June  1960

Wed. June. 1. 1960./ Beautiful morning   nice sun   cool air,   Elbert aired his bedding    now I feel sick to me stomach.   One card from Gilespie trying to crawl back to me    I’m trusting Jesus to take care of me, in all things.    No one called & no one come in.   Guess they are all getting tired of us.   I know Betty could come but she don’t & when she comes “if she does” she’ll have lots of excuses.   No letter from Allen,    I wonder,    Well, Ann called & said she & Dian wood be here to clean tomorrow so it will be some day.   Elbert’s so tired & weary tonight. 75 degrees today & 52 tonight   it’s cool now.    I wrote one letter to Mrs. Edna Betz, all I done today.

 Thurs. June. 2. 1960./ Well Ann couldn’t come   Conie is coming down with chicken pox so she couldn’t come for a few days to clean, maybe she can after a few days, I hope.    We each got a notice we are to have a raise in welfare money   I get $7.00 more & Elbert gets $2.00    Well, Ann was here from 6 till 7. P.M.   we had a nice rain   sun coming out now.   We were both sick alrighty.   I wrote to Sara Gantt today. 

Fri. June. 3. 1960./ Nice day,   it was so wet Thurs.   Elbert hung out the dress goods, my shirts & slips & petty coats & give them fresh air & sun   we opened big chest & took the contents out & put the letters & receipts in a big bag to put in trunk.  We hope tomorrow degre for tonight 68 tonight been 78 today & real hot at 5 to 7-p-m.   Phoneman came in & put new numbers on telephone & said we could call a number in California right here over our phone if we have number there,   we just dial & talk like we do here & there is only 3 on our line here   they took 7 others off & it rings better now.   No one in or called today   No mail.   Elberts feet still so bad but we got little done.  Sat. today was Martha’s birthday   she’s 48. yrs. old   We saw some fire flies June. 1. I believe. 

Sat. June 4. 1960./ Well I didn’t feel good last night   guess the cleaning was a big Job & Elbert said I was dreaming in the night & asking for a cup of hot drink,   he gave me glass of milk & it was so cold it hurt my stomach,   but, after a time I got over it,   I slept untill 11-a-m & Ann came in.   I had to eat my breakfast & Elbert got dressed for town   Ann took him to get our food supply & brought her little electric phoneagraph & her re-cords 8 or 10 for the girls to play,   she brought her eldest 2 girls, Dian & Cathy, & a neighbors girl,   they wasn’t much interested, but it nice Ann thought of it.    Bud & Betty & her 2 boys & one of there sister’s little boys came after Elbert & Ann had been gone a 1/2 hr. or so & they were so happy to get back,   the shaft let loose in back end of car & they had

Sat. June.4. 1960./ to get another car & it cost them over 1.95.00 hundred   they wished they hadn’t went, they were 100 miles from there destination, but happy none were hurt,   God they said they felt my prayers,    I ask Thou will call loud to them & save there souls. Amen   & thank you.   Well they visited & Budd cut the grass & Betty made us jello & Elbert cleaned fish & gave them 8 all cleaned for there supper & Betty looked at snap shots  & Budd looked at some of them,   he wanted to see me, when I was a girl & he did   they went home    Ann & girls went soon as they got back   she doesn’t feel very well,   she’s going Mon to have rest of her teeth out poor child    Betty said she was 27 yrs. old Mon. & they also had wedding anavarsy.    Well, they are young yet.   I pray God will Bless them   both families.    Elbert got his check this a-m.,    he seems to feel good for all the strength it took,   he talked to some one that told him Speary & Alhight died any few days apart   Speary was home sick, he was in Cleve-land.    Elbert got a food chopper today,   he spent the most of his check.   he’s sure tired,   its moonlight    was so hot all evening  seemed as if we couldn’t stand it & now it’s to cool & going to be tonight.    Well, We’ll rest. tomorrow for it the Lord’s Day.   I thank & praise Him for all our many blessings.   

