July 1960

Fri. July. 1. 1960./ Cloudy untill 10-30-a-m.   Elbert hung his bedding on the line to air   then gave me my breakfast.   Sara & Gantt went me a letter by Mr. Crisco   he gave it to me,   it was a very good letter.    Well, Mrs. Glispie & a minister’s wife Mrs. Smith came in this after-noon    we had a visit   Mrs Smith read the bible & we prayed & said she hoped to come back   I felt shes all right.   [?] gave us [?]

Fri. July. 1. 1960./ gave us a few fresh green bean,   we had some for supper   they were good   she took some flowers back,   they have set a big tent in her yard & holding meetings   Mr. & Mrs. Smith are the ministers.    They are having some Power filled meetings at Clyde Ohio.   Miss Gant sent some circulars in her letter.   Mrs. Gliespie said Eva Kegan has been dead & buried a week now,   thats why I & we have been thinking about her & Marry Ann.   so much for over a week & I told Elbert my throat hurt & I wondered what I was going to cry about, now we Know,   We are sorry.  God help us to live close to Thee in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sat. July. 2.1960./ Beautiful morning   cool breeze   No important mail, but I thank & praise God   He takes care of us & I’m feeling better in my body   I pray Jesus for Elberts feet & health in general & thank Thee,   I pray Thou will give me ambition to ans. the letters that come.   Allen, Roberts, Arm-strong, Billy Grahm,  Wyatte & several others write for money, but we can only give so little.   Mrs. Gilispie & a Rev. Mrs. Smith was came in,  she said G. said she had some lessons to teach me,   they had just learned from the Bible,   she ask me who the 2 wittness-es were that were coming at the ened time,   I told her I believed it was Joshwa & Eliza,   they will be the 3 olive trees & 2 candles,   she wanted to know how long I had known  I told her a long time,    they are trying to have meetings there on her lawn,  she acts & talks as if it were a circus.   they picked a few flowers,   she said a queer thing when she first come in, that it didn’t matter how many lies were told about us.   God took care of His own   I think [?]

Sat. July 2. 1960./ I told her that on a special occasion a long time ago when she was trying to excite me over some yarns, she said she had heard, but I didn’t let that worry me, for Jesus takes care of me.   she did a lot of talking & didn’t give the other woman a chance to talk much,   she even called attension to the Kitchen ceiling,  said, Bob could have painted it & she even said he wanted to Know why she didn’t come back to see the old man & woman any more.   I ask the Mrs. Smith to call again & Mrs. G. said,  Oh she will   I’ll see to that.   God of Love & Mercy take care of me every step of my way.  Amen   she don’t worry me but I don’t care to hear all her gossip & boastings   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy loving Kindness & care. Amen. 

Sun. July. 3. 1960./ Dark morning sun came out once or twice just for very few seconds,   then got thick & dark untill 2-30-P-m. & sun is shin-ing once again & no one called or phoned so far.     I felt punk Sat. & today.   bowels on bad behavior   Well, bowels moved a plenty but, I feel tired out & then Milton, & Ann & Mr. & Mrs Hicks & baby “11. mo. old & big for her age” came in for an hr. or so.   Hicks are chrisstians   he has the Holy Ghost,   We had prayer then Ann ask for special prayer for 3 things,   I laid my hands on her & ask Jesus to touch her body for each thing,   & He did give her 3 good touches & filled her with the Spirit   it was good   Praise the Lord, Oh my soul, for all my benifits,   Glory to His Name. Amen.   We listened untill 11-P-m to sermons on Radio & I ought to have set up more in the chair & so couldn’t rest after they had all gone   but I Praise the Lord./

Mon. July.4.1960./ Decoration Day  [she means July 4] Beautiful day  nice sun & fresh breeze.  Elbert did out the washing & his poor feet hurting him so bad,    Budd, Betty & 2. boys came at 10-a-m & brought us a big piece water mellon & hot pie for dinner.   they are good hearted children.  I didn’t sleep last night so was asleep after they left[?]

Mon. July. 4. 1960./ Budd & Betty said they would be back this evening but they didn’t come, it been very cool today & is cool tonight, like Sept.  over 500 killed & drown & wounded.

