Month year

Wed. June. 1. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been partly cloudy,    I been sick all day, but as usual tried to do a little.   Elbert washed his 3 winter union suits his b.V.D & work shirt, sleepers & wash rags, Kercheif & socks & he felt or acted as if he was angry & talked that way,    I had partly cooked the pork roast last night,   I cooked potatoes, onions, carrots & made gravy & he found fault with that, onions was no good & carots to sweet.    I didn’t eat much,   I felt dizzy headed for 2. or 3. days, now,    I emptyed my can & it took about all the Vim I could muster to walk out there & back,    after noon Elbert scrubbed my rug & he wrinsed & hung it on the line & together we took sudse water & scrubed the toilet & he carried well water & give it a good wrinsing & then I got back again & looked around the yard at the flowers & wind being N. east, I came back in & crocheted a little on a doily I had started & made a mistake I couldn’t patch   had to take out 2 3/4 rows.    Well, I washed up the dishes & now going to bed.    I sent Audrey a card today.  Warm in the middle of day & very cool at night.   I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will direct me as Thou Had done by so many others.    I love Thee for Keeping me & pray I may be worthy & Thou will keep my feet in the right path. 

Thurs. June. 2. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ Nice day   was quite hot from 2 untill 6-p-m. then it began to get cool & a heavy due was falling,    Elbert spaded up a small place in back yard & we put in some bachelor’s button seeds & he put in 3 rows of various seed out by his garden    I went with him but my feet hurt me so bad,    I was in real misery    I have a few more to go in hope it wont half kill me    I was hoping to sew Fri.    Oh God I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever Amen. 

Fri. June. 3. 1955./ page. 3347/ 2. eggs today./ Martha’s birthday   she is 43. yrs. old.   I was in Astabula helping Audrey & Dr. & Martha. & I can never forget.   Martha’s grand daughter has her birthday on the 4th but, she will be 6. mo’s old on the 4th of June.   & it will be 2. yrs. the 8th of June we were in the tornado.   Been a nice day,   Elbert’s so tired he can’t sleep & I haven’t done much today, just the daily grind,   now I had to get Elbert anacins & water then rub his leg with alcohole,   I’m so weak it makes me sweet so bad    he’s easy now, he laid down with out covers & he’s sweat all day    We do have a little fire,    but, well, we each do foolish things.    I have crocheted a little today.   Received letter from Katherine Haslet    she hasn’t felt so well all week & Mrs. Yants took sick in Church & they took her home,     Eva was to bring Katherine over, but, she didn’t all of 2 weeks now.    She said, “When I ask her not to stay away to long” that they had other places to go to,   I said, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be selfish.    Hope I haven’t hurt her feelings,    I truly haven’t ment to.    Well, I’m glad Katherine writes,    I wrote to Eva last & owed a a letter to Katherine & she has written second letter.    Well I’ll try to write tomorrow to them both.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blesing.    Help me & us I pray Thou will & help Elbert to turn to Thee. Amen. 

Sat. June. 4. 1955./ 2. eggs. today./ Miss Wenda Freda is 8. mo’s old today.    She is Martha’s grand daughter & Audrey’s great grand daughter.    Martha’s son “Jerry” was 4 months old   May 20    I believe Audrey said “& little Randy” Joan’s” baby is 1. yr old ____ 1955.    Elbert’s so tired he’s worked so hard at garden & cleaning up the yard.   Mrs Brode gave us some pigs feet with a slice of pork from her deep freeze & we cooked the slice for dinner & we ate part of the feet for supper & have 2 left for Sun. dinner.    Elbert picked 3. qts. strawberries today & we had a qt. Fri.  4 qts so far & they are very small like wild ones.    We have picked them over & put sugar on them for Sun.    I made a short cake of the other qt.    I finished my daily.    Well I wonder what Sun will be.   No one comes in & it seems queer.    I thank God for taking care of us in my Saviour’s Holy Name.    Wind was N. east & then tonight it’s back N. east.

Sun. June. 5. 1955./ page. 3348./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a beautiful day & Not a soul come in all day.    The radio said they have had 10 tornadoes in Texas & some in Oregon, Kansas Ohamaw Omaha & they said Wisconsin,   Iowa & Minasota are expecting tornadoes tonight.    It is so quie out side & has been to hot & now it is getting cooled off & the air is damp,    wind has all died out.    We have listened to many good sermons & I would like to be filled & praise Jesus & God in spirit.  & the Holy Ghost & be, able to do more for others for Jesus,    I have felt for a couple of days now, as if I were druged, staggering around as if I were drunk,    Oh God in Jesus name I pray Thou will help & Keep me, fill me & help me to testify for Thee more often, Amen.    I’m wondering what tomorrow will bring forth.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more, Amen. 

Mon. June. 6. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Haven’t been able to work today    Elbert don’t feel very good either    He got his check today & went to Huron & got a few things & forgot the butter & that was one of the main things he went for.   Well, he went & came safe thank God & I’m so glad he’s able to go.    (I wrote note to Katherine & card to Eva.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things.    Weather was changeable today    wind went from N. West around to S. West   cool breeze & hot sun. 

Tue. June 7. 1955./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been cloudy most of the day.   & it tried to rain several times    the sky looked bad tonight,    but, the Lord has Kept us & I praise Him,    He the only one that can Keep us soul, spirit & body.    My stomach is better & I believe He will heal me inside, & out, soul, heart, mind & all there is of me, for His Name’s sake.    I Praise Him & thank Him, for He is truth  it’s self & I have never, yet, found one person that’s really true or that you could really trust.    Oh God help me to keep true to Thee, then I’ll be true to myself & others,    We don’t all think alike so, there are many mis-understandings.    Elbert’s so tired,    Postman honked his horn several times & E. said something was wrong with horn    I don’t believe it so    there’s one example, he also says he don’t know the postman,    Elbert went to the car,   I don’t know what he gave him, by mouth, or package.    It’s good to Know God sees & hears & Knows,    E. is so nervous & turns so white around his mouth & nose as if he’s half frightened,  that I might know

Wed. June. 8. 1955./ Page. 3349./ 2. eggs today./ Well I washed out what few things that were dirty & Oh how I thank Him for the strength He has given this day,    & I Praise Him now & for ever & ever;    It’s been a cloudy day & has rained several showers    I thank Thee Jesus for the rain,   Wind has been all the around.   I’m very tired & weary, but happy in my heart with Jesus.    Elbert’s tired to    he’s shoveled, hoed & mowed & so he’s very tired also,    but we are so glad we can do a little    Elbert put the little chicks pen outside the park to-day where they can get more grass & they were happy, but old hens miss them & set by the fence & watched them.    (2. yrs. today we were in tornado)    Well I must try to iron my dress & to sew the other one,    for it’s hard to get along with 2.    It cleared off tonight & stars & moon are shining.  

Thurs. June. 9. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ It’s been mostly cloudy & cool. & I hung all my bedding out & aired it & brought it in before Elbert got back from Vermilion,    he got the food suply for the month & the coal is going to cost 16.75 per. ton & we are getting 5 tons & if we can pay it all in a mo. we get 25 cents per. ton off.   that would be $82.50    I hope we can pay it all    I have 51.00 & it will take 31.50, more out of my check,    I hope we make it.    Elbert gave me 10.00 toward it today. but looks as if it will be hard nipping to get my shoes & slippers.    I received card from Miss Clark today.   Elbert spaded some today    I darned his socks & made beds & helped with the meals.    I do thank & Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for the strength & faith & courage He has given me & us. Amen. 

Fri. June. 10. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ I am sorry to say I couldn’t get up steam enough today to work,    Elbert has worked untill he is like a log so heavy & tired.    Clayton Brode cut the grass & weeds along the road,    he came in & cut some for us & for Sarr, & his dog got into some tall thick grass where he was working & he cut the right front food clear off    it came under our front steps & then went out to the Car    Elbert tried to get her in the car but she wouldn’t so he went & told Clayton she was badly hurt & so he told Elbert how he had done it & it made me sick & he came home & left her   she had 

Fri. June. 10. 1955/ Page 3350./ 2. eggs this day./ come here & then tried to go on & got to Snyders drive   they called Clayton & he came with the truck & took her home    she’s 12. yrs. old    I hope he had her taken care of    she was bleeding so bad & had been for several hours,    Clayton felt so bad he said he didn’t know what to do.   he told Elbert he had just lost 2 cows “Vetirin said they had eaten “Water Elm” a weed deadly to cows.   We received a card from Audrey this a-m saying Mrs. Robinson had died  Inez’s mother   & Miss Clark said a woman in Vermilion was dead.    So things have been sad for many today.    When my throat achs I cry later & so I have cried today.    It’s been mostly cloudy & cool   did rain a light misty shower late this after noon & evening    We have had a fire to keep chill out & just a little.    I do thank Father, Son & Holy Ghost for our blessings & for saving me soul & pray He will save all the rest, Amen

Sat. June 11. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well it been a great day.    Elbert went to Huron & got fish & celery a head of lettuce & a pepper & I washed the head of lettuce & other things & carrots & sweet pickles onions & horse radish   I seasoned it & he put it in jars    he ground some of the shank meat & I seasoned that   put it in a wax paper in between the screen & front door   I washed & dried Knives & forks & spoons plates cups saucers & set the table    Eva, Marry Ann, Ema Katherine & Joe came in & had supper with us,    Elbert had 3. fair sized cat-fish & we had creamed potatoes & fish & they brought beets biscuits & blogna & cookies & cucun,    Elbert made coffee & tea & we had a good supper & visit,    then we went out & cut flowers & they went home    & Elbert picked up dishes & cleaned them off & I washed them & put them away & put table in order while he put the baby chicks in the coop & took care of hens & shut basement windows & got some coal & locked up grainery & shut car windows.    It’s been a nice day but there is a penatrating damp & chill in the breeze & it’s been S. west all day,    it rained between Huron & here, when Elbert came home     he went back for more fish but they had sold out but 

Sat. June. 11. 1955./ Page 3351./ 2. eggs this day./ I think they had enough to eat   they ate all there was.   I’m tired, but glad we could be together again.    I received receipt for 5.00 I sent to Wyatts & now I’ll send 5 more as my check came today.    I thank God & praise Him in Jesus Name for the checks & for His wonderful love for us.    Oh God Help Eva read & study her bible,   she needs Thee.  for she says, she going to have enough to eat if she don’t have enough to pay her tgh,   Jesus help her to see & understand it is Thee who gives it to her & she ought not cheat Thee.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee   Thou has taught me & I Pray Thou will Keep me. Amen. 

Sun. June. 12. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ No one came in to day & it has been cloudy all day    sun only peep through & a little. & this evening it’s raining for the which all things will be glad of.    Well, my heart achs for many & I’m still trusting God will bring all our families close to Him.   It’s 11-p-m & giving us a good shower.    Oh God help the many who need Thee so much & give me what I need to help in Thy work.    I thank Thee for all things & that Thou are fixing my feet & healing me   Glory to Thy Holy name Now & ever more Amen. 

Mon. June. 13. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ We neither felt able to work & after dinner Eva, Marry Ann & Katherine came in    Joe sent Elbert some Cabbage plants & 3 or 4 tomatoes to plant,   been a good day to set them but Elbert’s felt lame all over    he said maybe he has taken cold,    it’s cloudy all day & rather chilly    We have a fire,    radio says same kind of weather to-morrow.    I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now  forever Amen. 

Tue. June. 14. 1953. [should be 1955]/1. eggs today./ Ans. card from Methodist Church Delaware Ave Lorain, Homing coming.    Wrote note to Hunts & a note to Miss Clark & a gas card for tank of gass.   Received Audreys letter today.    Been another cloudy with only little sun & air damp & cool & the water has run free,   had to wash skirts & dress out at bottom & my stockings a while later & so I haven’t done much today outside the usual daily duties.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for the care He gives me & am trusting to be entirely free soon    I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen. 

Wed. June. 15. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ Sun shone all day    has been quite cool all morning, then got real hot.

Wed. June. 15. 1955./ Page 3352./ 2. eggs this day./ from noon untill 4.P.m. & then it started to get cool again    Elbert went to Huron to get fish that they told him he could have today    so he went & didn’t get any,   he’s still feeling bad.    I was sick all night & today    I did my washing on only a cup of tea & did part of Elbert’s cloths,   he was going to wash his but let me do it,    he didn’t feel like it,   but I’m not as able as he is & next time he will have to do his own    he didn’t cook anything for me, today.    Oh well, God will take care of me & I Praise Him & thank Him in Jesus Name for ever & ever, Amen.    Wind N. & cool, Sun hot from noon untill 4.p.m.    I am to tired & my arms & legs ach so bad   I wont sleep. 

Thurs. June 16. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ No mail.    Elbert still don’t feel good, & neither do I.    I did the ironing & mended 2. prs. socks & 2. of my shirts,    he bought a heavy piece of unbleached sheeting & I put boiling water on it to shrink it the other day & I dampened & ironed that today & dried & folded all my rags    & cleaned up all the roaster Kettle & 4 stew pans & tins, I baked biscuits on & what we used to eat on & sweat’s dripping off my chin & it’s a very cool evening 50 degrees tempture    almost had frost last night   lots of wind scuds today & wind went S. west tonight    stars very clear & bright 15 mile hr. wind.   Elbert Killed & dressed 3. of the young roosters this morning    & he said he felt all tired out before he got them done,    he fried them & didn’t able to do it.    I hope to sew tomorrow & get some mash bags washed    maybe he will scrub the paint off of them.    Oh God of love & mercy I thank & Praise Thee for all our many many blessings & trust for the infilling of the Holy Spirit & my healing.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee Wonderful Jesus.

Fri. June. 17. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ Received letter from the Dears & 2 cards & the death note from Inez   a card from Nellie & one from Audrey,    I don’t know how to write the Dears    I haven’t got the letter all figured out yet,    she’s such a very poor writer or rather her penmanship is very bad.    Nellie said Bonita’s place or shop where she works decided not to go, on strike & that they were very glad,    I felt so bad all day.    Elbert went to Huron   got a big mess of fish & dressed them all & gave Rue & family 12.   & they gave us a qt. of black Ox heart cheeries    they are so sour, I cooked them & sweetened them a little & they still are plenty sour.

Fri. June. 17. 1955./ Page 3353/2. eggs this day./ Dolly & Earnie were here a few minutes    We saw 15 ducks maybe more go to lake    sun shone all day but air is sort of hazy & a chill in it.   90 degrees tempture after noon today & at 4-30-p-m. began to get cool,    but we don’t have a fire tonight,    have house shut up,    wind is N. east.    Oh Dear Heavenly Father I thank & praise Thee in Jesus Name for all things & still believe for infilling of the Holy Ghost and healing. Amen.

Sat. June. 18. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, it was 90 again today with a N. east breeze that died all out before dark & got cool    the air is so thick, blue  hazy & so damp     neither of us worked & both of our stomachs been sore & ach    I only wish I Knew.    I never use to answer or do anything for any one when I walked in my sleep, but I’m wondering & wishing I knew wome one who would be willing to help me find out & I can’t stay awake day & night,    God help me    I Know Thou can   I will thank & give Thee all the praise in Jesus name & I do thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy help soon in Thy Way Amen    I sent Audrey a card this morning.   No mail today.    Dolly & Earnie were here today & said some thing was Killing there chicks & hens again.    I do hope he finds out, if a fox got them he’d take them away.  

Sun. June. 18. 1955./ 2. eggs today./Been a nice day, was hot during the middle of day 90 degrees & a fog long before dark & damp air.    No one came in todays.    I was out in the yard twice today & thank God I could get out,    Elbert went up to the beach & talked to Rue for a while,    he saw something by the hens pen, but didn’t get a chance to shoot,    it’s now its 9-30. p.-m. & I heard a shot North of us,   hope Rue shot whatever it was, after his chickens,    he told Elbert he’d lost about 3. hund-red dollars worth of chickens.    Well I hope we don’t loose any of ours.    I pray God will keep us clean & from all evil.    I praise Thee Jesus & still trust Thou will fill me. Amen. 

Mon. June. 19. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well couldn’t sleep all, night but did get couple. hrs. this morning,    felt so punk & still tired when I got up 10-30-a-m    We had dinner 12-30-noon & set here talking.    Miss Clark wrote a note said her brother was sick again,    she didn’t say wheather she would go to him again,    she said she had to stick close by the 4 square church to ans. phone calls & give Buser calls that came in   that she couldn’t take care of, she said Mrs. Goll’s husband died 2 weeks ago & her 2 sons were living with her.   Queer, but Elbert & I had been talking about them for passed 2. weeks.   Miss Clark

Mon. June 20 [should be 19]. 1955./ Page 3354./ 2. eggs this day./ sent a post card so she is looking for it right back.   so, I’ll try to ans. it now & I have to write to Sister Dear also.   Eva, Marry Ann & Ema came & brought back the sheets for Elbert’s bed, she had washed,    she said Elbert was looking better, but that I didn’t look so well,    I told her I was feeling some better,    I can see better & feel a little stronger in my body.    Elbert said You look terrible    any one would think you were 80tie or more.    God Knows & sees & I’m glad.    & I’m still trusting & believing for all I ask in Him.    I Praise Him for all things in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.    We went out & picked a few flowers, rambler roses red, white & pink.    Been terribly hot all day & South breeze at 11-p-m.    Radio said bad storrms to night & they had an earth quake in California today didn’t say how bad. 

Tue. June 21 [should be 20]/ 1. eggs today./ Johny Harnish birthday    he is ___ yrs. old & Randy Fulton Martha’s grandson is 1. yr. old today- he is Joans son.    I sent a card & note to Mrs. Goll  a card to Miss Clark & letter to Rev. Dear’s & I have felt bad today  ‘bowels & stomach”    Ernie & Dolly came at noon & stayed untill Helen came for them tonight,    Rue went to Dr. to Cleveland.    The children made 3. pot holders while here & gave them to me & Elbert played games with them untill an hour or so before Helen came,    they had lunch with us at noon.    Been a hot day, but a queer chill in the air    we didn’t work today, but hope to in the morning.    We have to get the washing & a blanket or 2. & I want to go to store & get a couple light tennis blankets.    I wrote letter to Wyatts & put 5.00 in for this mo.    It’s very cool tonight    Elbert put water on the garden.    I thank God & Jesus & Holy Ghost for showing me & helping me for the renewal of strength again & my eyes are better,   Oh, Jesus reveal unto me.  Amen. 

Wed. June 22 [should be 21]/2. eggs today./ We both did our washing today & Elbert washed a pr. of work pants & some of the mash bags,    he’s going to finish them in the morning,    I hope to wash blankets in morning also.    I’m so all in tonight,    I made soup with Elbert’s help, for supper.   We got the cloths all dry   had good breeze & partly cloudy.   Wind freshened & got real cool at 4-p-m & radio says wind will be 25 miles with thunder showers tonight at 52 degrees     tempture sure is cool.   Mr. & Mrs. Weber came tonight for church money & I had it ready,    they walked out in the yard & enjoyed the flowers & roses & they took a big a big bunch home with them,   his mother is 100 yrs old & 

Wed. June. 22. [should be 21]/2. eggs this day./ they don’t like to leave her alone very long & they don’t have any one to come in & stay with her    What a shame    we don’t have any one willing to come in for such things, but the people or so different today,   they don’t want to be bothered    they have there own troubles, & things they want to do.    Oh How I do thank & praise Thee Jesus for all Thou doeth do for us, in so many Ways.   Glory to God in the Highest.   We received a nice letter from Audrey to day.   Queer day.

Thurs. June 23.[should be22]/2 eggs today./ Well Elbert has felt tired out all day & he has slept in the big chair    he’s getting fat & he don’t like to be told that he is,    he washed out the rest of the bags this morning & there was a tub ful of water & 3 or 4 pails ful in the barrel,   but he said he used it all,    I didn’t argue, although I can’t under stand,   I had hoped to wash at least 2 blankets, but evidently he didn’t.   so I pray it gives us enough rain, so I can get them washed.    Well I washed dishes,   have sure been punk today,    I tried to cut a cloth pin bag & I folded Elberts shirts & sleeper jacked & b.v.D’s & put them in his room,   he went to Huron just after postman came & got some saucage & ham-berg,   I gave him 2.00 to pay light bill & I gave him the change from the gass money & he still don’t have any money.    he’d like to have me hand over my check money to him but when it come time to pay for coal, gas, taxes, insurance & he wouldn’t have any money,    he eats the most of the food he buys & is getting a big pot belly, & he tells every one I lay abed & well a lot more,   it’s almost more than I can bear at times,   & last night when Webers were leaving he pushed me against the door casing so hard my side & arm & ear have hurt me alday   & I hate an arguement,    but, next time he gets rough I’m going to have an understanding about it,    I may have to get some one to come & stay with me,    I have lost con-tact with things,    but, where there is a will there is a way   & seems I’ve got to exert myself & find a way,   With Gods help,     my arms often look & feel as if they had been tied & today they ached all day.   & I feel heavy headed as if I had been druged & my bowels were so loose, I had to stup to clean up after myself & yesterday, my stomoach & upper bowel were so congested seemed hard for them to move.    No mail of any concequence today.   I had him mail wings of healing letter & 5.00 & a card to Audrey.   Now I have to write to Miss. Mc. Govern & Sister Nellie,   Oh God of Love & Mercy I Praise Thee & I thank Thee in Jesus Name for all things Amen. 

Fri. June 24. [should be june 23] 1955./ Page. 3356/ 2. eggs today./ I wrote card to Nellie & letter to Miss. Mc. Govern.    Ella Jane came in this evening & left us a qt of milk & 1 1/2 qts raspberries black & 1/2 qt. red     & I’ve been sick all day     bowels didn’t move untill about 8-p-m & then I nearly fainted they moved so hard & I ate some short-cake for supper,   I was empty, but I ought not have eaten it.    I ironed 6 bags Elbert washed & 2 under skirts & my dress & swept all three rooms & washed dishes & seemed as if I never could    & I set down a great number of times.    I had to wash 2 under skirts & my shirt also this a-m. that I mussed on yesterday.    I thank Thee Jesus for the strength Thou has’t given me & I pray I may do more for Thee, Amen.    Bonita ask for & got her vacation & now she’s with her mother & her 3. children & Johny, Marcie & 3 of there children    their youngest is with Marcies Aunt in New London Ohio.    & Ella Jane got 3. days off so she’s going over to be with the family, today, Sat. & Sun.   she cut out & got all the stitching done on a new steel gray chambry dress & will finish it, “she hopes”, Sat.    she sews real nice, & neat,   she likes her work,   but, it’s sad, & she is learning many lessons.    Been partly Cloudy   hot sun & a very cool air & fresh. 

Sat. June. 25.[should be 24]1955./ 2 eggs today./ Hot sun, cool breeze & partly cloudy.   Today I can’t work   to tired    was sick be-cause of bowels & stomach,    well, Sister Haslet & Joe came in. after dinner & went before supper.    They are bringing 4 chickens & 2 bags of apples 5 or 10 lbs each & 65 cents a bag.    I don’t know how much we have to pay for them.    We visited a little & talked a-bout the bible & reading & study of it.    I didn’t even wipe up the floor but tried to clean up dishes,    it is cooling off fast & Radio says 48. degrees & I believe it.   Oh God, how I long to be with true Christians.    I Praise Thee for all things & for Thy help.  Amen. 

Sun. June. 25. 1955./ ___ eggs today./ Elbert Killed & cooked last of baby chicks & Joe brought the 2 barred rock hens  2. white leghorns   little things,    Well, Elbert says he’ll make another wire crate & put them in & as soon as rocks are eatable we’ll Kill them & maybe Brodes will put them in the ice box for a few days for us & the little ones have plumage lice so that’s another job.   maybe we’ll let them take ’em back, since they are so lousy.    It’s been a nice day partly cloud & it was really cold last night & they say it will be as bad tonight.   I fried the chicken balls & cooked them & Nellie & Ella Jane & Bonita & her 3 children came in    Earnie Sarr came in just before & brought Elbert some      & he was fixing a box for the chickens Joe brought      when he got them done he started cleaning fish      & the girls came     & I told him to come & eat    I set down & cut up the balls & gave

Sun. June.26./ 1955/Page. 3357./2. eggs this day./ them each some & they came back for more & each enjoyed them,    we had biscuits, some of which I made for dinner & relish & then they got in there cars & went for home.    I went out & helped Elbert get chicks & hens in crates & I pulled them to grainery & put them in While Elbert finished cleaning his fish    & I came in & cleaned up dishes washed wiped & put them into cupboard & warmed the chicken gravey where I fried meat balls put in a little more chicken broth & we had gravy & biscuits & hot drink & washed & cleaned up once more,   now Elbert’s in bed tired    he got up easly & ate his breakfast   took care of hens   dressed & cooked chicken. wings backs & necks & ground breasts & legs & crackers & I mixed in eggs, sage, salt pepper, & milk & set it down in cupboard for supper.    he scrapped & cleaned the fish & I salted them & set them down for tomorrow.    Johny Harnish was ordained a minister today & now I pray God will fill him with Holy Ghost.    They didn’t stop here as they had to go get the youngest child at New London,  little Bonney,    she was with Marcie’s Aunt.    It’s was cold enough for a fire last night & again tonight,    I have to read now & go to bed.    I Praise God for His Love & blessings in Jesus Name.    We listened to Sermons & read healing testimony.

Mon. June 27. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been hot sun & chill in the breeze     I haven’t done much today & thinking of Nellie    they are going to take her tonsiles out I believe she said, Tue., June 28.    I’m trusting & believing she will be O.K. in every way,    Jesus hear & answer my prayer, in Thy Holy Name, Amen.    I do thank & Praise Thee for all our many blessing & trust all things will be as Thou would have them to be.    I cut out pajama pants for Elbert but felt to bum to try to sew them.    We need some washing done, but no water.    I’ve kept dishes done & helped some with cooking    Elbert’s Knee & back are so bad today, but he planted corn.    Radio said Kanass had bad tornado today & they don’t Know yet how bad, but they said it was terrible.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & for ever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. June 28. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ & 2 from Bared Rocks./ Well, I trust Nellie is O.K.     received letter from Audrey today.    & my stomach hurt me so bad all morning I couldn’t work    Earnie Sarr was here most of the day    Rue sent 50 cents for our looking after him & Helen came for him tonight.    Rue went to Cleveland to his Doctor,    Helen said he didn’t tell her he was going,    Elbert Knew Ernie was come here, but he didn’t tell me,      so I had to get up to let him in    Elbert went to Huron.       Oh Well, I dress & then

Tue. June. 28. 1955./ Page. 3358/2. eggs today/ today 3. barred rocks./ 6. rock egg. Mon./ Elbert came back & we had a lunch,   Ernie didn’t want to eat, so we gave him a lunch of hot coffee & toast & that’s the way our day has been    we had steak for our supper & raspberry short cake & hot tea,    (hot. sun cool breeze) I swept & cleaned out the oven & am so tired.    Elbert planted cucumbers & squash & watered his gaarden & he’s so tired, for his back is so bad he can’t hardly get up or down    he sighs as if he is tired most to death.    Oh God, of Love & Mercy hear us & help us to live for Thee in Jesus Name I ask.    a bunch of boy scouts 15 or so went passed on bicks this a-m.

Wed. June. 29. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Sun has been hot & cool breeze,   Ernie was here today  gave Elbert 50 cents   Jesus is helping us to pay for the milk 15 cents per qt.   No card from Nellie’s girls & I pray Nellie is O.K.    her health is & has been very poor for such a long time now,    she never had very good health after she married,    she has look so miserable for such a long time;   I pray, Jesus Thou will heal her completely of everything that’s wrong with her & help her to Know Thee & give Thee all the Praise,   I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise to Thee for all things, Amen.   & Glory to God in the Highest.    Radio says it will be 90 degrees tomorrow    I sent a card to Audrey & Nellie Tue. 28th.   I got Elbert’s sleeper pants all done & stitched my belt on waist & skirt    hope to finish it soon as I sweat so & need more than two dresses.    hope to get another one cut out so to Keep one on the way & I wish so much for some slippers    my feet get so hot & tired in these old one’s.    I made close pin bag also. 

Thurs. June. 30. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ (2. Barred rocks./ Well I felt so miserable I didn’t get up untill 2-p-m.   then we had dinner.  it rained this morning & Elbert filled all the tubs, pails & barrel,    I washed the dishes & Katherine Eva & Marry Ann came in     Katherine brough us a Cholate Cake two layer, White frosting,   it was good, but I don’t care for dark cake, it’s to much for Elbert, but suppose he will eat it.    they didn’t stay very long,    Eva has taken 2 more old women to take care of & the one she did have causes arguments most of the time    she told one of the new comers, that she stunk & she wasn’t going to sit by her at the table,    I pray God will take a hand in it & help Eva to be able will take a hand in it & help Eva to be able to live in peace    & help Eva to Know What & how to deal with them.    after they left at 4-45-p-m.    I washed my nose & other rags  my shirts towels & stockings & feel so tired    Elbert’s been mowing to & he’s dead tired

Thurs. June, 30 1955./ Page. 3359./ 2. eggs this day/ 4. Rocks./ & he got wet.    I pray he wont get a cold.    Eva & Katherine was coming back to the church for prayer meeting   & I pray God will in Jesus Name bless that meeting with His power & Presents & help them to Know He is God & to try harder to do more of His Will & His Ways.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou Will Keep us close to Thee.   We give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever, & ever.    It rained in heavy showers all day & tonight    it’s wonderful to have the nice fresh rain water & I thank Thee Jesus for it & that we were spared from trouble,   it thundered & lightened & last rain had little clear ice particals in it & then some big soft snow drops,   they melted as they fell.   No mail today   & I have been thinking & praying for Nellie & am still, & trusting Jesus will care for her. 

Fri. July. 1. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 1 barred Rock./ Been a hot sun & cool S. west breeze all day & the breeze is still with us, & we are very thankfull.    Elbert done some mowing this morning,    he tried 3 times to call Nellie & no ans.    I didn’t do much to day, aired bedding folded & put away cloths    I washed last evening & I had to hang all the rags out on the line & bring them in,   my new cloth pin bag is fine.     my bowels won’t move, makes me feel sick all over    Elbert feels bad to.    I ask Jesus to show me Where to find the scripture where they put a dead man in a grave “or sculpture” & when he touched Elisah’s bones he came to life & stood up, up on his feet.   Second Kings. 13. Chapter 26 verse.   Elisah was a prophet.   No nesws from Nellie & tomorrow is Sat. July 2nd  I pray she is O.K. & that God will give her strength & save her soul.    I received letter from Wyatt & they are going to annoit a cloth & pray & lay hand on it & send it to me    I am afraid least I do something wrong & I want to be-long to Jesus & praise God in Spirit & in truth & be so fill-ed with power that I can help others   Glory to God in Jesus Name Amen.

Sat. July. 2. 1955./ Page. 3360./ 1. eggs this day/ through her operation just fine & 3. Dr. were so worried, for she has other things wrong with her & they were amazed, but Jesus hears & sees & Knows,    I Praise Him & thank God in Jesus Name for Keeping her & still trust she will be O.K. from now on.    Oh God, I thank Thee & Pray she will know Thee before she’s called & each of the others also   Glory to God the Father Jesus His Son & the Holy Ghost Amen.    It’s been to hot, but Praise God for N. east breeze. 

Sun July 3. 1955/ 2 eggs today/ &2 Barred Rocks./ Well, God is truly good & He take good care of us    Hellen sent 2 sticks of smoked saucage & later Rue came in with a qt of red raspberries so we had short cake fried potatoes & the meat for supper,    Been a nice day but so hot & lots of peopl getting Killed one way or the other.    97 degrees. today. Sun. & no one but Rue & Ernie came in none of our own folks.    Ella Jane said Jimmy Monagon “Martha’s son” is home for a couple of weeks & they are talking of having a get together & an out door picnic at Martha’s, so we’ll get left out.    Elbert washed his b.V.D’s this a.m. & then it was so hot he didn’t trouble to put them on & tomorrow is Independance Day.    & we were to have thunder storms to-night  & tomorrow, heavy fog tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & am trusting for the Holy Ghost & healing, Amen.

Mon. July, 4. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well, we washed,   I did mine first, my pillow ase & cover & night gown  2 underskirts & shirt & stockings & rages for both ends & 2 dresses & chair back slip    Elbert hung them out for me & then I washed his old sleeper pants  his pillow slip & cover & then he washed the union suit he’d been sleeping in & his socks, Kercheifs & 2 shirts.    & after supper I ironed my skirts & dress & smoothed out skirts & his 2 shirts.   tired & my feet hurt me so terribly.   No mail for today is Independance Day, the quitest one We have ever had in all the yrs. we can remember,    They have made fire works illaglele illegal & there hasn’t been hardly any fire crackers of any kind, just about like any other day, only lots of cars on the highway & radio reporting lots of dead & accident & Lancing Mich had a Wind, hail & rain, thunder & lightening & did a lot of damage ,   We haven’t heard how bad.    A little girl 2. or 3. yrs. old. she the mother said she saw a bear take the baby & go into the woods but they found her about 3,00 miles from the cabin & they think she wandered there herself.   a bear has been seen in that location.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus blessed Holy Name. Now & ever more Glory Hallalujah, Amen.

Tue. 5. July. 1955./ Page. 3361./ 2 eggs today./ 1. R. / Been terrible hot & tonight    it is thundering & lightening,    hope pray & trust storm it wont be bad if it storms,    I’ve felt bad all day   bowels are stubern again    & Elbert hasn’t felt good either      sun has been hot & there has been a little breeze most of the day & evening & been all way round     Ernie came in at noon    had piece of toast & cup of tea & then he came in & talked to Elbert late this afternoon.    Elbert took some broccoli to Sarrs to put in ice box untill tomorrow,    he said Dolly was back    she’s been visiting her father & step mother & half brother & sisters at Berlin Hights,    her own mother is married & lives in Cleveland & has some children “more half brothers & sisters    Hellen had 2. children “Helen & Bill Dryer” before she married Rue & she had Jean & Elain “or Muffy & Ernie, by Rue & Young Hellen is Dolly’s mother,   Dolly’s last name is Daniels.   Well, it’s 10-p-m & getting cooler.    I ought to fix up my old corset,    I sweat this one so bad Elbert hung it on the line last night & the due sweetened it & it was fresh & dry this morning,   Oh, God, help me to praise Thee in sprit & do Thy Will & make me Whole in Thee,    I give all the Praise & Glory Amen.

Wed. July. 6. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2. R./ Been another hot day.     I darned 2 prs & a 1/2 socks  run out of thread   have to wait now for darning cotton.     It’s been partly cloudy thundered & lightened, but no rain.    & I need to wash blankets ((wool))    Well, I didn’t sew     bowels have been loose today & makes me feel weak.    We received letter from Audrey today,    she says 2 day of her vacation gone al-ready     she has a fushia for me & it has a bud on it.    she was over to see Nellie & she said Ruby has some sort of absess on her intestine & it has come clear up through her abdoman, but Dr. thinks he’ll be able to take care of it.    Audrey talked as if she was discusted with Ruby,    but, we all have our share of grunting to do,  it seems.   & to me there are lots of discusting things for me to,   the way some of them treat & talk & do, me,    I ought to still be able to think for them & get around as I did a few years ago,   they are so smart & can’t remember,    but I’m so dumb I can’t do it for them,    Well, I’m sorry for Ruby & pray God will help her & all the others Who are as sick in other ways & need God’s help.    I’m so far from being perfect.    So hot tonight.    I do thank & praise Thee Jesus for helping me to see some things spiritually & pray for a stronger faith & to be able to do more in His Name & for His sake, Amen.

Thurs. July. 7. 1955./ Page. 3362./ 2. eggs today. / 2 R’s./ No mail today & I tried to work but didn’t get much done    I swept & tried to clean up east window where the flowers are,    had to stop but I’ll try again.    Been mostly cloudy & when sun did come through it was so very hot    felt as if it was burning hot    Elbert has been doing what he could     he cultavated his garden   cut weeds with hoe.   Couldn’t sleep last night but got an hour or so this morning.     hope I have strength enough to wash wool blankets in the morning.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will reveal to me What to do about Wyatt,    I Know Jesus didn’t charge to heal people nor did He ask for a generous gift & the people Who pray for us “or a large persent of them” do remind us to send a generous gift before they pray & I have sent 10.00 twice & they still send a slip to be filled out & ask for more money,      I send 5.00 a month & only have 65.00 per. mo. & all the other things   coal for the winter, gass every 2 or 3 mo’s. light bill Church tenth & 2 or 3. other things & I have got to have a pr of shoes    I’ve worn these for 6. yrs. or more & they are all I have left & they are hurting my feet & I’ve got to get some cotton blanket’s     such a world.    May God help us & Keep us close to Him forever & ever, Amen. 

Fri. July. 8. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2. R’s./ Oh it’s been a fine day,    I got up early & washed 3 wool blankets & Elbert washed 1. wool & I did one cotton    I sudsed them good in 2 waters & wrinsed in 2. waters & Elbert wrong them & I hung them up,    they all got dry    sun got so hot & it was 97 degrees    we were done, but, sun so hot we could hardly hardly endure it.    Received letter from Audrey    every one O.K.    I haven’t done anything all after noon.    We had a nice cool breeze untill late this evening.    We sat out front on boards & a man came from the east off the track & ask for water,    he went with Elbert to pump & drank 3 big cups of cold water & when he came back to front of house I gave him cup of coffee    he drank it as if it tasted good    he wouldn’t take any food    he said he worked all morning & the farmer gave him only a dollar,    he looked in his 70 ties & looked tired,    he went back to track & on west.    Radio says 72 degrees.

Fri. July. 8. 1955./ page 3363./ 2. eggs this day./ 2. R’s./ this evening at 9.p.m & it was 97. at noon.    breeze all died before dark.    Oh God I truly thank & Praise Thee for all things & the strength of today.     I thank Thee for Thy Holy word & revealing the truth to me,    I’m still praying for the Holy Ghost & my healing of body & feet in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sat. July. 9. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 1. R./ I was so tired,    we didn’t sleep much last night,    I got Elbert up to fill the rain barrel & tubs    we didn’t get them all full,    but, it was nice to get some,    Elbert went back & laid down & we didn’t catch the next shower.   partly cloudy & sultry hot,    Jean & Bill & there baby Wendy & Audrey came & they visited, while Bill & Elbert went out & Bill sawed off a few limbs off the big oak, that tornado broke & left hanging    they are hard & dry & hard to saw.    I was going to try to wipe up the floor but didn’t    instead I made an apple & one raspberry pie,    well, it looked & tried to rain but only got a little cooler     We are thankful for that.    Bill said he had to go home early & get ready for a party      they were here about 1 1/2. hrs.    We didn’t have much of a visit some how.    Well I got every thing done,  dishes & Kittles filled for bath & hot drink    Elbert was up to Huron & got some meat cabbage & lettuce & grapefuits & butter this morning & after the folks left he went up to Mrs Perkins & got some rasberries & ice cream.   been to hot to work, but it cooler now,    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.    I thank Thee Jesus & all Praise truly belongest to Thee forever & ever Amen

Sun. July. 10. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ 2. Rock./ No one came    but Jesus was here with me & I’ll never be able to tell how much He means to me.    I Praise & Honour Him.        Been a cool wind  N. east & partly cloudy, real cool tonight        last night it thundered & lightened just terrible & in showers      & moon would shine nice & clear every now & again but didn’t rain much.    Wish I could go to church. Amen. 

Mon. July. 11. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ 1. R. / Well, Elbert arose early & went to Lorain    went & got his shoe altered    went & got olive oil & his 2 suits B.V.D & sock & a 4.55 blanket,    I told him & wrote it on the order,   a light cotton blanket & this one has wool in it    he stopped in Vermilion   got the groceries 10.00 worth    discusting,   he done need a woman tied to his shirt tails, but, he needs my brain    he can’t think & he had it wrote on the order to,    Well he ordered some coal.

Mon. July. 11. 1955./ page. 3364./ 2. eggs this day/ 1. R./ I don’t know how much & he got cream & we didn’t have a meal to eat untill supper & I had potatoes & beans all ready cooking & they were cold When we got the meat fried 2 1/2 hrs. later    he said he hadn’t eat but he wasn’t hungry & looked as if he had been stuffed,   Well we had supper & I washed dishes & then a car stopped & let Miss. Clark out & we had a good visit,   she says Mrs. Sprunk isn’t very well,   had a couple heart attacks.    She told me about the church & all the folks & I gave her a bag of caned foods, oranges a grape fruit, & 1. doz. eggs    she wished she could live closer to me & the poor soul looks worn out     she’s been staying at the church while Tom & Mertle & Roney have been on a Vacation & she’s been working hard to get cleaned up there    she painted that big hall & a door that’s been an eye sore    she scraped sanded & painted it white & she did the hall & stair case,    I do hope they show her how glad they are from time to time,    she says she feel so weak & staggers in the morning when she gets up, but after she gets hot coffee & breakfast she gets her strength.   I gave her a hot cup of tea & piece of black raspberry pie,   she seemed to enjoy it although the seeds trouble her as they do me getting under our plates.    the couple that left her came for her some after 10-p-m.    Then Helen Sarr came in & said Rue went to Cleveland to Dr. & he took Ernie with him & she’ll have to be there all night alone    she talked to Elbert in the back yard & went back home to iron & clean up the house.    I pray God Thou will help to help others for Thee.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost,  keep me close to Thee.

Tue. July, 12. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2 R’s/ Well, today has been cool  breeze N. east, hot sun.    We didn’t work    Elbert’s tired out after driving to Lorain.    Rue Sarr came back today & Ernie came up to see us,   & he came back & ate supper with us,   we hadn’t got done with Nellie, Ella Jane & Bonita’s 3. children came in    Nellie says she’s feeling better    Well, I hope she can feel better & that she will gain in strength.    Girls didn’t stay long & then I got dishes done & now must do the reading & go to bed,    I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Wed. July 13. 1955/ Page. 3365./2. eggs today./ 2. R’s./ I didn’t do much    made Elbert’s bed up fresh & aired his cover blankets.    & made up my bed    I got up & put the wool blankets on & then I rested    tempture is 89 & 90 during the day & at night 50 or 58 & air damp & heavy    stars look such a long way off.    We had thought of going to town   but stores are closed on Wed. so I’ll have to wash Thurs rags all in the wash.    I wiped up the floors & feel all tired out & tried to keep Elbert from the hot sun & he seems determined to do What he Knows he ought not to do.    I haven’t been able to get money orders yet but hope to soon & pray God will help me in all my needs.     They cut the Wheat acrossed the road today   No Wevils.     I have the money order forms made out to Wyatt, Mrs. Rotes & Blind,   I’m sure I sent it but only put in money instead of money order

Thurs. July. 14. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 2. R’s/ Been bum all day & not able to do any thing as night draws near     I’m feeling worse at 9-p-m,   bowels tried to move,     by forcing them hard I got rid of most of it but could hardly get to the bed      Elbert brought me water & soap & I washed good & then lay down.    he made me hot tea,   I drank it, but felt, oh, so sick  thought I’d get up & read & write but was to weak & he brought in my wash rags & water & my teeth    I had them all ready to bring in    he brought my tablet & I got ready for bed,    rectum turn way out.    Been windy hot & partly cloudy,   S. West wind thundered hard & lighten-ed    Elbert emptied can & then we got a very heavy shower.   barrel was open.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessing. 

Fri. July. 15. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ 1. R./ Barrel was full this morning, so Elbert filled the oil tank & now when barrel is full again & the buckets, we’ll have enough to do the other blankets.    Elbert went to Huron got the money orders for Wyatt 10.00 & I’ll add 5.00 & 2.00 for blind men & 1.50 for Mrs. Rote.   Now to get them wrote and on there way.    My bowels moved with ease this morning    back & rectum sore.   No, mail;   I’m sick to my stomach,   hope to get settled soon.   There’s a misty rain  high wind   S. West & a hurrcane expected in one of the states,   I didn’t catch the name.    I washed out the rags & nose rags & 3 shirts 4 towels & my stocking – the wash rags tonight;  winds been quite strong all day & tonight & it’s quite cool    I wrote the letters got them ready to go & now I’ll read some scripture to think over while in bed.    Elbert’s not feeling very good yet.    I thank & praise God for all He does for us & hope we can do more for Him.   Jesus Keep me all the way & help me to be strong for Thee, Amen.

Sat. July. 16. 1955./ page. 3366./ 1. eggs today./ 1R../ Been partly cloudy & gave us a good storm & a light misty shower & just before dark it sure rained big heavy drops & my clothes were most dry & before we could get them it soaked them,    then they hung & dripped & whiped untill almost dry & Elbert brought them in.   I hung them up in here, some got dry & the rest are damp.   The coal man brought the coal today & that cost us 86.47   it was 88.97, but, they gave us a discount of 2.50.    I thank Thee Jesus that we had enough saved to pay cash     f or now it’s done untill another year,     didn’t leave us with much to live on,    but, Thou hast always taken care of us.    Ernie was here couple of times this after noon & he ate noodles & drank coffee & crackers with us for supper,    he said Muffie & her boy friend was home    they came today & were going to the beach to have a weiner roast tonight,     Charlie Brode came along on his bicycle & Ernie yelled at him & he came back & waited untill Ernie finished his coffee    they’re about the same age & hight & both have small sized bicycles,    they looked like 2 gig suill mosquitoes as the rode off up the hill to Ernies home.     It’s star light tonight.    Elbert got his self all dirty   getting over the coal to shut the window,     so he took a bath & put on clean clothes & hung the dirty ones on the line ,     was quite hot for a few hours & now it’s cool.    We’ll have to wash Mon. if we can.     I didn’t do all mine this week & he didn’t do any of his.    Hope we both feel better soon.    I am so glad & thankful we can be up & do the most necessary things    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sun. July. 17. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ 1. R. / Been very hot today    We have just sit around     just before supper time Katherine & Joe came in & said they had brought a lunch to eat out of doors     & they said Eva & Marry Ann were coming    they came & had lunch out side & then were going home & not to Church,    I pray Thou will cleans the church folks & help them to be one again.    Brother & Sister Swarthouse are expecting to preach in Sandusky before long.    Looked like rain, partly cloudy all day.    I thank Thee that Thou Jesus has taken care of us & I pray we may do more for Thee    I’m trusting & believing,    take all my unbelief & give me a stronger faith & courage & power,    Keep me ever close to Thee, help me to step out in Thy work Amen & Glory to God in the Highest,   Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Amen.    We have had several very good Sermons. 

Mon. July. 18. 1955./ Page. 3367./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got up & got his washing all done & dried  work pants & all.   now I’ll have mine to get out & I’ve been so week & my leggs don’t feel as if they would hold me up,    but, & maybe I’ll try,    Elbert has made plans to ride to Lorain in the morning,    & it will be early 4-a-m slow time & 5- fast time.    Well Rue & Ernie came up after supper    Rue wants Elbert to look after his garden a little,    he’s going on a trip for 2 weeks & take Ernie with him,    I do wonder if Hellen will have to be there along all that time.    Well, I felled the belt down & sewed the buttons on my dress & now I’ll have to stitch the hem & the sleeves in & it will be done,    then some day soon I hope to cut out a couple more & get them going before these worn out   & one I can wear to Church.    I do thank my God for saving my soul & trust to be able to praise Him in spirit in Jesus Name    I’m asking     Oh Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free Where Jesus is -it’s heaven to me, on land or sea    What matters where where Jesus is ti’s Heaven there.   Help us Jesus.    I thank Thee.    We received a letter from Audrey today & a March of faith.

Tue. July. 18. [should be July 19]1955./ 2. eggs today./ Johny was ordained a minister on July 10. 1955.     No mail today    I mailed Audrey a a letter this morning,    Elbert was going to ride to Lorain with Hellen,    but, he didn’t feel able, so he got up & went down to Sarr’s & had to wait half hour, to tell her he wasn’t going,    I got up & put a stamp on the letter he was to give Audrey,     & wrote across back that Elbert changed his mind & wasn’t coming & when Elbert got back from Sarr’s, I told him to give letter to Postman.    Rue & Ernie went on there trip this morning.    they left after Hellen went to work.    It’s been hot through the middle of the day & untill evening,    then cools off fast,     I’ve felt so weak today,    I tried to hack off a few weeds today, but just don’t have any strength,    I feel so terrible weak.    I have black & blue marks on my legs, arms & body,    they look like finger & thumb marks & my right arm feel as if it was all most broke & has been so sore & ached so bad – a big black & blue mark on it,    God I pray you will reveal what it is & how I got it.    do I get up in my sleep he asks me if I heard him calling me & there by hang a tale, in Jesus Name. 

Wed. July. 20. 1955./ Page. 3368./ 2. eggs today./ 1. R./Well, I got up at 10-a-m    Elbert had been over & got the milk & to Huron & got steaks for dinner,    he went over to the fish house & they gave him abig mess of fish    he cleaned them all & fried a few for supper & took the rest over to Brodes,   gave them a few, for putting ours in there deep freeze.    & while he cleaned fish I washed out m nightgown 2 under skirts pillow cas towels rags & nose rags, stocking & 2. dresses & I sure lots better by way of strength, than I thought I would    & I hung out most of them    Elbert handed the rags to me to hang & he brought them all in    & I aired my blankets & made beds & he cooked dinner & supper.    Been hot sun with cool N. east wind.     We thank Thee Jesus for the wonderful blessing of this day    but I do hope & trust for the Holy Ghost & my healing & to be enabled to do much for Thee in the manfature.    I Praise Thee Jesus for this healing & thank, Thee Amen. 

Thurs. July. 21. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ I didn’t work today,   Elbert did    he has filled up the hole where the big apple tree stood,   part of the root is still there,     some of the trees are alive & some are die-ing & it’s 2. yrs. the 8th of June 1955. since the tornado    the big old Elm down in the hollow by the road begins to look as if it will all be died before long & the one a little farther west on the line is all dead.    Well, I went out & watched Elbert carry water from the cystern  some that leached in from the top & it’s begining to stink,   to the garden   dirt is so dry, it’s like flour,    it needs a good all night drizzle to soak in, but radio says it will be hot all week,    there’s been a good N. east breeze un-till late this after noon, then it all died out.    No mail to-day.    We aired our sleeping garments & I made bed & washed dishes & crochet a little,    my bowels haven’t moved today either.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small Amen. 

Fri. July. 22. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well I did feel so bad this morning just felt as if I couldn’t get up    Elbert brought me a cup of hot tea but it didn’t give me the usual lift,    but I got up at 10-a-m.    my stomach & bowels feel so sore,    we had dinner & I got at my dress     finished sewing on snaps,     made button holes    finished sleeves & the hem,    now it’s ready to wear     & it tired me some    it’s so hot 97. degrees today here     & over 100 in New York Radio said     & Elbert hasn’t done much    it’s to hot for his head outside

Fri. 22. July. 1955./ Page. 3369./ 2. eggs this day./ Mr. & Mrs. Weber came in this evening & brought us some of the ice cream from her mothers birth-day party Sun. July. 1955. (there were 97 people who called on her    she can read & walks about the house & takes care of her self)     the cream was sure good & it was so thoughtful of them,    they have a farm & lots of work to do.    Sister Weber just had all her teeth out & so she don’t feel to strong,    she said she was healed once of her deafness & she lost her temper & her healing,    Oh God help her to recapture her Victory in Jesus name,  that she may be a blessing,    help us Jesus I pray.    Oh, I Praise Thee & thank Thee for all things & hope & trust Thou will give me that understanding I’m so much in need of.    Glory to God,    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sat. July. 23. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Oh, it’s been so hot 96 & Radio said over 100 degrees in New York but it began to look like rain & did rain a very little late this after noon & it’s still thundering & lightening all around    air is cooler,    but, I do hope it rains for not only do we need it, but the garden trees & every thing out side,   we have 5. or 6. weeks of this yet    We are so thankfull  We have some breeze most of the day.    I got up 10-a-m. & lay down & got up again,    I set a little bread & made 12 biscuits & one loaf.    I made few baking Powder biscuits for supper,    Elbert Killed & cooked the last barred rock hen    she would have laid every day    we eat the most of it for supper,    she was such a little thing & the meat was hard & dry.    Well, she’s done.    I baked 4 pies 2. pumkin & custard & 1. black berry,    Elbert picked the berries out in the back this morning,    the trees are loaded with apples & the Whole big limb in the top broke off one tree, in the wind, the other night,    the whole back is full of weed black berries & brush & Frank & I kept it clean side hill & flats.  & now it’s terrible,    & Elbert can’t seem to keep up with more than the front half & not all of that.    Jesus I thank Thee for all we have & I thank Thee for saving my soul for all the many healings Thou has given me so freely & I crave to do more for Thee,    help me to understand, in Jesus Name I ask & I give Thee The Praise.   & Glory forever more Amen. 

Sun. July. 24. 1955./ ___ eggs today./ Well Joe & Katherine came at noon.    I hadn’t got up yet & they had been to Sunday School & church & then came here     Elbert had potatoes read to cook & he put them on

Sun. July. 24. 1955./ Page. 3370./ 2. egg this day./ I got up, feeling terribly weak and all in    & greeted them & we had dinner together,    they seemed to enjoy it    Elbert & Joe went up on highway & called Eva & she & Marry Ann came & had supper with us all    Eva’s heart is so troubled    Marry Anna own mother Wants to put her in some sort of home Where, not even her own people can go to see her,    I pray Jesus will, in His own way, keep her from such a destiny, Oh God, have Marcy & see that the right way is done,  Jesus I do believe Thou Will,     help Eva to live closer to Thee,    Keep her ever closer & help her to pray & trust with all her heart, soul, mind & strength, I thank Thee Jesus. Amen.  Elbert picked 2 qt’s of black berries for each of the 2. families.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus    Oh how much we need Thee every second of our lives,    Forgive us & save us, Amen.    Today is Audrey’s birthday    she is 63. yrs. old. 

Mon. July. 25. 1955./ 2 eggs today./ Well I was so tired I forgot to tell about the nice rain, we got last night in heavy showers,    Elbert got up & filled up the containers,    he got wet & it broke his rest,    but We Praise & thanked Jesus for the water & that although it thundered & lightened hard the wind wasn’t so bad & it was such a good rain & I’m sure every thing.outside greatful    I thank & Praise Thee for answering prayer and feel sure all will be well with my soul.    May all Glory & Honour be Thine-forever & ever Amen.    Well, Katherine got me 2. cotton blankets 1.69 sents each,    I paid her for them & 2. hens $6.88 cents so that’s done.    I washed the blankets & got them most dry & washed my dress under skirt & rags & towels     feel rather tired,    Elbert went to Huron & I gave him $13.00 & the change from 10. Mrs Haslet gave me     he had 1.00   & he spent 4.42, so he has $9. left so he says, seems he should have 10.00    Well, I thought he’d help me with the wash a little,    but he went down & cultavaated Rue’s garden & talked to Hellen      she said Rue was in Oregon & she thinks he’s going to California.    My clothes will have to be hung out in the morning, part of them    I thank & praise Thee Jesus, for all things & Pray for Hellen & for Eva    that Thou will help them in all the ways they need    bring them closer to Thee Amen.  

Tue. July. 26. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been a terrible hot day    We didn’t try to work    I tried to crochet,    but hands to hot   We received Nice letter from Sister Rote & a card & letter from sister Audrey. nice to get a letter & not know it’s coming.   I do

Tue. July. 26. 1955./ Page. 3371./ 2. eggs this day./ hope & pray all will be well with each one of us & I thank & praise God in Jesus Dear Name for all my & our many blessings & pray for mercy on our souls & trust, Jesus, Thou will call each one to Thee, put a craving in there souls & draw them to Thee Amen.    I give Thee all Praise & Glory now & for ever more Amen. 

Wed. July. 27. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Brother Frank’s birthday, he is 65. yrs. old    Audrey was 63.July 24, 1955.    Well we had a really hot day & we did not work,     I tried to crochet    it was to hot to get much done.    Elbert ought to have called Audrey, but he didn’t & he wants to go to Lorain,    it to hot for him to go,    but I don’t know what he’ll do,    I hope & pray he’ll use good common sence,    he don’t need to go,    he does have to have his shoes a-justed,     but he can wait. a little longer.    Brother & Sister Dear were here,    they took communion with me & had prayer    his toes are still very sore & the shock has made him sick,    he don’t look very good either.    & she’s thin & looks tired out & Naomie is to fat,    they were here an hour or so.    We had just finished our supper.    I thank God & praise Him & Jesus & the Holy Ghost, for all our many blessing.

Thurs. July. 28. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert got up took a bath went for the milk   took care of hens & ate a bite & went to Lorain, I was so sleepy for I couldn’t sleep or rest last night & only had one nape be-fore Elbert left & had just dozed off when a woman came to the door  Jehova’s Wittness    at last I looked & she said   are you sick    I said yes,    she said   are you alone & I said  for a few hours,    she talked out & left me a book,   said she was sorry & left,   I thanked her.    Well after that I couldn’t settle down so just got up    hung bed things out & got a few odds & ends done & Elbert came 1-15-p-m.    We had a lunch & he put the water on to heat & washed out the b.V.D, Audrey gave him;    he pick cucumbers, to, this morning    & took some to Audrey, gave mrs Cranage some & Mrs. West. some.    & we have a few left, Well he wahed out his dirty cloths & got most of them dry    Audrey gave him 5 union suits,   he had 3.   so he ought to keep clean, he talked to Dr. Arnold.    but not to Kuntz a-bout [?] the house.   I hardly Know what to do a-bout it.    I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise & Glory to Thee for ever & ever. Amen.   Hot today  cool N.E. wind tonight

Fri. July. 29. 1955./Page. 3372./ 1. eggs today./ Well, it’s sure been hot to- today,    I swept & wiped up my bedroom floor & the Kitchen but didn’t get Elbert’s floor .    Elbert opened some can soup & we ate soup for supper    No mail today.    I finished Eva’s kercheif yesterday & Marry-Anna’s today,    so when they come I’ll give them to them     I gave Katherine one the last time she was here,    N. east breeze all day     & it looked as if it might rain last night & again tonight,    but, no rain, but it’s cooler tonight    I sweat untill all my clothes were wet while wiping up the floor.    I Praise Thee Jesus for caring for us & saving our souls    help me to understand,    I thank Thee. 

Sat July 30 1955./2. eggs today./ Well it’s been another hot day & late this after noon    I baked 2 black berry pies  1. custard.   & 1. peach    it’s to hot to work Elbert got supper    Brodes told him he could have corn & tomatoes, so he went & got them & a qt. of milk & he went up here to store & got some pressed meat, salt as salt & he cooked it in the Kraut for supper & we had the corn    Gets cool at night but to hot days.  I upset my grape juice & worst part of it, all down front of my dress & clear through my underskirt I washed it right out,    I don’t know if it will stain dress or not & now I have to iron a dress.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things Amen.   No mail today & N. east breeze untill just before dark then all died out leaving it so hot but now there is a little breeze & getting cooler,  & I have to iron my dress  Elbert took care of Rue’s garden this morning his own today.  

Sun. July. 31. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Got up late    took a bath & tried to soak my feet.    Joe & Katherine came & we had dinner together & Elbert gave Joe what old potatoes we had left.     she brought me a doz or so pie tins,   they look like aluminum, she buys pies on them.    she brought some beans she bought navy & marrow fats.    they left a-bout 3-30-p-m   Eva & Marry Ann & them were going out for a picnic supper & maybe to Church some where.   No one else came, all day.   So hot all day   97 degrees    a very little breeze.    I thank & praise God, our Father Jesus & the Holy Ghost for all things great & small & do pray I can do more to help others & that He will continue to deal with hearts here & ever more.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever.   

Mon. Aug. 1. 1955./ Page. 3373./ 2. eggs today./ Been 98 degrees to hot to work,    there was a very little N. & little east breeze but I didn’t work    Elbert cultivated his garden & he was to hot     his right arm’s been hurting him    he can’t hardly use it.    No mail today, & I ought to do some writing.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessing, which are many,    I’m hoping trusting & praying.    

Tue. Aug. 2.1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well I did my washing or the most of it    & it’s been all most a 100 in the shade    there’s been a nice cool breeze in the north     & so it wasn’t quite so bad,   but it didn’t dry very fast & my night gown was still quite damp When Elbert brought it in,      the thin pieces got quite dry,     anyway that done but we sweat so bad we’ll need to wash again Sat.   I received letter from Wyatt with the cloth that has Maricle oil, on it & they laid hands on & prayed     & I believe God will in Jesus Name make me Whole.   We received card from Audrey & tax blank today 14.26.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee      Thou art a Wonderful & Marvelous Jesus, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed, Pure, Clean & Holy,    I love Thee Amen.  

Wed. Aug. 3. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been lots to hot to work      & I’ve been thinking of all who work in shops & places with out a good ventilition      & Audrey says her work place is a sweat box & they are dripping wet when they get out & Hellen Sarr & a lot of other people in Verious places.    No worth While mail today & no dry cloths on us either,    it’s 10-p-m & still hot.    Well, We made out the food order     & Elbert’s hoping for his check in the morning      & if it comes he’ll go to the store.    air is a little cooler now, but still hot     & I’m going to read & go to bed thanking God in Jesus Dear Name for my healing,     & Praising Him for all things forever & ever, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 4. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Been another hot day 97. & we did have a very little N. east breeze,    it dies all out toward night & now again there is a very little & the sweats runing down my neck in little streams.    I tried to crochet, hands so wet,   it’s hard job.   Got sample paper in the mail,   called O.M. I. Farm paper,   it’s for the Ohio, Michigan & Indiana Farmers, & then tonight Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came in for an hour or so & they brough us a special news paper,   showing all the improve-ments in the last 25 yrs. in Lorain Ohio, 200 pages.  that’s

Thurs. 4. Aug. 1955/ Page. 3374./ 2. eggs this day./ our home town    We grew up in Lorain.    Elbert got his check & he went to Vermilion & spent $33.53 & his check was for 52.80 so he had 19.77 left & he had some in his pocket, that made $26.88, & he had begged 5.00 from me, or he said he didn’t have any to buy milk & bread or anything for last week & untill he would get his check, so I had him give back the $5.00     he has 21.88 now & he’ll get 13.00 more the 12th that will be next Fri.    so I’m going to keep tab on all he spends.    It’s a terrible hard job to keep tab on a man’s money,   he squeals & sqirms & squacks,   Frank was the same way.   & I Kept track of every cent I spent      I felt sure he’d want to Know & ask me sometime     & he did, but I had my books to prove where all he gave me, went.    he looked one or two over & gave them all back to me.    I wont have much for anything out of mine $11.00 for Church, 1.00 for insurance, 10.00 for gas, 1.50 for light bill $14.26 for taxes  10.00 save for coal so I’ll have 17.24 left & I’d like to get some slippers   I need them so bad.    Nellie said Mr. Baldwin was in a car wreck & badly wounded    drove over 6 hundred moles in one day & it proved tomuch.    Poor Tomie here looking after things while his father went on a vacation to see Claud “his youngest son & wife & children” & Tomie suffering it out up here,   not able to go look after his father    but his father is up again    don’t know what he’ll do about coming back home.    Bonita told Elbert she has her car paid for now,    but didn’t say about Ella Jane’s car,   Ella Jane was sick today, but got her work done.    Elbert gave them some cucumbers     I pray they got back home safe.    Nellie & Bonita’s children been over to Johnies taking care of. there 4. children while they went on a vacation for couple weeks, Nellie looks & acts tired out     & Bonita says she’s to tired to get up & go to work mornings,   & they say Jim Monagon is home for 14 days.    Oh God, if only they would call on Thee & work as hard to do Thy will as they do to have a good time & eat.    Help us Jesus before it’s forever to late.    I thank & Praise Thee for my healing & all things Amen.

Fri. Aug. 5. 1955./ Page. 3375./ 1. eggs today./ I washed a dress & 2 shirts  2. prs. of stocking & the rags, could hardly get it done & now 9-10-    I nearly strangled on some grapefruit juice,    it’s terrible, was so terrible hot a gain today & so many people working & suffering from the heat & so many bed ridden & others who have to be in bed.    Audrey said it was sure a sweat shop & I’m so sorry for them all.    We had a good breeze most of the day & there’s a very little yet tonight,     it clouded up before dark,    raido says showers tonight in the morning & Sat. & a hurricane coming toward Florida with wind 120 miles an hour & gaining in speed so all will be watching for it.    Oh Why don’t we live closer to Thee    Jesus, help me to & save my soul    I Praise & thank Thee.    Elbert went to see if Hellen was O.K. & she was;    & he came back in 30 minutes or so.   No mail today.    I was sick most all day & couldn’t eat untill 4-P-m.    We haven’t heard from brother Frank & his families for some time now or Uncle Will’s Children.

Sat. Aug. 6. 1955./2. eggs today./ Well we had a good refreshing rain       been hot but a nice cool breeze most of the day,    just thundered & lightened all evening & now it’s raining hard     & We wish we could save some, but it’s runing away;    I Praise God & Jesus for the water & that the lightening is not to bad nor the wind.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will Keep me close & safe from evil & harm, Glory, Glory Hallelujah   I Praise Thee & pray I my Keep Thy ways & Will in all things.    deal with me as Thou seest    I need & Bless those of Thine & help me to be of service to Thee Amen.    I sent cards. to Mrs. Rote Audrey & letter to Wyatt.

Sun. Aug. 7. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well we sure got a down pour of rain & cooled the air & a warm blanket felt good    We had a nice day    was partly cloudy & cool    N. east breeze,    I was sick all night    my bowels run like water    my stomach upset & I felt like throwing up    then bowels would run & I had to get Elbert to empty can 3 or 4 times & today; he has been out looking to find his pocket knife, he lost    & he doesnt Know Where he lost it    he was mowing front yard & front of garden    then he was to toilet & hen house,    so he don’t Know where it is or when he lost it,    but there was only little blade that he would like to find,    for it was pointed,    it had White handle    he was up to store up here & after milk.    I sure feel weak.    & my head feels so bad.    I Praise Thee Jesus    Keep me Close.

