October 1960

Sat. Oct. 1. 1960./ A beautiful day. & No word from Betty or Ann.  God help us & direct us & convict us.   Ann said some of the church folks would be over this week & not a soul come near & Betty hasn’t been here for 3 weeks or so   We can’t figure out what wrong & will need some one to get Elbert & take him to the store for our food supply.   I do hope all is well,   they are not sick, for Elbert called & girls were off to town,   Well God will take care of us some how   Praise the Lord   He is ever the same.   Fred Jordon receipt for 5.00  Elbert’s out picking up butter nuts. hard  grass

Sat. Oct. 1. 1961.[should be 1960]/ is so thick. Prophies are sure coming true & Oh how my heart achs for the careless people. with no thoughts of the future.   It’s a beautiful Day out side & I can’t complain inside.  All though the girls haven’t been here or called all week its’ been over 3 weeks since Betty was here   Ann was here one night last week, we visited & prayed together   now Jesus I can’t understand what’s wrong,   they could at least phone   Please help me.   I have to write card to Mrs. Finding   talked with Ann tonight, not long, about Mrs Smith

Sun. Oct. 2. 1960./ Beautiful Day & not a soul come in or phoned today,  looked for Mrs Hensley but she didn’t come either.   I went to the Kitchen for couple hrs.  & I wrote a note to Mrs. Finding, to tell her Elbert wanted to go to Sandusky with her & Miss Clark Thurs & he would like to pick up his groceries on way back, in Huron & maybe she could bring some one to stay with me while they are gone.   I got the food order all ready for him & we hope check will come Mon. or Tue.

Mon. Oct. 3. 1960./ Beautiful morning little north east breeze, hot sun.  No mail.   It’s so quite out side.  Mr. Anderson has bought the place across the road from them & paid 500 dollars down on it for Milton & Ann & the people have moved out , so now Milton & Ann can start cleaning it & move in,  they didn’t call me today.   I wrote a letter to Joyce to mail in the morning   it’s been such a [?] wonderful day, & I didn’t get anything done

Tue. Oct. 4. 1960./ It’s another beautiful day.   Elbert has done out the wash    it sure ought to dry, sun is so hot.   Elbert got his check. & a paper from Jordon & an add.   he mailed Joyce’s letter.    Wish so much I could go out side.   Well, Elbert got all his wash done except his everyday pants & he had to go to town   Mr & Mrs. Finding came to take him so he left every thing & went with Mrs. Findiny & did as much of the shopping as he could., he stayed with me   I didn’t like it that way but it was O.K.   She gave us two blankets & wouldn’t take any pay,  he had some like a hemorage & he has high blood pressure & eats to much & lots of meat, says he’s afraid they will cut him on his eats, he don’t feel able to work,    Elbert & Mrs. were gone & hr. or so & Elbert felt so tired out he brought in the wash & I folded it & he hung them over the line in the kitchen & then got supper & after supper went out & dressed some catfish & then put away some of the groceries & now put away few more things & Ann & Milton come in & visited & hr. or so,   they just haven’t had time to come,  they bought a house & 1 acre of ground & there are so very busy,  wonder what Betty will has for an excuse,   I didn’t tell Ann we got the food but Elbert didn’t have it put away so Milton spoke about it & Elbert told them some friends came & ask him to 

Tue. 4. Oct. 1960./ they ask to take him to town so they went.   it took them an hour   She talked a little to me, she & Miss Clark are going to Sandusky Fri. & Elbert is going or hopes to, to find out whats wrong with his eyes,   I pray God will take over   I thank Praise Him

