October  1949

Sat. Oct. 1. 1949. / 2.H-18.P. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron * got a big mess of fish & before he came home he went to the gas station where he owed 50 cents for gas & paid it & gave them a mess of fish,    he helped the fishermen this morning & they gave him
Sat. Oct. 1. 1949./ page. 2416./ 2.H. 18.P. eggs this day./ a big mess of fish,    I had just got up & washed & dressed    & the beds taken care of when he came back,    his back paining him bad    he has a cold & his new tooth he has just been cutting on his lower jaw is swollen bad & thats paining him to & it’s hard for him to eat.    We had finished dinner & Elbert was out cleaning the rest of the fish when Inise Robinson Hunt & her husband came in,    I was pearing pears & had the Kettle most full & I had on my old ragged wash dress.    I put the cover on the Kettle & we visited a little & than Elbert came in & he & Mr. Hunt visited while Inice & I went out side & walked about looking at flowers & shrubbery & vines trees & apples &  I said we wished we could get some one to come & pick apples on shares & she said her man would so she ask & he said he would come back Mon. & pick     that will help us both.    I prayed God would help us to 10.00 & here it come in a letter from Audrey this a.-m. & I got a reply from the Veterans Office in Cleveland    I’m still hoping for Frank’s pension    I have to fill a blank & send it in.    I truly thank God in Jesus Name for my Blessing and His loving care, but I do wish I knew What to do a-bout going to Church,     I don’t want to do anything wrong & the rest have been in a great arguement,    I wasn’t in it for I wasn’t able to go to Church & the longer I went the worse I seemed to fee.     I’m begining to feel some better again,    but God knows I’m badly in need of prayer,    & to feel His cleansing Power go through me again.    Glory to God, Glory Hallelujah, I praise Thee, Jesus, Blessed Jesus.     Before supper, I canned the pears 5 1/2 qts.    I got the supper but didn’t do dishes or anything but read & devour the lessons from the bible, in Rev. DeHaan’s book of sermons. 

Sun. Oct. 2. 1949./ 3-H-20-P. eggs today./ We been home all day & no word from the church folks.    I have felt to exausted & sort of , like I might faint any minute, all day.    but I got dinner & we ate cold lunch for supper.     I washed dishes. & I read & studied God’s word.   I pray God will settle things & help me to be able to go to Church soon     Elberts hip is troubling him again,     I believe he has a cold in it & in his lower jaw for jaw is badly swollen     Audrey sent us a letter & 10.00 yesterday    I thank & Praise God for ans. prayer,    We really needed the money so bad.

Sun. Oct. 2. 1949./ page. 2417./ 3-H-20-P. eggs this day./ I really pray God Will in Jesus Holy Name take away the cause of her ear ach & give her a renewed strength in spirit & body,    & Elbert also & I’ll thank Him & give Him all the Praise for ever & ever Amen, Glory to God I Praise Thee Jesus.    It’s been a beautiful Fall Day   Warm sun  so quite.  

Mon. Oct. 3. 1949./ 3.H-15. P. eggs today./ Another fine day but it clouded up & rained in light showers about 3 or 3-30-p-m. Elbert went to Vermilion went to Vermilion for grain 3.69. & hens mash 4.25, he got some mixed spices some garlic saucage & a piece of boiling meat,    I got up & looked  after beds & rooms & did the ironing & swept & picked & straightened up a bit & got the chillie on to cook & started dinner & then just as we finished, Inice & her husband came in     he come to pick apples     we gave them 1 1/2 bu. picked apples & 1 1/2 bu. drops,    they seemed satisfied,    & said they would come back to pick again in a day or two,    Inice & I had a good visit,     she’s been through the fire also & now a steel strike is on & he’s out of work & they haven’t any money laid up,    she has had a hard row taking care of 4 children, 2. boys & 2. girls,    they are married & have children now,    her eldest grand daughter is 17. yrs. old & works summers,     all are nice looking children.     I finished my Chillie    had to chop onions, cellery & peppers & did that while I visited with Inice & I gave her a pt. when she went home.    A man from Sandusky Register news paper came here this morning & wanted me to take a pack of news papers from here to Vermilion every day at 3-p-m,    I told him I couldn’t, but perhaps my brother would,    so I called Elbert & he said he would,    the man “I cant remember his name” said a woman would leave them here every day,    Elbert takes them to Vermilion & they will give him 2.00 per. day. 48.00 per. mo.    I hope & pray it will work out O.K.    Elbert cut the berry bush & cleared it away so he could pick up the apples out west of the park fence & he picked up 10. bu. baldwin & pilled them in two loads on the wheel barrow & brought them to the back yard    then he sawed off some limbs & painted the sawed place on the tree.    I prayed God would give us lots of apples & I praise Him for He has & we have given to others who don’t have any,    & they are so good.    I canned the chillie 1.qt. & 7. pts. with the one I gave Inice.   It’s raining in light showers tonight,    it’s quite a warm rain.    I thank & praise My Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for His Great & Tender Love for His Children Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus & Love Thee & pray Thou will keep me ever close.  Amen.

