August 1960

Mon. Aug. 1. 1960./ Beautiful morning   I didn’t sleep all night.   We paid taxes in May & have receipts & stub. & now they have sent another blank & this I received 28 of July with penly of 2.00    We can’t figure out what it’s for,   now I’ve got to find out if I can what it’s for & who to go to for help,   I pray God will help me.   We received letter & magsne from Allen & picture of Jesus from Jordon & 2. adds. this morning.   Jordon sent Picture of Jesus not a colord picture but crayon.   Allens letter’s good.   This is twice he has told me Jesus is interceding with God for me & to stand fast & I will win the Victory as Job did.   Oh Praise His Holy Name, I thank Thee.   Milton came at 6-P-M.   says Ann better, but he doubts if she will get home Wed.   I pray she & Milton will both use good judgement,   she’ll be weak.   Well it’s getting dark & it was real cold last night & fogy but not much fog tonight.    Elbert did out part of the washing & got it dry    his feet seem as if they would kill him,   he so tired    I pray God will in Jesus Name Convert & heal him. Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 2. 1960./ A Paper from Soul Clinic & add was all the mail.   It’s partly cloudy & quite hot   good S. west breeze.   I sent card to welfare, about the taxes.     Well, Mrs & Mrs Hensley came & they went to the Volentiers & got a wheel chair, they thought would be good for me to sit in,   We both had wished Elbert could go when they went so not to get something we can’t us,   but they brought a big ark of a chair & dirty, terribly dirty alover.   so now take it back & we hate it’s being in the house because of the dirt on it,   Oh God help us I pray,   they were only thinking of help ing us.   They are going Thurs  & I hope we get it back & Oh I hope we can do our Way &

Tue. Aug. 2. 1960./ take chair back & get our food supply.   I sent letter to Ethel & Frank.   No one else in or phoned.   

Wed, Aug. 3. 1960./ A Dark cloudy day.   No mail   Elbert washing his shirts & pants 4. or 5. pairs.    Well no callers so far.   Now Mrs. Hall came in Praise the Lord.   she brought a pie “apple” & pt. ice cream   we visited a little then she wiped up the floors, then Wyn & Virgina came in came just to visit    Well it was nice to see them again,   they gave us few tomatoes fresh ones.  Edna went, then Virgina & Wyn.   shes 85 & looks good.    Ed Rosencranse had heart trouble 81 yrs old  Geo will be 75 Aug. 16.   Ed sick.  expences cost him over 3,000 dollars,    Joyce is over to New York to Christian Youth camp.   Ann got back home today    she’s terrible weak but trying to get up & walk a little each day from now on.   God help her to be very careful.   give her the strength & courage she needs. Amen.

Weds.Thurs. Aug. 4. 1960./ We had hard shower 3-30-p-m before girls left. & it’s still cloudy & all night & all morning.   Elbert don’t feel good but he got al-ready to go to store.   Betty called & said she be here soon & she came & Brought Mrs. Proctor & her 2 girls with her,   they stayed with me untill Elbert & Betty got back 12-noon & went right away,   Elbert put dollars worth gas in her car    I let Mrs. Proctor take some Oral Roberts & Allen books   hope she reads & prospers by them & returns them.   Elbert didn’t get all he had to do done    Betty thought she’d be back Sat.   Mrs. Hensley called after they had gone to store & they were going to Sandusky “Hensleys”    she said he said he couldn’t take the chair back, but would have Volentiers call for it,   We had explained to Hensley’s we couldn’t use a big chair,   but, here they brought an ark.   We have to leave it on the porch    Elbert wanted to ggo with them so not to bring what we couldn’t use,   such a world.    Well, we had supper & Elbert isn’t satisfied,   he cut a few weeds & now he is out cutting a few more,  this is the time to cut.   It is thick & fogy at 7-p-m   my bowels didn’t move today,   I don’t feel good.

