August  1949

Mon. Aug. 1. 1949./ 8-H.-22.-Pullets egg today/  Well, I was out to the garden & picked up a 1/2 bu. of nice apples from the little tree we took up & transplanted, that came up by the well,    it had a lot of apples on it before we move it & it got a limb broke out the center after it had started to grow & set it back,    but now it had 1/2 bu. of nice big apples with red strips on them    I don’t know what kiind it is     they cook good & are ripe the last of July.    I made 3 apple pies today    I made a squarwe 2 layer cake & put strawberry jam between the layers & a little coating of sugar frosting over the top    tasts good that way.    I’m so tired though tonight,    we run out of lmoney & out of eats so used what I have to make filling for 4 more days.   No. mail today.    I thank & praise God for all our blessing in Jesus Name,    All the Power, Honor & Glory belong to Him. 

Tue. Aug. 2. 1949./ 9-H- 17 Pullets eggs today./  Well, Elbert got up & washed out 3 prs. work pants & then I wash the general washing & got it all dry     it spit with rain several times but I got em dry  Praise God,    winds was S. this morning, then went N.E. & breeze was cool    partly cloud & not so hot today as it has been.     We Received a card from Nellie,    she said every one was O.K. & that Johny brought tomatoes, corn, & cucumbers to can,  they have caned beans he brought before.    she wrote the card Mon. & said Johny would be back today, on Tue. Aug. 2.     She said the family reunion would be Aug. 14 & hoped we’d be able to be there,    they make God’s day of rest a picnic day,    I’ll not be there.    I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name. 

Wed. Aug. 3. 1949./ 7-H- 24-P. eggs today/  Well, I put the night clothes & pillows out to air when I got up & put the water on to heat for bread & opened up the windows & doors.    then set the bread & mixed it into a hard loaf    did severel other odd Jobs & then got the potatoes on to cook.    Elbert went to Huron in hopes he’d get some fish, but no fish so we ate potatoes & the.

Wed. Aug. 3. 1949./ page. 2382./ 7-H -24-P. eggs today./ garlic saucage left from yesterday & I cleared up dishes & was about to sweep up & the coal man came from Shinrock, asking for our trade for coal,    but I have it in & have paid some on it & I haven’t heard a word about my releif check yet    I’m trusting God will help me through, in Jesus Name.    Well while I was talking to the coal man Miss Clark came in, with some friends    they let her out & they went to Ruggles beach to go swiming & came for her at 4 o’clock    she was here about an hour    I made her a cup of tea & gave her a piece of pie & a piece of cake & then I sat down & made a tin of bread biscuits & 2 nice loaves of bread & while it was raising we talked about the meetings they are having a Buelah Beach    I’d like to went to them to,    maybe I’ll get over tomorrow night,    she says no one goes to Sunday School & Church any more but her & Mrs. Sprunk & that they are going to Buelah Beach tomorrow night,    she said she ask him & his wife to go, but he said he was Four Square.    God don’t tell us the Four Square Church is the Church    & Paul gave the Christians quite a talk on that subject (in the book of Romans in the Bible)    It’s so queer, the different opinions, Jesus said, follow me    He’s is the example we are to coppy,    and He didn’t say we should be a Catalic or any other church by name    He said to follow Him,    He is our example,    He said man never touched a woman & blessed is the man who can Keep his virgin & when we are washed we should put away the lusts of the flesh,    for the lust of the flesh wareth with the Spirit,    We are to Worship God in Spirit & be Holy    Oh God help us to understand & live Thy ways, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.  We gave Miss Clark a few apples & cucumbers to take back home,     she’s going to the meeting & then ride back home with those people she came here, with,    She said Tom Eppler has sold his house & she’s worried about her things she has stored there.    I gave her $5.00 for this month’s (Aug.) & missionary & Sun School,    she said she’d give it to Dorthy West, she keeps the books for the church.    Well it’s been a fine day partly cloudy & it tried to rain once, bed clothes smelt nice & fresh when I brought them in.    N.E. breeze & fresh    I Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for my blessings.

Thurs. Aug. 4. 1949./ page. 2383./ 5-H-22.P. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do much today    swept both bedrooms & Kitched & Elbert went to Lorain with eggs,    he sold 5 doz. for 75 cents per. doz. & 10. doz. he sold at Vermilion on the Lake at 70 cents per. doz. & he owed 5 cents to one woman so he only got 65 cnts from her,    he came back to Vermilion & bought grain & mash 7.84 for hens & 1/2 bu. wheat for chicks 95 cents, 1.00 for gas & bal. for 1 lb. butter, a can of milk & a little piece of meat to boil & he had 21 cents so he got that in one little slice of liver (black liver) so all I had was potatoe & bread & butter    & I was so hungry I cried,    he could have got a little meat to fry on the bill he owes, but his money is half spent he feels, because he got that ham & it was more bone & fat than meat,    he owes $6.26 for it & he only gets 25.20,    he seems to depend on mine    I get 35.00 but 10.00 goes on the coal bill & I have a tenth for church & take out 10. for some shoes & clothes,    so I don’t have much left for food either    & hens are starting to mold so eggs are getting fewer    only 16. doz. this morning & there has been 21 & 22. doz.    I don’t see how we can live this month,    but, perhaps & maybe we’ll have to just exist untill I get my shoes & corsets.    & I’ve got to sell what card I have & get the money out of them so I can have that to use,    I’m not strong enough to go out to sell or take orders.    I think I have 8 or 9 boxes to sell.    Well, I have two letters to write in the morning.    It’s been a very nice day partly cloudy & not to hot, I aired bed clothes & pillows & I ought to try to wash tomorrow but I don’t know what I’ll do,       Elbert’s got to have the brakes fixed on his car    he can’t stop    it’s rather frightening.     Frank & Armond came Chuck hunting & got 1. chuck & gave that to Elbert,    he likes them.    Elbert was so, tired & then he had to dress it & put it in salt water,    it’s hard for Elbert to tramp around & sell eggs for he isn’t well.    & I just couldn’t do it any more    I have the ambition, but not the strength or health to do it.    I’m feeling lot’s better than I did a few weeks ago,    but, still if I’d have to go with out eating for a few days I’d be all in again    for I haven’t felt a bit good today & I’ve felt so hungry.    There is a big gang working up on the railroad & they yell & hoop & hollor & hong the car horns,    a doz or 15 private sedans come with all that can get in & then a big cattle truck packed full of men    they are mostly colored me.    so I didn’t get much rest after Elbert left at 8.a-m. & dressed& done ods & ends & swept & put two letters in mail box the post-man had left by mistake     & I watched so to get the mail, for there are so many going & coming & once in awhile they look in the box & we were looking for our check & they came today.    Praise God in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

