool with a good breeze   Radio said it was going down to 52 degrees.   maybe it did.    partly cloudy today,   Elbert has done a washing  2 sheets draw sheet  4 night gowns 7 some towels & nose rages.   I thank Thee Jesus for moving my bowels this a.m.  they feel sore yet.    It may be the bottled milk don’t agree with me.   Well We had dinner & clothes most dry & Elbert’s laid down to rest a little before supper.   Received long letter from Ethel & she seem happy,   there’s a young woman she runs around with & they are 180 miles from Cape Canaveral where the send up the big rockets.   & the Buss goes right passed Her house.   she never said a word about church,   she paid a boy for mowing the lawn   took him 3 hrs.   it’s 100 by 300 foot   she waters her flowers giving them buckets of water at night,   has glads 3. ft. high.     Oh, if she’d only do-a part of that time for the Lord,   God help us.   She always was selfish & greedy like Nellie & John, he’s gone but the rest are still striving for this world’s good,   the bible says to prosper by passed experiences.   I thank Thee Jesus for show-ing that to me.   The woman Ethel rented of in Elyria, spent a week with her & gave her pair-quite & cape[?]  & she says she has a lot of fun with it.   Jesus help me to see my own mistakes & try harder for Thee,   Amen.   Ethel can look out on the lake from her window   Walter was there a short time ago & spent 2 1/2 weeks; he 

Tue. May. 31. 1960./ will retire in Jan.    he will get his social security then  can go & do,   he thinks as he pleases.   Sun is quite bright this after-noon & not anyone, only a woman getting some suberiptons for American Leagon for magazines to help buy chairs, beds & so forth.    Well God has given us the sun shine & Jesus.    It poured rain twice yes-terday & a slow drizzle between showers & harder again toward morning.   It’s now 5-p-m.   I wrote a letter to Mrs. Helen Greene to Memerial Home Norwalk   wish I had the rest done   guess I’m lazy,   I want to get off bed so bad    Ethel said it was 95 degrees there   it was 75- here & still hot here at 8-30-P-m.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many Blessing.

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