September  1960

Thurs. Sept. 1. 1960./ A Beautiful morning   nice sun South breeze, hot sun.    Elbert tried to mow, to hot.   The letter I sent to Bonita came back, said no such address & Do not remail   Well, guess we’ll be waiting but wonder, why for the add. was correct.   No other mail.  No calls from Ann or Betty,   no word from Edna or Ms. Procter.   Maybe they’re all dead.   John Snyder’s gathering corn tomatoes & such like from his garden.    Well Ann & the 4 children came in & brought the sheet & D. sheet & 3 of my gowns, she looked tired to death the night before Mr. Anderson Sr. made up his mind to go to Georgia & L.M. to go with him, so Ann helped them pack untill 1-a-m. Thurs. morning    & then Milton came home, “he’s working from 4 to-2-in-a-m.” so they talked awhile & then went & Ann & Milton laid down a while, then she got up & fed the children & got straightened up a little & Betty came & they began to can tomatos   then Betty felt so sick she went home,   Ann had to finish alone & she felt to tired   then after 8. oclock she came over here,   I don’t suppose she will rested much with L.M. & Milton both gone      Ann & father in law cleaned & painted woodwork forepart of week.   Well, Bonita’s letter I sent her came back with P.O. stamps saying, moved, don’t remail & a lot of other things on stamp.   So don’t know where Bonita is or family. 

Fri. Sept. 2. 1960./ Beautiful morning.   & I’m sick   bowels didn’t move Wed, or Thurs. untill after midnight & again 6-a-m.   I’m still sick to stomach    A letter from Armstrong telling of the times going on ,  No other mail.   I pray for Him & all the others that God will bless them & help them

Fri. Sept. 2. 1960/ they had bad storms in Cadalac & Bay City late yesterday    tore up the roofing from City buildings & houses & homes & they are in a terrible condition, a 100 ft. antena is al-so down    & wires in a bad mess,   no lights no gas or electric & no water to use in some places  8. people Killed & many injured. & heavy rains   We had quite heavy rain & strong wind, but as far as we Know, no damage,    No word from Bonita.   John Snyder is plowing another patch of corn up,   No call from Ann or Betty.   so far today

[she explains that this entry is supposed to be for Sept. 3]

The Naze-rine Minister came in after supper,   he said Elbert wanted to be baptized Sun. at Beaullah Beach,  he said Miss Clark said so, & that she had made arangements for some one to stay with me    we told him we didn’t know anything about it,   some one called him on phone & he said he’d be back some evening this coming week to see how he could help Elbert    he left in a hurry & didn’t even shake hands with him.  I wrote under Fri. for Sat, begining with the Nazerine Minister. It’s been a nice day today, Mercy

Sun. 4. Sept. 1960.  Beautiful Morn.   Nice South breeze hot hot sun untill 12-30-P-M.  getting so cloudy & no one called or come in so far.    I ate peaches toast & eggs & drank coffee, ate 1-30-P-M.   we are so low on food,   Checks didn’t come Sat.  bowels got around to moving Sat. & good.   Well Elbert ordered a little food from Shores,   we have been short on eats for about 3 weeks, now, we will owe him $2.51 untill Tue. or Wed. but we can have a bite to eat.    Was so hot had fan going & now winds North, & cool.   no one come in today   I don’t know what’s wrong.  Ann called, said she been sick since Fri.

Mon. Sept. 5. 1960./ Labor day, Cloudy this morn   Elbert washed he thought it mite not dry, but sun came out after dinner & they are drying   I read my bible [?]

Mon. Sept. 5. 1960./ & then Mrs Finding & another woman came in,   she had been over to Sandusky to see Miss Clark in Memorial Hospital, she had cator-act taken off her eye,   she’s feeling fine & Mrs. 
Finding is taking her to her home for a week & people turned to & paid all her expenses.   I’m so glad.   I know Mrs Finding will take good care of her    Oh how much we have to thank Thee for.   Jesus.   Elbert says cloths most dry.   Sun is hot & bright   Mrs. Finding came back after 6-P-M-& brought us vegetables & meat & butter & talked some   she had a Mrs. Peters with her   we all visited & then she went back   I Pray God will reward her double,   she’s a very good Sister ,   I didn’t mean to pry on her symathy, but I told her we were out of food & Elbert run in debt for some to last us untill tomorrow or Wed. & she came all the way back with food,   she’s heavy set & I know she must be tired.   Oh how much I love & praise God, Amen.