Tue. July 5. 1960./ Beautiful morning nice sun, but a very cool breeze & strong,    Mrs. Hensley & her father from Virgina coal mines came in about 9-a-m   we had a good visit & I’m still wondering why we didn’t have prayer before they left.   his wife had gone to Columbus,   her daughter had a baby son & they were happy,   it’s there first grandson.     they brought another son of theres up here, he did part the driving, said he got a job on a farm near here & so his father would have to do all the driving back home & he dreaded it.   I pray God will help him, he said he told the men in the mine when they ask him What he learned while on his vacation to see his daughter & family “that he learned they didn’t have faith trust & hope in the Lord as they should,    that his daugter had taken him to visit a woman 74 yrs. old, that belonged to God, who had a smile one could never forget, who had spent 4. yrs. in bed & sitting on side of bed could do most every-thing but walk & who reads & prays & sings Hyms in Praise to the Lord & that everyone says she’s always the same, no matter the circum-stance & he thought, how much they all grumbled when they ought to be Praising the Lord    that they could get out into the sunshine & walk & do things & thank Jesus for all there many blessing    I pray they will all take the lesson as it was ment & that God will help & bless them all.   The times growing short   May God help us all.   Received card from Inez. & one from Armstrong,

Tue. July. 5. 1960./ God to read a while & then look fro Mrs. Findimes add.   I found them   I had written them on my address paper,    I wrote her a letter & Nellie a card    Mrs. Ramm called & said she has a woman to do my cleaning Thurs.   so it will be a great day.

Wed. July 6. 1960./ Beautiful morning, mailed letters & card.   Cool breeze, white dew last night.   No mail this morning & no one come in.    Elbert called Ann to tell her the girls didn’t need to come tomorrow    Betty didn’t call & a Mrs Massy is supposed to come & clean tomorrow “the Kitchen.”

Thurs. July. 7. 1960./ Beautiful Day,    I felt sick this morning, cool breeze.    the woman came & brought 2 girls “hers” & they did a small job for 5.00    they cleaned inside of upper cupboard   put clean papers on & washed the dishes & put them back & washed out side of cupboard & out side of lower part she washed wood work around the windows & windows & the doors & she never cleaned behind the wash bench & slopped where I wanted it cleaned so bad.    Well we got a little bit done,    I could have cleaned the whole Kitchen,    When I was much older than she & the two girls helping & she smoking 3 or 4 cigarets    it took them so long    I was glad when they left    Mrs Ramm came at 3-P-M. & Mr. Knowing one of the Jr. order women, she seemed like a nice woman maybe in her 30ties.   Betty her boys & Elbert went to town & did the shopping & got back just as others were leaving   been hard day for us both   well we do get taken care of  [?]

Thurs. July. 7. 1960./ Billy shut Frank’s fingers in door of car    looked as if they were cut most off,    Oh, the things children do it’s terrible,     had letter from Opal this morn.    Elbert’s all tired out when he got home today.   & he says such terrible things to me latly   I know it’s because he feels so bad & so tired.   I have a letter most done for Opal,   will try to finish it tomorrow if I can.   God help me.

Fri. July. 8. 1960./ Was a beautiful day, air a rather cool all day, hot sun    Well, I slept late, ate at noon received a letter from Sister Crisco    After dinner Sister Simas came in    baby walks good & they have her broke to ask to go to toilet & she’s a good baby.   Mrs Simms  one girl & son in law cleaned the stove & did a little cleaning the other woman didn’t do & there is a window & behind wash basin & the lower part of the cupboard to be done & the chairs & table leggs yet to do.   & bench to put new oil cloth on.   Elbert made custard for supper    Marchel took him up to Shores store & got loaf of bread,   they all had prayer & went home saying they’d try to get back soon.    God help us to do Thy Will. 

Sat. July. 9. 1960./ Ann & Milton came last eve-ning & we had quite a visit & Elbert & Milton went up for gas & came back & Milton went back & got some cream,   it tasted so good & then we had prayer & they went home.    This is a beautiful Morning & Elbert has done the washing & got it on the line,  hot sun,   there was a good breeze but seemed to have died out.   To hot for Elbert’s head.