Fri. Aug. 5. 1949./ page.2384./ 7-H -19-P. eggs today./  Elbert went west on the highway to a garage half way or less to Huron to get his brakes fixed & fond it closed & been sold.    so he come back home & decided to go to Vermilion    he went & had to leave his car & have new brake linings jput in,    they said it would cost 17.00,   they brought him home with what food he had bought.    he cashed myt check & his & paid his meat bill 7.00 & spent 2.00 & some odd cents of mine,    he don’t feel very well and looks bad at times,    he said he felt tired out tonight.     I have only done what I had to do today,     for, I to, feel tired out.    I ironed this morning & did odds & ends all day.    I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for His love and care.    It’s been a fine day partly cloudy hot sun N.E. breeze, not much breeze.    Elbert put weed killer all the way around outside of hen park a strip about 4 ft wide,    that was hard work    it was liquid & he used & old broom to put it on. 

Sat. Aug. 6. 1949./ 6-H- 17-Pullest eggs today./    Elbert went to Vermilion & stayed untill after 4-p-m,    he left 8-30-am.    So, I did this  that & the other thing to keep busy    he took my shoe down to the repair shop to get a wage on the “left’out side”  shoe,    my foot seems to roll out bone are down so bad in the ball of my foot and was spoiling my shoe & hurting my ankle so bad to walk on it,    so, they told him he could get it at 6-p-m,    he got a piece of steak & came home    I had everything read to cook when he came.    Frank & Armond came before Elbert got here & ask if they could go down in the hollow in the back & pick black berries & I told them yes,    it took them 2. hrs. to pick 7. qts. each,    they each had an 8. qt. basket with papers in them,    they have gone now to see about getting a wood chuck & haven’t got back yet and it’s 8-25-p-m, by the clock.    Well I wont be going any where tomorrow with only one shoe.    I pray God’s Blessing on the churchs & His people & pray I may be able to go back soon to Church & prayermeeting in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    & that He will help Ruby in all the ways she needs most. Amen.    quite hot today with N.E. breeze which has been light all day.    they have been burning old ties along the track & tonight smokes coming our way.

Sat. Aug. 6. 1949./ page 2385./ 6-H -17-P. eggs this day./ tonight,    it’s so stiffling creasote & wood smoke.   Well, Elbert went back to Vermilion with Frank & Armond to get my shoe & he thought he’d get a little something for Sun. but the stores were all closed except the repair shop & he was just getting ready when Elbert got there & Tommy had to finish my slipper after Elbert got there,    I suppose the didn’t finish it when Elbert didn’t get back at 6-p-m,    that was when he said it would be done.    Seems the stores all close early on Sat. night now.    Elbert got back 11.-20-p-m.    I fried eggs & chuck & potatoes & we ate,    I made cocoa & then Elbert went to bed,    I feel so tired & terribly exhousted, sweating cold sweat.    I was out to the garden & could hardly get back today.    Well, I’m going to bed, to, now. 

Sun. Aug. 7. 1949./ 6-H -24-P. eggs today/We had a light shower this afternoon & it’s cooler tonight    been a nice day    & we have been to home all day, and not a soul come near.     I am a little stronger but get tuckered all out just walking out back & back to the house,    We picked 1/2 bu. & a big pan full of peacher,    guess I’ll can a few of them & some apples.    We hope to go to the store in the morning.    I pray God Will help us in Jesus Name and I thank  and Praise Him for all we have & for His saving my soul & pray He will save Elbert and any of the rest that are not yet, His & teach us his ways in all things great or small, I thank Thee

Mon. Aug. 8. 1949./ 4-H-15-P. eggs today./ Elbert & I peeled peaches & I caned 7 1/2. qts & have over a qt of juice from the pearings for jelly.    I have over a qt of apple juice also for jell.    I fixed the sweet spiced vinegar & put it on the chunk pickles    I’m tired tonight & we plan “God Willing” to go to Vermilion to the store & get in a supply of caned good to eat from     We are out of most everything again.     The moon is big & Yellow & it’s full tonight.    What gets full every month, but never gets drunk?    I have to bake again soon, bread is most gone.    I got a letter from Mrs. Sharpe today,    no new, just talkie talk.     Well I thank & Praise God for all our blessing & wish I could do, more for Him in Jesus Blessed Name.  Glory, Glory Hallelujah   I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. Aug. 9. 1949./ 6-H-20-P. eggs today/  Well we got up & went to town,     on the way we stopped at Epplers as we see Tom in the yard,    Elbert run way passed, but turned & went back,    We had a little visit with Tom,    he was toing to his fathers place with a trailer load of things,    he’s sold his house & going to move,      his wife & boy were still sleeping,    they are coming out for a visit & maybe have dinner with us.    We stopped & talked with Mrs. Sprunk for 5. or 10. minutes & got my pie tin    & then Tom passed up & honked the horn & Elbert answered him,    we went on to the milk,    I paid 10.00 on the coal bill,    I’ve paid 40.00 on it, still have 51.00 to pay.    We went to 