Mon. Aug. 8. 1955./ Page 3376./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert doesnot feel so good but he got up & done his washing & then went down & worked 2. hrs. in Rues garden.    & he hadn’t been home long before Rue drove in,     & Hellen was there before Elbert got home,     He didn’t see her, to talk to her,    they wasn’t there long before Ernie Knocked at the back door,     Elbert let him in & shook hands & hugged him & he came & put his arms around me & we kissed each other & then he sat down & he & Elbert began to talk & visit    Elbert had supper about ready & & we put a plate on for Ernie,    he sat up & ate hamberg  a dish of peaches a bun & grape jelly & some carrots & had a cup of hot tea & said it was good,    then he got on his bick & went home, saying he’d be back.    We had a nice letter from Audrey today.    Elbert’s thinking of going to Lorain in the morning    I wish he wouldn’t go,   he’s so tired.    He was up to Huron this morning & he got himself 2. work shirts.   & he got fresh meat that the blood was still in    & we had steak chopped & ham-berg for supper & meat to boil.   so soup tomorrow.    Oh Jesus I am so glad Thou are with me & pray for more strenght.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee, Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 9. 1953/ 2. eggs today./ Well, I’ve been to weak today but am trusting to feel better tomorrow & Elbert’s talking of going to Lorain again tomorrow.    He gave the bread man an armfull of cucumbers today.    I received the 2 boxes of cards & note paper from Sister Rote today.    Ernie’s been here twice today,    he gave Elbert 4. dollars his father sent up, for looking after his garden.    Been quite warm & I hope & pray for more strength    I trully don’t feel able to sit up but have helped a little    I mended his sleeper a little & darned his socks & I cut out a sleeper jacket & have it ready to stitch.    I felt all day as if I’d pass out, but God has Kept me.    Elbert has fixed up his garden & been busy all day    he carried the water out of the wood tub and put it on his garden.    I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & for all things & give Thee all Glory & Honour, Amen.

Wed. Aug. 10. 1955./ Page. 3377./ 2. eggs today./ To hot although partly cloudy & the air was thick & fogy clear to the top of the trees & it thundered & looked bad but passed by with out any rain.    We thank God for our checks this morning,    I have the money order for Wyatt & forgot to put 14.26 on tax order, So Elbert will mail that tomorrow,    he plans on going back to Lorain to get shoes streched.    air cool & damp tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things,    Oh Jesus Keep me Close. 

Thurs. Aug. 11. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain & he took poor fat little Dixie back to Lipp’s Tea Store,    she was a very ambitious little thing,    she wanted to have a nest & she bult two but she never laid an egg.   & Mrs. Kegean brought her male, but he didn’t want to mate with her & now he’s yelled all day for her, so I’ll be glad when she comes for him, or if he sings again, it wont be so bad.    Elbert talked with Mrs. Cranage & with Audrey & Gertie at Noon    he went at 8-30-a-m & got back at about 2-30-p-m.    he is so tired,    he got his shoes stretched again    Audrey sent us a pint of quinces      Elbert bought 40 cents worth of candy & not what I wanted,     he got hamberg & mailed my tax money & cards.   he got gas & oil 1.92 & 49 cents for a lunch.    Well, I feel so weak & so miserable & didn’t get right up when Elbert left but slept & a car came in & blew the horn right by my window     woke me with such a start & then drove off    they stopped at Snyders & then went on    I don’t know who it could have been,    at least they don’t know I can’t move very fast any more,    I ironed my two house dresses & Elbert’s dress shirt     & I don’t see why I should feel so weak,    I pray God will give me strength in body as well as soul & spirit     & I do thank Him for all our our many blessing,    We had nice letter from INez & Henry today.    Weather is hot during middle of day & cool at night, so we close the house up & they said over Radio tempture droppes to 50 degrees tonight & in Lorain Wed.    they had such a down pour, the water was up to top of curbs     we had a heavy rain, lasted about 3. minutes, between 2. a.m. & 4.a.m. this morning.    Oh, God help to to rest & strength.   I thank Thee

Fri. Aug. 12. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Well I didn’t think I could wash today but I did the rags & my skirt & my shirts    seemed as if I’d pass out every few minutes     I’d wash a piece & sit a little untill at last they were all done,    Elbert hung them out & wind was quite puffy. & strong.    & sun was hot when it got through the clouds & tonight it has freshen up & the hurricane is & has been bad & another one has formed & getting bad also,    it is real cool here & was, 50 degrees last & feels as if it will be 40 or 45 degrees tonight.    Well I was out to mail box yesterday but not out today.    Ernie didn’t go to Dearborn today, said they had phone call & every one’s down with flu or something.   Well I thank

Fri. 12. Aug. 1955/ page. 3378./ 2. eggs this day/& Praise Thee Jesus for all things & the strength of this day.    Elbert has wonderful cucumbers,    but, it looks as if something has been put onto some of the vines & turned them brown & killing them, just here & there.    Oh, I’m so tired wish I was in bed,    Elbert’s felt all tired out from his trip to Lorain Thurs. back hurts him      he can hardly walk around    he did a lot of walking around & looking    he talked with Mrs. Cranage & only saw 3. people he knew on the street, in Lorain,   he talked to West in Vermilion 

Sat. 13. Aug. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been stormy,    winid blew in heavy puffs all last night & all day & is raining & blowing yet tonight    Radio says it will blow out after midnight,    it’s been quite cool & more so tonight.    I’ve been feeling rather dumb & as if I had been doped      when I walk & feel as if I was stumbling along or going to go headlong,    if only I had a kind & loving soul to help me.    I pray Jesus will help & show me What to do. 

Sun. 14. Aug. 1955./ 1. eggs today/ Been raining off & on all night & a part or most of the morning, sort of heavy mist all morning, heavy showers all night.    I got up late & we had dinner & about 3. oclock   Eva, Marry Ann, Joe & Katherine came in & brought supper    fried chicken potatoe salid buns milk & chocolate cake,   we made hot coffee & tea & they ate & visited a while & packed up again to go to Church & home     Elbert gave them cucumbers & apples,    I gave Katherine a Kercheif with a blue edge & so today I gave Eva & Marry Ann each one with crocheted edge of pink.    MarryAnn’s yellow & pale blue.    They are all having their troubles & taking pills & dope.    They left 10 minutes to eight for Church.    Sky is full of stars tonight & wind about died out.    They had hard wind & rain in Cleveland    water gutter deep blow down telephone posts & up rooted trees & done quite a lot of damage.    Jesus Keep me close & fill me with Thy Spirit that I may praise Thee in Spirit & in truth.   Oh God of Love & Mercy,   We are as lost sheep hear & help me before it tolate for I know we must Praise Thee in Spirit.    Glory to God in the Highest   Hallelujah Hallelujah; Amen.

Mon. Aug. 15. 1955./ Page. 3379./ 2. eggs today./ Was so cool we had light fire night before last & last night,    but, to hot today & tonight & there is another Hurricane called Dyan,    they think it will hit the Maine land tonight or tomorrow & they haven’t cleaned up the last one “called Conny” yet.    Well I’m still not feeling very strong yet.    but am trusting & believing I will soon.    Elbert was just Out side & says it’s little cooler, it 11-15-p-m.   I couldn’t work today.   Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came in just as it was getting dark,    they brought a water mellon & ate half of it,    Elbert got a half of one at supper tonight.    I went out & set in the car with Elbert for half an hour or so & watched the sun set as red as blood.   then Nellie & children came in for an hour or so      Nellie is feeling real bad & could hardly keep from cry crying,   she says she don’t see how she is ever going to teach when school starts    Well I pray God will help her in all the ways she needs & soon.   & I pray He will deal with her girls & grand chilodren.    Oh God I ask in Jesus Name for help,   we need Thee so much.    Elbert don’t look very well & his head & back are bad.    Ernie was here all after noon & he made an air plane & begged me for stories.    he says Dollie is coming back to go to school this Fall,    he said Bill & his sister Hellen were here to his home yesterday,    & his father went to work today.    Ernie went home at 4-30-p-m.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust Thou will reveal to me the things I ought to Know & do    I thank Thee Jesus, Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 16. 1955/ 2. eggs today./ I had a gall stone attack & came late in afternoon/  Elbert went to Huron    got a little food & it was a little 3.83. including milk.    Ernie was here all after noon & Hellen came for him,   he went home once but she wasn’t there,   We gave her some apples & cucumbers    & she said she’d wash Elbert’s sheets.    it’s almost more than I can do, to wash my own cloths.    I feel some better today, but have lots of room for improvement ,   (Cousin Georgie’s birthday 70 yrs old.    Been partly cloudy & hot.   We came here in 1921. on 16th  34 yrs. today     winds all around & N.E. tonight    no mail today.   Hurricane Dian is expected tonight or in the morning on coast Georgia & Carriline    Oh, God, Keep me Humble & close to Thee in Jesus Blessed Name. 

Wed. Aug. 17. 1955./ 0. eggs today/ Been hot with a very damp N. E. breeze all day & tonight.   2 Hurricanes are over & they think the 3rd one is forming & the fog, is thick very thick tonight,     Ella Jane was here tonight    she came to tell me she has to go to the hospital in a month or so     she is going to try to hold off untill her vacation time for she will have to have at least a month after that before

Wed. Aug. 17. 1955./ Page. 3380./ __ eggs today./ she can go back to work,    I hope she gets alone O.K. she had a cup or 2 of tea as we visited & I think she did dread to leave.    Oh God, if only I could help each of them as they need, but Thou art able to help them through some one of Thine & I’m believing Thou Will.    Ernie was here all after noon & back & forth on his bicycle,    he ate a little when we ate.    It was real foggy when Ella Jane headed her care for home.    Oh, Jesus, help me to help Ella Jane when she gets out of the hospital,    I thank & praise Thee for allthing, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 18. 1955/2. eggs today/ WEll I got up at 10-a-m & washed out some of my cloths,    it was hot  but we had a good N. breeze & I had them all done except my dress when ELbert got back from Huron,    he made me toast & tea before he went & he got back about 12. noon    he waited & got some fish  8 perch    they gave them to him, he got pork shoulder for dinner & Ernie ate with us,    he gave me a dollar & he gave Elbert 50 cents Wed.  2.50 he has given us for this week,   he’s good for having to play alone,    Well I tell him stories sometimes & we take a word like fragile to see how many words we can get out of it    we got 50, he brought some book & read them to day   funy picture books.    Elbert was gone quite a while to Huron & he didn’t seem to be all there     he was to put the waiste & leg measure on the card I wrote to Audrey & he forgot so I wrote another card & he mailed it at Huron,    dreaded to see him go,   he acted so nervous & all upset    I don’t know what over.     Well I do feel glad that Audrey writes    We got her letter today & I got one from Miss. Mc.Govern.    She to, wishes she lived closer to me,    if they could all live close to me that say they would like to,    Elbert says it wold be a small City, but if they would each live closer to God, I’m sure they would be much more happier.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for my healing & healings & strength of the day    May all Glory be Thine, Amen. 

Fri. Aug. 19. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Received good letter from Wyatt & I picked a hot day for making a pie,    but, I made a lemon cream pie    Ernie went home & ate his supper & came back & ate

Fri. Aug. 19. 1955./[would be Page 3381] 2. eggs this day./a piece & then went home a-gain,   he was determined to have pie    The gas tank came today, $9.17, & it was 112 degrees in the shade today.   I made a black berry & elderberry pies & the berries were some I had caned in 1949. six years ago.    & was they good, just like fresh.     I’m tired tonight    it’s been so hot    about 5-p-m it gets terrible   air dies all out, but 8 or 9 oclock begins to get cool again.    Well months half gone & Radio’s be-ginning to tell us Fall’s just around the corner.    I do thank God we have the coal in but wish we had the house leveled up.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy blessing & care & pray We may both work for Thee & do Thy will in all things,   show me what Joe ment by telling Elbert, that his wife would pray me right into hell.    help me to know, what he was trying to tell Elbert;    Help me do Thy bidding in all things now & forever. Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 21. 1955./ 2. eggs today./ Received letter from Wyatt & Marry Vedovich Sat.    Been extra hot for the past 3 or todays 112. & 98. degrees.    We were alone all day, no one called,     Ernie did come & brought the blankets, Hellen washed, Elbert’s blankets   I sent her $2.00 but she sent it back, so I don’t know how to pay her but maybe God will help me to find a way.    I Praise Him for all things, Amen.   We have listened to Radio Church sermons all day.

Mon. Aug. 22. 1955./ Page. 3382./ 1. eggs today./ Been another hot day    it lightened all night & rained a good shower but only got a bucketful in the barrel,    Elbert did out his washing & it all got dry, or damp dry    air’s quite damp.    Inez & Henery Hunt came & visited for an hour or so,    she is so very thin,   but he looks real well    she said his head had been bothering him some when it’s so hot,  but otherwise he’s well,    she said Hilda is building a 4 room house over one street from them & that she don’t know what Keneith is going to do but old age pension board will sell the old home her mother lived in to get back what her mother had in money from them,    the house is on Elyria Ave. & ought to bring a good price, it would seem      thought I’d write letters,   been to hot to do any-thing.    & there’s a nice fresh breeze tonight & quite cool.    Elbert said a queer long black cloud went over us before the rain,    he woke me up,   I hadn’t slept all night,    he said it broke in three pieces    they were rolling fast over & over, the two ends rolling oppsite directions & the middle whirling all drictions    but it was going fast & soon passed over us.    Miss. Clark’s card & Companion was only mail today.    I really ought to write to Sandusky women & quite a few others who like to hear from us now & again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 23. 1955/ 2. eggs today./I did my wash,    it was small but took all the strength I had & I still feell all in.    Been cooler today & a N. easterly breeze & got quite fresh be-for supper & blowing in puffs yet,    been partly cloudy all day.    Elbert went to Huron    got a little meat & had to take the liver back.    he’s tired    he took the screen off the frame of the combin-ation door that’s been on there since I bought it in 1928. & put on a new screen,    he tried to paint the old one with aluminum paint & messed it all up & didn’t know how to clean it    & now I wonder how long this screen will last.    cloths dried good today    We got a book from Field’s Nursery & letter from Audrey.    Ernie was here today from noon untill five oclock.    Wind’s quit puffy.    It’s extra cool tonight    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for All things .   May the Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Aug. 24. 1955./ Page. 3383./ 1. eggs today./ been so all in all day & haven’t done any work.    I got a letter from Sister Haslet    things are not going very well at Church she says    I am still praying God will, in His own way, clear every thing up & help that church be a guiding light to all Who love the Lord.    I Know I’m a long way from being perfect,    but, I do try desperatly & I make such a lot of mistakes,    God help us,    we are so much in need.   I ask in Jesus Name & pray He will Keep me ever close    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee forever & ever. Amen.    It’s been quite cool allday N. east, wind partly Cloudy today & tonight.    Ernie was here half a day & says Dolly’s going to school in Cleveland this Fall so he will be here a great deal I guess.    Goverment is giving 100 milion dollars for several states that were hit with Hurricanes & floods & lots of destruction still going on   (very cool tonight like Sept.)

Thurs. Aug. 25. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ No mail worth while, just gas booklet.    Partly cloudy N. West changing to N. east breeze.    I’ve been real sick & had to lay down part of after noon,    Elbert’s head has felt bad all day.     Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came just as we were having supper,    said they had theres     so we ate    we had soup.   they talked a while, they had about a dozen an a half of small peaches they brought us     & Elbert gave them a bu. of cucumbers    big nice ones & they picked a few Chinnesse lanterns,    they are so pretty & bright red,   the boys were catching bugs,    they went home before dark.    Ella Jane & Bonita both working & they are worried they haven’t water to do there washing & just begining to think about the things in the bible.    God hlep them each one & all of us I pray.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy holy word & pray Thou will save my soul & those who are Thine strengthen    I do thank Thee & praise Thee in Jesus Name for all things, Amen. 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1955./ 2. eggs today/ Been partly cloudy,   N. east breeze what little there was.    I haven’t done much today.    Ernie didn’t come today,    Rue sent 2.50 for taking care of Ernie for 5 days so, 50 cents will go on the next time.    He seems to be so unhappy.    Well I did write & send a card to Audrey & I have one wrote to Nellie & family.    I hope to write Sister Cooley tomorrow & Rotes & 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1955./ Page 3384./ 2. eggs this day./ & Eva & Katherine,    Oh, once again, I’m so far behind.    Elbert is not feeling very well & his heart troubles him so bad.    John Snyder & Elbert were over near Bessie’s where he has a few tomatoes growing    he gave Elbert a few & Elbert gave him some cucumbers,    so I thank God for the few things we get in exchange.     I darned Elberts sock’s & I finished the new edge I was doing & today I got most of an old edge sewed on to a kercheif.    & then perhaps I’ll do another & start another doily     I’d like to get at the chair back for Marcie.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I may praise God in Spirit & truth Amen.

Sat. Aug. 27. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Felt bad today, but with Elbert’s help I made some oat cookies & tonight I’m feeling so exausted & all in     Ernie came up to ask if he could come & stay untill 10-30-p-m. & so it’s almost 10-30 now, they went to a wedding Fri. & to-night to the banquet    well I’ll be glad when they come.   I feel so weak.   & Ernie’s playing records & I’m tired.    No mail.   I thank & praise God for all our many blessings,    Elbert went to Huron & got some meat & spent $3.77;   Oh God, time is running out so fast & I wish I could Praise God in Spirit & in truth.    & tomorrow is the day of rest     Wish I could go to Church.   It’s been hot & sultry & not hardly any breeze at all today a blue fog that’s very damp, no breeze tonight, either, 

Sun. Aug. 28. 1955./ 1. eggs to day./ Still feeling dumb & Elbert don’t feel so good.   We listened to sermons all day.     Ernie came in at noon for few minutes & then after dinner    Rue came & brought his lawn minutes “it a power mower” he wanted to do some mowing, but I told him, no, not on Sunday, so he talked to Elbert a while & went back home, a female skunk came in on the drive just before Rue came, it had been hurt & could hardly walk,   it went out toward the toilet & then came back to henpark & went west out of sight,     they 3. Rue, Ernie, & Elbert to see if it was in sight, but it had gone.    Well, John don’t put cheery bombs in the corn any more & there are hundreds of black birds in the corn now.    Been partly cloudy even sprinkled a few times late this after noon.    We been alone all day, fog came early.  Well, I hope all is well with all the folks      I think I’ll see if Mrs. Webber will get Sister Swarthouse & come pray for me & with me.    Moon light tonight.    I thank Thee Jesus for All things Thou Knowest. Amen.

Mon. Aug. 29. 1955./ Page. 3385./ 2. eggs today./ Been partly cloudy & so hot all day & tonight breeze died all out at 4-30-p-m. & 20 minutes to 10-P-m   a nice breeze is spring up,   Radio says storm & thunder showers tonight.   I fell down after I had said my prayers this morning    wonder if I didn’t pray long enough.   I feel so weak it’s hard to get down & pray.    I wrote Sister Webber & sent card to Nellie.   Radio talking war & Peace & a big oil refinery in Indiana 5 blocks long or square & flames shooting 500 or more ft. into the air was burning yet today  Killing & burning some people, “one of the best & most improved oil refineries.   God is showing us He is the ruler of all things,    they are trying to clean up after some of the worst floods they have had since the flood of Noe,    it has washed out houses towns & cities, big stores & buisness places,    Why wont the people read the bible & try to live & do God’s Will    Why don’t they?  Frank Babcock wepted & wailed when it was to late & now When things are tumbling all about us people still don’t listen or read or Obey God’s word.    Oh, God have mercy on me a sinner    help me to understand & do what You would that I should do in Jesus Name I pray,    I thank Thee, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 29. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well, Audrey sends a letter every week & it’s come today & of all the things that the young folks do & hope to do, we can’t begin to understand all the changes that take place during a yr. there are so many & some so heart rendering in our own families & those about us.    Sister Webber received my card this a.m. & late this after noon    she & Sister Swarthouse came    we had a good heart to heart talk & then they prayed for me    I’m badly in need of blood & strength both & body & spiritial     I felt the power go through me. & trust I’ll receive & be much better tomorrow,    I Praise God our Heavenly Father Jesus His Son & our Saviour & phyican  & the Holy Ghost our comforture & guide, Amen.    I did get my stockings & rags washed out & I’m so terrible weak    it’s painsful    I can hardly get up from my chair or the can, but now God will take over & I’ll feel stronger soon.    Oh Jesus, how much I love & thank Thee.    Ernie was here all after noon, he looks sad & sort of lost with out Dolly & Jean told the big boxer dog home to Cleveland & Muffy is coming to take the little black one to Columbus.    So Ernie will be lonesome.    I’ll 

Wed. Aug 31. 1955./ page. 3386./ 0 eggs today./  The last day of Aug.   it rained 2/3 barrel of water Tue. morning,   was partly cloudy all day Tue.  damp air    I sent a card to Sister Rotes   a note to Sister Cooly & note to Eva.   & hope to send one to Katherine    & I did     & Elbert went to Huron   got some meat & few things in food.    I got up & was dressed when he got here     & Ernie came after we had dinner most done,    he love to eat just a little with us, but his father has threatened him,    he ask him every day if he has eaten any thing with us,    he told him not to eat or he’d do so & so & the poor little fellows nerves are so bad he can’t digest his food,    he likes to come to us   Oh, I pray God will take a hand in that family,    I believe Thou will.    The wind has been real cool & partly it’s partly cloudy all day,    & partly cloudy & moonlight tonight.    I have not been able to get up from my chair part of the time     I am so weak in my leggs.    But Jesus is able & I know.    Elbert picked up a few pears under Bessie’s tree,    I told him not to pick any off the tree all though John Snyder told him he could pick what he wanted,    but he’s augrgering with Bessie & maybe she didn’t tell him he could have them.    Elbert’s head & back are still bad,   he fixed a little platform to set the stool on, so I can get up & down with out his help.   No worth while mail today.    I didn’t do much today,   I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name, He loves & cares for me, Amen. 

Thurs. Sept. 1. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Been up all day & am trembling all over,    stitched Elbert’s sleeper jacket together & it’s done all but buttons & holes    & I’m so tuckered,    but think I’m better than Wed.    I feel sure Jesus will take care of me all the way,     for He promised & He Keeps His promises.    Oh how thankful I am that I began to learn as a child & pray    I’ll know more & do better before I’m called.     Sister Haslet called this after noon & we had quite a visit    They were to have a meeting again tonight   & church & I do hope all things turneded out as God would have it.    & I pray God took care of each heart & tunge & soul.    I Praise Thee Jesus & may we bless Thee forever & ever Amen.    Been cloudy all day & tonight    Sept. weather.    No mail today.     Ella Jane Sister Haslet a pail cucumbers.    Ernie was here all after noon.    Now I’m going to bed to roll & roll untill I can relax. but thankful to Jesus for all things. Amen.

Fri. Sept. 2. 1955./ Page. 3387./ 1. eggs today./ No mail worth while & Ernie was here all afternoon    he didn’t get off for home on time, so his mother called for Him,    she visited a very few minutes, said she was anxious to get going to Cleveland to meet Muffy,   so Ernie went on his Wheel & Henen in her car,    Elbert went to town & got some meat 3.61 & milk 15 cents in all 3.76,    I gave him 10.00 Wed. Aug. 31. & that’s 16.50 I have given him & I only had 17.00 after paying out on all the other things, lights, gas taxes & so forth.    Been quite cool & we have keep a little wood fire since day before yesterday,    I pray for strength & I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me,    Glory to God, Amen.    Elbert sawed some wood & he’s so lame & stiff tonight

Sat. Sept. 3. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Well I feel some better    my legs are still very bad    I can hardly get up or down    but my eyes are stronger & I’ll soon be back on even Keel    & I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, for it’s only through Thee that these miracles are done    I give all Praise & Glory to Thee now & ever more.    Eva & Marry Ann & Katherine & Joe were here    they brought two old tubs & an old ice box     Elbert says the box is so dirty it stinks.    thats 3 old ones that’s been given to us.    I do wonder what the next one will be like.    We had a good visit & they brought ice cream 2 1/2 qts    I don’t know why so much    they promised to come back soon again     Eva left Marry Ann go to a Childrens camp    it’s the first time she’s ever been away from Eva & she’s 14 yrs. old & not just normal like other children & she was home sick & didn’t eat for 4 days & lost 5 lbs,   so they sent for Eva to come & take her home,    she is very thin & looks more. so now & so white,    she says she wont never go again, poor child, but she says she’s coming over to stay with me some day all day,     I do hope she will, so to learn to stay for a day or so & give Eva a rest,    she has 4 old women to take care of & has her own health & troubles to reckon with    I love them & they love me    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost  Amen.    Well Elbert helped me turn his mattress & make up his bed & then I washed up all the dishes & he wiped them & then he turned my mattress & I made up my bed     then he went out & took care of hens & locked up & shut up car    & came in & opened soup & made supper & he’s so tired  but his head is better,   he says he feels better today.    Ernie brought & clean blankets but his ma said not to take any money.   What can I do.

Sat. Sept. 3. 1955./ Page. 3388/ 1. egg this day./ Well the Church broke up & are scattered,    God help them & keep them close to Thee I pray.    We don’t know but I hope all things work out for Thy good & Glory, Amen & Amen.

Sun. Sept. 4. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ Well, Eva & Marry Ann & Emma came & then Katherine, Joe, Marry Gilispy & her husband    they brought a lunch   ate   had prayer   & annointed & prayed for me,    I fel this a-m at 6 a m & hit the floor hard,    Elbert came & help me what he could untill I got back on the bed & I’ve laid a-round all day.    Jesus will ans. Prayer & I’ll be O.K. again.    Mike Hahn died with a heart attack last night & Mrs. Rugg had one this a.m. but is still alive    George Hahn died a year ago with heart trouble & Mike had just been raised to a higher job in the court House    & I’m sorry we don’t all live closer to Jesus.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name, for my healing & the interest they have shone for me & us & said they’d be back    Glory to God I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen.    God bless & take care of each of Thy children   I thank Thee.

Mon. Sept. 5. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Today’s Labour Day   the last big holiday untill Columbus Day (12. of Oct.)    No one came in to-day & I feel so weak in body, but pray God will take out all my unbeleif & any doubts or fears in Jesus Holy Name, Amen,    I’m still trusting & believing, Keep me Close Jesus I thank & Praise Thee, now,  & ever & ever.    Elbert feels rather bad yet tonight & Thou art the only one who can reach down & turn him about face,    hear our cries, Oh God, hear us Jesus & save us. Amen.    Ernie came up for a while & brought his (or Muffy’s little black dog) & his nephew.   Who is 12 days younger than himself,   he came to town after his youngest sister was in high school;   Been partly cloudy & not so hot,   chill in air & last night there was a thick heavy fog with moon light looking cold & dreary.

Tue. Sept. 6. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Hot in middel of the day & cool in evenings & nights   N. East breeze.    Well Elbert got his check & went to Vermilion & got 23.95 worth of supply’s & Rue had take Ernie & got him a hair cut & Elbert brought him back home & Rue went on to work    he gave us 50 cents & 2.50 last week,     I made 3 tins of bisquit with Elbert’s help    I set in my chair & he brought all the necessary things & I mixed & needed them,    I feel tuckered tonight.    & have read & going to bed now thanking & Praising God in Jesus Name for today’s strength.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things Amen.

Wed. Sept.7. 1955./Page 3389/1. eggs today. Letter from Audrey & DeHan’s book & Minister came in & had communion & wanted me to buy tables, mineral & Vitamans,  they didn’t stay lon & Weather same as yesterday, partly cloudy, cool breeze, N, east hot sun & white. & I thank God in Jesus Holy Name I am better & pray He will rebuke Satin & Keep me covered with his blood & forgive my sins & Keep me close to Him    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee Glory to God & may all Glory Honour & Praise be Thine forever & ever, Amen.    The school bus went passed at usual time today.    Rue gave Elbert some corn today,    Ernie didn’t come in today.    Elbert went up to Shures & got sausage & ice cream today.

Thurs. Sept. 8. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been bum today, can hardly stand on my feet hips, Knees & ankles, they just won’t hold me up,   no strength,    it’s terrible .hot sun & cool breeze that’s been all way round Radio said 46 or 47 degrees tonight & it’s real chilly, at 8-p-m.   Elbert called Dr. but he had to go to Sandusky to hospital & said he’d come soon as he could,    when he got back,  I feel sick to my stomach.   can’t eat tonight,    Elbert’s been wanting to go off to Lorain & the only thing he has to go for is get his pants shortened & get a glass for the mir___ frame, & leave me in this condition,    I don’t see how he could go to be contented knowing I can’t get on my feet, part of the time.    Seems queer how they all act & talk when I can’t help my self,   seems as if they’d like to get the upper hands of me, show they can dominate    I’ve been to good to them all in yrs. gone by & todaythey don’t do as they were brought up, to do by others as they would like to be done by,    they don’t want to help others.    I’m sorry for them & hope they will be well taken care of.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things now & ever more Amen. Ernie was here tonight   missed his mother   she went to Hauffmans for cr4eam & he was at Brodes & didn’t see her pass so he came here.   

Fri. Sept. 9. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Letter from Audrey, such a world.    Dr. came & put 8 bones in my back bone back in place & the Sackerrilliack was out just far enough to cause constint pain all the day & night,    & I’m so tired all over,     I didn’t have any clean kercheifs and more of the rags & my stockings    thought I’d never get it done,    but, I did & Elbert hung them out.    there was hot sun & S. & little west & every thing got dry. but the rags   & I didn’t get them rung out,    Elbert got to hot up at Huron,   he got 15 pike & cleaned them, nice ones    Hellen came for Ernie & she took my shirts & underskirt & light dress home    & Ernie told his mother he had to get in bed with his father & then over slept    & Rue had to take Ernie to school at noon,    teacher told him not to let it happen a-gain,   it’s his father’s fault.    a beast of a guy & I’m so sorry for Ernie    he is betwix & between afraid to tell his mother, because of his father’s threats & his mother’s threats    she ought to be able to figure it out,    I hope God will come to his rescue.    Well, Elbert’s been having cramps over ribs,    he sure got to hot,   he fried 3 nice ones  took fish 1. white & 1 graham bread biscuits & fish all hot to Hellen & Ernie      & then came back & took down clothes & finished frying fish & I fix potatoes & then mashed them while he did  did the rest of the odds & ends    & we thanked God for all  our blessings this day & we’re both to tired    I saw at least 100 geese flying west, low, tonight.    Praise God in Jesus Name for all things, Amen.

Sat. Sept. 10. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ 94 degrees heat today, nice cool breeze & the sky & sun looks bad tonight & a sun dog,    they had hail, hail stones & rain in near by places & they say on radio We will have wind 30 miles & hour,    I pray God will help us & all things work out for his good & Glory & hope I will be his for ever & ever & many others will turn to Him.    Elbert called Dr. & he hasn’t got here yet,    my back is paining me so bad    I feel as if I can’t endure it.    haven’t felt like eating ,   Well, Dr. came & put the bone “sackrcilian” back & loosened the muceles & said it would be 2 or 3 weeks before I would be much better they he hadn’t been gone long before Nellie, Bonita & her 3. children came & brought a water mellon & visited for about an hour then went, said they’d been thinking about us all week,    they had Bonney Bell’s children 5 of them all week. while Bonney Bell, & Joe went to Penn. to a Wedding & Nellie, Bonita & the 3 Children went to the Delaware Ave. Church to a wedding 4 & 4 weeks ago of a grandaughter of one of Cody’s grand children,   Ruby was there but Francia Cora has been in car wreck & has to set in a chair all the time,   hurt her back,    I pray Jesus Thou will through this, turn her back to Thee & heal her in Thy Name.    Oh God have mercy on our souls & teach us Thy Will & Ways,    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & I Know Thou art able to do all things    give us that we need to fix our bones & keep them fixed & our souls & bodies. 

Sun. Sept. 11. 1955./ Page. 3391./ 1. egg today./ Well, it’s been a nice day partly cloudy yet today     rained    the barrel full early but was so terribly dirty Elbert dumped the barrel & it didn’t rain any more,    hope it rains some more before morning.   Sister Webber & her husband & Sister Haslet & her husband came in late this afternoon & we had a good visit    Katherine & Joe brought potatoe salid, meat balls & a can of pickle pears.    We had ground veal cooked with a very little water, salt pepper & butter, mashed potatoes & hot drink    & Elbert gave them cucumbers & a squash.   They left before dark,   Well, Mrs Webber brought me some butter  1/2 lb., home made.    They went to Norwalk to Church & enjoyed it.    I Praise Father son & Holy Ghost now  U ever more Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hoasana to Thy Holy Name Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 12. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ We got our Checks Sat.    I felt so bad & hardly Know what goes on,    I got up & took a bath,    Elbert had gone to Huron, he got a little meat  veal leg for broth & we had some meat balls Mrs. Haslet brought.    We had dinner when he got back & then he heat some water & I washed my underskirt, pillow slip, 4 shirts, head towel, bath towel  several wash rags & my rags & he washed my night gown 2 dish towels 2 hand towels & he sudsed & wrinsed them all & hung them out to dry,     I didn’t hang rags out.    Elbert is feeling real bad his back & hips.    Nellie & Ella Jane come to-night & Ella Jane ironed two dresses for me    I sure did feel so thankful for that,    Nellie brought some fresh applesauce   it was good    Elbert got banannas & oranges & he bought 8. yds. tennis for his sleepers & 2 shirts for me & I got them washed    I pray it will rain soon so we can get some clean water.    Well water is so terribly hard    Well we got cloths all dried & put away,    Elbert made rice soup for supper,    I washed the dishes & put them away & now I’ll read & go to bed.    I gave Katherine a plate doily.   she seemed pleased with it.    It’s been a beautiful day  warm sun   Win’s been all way round.    They’ve had rain & heavy wind, tornadoes & hail in several places.    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name for the strength & many blessings. Amen. j

Tue. Sept. 13. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been a beautiful day  hot sun, warm breeezes    Elbert went to Huron & I sweep & dusted & have felt so bad all afternoon.    Elbert got bacon buns & chore girls sponges (2.) & he got 15 fish & cleaned & fried them for supper & he is syre tired tonight .    we got our letter from Audrey today & I’m sure not fit to work, but am still trusting Jesus will rebuke Satin & set me free.    I Praise Thee Jesus & believe I will be set free, Glory to God in the highest now & ever more   I Pray Thou Will guide in all things.  

Wed. Sept. 14. 1955./ Page. 3392./ 1. eggs today/Elbert done his washing & there was a good South breeze & hot sun & they dried fast & he is tired & can hardly get up or down & I’m that bad & worse for there to many times I have to have help to get up from my chair.   haven’t done anything today    hope to feel better tomorrow.    There are two hurricanes one Hilda that has crossed the south end of Cuba Killing several persons & the new one “Ion” is over by the Behama Islands & they have had & earth quake in Los Angeles California & they are having what they call smog,   it’s like a heavy fog & greenish yellow, smarts the eyes so bad they say you can hardly stand it.    They settled the big dock strike     & it’s something all the time.     Ernie has been sick, had to have Dr.    he went to school today Hellen said, but his throat is still bad    God, take a hand & Thy Will be done & not mine.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things    for I don’t know or understand & I’m so glad Thou doeth see Know & hear    I Praise Thee & thank Thee may all Glory be Thine    Received card & some pictures from Jean today.    she was thanking me for the doily I gave her.    she has a film of mine she’s had since the tornado,   she’s promised to return it to me & it hasn’t got here, yet, Amen. 

Thurs. Sept 15. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ No important mail.   Mrs. Haslet came this afternoon & gave me beets & pears 1. qt. 1. qt. can home caned & we gave her some jelly jars & some screw tops & some plants all sprouted rubber plant, cactus & voilet leaves all with roots on them.    I did mend Elbert old pants & sewed he hems in the new work pants & darned 3. prs. work socks.   & the new sleeper pants are going to pieces all ready,   I have to mend them tomorrow if I can,   & my night gown is all going to pieces.    Hellen called for Ernie,   he went to school & got off here.    his mother gets home an hour later,   he was out with Elbert, so we talked a while, she was telling me how had Ernie’s throat was & the Dr. showed her with light & exray glass.   Been a beautiful day partly cloudy quite warm. N. east breeze.   It gets cool after dark, but no frost yet.    Well, Elbert is thinking of going to vermilion in a.m.    Oh God please do help them to use this building for a meeting place for worship in Jesus Name I ask. Amen.   & may all things work out for Thy Good & Glory. & Jesus I’m trusting for the infilling of the Holy Spirit that I may Praise Thee in Spirit & truth & be made whole in Thee & I thank Thee Amen.

Fri. Sept. 16. 1955./ Page. 3393./ 1. eggs today./ A letter “or circular with add for her new church    Mrs Glipspy is building & a camra picture of her. & a receipt for the 5.00 I gave her    no one came for it from Huron Church, so I gave it to her.    & I don’t blieve Jesus want me to give it to Huron so I’ll wait & see.    I pray Jesus Thou will take care of me   Keep me close to Thee & rebuke the devil, forgive me my sins & save my soul.    Vengence is comeing thick & fast    We need Thee every second,    I thank Thee & give all Praise to Thee.    I nearly fell again tonight.    I mended Elbert’s sleeper pants & my nightgown    I thank Thee Jesus for all thing,    Elbert went to Vermilion got me a little nightgown & a few other thing & went & talked to Miss Clark & she’s been sick with flu. & Elbert says she looks bad.  

Sat. Sept. 17. 1955./___ eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got his sweater & left his pants at the cleaners       & one of the fisher men (Weigan) had a stroke fell off the dock & bruised himself up rather bad.    Elbert bought a few fish & then came home    & I helped him a little getting dinner  & I made chicken balls for supper,    his back & legs have hurt him today so bad.    he hung my blankets out & aired them & turned my mattress over     & I made my bed with his help.   & while he was gone Hellen Sarr came to see if I had some washing she could do for me,    I let her take the two light cotton blankets,    she said a man at the office where she works got it fixed so Ernie could go out on one of the harbor tugs to tow in a big ore boat so Rue took him to Lorain & to the boat with the other man    & so now Ernie will tell us the rest.    Hellen didn’t stay Long,   she only had a sleeveless waist & pr. of shorts on & pr. of sandles.   Such a queer world,    we did visit 20 minutes   then she ran up the road as as Ernie does.    Received letter from Sister Hastlet    she’s so worried about Eva,     but Eva’s 57. yrs. old.    she said Joe was 65. yrs old Sept 16 to day.      & they been married 39. yrs. Sept. 20. 1955.    Wish I could give her a little gift of some sort.    Well. I do thank God for His love & tender mercies,    I’m so glad, He will be the judge at the last day although it’s going to be so hard    to terrible,    Oh how I hope & pray He will get all our folks & many more into the Fold before it’s forever to late.   I do Praise Thee for all things & hope I will do Thy will, not mine Amen.

Sun. Sept. 18. 1955./ Page. 3394./ 0. eggs today./ WEll, it’s been a good day    Katherine & Joe, Eva & Marry Ann, came & spent part of the after noon,    had there own lunch & ate it before they left.    WE had a good visite.    & then Nellie Bonita & 3. children they brought a glass of Jelly, “grape”. & an abdominal support foor me to try on & wear if it’s O.K.    I pray God will fix me, fill me & heal me in all the ways I need,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee   May all Glory & Honour be Thine forever & ever. Amen.    Been hot sun, N. east breeze all day untill 5-p-m & then died out, leaving us to warm, Partly clouday alday.

Mon. Sept. 19th. 1955./ 1. eggs today./ Fred’s birthday    he would be 69. yrs old    Have felt rather punk all day,    but at times I could get up better than before,    but, only after hot meal today,     Elbert left at noon for Vermilion & seem to plan on waiting untill supper to get something to eat & he didnn’t give me a little before left & my strength is weak of late, so I just go so empty & pray God for mercy.    It’s been a beautiful day & very hot sun & a nice breeze N. east dieing out as usual just before dark.    No emportant mail to-day.   Hope tomorrow will be a stronger in legs & body for me.    I haven’t even crocheted just a little today.    Hurricanes are bad, Hilda with 125 miles an hour wind, & some water & Iown, with a terrible wind & lots of water, 3. ft of water in most streets, they don’t know how many are dead,     & tonight we listen to Buser when we can get him on the radio.    Oh God, in Jesus Name show me, what I ought to be doing Amen

Tue. Sept. 20. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well I thank & praise God in Jesus Holy Name    He’s taking care of me & us.    We received letter from Audrey today.    & They sure all have there troubles.    It’s been a beautiful day.   Sister Webber came in & had prayer & & visited a while & brought me some nice apples & some hamberg,    she seems like such a good hearted person.    Well, wind has freshened from N. east & is a little cooler    I got my rags washed & Elbert hung them out,   didn’t get real dry & he scrubbed the end of the rug & it was most dry.    I do Praise Thee Jesus & trust on Thy promises & now,  We two do believe & Thou hast said Thou would give what we ask in reason, so we are trusting & believing & Praising with all our hearts for Thy Love & Care. Amen.  

Wed. Sept. 20. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ I wrote a card to Audrey last night.    Well I didn’t do anything today    crocheted a little,    feel terrible weak  & Sister Haslet’s coming tomorrow & Elbert’s thinking of going to 

[there were a couple things tucked in between pages; one a full page folded with a four lines, maybe lyrics? at the top first in blue ink and then with green ink.  the other was a tiny cut out newspaper ad for Natural Bridge in Virginia.   The newspaper clipping had a little green mark on it possibly from same pen]

Oh Praise the Lord Glory be to Jesus   I love Him more & more;   He leads me to green pastures & through His open door ;   He will never, never fail me This I’ve proofed over over & over& Know over; He’s my Saviour, Physician, the Holy one that I dare. 

Spectacular stopover Natural Bridge In Virginia   One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World   Stop over at the new Motor Lodge…or historic Natural Bridge Hotel.   Plantation meals.   All-year swimming.  Drama of Creation pre-sented nightly.   The natural center for a Virginia holida!   James N. Hunter, Gen’l Mgr. CP-169 Natural Bridge, Va.   Please send free folder with map, pictures and 1959 rates.  Name_________Address_____________City____________State_______

Wed. Sept. 21. 1955./ page. 3395./ 0. eggs today./ Lorain to shop if Katherine comes.   His head is feeling so bad tonight    I hope he wont go unless he feels better.    Well, it’s been another nice day partly cloudy N. east breeze dying out be-fore dark, then coming again in puffs a gain.   Hurricanes have left a lot of destructionbehind them lots of dead & injured & in property damage into milions of dollars, so they sayover the radio.    Oh God of Love & Mercy, I pray for those of Thine & those Who ought to be Thine, Keep me ever covered with Thy Blood & close to Thee.    I pray, & help me to be steadfast & true in all things & all ways.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, Amen.

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, I felt bum most of the day, so weak   seemed as if I couldn’t sit up, but, I set up     & Katherine came & she cooked two hamberg patties & we ate 1. bun & some apple sauce & drank a cup of tea & then she fitted a new girdle Nellie had brought me    it , was a new one Mrs. Baldwin had bought & had not worn,   Bonita washed it.    Well so far it feels quite good    I only hope it will hold me and help me to get strong again.    Katherine got ready to go at 4 & Elbert rolled in  hot & tired,    he didn’t see Audrey, didn’t get all the things done, but he will have to go again.    Walter Allen has been dead a year    he run the Alten Hardwear Store after his father died,   he saw Ruby & Evylion,    They say Frank isn’t very well but works every day & that Howard & Francis Cora are both sick & at home,    he had a nervous break down, such a time each one has,    Ruth Cranage has something wrong with her feet    Dr. says it is arthritis & she’s been on crutches,    Will’s workiing & Mrs. Cranage says she’s O.K.     Well, Elbert was hot & tired.    Lillie & Pearl are home,    Pearl is retired, on pension.    Tessie is working, but he didn’t hear about Elsie or her daughter or Edith or there brother Francis, Nor Armond & his wife & family or Harvey & his family or Ruby Jean & her man.   or Martha & her families    he got my nightgown goods & some ice cream & came home & got supper after Sister Haslet went home he gave her some sweet corn.    We ate supper & then in come Nellie Bonita & 3. children    they were finding spider webs as perfect as possible & spraying a card board & catching it up on the board, to study at school    they got a few real good ones. , they brought a few peaches 6 or 8 & a so called pie,   it wasn’t done,  crust or apples,  simeral to our birds nest, apples sliced thick on bottom & biscuit dough on top when done turn over & put brown sugar & simmninum and butter    Well, Elbert has dishes washed & has gone to bed,  Katherine & I had good visit & the things Jesus has showed me are there.   Oh Jesus I’m so glad & thankful To THee for all things.    Now I have dishes wash that Elbert forgot & now

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1955./ Page. 3396./ 0. eggs today./ it’s getting late, so must read & go to bed  I’m so tired    no one but Jesus Knows, & I do think my legs are a little better    I thank him & pray He will bless those who pray for His good & Glory in all things Hallelujah Glory to God Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 23. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ No callers today.   No mail today.   & it started to rain early    got roof washed off & it’s rained a misty rain all day     & Elbert has 5 tubs, tank, barrel & several pails full of nice clean water.    Oh, how I thank Jesus & I Praise Him for all things great & small & trust He will put that bone back in place & make it strong so it will stay.    Elbert went to Huron & got boiling meat & saucage late this after noon   & we had it for supper,    I stitched up a nightgown for myself    didn’t get it quite done.    I am so weak,    but still seems as if I’m some stronger, in my legs.    Well, it dark, but not raining but radio says more rain early tomorrow,    I’m so glad we got the water & thank Thee Jesus so much,    I thank Thee for the things Thou doeth show me,   some times it does hurt my feelings, but Thou Knowest all things & I’m trusting & believing  Holy in Thee.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 24. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, it’s been nice day, Dr. came & put bone back again & I pray Jesus will Keep me & help us both,    Elbert went to town got boiling meat & little broccoli & can of spinage & I got soup most ready & he did the rest & now he had to go out & throw up his supper to much fat,    I feel like I might do the same but trust God will help us both & Keep us close to Him,    forgive me my sins & Keep me Jesus covered with Thy Holy blood my me & us all Thine.    Presendent had a heart attack 2. a. m. this morning    they got him off to hospital & say he is feeling better to night    I pray Thou will take care of him & his as Thy Will seest best.    Be with the World over & take care & strengthen those of Thine & may all things work out for Thy good & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    Elbert stopped to Sarr’s a minute Ernie was laying on his back eating a lunch a pillow under his head watching T.V. & so hoarse.  

Sun. Sept. 25. 1955Beautiful day, partly cloudy, cool air N. E. & it went around & is N. West tonight.   partly cloudy & the moon is shining    No one came today,    So we spent our time reading, praying & listening to sermon over the radio & now Buser is on the radio & now we Praise Thee Jesus & Glorify Thee to Honour Thee for all things,  many things    Oh, we thank Thee Blessed Jesus. Amen

Mon. Sept. 26. 1955./ Page. 3397./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up & did his washing & got it dry even though it looked so much like rain   sun shone through once in a while  breeze was S. West & N. East.    (I cut Elbert’s hair today)    I been feeling a little better in that I didn’t have so much pain this after.    Elbert went to call Dr. from Rue’s & he told Elbert to send him there when he left here, but he didn’t come.    I sewed by hand, my night gown sleeves & facing on front.   just have neck & buttons & holes to do, stitched skirt on machine the other day, & yoke,    I hemed ends on ends & to towels for Elbert’s pillow,    I cut a big bath towel half into.   We use them over the pillows to Keep them clean.    I got one shirt partly mended & have a couple B.V.D’s. to patch & a pr. of socks to mend yet    Elbert went to Huron to get meat for supper,   he got few peaches, & some broccoli for supper & he’s done all the odds & ends & is so tired tonight his back & hips pain him so bad,    I can’t get up or down very well    no power in my hips, leggs, & joints.    I thank Thee Jesus & give all praise & glory to Thee for ever & ever. Amen. 

Tue. Sept. 27. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Dr. came to day & put bone back    it’s sure sore but still I feel it’s a little better some how.   Rain find rain most off partly & clouded up again tonight    moon looks through once in a while    quite warm tonight.    Dr. wants me to go to the hospital,    I’ll think that one over.    there’s lots of sick ones & lots elderly ones dropping off.    President is better while others are worse.    No one came in today    got a letter from Sister Haslet & Card from Miss. Clark.     I sent a plate doily & Clayton’s wife & Elbert said she seemed real pleased with it & told him to thank me for it,     she’s neighbor that has been very kind to us.    I pray God will bless her & Clayton & there children & help them to be His.    That’s 2. plate doilys I have given away, one was to Jean Freda    I have another one most done.    I didn’t sew at all today. & have felt all tired out the pain was so bad Mon. & Mon. night & today it’s better tonight & I pray it wont come back.    & thank Jesus for answering prayer.    He is the Best Friend.  we can ever have.    I thank Him He is & ever will be & for hearing our crys when we are so unworthy.   

Wed. Sept. 27. 1953./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & got little meat & he brought Miss Clark home,    she helped Elbert cook dinner,   they did up dishes & then we visited for some time,    they cooked supper & Elbert took her home    we gave her a cucumber, piece of squash, pear & some, tomatoes & a tomatoe

Wed. Sept. 28. 1955./ page. 3398./ 0. eggs today./ pepper, a tea towel a dollar & a plate doily & Elbert took her home    she is white & thin,    had the flag[?]    We are getting to the place where Jesus  will be calling us before long,    I thank Him so much for saving my soul & taking such wonderful care of me & us.    We received card from Audrey today, no letter.    Well, I thank Thee Jesus more than tongue can tell      Thou art & ever will be & for my healings which have been many & for this one.     May all Glory & Honour be Thine for ever & ever, Amen.    Been a nice day, partly cloudy, moon light & partly cloudy.    I pray Miss. Clark wont be sick, from her trip out here.    Glory to God in the highest    I Praise Thee & Honour Thee. 

Thurs. Sept. 29. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Partly cloudy, but not cold,   just a beautiful Fall day    Sister Haslet. came in for a few minutes today & it sure give me a lift in spirit,    she said she would be back again in a few days, Praise God she love me.    I mended two B.V.d’s for Elbert today.  have 1. pr. socks, yet to do.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things & pray He will reveal to me What I ought to do, or be doing,   & then help me to do it.    Oh God seal me to Thee & save the souls of the rest of the families    I thank Thee & believe I’m better. 

Fri. Sept. 30. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, that bone left it place last night & I’ve been & still am in such misery.     Wudrey didn’t send any letter & no word from Nellie & the girls & only one more mail day.    Elbert went to Vermilion & to Miss Clark’s    & got my clean clothes   they are sweet & clean smelling    I put a dollar in a tea towel   I gave her & she, sent a bath towel in the wash that don’t belong to me.    De-Hahn’s book & wings of healing came today.    Every  one is begging for money,    I pray God will see that all things turn out for His Good & Glory.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things now & ever more, Amen.   Beautiful day & night   S. wind & fresh, moon light.    Elbert washed my shirt, the towels & my rags & dried them out side.    I gave him 7.00 today & had him mail order for pr. of bedroom slippers    I hope they’ll be O.K.    Haven’t been able to do anything today    Oh God help us    I think of Francis Cora, Howaard & theiyir children so often,    May God help us each one & Keep us closer to Him.  Amen. 

Sat. Oct. 1. 1955./ Page 3399./ 0. eggs today./ To me it’s been a hard day    Elbert tried to call Webbers & couldn’t get them.    Dr. Leidhouser said he couldn’t come untill Mon.    So Elbert went to Sarr’s & called Dr. White, he came put the bone back & said I’d best lay around on the bed & not get up any more than I had to untill the bone got set again & the nerves & cords & Mucalls got to feeling better,    so I have done just that,    he said he would agree with me in Jesus, that the bone would stay    he said, he didn’t understand my faith but wished he did,    I told him a lot of things & told him to read & study his bible & believe it, for it is God’s Word.    Elbert ask Hellen if she would come & rub my back & she said hers was so bad she needed some one to rub her’s,    she washed today & sent Ernie to see if we had anything she could wash    Miss Clark washed out my nightgown, “the new one I just made” & my skirt  a bath towel 4 shirts & 2 prs stockings & 2. dresses & she ironed them.    I put a dollar bill in a towel I gave her & she got one of her towels in with mine.     Dr. L. has something wrong with his hands    they crack open like Elbert’s thumb   get sore & bleed.    Mrs. Brode gave Elbert some rib bones to boil & they have a chicken they are going to give him    I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings.    Dr. charged me 5.00,    Dr. L charged $4.00 & was here 4 times,    Elbert’s so worried he feels so bad  his back & hips & his head part of the time.    No letter from Audrey this week,    I pray they will all be well taken care of, when they can’t help them selves.    I pray God will in Jesus Name save our soles & heal us & fill us & keep us    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever, Amen.   

Sun. Oct. 2. 1955./ 0. eggs today/ Got up   took my bath & dressed    Elbert had be out & let hens out & got the milk & took his bath    We had a bite to eat & then Katherine & Joe came     they went to a Morman church somewhere & didn’t

Sun. Oct. 2. 1955./ Page. 3400./ 0. eggs today/ didn’t like it.    but it wouldn’t be like our church services.    Well, they ate a lunch with us & then went home    they took some cans & some corn stalks for rabbit feed & few cucumbers & tomatoes,   she said she would give us a few of the tomatoes caned.    Well, Nellie & Ella Jane, Bonita & her three children came    ate cream   visited awhile & left;    Nellie said Sat. & Sun. (today  she didn’t feel as if she had, had any rest   just on the go.    Well it’s been a fine day, beautiful,   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all my blessing & ours & pray Elbert will turn to God that we can both be His & work for Him.    I’d be so glad. Amen

Mon. Oct. 3. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion    got Dr. White & brought him back   & he got some tablets   different Kind,   the bone stayed in place, but been loosing little blood came from the rectum,    bowels wouldn’t move this morning or all afternoon,    Dr. said for Elbert to go get hot, water bottle so to I could take injection,     so Elbert Went and back, cost 4.28 so that the way the money I saved for future bills has been going 10. to Dr. (5.) last time & 5.00 today & I’m not supposed to do any walking around, or any work.    Well, I been in bed all day & it’s terrible,    but, that,    No mail today.    Been a beautiful day & just hundreds of starling flying in big groups & they got after a big bird looked like an owl golden color under his wings on his body & legs & big head like a cat’s head.    & thousands of those little starlings,    I don’t know where he went    they were after him thick & furrous,    I was in bed.    I don’t know what’s going to become of me. 

Tue. Oct. 4. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Letter from Audrey & card from Miss Clark,    Dr. L. came tonight,    he’s having bad time with his hands,    I told him I was in such misery    Elbert called Dr. White,    he said he was glad    only he wished we had called so he hadn’t had to come.    Been a beautiful day, wind S. & S. west.    I been in bed all day.    & I Praise God for all my blessing & am trusting yet some of the Christians will come in & pray for me    Help me soon Jesus.    I do thank THee from my very heart & soul. Amen.

Wed. Oct. 5. 1955./ Page 3401./ 0. eggs today./Rained all day in misty showers & once in a while heavy shower    Joe & Katherine came after dinner awhile    they brought back the tomatoes all caned & they went to Webbers & brought them back    & they all prayed for me     the pain is mostly all gone & I feel better in a lot of ways, but so weak    I’m sweating terrible ,    it sure was brotherly & Sisterly,    God bless them,    Mr. Webber said he was trying to pray for each one last night & he said Lord have I forgotten any one?    & he waited a few seconds & Jesus said mrs Babcock.    I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & ever more & Pray He will bless each one & all of HIs who pray in faith believing.    Only Elbert’s check in mail today.    Raining in showers tonight & We thank Thee for the water  all so.   not cold. Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 6. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been a fine day, partly Cloudy, but not cold    Elbert did my washing all ex-cept my rags & his back begin to hurt so bad he gave up,  after I coaxed him for a long time,    he wanted to do his washing to,    but decided he’d wait     he got what he did wash dry,    then he got dinner     & then Eva & Marry Ann came in,    she gave me a good bath & I feel better & she prayed for me & so did Marry Ann & I prayed for her    she had a head ach & she soon feels better after I pray for her.    Oh how I do wish Elbert would trust the Lord.    Tempture 76. degrees.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus & I’m trusting to be able to walk soon Amen

Fri. Oct. 7. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Been a great day,    started raining about -8-30-a-m. & aat it in showers all day.    Elbert went to Vermilion    got Alcohol   ask Mrs Eppler to come pray for me,    then he see Dr White & he said same as Dr. L.    he doesn’t know what’s wrong with me,    they want me to go to Hospital    but Jesus Knows & is healing me    Praise His Holy Name.    Elbert had been gone an hour or so, when Ernie came    I went hobbling to door & let him in    he ask if he could stay after noon & then went to tell his dad & I had him fix door so he could get in when he came back      he was here an hour or so before Elbert come    & he had Miss Clark with him,    she help him get dinner for the 4 of us    then she tore of the skirt for another night gown & I took off the one I had on & cut the yoke & got it 

Fri. Oct. 7. 1955./ Page 3402./ 0. eggs today./ got it all pined together    she wanted to sew it so she took it home,    Elbert took her home & Ernie went with him & came back with him & had a lunch before his mother got home,    then he see her car on there drive & he went home,    he gave us 50 cents    The Mertyl & Mrs. Young came from 4 squar Church & prayed for me    they talked a while & left & said they would continue praying for me & come back in a few days.    Praise God.    Then tonight Nellie & Ella Jane came & brought an apple pie    We talk awhile about Welfare & Dr’s & what could & couldn’t be done & Bonita & her 3. had gone to Johny’s & they came here.    Well, I thank God in Jesus Name & the Holy Spirit for His Care.    Wind S. & south West    sun come through for half hour once this afternoon & cleared off tonight.

Sat. Oct. 8. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Elbert changed my bed & put all clean on it     & I’d just got easy when Elbert had our dinner ready    & in come Sister Cooly & 2 elders of another church. “Mormans I think she said”    & they talked & visited untill 2-p-m.    I felt all in, but Elbert gave me hot tea & warmed dinner over & we ate & I was in such pain they anointed & prayed for me,    they ask Jesus to Seal me in His Name,   Praise God.    Sister Cooly brought a loaf of home made bread, apple sauce & jelly    deoderant & a cake of soap & some choclate cheeries & buns & I sure thank Jesus for all my blessings    Miss. Clark God Mr. West to bring her out & the night-gown she had made & washed & she gobbled up the other one & took it & the extra half breat back, so as to put it in & make it wider    she made button holes & sewed buttons on,    she came in, in a flurry & out again while, Sister Cooly & Elders were here.    & after we ate Sister Webber came in with apple sauce, beef broth & jelly & then we had supper & I tried to rest & now, it’s 10-p-m.    Winds been S & Swest   I Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 9. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Mrs. Haslet ask 6 young women & 2 men in from ____ to pray for me     each one feels sure it’s the place where they go to church that should pray

Sun. Oct. 9. 1955./ Page. 3403/ 0. eggs today/ & so these people came 34 miles to sing Praises to pray & testify,    Joe & Katherine Eva & Marry Ann came & Elbert said right when they were praying & shouting, Nellie came    she brought some cheese & cider, but wouldn’t come in,    they were going some where else.    Well, the Lord was here & blessed us,   but the pain still hang on.    Eva & Marry Ann stayed for supper & Eva said the old woman that use to come into Church at Huron once in a while, came in morning & she shouted & prayed & danced up one isle & down & around praying in Spirit untill every one began praying  some in Spirit & they seemed to be all of one accored.    Been a fine, day & Wind S. & S. west,    I’m tired, but trust all things work out for His Good & Glory. Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 10. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert got up & did his washing & a dress & few handkercheifs of mine    he was half done when Miss. Clark came in with chicken & noodle for dinner & Elbert said he was glad, for he’d only had one slice of bread & cup of coffee,    he finished his wash & brought in white clothes & hung out colored pieces & Mrs. Young called for Miss. Clark, & Elbert sat down, to rest,    then he came in to talk to me a little,    he was so tired,    for the pain had been so bad in my hip & back I cried & seemed as if I couldn’t endure any longer, but at last I fell a sleep crying,     Elbert went to bed & I rested for a little while then it started in again & then easied off again    so he was really to tired to try to wash,    but he got it all done & my bedding aired & he helped me get part of a bath & clean gown on & then I felt better.    Eva & Marry Ann & Eva (one of the old ladys that stay with Eva) came & brought a hot pork roast potatoes & onions & carrots & gravy & they ate supper with Elbert,     he was so terrible tired poor boy, but Eva & Marry Ann help do up supper dishes & that was a big releaf.    Eva & Katherine have been so kind & thoughtful,    Mrs Cooly to & All the folks, praying    I never be able to tell Him how much I thank Him but He knows.    Eva brought a rocking chair for me to set in & rest my head against.    Well at last they went & we got to bed, but I had another bad spell in night, but Elbert got up & heat the water bottle & 

Mon. Oct. 10. 1955./ Page. 3404./ 0. eggs today./ at last I got quite a gain & he went back to bed.    Eva isn’t very well    I pray God will in Jesus Name give her understanding & help her,    Knitt our hearts closer together in Jesus Name & help us to remember not my Will but thine be done always & forever. Amen.

Tue. Oct. 11. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert got up    went for milk & let hens out    they are over half shed off,    & the days are warm & sunny & good for them.    Elbert had his breakfast & gave me mine    toast scrambled egg & tea & now he’s gone to Huron to get some food,    It would be so nice if we had someone of our own family to come & help us a little, in our condition they want us to sell the place    pack up & come live closer to them,    it was never to far to come when I could cook & wash dishes    What a selfish world it has grown to be,    years ago we left our own work & took care of the sick neighbors as well as our own.    I thank God He taught us His ways & we tried to do them.    Received love not from Katherine this Morning.    I love those girls    they are so human,   God bless them.    Well Elbert washed out the rags & hung them out,    then Elbert was about done When Ethel “John Snyders wife” came in & brought some lima beans & ask how I were & she came in & talked a few minutes, then went.    Then Myrtle came in from 4 Square & visited some & read the bible to me & prayed & then she went,    Elbert’s feeling real bad tonight & I ask Myrtle to see if she could find some one that would come in once or twice a week & help us some    I sure praise God for all things in Jesus Name.    Been & extra fine day  S. & S. west wind.    Elbert went & come with out any trouble or any one coming in.    I Praise Thee Jesus forever, Amen.    We didn’t get a letter from Audrey.   but a card from Sister Haslet. 

Wed. Oct. 12. 1955./ Page. 3405./ 0. eggs today./ Been a fine day & it rained light shower tonight.    Received pretty card from Sister Cooly & she wrote a few complements.    & wished me well.   I thank God for all my blessing.    Ernie came after school   had broth & crackers & cup cocoa & he went home when he saw his mothers car drive in,    she told Ernie to ask if he could stay here tomorrow night while she goes to a party,    her back so bad she can hardly work & she refused to come & rub my back & sends Ernie to ask if he can stay untill midnight While she goes for to party.    God help us & Keep us & me close to Thee Amen.    Elbert’s sick     went out at 10-p-m & threw up,   he feels better now    he had cup of coffee.   No letter from Audrey.

Thurs. Oct. 13. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Katherine came at 10-a-m.    So, Elbert thought it a good time to go to Lorain,     he got the oil & see both Gertie & Audrey,    A. is sick & Elbert says she looks bad.   but, as Ella Jane says,    she’s one of the Bonney’s & independent as a hog on ice stubborn & all that goes with it & she stays alone untill Gertie gets home to give her, food & hot drink,    I do pray Jesus thou will heal her soon    she has been so good to us & she’s needing some one to help her sometimes    Elbert did all the erands & got the food.    Katherine went a few minutes to 4-p-m & Ernie came after she’d been gone about 5 minutes & Elbert came,    he is so tired.    Ernie is staying untill 11-p-m    then his ma will come for him & it 10-15-p-m now.    I received letter from Eleanor Clark this morning.    It rained good steady showers all night, but was nice today, partly cloudy, good breeze    I Praise God for my many blessing.    Myrtle came tonight & read the bible to me & prayed for me.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost.

Fri. Oct. 14. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ A beautiful Oct.     Radio say tonight that there’s a heavy wind & rain storm coming up through Penn,    water 5 ft deep on the streets in some places.   & they expect rain & wind tonight here.    Been partly cloud all day & warm Sun with little chill in air,    a card from Dears.   I can’t walk by my self    legs are so bad yet    have to lay so much head feels bad    Well God sees & Know & I’m believing for this healing   Praise God.

Sat. Oct. 15. 1955./ Page. 3406./ 0. eggs today./ Partly cloudy all day & the storms are terrible & so we Know the end is fast drawing near.    Nellie Bonita & the children were here for a few minutes   ( I gave Elbert 15.00 out of my check.)   Bonita’s 3 children are learning to cook & Nelson brought us 4. biscuits he had made & baked in cup cake tins   they were so light & very good.    Elbert saw a big cock pheasent by front steps today    Sister Haslet & Joe were here & left after Nellie & Children left.    I gave Katherine 1 1/2 doz. qt. fruit jars. & a bu. & a half of grapes,    they were not very good this year.    Well I praise God He looks after us in Jesus Name. Amen.  