Fri. Aug. 5. 1960./TAXES./ A beaiutiful day.   My bowels did move rather hard   took my ambistion out of me,   but, I got up on edge of bed & read some bible scripture out loud to Elbert & my self.   We called Ann,   Milton talked to Elbert   she set up to long & got to tired,   I can’t see why she don’t use common sence.   Its 5-30-P-m & terrible hot; makes my head ach.   No Mail today,   but I owe so many letters & some how I just can’t seem to write   I’ll have to write to Loura Ann & get that off my hands,   I most wish I hadn’t told her by the sound of her letter she wants some one to get it & hand it to her to bad.   Well, it’s now 15 to 6-P-M. & so hot.

Sat. 6. Aug. 6. 1960./ Dark day, 2.p-m   trying to rain,   Elbert’s been cutting weeds & he feels all in.   Well taxes have penalty of 2.47,   this is second half   the last half come in May. & now the second half July 29. 1960 for  1959.   I don’t know why so close together.   I’ll send it, but will have to watch blanks in future.   got taxes & penalty ready to go with self address-ed stamped envelope as soon as Elbert can get to town.    No one came in.   sun come out couple or more times, quite cool today & no one come in today.   My check come & letter from Fred Jordon,   they want money  a thousand dollars or less if I can spare it to build a new Chapel   a memoral for His mother.   The light bill come today 1.65.   Cleared up some   not so warm tonight.

Sun, Aug. 7. 1960./ Beautiful day partly cloudy this after noon & later a shower.   Milton & Ann came about 3-p-m.   We had a good spiritual visit & prayer & I pray Lord Thou will convid her heart & help her to understand she not leav-ing  Holy on Thee,  help Jesus to cleans herself through Thee,   Oh God in Jesus Name I ask that Jesus will guide my tongue,   I thank Thee & give Thee all Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.   Well, no wonder I’ve had such a queer feeling of excitment for, Brother & Sister Swarthout & Brother & Sister Webber were on there way here from Arazonia & from Sandusky,    We had a little visit & prayer,   they said God had sent them to me to talk & pray with me,   they prayed & the power went through me & I claim whatever God sent for me,   I praise Him with all my heart & soul, Glory to God Hallelujah, Amen.   It would be so good to have had time to talked longer, for the visit was short.   Well Milton & Elbert went to Shures & got butter lettuce & a mellon. & cream (ice). meat loaf.   We have been listening to sermons, over radio from 3-30-p-m. untill 11-P-m.   they are mostly good.   Well, Betty & Budd & boys, didn’t come today. 

Mon. Aug. 8. 1960./ Nice Day, partly cloudy, Betty came good Look & Lot a Love  & left Mrs Proctor & her 3 children a boy & 2 girls from Mrs Clara Proctor    & she & Elbert went to town& got the rest of food    he had forgot & she wrote on my tablet.     they were not gone long,   Clara washed up dishes & children run in & out,   I felt sick all morn,   Bowels didn’t

Mon. Aug. 8. 1960./ move untill after dinner,    I don’t feel right yet.   Mrs. Degan the Case Worker came in at 2-30-p-m, in ans. to card I sent to her & she says they are a year behind with Tax blanks,    What a world, & soon everything will be worse & Jesus will take over.   Oh Praise the Lord   he will take care of His Own.   Still partly cloudy. at 4-p-m.    Received letter from Opal   they are well   she is caning bean, pickles, peaches &. & wishes all well.   We gave Betty 27.50 to pay taxes & 50 cents to get a couple Kerchiefs for Anns birthday “Sat”    Well bowels moved off good,   Praise the Lord.   I’m shaky,   Elbert had started the washing, but went to town & left it   come back & got dinner at 1-30-p-m.   now he has got part of it done & dried   a good breeze, hot sun partly cloud.  Well it is cool & radio says cooler tonight. 

Tue. Aug. 9. 1960./ Partly cloudy.   Elbert hung out the clothes that didn’t dry Mon.   there isn’t much breeze.   Received letter from Edna’s daugh-ter   they are well, but she wishes more than anything else in the world that she was a saved soul for Jesus,   Oh God, help her to really find Thee & be con-verted & filled with the Holy Ghost I pray, Amen. 