Tue. Sept. 6. 1960./ Beautiful Day I got up 9-30-a-m.   was just having my breakfast when Betty & her boys & Mrs. Proctor & her children came in,   Mrs. Proctor & her children & Billy stayed with me while Elbert & Betty & Franky went to town & good our supply of food   they wasn’t gone long.   Betty brought us pk. pears, peaches & tomatoes,   I gave her my receipt for Kecatup & Chillisauce,  she said Budd is cross   he’s tired out    they took big truck load of fruit into Cleveland this a-m.   then they had there dinner & Betty came over here.   Elbert got his check this morning

Fri. Sept. 6, 1960./ no word from Bonita or nellie & 5 days of Sept gone   been hot sun cool nights   we have had to cover up at night,    Ann called, she went to Dentist this morning,   can’t have her dentist teeth untill she has them paid for & Betty had a tooth pulled & ought to have all her lower ones out but don’t know about paying as she goes.   Elbert has something wrong with one eye it’s sore inflamed   looks bad.   I was out in Kitchen today,   Elbert payed Shore for groceries,  & he paid phone & light bills.  now we have to order gass.   he said he spent all but $18.00 out of 62.00.  3 lbs. hamberg cost 1.77 & 98 cents for 1. can fruit  1.00 for cube steaks.   Bible says the number 666 will soon be coming   we won’t be able to buy or sell & will have to starve to death.   hope for mail Wed. 

Wed. Sept. 7. 1960./ Beautiful Day. & A letter from Bonita & from Crisco & Allen,   he’s going to New York.   Elbert fell down out side tore his pants & underwear & his skin,   he feels lame & sore   I pray God will help him to,   do His Will & way    he wants to, but devil has him bound,   Oh Jesus help lose him I ask in Thy Name, Amen.   Well no one called today.   Been hot, yet a nice breeze,   we have enjoyed fruit that Betty brought us.   Well its 6 oclock & getting cloudy now   supper most ready,   I don’t know whats wrong with Ann   she’s acting very queer & more so since I went to Clyde   She ought to 

Thurs. Sept. 8. 1960./ She ought to pray more.   It’s a beautiful Day   hot sun   breeze died out at 3-30-p-m.   A letter from Edna & some add’s.  A freee free flower book a beuty   Id like to have it to look at,   but couldn’t pay for next one, so feel I shouldn’t ask for it, cost money to put them out.    Well, I mussed the bed   I couldn’t move, then move to much.   Radio said tempture 93 & Elbert says he thinks it’s 95   We just ate some of pears Betty brought, they’re so good.   Well, I called Ann & she’s having her trouble    Miltons father took a new car to Virgina & he sold it,   he got his faults teeth down there & now they called to say they will be home Sun.   L.M. has lost a week of school   Ann’s so [  ?weepy]

Fri. Sept. 9, 1960.   We got a letter from Joyce this a m   weather was so hot had 2 showers  this morn & another good one this after noon   Elbert’s back hurts him bad, but he cut a lot of goldenrode, this afternoon began to get cold & tonight it’s real cool breeze.   All I’ve done today is read my bible.