Sun. Oct. 16. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Joe & Katherine & Eva & Marry Ann came late this after noon & & they brought a lunch & ate before going to Church,   they had prayer & left in time for Church in Huron    I felt so bad all last night    hope & pray I’ll feel better tonight.    Elbert’s so tired, I wish so much I could get up & dress & feel like myself,    I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost.    Buser preached a very good sermon tonight & they sang old hyms.    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Mon. Oct. 17. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Well, Eva called Welfare & Platto can & said his speach & when he was done he said the county Welfare were the ones in our township to talk to,   that Elbert was to have had me hauled off to the hospita. soon as he could after I fell & that he didn’t know if they would pay a woman to come in & help, or not,    but I’m sure Ella Jane said they would.     Elbert went to Huron & got a few things at the drug store that were on sale & has to take the water bottles back, no screw corks in tops,.     Well.   We only got add.-bills in mail today.    I managed to write Audrey a card today;    I don’t think pains are quite so hard today, but augervating enough.    Harry Miller sent me a nice note, “ooor man” & sent me 2.00 dollars,    I make it up by & by.    Rained most all day.   Cloudy yet tonight.    We had soup for supper & I had egg nog today.    Elbert’s so tired.    I pray God will soon come & heal us both.    I Praise Him for all things. Amen.

Tue. Oct. 18. 1955./ Page. 3407./ 0. eggs today./ Well it’s been a very dark & cloudy day   little misty once in a while.   Elbert took radio to Huron & exchanged rubber goods & got hot water bottles    he got 2 more disht towels,   I have 5 & hope he gets me 2 more,   he got a little meat,    his back is real bad   I do hope we can find some one to come in & help us some & that I’ll some be able to get up again & at least wait on my self.    Johny Harnish came in for a few minutes this evening,    he had been to a preachers meeting at Sandusky, said he came over the new turnpike as far as Norwalk & that it was wonderful.   I pray God will in Jesus Name help him to Know Jesus.    He is just going along like a lot of people & it’s only Thee who can change his heart & mind toward Thee.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for changing me & that Thou art & always will be Amen. 

Wed. Oct. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Another very dark day.    We got a little more rest last night,    I’m still trusting Myrtle will bring that Sister & I shall be healed, for Jesus said all things are possible through Him.    No one came in today.    Elbert aired 3 wool blankets & washed out 2 night gowns   some towels wash rags & Nose rags,    We saw 5 geese going North West & later 2. ducks.    no mail of importance     I thank God so much more than I can express in words for our blessings, Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 20. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert called Myrtle & she & Mrs. Lulu Hoffman Evangelist came & prayed for me    God showed me her face & Myrtle a few days be-fore    she came,    I believe I’m healed & God showed me I would walk again    Praise His Holy Name I do Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost now & for ever more.Amen,   I have sweat so bad, have to take bath every morning    & Elbert hangs all the bedding out & washes my night gowns & he went to Huron & got little to eat   some fish    & the radio    they didn’t charge him anything,    I am glad.    Myrtle & Mrs. Hoffman said they be out again.   Received card from Miss Clark today.    Elbert says the crickets are still chirping & he see pretty blue birds today.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen. 

Fri Oct. 21./ 1955./ Page. 3408./ 0. eggs today./yesterday was Ma’s & Pa’s wedding anna-versy 50 yrs.   Tempture 72 degrees today & 42 tonight.    Well, Dr. L. came tonight, thinks, like many others, that I’m a little off balance,    but, God said people would think that way.    Been cloudy all day untill about 5.-p.-m.     sun came out a few times but soon covered up & now moon is shining clear & stars.    Received card from Mrs. Webber today.    Mr & Mrs. Dear were here & had communion & brought me a plant from the Brethern & Sisters from Church.   a yellow christhanthum in a pot.   they visited a little & left.    & No one else came in.    I feel better    I can’t explain just how but God will take care of me through all the way    Praise His Holy Name.    I saw about 25 geese going S.east this afternoon,   Wind N. east all day.   Glory to God. Amen   I gave Dr. L. a good testimony to night.    We cought 3. mice of late. 

Sat. Oct. 22. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well, Eva came before I got my bath finished & stayed untill almost noon    then she went home & got dinner & brought us ox taile soup can peaches & some apple juice (sweet cider) piece of cake, bottle of milk & jelly beans & then Mrs Cooly her daugter & two other girls came in & stayed untill most supper time    she brought a home made bread.    Eva & Marry Ann went home & then, the rest soon after,    Elbert went to Huron & got few things for over Sun.    then we were alone again.   When Elbert went for milk Clayton told him he got the last bottle yesterday,    Elbert didn’t think he hurt there dog, he try to bite Elberts heels & he has some poisn with his teeth & he swung the milk bottle after him & bumped the dog,    he Kept right on barking,   so Elbert didn’t think he hurt him,    but, it made Clayton angry.    Now I’ll have to do with out the milk & I do need it so bad right now.    I pray God will help us in some way about the milk.    I Praise God for all our many blessing, in Jesus Name. Amen. 

Mon. Oct 24. 1955. [she forgot to write Sunday]/ 0. eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy & a few showers & late tonight, before dark it snowed little snowballs & some queer snow flakes rolled into finger long rolls.    Elbert picked his squashes then brought flowers/   I forgot to write Sun.   nellie Bonita & 3 children were here.

Mon. Oct. 24. 1955./ Page. 3305. [should be 3450]/ 0. eggs today./ No one came in today    They had a frozen fog in Caralina & thousands of starlings were caught in it & died,   a foot deep all over pavements & ground     & Claifornia had a terrible earth quake in San-francisco simeral to the one in 1906.   & that was a terrible thing,    lots of storms.    May God help us.   I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name, Glory to God Amen. 

Tue. Oct. 25. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Nice Day    no one came untill late    then Rev. Swarthouse, Mr. & Mrs. Weber came     We visited awhile then they prayed for me & went.    He’s one of God’s men & I thank Him for coming to me & for prayers & petitions in my behalf & thank Thee Jesus for my healing .   May all Honour & Glory be Thine for ever & ever, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 26. 1955/ 0 eggs today./ No one came all day.    Elbert cleaned the floors & rugs & aired blankets & bedding      & tonight he fell just as he reached Kitchen floor & spilt the whole bucket of coal, strained his back & hurt his Knees,    he felt so lame & stiff be-fore    he went to bed,    I pray God will help him    it’s hard for him to lift me on can & off & do all the many things to be done & the light in my room went on the blink,    so, one more job to be done.    I didn’t get my bath & I sweat so my gown is so wet,   I feel miserable & not a sister or neice to do just a little,    May God have mercy I pray in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Thurs. Oct. 27. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Nice bright sunny day.    I got my bath & with Elberts help I ripped up one night gown & got the waist fixed over,   but have the skirt to do yet.    I didn’t get Audreys letter done, but will try again,    my arm’s so bad can’t do much at writting or sewing,    can’t get up or down alone    am hoping to soon.    Note from Mrs Haslet yesterday    no- mail today.   Letting dark & 

Thurs. Oct. 27. 1955./ Page. 3410 [should be 3451]0. eggs today/Frank & Armond came in,    said Nellie just let them know today, I were sick,    they said they’d have been out before if they had known.    We had only visited a little when Nellie Ella Jane & 3. children came in    We had quite a visit    Audrey took Christmas Cactus & beefsteak begonia home & is still promising to bring me a fushia    Nellie’s going to bring little ice box  Elictric froze ice few nights ago    Elbert fell in stair landing 2 nights ago  spilt bucket of coal,    he don’t feel very good but still going, yet.    Well every one in Lorain & Elyria able to Keep going & working.    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.  

Fri. Oct. 28. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Card from Audrey wondering why I didn’t write.   Now I think she will know after she came & took a look for her self.    Eva hasn’t been here all week    maybe she’s sick.    Elbert made soup of the meat he got Wed.    it’s good flavor.    Elbert got 1. qt. milk & box cheese from Milk wagon.    Been beautiful Fall Days 87 degrees today.    The Morman boys were here & gave me one of there bibles.   nice young men that try to Live for God.    I pray God will be with each of His own,    I do thank Thee & praise Thee forever & ever,    I thank Thee for my healing & All for those who pray in my behalf. Amen. 

Sat. Oct. 29. 1955./ 0 eggs today./ Wind quite strong all day, but nice day.    Katherine & Eva & marry Ann came & she gave us a Holownee box of candy & they talked & told about many things & I learned that many of the christians take pills & they want me to do the same & go to the hospital & all that  when God said He made us & if we trust Him He will repair us & I still believe He is now healing me.    I Praise His Holy Name forever & ever, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Well Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3 children came this evening & Nellie fixed my night gown good.    she brought us piece of pumpkin pie & small apple pie & she gave us fresh apples & they hope to come back Tue. or Wed. 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1955./ Page. 3411.[should be 3452]. /0. eggs today./ a beautiful day & I do believe I’m better    Oh how I Praise God & Jesus for His Love & Power,  Oh how I Praise Him now & ever Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 31. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Partly Cloudy all day.   No mail today    Elbert went to Huron    got little meat & food    & he is feeling bad    his back & hips & knees    if anything happens to him we’d have to be draged off to hospital then they’d all be happy,   they are modern.    Well-8-P-M. Ella Jane just came in    she had been to Audrey’s & they will send out the little Electric ice box;   & Gertie sent me 2 night gowns  new ones & I let Ella Jane take the balance of the musiline home to make pillow slipps.    she went to see Platto & she’s trying to get some one to come in & help a little,    she had a cup & tea    & now she’s gone.    Elbert picked last of tomatoes today & gave Ella Jane all of them.    & They are all determined to haul me off to the hosp-ital.    Well if I do go it won’t be because I want to go.    Nellie & Bonita came     brought back my pillow & 2 of Ella Janes.    They are so bent on getting me out of here & into a rest home,  they want to break up my home & take all they can get of what they want & you would really think I didn’t have any brains or dudgement to hear them talk,    Well it was nice untill noon, then clouded up & got cooler    tried to rain once or twice.    Gertie sent me 2 new night gowns she had made & then didn’t use.    I pray God will help me & keep me. 

Tue. Nov. 1. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Half of what I wrote for Mon. was for today.    so I’ll have to write the next one for Wed. 

Wed. Nov. 2. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron   got little to eat    Been a very dark day all day.   No mail today    I sent Audrey 13.95 for milk can & got money order for 2.00 to send blind boys for cards. “Christmas cards.” no one came in all day.    I got a bath.    girls were going to bath me Tue. but to busy talking.    I thank & Praise God for all things.

Thurs. Nov. 3. 1955./ Page 3412.[should be 3453]/ 0. eggs today/Sent for tank of gas. Wed.     Nellie & Bonita came     brought me a bunch of flowers & my 2. pillow cases she made of the goods I gave her for them    & they gave me few grapes   the big black solid Kind “Italian”      they said Ella Jane would be here tonight & I said why tonight & then Bonita said Audrey was coming with her    Well I told them to come if they wanted to but I was so tired,    I gave Elbert 20.00 today    Elbert cleaned the corner & moved things so to make a place for the refrigeator she was sending us & I talked & told him what & how untill I was all tuckered    & that’s life so it seems.    Well they didn’t come,    I felt bad & had to cry a lot all last night & Windy & cloudy & cool.    I Praise God in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Nov. 4. 1955/ 0. eggs today./ Elbert’s check came & he went to Vermilion & got the food & he had come just got here when Joe & Katherine came & they stayed for supper,   she helped Elbert do up dishes & then they went to Huron to Church    Marry Ann got my note & dollar I sent her.    Dark day & yesterday snowed a few flurry’s but warmer tonight.    I feel bad again tonight,    but Praise God in Jesus Name for all things    Received Card from Sister Weber    her ears are so bad she’s thinking of going for operation

Sat. Nov. 5. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ No one came today,   been a hard day,   but trust Jesus will soon come to my rescue.    Katherine was telling me City’s going to tax every one for there ice boxes or frdgators & oil firnaces    that will be like Lorain charging 25 cents extra for toilet seat & 50 for bath tub,    Well I never paid it     We paid for what water went through the meter & same for Electric & that was all. They never paid there help enough to hardly get along on & when the State or Goverment checked on all & company. water work had more money than any other Co.  & they just couldn’t figure it out.    Suny & partly Cloudy S. west wind.    I do thank God & Jesus & Holy Ghost for taking care of me (Sun. Nov 6. 1955) Mrs. Cooly & 2 young women came & spent a couple of hrs. & I was so exhausted,    I like to have them come but I tire out so easy.

Sun. Nov. 6. 1955./ page. 3413 [should be 3454; decided to just accept the new sequence even though it causes another overlap of about 40]/ 0. eggs today./ I wrote part on Sat. & so will try to finish here.    Been a fine day.    strong wind S.W.   No. one else came all day.    I thank God in Jesus Name for love & fellowship & His Love & Mercy, Amen. 

Mon. Nov. 7. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Gas tank came today $9.02,    Been a fine day, partly cloudy.   S. west wind  rather strong & puffy,    Elbert washed out part of the cloths today,    We get a little water from the well.    Elbert went to Vermilion & got the food from his check.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.  

 Tue. Nov. 8. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Was nice this morning but clouded up & we had snow flurrys in several showers.    Elbert washed my gowns & a small tins of bread that was still raising over a hot apple pie,   he put it in the oven & then went to Huron & got a few things, while the girls were here & Ella Jane took care of the bread.    Well radio says they found rainium over at Vermilion.    it has frozen ice several times of late.    We had a big fires up at the Park “Mitawanga” early in the morning    I heard the fire truck & wondered,     I called Elbert but, he was sleeping hard,    so, I let him sleep.   DeHaan’s book came today.   No worth while mail today.    Ella Jane said Gertie has been sick with flu. for a week.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings.  

Wed. Nov. 9. 1955/ 0 eggs today/ Nice sun this morning but clouded up at noon    Received letter from Eva & Marry Ann & one from Katherine    none from Audrey    Nice day quite a lot of wind & air is cold,    I felt terrible bad last night but better today   Gaberil took me to Church in a casket & then called Rev. Swarthouse & his wife & Webers & Mr Yungn & Elbert & I sat up & they put a robb around me & blankets & brought me back home & Epplers were there. [? maybe that was a dream]   Oh but I feel sick & pain so firce in my hip & groin.    weak all day.       I pray for deliverance soon & I thank & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for all things great or small, Amen. 

Thurs. Nov. 10. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Easel mailed Elbert a birthday card & wrote letter in it, she said Clate & Ernie want to find a place 

Thurs. Nov. 10. 1955./ Page 3414./ No eggs today./ to go hunt ducks.    Well Mrs. Cooly came & Mrs. ____ from Sandusky,   Mrs. Cooly brought bread   an apple pie, they visited a while & picked a few Chinesse lanterns & went home after we had prayer together.    I tried to set in the rocker before they came & fell again,    but struggled hard & with Jesus & Elbert’s help got back in bed again    We got our checks yesterday.    I thank & Praise God for our many blessing   I Praise God my Heavenly Father, Jesus our saviour & Holy Ghost. 

Fri. Nov. 11. 1955./ No eggs today./ Armistis Day   no mail   rainy to day,   no one come in today & I did not get to set up today.    I feel so sick to my stomach every meal times    I thank God for all I have & my salvation &, I pray Elbert will turn whole hearted to God,    I believe he will. Amen.    

Sat. Nov. 12. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Nice day partly cloudy    no one came in today    Elbert washed night gowns 3. of them & few towels & wash rags.    & he don’t feel at all well    I fell, but between us I landed on the bed,    it sure shakes me up.   warm out side & lots of flies & bugs.   No mail today,   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our & my blessings.  

Sun. Nov. 13. 1955./ 0. eggs today./To warm today    no one came in untill all most evening    then Eva & Marry Ann & Katherine & Joe came in    they brought there supper & ate & visited untill most Church time,    then went to Huron Church    they had prayer before they left.    & did the dishes.    May God bless them & help them in all the ways they need.    I thank Thee Jesus for all thy teachings, now & ever, Amen.    Lots of flies, spiders & bugs on the out side. 

Mon. No. 14. 1955./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion for food & cashing our checks    Mrs. Cooly & Mrs K & were here & gave me a bath    & they brought a toilet seat & a wheel chair & fresh apple dumplings & milk.    Well.   I’ve can’t use the chair & am sorry they go ahead & bring them but they mean well.    After they’d gone Mrs Glipsy & Mrs. Oney came

Mon. Nov. 14. 1955./ Page. 3415./ 0. eggs today./ had prayer talked alittle & went just as, Nellie, Bonita Pinky & Nelson came in Ella Jane’s in Columbus a bout her work    they didn’t stay very long & when they were gone    I was all in & had to give vent to tears for a couple of hrs.    Warm & Cloudy all day.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name now & for ever.    I had a vision    They took me to 4 Square church in a black casket & Gabbrel was with me & he said I go   bring your brother mr. Yantz. Rev. Swarthouse & his wife & Mr & Mrs Weber & He did & He had ask me just before He left if I’d be afraid while he was gone & I said, no,  he brought a robe & blanket & after they had all prayed    He said now you put robe on & they rapped me in blanket & put me in a car & brough me home.    Well, I feel I am better for I feel like stretching.    We haven’t had a letter for Audrey since I been in bed.    Well, she’s been good to us    I don’t know why she don’t write.    I hope I didn’t hurt her in my way.   God help us. 

Tue. Nov. 15. 1955./ 0. no eggs today./ Rainy all day to warm Mon. night lightening storm deep blue lightening.    Elbert fixed up troughs to put water in basment in tubs & tank & I been in bed the most of the day,    I did sit up in chair a little.    Todays starts hunting season.     Elbert saw flock of geese today going North   was 70 degrees today.

Wed. Nov. 16. 1955./ No. eggs today./ Wind blew a gale all night & they had tornadoes Daton, Indiana & I’ll. & sun shone well     it was partly cloudy & the wind blew hard    no one came, but we had a good letter from Audrey & Eva Keegan & Marry Ann.     & we saw an other big flock geese 250 or more going north.    I thank & Praise God for His Love & Care. 

Thurs. Nov. 17. 1955 / No eggs today./ Nellie Bonita & 3 children, came tonight     said tornado signs were up all day.   in Lorain & Elyria.    Letter from Ella Jane & Katherine & Mrs Cooly & Mrs Knujake was here to day    she brought dope to rub on my leg I moaned untill 1.a.m. this morning.   Praise God He sees & Knows

Fri. Nov. 18. 1955./ Page. 3416./ No eggs today./ Well, it’s been dark & it’s getting ready to snow, a man was here trying to sell products, shivering his eye teeth about out.    Mrs Weber products, shivering, his eye teeth about out.    Mrs Weber came a little later & we had a good visit,   she went to the ear Dr. & got her ear fixed up, so it feels lots better   Mr. Webers grandmother live with them & is a great care to Mrs. Weber,   she’s over 100 yrs. old & begining to fail fast of late.    Well we had Dr. Arnold come in to see if he thought the same about my condition as the others,    he gave me some capsols to take to quite the nerves & I think they do,   but I’m sure weak & undone.    I do Pray God will do all the healing for me, for I don’t want to go to Dr’s,    but, the rest all dinging at me to go get & exray & see what can be done for me,     Elbert is getting tired & I know it’s hard on him,    it’s been very hard on me to in days passed.    but God will go with me all the way & I thank & Praise Him for all things in Jesus Name. 

Sat. Nov. 19. 1955/ no eggs today./ Receipt from Arnold came this a.m.    no other mail, Nellie, Ella Jane & Audrey came this evening, took 2. nightgowns home to wash & fix a little,    they talked a while, picked some cabbages & went again,    it snowed a good blanket of snow last night,   wind eased off not very cold,    5. boys came hunting rabbit & didn’t stay long,    I heard one say 4 shots & 3 rab-bits    not so bad.    Ella Jane’s going to Hospital to be operated on tomorrow, I don’t know for what.     said it would be 3 weeks before she’d be able to do anything after word.    I thank & Praise God for His tender mercies & Pray He will take care of us both & teach us His will & ways.    Amen

Sun. Nov. 20. 1955./ 0. egg today/ Well, I forgot, but it was quite a nice day & I can’t remember but believe Cooly & Kumake were here a little while     & the days & weeks are all mixed up. 

Mon. Nov. 21. 1955/ page 3417/ no eggs–/ Went to Sandusky Hospital Tue. 22. & came back Sat. 26    they took exray pictures, found cartlege most gone between the vertabas while the ____ nerves go down to the legs, right one being pinched so bad    I’m most crazy unless doped & lots of sugar in blood & urine & now I can’t help my self, my right leg in so helpless since I fell Sept. 4th. 1955.    The Dr talks as if I might not stay around much longer, but only God knows.  It won’t so pleasent over there,    they dropped me on the floor & banged my hip up & right elbow making it harder for me to lift or turn.    got back before it snowed    been beautiful days.    cold at night.    Sun. Audrey, Martha & Merlin were Here & Eva & Marry Ann were here one evening,    I haven’t been able to write    so forgot the days & verious ones brought in turkey & trimming for thanksgiving.   I pray God will bless them one & all.    I saw lot of wild geese fling over as I lay there in bed.    Im still trusting Jesus will give me a perfect healing. & I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things, Amen. 

[Tue. Nov. 22. 1955 through Sat. Nov. 26./ HOSPITALIZED 5 days] [Sun. Nov. 27, 1955 and Mon. Nov. 28- no diary entries]

Tue. Nov. 29 1955./ no. eggs./ Ma’s birthday, she would be 99. yrs. old.    Mostly cloudy today with snow flurrys.   Elbert says it nippy air, out side & the hens drinking dish froze up solid.   It’s a nice suny day.   

Wed. Nov. 30./ a nice crisp sunny day Elbert went to Huron & got a few things to live on,    Card from Miss. Clark yesterday,    her brother died so she stayed while longer.    A card from Miss Gracie Doat for Christmas Fri. Dec. 2.   Well, Audrey & Martha & baby Jerry came in this Wed. 

[Thurs Nov. 31, 1955 and Fri. Dec. 1, 1955: no diary entry]

Dec. 2. 1955./ day,  [Friday] I’m laying around & can’t remember for the pain is so bad in hip & leg.    I pray God will soon have mercy & hear me in Jesus Name. 

Dec. 3. 1955. Thurs.[Should be Saturday] /  Audrey brought me a box of C. Cheerys & some old fashion Lickrish Drop

Fri.[should be Sunday] Dec. 4. 1955./ Dark & cloudy all day    I thank & praise God for my blessing Amen.   

Sat.[Should be Monday] Dec. 5. 1955./ Been so much in pain haven’t been able to write.    The minister took my tax blank to mail Dec. 10.   Im behind in my writing

[Tuesday Dec. 6. 1955-Friday Dec. 9. 1955:  no diary entries]

Sat. Dec. 10. 1955./Page. 3418./ no eggs/ It was today the minister from Norwalk took my tax blank to mail for me.    I thank God for my blessings.

Sun. Dec. 11. 1955./ no eggs./ Still in such pain    I can’t hardly Keep my mind straight.    Frank & Armond came in & brought us two rabbits & visited & Jean & Bill & there baby.    & Nellie Bonita & her 3 have been here several times.    Oh I sure will be so happy to been free again.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things. 

Mon. Dec. 12. 1955/no eggs./ Rev. Dear’s & Naomie were here tonight & they brought us a food suppliment they sure recomend very high, so we took half a months suply for the two of us & I don’t believe God will condem me for it.    Christmas cards coming & I didn’t even buy any.    Oh Praise the Lord, He’s good to me.   Glory Hallelujah. Amen

Tue. Dec. 13. 1955./ no. eggs./ Joe & Katherine came & she stay’d with me & Elbert & Joe went to Vermilion for grain & straw & food for us & then they went home as soon as Joe got back,    they have so much Christmas shopping to do.    I sent a card to Nora    put a dollar bill in it    & one Harry Miller 3.00 in.   1.00 more with dollar in can’t remember to Who    & a card to some one & gas tank card.    We had some more snow can’t tell what day.   sun did shine couple of days    I can’t seem to remember, but 

this will be for Dec. 14. 15. 16. & 17./ [Wed, Thurs, Fri. Sat]/ Dr was here Sat 17.  & took his pills back.    I nearly strangled on one of them then got a cold from exertion,    none of our folks out this week.    Dec. 17. Eva Keagan & Marry Ann came out for half hour or so, gave Elbert 2 Kercheifs & some candy & a few date[?]  sticks  a tea pot for 2 cups tea & a strainer   a can of tomatoes & one of plumbs.    I had given Eva & Marry Ann each a Kerchief with crochet-ed edges & I sent one to each of her old ladies & give her one for Ema,   hope they will each write card & tell me they got them & liked them.    I’m sitting in rocking chair (Eva’s) & my leg & butt paining me so bad.    I got to get back in    I can’t sit in chair.

Sun. Dec. 18. 1955./ page. 3419./ no. eggs today/ It snowed last night & is a dark day.    David Hunters birthday    he would be 70. yrs. old & he’s been gone for sometime now.    Partly or mosly cloudy.    No. one in today.   God help us. 

Mon. Dec. 19/ Partly cloudy   not so cold & so far no one been in today   cards still coming  7. Sat. & 4. today.    had lots of pain today. for 2 or 3 days & nights.

Tue. Dec. 20  Wed. Dec. 21. Thurs. Dec. 22./ We had a little snow    No one in today   Normand’s wife from G. Store came & brought a box of fruit & visited a while    she has 3. boys little ones.    Rained again today little & I fell & it took a lot of my strength tonight.    No one came in today.    I thank & praise God for all our blessing

Fri. Dec. 23. 1955./ no eggs./ Two boys came in to hunt & gave us one rabbit    it was a nice young tender one    Elbert dressed it for Sun. dinner.   

Sat. Dec. 24. 1955./ no eggs./ WEbbers brought us 2 chickens,   We paid for one & they gave us one & she brought milk & fruit & cookies & such like.    Partly cloudy all day   nipy breeze & fresh.

Sun. Dec. 25. 1955./ no eggs. today/ Ernie Sarr came & brought us some Florida Oranges & grapefruits, his Uncle Ernie sent a bu. from Florida. & they were having a big dinner    Muffy is home   her man has gone into service & the rest of there family will be home tomorrow.Ernie said.    Tonight Nellie, Bonita& her 3. children & Ella Jane came for a little while    they brought fruit salid turkey, & dressing.    The Rev. Dear came & brought us things,  a night gown, scarf & big red poinsetta,   one evening last week.    God takes good care of us.    I received Card from Miss. McGovern    she fell 3 stepps & can’t walk & Mr & Mrs. Rev. Swarthouse sent me ther picture on post card  good ones.    Today is for Jan.   a beautiful Spring like day,   flys out side & 2 spiders.    rained early & snow all gone,   ground froze last night & stayed froze all day;    Partly cloudyt mostly fair.    I thank Jesus He is & allway Will be.

Mon. Dec. 26. 1955./ page. 3420/ no eggs./ Today is for Feb. 1956 weather    Sun came through about 9-a-m.    it was so dark before that    & it was nice untill 4 or 4-30.p-m.    Wind was N. East but all died out before dark,    ground stayed froze all day & it tried to snow before dark    didn’t make out.    it’s freezing freezing tonight,   I still have heavy severe pains in hips, legs & back.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things I don’t know or understand,   but Thou Knowest.    There were 4. boys from Lorain here hunting rabbits   they got several & gave us 1. one was & Emerick boy. heavy frost

Dec. 27. Tue. 1955./ no eggs today/Weather for Mar. 1956. & it came in howeling-wind N. east cold & raw   clouds going [?] up above   not so bad below, partly cloudy all day   sun came out aabout 9-a-m.  nice afternoon & not quite so cold   started to get dark about 4-p-m-   beautiful moonlight night, sun looked like big, ball of ice    you could look right at it & waning in the snow or rain.   Elbert found lower end of water pipe off stone in bottom of well.   he got it up, but, not where it belongs, Emerick man & one other came to hunt gave, Elbert 2. rabbits & helped get pump back in place.   Oh Praise the Lord forever & ever.   march went out nice

Wed. Dec. 28. 1955./ no eggs./ Weather for April nice day.   partly cloudy but bright sun   Clouded up at night but cleared off & was star & moonlight & not quite so cold,    Joe & Katherine came after noon    Joe took Elbert to town.   I gave them a dollar for gas, for she is be-gining to plead, no gas.   but she said they had half tank of gas & are well fixed in all ways for winter,    she said they wouldn’t be out again for a week or so    Oh God show people how to be Christians    What would Jesus do?   not as most of us take care of our selves & not take care of the sick & helpless,   they don’t take care of only them  they love in there families,    Elbert is sick & no one to depend on for just a little help.

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1955/ Weather for May– been a dark cloudy day    tried to rain about noon, but no luck:   I felt so bad last night    trust Jesus will ease off pain tonight.   Still cloudy & dark. no sun today.   have received stack of cards & notes.   Emerick came back hunting today    God help & keep us.

Fri. Dec. 30. 1955./Page. 3421./ no. eggs/ Weather for June. 1956. Dark most of the morning   then sun came out at intervals 10-a-m.    tried to snow & again a noon & all the after noon the same, not very cold.    wind N. West this a-m.  sun hot but, white.   Wind has shifted & to-night cleared partly hazy over the moon.   Oh God I praise Thee & give Thee all Glory & honour. Amen.

Sat. Dec. 31. 1955./ no eggs./ Weather for July, mostly cloudy  spits snow in light showers,   sun came out at 10-a-am but didn’t stay,   wind has gone from N. West to S. west.    Elbert gave the Emeric boy 5.00     he paid light bill & got us 2. lbs. butter Fri. the 30th.   No one been here to give us a lift all week,    Nellie & children were coming middle of week, didn’t come & no word & no word about Jim Monagon,    he was coming home on airplane for Christma & the last we heard hadn’t come yet.    Wind’s gone back S. West. at 10-to 2.p-m.   We had pleasent after noon some clear sunshine & it cleared off tonight again wind died out late this afternoon.    The bread man said he saw 4. wild deer this morning.    he seemed surprized.    Nellie, Bonita & Nelson came & brought us our wash, wet, been having bad luck with wash machine    they brought pumpkin custard & baked it here, ground froze & stayed froze so looks like queer hot & cold weather.   so cold hens didn’t come out side,    Gas tank man was here & he’s going to try to bring us a refregdarator    Well, I thank & praize God in Jesus Name for our blessing & healings. 


Sun. Jan. 1. 1956./ I sent card to Hunts, Miss Clark, Webbers  Rev. Swarthouse Sat Dec. 21. 1955.    Today’s for Aug. 1956/  weather nice day  froze, frost, every night & some heavy:   raw wind. S. east N. east & S. east.  not overy promising for garden.    Frank, Ruby & Armond came for little while tonight     Armond & Elbert went to 4 corners & got can of water;   partly cloudy  3/4 of a moon yet & looked like it wading in snow & we haven’t had rain yet.    I do thank & Praise God for all our many blessings, Amen.

Jan. Mon. 2. 1956./ Today’s for Sept.   heavy snow at 9-a-m light layer of snow.   Wind’s S. east.

Mon. Jan. 2. 1956./ Sept. weather/ page. 3422./ Sun came out not very bright not very cold, rather hazy.  snow’d hard & sun shone.    I saw a pr of white doves this morning.   I saw a pr. of whit, & iron ore & white & blue one’s circul. the house just before John died in Jan. 1946.  & when I spoke to Elbert about it they flew a way.    I pray I don’t go in the Winter & there is 1 1/2 months before Spring.   & at 12 noon it’s thickened up & looks like more snow.    started to rain 2-30 & just drizzled & still is at 15- to 7-p-m.   Joe, Katherine, Eva  Marry Ann were here    Joe’s full of the devil & making life as miserable as he can for Katherine,    Eva brought me some towels pillow cases & such things;     the old ladies sent me they were so pleased with Kercheifs with crocheted edges I sent to them    may God help them through some of His to teach them all His Will & ways.    I was so full of pain I had to yell & cry    Katherine cried Elbert said & prayed, but the others went to Kitchen.    I pray God’s will be done in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 3. 1956./ No. eggs/ Weather today for Oct. 1956./   A dark dreary day   tried to snow & tried to rain but no sun today, so dark untill 9-a-m & got dark early tonight,   no one came in today    hope & pray I’ll soon be O.K.   South West breeze all day.    Elbert washed my night gown & few nose rags & dried them in the house & now he is finishing the dishes    he feels real bad today.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for my healings & for all our many blessing.    Glory to God, Amen.

Wed. Jan. 4. 1956./ no eggs today./ Weather for Nov.   no sun rather dark & Cloudy all day.   S. west breeze.   Dark tonight,   Rev. Swarthouse & wife & Brother Weber & wife came & prayed untill the severe pains left me.  & I do believe I’m free    flesh is sore but all things will work out for good & Glory of the Lord    I thank & Praise Him for all things now & ever more.    Received letter & the news from home from Audrey today    her back is so bad she has to put her girdle on before she can dress her feet   that’s bad.   I pray God will spare her what I’ve been going through.   God help & Keep us Amen.

Thurs. 5. 1956./ Page. 3423/ no eggs./ Johns been gone 10 yrs today./ Weather for Dec. 1956./ It’s a beautiful day partly cloudy in after noono.   Sister Weber came & cleaned up worst of dust, brought me milk & prayed.   & Nellie & Bonita came, & Helen Sarr & Ernie were here & aate soup with us,   Rue forgot to leave key for Ernie,    he waited for his mother untill he felt half froze & then came here & she came for him & talked about her back    & said Clark has cansors & they say only yr. to live,    we talked about our souls     her back is getting like mine & Muffy expects a raise 4. hundred Dollars a month.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for my & our blessing. 

Fri. Jan. 6. 1956./ no eggs today./ Beautiful Day,   Audrey & Martha came in for a little while & brought back the blankets Bonita took home & then Ernie came for a few minutes,    Helen said they were going to  leave Ernie to get himself off to school on, time by himself,   Rue’s going early to work Mon. morning & Helen at 6-30-a-m & Ernie at 7-45.   he’s so small it seems to bad, for he’s never had to do for his self like we children use to.    I hope it works out O.K.   I thank & Praise God for all my & our Blessing & for my healing in Jesus name & pray to be filled with holy Ghost. 

Sat. Jan. 7. 1955./ REceived good encouraging letter from Sister Willitt’s,   Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus for the Care Thou doeth take of us & we are so unworthy    Armond came & brought a few groceries & he & Elbert went to Huron & got few more & got water at 4. corners.    I Praise Thee Jesus for my healing. 

Sun. Jan. 8. 1955./ Joe & Katherine were here part of the after noon.   I’m feeling much better & Praise God from Whom all blessing flow & pray He Keeps me safe from all who would still like to harm me.   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Mon. Jan. 9. 1956/ Page. 3424./ Mostly cloudy & fine misty rain early in eving j& frozen sleet toward morning,   noone came in today & I’m still trusting & praying & believing for the complete healing    had good encouraging letter from Sister Willitts & she says to trust & not fret.   Glory to God   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 10. 1956./ no eggs today./ Elbert got up to help me     & in a little while Ernie came crying said he got all ready for school & Keep looking for the bus & then fell a sleep & missed it    poor little fellow   he’s only 9. yrs. old.   will be 10 in April & they his parents go off to work & leave him to get himself off to school.   Armond Bonney said he was 31. yrs. old Aug. 19. 1955.   I Praise The Jesus for all things. Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 11. 1955/ no eggs today/ Snowing in light showers,    I got my bath & felt bum today,    Elbert is so bad today, but got chores done & he washed my night gowns & some wash rags & took care of me & chickens.   Got nice note from Harry Miller    & we got our checks.   No one come to get us food today.   I thank & Praise God for my blessing & pray he will Rebuke Satan & take care of Joe in His own way. 

Thurs. Jan. 12. 1956./ No eggs./ Well, it’s been a dark gray day & no one come in all day or evening    so we tried to rest    I think I ought to get up & sit up more   my legs & hips pained me so bad & Kept Elbert up    I thank God & Praise Him & I Praise Jesus & thank them for my healing. 

Fri. Jan. 13. 1956./ no eggs today./ LauraAnn’s birthday she’s 21. yrs old & has 2 babies./ Sun came out early & shone all day,   some fast flying clouds after nooon.   heavy frost last night & it was star light.   Loura Ann is 21. yrs. old today & has 2. babys, a girl & a boy.   No mail today & so far no one come in    Elbert killed red hen & got it on to cook    other hen died,    I said, when Joe & Katherine were here last night that one hen died, & Joe said, with a big grin, a Rode island Red?   he seem happy for some reason.    I wish he didn’t come here.    I gave him a dollar last time, for taking Elbert to get food & they seemed greedy to get it.    I Praise Father Son & Holly Ghost    No one came tonight.   No one all week.   I wonder Why.

Sat. Jan. 14. 1956./ Page. 3425./ no. eggs. 2 hens./ Sun came up nice with a lot of wind   clouds flying fast    No one has come yet to help us to food or water.    I wonder what can be wrong.   Jesus Help us I pray    Nellie & Bonita came, brought some ice cream & they went to Vermilion  got tea & came back with it & promised to come back Mon. night early enough so Elbert can get the food.   Well I was in miserable most allnight   I do pray God will heal & fill me.   I thank Thee Jesus.

Sun. 15. 1956. Jan./ no eggs/Well, Katherine & Joe came & Oh, I do wish God would deal with them.   Eva & Marry Ann came in late & they went before dark.   My hips ach so bad, but Im still trusting & believing God will in Jesus Name take care of me & I will give all Honor & Glory for ever & ever Amen.   Katherine brought Irish stew,  we managed to eat it.

Jan. Mon. 16. 1956./ no egg today./ Well I’m 71. yrs. old today.   Ernie came early  thought he’d missed school bus but he saw it, coming at last up on the highway & he got it O.K.   no mail & it’s dark & gray out side today.   Nellie, Bonita & her 3 children came tonight & Nellie stayed with me While Elbert & Bonita & 3 went to Vermilion & got the food supply.   Armond & Clara & there two children came & brought washing they had & visited for a while    I gave her my old white linen table cloth & the printed one thats washable & the head for grass seed to her “Clara” & now we are in such pain again.   I wrote a few lines to REv. Swarthouse & his wife & one to Webers & it tuckered me about out   I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for all things now & ever Amen.

Tue. Jan. 17. 1956./ Partly cloudy & No one came in allday,   Ernie came in before bus came but he got it out here. & I haven’t felt very well   pains are steady & pain my hips & legs so bad.   Sister Weber came & read & prayed with me,   she’s such a Kind person,   she wrote to a Rev. Robert’s & he’s one of God great men “he is in Astrailia  & they called to him & he sent an anointed cloth that many had prayed over & now we are all of one accord & I do trust my healing is complete    I Praise God our Father Jesus our Saviour & phyican & Holy Ghost now & for ever & ever, Glory be to Jesus.    Colder a little tonight    it thawed a little today   Clouded up early tonight.   (from Katherine today) I Praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost.   Received letter other day from Marry Vedowich & one

Wed. Jan. 18. 1956./ page. 3426./ No one in all day,   Bonita & Nellie brought back the wash.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our blessing.   Elbert prayed for me to this morning   I was in pain so bad. 

Thurs. Jan. 19. 1956./ 61. days before Spring    Ernie got the bus here this morning,   it did snow, but thawed quite a lot today.   partly Cloudy to day or mostly cloudy,   no one came in so far.  

Sat. Jan. 21. 1956./ Well cloudy mostly all day & a Man a Mr. Bruster, that was here, with a group of Christians, that prayed & sang, called & had prayer & today Armond & Ruby came    he took Elbert to town & he did the shopping & a few erands & Ruby wiped up Kitchen floor & my room    We are grateful   & tonight Nellie & Bonita & 2 chidlren came   brought 3 pears & bunch of grapes      Geo. cut his hand so bad they had to take him to Dr.    couldn’t get the blood stopped,   but, it did after Dr. give him a shot.   they didn’t stay,  had to go home & do out a washing & do some baking.    I thank Thee Jesus for my healing.   All praise & Glory be Thine for ever Amen.

Sun. Jan. 22. 1956./ Been mostly cloudy but nice day & not a soul came in all day.   I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for my healing & our many blessings.   I’m still trusting to be made Whole & I’ll give all honour & Glory to Thee Jesus, Wholy & Worthy. Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 23. 1956./ Sun came up early,   I had to get up    I felt so bad.   Earnie came   thought he had missed the buss, but it came.   he said Uncle Clark was at there house,   he was in Cryle hospital for Cansore   he drove his car to Rue’s last night.   Been a beau-tiful day   sun all day.   Elbert’s felt terrible bad.   he’s still trying to do all the odds & ends &  cleaned stove pipe this morning & chickens out, wasgooddaytodoit, I received letter from Sister Swarthouse,   she been ill for 3 weeks & he hasn’t had his cloth off in all that time.   I sent

Mon. Jan. 23. 1956./ Page. 3427./ no eggs./ them 5.00 & she seemed greatly pleased   I’ll try to send 5.00 more soon.    I do Praise God for all we have & all thats done for us.   Oh, Glory be to Jesus I love Him more & more   He leads me to green pastures & through His open doors.    He will never, never fail me.   I’ve proved Him o’er & over.   Well, Frank & Armond came this evening & brought us our 10 gal milk can of water & visited for a while & I spent a bad night, but Praise God for all my blessing    I thank & Praise Thee God of Love & mercy & Jesus  & am thankful for my healing & blessings.   I’m still trusting

Tue. Jan. 24. 1956/ It’s been a beautiful day with bright sun.   Ernie came up & left for school from here,   Clark was there again last night & left this morning    Rue is still working days, so Ernie is on his own.    Audrey wrote & said she could get the mattress in store below her, but they are charging 49.95 & the sale price in all stores that handle that mattress, is only 39.95,    We wrote her a card & told her & if she couldn’t get it for less, & send one out.   No one here today.   There are hundreds of robbins here & starlings for a week or more. Not quite as sunny today   sort of haze in the air.  I thank thank God in Jesus Holy Name for my healing & pray He will strengthen Rev. & Mrs. Swarthouse & give them what they need

Wed. Jan 25. 1956./ No quite as suny as Tue.   sort of haze in air.   Ernie came & got buss from here.   Elbert’s back is sure bad & so are my hips & legs.    I took bath & feel clean but bone between shoulders is paining bad.   no mail today,   Well, it’s been a nice day & looks like Spring out    I set up in chair & on edge of bed, but tonight pains are sure bad.   Oh God of Love & Mercy take all the evil spirits out of me & fill me with the Holy Ghost to over flowing,    I thank & Praise Thee now & ever more

Thurs. Jan. 26. 1956./ Well Ernie left from here for school   hot sun today   no mail,   Audrey & Martha came tonight & talked about the mattress,   Martha had Joan’s boy   nice little fellow, nice smile & we had a nice day   & Mr. & Mrs. Weber came in for an hour or so & prayed with me   they are such nice people  more like our own ought to be    Elberts back is so bad.   I Praise God for All thing in Jesus Name. Amen.

Fri. Jan. 27. 1956./ Page. 3428./ Ernie went to school from here.   cold last night   12 above Zero this morning    Nelson’s birthday   he’s 11. yrs. old today. another beautiful day,   hot sun, No mail & no one came in.   I am trusting Jesus will send some one to help me soon,   I will always give Him the Praise & Glory,   I had to pray most of the night. Amen.

Sat. Jan. 28. 1956./ Mostly Cloudy, No mail, No one came in sofar.   Well, late afternoon Eva & Marry Ann came in,   she went for a few things to eat & got some ice cream, cheery,   Nellie & Ella Jane came in before Eva left for town & left soon after she got back.    Nellie brought one night gown she had fix over, one of the big ones Gertie gave me.   They didn’t stay long   Ella Jane had 2 bad tumbles & didn’t look to good.   Eva stayed a couple of hrs.   it began to rain & get dark & she went,   she said Katherine was sick & she might be in hospital    she was going there before she went home.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small.    All Glory be to Jesus.  2 people close to Eva died last week.

Sun. Jan. 29. 1956./ A very dark sort of gloomy day.  Ernie came this morning  snowed & there a was about 4 in snow & no school today.  while after dinner  Letter from Sister Willitt’s & Deaars, & Elbert food supplement table to.  Dark & looks like more.   Thanks be to God for all our many blessings,   I do Praise Thee Jesus for all things & trust for Thy help Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 30. 1956./ to day’s Jerry’s birthday/ Martha’s baby Jerry’s 1. yr. old today.   Letters from Sister Willitts & Dear this morning.   Elbert food pills.  Saw 4 in. snow last night & no school bus.   Ernie’s been here all day    snowed a while today.   been quite dark all day.   Frank & Ruby came & brought the wash. back last night.   Ruby Jean is expecting baby in Feb.   No one came in tonight.   I thank & Praise Thee, Jesus for all things. 

Tue. Jan. 31. 1956./ Wyn’s birthday, 81. yrs old/  A beautiful day nice sun & hot;   Card from K- or a note & a letter from Audrey.   she bought & payed for the mattress 40.69 & tax & olive oil 1.49, so 42.18, I owe Audrey.   katherine isn’t very well & going for an exray to see what’s wrong with her ribs   they go out of place   Miss Willitts says get up & stand on my feet    I do try   there’s no strength in them.   they are sore & stiff, but I’m trust-ing I’ll be able before long to manage it,   she said she wished she was near & So do I.

Jan. 31. 1956, Tue./ Page. 3429./ Wyn’s 81. yrs old today./ Ernie went to school from here today.   Elber’s feeling so bad, thinks it’s flu.   Been nice day.   Dear’s came, brought jellow & pie. & cookes.   I didn’t visit, had a bad case  my bowels just were so hard they couldn’t move, so took injection 3 times & before 10-p-m. got cleaned out.   Praise the Lord.   We told Audrey We needed Olive Oil right away, but we haven’t got it yet & she paid for mattress & no mattress yet.   Mrs. Dear said her mother’s in bad shape.   No mail a letter from Audrey & Hastlets   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & trust You Will help me to do the things, I ought to do & receive the help I need. 

Feb. 1. 1956.Wed./ Ernie went to school from here this a-m.   No mail today.   Cloudy alday.   Men did get mattress here today Thurs. (40.69)  Nellie & Bonita came & gone to Huron for the things we do need,   they can only get partly of what we need   Elbert’s bowels are so bad.   I Praised God for our blessing.

Thurs. Feb. 2. 1956./ Nellie, Bonita came today instead of yesterday & Men brought the mattress today.   Ernie went to school from here this morning.   Groundhog day   Cloudy all day, here but sun shone in some places    Ella Jane came tonight & brought laundry & olive oil   had to have my crying Spell & she stayed to enjoy.   Dr. L. came   gave Elbert dope for flu. & he is still feeling bad   lots of pain on bowels.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy care,   help my faith to get me on my feet in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Fri Feb. 3. 1956./ Jim & Jean are 22. yrs./ old today   Jim will soon be home from the Service.   Well, sun came out nice & bright & warm this a-m & Ernie didn’t come this morning   Elbert drove car to end of road & it stopped,    he walked to pay station & tried to call Webers & couldn’t get them so called car man & he came & said he’d get car Sat.    I received card from Bonita & letter from Eva Kegan.   I thank God for all blessings   Nellie & Ella Jane came tonight.   Mr & Mrs. Weber brought me maple custard in little cups & it’s so good,   Elbert’s bowels are little better.   Frank & Armond came & brought water & visited awhile & I had to have a crying spell when they left [note “geritol” written diagnally over the left edge of this entry] [Sat & Sun.Mon.  Feb. 4, 5, & 6 1956: No diary entry]

Tue. Feb. 7. 1956./ page. 3431./ 32 second St.  Oh. God only knows how I hate to go.   I thank & praise God for all things in Jesus name.   Well they’re coming tomorrow noon to have me out once more,   how I dread to go & leave Elbert.   Oh God help me I pray in all Thy Ways.  

Apparently Feb 8 1956 Elinor was taken to Hospital.

Wed. Feb. 8. 1956./ Well, we were ready on time but the stretche was late or amblance, we left home round 1-p-m. took about 3 hours   it was such a rough ride    had to grip my self & had a bad time with my nerves, put me in ward with 3 others   We sent Audrey, Frank & the Dr. & Katherine each a card.    Elbert came over with me   he’s all broke up    I pray God will keep him & help him to rest while I’m gone.    Ella Jane came in for a fw minutes.   Been another dark misty wet day but not cold. 

Thurs. 9. Feb. 1956/ Same kind of a day as yesterday,   Ella Jane came in & the other 3 women had callers & said weather was wet & hard walking.   4. oclock & quite dark.   I thank & praise God for my blessing.   Elbert didn’t come   to bad today to drive. Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 10. 1956./ Another cloudy day.   Elbert called last night & said he’d come today.   and he did & brought a letter from Miss. Clark & she thanked us over & over for the food we sent to her    she should thank God more from Whom all blessings flow,   Praise His Holy Name.   it was God Who came & showed Miss Clark to me weeping & wishing for food & then weeping for joy after Elbert took it to her.   I’m glad Jesus showed me & I do wish so much He will show me about what I ought to do for myself.    Elbert came & Martha came & took him home   he said some one nearly broke glass frame in storm door,   he said he’d try to get back Sun.   Nellie has-n’t been here since I came,    Ella Jane’s been here a couple of times.   Received letter from Hardware man’s wife Mrs. Beenoline Schinmin   I’m not very well a-quainted,   but May God Bless her   she’s done better than some of them.   Dr. L. is holding up things,   he has to release me to the Dr. over here,   I do hope they do

Sat. 11. Feb. 1956./ 3432./ Audrey sent me a beautiful vase of flowers, Carnations evergreen, yellow glads iris & a golden bell like lillies of the Vally, Cassias  they are yellow   they say they grow on trees in California.   Audrey came in   & Ella Jane.   Audrey brought me bed room slippers & stockings 3. prs.   run out of pills & so cried awhile this morning    going to cost over $1.50 a month to stay here.   Well I’ll have to turn in all my check so they say & state makes up the rest,    I thank God for my many, many blessings.   I miss Elbert so much & I pray Jesus will take good care of him & soon convert & heal him,   Oh Jesus help me to understand.   I thank Thee & give all Praise & Glory to Thee.  (been another wet misty day)

Sun. Feb. 12. 1956./ Rather dark day & a woman they called Violet who has been here all most 9 yrs. seemed to know she was going home to Glory, ask me to pray a number of times for her & she left us about 6-a-m & before noon she was taken out   & they have part of her things taken care of.    Elbert was here & Nellie & Bonita & Loretta Hobbs,   I don’t remember her married name   We had quite a visit   her father live with her & is 83. yrs. old,   her mother is dead.   Well, the Drs. came in   gave me examination, decided to take me over to Bayview & give me some treatments to see if I can be fixed up to walk again.   & I do hope the test wont be to hard,   I’m getting so weak & feel whimpy.   Oh God I thank & Praise Thee for all things. 

[Mon. Feb. 13. 1956 After 5 days in Hospital (? where) Elinor was apparently taken to Bayview Hospital for “treatments to see if I can be fixed up to walk again”]

Mon. Feb. 13. 1956./ Sun is shining,   Pain is bad & at about 1-p-m they are coming to take me to Bayview Hospital & Elbert is coming to go with me,    He came & they were late 3-30-p-m.   Oh I’m so tired, Elbert couldn’t stay, he went back to Lorain with Schorts minilittle carrage & is coming back as soon as he can Tue. or Wed.   Well, no pills untill I cried & hr or so.  

Tue. Feb. 14. 1956./ Page. 3433./ Cloudy with some rain & snow but sun came out before noon.   I had a bath & got my hair combed, & I’m so tired & sweat so bad.   Well, I got through untill tonight    they called me a grandma & ball baby & they put me off & make me wait for the bed pan untill I sweat   Ella Jane came last night & Mr. & Mrs. Swarthouse & Mrs. Weber were here & prayed for me.    Oh how happy I’ll be to get home & I’m wondering if Elbert will be happy to have me back    Nellie & Bonita were just here & said Easel will be here to see me tomorrow.   I’ll be so glad when I’m better.  a little boy brought me a valentine.

Wed. Feb. 15. 1956./ Nellie & Bonita came in & not much doing today in any way.

[Apparently the medical staff is using a hoyer lift to get Elinor in and out of bed. She is unable to stand on her own.  They are also giving her “pills” presumably for pain, which she sometimes”runs out of” . She explains that she has to summarize events because she “felt to bad to keep my daily writing”]

Thurs. Febe. 16. 1956./ Elbert & Easel came in    she sent me a plant & Ella Jane came tonight.   Poor Elbert.   Audrey & Martha & Jean & Bonita, Frank & Ruby were the only one’s that came to see me,   I felt to bad to keep my daily writing & so will just tell what I can remember,    Drs 3. gave me a thorough going over   run a rubber tube up my nose & into my stomach    if only I could stand on my feet,   they put me in a little houst & lifted me out of bed & back a-gain    Elbert was out several times but he doesn’t feel very well.   Sat. they hauled me back home again thiner & weaker & I can’t very well, legs still aching   hope they can get legs fixed up, before long, but trust God will do that,    Ella Jane has been here, twice.   got dope & inserts some into me.   I feel as if I don’t get what I need to strengthen me.   

Fri. Feb. 24. / We had a terrible storm, took Nellie’s frontc door steps away & broke them up & racked the house some & took the cow shed down acrossed the road from them    Columbus had 95 mile wind & there was some damage in several places,    rain, hail & snow    lights were out 13. hrs. at hospital,    it thundered & the lighting cracked like kindling sticks but 

Elinor left Hospital and was taken back home Sat. Feb. 25, 1956.

Sat. Feb. 25./ sun came out & it was a nice day.   ride tired me bad coming home although carrage road smooth.   Ella Jane & Bonita came home with me,  my head felt bad yet.   Only Ella Jane been here all week.

Sun, Mon, Tue. Feb. 26 27 28, 1956: no Diary entries

Wed. Feb. 29. 1956./ page. 3433 [should be 3434] / No one come in all week except Ella Jane.   Now today Feb. 29. sun is bright & wind is strong.

[March through October 1956, although Elinor is apparently home, there are no diary entries in over 6 months. 

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:     Oct. 6. 1956: (last night Bonita baysat for us (Mother too).   They had been hit by truck (E.J.’s yellow Dodge in Sandusky/Huron? as they were taking Uncle Elbert to see Aunt Elinor–now in hospt. -has been partially paralyzed for some time.   He was hurt & had to go to hosp. now too.)]

From Oct 1956 through December 1959 no diary entries

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:  July 14. 1957: Since this is technically my last day of vacation we went to Mother’s & took her with us to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert.   Aunt E. has been bedridden about 2 yrs. now -has a hosp. bed in her room.   She lay very still (has paralysis) but was able to converse o.k. -seemed weak.   We went to see Uncle Frank & Aunt Ruby Bonney in Lorain.   Took the kids down to the river there.  To Mother’s briefly (had quite a severe headache) Home by 9:30. Bed by 11.   Marci was upset w/ tolerating Mother’s personality for an afternoon & the fact that Mother may come & live w/ us awhile this summer.]

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:  July 31. 1957:[The family went w/ me for a call to Cleveland Clinic.   We went to Mothers & M.J. stayed there.   Mother is doing ok alone,   Nelson stays a little   Bonita comes out often   She has begun working mornings in a rstaurant & afternoons & eve. at her shop.]

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:  Aug. 7. 1957: [I went to Mothers to supper & we all went to see Aunt Elinor  & Elbert]

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:  Mar. 22. 1958:[We went to Vincent.   Took mother to Bellvue (M.J. & Wes stayed at Vincent) to see Aunt Elinor.   She is in a rest home there-will go home soon.   Mother tells me she expects to sign over the home place to me]

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:  Jan. 1. 1959: We all went to see Aunt Eleanor & Uncle Elbert.   She is bedfast at home but seems to be doing pretty well. ]

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:  Mar. 28. 1959: Mother & I went to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert.

[In John Harnish’s 1956 diary entry:  Nov. 14. 1959: Went to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert.   A group came as we left   they were to hold a prayer meeting.

Jan. 1. 1960. Fri. / Ann called & she & Betty went to watch service & got home 1-300-a-m.,  she told me yesterday that J. Wards little girl has cansor & he has got so he drinks & is mean to his wife   he has 2 little boys all so & Ann’s boy, 14. yrs. old writes to the little girl & Bill Snyder was in car wreck, but not hurt bad & 4 boys over by Ann smashed there new car all to piecese, but they wasn’t hurt boys 17 & 18 yrs. old.   the folks in the world going to fast a pace.   Ann thought she’d be here in the morn. & then visit.   How much I thank Thee Jesus for all our many bless.

 Jan. Sat. 2. 1960./ Nice out tonight. Dec. & 1. & this Jan. morning is dark   very cloudy.   Ann was to come at 9.a. m. but came at 2-30P-m.   Elbert’s bowels has pained his all day,   she brought the Peptobismol   she gave him a dose & now its about time for third dose   he feels so iratable & is in pain,   she talked to me a few minutes & her boy came in, but acted like a frightened deer,   hardly spoke a dog words,   they went & then Milton & boy came back to hunt    they got a rabbit & gave it to Elbert,   he feels to bad to dress it   he’d gone to toilet when Milton came    his bowels are a very little better,    While they were hunting it began to rain & they got in car & went,     just before they left, Mrs. Crisco  her son “the 19. yrs old boy from Cali.” came in,    Oh God, how she loves me,    I pray it never failes.   I love her & her sister-in-law & her husband & all theirs,   they are trying to live for the Lord & do His Will,   Oh, Jesus help them,   the rain will turn to sleet & then snow before morning.    & Elbert was just out & said it’s raining hard.   he still feels so bad yet,   he fixed can soup for supper “called” bakin bean soup”   it wasnt bad but I didn’t like.   hope beans don’t cause trouble.   No letters today    I mailed 3.   Nellie mailed one the other day for me.   Johny brought things, so they got me out of bed & back in again    We gave him $10.00 for fixtures.

Sat. Jan. 2.1960./ Well Elberts laying down & he sure feels so bad,   I am trusting he’ll feel better tomorrow.   Mrs. Crisco. had her grand daughter from Lorain with them & her son came in for 10 minutes   they were taking, grand daughter home to Lorain & her Sonny boy had a girl  he’d picked up & ask his mother to keep untill next week, then the boy’s going back to Washington in the Service    Such is the world.   May God watch over & Keep us close to Him Amen.    Ann got us milk & lemon, cough drops & Pepto bismol.   We owe her 24 cents,   I’ll try to remember it if I can.

Sun. Jan 3. 1960./ Been a very dark dreary Day & getting worse as after noon wore on & its to dark to see to write or read.   Elbert layed down a little while & slept    I slept this a.m.   It tried to rain but didn’t make it    Radio says rain, sleet & snow.   Ann called & hopes to go to Church tonight,   she said morning services were good & a few more were there than usual.   No one came in to call on us today.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus Thou art still with us. 

Mon. Jan. 4. 1960/ Partly Cloudy untill afternoon then sun came out & it’s been so nice.    We received letter from Opal, poor Girl.   Ann & Betty came & 2 boys & Connie   they brought Lorain News Papers a Calender & some hard candy & 2 qt cans 1. of peaches 1. tomatoe & 1. jar grapejelly & Ann brought back the washing    she had sheets & draw sheets.    They’ve been having such good meeting during the holiday Huron, Port Clinton & Bellevue Ohio.   Oh God help each one to receive Thy Spirit & do Thy Will,   Ann was struck down with the Spirit Sun. night, now, I wonder, Oh, Jesus help me to help Ann & Betty more   I thank & Praise Thee. Jesus.

Tue. Jan. 5. 1960./ colder last night & they say tonight going down to 12 degrees.   Mostly cloudy this a-m.   clearing round noon & sun now bright,   but, wind still cold & raw.   Elbert got his check the 4th Mon.   Mail today light bill, got Opal’s letter Mon. & now the big job ans card notes.    Ann called & said she thought Rev. Gibson & Bro. Payne would call on us this afternoon & she said Mr. Holbrook had been in Hospital & has rehumatic fever. & ask for prayer.   May God help us to Keep His commands, in all ways,  read our bibles, pray for understanding & wisdom, to trust & believe with our heart, soul, mind & strength & understand the meaning there of.    Ann said, she & Betty were going to Berlin Hights to Rev. Gibson’s meeting tonight & she ask Milton to go but don’t know yet , if he will go,   God help him to go I ask in Jesus Name & that Thou will cast him down & deal with him, untill he will give in & do Thy Will,  help us Jesus, Thou has said we could ask & it would be given, nothing doubting, now Jesus strengthen us in all Thy Ways, We thank Thee.   Wind was S. West Mon. & today, untill noon,  went S. W.   Well, I’ve had a feeling a group was coming in & I saw Mrs. Simms face,   well, she came & brought her 2 daugters & one son-in-law & there baby, & a neighbor woman,   They belong to Jesus   they all say & I pray they do,   Mrs. Fisher is well versed in the bible,   the son-in-law has just re-cently been converted & filled with the Holy Ghost.   the power went through him strong each time we prayed,   they all [?] were happy in the Lord   We all prayed, they said they couldn’t come at Christmas so they brought me $1.75 & 1. box choclates cherries, they said they’d be back again soon to read talk & pray. 

Tue. Jan. 5. 1960/  I wrote a letter to Opal to-day   had hoped to do a couple more & tomorrow is Wed. & Ann & Betty are coming in the morning to take Elbert to get the shopping done    I hope all will go well   Elbert don’t feel to well  his bowels don’t distress him, but are sore & he feels lame & sore.   The Minister didn’t get here,   I hope Ann & Betty got away to Church meeting.   Its been a great day its been cold raw breeze all day & say it will be     I wrote a letter to Miss Clark   that’s 2 today    8. degrees tonight.

Wed. Jan. 6. 1960/ Bright morning, little cloudy, just a cloud passes over once in a while.    We had letter from Audrey, says she’s sewing again but is not to strong & she’s had & still is having her troubles with Gertie   she likes to be bossie & Jean & Joan had to “as Audrey puts it” tell her off, for they look after Audrey,   Guess Gertie didn’t have a cold,   she’s working,   she use to like to make out she was terrible hoarse & then wasn’t at all.   Mrs. Simms  her 2 girls & son in law & baby & Mrs Fisher were here last night    We had a good Spiritual visit & prayer    the Son in law was converted the night they left here last time & then filled with the Holy Spirit    he says he don’t know how he lived the other way before.   Mrs. Simms brought a belated Gift  a box of milk chaccolate Cheeries & rest gave $1.75 in money,    Mrs. Fisher gave the dollar.   & They ask me to pray for several,   I can’t remember the Names,    but, will ask Jesus to, & to help them each one ,   one of the girls has a bad sore toe,   we prayed for it.   Received letter from mrs. Armstrong & she says God is ans. prayer & ask I continue Praying for all of them yet.  She said God had ans. prayer for Miss Clark & that she lots better & up, Oh, how I Praise Thee Jesus & trust Thou will Keep me ever so Close & help me help others for Thy Sake Amen.    Opal, said she received a check for $32.00 dollars & when she got it she thanked God for my prayers for she felt it was my prayers that had helped her receive the money & if she had-n’t received it they would have been distarte[?desperate] for Holidays. May God help them. 

Wed. Jan. 6. 1960/ It’s a nice day  cold raw S. West wind.   Nice Sun, but white.   Ann & Betty were coming to take Elbert to town for food & other shopping   He’s feeling better & I pray he won’t get any more cold.   Well they went to town,   its Wed. so only got part of it done, as most stores closed on Wed. afternoons,   he got the most necessary things.   Ann wiped up floors while they were gone   Car didn’t run very good but they got home at 5-30-p-m.   they left here 2-30.P.m.   they went to Berlin hights & got 1. bu. apples & stopped & told Milton on there way back that they were on way back here & Ann & Connie would be home soon.   Betty’s boys were in the car all that time & tore up Anna’s mail & a 1/2 bu basket in little pieces    they are such mischievious boys.    Letter this a-m from Audrey   she, to, has her troubles.   she’s feeling lots better & trying to catch up her sewing,   she’s so weak.   

Thurs. Jan. 7. 1960./ Cloudy all morn, then sun came out few hrs.   & now its getting dark again at 3-30 & quite dark at 5-p-m  Rev. Schmit was here for & hr. or so,   he don’t act or talk like a minister,   he says he don’t want to preach to hard & hurt peoples feelings   Well, the word of God hadn’t ought to hurt us.   Ann said they had a good service Sun night & she fell over with the Power Praise God.   They had a good Meeting at Berlin Hights Tue. night  Rev. Gibson & one other Minister & a number of people were there Payne & Betty were there    Betty said it sure was good to be there   Payne come & helped Elbert fix pump tonight, nut was loose;   we had Spiritural talk & prayer & then he went home   It’s good to talk & pray.

Fri. Jan. 8. 1960./ Partly cloudy west wind & cold. getting real cloudy this after noon.   Elbert got a letter from Easel, she talks as if I was making a slave of him, but he says he’s glad I’m here & he has some one to talk to & he hasn’t said a thing to any one to make them think other wise,   she said, she’s as good as any Crist-ian living,   we both know better & both said so-  she may be a good as some Who profess to be Christians.    We are not judgeing,   I feel she un-der conviction & Pray God will rebuke Satan    I had not from Mrs. Armstrong   she says Gods ans. prayer.   I talked to Ann, she went & had Prayer with Holbrooks this morn,   I thank Thee Jesus for ans. prayer, we have been praying for him he had rhumatic fever, says he’s feeling much better    We thank Thee so much Jesus.   Mrs Simms called from Sandusky Thurs & we have ask God to heal Mrs Fisher’s grand daughter’s kidney.  Ann prayed for Mrs Holbrook today she could hardly talk, her cold was so bad.   Oh Dear Heavenly Father guide direct & keep Thy people,   We need Thee Jesus so much.   Well no one came in today,   Keep us Close Jesus.

Sat. Jan. 9. 1960./ A beautiful morn, nice sunshine   hardly any breeze at all.   A letter from Mrs. Crisco  Mrs. Bracket & one to me from Easel   she’s so terrible ignorant.   It’s so nice to hear from those we love & uner-stand & that understands us.   Ann came & took Elbert to town & he mailed Audreys letter.   Dian stayed with me while they were gone.   Elbert feels sore & lame again tonight   it’s different ex-ersize than he’s use to & breathing the fresh air walking on concrete walks.   Well, I only fasted part of the day.