Wed. Aug. 10. 1960./ Well. I felt bum & laid more than I set untill 2-P-M.   Betty came & so I set up again    We talked some & then she cleaned lower part of cupboard & under the sink   only took her 1 1/2 hrs.   she young & fast    I’m so glad it’s done,   now we are going to do the wash bench when she comes again & behind it on wall.     she & Budd gave us 1/2 bu peaches & tomatoes today   also, we each had toast & lunch meat & coffee & then she & boys went home 15 to 5-p-m.   she washed Elberts 2 light shirts & ironed them & brought them back & brought pillow cover for the sofa pillows back,  she ironed them   Elbert had washed them.   I had her get 2. Kercheifs for Ann & a birthday card.    I didn’t get Betty anything for her B[?ig] tax day.

Wed. Aug. 10. 1960./ taxes./ Skip Shoe brought us a hen from poultry house at 6-P-M.   We got our checks Mon. & Elbert went to Huron Tue.   paid out most all we got   gave Betty blank for taxes   she didn’t say if she had mailed it out $27.17.   it is cold tonight like early Fall & feels like rolling up in wool blanket.   Cloudy most of the day 58 degrees tonight.

Thurs. Aug. 11. 1960./ Beautiful morning cool breeze  hot sun.   2 letters today one from Miss Clark ( & one from Miss Willitts )with 2.00 in,   she says Harry Miller gave her some money & said she was to give me some of it & that’s the way she give it 2.00 at a time to me.    Well, I finished a letter to Edna & got part of one wrote to Opal & then mrs. Finding came & Miss Clark   I thanked her for the 2.00 & paid Mrs. Finding $2.95 for the large print Bible she bought & brought to me    she bought a plastic cover & gave to me & she put it on the Bible.    They started to leave  then, came back & told us about Tom Eppler having a terrible wreck on his big truck near Chapel Creek,  one car burned up & a woman in a car pined between wheel & back seat,   they had to pry her out & car cought fire & Tom put it out with his hands & the fire never burned his hands & he had fell on his head, & it had only stun-ed him,   God does miricals.   Tom’s youngest brother fell 3 stories & died   I don’t remember if it was the same day, but close anyway.   I have always believed Tom belonged to the Lord.   help him Jesus I pray & be with Mrs. Finding   she’s a loveable person

Thurs. Aug. 11. 1960./ Help Thy children Lord & help us to Know & understand   talk to me & help me to see & to Know what to do    I thank Thee Jesus.    Ann & Milton were here a little while tonight    Ann & I had prayer & Milton came in & we hugged & I kissed him & he said he would try to live right.   he’s lonesome for love & companionship with good friend, Jesus  call loud to his soul.   Jesus help me to help others, Please help m. 

Fri. Aug. 12. 1960./ Cloudy mostly    Got up a little earlier, but don’t feel so strong.   No. mail at all.   I got dressed & Elbert took me to Kitchen,   I washed & he got me sugar, shortening vanila, eggs, milk, salt & flour & rolled oats & I blended them together    We had just put one tray in oven,  When Edna & Cliff came   so he tore off old oil cloth from wash bench  pulled tacks & measured new oilcloth & tacked it back on.   Edna swept up dirt on floor,    they didn’t get floor & wall washed, we hope to get wall covered next,   they had to go home, was expecting Joyce,   Edna got called back to work for Aug 15th.   She was hoping he’d get called first,   she was so sick this morn & threw up,    she looked sick   Pray she’s O.K.   they left 15 to 5-P-m.   I thank God in Jesus Name   He takes good care ous.   they stoped at Betty’s house & she sent several pieces of pies  2, big peppers & a bag of string beans & couple tomatoes   Praise the Lord & we pray He will Bless each one of them,   they are so good to us,    I am going to give her a few cookies,    Edna helped look after baking cookies      after they left I got back to bed tired so tired

Fri. Aug. 12. 1960./ Elbert has felt so bad alday    Milton & Ann came in for a few minutes,   it’s her birthday.   she’s 31. yrs. old & the family told them to go out for supper,   so they did,   they told them not to come back untill seven oclock,   they went up to store & got us some bread, bread man has missed us twice,   Milton & Ann were going to get ice crem bring bread back to us & go home to see what they were doing at home,   Betty was to bake & trim a cake & they were to have they’re party tonight,    they were as excited as 2 children & could hardly wait to get back home to see all that had been going on.   Well I hope they had a nice time.    They are going to bury Mr. Canaberry tomorrow,   he’s the one Allen cured through the Power of God of a canser,   he coughed it up in pieces & he was so happy for a week or 2.   then let the devel tor-ment him untill he went to hospital in Cleveland & then he came home,   then, went to norwalk & back home.   & now they lay him away Sat. 13.   So dark at night.   heavy dew most white & lots of it. 