Tue. Oct. 4. 1949./ 2.H-14.P. eggs. today./   Well, today another man came to check on the one that came yesterday about Elbert’s delivering the Sandusky Register News paper,    he has to drop off 2. rolls papers before he gets to Vermilion & he starts tomorrow. 

Tue. Oct. 4. 1949./ page. 2418./2.H.14.P. eggs this day./ We were waiting on the drive, Well, we both got our checks to-day, I had my food order made out, so We went to Vermilion & paid 10.00, on the coal & spent 23.74 for food order &  I didn’t have a cent left except the 5.00 for Church.    Elbert paid 3.74 on the food & then paid 78 cents for tea & ____ for baking Powder.  & he paid meat bill ______ and got short steaks for supper _____.    so he hasn’t much left, for he also paid for the gas 1.50 this time,    it usually comes out of mine,    he’s got to pay 5.00 to Bakers garage.     We sorted & put all the good apples down celler before we left. for town.     I got dinner  did my usual round.    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name for all our many blessings today   I’m so glad for that 35.    He makes possible for me, each mo. & for the help Audrey give us so often.    May God help her & bless her, forever.    I received a card from Mrs Maude Sprunk today.    Things seem to be same as usual at 4 Square in Vermilion. 

Wed. Oct. 5. 1949./ 3-H-19-P. eggs today/ Well, I thought I’d do the washing but was feeling all in & so I laid & rested & Inice & her man rolled in & I in bed yet so I hoped out & prayed a while then got washed & dressed,    Elbert had killed a hen & had it on to cook, so I made some relish of chopped onions, celery, carrots, cabbage, sweet pickles & a sweet pepper & 1 hot pepper, vinegar salt & pepped & sugar.     then I made biscuits    Inise pared the potatoes & I put them on to cook & then made gravey & we ate dinner,    Inise thanked God for our dinner, they seemed to enjoy the dinner & our visit.    He picked quite a lot of apples today & we gave them 3 bags or 4 1/2 bu.    well I’ve got the dinner & supper dishes done & I pared the big Kettle full of apples to cook & can tomorrow & I canned 1. qt to-night & had some left for sauce for breakfast.    Inice & her man brought a beef roast, a lb. of butter, a box of tea, a little can of honey & a pt. of sweet mixed pickles she made her-self & a bottle of linement to rub Elberts back & hip with,    they seem to feel so much different than most people about the apples, they said they’d never had any one treat them so well, but, its a lot of work to pick apples, they only brought 2 bags so we filled a mash bag for them.    We will have lots more than we can use.    I want to give Mrs. Miller a few more &and I don’t know yet if Nellie & Audrey want more apples or not.    & I’d like to give Lillie & the girls afew more.     but I don’t know whether I can.    I don’t get a chance to do some of the things I want to do.    Elbert’s so tired he took the papers & delivered then & came right back, didn’t take him long.    Inise & her man left about 4-30 or quarter to 5-p-m & said they’d be back soon & try to bring a small cider press so we could each have some cider. 

Wed. Oct. 5. 1949./ page. 2419./ 3-H-19-P-eggs this day./  I truly Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Dear & Holy Name.    It’s been a fine day,  the N.east breeze is cool & its still N. east tonight & we are getting a heavy misty rain with it.    I thank & Praise God & Son & Holy Ghost for all things Amen.  

Thurs. Oct. 6. 1949./ 3-H-20-P. eggs today/  Elbert went & sold 3. doz. eggs 85 cents per doz. in Lorain & 5 1/2 doz 80 cents per doz in Vermilion on the Lake a total of 6.95 he spent 2.17 for food can covers & light bulbs & brought home $4.78 cents, he had to do quite a lot of waiting to sell the eggs they are high,     but, they have put the feed way up & they tell us there is lots of grain but just last week the mash took a jump again.    It’s really the fault of the goverment, they want to rule the people here like they do in Russia.    Well I have read & reread Rev De Haans lesson from the bible,    & I’m still sure & I believe it wont be much longer, before the Lord Will come & take out all of the people who are worthy. Oh God, I pray for, Thy People Thy Holy Mountian & Land & pray in Jesus Holy Name  we may be found worthy, Glory to God    Hallelujah, Amen.     It’s been showery & sunshine between shower, a nice day,    I did half the washing,    helped pick up apples & cooked dinner & supper & did my daily duties in the house & canned 5. qts. apple sauce. & 1. qt of juice & washed up the dishes,    Elbert picked up apples took care of the chickens went to Vermilion with the papers & he wrenched his knee & it pains bad tonight & He’s sore and lame tonight & terrible tired,  he’s gone to bed.    I do truly thank & Praise God for all our many blessing.    he took Mrs. Uline a basket of apples, she has 4. children & her husband has left her,    I pray God will truly deal with him     he’s running about with a young girl.    Seems as if the law ought to deal hard with that sort of men, it sure deals hard with a woman if she deserts her man & children.    Elbert talked with Mrs. Cranage & Ruth is sick again.    May God help us.  