Sat. Jan. 9. 1960./ It’s sure been a beautiful day a lull before a storm,   there was a big ring around the moon last night, cloudy tonight.    Elbert bought a new Big Ben clock today.   Mrs. Crisco says they can come & have prayermeeting this coming Fri. Jan. 15.    I hope they come & God will bless converting & healing us each, one, Praise God. 

Sun. Jan. 10. 1960./ Dark very dark dreary day & Mr. Marshell & his wife & baby & an eledery man from Sandusky came in for & hour or so,   he, Marshell wanted to talk about some things in the scriptures,   my mind must be getting bad   I can’t seem to remember with out looking it up, so I’ll have to do it.   Mr. Marshell is Mrs. Simm’s son in law    we had a good Spiritual visit & we all prayed together & they said they’d be back in a few days,   they brought 4 cans of food.  it’s to dark to see & doing it, & hoping I get it right.    Ann hasn’t called today,   she always calls on Sun.   Milton & Ann came & spent the Evening.    They looked out to see if there care was O.K. & a car was over by John’s building they, started the car & it sounded like 2 revolver shots,   they left & in few minutes came back & when Elbert went & looked out once or twice the 2 shots sounded clear again, then they left.   & we wondered about it. 

Mon. Jan. 11. 1960./ Been partly cloudy al day.   we got letter from Miss Clark with 2.00 in   & she said mumb is the word .  I wish she wouldn’t send it.   Elbert says maybe she’s trying to pay back a little of what we’ve done for her, but we don’t want her to do that,    we never felt that way,  she’s lots better she says & had lots of mail & company & gifts    Praise the Lord.   Well I’ve wrote 3. letters & one card, hope I get caught up.   It’s cloudy & dark today.   had heavy fogg last night & looks as if it would be the same tonight

Tue. Jan. 12. 1960./ No mail.   Wind S. east this morn.   No one came in or called today, was foggy.   but not bad last night & a little tonight.    Wind went S. west & quite warm    It rained most of the day stopped before dark but Elbert says looks & feels as if it would get at it again & he says its quite warm out,    The radio says they are having freakish weather & the roads were glasey ice in some placews & a buss rolled over 2 or 3 times but no one hurt & Elbert says it is raining now at 8-15.   & real dark.

Wed. Jan. 13. 1960./ Loura Ann’s birth day,    I forgot her age.    We had thick fogg last night & untill all most noon & it didn’t all clear away,   its foggy yet, we can see about 400 ft. away & we have a misty rain damp & chilly    A card from Nellie,   George isn’t very well for 2 days & Mark has had a very poor spell   been under that for awhile, is a little better.    They have been having lots of rain & afraid the basement will flood again,   not very cold outside.   So dark, hard to see to read or write.  15 to 4. p.m. 

Thurs. Jan. 14. 1960. / Dark & damp & foggy & we slept late or I did,   Elbert got up to pay Milk man,   he paid him & got things straightened out,   how he should leave it & cheese, then he lay down after he ate hiBreakfast & slept untill 11.a.m. then Betty & Ann came    Betty took Elbert to town   he had to put a dollar’s worth of gas in her car so it cut us short on the food,   Well we have to get along with out it.   We had prayer Ann & I & Connie       & she told me Rev. Gibson came to Berlin Hights & lost the way here ,    Ann should have called the place at Berlin Hights but she didn’t,     it’s a long way from Bellevue there & it would seem as if they would have a better understanding Where & when to meet.    Elbert & Betty wasn’t gone long & they went to Berlin Hights & got Billy & came here & left Elbert & got Ann & Conie & went back     Betty had to get Buds dinner.   Betty has bad cold,   she likes the meeting     to her they are shocking.

Fri. Jan. 15. 1960./ Dark & foggy untill noon & little after    then began to snow & is at it yet.   Received two birthday cards  one air mail  from Ella Jane from Jackson California & it was good    the other from Audrey with $15.00 in it    I’m thankful for her love, but she has to work hard for what she has & I’d feel better if she’d just send a handkercheif or some such thing,    but I pray God will reward her.   ground is getting covered with snow.     Audrey says Nellie & Bonita are rangling & coreling again,    I pray Nellie  will try to Keep peace,   she’s to much like pa.    Well at 7.p.m. Mr. & Mrs. Crisco  there daughter & grand-daughter & Mr. Crisco’s Sister came in from Bellevue. for some reason Rev. Gibson & some others couldn’t come,   well Elbert & Sister Crisco & Mrs Grants got my dress on me & they hoisted me up & over wheelchair & let me down    We went out into the Kitchen & they talked a little then Mr. Crisco read some of the scripture & talked on it & other things & things coming to pass right now before our eyes   the horrible things being done now    some one or ones painting swathy, nazia, communies &, all doing dirty work painting on Churches, schools & other places.   & we are having Dark foggy misty days,    it rained some & snow a light covering     most of it melted    its 37 degrees the radio says.   The Honalula Isleland had & earthquake & split a big crack in center over a food wide then they had a worse shake in the morning,    they were expecting the red lava to come up through & it would cover a very large space where the homes are.    I haven’t heard anything more.    The weather man says we are to have a month of bad weather.   no wind.   Crisco’s & Sister brought & Chicken & caned fruit & cottage cheese & she cut end of her left fore finger, a piece clear off the side on front side of finger nail.   I pray God Heals it

Sat. Jan. 16. 1960./ Yesterday was Milton’s & Ann’s boy was 14. yrs. old yesterday.   We can’t give to each one 64.00 dollars    wouldn’t be-gin to take care of them all, Brothers Sister & Nephews Neices, Great nephews & Neices & great greaat nephews & neices & friends,     there are quite a number.    We received 3 letters,    well, one was a card from Vera Whitmer, Opal & Wyatt.   It’s Dark & chilly   froze hard last night,   mild out today.   Lots of auto wrecks & plane miss haps & Killing many people, who are not ready to meet there maker.   No-one in, or called today,     but, tonight Johny & Marcie came in,    they had had there supper, but, Marcie hadn’t eaten much so she had some Chicken & Coffee & Johny did to    although he said he was full   & the looks as if he lived good,    he got some castors for my bed & helped Elbert put them in & they fixed the thing to lift me out & in bed so it won’t be so much work    & she & I had a good visit,    they have 444 & 50 people in there Church   it is the largest church “Methodist” in Ohio.    They brought the family picture for us.    They are sure good children & it’s so nice they feel they want to help us,   God Bless & help them. 

Sun. Jan. 17. 1960./ Dark & cloudy & quite cold,    the old snow about gone.    I was sick last night   stomach upset,    I ate a piece of frankforter I ought not    they are to salty,    so I sat up untill 12.P. M.  then lay down & it hurt untill most morning.   Edna & her husband Cliford Hall came in about noon & I was still laying, but got up & washed & brushed my hair,    she’s been having flu.   been home from work a week,   she don’t look very good yet & talking about going to work tomorrow,  her daughters birthday Mon. 17. & she will be 17. yrs. old.     mercy, but it’s dark,    they talked about an hour,   said the 3 children were home watching T.V.   They had letter from Opal & she said Her boys put one of them in old washing machine & rolled it off the Cliff 500 ft. almost straight down, but he didn’t

Sun. Jan. 17. 1960./ to be hurt when they got him up again.    Oh, what wont boys do.   & Cliff backed his car over a little girl playing in the ditch of water at end of his drive,    he rushed her to the hospital   it had cracked her spline & then later her stomach began to bleed but the4y said she’s O.K. now,   Cliff seemed terrible hurt about it,   he has little Patty, his own daughter about the same age & I know he feels bad    Oh, Jesus help us to live close to Thee & do Thy will     Well, Betty & Bud & boys came in late this afternoon & she brought me a fancy box, with writting paper & envelopes in it & a birthday card for my 75. birth-day,    then Milton & Ann came     she gave me a tray &  it’s to big,   Elbert don’t like it    & a. card with a gold cross & roses & birthday Greetings on it,   God help me to be worthy of there love & the many that do come & give me little things.   N. East Wind little colder.    I thank Thee Jesus for all my many healing in Jesus Name. 

Mon. Jan. 18. 1960./ Dark & cold raw S. West wind, drops of water on limbs   sun come through for just a minute or so, 2 or 3 times,    Received letter from Mr. Baumgart & it’s no good.   A belated Birth day card from Bill, Jean & Girls & one from Wheeler girls.   Very pretty cards & verses.    & this after noon, Mrs Ranm & her eldest daughter came in,   she brought my granit pie plate back & gave me a box of writting paper & enelopes with spray of roses on left hand upper corner, Very pretty    she didn’t bring the cookies, “said they had got to dry” but she would bring some later when she got ready to leave the car    wouldn’t start after a lot of fixing    her man came & it started right off,   he had to bundle up other 3 chldren & come way over here & it started right off for him   she came round 4-30-p.m. & got away 6-30-P.M.    Milton & Ann came & brought us 2. qts. milk & box cottage cheese,    we have to pay them for what money there is left from light bill Milton is going to pay with the 5.00 bill Elbert gave him.   Ranm’s left & then Milton & Ann went.

Tue. Jan. 19. 1960./ Dark morning & it snowed last night    it’s quite cold & snapy   Wind N. West,    I pray for all those Who haven’t any fire or warm clothing or food    it’s hard & trying.    Well, Mrs. Hensley came in & brought us some butter cookies, she wanted to come for the 16th. but couldn’t make it.    they’re have car trouble to the tune of 200. dollars.   His health is improving & he has worked every day 6. days a week she says the rest are well & her father & his family are well & her brother & his wife have gone to Columbus    he got a job over there, he just come in & stays when he’s out of a job & never give her anything for board & washing,    seems as if he’d feel he ought to give them a little for laundry & eats because he’s her brother he don’t think he ought to pay but Mr. Hensley rents his house & has to pay for every-thing,    Oh, what greed there is in this world today.    She brought me a doz. or so, butter cookie,   she always brings me something.   I pray God will bless & Keep them.   Sun shone a very few second yesterday & again today,   it’s lighter out today & my room’s lighter.   no one cam in. 

Wed. Jan. 20. 1960./ Dark & snowing    sun came out for few minutes, but didn’t stay & now it’s snowing thick & fast & stopped, at 2-30-p-m.    REceived a letter one narrow page.    I’ve been telling Elbert I see Mrs Swarthout laying in bed & I have prayed so hard for her, she’s so weak,   but still feels she’ll be O.K. after they operate on her, for gall blader,   she’s tired of shots, but I hope she’ll have strength to pull through, with God’s help.    & so I was glad to get her letter even though it wasn’t much,   she said the Webers were with her,   so she’s content that will help her a lot.   she had got my letters, but I hadn’t got hers.    & Mrs. Armstrong is faithful to send me a note quite often,    God Bless her.   Ann was coming but guess she wont for it’s 10-to 3-p.m. & snowing hard again.

Thurs. Jan. 21. 1960./ Dark & snowy,   my cold is bad   laid down all day   no mail today.   Elbert don’t feel very good   his back & hips across his rump pain him bad.  & I’ve laid here half dead all day,   Hope we feel better tomorrow   it’s been so very dark for the last hour    can’t see to write.    I set in wheel chair & ate supper at the table with Elbert last night,   the falls didn’t work as they ought to,   but we got out & in with out any serious trouble.   I don’t feel able to gte up tonight, 5-30 & so very dark;   Sun shone from 10 untill 2-30-p-m.    then snowed.    Milton & Ann came & spent the evening,   My cold is so bad & Elbert is having such pain in his Knees, hips & across his rump & his head is so bad;   Wind’s S. West. 

Fri. Jan. 22. 1960./ I should have fasted, but felt so bad with the cold I didn’t.    I took most of my bath & aate my breakfast at 12-noon.   my bowels didn’t move Thurs. but they did today & I thank the Lord for helping me.    We got letters from Wyatt & Gordon    they want more money & we just can’t give it,   Ann called this morning God Bless her & help her to understand me also.    its been snowing fine snow all morning,   its now 2.Pm. & still snowing at 8.p.m.    Well, I had good bath this morning, so maybe things will be better Sat.    Elbert talked with Payne tonight,    he’s going to Port Clinton for prayer meetings where he goes often, he says

Sat. Jan. 23. 1960./ Dark,  it snowed hard this morn for a few hrs. then sun tried to come through but couldn’t make it.    No mail worth while.   Ann & Milton came in with few pieces of food & Elbert forgot hamberg    then Dian called & said grandpa had called from Sandusky & now from Huron so Elbert gave them 20.00 & they went back to Huron & got meat & grandpa & came back here & got bill all paid & then on there way home,   children were clamoring to go skating, ice skating.   she hoped to come in Sun.

Sat. Jan. 23. 1960./ just think a whole week gone since my birthday.    Elbert washed clothes this morning & dried them in doors.    Well, he’s doing dishes now & it’s 4-22.p.m.    road’s nearly cleared of snow now.    I’d like to write one letter, but can’t hardly Keep head level    No one come except Ann   she got food from store for us.  

Sun. Jan. 24. 1960./ Sun is bright & warm this morning   Milton came in,   said Ann had been to Church & she went out on the pond near them & tried to ice skate with the children, about a doz or so of them with 3 of hers.     so he left her home with Conie & he came here & brought the dogs to let them run    Rlnrty hsd finnrt most ready    he slept late this morning.   We got 3. church this a.m.    I long to go to Church.   My throat is lots better today    hope I can write tomorrow

Mon. Jan. 25. 1960/Sun shone nice this morning untill noon then clouded up.   A letter from Miss-Clark & I wrote the U.S. card she sent & sent it back in the morning    & a letter to Opal with handkercheif in it    & A letter to Herbert Armstrong with $5.00 in it.   & Got to write Mrs. Myrtle Smiths, Mrs. Mrs. Crisco   & hope I get them done tomorrow,   & Miss Mc.Govern.    got dark early    Elbert washed some today    his neck is hurting,    he thinks he sliped a bone tonight in his neck.    No one come in today, it’s now 9-15-p.m. bedtime.

Tue. Jan. 26. 1960./ Beautiful Sunshine alday so far 4-30-;-m. & A letter from Audrey & one from Nellie   belated birthday cards & notes & then Mrs. Smith came in,   I’ll not write her, right away,   her brother has gone to Elyria to live with his son & he’s not well & her daughter has liver trouble & she has them all to pray for & she a poor little old soul 75 yrs. old in Nov.    she said Hensleys were coming but had car trouble.    they hadn’t been gone long, when Frank Bonney drove in,    he brought us a big roll of fish & he gave me 20.00 back I had sent him to pay for work on porch,    said he & Armond were glad they could do the work & hoped to finish it yet.   We had a good visit,    most of his families are sort of under the weather,  but he thought it was so nice out

Tue. Jan. 26. 1960./ he’d come see how we were     we had a very good visit.    Well I been thinking all day about Mrs. Swarthout & pray it all turned out well;    Frank went & then Milton & Ann & 2 youngest children came in for an hour,    he went out to let dogs run & took the next to Conie with him,    Ann wanted prayer but Conie wants all the attension & pesters her mother so much she can’t get the spiritual good she would like to get    I can’t see Why they don’t make her mind,     they spank her, then pick her up & hug & kiss her & she don’t shed a tear.    I pray God will help them While they have the chance to make her mind,   she’s a pretty child & does cute baby things but I’ve seen those things to turn & hurt more than making them mind.    Now Ann & Betty & Annie are going to Church up to Berlin Hights,   I pray God will take over the service. 

Wed. Jan. 27. 1960/  Today is another dark day & we enjoyed Tue, it was such a bright & joyful day & Praise God in all things & for all things,    We received a nice letter from Boys Town Nebraska & thanks for the 5.00 we sent to help take care of the boys Who have no other Home.    We received a letter or note from Mrs. Socack Loura Ann’s first mother-in-law, who takes care of Loura Ann’s 2 children by her first husband,    she sent a very pretty card wishing us well & saying they are all feeling better again,   they’ve all had flu & hard colds & Loura Ann sent a note in with the card   note  a very nice sounding note full of trouble & of sorrow,   God of Love & Mercy I pray right now that Thou will take Loura Ann into Thy Keeping & help her get back onto the right path before it’s to late & guide her safely Home to Thee,     Fred would be broken hearted if he was here & could see & know what’s going on.   Oh, Jesus take charge over her Amen

Wed. Jan. 27. 1960./ I talked to Mrs Payne Tue- they have been enjoying good services & are all quite well.    Elbert don’t feel so good today,    we had dinner & he’s sleepiing.   So foggy can only see as far as the tracks.    I didn’t get any writting done Tue.   Well Milton & Ann came in & we had such a good visit about the meeting at Berlin Hights last night    they were here about an hour & they brought our milk,    the milkman don’t stop as he should & we run out of milk.   Nelson Eddys birthday.   Ann brought a piece of cake for each of us    We always have prayer before she goes    Milton is begining to get inter-ested to, but some things are good & some not so good.    We are praying for faith Wisdom Knoledge & Power.

Thurs. Jan. 28. 1960./ Pa’s birthday   he’d be 99 yrs old.    Well, It’s been & still is terribly foggy at 15-to-3-p-m.    I received a letter from Allie Anderson   Ann’s mother-in-law from Rome, Georgia.    she said it’s terrible cold, 12 below & she’s hoping it will soon get warm again,    the Erie Co. Reporter said a large flock of Robbins, were here Jan. 27.   maybe they were hunting for a warmer place,    Well its fog is so thick we can’t see more than 200 ft. away    can’t see road to top of hill or to rail road crossing.    Elbert says it’s not very cold out side.    Ann called up & Mrs. Payne, but Betty has to smoke, so has to save her money for the devil & not for gas to go visit the shut-ins     she goes to Church with Ann    I pray Jesus You will do everything to bring her to Thee,    I got a letter from Fred Gordon thanking him for the dollar I sent.   How much I’d like to give help to them all that are working for the Lord.    Help us Jesus.

Fri. Jan. 29. 1960/ It rained a little in the night & the fogg is mostly gone down & not very cold.   No worth while mail today    & I’m feeling to bum to talk    wrote to notes yesterday.

Fri. Jan. 29. 1960./ Milton Ann & Cathy came over    Milton brought the dogs to let them run,    Ann forgot something & had to go clear back home & then she & cathy went to the store to do her shopping & she got a hen for us & cough drops & cottage cheese,   he paid her $5.00    he put me in the wheel chair for & hr.    I’m so week & sweat so bad I have to have another dry gown for bed, this one is almsot dripping wet    They have gone home    We’ve had supper    some foggy & so dark, but not very cold, damp     Sun was sure nice today,   I think everything enjoyed it.

Sat. Jan. 30./ Mrs. Hensley & 4 children came in & visited a little    While they seem to be good children, they got the car fixed for much less than 1/2 what garage had ask   they wanted 200.00 dollars,    they are happy & I don’t blame them.   they fed 10 this a,m,    she said she cooked 14 eggs for breakfast,   there are 6 in there family & 4 more is a lot more to provide for.    Well I know what she means,    We use to have John & Nellie & there six for a week & P, & Fred & Ethel for a few days & Martha & Audrey for few days,    Pa was here most of the time & now I can’t cook & they seldom come even for & hour or so to visit.    people ride a free horse to death;    Well, it’s over now 13 yrs. noise & confusion & all there dirty tricks    I didn’t keep my diary all those yrs,  it would have been terribl & some of it horrible & discaacful.    Well Milton came & put me in chair & helped Elbert to turn mattress & Elbert made bed again & then put me in it again,    I’m terrible weak    Milton let dogs run a while    then went home,   & it so foggy  thick fog.   I lay half dead for several hrs. to weak. 

Sun. Jan. 31. 1960./ Wyn’s birthday   she’s 85 today   the only one left in her family    Aunt Edith  Georgia & Aubrey all gone on.    Oh if we only knew we belonged to Jesus, we ha been & still are shut in with fogg, I felt

Sun. Jan. 31. 1960./ so bad I didn’t eat dinner at 2-p.m. the Nagerine ministe, his wife & a young man & Miss Clark came in    they sang & played accordina & read 14th Chap of John & sang some more hyms,  visited a little   prayed & then went home in the fog.  God ans. my prayer & sent them, Praise His Holy Name,  it was so good & we appreciated it & thank God    & now we must call Ann & Paynes.    Elbert says air is so wet, We can’t see corner fence post.    Elbert called Ann “busy”  & then Payne’s   no ans.   

Mon. Feb. 1. 1960./   It sure was thick fog   couldn’t see only the outlines of the trees close to the house & this morning we can see railroad & highway,    but, it’s very thick beyond them,    My throat’s better praise the Lord,    there’s something wrong with me    I sweat day & night,    I pray God will in Jesus Name have diminon over every portion of me,    I thank Thee Jesus.    We received letter from Ethel Hendrickson & they are going to Florida Feb. 7. 1960. to live in there house they built there,   the renters have moved & she is going to live there alone,    Walter is going to still do do his work in Elyria & room & board there & he has a yr. to work yet, before he going to get social security & so Ethel will have a long vacation all alone,    she says if she don’t get to home sick.    Mrs. Payne called & said they maybe over tonight,    they went over to Bellevue Sun & to Port Clinton Sun. evening.    A young woman called from Chevelet garage want-ing to come demonstrate a car for me,    well I told her my condition & she has arthritic & is only 26 yrs. old,   said she might call & talk to me;   it’s so Dark & only 3-p-m.   Ann & Milton came in for & hour tonight,    Payne’s, were coming but they been having sore throats & he decide to go to Port Clinton to revivil meeting.

Feb. 2. Tue. 1960/ Sunshining & woodchuck can sure see his shadown good.    My throat’s a lot better praise the Lord & I’m not quite so shaky.   Just received a letter from Mrs. Crisco,   she says all are well & she’s praying for Elbert & I & was glad to get my letter  asks I keep praying for her boys,    I do thank & praise God He hears & ans. Prayer.   Praise His Holy Name    I want to write few letters & am so terribly weak.    Elbert’s goll & blader was paining him bad last night    We prayed & God heard & took the pain & I trust the cause of the pain a-way,    he gets worried & that don’t help,   he looks better today & I feel so terrible weak,    I pray for each one & that Thou will keep them in Thine own Way Amen    I pray for the meeting at Berlin Hights & that The power will so fill each one that they will be  able to help some one else, just now touch them Jesus blessed Jesus,   touch me & fill me, Amen

Wed. Feb. 3. 1960./ I will lay my hand on my throat & thank Thee Amen.   Well I did & Jesus has taken the sore throat away    Betty brought Opals picture  a color print this after noon    Sun was so nice today & Betty came in & stayed untill 5-p-m.   I did-n’t feel able to write anyway.   Betty brought can tomatoes    We were just trying to cut & fit a patch on Elberts pajama jacket so that’s a job for tomorrow,   I felt punk today   wrote five letters Tue.    to much.   but Elbert was sleeping & I let him sleep untill 5-p-m.    I gave Betty 4 wash rags.    I didn’t feel like just sitting & doing nothing so Kept writing.    We haven’t any snow now but had heavy frost last night thick & white.   Talking war. 

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1960./ Elbert got his check Wed.  that was yesterday.   Beautiful sunshine today,    a note from Mrs. Armstrong this a-m. & the Erie Co. Reporter News Paper from Huron.

Thurs. Feb. 4. 1960./ Then man came & wanted us to pay 3.50 per. yr. for paper    Betty came & brought the bu. apples Elbert had ordered & a few golden delicous, they are good.    I prayed for her yesterday & she felt so much better before she got home,   she said & pain all left her side    she went home 5-30-p-m.   We received Mrs. Armstrongs note again this morn.    They are having missionary meetings up un till Feb. 9.    Wish I could go listen & see the picture slides they are showing

Fri. Feb. 5. 1960./ The 3rd. Was Jim’s & Jean’s birthdays   I can’t remember how old they are.    Sat. Nellie will be 63.    Well. we talked to Ann & Betty over phone this a-m.    Ann & I were going to pray for L.M. at 9-p-m last night & so we did & he got up    felt so much better, he went to school,    but Dian & Ann are feeling punk this morn    Dian didn’t go to school.   Oh, Jesus, help Ann with her burdens.     Light bill come this morning $1.11 & Betty come & has gone to town to get us a few grocery’s   only had 5.50 for food,    We paid her 3.50 for apples & gave her a dollar for her gas.   she’s been gone half hr. now.    & she got back 5-p-m.    she said she was going home give boys a bath & there supper & take them to her sisters while she goes & helps Bud pack apples for Cincinnatii a truck load,    they put them in celaphane bags & they put clamps on to hold them shut.    We gave her 5.50 for food & she charged part of it so we owe 3. something for food & meat.    Elbert gave her $3.50 for the apples & I gave her 1.00 for her gas.   She had cup coffee & talked untill most 5-30-   then took off as young folks say “for home.   God help her.

Fri. Feb. 5. 1960.  Mr. Mound stopped in on his way home from Cleveland,   he gave Elbert some second hand pants,   he visited some, said they had looked at the old Sanders home & thought it was to large to buy,    they’d like to get a place along here some where half way between Sandusky & Clevel-and,    he & his wife are photo-grphyers & they have money.    Elbert didn’t feel like getting us some soup but he did, & he really ought to be in bed,    he called Ann & she’s bad tonight.

Sat. Feb. 6. 1960./ Nellie’s birthday   she’s 63 yrs. old& still teaching Kindergarten half a day mornings   has to go to bed soon as she get’s home.   No mail today.   No one called or came in.    It’s been snowing & raining all morning & is still at at 5-p-m.  Damp & chilly.

Sun. Feb. 7. 1960./ Dark & Cloudy,   the sun came out for a few minutes several different times & it snowed a little at same time,   snowed a light blanket of snow last night & it’s mostly gone at 5-P-M.    Mr. & Mrs. Payne & 4 children came in for couple of hrs. & checked up on Church serves & they said “so called” REv. Price run off with one of the women of his church choir,   they each had 2. children    Well the bible tells us to beware of the likes of such.    We haven’t heard from Ann today.    Payne says the meetings have been good all week.    & some come to the Lord.    Elbert called Ann, her cold’s bad, the rest were alright    I’ve thank Thee Jesus & pray all will be well with thine all over the world,   Give us health & Power through, Thee, Amen.

Mon. Feb. 8. 1960./ Dark trys to snow & to rain    No mail today,   no one called or phoned.    I had bad time with rash for an hr. or so    water burned it so terrible bad seemed as if it would kill me but I called fond to Jesus & now its better Praise God.    I don’t feel able to write today.   no snow on ground,   Wet, damp & chilly     Elbert’s washed 3. nightgowns & rags for noses   good breeze & they dried.   He’s sick with flu. & don’t feel able to work, God helps.

Tue. Feb. 9. 1960./ We thank Thee Jesus for all things.   It’s warmer out & mostly cloudy, sun does come out once in awhile    Letter from Vera & they are having there troubles to.   Elbert’s washing & he’s a long way from 

Tue. Feb. 9. 1960./ being able, but it seems to help to keep him going,   wish I could work.   Well at 7-P-m in come mrs. Crisco, her Sister in laws   Mrs. Gants & I didn’t get the Names of the other Sister    Oh, we had a wonderuful time testifying & visiting & praying  Praising God & thanking Him for all our many blessing,   it was snowing when they come & began to rain before they left & they nearly run in to the ditch but Elbert help them get back on the road & on there way. home.   I pray God’s Blessing on them,   they brought two boxes of prepared food & caned tomatoes & rubarb & seeral cans of jam & jelly. & she brought back my crochet she accidently took one time for an-other package.    Oh, God they are all so good to us.    Bless them & keep them close to Thee,   I thank Thee & Praise only Thee, Amen.   Mrs. Gantz lost her car keys & Jesus help them find them & He did, Praise His Holy Name.   Well, I Praise God in Jesus Name for All & for sending in His children to lift my Spirit    He’s a wonder Saviour & Physcian;  I love Him.

Wed. Feb. 10. 1960./ Rained & been cloudy & Dark   & no one came in today    Received letter from Miss Clark of Vermilion with 2.00 in it & a some news,  she’s feeling quite good again but still weak & a wonderfully good letter from Viola Wolf from Bellevue, she said God has kept her well & close to Him,   but, every jone else had the flu & house been corin-teened    no one alouded to go in or come out for 2 weeks & just yesterday Tue. They were set free again,    poor Mrs. Wright had flu. bad & is so weak,   May God help her & strengthen her, I thank Thee Jesus & pray for each one of thine all over the world, Amen.   Ann called, said she was better & didn’t go to Berlin Hights last night    It was a bad night & morning snow gone before    warmed up before noon though.

Thurs. Feb. 11. 1960./ Bad morning or dreary,    it’s trying to snow then rains a little    it’s colder now 3-50-p-m.   Edna & her little girl Patty came in at noon & visited a couplle of hour & told us what news they had,    she said the little girl Cliff backed his car over had got O.K. & they had moved to Washington D.C.    they were ready to go & so all’s well      Edna said they were or seemed to be very nice people & their little girl stayed a day with Patty before leaving.    Her own folks are as well as usual.  she brought us a big piece of cake,   it’s good, but I like Ann’s better, now isn’t that terrible.    Edna was given the receipt by a woman that works with her & she paid 300.00 for it.   Edna been laid off again   says she don’t care so much if he don’t get it to.   Well, it’s cold & dark,   I don’t feel able to write.    Elbert ordered 3 ton of coal & it come right after dinner $55.00,   boys oh boys, not much back out of 3 $50 he’s. Well Milton & Ann were coming to take Elbert to Huron to get groceries & it’s 4-10, & they’re not here yet.   they came & boys went to Huron & Ann & I talked Bible scripture,   boys got back   sleet froze on front steps.   Sun went down last night like a big round cake of ice & after dark it thundered & lightened hard for & hr. or more,   felt like the eaerth shook,   but Dark tonight  windy & quite cold.   Well, we didn’t eat dinner, had supper 7-30-p. m.  & are late getting to bed   it’s 11-30-p-m. now. 

Fri. Feb. 12. 1960./ Lincoln’s Birthday./ Well it snowed & the ground was white this morning.   1. letter from Opal.   Snow not melting very fast   it’s quite cold out.    The gas tank came this morning $9.43 so we don’t have much left of our checks.   I put the money we took out of the savings $60.00 back, out of my check.   & food is terrible high   2 labs beef shank cost 

Fri. Feb. 12. 1960./ $2.28, highway robery.    sun came out fe times & while it shone it snowed,   it’s getting dark & trying to snow again,    Well I hope to get at the writting again soon.   I’m still to weak,   it’s 2-30-;,m. & so dark & Here come Mrs. Hensley, her 3 children “she left the baby with her husband at home” and was with her sister-in-law,   they are going to W. Virgina tomor-row for 6. days & it’s snowing now part time,    it’s dark,   I have light on to see to write   it’s 6.p.m.

Sat. Feb. 13. 1960./ Dark day   sun shone a few times & snowed while sun shone   got real dark & stayed so dark at 5-p-m.   I fasted untill supper time, then we ate chicken for supper    Ann called tonight    she’s better but hoars    & Betty is better.    Letter from Armstrong thanking me for 5.00 toward Lord’s work.   & got flower book from Spring Hill Nursery,    Radio sounds as if things are getting worse,    Russia is going to buy Cuba’s sugar then see what U.S. will do,   every one seems to be ready to fight at the drop of the hat.    Virginie getting big snow storm tonight,   it’s colder here tonight, tried to snow but don’t amount to anything.   I’ve felt worse today    this is first time I set up, all day.

Sun. Feb. 14. 1960./ It snowed last night & it’s a lot brighter out side,   most of the snow is melted,   the sun trys to shine & it tries to snow.    Ann called last night    everythings O.K. with them,    she saw Mr Hensley & says he looks terrible, he’s been having flu & has some trouble    I have has to watch what he eats & takes insulin      snows every little while.   Elbert made chicken balls for dinner.   Well, no one called up so far,    I took my bath & washed privaates in soda water,   the rash & itch has been almost unbearable,   God touched me last night    it’s better today,    I don’t feel like setting up,    Milton & Ann came in for an hour or so    she brought lemon, pie 2 pieces & bowl of po-tatoe salid & before they 

Sun. Feb. 14. 1960./ they had been here but few minutes when Betty & Bud came,   they brought us 1-pan tomatoes & 1. whole lemon pie,   I, & we appreciate all the things of love they bring us.    We had a hard night last night,    my cold was so bad & the itch most killing me    Elbert prayed & so did I & ask Him to help me & then we thanked Him & Praised Him & He soon stopped the itch & my head cleared & in a short time,  he Elbert went to his bed & we both went to sleep for 2 hrs.   then I awoke & trembled but to-find I was better,   Oh, Praise God from Whom all blessing flow, Glory to God on High forever & ever.    The Children went home to get ready for Church.   We had a lunch & Elbert is laying down resting.   & I’m praying for God’s children all over the earth.   I thank Jesus for the wonderful strengh He gives me. 

Mon. Feb. 15. 1960./ Elbert got up & did part the wash & moped up the floors, gave me my breakfast, most noon, ate a lunch hisself & had to take pan out twice for me.    I talked to Ann   she’s sick & frightened   she thought she was in bad shape with a severe pain in left lower part of bowels     she had called earlier & Elbert talked to her    I prayed over the phone for her & she said she felt better & I’ve been thankinig Jesus & trusting all is well,   We sure do get our faith put to a severe test every now & again,   We Love & Praise Thee Jesus now & ever more, Amen.   No mail,   No one come in today.   It’s 4-P-m. sun is getting covered up & looks cold.    radio says snow tonight,   Ann called   says she’s lots better since we prayed over phone so much so she did out her wash this after noon & called on Betty    little Frankie is having flu.    Betty is feeling better,  8-15-  We have to get ready for bed   long night

Tue. Feb. 16. 1960./ Sun made little shadow this morning but been dark most of the morning.    A letter from Audrey,    she just has-n’t felt like writting,   she hasn’t had much work   she & Gertie & Jean went shopping one day in last week.   Bill & Jean are moving to Eastside of River    Bonita & Glene were talking of moving, too bad that she & her mother can’t get along, they have always fought,   it’s terrible,   Nellie’s sold her car & Glene has bought a car for them, his family    & so if they do move it will be hard for Nellie,      Audrey was over & called on Wyn    said she was surprized to see Wyn feeling so well after so many sick spells,   she’s 85. yrs. old.   & Mrs. Hoffman is 80 yrs. old, our neighbor at the corner of the road South   she lost a son 55. yrs. old. Sun.   If we were only ready when we are called.    Audrey said she had to write to Ella Jane so she must have had a letter from her.    I owe her a letter all so. & many others.    Hope Betty’s boy is better today    Ann thought she would go to church or the prayer meeting they have at Berlin Hights in private home Mr & Mrs. Canaberry   It’s terrible dark at 10

Wed. Feb. 17./6-30-p-m./   I read & we got a letter from Mrs. Ralph Betze,  “Mrs. Edna Betz”.    she is affected with arthritic & walks on crutches & has married son who lives with wife & 10 months old baby in her appartment up stairs.    Ann called & said she’d be here tomorrow & bring the wash.   Dark tonight   Snowed last night  covered ground,  melted off today,   not cold tonight.

Thurs. Feb. 18. 1960./ Turning colder,   No mail   just Erie Co paper & add.    I been feeling sick since last night & have laid down most of the day    it’s a dark cloudy day 4-p-m.    Elbert’s frying chicken balls for supper.   Ann & Milton said they would be here tonight to put me in the chair.   Ive thank God   He takes care of us & I hope things. will soon become better for us in the ways we need.   Milton & Ann came after supper & set me in the chair & the boys

Thurs. Feb. 18. 1960./ went to town & got a few necessary things,  while Ann & I talked the scriptures over & then boys “Elbert & Milton” came back & we all visited while Elbert turned mattress & made up the bed   & then Milton lifted me in bed,    he & Elbert talked a little while    Ann & I had prayer, Praise God, Amen.    Milton brought the dogs & let them run while he was gone.   Colder tonight & may  snow tonight    it’s so Dark.   The gas tank came on the 12.   We thank Jesus for all .

Fri. Feb. 19. 1960/ Frank Babcock’s been gone 27. yrs. today    sun trying to shine & trying to snow.   & I really got up 10-30-a-m.   eyes are so hazy but hope to write a little today.   God of Love & Mercy I pray in Thine own way Thou will turn the girls about face before it’s to late, in Jesus Name, Amen.   & I’m praying with Ann for her husband & family & for Elbert,    I thank THee that he’s a real brother, one that likes to do for me, as I have done for him, in Jesus Name.    I got a letter from A.A. Alen few days ago & today one from Wyatt & one from Armstrong.    I sent Roberts 5.00 & ask for 6 subscriptions how he sends them & I forgot to copy the names   one was Eva  one to Ann & can’t recall the rest,    Ann called   she’s been fasting to-day, may God bless her & strengthen her faith    Oh, God, in Jesus Name.   Dark early tonight. 

Sat. Feb. 20. 1960./ Cloudy this morning    Wind gone from N. East to West    sun came & is so bright & make me feel like getting outside    I was in such misery last night    I had Elbert call Ann to pray for me,   she called Bellevue Minister    they said they to would pray & then would come over at 1.p.m, & lay hands on me & pray   it’s 3.30-p.m.    they haven’t come yet   & Ann was going to San-dusky today,    Milton will be & so will she,   so angry.   Well I’m better today & able to sit up,   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus more than I can tell.   3. letters & 1. card, Inez letter, Nellie card, Vera get well letter & Annabel Bob.

Sat. Feb. 20. 1960./ Inzez received Daily Blessing book and says she reads it every day in the morning.    She says she’s feeling lots better & stronger & cooked a meal for 14. for thanksgiving dinner.    She is still going to the little church near her & getting benifits from the Lord.   she don’t know the Lord as she ought to, & neither do I.   Bob & Anna-bel & there children all been having there troubles & I can’t remember what Nellie had to say on a card.    Mrs. Armstrong called on phone from Beaula Beach & wondered how I was & that Miss Clark had called her,    well, I haven’t been able to write, but, did write 4 notes Fri. to Armstrong, mrs. Hensley, Mrs. Smith & Edd & Dorthy Rosecranes.    Ive read my bible & studied it.  some this a-m.    Ann has called twice   I guess they will be all upset,    I’m so sorry about it,   she came & spent an hr. visiting,   she was alone   said Opal’s mom was over to there house,   he said he had the promise of a job for next week,   she didn’t know where he would stay    she was taking the children to some doing at Berlin Hights. 

Sun. Feb. 21. 1920 [should be 1960]/  Dark all morning snowing off & on & we had two heavy snow showers    They had bad earth quake in Algeries 18 dead & over 100 hurt & they don’t have full account of it.    We ate dinner late about 1-30-p-m.  & Mr. Payne & Mr. Hopkins came in for an hr. or 2.   & we talked Bible Scriptures & prayed & said they felt better.   Hopkins was going home to take his wife & children over to Mrs. Gillepsies to a party for the children, so they said, she’s tempting them & they “Hopkins” is living on a half way bsis.   He said he felt the power when we prayed    I pray Lord Thou will strengthen his faith & draw him closer to Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.   Snowed a gale twice & sunshining   quite bright.    Ann called   said she & children went to sundayschool & to church this a-m,    they were coming over here, but now they thought they’d stay home;   Betty went with them this morning to Church,   none of them going tonight she said.

Mon. Feb. 22. 1960/ George Washington’s Birthday today.   No mail today.   Dark & Cloudy    sun tried to shine through once or twice.    I got something like hives about 3 or 4 weeks before I left the home  & it has been terrible at times    come out around my arms in bend of elbow in bend of Kneese & on thighs & some on my body & then in my groins & now in my privates & it’s next thing to murder,   it gets better then when I wash off it comes a-gain, it was so bad I cried untill I’m still hoarse,   last night it began again not as bad as before, but couldn’t sit up untill after 1-30-a.m    there’s a swelling comes in left side of abdoman, to, & swells in groins & I get bad pains & it goes clear around my stomach & a congested feeling uper & lower part of stomach,    feels hard like a rope,  I been insulan put in my arms for 4 1/2 yrs. & I’m wondering if I’m getting to much   It’s only through faith in Jesus we can over come    I’ve prayed hard about it,    Jesus showed me to use judgerment,   He appeared to me with a gold crown with jewels in it.    & He said, to him that over cometh God givest a Crown.   Now I pray He’ll show me how I’m to go about it.   It’s to dark to write so I’ll wait    No one came in.

Tue. Feb. 23. 1960./ Partly cloudy,   well I mixed up a batch of bread, graham & white bread & it most ready to put into loaves & biscuits Bakers bread is so salty   everything’s so salty   meats, crackers & everything, it’s hard to eat so we will try some homemade for a change    No mail   guess we’ve been forgotten,   Oh Well.   God forgive me.   We had put some of the bread

Tue. Feb. 23. 1960./ in the oven & was waiting a little for the rest to raise   Elbert had put me in the chair,   I was in kitchen diricting the baking when Ann the Preacher Rev. Gibson & his wife & son & 3 or 4 other women came to the door.    Elbert let them in,   we had some interductions    talked a little    Elbert took out some bread biscuits & put in some more,   then he watched them bake & the rest sang spirituals & testified & then after 1 1/2 hrs. they went saying We feel we got a wonderful blessing & we’ll be back soon again.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thy forgiveness for my weakness & I thank Thee for my healing,   I’m trusting all will come out good in future.   Not cold tonight but, thawing snowed little last night.

Wed. Feb. 24. 1960./ Quite a nice day  partly cloudy, but sun was nice.    A letter from Eva Keegan this a.m.    Well I wrote to her & to Mrs. Armstrong & one to Mrs. Bracketts, hope I can do as many more tomorrow.   Ann & Milton came & brought the wash & took some back to do,  We had a good spiritual visit & prayer & she said they went to Caneberrys & had a good service over there & all who were here, testified they had received a good blessing here.    I thank God & praisee Him, Amen.    Well we had soup for supper & now it’s 8-30.p.m. & dark    was very cold out today    Elbert killed 3 flies on the west window yesterday, Tue.   

Thurs. Feb. 25. 1960./ Cloudy & getting dark & it snowed & blowed a gale 10-30-a-m.    it has done that 3 times today & it’s 5-320-p-m. now,    received letter from Miss. McGovern written so poorly I haven’t got it all made out yet, poor old soul.  she can’t

Thurs. Feb. 25. 1960./ see very well yet & Sarah “she says,” has been her eyes,  now she’s in hospital & I can’t see to figure out the rest of that part,   then she said she was so glad to hear from me,   that she had loved me from the first time she set eyes on me,   she loved my beautiful brown eyes,   Well we met on the St. car & I liked her to,   that was in the 1920 ties & she took my address & wrote me a card & we have written every since,    her sister died a few yrs. ago & later her half brother Mike   & last Feb. 25 her half brother John died,   now she’s had her eyes operated on & wishes she hadn’t & I prayed God would send her a Christian woman to help her & He did,   it was strange,  neither of us knew her but Ann took her & said they’d try to see if they could get on together,   they have & now Sarah’s in hospital   something wrong with her lungs,    I pray God will use her for a testimony for Him, by healing her, but I pray His Will be done, not mine, but it would be just wonderful,   Oh, how I love Jesus because He first loved me.   Mrs Crisco called me from Bellvue this morning,    I haven’t been able to write & she was getting anxious & she ask me to pray for her two sons & several relatives,    She said Miss Wolf & Mrs Wright were feeling better & she had my rayon dress done & wanted to see me, so she called, her husband’s getting over flu. & she wants me to pray for several    I pray God’s will be done in every thing & for each one,   it’s snowing again & radio says heavy storms & 50 mile wind in some places,   I pray Jesus will Keep us   I’ll thank Him.

Fri. Feb. 26. 1960./ It’s beautiful morning partly cloudy & I have read & studied my bible some & have been trying to figure out Miss Mc.Govern’s letter   she can hardly see & wants to talk to me so bad, poor old soul  80 or 85 yrs. old or somewhere there about as I understand it   she’s not alone but has a woman with her & she’s greiving over Sarah who had cold on both lungs,   she says she’s in St. John’s Hospital on corner 80th & Deteroit St’s.   says they tap her lungs twice a week & are going to remove one rib to ex-plore the lungs,    I pray God will heal her, but his will be done not mine    she wants me to write her a card,    I pray all will be well.   No mail today. postman left a card saying a letter was there for me with no stamp on it    Elbert called Post Office & ask it be sent & he would pay for stamp.   God help us to do what we should.   Snowing tonight & Elbert says real cold. 

Sat. Feb. 27. 1960./ I wrote a letter to Miss Mcgovern & 1. to Sarah, but mailed them both to Ann   she didn’t give me Sara’s last name    I fix it all but writing in last Name & put it in with Ann’s to mail.   Postman left us a card Thurs. saying there was a letter for us & no stamp on it    Elbert called Office & told them to bring letter & it came this a.-M.  a letter from Frorida from Ethel,   she don’t like being there alone,   thats all the maile except Farm Journal.   sun’s trying to shine. & is shining good now 20 to 5-p-m.   Was colder tonight.   No callers. 

Sun. Feb. 28. 1960./ Elbert walked to other side of highway what Ann & cups [?] were hard./ Sun shone long enough for Elbert to shave this morning then it cloudied up & it’s a fine misty snow & rain.    Mrs. Smith came in for 15 or 20 minutes, she’s quite well, her daughter & son-in-law, go some place every day & they won’t hardly let her come in & visit or take her to Church & Camaberrys it’s right across the St. & they wont even take her over there to prayer meetings, how selfish.

Sun. Feb. 28. 1960./ Well it’s 3-p-m.   Ann thought she would be over,    but, hasn’t come yet,   but, she came later & brought, Dian & Cathy & they were here for an hr. or so   Oh God, I hope Thou will govern her life   show her how to govern things as they should be & put a clamp on Milton & some way help him to turn & be gald he did,   they hadn’t been gone but afew mingutes when Mrs. Smith came in right after dinner    We talked & visited a little, her daughter don’t want her to visit long she says they go every after noon & most alway leave her there alone.    Well, she wants hoping to come again,   then Mr & Mrs. Hensley came & there 4 children,   he feels better,   they brought oranges to me,   they were in that snow storm on way to Vir-gina, her, with half socks on & had to wade snow 2 ft. deep & she was glad to get back home   Such a world & we were glad they all came   God Bless them.   

Mon. Feb. 29. 1960./ Dark untill most noon  then sun came out & Nellie & Bonita & Jean & came in   they left baby with Geo.   Ella Jane sent her mother a 3 piece luggage set hoping she’ll come & visit her when school is out.   Nellie is through teaching when school is out & will have enough social se-curity that she wont need old age pension.   they were here & hr. or so, quite cold tonight.

Tue. Mar. 1. 1960./ Beautiful Morning & it didn’t come in like a lion so may go out like a loin    I suppose fishermen will be setting nets in a couple of weeks.   & fresh fish will taste good,    I wish I could walk.   Praise God I know I am impatient    But Lord help me.   Well, Milton & Cathy came & brought the wash & visited about 1. hr.   Elbert had put me in wheel chair & Milton put me back on bed before he left    Ann planed on going to prayer meeting tonight 

Wed. Mar. 2. 1960./ Beautiful Day,   so it looks as if loin will come at the end of the month.   No. mail today.   & I can’t hard-ly use a pencil any more to write.   No one came in today.   Elbert talked a little to Mrs Haufman   she lost her son rather sudden & then she had heart attack    he ordered the eggs.    I wrote to Wyatt & Alen & sent each $5.00 & I wrote to Miss Clark in Vermilion & then rested some.   & had supper,     not very cold today   I didn’t get in the wheel chair today.  We’re better [?]

Thurs. Mar. 3. 1960./ It began to blow about 9-P-M. & kept at it all night & snow came in puffs an in showers all day.   sometimes thick snow & some times blowing a gale.   No postman today nor school buss.   snow is drifted in places maybe 2 ft. & every one seems to be afraid of a little snow    today my old ford walked right through 3. ft. deep   can only see walnut tree outlines    snowing so hard.   We’ve tried to get Ann, but haven’t been able so far, no eggs or or bread delivery today.   & to dark to read or write.   I read bible some.  Still blow-ing agale & snowing,   Elbert’s got coal up & water in it looks as if it will be a bad night out    I’m sorry for those that have to be out & hungry.   Oh God, Please have Mercy on the poor people.

Fri. Mar. 4. 1960./ Beautiful morning,    snow plow been up & cleaned most of the road, bumped mail box & turned plank around   no postman yet.   Ann got call to us last night.    Milton had hard job getting out to work yesterday morning,    said he run way out in a field & a big truck pulled him back onto road   made him late to work, but he got there,    Children all had to stay home from school, buss couldn’t get through.   Sun is bright this a.m. & snowplows working & pilled snow up across drive so no one can

Fri. Mar. 4. 1960./ come in & he put snow so that post man can’t reach the box    We talked to Ann,   she said maybe Milton & L.M. would come & clean it away,    Elbert isn’t able to shovel it    his back is so bad    I pray they will do it.    It’s getting cloudy & will be hard to write now,    I wrote to Frank & Mrs. Crisco.   getting Dark & cloudy 5.P.M. 

Sat. Mar. 5. 1960./ Beautiful Day,   cold raw one,   One letter or 2  I should say from Edna Hall & other from Oral Roberts.    Postman had to stretch to reach the box & Milk man fell & rolled over in snow   Bread man & egg man made it & Milton & Ann made it & left their car in middle of the road & they took Elbert to town, & he did the shopping & spent the most of his check,   he has to pay milk bill yet & then phone    he pay light bill today   & gave Charlie Haufman 5 letters to mail   Frank, Miss. Clark & Mrs. Crisco.   Ann wiped up the floors, took care of my pan & read a psalm & prayed hard for me,   those hives come out in my privates & seemed as if they’d kill me    I’m raw & urin smarts me so bad,   Elbert got another tube of Lanal   it’s so easying or quiting,   hope God will take it all from me for good & all time in Jesus Name.    We are more than greatful to Ann & Milton for all they do for us,    I pray God will Bless them as they need.   Ann said they were calling over the radio for Opals man, Kelly Maynord,   that he run in to a woman’s car & she’s asking 10 thousand dollars damage.    Radio says they had 2 more light quakes over at Ageries & that relatives are trying to dig out some of there families   that they now believe there are 8000 dead.   God have Mercy & help us all as we need before it’s to late.   No wind tonight.   big U.S. Plaine went down off Italy 29 aaboard parachuted to land safly.

Sun. Mar. 6. a960./ Beautiful Day,  it’s cold but sun is bright & mades it beautiful,   I wonder if God will send in some of children today.   A beautiful day & not a soul come near.   I pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for Thy help. 

Mon. Mar. 7. 1960./ Dark & hazy untill noon & my recktom felt so bad & my bowels haven’t moved today,    I feel so miserable.   Ann called & said it was so stormy & wind blew so hard she didn’t get to Church all day,   that must have been Milton    The Plain Truth magazine, Jordon’s little paper & one add came this morning.    I felt to bad to do any writing.    Was Suny all after noon.   Ann said her uncle & father in law came in & father in law out of work & going to stay for awhile. 

Tue. Mar. 8. 1960./ Oh, but it’s a beautiful morning.   a heavy white frost & sunshining, frost glistening & sparkling    it’s quite cold   not much breeze   hardly noticeable.    My bowels moved Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,    He ans. my prayer for help,   I felt sure He would & I feel He will lift Rev. Gibson’s wife,    I pray she will trust & believe.   Be with all Thine every where I ask in Jesus Name.    A letter (air mail) from Mrs. Swarthout & one from Audrey & Roberts, & My Check came to  $64.00    Milton & Ann came in for & hr. or so & Ann & I had prayer together    Elbert took rockers of my little rocken chair & fix plat form with slats & casters on & it’s well   could be a little higher the seat & back will be more comfortable anyway.    Its been a beautiful day,   getting little hazy toward night.   not very cold tonight.

Wed. Mar. 9. 1960./ yesterday & today twins birth days, George & Bonita,  they are 17. yrs. old   it don’t seem possible & Now there mother is married & has 2. little boys,   one’s little more than a yr. old & the other a few months making her five children.   Nelson was 15 yrs. old Jan. 27. 1960.   Well it’s Cloudy    & No worth while mail.    Elbert trying to wash,   he took anicins half the night so he got rid of part the pains, from shoveling snow out of drive.   So far no one has phoned or come in.   Well Mrs. Edna Hall come in just at noon & brought us an apple pie & pink of cream,   she is so good & usually brings us something,   she comes about 18 miles from Sleepy Hollow Milian,   her man was laid off this last week & she off her job,   she says it’s terrible    they have 3 children 2 boys & 1 little girl Patty with long platonem hair  a pretty child & she minds good    Mrs. Gillipsie gave me a busy bee pan,    I gave it to Patty.    Well it’s getting very dark 5 to 6.P.M.   Didn’t get my letters mailed    I wrote Tue. & I didn’t write any today.  to Miss Clark & Mrs. Swarthout.    Elbert’s pains not so bad today as he & I thought they might be.    Police been looking for Kelly Maynord,   they got him  Edna said & he’s in Toledo Work House,   he crushed his car 2. yrs. ago & now the woman in other car has sued him for ten thousand dollars.    Pooor Opal & 6. boys.   Well it’s 6-15-p-m. & very dark now outside,

Thurs. Mar. 10. 1960./ Beautiful Morning   sun’s so bright on the snow it hurts the eyes to look at it    No mail only & add from stark     flowers are pictured so beautiful,   I’d like to get out & start digging & reseting & cleaning up the yard.   Elbert has washed out

Thur. Mar. 10. 1960./ 4 blankets, sheet & draw sheets & night gowns & got dinner,   he’s so tired & his hip starting to hurt    I feel so lazy but would like to work if I could.    I’ll have to try to write some today & get letters cleaned up.   Well, I got half a letter wrote to Helen Pithoper & here Come Mrs. Crisco & Mrs. Grant.   Oh, I was so Glad to see them & we had only got started to visit,   they put me in wheel chair & took me to Kitchen,   Mrs. Crisco had a dress she had given me some time ago   brand new she bought the goods & made it,   & we began to talk & visit & here come Frank & Armond,   they had brought rabbit, & Fresh pork, saucage & lard,   they cleaned a little more out of the drive & then we had a good visit & they left & now Ann called & said they were coming over & I have half a letter done for Helen P. & Elbert’s getting supper & I’ve got to hit the pan.    it was late when we ate.   & Milton & Ann came   he had a tube of Lanacane save      they visited & hr. & went home (after Ann & I had prayer) Not cold out.

Fri. Mar. 11. 1920.[should be 1960]/ Beautiful Morning,  bright sun & a cold North East wind.   I am fasting today & wonder if Ann is.   I mixed up a batch of bread, both white & graham   rested a few minutes & Elbert changed sheet & then went out & repined sheets to line & now he’s laying down to rest a few minutes,   then we’ll eat at supper time, God willing.   I’d like to finish my letter & write to Audrey, Mrs. Armstrong   sent note with dollar in it.   so I’ll have to write few lines to her & I wish Miss. McGovern would let us Know how she & Sarah are    Oh, God, have mercy on them & viola wolf, Amen.

Fri. Mar 11. [should be 12th] 1960./ Well I wrote Helen’s letter & a post card to Audrey.    They said on radio stamps will soon be 5 cents a letter & cards 4 cents. they need more money

Fri. Mar. 11. 1960/ I baked 4 tins bread 2 tins graham 2. tins white & 1 loaf & little loaf in a coffee can.   Joan Monagon will be 25 yrs old tomorrow,   Jim & Jean must have been 27 in Feb.    I wrote Audrey a card & finished Helens P. letter    I hope she will be pleased & ans. it.   No one came in. 

Sat. Mar. 12. 1960./ Beautiful morning.   No mail only the Vitimans & insulan from Drug Store,    Ann & Milton came after noon & before supper & brought the ham-berg & oranges,    they visited a while & went home.    Snyders dog is a pest,   he’s got the mange & stays around here half the time   he’s as bad as [ ?] the boys    they carry the tin cans & through them around the yard & the dog does some thing & he picked up Elberts shoes he had throughed out to grainery & when he went out to pick them up, they were gone & no where to be found,   maybe he took them home,   Elbert wanted soles & heels.   Well, he should have taken care of them.    It’s been such a nice day.   martha’s been married 27. yrs. & Jerry’s 5. yrs. old Jan. 30. 1960. & the twins must be 27. yrs. old    I can’t hardly Keep track.

Sun. Mar. 13. 1960./ Another beautiful day,   I’ll be glad when snow is gone.   They are having terrible times all around the world   2000 families cut off by 7 ft. snow & some miners about 8. men 400 ft down & earth quakes & after 12 days some more crawled out of the wreckage of quake in Algeres & then 2. more quakes.    I wonder if this is the time of the cream horse to go forth to kill one forth the people.   Ann & Betty came & spent the afternoon & we had a real scripture visit & prayer,   they both need more of God’s word & understanding    they had only been gone about 10 min. & Mrs.Hensley & baby came in,    I pray God will reach down  touch them both Amen.

Mon. Mar. 14. 1960./ Well it was cloudy untill noon & then cleared up.   Ann called & her cold seems to have gone all over her    the pain left her head after I prayed for her & Betty called her & said after I prayed for her she felt lots better this morning, & that Bud wasn’t angry with her when she got home,   he was sleeping when she & 2 boys got in car stopped & left boys with Ann’s children & she & Ann came over here & stayed quite a while & the men usually get angry when they stay to long.   Praise God all was well.   I been hunting my bible to find what it says about paying in a tenth, an tith money to Church.   I called Ann    she’s lots better tonight   No mail or callers. 

Tue. Mar. 15. 1960/ Beautiful morning & cold N. East Wind,   Elbert washed his sheet & 2 bed sheets & draw sheets for me  2 gowns & some towels & rags & he aired his bedding & has now made his bed,   he got dinner & has been trying to rest a little    We received letter from Miss. Clark.  with 2.00 in it,   I don’t know why she’s sending it.   she’s been sick   her bowels not moving for 2 weeks    her eyes so bad she can’t hardly read a letter or write one, poor soul,    May the Lord have mercy.   I’ve read & studied my bible & talked to Ann.   she’s going to meeting tonight.    I wrote no letters today, but received one from Allen    I have to read it again   I don’t quite understand it.   Well hope I can write some tomorrow.   Radio says 18 degrees tonight.

Wed. Mar. 16. 1960./ A dark & cloudy da & it snowed a heavy shower sev eral times today    We received a letter from Mrs. Brackett     she’s feeling sort of down & out   hasn’t got the 

Wed. Mar. 16. 1960./ she needs & like me when she looks at all the letters stacked up to be answered, she be-gins to wonder, how she’ll get through & I still wonder if I’ll get caught up.   It’s 5-15-p-m & snow coming down in sort of thick clouds.   They got the 12 coal miners aftewr 12 days  all dead & the 4 men that were last on a mountian they picked up alive with a heolicopter but no more word about the 6000 homes cut off without heat, food or water.   Well, Mrs. Armstrong & Minister’s wife came in after 2-p-m.   & we had a good Spiritual visit & prayer & they brought eggs, soup & a bread cake coolkun/ Kooken,    Oh God Help them in Thine Own way, I pray,    Ann called. & Ministers wife ask me to pray for a Mrs. Anderson   she’s a ministers wife, in a comma who has been a great worker for God in pray & healing    Now she needs a faith-ful one to pray for her,    Help her Lord,  I pray   right now as Thou seest she needs,   Oh how I thank Thee, Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    I couldn’t seem to write.   I ans. Mrs Armstrong letter   now I’ll send Miss clark a card,   Mr & Mrs. Pain came in at 7-p-m.   they helped a man & woman out of the snow drift across from Sarrs.     they had the four children with them & were here untill 9-P-m.   children went to sleep on Elbert’s bed.   Elbert got a St Patrick’s card from Easel.   Mrs Arm-strong got her letter & came to me with Ministers wife. today & she brought me a new kind of pencile & a refill & writing paper so, now I’ll have to write a gain,   Well I’m tired & so is Elbert tired Praise God   I. got a good letter from A.A.Alen, Praise the Lord

Thurs. Mar. 17. 1960/ Quite bright this a-m hot sun but 

Thurs. 17. 1960. Mar./ Partly cloudy & getting worse    I didn’t sleep untill about 5-a-m. so am feeling tired & all in today    Ann called & so did Betty.   Milton & Ann came in about 6-P-M & stayed about an hour,    she told me about the Tue. night meeting,    I Pray God will help Rev. Gibson to keep his flock together & don’t let Sims or any one else brake them up.   There are a lot of things being told & no truth what so ever in them,   I pray God will take care of that group of busy bodys.    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of us & Keeping us close to Thee.   Close to Thee All the way every day. 

Fri. Mar. 18. 1960./ Gas came today/ it was warmer & snow melted some.     Today sunshiny & now after 12-P-M getting cloudy, quite cloudy,    Mail was adds & church paper from Mrs. Armstrong,   it’s now 1-20-P-M. & Elbert’s ready for town,   Betty was going to bring 2. bu. apples    she was going for them & then pick up Ann & Connie & come here leave Ann & Connie & take Elbert & go on to town & get few grociers & then come back home.    Well, I still dont feel to good,   sore in privates lots better but one above rectum so sore   seems as if it would kill me but Praise God He is taking care me & it will soon be over with.    Elbert says it’s warmer out although air is real cold.    Betty came & 2 boys & Ann & Conie,     Elbert & Betty went & did shopping,    Ann was about worn out taking care of the children,    Billy just can’t be quite, into somethinhg every second   a card or booklet about church from Mrs. Armstrong   quite dark at 5-p-m.  & Elbert has supper most ready, liver warmed potatoes, broccolie, cottage cheese fruit & bread & tea.   Didn’t get one letter wrote.    They gave Elbert 6 pencile free with his order at Drug Store, that’s good.   Weeks’s most gone   hope to write tomorrow,   it’s snowing   Only have 20 dollars out of my check 64 left   Often must go for gas soon,  & it came tonight

Sat. Mar. 19. 1960./ Sun is shining & I just laid as one dead all morning,    Elbert didn’t feel good    his feet & head feel so bad it’s so hard for him to shop,     Betty helped him,   he was all in when he got here,   He soaked his feet they still pain him terrible,   he’s resting now,   been laying since 3-30-P-M. & it’s now 4-30-P-m.   No mail today.   No one called or come in,   Elbert called Ann    she’s going to town to do her shipping & get a few things he couldn’t get up here,   gave Ann 2.30 for few things he couldn’t get up here 7.00    it’s quite out no breeze.    I haven’t any am-bition to write.   I’ve felt to miserable for anything.   

Sun. Mar. 20. 1960/ Partly cloudy warmer today.   I was so miserable from 4-a-m un-till after 6-a-m.   seemed as if I would surely die the itch & pain was so bad,     I didn’t eat, but prayed as much as I could,    but, at last He took the pain away but I have laid & prayed all day,   I am sitting for a few minutes this evening 8-P-m. to 8-30-p-m.    now I’ll lay again & pray much for all of God’s people & myself.   trust to feel much better tomorrow    No callers today,   Ann called before going to church.   

Mon. Mar. 21. 1960./ First Day of Spring,    I saw a possum out by Grainery. & a big Owl flew over grainery this a-m.   & crows are yell-ing for corn,   so, Spring must be just around the corner    tempture 27. degrees today.   Elbert says wind is cold,   very cold,  sun comes out bright once in a while,   the snow has melted a lot & still there is plenty left,   lots between Bessy’s & John’s & a lot beween her far corner as far as I can see,    I can see highway & Sanders house,   there’s quite a little snow on the ground in spots,   Snyder’s yard is covered & the ground half way to us,   then ours is covered to hollow   it still seems queer with big Elm gone.   Frank & Armond cut it this last summer.   Walnut don’t look very good.   it will go next.   Ann called   said she asked for healing & they prayed    she feels better & after

Mon. Mar, 21. 1960./ she ask a young girl ask to be prayed for & the Lord touched them all    there were only 10 or 15 people there including children    Lord I pray you will meet the need of that Church.   she made the bread yesterday,   I don’t believe in doing my baking on Sun, but she did & said it was good.   Partly cloudy today & it snowed a couple of times & it’s real dark tonight at 6-30-P-M.    I wrote letter to Mrs Armstrong & finished one to Opal. 

Tue. Mar. 22. 1960./ Wind blew hard all night & part of morning.   Sun shone bright    then, it snowed so hard couldn’t see walnut tree.   then cleared & sun came out & it was still snowing some,   it’s been so all day.   My books came from Allen & a card from Nellie,    I got a St. Patrick’s card from Ella Jane, Mon.   her mother says Ella Jane has gall bladder trouble & is planing on operation Soon.    I pray God will spare her.    I thank Thee Jesus One of Allen’s books is God’s man of faith & power, his life story .”Allen,” & The man whose number is 666.   there are 3 more.   Ann was here, she & Milton & she took one book    I don’t rem-ember which one,   Milton & Ann stayed an hr. or so,   she & Betty plan on going to pray meeting at Berlyn Hights tonight.   Mrs. Rahm called & said she & Mrs. Walters had planned on coming Sat. morning about 9-a-m, to cut my hair so I’ll have to get up   take a bath & get cleaned up.    Mrs. Payne called & said there car give out over this side Bay Bridge just West of Sandusky    Well they got safly back home & Payne’s brother come from South & he takes him with to work mornings & gets him at night.    I thank God for taking care of us & teaching us His Will & His Ways.   It’s snowing hard again,   road’s covered, been cold wind today.