Sat. Aug. 13. 1960./ Beautiful morning,   No mail.   I have been trying to finish Opals letter.   Well I finely got letter done,    no mail today, & no one called today.   Cliff got washbench covered with new oil cloth,   it sure looks better & cleaner.    I do thank Jesus for helping us,   Edna was sick  been al morning & throwing up,   she’s going back to work Mon Aug. 15.  & she wished Cliff would go back first to work    I wonder if Joyce came home or if Edna & Cliff went to her.   Ann called & said she & Betty & Ethel, went to Canebery’s funeral   Rev. Gibson did the preaching    there were about 100 there   they laid him in Riverside cemetary   Jesus help & comfort those left.

Sun. Aug. 14. 1960./ Beautiful Day S. East breeze.   No one called or come in,   I pray the Lord has & still is Blessing the Services every where Amen.   They tell me Rev. Smith is leaving Huron Church    He says he don’t get pay enough.   Lord help us.   Ann didn’t call up today,  enjoying her leasure & freedom. 

Mon. Aug. 15. 1960./ Dark, Cloudy morning, 1. letter from Allen    It rained hard Sun. late & part of the evening   Elbert forgot to mail Opals letter.   Well maybe I can write one letter today.   I did to Mrs. Joyce Rogers, No calls or, no one come in so far today   tempture 55 degrees, tonight    So am sending 3 letters Tue.  Clark, Opal & Joyce.   I talked to Ann, she said Minister was there & visited awhile & was sorry they didn’t get to hospital to see her.   she said she was over to Ethel’s to a demastsion of cloths party & she ordered 3 B.V,D, suits for Milton some 4.50 & sun came out after dinner at times,    Elbert dried cloths   he’s so tired every night & I wish I were able to help.   Georgies Birthday 75. yrs.

Tue. Aug. 16. 1960./ Month half gone at noon & only had 3 or 4 days of hot weather & it’s partly cloudy   good fresh N. East breeze & Elbert did out the bal. of the wash.   I sweat so bad he had to take off sheet & draw sheet this a.m.    Johnn Snyder gave Elbert 2. cucumbers & few ears of corn,   they are good & we injoy them.    We are almost out of food again & 18 days befor another check   have to use some of coal money.   Received picture card of the big red wood tree,   they cut a hole in to drive clear through it is 33.3 ft in circumference & at the ground 84.8 ft. & 205 ft high & they don’t know when it was hollowed out,   & a piece of log for souvieniers   nellie & girls were over to see it,   Ella Jane, Bonita Jr. & Gladous.    Getting quite cloudy again.   Well Elbert says today is Wed. 17. so I have got Tue. & Wed all in together but I still don’t feel he is right [?]

Thurs. Aug. 18. 1960./ Sun shining, but not clear.   tax blank receipt came this morning.   No one came in or called, so far today    Elbert called Ann last evening & she did-not have much to say.   I expect Betty is helping Budd with peaches,   Ann said she saw them go passed on the truck, so they are probably hauling peaches some where,    Edna’s working & Clara Proctor has no way to come & we don’t know whats happened to Hensley’s.   Elbert has sewed end of slipper sole & top together 3. times now.   Well he mailed Sara’s letter this morn.  18th. & I don’t feel like writting, but have several letters to ans.   I did 2. letters  one to Miss Willitts & one to LourelAnn. & one to Wyatt 5.00 but I can’t put the money in the others untill I get a 10. broke,   I’m going to write one to Allen & Roberts. & Jorden & put the money in when I can,   I’ll have them ready all but that.   We got tax blank receipt today.   WEll Ann & Milton came in for & hr. or so    Milton went up for gass & we got some cream,   they were just leaving when Bonita came & George & her 2. babys ,   they did not stay long,   she’s worring,   I’m sorry & wish I could help her,   she said Joan M’s baby is sick with infection in her Kidneys, tempture 102 & up to 104.  she’s in hospital, for along time   they have given her a whole fried pork chop to eat & she eats it.   it’s to solid meat for a baby little over yr. old.   I owe Audrey letter & Mrs Swarthoute.    Well, Maybe I’ll get there by & by. not so cold tonight. 