Fri. Oct. 7. 1949./ 2-H-18-P. eggs today./   Elbert went to the fish house   he helped them reel nets with a promise of fish tomorrow he got here at noon    I was just done with the washing, I got up when he left at 8-30-a-m. & went out & picked up apples got 1/2 bu. all that would stay on the basket, I really went to see what was scareing the pullets them fill my skirt with apples I’ve been doing to much lifting & carrying to much,    I’ll have  to stop it if I can     Elbert’s Knee is so bad he has to groan every move.    he could hardly go with the papers tonight,    he hasn’t been doing anything to help get rid of it,    as he usually does, said he never thought of taking the anacin’s, he usually takes them & so as he don’t want to tell him what to do,    I’ll have to suffer by carry -ing the water & feeding the hen, perhaps & carrying there water mash, I’m truly, not able.   Well, I picked up a couple bu. of walnuts here by the house & only got about 1/2

Fri. Oct. 7. 1949./ page. 2420./ 2.H. 18. P. eggs this day/ of them & then there are two more trees- the one by the road & one over the hill.   Well, I got the dinner & supper     washed dishes   empted slop pail    got a pail of well water    heat the tea Kettle & helped Elbert get his Knee & feet soaked & dried & rubbed with linement & wrapped his Knee in a piece of wool blanket & give him an anacin & got his leg up on the bed & covered up, he had a hard time getting his night pants on but,    he got it done by himself.    he’s carried the water for the washing & for the chickens & took care of chickens but tonight it began to swell & pain after he got set down to rest,    it now 10-25-p.m. & he’s begun to get easy     I thank & praise the Lord,    for I’m hardly able to do any more than I’ve been doing,    I just felt as if I couldn’t do the washing this a-m. but got at it & got it all done,    it was a good drying day.    hot sun & breeze went from S.east on around to the N. East Yesterday    it was so wet & cool & today so warm & breeze died out tonight & we have a heavy due.    Well time for an-other anacin -10-30-p-m.    only two more & I’ll go to bed for it isn’t paining him so bad now, but 12-30 is 2. hrs. yet & my own legs & feet ach so bad tonight & I’ve felt so stuffed & I know its because I’m two tired    Elbert just said it was picking up the nuts that made me tired,    I picked up a bu of apples & carried them here to the house,    that made me puff,     but he wants me to bake bread tomorrow    that is bad for me two,    but he wants that    Well I’ll read what the Lord tells us, now & then go & talk to Him for I love my Heavenly Father & I love Jesus & the Holy Ghost and I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for my bless this day.    I had Elbert take 1/2 bu. apples I picked up this morning to Mrs. Miller & her son.   

Sat. Oct. 8. 1949./ 3-H-13-P. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish,    I went & picked up 2 1/2 bu. baskets of apples & went to see Mrs. Jones.    then came in & washed my hands & cleaned my finger nails & set the bread    & then got the potatoes ready for dinner,    then washed & cleaned up the two bird cages    then Elbert came & I put the potatoes on to cook & water on to heat for drink    then walked out to see if he had enough fish cleaned for dinner,    he had & I give them the final wash & got them on to cook,     he had 4 nice little catfish,  some perch & pike so I cook about 8. in all    & we had dinner    then I mixed my bread into biscuits 2 big tins & had just enough left to make 6 big rolls     then I swept & rapped up the empty bird cages & put them away     & then we had a cup of cocoa just before Elbert went with the papers “night before last I told him I could hear some one weeping & wailing”    & yesterday I couldn’t keep from crying at noon & all after noon & I kept thinking of Harry Miller & his 