Sun. June 5. 1960./ We’ll start on new phone numbers tomorrow Mon. 6,    Well, I praise God  He sent us company, Carl Wagner, Pearl Wheeler & Lillie came in about 2-P-M.   We had quite a visit    it was so good to see them,   they don’t look there ages    Pearl is about 73 & Lillie 70 & I don’t know how old Carl is.   but Elsie is one yr. older than Nellie   so, she’s about 65. yrs. old,   Nellie is 64 Feb, 6, 1960.   they brought ice cream, cake & rolls, Oh I loved to

Sun. June. 5. 1960./ [the previous sentence doesn’t seem to have an ending].   A little later Mr. & Mrs. Hensley came in with there 4 little girls,   she brought caned peaches & fresh onions & radishes & a doz oranges.   we had a good visit & she hopes to come back in the middle of this coming week.   Her brother got a job   rented an apartment for a mo.   he was still paying for a car,   well he lost his job,   he only a boy & can seem to Keep his job so now he lost his job again & then his apartment & car & went back to stay with hensleys, then he got a job & & payed on his car & got it back, but still living with Hensleys & they have a time to Keep going to.   Now we had  cream & a roll & I have sweet 2 gowns     it’s 6-30 & Elbert’s getting supper.    I found a letter I wrote to Ella Jane to Albuquerque New Mexico on May 31. 1944,  I opened it & read it,   she’s in California now, Jackson.    such a world.   Well I can’t see

Mon. June. 6. 1960./ Beautiful day very cool this a-m.   was very cold last night.   Mr. Hoffman’s grand son brought the eggs & came in & talked for 1/2 hr or so   I testified to him & tried to talk him into his church study of the bible   he has left off for other things & he said he thought he would try again.    I fond the card the Wheeler girls sent us annoucing Unkle Will Wheeler’s death,   he died Sun. Aug. 6. 1944. & was buried on Wed. the 9th. 1944.   Poor dear old Uncle,   he was 91. yrs old & buried in Elmwood cemetery where Ma & Pa & Fred Bonney & the others are,    Uncles wife & the most of the rest are buried there & Frank Babcock.   No mail of any interest this morning.   Elbert did out quite a sizeable wash then got me my breakfast & finished wash, hanging it out,   then got our dinner & is laying done resting now.   Ann went to have rest of her teeth out in San-

Mon. June. 6. 1960./ -dusky at 1-30-p-m. today    I have prayed several times for her   it is her uper & lower front teeth.   I pray God give her the strength she needed & will need from now & on & I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things,   Keep us close to Thee, for ever & ever Amen.   I love Thee Jesus.   Oh help us to have time for Thee any time & all the time   Oh Jesus,   What can I do more than I am doing?   Well we had supper & no one came in & now we are getting ready for bed    Elbert washed clothes this morning,   but I hope we get the chest & trunk out tomorrow & get them aired & repacked & the corner cleaned out & some of the letters packed away.   Wish I could clean & get things in order once more.   No letters today & I didn’t write any, no ambish.   The fire flies are here & it’s so cold at night they say 40 degrees tonight.

Tue. June. 7. 1960./ Well, it’s a beautiful day   quite cool, nice sun,   A letter from Audrey this a-m.   she seems rather out of sorts,   she left off writting & went with Jean & Bill, to look at a house they have rented for $70.00 per. mo. (robery.) She’s wondering about Nellie,   she was gone a week Sat. June. 4. 1960.   she went with Jean & Bill over to see Bonita, but she wasn’t home,   Only Bonita Jr. & her boy friend were there & so Audrey did-n’t learn anything.   so Audrey said she’d try to get her by Phone.    I suppose Nellie’s having a good time looking & making new friends,    I hope she will come down to earth & find Thee & Ella Jane & the other woman also   & she’s never been a hand to write so we’ll be lucky if we hear from her.   Ann’s mother came Mon. from Virgina & a few more & she thought they would all be over here today, but, they haven’t even called    I offered to loan them a bed & rollaway cot   she wished she had called earlier & got that.