Wed. Oct 5. 1960./ Another beautiful Day   Elbert could hardly get relaxed untill most morning, poor soul but he’s up working with pains in his knee & in his back,  he had to finish washing pants   no mail from any of the folks,   I’d like to give lots more but, we do have to eat a little to live.   They tell us we will re-ceive a big reward, in money if we give money & other things.  I hope for a blessing in health if no-other thing else.   We want to do the Lords will if we can understand what it is, God help us.  Well Edna & Patty came in after dinner & visited awhile & brought a flower book,   I gave her a card to send in for it,   my eyes so bad I can’t see to read it but if she wants to raise flowers there’s a lot of good advise, how to do & when.   & its a good sized book, not quite as large as my tablet but all most.   I gave a mark cloth to Patty fancy,   some one gave me 6 for Christmas.   Elbert gave her some new but-ternut trees that were just starting 1 1/2 ft high & some mosscausies & a qt. of butter nuts she picked up off the ground    he got a pk from in under the tree by the drive way.   Betty called & said she has been going with Budd to Cleveland every night this week    is tired,   Ann’s moving & theyre having great time

Wed. Oct. 5. 1960./ some one gave Edna 2 water melons she gave them to us   they are not good no good flavor.   Edna’s out of work again & he’s not working either.   she said her mother wrote & said Kelly got out & they cought him & put him back   they had told him he’d been good & so they were shortening his time & letting him out in Dec.  but looks now as if they’d add it on again.   Patty is so uneasy they didn’t stay long.    it’s been a beautiful day,   Elbert finished his pants but didn’t get them dry & has to hang them out in morning again.   Tomorrows Thurs. 

Thurs. Oct. 6. 1960./ Beautiful Day.   My letter I wrote Miss. McGovern came back this morning said it had been opened by mistake,   I can’t believe it but I’ll find out     A nice letter from Armstrong & he talks as if the end is very close at hand & I believe it is also.   Well, no one came in so for today, only breadman.  

Fri. Oct. 7. 1960./ Another beautiful Day    Mr. & Mrs. Finding  Miss Clark & Mrs. Jameson are coming to pick up Elbert & leave Mrs. Jameson to stay with me, while they go to Sandusky for examination of eyes & nose.    I hope it wont take to long & all will be well   that God will take care of all & help them with all there needs,   I thank Thee Jesus.   I pray Jesus Thou will give strength & endurance     A letter from Wyatt & receipt,   Well I hope Nellie & Bonita will write, 57 today & 42 tempture to night.   Im sweating, gown is wet. 12-10.m.   Mr. Findings better & Miss Clark had the last 2 stitches taken out her eye lid   it took [?] long time,   They left 1-30 got back 15 to 6:p.m.

Fri. Oct. 7. 1960./ Mrs. Jameson was nice to visit with & she read my bible to me & we prayed & sang together, so seldom any one wants to read 7 sing or pray,   she said she’d try to manage to come back    I hope she does, she don’t get on your nerves fretting   Praise the good Lord .   Mrs. Finding was in a hurry, but Mrs Jameson ask them to come in & pray, so they came,   but Elbert could only hear Mrs. Jameson & I do the praying,   I trust Mr Finding is much better,   we didn’t understand if she was going to Cleveland & then clear back to Sandusky or just how but will know when she comes again    they had taken him to Sandusky first part of week as we understood her,  she says he’s a big meat eater.    he has high blood pressure,   Lord give him good judgement    Elbert had pad on his eye, but said it felt better   he’s so nervous,   when they were gone Elbert started supper   they went & changed clothes & Oh how tired he is & he could hardly relax after he got into bed.  

Sat. Oct. 8. 1960./ Another beautiful Day a little Cloudy    Elbert had a big wash & got it all done & its most all dry.   sun’s still shining & John Snyder is combining souy beans,   he started yesterday,   good weather for it.   Magazine from Wyatt & a card from Macdonalds farmers almanac for 1961.   No visiters,  No one came in, but I talked to helen Sarr.   she & Earnie have been staying alone since July,   Rue hasn’t been home all that time,   she’s worried & upset,   she’s having flu in her bowels   she nearly bowled me over   said she & Ernie went to Church Sun.   Oh, how I thank & Praise God,   I’ve prayed a long, long time & still do pray, they will turn with there whole hearts to Jesus, take a strong gripp on them God & open there spiritual mind   help them  [?]