Sat. Oct. 8. 1949./ page. 2421./ 3-H-13. P. eggs this day/mother & I told Elbert & said I hope they are O.K.    I had part of a vision,    I saw Mrs Miller going over the rail road crossing    she was bearheaded & looked worried,    but it was just after I had finished thanking God for our dinner & Elbert spoke to me & the vision left me,    I’ve been thinking of them every since & so, I sent Elbert there after he de-livered his papers, with fresh fish,    they seemed to enjoy them so much before & I want to know how they were & Elbert came in,    When he got back & said he had some bad news & I said I thought so,  What is it?    he said Mrs. Miller was struck by a New York Central engine & Killed about one oclock Fri. Oct. 7.    that was yester-day.    Well, I didn’t know she ever went that far from home,     but the unfinished vision came back to me,    poor old soul, she was 88 or 89 yrs. old,    & that seemed a hard way to have to go.    Poor Harry,    he can’t help him self & there he lays & must suffer his mothers loss,    he’ll miss his mother more than any one will ever Know,   he’ll be so lonesome, it’s terrible & I pray with all my heart God will comfort him & if theres anything I can do,    I pray He will help me to Know,    Oh, God I pray Thou will have mercy in Jesus Name Amen.    I thank Thee Jesus for thy love & tender mercy’s    I love & Praise Thee for ever & ever,    I wish I was better & more worthy.    Elbert’s knee is better, but he still can’t bend it much.    It’s been a wonderful, beautiful day “85 degrees hot” even in New York & Michigan & in California they had a frost & 10 in. of snow in Colorado & 12. in. in the ______ mountains     Jesus will soon be coming    Oh,  if the peoples would only wake up to the fact. 

Sun. Oct. 9. 1949. 3-H-20-P. eggs today. /  It’s been a beautiful day    S.W. breeze & heat 81 degrees heat, hot sun,    I can hardly endure it      to be in the sun light feels as if it scorched my skin.     We been home all day    Elbert’s knee is better    he can double it up again,    been having to walk stiff legged,    I thank God it better but seems I just have to keep after him or he wont take care of it.    soon as it feels better he just stops taking the anacins.    Well he’s started in again tonight & I’m trusting he’ll get the swelling all out.    I pray in Jesus Holy Name He will cleans us & keep us Amen.    I thank & praise Him for all things & pray Audrey’s ear is O.-K. by now.  & that she will learn to know the Lord, Amen.   

Mon. Oct. 10. 1949./ 2-H-15 Pullets eggs today/  I did the washing & 5 bags & Elbert went to the beach & got a good load of sand & he unloaded it & then we had dinner    he fixed the sandbox and then went with the papers.    I sent him to Millers to see

Mon. Oct. 10. 1949/ page 2422./  1-H-15.P. eggs this day/  if we could be of any help,    but the woman there said she didn’t know, so, Elbert stopped at West    thought she might be able to find out,     but, she wasn’t home,    so he came back    I got supper & we ate & then I peeled two sauce pans full of apples & now I’m thinking of going to bed for I’m surely two tired.    Elbert picked up the apples today.    I’d like to wash 3 or four light wool blankets at the end of the week, God Wiling.    I thank & Praise Him for all our blessing which are many.    Praise His Holy Name, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day hot, to hot sun to be in it long & a hot south wind that dried the cloths fast today & we been having beautiful moon light nights.  

Tue. Oct. 11. 1949./ 2.-H.-18-P. eggs today./ Well, I haven’t done my usual work to-day,     I caned two quarts of apple sauce be-fore I went to bed last night & I picked up a pk. of butter nuts, & a pk. of walnuts & a few apples & took care of the bedrooms,    cooked the meals & washed dishes & my feet & legs are very badly swollen & pain me terribly.    Elbert’s knee has got better, but now the pains in his back so bad,    but he took the papers, & got his check of 8.00 for last week,    the girl that leave the papers, give him his check tonight,    I gave her a big bunch of dahlias tonight,    she seem real pleased with them.    It’s been partly cloudy today but quite warm & they were to lay Mrs. Miller to rest at 2-p-m. today.    I pray God will in Jesus Name help Harry to trust & believe fully & that He will continue His healing  soul & body & bones in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.    I don’t know who will take care of him now his mother is gone but I hope they will be kind to him, for he’s helpless.    I thank God in Jesus Blessed name with all my heart for His tender mercys & Loving care Glory to God I Praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. Oct. 12. 1949./ 2-H-17-P. eggs today/  Well, I didn’t get up untill 1-p-m,    my legs ached so bad & Mrs. Winton & Miss. Clark came in & had to waite for me to wash & dress    Rev. Wintons wife wants me to come to there church Sun.    They told us about Mrs. Millers accident & there is a nurse Who has a family, Who came in daily to give Harry his bath & rub his back at night & fix him up for bed at night,    they sent her to tell Harry what had happened to his mother,     but, when his mother didn’t come back as soon as was reasonably expected, he senced something must have happen & then the nurse hailed the two ministers going to a wedding,    they didn’t want to stop,    but nurse told them they had to that Mrs Miller had just been struck by a New York Central train & killed so they went in & Harry ask, is mother dead & they were afraid she was,    they talked & prayed with him & then they went on to the wedding.    It seems Mrs. Miller had given the nurses little boy a carrot & sent him home.