Sat. July. 9. 1960./ I set bread   yeast cake was not very good,   its raining but so slow I pray it will be real good,   I thank Thee Jesus    No one come in today,    I finished Opals letter & hope to send note to Edna.    Betty & Budd thought they would be here this after noon but didn’t come    been a fine day.    Ernie brought the light bill yesterday    Postman left it in there box.   haven’t heard from Miss. Clark   hope she isn’t sick.   I’ll try to write her a few Lines soon    I ate supper in Kitchen with Elbert tonight.   My bowels haven’t moved today.   So I’m wondering what I’ll have to endure tonight & tomorrow. 

Sun. July. 10. 1960./ Mr & Mrs Hensley & 4 children came in this after noon     they brought us fresh green string bean,   they’re tender & sweet,   her mother & father were here to visit them & one son found a job & so his father took the resst of his family & went back home,    he was so sad & lonely for his boy did half the driving here      & now he would have to do all the driv-ing going back home & he would miss him almost as if he had lost him,     I pray Oh Lord Thou will comfort his heart in Thee day & night.   Oh, Jesus Blessed Jesus I love Thee & feel the need more & more of Thy Presence,   Help us I pray.   It been a beautiful day.  

Mon; July; 11. 1960./ Beautiful Day very cool air   hot sun.  Received note from Moura   It is a thank you  [?] Pictures I had sent to her    Elbert went

Mon. July. 11. 1960./ Went to town & did a little more shopping with Betty, Ann Stay-ed with me,    she swept the floor & we had prayer & sang hyms  Praising the Lord    Elbert couldn’t get my oilcloth but he got a birthday card & handkercheif for Mrs. Loura Wright her birthday was June 30 & she was 86. yrs. old   May God help her.    Now we have had supper & Elbert has soaked his feet & put on corn plasters & it’s 9-P-m   Rusha is trying to pick a war with U.S.A.

[Entry John Harnish Diary Tuesday July 12, 1960. Went to Lakeside to say a word about the Baldwin Wallace convocation at the Norwalk District Institute    Stopped at Aunt Elinors w/ a big watermelon.   Stopped at Uncle Frank Bonney’s for a while.   He gave us some beans & a cabbage.]

Tue.  July. 12. 1960./ Nice Day, cool breeze hot sun.   I wrote letter to Mrs. Crisco   I had hoped to write to Mrs Brackett & Miss McGovern & finish one to Mrs. Wright.       I did write one to Edna & Opal & now I have to write to Ethel & Nellie.   Johny & Marcia came in with there 3. children    they had been to Lake Side,   they N. & Girls had on some sort of what they called bath suits a cover over breasts & a little strip between there legs   Marcie had shorts    I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there they were    the eldest girl is 12. yrs. old,    I pray God will help them before it’s to late, the bible says cover the body & the ankles & forearms & fasten garment about the neck   Oh God of Love & Mercy the claim to be Christians    God says our bodys are the temples of the Holy Ghost & should be pure & a living sacrifice to God which is our reasonable duty.    bible say come out from among them but people who claim to be Christians are being wordly   Oh Jesus help them Make

Wed. July. 13. 1960./ Today Allen opens his tent meetings.    Milton Ann & the 2 gilrs came in  L.M. stayed in the car,  they had been over to the funeral parlor to see J. Ward daughter 14 yrs. old,   they the Wards have lead a wild life & no, there lay the daughter still & cold & Ann said the children had been to school together & L.M. had been with Cristine many times & she felt it might be a good thing for them to look on her cold still body & think how different life could be, when we walk with the Lord,  trust & Obey.   Milton tried to look at the evil & laugh it off, but God will be dealing with him in a severe & stern way before long & I’m trusting He will Amen.    Well it’s a dark dreary day, raining slow drizzle very hard all day.    Mrs. Hensley called to see if Elbert was going to Sandusky with her.   Mr. Helsely & children,    Elbert’s felt real sick   could hardly keep on his feet, his legs was so bad  he took anacins   the pains in knees & leg stopped but his head was so dizzy, it was as if he was drunk & then it began to ach,   I believe it was to many anacins,   he’s sleeping it off,   he looked real sick yesterday, but better today,   he did washing & it most did him,   So life goes from day to day.   Edna Hall came in at noon.   We talked a while   she went up to Shores store & got Elbert loaf of bread & 3 ice cream