Tue. June. 7. 1960/ but now, she thought she had got them all beded down for the night,   they were coming over here about nine O’clock but it’s now 7-15-p-m & no word   we wanted to do some work here in the bed room, so we didn’t get it done,   We didn’t want to be in a muss when they come in – wind went N. East yesterday & is still there tonight & is cool 54 degrees tonight    they said it was 42 degrees last night    we believe it & believe it will be as cold tonigh, radio says it will;   Ann, her mother & her Aunt came in 15-to-8-0p-m & they were here an hr. or so    Ann want them to look at my crochet work & old time pictures.   Ann had to cancel her date with the dentist.   They went to Sandusky to look around Tue. & hope to go to Detroit.

Wed. June. 8. 1960./ Beautiful morning & day,   Elbert & I were sick again last night untill most morn.   then we did sleep a while from 4-a-m,   he got, but I slept untill most dinner,  then Edna came in & she swept while I slept, then Elbert worke me & I got up & cleaned up for dinner & she wiped up the floors & some of the cupboard doors, & we visited    she don’t look to well, so hollow eyed   she brought pie & ice cream, cream coconut pie.   then she went home 2-30-p-m. saying she had 2. other stops to make    it’s at least a 12 mile drive one way,    she sure is nice to us & Kind,   We love her. 

Thurs. June, 9, 1960./ Beautiful Day, but N. East. wind & to cool, on one came in today,   we received a card from Nellie,   she said it was a wonderful trip & we stayed with Lourabel till Wed.   we arived here 2.30-am- Thurs. am rested & O.K.   E.J. is fine, hope you are both O.K. Love Nellie.

Thurs. 9. 1960. June/  So we Know she landed safe, Praise the Lord.   I sup-pose she’ll write a card to each one    Ann called up this evening   she’s so tired   her folks went to Detroit for 2 days.   Elbert & I opened the big chest & looked after pictures & put in the moth balls & now, we have to hang out the blankets & shift things in other chest & trunk   hop we get it done tomorrow    then we will have cloth closet & little cabnet in corner & we’ll be done & I’ll be glad,    Edna wiped up the floors & washed cupboard doors   Betty was coming to paint,   I don’t know when    very cool tonight.

Fri. June. 10. 1960/ Well it was a nice sun to-day,   but a cold N. East wind    Elbert hung out the blankets we have pilled on top of the little trunk & chest to air while sun was hot    then we took every thing out of the trunk & cleaned out some wool pieces I had saved to make a rug,    I have to started out of silk rayon stocking, one is quite large   I hope to finish it yet.   I’ll have to take the old letters out & remove the stamps,   I don’t know if Nellie will mange to get them or not    she had Ella Jane take all my stamp 2 of them were worth a thousand dollars each,   I am so sorry how crooked they all were    I pray God will help those that are left.   Well I didn’t write any letters, but must get at it soon.   Very cool tonight, God I thank Thee.

Sat. June. 11. 1960./ I received a letter from Allen & a paper from Oral Roberts & co workers.   Allen got the money I sent him & I pray it will help some.   Ann didn’t [?] yesterday.   Fri. her folks were going to Detroit.

Sat. June. 11. 1960./ Well, we are still tired.   No mail today  No one come in so far today & it’s 2-30-p-m.   I haven’t ambishion to writ .   can’t see very good.   Milton & Ann came in at supper time,   he put me in the chair & I ate at the table.   Elbert felt so bad he could hardly stand on his feet & didn’t eat much    Milton put me back in bed,   they were here about an hour.   her folks were supposed to get back tonight,    Well I rested my back & am still, tired in body & Elbert feels so bad,   I been asking God to fix him up & am thanking & Praising Him,    Elbert felt little better at 12-P-m    Oh, how I thank & Praise God, for his mercy & blessings. 