Tue. Aug. 9. 1949./ page. 2386./ 6.H-.20.P.eggs this day./ the Kroger store    Elbert stopped in the rear & got a box of fresh trimings, for hen & then we went in & bought 20.08 cents worth of mostly canned goods,     We did get a cabbage, carrots & bunch of celery & some meat to boil, 2 small pieces of pork shoulder to fry & a few 6 or 8 garlic saucages,    we got 2 bales of straw at the mill.    We picked up Miss Clark on her way to Toms house & let her out there,    she looked all tired out & was carrying a bag that appeared to be heavy and a big hand bag she always carries,    she has a few things at Tom’s house,     she said Tom sold the house for twice what he paid for it.    Well, it was a hot trip,    I walk all around the store & checked my list & set down the prices,    Elbert always tells the cashier We are buying out the store today    We had four bags of mostly caned vegetables,    I got sanwitch spread, swet pickles & a can of Olives, peas, beens, corn, meat, milk, tomatoes, Kraut & soup,    then soap & Clorox,    yes, I got noodles & speggetti & a little box of cheese.    So now I’m broke & no shoe or clothes money this time,    Elbert paid for the boiling meat & pork & he paid Baker 5.00 on the bill & think he said it was 21.00 & some odd cents.    Oh God, I do thank Thee in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, Thou doeth take care of us, Spirit, Soul & body, Amen.    To me Thou are more than wonderful,    I do hope to be always Thine.

Wed. Aug. 10. 1949./ 5-H-16-P. eggs today./   Well I did the washing & the ironing,     I had to have a dress for tomorrow & Elbert had to have a shirt    so I only had 5 or 6. pieces so I ironed them,    its been so hot today and each time I think how hot it is I wonder if will at just as cold days this winter.    Elbert has felt the heat bad today and he plans on going to sell the eggs tomorrow.    I hope he don’t get to hot.    I thank & Praise My Heavenly father for His love & care     More & More I realize how little we know & how little good we do for Him Who has done everything for us.    I ought to write to Audrey,     she’s been so kind to us,    I pray God will bless her with the Knoledge she needs & all she needs to be His.    I thank Thee Jesus, Glory to God, I Praise Thee.

Thurs. Aug. 11. 1949./ 5-H-20-P. eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lak & sold 14. doz. eggs 70 cents per.-doz.     then he went to Vermilion  & bought a 100 lb bag of growing mash $4.60 & 1. bu. wheat 1.95 & 39 cents for onions, 5 lbs.     & he had to pay 10 cents for a growing “chick” mash bag,    they are nice firm bags & we don’t get many of them,    so I’m going to keep it for to make Elbert’s pajama’s of,    I have 3 jor 4 now,    he brought back 2.76,    he took in 9.80.    While he was gone I really slept,     but I dreamed & was tired when I awoke & thought Elbert was here but he wasn’t,    I had only got dressed when he did come & I hurried & got dinner ready by the time he changed clothes & took care of hens & chicks & unloaded car & put it in the shed,    then it rained in several down pours & has rained in light showers since untill 9-p-m.    I thank my Heaven-ly Father in Jesus Holy Blessed Name for all the many many blessings & pray He will keep us covered with the blood in Jesus Name, I Praise Thee & Love Thee Jesus, Amen.

Thurs. Aug. 12. 1949./ page. 2387./ 6.H. 20. P. eggs this day./  I have only done what I had to do today.  The rain was wonderful & I know that everything was surely greatful outdoors to get a drink & get washed off,    things have been so dry & the cystern getting that way    & water so low in the well also.    I truly thank God & I thank Him for Elbert & that He took him    helped him sell all the eggs, do the shopping, get home & get everything cared for be-for the rain came down.    Glory to God in Jesus Name forever

Fri. Aug. 13. 1949./ 5-H. 22. Pullets eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron to see about the pipe for the Cystern    he got it & a nice mess of fish & got back in time to clean part of them for dinner,    I thought I’d go back with him    he had to take the box & coupling & have them sodered together,    Well, I got myself already & then had such a strong feeling that I better not go,    that I changed back to my evryday clothes & |Elbert went     I went out & pick a pk or so of peaches & had them most all peeled when Nellie & Ethel came in     so I set them aside    washed our dinner dishes & made them hot tea & it was after 3-p-m.     Elbert came at 4 & the girls decided they’d go on the 6-20- buss so I hurried around & cook potatoes, chopped cabbage & cucumbers for relish & I put the fish on to cook & made more tea    We had some of the apple short cake left & used it for bread as I was just out,    but they didn’t want potatoes or bread, but they ate a good helping & Ethel ate 3 fair sized pike & said they sure tasted good.    They brought me some bacon & pears & Elbert & I had bacon & some crusts of bread at 10-p-m.    he took them to the buss    We gave Nellie a big hen to cook    Elbert cut the head off & we put it in a bag.    When he got back we picked a bu. of peaches & while I did the sup-per dishes he pulled weeds & then came in after talking to Frank Boney, Harvey & Armond,     they had come just after the girls got here & went for woodchucks & got 3 & gave Elbert one,    he dressed it & then helped me peel peaches & he tightens the can covers for me,   We canned 18 qts. & 2 pints & I’m so tired.    Elbert’s good    he wipe the caning dishes & Kettle for me,    I cleaned everything up ready for the boiling of the peelings & making the jelly.    then we hope to can a few apples.    My feet & legs are buzzing clear to my knees.    I’m to tired.    Elbert’s gone to bed,    I have to clean my teeth yet.    He got the Cystern fix good & says it pumps good & easy now    Well I want to read some & clean my teeth & go to bed,    I sure praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for the strength He give me.    I wrote a few lines to Audrey & Elbert mailed it in Huron today