Sun. Oct. 9. 1960./ Beautiful Day not cold.   We took our bathes & then had dinner & Elbert washed dishes, then Mr. & Mrs. Marshal & baby, came in to visit & pray,   he told me some dreams he had & then he wanted to know if it would be O.K. to give me his tighs[?], so we talked it over & that the tighs[?] belong to God & then he told me he isn’t sure of the church he’s been going to & we talked that over & he seemed better satisfied & they & we had prayer & they said they would be back as soon as they could & I hope they will & pray she receives Holy Ghost.   she’s in a lost sort of way & needs Jesus.   Well they went & then Budd & Betty came & there 2 & a neighbors boy age of Bill,   he’s had 4 teeth pulled & has sore moth   he is learning in school fast.   We had soup home made meat vegetables & rice    Elbert had enough so we all had a dish    Billie & Frankie ate cheeries crackers & bread with me,   it tasted better & Billie drank some of my tea.   Budd & Betty brought us tomatoes & apples 1.2 bu. pk tomatoes,   We visited & they went home 7-30-P-M,  Budd’s been hauling apples into Cleveland & Betty goes with him for he only has one good eye & she has to keep him awake   Billy has had to have 4 teeth pulled & has to go back Tue or Wed morning.   Elbert gave the pants Mound gave him to Budd & he was so happy to get them.   they have been so good to us.   They are young & working 

Mon. Oct. 10. 1960./ Beautiful Day   Allen r-ceopt & card from Gillispie from Ky.   she’s evenangelizing,   I pray God will bless her in His own way.   My eyes are so dim   God grant me strength in soul & body in Jesus name, Amen.  I thank Thee Jesus & give all praise & Glory to Thee for ever & ever Amen.   Well, Helen brought us 3 doz. egg & Ornske[?] & brought 2. doz.   Elbert paid Helen 45 cents  per doz. 1.35 & the others were 50 cents per. doz 1.00.   Helen talked & hr. or so, telling us her troubles & they are plenty   Rue’s 58 yrs. old & she’s 55 yrs. & Ernie is getting so unrully she’s having a terrible time to keep eating & buying there cloths,   it’s sure a terrible world.    Mrs. Finding stopped here on her way to San-dusky Hospital to see him,   her son was with her,   she brought us a few tomatoes & peppers.   she didn’t call Miss McGovern.   I was out in the Kitchen & ate supper   had just got in bed when Helen came,   Ernie had left note on table saying he was on his way to Berlin Hights,  now he’s trying to do like his dad.   Rue hasn’t been home since July 4, 1960.

Tue. Oct. 11. 1960./ Beautiful Morning untill 1-P-M.  begin to cloud up   breeze died out & it sprinkled at 4-p-m.  & at 5 its real dark    its been such nice days  Indian Summer, but haven’t seen any spider webs drifting in the air,    We had fire nights & mornings all Sept. & now Keep just a little day & night.   it isn’t cold   got both windows open in my room & west one open most all night    Elbert hasn’t felt very well today.   Betty didn’t call up today.   No one came in or called today.   John & {?]ethel worked over all the way [?]

Wed. Oct. 12. 1960./ Another beautiful Day. just a wonderful day,   Elbert washed a few pieces & he still feels tired out,   he’d like to go out side & work, but his back feels so bad.   My night gowns are going to pieces fast  & I don’t know what to do,  I let Mrs. Crisco take two pieces 8. yds. each of dress goods, thought I get at least 4 or 5 gowns, but she hasn’t wrote a word yet.   No mail of anny accont.   Ann called last night, she’s so important, they have got all moved,   Milton stepped on a nail & is limping around & they haven’t had phone moved yet   hope his foot is better   I don’t know if he went to work. 