Sun. June. 12. 1960./ I woke early   thanked Jesus for all our blessings.   We had 3 very heavy showers during the night & slow drizzle be-tween showers.   we slept late 10-a-m   had bite to eat & got up for a little while    Betty & boys came in at noon    Elbert had dinner & gave them some    they went home 15 to 1-p-m.   saying they’d be back Wed. morning to take Elbert to town, if he’s able to do the shopping & she is going to try to do some cleaning,   she seems to think it will be a terrible job & at there age I could have it half done while they stand around talking about it.    The neighbors are selling strawberries or trying to,   it rains every little while.   My peonys & roses are in bloom & most of the flowers,   It’s sure a very cool damp day

Mon. June. 13. 1960./ Dark night & damp.  Fine misty rain eased up about noon, but been cloudy most of the afternoon, sun tried to come out late but couldn’t seem to make it.   I received book from Allen with instructions to pray God will give me wisdom & under-standing.   I received a record for phonegraph from Fred Gordon & Elbert took my chair off the Wheel platform & put phonegraph on it

Mon, June. 13. 1960./ on platform & pulled it in here & I played the record.   I couldn’t get anything out of it,  that I could understand so he brought some hyms on my records & I played them,   seemed good to hear them but it don’t play as clear as my old one did    I hope & pray Jesus will help me to a better one    Well no one came in & no one called,   We called Payne’s but had no word from Ann to-day.   It’s 9-15-P.M.   I have a feeling somethings going to happen,   I don’t know what or how,   God help me. 

Tue. June 14. 1960./ Well it’s a rainy day, damp & cool.   The mail was a magazine from Robert’s one of the men of God & He is useing him.   Praise our Lord,   I want Him to continue useing me.   We had dinner & then Miss Clark, & Mrs, Finding came in, from Beaulah Beach & Vermilion   Mrs Finding has been wonderfully converted, healed & doiing a good work for the Lord.    I was so glad they come   I had ask Jesus to send in some one of His to talk & pray for me & us, which they did,   Oh, how I love Jesus, He’s more than life to me.   & I re-lize we may have our heads cut off, but it will be worth it to be in perfect peace with Jesus.   now the sun has come through again, 72 degrees & a brisk breeze.   I am so greatful for there company.   Ann called this a.m. said her folks left this morning & she had her teeth all out yesterday & her mother dreaded to leave, but they went this morning 7. of them   her mother & father & all of the relatives that were with them.   its now 4-30-p-m.   Mrs Finding brought 1. qt. can pickles 1 can peaches 2 cans apple sauce,   we are to return the cans & she offered to go get our groceries for us.   Thank God   & she said she’d be back soon.   I hope.

Wed. June. 15. 1960/ Beautiful Morning, nice sun  cool fresh breeze   no important mail   & no one come in    I had Elbert call Ann   her mouth is bad today & Mr. Anderson Sr. just came in she said with a brace on his neck,   He had been to Sandusky to the Dr.   a truck run in to back of his car a while a go & nearly broke his neck.    Betty was sure coming to take Elbert to the store & bring the other woman to stay with me,    she didn’t come & Milton was coming after work & he wasn’t there at 4-30-p-m.    Now I’m wondering.   No one came,   We talked to Ann & she’s rather miserable. 

Thurs. June. 16. 1960./ Beautiful morning   nice sun & stiff breeze    They had next to tornado at Detroit & round about them.    Betty came & her 2. boys & the other woman had her 2 girls,   she washed dishes & cleaned up the cupboard shelf,   & girls cut a nice bunch of roses to take home,    Betty & her boys took Elbert to Huron & he did his shopping & both he & Betty were so tired when they got back,   he got most of the order.   Betty & woman had to be back at 12-noon & they only had 15 minutes to make it home & she said Budd was on a tare today    she didn’t look as if she could take much abuse,    Did I say Ethel Snyder brought us almost a qt. of strawberries    We are having a verry poor garden yr.  to cold nights.   Very strong Wind now,  not very cool.   Ann called & is feeling better, swelling starting to leave   she feels limpsy & sort of all in,   I hope her family all do what they can to help her    she didn’t say how her father in law was, or if Milton worked over time last night,   he hadn’t come home at 4-30-p-m & he usually gets home 3-30.    Well, Mrs. Finding came in late,   we talked & prayed, & all that time it thundered lightened & poured rain,   she left a midnight   rain eased up.