Sat. Aug. 13. 1949./ 5-H-20P. eggs today./  Well Frank & his boys said Ruby was sick in bed    she had the Dr. over & the girls were staying with her while they were out here & they stressed the fact that she was really in bad condition,    so, I let my work go & went to see & if was was so ill perhaps we might help,    but when we got there she & her two girls had gone to town to shop for they are all going to the so call reunion or Sun. picnic,    so even though she’s going, I’m glad she’s able to be up & I don’t

Sat. Aug. 13. 1949/ 2388/ 5-H. 20. P. eggs this day/ how ill she really is, but she looks as well as she has done as far as I can see.    We I visited a little, with Evelyn & then with Howard Page & then Francis, his wife,     Red & Evelyn have put a foundation under there house & have enlarged foundation so he can rebuild the house & make it a lot larger & have an up stairs or 2 story with sleeping rooms upstairs    & Howard’s helping & Armond,    so when Armond & Howard start there basements & houses, Red will help them.    I hope it works out O.K.    they are brothers-in law & should help each other,     I went back & talked to Ruby a while    Harvey & Olive were there    she showed up     her baby boy he’s a big fellow 4 mo’s, old & cutting teeth.    Olive was in the hospital for a while after he was born & Francis Cora took care of him for a month or 2 just as if he was her own,    then we went over to see Pearl, Lillie, Tessie & Elsie & her girl for a few minutes    the on our way back home, we stopped in Vermilion     & Elbert got two pieces of pork steak cut so thin it wouldn’t have made one good slice had it been all in one piece,      I fried potatoes & chopped cucumbers & he bought a loaf of brown bread for supper    & we had hot tea,    after supper I made the beds     & then I put the peach peeling on to cook & strained off the juice for jelly    I have 4 or 5 qts now & will have to make it up before it sours.    Well I’m tired & wish I were in bed,    but have a few things yet to do such a wash the strainer & clean my teeth get my glass of water for night, wet wash rags & read my bible lesson & get ready for bed    I thank & Praise God for His tender love & mercy to me & us,    He took us & brought us back safly,    Praise His Holy Name,  Glory Hallelujah   I Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.

Sun. Aug. 14. 1949./ 4-H-19.P. eggs today./  It’s been a nice cool, N.E. wind & quite strong this after noon    sun’s warm & the mo. is most half gone    No one came today & they had there family reunion today.    Well, I don’t believe in Sunday picnic’s so I didn’t go.    if it had been on a week day, I might have gone, but in all the noise & confusion you can’t visit & there don’t seem to be many that care about us when we get old,    they laugh about our being old & say we ought to be stuck in a home for the aged,    they dont want us around,    I pray the Lord will help me in some way to always take care of ourselves as long as we live.    He has so far & He said He would to the end.    They all like to watch me & call me crazy & I know she told others I’m partly crazy    but God knows I’m not although I had enough to make me that way,    for those you do the most for sure sure like to give you a cat of 9 tails.

Sun. Aug. 14. 1949/ page 2389./ 4-H-19-P. eggs this day/  But I pray God will teach them His ways before it’s forever to late.    Oh God, I pray in Jesus Name, Thou & Thou alone will in Jesus Name give me this healing soon & teach those who love to point there fingers at me & call me crazy the lesson they need to know    I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory & teach me to be stronger & worthy of Thee.   made in a blessing of thine in the church & pull the church together again & help us to trust with all our hearts, our souls, our minds & strength, in Thee, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 15. 1949./ 5-H-26-P. eggs today./   It’s been a great day,    I set bread washed dishes got everything ready for dinner,    & then strained peach juice for jelly & measured sugar in & stired & dissolved it over a slow fire    then Elbert came & dressed 4. fish on to fry     & while I took care of jelly & got jars for it he went out & pick enough blackberrys to fill 3. qt jars    I got them in Jars & we peeled peaches he picked out back where he got the berries among the fruit trees,    we had 2 qts. of those     they are yellow & red around the pit & good flavor & 1. qt white ones.    I’m terribly tired    didn’t feel able to get up this morning;    then Elbert went out & got another basket of white peaches,    but, I had told him & I told him again, I wasn’t doing any more    I had to bake. 2, big tins of bread biscuits & make beds & finish washing out 2. hand towels & 2 dish towels I had soaking,    he got what supper we had,    he warmed some potatoes & fried garlic saucage,    I made the tea,    we had fresh bread for supper.    I stired up a 1/2 doz. fried biscuits for dinner with pancake flour.    We didn’t have many dishes, so I let them set,     I washed up my baking & canning dishes;    I truly thank God for the strength He has given me today.    Frank & Armond came & picked a few qts black berries    then went hunting & Armond got 1. chuck & gave him to Elbert,    he dressed it & put it in salt wather & now he’s in bed    he went to Huron for the fish     was gone 2. hrs.    his head has felt bad all day.    I received my renewal card this morning I will get (6) more checks for 35.00 per mo & a renewal would be given consideration.    Praise God in Jesus Holy Name from Whom all blessings flow.   I do thank & Praise Thee With all my heart,    Well, God Willing I must do a little washing tomorrow, so must read some & go to bed,    I so tired    I’m sweating like rain & trembling all over.