Thurs. Oct. 13. 1960./ Another nice day   I’d like to go out side.   Betty called & come & brought a neighbor a Mrs. Walker   she lives alone in a 7 room house   has enlargement of the heart & a few more things & she spilled bed pan & passage in the bed,   well, she took pan out empted it & cleaned pan & covered bed untill Elbert could get at that.   they got back from store & Betty Frankie & other woman left,   Betty had to get dinner for Budd   she’s been going to Cleveland with Budd at night & is tired out.   Elbert cashed my check & gave me 45.00 back,  terrible how money goes,   Elbert gave Betty some beets    he took some to Lee Shrame & the Laundrey man some beets & he cleaned up my bed & now getting us a bite to eat   my stomach isn’t digesting very good.   We got letter from Nellie.   I put on a clean gown this morning & had to have another at noon.   they say it a great world if you don’t weaken  maybe so.   I have to have another night gown,   I ate supper in Kitchen with Elbert.

Fri. Oct. 14. 1960./ I wrote card to Nellie & a letter to mrs. Silas Aker Ky. Thurs.   Mrs Payne called said she received the Holy Ghost Wed. night at prayer meeting   I thank Thee Jesus & if I don’t have it, I pray I to will be blessed with it,   I thank & Praise Thee God of Love & Mercy   It’s been a beautiful warm quite day.   Elbert’s feet been paining him so bad all day.   I broke one bow on my glasses & now its hard to write.   No mail   only sample of some kind of searel   I fasted & prayed today & still pray for all of God’s people that He will hear & bless & do His Will in every way & help us understand.   No one called or came in all day.   I sent a card to Nellie & letter to Mrs. Finding, to be mailed Sat. 

Sat. Oct. 15. 1960./ Betty got me 2 dressicary & writing paper Thurs.   My bowels moved today & they moved today,  been cloudy & got real thick at noon & rained some.   No mail except telephone bill,  he got milk bill Thurs. 5.00 & some odd cents.  phone 5.46   It isn’t cold out had window open all night.   broke bow on glasses, Elbert fixed them so I can use them.   Mr & mrs. Hensley & children came in for & hr. or so.   We had a good visit   they have been down to Virgina to visit there parents & came over here soon as they could,   He’s been out of work for 3 weeks & goes back in the morning.   They’re out of money & food.   Well it rained this after noon  slow drizzle would be good if it rained all night   terribly foggy all the after noon & evening  Can’t see [?] yet

Sat. Oct. 15. 1960/ It’s not cold out side   flys & bugs are flying about yet.   War is still going on between Nations  Mr. K. gone home,   & they have sighted a sub. between Cali. & Honalula for several weeks & it will take that long to find out about it    Mr Anderson “Milton’s father came in after 7-P-m, to borrow an ax,   they bought the house across the street,  it’s & old house & they have alot of work to fix it up,   he wanted & the axe to fix a basement door,   Milton foot is bad,  he says he has a red streak started up toward his leg & it’s swollen & if he doesn’t take good care of it he could have blood poisen in it,    I pray Lord you will take care of it & help him to thank Thee the father    sits out in Kitchen smoking   I hate it,  its 9-30-p-m & he’s going now. 

Sun. Oct. 16. 1960./ Betty called  wanted Elbert to call a Mr “Authreys” no she wanted & they wanted to know if Anderson had left here.   Was cloudy this a.m. & now it’s sure nice, quite, sunshiny day. & 3-p-m.  no one called or come in today.   Been lots of cares in Snyders all week & today.   Since Hensley fixed the radio & he kept the Station hand, now we can’t get back on C.K.L.W., if we get off,  & he moved it & we heard Rev. Fuller & Billy Grahm, but he hasn’t got back on C.K.L.W yet & I like to leston to Armstrong & some of the others.   Wind’s N.E. & colder   Well I see Mrs. Crisco, her sister & grand daugh   they came in headed for Lorain to take the g daughter home