Fri. June. 17. 1960./ Rainy day untill 2-30- the sun came out cool & damp & they had bad wind storms & the countrys are mostly in upheavel fighting & bombing     the end time is heare, God the people.   last night tiny bugs came through screen & there were thousands of them crawling on our faces & hands & arms & on everything.   No mail & my bowels so bad but moved at last but I still feel bad,   no one come in today.   Elbert called Ann   she went & had stitches out of her gums,   Dentist cuts gums open & scrapes & cleans & sews them together,   well, she says they feels better now    going down to 46. degrees tonight,   it’s like Fall of year.   The Chinese are blasting Formosa Iselands.   Oh God   What bad hearts & Ike 400 miles away from them.   Mrs. Finding brought us lettuce & radishes & 2 big hothouse tomatoes,   she took Miss. Mc.Govern’s address & thinks she might call on her tomorrow.   Lord help it to be alright.   

Sat. June. 18. 1960./ Nice morning,  nice sun,  cool breeze.   Elbert washed what needed washing, this a.m.    One letter, from Armstrong.   They are trying to put the religious programs off the radio,   they are like they were in the deciples time   beat them & tell them not to preach in Jesus Name.   Things are begining to come to a show down,  the end is close on our heels,   Oh, God, help us to be strong for Thee & Keep Thy Hand on us at all times,   I pray.   God helped my bowels to move Praise His Name.    Well it began to get dark at 2-P-m- & is quite dark now   to dark to read & write.   I wrote & sent 5.00 to Rev Armstrong today,   money Thats been given to me.    Elbert started to get supper & Milton & Ann came,   her mother, was hurting & Milton don’t seem to know how to behave him self & he nags her & with all her teeth out she’s weak & tired, with 5 children & 2 that should act like men,   she feels like runing away & I know how hard it is,   We talked a while

Sat. June. 18. 1960./ had coffee & doughnuts & Anna hadn’t eaten much but now she felt some better, Praise God & just as Elbert & Milton started to turn the mattress & see what was wrong with the spriings,  Mr. & Mrs. Finding came in,   they had been to Cleveland to a big dinner & some things were given to them for us, in the way of food   6. or 8. cans & they visited an hr. or so then cut some roses & left for home,   she wanted to tell me what happened Thurs night, when it rained so hard & she was here un-till 12 midnight, we prayed, while it rained & she thought it queer, that I was praying for all of God’s ministers & those of His every where, asking Him to keep them from evil & harm   some how she kept thinking how I had waited & then went on praying     there was a boat   row boat with 3 men drifting away out on the lake in the storm & rough waters that looked dark & an air plain turning there search light down on them & then all seem well & I went on talking to Jesus & as Mrs Finding went for home in her car, I ask Jesus about it all,   it seem seemed so strange & now they were coming back from Cleveland & told me what they had just learned about the airplane “at the supper & the 3 men were ministers who had lost there way back to shore from Beaulah Beach & the airplane had gotton off it’s course & turning on there search light saw the boat in trouble & called the coast Guards & circuled the place untill boat was picked up & then went on his way,    Mrs. Finding said I’ll never forget Thurs, June 6, 1960. night & the mis-terous ways Jesus worked in ans. to my prayers but takes dare of HIs own.   She called Miss Mc.Govern while in Cleveland & talked to her for me & she’s planing to come to visit me in July.[?]

Sat. June, 18. 1960./ they went home, saying they’d see me & talk to me more, later.   then Elbert got my bed made up     we visited still with Milton & Ann    & Milton picked me up & set me on the bed   Milton & Elbert went to the Kitchen & Ann & I had prayer together & Jesus sent the Po-wer & Ann felt better,   & they went home.   Oh how I love Jesus, how I’ve proved Him over & over Jesus Jesus Precious Jesus   Oh for Grace to Love Him more,   I thank & Praise Thee.   We are both tired   it’s after 1-a-m.  when we got to bed. 