Wed. July. 13. 1960./ cykles I believe she called them,   we ate part of the water-mellon Johny left us Tue.   Betty came in with 3 boys   Betty was coming to stay with me if Elbert went, so Mrs. Hensley told Betty Elbert wasn’t going, but Betty came anyway to see if she could help   We did talk things over Mrs. Hensley thought she could get a wheel chair for me    Elbert was going along to see if it was what I needed    Well Edna told me her daughter had her baby girl July 11, & they tore her rectom & mouth of womb & Edna seem to think she’d ought to be as strong as all the others, but, she wont have the strength as the others,    I told her about Audrey,   I do hope they will use judgement,  she’s like a little girl of 9. yrs. & without any more reasoning powers.   They all went to Hospital & then home 6-P-m, & oh, so dark.   I Thank & praise God ofr all things.  

Thurs. July. 14. 1960./ Dark morning fresh breeze & so cool.   I didn’t sleep last night   just dozed & so slept late this morning,   I prayed for Elbert   he felt so tired [?ly} bad,   he stumbled & nearly fell twice,  Wed.  but he’s better to-day  I received letter from Miss clark with 2. 1’s in it,  she says Harry gave her some money & said she should give me part of it, so she’s dishing it out 2. at a time once a mo.   Well I don’t understand but God does,   Praise His Name.   Ann called up no one been in.   Sun came out nice & bright little after 3-p-m.  N. East wind & cool.  & very cold.   well Mr. & Mrs. Finding came in a bout 7-P-m,   We had a nice spiritual visit & she offered me some blankets & I excepted them   we were wondering what to do about some more & God has so wonderously helped us.   He is a wonderfull Heavenly Father,   He said He would

Thurs. 14. July 1960./ supply all our needs & He does just that  Praise His Holy Name;   Oh God I thank Thee so much.  for all our blessing which are so many,  Amen   They left at 9-30-p-m.  I Praise Jesus.

Fri. 15. July/  Beautiful morning.   I slept late got up at 12 noon am fasting today.   Mr & Mrs Finding came in with a load of stove wood all cut to burn & While the men unloaded it, she came in & talked bible & the summer work at Shinrock & progress they had made,   I believe God will say they have done well.   I thank God for all who have gained in Him.   Elbert got up & did all the washing there was left to do, now     Received letters from Armstrong & Jordon & a card from Audrey & sent one to Inez & Miss. Clark,   I forgot to put stamps in for her.   Ann didn’t call or Betty today, hot sun cold wind.   We thank & praise God for all our blessings.

Sat. 15. July. 1960./ Beautiful Morn.  & real fresh breeze South west breeze.   I have set the bread & it’s raising   will seem good to have home made bread again, twice the yeast wasn’t any good, but this one foamed good & dough is active    I pray God will help it to come & be good.  1. letter come to Elbert from Dr. Arnold “about his feet”   we had written a card to him 2. mo’s. ago & made an apointment,    but, Elbert has felt to bad to go,   we should have let him Know,  but that’s the way some things go.   I pray God will bring him to do His will,   Lord help us to know what to do & how to do it,  bring in some of Thine to help.   I made 4 tins of biscuits 2. white 2. grahm   they are good.   & we are both tired.   Elbert’s having dizzy spells & so am I,   it must be our stomach, we ate some pork   it must have been to heavy, Lord help us.