Sun Oct. 16. 1960./ she Mrs. Crisco made me 2. night gowns of the dress goods I gave her & brought them to me,   I need them so bad;  & She said, the reason I’d been seeing Samy all week, he had received Holy Ghost & the granddaughter also. & they danced all night in the Spirit & a number of others,  they were tired but Oh, so happy,   Oh How I love Jesus He hears & ans. my prayer, Oh Praise the Lord, if only we could go more often   we had a good visit & prayer before they left,   they had to take the girl home to Lorain 20 miles & back & on to Bellevue.   Mr Crisco & Samy were going to Willard to Church   Mr. C. is better since the fall he took & we thank God.   I ask God to catch Samy up before he went the wrong way,   I ask Him day & night for 3 weeks or more & He did,  Oh Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost  Wonderful wonderful Saviour, Samy says, he don’t have any desire for the things he wanted before & not any longing for snakes at all  thats wonderful.   Now we trust Jesus took them safe all the way

Mon. Oct. 17. 1960./ The Hensleys came in with 4 children & then he came, in   they been down to Virgina & he’s going back to work this morning   it partly cloudy till noon & then cleared up 

this was for Sun. 16 Oct/ & no one else phoned or called till 3-30, & Milton & his father came to borrow Jack Plane & Milton said

Mon. Oct. 17. 1960./ he has got to be off work all week,  spike poisened his foot,   he just going back home   said he paid 7.00 for one bottle capsules & 9.00 for the last & has to loose 1. weeks work & he’s just starting to pay for a home.   It’s beautiful out doors gut I thank God I can sit up & write.   Glory to God.  

Tue. Oct. 17. [should be 18] 1960./ Nellie & Bonita came in & visited an hr. or so,   they had been over to Martha’s & see the dishes she took from here so long ago & Nellie still wished she could have them,   I told her I couldn’t re-member what Martha took, but I was so glad I didn’t have them any more for now I didn’t have to worry over them or who wanted them.   Received nice, letter from Sister Swathout today.   I don’t know what they were looking for today,   they don’t have enough to pay there bills, but Nellies talking of going back to Cali on the Plain    Elbert done part the wash & got it dried   he gave Nellie some beets.   they didn’t visit long. 

Tue. (should be Wed) Oct 18. [should be 19]. 1960./ Beautiful day  partly cloudy No mail today.   I sent a letter to Mrs. Crisco & forgot to put dollar in for buttons.   My old gowns are falling apart fast.   No one came in & No Mail.   I sent letter to Mrs. Crisco & have one ready to grant Mr. Brackett. in the morning   Mrs. Payne called up today.   his brother came from Virgina 435 miles alone  hard drive   she says she is still happy in the Holy Ghost   I think it was last week she  [?]

Wed. Oct. 19. 1960./ Oh, but it’s dark & it’s raining some & terribly oh so terribly dark,  it was so nice yesterday,   Oh well, we had quite a few wonderfully nice warm sunshiny days,   it’s been dropping 2 degrees every night,   it’s supposed to be 36 degrees tonight   the radio said & maybe frost;   We have to get it sometime, but We Praise God for all we have   We don’t get any word from Mrs. Finding, We pray God will take care of them in what ever way they need & help them know & understand    Oh God help us, each one.   I thank & Praise Thee.   A nice letter from Edna, said they are well   she had letter from her mother & Opal, all are well, Praise the Lord.   To dark to read or write.   Mr. & Mrs. Finding were over to Sandusky & stopped here on there way home.   They brought us a pk. of grapes & loaf of white bread with out salt in it,   she’s making lot of grape juice   Bockman gave them the grapes for picking them,   Finding is a lot better & home again & lost 40 lbs.   I pray God will Keep him & Keep him close to Him, in Jesus Holy Name  We need Thee every second of our lives. Ann called yesterday & said they had moved the phone.   I suppose Mrs. Payne wont call now  she can talk to Ann, they don’t come over   they’re so busy   help me Jesus to do what you want me to do    She said they had to go to Sandusk again next Thurs.   maybe Elbert will go & have them look after his eyes again   he has pimple on the lid again, God please help him.   Maybe Mrs. Jameson will come to stay with me again. 