Tue. Aug. 16. 1949./ 6-II-17-P. eggs today/  I did most the washing today & Praise God for the strength he has given me.    I hope I can finish tomorrow Elbert’s sleepers chair cover & my dress & maybe

Tue. Aug. 16. 1949./ page. 2390./ 6-H-17-P. eggs this day./  a blanket or a rug,    it wasn’t avery good drying day   hot sun & a damp N.E. wind that was quite strong, and cool,    I’m tired & wish so much I could get over being tired all the time.    Elbert went up to Huron & got 3. pieces of pork shoulder for supper,    they cut it so thin & there isn’t any juice in it,    so yu don’t get any good out of it.    I lost the canary I called, Jipsy & Teatoe & Elbert called him Sambo & he knew all three names,   he was old, but I talked to him such a lot & I miss him terribly.    Nellie said, I should think you’d be glad,    I don’t see why you keep the other one    I was glad when mine were gone,    Well, I just guess we are not much alike,  I feel the loss of our daily chat & song together & so does Jacky, he’s so lonesome now,    they use to talk together & sing & they’d sing a little then stop, then again & again untill I’d start to Whistle, then they were happy & would sing like larks,    Why wouldn’t I miss them, and if I went out side or to town, they would greet me with a song when I come in,    that’s more than a lot of people do,    it’s wonderful to have something cheery about that love you & greets you with a song & I sure missed Bill, the bull terrier    he was so happy always to have me come back, after I’d be gone an hr. or 2.   We have all taken a lot of abuse    poor Bill was poison-ed to death    & the white piegon crushed & one canary crushed & God knows, all the abuse I’ve taken & now they’d like to see us put off in an old peoples home    I’d feel as if I were in jail sure enough,     I’ll never go there as long as I can stay here, God Willing.    Today Cousin Georgie is 64. yrs. old & we moved here 28. yrs. ago today,    my how time does fly.    I hope I can get back to Church soon.   I Praise God in Jesus Name for all things great & small,  Glory to His Holy Name, Amen.

Wed. Aug. 17. 1949. / 3-H-22.P. eggs today/ Well, believe it or not I haven’t earned my salt today,    Elbert cleaned farther end of the hen coupe    & it rained this after noon & is much cooler tonight.    I went to the garden to pull beets & I cleaned them tops & bottoms & cooked them,    they’re very tender & sweet & good    Jacky & I are lonesome with Jipsy gone,    he was such a good little fellow,    but he’s mourned for Jimy & hasn’t sung much since Jimy went,    now Jacky & I miss them & soon we’ll be going on & I hope we’ll all be happy, in the sweet by & by.   I haven’t

Wed. Aug. 17. 1949./ page. 2391./ 3-H-22P-eggs this day./ felt like doing anything today.    Elbert went to Huron but no fish.    so I only did my daily doz.    had the back door trot some today,  “beets & corn” got busy.    I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all my blessings this day & I pray He will deal with each one in His own way.    I hope I can soon go to church & prayer-meeting & that God Will in Jesus Holy Name, lay His Hand up on me & make me whole in Spirit, Soul & body, as a testimony for Him,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee.

Thurs. Aug. 18. 1949./ 4-H-22.P. eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain with eggs & sold 6. doz. 80 cents per. doz.  total 4.80,    he came back to Ver-milion on the lake & sold 8 doz. 75 cents per. doz. total. 6.00 both made total 10.80, he bought grain 3.89 & mash 4.25 both were 8.14 our food 1.75 bal. 91 cents or he hasn’t told me where he spent it,    I slept untill 10-a-m. then got up aired rooms & beds hung out sleeps & pillows washed & combed my hair & prayer awhile, then before I came out the bedroom I saw Miss. Clark & so, sort of felt she’d come back with Elbert & she did    I had just started dinner when they came in    we had dinner & washed dishes & visited,    I made 2. apple pies & a lemon pie    We had sweet corn warmed up potatoes, beets bread & butter & pie & tea for supper,    Elbert took Miss Clark home    I gave her a bag of apples  can of beets  2. pieces of pie  2. ears sweet corn & 4 rolled oats plates & 3 oat dishes, then Elbert found 50 cents on the seat jof the car,    he said he went to the beach & left the car & when he came back he saw it laying on the seat,    Oh Well,   I’ll make it up to her in some way, she was going to the board meeting    they are trying to rout the Preacher    no one wants him, he talks terrible, to hear what diffrent ones say    maybe he thinks he’s right but when 6. or 8. tell him  he wont listen & other ministers feel he’s wrong ,      seems as if he’d try at least to reason things out.    Well, I haven’t been there & so I’ll wait untill the fight is over     now I hate that sort of fights,    how can they forge ahead when they can’t agree     I pray God will deal with each one & His will be done in Jesus Holy Name Amen.    I’m to tired tonight, but trust I’lll feel better tomorrow    I love Thee Jeus and pray Thou will keep us Close to Thee.