Wed. Mar. 23. 1960/ Beautiful sunlight morning untill a0-a-m.   Clouded up & not so nice,   Edna Hall came & brought us an apple pie & pt. of ice cream & visited

Wed. Mar. 23. 1960./ untill 4-30-p-m.   she had quite a few pictures “snap shots,” her man is still out of work & so is she.   & she came over here all alone,    she had a letter from Opal & said she’d had letter from her man “Kelley” from the To-ledo Workhouse,   Oh, if they would only learn as they live,    I had letter from Edna’s & Opals mother this a.m. & card from Nelllie yes-terday & from Mrs. Armstrong & I have felt to miserable to write    I felt the touch as they prayed last night & feel some better in that I’m not quite so sore, but had to cry a couple times today.    Edna’s pie was sure good & the cream,   ground was covered with snow  this a-m,   but new snow gone at noon,    It’s very dark tonight,   may rain or snow,   Ann called   she went to Berlin Hights to meeting & Payne was filled with Holy Ghost  Praise God from Whom all blessing flow,   I thank Thee Jesus.    Elberts washed this a-m.   Ann took part of it Tue.,    I hope to write tomorrow.   Looks like rain. 

Thurs. Mar. 24. 1960./ Beautiful day,   snowing & blowing a gale & sun shining quite bright    thempture 24 degrees    wind west quite strong,   the snow’s gone on the road   road   some on ground yet.   Huron News paper, the Erie Co. Reporter came & latter from Opal,  she got letter from Kelly & Welfare is taking care of her & boys.   he’s in Toledo Work house.   Well there’s not much news,   no one called up today.   Elbert’s tired   his feet are bad.   I wrote a letter to Viola & ut it in the one I wrote to Mrs. Crisco to give her    it will go in the morning.   Now Now I hope to Hope to get another letter wrote   Fri. to Nell-

Fri. Mar. 25. 1960./ It wasn’t so cold last night.   Bt it’s a beautiful Morning, sunshiny    it scarcly no wind, not cold Spring is on the way.   No mail today    I sent out a letter to Mrs. Crisco with a letter in to Viola    Hope to write to Ethel.   then Ella Jane,   then Nellie,    I wrote to Ethel & now it’s dark    Ann brought groceries.  We bought 3 tons coal $2.50 per ton from a man from South selling coal. 

Sat. Mar. 26. 1960/ I got a good letter from Allen & the book I ask for.    Partly cloudy & I got up & took bath & slept a little & Mrs. Ramma & Mrs. Walter, came & brought baby boy,   he’s learning to walk & talk   a big 10 mo’s old boy   nice looking to.    they cut my hair & washed my head   I thank God they are so good to me.   Mrs Ramm brought me cookies she made this a.m.    They were real good, we enjoyed them,   Edna came,   I thought I’d set in chair for dinner, but hurt so bad I got back just before Edna came & she came all the way from Milan to bring me a tube of save for my itch,   but Methalatum     seems to be healing & cooling    guess I won’t change.   Edna  stayed untill 2 P.m.   We had dinner,   I wrote letter to Betty Clevenger    it’s 4-15-P-M. now.    I wrote one to Allie Anderson Rome, Brahan Ave 536. Ga.    Now to Ella Jane next.     7-P.M.   Ann c7 Milton came in with there son L. M.   they are out Looking for fresh eggs.   It’s 7. P.M. & not dark yet.   Cold tonight & warmer tomorrow.

Sun. Mar. 27. 1960./ Slept late & so did Elbert    had 2 eggs & fruit cup hot water & at 1-P-M. we had dinner,    then Mr. & Mrs. Payne came in & there four children    He was filled with Holy Ghost last Tue. night.   laid on floor for & hr. & then talked in tongues,   he is so glad & so are all the rest who love the Lord.    Been mostly cloudy wind cold but suns warm   cold nights & warm days.   I thank Thee Jesus for our blessings.

Mon. Mar. 28. 1960./ Dark foggy morning,   no one came in today.    Letter & receipt from Wyatt.   no phone calls.   to dark to read or write   it’s 15 to 5-P-m. & so thick & foggy & dark.   God to write Edna.   Mrs. Aker  Miss McGovern & Ella Jane.   I did write Ethel Viola, Mrs. Crisco,   I might write Mr. Baumhart.    I did write Mrs. Betze but not Nellie or Audrey.   Well 8-P-M.   no came in      the tempture going down to 38 thonight,   not cold out tonight.

Tue. Mar. 29. 1960./ Beautiful Day with warm southerly breeze or wind   clouded up at noon & had a good shower    Nellie, Bonita  2 babies & Audrey came in at 1-30-P-m,  was here about an hr.    Audrey brought back my violet & one she gave me    it’s a double white & my fucia & cacti    they talked an hr. or so & went    the sun was shining when they left & is still shining    wind quite strong.    One letter from Mrs. Crisco,   her son & wife from Lorain were soul save last Sun. & Viola is better off than Crisco thought she has a room by herself & goes out & talks to the other patients about the Lord.    Oh praise the Lord,   He hears & ans. prayer,   Glory.   They are praying for Elbert & I do trust he to will be saved.   Mr. Crisco had the flu. but is lots better   she only had a touch of it.    Well I thank God for the good news.   I read my bible & some of Allen’s book,   its so good  both books.   Sun set Red & the wind died out,   fog horn was blowing this a-M. & Pussy Willows are in bloom.   The girls are so two faced,   Nellie, had her nose in the air   she’s so sickining    acts & talks as if she knows it all,    I don’t like to talk to her   she’s discusting   tries to put on airs & looks foolish,   I see her looking at the walls,   I suppose for the picture frames,   she’ll never get them if I can help it.   Audrey’s little sewing machine came back.

Wed. Mar. 30. 1960./ Partly cloudy & we had a good shower in the early morning & midday & it still looks like rain    it thundered this afternoon    I set bread   only made a little,   thought there wasn’t flour enough, but there would have been,    we are in need of flour & a list of groceries.   & Check come Next Mon or Tue.   Well I’ve had a queer feeling & in comes Mrs. Yants & I believe she said, her 2 daughters & 2 grandsons, 2 more boys that has to be watched every second.   bread was baked 15 to 8. p-m.    Well the young Mrs. Grant  a fresh jelly roll    it was good for supper.   Women sang songs, with a great deal of mean-ing, “spiritual” & then one talked about the bible & spritual things,   then we really prayed   then they went    they told me Viola said it wasn’t to bad after they took her from the insane part & put her in a room by herself, but she isn’t happy there    I wish I could talk to her.   But I pray God will make away for her, & care for her.    She could write to the Welfare as she did while I was there in the Home & I believe she could be freed from the Calvin grip on her.    Well, Mr. Mound came in & brought Elbert 5 or 6 prs. pants, some shirts & his & hand-Kercheifs, but they’re all to small for him,    it’s to bad for he needed them.   Well Ann came in just before he left & stayed untill 6-30-p-m.   Milton is acting so disagreeable,    We had a good talk & prayer & she went just before dark     then we had supper,   Elbert baked the bread, 1. loaf & 1 big pie tin biscuits,   he was hungry for bread.   Mrs. Crisco didn’t come,   they said they couldn’t find her.   They promised to be back in little while.   Elbert washed my nose rags today.   Ann took shirts home to wash.   The corns on Elbert’s feet on the bottoms hurt him terribly God help him.

Thurs. Mar. 31. 1960./ Dark fogy morning   get more & more thick untill could hardly see tracks    a damp chilly fog day    We got a letter from Sister & Swarthout   it nice weather there & Mr & Mrs Webber are wishing to come back to Ohio but if they were here they’d wish they were there,   it did get real warm for couple days,   it isn’t cold now   to warm for a fire & to chilly without it.   Well, I can’t help thinking about [?]of the 400 four hundred thousand in Berzill that were flooded out by rain & they said on radio you could stand on the hill & see them come four abreast up the hill,   I wonder about all the animals, horses, cows, sheep dogs & all the stock,   it’s a terrible thing to try to realize    I pray God will help them to thing of Him & try to do His Will & way.   I got a not from Sister Armstrong & she says Vera Whetmer was exrayed & is full of cansors,   she’s in Hospital as I understand the note    I believe she’s 76. yrs. old,   Ann said sister Bouls had a bad spell at the church Sun evening,   they gathered about her, laid hands on her & she got all right in few minutes    she’s 78. yrs. old   I pray God will strengthen her, poor soul    she needs some one to help her in spirit & soul.   Ann called & will  let us know if Milton is going on his weeks vacation withh his father, to Virginia.   She’s going to try to help Elbert to get a little shopping either Fri. or Sat.    Well its been foggy day & not very cold,   the black birds, mourning doves, red birds, blue Jays & lot of small birds, hawks & crows,    Well we had so little fire it went out & ELbert rebuilt it & it was to hot for a while & it’s still rather warm,   my bladder is sick   keeps leaking just a little  anoining.   Well I haven’t done any writing for a few days.    I don’t feel like writing some how,   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen.

April Fri. 1. 1960./ Been very thick fog.   No mail today   not cold out,   Elbert just said a big fly on the glass of the door   N. East breeze getting colder   raw.   Talked to Ann.   Milton called her & said he wasn’t going to be let off yet    they “his father & him” were going to start on a weeks vacation,    Ann said they talked things over last night & they felt better & he said if she changed some of her ways, he might go to church with her.   We are praying & trusting & Now, Mrs. Payne is with her.    We are praying & trusting & Now, Mrs. Payne is being troubled by Satan,    I pray Jesus will stand by her,   help her to be steadfast, give her strength & help me like-wise,   Amen.   I feel so weak,   Bill Snyder had load of lime stone put on his drive & we need a load on ours.  Ann came in last night by herself for an hr or so we had good visit & prayer Mr. Mound stopped & brought. a box of clothes for Elbert but they’re all to small, he’d said he’d stop again & if Elbert couldn’t use them he’d take them back so Elbert put them all back in the box.   Eva called at 9-30-P-M. & visited some,   Vera’s in Hospital   been there several weeks, is now worse   don’t know any one,   not expected to live   Eva said she was over to see her   she’s 77. yrs old.  is full of cansors    Eva fell 4 or 5 weeks ago   her leg & ft black & swelled so bad thought it would crack open,    but at last she can walk & get about again    Mary Ann talked to Elbert &  I    so did Eva  queer,   Elbert & I had just been talking about her & I have been praying for all of them so much of late,   Mrs. Armstrong said, Vera was in poor condition    Eva said she isn’t expected to live.   Lord help us.  

Sat. April. 2. 1960./ Milton & Ann came & took Elbert to town for a few groceries      his head is sore bad he had 5.00 & few cents & I gave him 3.00 when he started to figure up    he’s 2.00 short, now we have to check each time so the money will come straight but we have to do it.   Milton’s father had his teeth out, all of them This morning    God help him    I know how it feels & how hard to endure, to.

Sat. April. 2. 1960/ Ann & I had good visit & prayer.   It’s dark gloomy day.   Just at supper time Mrs. Myrtle Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Hensley & there 4 children came in,   gave me 1/2 doz. oranges we had a good visit, then Elbert & Clayborn went out & got some pieces of boards    Hensley wanted to fix his porch   & then they went,   they wer suprised to see me in the Wheel chair.   Elbert had just started supper when they came so he set it off & we ate about 8-P-M.   Elbert changed the mattress & made up my bed, after he put me back into bed,    I don’t feel as strong as I did before    we had 3. flies. & severe cold & that ter-rible itch,  that just about took what life I had left out of me    haven’t been able to write my letters arousual & after sitting in wheel chair I knew how weak I really was,    well, from now on I hope to gain in strength,   I pray I can get up & stay longer each day.   Cloudy tonight & it rained some this after noon,    I got one book from Allen, The Plain Truth from Armstrong & a long letter from Wyatt & book from S. Hill Nurcery   Well, it’s been a greeat day.   Praise God, Amen.

Sun. April 3. 1960./ Sun came out this a-m. & it begin to get cloudy at 8-a-m, & has been real bad & thick & raining  ssome light showers.   Ann called   said they had good number out to sunday school & 77 to church.   M’s father don’t feel so bad as he thought he would   they want to go to Tennessee as soon as he is able for a week,   he’s like a spoilt boy & he foments most of the time    doesn’t talk like a man with good judgement,   Betty went to church with Billy,   Franky is sick now.   Ann says Bill’s nose is sore way down  to his lip & looks bad.   Ann hopes to get to church tonight.   It a drizzle out side   So warm we slept with windows open [?]

Sun. April 3. 1960./ 8-15-P.M.  Betty came about 16- to 6-P-M & she ate lunch with us & had lunch with us & she left at 8-15-p-m.   she’s had her hands full with Billy & Frankie   they had some sort of flu   Billy’s better but Frankie threw up all last night.    I read my bible & some of the book of the life of A.A. Allen   I wanted to sit in chair but didn’t get there,    Elbert’s feet hurt him just terrible, he slept from 1.P.M. till 4-P-M. he’s tired, I didn’t sleep untill after 5-a-m had to use pan to often.   But Praise Jesus I’m feeling much better again.   It’s raining not cold, quite warm S. East Wind. 

Mon. April 4. 1960./ Gloomy fogy day sun came out a couple of times but mostly Dark & cloudy.   A letter from Mrs. Clark & 1. dollar & she isn’t very well & doesn’t feel very strong,, but the Nazerines are still looking after her    they take her to do her shopping.   Well I was just set to write when Ann & Milton came in    he took Elbert to town & he got few things   till some one of them come to take him for all the food supply.  Wed. or Thurs.    We had such a good visit spiritual & prayer.   We have prayed so hard, God will wake the Minister up & help him to preach, they’ve had 2 or 3 good sermons of late, God hears & he ans. prayer.   Praise His Holy Name.   Help us God of Love & Mercy to work harder.   Milton & kAnn are good to do part the washing. 

Tue. April 5. 1960./ Sun tried to shine through several times & it snowed & blowed a gale.   while it was shining.   Well Mrs. Hensley, her 3 children & her sister in law came rather unexpected & took Elbert to Berlin Hights. 

Tue. April. 5. 1960./ to shop,  they come so late it didn’t pay him to go,   they had to get back on time,   so, Mr. Hensley could go to work, little sister-in-law took Elbert & Mrs Hensley brought her little phone a graph & 6 or 7 records & played them, I couldn’t seem to hear them plain   Well they left & late about 6-30-P-M   Joe the shoe cobbler came to get Elberts shoes to stretch & he came in & stay to visit untill 7-30-P-M. We had a goo visit & I testified for Jesus, then Elbert got supper & I went to the kitchen & ate supper with him, he did out some washing  5 night gowns & several small pieces & nose rags & his feet are paining him so bad,   Joe said he would put some rubber things in his shoes,   he thought would help his feet,   I pray Jesus will help him to get some releaf Amen.    There wasn’t any mail today,   I didn’t write. 

Wed. April.6. 1960./ A very dark day & has been Snowing in heavy showers as it did yesterday.   no one in today   no mail & Ann called & said Milton got a notice Tue he would get a week off begining Fri.   & that they would come Thurs & get the rest of our food order.   so I pray his feet wont hurt him so bad.   it’s to dark to write     another snow-storm  coming.   Elbert is making Aunt Jaminys muffins for supper,   he’s frying potatoes & liver & warming spinnage.   We had fresh spinnage last night.    Well it’s cold out tonight & feels that way in the house. 

Thurs. April 7. 1960./ Partly cloudy but I wrote a letter to Miss Clark, one to Mrs Armstrong & one to Mrs. Sosact & Loura Ann.  I’m so tired,   Milton & Ann came 4-30. & Elbert went to Huron & got the rest of food order.   Ann stayed with me.   Mr. Mound came but didn’t come on he brought farm magazine.  said he was in hurry.   Elbert heard a phesent to day. 

Thurs. April 7. 1960./ today in hollow & he see a big fox squirel yesterday but only a few birds today.   warmer tonight.   Ann has read one of Allens book & took another tonight    fasting & prayer.   A card from Gillispie   she said she preached to 1200 people.   I wonder where. God help us.

Fri. April 8. 1960./ Sun shone early & off & on untill 4-p-m,   Got our checks.   Edna called from Sleepy Hollow,   she was wondering how we were    she’s cleaning house & going home for Easter on April 17.    I ought to have sent her a note, but truly felt so bum.   I didn’t.    I owe Mrs. Crisco a letter & Miss Mc.Govern.   & Ella Jane Audrey don’t write unless she’s in the mood very often, of late, but she & Nellie think Elbert ought to put me in some Home to far away for them to come visit, but it wouldn’t matter to me if they come or not,   they don’t love me or Jesus & He sure Knows,    Elbert don’t want me to ever be taken away again,   he nearly went crazy here alone day & night & no one come to visit him,   he says they are not sisters    Nellie must have been talking to Easel, for Audrey brought back 4 of my house plants & she said poor Elbert he’d have to water them,   she’s never liked him & she turned her nose up like Gertie & pa use to,   she’s terrible dis-custing putting on airs,   I feel happer when they stay away,   Audrey wrote some cards & I read them when I got “home”   she said don’t ask her to come home for you to wait on,   I pray God will take care of them in His own way,   I have always loved & done to much for them,   some day I hope they will wake up be-fore it’s to late,   we both have known for yrs. how they feel toward us,   after pa was laid away, they said   who will take care of Gertie?   they both said & Martha said they wouldn’t,    but, I know pa had it fixed with Audrey, Gertie Kept on working for the Good Will,   she has lived with Audrey & still is  & still works for Good will, pa died Nov. [k?] 1945    She will be 72. yrs. old May 13. 1960.  Such a world.

Fri. April. 8. 1960./ 4-30-p-m. dark & cloudy.   we ate chicken & dumplin’s for supper, spinage, cottage cheese, pears & coffee,   Ann called & said Milton got home ate & he & his father were on there way home to Tennesse & to Alabama & Virgina for a weeks vacation    Ann said she felt lonesome,   but she has the children    I don’t know what that boy of there’s does nights   Ann’s going to Sandusky tomorrow to get shoes for some of the children & Betty is going with her & they will shop together.    I do hope she Keeps her mind on the Lord,   & on her driving.   Well wind’s cool & it looks like rain tonight    Milton expects to be home for breakfast   We hope he’ll be careful.

Sat. April 9. 1960./ [includes Sunday apparently)Beautiful Day   Palm Sun & not a soul came in,   Ann talked over the phone, as yet, all is well, she & children “except L.M.,” went to church & Sun. school & then they & Betty went for a ride, over to Norwalk, came back & stop-ped to talk to Edna at Milan & then they came back home tired   & decided to rest to night   they won’t go to church tonight,    help that family to keep clear    I pray Milton & his father will have occasion to think of God every day & try harder for God    It’s been so nice out all day.   Oh God.   help us to be of more use to Thee & help us to understand, Jesus, & do Thy will & way.   We have listened to sermons & are still.   Oh, we Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. forever.

Mon. April 11. 1960./ I didn’t write Sat. but it was partly cloudy & cool & then so nice Sun. & now the wind is strong penetrating & raw,   it’s strong nearly knocks Elbert down getting out & in,   They say its a lot warmer, 60. degrees today.  sun trying to shine & trying to rain at 5.P.M.   Ann & Betty were here   I gave Betty a aluminum Pie pan 12. in. wide & [?] in deep. 

Mon. April. 11. 1960./ L.M. & boy next door died there hair black,   he promised to be home at 6-p-m. & didn’t come untill 8-P-M. & she went out to look for him   when she got back he was there & the black die running down his face    she took him into bathroom & scrubed his head half hr.   & didn’t get it all off. & give him good talking to.   Betty & Ann were painting this a-m, at Anns & then went back to Norwalk & then back & over here.    Joe the shoe cobbler came & brought Elberts shoes    he was stretching them & put some sort of pad in to ease corns & he took the slippers to fix the heel    stiffining broke.   paper or cardboard.   Well, sun set red & wind is strong  little warmer.   I pray All will be as Jesus sees best Amen. 

Tue. April 12. 1960./ A Beautiful suny morning    I took my bath & thought I’d make bread but, I didn’t get it done.    Elbert’s feet hurt him so bad, he didn’t feel like being on his feet.    Edna came about 2-P-m. & stay-ed untill 4-30-p-m.   she brought a beautiful hyiceth white,   I gave her an aluminum pie pan like the one I gave Betty.   A letter from Miss Clark with 2. dollars in it   I pray God will bless her, & help her in all ways.   It is sure so nice out side,   Elbert dug 2 nice evergreen trees & gave to Edna to take to her mother,    I hope she gets them there in good condition.   It’s 6-20-P-m & sun still very bright.   I was out in Kitchen for couple hrs.   Pussy willow most done blooming.   Ann didn’t call all day & we couldn’t seem to get her.   Such a nice day.

Wed. April, 13. 1960./Beautiful Day,   Betty called & said she was coming & bring another woman to stay with me & she’d take Elbert to town,   he cashed the checks & got little food & meat & got a pail of fresh fish perch & catfish nice ones   they got back at 11-a-m.  & Betty & other woman

Wed. April 13. 1960./ went home   other woman had a nice quite little girl 4 yrs old with her & has 2 children in school   she gave me there pictures.   Elbert has dressed 4 catfish & getting them on to cook.   Mrs Myrtle Smith had heart attack   she sent me & Easter Card   I got it this a-m.   I pray God will take care of her.   Oh, it’s such a beautiful day,   frogs croaking  bird’s singing  red birds close by.   Its been beautiful day.

Thurs. April. 14. 1960./ Been another nice day    after dinner got little cloudy,   Betty called & she ask Elbert to loan her 5.00 & she & Ann came for it & didn’t come in, but then they went to Sandusky.   Betty she wanted to sell her carpet sweeper   did sell it.   maybe she’s got herself in a jam.   she loves money & to spend it,   I gave Ann 2 Dollars for washing & sent Swarthouts 2.  & now I have to send my tith money out.   I have to write to Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Hensley–  Ann & 4 girls came in about 6-P-M. for half hr. or so,   children are so uneasy they don’t give us time to visit.   she’s tired    been cleaning & painting the wash, she took to Huron    she cleaned yard & washed the car & Milton called & is home sick but having good visit    they went in his fathers car & he let Milton out at his mothers   Alabama & he went on to Georgia & Milton said he hadn’t heard from him since,   how ever they planed on coming back home   Anna’s so tired she achs all over. 

Fri. April 15. 1960./ Partly cloudy quite warm   3 letters   Dears  Mrs. Betz & Miss McMcGovern with 3 bills in it   Dears wrote a letter   others were cards for Easter & it rained a good shower & thundered a little & I got 2 more books from A.A. Allen    they are good but I don’t understand my own condition.   Oh God, help me to Know & what to do Amen

Fri. April. 15. 1960/ Good Fri./ rained & sun shone & birds were singing   it’s Spring time & I pray Jesus will help me to know what I am to do & how to do it,    I want to Know if I’m doing anything that’s disobedient to His Will.   Help me to understand Jesus I pray you will,   I feel I must know,   It’s a little cooler tonight.   No one called or come in today    I didn’t write letters today.

Sat. April 16. 1960./ Nice Day Partly cloudy & a very light shower.   I received card & note from Mrs. Bracket & 1. green bills, in it,  “I haven’t any Easter cards since last yr.”  Mrs. Ramm, Womens Legae & Mrs Sosack. & Loura Ann.   Well, I’ll have to ans. them.   Mrs. McGovern 3. bills.    I set bread & baked 4 tins 2 big & 2 little small tins, 2-white & 2 graham & gave Ann a little piece of graham dough for biscuits,   she got a few things from the store for us,  fruit, fresh  the biscuits taste real good,   the breadman came   Elbert got a loaf & showed him mine & he said it looked good.   didn’t have it baked or would have let him tasted it,   Ann had been to Norwalk to do her shopping   she was tired & was going home to get supper,   L.M. was to have worked Fri. & today,   he got in Fri. & got laid off today at noon,   she was worried, the boy he runs around with & one other got laid off,    Ann was worried about it,   she had hoped he could work this summer for Mr. Daniels.   I do hope he didn’t do something wrong,   Well, we have had suppe & Elbert washed bread dishes & left the rest   his feet are paining him so bad.   I pray for Gods love & protection. Amen.

Sun. April. 17. 1960./ Easter Sun.   Christ is risen   Dark & cloudy untill noon, then partly cloudy   quite warm.   We had last of fish for dinner

Sun. April 17. 1960./ Easter Sunday 2-15-p-m & no one came in,   it’s a queer world,   Well Jesus sees hears & Knows, Praise the Lord, now & ever more.   Well, Nellie Bonita & her man & two babies came in & they brought us some ham & glazed sweet potatoes,   they had the babys hair cut   he looks better,  they didnt stay long   Nellie’s legs pain her so bad.    I wish she would go to Allen’s meeting in Penn. & be healed & learn of the Lord   I’m hoping to go when he comes to Cleveland    Mr Mrs. Hensley, the 4 children came in    they were all broken up, his father died suddenly Thurs. April 14th.   some one call them over phone & they got on there way to Virgina for the funeral   they were terribly broken up,   he said there were so many things he wished he had done & now it’s to late.   Oh God Please help him to change there ways,   We never know Who will be called out next.   Well I tried to comfort them & ask them to live closer to God. 

Mon. April 18. 1960./ Milton & his father got back home Sun. morn & the older man wasn’t feeling very good.    It turned cold last night & wind blew hard all night,   but isn’t bad to day,   only real chilly, partly cloudy.   Ann & Betty & 2 boys & Conie came in for a little while & Betty brought 2 pieces pie  a piece of cake, some eggs & candy & she brought some graphone needles    she was going to bring several mo’s. ago.   hope I can use them.

Tue. April. 19. 1960./ Beautiful morning   Elbert’s been washing now he got me washed & give me grapefruit & cup of tea & he’s going to hang out the rest of the wash & get dinner,   I’m not hungry.   I hope to write some today.   No worth while mail.   I wrote 3 letters, Miss. Mc.Govern  Mrs. Brackett & to Fred Gordon & sent him 2. for missionary work.   Well Mrs. Ackert Edna came in    we had a good visit.

Tue. April. 19. 1960./ Edna wiped up the floors & she & Elbert went out & dug some little evergreen trees    I gave Edna two nice trees a least a yd. high & she took them home a Easter time & her mother came back with her & over to see me   she was so happy about the trees,   now I pray they & there last ones will grow & be nice far from home in Kentucky & make them glad.   they took 4 or 5 back this time to some of there family.   she brought us a pt. can of apple butter, home made.   Mrs. Akler looks thiner than when she was here last,   she has so many things she worrys over.   Edna was taking her back as far as Columbus in the morning.

Wed, April, 20. 1960./ Beautiful morning,   it turned colder Sun. night & they had a heavy frost at Sleepy Hollow & the wind’s cold & raw Tue. night, not so cold today,   but quite strong.   The Daily Blessings book was all the mail this morn.   Ann called & said Marcie was sick & ask for prayer   she was lots better before prayermeeting time.   Glory. 

Thurs. April. 2, 1960./ Dark morning, tries to rain,    Letter from Opal this a-m.   Milton & Ann came in.   The welfare woman Mrs Digan came to check on us to see if anything has raised in price, such as coal E. light, Phone, insurance, & such like,   they changed the insurance,   I don’t know if it’s for our good or there’s.   Mrs. Digan went.   Ann & Milton stayed half hr.   His father’s coming to take Elbert to town tomorrow after noon.   Well it’s to dark to write.   Well we’re alone again.

Fri. April, 22, 1960./ Sun shining. No. mail.   I sent out 3 or 4 letters yesterday   Wyatt, Allen, Wheeler Girls.   I wrote a letter today to Opal.   my nose runs & my eyes & I cough & sneeze all most continuely,    Elbert trimed & fastened rose bushes.   Been a beautiful day,   I felt to bad for anything today.   Joe, Shoe cobler was here   brought Elbert a pr. of slipper for around the house.   hard day for me. 

Sat. April 23. 1960./ Been Beautifull day.   A letter from Wyn & Mrs. Swarthout  interesting,   & Mr & Mrs [?] em-in & they raked a little grass out of the peonies & dug 2 nice evergreens about 4 1/2 or 5 ft high   nice ones for them selves & a mosscasua [?]  & took Elbert to town & Elbert did the shopping   he was [w.trd to do ill?] its 4-p-m,    Now it’s 7. P.M. & no one else came in but Joe left Elbert’s slippers on porch,   82 degrees today.   been to hot for this time of yr.   Ann’s been spading, Elbert called to ask about Conie,   she’s cutting teeth double ones & Anns back achs tonight.   Milton’s working 15 hrs. per day,   works nights,   Well I Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name. Amen.   

Sun. April 24  1960./ Well, Elbert changed my bed & I took a bath.   Mrs. Payne called    They Mr. & Mrs Marshall & baby & her brother & a friend who has a car & brought them all,  came in & visited for. & hr. or so   sung a hym, testified & preayed,   then ask me to pray for them  for Mrs. Marshall, for bodily strength for his body & for a job he’s much in need of,   been out of work for most a yr. now & for the old gent & the brother to be converted “Simm’s son,”    now it’s 5-30-p-m.   Ann hasn’t called today,   her back was paining her bad from spading.   It’s a beautiful day  quite windy, tempture 85. degrees.   to hot for April.   Well Milton & Ann came in & visited & hr. or so,   they are having there troubles to    she didn’t get off to church this morning & wasn’t going tonight,   they seem to all be feeling better than they were   Ann admits she’s slipped some in prayer this week,   Oh God pick her up & bring her closer to Thee Amen   be with each of the youn g folks as well as the elders,   Help us each one   We need Thee so much   wind died out tonight.   

Mon. April 25. 1960./ Nice sun. this a.m.  

Mon. April. 25. 1960./ partly cloudy this after noon.   Well, we wish we Knew how Edd Rosecrans is today    Virgina said he has nurses around the clock,  his heart is very bad,  his children Aubrey & Dorthy come each night to him, if he would only repent & turn to the Lord.   Georgia has been gone for several yrs. now.   I believe Edd is 85. yrs. old,  I can’t remember.   No mail today.   No word from Mrs. Crisco,   I do wonder what’s wrong    hope for some news tomorrow.   Edd’s in Oberlin Hospital.   The letter we received from Rev. & Mrs. Swarthout was good,    but, there’s something wrong some where   she doesn’t get the healings as she should,   they seem to want things to go there way,   it would seem we work against God, at times.   It’s better to let Him have His way with us.   I’m so anxious to get up & so God has let me lay a gain with another bad cold,   I don’t want to do anything wrong & pray He keeps a tight grip on me.   6-P-m. & sun is clear & bright & warm.   Wind’s colder. 

Tue. April. 26. 1960./ Dark cloudy & it thundered & rain-ed hard    a beautiful Spring Day.    No mail & to dark to red or write   have to gues[?]’s & Keep mind on what I’m writting.   John Snyder plowed untill it began to rain.   There is vitamins in grape fruit, milk, eggs & I can’t remember the others.   Well, Mr. Payne called,  they went to Virgina & 7 of there folks came back with them & they’d no more than got in & here come another car & 2 more come in  9, beside there family of 6.     Ann hasn’t called today & it’s 3-30 & so very dark;   I’m feeling a little stronger today   I am weak.   Wish I could write.   Marchel faces Keep coming before me,   I pray God you will help them Keep him from temptation, be with him strong & help him I pray in Jesus Name, my Jesus.   It’s fogy raining nice gentle rain.   Wind cold.   

Wed. April 27. 1960/ Little cool alnight  We had

Wed. April. 27. 1960./ just a little fire to Keep the house warm.   Elbert felt sick all night,   his bowels “maybe” flu,   he’s some better to-day,   his feet paining him terrible,   he did out some washing & Ann came & brought what she had & talked a little,   Mr. Cantiberry went Penn & Allen prayed for him & he coughed up a cansor in small pieces,   now he got back home & his stomach began to pain & they called the Dr. & he said take him to Cleveland quick, he has an in-fection,   “Oh Why didn’t they call in the cristians & really pray? Why?”  I cried to God to help be-fore they could use a knife.   They have taken him to Cleveland Clinic.    Ann hadn’t heard anything this morning.   I prayed for Ann & her back & for Dian,   they thought she was getting flu, they’re better this morn.   Oh Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, Amen.   At noon Edna & Cliff & there little girl & Betty & her two boys came in to clean some the grass & weeds out of the flowers    they did a lot,   Cliff mowed the grass in yard.   Edna brought an apple pie & pt. of cream,   it sure was good.   Sun came out n ice & bright & hot,   Dr. Leidhouser came & examined me & said I was in really good condition, good strong heart & maybe I don’t need insulan any more, he said to let him know about the urin tonight & again in the morning.   Had letter card from Audrey this a.m.     I don’t know how Edd is.   I guess our company all come for today & now I’ll have to read, write & pray & God help us stay well, of all things after the rest were gone, if Howard Page didn’t come in with his brother he visited awhile   then [?] Francis was in Cleveland

Wed. April. 27. 1960./ with there daughter Shirley for a few days, they are expecting a baby & Howard & his brother Frank are batching it at Howard’s home,   he is foreman for the lumber Co.   Well he came “he said” to get the wheel chair,   they wanted it back he said,   we told him O.K. & Elbert got it & gave it to him    he has his front teeth all out,   he is quite stought    I didn’t know him   he’s quite gray   looks well & believes in God & the bible & he says those that trust & believe have the victory,  that’s so. Amen.   Now Elbert’s soakiing his feet & it’s 9-P,   Oh, Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free, where Jesus is tis Heaven to be, on land or sea   What matter where   Where Jesus is tis Heaven there.   Oh, Praise the Lord.   A card from Audrey    she said,  hope you are not thinking what I feel you could be thinking but haven’t forgot you, but have been & I am now quite busy sewing    wish I could be free for a while to wash windows   haven’t heard from any one   were at Martha’s Easter Sun.   they have done the outside of their house over in some sort of siding   gray bottom, yellow upper part.    they’ll be seing us some day, Audrey.   That’s that;  I didn’t feel able to do any writing.

Thurs. April 28. 1960./ Haven’t taken either vitimins or insulin since last Thurs & feel better    Been a fine day & no one in or called today,    We received card from Nellie   all’s well.   I read my bible & prayed & never wrote a letter  & tonight about 8-P-M. here Mr. & Mrs. Crisco & Rea Williams & his wife came in, all Holy Ghost people came & such a good spiritual meeting as we had, Glory to God,   I been asking God to send some of His Children,   I told Elbert there was a 

Thurs. April. 28. 1960./ [?] load of strange faces coming & here they were   Mrs Crisco didn’t have much time to talk to me but said Viola’s doing good & they’er having meeting at Clyde & she’s happy & she hopes to bring her & Helen & Mayline over some day soon   The folks were here couple of hrs.   Oh, it was just wonderfull   it was as if We’d always Known each other.     Frank Babcocks birthday   he’d be 78. years old 

Fri. April. 29. 1960./ Dark cloudy morning.   No mail.   John Snyed is still plowing.   I wish we could clean up weeds north of the house    No mail again today,   people forgetting us.   Well I wrote cards to Audrey, Nellie, Frank, Hunt, Hensley Mrs Smith , Seneff, Wasin. & I’m so tired.   Still dark & no one came in but Ann called.   Now we’re going to have our supper.

Sat. April 30. 1960./ Dark day   raining this afternoon every now & again.   Wish we had some more greens   they were so good.   No letter but 4 Mercale Magezines,   they are wonderful,   I don’t know if I sent Richard Acker a subcription or not,    I forgot to write Names down.   Well Elbert called Ann but no word,   Father in law went to Detroit & hasn’t got back yet,   they manage so Ann don’t get car to use,   God knows they’re both like that.   Ann has to take more than her share   God sees & hears.   I’ve been reading Mircale booklets, they’re very interest-ing,   No mail tomorrow.   Look before dark as if we would have a tornado   they had one over in Southern part of Mich,   didn’t know if any one was hurt,   don’t look so bad now.   Praise God & thank Him.   

Sun. May. 1. 1960./ Uncle Wills Wheeler’s birthday 106 today.   He lived to be 91. yrs. old.   It a dark [?] day  Betty & [?]

Sun. May. 1. 1960/ Betty & Ann came in after church & talked about 15 mi. & said they had 91. for church this morning & they had a good service, preachers brother was there this a-m.   They wanted me to see them in there Sun. dresses & bonnets,   they looked well.   quarter to 2. p.m & Sun shining throug bright.   I thank & Praise God for ans. prayer & that the church is growing again.   Mr. Anderson was in a car wreck Sat. morn, so, I did-n’t see it wrong,   hurt his back some more, & they took him & exrayed his back again.   & it’s worse,   she didn’t say if they brought him home or not.   It seems good to see sunshine.   I received, Jan. Feb. Mar. & April Miracle Magazines Sat.   they are trully good & filled with the Holy Spirit, Praise God.   Well of all things if Mr. & Mrs. Weber didn’t come in,   they didn’t stay very long   an hr. or so. & they brought some ripe dates from Arizona,   they were so sweet & good    We had begun to think they wasn’t coming any more when they left whe said she wouldn’t promise but hoped to come again soon & now at 6.-p-m Mrs. Hensley  her husband & 4 children came in for an. hr. or so  exchanging news   & she was feeling bad   she wanted to go to church & couldn’t find the babys sweater,    she said the children were all sick with colds & the bab had to have a shot    she was so short for breath.    she said she’d try to be back one day this week.   35 degrees last night & they say 38 degrees tonight.   I was out in Kitchen & played records today. 

Mon. May 2. 1960./ Nice Day   Wind’s been strong and cool.   Elbert washed this a-m & his feet hurt him so bad    strong S. wind cloths dried good.   Got a letter from Allen & anouted cloth with comands how to do & how to use it.   Jesus please help me to obey & that we both may be happy in Thee   I thank Thee, Amen.   Well Ann hasn’t called up today.   Some one jamed into back of Mr. Anderson’s Sr. car & hurt his back some more,   I don’t know where he is,   Milton & Ann just came in & were here for & hour or so & his father is back with them & Milton is back on day work,   he fogot his smokes & was so uneasy for them he could hardly visit.   Jesus help his heart & soul turn to Thee  Thank you,   Nice for this time of yr. 35 degrees tonight.   We do need few things from store but check wont be here for a week or so yet & not much money left. 

Tue. May 3. 1960./ Beautiful Morning   Wind is cool   Elbert has the wash finished & dinner is now ready    We ate & rested little while then Betty came & her 2 boys, boys brought me dandilines for bouquets.   they’re so full of life    Well I think I’ll send for some strawberry plants Everbearing Gems,   it will be nice to have a few up untill Fall.   Anna’s washing this a-m.   Received card from Audrey   not much news   she says it’s for my weather & it Rained Sat. & Gertie did her washing Sun.   they are like that   they don’t keep the sevth Day Holy.   the little flowering almond is beautiful & the spice bush so fragrant    Betty is going to get few things for us at store.  She made it & left here at 5-p-M.

Wed. May. 4. 1960./ Been fine day   nice breeze from south, no rain & we need it.   Betty was here yesterday   got us a few grociers, but Ann didn’t even call up yesterday or today.   I read my bible & some of Allens books & got rather muddled up   I don’t know why    I don’t talk in other tongues or praise God in Spirit   He he says we can’t go to heaven if we don’t    No letters     I don’t know what’s wrong,   the weather 70 some today & 55 degrees tonigh.   Wind all died out tonight    Almond bush is beautiful & the lavender, white & double purple lilics, also.   Violets.   Myrtle & Spice bush are in bloom.   White & purple voilets & little Spring Beautys    Next week Gertie will be 72. yrs. old next Fri. 13th of May.   It’s like every things dead so quite. 

Thurs. May 5. 1960/ Well a beautiful day, partly cloudy late this after noon,   Well Betty & Ann came 1-30-p-m.  & took Elbert to town & he done his shopping,   he took his shoe for them to stretch & come back with out it,   his feet hurt him so terribly bad he can hardly get around.   Well, he got a bucket of fish   Ann took a few but Betty had tooth ach & didn’t take any   she didn’t feel like cleaning them,   Elbert cleaned catfish & cooked 3. for supper & now he’s gone to clean the perch.   He forgot to mail my letter to Allen,   I’m still trusting & believing for my healing   Betty & Ann both got double teeth  they have to have pulled & they both feel bad.   [?] picked flowers to take home.   We had supper  fish perch taste good   Elbert been tired.

Fri. May. 6. 1960./ B a nice day   sun a little this morning then getting dark & darker toward evening,   no mail.   No one came in or called.   Elbert doesn’t feel very well & his right eye is red & swollen & feels sore & he’s so tired.    I wrote 3 pages to Allen & ask for one of his books (Gods garntee to heal you.) sent $1.10 for it.   I wrote Rev. Armstrong & sent 5.00 & I wrote Mrs G. I. Armstrong at Beaulah Beach & thanked her for her gift of 1. dollar & I wrote Edna & her husband a card & thanked them for the pie & cream, & now I’m tired & Elbert’s feet are paining him   he made corn bread & fried fish for supper    Ann came & brought the wash   she’s going to town   Dian’s birthday to-morrow – she’s 13. yrs. & having a party Sat. 7.     it’s trying to rain    I hope we get some   I thank the Lord for all our many blessing.   Amen.

Sat. May. 7. 1960./ Dark & fogy  not real cold 54 Degrees lats night & 68 Degrees today.   Elbert’s eye is still swollen & his feet are so sore he can hardly stand on them.   he’s been washing & doing odds & ends.   Letter from Mrs. Clyde or Helen Green from Norwalk Memoral Hospital,   she’s able to walk & dress herself & she says she’s home sick,   she did what seems to us a very foolish trick,   she says she sold her home in Lorain   her sisters wanted her to sell it & be where they could come to her,  then one sister died & now the other one just had a stroke & died, last week,   she wishes she could change & be nearer her home,   it’s so hard & I know it might be nice if she could come & visit with us for a week or so    I don’t know a-bout that.   I got letter & receipt from Wyatt & 

Sat. May 6. [should be 7] 1960./ & we got Plain Truth booklet & Edna wrote nice letter & he’s gone back to work   It’s to dark to see to write.   Mr, & Mrs, Payne & there 4 children came in for & hr or 2,   we talked about all things going on in the world today & how thought-less & reckless the people as a whole are today    Paynes 2 brothers from Virgina are up here looking for a house & for work,   one’s a newly Wed & the other has 6 children,   the one without children got a job   the one with children none.   but they‘re are a big crowd 10 children & 6 grown ups.   I pray God will help them to draw closer to Him & that He will draw closer to them. Ann called & said Milton & his father were going to Detroit & get his money & right back   she was having a party for Dian at 6-p-m.  she’s so to tired & wished it was all over & men were back home.   It’s been raining a little slow drizzly rain.   been quite cool & we have some fire every night & it feels good, but I’ve sweat bad all day.   Some how weeks all turned round   They say 40 degrees tonight & 55 degreese tomorrow. 

Sun. May. 7. [should be 8]1960./ Dark dreary morning,  Then Betty & Bud came in & the 2 boys & spent the after-noon   Betty brought me 6 apples,   we talked a- many things, she went to Sunday School, her & the 2 boys, went home & had dinner & came over here,   Ann wanted to go to Bellevue to Rev. Gibsons Church & Bud & Milton told the women they could not go, but Ann prayed about it & I to was ask-ing God to make a way for both of them to go & Ann felt God wanted her to go & her father-in-law said to her  take my car & Milton said if you go I’m taking off right now,   she said, I’m going & he went out & went away, so Ann got into the other

Sun. May. 8. 1960./ & started for Bellevue   she only took some people that were on there way there & she follow them all the way to church,   she said the Lord give her a good blessing & there was a big crowd there & they had a wonderful meeting,   she got back home a 8-P-M & she follow-ed the same car back to Milan & then knew her way from there home,   Milton’s father said Milton had been back 3 times to see if she had got back,   he came & was so angry  he felt like killing her he said,   the three eldest child-ren saw him slap her with force & talk & swar terribly,   Ann Kept praying in her heart,   she went into her bedroom for her night clothes & he told her to get out & stay out,   she took her cloths & went & prayed all night    “now I know why I had to pray with her most of the night”  the children said they wasn’t going to see him harm her & I pray God will keep her close to Him & call loud to her & that He will put objects in Miltons way & help Ann & children & turn Milton about.   I pray Jesus for help for them, for Budd & Betty & boys, for Edna Clifford & there children  for Loty her man & children & relatives, for Payne & his wife & children & there relatives   God we all need a great deal of Thy strength & help.   I do thank & Praise Thee more than I can tell Amen

Mon. May. 9. 1960./ Dark morning we slept late. and it was a drizzling rain   we thought no one would be coming in today but after dinner Edna Hall & Patty 4. yrs. old came in & brought us a big 2 layer piece of pink cake with white frosting on it,   well it was so good we had good visit & she wiped

Mon. May 8. [should be 9]. 1960./ wiped up the floors & then helped Elbert get me in the chair,   it was queer but platform broke & they had to take chair off & Elbert took the wood seat he had made for the wheel chair & put the pieces he had the wheels & put on it & nailed them good & put chair on platform & it’s better than before   Edna pulled phone agraph out & Patty got some recards & we played some of my Hyms   it was so good to hear them again, & Patty got the records & put them on for me to play,   they went home at 4-30-p-m.   I gave Patty some nursery book & the flowers Nellie & Bonita brought Lilacs. & Elbert gave Edna some Pie Mix he got by mis-take,  she seemed pleased with it.   An & her second daughter Kathy came in at supper time & we had a good spiritual visit & some other     Milton was comed down this a.m. & I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for ans. prayer & pray Thou will cause him to turn Wholy to Thee in Jesus Name we ask. Amen.   We had prayer & Jesus touched us & we were glad we prayed for 6 or 8 persons. Amen.   They were here about 2 hours,   I pray Thou will help Ann to win in all things for Thee. 

Tue. May. 10. 1960./ Rainy morning   we slept late   Elbert’s eye is better but he had a terrible sore throat such as I have been having   mine has mostly gone & his is lots better today,   it was 1-p-m. when Elbert got dinner ready & brother Frank Bonney came in & visited an hr. or so,   he said Ruby was coming one day last week with him, then they got my card saying I had a cold & she was afraid to

Tue. May. 10. 1960./ come & today it’s to wet, but maybe the weather will get more settled by & by    Frank brought us a big package of meat of verious kinds.   He was over to see Harvey & his wife & family & he also saw his grand daughter & new baby, great great grand daughter,   they all live in same apart-ment house.   He said Bill Todd died about a week before he was here last in Feb. 1960. & we are all think-ing about Nellie going to California in an air plaine,   her heart isn’t very good,   she looks a me rather queer as if she might never see me again,  or perhaps she thinks I might not be here when she gets back.   Well We don’t know a man over by Betty’s was talking to her just before she went to get Billy from school & when she got back in 15 or 20 minutes some one ran in & said the old man was died   it was a real shock to Betty,   she couldn’t help talking about it,   but I told her God gives us our breath & takes it, just a quick, so it pays to be ready to go at any second.   Oh God help us I ask.   We can never learn all there is in the Bible to Know    Ann called while Frank was here so I didn’t get to talk to her.   Well we decided to call Eva & so we did    she’s feeling all in    said she hardly knew what to do,   she goes to the Dr. she says & gives him 3 or 4 dollars & he gives her a few pills & she don’t feel any better,    I talked a minute then she talked to Elbert & Marry Ann & she told him she thought she’d try to come over Fri.   his feet feel so bad he is-n’t able to cook fish for them,   Oh well;   No mail this a-m.   & it drizzled rain all day    Ann gave me 2 little round white glass placks to hang on the wall,    Oh, you should see all the things hanging on the wall   One of those hols ten comi-dments & other The Lords prayer,   I’m so tired   Jesus help me. 

Wed. May 11. 1960./ Another dark morning

Wed. May. 11. 1960./ Well, one of Sister Gant’s daughters wrote me a letter    I received it this a-m.  & a letter from Boys town   they want some money,   I Know they ought to have it.   It is terribly dark & cool, damp still raining a little    I’d like to read my bible.   I got one of Fred Jordon’s Missionarys papers yesterday   They are good reading & many things to think about.   It’s 12-30-P-M.    Ann thought she’d be over.   Well she came this evening.   We had quite a visit   Mr. Caniberry is home & Dr’s.say he only has 6 weeks to live,     instead of trusting the Lord, he began to take dope & now he is terrible bad,     & they didn’t go to see Mrs. Gilispie,    Milton called Jim & he said Drs. were going to exray & see what’s wrong with her inside,    Ann took my washing home   I’ll give her 2.00 for just washing it & getting it ready to hang up to dry.   she will bring it back for us to dry.   Elbert dug out the sewing machine & partly cleaned dirt off from it & together we tore a sheet into & sewed selvage edges together & hemed the out side edges & got it done & everything put away at 6-P-M.  & I had to be hoisted on bed for pan & let down again before we got the sheet all done,    We were eating supper when Ann & Milton came & before they left  Milton lifted me back on the bed & now we are going to bed.   Its rained all day & is yet.

Thurs. May. 12. 1960./ A letter from Miss Clark & 2. dollars in it   she’s feeling better but not very strong,    the woman that worked in the old Martin Store use to take her food order then bring it to her broke her ankle;  she had

Thurs. May. 12. 1960./ planed on taking a vacation but in a different way.   And Tom & Myrtle are going on in the 4 Square Church & she pitys the congeration & she ask me to pray for some woman     I think it’s one that broke her ankle & bruised it   she in the hospital.  & it’s terrible how gready most people are for money.   Well we had been wondering how she was & Elbert was thinking of stopping to see her Sat. if he could manage.   she wrote a good letter,   she’s half blind,   it’s hard for her to write,   she’s going to the Naz-erine Church,   they bought the old brick Liberary building & having services there.   I don’t feel any the worse for my sewing yesterday & we have another sheet to be turned.    Elbert called Eva & told her he couldn’t get to town.   & he had a bad sore throat,  was sorry to disapoint her, but we’d try later,.   she said she was just as well pleased, for she had some electricians working in the house,   Elbert does have a very sore throat & feels like droping on the bed each time he comes in the room,    I had it & have some yet.   The sun shone about half hr. today about 2.P.M.    I looked at the cardnal   we call them red birds,   haven’t seen Red birds yet.    America & Rushia still rangling over the plaine,   Rushia shot down, of ours,  Rushia has bomb that can kill all human life;  we hadn’t been told a-bout it untill now    Oh God, how wicked can they get.    Thought Ann would bring the wash but she didn’t,   I pray all’s well for she didn’t call.   I pray Jesus Thou will take care of all things Amen. 

Fri. May. 13. 1960./ Gertie’s birthday 72. yrs. old.    A letter from Loura Ann & Mrs. Sosack and a card from Gillespie from Norwalk Hospital,    We have a nice sun & ground covered with fog so sun must be hot,    Welbert says his cold is better    I pray Jesus .   I told Loura Ann Pa left some money in Gaerden Trust Bank in Trust for her & she’s wanting to know about it    she will have to find out about it for herself   Milton Ann

Fri. May. 13. 1960./ came in for couple hrs.   & she brought the washing back.   & we had a good visit & prayer together,   I thank Thee

Sat. May. 14, 1960./ Budd & Betty & there 2 boys & 3 of there sister’s boys came & cut the grass.   Elbert called off his trip to Lorain,    I was glad   I had a terrible time moving my bowels,   Betty helped Elbert,    I don’t like to have them do anything of that kind   there tongues waggle to much some times    I sat in the wheelchair & turned a bed sheet,   Elbert turned the treadle while I looked after the stitching,    Elbert told Ann & she had to tell it right away   & here come the two young Marchels wife & baby today & said they heard I stitched a sheet & was walking around,   Now Betty knows I had to be exposed to both there hers & Elbert’s, naked, & I wonder what we will hear about that,   I didn’t think to tell her, not to tell of it to every one, so what a disgraceful thing    & we don’t have any one to come in, not a woman to help in such a case,   hope Jesus will hold there tongues.   Budd & boys mowed the grass & went home at 15- to-1-p-m.   she’s going to get us a few groceries & be back at 5-30-p-m.    I Praise Jesus for taking care of us, for Elbert sure feels so bad,   his rupture beging to hurt him so bad Fri. & his feet about take the life about out of him.    A letter this a-m- from Sister Crisco & Soul Clinic & card from Gillespsie,   she was in Norwalk hospital, but went home Fri. morning,   Ann stopped to see her,    but she had gone home.   I’m feeling bum but thank Jesus He took care of me.    Well it’s 20-to-6-P-m.    Elbert has supper about ready,    I’m so sore   hurts me to move.   & he says I have eat.   Well we got the eating done & I laid down again & Milton & Ann came in about 8-P-M. & stayed untill 11-P-M. just talking over things & we prayed,    Ann’s nerves are bad    she going to have her teeth out Mon. May. 16. 1960 & she dreads to get them pulled & she has to have them all out.   Well we got to bed before 12-P-M.     I pray God Will take care of Elbert, his throat & feet,   Crisco having some hurt throat trouble

Sun, May. 15. 1960./ It’s a beautiful day   little S. west Breeze not cold, 42 degrees last night,    Elbert feels real bad this morning   his throat’s so sore,   I pray the Lord will heal it & I Praise Him for all our many Blessing,    Hensleys came & there 4. girls & visited quite a while,   She was telling about her brother getting a fine apartment & when the rent is up he’ll have to move    he’s out of work again & no money to pay on the car    she is discusted with them   they come & board & room on them & it takes about all they have to keep going & they did’t go to church today,   they brought me some green onions   Wyn, Virgina her husband & daughter came in for & hr or so,   he was going to Sandusky to look after work today Sun.   they brought new rags & been house cleaning   the daugter is a big girl now.     Milton & his father came & brought 1 box of cough drops & they were & other kind & didn’t seem to work   Elbert’s throat is bad & no jok but how little some people think     I pray God will help.

Mon. May 16. 1960./ Beautiful morning   I sent 3 card 1. each to Nellie Audrey & Gillespiie,    I feel to weak to even try to write.   No mail today.    I will try to write some if I can    it’s 12-noon & so terrible Dark & it’s trying to rain,   it thundered & lightened last ni-ght & poured done rain, then cleared up & moon shone clear & bright   & nice sun untill noon & begin to get hazy.    Elbert didn’t sleep “because of his throat”   all night & I couldn’t sleep knowing how bad he felt,    he is better tonight,  Praise God.   Ann had to 5 teeth out today,   face is swollen but feels O.K., under circumstances.     Betty call up.   Mr Anderson Sr. brought 1. box of cough drops over & we ask for about 8 boxes but God took care of him   I thank Thee Jesus   I did get little wrote to Miss Clark  have -now one to Audrey & one to Allen   I sent him one hundred on request & trusting God all[?]

Tue. 17. 1960. May./ Nice this a-m but cloudy & looks like tornado for several nights   sky is thick & dirty color   no one called & the Lord showed me Allen’s face twice, Mon. & we are in for a big war “religious”  I thank it’s the one the bible tells us about,   the divel is walking about roaring like a lion,   the war will be like the one with Williams Jenning’s Bryan & Clarence Darrow -row & teachers of the Godless Atheism, God help us.

Wed. 18. 1960. May/ Nice Day.  damp air.   letter from Allen about book, I sent for    I wrote letter Miss Clark & Allen & sent $100.00 & I wrote one to Edna today.   I received a long letter from Mrs. Armstrong asking for prayer,   Wish I could talk to her instead of writing  what she wants to know about.   Hawkins Church but if the preacher thats going there to help him is is as good as she says he is it wont take him loong to find out what Hawkins is .   No one came in today    Elbert called Ann & she’s feeling better.    I was out in Kitchen & I cleaned the top of the cabnet off & Elbert put clean papers on the top & wiped up dust    Well it looks lots better, throwed away some & put away some. 

Thurs. May. 19. 1960. Audrey write for 19th  So today is for Fri. 20. / God taxes ready to go/  & a letter to Edna Hall   Well, it’s a little hazy today    my bowels moved hard but Praise God they moved    I read chapter in letter to Elbert & I talked it over so we might understand it better,   Received Letter from Opal.    Johny & Marcie came in for a few minutes visit,   he had to change a tire    Elbert helped him.   & now it’s 2-30-P-M. & Elbert’s getting things ready for supper    tried to rain but didn’t,   but it poured at different times last night;  damp & cool partly cloudy today. looks like rain but went down the Lake tonight

Fri. May. 20 -no entry

Sat. May 21 1960/  Well, I wasn’t feeling good and didn’t get Thurs & Fri wrote in right places but wrote it all in one.   Milton & Ann or Betty & Ann were coming to take Elbert to town to get money order for taxes & to get groceries,    but, they haven’t come yet & it’s 3-30-P-M.   they seem rather rattle brained at times    I hope they are O.K.   I received letter from Edna   she & her folks are O.K.    Received letter from Armstrong & receipt for $5.00,   things are coming to the place where, Jesus will be coming befor all flesh is eneliated from the earth.   things are go-ing on as usual,   peace talks turning to war talks & to bombs big enough to clean of the whole contenn-ent,    Well I’ve tried to live & do as much as I knew how, as God wants us to, for His cause   Joseph Lewis” the apias” has serv ed a liable suit on A.A.Allen & Roberts & Billy Graham against the Bible & there preaching, saying the bible is a lie.   Now the christians must stand up for Christ as He stood up for God & us,   lift high our Royal Banners    He must not suffer lose.   Oh God give us that we need to do Thy Will   I thank thank Thee in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   Nice bright sun today & a strong S. & West wind all day.   & they had & earth quake in Chillie & a terrible rain & fire burning in the ruins a few yrs. perhaps 20 yrs. 30 thousand were killed there   Rushian leader K____ has captured 2 planes of ours,   they said they think they will let the last one & the people go,   the other Rushia claim is a spy,   they are arguing over that.   The people on that mountian top have most all been taken off after another plane [?]

Sat. May. 20 [should be 21]. 1960/ the plane that tried before this last one crashed & killed them all, but the other has rescued, some of them were in bad condition    they took off a mountian to thousand ft high.     I wrote to Mrs, Armstrong a letter at Beulah Beach & received letter from Edna.   I had one from Opal the other day & I have several now to ans.    Ann called, said Milton had to work alday & overtime.   & Marcie has chicken pox & the old gent was planting   been lots of gardens had to be replanted   it’s been so cold nights.   & They are having flood in Miniso-ta    to dams broke & 6. in of rain last night.   hot sun but cool again tonight & Russia has lost her wheat crop & the End is fast closing in failure of crops fruit & grain & people will, as the bible says   starve to death & die in all maner of ways,   Help us Jesus.  Keep us Close Amen. 

[John Harnish diary entry May. 20. 1960: In the afternoon Marci & I went to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert.   They are doing alright.   She is quite thin.- was sitting on edge of bed.- talks a lot about her visions of Jesus etc.   Had a flat tire there   Home at 430.]

Sun. May. 22. 1960./ Dark & very cloudy & it not very cold but we been having a little fire.   it’s 1-30-  no one come in & I wonder about Marcie  she has chicken pox & itch    My bowels moved with out any warning after we had gone to bed so Elbert got up & cleaned up muss.   to dark to read or write,   so I’ll just have to sit & pray.   Well it rained just a little & the sun came out clear for a few minutes   then Dark again.   I have Mrs. Armstrong’s letter ready to go. 

Mon. May. 23. 1960./ Dark, cloudy morn- no worth while mail.   rained little in the night.   Dark this a-m    sun shone few hrs. today & cloudy before supper time    breeze cool before dark & is yet, 9-30-P.m.    Milton & Ann came over 4-30-   he took Elbert to town & spent most of $64.    26 over for taxes  5.00 for the phone & rest for food,   he left left tax & phone money with Berdene to pay for us.   Ann & I had prayer & spiritual talks   I thank Thee Jesus & praise Thee for all things & pray you will Keep us close to Thee.   help us Jesus I pray.

Tue. 24. 1960./ May/ A beautiful day   we ate late dinner & just finished when Edna came in with a hot apple pie & pt. of ice cream   Oh but it was good.   she baked the pie & brought it all the way from Milan   it was still hot,    the man from Try Co Gas Co. came from Lorain to fix the stove,    a woman from the office called & ask to have him call the office when he got our work done,    he called & they sent him all the way back to Castoria & he had just come from near there & he sighed & said, now he had to go all the way back,    Well it’s all in a days work.   And now they have had an earth quake that has killed hundreds of people clear to Chillie Hawaia & around all those islens & Hon-alula & Philipines & an air plain had so sort of trouble in the air & had to land & put four people in hospital    I didn’t hear what the cause was.    Edna’s daughter was married just a few months ago & going to have a baby in Aug.   & her man beat her so bad & whipper her so her legs are all black & blue,   she came home to her mother   & Edna says she hopes it wont make a fuss between her & her man    Chilly tonight going down to 58 degrees tonight    I pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name Thou will help them to come to Thee & Thou will   help them to find Peace through Thee, Amen.   I love Thee Jesus.    Edna took a feew flowers home.   No mail   only letter from Fred Jordon wanting money.

Wed. May. May 25. 1960. /Send Allen letter & money 18./ Beautiful Day 65 degrees & a nice sun  quite strong wind fresh & cool    we have a little fire.   Letter from Mrs. Bracket   she seems despoondent    I think she’s 82. yrs. old but I haven’t heard from Allen,   wish he would say he got the money I sent him   its been a week today.

Wed. May 25. 1960./ I wrote letters to Crisco & to Allen & card to Myrtle Smith & letter to Mr. & Mrs. Mound.   We received letter from Mrs. Brackett.   Wish I had the rest ans.  65 degrees tonight    Ann had several more teeth out this after noon.   No one came in today   been rather cool & Chilli had another quake & 5.000 dead & they don’t know how many more   seems to be in Ocean bed from alaska to Chilli & around some of the island & some valcanoe erupting that haven’t done so for 40 yrs. they say. 

Thurs. May, 26, 1960./ Been a nice day  Dark this morning   tried to rain at noon then brightened up & sun was nice this afternoon.   Elbert washed some pieses & they dried   he got me some patches & my bag of skirts & towels are so damp some have mildew on them   got to hang them out in the sun,   I got my night gown mosly men-ded,   have to fell down the patch half way round    Well, after supper Milton & Ann came in tonight & visited awhile,   Budd & Betty “Ann said” were going home end of this week to Vergina.   Ann had the rest of her double teeth out & Sat is going to have the front ones out,    We talked about the scripture & then had prayers & they went home   very cool tonight,    Rushia lost her Wheat crop & this country has had to plant there vegetables & gardens over.   Well no letters today.   Nellie will soon be on her way.

Fri. May. 27. 1960./ Heavy dew last night.   Mrs. Ramm called up to talk about getting my Kitchen cleaned up.   It’s been a very dark day raining fine mist every little while   sun tried to come through once or twice    4.P.M. Nellie & Bonita & babys came in    Nellie is all

Fri. May. 27. 1960./ excited   she’s most packed & is go-ing to stay with Johny & marcie tonight & take air plane at noon Sat. (tomorrow) for California   she seems real happy,   she went over & see Frank & Ruby & she went to see there Aunt Emma    She said Dr. Powel died last week.   hurt his back    Bonita has her hands full 2 babys & Geo. is so over grown he hasn’t any strength   can’t endure to do any work,   he’s even all in when he gets home from school & Nelson is there macanic & does out side work.   I pray all will be well.   I gave Bonita several bath towels & wash clothes   she looks tired out.  poor child.   Betty & Budd & boys have gone & I’m wondering how Ann is tonight.   Elbert don’t feel very good   his feet hurt him so bad,   only letter was from Wyatt,    he’s asking for more money.   I pray God helps all His Minnisters & Co. w2orkers. & gives them strength & courage I thank Thee Jesus & We will give Thee all the Glory now & forever more.   I put a ptatch on the shoulder of my night gown & sewed on a button & sewed some of the darts that was coming out & few other stitches & Elbert sewed on tapes to tie with.   & there are quite a few other things that are in need.

Sat. May, 29[should be 28], 1960/ Partly cloudy not cold, but was in the night toward morning & its 12 noon & Nellie is long on her way   they are on fast time & should be in California in about 3 1/2 hrs.     I hope she stays happy & keeps well.  No mail today.   65 degrees at 12-30-p.m. & Ann came in before I was up this morning,   she came to see what she could get to the store for us & then she came back & brought the food & only talked a few minutes    her face is swollen,   she didn’t get her front teeth out & she feels weak & shaky    her father in law took her in his car & brought her back   he is still feeling punk   that truck that run into his car hurt his back bone,  he has sued that company

Sat. May. 29. 1960./ Nellies Days.   Milton had to work today & there eldest children took care of younger ones.    John Snyder & Clayton both been working across the road & Bill’s been working his piece this morning & he cultavates his raspberries & takes some off from my dirt & I don’t know what to do about it,   but We’ll have to be doing something before long.   Sun is trying to shine at 3-p-m.   I don’t feel like writing    It thundered & lightened, rain came in heavy mist. & then hard for few minutes going down to 50 or 55 degrees tonight,   it’s quite cool tonight    my bow-els didn’t move today    I don’t feel good & last night I threw up in bed with out warning    we had to clean up the bed & pillow “I use a blan blanket for a pillow”  feathers are so terrible hot    Elbert’s feet are so bad & he’s back & legs,   Oh God I pray & trust ou will soon fix us up. 

[John Harnish diary entry Saturday May 28. 1960:   Out to the airport about 11.   Mother left for Cal. in a American Airlines 773 non-stop to Calif Los. Ang.  Had to send part of her luggage air freight.   She took off about 12.30    It will take about 8 hrs.   E.J. will pick her up. ]

Sun. May. 29.[should be 30.] 1960./ Dark & quite cool untill after-noon then the sun began to come through & at 3-30-p-m. is quite bright, N. East breeze & cool    no one called so far.   Well, I suppose Nellie is happy   she left Sat. May. 29th 1960,   & was to have supper with Ella Jane,   neither of them do much writting,   so it will be some time most likely before we hear from them,   We will calculate they are O.K.    I’ve been fasting today, usually do it Fri.   now I’m begining to feel empty.   They are having hard times in Chilli  living on the beach & in caves,   so many are homeless   lots starving.   God help people to think of those in want in [?] many ways.