Thurs. Oct. 20. 1960./ Beautiful day partly cloudy, quite cool breeze   A letter from Sister Crisco that got back home in time for Church   Samy is engaged to his girl   Well, Betty came & Frankie after dinner & she did sweep & washed 2. chairs & drank coffee & Frankie drank chocolate   we had a good visit then Ann came in for a few minutes to ask me to pray for her & an other woman,   I pray God will help us to help others.   I still ask Jesus to Keep Ann close to Him & help her do His work,  she didn’t stay long  then Betty went   said she’d be back Sat.   it rained just a drizzle, but no rain today,   Elbert washed few things Wed.  his back hurt to bad today   the Laudrey man told Betty it wouldn’t cost him anything for doing our laundry,   he’s such a good hearted man.   Elbert ought to get some more beets today.   Radio says tempture go down to 30.

Fri. Oct. 21. 1960./ Nice day  mostly cloudy  No mail  No phone calls No company.   I was in Kitchen & ate dinner & fixed caulflower for supper    We had soup for dinner & more soup for supper,   my feet & legs & hands & arms have been so numb all day.   I’ve been wondering how Bonitas baby is it was in hospital when they were here last.   Betty came & cleaned dress & put new scarf on  she washed 2 yellow chairs 

Sat. Oct. 22. 1960./ We cought 3. nice last night,  Thurs night.   Beautiful Day   little cloudy  leave falling in showers from the trees Elbert has picked up few butternuts    He washed 2 sheets & [?]

Sat. Oct. 22. 1960./ It hasn’t froze yet & wasn’t so very cold, but, Elberts fingers & hands got real cold hanging out the clothes,  he pluged the hole where where mice got in.   his back was so bad Thurs & Fri.   Betty is sup-posed to come today.   She came tonight with Lousie & brought the hamberg & I gave her all the diners except 1/2 doz. that I had in my pocket book, I’m glad they are done for,   I wonder what will become of the $2.00 bill that’s all there is left,  Praise the Lord.   I received letters from Allen, Wyatt & Jordon all wanting money right away,   God please help me to be honest ,  I pray Thou will, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 23. 1960./ Sun came out.   & looked like it would be a beautiful morning, wasn’t so long, began to cloud up & been a dark gloomy day,   wind is quite strong & was all night & colder today,  sort of penderating damp & a shivering cold.   Edna & Cliff came over & she had baked some apple pies, so she brought us one & a pt. of cream,   We had a nice visit  I was sleeping when they come, Cliff said he would come & help Elbert trim roses on house & clean brush away.  I’ll be so glad,   I don’t suppose we’ll be able to Keep roses much longer to hard to get some one to help fix them up    they are so thorny, no one wants to help tie them up.   Well Ann called up & said she went to Bellevue this a.m.   to sunday school & church & said if Milton would let her,   she was coming over with the car to talk a while    We are done for today   Wind blew Sat & today

Mon. Oct. 24. 1960./ Sun came out nice this a.m. then cloudied up,  with the sun peeking through once in a while, the wind be-gan to blew Sat. night quite strong & been at it every since & Sun night tore another shingle off the house roof, made a great racket,   Elbert see where shingle came off but couldn’t see shingle on the ground any where,   wind blew hard last night & quite hard today, but still a nice Fall Day.  Elbert’s back, hips & kneese been paining him bad.   Every once in a while Betty says Budd wont let her have the car,   but, I hear different & now Ann gigles & says maybe she’ll be over if Milton will let her take the care,   they don’t really want to come but they could tell the truth, they don’t need an excuse,   but, Jesus sees, hears & Knows & they have to ans. for there excuses to Him.   Oh, but it’s dark    Well, Ann came & we prayed & talked the bible & Betty & 2 boys came & Mr & Mrs Finding & Son came,   they moved the grass & after  Mr. & Mrs Finding When they left Betty & 2 boys came then Ann last.   No mail today   rather cold windy day & dark only little sun