Fri. Aug. 1949./ 4-H-20-P. eggs today./   Well, I made my peaches jelly today & I felt like a ton of lead on my feet today.    & that’s all I did outside my usual round of duties.  It’s 

Fri. Aug. 19. 1949./ page. 2392./ 4-H-20 P. eggs today./   been real cool today N. E. wind & quite strong     Elbert cleaned middl pen in hen house yesterday    & the first pen today.    It’s so cold w e ahd to shut up the house early this evening.    wind’s blowing strong at 10-p-m.    I thank & praise My God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing    I love & adore Thee Jesus. Amen

Sat. Aug. 20. 1949./ 4-H-26-P. eggs today./  Well, I set bread & made 2 big tins of biscuits out of the dough    & I did the washing & then I swept & wiped up the floor.    & I’m sure a tired old girl tonight,    I thank God for the strength He gives me from day to day & Praise Him & love Him more than anything else on earth.    I’m so happy in Jesus & because He first loved me, I want to go to church, but have to wait untill the arguements are all done & things are settled again.    Miss Clark said they had prayermeeting at Mrs. West’s Sr. home.    Well, I pray God Will, in Jesus Name have His Own Way.    It’s been cool with quite a strong N.E. breeze & hot sun.

Sun. Aug. 21. 1949./ 3-H.-22.P. eggs today./    I haven’t done much today     feel as if I weigh 2 tons.    I went out into the park & picked 4 big pails of nice apples off the new tree Elbert & I trans-planted 2 or 4 yrs. ago    they are good to eat out of hand & make such good pies & sauce     he put part of them down in the basement & so now I’ll have to watch out or they wont stay there,    he picked 1/2 bu. peaches    some were not so good but perhaps we’ll can a few more,    theres another tree with a few on it.    He picked up a good big pk of apples to take to a fisherman,    but, he didn’t give them to him & got angry at me,    because I cought him with them,    he didn’t know for a second whether to bring them out the grainery or not When he see I was looking at him,    I don’t know what become of the eggs today,    but, he said that’s all there were,    Well, I suppose we’ll have to find out,    for the eggs have to pay for the feed & it has be-fore so why not now & Why such a sudden drop    If ever I have hated anything I’ve hated this life,    I pray with all my heart God, Will in, Jeus Holy Name give me strength & courage to do all he would have me to do as long as I live,    Oh God I pray you will,    I’ll give Thee  all the Praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen.    It’s been another nice Sept day partly Cloudy & cooler. 

Tue. Aug. 23. 1949. / 2-H-14 P. eggs today/  Well sir, I scrubbed 3 rugs today,     I had to sew the braided rug before I could wash it & it’s wore out in spots,    Well I made it in 1925 so it’s 24 yers. old & it was made of Franks old shirts & more old 

Tue. Aug. 22. 1949./ page 2393./ 2-H.16. P. eggs this day./ dresses & see all the extra wear we have had out of them in that braid-ed rug,    I didn’t think it would hold together to be washed but,    it did & it looks clean & fresh again.   I  feel to tired to work but now they are done & next I must tru & do the heavy blankets, 3. of them & then 4 light singles, all wool.    I’ll be glad when they are done.     I haven’t done this weeks general wash     yet, I all most let the boiling mean burn while washing rugs,    didn’t spoil it.    Elbert pick 2. big pans & 1. small pan of black berries,    so if I can, I’ll have to can them tomorrow,     I hope I can,     but, hpe & pray they don’t walk off.    The’re only his & my shoe tracks in the diret,     he says he don’t do it, but many a night I’ve heard the carton  tops flap down    I was to sick to crawl out to see about it     & he never knew anthing about it,     now lets ee what happen to what I have caned this Fall.    I can’t help thinking of the fall I took & my ankle & my right hip.    I fell on the left hip & the right hip from the top at the waist line to my knee was black, yellow & red     asi fi ti had been beat with a hard fist    & when I said my hips hurt me so I could hardly move,    he grined & said, how does the right hip feel,    When I came to my sences,    he was pushing my eye lids up to see if I were dead,    I have never yet been able to figure out (Why) they all have wished to do me as much hurt as possible & even wish me dead & once I heard one of them say,    if I were dead all she wished she could have was my brains,    but, dad said well that’s really to bed for that’s one thing you can’t have,     they might not work for you when she’s dead,     one tried to get me to sell the place & give her the money & she’d build on a room on her house for me,     & I she said,    Well, I don’t know maybe we can figure it out,     later she tried to get me to sell & buy a home in New Mexico & Ellla Jane wants the place for a chicken far,    Well, if they loved me, it could be so different.     God Knows I’m still willing to do anything that’s right for any one of them & I’m so glad He will be Judge at that big judgement Day.    Glory to God,   I Praise Thee.    It’s been another beautiful Fall day, hot sun, cool air, partly cloudy

Wed. Aug. 23. 1949./ 14. P. eggs today./    I did my usual house work & baked 5 pies, apple & blackberry7     I am to tired tonight    Elbert has felt bum & looked bad,    so he peeled apples for the pies & enough,    so, I caned 3. qts. , & I canned 3 1/2 qtq. black berry on top of all the other.    The big rug isn’t quite dry yet.    but it’s nice

Wed. Aug. 24. 1949./ page. 2394./ 14. P. eggs this day./ & clean, hope I can wash the gen-eral wash tomorrow      but, perhaps I’ll wait untill Fri. for my arms seem to be so tired.    & I’ve got to mend my night gown.      I thank my Heavenly Father for the strength He has given me, in Jesus Blessed Name.   I haven’t heard from any of the Church folks,    so don’t know if they will be having prayer meeting or not.    Mrs. West Sr. told Elbert Tue. that Miss Clark had gone to Cleveland for a couple of weeks so guess they don’t figure on any meetings in Vermilion     It’s been a fine day hot soun N.E. breeze. 