Fri. Aug. 19. 1960./ Beautiful Day  fresh N. East Breeze    no mail, Ann called & is coming to take “or her father in law,”   Elbert to town for food at 1.P.M.   John Snyder is plowing up sweet corn patch   thats done   Mr. Anderson & Dian & Cathy came,   he took Elbert to town & the girls stayed with me,   they don’t seem to know how to visit      Men wasnt

Fri. Aug. 19. 1960./ gone long.   Elbert’s feet paining him so bad.   So now he’s soaking his feet & I’m going to try writting another letter & Elbert didn’t mail what I wrote Thurs.   I wrote 2. more,   Allen & to Jordon,   can’t send them yet untill get money    Well, I’ve been praying untill my heads dizzy,   fog a few, it seems to take the strength right out of me & I’ve been asking Jesus if I’ve done all I can do here on the bed & in the chair, if He would provide a way for me to go to the meetings at Clyde,    I couldn’t seem to go to Allen in Deteroit, Wed.   I had such an excited feel as if some-thing was about to happen,   I saw sister Gantt  Louses & Mrs. Gan’ts sister    she had a blue & white dress on sitting in a chair looking so tired,    I prayed for her   I could see her so plain,   she’s short & stout, black hair & she looked just as Jesus showee her to me & then Mrs. Gantt, her Sister & daught came,  it was just after we had finished our supper & here they brought  hot stuffed peppers, fresh corn & beans & tomatoes    Elbert had given Bonita what beans & tomatoes & was sort of regreting there loss & here mrs Gantt came with more    then he was glad,   Praise the Lord.  Oh my soul.   Well Sister Gantt said they were going to Church, but the Lord began to pull her & send her over to us & He quit pulling on her when they decided to come to us,   Oh, how happy we all were,   they talked about the wonders & power in the meetings & ask if we would go if they provided away & I said yes,   they prayed & thanked the Lord & began to plan what would have to be done,    I didn’t have things ready, didn’t know about my coat or shoes,    I can make dress & under clothes do,   but I’d need help to get ready,   my shoes are to small, feet are so swollen, & how could they get me in the car & what about my using bed pan?   Lousis said she’d be back Sat after noon to help us get on our way    we done what we could tonight & trust Jesus for the rest.

Sat. 20. 1960. Aug./ Well we got up & had bath & breakfast & began to put the things together   things we thought we’d need over night    Elbert sewed my garters on my abdominal suport & then packed needful things in bad, Elbert had, had his breakfast, he got mine & we had dinner & then Sister Mrs. Crisco, called, & ask what I was doing & I said just laying & waiting to be moved,   We were all ready to go except putting our traveling close on.   & we’ll have supper early   mrs. Crisco called, said seemed like every thing had worked wrong all morning & that at last they had got things all ready & the amblence & Loise would be here at seven 7. oclock & to be ready,   they will take me right to the Tent door & she will be there to meet us.   We had a real hard shower this after noon & now sun is out bright.    Well, I can’t write more untill I get back.   It was late 7-15-P-M. when the came with the Ambulance    We were ready to go,   it was Foos ambulance    it poured rain before they got here;   We tried, to call Ann several times but no ans.    They came in & put me on the carrier   took me out & put me in car & hit out for Clyde, took us right to the door of the tent & took me out & wheeled me right up in front & Elbert went with me   they had started to preach & after a while they called for those who needed healing & Elbert went up & he didn’t yeald, holy the devil is frighting, but I know, Jesus is able, All Glory be to God & He will win before long after he had finished with all the others he started on me,   I haven’t been able to hold my ankles straight,  but, Jesus helped me & I did stand on my feet.   they let me off a little hard & I put all mi weight on my feet, but to heavy on right

Sat. Aug. 20. 1960./ ball of right foot & it sore & swollen & pained most of time all rest of evening,    they had planed for us to stay with Mrs. Gantt,   but last minute she had a house full come in so they took us to Mrs & Mrs. Crisco’s,   we had lunch & talked & prayed & tryed to rest on some couches & floor.   I felt refreshed in my soul,   had been in Gods house for about 8. yrs.   I met so many & they seem-ed to be such nice friendly people, came & Kissed me shook hands & prayed  Gods blessing on me,   you could feel God’s power   Oh how much I love the lord   mr. Crisco’s been sick for a week or so,  his faith isn’t strong enough & maybe mine isn’t,   I don’t praise God in Spirit. 