Wed. Oct. 12. 1949./ page. 2423./ 2.-H.-17.-P. eggs this day./ & he was on the track & his own mother saw him running & get off the track as the fast train sped past, the one that had hit Mrs. Miller, then she talked to the boy & she wondered how Mrs. Miller could have been near the track or give the boy a carrot & her elder son came in with the blood covering his face & said a boy had shot him with a be-be, gun,    her nerve was so badly shaken, that after she washed the boys face & dug the shot out & given him some care she ran back to Harry Miller, but just couldn’t tell him about his mother & so got the ministers to do it & she stayed until his sister got there & a neighbor woman,    it seems they were expecting the sister & Harry said she wanted to have every thing there to eat for once, so they wouldn’t have to go after anything & said she wouldn’t be gone long,    he hadn’t had his lunch.    Well they had the funeral they at the house & the nurse stayed & looked after Harry during the funeral    & after they had taken his mother out, Poor Harry, just had to lay there & greive so help-less, as dependent on others as a baby,  Poor Soul May God Help him. from here on,   I ask in Jesus Holy Name, Amen,  I praise Thee Jesus.    Well, I went out & picked a bunch of dahlias some of the small & some big clear Yellow ones & a bu. of apples.    We had prayer before they went out & I thank God my Heavenly Father,     for He said where 2 or 3 are gathered together in My Name there will I be also.     I know He hears & trust for my healing.    He has healed me many times & in “bad cases as this, I give Him all the Honour & Glory in Jesus Blessed Holy Name now & forever. 

Thurs. Oct. 13. 1949./ 2.-H-14. Pullets eggs today./  Well I have felt better today Praise the Lord in Jesus Holy Name Amen.    Well, I haven’t done much today,    I picked up 1/2 bu. & a good pk of apples    made apple sauce, pulled 2 big beets for hens & chicks & a cabbage that had burst open & started to grow,    I pulled four beets for us & some leaves for greens & several red hot peppers.    I washed beet & put them on to cook then washe greens for supper    Elbert bought a piece of bacon so we had that with greens & fried boiled potatoes.    We had fresh veal “Marry’s lamb” for dinner    I washed dishes & took care of Jacky, my canary, & just before supper Mrs Douglas came in for a couple of minutes, said she  was passing by & felt she ought to stop,    I usually call on her or them once or twice a yr. but haven’t been there since last Fall,    she said they had been quite busy & well    She said mr. Douglas is 78. yrs. old & she is 69. yrs. old.    He drives there car, yet.    Elbert got yeast cake for bread ,    so, guess if I can, I’ll bake bread    I thank my Heavenly Father for all my many blessing in Jesus Name Amen.   

Fri. Oct. 14. 1949./ 2.-H-18-P. eggs today/   Well, God gave me strength to wash out the few things that were dirty, but my head has  still does feel bad & 

Fri. Oct. 14. 1949./ page 2424./ 2. H-18. P. eggs this day/ my nose blead twice to day a thing I have never had but a few times in my whole life & then it was only a few dropps each time, but today, twice there were about a teaspoon full “that is for both times but my head still is feeling terrible bad,    I had got everything ready for supper, at 4-p-m. & had to lay down.    I felt a little better & ate a good supper of hot potatoes & fried fish bread butter & apple sauce.    I baked 2. big tins of bread biscuit & 1. big loaf of bead & I cooked dinner & did dishes & am to tired to write but I thank & Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.    I know Jesus is able & He cares fore His own.    Elbert went to Huron & got a good mess of fish.    And he washed out one pr. of work pants   We  gave the young lady that leaves the papers for Elbert to deliver a box of apples last night, tonight she said they had apple sauce last night & she hoped for pie tonight.    It’s been a fine day, little cooler than last week.   