Thurs. Aug. 25. 1949./ 1.H. 7. Pullets eggs today/Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 11. doz. eggs 75 cents per doz., he bought 1. bu. 1.90., 1. bale of straw 55 cents, light bill was 1.82, 1 lb. oleo. 35 cents total $8.17,    eggs was 8.25 bal. 8 cents & 5 cents of that he didn’t collect so he only had 3 cents left it was sure a hot sun today & I really got to hot just hanging out the washing & it was half dry by the time I had the last pieces hung up,    I did most of the wash except the big chair cover & my old dress & 3 heavy wool blankets,    seed for another day.     I washed one light cotton blanket & 6. grain & mash bags    it’s hard to rub all the coloring out but I got out the most of it    wind was S. this a.m. but went N.E. before I hung up second lines of clothes.    then when I was done Elbert got supper he warmed up potatoes & means & made tea.    he fix up my old stool & it’s nice & firm now.    While I finished up the washing.    after supper I darned his socks & cxleaned the bird cage & cxovered Jacky up & had to close all the windows to keep out the smoke & rotten smoke of Bert Wards rubbish fire    he burns the rubbish from the park    I don’t see how they have any one staying or renting there cottages,    since they can’t have one evening to enjoy the cool fresh air.    Such is life    I’d like to be where it was quite where it was never to hot or to cold, with real honest people for neighbors that would turn to & give you a hand When you were in need.    Well, Wish I had bal. of blankets done, but as the old saying goes, if wishes were fishies we’d all swim.    I thank my God most of all    I’m His & He care for me    I Praise Him & Love Him,    He’s truth it’s self,    He’s Pure, all anybody could want    I Praise Him in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1949./ 2-H-9-P. eggs today./   We didn’t do much today either of us,    Oh, but it’s sure been hot today    over 100 here in the kitchen.    Elbert went to Huron & only got 4. fish    I got dinner    he ate 2 fish & I one & he has one left for his breakfast    I slept for an hr. after he left    then, got up & got things ready for dinner, potatoes, brocolie & fish.    I picked up a good bu. of little apples around under the baldwin tree & sit at intervals & talked to Elbert,  he picked almost 1/2 bu peaches & then came in    made tea & we drank & eat pie & then I mended his 

Fri. Aug. 26. 1949./ page 2395./ 2H.-9.P. this day./ B.V, D’s. & one pr. of my stockings    then we had salmon, fried potatoes & tomatoes for supper with hot tea.    I received a nice letter from Audrey    she said she was sick & lost a days work & she did-n’t know now if they would be off work again or not & so she didn’t know about coming out here,    she said she had my watch fixed up & it runs good & she winds it every night.    she washed ma’s apron & handkercheif, I let her take,    I made them all by hand & crocheted the lace and the insertion on them when I was 16. yrs. old,    ma was always very choise of them.    I took them, after ma passed away     she took them to the Isle of Pines, so they had quite a trip,    since I had then I let Frank Babcock’s mother take them to Wisconsin & she put them on display in an art shop window & showed them to all her club women & she belonged to several cubs, then just before she died she sent them back to me & a beautiful hand knit bed spread she Knit for me,    I gave the bed spread to Carl Betz to pay him for some money I had borrowed just before I married Frank.   Well Audrey said she had some new crochet patterns she thought I’d like,    she said Nellie has a chance to go to S.Carolina to tutor a little girl 4. yrs. old,    and that she told her she’d give her, the buss fare to go & that she urged her to go,    she said it would do her a lot of good to get away from Bonita & her children,    she said Johny was going the first week of Sept. to Boston & she bought his rug.    I know that’s partly what’s wrong with Nellie’s nerves,    seems to me she is needed right there to guide 4 lives to the best of her ability.    but she does what she thinks best & since I’m crazy as she turms it, I wouldn’t think of saying anything, one way or the other.    Oh, I pray God will take a hand in it & help things to be done His way.    I’m sorry for Bonita    they spoilt her & now feel they don’t want to help her & she isn’t wholly to blame    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father   Thou has kept me & I pray Thou will help them & keep them & deal with them in Thy own way, in Jesus Blessed holy Name, Amen.   Glory Hallelujah.

Sat. Aug. 27. 1949./ 2-H-9-P. eggs today./  Well, I had to build me self a new night gown & I got it all done & mended Elbert’s old shirt & I made 3. dish towels all so & I washed up all the dishes,     I didn’t wash the supper dishes last night.    I was out doors a little while.    I stitched the facing on my slep.    I have to get at making some dresses.   I only

Sat. Aug. 27. 1949./ page. 2396./ 2-.H-9-P. eggs this day./  have one thats fit to be seen & it shrunk & I don’t like it.    There’s always a plenty to do.    I like to work but it sure would be nice to have my work & meals free for a few weeks,    then if I could work with ease & freedom of body I’d be so glad to work.    We have been having a few hot days again,    it was real hot & hard to try to work today.    Elbert pulled the corn stalks & burried them green, so they will rot.    They have been having a terrible tornado in Florida a-long the East coast    10 million dollars worth of damages,    they had been warned & had done all they could to help them-selves,    but some are homeless & it hit them twice,    “the tornado,” it’s cutting curves & going places,    they’ve had two bad earth quakes   one at Ekquadore & one 10 times worce, up near Alaska,    Wont the people ever believe Gods Word?  Oh God have mercy & help me to help those of Thine in Jesus Name.   