Sat. Sept. 10. 1960./ Beautiful Fall weather & Goldenrod thick all over & weeds & black-berry roots & vines as if they had been sowed broadcast, & Elbert’s been cutting tops off goldenrod so they wont go to seed.    Edna came in at noon with 1/2 gal cream & hot apple pie.   it sure tasted good.   she had some color photo picture they had take,   they were plain & clear   she swept & wiped up the floors hadn’t been done since she did it last.  {?}

Sat. 10. 1960. Sept./ she never asks what to do but gets broom & mop & pail & get it cleaned in just no time & that’s wonderful    Elbert’s feeling so bad since he fell & I know by the sound of his voice he feels all in.   I pray God will spare him long to me & help him learn to know Him better, I thank Thee Jesus.   It’s most cloudy & dark  & very cool breeze,   it’s dark   I don’t feel able to do write my writting today.   We got our checks Fri.   Elbert don’t feel so good   I’m so sorry he fell shook him so bad

Sun. Sept. 11. 1960./ We figured home place is 62. yrs. old.   Gertie was 11 yrs old when we moved there,   she’s 72. now May 13, 1960.   It’s been a fine Fall day, partly cloudy.   My bowels moved some this after noon,    Ann came in alone & visited an hour or so.   Betty hasn’t been here for some time, she’s doing wrong things again.   Well not anything doing today   we been aloone allday except for Ann.   Hurricane been bad in Porterrico & & Florida Keys   killed a 100 & 4 in Florida & we have not had a full report yet. but it’s been bad   Young Cyle is preaching at Esembly Church at Huron.   I pray God will help him make a go of it there, 

Mon. 12. Sept. 1960./ Beautiful Morning & Elbert done the washing this morn. & got it done & dried at noon & it’s begining to cloud up now & all is done & he’s so tired,    I got the pillow covers sewed on except a little space 3 ins. long & Mrs. Payne called & while I talked to her Elbert sewed rest of pillow slip,   one of there realitives who smoked & did bad things & had several things wrong with him & they thought he was going to die,   he wanted to see some of his folks & they took him   anointed him with oil prayed for him, he smoked to & the Lord Wonderfully healed him,   he don’t have any craving for {?]

Mon. Sept. 12. 1960./ he don’t want any of the things he had wanted, but he’s so happy in Jesus.  Praise the Lord, one more for Jesus, but all I can do is pray trust & believe Glory to God in the Highest  No. mail to day.   Well it’s 9.P-M. & pouring rain   Ann called said she & Kathy just got home from the Drs. & Everythings O.K. with her & the family,    Well I’m glad & pray God will in Jesus Name teach her to live closer to Him from now on. Amen.

Tue. Sept. 13. 1960./ Beautiful Fall day, partly cloudy.   good breeze.   Letter from Miss Clark with 4. bills in it & she’s better “her eye” but she’s weak.   I have ans. her letter,   she worries untill she Knows I’ve got it.  Cliff came in to fix the stove    Elbert thought he wasn’t coming & had a little fire, so he said he’d come tomorrow,    sure hope they get it fixed.   It lightened hard all right & rained heavy showers alnight & today  partly cloudy.   Betty called & said she’d be here in morning to take Elbert to town for the bal. of food.   We have to pay gass eggs & Betty & Hensleys, 18.00 all told.   my check is only 65.00    I have to save 20 for coal & 21 for church & he hates to keep track of what he spends & I have to or get in hole,   God help us I pray.   Betty said Ann was canning soup.   Well it rained & looks like we’d be getting more tonight. 54 degrees [?]

Wed. 14. Sept. 1960./ WEll, Betty & Frankie & Ann & Conie & Cliford & Patty all came today   Elbert & Betty went for 

Wed. Sept. 14. 1960./ went to town for ballance of food, he had 15.00 of his own & 65 dollars of mine, total of 80.00   food cost 35. some coal 20.00  10. gass, so, we are broke again with 3 weeks to go before another check.   Well, today’s beautiful day,   I don’t feel like writting & I wish I could go out.   The young folks all had coffee & went home;  Betty brought grapes of different kinds red, white & blue.   little letter from Loura Ann Bonney I don’t un-derstand.   Well, Elbert worked outside awhile after dinner.   then washed dishes & put food things away then rested few mintues, got supper & cut up hen   I’m so glad Cliford got the stove fixed.   it’s cold nights & mornings.    We had little water mellon after supper.   I crave for fresh fruit, & all is short this yr. & Russia is planning on some sort of war,   I believe this will be the religous war I had the vision of    I’m not sure as I had several visions & didn’t keep tab on them.   My left side feels bad,  very bad tonight.   Been nice all day, but cloudy at supper time. 