Sat. Oct. 15. 1945./ 2-H-12. Pullets eggs today./   Pullets were a yr old last month & the young pullets are 6. months old they should be laying but the way they are taken care of, they don’t yet     there head are getting red & some have nice red lap combs & begin to look like hens, so they’ll lay before long    Elbert’s back is a little better & he, don’t complain of his Knee any more, but his bones ached tonight     he’s so careless.    Wind’s been N. East & quite chilly & he fails to wear a jacket     his nose was running tonight,    he went to Vermilion this a-m-& got a check up on his care & came home & ate dinner & then went to Huron & got 12. white bass fish,    I cooked them for supper,    he went to Vermilion with the papers at 3-10-p-m.    We ate when he got back,    he got a nice bunch of hens greens this morning.    I did the ironing & mending & didn’t get the floor wiped up,    it’s terrible dirty,    but, I sure been busy this last week or so,    I picked up a pk. of nice big apples today.    I’m still bum tonight.    It’s been a fine day rather cool N. East wind, partly cloudy, hot sun.    I thank my Father in Heaven for all my many blessing and ask my prayer for meat.  I’d like to get 

Sat. Oct. 15. 1949./ page. 2425./ 2-H-12 P. eggs this day./ an answer, as to where I should go to Church,    and I pray Jesus will help me to know, soon.  I feel so deserted or left alone & it seems queer nothing has been done by the church authoritys.    Well I will waite & pray & trust God will help me to understand soon,    I am so slow in under-standing.    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.  

Sun. Oct. 16. 1949./ 2-H-14-P. eggs today./   Felt bum today    bowels wont move & I have had plenty exercise to.    I fried Game Chicken for dinner & Elbert helped get the supper.    We picked what pears there were left & picked up apples & my leggs from hips to ankles ached so bad all day.     We were just having tea when Miss. Clark & a friend of hers drove in,    so I gave them a cup of tea & a piece of cake, the cake was & is to dry but they ate it    I gave them pears, apples & a bunch of flowers & the lady took a few butternuts    said her son “a married man” had never seen a butternut.    Well, I was all in after they left & now my bowels have moved just a little .    & I feel sick & limpsy.    It’s been a beautiful day    Wind’s N. east & rather cool, but not to cool for this time of year.    I Praise Thee God, in Jesus Name. 

Mon. Oct. 17. 1949./ 2-H-15-P. eggs today./   Well Elbert went to Huron for fish & I got up & washed & dressed & talked to Jesus awhile & went out side & picked up apples & looked around,    it was a beautiful morning sun   was just coming up, birds were singing & bathing in there bath dish,    I came back in & got things going for dinner,    I put the onions to cook at a quarter to 11-a-m.    & when they were most done I put the potatoes on & when they’d been on 10 or so minutes Elbert came, so I put the chicken gravy & what chicken there was into the gravy & warm that & we had dinner some after he got in,    I had been washing my West Window & W. Kitchen Window & front storm door window,    I’d like to get them all done before it turns cold rather sudden.    We’ve had a beautiful late Fall, warm sun, freeze a little to cool some days,    today it’s been quite & hot sun not much breeze.    Well, Elbert was out dressing fish & I was looking for Frank’s Service papers, & in drives Inise & her man with a trailer & they had an old ice box they had repaired & painted & brought to me,   one of the old fashion kind & it’s & old timer.    They painted out side gray & inside white enamel.    Oh me,    They said they would have been back sooner only he had been sick,    they bought a doz. eggs of Elbert, 80 cents, & they dug up a pear tree, We had set in the park, a Keifer pear    had a few on it this yr.  big nice ones, but I have one that’s all we need.    they dug some evergreens & tame tiger lillies   a tube rose & I gave her a few pears from the little pear out in the back,    it had 2 bu. on it    I don’t know what kind it is.    & a basket of my dutches pears    walked awy some where Elbert says he don’t.

Mon. Oct. 17. 1949./page. 2426./ 2.H-15.-P. eggs today./   know where they went    I like them to eat & thought I’d get to eat some of them, there were some real nice ones in the boxes  a whole 1/2 bu. & a pk.    it’s queere for the rest of the pears & apples haven’t been bothered, so far.    Well they went home a little before five o’clock,    she took a 1/2 doz. or so of the big yellow dahlias, the bulbs, she said she’d get later.    they sure grew nice since Aug.   cool nights & heavy dues, they like.    Well after they left we had a cup of tea then Elbert went to feed Chickens & I transplanted one Gloxina bulb & planted 2 others & I have to repot several tomorrow.    Elbert’s gone to bed & I think that’s where I’m going    I’ve felt so weak all day, in my legs & arms.     I dug my big lillie “India lillie” it grew a fine big bulb this time with out any young one’s.     I washed it & set it away to dry & to harden the skin on it.    I thank my Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all my many blessing.    I love & Praise Him for ever & ever.  