Sun, June. 19. 1960./ Elbert got up shaved   took his bath,  & had his breakfast,  then I took my bath & Elbert was fixing my breakfast & Edna & her daughter came in,   the daughter expects a baby in July.   she’s only 17. yrs. old   she looks like a very young child.   Edna brought a cherry pie & ice cream   we had a nice visit,   they picked a bunch of flowers & roses & went there way,  we must pray together soon.    I thought Mr. & Mrs. Hensley would be here today,    they haven’t come yet.   but they came & we had a good visit & they brought 1. qt. of strawberries & 2 cube steaks,   they have been having a hard time in many ways   I love them but they need God in so many ways    Oh God hlep me to be stronger & do more for Thee when I talk with them & be with her parents & there children & his mother,   she lost her husband rather suddenly & she’s still sort of lost,   she hardly knows to get along without him;  Well, we were just about to eat supper, When Mr. & Mrs. Simms & there youngest daugther came in & each on having a prayer request,   he said he had repented & was trying hard again.   They were going over to Paynes.   She said she’d come & do my cleaning,   I’ve been trying to get some one to wash the wood work & windows & cupboards & doors & windows

Sun. June. 19. 1960./ We prayed & I ask God to send the power & He did,   they were all in tears & He sure sent the power through Mr. S.   I pray they look to Jesus & do His will,   they need Thee Jesus.   I thank Thee & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost now & Ever more.

Mon. June, 20, 1960./ I have a letter about wrote to Sister Willetts & One of the women who has been with her so long,   she Miss Willitts had a birthday June 17. 1960.   I don’t know how old she is, about my age I think.    One letter, from Allen,   he’s coming to Mich Detroit in July.   Hope we can go.   So terribly cold at night & N. East breeze all day quite strong.   Well I did write Miss Willitts & sent her $5.00 her birthday was 17th   I don’t seem to have my usual ambition & my eyes have been bad   can’t see so well to read or write.   Budd & Betty & boys came in just after supper & he mowed the grass all around the house,    they talked some & drank coffee & went home.   Queer world.   God help us to be all Thine Amen. 

Tue. June. 21. 1960./ Partly cloudy all day   brighten since 2.p.m.   2. letters  one from Mrs. Armstrong & one from kAudrey & I owed 1. to Audrey, so, I wrote a letter to her today,   she wont like it,   I wrote a letter on religion     she’s always crying or fussing about Gertie & the things she does & don’t do,   we all make such a lot of mistakes.   God help us.   I hope to write to Frank tomorrow & then Mrs. Brack-ett  Miss.Mc.Govern.   I hope to feel stronger soon.   it John’y Harnish Birthday today   I forgot how old he is.  

Wed. June. 22. 1960./ Was nice this a-m. but begin to thicken before noon & at noon it thundered & rained & is still thick at 1-P-M.    No worth while mail,   Elbert mailed my letter to Audrey.   Betty borrowed writting paper & envelopes of me Mon.   She is a queer sort of woman   she was coming & bring Ann & clean the Kitchen to day & neither came,   Ann just called & said she & a woman she calls Ethel started just before it started to rain & then turned back,   it sure did rain.   Ann  called at 9-30-P-m.   Elbert had 2 blankets 2 sheets & pillow slip  nightgowns & towels out & brought them in & hung them out after the shower dried them. 

Thurs. June 23, 1960./ Mostly cloudy   Little Browny is singing as if he was happy.  No mail today.  & I don’t know if any one will come in today.   I called Mrs. Crisco & they been having there troubles   said, they were all packed & coming to eat dinner & supper with us, & in come 3 car loads to eat with them,  says they are all well,   Mrs Gantt has been helping her girl to get moved over in Clyde district & Mr Crisco uses there car for going & coming to work so they have no car to use,  she said Mrs Wright says she just waiting for Jesus to take her home, & that Viola fell & broke her good arm & has to be taken care of like a child.   Give her faith & courage & strength Lord & help her.   We seldom understand, Dear Lord have mercy on us I Pray in Jesus Name, Amen.   Well, Frank & Ruby come in from Lorain for an hr. or so    We had a good visit    they brought fish, fresh peas & some deer meat,   We wont have to go to town so soon now.   They said Jim Monagon is married, a couple weeks ago.   & that Jim’s a real rough neck, arrested every little while for fighting,  such a world.   Ruby looks good, but stills has bad cough,  they left a 4-p-m.   Lookos as if it would rain again soon.   It didn’t.   Mr. Payne & his little boy came in & talked untill almost 11-p-m.   the little boy laid over on Elbert’s cot & slept,   his eye had been hurting him   one of the others kicked him & cut his eye lide, his brother, wife & 7. children are staying with him untill they can find a house,    they’ve been with him couple of months now.   I let him take the lessons to study for a min-ister,   he isn’t very good at returning thing,    I wonder if he will return it.   Ann didn’t call up today.   Wind was strong  N. East & went west & blowing hard, all night & so far today.   After all these yrs, since 1942. they brought us the handles for 