Thurs. Sept 15.  1960./ Dark dreary sort of Morning & getting darker toward evening    No mail for 2 days & I wonder.   Betty came in & cut my hair & Elbert’s after dinner   Elbert’s bowels run, him late yesterday & during the night,  The Hurricanes have been bad, more than a billion dollars worth of damage & hundreds of people killed & there’s another one now.   I must write & see if Annabel & Bob escaped & Ethel & Miss Willitt    We haven’t heard from Bonita or Nellie either.   Betty’s Frankie has been sick    Ann called today.

Fri. Sept. 16. 1960./ Partly Cloudy but nice day.    Mrs. Aker wrote us a letter & Roberts  Mrs. Finding came in for few minutes with Miss Clark & the other little woman.   Can’t remember her name   Mrs. Finding brought me a half circule, plastic to keep my hair back,   she had one on one day when she was here & I wondered if one would be good to hold my hair, so today she brought me one.White    she seems to be such a nice person Miss Clark’s eye is lots better & she walks good.   She says she’s 81 yrs. old.  they were only here a few minutes.   Mrs. Haufman sent 2 doz eggs  for 1.00 & said she’s selling her hens she don’t feel able to take care of them.   she’s getting old    Talked with Ann a little today   she got her new set of teeth today.  68 degrees tonight.   Elbert forgot the flour & we run out of bread.  

Sat. Sept. 17. 1960./ letters Mrs. Gantt Wyatt Allen & Roberts Soul Clinic & Edna   I sent letters to this morning   Cloudy Day quite dark at 4.-30-P-m.  Phone bill & add was the mail   no word from any of the folks   I wonder whats wrong with them.   Well it Sprinkled a heavy mist, but only for few minutes.   bread man came today.   I read my bible but, it’s to dark to read or write.   I did write letter to Annabel.  No one called or phoned today. 

Sun. Sept. 18. 1960./ Partly cloudy untill noon.   & now quite clear & [?] Mr & Mrs Hensley came in & there 4 children for a half hr or so, her brother’s wife had

Sun. Sept. 18. 1960/ started to get a divorse  paid 100.00 dollars on it & then went back together  give up the divorse   2. children & they haven’t any judgement, lost children  her (Mrs Hensley’s) mother, has to take shots once a week & 2 of her children, one 15 yrs. old.   Mrs. Myrtle Smith has hardening of the artries & although she walks a-round, is very poorly.    Mrs. Hensley has a broken artery in upper part of her thigh.    Oh God help all of us to live closer to Thee, Amen.   John Snyder was using tractor this morning across the road.   they don’t like us because we try to live for the Lord.   Jesus Keep us close to Thee I pray.   Marchel & Mr. Hatten came    we had a very good visit & prayer & Mr. Marchel sang 2 hyms & told us some outside news & says his wife needs more of the Lord & Mrs Simms ask for prayer   Mr. Hatten is an elderly man but he enjoys the prayer & visit & promised to come again as soon as they could.   I went out to Kitchen 7 played the phonagraph & some hyms.   then came back to bed & pan & before we were done Nellie, Bonita, her man & 2. babies came & Elbert had supper just ready, but they wouldn’t partake so we waited untill they were gone;   Glen took the limb that was two pronged & has hung in the walnut tree since the tornado in 1953, out,   I hoped it wouldn’t fall & hurt any one, but today is Sun & they did out a wash & dried it & swept & wiped up floor. 

Sun. Sept. 18. 1960./ Nellie went over to try & find Nora,   she found the place   Venesa & her man have it now,   the girl Nora adopted, she wasn’t home, but the man that took care of Nora talked to Nellie,   Nora fell splintered her hip & was only in hospital 2 weeks & died    that was in June, July or Aug,   Nellie couldn’t remember.   Van & Carry were off on vacation   nellie is real sort of distint, pa must have given her the money that Uncle harve left for her,   Pa didn’t leave Elbert’s & mine   God knows & I’m glad “He’s” the judge.   We talked to Ann & she’s so tired, she got her teeth & likes them,  she went to church,  they had 62 there & she & Betty went out & picked up 2 car loads for sunday school & church   they ought to have a buss.