Tue. Oct. 18. 1949./ 2-H-15-P. eggs today./ Another beautiful day & I was taken with a pain in my back “small of my back” and it got so bad I could hardly endure it before bed time & lasted all night & today,    I didn’t feel as if I could possibly get up &K dress, but Elbert came in with the mail   a letter from sister Audrey,    so, he brought my glasses with it & he sat down while I read it,    she’s having a bad time with her ears, bealings in them    I know how bad they must pain her,    I pray God will clear & clean them up & take away the cause of them,    she wrote 4 pages full on both sides telling us about some of the rest of the family,    she surely gives Martha & her Children a lot of money,    she’s letting the 3, pick out there winter coats & expects to pay close to a hundred dollars,    they are 15 & 16 yrs. old    Jim is a big boy 5 foot & 8 ins. tall    he’s taller than his mother   Jean his twin sister isn’t so tall,   Joan is a yr. younger but as tall,   if not taller than Jean, Ann;    Well, such is life.    Well, I got up & did part of my daily round & I got the fish fried & made gravy & Elbert warmed potatoes & cut the bread, I mixed the coloring into the olie & put it in dishes & made the tea.    Elbert bought 2 boxes green tea when he took the papers to Vermilion    he lost his ring of Keys, just before he went to Vermilion,   seems he put the pullets in & was going to let hens out    he went to pick up what apples had fell & he cut across to apple boxes & found he had lost his keys,    he hunted untill most time to go & has not found them yet,    I gave him the key he had let me take    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for taking care of me “& us”  all Praise belongs to Him   all Honors & Glory, for ever & ever. Glory, Glory to God,   I thank Him for my healing, Hallelujah Amen. 

Wed. Oct. 19. 1949./ 2-H-15-P. eggs today/    Oh, I sure been bad today   couldn’t sleep for 2. nights & 2. days & I could hardly make myself get up yesterday & today.   I did get beds & sweeping 

Wed. Oct. 19. 1949./ page 2427./ 2. H-15-P. eggs today./ done,  I helped get most of the meals & washed the dishes & now,     I’ll read & go to bed    my side sure pain me unbearably;    I hope Audreys ears don’t pain as bad as my side & hip,    Elbert’s back is still paining him bad.    but he seems to keep going,     only has a few more potatoes to dig,    he has all the apples & potatoes put down below.    It’s ben a beautiful day,    cool breeze, white sun.    but I haven’t been able to get out & walk around today.   I ask God to help Elbert find his Keys & he found them,    it seemed to me they were over here by this apple tree, but he was so sure they was under the one in the park,    he raked all the dry grass & leaves & didn’t find them,    I said again they might be out here by the apple boxes,    so at last he went back & looked after he had looked the paths over several times & there they lay right in plain sight,    he said he must have walked over them several times,    I thank God,    He’s wonderful to show me such thing & many other things of greater importance,    I Glory in His Name & all Praise & Glory belong to Him, Truly.

Thurs. Oct. 20. 1949./ 3.-H.-14.-P. eggs today./   Well Elbert went to Lorain & only sold 2. doz. eggs 85 cents per. doz.     then he hiked to Elyria & ask the Minister to come & pray for me,    he had done a few other things before going to Elyria & then he came back to Ver-million on the beach & sold 1. doz. for 80 cents    then he sold 5. doz at Alberta beach 80 cents per. doz.    then in Vermilion he bought a few groceries & came home at two. p-m.    & then we ate 20. mi. later.    he carried 4. baskets of apples down below & then he waited for the papers,    Girl was late & the Ministers came a new one “Miss Florence Tooley, Rev.” & Rev. Mrs. H.H. Harwell they visited & prayed with me & I’ve felt God power several times since they prayed for me.    May God ever bless them & keep them.    Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Harwell came with Rev. Singleton & prayed for me the time the ulser broke in my stomach & the poison came out on my face, hands & arms & a little on my body, in a couple of hrs. the swelling began to leave my head & once again I could see,    Oh God, it was truely Wonderful,    I’m so glad You Love me, & pray I may be found worthy in Jesus Holy Name    Glory to God I praise Thee Jesus,    I love Thee & pray I may do thy Holy Will.    I’ve done some work today    washed out a change of clothes & my rags & they dried good out side with a good South breee & hot sun 82. degrees, I let the pullets out & cann-ned 2 1/2 qts. apple sauce & got dinner & supper & looked after beds & rooms & my canary.    Oh how those Women can pray Glory to God,  I thank Thee Jesus & praise Thee for them & my healing & most of all for Thee Who can teach us all thing & heal us to quickly.

Thurs. Oct. 20. 1949./ page 2428./ 3-H-14-P. eggs this day./  Ma’s & pa’s wedding annavarsary 70. yrs. ago today they were wed.    pa was 18. yrs. old & ma was 22.yrs. old    Ma was 23 on Nov 29th & pa’s was 19 on Jan. 28.    pa was born 1861. & Ma 1857.    Ma would be 93 yrs. Nov. 29th 1949 & pa would be 89 on Jan 28th 1950.   Ma’s 4 yrs older than pa.  Well I thank God Ma believed in Him & she tried hard to teach us children, to know & live for Jesus to the best of her abbility, Glory to God.