Mon. May. 30. 1960./ Decoration Day & my flowers are not in bloom that should be.   Dark & rained all morning untill this 2.p. -m. & now mostly cloudy.   My bowels moved off terrible hard just as Ann & Milton came in   they sure were bad, “my bowels,”   Elbert’s not a bit well,   I’m so sorry & trusting Jesus will take care of him Oh God

Mon. May. 30. 1960./ Ann went to church morn. & evening   had 103 there.   Budd & Betty & boys ought to be home tonight    take care of them & turn them heart & soul to Thee,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus & Do help me to praise God in Spirit, Please. 

Tue. May. 31. 1960./ Well it rained during the night    was cool with a good breeze   Radio said it was going down to 52 degrees.   maybe it did.    partly cloudy today,   Elbert has done a washing  2 sheets draw sheet  4 night gowns 7 some towels & nose rages.   I thank Thee Jesus for moving my bowels this a.m.  they feel sore yet.    It may be the bottled milk don’t agree with me.   Well We had dinner & clothes most dry & Elbert’s laid down to rest a little before supper.   Received long letter from Ethel & she seem happy,   there’s a young woman she runs around with & they are 180 miles from Cape Canaveral where the send up the big rockets.   & the Buss goes right passed Her house.   she never said a word about church,   she paid a boy for mowing the lawn   took him 3 hrs.   it’s 100 by 300 foot   she waters her flowers giving them buckets of water at night,   has glads 3. ft. high.     Oh, if she’d only do-a part of that time for the Lord,   God help us.   She always was selfish & greedy like Nellie & John, he’s gone but the rest are still striving for this world’s good,   the bible says to prosper by passed experiences.   I thank Thee Jesus for show-ing that to me.   The woman Ethel rented of in Elyria, spent a week with her & gave her pair-quite & cape[?]  & she says she has a lot of fun with it.   Jesus help me to see my own mistakes & try harder for Thee,   Amen.   Ethel can look out on the lake from her window   Walter was there a short time ago & spent 2 1/2 weeks; he 

Tue. May. 31. 1960./ will retire in Jan.    he will get his social security then  can go & do,   he thinks as he pleases.   Sun is quite bright this after-noon & not anyone, only a woman getting some suberiptons for American Leagon for magazines to help buy chairs, beds & so forth.    Well God has given us the sun shine & Jesus.    It poured rain twice yes-terday & a slow drizzle between showers & harder again toward morning.   It’s now 5-p-m.   I wrote a letter to Mrs. Helen Greene to Memerial Home Norwalk   wish I had the rest done   guess I’m lazy,   I want to get off bed so bad    Ethel said it was 95 degrees there   it was 75- here & still hot here at 8-30-P-m.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many Blessing.

Wed. June. 1. 1960./ Beautiful morning   nice sun   cool air,   Elbert aired his bedding    now I feel sick to me stomach.   One card from Gilespie trying to crawl back to me    I’m trusting Jesus to take care of me, in all things.    No one called & no one come in.   Guess they are all getting tired of us.   I know Betty could come but she don’t & when she comes “if she does” she’ll have lots of excuses.   No letter from Allen,    I wonder,    Well, Ann called & said she & Dian wood be here to clean tomorrow so it will be some day.   Elbert’s so tired & weary tonight. 75 degrees today & 52 tonight   it’s cool now.    I wrote one letter to Mrs. Edna Betz, all I done today.

 Thurs. June. 2. 1960./ Well Ann couldn’t come   Conie is coming down with chicken pox so she couldn’t come for a few days to clean, maybe she can after a few days, I hope.    We each got a notice we are to have a raise in welfare money   I get $7.00 more & Elbert gets $2.00    Well, Ann was here from 6 till 7. P.M.   we had a nice rain   sun coming out now.   We were both sick alrighty.   I wrote to Sara Gantt today. 

Fri. June. 3. 1960./ Nice day,   it was so wet Thurs.   Elbert hung out the dress goods, my shirts & slips & petty coats & give them fresh air & sun   we opened big chest & took the contents out & put the letters & receipts in a big bag to put in trunk.  We hope tomorrow degre for tonight 68 tonight been 78 today & real hot at 5 to 7-p-m.   Phoneman came in & put new numbers on telephone & said we could call a number in California right here over our phone if we have number there,   we just dial & talk like we do here & there is only 3 on our line here   they took 7 others off & it rings better now.   No one in or called today   No mail.   Elberts feet still so bad but we got little done.  Sat. today was Martha’s birthday   she’s 48. yrs. old   We saw some fire flies June. 1. I believe. 

Sat. June 4. 1960./ Well I didn’t feel good last night   guess the cleaning was a big Job & Elbert said I was dreaming in the night & asking for a cup of hot drink,   he gave me glass of milk & it was so cold it hurt my stomach,   but, after a time I got over it,   I slept untill 11-a-m & Ann came in.   I had to eat my breakfast & Elbert got dressed for town   Ann took him to get our food supply & brought her little electric phoneagraph & her re-cords 8 or 10 for the girls to play,   she brought her eldest 2 girls, Dian & Cathy, & a neighbors girl,   they wasn’t much interested, but it nice Ann thought of it.    Bud & Betty & her 2 boys & one of there sister’s little boys came after Elbert & Ann had been gone a 1/2 hr. or so & they were so happy to get back,   the shaft let loose in back end of car & they had

Sat. June.4. 1960./ to get another car & it cost them over 1.95.00 hundred   they wished they hadn’t went, they were 100 miles from there destination, but happy none were hurt,   God they said they felt my prayers,    I ask Thou will call loud to them & save there souls. Amen   & thank you.   Well they visited & Budd cut the grass & Betty made us jello & Elbert cleaned fish & gave them 8 all cleaned for there supper & Betty looked at snap shots  & Budd looked at some of them,   he wanted to see me, when I was a girl & he did   they went home    Ann & girls went soon as they got back   she doesn’t feel very well,   she’s going Mon to have rest of her teeth out poor child    Betty said she was 27 yrs. old Mon. & they also had wedding anavarsy.    Well, they are young yet.   I pray God will Bless them   both families.    Elbert got his check this a-m.,    he seems to feel good for all the strength it took,   he talked to some one that told him Speary & Alhight died any few days apart   Speary was home sick, he was in Cleve-land.    Elbert got a food chopper today,   he spent the most of his check.   he’s sure tired,   its moonlight    was so hot all evening  seemed as if we couldn’t stand it & now it’s to cool & going to be tonight.    Well, We’ll rest. tomorrow for it the Lord’s Day.   I thank & praise Him for all our many blessings.   

Sun. June 5. 1960./ We’ll start on new phone numbers tomorrow Mon. 6,    Well, I praise God  He sent us company, Carl Wagner, Pearl Wheeler & Lillie came in about 2-P-M.   We had quite a visit    it was so good to see them,   they don’t look there ages    Pearl is about 73 & Lillie 70 & I don’t know how old Carl is.   but Elsie is one yr. older than Nellie   so, she’s about 65. yrs. old,   Nellie is 64 Feb, 6, 1960.   they brought ice cream, cake & rolls, Oh I loved to

Sun. June. 5. 1960./ [the previous sentence doesn’t seem to have an ending].   A little later Mr. & Mrs. Hensley came in with there 4 little girls,   she brought caned peaches & fresh onions & radishes & a doz oranges.   we had a good visit & she hopes to come back in the middle of this coming week.   Her brother got a job   rented an apartment for a mo.   he was still paying for a car,   well he lost his job,   he only a boy & can seem to Keep his job so now he lost his job again & then his apartment & car & went back to stay with hensleys, then he got a job & & payed on his car & got it back, but still living with Hensleys & they have a time to Keep going to.   Now we had  cream & a roll & I have sweet 2 gowns     it’s 6-30 & Elbert’s getting supper.    I found a letter I wrote to Ella Jane to Albuquerque New Mexico on May 31. 1944,  I opened it & read it,   she’s in California now, Jackson.    such a world.   Well I can’t see

Mon. June. 6. 1960./ Beautiful day very cool this a-m.   was very cold last night.   Mr. Hoffman’s grand son brought the eggs & came in & talked for 1/2 hr or so   I testified to him & tried to talk him into his church study of the bible   he has left off for other things & he said he thought he would try again.    I fond the card the Wheeler girls sent us annoucing Unkle Will Wheeler’s death,   he died Sun. Aug. 6. 1944. & was buried on Wed. the 9th. 1944.   Poor dear old Uncle,   he was 91. yrs old & buried in Elmwood cemetery where Ma & Pa & Fred Bonney & the others are,    Uncles wife & the most of the rest are buried there & Frank Babcock.   No mail of any interest this morning.   Elbert did out quite a sizeable wash then got me my breakfast & finished wash, hanging it out,   then got our dinner & is laying done resting now.   Ann went to have rest of her teeth out in San-

Mon. June. 6. 1960./ -dusky at 1-30-p-m. today    I have prayed several times for her   it is her uper & lower front teeth.   I pray God give her the strength she needed & will need from now & on & I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things,   Keep us close to Thee, for ever & ever Amen.   I love Thee Jesus.   Oh help us to have time for Thee any time & all the time   Oh Jesus,   What can I do more than I am doing?   Well we had supper & no one came in & now we are getting ready for bed    Elbert washed clothes this morning,   but I hope we get the chest & trunk out tomorrow & get them aired & repacked & the corner cleaned out & some of the letters packed away.   Wish I could clean & get things in order once more.   No letters today & I didn’t write any, no ambish.   The fire flies are here & it’s so cold at night they say 40 degrees tonight.

Tue. June. 7. 1960./ Well, it’s a beautiful day   quite cool, nice sun,   A letter from Audrey this a-m.   she seems rather out of sorts,   she left off writting & went with Jean & Bill, to look at a house they have rented for $70.00 per. mo. (robery.) She’s wondering about Nellie,   she was gone a week Sat. June. 4. 1960.   she went with Jean & Bill over to see Bonita, but she wasn’t home,   Only Bonita Jr. & her boy friend were there & so Audrey did-n’t learn anything.   so Audrey said she’d try to get her by Phone.    I suppose Nellie’s having a good time looking & making new friends,    I hope she will come down to earth & find Thee & Ella Jane & the other woman also   & she’s never been a hand to write so we’ll be lucky if we hear from her.   Ann’s mother came Mon. from Virgina & a few more & she thought they would all be over here today, but, they haven’t even called    I offered to loan them a bed & rollaway cot   she wished she had called earlier & got that.

Tue. June. 7. 1960/ but now, she thought she had got them all beded down for the night,   they were coming over here about nine O’clock but it’s now 7-15-p-m & no word   we wanted to do some work here in the bed room, so we didn’t get it done,   We didn’t want to be in a muss when they come in – wind went N. East yesterday & is still there tonight & is cool 54 degrees tonight    they said it was 42 degrees last night    we believe it & believe it will be as cold tonigh, radio says it will;   Ann, her mother & her Aunt came in 15-to-8-0p-m & they were here an hr. or so    Ann want them to look at my crochet work & old time pictures.   Ann had to cancel her date with the dentist.   They went to Sandusky to look around Tue. & hope to go to Detroit.

Wed. June. 8. 1960./ Beautiful morning & day,   Elbert & I were sick again last night untill most morn.   then we did sleep a while from 4-a-m,   he got, but I slept untill most dinner,  then Edna came in & she swept while I slept, then Elbert worke me & I got up & cleaned up for dinner & she wiped up the floors & some of the cupboard doors, & we visited    she don’t look to well, so hollow eyed   she brought pie & ice cream, cream coconut pie.   then she went home 2-30-p-m. saying she had 2. other stops to make    it’s at least a 12 mile drive one way,    she sure is nice to us & Kind,   We love her. 

Thurs. June, 9, 1960./ Beautiful Day, but N. East. wind & to cool, on one came in today,   we received a card from Nellie,   she said it was a wonderful trip & we stayed with Lourabel till Wed.   we arived here 2.30-am- Thurs. am rested & O.K.   E.J. is fine, hope you are both O.K. Love Nellie.

Thurs. 9. 1960. June/  So we Know she landed safe, Praise the Lord.   I sup-pose she’ll write a card to each one    Ann called up this evening   she’s so tired   her folks went to Detroit for 2 days.   Elbert & I opened the big chest & looked after pictures & put in the moth balls & now, we have to hang out the blankets & shift things in other chest & trunk   hop we get it done tomorrow    then we will have cloth closet & little cabnet in corner & we’ll be done & I’ll be glad,    Edna wiped up the floors & washed cupboard doors   Betty was coming to paint,   I don’t know when    very cool tonight.

Fri. June. 10. 1960/ Well it was a nice sun to-day,   but a cold N. East wind    Elbert hung out the blankets we have pilled on top of the little trunk & chest to air while sun was hot    then we took every thing out of the trunk & cleaned out some wool pieces I had saved to make a rug,    I have to started out of silk rayon stocking, one is quite large   I hope to finish it yet.   I’ll have to take the old letters out & remove the stamps,   I don’t know if Nellie will mange to get them or not    she had Ella Jane take all my stamp 2 of them were worth a thousand dollars each,   I am so sorry how crooked they all were    I pray God will help those that are left.   Well I didn’t write any letters, but must get at it soon.   Very cool tonight, God I thank Thee.

Sat. June. 11. 1960./ I received a letter from Allen & a paper from Oral Roberts & co workers.   Allen got the money I sent him & I pray it will help some.   Ann didn’t [?] yesterday.   Fri. her folks were going to Detroit.

Sat. June. 11. 1960./ Well, we are still tired.   No mail today  No one come in so far today & it’s 2-30-p-m.   I haven’t ambishion to writ .   can’t see very good.   Milton & Ann came in at supper time,   he put me in the chair & I ate at the table.   Elbert felt so bad he could hardly stand on his feet & didn’t eat much    Milton put me back in bed,   they were here about an hour.   her folks were supposed to get back tonight,    Well I rested my back & am still, tired in body & Elbert feels so bad,   I been asking God to fix him up & am thanking & Praising Him,    Elbert felt little better at 12-P-m    Oh, how I thank & Praise God, for his mercy & blessings. 

Sun. June. 12. 1960./ I woke early   thanked Jesus for all our blessings.   We had 3 very heavy showers during the night & slow drizzle be-tween showers.   we slept late 10-a-m   had bite to eat & got up for a little while    Betty & boys came in at noon    Elbert had dinner & gave them some    they went home 15 to 1-p-m.   saying they’d be back Wed. morning to take Elbert to town, if he’s able to do the shopping & she is going to try to do some cleaning,   she seems to think it will be a terrible job & at there age I could have it half done while they stand around talking about it.    The neighbors are selling strawberries or trying to,   it rains every little while.   My peonys & roses are in bloom & most of the flowers,   It’s sure a very cool damp day

Mon. June. 13. 1960./ Dark night & damp.  Fine misty rain eased up about noon, but been cloudy most of the afternoon, sun tried to come out late but couldn’t seem to make it.   I received book from Allen with instructions to pray God will give me wisdom & under-standing.   I received a record for phonegraph from Fred Gordon & Elbert took my chair off the Wheel platform & put phonegraph on it

Mon, June. 13. 1960./ on platform & pulled it in here & I played the record.   I couldn’t get anything out of it,  that I could understand so he brought some hyms on my records & I played them,   seemed good to hear them but it don’t play as clear as my old one did    I hope & pray Jesus will help me to a better one    Well no one came in & no one called,   We called Payne’s but had no word from Ann to-day.   It’s 9-15-P.M.   I have a feeling somethings going to happen,   I don’t know what or how,   God help me. 

Tue. June 14. 1960./ Well it’s a rainy day, damp & cool.   The mail was a magazine from Robert’s one of the men of God & He is useing him.   Praise our Lord,   I want Him to continue useing me.   We had dinner & then Miss Clark, & Mrs, Finding came in, from Beaulah Beach & Vermilion   Mrs Finding has been wonderfully converted, healed & doiing a good work for the Lord.    I was so glad they come   I had ask Jesus to send in some one of His to talk & pray for me & us, which they did,   Oh, how I love Jesus, He’s more than life to me.   & I re-lize we may have our heads cut off, but it will be worth it to be in perfect peace with Jesus.   now the sun has come through again, 72 degrees & a brisk breeze.   I am so greatful for there company.   Ann called this a.m. said her folks left this morning & she had her teeth all out yesterday & her mother dreaded to leave, but they went this morning 7. of them   her mother & father & all of the relatives that were with them.   its now 4-30-p-m.   Mrs Finding brought 1. qt. can pickles 1 can peaches 2 cans apple sauce,   we are to return the cans & she offered to go get our groceries for us.   Thank God   & she said she’d be back soon.   I hope.

Wed. June. 15. 1960/ Beautiful Morning, nice sun  cool fresh breeze   no important mail   & no one come in    I had Elbert call Ann   her mouth is bad today & Mr. Anderson Sr. just came in she said with a brace on his neck,   He had been to Sandusky to the Dr.   a truck run in to back of his car a while a go & nearly broke his neck.    Betty was sure coming to take Elbert to the store & bring the other woman to stay with me,    she didn’t come & Milton was coming after work & he wasn’t there at 4-30-p-m.    Now I’m wondering.   No one came,   We talked to Ann & she’s rather miserable. 

Thurs. June. 16. 1960./ Beautiful morning   nice sun & stiff breeze    They had next to tornado at Detroit & round about them.    Betty came & her 2. boys & the other woman had her 2 girls,   she washed dishes & cleaned up the cupboard shelf,   & girls cut a nice bunch of roses to take home,    Betty & her boys took Elbert to Huron & he did his shopping & both he & Betty were so tired when they got back,   he got most of the order.   Betty & woman had to be back at 12-noon & they only had 15 minutes to make it home & she said Budd was on a tare today    she didn’t look as if she could take much abuse,    Did I say Ethel Snyder brought us almost a qt. of strawberries    We are having a verry poor garden yr.  to cold nights.   Very strong Wind now,  not very cool.   Ann called & is feeling better, swelling starting to leave   she feels limpsy & sort of all in,   I hope her family all do what they can to help her    she didn’t say how her father in law was, or if Milton worked over time last night,   he hadn’t come home at 4-30-p-m & he usually gets home 3-30.    Well, Mrs. Finding came in late,   we talked & prayed, & all that time it thundered lightened & poured rain,   she left a midnight   rain eased up.

Fri. June. 17. 1960./ Rainy day untill 2-30- the sun came out cool & damp & they had bad wind storms & the countrys are mostly in upheavel fighting & bombing     the end time is heare, God the people.   last night tiny bugs came through screen & there were thousands of them crawling on our faces & hands & arms & on everything.   No mail & my bowels so bad but moved at last but I still feel bad,   no one come in today.   Elbert called Ann   she went & had stitches out of her gums,   Dentist cuts gums open & scrapes & cleans & sews them together,   well, she says they feels better now    going down to 46. degrees tonight,   it’s like Fall of year.   The Chinese are blasting Formosa Iselands.   Oh God   What bad hearts & Ike 400 miles away from them.   Mrs. Finding brought us lettuce & radishes & 2 big hothouse tomatoes,   she took Miss. Mc.Govern’s address & thinks she might call on her tomorrow.   Lord help it to be alright.   

Sat. June. 18. 1960./ Nice morning,  nice sun,  cool breeze.   Elbert washed what needed washing, this a.m.    One letter, from Armstrong.   They are trying to put the religious programs off the radio,   they are like they were in the deciples time   beat them & tell them not to preach in Jesus Name.   Things are begining to come to a show down,  the end is close on our heels,   Oh, God, help us to be strong for Thee & Keep Thy Hand on us at all times,   I pray.   God helped my bowels to move Praise His Name.    Well it began to get dark at 2-P-m- & is quite dark now   to dark to read & write.   I wrote & sent 5.00 to Rev Armstrong today,   money Thats been given to me.    Elbert started to get supper & Milton & Ann came,   her mother, was hurting & Milton don’t seem to know how to behave him self & he nags her & with all her teeth out she’s weak & tired, with 5 children & 2 that should act like men,   she feels like runing away & I know how hard it is,   We talked a while

Sat. June. 18. 1960./ had coffee & doughnuts & Anna hadn’t eaten much but now she felt some better, Praise God & just as Elbert & Milton started to turn the mattress & see what was wrong with the spriings,  Mr. & Mrs. Finding came in,   they had been to Cleveland to a big dinner & some things were given to them for us, in the way of food   6. or 8. cans & they visited an hr. or so then cut some roses & left for home,   she wanted to tell me what happened Thurs night, when it rained so hard & she was here un-till 12 midnight, we prayed, while it rained & she thought it queer, that I was praying for all of God’s ministers & those of His every where, asking Him to keep them from evil & harm   some how she kept thinking how I had waited & then went on praying     there was a boat   row boat with 3 men drifting away out on the lake in the storm & rough waters that looked dark & an air plain turning there search light down on them & then all seem well & I went on talking to Jesus & as Mrs Finding went for home in her car, I ask Jesus about it all,   it seem seemed so strange & now they were coming back from Cleveland & told me what they had just learned about the airplane “at the supper & the 3 men were ministers who had lost there way back to shore from Beaulah Beach & the airplane had gotton off it’s course & turning on there search light saw the boat in trouble & called the coast Guards & circuled the place untill boat was picked up & then went on his way,    Mrs. Finding said I’ll never forget Thurs, June 6, 1960. night & the mis-terous ways Jesus worked in ans. to my prayers but takes dare of HIs own.   She called Miss Mc.Govern while in Cleveland & talked to her for me & she’s planing to come to visit me in July.[?]

Sat. June, 18. 1960./ they went home, saying they’d see me & talk to me more, later.   then Elbert got my bed made up     we visited still with Milton & Ann    & Milton picked me up & set me on the bed   Milton & Elbert went to the Kitchen & Ann & I had prayer together & Jesus sent the Po-wer & Ann felt better,   & they went home.   Oh how I love Jesus, how I’ve proved Him over & over Jesus Jesus Precious Jesus   Oh for Grace to Love Him more,   I thank & Praise Thee.   We are both tired   it’s after 1-a-m.  when we got to bed. 

Sun, June. 19. 1960./ Elbert got up shaved   took his bath,  & had his breakfast,  then I took my bath & Elbert was fixing my breakfast & Edna & her daughter came in,   the daughter expects a baby in July.   she’s only 17. yrs. old   she looks like a very young child.   Edna brought a cherry pie & ice cream   we had a nice visit,   they picked a bunch of flowers & roses & went there way,  we must pray together soon.    I thought Mr. & Mrs. Hensley would be here today,    they haven’t come yet.   but they came & we had a good visit & they brought 1. qt. of strawberries & 2 cube steaks,   they have been having a hard time in many ways   I love them but they need God in so many ways    Oh God hlep me to be stronger & do more for Thee when I talk with them & be with her parents & there children & his mother,   she lost her husband rather suddenly & she’s still sort of lost,   she hardly knows to get along without him;  Well, we were just about to eat supper, When Mr. & Mrs. Simms & there youngest daugther came in & each on having a prayer request,   he said he had repented & was trying hard again.   They were going over to Paynes.   She said she’d come & do my cleaning,   I’ve been trying to get some one to wash the wood work & windows & cupboards & doors & windows

Sun. June. 19. 1960./ We prayed & I ask God to send the power & He did,   they were all in tears & He sure sent the power through Mr. S.   I pray they look to Jesus & do His will,   they need Thee Jesus.   I thank Thee & praise Father Son & Holy Ghost now & Ever more.

Mon. June, 20, 1960./ I have a letter about wrote to Sister Willetts & One of the women who has been with her so long,   she Miss Willitts had a birthday June 17. 1960.   I don’t know how old she is, about my age I think.    One letter, from Allen,   he’s coming to Mich Detroit in July.   Hope we can go.   So terribly cold at night & N. East breeze all day quite strong.   Well I did write Miss Willitts & sent her $5.00 her birthday was 17th   I don’t seem to have my usual ambition & my eyes have been bad   can’t see so well to read or write.   Budd & Betty & boys came in just after supper & he mowed the grass all around the house,    they talked some & drank coffee & went home.   Queer world.   God help us to be all Thine Amen. 

Tue. June. 21. 1960./ Partly cloudy all day   brighten since 2.p.m.   2. letters  one from Mrs. Armstrong & one from kAudrey & I owed 1. to Audrey, so, I wrote a letter to her today,   she wont like it,   I wrote a letter on religion     she’s always crying or fussing about Gertie & the things she does & don’t do,   we all make such a lot of mistakes.   God help us.   I hope to write to Frank tomorrow & then Mrs. Brack-ett  Miss.Mc.Govern.   I hope to feel stronger soon.   it John’y Harnish Birthday today   I forgot how old he is.  

Wed. June. 22. 1960./ Was nice this a-m. but begin to thicken before noon & at noon it thundered & rained & is still thick at 1-P-M.    No worth while mail,   Elbert mailed my letter to Audrey.   Betty borrowed writting paper & envelopes of me Mon.   She is a queer sort of woman   she was coming & bring Ann & clean the Kitchen to day & neither came,   Ann just called & said she & a woman she calls Ethel started just before it started to rain & then turned back,   it sure did rain.   Ann  called at 9-30-P-m.   Elbert had 2 blankets 2 sheets & pillow slip  nightgowns & towels out & brought them in & hung them out after the shower dried them. 

Thurs. June 23, 1960./ Mostly cloudy   Little Browny is singing as if he was happy.  No mail today.  & I don’t know if any one will come in today.   I called Mrs. Crisco & they been having there troubles   said, they were all packed & coming to eat dinner & supper with us, & in come 3 car loads to eat with them,  says they are all well,   Mrs Gantt has been helping her girl to get moved over in Clyde district & Mr Crisco uses there car for going & coming to work so they have no car to use,  she said Mrs Wright says she just waiting for Jesus to take her home, & that Viola fell & broke her good arm & has to be taken care of like a child.   Give her faith & courage & strength Lord & help her.   We seldom understand, Dear Lord have mercy on us I Pray in Jesus Name, Amen.   Well, Frank & Ruby come in from Lorain for an hr. or so    We had a good visit    they brought fish, fresh peas & some deer meat,   We wont have to go to town so soon now.   They said Jim Monagon is married, a couple weeks ago.   & that Jim’s a real rough neck, arrested every little while for fighting,  such a world.   Ruby looks good, but stills has bad cough,  they left a 4-p-m.   Lookos as if it would rain again soon.   It didn’t.   Mr. Payne & his little boy came in & talked untill almost 11-p-m.   the little boy laid over on Elbert’s cot & slept,   his eye had been hurting him   one of the others kicked him & cut his eye lide, his brother, wife & 7. children are staying with him untill they can find a house,    they’ve been with him couple of months now.   I let him take the lessons to study for a min-ister,   he isn’t very good at returning thing,    I wonder if he will return it.   Ann didn’t call up today.   Wind was strong  N. East & went west & blowing hard, all night & so far today.   After all these yrs, since 1942. they brought us the handles for 

Thurs. June. 23, 1960./ the gas stove & marked them paid.   They are round & look better than the others & work good.   Queer world.   Dark & cloudy today.   A book from Allen or rather a magazine.    I had queer dream,   I seemed to be in Honalula & looking at the clear water on the sand as it rolled in & then at the castle build of coral    the top laid in cement, pink & white in the towers   it was beautiful, & when we were high up the ocean was so pretty    I don’t know where I went from there. 

Fri. June. 24. 1960./ Partly cloudy today   strong wind but not cold.   sun gets hot about 5-P-m.   Elbert’s going to cook deer meat for supper.   & it sure was good.   Wind been strong from the West a little S.    No one in today & I haven’t felt like writting,   eyes feel so bad,   I believe it was the spray.

Sat. June. 25. 1960./ Beautifull morning, strong West wind  nice sun tempture nights is & has been 52 & 46 & 55 degrees   seems to jump a lot,   been so cold at night    Frank said his corn’s knee high but he didn’t see any along the way that was that high,   things are very slow,   some of my roses got so cold they turned brown almost half way in to center    Frank brought us fresh peas.   I received a letter from Mrs. Mound,   they’ve been going places, but are to busy to call on those shut in & when home to busy painting cleaning & so forth to spend much time to write letters.   I pray God will show them the right way & many others who don’t seem to Know   Ann came in alone & spent a couple hours talking & in prayer,   she has the 4 children & the to men worse than children to contend with,   she took the car & came over here while he was sleeping, poor girl,  I Know God helped her if she cling to Him for the power went through her twice, so cling & trust & believe,   it was 10-to-10 when she left.   A cat was mewing at the back door & then come to the front door when she left it stayed on porch

Sun. June. 26. 1960./ A beautiful Day, nice sun & a light breeze, not cold.   Budd & Betty came & the boys & brought some cheeries,   it was 11-a-m- & they hadn[‘t had there breakfast   they went out looking for Budd’s coon dog    he lost him last night while hunting coon.   Betty was already to go for Ann’s girls & she & her boys were all going to church, but Budd said he was going to use the car to look for the dog so they went hunting the dog.   they took cat away,   they gave Elbert most a pk. cheeries, they had couple cups coffee & then went   Budd lost his coon dog Sat & has been hunting for him, but he don’t sound to me as if he was very anxious,   another fellow offered him 35.00 for him & he acted as if he was runing a bluff so Betty wouldn’t know he had that much money,   they are taking care of one other sisters, boys about 11 or 12 yrs. old.   she says he like to save his mon ey he earns cutting grass & doning odd jobs,  he has 9 dollars in the bank.  that’s good. 

Mon. June. 27. 1960./ Beautiful Day  south west breeze  nice sun.   Elbert has the washing done.   Mrs. Ramm called me this a.m. she said she was coming over but couldn’t get the car to go so she called,   but, we hadn’t talked but a very few minutes when some one started bobing [?] in our ears so we didn’t talk much.   Bonita came with her eldest boy George & the 2 baabies & she brought ice cream   it was good,   it’s been so hot from noon on   she said she heard quite often from her mother, but she didn’t say how she liked liked it there, only that it was so hot  90 degrees in the morning,   we’ve been having it very cool nights & hot afternoons,   Bonita had to take Nelson to some of his school doings as I understood it  to Crystle beach & she was going back to pick him up & going home & get her groceries & go home & get supper so left us.

Mon. June.27.1960./ to get her man’s supper & get him off to work & she got her hands full    Bonita Jr. has gone off to Cali.  went on a plane & is there now,    her mother wanted to get her away from some young boy here   she wants to marry him & she’s not through school untill next. yr.    I had thought for a long time things wasn’t going as they ought.    George says he’s going to stay single, God help him I pray he will    & that He will help Nelson some how    Geo. is reading & studying his bible & I wish I could help him.   she Bonita said she would try to get back again soon & she was ask-ing about Audrey & Jean, Jean & Bill were going to move Audrey said,    Bonita said they were buying the house,   they try to keep things quite & I don’t know why,    Jim has been married for some time, into a rather queer mixed up mess, to a woman with 3. children & they are not right or she is-n’t,   & the children, so they say   What a world.   I’m hoping Bonita Keeps controle over hers but she was rather fast in some ways but kept her charictor clean    I’m sorry for her   God help to show her the right way.   & if I can help show me.    Ann & Milton were here a little while to-night,   she isn’t feeling well   we prayed & the power went through her twice Sat. night & again last night, I don’t know what’s wrong

Tue. June. 28. 1960./ Nice morning clouding up at noon, partly cloudy, nice fresh breeze.   I received letter from Allen,   I can’t pray in Spirit & unless God gives it to me, what can I do?   Oh God help me soon.   Don’t seem to be anything doing today.   No one called or phoned   looks like rain tonight.   Wed.  I received anoited cloth from Allen & prayed as he said & pined it on my night gown  Help me Jesus.

Wed. June. 29. 1960./ Nice Day strong breeze partly cloudy breeze dying out tonight    Armstrong sent me anoited cloth & said I must pray over it & then lay it on my forehead & leave it on my forehead for a minute & then burn it all up    I’ve done both & believe for the healing & except it in Jesus Name & trust for Holy Ghost.   I praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus with all my heart & soul now & ever more,   had a good letter from Sister Crisco,   every one’s O.K. she said & they are hoping to come before long.   she don’t seem the same some how,  not happy, she sounds lonesome & foged out, on the phone & in her letter    Well, I thank God & pray & trust all is well with her & with us,   neither Ann nor Betty came as they said they would today.    Emeric & his boy were here a little while hunting wood chucks, but blackberry brush to thick, they can hardly get through they say

Thurs. June. 30. 1960./ Dark gloomy day.   I feel better today   Edna came & her daughter     Edna wiped & swept up floors   she brought us 1/2 of lemon pie. cream & some fish someone cleaned & gave them,     her daughter is 17. yrs. old & expecting baby soon in July. Well I hope all will be well,   I gave her 1. doilies[?] for the baby    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessings.   Oh God I Praise Thee   Todays Mrs Wright Birthday  she’s 76. 

Thurs. June. 30. 1960./ Well, here Brother & Sister Crisco come in & her mother & brought a picknic supper, green string beans, potatoes  roasted beef & cold slaw “cold-aid drink” & banana cake.   It was swell   We talked & ate & then Betty Budd & there 2 boy & her sisters boy came in    Budd cut grass, boy cut weeds,   Betty went to store & got us a little to eat;   I thank God for all blessings   He is a wonderful Jesus,    Budd & Betty & children went home & then they put me back in bed, come near let-ing me down on the floor, but made it at last,   I got dress & stocking & slippers off, used pan & got fixed up in bed,   then Mr. Crisco & mother came in & we had prayer together,   I felt the Power but not as strong as when we take time to really pray,   It’s been a won-derful day.   they loved me & bid us good night. at 9-15-p-m.   It takes them 30. minutes to drive to Bellevue.   She took strawberries to Mrs Wright & she talked to Hellen Pittenger & to Viola   both are better,   Viola’s hand is getting so she can use it again,   she had fell & broke her arm a short time back;   it was rather cloudy all day.   Oh How I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.   No letters today.   I let Elbert use 5.00 of my Church money for food tonight so we are in the hole again.   

Fri. July. 1. 1960./ Cloudy untill 10-30-a-m.   Elbert hung his bedding on the line to air   then gave me my breakfast.   Sara & Gantt went me a letter by Mr. Crisco   he gave it to me,   it was a very good letter.    Well, Mrs. Glispie & a minister’s wife Mrs. Smith came in this after-noon    we had a visit   Mrs Smith read the bible & we prayed & said she hoped to come back   I felt shes all right.   [?] gave us [?]

Fri. July. 1. 1960./ gave us a few fresh green bean,   we had some for supper   they were good   she took some flowers back,   they have set a big tent in her yard & holding meetings   Mr. & Mrs. Smith are the ministers.    They are having some Power filled meetings at Clyde Ohio.   Miss Gant sent some circulars in her letter.   Mrs. Gliespie said Eva Kegan has been dead & buried a week now,   thats why I & we have been thinking about her & Marry Ann.   so much for over a week & I told Elbert my throat hurt & I wondered what I was going to cry about, now we Know,   We are sorry.  God help us to live close to Thee in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sat. July. 2.1960./ Beautiful morning   cool breeze   No important mail, but I thank & praise God   He takes care of us & I’m feeling better in my body   I pray Jesus for Elberts feet & health in general & thank Thee,   I pray Thou will give me ambition to ans. the letters that come.   Allen, Roberts, Arm-strong, Billy Grahm,  Wyatte & several others write for money, but we can only give so little.   Mrs. Gilispie & a Rev. Mrs. Smith was came in,  she said G. said she had some lessons to teach me,   they had just learned from the Bible,   she ask me who the 2 wittness-es were that were coming at the ened time,   I told her I believed it was Joshwa & Eliza,   they will be the 3 olive trees & 2 candles,   she wanted to know how long I had known  I told her a long time,    they are trying to have meetings there on her lawn,  she acts & talks as if it were a circus.   they picked a few flowers,   she said a queer thing when she first come in, that it didn’t matter how many lies were told about us.   God took care of His own   I think [?]

Sat. July 2. 1960./ I told her that on a special occasion a long time ago when she was trying to excite me over some yarns, she said she had heard, but I didn’t let that worry me, for Jesus takes care of me.   she did a lot of talking & didn’t give the other woman a chance to talk much,   she even called attension to the Kitchen ceiling,  said, Bob could have painted it & she even said he wanted to Know why she didn’t come back to see the old man & woman any more.   I ask the Mrs. Smith to call again & Mrs. G. said,  Oh she will   I’ll see to that.   God of Love & Mercy take care of me every step of my way.  Amen   she don’t worry me but I don’t care to hear all her gossip & boastings   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy loving Kindness & care. Amen. 

Sun. July. 3. 1960./ Dark morning sun came out once or twice just for very few seconds,   then got thick & dark untill 2-30-P-m. & sun is shin-ing once again & no one called or phoned so far.     I felt punk Sat. & today.   bowels on bad behavior   Well, bowels moved a plenty but, I feel tired out & then Milton, & Ann & Mr. & Mrs Hicks & baby “11. mo. old & big for her age” came in for an hr. or so.   Hicks are chrisstians   he has the Holy Ghost,   We had prayer then Ann ask for special prayer for 3 things,   I laid my hands on her & ask Jesus to touch her body for each thing,   & He did give her 3 good touches & filled her with the Spirit   it was good   Praise the Lord, Oh my soul, for all my benifits,   Glory to His Name. Amen.   We listened untill 11-P-m to sermons on Radio & I ought to have set up more in the chair & so couldn’t rest after they had all gone   but I Praise the Lord./

Mon. July.4.1960./ Decoration Day  [she means July 4] Beautiful day  nice sun & fresh breeze.  Elbert did out the washing & his poor feet hurting him so bad,    Budd, Betty & 2. boys came at 10-a-m & brought us a big piece water mellon & hot pie for dinner.   they are good hearted children.  I didn’t sleep last night so was asleep after they left[?]

Mon. July. 4. 1960./ Budd & Betty said they would be back this evening but they didn’t come, it been very cool today & is cool tonight, like Sept.  over 500 killed & drown & wounded.

Tue. July 5. 1960./ Beautiful morning nice sun, but a very cool breeze & strong,    Mrs. Hensley & her father from Virgina coal mines came in about 9-a-m   we had a good visit & I’m still wondering why we didn’t have prayer before they left.   his wife had gone to Columbus,   her daughter had a baby son & they were happy,   it’s there first grandson.     they brought another son of theres up here, he did part the driving, said he got a job on a farm near here & so his father would have to do all the driving back home & he dreaded it.   I pray God will help him, he said he told the men in the mine when they ask him What he learned while on his vacation to see his daughter & family “that he learned they didn’t have faith trust & hope in the Lord as they should,    that his daugter had taken him to visit a woman 74 yrs. old, that belonged to God, who had a smile one could never forget, who had spent 4. yrs. in bed & sitting on side of bed could do most every-thing but walk & who reads & prays & sings Hyms in Praise to the Lord & that everyone says she’s always the same, no matter the circum-stance & he thought, how much they all grumbled when they ought to be Praising the Lord    that they could get out into the sunshine & walk & do things & thank Jesus for all there many blessing    I pray they will all take the lesson as it was ment & that God will help & bless them all.   The times growing short   May God help us all.   Received card from Inez. & one from Armstrong,

Tue. July. 5. 1960./ God to read a while & then look fro Mrs. Findimes add.   I found them   I had written them on my address paper,    I wrote her a letter & Nellie a card    Mrs. Ramm called & said she has a woman to do my cleaning Thurs.   so it will be a great day.

Wed. July 6. 1960./ Beautiful morning, mailed letters & card.   Cool breeze, white dew last night.   No mail this morning & no one come in.    Elbert called Ann to tell her the girls didn’t need to come tomorrow    Betty didn’t call & a Mrs Massy is supposed to come & clean tomorrow “the Kitchen.”

Thurs. July. 7. 1960./ Beautiful Day,    I felt sick this morning, cool breeze.    the woman came & brought 2 girls “hers” & they did a small job for 5.00    they cleaned inside of upper cupboard   put clean papers on & washed the dishes & put them back & washed out side of cupboard & out side of lower part she washed wood work around the windows & windows & the doors & she never cleaned behind the wash bench & slopped where I wanted it cleaned so bad.    Well we got a little bit done,    I could have cleaned the whole Kitchen,    When I was much older than she & the two girls helping & she smoking 3 or 4 cigarets    it took them so long    I was glad when they left    Mrs Ramm came at 3-P-M. & Mr. Knowing one of the Jr. order women, she seemed like a nice woman maybe in her 30ties.   Betty her boys & Elbert went to town & did the shopping & got back just as others were leaving   been hard day for us both   well we do get taken care of  [?]

Thurs. July. 7. 1960./ Billy shut Frank’s fingers in door of car    looked as if they were cut most off,    Oh, the things children do it’s terrible,     had letter from Opal this morn.    Elbert’s all tired out when he got home today.   & he says such terrible things to me latly   I know it’s because he feels so bad & so tired.   I have a letter most done for Opal,   will try to finish it tomorrow if I can.   God help me.

Fri. July. 8. 1960./ Was a beautiful day, air a rather cool all day, hot sun    Well, I slept late, ate at noon received a letter from Sister Crisco    After dinner Sister Simas came in    baby walks good & they have her broke to ask to go to toilet & she’s a good baby.   Mrs Simms  one girl & son in law cleaned the stove & did a little cleaning the other woman didn’t do & there is a window & behind wash basin & the lower part of the cupboard to be done & the chairs & table leggs yet to do.   & bench to put new oil cloth on.   Elbert made custard for supper    Marchel took him up to Shores store & got loaf of bread,   they all had prayer & went home saying they’d try to get back soon.    God help us to do Thy Will. 

Sat. July. 9. 1960./ Ann & Milton came last eve-ning & we had quite a visit & Elbert & Milton went up for gas & came back & Milton went back & got some cream,   it tasted so good & then we had prayer & they went home.    This is a beautiful Morning & Elbert has done the washing & got it on the line,  hot sun,   there was a good breeze but seemed to have died out.   To hot for Elbert’s head.

Sat. July. 9. 1960./ I set bread   yeast cake was not very good,   its raining but so slow I pray it will be real good,   I thank Thee Jesus    No one come in today,    I finished Opals letter & hope to send note to Edna.    Betty & Budd thought they would be here this after noon but didn’t come    been a fine day.    Ernie brought the light bill yesterday    Postman left it in there box.   haven’t heard from Miss. Clark   hope she isn’t sick.   I’ll try to write her a few Lines soon    I ate supper in Kitchen with Elbert tonight.   My bowels haven’t moved today.   So I’m wondering what I’ll have to endure tonight & tomorrow. 

Sun. July. 10. 1960./ Mr & Mrs Hensley & 4 children came in this after noon     they brought us fresh green string bean,   they’re tender & sweet,   her mother & father were here to visit them & one son found a job & so his father took the resst of his family & went back home,    he was so sad & lonely for his boy did half the driving here      & now he would have to do all the driv-ing going back home & he would miss him almost as if he had lost him,     I pray Oh Lord Thou will comfort his heart in Thee day & night.   Oh, Jesus Blessed Jesus I love Thee & feel the need more & more of Thy Presence,   Help us I pray.   It been a beautiful day.  

Mon; July; 11. 1960./ Beautiful Day very cool air   hot sun.  Received note from Moura   It is a thank you  [?] Pictures I had sent to her    Elbert went

Mon. July. 11. 1960./ Went to town & did a little more shopping with Betty, Ann Stay-ed with me,    she swept the floor & we had prayer & sang hyms  Praising the Lord    Elbert couldn’t get my oilcloth but he got a birthday card & handkercheif for Mrs. Loura Wright her birthday was June 30 & she was 86. yrs. old   May God help her.    Now we have had supper & Elbert has soaked his feet & put on corn plasters & it’s 9-P-m   Rusha is trying to pick a war with U.S.A.

[Entry John Harnish Diary Tuesday July 12, 1960. Went to Lakeside to say a word about the Baldwin Wallace convocation at the Norwalk District Institute    Stopped at Aunt Elinors w/ a big watermelon.   Stopped at Uncle Frank Bonney’s for a while.   He gave us some beans & a cabbage.]

Tue.  July. 12. 1960./ Nice Day, cool breeze hot sun.   I wrote letter to Mrs. Crisco   I had hoped to write to Mrs Brackett & Miss McGovern & finish one to Mrs. Wright.       I did write one to Edna & Opal & now I have to write to Ethel & Nellie.   Johny & Marcia came in with there 3. children    they had been to Lake Side,   they N. & Girls had on some sort of what they called bath suits a cover over breasts & a little strip between there legs   Marcie had shorts    I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there they were    the eldest girl is 12. yrs. old,    I pray God will help them before it’s to late, the bible says cover the body & the ankles & forearms & fasten garment about the neck   Oh God of Love & Mercy the claim to be Christians    God says our bodys are the temples of the Holy Ghost & should be pure & a living sacrifice to God which is our reasonable duty.    bible say come out from among them but people who claim to be Christians are being wordly   Oh Jesus help them Make

Wed. July. 13. 1960./ Today Allen opens his tent meetings.    Milton Ann & the 2 gilrs came in  L.M. stayed in the car,  they had been over to the funeral parlor to see J. Ward daughter 14 yrs. old,   they the Wards have lead a wild life & no, there lay the daughter still & cold & Ann said the children had been to school together & L.M. had been with Cristine many times & she felt it might be a good thing for them to look on her cold still body & think how different life could be, when we walk with the Lord,  trust & Obey.   Milton tried to look at the evil & laugh it off, but God will be dealing with him in a severe & stern way before long & I’m trusting He will Amen.    Well it’s a dark dreary day, raining slow drizzle very hard all day.    Mrs. Hensley called to see if Elbert was going to Sandusky with her.   Mr. Helsely & children,    Elbert’s felt real sick   could hardly keep on his feet, his legs was so bad  he took anacins   the pains in knees & leg stopped but his head was so dizzy, it was as if he was drunk & then it began to ach,   I believe it was to many anacins,   he’s sleeping it off,   he looked real sick yesterday, but better today,   he did washing & it most did him,   So life goes from day to day.   Edna Hall came in at noon.   We talked a while   she went up to Shores store & got Elbert loaf of bread & 3 ice cream

Wed. July. 13. 1960./ cykles I believe she called them,   we ate part of the water-mellon Johny left us Tue.   Betty came in with 3 boys   Betty was coming to stay with me if Elbert went, so Mrs. Hensley told Betty Elbert wasn’t going, but Betty came anyway to see if she could help   We did talk things over Mrs. Hensley thought she could get a wheel chair for me    Elbert was going along to see if it was what I needed    Well Edna told me her daughter had her baby girl July 11, & they tore her rectom & mouth of womb & Edna seem to think she’d ought to be as strong as all the others, but, she wont have the strength as the others,    I told her about Audrey,   I do hope they will use judgement,  she’s like a little girl of 9. yrs. & without any more reasoning powers.   They all went to Hospital & then home 6-P-m, & oh, so dark.   I Thank & praise God ofr all things.  

Thurs. July. 14. 1960./ Dark morning fresh breeze & so cool.   I didn’t sleep last night   just dozed & so slept late this morning,   I prayed for Elbert   he felt so tired [?ly} bad,   he stumbled & nearly fell twice,  Wed.  but he’s better to-day  I received letter from Miss clark with 2. 1’s in it,  she says Harry gave her some money & said she should give me part of it, so she’s dishing it out 2. at a time once a mo.   Well I don’t understand but God does,   Praise His Name.   Ann called up no one been in.   Sun came out nice & bright little after 3-p-m.  N. East wind & cool.  & very cold.   well Mr. & Mrs. Finding came in a bout 7-P-m,   We had a nice spiritual visit & she offered me some blankets & I excepted them   we were wondering what to do about some more & God has so wonderously helped us.   He is a wonderfull Heavenly Father,   He said He would

Thurs. 14. July 1960./ supply all our needs & He does just that  Praise His Holy Name;   Oh God I thank Thee so much.  for all our blessing which are so many,  Amen   They left at 9-30-p-m.  I Praise Jesus.

Fri. 15. July/  Beautiful morning.   I slept late got up at 12 noon am fasting today.   Mr & Mrs Finding came in with a load of stove wood all cut to burn & While the men unloaded it, she came in & talked bible & the summer work at Shinrock & progress they had made,   I believe God will say they have done well.   I thank God for all who have gained in Him.   Elbert got up & did all the washing there was left to do, now     Received letters from Armstrong & Jordon & a card from Audrey & sent one to Inez & Miss. Clark,   I forgot to put stamps in for her.   Ann didn’t call or Betty today, hot sun cold wind.   We thank & praise God for all our blessings.

Sat. 15. July. 1960./ Beautiful Morn.  & real fresh breeze South west breeze.   I have set the bread & it’s raising   will seem good to have home made bread again, twice the yeast wasn’t any good, but this one foamed good & dough is active    I pray God will help it to come & be good.  1. letter come to Elbert from Dr. Arnold “about his feet”   we had written a card to him 2. mo’s. ago & made an apointment,    but, Elbert has felt to bad to go,   we should have let him Know,  but that’s the way some things go.   I pray God will bring him to do His will,   Lord help us to know what to do & how to do it,  bring in some of Thine to help.   I made 4 tins of biscuits 2. white 2. grahm   they are good.   & we are both tired.   Elbert’s having dizzy spells & so am I,   it must be our stomach, we ate some pork   it must have been to heavy, Lord help us.

Sun. July. 17. 1960./ Beautiful morn both little better   I took my bath & reading

Sun. July. 17. 1960/ my bible.   No one come in Sat. or Fri. & no one yet today    I wonder.   I wrot Loura Ann & Roberts  5.00  Sat.    have to mail them in morning     well no one come in untill evening    then Mr & Mrs. Hen-sley & 4 children came in & gave us beans & beet leaves.  for greens the one they gave us before were so tender & good,    he is out of work & her 2 brothers & sister-in-law is staying with them    the single brother pays his room & meals but the other is sort of a skin flint & they need the money    they have 4 children to feed & clothe   I gave them a tin of bread biscuits,   they are good hearted.   We just got down to visiting & children get so restless, they pick up & go,   Ann called up, said Betty & Budd had a bad fight & they havent been over for a week or so, but she & Milton might come Mon. evening,    they haven’t been over since. 

Mon. July. 18. 1960./ Tue evening,   she said.  she told Mrs. Finding    Elbert mailed the vacation land paper to Ella Jane, a letter to Loura Ann & one to Oral Robert’s with 5.00 in it.   Well, Ann just called & said they wouldn’t be here tonight,   she was talking to Mrs. Payne & she said they were coming,so, she & Milton would come Tue. evening.     Elbert feels some better, I Praise the Lord.   I mended a pr. of his socks Sat. with a hole the size of a dollar in back of each sock,   some job for my stiff old fingers, but it wasn’t bad, took me to long,   wish my fingures were more limber, but Praise Jesus I can do that well.   now must write some letters to Miss, McGovern & Mrs. Brackett   Well I got Mrs Brackett’s letter wrote,   maybe I will get hers tomorrow  “Miss. Mcgoverns”  I hope.   Been a fine day   hot sun  cool air.

Tue. July. 19. 1960./ Cloudy day, cool breeze & radio said thunder storm & none of it but lots of static.   mostly cloudy, it nice out. 

Tue. 1960. July. 19./ A card from Glispie of colum   seems at Lak Side full of 300 people & missionarys, from India.   She’s determined to get me to write to her, but she still boasting & pri[?ge?}   God Help her & hers   Well Paynes didn’t come last night.    I do pray earnestly God will help all who need him so much.   I think Elbert feels some better,   I must try to write to Ella Jane & her mother “Nellie”    I wrote the letter to Ella Jane & felt so tired.   Ann & Milton came in for & hr. or so & Betty came with them & brought the draw sheet & old sheet she turned & the oil cloth we had her get for the wash bench    I gave her 3.00    she only had 33 cents left    every thing cost so much    Milton took Elbert to store & he got the lemons & butter & little meat.    We had prayer & they took off for home,  God help us.   We had heavy shower before they came & at 9-30 to 12.

Wed. July. 20. 1960./ Beautiful morn.   partly cloudy  fresh breeze N. East & cool.   We received card from Miss Clark, saying I failed to thank her for the 2.00 she sent,   I can’t imagine I did such a thing,  she likes to fight & I do hope she wont try to pick a fight over the money   she says Harry Miller told her to give to me,   I do not understand about it.    We got nice letter from Bonita & she really has her troubles.   Well I have had a sick feeling since Mon. in my stomach    Elbert had ask Ann to call Hinman to find out what it would cost to take me to Allens Tent meeting in Mich.   I wish he hadn’t done it,   I know he wants to try to help me, but we have to be careful what we say, or do.   Well, Budd & Betty & boys came over after supper    he was going to cut the grass but mowing machine wouldn’t work so he & Elbert visited Bettey fix up soup & they said they had filled up on peaches & wouldn’t eat.   They drank coffee & ate graham biscuits    They brought us a pk of beautiful big peaches    she & boys ate peaches.  

Wed. July 20. 1960./ Well, they went home saying they’d try to come back Sat.   & Betty will try to fix wash bench & get clean cover of oil cloth on it. & clean lower part of cupboard,   I pray she will    I wrote letter to Miss Clark & thanked her for money 2.00 dollars she sent last mo. & wrote letter to Allen 5.00 in it today and one to Roberts Tue.   & one to Ella Jane & her mother.    Elbert has worked hard   cut path to cook      some thing broke wire on out side & pushed window glass out & broke screen on inside,   he found 4 baby kittens inside     he put my old rocking chair up inside & one rung was broken.  poor old chair,   it’s a very comfortable chair to sit in,   he put it in coop & locked it in, & cleaned old wood shed & put some of the wood Mr. Finding brought in it.   Now he is so terrible tired    I have to rub his back he’s so lame he can hardly move.   But we Praise God he helps us & Keeps us.

Thurs. July. 21. 1960./ Beautiful Morn. N. East breeze    2 letters this a-m. from Edna Hall & Mrs. Swarthout both good letters     Edna’s daughter 17 yrs. old & baby girl going home Tomorrow & Mrs. S. & husband drove 500 miles to see Grand Canyon,   she says it just beautiful & they enjoyed it so much & she is able & does play the Electric organ at church again;   Well, that might be O.K. but What would Jesus do?   What would He think about it.   Well, We had dinner.   Elbert ground a pork chop  add-ed 1/4 cup of milk, butter, sage, salt & peper and crackers & fried it.   Well I was out in Kitchen & had supper out there    sun hot, breeze cool looked like frozen due last night & night before.   I sent letter to Miss Clark & Allen 5.00 this a-m,   Well I have to write Miss Mc.Govern   been putting it off.

Fri. July. 22. 1960/ Beautiful morning strong West wind    tempture 89 going to 90 & threatened rain for tonight & during the night.   I patched Elbert’s B.V.D’s,   it was a hard job    I can’t see plain enough to see thread or make button hole or sew up holes.   Am out of Envelopes & stamps & all most out of paper.   3-15-p-m & no one came in. or phoned.    Received letter from Mrs. Swarthout & a good letter from Viola & a good letter from Inez.    the ones from Edna & Swacthout came Thurs.   Inez said Edd Rosecrames died last week,   Elbert said, that must be the reason we had been thinking of him & there families.   queer how they don’t even send a post card,    Wyn never let us know when Grant passed on.    Oh well, it don’t seem as if it’s right,   but maybe they like it that way    Inez been in hospital,   said it made her feel so happy to read my letter,    I do wish she would trust the Lord fully.   Oh God help them to Know Thee & not be in doubt or fear, but have that sweet Peace the Gift of God’s Love, I thank Thee.   Ann called to tell me she was O>K. & fear & doubt had gone, since her mo’s, had appeared.   Oh God,   why don’t we have faith & trust God,   He made us.   Oh Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free, Where Jesus is thHis home to me  On land or see what matters where, where Jesus is the Heaven there.   I thank & Praise the Jesus for all thing great or small.   

Sat. July. 23. 1960./Beautiful morning, cool breeze  hot sun.   Betty was coming this after noon but it’s 3-p-m. & so hot.   A letter from Jordon & paper from Theodor H. Epp.   Back to the Bible Lincoln Nebraska Box, 233.   I use to listen on Radio each week 

Sat. July. 23. 1960./ to them heeteches use to teach bible lessons so clear,   I don’t know what station he’s on now.   Betty & her Pastor’s neighbor woman came over about 3-30-p-m  had coffee & then took kElbert’s order & went to Sandusky to do both the’re shopping & ours & ex-pect to get back here about 7-P-M.   Betty says she & Ann are planing on going to Detroit to Allen’s meets for 2 or 3 days,   but not anyone can find a way to take me,   strange world isn’t it,   the bible tells how a few men took the tile off a roof & lowered a man down before jesus & He healed them because of there faith but no one knows how to take me into the meeting, that I can be healed or Elbert    it’s surely a bad world    Ann’s father in law said he’d take her to Detroit, but not to the meeting,   People say I want whereas we should say Thous sayest the Lord,   they don’t want to help the helpless or be troubled with them.   I do pray God will help them to learn to do His will & find a joy in so doing.   Betty & her neighbor,    they got us $11.00 worth of groceries that included the meat     Elbert gave her a 10 dollar bill & when she got back I gave her 1.00, dollar,    they talked a little & went at 7-p-m, now.   Radio says there are terrible fires in Cali. & several other fires in different places,   Betty said she & Ann & children planed to go end of week to Detroit only    Milton will be all alone,   I wonder;   Hope all is well

Sun. July. 24. 1960./ Audrey’s birhday, she will be 68. yrs. old,   They had tornado in part of Detroit last night.   It’s been a beautiful day,   Paynes came over after dinner & there 4. children his brother & wife & 7. children went home Sat. morning to Virgina    she says the house seems so empty she feels lost,   she has 4. but 7. more would leave quite a vacantenze.    We had quite a visit,    Well we ate supper & then Ann & Milton came in & she & I had bible talk & prayer,    We would lall like to go to Detroit to Allen’s Tent & be cleansed & made whol in Jesus.    Help us Jesus to Know what we should do.    I pray Thou will, Amen.   Oh God Help us,    Milton & Ann came in for an hr. or so this evening & she had let Cathy go with Betty to spend evening & Budd took them all over to ________    he went to see the man he goes coon hunting with & & she didn’t know how long she’d be there so called & told Dian so Ann wouldn’t worry:    Betty wants to go to Detroit with Ann & Milton don’t want her to go. “selfish.” & I believe thats why they haven’t tried to help us find away to go.   Jesus Knows.   I know Jesus can make a way,    I’ll wait for Him.   I did-n’t get up in chair today,   they went home at dark.

 Mon. July. 25. 1960./ Beautiful morning & A letter from Miss. Clark,    she wrote quite a letter for her    said Myrtle’s mother is well & is at home again,  Ramme’s is to be married July 31st 1960   & she went to the shower that was given them.   Mrs. Fast is in Vermilion Rest home yet & always ask bout me.   May God help her.   A letter from Nellie to do for Pinky & Ella Jane & herself & Pinky [?] like …

Mon. July. 25. 1960./ I heard some one talking in front yard last night & Elbert found a little note book    it says classmate date notes on the front.   Elbert has wash-ing done ready to hang out,   Wind’s still N. East,   Elbert got wash done & dried,   Milton & Ann came & & mowed the grass,   they talked awhile & left.    Cathy got home safe last night.    I darned 2 holes a big as a dollar in each sock for Elbert & fixed the shoulder strap on his B.V.D.    I didn’t do any writing today,    I didn’t sleep  not one nape all last night, so I prayed,   Jesus is Wonderful    He came & stood by me,    I do want to get up so bad, but I want to do His Will not mine    Oh Praise the Lord    I’m glad I’m free    where Jesus is Tis heaven to be on land or sea   What matters Where Where Jesus is this Heaven there.    Oh Glory be to Jesus   I love Him more & more    He lead to green pastures right through His open door    He will never ever leave me, nor for-sake me ever more    He’s my Saviour & physician   the holy one that I odore.   Oh to be like Jesus to be like Jesus    all I ask to be like Him all through lifes journy  from earth to Glory   all I ask to be like Him.   Glory Hallelujah Amen.    Elbert’s got the new step & got it ready to put in. 

Tue. July, 25, 1960./ Beautiful morning   nice fresh breeze,   S. East, mostly cloudy & its quite warm & at last blew up a storm    wind quite strong & rained hard good shower    sun came out few times but looks as if we might get more rain,    Letter from Allen & been in a quandry  don’t seem to know what to do. 

Wed. July. 27. 1960,/ Beautiful day, very hot sun   just a little breeze.    Elbert has cut some thisles this a.m.    got dinner & at 2-30-p-m. is trying to cut a few more weeds.    Dear Lord even though she couldn’t seem to settle it in her own heart, I pray Thou wont let them cut her open but heal her Thy. Self.   I thank Thee Jesus more than I can tell    make her to understand,   she has to make up her mind,  settle the debate in her own heart,  help her Lord.     Milton came late & said he had been to Memorial hospital to see Ann,    her father-in-law took her there.   they hadn’t done anything & maybe wouldn’t for a day or. so, to me Dr’s are discusting.   Inez was cut open & not anything wrong with her,   if people would only trust the Lord,    We need real Christian fellowship    God help us I ask.   I thank Thee for all things, Amen.    We received letter from Audrey & card from nellie    a picture card of Yacht Harbor Santa Barbara Cali.   pretty bay with lots of Yachts & launcher.   Palm trees along the path.     Eian called me & talked a little   she seemed excited, but had supper ready for her dad.   she said she picked raspberries for woman across the street “she & Kathy” & she gave them all to them.   so they caned them  3. qts.   & Dian made a berry cake for supper,    I pray Jesus Thou will teach them some memerable lessons that they need so much.   it’s 3-p-m.    Milton will soon be home for supper,    I hope he calls us tonight.    Well, it’s, 9-P-M. & he still hasn’t called,    Edna & her husband came at 6-p-m.   they took her daughter & baby home Fri. & stayed 2. days & today came over here    Edna looks worn out.    We talked about going to the Allen Tent for healings,   Edna’s father & her crippled brother Richard are coming to Edna’s to visit & she hopes they can all go & Ellen

Wed. July. 27. 1960./ Elbert & I are hoping to go all so,   If we ought to go help all things to work out that way,   Oh, Jesus help us I pray    there are 4 souls & maybe more that need help be-side me.   I thank Thee & give all Glory to Thee.   Cliff went up & got a nice big watermellon   Oh but it was good.   I pray they got home safly,   he’s out of work, does repair jobs at home, on lawn mowers & cars.    Elbert is trying again to call Milton & see how Ann is.   Frank Bonney’s birthday   he’s 70. yrs. old.   The mail was the plain Truth & letter from Audrey & Card from nellie.   It’s been hot this after noon,   it rained 3 showers Tue after noon & at night 2.   I wrote letter to Edna but didn’t get it mailed & here they come    well, Milton said.  they took a test on Ann & wont Know untill tomorrow what’s wrong    he said Betty & Ethel Hicks went to see Ann tonight.   Lord help us to Keep faith with Thee, Amen. 

Thurs. July. 28. 1960./ Beautiful Day, N. East breeze    Betty called this a-m.   said she’d over in a day or 2.   Letter from Sister Crisco this a-m    they are all as well as usual,   her mother went home with some of her neighbors who were up there for a visit & Sister Crisco is lonesome now they are gone,   Oh, if some one would only take us over to Allen   God help us I pray,   they don’t know how Ann is, better or worse.   No one came in today    Elbert cut few weeds this a.m.

Fri. July. 29. 1960./ Another beautiful morning but scarsly any breeze, a very hot sun.     A letter from Wyatt,   I haven’t forgot but can’t send them the 

Fri. July. 29. 1960./ money untill I get it.   Now I received a slip with my tax blank for delincey & I have all my receipts to show I have paid up to date   Such a world of people,   I pray Lord all is well   It’s to hot to write    I have a letter partly done to Edna I’ll try to finish,   then Miss McGovern    don’t know why she don’t write.    Well it was 

Sat. July. 30/ sunshiny all morning, at noon clouded up & little more breeze    looks like rain at 20 to 5 oclock.    Yesterday, it was terribly hot & no breeze, today there is a little breeze, but hot out of the breeze.   it’s been so terrible quite out side all this week like as if everything was dead & look so threating.    I received letters from Allen, Robert’s & Loara Ann & her mother in law,   Loura thinks her mother in law has a canser or tumer,   it’s begining to pain her, God help them to come to Thee.   I mailed a letter to Miss. Mc.Govern & one to Mrs. Hall this morning.   Payne called & said they were thinking of going to Detroit to Allen end of this week,   he laughed & ask, if I was ready to go.   No one phoned or call on us today.    Elbert called Ann    Milton went to Hospital & hasn’t got home yet at 9-20-P-m    Sunny all morn. & Cloudy all after noon.   cool breeze

Sun. July. 31. 1960./ Beautiful day h-o-t sun & scarcly any breeze at all & not a call or phone call today.    Elbert called Milton last night   he called back 11-p-m.    said they gave her more blood,   they gave her some on the start & now, more    & they said she would be home Wed, Aug. 3. 1960.   I pray she will be O.K.  strong enough to endure.    I been out & back 3. times to Kitchen   it’s hard   Mr & Mrs Hensleys & 4 children were here at supper time,   they brought a cabbage head & cucumber from there garden  nice & freesh,   they left before dark -God help us

Mon. Aug. 1. 1960./ Beautiful morning   I didn’t sleep all night.   We paid taxes in May & have receipts & stub. & now they have sent another blank & this I received 28 of July with penly of 2.00    We can’t figure out what it’s for,   now I’ve got to find out if I can what it’s for & who to go to for help,   I pray God will help me.   We received letter & magsne from Allen & picture of Jesus from Jordon & 2. adds. this morning.   Jordon sent Picture of Jesus not a colord picture but crayon.   Allens letter’s good.   This is twice he has told me Jesus is interceding with God for me & to stand fast & I will win the Victory as Job did.   Oh Praise His Holy Name, I thank Thee.   Milton came at 6-P-M.   says Ann better, but he doubts if she will get home Wed.   I pray she & Milton will both use good judgement,   she’ll be weak.   Well it’s getting dark & it was real cold last night & fogy but not much fog tonight.    Elbert did out part of the washing & got it dry    his feet seem as if they would kill him,   he so tired    I pray God will in Jesus Name Convert & heal him. Amen. 