Mon. Sept. 19. 1960./ Fred was 74 today/ Dark & cloudy untill 1-p-m    sun came out for 3 or 4. hrs.    Elbert washed half the clothes   they dried this afternoon   got dark 4-30-p-m. & is fogy tonight & damp,   hope for the sunshine tomorrow.   I put big patch on my dress in lower part of back of the skirt   Betty strained it apart helping Elbert get me on the canvas to put me in chair & I don’t know how the corner got tore but I got it today & button sewed on   No one in today or phoned   This is Mon so dark I can’t see to write.

Tue. Sept. 20. 1960./ Mon. Fred’s birthday  he was 74. yrs. old:  Dark very dark dreary day & a letter from Audrey    she’s happy Jean & Bill have moved closer to her, she went & made curtians for Jean,   Wendy “Jeans eldest girl” is go-ing to Kindergarden school & likes it    she didn’t even mention the other younger one   Bills got a cold   works in boots all day doing wet sanding   she washed her head & baked angel food cake   Gertie was putting jig saw puzzle together,   she done her wash Sat   it didn’t dry good.   & Audrey was looking over to old McGuire place at an old tree;  the leaves all gone, & Fall, right on to us, queer summer & Fall & she says wasn’t that a terrible thing Armond did to his father ? but she didn’t say what he done,  said Armond took her to see F. and one evening last week [?] Hospital & Armond didn’t seem to be so bad,    but, talked nice all the way there & back.   Now I have to find out what happ-ened to Frank.   We had a fire several time & a coal fire today.  Nellie & Bonita, Jean & children were here Sun.   they hadn’t been to Frank’s,   for, they ask if we had heard from any of them.   there car’s so bad they haven’t been able to use it.   Well I wonder

Wed. Sept. 21. 1960./ Dark gloomy day   I tried to write a letter to Audrey, but I didn’t get it done   I feel so bad about the thing that are said & done & because they don’t

Wed. Sept. 21. 1960./ tell us what happened & there Frank’s been in hospital about a month & we still don’t know.   We had a nice letter from Edna today. she writes a friendly newsy.  Cliff is out of work  she’s gone back to work & it’s harder work than she had before.   no one come in today,   Ann called on phone & said Mr. Andrews told her he came over here last evening, he came by his self, he seemed to enjoy talking to Elbert about hunting & guns & his visit to Virgina & that he had L.M. “Ann’s boy” with him,   he went in a car & sold it & they came back on the Buss, had a good time   he said, Ann said she might have come if she’d known he was coming.   She’s gone to Berlin Hights to Church tonight. to hear Gibson preach, she called us & ask us to pray for Mrs. Hicks she got her husband home & we all prayed & in a short time she was O.K.  Praise the Lord & Oh, how we do thank Him & Praise Him.  now & ever more:   We have had a fire in the heating stove twice since it has been cemeted & it makes a big heat now.     Well I’ve got to get cought up on my letters they are getting ahead of me.   Well Audrey says she can’t write unless she’s in the mood & I guess I’m getting that way.   I have to write to Ruby & Edna’s mother

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1960/ Well its been a fine day   south breeze warm sun,  Elbert washed half the wash,  his back is paining him so bad & he had to fix the pump,  he thinks the Proctor children must have done it & he must have rawered [?] hard to get it off the stone in bottom of the well & rolled it over    Elbert didn’t get it back in middle of well,   Cliff done good job on heating stove   it holds heat good.   We got letter from Allen this morn.   He wants pledge for 100.00   I pray God will help me to know what to do:  Payne came & helped Elbert fix pump   he had his little son with him, he’s going to Kindergarden school & likes it.   Ann called up & said they had a good meeting last night & Payne said so to.   John give Elbert a bu. of beets & told him how to cook them   Elbert is 77 & I’m 75 yrs old ha,ha,ha.  I mended my dress a night gown & have 2 more to mend.  Betty mended slits in 2 dresses & washed & ironed my rayon slip.   she hasn’t been here since last week. 