Sun. Aug. 28. 1949./ 12-P. eggs today./ It rained hard in the night & this morning & has showered all day some time light & then heavy & it’s still at it at 10-30-p-m.    glad I got the rugs washed & dried. before this rain came on,    hope to get those blankets done soon & some sewing & cleaning done before it turns cold.    I hope to get back to Church before another Sunday God help us.    I thank Him for the strength He gives me & hope I’ll be found worthy in His Sight,  Holy Holy Lord God of Host I ask in Jesus Dear and Holy Name.  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 29. 1949./ 10.P. eggs today/ Well Elbert went to Vermilion for greens for hens. & boiling meat for us,     so we had soup for supper.    I did the washing today & got the chair covr & now the 3. wool blankets,    they are heavy ones,  then I’ll only have the us-ual weekly wash.    Praise the Lord.    I’ll be glad when the blankets are done & then I hope to sew for I need my dresses so bad now.   I thank & praise God for all my many blessing in Jesus Name.    It’s been a nice day  N.W. breeze  mostly N. & cool & hot sun.    the cloths dried quick today.    Frank & Armond were here today.    Frank brought me a bunch of asters, red, white & blue.   He’s so lonesome with Ruby gone,   she’s over with Harvey & Olive for a few days,    she’s going to the Clinic next week Frank said & he & Armond said there were only a very few to the reunion.   Well, I won’t go on Sun. for they play ball & raise such a racket. 

Tue. Aug. 30. 1949./ 2-H-13-P. eggs today/  Elbert went to Huron & got a good mess of fish, all pike & I fried 4. for dinner & I cook 9. for supper & he gave Sarr’sa 6. or 7.   Rue isn’t home so Mije scaled them but couldn’t cut the heads or or clean the insides out.    we had a bad wind & rain storm & it broke another section off the apricot tree & two big limbs of the tamerix & shook a lot of apples off the trees    I picked up a couple of bu. of the best ones & Elbert took 1/2 bu. to Helen to can, for apple sauce.    He went over & told Bill Snider there was & still is sparks flying from the electric wires & he came & looked at it, to see for hisself, before he cal

Tue. Aug. 30. 1949./ page. 2397./ 2.H. 13. P. eggs this day./ We had a second storm just as it was getting dark.    it’s still thundering & light rain.    There were 2 storms met one from N. W. & one from S. & little E. & it was terrible to see, it was so black & wind clouds so light & going so fast as only the wind can go.     Elbert & I were tying & fastening up the roses on the South end of the house, when I see the first one I told him & he said it wasn’t going to hit for some time, but I begged him to go get the pullets & hens in    & so he went & now he don’t know if all the young pullets got in or not for some were out side the fence,    he put the ladders a way shut the hen house up & I got windows shut up in the house & down it came with fewery  & hailed;  peaches & apples fell all over the ground,    I thought the second storm would finish the trees    but, there some there yet.    I received a news paper clipping & letter from Mrs. Cranage telling of Miss Baumgarts death last Fri. Aug. 19. 149.   she was 91. yrs. old they said, on the of April.    They Cranages buried her on Mon. Aug. 22.   I didn’t think she could last long, for she fell & her bowels were runing to free, & Mrs. Cranage told her to wait on herself, that she was getting old herself & wasn’t going to do only what she had to do for her & the day I was there she said her room stunk untill she could hardly stand it & she had her Miss B shut up tight in that room. “This is What she wrote to me in the note I received this morning” My Dear Mrs. Babcock  The enclosed clipping is of course explanatory.   Louisa passed away suddenly Aug. 19. while eating her supper, no struggle, no pain.  Certainly a desirable way to go.   She said she had always wanted a white dress so we had a white Satin dress made for her.    It was very beautriful.  The deadness of the white was broken by a pink scarf about her neck.  She looked very lovely.    Services were at the grave side only and wre private, no flowers.    She had things the way she wanted them    wasn’t it a coincidence that she & her brothers all died on a Friday in Aug,  John in 1883- Fred in 1890- and Louisa in 1949.   Will tell you all about it when I see you.    And I do hope this finds you in better health.  Sincerely, Mrs. Cranage.        I’m so sorry for them all.   May God help us and teach us to live for Him in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.   I Praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. Aug. 31. 1949./ 8-Pullets eggs today./  Well, I swept & did the ironing & got the dinner & supper & caned 2 qts peaches & had 2 can left over,    We had a beautiful rainbow before dark last night and after the rain just before dark again tonight.    The rainbow is God’s promise & He has never for-gotten that promise    Oh What queer creatures we are not to give Him the honor & Praise He Deserves.    He’s a wonderful Marvelous God.

Wed. Aug. 31. 1949 / page. 2398./ 8. P. eggs this day/  The wind blew hard from the N.West & it rained a cold rain, has been partly cloudy & not to warm    garden full of green toma-toes,   don’t look as if they’ll get ripe, & cabbages no larger than 2 fists.  the sweet potatoes look good,  I hope they are even better.    I mended my old dress & didn’t even get a dress cut out to make      now there are pears & peaches to be canned & those 3 blankets yet to be washed & I’m so tired, seems as if I can’t exist.   Well, I have to wash peach Kettle, ladle & can filler & then go to bed trusting God will renew my strength for another day.   I thank Him more than I can tell for all my many many blessing   Received another book from Rev. DeHaan today    it’s good.

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