Sun. July. 17. 1960./ Beautiful morn both little better   I took my bath & reading

Sun. July. 17. 1960/ my bible.   No one come in Sat. or Fri. & no one yet today    I wonder.   I wrot Loura Ann & Roberts  5.00  Sat.    have to mail them in morning     well no one come in untill evening    then Mr & Mrs. Hen-sley & 4 children came in & gave us beans & beet leaves.  for greens the one they gave us before were so tender & good,    he is out of work & her 2 brothers & sister-in-law is staying with them    the single brother pays his room & meals but the other is sort of a skin flint & they need the money    they have 4 children to feed & clothe   I gave them a tin of bread biscuits,   they are good hearted.   We just got down to visiting & children get so restless, they pick up & go,   Ann called up, said Betty & Budd had a bad fight & they havent been over for a week or so, but she & Milton might come Mon. evening,    they haven’t been over since. 

Mon. July. 18. 1960./ Tue evening,   she said.  she told Mrs. Finding    Elbert mailed the vacation land paper to Ella Jane, a letter to Loura Ann & one to Oral Robert’s with 5.00 in it.   Well, Ann just called & said they wouldn’t be here tonight,   she was talking to Mrs. Payne & she said they were coming,so, she & Milton would come Tue. evening.     Elbert feels some better, I Praise the Lord.   I mended a pr. of his socks Sat. with a hole the size of a dollar in back of each sock,   some job for my stiff old fingers, but it wasn’t bad, took me to long,   wish my fingures were more limber, but Praise Jesus I can do that well.   now must write some letters to Miss, McGovern & Mrs. Brackett   Well I got Mrs Brackett’s letter wrote,   maybe I will get hers tomorrow  “Miss. Mcgoverns”  I hope.   Been a fine day   hot sun  cool air.

Tue. July. 19. 1960./ Cloudy day, cool breeze & radio said thunder storm & none of it but lots of static.   mostly cloudy, it nice out. 

Tue. 1960. July. 19./ A card from Glispie of colum   seems at Lak Side full of 300 people & missionarys, from India.   She’s determined to get me to write to her, but she still boasting & pri[?ge?}   God Help her & hers   Well Paynes didn’t come last night.    I do pray earnestly God will help all who need him so much.   I think Elbert feels some better,   I must try to write to Ella Jane & her mother “Nellie”    I wrote the letter to Ella Jane & felt so tired.   Ann & Milton came in for & hr. or so & Betty came with them & brought the draw sheet & old sheet she turned & the oil cloth we had her get for the wash bench    I gave her 3.00    she only had 33 cents left    every thing cost so much    Milton took Elbert to store & he got the lemons & butter & little meat.    We had prayer & they took off for home,  God help us.   We had heavy shower before they came & at 9-30 to 12.

Wed. July. 20. 1960./ Beautiful morn.   partly cloudy  fresh breeze N. East & cool.   We received card from Miss Clark, saying I failed to thank her for the 2.00 she sent,   I can’t imagine I did such a thing,  she likes to fight & I do hope she wont try to pick a fight over the money   she says Harry Miller told her to give to me,   I do not understand about it.    We got nice letter from Bonita & she really has her troubles.   Well I have had a sick feeling since Mon. in my stomach    Elbert had ask Ann to call Hinman to find out what it would cost to take me to Allens Tent meeting in Mich.   I wish he hadn’t done it,   I know he wants to try to help me, but we have to be careful what we say, or do.   Well, Budd & Betty & boys came over after supper    he was going to cut the grass but mowing machine wouldn’t work so he & Elbert visited Bettey fix up soup & they said they had filled up on peaches & wouldn’t eat.   They drank coffee & ate graham biscuits    They brought us a pk of beautiful big peaches    she & boys ate peaches.  

Wed. July 20. 1960./ Well, they went home saying they’d try to come back Sat.   & Betty will try to fix wash bench & get clean cover of oil cloth on it. & clean lower part of cupboard,   I pray she will    I wrote letter to Miss Clark & thanked her for money 2.00 dollars she sent last mo. & wrote letter to Allen 5.00 in it today and one to Roberts Tue.   & one to Ella Jane & her mother.    Elbert has worked hard   cut path to cook      some thing broke wire on out side & pushed window glass out & broke screen on inside,   he found 4 baby kittens inside     he put my old rocking chair up inside & one rung was broken.  poor old chair,   it’s a very comfortable chair to sit in,   he put it in coop & locked it in, & cleaned old wood shed & put some of the wood Mr. Finding brought in it.   Now he is so terrible tired    I have to rub his back he’s so lame he can hardly move.   But we Praise God he helps us & Keeps us.