Fri. Sept. 23. 1960./ I wrote to Audrey,  Mr Swarthout & Mrs. Aker. “3 letters”   Now to Mrs Crisco  & Ruby.   partly cloudy, cool breeze.   Elbert & I looked in Chest for ma’s & my apron & Crisco bed Jackets.   We found them but I didn’t find my dress patterns & I need it   my dresses are all gowing to pieces & somethings got to be done soon    Elbert says wind damp & cool- hot sun.

Fri. Sept. 23. 1960/ Mrs. Finding & Miss Clark came in this after noon &  Mrs. Finding brought Elbert fried chicken & me potatoe salid all hot for supper   O she is so thoughtful & we do appreciate it & praise God for His Love & care of us & she was over to Cleveland & called Miss McGovern & talked to her,   Sara has been ill   she’s a lot better,   they took off a piece off one lung but she has another Christian woman with her, but didn’t say why no letters, but she is feeling fairly good & still hoping to come before weather gets bad   I think it’s so good of Mrs. Finding to call & talk to her for me.   They had been to eye Dr. & he took bandage off Miss Clarks eye,  said if she don’t strain it, it will come along O.K.   she’s staing home & has to go back, in 2 weeks to Dr. Well,   Miss Gillespie sent a letter from Mich,   said she was Evanglilizing with the woman she had here, when they had tent meetings on her place & Oh me, Oh my.   I wish she belonged holy to God    Elbert’s back & hips & legs are very bad today    he’s only done what he had to.   We looked for the aprons & dress pattern in chest & found all, but patterns.   hope I’ll find them   I need them.  my dresses are 7. or 8. yrs. old & my nightgowns 2 yrs. old & times flying, Beautiful day all day,

Sat. 24. Sept. 1960./ An other wonderfully nice day.   Edna & her daughter& baby were here this afternoon,  the baby is small but very bright & has gained 4 lbs.

Sat. Sept. 24. 1960./ Joyce says it like a live doll   she has lots of sandy hair. they brought us 2 small muskmelons.    John Snyder been plowing most of the day:   We received a nice letter from Miss. Mc.Govern   she is still having to have one eye treated & can’t see to well with the other & it costs her so much,   she sent me a dollar & 6, 4 cents stamps.   she has Sarah wit her, but she has had to be operated on & part of one lung taken off    she can’t work   pays her room & meals but she has another woman who does some work,   she was so glad Mrs. Finding called & talked to her & she still wants to come to me & talk to me & how much I wish she could    May God bless & keep her   she’s 85 or so & won’t be here much longer.    I praise & thank THee for her love to me.   help me to write her soon,   I thank & praise Thee Jesus.   I got a letter from Jordon,   he didn’t say anything about the five I sent him but want 50.00 for television & Allen wants 100.00 for same & we only have so little   we saved for the taxes insurance, coal gas, phone & light & milk, eggs & bread,   God help me to Know what to do.    I pray.   I wrote letter to Frank & card to Nellie & mailed them today. hoping. 

Sun. Sept. 25. 1960./ Beautiful Day & not a soul come or phoned & Elbert says all the good christians    well God see & hears & knows how good they are & how they like to be free to go & enjoy them selves.   We have [?] the day & the quite with God.   I pray God will [?]

Sun. Sept. 25. 1960./ to teach them His ways & His will & have mercy on them by & by.   We don’t know anything more about Frank & Ruby  No one come today,   God have mercy on there souls,   We   in Jesus Name, Amen.   I suppose some of them will go to church tonight   Will you convict there souls before it’s tolate?   John worked in his field today,   the Lords day,  they don’t read the Bible or Keep God comandments & wonder Why they don’t prosper.   I was in the Kitchen toda in chair,   & Elbert turned the mattress & fix up the bed again.  