Tue. Aug. 2. 1960./ A Paper from Soul Clinic & add was all the mail.   It’s partly cloudy & quite hot   good S. west breeze.   I sent card to welfare, about the taxes.     Well, Mrs & Mrs Hensley came & they went to the Volentiers & got a wheel chair, they thought would be good for me to sit in,   We both had wished Elbert could go when they went so not to get something we can’t us,   but they brought a big ark of a chair & dirty, terribly dirty alover.   so now take it back & we hate it’s being in the house because of the dirt on it,   Oh God help us I pray,   they were only thinking of help ing us.   They are going Thurs  & I hope we get it back & Oh I hope we can do our Way &

Tue. Aug. 2. 1960./ take chair back & get our food supply.   I sent letter to Ethel & Frank.   No one else in or phoned.   

Wed, Aug. 3. 1960./ A Dark cloudy day.   No mail   Elbert washing his shirts & pants 4. or 5. pairs.    Well no callers so far.   Now Mrs. Hall came in Praise the Lord.   she brought a pie “apple” & pt. ice cream   we visited a little then she wiped up the floors, then Wyn & Virgina came in came just to visit    Well it was nice to see them again,   they gave us few tomatoes fresh ones.  Edna went, then Virgina & Wyn.   shes 85 & looks good.    Ed Rosencranse had heart trouble 81 yrs old  Geo will be 75 Aug. 16.   Ed sick.  expences cost him over 3,000 dollars,    Joyce is over to New York to Christian Youth camp.   Ann got back home today    she’s terrible weak but trying to get up & walk a little each day from now on.   God help her to be very careful.   give her the strength & courage she needs. Amen.

Weds.Thurs. Aug. 4. 1960./ We had hard shower 3-30-p-m before girls left. & it’s still cloudy & all night & all morning.   Elbert don’t feel good but he got al-ready to go to store.   Betty called & said she be here soon & she came & Brought Mrs. Proctor & her 2 girls with her,   they stayed with me untill Elbert & Betty got back 12-noon & went right away,   Elbert put dollars worth gas in her car    I let Mrs. Proctor take some Oral Roberts & Allen books   hope she reads & prospers by them & returns them.   Elbert didn’t get all he had to do done    Betty thought she’d be back Sat.   Mrs. Hensley called after they had gone to store & they were going to Sandusky “Hensleys”    she said he said he couldn’t take the chair back, but would have Volentiers call for it,   We had explained to Hensley’s we couldn’t use a big chair,   but, here they brought an ark.   We have to leave it on the porch    Elbert wanted to ggo with them so not to bring what we couldn’t use,   such a world.    Well, we had supper & Elbert isn’t satisfied,   he cut a few weeds & now he is out cutting a few more,  this is the time to cut.   It is thick & fogy at 7-p-m   my bowels didn’t move today,   I don’t feel good.

Fri. Aug. 5. 1960./TAXES./ A beaiutiful day.   My bowels did move rather hard   took my ambistion out of me,   but, I got up on edge of bed & read some bible scripture out loud to Elbert & my self.   We called Ann,   Milton talked to Elbert   she set up to long & got to tired,   I can’t see why she don’t use common sence.   Its 5-30-P-m & terrible hot; makes my head ach.   No Mail today,   but I owe so many letters & some how I just can’t seem to write   I’ll have to write to Loura Ann & get that off my hands,   I most wish I hadn’t told her by the sound of her letter she wants some one to get it & hand it to her to bad.   Well, it’s now 15 to 6-P-M. & so hot.

Sat. 6. Aug. 6. 1960./ Dark day, 2.p-m   trying to rain,   Elbert’s been cutting weeds & he feels all in.   Well taxes have penalty of 2.47,   this is second half   the last half come in May. & now the second half July 29. 1960 for  1959.   I don’t know why so close together.   I’ll send it, but will have to watch blanks in future.   got taxes & penalty ready to go with self address-ed stamped envelope as soon as Elbert can get to town.    No one came in.   sun come out couple or more times, quite cool today & no one come in today.   My check come & letter from Fred Jordon,   they want money  a thousand dollars or less if I can spare it to build a new Chapel   a memoral for His mother.   The light bill come today 1.65.   Cleared up some   not so warm tonight.

Sun, Aug. 7. 1960./ Beautiful day partly cloudy this after noon & later a shower.   Milton & Ann came about 3-p-m.   We had a good spiritual visit & prayer & I pray Lord Thou will convid her heart & help her to understand she not leav-ing  Holy on Thee,  help Jesus to cleans herself through Thee,   Oh God in Jesus Name I ask that Jesus will guide my tongue,   I thank Thee & give Thee all Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.   Well, no wonder I’ve had such a queer feeling of excitment for, Brother & Sister Swarthout & Brother & Sister Webber were on there way here from Arazonia & from Sandusky,    We had a little visit & prayer,   they said God had sent them to me to talk & pray with me,   they prayed & the power went through me & I claim whatever God sent for me,   I praise Him with all my heart & soul, Glory to God Hallelujah, Amen.   It would be so good to have had time to talked longer, for the visit was short.   Well Milton & Elbert went to Shures & got butter lettuce & a mellon. & cream (ice). meat loaf.   We have been listening to sermons, over radio from 3-30-p-m. untill 11-P-m.   they are mostly good.   Well, Betty & Budd & boys, didn’t come today. 

Mon. Aug. 8. 1960./ Nice Day, partly cloudy, Betty came good Look & Lot a Love  & left Mrs Proctor & her 3 children a boy & 2 girls from Mrs Clara Proctor    & she & Elbert went to town& got the rest of food    he had forgot & she wrote on my tablet.     they were not gone long,   Clara washed up dishes & children run in & out,   I felt sick all morn,   Bowels didn’t

Mon. Aug. 8. 1960./ move untill after dinner,    I don’t feel right yet.   Mrs. Degan the Case Worker came in at 2-30-p-m, in ans. to card I sent to her & she says they are a year behind with Tax blanks,    What a world, & soon everything will be worse & Jesus will take over.   Oh Praise the Lord   he will take care of His Own.   Still partly cloudy. at 4-p-m.    Received letter from Opal   they are well   she is caning bean, pickles, peaches &. & wishes all well.   We gave Betty 27.50 to pay taxes & 50 cents to get a couple Kerchiefs for Anns birthday “Sat”    Well bowels moved off good,   Praise the Lord.   I’m shaky,   Elbert had started the washing, but went to town & left it   come back & got dinner at 1-30-p-m.   now he has got part of it done & dried   a good breeze, hot sun partly cloud.  Well it is cool & radio says cooler tonight. 

Tue. Aug. 9. 1960./ Partly cloudy.   Elbert hung out the clothes that didn’t dry Mon.   there isn’t much breeze.   Received letter from Edna’s daugh-ter   they are well, but she wishes more than anything else in the world that she was a saved soul for Jesus,   Oh God, help her to really find Thee & be con-verted & filled with the Holy Ghost I pray, Amen. 

Wed. Aug. 10. 1960./ Well. I felt bum & laid more than I set untill 2-P-M.   Betty came & so I set up again    We talked some & then she cleaned lower part of cupboard & under the sink   only took her 1 1/2 hrs.   she young & fast    I’m so glad it’s done,   now we are going to do the wash bench when she comes again & behind it on wall.     she & Budd gave us 1/2 bu peaches & tomatoes today   also, we each had toast & lunch meat & coffee & then she & boys went home 15 to 5-p-m.   she washed Elberts 2 light shirts & ironed them & brought them back & brought pillow cover for the sofa pillows back,  she ironed them   Elbert had washed them.   I had her get 2. Kercheifs for Ann & a birthday card.    I didn’t get Betty anything for her B[?ig] tax day.

Wed. Aug. 10. 1960./ taxes./ Skip Shoe brought us a hen from poultry house at 6-P-M.   We got our checks Mon. & Elbert went to Huron Tue.   paid out most all we got   gave Betty blank for taxes   she didn’t say if she had mailed it out $27.17.   it is cold tonight like early Fall & feels like rolling up in wool blanket.   Cloudy most of the day 58 degrees tonight.

Thurs. Aug. 11. 1960./ Beautiful morning cool breeze  hot sun.   2 letters today one from Miss Clark ( & one from Miss Willitts )with 2.00 in,   she says Harry Miller gave her some money & said she was to give me some of it & that’s the way she give it 2.00 at a time to me.    Well, I finished a letter to Edna & got part of one wrote to Opal & then mrs. Finding came & Miss Clark   I thanked her for the 2.00 & paid Mrs. Finding $2.95 for the large print Bible she bought & brought to me    she bought a plastic cover & gave to me & she put it on the Bible.    They started to leave  then, came back & told us about Tom Eppler having a terrible wreck on his big truck near Chapel Creek,  one car burned up & a woman in a car pined between wheel & back seat,   they had to pry her out & car cought fire & Tom put it out with his hands & the fire never burned his hands & he had fell on his head, & it had only stun-ed him,   God does miricals.   Tom’s youngest brother fell 3 stories & died   I don’t remember if it was the same day, but close anyway.   I have always believed Tom belonged to the Lord.   help him Jesus I pray & be with Mrs. Finding   she’s a loveable person

Thurs. Aug. 11. 1960./ Help Thy children Lord & help us to Know & understand   talk to me & help me to see & to Know what to do    I thank Thee Jesus.    Ann & Milton were here a little while tonight    Ann & I had prayer & Milton came in & we hugged & I kissed him & he said he would try to live right.   he’s lonesome for love & companionship with good friend, Jesus  call loud to his soul.   Jesus help me to help others, Please help m. 

Fri. Aug. 12. 1960./ Cloudy mostly    Got up a little earlier, but don’t feel so strong.   No. mail at all.   I got dressed & Elbert took me to Kitchen,   I washed & he got me sugar, shortening vanila, eggs, milk, salt & flour & rolled oats & I blended them together    We had just put one tray in oven,  When Edna & Cliff came   so he tore off old oil cloth from wash bench  pulled tacks & measured new oilcloth & tacked it back on.   Edna swept up dirt on floor,    they didn’t get floor & wall washed, we hope to get wall covered next,   they had to go home, was expecting Joyce,   Edna got called back to work for Aug 15th.   She was hoping he’d get called first,   she was so sick this morn & threw up,    she looked sick   Pray she’s O.K.   they left 15 to 5-P-m.   I thank God in Jesus Name   He takes good care ous.   they stoped at Betty’s house & she sent several pieces of pies  2, big peppers & a bag of string beans & couple tomatoes   Praise the Lord & we pray He will Bless each one of them,   they are so good to us,    I am going to give her a few cookies,    Edna helped look after baking cookies      after they left I got back to bed tired so tired

Fri. Aug. 12. 1960./ Elbert has felt so bad alday    Milton & Ann came in for a few minutes,   it’s her birthday.   she’s 31. yrs. old & the family told them to go out for supper,   so they did,   they told them not to come back untill seven oclock,   they went up to store & got us some bread, bread man has missed us twice,   Milton & Ann were going to get ice crem bring bread back to us & go home to see what they were doing at home,   Betty was to bake & trim a cake & they were to have they’re party tonight,    they were as excited as 2 children & could hardly wait to get back home to see all that had been going on.   Well I hope they had a nice time.    They are going to bury Mr. Canaberry tomorrow,   he’s the one Allen cured through the Power of God of a canser,   he coughed it up in pieces & he was so happy for a week or 2.   then let the devel tor-ment him untill he went to hospital in Cleveland & then he came home,   then, went to norwalk & back home.   & now they lay him away Sat. 13.   So dark at night.   heavy dew most white & lots of it. 

Sat. Aug. 13. 1960./ Beautiful morning,   No mail.   I have been trying to finish Opals letter.   Well I finely got letter done,    no mail today, & no one called today.   Cliff got washbench covered with new oil cloth,   it sure looks better & cleaner.    I do thank Jesus for helping us,   Edna was sick  been al morning & throwing up,   she’s going back to work Mon Aug. 15.  & she wished Cliff would go back first to work    I wonder if Joyce came home or if Edna & Cliff went to her.   Ann called & said she & Betty & Ethel, went to Canebery’s funeral   Rev. Gibson did the preaching    there were about 100 there   they laid him in Riverside cemetary   Jesus help & comfort those left.

Sun. Aug. 14. 1960./ Beautiful Day S. East breeze.   No one called or come in,   I pray the Lord has & still is Blessing the Services every where Amen.   They tell me Rev. Smith is leaving Huron Church    He says he don’t get pay enough.   Lord help us.   Ann didn’t call up today,  enjoying her leasure & freedom. 

Mon. Aug. 15. 1960./ Dark, Cloudy morning, 1. letter from Allen    It rained hard Sun. late & part of the evening   Elbert forgot to mail Opals letter.   Well maybe I can write one letter today.   I did to Mrs. Joyce Rogers, No calls or, no one come in so far today   tempture 55 degrees, tonight    So am sending 3 letters Tue.  Clark, Opal & Joyce.   I talked to Ann, she said Minister was there & visited awhile & was sorry they didn’t get to hospital to see her.   she said she was over to Ethel’s to a demastsion of cloths party & she ordered 3 B.V,D, suits for Milton some 4.50 & sun came out after dinner at times,    Elbert dried cloths   he’s so tired every night & I wish I were able to help.   Georgies Birthday 75. yrs.

Tue. Aug. 16. 1960./ Month half gone at noon & only had 3 or 4 days of hot weather & it’s partly cloudy   good fresh N. East breeze & Elbert did out the bal. of the wash.   I sweat so bad he had to take off sheet & draw sheet this a.m.    Johnn Snyder gave Elbert 2. cucumbers & few ears of corn,   they are good & we injoy them.    We are almost out of food again & 18 days befor another check   have to use some of coal money.   Received picture card of the big red wood tree,   they cut a hole in to drive clear through it is 33.3 ft in circumference & at the ground 84.8 ft. & 205 ft high & they don’t know when it was hollowed out,   & a piece of log for souvieniers   nellie & girls were over to see it,   Ella Jane, Bonita Jr. & Gladous.    Getting quite cloudy again.   Well Elbert says today is Wed. 17. so I have got Tue. & Wed all in together but I still don’t feel he is right [?]

Thurs. Aug. 18. 1960./ Sun shining, but not clear.   tax blank receipt came this morning.   No one came in or called, so far today    Elbert called Ann last evening & she did-not have much to say.   I expect Betty is helping Budd with peaches,   Ann said she saw them go passed on the truck, so they are probably hauling peaches some where,    Edna’s working & Clara Proctor has no way to come & we don’t know whats happened to Hensley’s.   Elbert has sewed end of slipper sole & top together 3. times now.   Well he mailed Sara’s letter this morn.  18th. & I don’t feel like writting, but have several letters to ans.   I did 2. letters  one to Miss Willitts & one to LourelAnn. & one to Wyatt 5.00 but I can’t put the money in the others untill I get a 10. broke,   I’m going to write one to Allen & Roberts. & Jorden & put the money in when I can,   I’ll have them ready all but that.   We got tax blank receipt today.   WEll Ann & Milton came in for & hr. or so    Milton went up for gass & we got some cream,   they were just leaving when Bonita came & George & her 2. babys ,   they did not stay long,   she’s worring,   I’m sorry & wish I could help her,   she said Joan M’s baby is sick with infection in her Kidneys, tempture 102 & up to 104.  she’s in hospital, for along time   they have given her a whole fried pork chop to eat & she eats it.   it’s to solid meat for a baby little over yr. old.   I owe Audrey letter & Mrs Swarthoute.    Well, Maybe I’ll get there by & by. not so cold tonight. 

Fri. Aug. 19. 1960./ Beautiful Day  fresh N. East Breeze    no mail, Ann called & is coming to take “or her father in law,”   Elbert to town for food at 1.P.M.   John Snyder is plowing up sweet corn patch   thats done   Mr. Anderson & Dian & Cathy came,   he took Elbert to town & the girls stayed with me,   they don’t seem to know how to visit      Men wasnt

Fri. Aug. 19. 1960./ gone long.   Elbert’s feet paining him so bad.   So now he’s soaking his feet & I’m going to try writting another letter & Elbert didn’t mail what I wrote Thurs.   I wrote 2. more,   Allen & to Jordon,   can’t send them yet untill get money    Well, I’ve been praying untill my heads dizzy,   fog a few, it seems to take the strength right out of me & I’ve been asking Jesus if I’ve done all I can do here on the bed & in the chair, if He would provide a way for me to go to the meetings at Clyde,    I couldn’t seem to go to Allen in Deteroit, Wed.   I had such an excited feel as if some-thing was about to happen,   I saw sister Gantt  Louses & Mrs. Gan’ts sister    she had a blue & white dress on sitting in a chair looking so tired,    I prayed for her   I could see her so plain,   she’s short & stout, black hair & she looked just as Jesus showee her to me & then Mrs. Gantt, her Sister & daught came,  it was just after we had finished our supper & here they brought  hot stuffed peppers, fresh corn & beans & tomatoes    Elbert had given Bonita what beans & tomatoes & was sort of regreting there loss & here mrs Gantt came with more    then he was glad,   Praise the Lord.  Oh my soul.   Well Sister Gantt said they were going to Church, but the Lord began to pull her & send her over to us & He quit pulling on her when they decided to come to us,   Oh, how happy we all were,   they talked about the wonders & power in the meetings & ask if we would go if they provided away & I said yes,   they prayed & thanked the Lord & began to plan what would have to be done,    I didn’t have things ready, didn’t know about my coat or shoes,    I can make dress & under clothes do,   but I’d need help to get ready,   my shoes are to small, feet are so swollen, & how could they get me in the car & what about my using bed pan?   Lousis said she’d be back Sat after noon to help us get on our way    we done what we could tonight & trust Jesus for the rest.

Sat. 20. 1960. Aug./ Well we got up & had bath & breakfast & began to put the things together   things we thought we’d need over night    Elbert sewed my garters on my abdominal suport & then packed needful things in bad, Elbert had, had his breakfast, he got mine & we had dinner & then Sister Mrs. Crisco, called, & ask what I was doing & I said just laying & waiting to be moved,   We were all ready to go except putting our traveling close on.   & we’ll have supper early   mrs. Crisco called, said seemed like every thing had worked wrong all morning & that at last they had got things all ready & the amblence & Loise would be here at seven 7. oclock & to be ready,   they will take me right to the Tent door & she will be there to meet us.   We had a real hard shower this after noon & now sun is out bright.    Well, I can’t write more untill I get back.   It was late 7-15-P-M. when the came with the Ambulance    We were ready to go,   it was Foos ambulance    it poured rain before they got here;   We tried, to call Ann several times but no ans.    They came in & put me on the carrier   took me out & put me in car & hit out for Clyde, took us right to the door of the tent & took me out & wheeled me right up in front & Elbert went with me   they had started to preach & after a while they called for those who needed healing & Elbert went up & he didn’t yeald, holy the devil is frighting, but I know, Jesus is able, All Glory be to God & He will win before long after he had finished with all the others he started on me,   I haven’t been able to hold my ankles straight,  but, Jesus helped me & I did stand on my feet.   they let me off a little hard & I put all mi weight on my feet, but to heavy on right

Sat. Aug. 20. 1960./ ball of right foot & it sore & swollen & pained most of time all rest of evening,    they had planed for us to stay with Mrs. Gantt,   but last minute she had a house full come in so they took us to Mrs & Mrs. Crisco’s,   we had lunch & talked & prayed & tryed to rest on some couches & floor.   I felt refreshed in my soul,   had been in Gods house for about 8. yrs.   I met so many & they seem-ed to be such nice friendly people, came & Kissed me shook hands & prayed  Gods blessing on me,   you could feel God’s power   Oh how much I love the lord   mr. Crisco’s been sick for a week or so,  his faith isn’t strong enough & maybe mine isn’t,   I don’t praise God in Spirit. 

Sun. Aug. 21. 1960./ We slept late & had late dinner   talked some & laid down & slept 2. hrs. & then got dressed & had dinner & used pan twice & started for home.   Mrs. Crisco tried to get Viola,   she was gone to a Church Camp some where,   she couldn’t get helen and I couldn’t go to Mrs. Wright’s    We got home 15 to 8-p-m    rained hard before we came but nice all the way after the rain    They got me safe home & into bed,    Elbert is so terribly tired.   I see our N. window open but he said he shut it, but he didn’t    we gave 10 to church & 7- to driver,   May God Bless them.   

Mon. Aug. 22. 1960./ Partly cloudy.   We slept untill 11-30-a.m.    we’re both so tired.   then Mrs. Payne called   she said she was so shocked when she see us come in    they took me in on the carrier in the front & Elbert set close by.   Well we talked a while over phone,   then Ann called & said, mrs. Hensley had 

Mon. Aug. 22. 1960./ been over Sun. & no one here & so they went to Ann’s & she didn’t know & Betty came to Ann’s & & they all came over & Milton said he could see it was an ambulace by the tracts they all wondered what had happened.   We tried to get Ann Fri night & 4 time Sat.  but no ans. so we had to leave at 7-P-M.  & I didn’t let them know & they said they were worried,   I’m sorry, I could have left a note on door but in all excitement getting me out, I didn’t think.    Such is life.   Well, I have talked to Mrs Payne twice & to Ann twice & they let Betty & Mrs. Hensley Know, so now everythings O.K.   I ask Elbert if he shut the north window before we left & he said yes but Jesus showed me it was open & it was when we got here & the house all locke-ed up. ha, ha.   We been a lone allday & no letter today & I didn’t write any,    Elbert’s head has felt so bad,   I pray God Will help him, to give in.   I praise God from Whom all blessing Flow amen. 

Tue. Aug. 23. 1960./ Nice Day but we slept till most noon,   No Mail.   Ann & Milton came & cut the grass & Betty & boys came    they got me up & out on the porch for 1/2 hr.  & Milton & Elbert went to store & then Milton & Ann went home    Betty & boys had sanwiches. & coffee with us,   they put me in bed be-fore they “Ann & Milton” went home.   Elbert washed this morning, he’s so tired he feels sick   I pray God of Love & Mercy Thou will hear our cry for help & help things to go Thy Way.   I Praise Thee & Honour Thee.

Wed. Aug. 24. 1960./ Partly Cloudy, hot sun, Coold strong breeze & Elbert got me in chair    then Clifford & Edna came    We had a good visit,   she went to work Mon. & is tired & they are planning on going home Fri. & he’s going to work tomorrow for 2

Wed. 24. 1960. Aug./ weeks, then he’s going to help Elbert fix heating stove, if they can.   We received card from Ethel, & letter from Nellie from Cali,    she’s coming home, expects to get here Sept 4.    Elbert did wash yesterday Tue. 22.   Betty brought us 1. Pk. tomatoes nice & ripe.   Elbert has supper ready & thank & Praise God for my healing & strength & Blessing.

Thurs. 25. Aug. 1960./ Beautiful Day, hot sun, Cool breeze No mail.   Elbert’s still so tired,   I Praise God I feel more strength   the trembling in my body has left,   there are some sore spots yet but He touched me & I’m sure they will leave.   I Praise God from whom all my blessing come Amen.   No phone calls or callers so far today.   I wrote 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1960/ to Wyn, Hensley’s, Audrey, Bonita & Wheelers today.   No mail today.   Well I’m tired & it’s cool tonight going to 53 degrees.  fogy every night.   Fri. Aug. 26. 1960 forgot to mark day & date.

Sat. Aug. 27. 1960./ We both seem to get things mixed up, to tired I reckon    I slept late, untill 10-a-m  had toast & eggs & a cup of coffee;   Ann & Milton came after dinner   he finished mowing the front yard,  cloudy but hot,   Milton took off his shirt & was so wet,     he & Elbert went to Shores & got a little food,   Mrs. Shore gave him a weeks bundle of papers, all the news we get is on the radio, so we like the papers.  Milton was going home to finish his lawn   he set me on the chair & we went to Kitchen,   Ann played Phonegraph records,   I have quite a few Hyms,   We enjoyed them   they went home 15 to 4. P.M.   There’s good N. East breeze & Mrs Hensleys coming tomorrow quit cool & cloudy

Sun. Aug. 28. 1960./ Been mostly cloudy & hot   if it wasn’t for the cool South breeze,  it hot.   Mrs. & Mr. & 4 children came in & we got half a visit   Mrs. Smith is very poorly    she gets up but is so lonely & don’t like to be left alone any more & her girl left her long enough so she cried all night    she’s 75 & feeble   I’m so sorry for her,   it is terrible to be left alone,   Wish I could help her   Mrs. Hensley goes to her as often as she can & she’s a good soul to.   John S. gave Elbert 5 tomatoes today,   looks like rain.   Elbert’s getting supper frying biscuits & hamberg.

Mon. Aug. 29, 1960./ Last night late Mr & Mrs. Payne came in & talked & visited for a while    it was 10-P-M. when they left.   This morning, Cloudy  good stiff breeze,  south mostly west.   Elbert got up late & did out the wash, didn’t have much,   he fixed my breakfast & got the mail   a nice letter from Mrs. Brackett    he mailed letter back to Roberts   I had made a mistake in add.   Put Lorain instead of Elyria.O.   Sun began to shine at noon, 2-30-P-M- close are dry.   Miracle Magazine came in mail   it’s a truly wonderful paper, a person who had lived as a girl 21. yrs. & had the passion of man & woman & had undergone all sorts of treatments  then went to A.A. Alens meetings & even though he wasn’t a Cristian ask Allen for help,   his desire was at age of 21. yrs. to be a real man,   he was convert-ed   Allen prayed,   God did the work,  He shrivel-ed femail oranges [?organs] & he became a real man    he had been married 3. yrs, & wife testified.    she knows & an aunt also testified   God is wonderful

Mon. 29. Aug. 1960./ We had 2 good heavy showers late this after noon, & now it is lots cooler & no one called or Phoned & Betty hasn’t been here for a week   Recieved letter from Mrs. Brackett   she is begining to feel old, says it makes her puff to do scarcly anything    I think she’s 86 or 89. yrs. old.   Pa would be 99 this last Jan, & Ma 103. yrs. old & Elbert is 77 last Dec. 6 1959.   I Praise Jesus for all things great or small

Tue. Aug. 30. 1960./ It’s a dark cloudy day.   I received Wyatt’s magazine & Robert’s this a-m.   No one has called today,   no, one called.Mon.   & we called Ann,   she says things are mixed up; for Milton went to work at 4-p-m- & gets home 1.-a.-m.

Wed. Aug. 31. 1960./ Last day of Aug.  & Miss McGovern & Sara didn’t come yet.   Received nice letter from Miss. Willitts,   Oh, how much I wish I could talk & pray with her   she’s in Detroit, but gave no add.   I thank God for my healings & am trusting & believing in Him for all our needs.   It’s a bright suny day & Radio says hot humid day.    My eyes have been bad, but believe some better.   I wish & pray some of God’s true Christians will come in & pray for us & to give us more strength of body, eye sight &hearing,    Oh, God, have mercy I pray.   Help us do Thy Will before it’s to late,  I pray in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   I been to Kitchen twice today.   it’s cooler in Kitchen.  breeze about died out.   The end time is closing in the news is war Nation against nation & Kingdom against Kingdom against Kingdom.   Help us to be all Thine, soon.   No one called & no one come   I don’t know what is wrong.   God help us & Keep us Close to Thee & Deliver us from this World. 

Thurs. Sept. 1. 1960./ A Beautiful morning   nice sun South breeze, hot sun.    Elbert tried to mow, to hot.   The letter I sent to Bonita came back, said no such address & Do not remail   Well, guess we’ll be waiting but wonder, why for the add. was correct.   No other mail.  No calls from Ann or Betty,   no word from Edna or Ms. Procter.   Maybe they’re all dead.   John Snyder’s gathering corn tomatoes & such like from his garden.    Well Ann & the 4 children came in & brought the sheet & D. sheet & 3 of my gowns, she looked tired to death the night before Mr. Anderson Sr. made up his mind to go to Georgia & L.M. to go with him, so Ann helped them pack untill 1-a-m. Thurs. morning    & then Milton came home, “he’s working from 4 to-2-in-a-m.” so they talked awhile & then went & Ann & Milton laid down a while, then she got up & fed the children & got straightened up a little & Betty came & they began to can tomatos   then Betty felt so sick she went home,   Ann had to finish alone & she felt to tired   then after 8. oclock she came over here,   I don’t suppose she will rested much with L.M. & Milton both gone      Ann & father in law cleaned & painted woodwork forepart of week.   Well, Bonita’s letter I sent her came back with P.O. stamps saying, moved, don’t remail & a lot of other things on stamp.   So don’t know where Bonita is or family. 

Fri. Sept. 2. 1960./ Beautiful morning.   & I’m sick   bowels didn’t move Wed, or Thurs. untill after midnight & again 6-a-m.   I’m still sick to stomach    A letter from Armstrong telling of the times going on ,  No other mail.   I pray for Him & all the others that God will bless them & help them

Fri. Sept. 2. 1960/ they had bad storms in Cadalac & Bay City late yesterday    tore up the roofing from City buildings & houses & homes & they are in a terrible condition, a 100 ft. antena is al-so down    & wires in a bad mess,   no lights no gas or electric & no water to use in some places  8. people Killed & many injured. & heavy rains   We had quite heavy rain & strong wind, but as far as we Know, no damage,    No word from Bonita.   John Snyder is plowing another patch of corn up,   No call from Ann or Betty.   so far today

[she explains that this entry is supposed to be for Sept. 3]

The Naze-rine Minister came in after supper,   he said Elbert wanted to be baptized Sun. at Beaullah Beach,  he said Miss Clark said so, & that she had made arangements for some one to stay with me    we told him we didn’t know anything about it,   some one called him on phone & he said he’d be back some evening this coming week to see how he could help Elbert    he left in a hurry & didn’t even shake hands with him.  I wrote under Fri. for Sat, begining with the Nazerine Minister. It’s been a nice day today, Mercy

Sun. 4. Sept. 1960.  Beautiful Morn.   Nice South breeze hot hot sun untill 12-30-P-M.  getting so cloudy & no one called or come in so far.    I ate peaches toast & eggs & drank coffee, ate 1-30-P-M.   we are so low on food,   Checks didn’t come Sat.  bowels got around to moving Sat. & good.   Well Elbert ordered a little food from Shores,   we have been short on eats for about 3 weeks, now, we will owe him $2.51 untill Tue. or Wed. but we can have a bite to eat.    Was so hot had fan going & now winds North, & cool.   no one come in today   I don’t know what’s wrong.  Ann called, said she been sick since Fri.

Mon. Sept. 5. 1960./ Labor day, Cloudy this morn   Elbert washed he thought it mite not dry, but sun came out after dinner & they are drying   I read my bible [?]

Mon. Sept. 5. 1960./ & then Mrs Finding & another woman came in,   she had been over to Sandusky to see Miss Clark in Memorial Hospital, she had cator-act taken off her eye,   she’s feeling fine & Mrs. 
Finding is taking her to her home for a week & people turned to & paid all her expenses.   I’m so glad.   I know Mrs Finding will take good care of her    Oh how much we have to thank Thee for.   Jesus.   Elbert says cloths most dry.   Sun is hot & bright   Mrs. Finding came back after 6-P-M-& brought us vegetables & meat & butter & talked some   she had a Mrs. Peters with her   we all visited & then she went back   I Pray God will reward her double,   she’s a very good Sister ,   I didn’t mean to pry on her symathy, but I told her we were out of food & Elbert run in debt for some to last us untill tomorrow or Wed. & she came all the way back with food,   she’s heavy set & I know she must be tired.   Oh how much I love & praise God, Amen.

Tue. Sept. 6. 1960./ Beautiful Day I got up 9-30-a-m.   was just having my breakfast when Betty & her boys & Mrs. Proctor & her children came in,   Mrs. Proctor & her children & Billy stayed with me while Elbert & Betty & Franky went to town & good our supply of food   they wasn’t gone long.   Betty brought us pk. pears, peaches & tomatoes,   I gave her my receipt for Kecatup & Chillisauce,  she said Budd is cross   he’s tired out    they took big truck load of fruit into Cleveland this a-m.   then they had there dinner & Betty came over here.   Elbert got his check this morning

Fri. Sept. 6, 1960./ no word from Bonita or nellie & 5 days of Sept gone   been hot sun cool nights   we have had to cover up at night,    Ann called, she went to Dentist this morning,   can’t have her dentist teeth untill she has them paid for & Betty had a tooth pulled & ought to have all her lower ones out but don’t know about paying as she goes.   Elbert has something wrong with one eye it’s sore inflamed   looks bad.   I was out in Kitchen today,   Elbert payed Shore for groceries,  & he paid phone & light bills.  now we have to order gass.   he said he spent all but $18.00 out of 62.00.  3 lbs. hamberg cost 1.77 & 98 cents for 1. can fruit  1.00 for cube steaks.   Bible says the number 666 will soon be coming   we won’t be able to buy or sell & will have to starve to death.   hope for mail Wed. 

Wed. Sept. 7. 1960./ Beautiful Day. & A letter from Bonita & from Crisco & Allen,   he’s going to New York.   Elbert fell down out side tore his pants & underwear & his skin,   he feels lame & sore   I pray God will help him to,   do His Will & way    he wants to, but devil has him bound,   Oh Jesus help lose him I ask in Thy Name, Amen.   Well no one called today.   Been hot, yet a nice breeze,   we have enjoyed fruit that Betty brought us.   Well its 6 oclock & getting cloudy now   supper most ready,   I don’t know whats wrong with Ann   she’s acting very queer & more so since I went to Clyde   She ought to 

Thurs. Sept. 8. 1960./ She ought to pray more.   It’s a beautiful Day   hot sun   breeze died out at 3-30-p-m.   A letter from Edna & some add’s.  A freee free flower book a beuty   Id like to have it to look at,   but couldn’t pay for next one, so feel I shouldn’t ask for it, cost money to put them out.    Well, I mussed the bed   I couldn’t move, then move to much.   Radio said tempture 93 & Elbert says he thinks it’s 95   We just ate some of pears Betty brought, they’re so good.   Well, I called Ann & she’s having her trouble    Miltons father took a new car to Virgina & he sold it,   he got his faults teeth down there & now they called to say they will be home Sun.   L.M. has lost a week of school   Ann’s so [  ?weepy]

Fri. Sept. 9, 1960.   We got a letter from Joyce this a m   weather was so hot had 2 showers  this morn & another good one this after noon   Elbert’s back hurts him bad, but he cut a lot of goldenrode, this afternoon began to get cold & tonight it’s real cool breeze.   All I’ve done today is read my bible.

Sat. Sept. 10. 1960./ Beautiful Fall weather & Goldenrod thick all over & weeds & black-berry roots & vines as if they had been sowed broadcast, & Elbert’s been cutting tops off goldenrod so they wont go to seed.    Edna came in at noon with 1/2 gal cream & hot apple pie.   it sure tasted good.   she had some color photo picture they had take,   they were plain & clear   she swept & wiped up the floors hadn’t been done since she did it last.  {?}

Sat. 10. 1960. Sept./ she never asks what to do but gets broom & mop & pail & get it cleaned in just no time & that’s wonderful    Elbert’s feeling so bad since he fell & I know by the sound of his voice he feels all in.   I pray God will spare him long to me & help him learn to know Him better, I thank Thee Jesus.   It’s most cloudy & dark  & very cool breeze,   it’s dark   I don’t feel able to do write my writting today.   We got our checks Fri.   Elbert don’t feel so good   I’m so sorry he fell shook him so bad

Sun. Sept. 11. 1960./ We figured home place is 62. yrs. old.   Gertie was 11 yrs old when we moved there,   she’s 72. now May 13, 1960.   It’s been a fine Fall day, partly cloudy.   My bowels moved some this after noon,    Ann came in alone & visited an hour or so.   Betty hasn’t been here for some time, she’s doing wrong things again.   Well not anything doing today   we been aloone allday except for Ann.   Hurricane been bad in Porterrico & & Florida Keys   killed a 100 & 4 in Florida & we have not had a full report yet. but it’s been bad   Young Cyle is preaching at Esembly Church at Huron.   I pray God will help him make a go of it there, 

Mon. 12. Sept. 1960./ Beautiful Morning & Elbert done the washing this morn. & got it done & dried at noon & it’s begining to cloud up now & all is done & he’s so tired,    I got the pillow covers sewed on except a little space 3 ins. long & Mrs. Payne called & while I talked to her Elbert sewed rest of pillow slip,   one of there realitives who smoked & did bad things & had several things wrong with him & they thought he was going to die,   he wanted to see some of his folks & they took him   anointed him with oil prayed for him, he smoked to & the Lord Wonderfully healed him,   he don’t have any craving for {?]

Mon. Sept. 12. 1960./ he don’t want any of the things he had wanted, but he’s so happy in Jesus.  Praise the Lord, one more for Jesus, but all I can do is pray trust & believe Glory to God in the Highest  No. mail to day.   Well it’s 9.P-M. & pouring rain   Ann called said she & Kathy just got home from the Drs. & Everythings O.K. with her & the family,    Well I’m glad & pray God will in Jesus Name teach her to live closer to Him from now on. Amen.

Tue. Sept. 13. 1960./ Beautiful Fall day, partly cloudy.   good breeze.   Letter from Miss Clark with 4. bills in it & she’s better “her eye” but she’s weak.   I have ans. her letter,   she worries untill she Knows I’ve got it.  Cliff came in to fix the stove    Elbert thought he wasn’t coming & had a little fire, so he said he’d come tomorrow,    sure hope they get it fixed.   It lightened hard all right & rained heavy showers alnight & today  partly cloudy.   Betty called & said she’d be here in morning to take Elbert to town for the bal. of food.   We have to pay gass eggs & Betty & Hensleys, 18.00 all told.   my check is only 65.00    I have to save 20 for coal & 21 for church & he hates to keep track of what he spends & I have to or get in hole,   God help us I pray.   Betty said Ann was canning soup.   Well it rained & looks like we’d be getting more tonight. 54 degrees [?]

Wed. 14. Sept. 1960./ WEll, Betty & Frankie & Ann & Conie & Cliford & Patty all came today   Elbert & Betty went for 

Wed. Sept. 14. 1960./ went to town for ballance of food, he had 15.00 of his own & 65 dollars of mine, total of 80.00   food cost 35. some coal 20.00  10. gass, so, we are broke again with 3 weeks to go before another check.   Well, today’s beautiful day,   I don’t feel like writting & I wish I could go out.   The young folks all had coffee & went home;  Betty brought grapes of different kinds red, white & blue.   little letter from Loura Ann Bonney I don’t un-derstand.   Well, Elbert worked outside awhile after dinner.   then washed dishes & put food things away then rested few mintues, got supper & cut up hen   I’m so glad Cliford got the stove fixed.   it’s cold nights & mornings.    We had little water mellon after supper.   I crave for fresh fruit, & all is short this yr. & Russia is planning on some sort of war,   I believe this will be the religous war I had the vision of    I’m not sure as I had several visions & didn’t keep tab on them.   My left side feels bad,  very bad tonight.   Been nice all day, but cloudy at supper time. 

Thurs. Sept 15.  1960./ Dark dreary sort of Morning & getting darker toward evening    No mail for 2 days & I wonder.   Betty came in & cut my hair & Elbert’s after dinner   Elbert’s bowels run, him late yesterday & during the night,  The Hurricanes have been bad, more than a billion dollars worth of damage & hundreds of people killed & there’s another one now.   I must write & see if Annabel & Bob escaped & Ethel & Miss Willitt    We haven’t heard from Bonita or Nellie either.   Betty’s Frankie has been sick    Ann called today.

Fri. Sept. 16. 1960./ Partly Cloudy but nice day.    Mrs. Aker wrote us a letter & Roberts  Mrs. Finding came in for few minutes with Miss Clark & the other little woman.   Can’t remember her name   Mrs. Finding brought me a half circule, plastic to keep my hair back,   she had one on one day when she was here & I wondered if one would be good to hold my hair, so today she brought me one.White    she seems to be such a nice person Miss Clark’s eye is lots better & she walks good.   She says she’s 81 yrs. old.  they were only here a few minutes.   Mrs. Haufman sent 2 doz eggs  for 1.00 & said she’s selling her hens she don’t feel able to take care of them.   she’s getting old    Talked with Ann a little today   she got her new set of teeth today.  68 degrees tonight.   Elbert forgot the flour & we run out of bread.  

Sat. Sept. 17. 1960./ letters Mrs. Gantt Wyatt Allen & Roberts Soul Clinic & Edna   I sent letters to this morning   Cloudy Day quite dark at 4.-30-P-m.  Phone bill & add was the mail   no word from any of the folks   I wonder whats wrong with them.   Well it Sprinkled a heavy mist, but only for few minutes.   bread man came today.   I read my bible but, it’s to dark to read or write.   I did write letter to Annabel.  No one called or phoned today. 

Sun. Sept. 18. 1960./ Partly cloudy untill noon.   & now quite clear & [?] Mr & Mrs Hensley came in & there 4 children for a half hr or so, her brother’s wife had

Sun. Sept. 18. 1960/ started to get a divorse  paid 100.00 dollars on it & then went back together  give up the divorse   2. children & they haven’t any judgement, lost children  her (Mrs Hensley’s) mother, has to take shots once a week & 2 of her children, one 15 yrs. old.   Mrs. Myrtle Smith has hardening of the artries & although she walks a-round, is very poorly.    Mrs. Hensley has a broken artery in upper part of her thigh.    Oh God help all of us to live closer to Thee, Amen.   John Snyder was using tractor this morning across the road.   they don’t like us because we try to live for the Lord.   Jesus Keep us close to Thee I pray.   Marchel & Mr. Hatten came    we had a very good visit & prayer & Mr. Marchel sang 2 hyms & told us some outside news & says his wife needs more of the Lord & Mrs Simms ask for prayer   Mr. Hatten is an elderly man but he enjoys the prayer & visit & promised to come again as soon as they could.   I went out to Kitchen 7 played the phonagraph & some hyms.   then came back to bed & pan & before we were done Nellie, Bonita, her man & 2. babies came & Elbert had supper just ready, but they wouldn’t partake so we waited untill they were gone;   Glen took the limb that was two pronged & has hung in the walnut tree since the tornado in 1953, out,   I hoped it wouldn’t fall & hurt any one, but today is Sun & they did out a wash & dried it & swept & wiped up floor. 

Sun. Sept. 18. 1960./ Nellie went over to try & find Nora,   she found the place   Venesa & her man have it now,   the girl Nora adopted, she wasn’t home, but the man that took care of Nora talked to Nellie,   Nora fell splintered her hip & was only in hospital 2 weeks & died    that was in June, July or Aug,   Nellie couldn’t remember.   Van & Carry were off on vacation   nellie is real sort of distint, pa must have given her the money that Uncle harve left for her,   Pa didn’t leave Elbert’s & mine   God knows & I’m glad “He’s” the judge.   We talked to Ann & she’s so tired, she got her teeth & likes them,  she went to church,  they had 62 there & she & Betty went out & picked up 2 car loads for sunday school & church   they ought to have a buss.

Mon. Sept. 19. 1960./ Fred was 74 today/ Dark & cloudy untill 1-p-m    sun came out for 3 or 4. hrs.    Elbert washed half the clothes   they dried this afternoon   got dark 4-30-p-m. & is fogy tonight & damp,   hope for the sunshine tomorrow.   I put big patch on my dress in lower part of back of the skirt   Betty strained it apart helping Elbert get me on the canvas to put me in chair & I don’t know how the corner got tore but I got it today & button sewed on   No one in today or phoned   This is Mon so dark I can’t see to write.

Tue. Sept. 20. 1960./ Mon. Fred’s birthday  he was 74. yrs. old:  Dark very dark dreary day & a letter from Audrey    she’s happy Jean & Bill have moved closer to her, she went & made curtians for Jean,   Wendy “Jeans eldest girl” is go-ing to Kindergarden school & likes it    she didn’t even mention the other younger one   Bills got a cold   works in boots all day doing wet sanding   she washed her head & baked angel food cake   Gertie was putting jig saw puzzle together,   she done her wash Sat   it didn’t dry good.   & Audrey was looking over to old McGuire place at an old tree;  the leaves all gone, & Fall, right on to us, queer summer & Fall & she says wasn’t that a terrible thing Armond did to his father ? but she didn’t say what he done,  said Armond took her to see F. and one evening last week [?] Hospital & Armond didn’t seem to be so bad,    but, talked nice all the way there & back.   Now I have to find out what happ-ened to Frank.   We had a fire several time & a coal fire today.  Nellie & Bonita, Jean & children were here Sun.   they hadn’t been to Frank’s,   for, they ask if we had heard from any of them.   there car’s so bad they haven’t been able to use it.   Well I wonder

Wed. Sept. 21. 1960./ Dark gloomy day   I tried to write a letter to Audrey, but I didn’t get it done   I feel so bad about the thing that are said & done & because they don’t

Wed. Sept. 21. 1960./ tell us what happened & there Frank’s been in hospital about a month & we still don’t know.   We had a nice letter from Edna today. she writes a friendly newsy.  Cliff is out of work  she’s gone back to work & it’s harder work than she had before.   no one come in today,   Ann called on phone & said Mr. Andrews told her he came over here last evening, he came by his self, he seemed to enjoy talking to Elbert about hunting & guns & his visit to Virgina & that he had L.M. “Ann’s boy” with him,   he went in a car & sold it & they came back on the Buss, had a good time   he said, Ann said she might have come if she’d known he was coming.   She’s gone to Berlin Hights to Church tonight. to hear Gibson preach, she called us & ask us to pray for Mrs. Hicks she got her husband home & we all prayed & in a short time she was O.K.  Praise the Lord & Oh, how we do thank Him & Praise Him.  now & ever more:   We have had a fire in the heating stove twice since it has been cemeted & it makes a big heat now.     Well I’ve got to get cought up on my letters they are getting ahead of me.   Well Audrey says she can’t write unless she’s in the mood & I guess I’m getting that way.   I have to write to Ruby & Edna’s mother

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1960/ Well its been a fine day   south breeze warm sun,  Elbert washed half the wash,  his back is paining him so bad & he had to fix the pump,  he thinks the Proctor children must have done it & he must have rawered [?] hard to get it off the stone in bottom of the well & rolled it over    Elbert didn’t get it back in middle of well,   Cliff done good job on heating stove   it holds heat good.   We got letter from Allen this morn.   He wants pledge for 100.00   I pray God will help me to know what to do:  Payne came & helped Elbert fix pump   he had his little son with him, he’s going to Kindergarden school & likes it.   Ann called up & said they had a good meeting last night & Payne said so to.   John give Elbert a bu. of beets & told him how to cook them   Elbert is 77 & I’m 75 yrs old ha,ha,ha.  I mended my dress a night gown & have 2 more to mend.  Betty mended slits in 2 dresses & washed & ironed my rayon slip.   she hasn’t been here since last week. 

Fri. Sept. 23. 1960./ I wrote to Audrey,  Mr Swarthout & Mrs. Aker. “3 letters”   Now to Mrs Crisco  & Ruby.   partly cloudy, cool breeze.   Elbert & I looked in Chest for ma’s & my apron & Crisco bed Jackets.   We found them but I didn’t find my dress patterns & I need it   my dresses are all gowing to pieces & somethings got to be done soon    Elbert says wind damp & cool- hot sun.

Fri. Sept. 23. 1960/ Mrs. Finding & Miss Clark came in this after noon &  Mrs. Finding brought Elbert fried chicken & me potatoe salid all hot for supper   O she is so thoughtful & we do appreciate it & praise God for His Love & care of us & she was over to Cleveland & called Miss McGovern & talked to her,   Sara has been ill   she’s a lot better,   they took off a piece off one lung but she has another Christian woman with her, but didn’t say why no letters, but she is feeling fairly good & still hoping to come before weather gets bad   I think it’s so good of Mrs. Finding to call & talk to her for me.   They had been to eye Dr. & he took bandage off Miss Clarks eye,  said if she don’t strain it, it will come along O.K.   she’s staing home & has to go back, in 2 weeks to Dr. Well,   Miss Gillespie sent a letter from Mich,   said she was Evanglilizing with the woman she had here, when they had tent meetings on her place & Oh me, Oh my.   I wish she belonged holy to God    Elbert’s back & hips & legs are very bad today    he’s only done what he had to.   We looked for the aprons & dress pattern in chest & found all, but patterns.   hope I’ll find them   I need them.  my dresses are 7. or 8. yrs. old & my nightgowns 2 yrs. old & times flying, Beautiful day all day,

Sat. 24. Sept. 1960./ An other wonderfully nice day.   Edna & her daughter& baby were here this afternoon,  the baby is small but very bright & has gained 4 lbs.

Sat. Sept. 24. 1960./ Joyce says it like a live doll   she has lots of sandy hair. they brought us 2 small muskmelons.    John Snyder been plowing most of the day:   We received a nice letter from Miss. Mc.Govern   she is still having to have one eye treated & can’t see to well with the other & it costs her so much,   she sent me a dollar & 6, 4 cents stamps.   she has Sarah wit her, but she has had to be operated on & part of one lung taken off    she can’t work   pays her room & meals but she has another woman who does some work,   she was so glad Mrs. Finding called & talked to her & she still wants to come to me & talk to me & how much I wish she could    May God bless & keep her   she’s 85 or so & won’t be here much longer.    I praise & thank THee for her love to me.   help me to write her soon,   I thank & praise Thee Jesus.   I got a letter from Jordon,   he didn’t say anything about the five I sent him but want 50.00 for television & Allen wants 100.00 for same & we only have so little   we saved for the taxes insurance, coal gas, phone & light & milk, eggs & bread,   God help me to Know what to do.    I pray.   I wrote letter to Frank & card to Nellie & mailed them today. hoping. 

Sun. Sept. 25. 1960./ Beautiful Day & not a soul come or phoned & Elbert says all the good christians    well God see & hears & knows how good they are & how they like to be free to go & enjoy them selves.   We have [?] the day & the quite with God.   I pray God will [?]

Sun. Sept. 25. 1960./ to teach them His ways & His will & have mercy on them by & by.   We don’t know anything more about Frank & Ruby  No one come today,   God have mercy on there souls,   We   in Jesus Name, Amen.   I suppose some of them will go to church tonight   Will you convict there souls before it’s tolate?   John worked in his field today,   the Lords day,  they don’t read the Bible or Keep God comandments & wonder Why they don’t prosper.   I was in the Kitchen toda in chair,   & Elbert turned the mattress & fix up the bed again.  

Mon. Sept. 26. 1960./ Well, I got up late & its a beautiful Fall day   I had a cup of coffee after I got washed & brushed & Low & behold Mrs. Crisco at the door   she & Samy had come to Sandusky,  he was looking for a job, barbering, sophe came with him & on over here,   Oh, we sure had a good visit & prayer  & she gave us angle food cake & big piece of blg-na & Sammy talked with Elbert & picked Chinese red lanterns a small branch white cedar with little brown cones all over it. to take home.   Sammy come in & talked some,   he wants to work & feels so uneasy.   They are all O.K. over in Bellevue Ohio   Oh God thou art so good to us in so many ways.   I thank & Praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory now & ever more   Well it’s got real cloudy & looks like rain    I got letter from allen   have ans. it & am trusting & believing all will be as Jesus sees  But I started a letter to Miss Mc.Govern,  to dark so have to finish it tomorrow,   got Ellen’s letter ready to go with the 100 in it  Praise the Lord. 

Tue. Sept. 27. 1960./ Another dark day  sun shine out after dinner for awhile   Elbert did most of the washing & got it most dry  some damp. [?] getting supper now.

Tue. Sept. 27. 1960./ Cloudy morning   only a little sun.  A card from Inez Hunt, said she’s leaving a 9 o’clock N.Y.C. train she  her son-in-laws mother fro colorado to see there grand children   they are calling for them & to see her daughter & son in law   it was so nice of Inez to write  does better by us than our own sisters, I wonder why Audrey or Nellie don’t write or call us up & let us know about Frank   Hope we here tomorrow.   May God help us.  No one come or called until just now   one of the women from womens Junior womens league is coming  called to say she’s coming to bring me flowers.

Wed. Sept. 28. 1960./ Beautiful afternoon & one visiter  she called & said she had a few flowers she would like to bring me    so I ask her to come,   I can’t remember her name   she wanted me to help her with some pinpoint or needle point work when she was here & that woman was here to clean the cupboard & wood work “Mrs. Massey” & she only done top cupboard & wood work & not any chairs or wash bench or behind the bench,    She said she just came to visit   they are young folks  both work in school, have 2 children 6 & 8 yrs. old & are very busy.   Elbert gave her some Chineese lanterns   she seemed pleased with them,   she came at 4-p-m & left at 5-p-m.  seems a likeable person.   Elbert called Audrey & she didn’t remember saying “wasn’t that & awful thing Armond did to Frank”   I felt so worried about Frank but didn’t learn, only that Armond had been arrested for indesent exposier.   She said Bonita’s having bad time with Geo.   he wont work, had 2. good jobs offered to him & wouldn’t work & says he isn’t going to work untill he’s 21. yrs.  he’s going to school & he & Pinky will graduate next Spring, then they’ll be 18 yrs. old in Mar. 1961.   We got card from Inez & Robert’s Magazine.

Thurs. Sept. 29. 1960./ Elberts calling Ann.   Beautiful morning & no mail.   We talked to Audrey last night over the phone,  not much satisfaction & No mail [?]

Thurs. Sept. 27. 1960./ Elbert did out some more wash today & they dried good,   I talked a little to Mrs. Ramm   Now have to write some more to Miss Mc.Govern.   Well I got the letter done   We didn’t get anything in mail not even & add.   Ann didn’t call for 3 days now & Betty has forgoten us   haven’t seen her for 3 weeks or more.   Well I hope for something tomorrow.   Elbert’s Knee hurts.

Fri. Sept. 30. 1960./ Dark cloudy day.   sun did shine through a few times, N. East breeze 7 they said over radio tempture going down to 39. & we may get frost.   the wind been cool alday   One letter from Mrs. Aker.   No word from Betty or Ann,   her father in law said they went to town together in Betty’s car & Ann & Milton were coming home together,   Ann went to Dentist & they never call to see if they could do anything for us & we are out of meat & lot of other things & we expect our check Mon. or Tue. 3 or 4 days.   Elbert waved draw sheet as train pass-ed this a.m. to Inez & the other woman. 

Sat. Oct. 1. 1960./ A beautiful day. & No word from Betty or Ann.  God help us & direct us & convict us.   Ann said some of the church folks would be over this week & not a soul come near & Betty hasn’t been here for 3 weeks or so   We can’t figure out what wrong & will need some one to get Elbert & take him to the store for our food supply.   I do hope all is well,   they are not sick, for Elbert called & girls were off to town,   Well God will take care of us some how   Praise the Lord   He is ever the same.   Fred Jordon receipt for 5.00  Elbert’s out picking up butter nuts. hard  grass

Sat. Oct. 1. 1961.[should be 1960]/ is so thick. Prophies are sure coming true & Oh how my heart achs for the careless people. with no thoughts of the future.   It’s a beautiful Day out side & I can’t complain inside.  All though the girls haven’t been here or called all week its’ been over 3 weeks since Betty was here   Ann was here one night last week, we visited & prayed together   now Jesus I can’t understand what’s wrong,   they could at least phone   Please help me.   I have to write card to Mrs. Finding   talked with Ann tonight, not long, about Mrs Smith

Sun. Oct. 2. 1960./ Beautiful Day & not a soul come in or phoned today,  looked for Mrs Hensley but she didn’t come either.   I went to the Kitchen for couple hrs.  & I wrote a note to Mrs. Finding, to tell her Elbert wanted to go to Sandusky with her & Miss Clark Thurs & he would like to pick up his groceries on way back, in Huron & maybe she could bring some one to stay with me while they are gone.   I got the food order all ready for him & we hope check will come Mon. or Tue.

Mon. Oct. 3. 1960./ Beautiful morning little north east breeze, hot sun.  No mail.   It’s so quite out side.  Mr. Anderson has bought the place across the road from them & paid 500 dollars down on it for Milton & Ann & the people have moved out , so now Milton & Ann can start cleaning it & move in,  they didn’t call me today.   I wrote a letter to Joyce to mail in the morning   it’s been such a [?] wonderful day, & I didn’t get anything done

Tue. Oct. 4. 1960./ It’s another beautiful day.   Elbert has done out the wash    it sure ought to dry, sun is so hot.   Elbert got his check. & a paper from Jordon & an add.   he mailed Joyce’s letter.    Wish so much I could go out side.   Well, Elbert got all his wash done except his everyday pants & he had to go to town   Mr & Mrs. Finding came to take him so he left every thing & went with Mrs. Findiny & did as much of the shopping as he could., he stayed with me   I didn’t like it that way but it was O.K.   She gave us two blankets & wouldn’t take any pay,  he had some like a hemorage & he has high blood pressure & eats to much & lots of meat, says he’s afraid they will cut him on his eats, he don’t feel able to work,    Elbert & Mrs. were gone & hr. or so & Elbert felt so tired out he brought in the wash & I folded it & he hung them over the line in the kitchen & then got supper & after supper went out & dressed some catfish & then put away some of the groceries & now put away few more things & Ann & Milton come in & visited & hr. or so,   they just haven’t had time to come,  they bought a house & 1 acre of ground & there are so very busy,  wonder what Betty will has for an excuse,   I didn’t tell Ann we got the food but Elbert didn’t have it put away so Milton spoke about it & Elbert told them some friends came & ask him to 

Tue. 4. Oct. 1960./ they ask to take him to town so they went.   it took them an hour   She talked a little to me, she & Miss Clark are going to Sandusky Fri. & Elbert is going or hopes to, to find out whats wrong with his eyes,   I pray God will take over   I thank Praise Him

Wed. Oct 5. 1960./ Another beautiful Day   Elbert could hardly get relaxed untill most morning, poor soul but he’s up working with pains in his knee & in his back,  he had to finish washing pants   no mail from any of the folks,   I’d like to give lots more but, we do have to eat a little to live.   They tell us we will re-ceive a big reward, in money if we give money & other things.  I hope for a blessing in health if no-other thing else.   We want to do the Lords will if we can understand what it is, God help us.  Well Edna & Patty came in after dinner & visited awhile & brought a flower book,   I gave her a card to send in for it,   my eyes so bad I can’t see to read it but if she wants to raise flowers there’s a lot of good advise, how to do & when.   & its a good sized book, not quite as large as my tablet but all most.   I gave a mark cloth to Patty fancy,   some one gave me 6 for Christmas.   Elbert gave her some new but-ternut trees that were just starting 1 1/2 ft high & some mosscausies & a qt. of butter nuts she picked up off the ground    he got a pk from in under the tree by the drive way.   Betty called & said she has been going with Budd to Cleveland every night this week    is tired,   Ann’s moving & theyre having great time

Wed. Oct. 5. 1960./ some one gave Edna 2 water melons she gave them to us   they are not good no good flavor.   Edna’s out of work again & he’s not working either.   she said her mother wrote & said Kelly got out & they cought him & put him back   they had told him he’d been good & so they were shortening his time & letting him out in Dec.  but looks now as if they’d add it on again.   Patty is so uneasy they didn’t stay long.    it’s been a beautiful day,   Elbert finished his pants but didn’t get them dry & has to hang them out in morning again.   Tomorrows Thurs. 

Thurs. Oct. 6. 1960./ Beautiful Day.   My letter I wrote Miss. McGovern came back this morning said it had been opened by mistake,   I can’t believe it but I’ll find out     A nice letter from Armstrong & he talks as if the end is very close at hand & I believe it is also.   Well, no one came in so for today, only breadman.  

Fri. Oct. 7. 1960./ Another beautiful Day    Mr. & Mrs. Finding  Miss Clark & Mrs. Jameson are coming to pick up Elbert & leave Mrs. Jameson to stay with me, while they go to Sandusky for examination of eyes & nose.    I hope it wont take to long & all will be well   that God will take care of all & help them with all there needs,   I thank Thee Jesus.   I pray Jesus Thou will give strength & endurance     A letter from Wyatt & receipt,   Well I hope Nellie & Bonita will write, 57 today & 42 tempture to night.   Im sweating, gown is wet. 12-10.m.   Mr. Findings better & Miss Clark had the last 2 stitches taken out her eye lid   it took [?] long time,   They left 1-30 got back 15 to 6:p.m.

Fri. Oct. 7. 1960./ Mrs. Jameson was nice to visit with & she read my bible to me & we prayed & sang together, so seldom any one wants to read 7 sing or pray,   she said she’d try to manage to come back    I hope she does, she don’t get on your nerves fretting   Praise the good Lord .   Mrs. Finding was in a hurry, but Mrs Jameson ask them to come in & pray, so they came,   but Elbert could only hear Mrs. Jameson & I do the praying,   I trust Mr Finding is much better,   we didn’t understand if she was going to Cleveland & then clear back to Sandusky or just how but will know when she comes again    they had taken him to Sandusky first part of week as we understood her,  she says he’s a big meat eater.    he has high blood pressure,   Lord give him good judgement    Elbert had pad on his eye, but said it felt better   he’s so nervous,   when they were gone Elbert started supper   they went & changed clothes & Oh how tired he is & he could hardly relax after he got into bed.  

Sat. Oct. 8. 1960./ Another beautiful Day a little Cloudy    Elbert had a big wash & got it all done & its most all dry.   sun’s still shining & John Snyder is combining souy beans,   he started yesterday,   good weather for it.   Magazine from Wyatt & a card from Macdonalds farmers almanac for 1961.   No visiters,  No one came in, but I talked to helen Sarr.   she & Earnie have been staying alone since July,   Rue hasn’t been home all that time,   she’s worried & upset,   she’s having flu in her bowels   she nearly bowled me over   said she & Ernie went to Church Sun.   Oh, how I thank & Praise God,   I’ve prayed a long, long time & still do pray, they will turn with there whole hearts to Jesus, take a strong gripp on them God & open there spiritual mind   help them  [?]

Sun. Oct. 9. 1960./ Beautiful Day not cold.   We took our bathes & then had dinner & Elbert washed dishes, then Mr. & Mrs. Marshal & baby, came in to visit & pray,   he told me some dreams he had & then he wanted to know if it would be O.K. to give me his tighs[?], so we talked it over & that the tighs[?] belong to God & then he told me he isn’t sure of the church he’s been going to & we talked that over & he seemed better satisfied & they & we had prayer & they said they would be back as soon as they could & I hope they will & pray she receives Holy Ghost.   she’s in a lost sort of way & needs Jesus.   Well they went & then Budd & Betty came & there 2 & a neighbors boy age of Bill,   he’s had 4 teeth pulled & has sore moth   he is learning in school fast.   We had soup home made meat vegetables & rice    Elbert had enough so we all had a dish    Billie & Frankie ate cheeries crackers & bread with me,   it tasted better & Billie drank some of my tea.   Budd & Betty brought us tomatoes & apples 1.2 bu. pk tomatoes,   We visited & they went home 7-30-P-M,  Budd’s been hauling apples into Cleveland & Betty goes with him for he only has one good eye & she has to keep him awake   Billy has had to have 4 teeth pulled & has to go back Tue or Wed morning.   Elbert gave the pants Mound gave him to Budd & he was so happy to get them.   they have been so good to us.   They are young & working 

Mon. Oct. 10. 1960./ Beautiful Day   Allen r-ceopt & card from Gillispie from Ky.   she’s evenangelizing,   I pray God will bless her in His own way.   My eyes are so dim   God grant me strength in soul & body in Jesus name, Amen.  I thank Thee Jesus & give all praise & Glory to Thee for ever & ever Amen.   Well, Helen brought us 3 doz. egg & Ornske[?] & brought 2. doz.   Elbert paid Helen 45 cents  per doz. 1.35 & the others were 50 cents per. doz 1.00.   Helen talked & hr. or so, telling us her troubles & they are plenty   Rue’s 58 yrs. old & she’s 55 yrs. & Ernie is getting so unrully she’s having a terrible time to keep eating & buying there cloths,   it’s sure a terrible world.    Mrs. Finding stopped here on her way to San-dusky Hospital to see him,   her son was with her,   she brought us a few tomatoes & peppers.   she didn’t call Miss McGovern.   I was out in the Kitchen & ate supper   had just got in bed when Helen came,   Ernie had left note on table saying he was on his way to Berlin Hights,  now he’s trying to do like his dad.   Rue hasn’t been home since July 4, 1960.

Tue. Oct. 11. 1960./ Beautiful Morning untill 1-P-M.  begin to cloud up   breeze died out & it sprinkled at 4-p-m.  & at 5 its real dark    its been such nice days  Indian Summer, but haven’t seen any spider webs drifting in the air,    We had fire nights & mornings all Sept. & now Keep just a little day & night.   it isn’t cold   got both windows open in my room & west one open most all night    Elbert hasn’t felt very well today.   Betty didn’t call up today.   No one came in or called today.   John & {?]ethel worked over all the way [?]

Wed. Oct. 12. 1960./ Another beautiful Day. just a wonderful day,   Elbert washed a few pieces & he still feels tired out,   he’d like to go out side & work, but his back feels so bad.   My night gowns are going to pieces fast  & I don’t know what to do,  I let Mrs. Crisco take two pieces 8. yds. each of dress goods, thought I get at least 4 or 5 gowns, but she hasn’t wrote a word yet.   No mail of anny accont.   Ann called last night, she’s so important, they have got all moved,   Milton stepped on a nail & is limping around & they haven’t had phone moved yet   hope his foot is better   I don’t know if he went to work. 