Thurs. June. 23, 1960./ the gas stove & marked them paid.   They are round & look better than the others & work good.   Queer world.   Dark & cloudy today.   A book from Allen or rather a magazine.    I had queer dream,   I seemed to be in Honalula & looking at the clear water on the sand as it rolled in & then at the castle build of coral    the top laid in cement, pink & white in the towers   it was beautiful, & when we were high up the ocean was so pretty    I don’t know where I went from there. 

Fri. June. 24. 1960./ Partly cloudy today   strong wind but not cold.   sun gets hot about 5-P-m.   Elbert’s going to cook deer meat for supper.   & it sure was good.   Wind been strong from the West a little S.    No one in today & I haven’t felt like writting,   eyes feel so bad,   I believe it was the spray.

Sat. June. 25. 1960./ Beautifull morning, strong West wind  nice sun tempture nights is & has been 52 & 46 & 55 degrees   seems to jump a lot,   been so cold at night    Frank said his corn’s knee high but he didn’t see any along the way that was that high,   things are very slow,   some of my roses got so cold they turned brown almost half way in to center    Frank brought us fresh peas.   I received a letter from Mrs. Mound,   they’ve been going places, but are to busy to call on those shut in & when home to busy painting cleaning & so forth to spend much time to write letters.   I pray God will show them the right way & many others who don’t seem to Know   Ann came in alone & spent a couple hours talking & in prayer,   she has the 4 children & the to men worse than children to contend with,   she took the car & came over here while he was sleeping, poor girl,  I Know God helped her if she cling to Him for the power went through her twice, so cling & trust & believe,   it was 10-to-10 when she left.   A cat was mewing at the back door & then come to the front door when she left it stayed on porch

Sun. June. 26. 1960./ A beautiful Day, nice sun & a light breeze, not cold.   Budd & Betty came & the boys & brought some cheeries,   it was 11-a-m- & they hadn[‘t had there breakfast   they went out looking for Budd’s coon dog    he lost him last night while hunting coon.   Betty was already to go for Ann’s girls & she & her boys were all going to church, but Budd said he was going to use the car to look for the dog so they went hunting the dog.   they took cat away,   they gave Elbert most a pk. cheeries, they had couple cups coffee & then went   Budd lost his coon dog Sat & has been hunting for him, but he don’t sound to me as if he was very anxious,   another fellow offered him 35.00 for him & he acted as if he was runing a bluff so Betty wouldn’t know he had that much money,   they are taking care of one other sisters, boys about 11 or 12 yrs. old.   she says he like to save his mon ey he earns cutting grass & doning odd jobs,  he has 9 dollars in the bank.  that’s good. 

Mon. June. 27. 1960./ Beautiful Day  south west breeze  nice sun.   Elbert has the washing done.   Mrs. Ramm called me this a.m. she said she was coming over but couldn’t get the car to go so she called,   but, we hadn’t talked but a very few minutes when some one started bobing [?] in our ears so we didn’t talk much.   Bonita came with her eldest boy George & the 2 baabies & she brought ice cream   it was good,   it’s been so hot from noon on   she said she heard quite often from her mother, but she didn’t say how she liked liked it there, only that it was so hot  90 degrees in the morning,   we’ve been having it very cool nights & hot afternoons,   Bonita had to take Nelson to some of his school doings as I understood it  to Crystle beach & she was going back to pick him up & going home & get her groceries & go home & get supper so left us.