Sun. Aug. 21. 1960./ We slept late & had late dinner   talked some & laid down & slept 2. hrs. & then got dressed & had dinner & used pan twice & started for home.   Mrs. Crisco tried to get Viola,   she was gone to a Church Camp some where,   she couldn’t get helen and I couldn’t go to Mrs. Wright’s    We got home 15 to 8-p-m    rained hard before we came but nice all the way after the rain    They got me safe home & into bed,    Elbert is so terribly tired.   I see our N. window open but he said he shut it, but he didn’t    we gave 10 to church & 7- to driver,   May God Bless them.   

Mon. Aug. 22. 1960./ Partly cloudy.   We slept untill 11-30-a.m.    we’re both so tired.   then Mrs. Payne called   she said she was so shocked when she see us come in    they took me in on the carrier in the front & Elbert set close by.   Well we talked a while over phone,   then Ann called & said, mrs. Hensley had 

Mon. Aug. 22. 1960./ been over Sun. & no one here & so they went to Ann’s & she didn’t know & Betty came to Ann’s & & they all came over & Milton said he could see it was an ambulace by the tracts they all wondered what had happened.   We tried to get Ann Fri night & 4 time Sat.  but no ans. so we had to leave at 7-P-M.  & I didn’t let them know & they said they were worried,   I’m sorry, I could have left a note on door but in all excitement getting me out, I didn’t think.    Such is life.   Well, I have talked to Mrs Payne twice & to Ann twice & they let Betty & Mrs. Hensley Know, so now everythings O.K.   I ask Elbert if he shut the north window before we left & he said yes but Jesus showed me it was open & it was when we got here & the house all locke-ed up. ha, ha.   We been a lone allday & no letter today & I didn’t write any,    Elbert’s head has felt so bad,   I pray God Will help him, to give in.   I praise God from Whom all blessing Flow amen. 

Tue. Aug. 23. 1960./ Nice Day but we slept till most noon,   No Mail.   Ann & Milton came & cut the grass & Betty & boys came    they got me up & out on the porch for 1/2 hr.  & Milton & Elbert went to store & then Milton & Ann went home    Betty & boys had sanwiches. & coffee with us,   they put me in bed be-fore they “Ann & Milton” went home.   Elbert washed this morning, he’s so tired he feels sick   I pray God of Love & Mercy Thou will hear our cry for help & help things to go Thy Way.   I Praise Thee & Honour Thee.

Wed. Aug. 24. 1960./ Partly Cloudy, hot sun, Coold strong breeze & Elbert got me in chair    then Clifford & Edna came    We had a good visit,   she went to work Mon. & is tired & they are planning on going home Fri. & he’s going to work tomorrow for 2

Wed. 24. 1960. Aug./ weeks, then he’s going to help Elbert fix heating stove, if they can.   We received card from Ethel, & letter from Nellie from Cali,    she’s coming home, expects to get here Sept 4.    Elbert did wash yesterday Tue. 22.   Betty brought us 1. Pk. tomatoes nice & ripe.   Elbert has supper ready & thank & Praise God for my healing & strength & Blessing.

Thurs. 25. Aug. 1960./ Beautiful Day, hot sun, Cool breeze No mail.   Elbert’s still so tired,   I Praise God I feel more strength   the trembling in my body has left,   there are some sore spots yet but He touched me & I’m sure they will leave.   I Praise God from whom all my blessing come Amen.   No phone calls or callers so far today.   I wrote 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1960/ to Wyn, Hensley’s, Audrey, Bonita & Wheelers today.   No mail today.   Well I’m tired & it’s cool tonight going to 53 degrees.  fogy every night.   Fri. Aug. 26. 1960 forgot to mark day & date.