Thurs. Oct. 13. 1960./ Another nice day   I’d like to go out side.   Betty called & come & brought a neighbor a Mrs. Walker   she lives alone in a 7 room house   has enlargement of the heart & a few more things & she spilled bed pan & passage in the bed,   well, she took pan out empted it & cleaned pan & covered bed untill Elbert could get at that.   they got back from store & Betty Frankie & other woman left,   Betty had to get dinner for Budd   she’s been going to Cleveland with Budd at night & is tired out.   Elbert cashed my check & gave me 45.00 back,  terrible how money goes,   Elbert gave Betty some beets    he took some to Lee Shrame & the Laundrey man some beets & he cleaned up my bed & now getting us a bite to eat   my stomach isn’t digesting very good.   We got letter from Nellie.   I put on a clean gown this morning & had to have another at noon.   they say it a great world if you don’t weaken  maybe so.   I have to have another night gown,   I ate supper in Kitchen with Elbert.

Fri. Oct. 14. 1960./ I wrote card to Nellie & a letter to mrs. Silas Aker Ky. Thurs.   Mrs Payne called said she received the Holy Ghost Wed. night at prayer meeting   I thank Thee Jesus & if I don’t have it, I pray I to will be blessed with it,   I thank & Praise Thee God of Love & Mercy   It’s been a beautiful warm quite day.   Elbert’s feet been paining him so bad all day.   I broke one bow on my glasses & now its hard to write.   No mail   only sample of some kind of searel   I fasted & prayed today & still pray for all of God’s people that He will hear & bless & do His Will in every way & help us understand.   No one called or came in all day.   I sent a card to Nellie & letter to Mrs. Finding, to be mailed Sat. 

Sat. Oct. 15. 1960./ Betty got me 2 dressicary & writing paper Thurs.   My bowels moved today & they moved today,  been cloudy & got real thick at noon & rained some.   No mail except telephone bill,  he got milk bill Thurs. 5.00 & some odd cents.  phone 5.46   It isn’t cold out had window open all night.   broke bow on glasses, Elbert fixed them so I can use them.   Mr & mrs. Hensley & children came in for & hr. or so.   We had a good visit   they have been down to Virgina to visit there parents & came over here soon as they could,   He’s been out of work for 3 weeks & goes back in the morning.   They’re out of money & food.   Well it rained this after noon  slow drizzle would be good if it rained all night   terribly foggy all the after noon & evening  Can’t see [?] yet

Sat. Oct. 15. 1960/ It’s not cold out side   flys & bugs are flying about yet.   War is still going on between Nations  Mr. K. gone home,   & they have sighted a sub. between Cali. & Honalula for several weeks & it will take that long to find out about it    Mr Anderson “Milton’s father came in after 7-P-m, to borrow an ax,   they bought the house across the street,  it’s & old house & they have alot of work to fix it up,   he wanted & the axe to fix a basement door,   Milton foot is bad,  he says he has a red streak started up toward his leg & it’s swollen & if he doesn’t take good care of it he could have blood poisen in it,    I pray Lord you will take care of it & help him to thank Thee the father    sits out in Kitchen smoking   I hate it,  its 9-30-p-m & he’s going now. 

Sun. Oct. 16. 1960./ Betty called  wanted Elbert to call a Mr “Authreys” no she wanted & they wanted to know if Anderson had left here.   Was cloudy this a.m. & now it’s sure nice, quite, sunshiny day. & 3-p-m.  no one called or come in today.   Been lots of cares in Snyders all week & today.   Since Hensley fixed the radio & he kept the Station hand, now we can’t get back on C.K.L.W., if we get off,  & he moved it & we heard Rev. Fuller & Billy Grahm, but he hasn’t got back on C.K.L.W yet & I like to leston to Armstrong & some of the others.   Wind’s N.E. & colder   Well I see Mrs. Crisco, her sister & grand daugh   they came in headed for Lorain to take the g daughter home

Sun Oct. 16. 1960./ she Mrs. Crisco made me 2. night gowns of the dress goods I gave her & brought them to me,   I need them so bad;  & She said, the reason I’d been seeing Samy all week, he had received Holy Ghost & the granddaughter also. & they danced all night in the Spirit & a number of others,  they were tired but Oh, so happy,   Oh How I love Jesus He hears & ans. my prayer, Oh Praise the Lord, if only we could go more often   we had a good visit & prayer before they left,   they had to take the girl home to Lorain 20 miles & back & on to Bellevue.   Mr Crisco & Samy were going to Willard to Church   Mr. C. is better since the fall he took & we thank God.   I ask God to catch Samy up before he went the wrong way,   I ask Him day & night for 3 weeks or more & He did,  Oh Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost  Wonderful wonderful Saviour, Samy says, he don’t have any desire for the things he wanted before & not any longing for snakes at all  thats wonderful.   Now we trust Jesus took them safe all the way

Mon. Oct. 17. 1960./ The Hensleys came in with 4 children & then he came, in   they been down to Virgina & he’s going back to work this morning   it partly cloudy till noon & then cleared up 

this was for Sun. 16 Oct/ & no one else phoned or called till 3-30, & Milton & his father came to borrow Jack Plane & Milton said

Mon. Oct. 17. 1960./ he has got to be off work all week,  spike poisened his foot,   he just going back home   said he paid 7.00 for one bottle capsules & 9.00 for the last & has to loose 1. weeks work & he’s just starting to pay for a home.   It’s beautiful out doors gut I thank God I can sit up & write.   Glory to God.  

Tue. Oct. 17. [should be 18] 1960./ Nellie & Bonita came in & visited an hr. or so,   they had been over to Martha’s & see the dishes she took from here so long ago & Nellie still wished she could have them,   I told her I couldn’t re-member what Martha took, but I was so glad I didn’t have them any more for now I didn’t have to worry over them or who wanted them.   Received nice, letter from Sister Swathout today.   I don’t know what they were looking for today,   they don’t have enough to pay there bills, but Nellies talking of going back to Cali on the Plain    Elbert done part the wash & got it dried   he gave Nellie some beets.   they didn’t visit long. 

Tue. (should be Wed) Oct 18. [should be 19]. 1960./ Beautiful day  partly cloudy No mail today.   I sent a letter to Mrs. Crisco & forgot to put dollar in for buttons.   My old gowns are falling apart fast.   No one came in & No Mail.   I sent letter to Mrs. Crisco & have one ready to grant Mr. Brackett. in the morning   Mrs. Payne called up today.   his brother came from Virgina 435 miles alone  hard drive   she says she is still happy in the Holy Ghost   I think it was last week she  [?]

Wed. Oct. 19. 1960./ Oh, but it’s dark & it’s raining some & terribly oh so terribly dark,  it was so nice yesterday,   Oh well, we had quite a few wonderfully nice warm sunshiny days,   it’s been dropping 2 degrees every night,   it’s supposed to be 36 degrees tonight   the radio said & maybe frost;   We have to get it sometime, but We Praise God for all we have   We don’t get any word from Mrs. Finding, We pray God will take care of them in what ever way they need & help them know & understand    Oh God help us, each one.   I thank & Praise Thee.   A nice letter from Edna, said they are well   she had letter from her mother & Opal, all are well, Praise the Lord.   To dark to read or write.   Mr. & Mrs. Finding were over to Sandusky & stopped here on there way home.   They brought us a pk. of grapes & loaf of white bread with out salt in it,   she’s making lot of grape juice   Bockman gave them the grapes for picking them,   Finding is a lot better & home again & lost 40 lbs.   I pray God will Keep him & Keep him close to Him, in Jesus Holy Name  We need Thee every second of our lives. Ann called yesterday & said they had moved the phone.   I suppose Mrs. Payne wont call now  she can talk to Ann, they don’t come over   they’re so busy   help me Jesus to do what you want me to do    She said they had to go to Sandusk again next Thurs.   maybe Elbert will go & have them look after his eyes again   he has pimple on the lid again, God please help him.   Maybe Mrs. Jameson will come to stay with me again. 

Thurs. Oct. 20. 1960./ Beautiful day partly cloudy, quite cool breeze   A letter from Sister Crisco that got back home in time for Church   Samy is engaged to his girl   Well, Betty came & Frankie after dinner & she did sweep & washed 2. chairs & drank coffee & Frankie drank chocolate   we had a good visit then Ann came in for a few minutes to ask me to pray for her & an other woman,   I pray God will help us to help others.   I still ask Jesus to Keep Ann close to Him & help her do His work,  she didn’t stay long  then Betty went   said she’d be back Sat.   it rained just a drizzle, but no rain today,   Elbert washed few things Wed.  his back hurt to bad today   the Laudrey man told Betty it wouldn’t cost him anything for doing our laundry,   he’s such a good hearted man.   Elbert ought to get some more beets today.   Radio says tempture go down to 30.

Fri. Oct. 21. 1960./ Nice day  mostly cloudy  No mail  No phone calls No company.   I was in Kitchen & ate dinner & fixed caulflower for supper    We had soup for dinner & more soup for supper,   my feet & legs & hands & arms have been so numb all day.   I’ve been wondering how Bonitas baby is it was in hospital when they were here last.   Betty came & cleaned dress & put new scarf on  she washed 2 yellow chairs 

Sat. Oct. 22. 1960./ We cought 3. nice last night,  Thurs night.   Beautiful Day   little cloudy  leave falling in showers from the trees Elbert has picked up few butternuts    He washed 2 sheets & [?]

Sat. Oct. 22. 1960./ It hasn’t froze yet & wasn’t so very cold, but, Elberts fingers & hands got real cold hanging out the clothes,  he pluged the hole where where mice got in.   his back was so bad Thurs & Fri.   Betty is sup-posed to come today.   She came tonight with Lousie & brought the hamberg & I gave her all the diners except 1/2 doz. that I had in my pocket book, I’m glad they are done for,   I wonder what will become of the $2.00 bill that’s all there is left,  Praise the Lord.   I received letters from Allen, Wyatt & Jordon all wanting money right away,   God please help me to be honest ,  I pray Thou will, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 23. 1960./ Sun came out.   & looked like it would be a beautiful morning, wasn’t so long, began to cloud up & been a dark gloomy day,   wind is quite strong & was all night & colder today,  sort of penderating damp & a shivering cold.   Edna & Cliff came over & she had baked some apple pies, so she brought us one & a pt. of cream,   We had a nice visit  I was sleeping when they come, Cliff said he would come & help Elbert trim roses on house & clean brush away.  I’ll be so glad,   I don’t suppose we’ll be able to Keep roses much longer to hard to get some one to help fix them up    they are so thorny, no one wants to help tie them up.   Well Ann called up & said she went to Bellevue this a.m.   to sunday school & church & said if Milton would let her,   she was coming over with the car to talk a while    We are done for today   Wind blew Sat & today

Mon. Oct. 24. 1960./ Sun came out nice this a.m. then cloudied up,  with the sun peeking through once in a while, the wind be-gan to blew Sat. night quite strong & been at it every since & Sun night tore another shingle off the house roof, made a great racket,   Elbert see where shingle came off but couldn’t see shingle on the ground any where,   wind blew hard last night & quite hard today, but still a nice Fall Day.  Elbert’s back, hips & kneese been paining him bad.   Every once in a while Betty says Budd wont let her have the car,   but, I hear different & now Ann gigles & says maybe she’ll be over if Milton will let her take the care,   they don’t really want to come but they could tell the truth, they don’t need an excuse,   but, Jesus sees, hears & Knows & they have to ans. for there excuses to Him.   Oh, but it’s dark    Well, Ann came & we prayed & talked the bible & Betty & 2 boys came & Mr & Mrs Finding & Son came,   they moved the grass & after  Mr. & Mrs Finding When they left Betty & 2 boys came then Ann last.   No mail today   rather cold windy day & dark only little sun

Tue. 25. Oct. 1960./ Was dark but cleared off  been nice day.   A letter from Opal.   Betty took our wash to laundrey got it washed & dried & brought it back she took the Mrs Pearl Walker with her, to get her wash done   she “Betty” said she was going home to bake cake for Frankie’s birthday   I think he’s 4. yrs. old.   Ann called said the Lord. ans. part of our prayer & hoped the rest would come tonight   We thank Thee Jesus Amen

Wed. Oct. 26. 1960./ We had one light freeze or severe frost, not freeze.  Wind blew hard Sat. night   tore one shingle off the roof & today it eased up,   Radio says it will be 43 degrees tonight wind has been damp & cold, raw, it’s been quit warm for this time of yr.   I believe I did say Cliff fixed the heating stove & it works good now,   We are so greatful.   Well it’s been raining sort of drizzle, not very cold for this time of yr.   One letter from Mrs. Silas Aker.  leaves are falling from trees.   Three oclock to dark to read or write still raining or drizzling.   Elbert brought step ladder up, set it on front porch to see what birds drag in eve trough & found 2 pieces concrete, put ladder back in base-ment & then got some wire & fixed down spout that had come loose,   he carried up coal & now hopes to rest few minutes. & no one called up or come in drizzle night, not cold. 

Thurs. Oct. 27. 1960./ Dark real dark day & Mrs. Finding & Miss Clark going to Sandusky & Elbert went to Mrs. Jameson   stayed with me,  she read & we prayed & to dark to see to sing hyms,  she hadn’t had her dinner & I tried to get her to fix it but she didn’t un-till they were back she only ate half of an apple, They are going back in 2. weeks again   Elbert’s one eye is bad yet,  didin’t rain to-day  just very dark & cloudy Elbert got some hamberg,  Mrs. Finding or Miss Clark didn’t come in to even say Hello

Fri. Oct. 28. 1960./ Dark, very dark day.   No mail.   Elbert washed 3 gowns, some towels   air to damp to dry them,  heavy fog last night & part of morning & dark & damp at 1-15-P-m   No one came in or phoned.   Very dark at 4-15

Sat. Oct. 29. 1960./ It’s been cloudy all morn  Clearing at 12-30.   No mail today & thus far no one phoned or came in.   Elbert’s uper lip was swollen so bad this a-m,   he says it doesn’t pain him, it has been like this several times before,   I don’t know what the cause could be,  swelling most gone 1-p-m.   got so dark at 4-p-m & so dark at 6. P.M. & we had soup & had not finished when in came Mr. & Mrs. Crisco & there little granddaughter, they brought my night gowns 2 of them & we had such a good visit & prayer, now they must be back home again.   Our blessing are so near many times when we least expect them & I had ask God to send some of his to talk & pray with us & I thank & Praise Him now & always Amen.   Now they’ve been gone 40 minutes & I pray they are safty home.   we gave them 2 big apples for Mrs. Wright  she likes apples so much.   I pray she will enjoy them,   I pray Jesus Thou will real convert & save her soul.   Oh Jesus, We need Thee every second of our lives help us Jesus, show us the way. 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1960./ Beautiful Day, quite warm   Sun.  Marshell & wife, baby good christian visit prayer & song.   Elbert 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1960./ violets in back yard to-day.   It’s extra warm out side, lots of flies around, outside of window  screen we have slept with window open for several nights.   I wonder if any one else will be here today.   No one else came in today   Ann hasn’t called for couple of days, Oh, Well. 

Mon. Oct. 31. 1960./ Last Day of Oct. & Rainy dark day   sun did look out once for only a few minutes.   I would call it a beautiful Fall Day,   I use to like to get out & do things on a day like this & here am I, to dark to read or write or do anything in side,   I have wanted to try to sew on the machine   it’s to dark   No mail & so we don’t know if the rest of the families are dead or alive & since they don’t seem, to care about us we have to wait   Tonight is Holloween,   but, no noise out here.   Today there’s lots of flies & bugs out on screen.   Radio said only going down to 40 degrees.  

Tue. Nov. 1. 1960./ Nice morning mostly cloudy untill 12 noon then getting dark   no sun;  2 letters from Wyatt wantiing money & as yet no results & none from Allen although he declared we would receive double what we gave   Oh Jesus What is wrong   help us we need Thee so very much  help us I ask.   Betty was to come but she hasn’t yet & it’s 3-10-p-m. & so dark.   I talked with Ann last night    she doesn’t come or call very often   well ma use to say every dog has his days   it’s so terribly hard   Milton & Ann came in 

Tue. Nov. 1. 1960./ Milton and Ann came in for an hr. or so.   we had a scriptual visit & prayers,   Milton is the most uneasy person, you about ever see    Ann has a terrible time   to much confusion & other things on her mind & she doesn’t consentrate enough   God answers prayer,  we prayed the last time she was here for her brother, he had come to her in a mixed up mind & he would have gone away before Ann got back but miltion got him to stay & just before Ann got back Milton said he began to appear normal & When Ann got there he was hisself,   she talked & prayed with him, he stayed & God helped him to a job next day & now seems they told him come back, he’s happy,   I thank God in Jesus Name & pray He will help him to live for Him.  Now Ann is in an other confusion about the church,   I pray Jesus will talke to her & help her to understand;   she wants to be to quick in her discivions,  help her Lord to talk it over with Thee & do Thy will & Thy ways Amen    West caught another mouse tonight that makes 4 mice so far,   not very cold, not enough to freeze.   Elbert got another 1/2 bu beets.   

Wed. Nov. 2. 1960./ Partly cloudy getting real dark this after noon & at 5-p-m. real dark   No one come in or called today.   So I can only pray-ing.   Well we got a letter from Bonita this morning & she said all are well, her mother was mending & she “Bonita ” had just wrote a letter to Bonney Bell,  she never said she made a pie   Elbert gave her to big apples & pk beets.

Wed. Nov. 2. 1960/ Elbert gave Nellie 1/2 pk beets & 6 big apples   she wanted apple pie so bad & beet relish & they never mentioned either in the letter,   well we hope they enjoyed them.   Oh, Jesus help us.   

Thurs. Nov. 3. 1960./ Partly cloudy untill noon then got realy cloudy & quite dark   no one came in or phoned today & I’m feeling some better   was bad for few day but only Elbert & I know & Jesus I cried couple hrs. last night.  

Fri. Nov. 4. 1960./ Cloudy then clearing at noon   seem so good.   Letter from Jordon & I talked with Ann.   They, at Church are having a debate which of 2 churches to choose at Bellevue or Berlin Hightes   the Minister wants Berlin Hights    his wife wants Bellevue & I pray God will in Jesus Name help him to get the place of the Lords Chose, Amen.   Betty hasn’t called & so no one to get the groceries.   Such a world   I’m trusting the Lord.   Oh God of Love & Mercy help us now I ask.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee,   help us to understand.   It hasn’t froze yet   wind a lot cooler & Radio says colder.   Elbert washed part of the clothes    Betty agreed to stop & get them & take them to laundry now puts us in bad fix. for he waited for Betty to come Tue. to take all the wash to laundry    well he washed 2 sheets & 2 draw sheets & few small pieces,   they all got dry & then clouded up got quite dark & then it rained fine heavy mist tonight.    Elbert got another basket of beets tonight before dark & caught another mouse   thats 5 now.   damp & chilly out only going down to 46 degrees   hope for some mail tomorrow.   No word from Betty today.

Sat. Nov. 5. 1960./ Partly cloudy untill 2, p.m.   began to get real cloudy & Dark very early.   Mr. & Mrs. Hensley & 4 children were here,   he took Elbert to Huron & got most of the groceries   Ann didn’t come to take him for meat as they said they would.   Mrs hen & I had a good visit,   she said they might go to Virgina for thanksgiving,   he’s out of work again & its election time & every one fighting about a democrat & catholic presendent.   Oh Jesus it’s terrible,   well Ann called & said she was so busy thinking about there own needs she forgot everything about us.   God help us to be true to Thee & those about us   I had lots to think of but didn’t forget   I keep my word, now with a pleading when she called up & said she plum for-got,   God help her,   she does have lots on her mind   I’m sure she’d have lots more if in our place most folks think of themselfes for it’s & if there’s any time left then of others   what would Jesus do?   she said Frankie had been real sick with the flu.   God has taken care of us & I thank & praise Him    cleared off & moon shone last night   not isn’t cold & wasn’t cold last night.

Sun. Nov. 6. 1960./ Dark, dark Day & it came a heavy mist of rain & then snowed & the white Cedar look-ed like Christmas, so covered with snow but it didn’t stay loong, but tried again at day

Sun. Nov. 6. 1960./ there’s some N. East wind, not very cold,  not freezing.   No one come in or phoned today,   We have listened to sermons on radio     to dark to read or write.   I hope we get some mail tomorrow.   I thank & Praise Thee Lord God of Hosts   Amen.   

Mon. Nov. 7. 1960./ Dark morning    it snowed a thick blanket of snow & trees looked like Christmas   snow melted all off,  not cold air   is little damp   cleared off at noon & was warm & suny all after noon.   bowels didn’t move Fri, Sat, Sun & not untill Mon after dinner   I’ve felt so weak, but got up long enough for Elbert to make my bed.    Betty called & said they had flu. & were better & she hoped to come over Wed if things work out O.K.    Milton has his childish tantrums & so she can’t do as she would like to, so we all have our troubles.   Well, Jesus see, hears & Know    I do hope He Keeps things on His side   God help us to fast & pray & do Thy will & way    No worth while mail today,   I’m trusting & believing Ann just called & wishes she could talk & pray    a thing she don’t do,   pray as she should,    her brother is with her & we’ve been praying for him,   he says he has felt God’s hand is moving,   Oh how much we thank Him & are still waiting for Him to help them get the church over here    Oh Jesus we pray Thy will be done & get themselves before cold weather    We thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for ever & ever

tue. Nov. 8. 1960./ Election day.   Ann came and brought Mrs Tomson to stay with me while she took Elbert to slaughter house for meat   Conie was sick & mr. Anderson Sr. stays with Conie,   they left here 1-30 & got back 4-30   Elbert said he though Dian called & ask if Ann was here,   He said she was impatient & it made Elbert angry, but we have to take all kind of abuse;   I pray God will take charge over us & help us in the many ways we need   we didn’t even have prayer but Annie Tomson & I had quite study lesson in bible scripture    There are so many that say they don’t understand & some of them trying to preach,  God help us. I pray.   rained a little this evening, not freezing.   

Wed. Nov. 9. 1960./ Dark drizzly & Today begins the Demacratic rule & Catholic.   Mrs. Walker called on phone & Ann called & Betty came in with Frankie,   she brought brought 1. bu. apples for $1.75   she baked an apple pie & forgot it,   such a world,   she don’t know when they’ll come back.   Well, she’s going to bring another basket of apples.   Elbert got one suit pajam-as & has to get another suit.   & 2 sheets & 2 draw sheets.   No worth while mail.   A letter from boys home.   It’s nice drizzly Fall night.  not cold out   we had window open all day & most of the night except when wind blew to hard    rather warm tonight.   I got a letter partly wrote to Edna but so dark I [?]

Thur. Nov. 10. 1960./ Well Elbert & Mrs. [?handing] went to Sandusky   Elbert went 

Thurs. Nov. 10. 1960./ Elberts eyes are good & he wont have to have the rupture sewed up yet for a time   Praise God.   They left here 15-to-1.-p.-m. & got back 5-30-p-m.   I had good visit with mrs. Jameson,   she is a very nice person    she washed up the dishes, & read to me a while & she sewed up my night gown,   it was tore from bottom to arm hold & then around arm part way.   Well,   I praise & thank God for all our many blessings,   I Praise Thee Jesus.   Ann called & said they had a very good meeting last night at Berlin Hights.   she said the Holy Spirit meet them in a wonder way.   Oh, I do pray He will help them in all the things they need.   they need to learn & to understand,   Oh how I thank Thee.   Miss Fin-ding didn’t say much  said Miss Clark has the flu. bad,   they didn’t know who was going to take care of her   We pray that some one will look after her    she needs help,   I pray God will be with her all the way    We have cought 8. mice now.   it’s lots colder tonight,   didn’t snow today & we had sun past of after noon.   Wind N. West & raw.   A letter from Oral Roberts & some adds today is all. 

Fri. Nov. 11. 1960./ Beautiful morning, nice sun.   No mail of any importance.   wind is raw but not strong   hope to finish Edna’s letter today.   Well I got it done.   Mrs Young came in & got her roaster & talked a few minutes   she’s such a good soul   may God bless & keep her & No one else came in.  God be keep[?] 

Sat. Nov. 12. 1960./ Beautiful Fall Day.   wind quit strong.   Elbert washed some today

Sat. Nov. 12. 1960./ Ann & Milton came for an hr. or so,   we talked & prayed.   Gkod is working among the people Praise God 

Sun. Nov. 13. 1960./ Beautiful day nice & quite warm sun.   Edna came & her daughter & Patty,  they left the baby with Cliff.   We visited couple of hours & now at 3-30-p-m they have gone back home.   Wonder if any one else will come in    it helps to shorten the hrs.   I read my bible for a while,  this a-m.   & praying for the place they want for a church in the near future,   I pray God will us Ann but that Ann don’t let the work exalt her to much   it’s wonderful God is sueing her, but God, help her not to feel she is higher in measure than her sisters & bretheren    she seems to like to be exalted,   God wants us to be humble   help them, so they will be better able to do Thy Will,   they like to be praised but don’t like to do a little work to help others   that is to labour with there hands,   help us to do Thy work & Will to have wisdom & under-standing.    This world is so bad,   Jesus Keep me Close. 

Mon. Nov. 14. 1960./ Been beautiful day partly cloudy & good fresh breeze. not cold.   No mail   I called Mrs. Walker & Betty was there & I talked to her about apples, laundry & groceries.   I do hope Betty will bring the right change back   We will have to be strong   she likes the change,   wish Ann could come, while Betty & Mrs Walker go to the     Elbert will be hear but he wishesw he could go to pick out what he wants to get

Mon. Nov. 14. 1960./ It’s been so nice out side   warmer today & not cold tonight   flies & bugs flying around on the window screens   Elbert’s foot hurts so bad today   Cloudy tonight   breeze was quite strong & is tonight not cold.  

Tue. Nov. 15. 1960./ Start hunting rabbits & deers today & Mo. half gone.   Betty will be here this morning.   No mail. windy out.   Betty & Mrs Walker & Frankei came to take wash & get few eats & when they were gone at 10-a-m Clifford came & he & Elbert are triming ramblers & tieying them up & a young man stopped & he gave Elbert 2 nice rabbits   praise God there are some good people yet & we sure do ap-preciate things like that & Pray God will give them a double blessing.    Betty brought us a half bu. of delicus apples $1.25   Well we owe her for them “for 2 weeks,”   We Praise God in Jesus Name for Salvation, for Saviour & Physician   We thank Him that He sees, hears & Knows & I thank him for answering my prayers so soon for a rabbit.   Praise His Holy Name for ever.   Betty & Frankie came back, had cup coffee & choclate,   she got few groceries for Elbert & we visited a while & she went home to get Billy & Budd & Frankie & her supper,   Mrs Walker has a sister in Huron & she left her there   I promised her some thread to crochet with.   Elbert & Cliff got done with roses & Cliff carried the cuttings away  Praise the Lord   Elberts back legs & feet feel so badly, he don’t feel able to work.   They hadn’t been done long & it began to rain  50 degrees out side  [?] finish  mr Crisco left

Wed. Nov. 16, 1960./ Partly cloudy all day.   windy & rainy in  showers all last night & no wind tonight   was quite strong untill dark,   cleared off & all starlight tonight   not very cold either   I wrote letter to Mrs. Crisco today,   No mail   no one come in or phoned today,   I hope I can write Mrs. Finding tomorrow & that some one comes & writes.   I read my bible   will try to write Opal & her ma as soon as I’m able.   Elbert don’t feel well & troubles me   I thank Thee Jesus for all things, great or small. 

Thurs. Nov. 17. 1960./ Well it’s about the same out side as Wed.  & I’m so tired   Bowels got so bad, & it strains me all over trying to move them, but at last they got moveing & at 12-30-p-m they were done.   & today I’m sore & lame from head to foot.   no. mail only adds.   Ann called & said the Lord had ans. prayer & they had got the building for church   we had been praying so hard for,   We praise Jesus & they paid 70.00 for a months rent,   they dropped off 5.00 a mo.   it has hot & cold water & lights & 40 chairs & is warm day & night   is plenty big    I’m praying God will wonderfully bless them & help them to prayer for Him, in Jesus Name   Now they are happy   going to have Sundy school & church & wont have to be going hither & yon   help them to gather in before its to late,   I do thank & PraiseThee Jesus blessed Jesus Amen. 

Fri. Nov. 18. 1960./ Partly cloudy, No mail,   I sent a letter to man    we got coal of last year  He sent it this morning & I haven’t finished   Mrs. Findings letter  I’ve felt bad

Fri. Nov. 18, 1960./ Elbert felt bad   he was up untill 2-a-m with me,  then we got settled down,   I was sure sick   felt as if I’d throw up for a long time but at last went other way   tried to rain to-night, but not yet,   hope Miss Clark is better.   costs money to phone.   Ann didn’t call today

Sat. Nov. 19. 1960./ Dark, very dark & cloudy. & we had a thick fog all last night,   it is now 1-15-p-m & quite fogy all around.    Segy’s boy & his little boy about 7. yrs. old just come to hunt awhile for rabbits   we made a pie of the other 2 & they sure was good, tender & swee.   I hope they get 2 or 3 so we can have one.   Received letter from Baumhart.  & few adds.   I pray God will strengthen my eye sight.   I thank Him with all my heart soul & strength   it’s to dark to see to write.   I want to finish Mrs. Findings letter if I can   Well, I didn’t finish the letter   Emerick came & his boy, then Betty came to get meat for us    Elbert gave her four dollars & I gave her a dollar,   she had her sister & Lousia & 3. children with her,   going to Sandusky 1-30-p-m.  only Betty came in,   well after they left for town Ann, Dian, & Kathy came in    we had a good visit   they are going to have there meetings over here on Rout 61. from now on & to-day noon they told us on Radio they had a big fire over at Bellevue long side of the building where Rev. Gibson was hold-ing church meetings,   Ann said she didn’t know how bad the fire was but hoped it didn’t burn the song books.   Now I wonder whats next.   I hope Ann stands up for Jesus.   I had a queer vision that a big white angell came & stood on the south

Sat. Nov. 19. 1960./ stood on South side of the drive,   it was beautiful shimering white, beautiful big white wings,   I looked out south window & saw it   I called Elbert,   he came & as he looked he fell to the floor   after a time he got up & praised the Lord,   I We call Ann & she came & was so mistifed she call Paynes & they called others & they came   some laid on the ground & some didn’t get up & trucks came & hauled them away & some men said they had come to tear us in pieces,  the Angel didn’t let them come in where we were    Audrey & Gertie came   said they hadn’t believed & Nellie Bonita, Johny & Marcie didn’t believe   I don’t know what became of them & many more but after a time the Angels came in    all the rest were gone & took us out on the porch & said, the Angels were gathering God people together & we soon would meet Him in the air & we did & Elbert was with us.   Glory to God in the Highest,   I wonder when this will be,   I know the end of time is so near.   Help us Lord to live Thy way & do Thy Will   Oh, God have Mercy in Jesus name Amen.    I dreamed I was walking & how happy I was. 

Sun. Nov. 20. 1960./ Beautiful Day & quite & no one called or came & I suppose they held sunday school & Church in the building the group has just rented & I pray God it was wonderfull.   Betty brought us about 1 1/2 bu of Fall pears, they look good.   I gave her a dollar,  she does a lot of nice things for us   She has the car.

Mon. Nov. 21. 1960./ Dark Cloudy fogy morn.  Elbert hung his pajamas out & they were as wet as if he’d washed them,   he hung my draw sheet & night gown out   they got wet, then at 12 noon sun came out & at 1.p.m is quite bright   we received letter from Annabel, her children have been ailing first 1. an then another, she says one seems to be gaining at last & has come within 80 miles of them & they went to see them & they returned the visit,   she said the hurry cane was quite bad   took the roofs from some houses & tore trees up   Well we are glad they are O.K.    she didn’t metion Bob  we hope he’s all right.   she sent 5.00 & I know she needs it as much as we do for the have so much sick-ness among her children  No one come in or  clalled. 

Tue. Nov. 22. 1960./ Partly cloudy,  few hunters out   South west breeze.   mr. & Mrs. Pain came in late last evening   they wanted me to sing a song for there recorder,   I didn’t feel up to par & they sat down & began to visit, when in came Mrs. Finding,   We all visited awhile & then Paynes left.   & Mrs. Finding visited untill 1-15-a-m.   I pray God will bless her,   she wanted to talk to me & had sort of run away while her man & son were sleeping & she could feel free to talk at ease   she told me lots of things going on in church & in Vermilion & about some of the people there,   she said I’d be shoked if I could see & hear things that are taking place there.  We have a Roman Catholic present & soon things will be terrifying for every one will have to obey Catholic rullers. & they have put a lot of them in office now while the others sleep.   Oh, God Please help us to do Thy Will in all things & help us to understand Amen. it’s 10

Tue. Nov. 22. 1960./ It’s 2-10-p-m.   the man we wrote to for coal has come & has 6. ton & we gave him 75.00 for it,  now I only have 10.00 left for taxes & in-surance,   hope we can make it & pray God will help us,   I thank Thee Jesus Amen.    The men just finished puting it in Coal bin 2-15-p-m.   Betty came  took wash to town   she’s sick   had bone out in vertabra, had Dr. put it back,   she’s going to Huron get wash done, go home & get Billy’s & Budds dinner  rest few minutes then bring our wash back.   Mrs. Walker was with her this morning taking her wash to get done.   Elbert hasn’t had his dinner   been looking after the  coal.   Received letter from Mrs. Crisco this morning    Received letter from Miss Willitt’s   Every one wants money,   Wish I could give to each of them.   Betty came & brought our clean wash   her side & stomach is hurting her,    I pray Lord those will heal her & help her this time to cling to Thee, Jesus blessed, Pure, Clean & Holy.   Ann & Milton came in for a visit & we had prayer together   I, do pray Lord Thou will give her patients, strengthen her faith & bless there good efforts   help them to get organised & be firm & steadfast in Thee, Amen.   Ann & Milton have gone home,   it’s 7-15-p-m.   Elbert’s foot has hurt him bad all day   God be with him & help him in all the ways he needs

Wed. Nov. 23. 1960./ In the letter from Mrs. Crisco she said Mrs. Wright passed away Fri Nov. 18. 1960.  God bless her soul,   she’s laid there 16 yrs,  she was a big heavy woman; they let her fall off the bed not long ago, lying on her side & to close to the edge of the bed  Her soul will I pray God rest her soul & He will have mercy on all the others in.

Wed. Nov. 23, 1960. camps, prisons, homes or where ever they are & I pray for the deft, dumb & blind all over the world Amen.   I think of those who call them selves Crist-ians & can’t agree with each other,   Oh, God please help us.   It’s as if we are drownding.   Mrs Young brought a chicken already to roast dressing & all & a can of sweet potatoes & can cranberrys & dish of jello with fruit in it & we ate it for our dinner    It tasted so good.   We thanked & Praised God in Jesus Name.   My bowels didn’t move yesterday but aplenty this a-m.  I feel weak, but I Praise God they moved.   We received nice card from Womens Junior order, a rememberance card   I will try to write verse off. “Thanksgiving” to a Special Friend,  Some people we meet of the pathway of Life, We are apt to forget in a while,   And some we remember-perhaps for a deed, perhaps for a word or a smile   And there are a few Who remain in our hearts On Whom we can always depend,   The Friend Who are true,   All the changing yrs through   And you are that kind of Friend.   Happy Thanks-giving. signed Virginia Noe, Junior Womens League. Huron Ohio. 324. Center)) St )   God do bless them with the money they need to pro-vide for the needy.   I thank Thee Jesus. ))  Elbert’s trying to wipe up floors,   he feels so bad these passed few days, he’s having to sit down every few minutes, poor soul   I’ve been in the same fix & Know how bad he really feels,   God help him   I thank Thee & Praise Thee.   Mr & Mrs Finding & Son Donald came in   he stayed in car while parents came in   well we visited some & then they [?]

Wed. Nov. 23. 1960./ they wanted to know if I’d like company for Thurs evening & I felt so delighted & said I would but on second thought as they said, they’d bring there supper & eat with us, my mind went to Elbert, he would have all that extra work of clearing the table all off getting out an extra table leaf  washing it & table putting on a clean table pad & cloth & wiping off the chairs & getting out the dishes & silver ware & washing them & he was so tired   he wiped up my bedroom floor & Kitchen this morning.  Mrs. Young brought a chicken dressing ready to mix, can of sweet potatoes & can cranberries & 2. desert dishes of fruit Jello.   Well they decided to come & be here at 5-p-m, Praise God.

Thurs. Nov. 24. 1960./ Beautiful  quite day & Elbert got up at 6.a.m. had his breakfast & started to clear table & clean chairs when he had it done I waked up & had oil & coffee & got washed & dressed & ate toast & had little more coffee & dish of cheeries Royal Arm [?] with pitts in them, juic is so good   then he got pad & table cloth & my slip & skirt out the bottom drawer & he put cloths on table & cooked Mrs youngs chicken,   then here come Budd & Betty with 2 plates of hot dinner dressing turkey & jello & big dish potatoe salid   so we ate while it was hot & it sure was good & Elbert was glad of it 2.    They are such good young folks.   they only stayed few minutes  had run over to get ours here hot 4. or 5. miles & left theres with fire under to Keep hot   We sure did justice to ours & thanked God in Jesus Name & Prayed he would look after those that are in worse condition than we,   I thank Him & praise Him for His Love & wonderful care He gives to us.   I haven’t heard from Ann. today   Betty brought nice apple pie, she’s a good cook

Nov. 24. 1960. Wed. Thanksgiving day.   Elbert’s got every thing ready for supper,   he is sleeping   we didn’t sleep untill after 2-a-m.   Well it’s been a great day,   Mr. & Mrs. Finding & Son came   they brought a big roast turky & salids & creamed potatoes, turnip & slaw & jello, cheery & cranberry & buns & gravy.   We had tea & coffee & pickled onions & cucumber slices & we had a nice visit & they left early for Mr. Finding has to work Fri.   Well I called Ann up & talked to her awhile,   Mrs. Bowls see Betty in laundry   that Mrs Gants is sick in bed & about out of her head & as near as I under-stood Dorthy is looking after her & wont let any one come in to see the eldr lady,   God I don’t know but hope Thou Will intervein   It was Jesus who helped me but some of the people don’t seem to Know how to live   God help her to be taken proper care of, Amen.   heavy frost last night, not freezing cold & it isn’t cold tonight,    I have window wide open

Fri. Nov. 25. 1960./ Beautiful morning   Elbert has every thing put back in order   dishes all washed & now he has dinner most ready,  chicken dressing & potatoe salid that Betty brought & it is so good & at 12-30 Milton  his Uncle & M.L. his son come in & have gone out in back to hunt rabbits   it 1-10 & I haven’t heard one shot   Elbert’s foot is begin-ing to hurt,  he ought to sit awhile,   We are just going to eat our dinner   then after maybe I can write a little to ans. letters.   Milton the boy & there Uncle went home   I talked to Ann

Fri. Nov. 25. 1960./ Milton talked to Ann a few minutes, he is so surly & so uneasy, he looks same way.   Well they didn’t say if they got any rabbits & he did not bring Elbers tools back, he just duns[?] his-self   Elbert will have to be thourgh with him    We see another mouse today, another job.   A queer thing has happened,   some one left a double handful hictory nuts on the step to the grainery 17 or 18 of them  3 had holes in them   they looked as if they had been in water,   was partly wet,  then the 2X2’s Elbert had laid, beside the path, he had used in well were laying a-cross the path one end up on some boxes,   now what sort of puzzle is that?   I been asking Jesus who the man was, I saw putting nuts on the step   he looked like some one I know.   Well I didn’t write any letters. & it is now 15 to 8.P-M. star light & not cold   mild breeze.   No letters.   a letter from Annabel & 5.00 & one from Womens League card no money.

Sat. Nov. 26. 1960./ Beautiful morning, fresh breeze  but not freezing outside Sun warm outside    flies & bugs still drifting around.   Mr. Finding & son just come with load of old wood to burn,   we gave them the cement blooks that were under old red coffin house if they want & dig them out the dirt,   they are about 2 ft. long.   there house hasn’t a good foundation under it   dirt floor & when it rains, it’s so wet,   Well they didn’t try to take any of the block & now Milton came to hunt   Ann went to Huron to get groceries, then she came to take him home & said she would be back in & hour or so   he gave Elbert 2 rabbits he brought from home.   Elbert did out some washing  got our dinner 

Sat. Nov. 26. 1960./ & he is so tired,   now he’s gone out to dress rabbits   Ann said she & Mr. & Mrs. Hicks would be over after Milton got back home,   for a vis-it so, I’m waiting,   Well Ann & mr & Mrs Hicks & baby came at 6-30-p-m   they didn’t talk very much,  they were “as I supposed” going to talk about what to do to get there church on the move   they don’t seem to know what to do or how to do it.   & they are talking about getting some of Mrs. Gliepies gang in & if they don’t watch there p’s & q’s they will be in dutch   Ann’s into big a hurry,   they ought to get together & pray earnestly that God will keep them close to Him & help them to help the others that come in unto them & watch all things & trust God continnely in all things.   Well I will pray for them & ask God to have His way with them & keep those of His close to Him   We are both tired,   Milton gave Elbert 2 rabbits full of shot,   Oh well, it help out in the meat line

Sun. Nov. 27. 1960./ Milton’s dog was having pups tonight.   Cloudy all day & after dinner it was as dark as if it were 6 or 6-30-p-m  Milton & Ann came in just before church time   they are getting trembling with fear that maybe things wont work out   but, I can’t see why, for We all prayed, if it was all right for them to have a meeting place over here God would open up the way & He helped them to find a place that is kept warm & clean with 40 chairs & they have had one good meeting   next one there wasn’t so many there but next after they had 45 children to practice singing [?] in Lord to or patient take out ener[?]

Sun. Nov. 27. 1960./ take out every doubt & fear   make them steadfast, firm in Thee, help them to prosper & thrive in power & strength in Jesus Name We ask, Amen.   It’s so terribly dark at 1-p-m.   Radio said rain & snow   we didn’t get it,  had window open all night  good breeze & it’s real dark out at 2-10-p-m.   No one in or phoned today,  good fresh breeze.   Radio said some snow up round Mich.;  some rain,  a nice Fall Day not cold.   Ann said she dreamed, she & Mrs. Gibson & one or more got lock in a big room & she said they had to get out some way & Mrs. Gibson had a key but was shaking so bad she couldn’t unlock the door & Ann said Sister Gibson let me have the Key & maybe I can unlock it, so she give Ann the key & she unlocked the door & they were all happy,   I pray God will help them as He sees they need,   I thank & Praise Thee, Glory to God in the Highest Hear & help us now. 

Mon. Nov. 28. 1960./ Another cloudy day & very cloudy, fresh breeze, we have promise of rain and snow ton ight & colder, but only 38 degrees   A find mist, coming, on S. window.   A letter from Roberts.   raining & blowing hard out side   its 9-P-M   another long night.  9.P.M. & Radio said gale winds tonight been doing some damage in places, like up rooting trees & uproofing houses   I pray God that those of thine Thou will care for. & be with poor & homeless   Lord have Mercy

Tue. Nov 29. 1960./ Dark very very dark all day.   A letter from Roberts & his little magazine,  a letter from Wyatt & I haven’t enough to go around,  hope to get enough (100[?]

Nov. 29. Tue. 1960./ I called & talked to Mr Gunsenhouser & ordered 2 sheets  3 draw sheets & 5 yds toweling & 2. pillow slips. 13.25   I’ll have to pay half this pay & rest next pay.   they have raised food twice, but not the pay checks.   No one call-ed today or come in,   Betty was to come for laundrey but didn’t,  Turned cold & snowed very little & wind has been & still is cold & strong   Ann called  said she’sd had some sort of Clothing sale & that she gained points on the orders & had won a 9.00 dress,  I don’t understand but I do wonder if Jesus would do what they are doing to win clothing   dark day but moonlight tonight & cold.   

Nov. 30. Wed. 1960./ Dark morning,   I couldn’t sleep last night so slept late this a.m.   Betty & her sister & Frankie came in 7-30-a-m   she couldn’t come, Tue. she said, she took the wash & said she’d bring it back Thurs.   she’s to get the things from Dry good store & some more apples   the last she says   mere 1.75   Elbert ordered 1 bu. more   We will owe her 5.75 for bu & last half going to be hard on check.   Well Betty  the 2 boys came in & we visited couple hours,   I love Betty & do wish she belonged to Jesus   she’s so good hearted & does all she can for us & she loves me to   she brought the laundry back & she will be back 5th or 6th of Dec. but she will call before she comes, so as not to have to make 2 trips.   Ann didn’t call today,  Betty stopped there & said mrs. Hensly had stopped to get an order book for clothes.   it’s something like Lar-kins soap club.   It was 3-p-m when Betty & boys came & 5-15-p-m when she left here   it has snowed & blowed a gale & is still at it at 9-p-m.   It didn’t trouble every [?] lost plane on Lake Mich & a big boat [?]

Nov. 30. Wed. 1960./ on rocks on Lake Mich & a boat in a small boat & the wind whipping up 10. ft. waves,  they have not found plain or small boat as yet.   & snow drifts 4 ft. high in several places & pavements wet & slippy,   fights & lots of dead here & there & people haven’t woke up yet   The Lord is finishing up His work & will be coming in a very few yrs. now.  Oh, God.

Dec. 1. Thurs. 1960./ Rather dark Day cold & windy No. Mail.   sun came came in for a little while, one is in school, he is out of work & they are living rather scimp. so the people are begining all over to feel the pinch & to wish they had saved more;  not real windy  snow most all gone.   Seems the girls don’t tell me all that goes on, but it leaks out one way or another,  it doesn’t pay to be proud or self righeous, God sees & hears & Knows & helps if we trust him.   Betty was in a corner Wed. but we did-n’t let on we knew,   We all have to ans. to God & they know that.   Sun is nice & bright at 4-p-m.  I must try to ans. rest of Opals letter.  I did.

Fri. Dec. 2. 1960./ But I’m out of stamps,  We got 1. letter from Mrs. Bracket.  No letter from Nellie Audrey or Frank.   Wrote letter to Mrs. Acker.   I am out of stamps.  No one come in,   I have a bad cold.   Payne’s brother came in to hunt & Ernie Sarr called & told us young Helen tried to take her life.  he didn’t say any thing about his father,   he got all beat up a while ago for molesting little girls & boys.   Ernie & his mother were going to Cleveland Sat. so he said   Findings came in for few minutes & said they would be back Sat & put plug in for ice box & put a light on front porch   I’m feeling [?]

Sat. Dec. 3. 1960./ Nice day & Elbert washed out few pieces   Findings came & brought a young man,  he fix ice box plug & light on porch   it’s O.K. now,   Ann called late & said she’s been so busy.   that they are going to try to have sunday school in morning.   I sure have hard cold & Elbert is getting it also & he’s feeling punk,   they had little trouble with lights but got them done   she had to go to Huron for parts but everythings working good  Was late when they went home 7-15-P-M & said they would be back Sun & bring commution

Sun. Dec. 4. 1960./ Well, we got up & ha our bath & got read for Farrels & Findings & communion & he read the 8 ch. of Romans   they sang & talked & ser-ved bread & wine & they sang two hyms & they went home.   I have been fasting & praying for their church & the one Payne & the group up here are try-ing to get started.    it’s only 3-p-m & I’m begining to feel empty   have to cough & blow so much maybe that’s why.  Sun trying to shine & it’s still white.   Elbert is sleeping he feels so bad.  Every one’s gone home

Mon. Dec. 5. 1920 [should be 1960]./ Nice sun this morn, wind quite cold.   A letter from Roberts & book from Allen & family picture of Roberts in color   Elbert got his check Sat. & today Mr & Mrs. Finding came again,   she was taking her wash to Huron to do it, so Elbert went with them & did our wash & got few things done   he want to get done, pay light & phone bills & got some of the groceries & then he & Tom went to fish house & got catfish & perch & Elbert dressed them   they had 2 big catfish & we had 2 & rest perch   he was tired,   we had ours for supper- the catfish.   Mrs Jameson stayed with me   she finished dishes Elbert had washed & He carried in water. 

Tue. Dec. 6. 1960./ Betty & Mrs Walker came & Frankie   Betty is going to  g the rest of the groceries   she going to take my draw sheets home & hem them   she brought 1/2 bu apples & Elbert paid her for them & the eggs, he owes Ann for doz eggs 60 cents,   it’s dark & cloudy    tried to rain.   my head is terrible bad   was sick at be[?] half the night & Elbert feel so bad,  he got birthday cards from Easel & Nellie.   Betty brought him a cake last yr & forgot it this time    Mrs. Walker brought a nice pie today.   they gone to town    will stop when they come back & they did.   Betty wasn’t feeling very good or Mrs Walker either   Well she got the groceries & Elbert gave her 3.00 for apples & paid her for 2. doz eggs.   I’m sick

Wed. Dec. 7. 1960./ Feel so bad   No one in this a-m  Elbert got card from Virgina & Wyn.   & I feel to bad to worst   Milton came to hunt, got rabbit  [?]

Thurs. 8. Dec. 1960./ Sun did peek through a few times & I can’t see straight, feel to bad to sit up or eat.   Mrs. Payne called up.   Elbert feels so bad but no one to help do anything   Praise God he keeps Elbert & helps him to do what has to be done   our checks come this morning,   We thank God for them & for what help the neighbors can give in getting the food home for us    It has tried to snow several times,   it’s cold & little windy    Elbert has cooked the rabbit   going to have onions potatoes & beans.   sun is trying to shine but it is so cold & white.   I trust colds are better tomorrow.   Mrs. Finding came in after supper & visited untill most 2-a-m.   I sweat 3 gowns   I feel tired & weak.   Didn’t get any letters done   we got to bed at 3-a-m.    I slept till 9-a-m & had coffee & slept some more.    Elbert’s trying to fix my nightgown    no mail of importance.   Only God Knows how bad we feel.   sun is shining nice today, wind cold & raw   Pray God helps us feel lots better tomorrow.   Elbert feels so bad 

Fri. 9./ Milton stepped a mill & got the storm door Elbert he had left to have glass putted in & he got meat to boil & ham ready to eat,   he couldn’t change a 10 so now Elbert owes him 2.48 but he will pay him,   he owes Ann 60 cents for eggs   I was asleep when he came & was glad for once  he didn’t stay  No one else came to talk to & my cold is so bad   I hate to do much talking.  

Sat. Dec. 10. 1960./ Dark very dark day,   Jordon’s money went   No one here except bread man.   Elbert is real miserable  his rump pains so bad he can hardly step on his feet.   Well we sure will thank God when he takes it all away.   Elbert has to go out & get bed clothes on line.   he’s got in some water & some coal up. Praise the Lord.

Sun. Dec. 11. 1960./ Stormy night cold  8 degrees yes, terrible cold, wind & freezing   I took my bath & had breakfast & [?]

Sun. Dec. 11. 1960./ then Betty & 2 boys came brought the towels & draw sheets & talked a while   then went home.   Milton & Ann came little later & talked & Milton in with us   I Know Jesus hears & see & Knows all things   I Praise His Holy Name & Pray He will help them at the church they are trying to get to-gether,   help them to get organized & stand on God’s Promises,   we prayed & talked & am trusting Holy in Jesus.   Now I’ve been ask to guide there evening service & guide each one there & those who wish they had gone   I pray God will take charge of Ann entirely    I thank Thee & I thank & Praise Thee for ans. my prayer, for Elbert,  he’s so much better today   trusting he’ll be healed soon   Praise God. Amen.   Then Mrs. Ramm came & brought me Christmas cookies, bless her God   she didn’t forget m.   We visited some & some on the bible & on faith,   God help to read Thy word & understand.   Well, We Praise the Most Hight God, Amen.

Mon. Dec. 12. 1960./ Stormy & very cold.   Letter frown Miss Willitts   It’s queer   they write & write & never aask how you are or why you don’t ans. , but still call you a sinner if you can’t send them some money,   Well I pray God will help them to know & to help them.   I’m better but weak   I want to send Annabell a letter and thank her for the five she sent us. [?]

Mon. Dec. 12. 1960./ 70 mile winds  lots dead & lots fighting & dying.   I have to write to several    eyes are very bad   I was in Kitchen a while & fixed a cauiflower for supper while Elbert made my bed   he turned mattress over.   We had cauflower potatoes carrots & little piece of ham & dumplins & spinnage   he is so terribly tired   wish I could do more   am still so weak  & eyes so bad,   pray God will strengthen my eyes so I can read & write.   I praise God for all things Amen. 

Tue. Dec. 13. 1960./ Radio said going down to 12 below.   I talked to Ann last night   Been praying God would send some one to lead in the singing & she said a young man from Amherst had come to ask about taking charge of the singing & that should help a lot if they manage right.   I pray they will.   Oh God help them to work & pray trust & believe,   I thank Thee.   Oh God how much we need Thee.   Deal with Gibson in Thine own way & don’t let him trouble the others, but keep them Close to Thee   Elbert ans. 3 birthday cards & I sent note to Findings & carad to Annabell.   Budd & Betty came & the boys & brought the laundry   been blustry all day & quite a few died from storm,   Betty Kissed me & said she had a gift for me,   I pray God will give her a better one   Quite a little sun Tue.  got dark early   his back felt bad more light last night

Wed. Dec. 14. 1960./ This is for Wed.   Bright suny day turned [?]  received cards from Epplers, Finding, Myrtle Smith, Gilipie & Shram’s (5 to ans) 32 degrees & wamer.   I’ve been laying lot more than sitting.   eyes some better  Praise God.  Mr Anderson S. & Milton came in gave us 2 rabbits.  No call today or night.

Thurs. Dec. 15. 1960./ Dark day,   Betty came & brought Ann to stay with me & she & Elbert went to store,  he paid up the little bills, got few few things to eat   I had 44. dollars left.   I haven’t got cards out yet just don’t have the pep to think & write  hope to get most of them done tomorrow.   Ann & I had good talk & prayer   Betty went to Church Wed, night & she & Ann sang to hyms,  The Lord sent the Power   they had a blessed meeting   Payne is doing fine   Elbert is tired, but done him good to go.   Ann wiped up floors.   real cold out.

Fri. Dec. 16. 1960./ Mo. most gone again   Cold 12 degrees tonight   several cards today   I am in a hurry to get cards addressed and sent   am so weak.   Milton came & hunt-ed a while this morn, no game.  he gave Elbert 2 yesterday.   We had soup for supper.  No one came in today.   Elbert washed out quite a few pieces & he sure is so tired tonight   he had to carry coal & water   his legs & feet are so bad & pain him such a lot.   Martha sent Elbert a card but none to me.   I pray God will help her before it’s late.   How can she & Audrey be like that.   I pray all will turn out O.K.  Elbert says its cold out 18 degrees   Radio says Two big plains crashed over N. York today killing 24 or more  this morning causing 2 fires burning several big buildings.   Elberts 2 rabbits most cooked   its 10 to 8 P.M.

Sat. Dec. 17. 1960./ Been a fine day partly cloudy   7 pieces mail I tried to write

Sat. Dec. 17. 1960/ to write some   only got 6. card done, no one called or phoned,   Praise God I’m feeling better   Milton ask Ann what she would do & the church if I were to die,  of course if that was to happen  God would know all about it & have some one to take my place among them,   I hadn’t known about that,   I only suggest what we read & study in the bible.   God will take care of all Who stand on His promises, steadfast & firm & do His will & His ways.   We thank Thee Jesus Amen.

Sun. Dec. 18. 1960/ Dave Hunters birth day.   Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word, just to stand up on His promises  just to Know Thus saith the Lord.  Jesus Jesus How I love Him how I’ve proved Him over & over Jesus Jesus Precious Jesus  Oh for Gace to Love Him more.   No phone calls or no one come in & few cards today & I wrote a few cards. 

Sun. Dec. 18. 1960./ Betty & 2 boys came in for an hour after church & had a cup of hot coffee & cocoa,   Sun came through often but got dark often   no one called us to visit or come in to visit except Betty   I do love Betty.  I pray Jesus has blessed Ann & Kept her close in mind & soul.  Bless her Lord.  I have prayed Thou will have blessed the’re meeting & the fellowship, help them to be [?] Jesus in heart & soul.  Oh help us. 

Mon. Dec. 19. 1960./ Cold  partly cloudy   No one came in untill this after noon & Mr Hensely & his wife & 3 children came in for an hour & brought a present from Mrs Smith “Myrtle” a very pretty box of writting paper & envelops & a pretty box.   & Elbert a big candy cane full of candy, from Bernice, Mrs. Smith’s daughter   & we don’t have money to buy just a small gift for them.   God I pray Thou will give them some extra gifts better than I could give   I thank Thee & Praise Thee.  Glory to God   Ann hasn’t called up today.   I pray Lord Thou will Bless & Guid there meetings.   Cold tonight  few snow flurrys this after noon.   No one called us up.  9 cards this morning.

Tue. Dec. 20. 1960./ No one come or phoned today & 9 or 10 cards,   I wrote several cards to Rev Willitts, Armstrongs, Jordon, Allen & Roberts & there are more,   I have so many more to ans.   It’s been snowing light snow most of the day & to dark to read & write.   Don’t seem so cold   snowing fine light snow  like heavy frost,   Lots of lives being lost in air plains & fire & crashes & still I’m wondering how many are waking up to the fact, the end time is here  God help us do what we ought to do

Wed. Dec. 21. 1960./ Shortest Day of the year,  No one come in or called, it’s been a beautiful day,   we got 6 or 8 cards & letters & I have used up all my cards & stamps but will try to [?]

Wed. Dec. 21. 1960./ Shortest day in the yr.   We got a card from each family & a letter from Audrey & note from several. Betty was coming but hasn’t & we haven’t heard from Ann for several days.   Have tried & tried to call Ann no ans. 

Thurs. Dec. 22. 1960./ A Beautiful Day 7. below   Bright sun & very cold raw wind quite fresh   Birds are nearly froze up, no cars runing to speak of   We got few card & letter from Nellie sort of insulting   I’m so glad Jesus sees, Knows & hears.   I have a doz. or more cards to write yet if I ever get them to write.   I feel so discusted,   Elbert hurt his thumb,  it badly swollen & pains him.   Ella Jane has a puss sack on her hip   she & Pinky are planing on spending 25th at Loura Bell’s   nellie’s had a shot in her arm for flu.  she’s been over helping Marcie Joe make a dress for herself, she’s 12. yrs. I believe.   They, most of them like to give me dirty little digs.   Oh Well;  I’m Happy in Jesus.   I had a vision short time ago, a big white Angel with big white wings & feathers, lite on south side of drive   it was so peculair, one car came in length of it & stopped & quite a few more & they couldn’t get them started & some people fell & rolled on ground & Elbert in the house   We prayed & it stayed long time & took Elbert & I on porch & said we were going up to meet Jesus,  God help us to do His will & way that we may be ready to go.   We’d sure like to help the rest to know, but they don’t believe us.   So I  Its a very cold night 6 below.

Fri. Dec. 23. 1960./ Nice morning good sun.  Cold raw wind bleow zero  We thank God for friends food & warmth   I had my breakfast 9-30-a-m   Couldnt sleep good even an hour at a time,   Elbert wasn’t feeling very good, but I really do praise God in Jesus Name   He takes care of us both,   I’ve felt terribly bad for passed 2. weeks, but we both try to keep going.   I got washed & dressed & then with Elbert’s help I set bread & made bread dough cake  made grahm 3 tins biscuits;   then we put 3 cups bread dough 2 eggs 1/2 milk cup light molasses 2 cups raisins & 2 white  1 teaspoon nut megg 1 cup shortening  cup white cherries & juice 2 cups sugar  1 table spoon soda & mixed it stiff with self raising flour    We had a great time but got it done.   I spilled some on my blanket  got paper’s moved some way, but we got cleaned up,  have to wash blanket.   got biscuits done but waiting for cake.   A woman came & brought us nice basket of fruit from Womens Jr. league from Huron & then. Edna & Cliff came before church   woman still came   they visited & hr. or so.   they brought us a big piece of ham & box of choclate cheery [?] tonight  M & Mrs Young came & brought us a chicken candy fruit  [?] & their Christmas blessing   they were [?] there way home to [?]

Fri. Dec. 23. 1960./ We are still waiting for fruit cakes to bake,   they are done but Elbert felt so bad he forgot to turn the heat on so after all the hard work, it isn’t to bad, but its eatable,   I’m thankful for that.   I thank & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sat. Dec. 24. 1960./ Well, it’s been a fine day   Emerick & his peg leg pardner came to hunt but no luck.   Mr. & Mrs. Young came & they brought a chicken & a lot of can good & a bit of homemade candy & cookies & there was 3 different organizgans sent a big box of canned foods & jellow tea & can milk jelly & jello & soups & soap & I can’t remember all of it, but a lot,  I pray God will bless each one a plenty & Betty & Bud brought a bu. of apples. & box cherrie chocolates & Milton & Ann gave a box like them & Edna gave us a box, so we are sweet.   There was a ham in a big tin box, bread & also & Ann gave a fruit cake   We haven’t give Ann anything yet & I don’t know what to give her.   Mrs. Walker sent some pot holders.   Well I can’t remember but guess I wrote it All for today   It’s so nice to have them All come in & talk to us   Ann & Milton Budd & Betty & 2 boys all here tonight   God surely opened up the [?] of Heaven & showered us with [?] We praise His Holy Name now & ever more.   Glory to God Hallulu[?]

Dec. 25. Sun. 1960./ Well it’s been a fine day   We thought noone was coming in but Mr & Mrs. Simms there Son-in-law & there little girl & Simms daughter & Mr. Marschal & Wife & Mr. Hatten & elderly man & a Mr & Mrs. Mason Who were with Simms,   it was a great meeting, prayer testifing, visiting & singing   they takes care of us, our heads are better, but not as usual.   We were both so tired we went to bed 9-P-M   Well, they brought us a big box milk chocolates   It’s not near so cold tonight as last night.

Mon. Dec. 26. 1960./ We slept late this a-m.   had breakfast at 10.a.m.  Mrs Jaemeson from 4 Square Church in Vermilion came in at 11-a-m.  her son brought her,   she was happy to see & talk to me & she gave Elbert a new shirt size 15 1/2 to small   he takes 17 1/2 size [?] get it & she gave me a [ }   I gave her one box chocolates we received 5 boxes.   We only visited a few minutes   her boy didn’t want to wait.   God Bless them.   Tonight Mrs. & Mrs Payne & there to youngest children came in   they brought 2 small chickens   they had coffee & piece of cake & they forgot to take the cake we gave them.   We visited had prayer & they went home   God Bless them    they gave me a box of writtin paper & pencil   We are tired   Elbert washed some this morning    going down to 20 Radio said for tonight. 

Tue. Dec. 27. 1960./ Beautiful Day not cold Mrs. Walker took Betty came & her 2 boys

Tue. Dec. 27. 1960./ & took our wash to Huron & I wrote 6. letters while they were gone.   Betty took Mrs. Walker home  picked up Budd & she & boys came here with our wash & a few groceries we had her get.   We visited a little   she think she’ll be back Fri.   Mrs. Walker thinks she might come & stay a few days,   I pray God’s will be done   Now they have gone & Elbert’s fixing rice soup   Not much mail today.   Mrs Finding come in at 7-p-m & we talked & visited untill 1.a.m.   she longs for good christian friends to talk to.   I do pray God will give her strength & power to do His work & will & if I can help her that He will help m.

Wed. Dec. 28. 1960./ Beautiful morning untill 2.p-m.  then clouded up.  Only Allen’s & Roberts book & add. for mail   no one come in.   Ann called last night before 6.p.m.  Mrs Finding brought us some turkey meat & we had part of it for dinner.   Dark at 5-p-m.  Gas tank came Tue. Dec. 27. $9.68.   Well, no one called or come in today.

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1960./ cloudy all day  sun tried to shine couple of times but didn’t make a go of it.   I was sick all last night   bowels wouldn’t move & didn’t untill 3-p-m this after noon, now I feel weak & all in.   No mail worth while & I didn’t write any today   Hope to feel better tomorrow   Can’t use bed pan Mrs Jameson brough, hurts my back terrible.  hurt my back from 9.P.m. untill 1.a.m   I cried it hurt so bad   legs felt as if they were paralized clear up to my hips   Praise God he took it out.  I have only eaten egg & toast““

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1960./ eggs & toast & now we are going to have supper hamberg onions carrots & potatoes. & Pray we feel better Fri.   No Ann today.   She was to have use of car this week, maybe she has . But they didn’t come

Fri. Dec. 30. 1960/ Dark untill 9-30-a-m.   seems these are the dark days the bible tells us about.   I have to read & find out.  but then Betty & Ann came in   Betty had her electric phonegraph player & Ann came to talk scripture & tell what they had been doing,   they have one convert Mr Tomson, Annie’s husband,   Well Anne wiped up my room & Betty the Kitchen   Betty played a few Church records then Mr & Mrs. Crisco came from Bellvue & we had such a good visit & prayer & Scripture talk,   they brought me 2 new night gowns & several cans of fruit.   We had a real good visit.   I pray God will help them through our visit,   Help them to see & understand what they ought to know   Betty & Ann went home   said they’d be over in a day or so.   It’s been a big day.   God help each one of us in the way we need.

Sat. Dec. 31. 1960./ Mostly Cloudy not very cold.   A letter from Miss Willitts, one from Soul clinics one from Edna’s mother Gretchel Ky,   I felt bum all day & just laid & dozed   Hope for more strength tomorrow   Elbert’s rump has pained him so bad,   he killed 4 flies in last few days.   This is last day of Dec.   But we don’t here the bells or whistles blow   Milton & his father came & hunted a while    He gave Elbert one shot all to pieces   no one call [?] Mrs. Paynes baby is sick.

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