Mon. Sept. 26. 1960./ Well, I got up late & its a beautiful Fall day   I had a cup of coffee after I got washed & brushed & Low & behold Mrs. Crisco at the door   she & Samy had come to Sandusky,  he was looking for a job, barbering, sophe came with him & on over here,   Oh, we sure had a good visit & prayer  & she gave us angle food cake & big piece of blg-na & Sammy talked with Elbert & picked Chinese red lanterns a small branch white cedar with little brown cones all over it. to take home.   Sammy come in & talked some,   he wants to work & feels so uneasy.   They are all O.K. over in Bellevue Ohio   Oh God thou art so good to us in so many ways.   I thank & Praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory now & ever more   Well it’s got real cloudy & looks like rain    I got letter from allen   have ans. it & am trusting & believing all will be as Jesus sees  But I started a letter to Miss Mc.Govern,  to dark so have to finish it tomorrow,   got Ellen’s letter ready to go with the 100 in it  Praise the Lord. 

Tue. Sept. 27. 1960./ Another dark day  sun shine out after dinner for awhile   Elbert did most of the washing & got it most dry  some damp. [?] getting supper now.

Tue. Sept. 27. 1960./ Cloudy morning   only a little sun.  A card from Inez Hunt, said she’s leaving a 9 o’clock N.Y.C. train she  her son-in-laws mother fro colorado to see there grand children   they are calling for them & to see her daughter & son in law   it was so nice of Inez to write  does better by us than our own sisters, I wonder why Audrey or Nellie don’t write or call us up & let us know about Frank   Hope we here tomorrow.   May God help us.  No one come or called until just now   one of the women from womens Junior womens league is coming  called to say she’s coming to bring me flowers.

Wed. Sept. 28. 1960./ Beautiful afternoon & one visiter  she called & said she had a few flowers she would like to bring me    so I ask her to come,   I can’t remember her name   she wanted me to help her with some pinpoint or needle point work when she was here & that woman was here to clean the cupboard & wood work “Mrs. Massey” & she only done top cupboard & wood work & not any chairs or wash bench or behind the bench,    She said she just came to visit   they are young folks  both work in school, have 2 children 6 & 8 yrs. old & are very busy.   Elbert gave her some Chineese lanterns   she seemed pleased with them,   she came at 4-p-m & left at 5-p-m.  seems a likeable person.   Elbert called Audrey & she didn’t remember saying “wasn’t that & awful thing Armond did to Frank”   I felt so worried about Frank but didn’t learn, only that Armond had been arrested for indesent exposier.   She said Bonita’s having bad time with Geo.   he wont work, had 2. good jobs offered to him & wouldn’t work & says he isn’t going to work untill he’s 21. yrs.  he’s going to school & he & Pinky will graduate next Spring, then they’ll be 18 yrs. old in Mar. 1961.   We got card from Inez & Robert’s Magazine.

Thurs. Sept. 29. 1960./ Elberts calling Ann.   Beautiful morning & no mail.   We talked to Audrey last night over the phone,  not much satisfaction & No mail [?]

Thurs. Sept. 27. 1960./ Elbert did out some more wash today & they dried good,   I talked a little to Mrs. Ramm   Now have to write some more to Miss Mc.Govern.   Well I got the letter done   We didn’t get anything in mail not even & add.   Ann didn’t call for 3 days now & Betty has forgoten us   haven’t seen her for 3 weeks or more.   Well I hope for something tomorrow.   Elbert’s Knee hurts.

Fri. Sept. 30. 1960./ Dark cloudy day.   sun did shine through a few times, N. East breeze 7 they said over radio tempture going down to 39. & we may get frost.   the wind been cool alday   One letter from Mrs. Aker.   No word from Betty or Ann,   her father in law said they went to town together in Betty’s car & Ann & Milton were coming home together,   Ann went to Dentist & they never call to see if they could do anything for us & we are out of meat & lot of other things & we expect our check Mon. or Tue. 3 or 4 days.   Elbert waved draw sheet as train pass-ed this a.m. to Inez & the other woman. 

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