Thurs. July. 21. 1960./ Beautiful Morn. N. East breeze    2 letters this a-m. from Edna Hall & Mrs. Swarthout both good letters     Edna’s daughter 17 yrs. old & baby girl going home Tomorrow & Mrs. S. & husband drove 500 miles to see Grand Canyon,   she says it just beautiful & they enjoyed it so much & she is able & does play the Electric organ at church again;   Well, that might be O.K. but What would Jesus do?   What would He think about it.   Well, We had dinner.   Elbert ground a pork chop  add-ed 1/4 cup of milk, butter, sage, salt & peper and crackers & fried it.   Well I was out in Kitchen & had supper out there    sun hot, breeze cool looked like frozen due last night & night before.   I sent letter to Miss Clark & Allen 5.00 this a-m,   Well I have to write Miss Mc.Govern   been putting it off.

Fri. July. 22. 1960/ Beautiful morning strong West wind    tempture 89 going to 90 & threatened rain for tonight & during the night.   I patched Elbert’s B.V.D’s,   it was a hard job    I can’t see plain enough to see thread or make button hole or sew up holes.   Am out of Envelopes & stamps & all most out of paper.   3-15-p-m & no one came in. or phoned.    Received letter from Mrs. Swarthout & a good letter from Viola & a good letter from Inez.    the ones from Edna & Swacthout came Thurs.   Inez said Edd Rosecrames died last week,   Elbert said, that must be the reason we had been thinking of him & there families.   queer how they don’t even send a post card,    Wyn never let us know when Grant passed on.    Oh well, it don’t seem as if it’s right,   but maybe they like it that way    Inez been in hospital,   said it made her feel so happy to read my letter,    I do wish she would trust the Lord fully.   Oh God help them to Know Thee & not be in doubt or fear, but have that sweet Peace the Gift of God’s Love, I thank Thee.   Ann called to tell me she was O>K. & fear & doubt had gone, since her mo’s, had appeared.   Oh God,   why don’t we have faith & trust God,   He made us.   Oh Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free, Where Jesus is thHis home to me  On land or see what matters where, where Jesus is the Heaven there.   I thank & Praise the Jesus for all thing great or small.   

Sat. July. 23. 1960./Beautiful morning, cool breeze  hot sun.   Betty was coming this after noon but it’s 3-p-m. & so hot.   A letter from Jordon & paper from Theodor H. Epp.   Back to the Bible Lincoln Nebraska Box, 233.   I use to listen on Radio each week 

Sat. July. 23. 1960./ to them heeteches use to teach bible lessons so clear,   I don’t know what station he’s on now.   Betty & her Pastor’s neighbor woman came over about 3-30-p-m  had coffee & then took kElbert’s order & went to Sandusky to do both the’re shopping & ours & ex-pect to get back here about 7-P-M.   Betty says she & Ann are planing on going to Detroit to Allen’s meets for 2 or 3 days,   but not anyone can find a way to take me,   strange world isn’t it,   the bible tells how a few men took the tile off a roof & lowered a man down before jesus & He healed them because of there faith but no one knows how to take me into the meeting, that I can be healed or Elbert    it’s surely a bad world    Ann’s father in law said he’d take her to Detroit, but not to the meeting,   People say I want whereas we should say Thous sayest the Lord,   they don’t want to help the helpless or be troubled with them.   I do pray God will help them to learn to do His will & find a joy in so doing.   Betty & her neighbor,    they got us $11.00 worth of groceries that included the meat     Elbert gave her a 10 dollar bill & when she got back I gave her 1.00, dollar,    they talked a little & went at 7-p-m, now.   Radio says there are terrible fires in Cali. & several other fires in different places,   Betty said she & Ann & children planed to go end of week to Detroit only    Milton will be all alone,   I wonder;   Hope all is well