Mon. June.27.1960./ to get her man’s supper & get him off to work & she got her hands full    Bonita Jr. has gone off to Cali.  went on a plane & is there now,    her mother wanted to get her away from some young boy here   she wants to marry him & she’s not through school untill next. yr.    I had thought for a long time things wasn’t going as they ought.    George says he’s going to stay single, God help him I pray he will    & that He will help Nelson some how    Geo. is reading & studying his bible & I wish I could help him.   she Bonita said she would try to get back again soon & she was ask-ing about Audrey & Jean, Jean & Bill were going to move Audrey said,    Bonita said they were buying the house,   they try to keep things quite & I don’t know why,    Jim has been married for some time, into a rather queer mixed up mess, to a woman with 3. children & they are not right or she is-n’t,   & the children, so they say   What a world.   I’m hoping Bonita Keeps controle over hers but she was rather fast in some ways but kept her charictor clean    I’m sorry for her   God help to show her the right way.   & if I can help show me.    Ann & Milton were here a little while to-night,   she isn’t feeling well   we prayed & the power went through her twice Sat. night & again last night, I don’t know what’s wrong

Tue. June. 28. 1960./ Nice morning clouding up at noon, partly cloudy, nice fresh breeze.   I received letter from Allen,   I can’t pray in Spirit & unless God gives it to me, what can I do?   Oh God help me soon.   Don’t seem to be anything doing today.   No one called or phoned   looks like rain tonight.   Wed.  I received anoited cloth from Allen & prayed as he said & pined it on my night gown  Help me Jesus.

Wed. June. 29. 1960./ Nice Day strong breeze partly cloudy breeze dying out tonight    Armstrong sent me anoited cloth & said I must pray over it & then lay it on my forehead & leave it on my forehead for a minute & then burn it all up    I’ve done both & believe for the healing & except it in Jesus Name & trust for Holy Ghost.   I praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus with all my heart & soul now & ever more,   had a good letter from Sister Crisco,   every one’s O.K. she said & they are hoping to come before long.   she don’t seem the same some how,  not happy, she sounds lonesome & foged out, on the phone & in her letter    Well, I thank God & pray & trust all is well with her & with us,   neither Ann nor Betty came as they said they would today.    Emeric & his boy were here a little while hunting wood chucks, but blackberry brush to thick, they can hardly get through they say

Thurs. June. 30. 1960./ Dark gloomy day.   I feel better today   Edna came & her daughter     Edna wiped & swept up floors   she brought us 1/2 of lemon pie. cream & some fish someone cleaned & gave them,     her daughter is 17. yrs. old & expecting baby soon in July. Well I hope all will be well,   I gave her 1. doilies[?] for the baby    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessings.   Oh God I Praise Thee   Todays Mrs Wright Birthday  she’s 76. 

Thurs. June. 30. 1960./ Well, here Brother & Sister Crisco come in & her mother & brought a picknic supper, green string beans, potatoes  roasted beef & cold slaw “cold-aid drink” & banana cake.   It was swell   We talked & ate & then Betty Budd & there 2 boy & her sisters boy came in    Budd cut grass, boy cut weeds,   Betty went to store & got us a little to eat;   I thank God for all blessings   He is a wonderful Jesus,    Budd & Betty & children went home & then they put me back in bed, come near let-ing me down on the floor, but made it at last,   I got dress & stocking & slippers off, used pan & got fixed up in bed,   then Mr. Crisco & mother came in & we had prayer together,   I felt the Power but not as strong as when we take time to really pray,   It’s been a won-derful day.   they loved me & bid us good night. at 9-15-p-m.   It takes them 30. minutes to drive to Bellevue.   She took strawberries to Mrs Wright & she talked to Hellen Pittenger & to Viola   both are better,   Viola’s hand is getting so she can use it again,   she had fell & broke her arm a short time back;   it was rather cloudy all day.   Oh How I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.   No letters today.   I let Elbert use 5.00 of my Church money for food tonight so we are in the hole again.   

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