Tue. 25. Oct. 1960./ Was dark but cleared off  been nice day.   A letter from Opal.   Betty took our wash to laundrey got it washed & dried & brought it back she took the Mrs Pearl Walker with her, to get her wash done   she “Betty” said she was going home to bake cake for Frankie’s birthday   I think he’s 4. yrs. old.   Ann called said the Lord. ans. part of our prayer & hoped the rest would come tonight   We thank Thee Jesus Amen

Wed. Oct. 26. 1960./ We had one light freeze or severe frost, not freeze.  Wind blew hard Sat. night   tore one shingle off the roof & today it eased up,   Radio says it will be 43 degrees tonight wind has been damp & cold, raw, it’s been quit warm for this time of yr.   I believe I did say Cliff fixed the heating stove & it works good now,   We are so greatful.   Well it’s been raining sort of drizzle, not very cold for this time of yr.   One letter from Mrs. Silas Aker.  leaves are falling from trees.   Three oclock to dark to read or write still raining or drizzling.   Elbert brought step ladder up, set it on front porch to see what birds drag in eve trough & found 2 pieces concrete, put ladder back in base-ment & then got some wire & fixed down spout that had come loose,   he carried up coal & now hopes to rest few minutes. & no one called up or come in drizzle night, not cold. 

Thurs. Oct. 27. 1960./ Dark real dark day & Mrs. Finding & Miss Clark going to Sandusky & Elbert went to Mrs. Jameson   stayed with me,  she read & we prayed & to dark to see to sing hyms,  she hadn’t had her dinner & I tried to get her to fix it but she didn’t un-till they were back she only ate half of an apple, They are going back in 2. weeks again   Elbert’s one eye is bad yet,  didin’t rain to-day  just very dark & cloudy Elbert got some hamberg,  Mrs. Finding or Miss Clark didn’t come in to even say Hello

Fri. Oct. 28. 1960./ Dark, very dark day.   No mail.   Elbert washed 3 gowns, some towels   air to damp to dry them,  heavy fog last night & part of morning & dark & damp at 1-15-P-m   No one came in or phoned.   Very dark at 4-15

Sat. Oct. 29. 1960./ It’s been cloudy all morn  Clearing at 12-30.   No mail today & thus far no one phoned or came in.   Elbert’s uper lip was swollen so bad this a-m,   he says it doesn’t pain him, it has been like this several times before,   I don’t know what the cause could be,  swelling most gone 1-p-m.   got so dark at 4-p-m & so dark at 6. P.M. & we had soup & had not finished when in came Mr. & Mrs. Crisco & there little granddaughter, they brought my night gowns 2 of them & we had such a good visit & prayer, now they must be back home again.   Our blessing are so near many times when we least expect them & I had ask God to send some of his to talk & pray with us & I thank & Praise Him now & always Amen.   Now they’ve been gone 40 minutes & I pray they are safty home.   we gave them 2 big apples for Mrs. Wright  she likes apples so much.   I pray she will enjoy them,   I pray Jesus Thou will real convert & save her soul.   Oh Jesus, We need Thee every second of our lives help us Jesus, show us the way. 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1960./ Beautiful Day, quite warm   Sun.  Marshell & wife, baby good christian visit prayer & song.   Elbert 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1960./ violets in back yard to-day.   It’s extra warm out side, lots of flies around, outside of window  screen we have slept with window open for several nights.   I wonder if any one else will be here today.   No one else came in today   Ann hasn’t called for couple of days, Oh, Well. 

Mon. Oct. 31. 1960./ Last Day of Oct. & Rainy dark day   sun did look out once for only a few minutes.   I would call it a beautiful Fall Day,   I use to like to get out & do things on a day like this & here am I, to dark to read or write or do anything in side,   I have wanted to try to sew on the machine   it’s to dark   No mail & so we don’t know if the rest of the families are dead or alive & since they don’t seem, to care about us we have to wait   Tonight is Holloween,   but, no noise out here.   Today there’s lots of flies & bugs out on screen.   Radio said only going down to 40 degrees.  

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