Sun. July. 24. 1960./ Audrey’s birhday, she will be 68. yrs. old,   They had tornado in part of Detroit last night.   It’s been a beautiful day,   Paynes came over after dinner & there 4. children his brother & wife & 7. children went home Sat. morning to Virgina    she says the house seems so empty she feels lost,   she has 4. but 7. more would leave quite a vacantenze.    We had quite a visit,    Well we ate supper & then Ann & Milton came in & she & I had bible talk & prayer,    We would lall like to go to Detroit to Allen’s Tent & be cleansed & made whol in Jesus.    Help us Jesus to Know what we should do.    I pray Thou will, Amen.   Oh God Help us,    Milton & Ann came in for an hr. or so this evening & she had let Cathy go with Betty to spend evening & Budd took them all over to ________    he went to see the man he goes coon hunting with & & she didn’t know how long she’d be there so called & told Dian so Ann wouldn’t worry:    Betty wants to go to Detroit with Ann & Milton don’t want her to go. “selfish.” & I believe thats why they haven’t tried to help us find away to go.   Jesus Knows.   I know Jesus can make a way,    I’ll wait for Him.   I did-n’t get up in chair today,   they went home at dark.

 Mon. July. 25. 1960./ Beautiful morning & A letter from Miss. Clark,    she wrote quite a letter for her    said Myrtle’s mother is well & is at home again,  Ramme’s is to be married July 31st 1960   & she went to the shower that was given them.   Mrs. Fast is in Vermilion Rest home yet & always ask bout me.   May God help her.   A letter from Nellie to do for Pinky & Ella Jane & herself & Pinky [?] like …

Mon. July. 25. 1960./ I heard some one talking in front yard last night & Elbert found a little note book    it says classmate date notes on the front.   Elbert has wash-ing done ready to hang out,   Wind’s still N. East,   Elbert got wash done & dried,   Milton & Ann came & & mowed the grass,   they talked awhile & left.    Cathy got home safe last night.    I darned 2 holes a big as a dollar in each sock for Elbert & fixed the shoulder strap on his B.V.D.    I didn’t do any writing today,    I didn’t sleep  not one nape all last night, so I prayed,   Jesus is Wonderful    He came & stood by me,    I do want to get up so bad, but I want to do His Will not mine    Oh Praise the Lord    I’m glad I’m free    where Jesus is Tis heaven to be on land or sea   What matters Where Where Jesus is this Heaven there.    Oh Glory be to Jesus   I love Him more & more    He lead to green pastures right through His open door    He will never ever leave me, nor for-sake me ever more    He’s my Saviour & physician   the holy one that I odore.   Oh to be like Jesus to be like Jesus    all I ask to be like Him all through lifes journy  from earth to Glory   all I ask to be like Him.   Glory Hallelujah Amen.    Elbert’s got the new step & got it ready to put in. 

Tue. July, 25, 1960./ Beautiful morning   nice fresh breeze,   S. East, mostly cloudy & its quite warm & at last blew up a storm    wind quite strong & rained hard good shower    sun came out few times but looks as if we might get more rain,    Letter from Allen & been in a quandry  don’t seem to know what to do. 

Wed. July. 27. 1960,/ Beautiful day, very hot sun   just a little breeze.    Elbert has cut some thisles this a.m.    got dinner & at 2-30-p-m. is trying to cut a few more weeds.    Dear Lord even though she couldn’t seem to settle it in her own heart, I pray Thou wont let them cut her open but heal her Thy. Self.   I thank Thee Jesus more than I can tell    make her to understand,   she has to make up her mind,  settle the debate in her own heart,  help her Lord.     Milton came late & said he had been to Memorial hospital to see Ann,    her father-in-law took her there.   they hadn’t done anything & maybe wouldn’t for a day or. so, to me Dr’s are discusting.   Inez was cut open & not anything wrong with her,   if people would only trust the Lord,    We need real Christian fellowship    God help us I ask.   I thank Thee for all things, Amen.    We received letter from Audrey & card from nellie    a picture card of Yacht Harbor Santa Barbara Cali.   pretty bay with lots of Yachts & launcher.   Palm trees along the path.     Eian called me & talked a little   she seemed excited, but had supper ready for her dad.   she said she picked raspberries for woman across the street “she & Kathy” & she gave them all to them.   so they caned them  3. qts.   & Dian made a berry cake for supper,    I pray Jesus Thou will teach them some memerable lessons that they need so much.   it’s 3-p-m.    Milton will soon be home for supper,    I hope he calls us tonight.    Well, it’s, 9-P-M. & he still hasn’t called,    Edna & her husband came at 6-p-m.   they took her daughter & baby home Fri. & stayed 2. days & today came over here    Edna looks worn out.    We talked about going to the Allen Tent for healings,   Edna’s father & her crippled brother Richard are coming to Edna’s to visit & she hopes they can all go & Ellen