Sat. Aug. 27. 1960./ We both seem to get things mixed up, to tired I reckon    I slept late, untill 10-a-m  had toast & eggs & a cup of coffee;   Ann & Milton came after dinner   he finished mowing the front yard,  cloudy but hot,   Milton took off his shirt & was so wet,     he & Elbert went to Shores & got a little food,   Mrs. Shore gave him a weeks bundle of papers, all the news we get is on the radio, so we like the papers.  Milton was going home to finish his lawn   he set me on the chair & we went to Kitchen,   Ann played Phonegraph records,   I have quite a few Hyms,   We enjoyed them   they went home 15 to 4. P.M.   There’s good N. East breeze & Mrs Hensleys coming tomorrow quit cool & cloudy

Sun. Aug. 28. 1960./ Been mostly cloudy & hot   if it wasn’t for the cool South breeze,  it hot.   Mrs. & Mr. & 4 children came in & we got half a visit   Mrs. Smith is very poorly    she gets up but is so lonely & don’t like to be left alone any more & her girl left her long enough so she cried all night    she’s 75 & feeble   I’m so sorry for her,   it is terrible to be left alone,   Wish I could help her   Mrs. Hensley goes to her as often as she can & she’s a good soul to.   John S. gave Elbert 5 tomatoes today,   looks like rain.   Elbert’s getting supper frying biscuits & hamberg.

Mon. Aug. 29, 1960./ Last night late Mr & Mrs. Payne came in & talked & visited for a while    it was 10-P-M. when they left.   This morning, Cloudy  good stiff breeze,  south mostly west.   Elbert got up late & did out the wash, didn’t have much,   he fixed my breakfast & got the mail   a nice letter from Mrs. Brackett    he mailed letter back to Roberts   I had made a mistake in add.   Put Lorain instead of Elyria.O.   Sun began to shine at noon, 2-30-P-M- close are dry.   Miracle Magazine came in mail   it’s a truly wonderful paper, a person who had lived as a girl 21. yrs. & had the passion of man & woman & had undergone all sorts of treatments  then went to A.A. Alens meetings & even though he wasn’t a Cristian ask Allen for help,   his desire was at age of 21. yrs. to be a real man,   he was convert-ed   Allen prayed,   God did the work,  He shrivel-ed femail oranges [?organs] & he became a real man    he had been married 3. yrs, & wife testified.    she knows & an aunt also testified   God is wonderful

Mon. 29. Aug. 1960./ We had 2 good heavy showers late this after noon, & now it is lots cooler & no one called or Phoned & Betty hasn’t been here for a week   Recieved letter from Mrs. Brackett   she is begining to feel old, says it makes her puff to do scarcly anything    I think she’s 86 or 89. yrs. old.   Pa would be 99 this last Jan, & Ma 103. yrs. old & Elbert is 77 last Dec. 6 1959.   I Praise Jesus for all things great or small

Tue. Aug. 30. 1960./ It’s a dark cloudy day.   I received Wyatt’s magazine & Robert’s this a-m.   No one has called today,   no, one called.Mon.   & we called Ann,   she says things are mixed up; for Milton went to work at 4-p-m- & gets home 1.-a.-m.

Wed. Aug. 31. 1960./ Last day of Aug.  & Miss McGovern & Sara didn’t come yet.   Received nice letter from Miss. Willitts,   Oh, how much I wish I could talk & pray with her   she’s in Detroit, but gave no add.   I thank God for my healings & am trusting & believing in Him for all our needs.   It’s a bright suny day & Radio says hot humid day.    My eyes have been bad, but believe some better.   I wish & pray some of God’s true Christians will come in & pray for us & to give us more strength of body, eye sight &hearing,    Oh, God, have mercy I pray.   Help us do Thy Will before it’s to late,  I pray in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   I been to Kitchen twice today.   it’s cooler in Kitchen.  breeze about died out.   The end time is closing in the news is war Nation against nation & Kingdom against Kingdom against Kingdom.   Help us to be all Thine, soon.   No one called & no one come   I don’t know what is wrong.   God help us & Keep us Close to Thee & Deliver us from this World. 

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