Wed. July. 27. 1960./ Elbert & I are hoping to go all so,   If we ought to go help all things to work out that way,   Oh, Jesus help us I pray    there are 4 souls & maybe more that need help be-side me.   I thank Thee & give all Glory to Thee.   Cliff went up & got a nice big watermellon   Oh but it was good.   I pray they got home safly,   he’s out of work, does repair jobs at home, on lawn mowers & cars.    Elbert is trying again to call Milton & see how Ann is.   Frank Bonney’s birthday   he’s 70. yrs. old.   The mail was the plain Truth & letter from Audrey & Card from nellie.   It’s been hot this after noon,   it rained 3 showers Tue after noon & at night 2.   I wrote letter to Edna but didn’t get it mailed & here they come    well, Milton said.  they took a test on Ann & wont Know untill tomorrow what’s wrong    he said Betty & Ethel Hicks went to see Ann tonight.   Lord help us to Keep faith with Thee, Amen. 

Thurs. July. 28. 1960./ Beautiful Day, N. East breeze    Betty called this a-m.   said she’d over in a day or 2.   Letter from Sister Crisco this a-m    they are all as well as usual,   her mother went home with some of her neighbors who were up there for a visit & Sister Crisco is lonesome now they are gone,   Oh, if some one would only take us over to Allen   God help us I pray,   they don’t know how Ann is, better or worse.   No one came in today    Elbert cut few weeds this a.m.

Fri. July. 29. 1960./ Another beautiful morning but scarsly any breeze, a very hot sun.     A letter from Wyatt,   I haven’t forgot but can’t send them the 

Fri. July. 29. 1960./ money untill I get it.   Now I received a slip with my tax blank for delincey & I have all my receipts to show I have paid up to date   Such a world of people,   I pray Lord all is well   It’s to hot to write    I have a letter partly done to Edna I’ll try to finish,   then Miss McGovern    don’t know why she don’t write.    Well it was 

Sat. July. 30/ sunshiny all morning, at noon clouded up & little more breeze    looks like rain at 20 to 5 oclock.    Yesterday, it was terribly hot & no breeze, today there is a little breeze, but hot out of the breeze.   it’s been so terrible quite out side all this week like as if everything was dead & look so threating.    I received letters from Allen, Robert’s & Loara Ann & her mother in law,   Loura thinks her mother in law has a canser or tumer,   it’s begining to pain her, God help them to come to Thee.   I mailed a letter to Miss. Mc.Govern & one to Mrs. Hall this morning.   Payne called & said they were thinking of going to Detroit to Allen end of this week,   he laughed & ask, if I was ready to go.   No one phoned or call on us today.    Elbert called Ann    Milton went to Hospital & hasn’t got home yet at 9-20-P-m    Sunny all morn. & Cloudy all after noon.   cool breeze

Sun. July. 31. 1960./ Beautiful day h-o-t sun & scarcly any breeze at all & not a call or phone call today.    Elbert called Milton last night   he called back 11-p-m.    said they gave her more blood,   they gave her some on the start & now, more    & they said she would be home Wed, Aug. 3. 1960.   I pray she will be O.K.  strong enough to endure.    I been out & back 3. times to Kitchen   it’s hard   Mr & Mrs Hensleys & 4 children were here at supper time,   they brought a cabbage head & cucumber from there garden  nice & freesh,   they left before dark -God help us

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