Fri. Oct. 21. 1949./ 3-H-19-P. eggs today./  Well, I laid on the bed most of the day    I feel better but pain’s not all gone entirely,    I’m standing on the promises of God.    trsuting & believing for my entire healing in Jesus name, Amen.    It’s been a fine day    partly showery light showers.    Elbert went to Huron for fish but, no fish today, he’s going again in the morning, he says.    Well I’d like to do out what few dirty clothes there are & wipe up the floors & fix the hem of my dress    I have to put a facing on the bottom,    I riped the hem out before ironing it, so now I have to fix it.    It’s been quite warm.    Elbert took the papers,    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & for my healing & Praise His Holy Name.   

Sat. Oct  22. 1949./ 2-H-14-P-eggs today./  Well, it’s been a fine day,   I am better    Praise the Lord, I know He Will fix me all up again    Oh, I’ll never be able to tell How I love Jesus,    He all the world to me, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus.    I helped Elbert pick 3. bunches of Chinesse lanterns & a few for the news paper Woman    she said, Oh thanks, I’ve always wanted some of those lanterns.   Sister, “Rev. Tooley” wants some also.    I swept but just felt I couldn’t wipe up the floor.    so, I didn’t or I didn’t get my dress fixed either,    I got 2 meals & washed dishes once today.    We saw more than 75 wild geese going south Thurs. after noon.    We are having extra warm weather 70 & 80 degrees heat & the flowers are in full bloom yet.    & the wild Violets are in bloom again & dandelines,     it’s to warm for this time of yr. here & in California      it is chilly down to 30 degree & cold for that State & several other states have had snow, Colorado, Montana, Texas, Oregon & Arizona    all been having storms, hope we don’t get something bad.    Elbert took the papers to Vermilion & got saucage & mutton. 

Sun. Oct. 23. 1949./ 2-H-18-Pullets eggs today/  Well, Elbert gets up early every morning & so he took his bath & ate breakfast took care of chickens then he got a couple of carrots & cabbage head from the garden, & then he cleaned them & put them in with the meat I had ready & so by the time I was washed & dress it was done & we ate & I 

Sun. Oct. 23. 1949./ page. 2429./ 2-H-18-P. eggs this day/  washed the dishes we we talking when a new Ford car rolled in,    I got to the back door just as Martha & Audrey did & let them in & they brought frankfarters pork chops, two short ribs & a ham & a nice dcake that Jean Ann baked,    it was fine & Elbert said it was swell,    Jean said she remembered Uncle liked cake,    Well God bless her & save her soul    Oh, how I wish they Knew What I Know & how I wish & pray they Knew Jesus & would work for Him & help to save other souls from “Hell” instead of working for this worlds goods,    God have mercy & teach us all Thy Ways in Jesus Name I ask, I thank Thee & give all praise & Glory to Thee.    Well Audrey had tucked 5-1-‘s in the meat package beside all that meat    Lord God of Hosts Bless her & save her soul & Help Martha & Merlin to come to Thee & bring there children .    Audrey brought a big pack of news papers.    We had quite a visit.    they late this after noon about 4.30 & left about 6-p-m.   We did have a cup of tea before they went but they wouldn’t here about staying for supper,    they took a bu. of apples & some of the big yellow dahlias & a few beets.    Audrey looks so thin,  she’s had bealings in her ears, took a cold in her head & ears & that’s terrible,    she said she worked  5 1/2 days last week,     I don’t like to take her money, she don’t look able to work.    Well she said she enjoyed the ride out here, it’s been a beautiful day, tonight winds gone    N. east but so far it’s not cold.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus help me to be worthy I pray, Amen.  

Mon. Oct. 24. 1949. 2.-H-16-P. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t feel able to work, I got dinner & was just sitting here trying to write post cards in ans. to those received When some one Knocked hard on the door,    I called come in,    and Inice came in & her husband      Elbert had been right near the grainery & I didn’t know he had gone out in the park & had sawed off some limbs on one of the apple trees looked like some oil had been put on it, like was on the baldwin by the house & on the butternut tree, but he said he doesn’t believe we cut this one in time, for it looks as if it had gone into the body & there are one or two out beyond the park that are most dead & others that look bad, so we may have to clean them off before long.    Winds back N. West, & last night we heard a big flock of geese going off toward the S.West    Mr. Hunt dug a bitter sweet  a wisteria & a trumpet vine, to take home & plant    Inice took a big bunch of yellow dahlias & a few peppers,    She brought me a dress silk crape,  I guess,  it was given to her new & she 

Mon. Oct. 24. 1949./ page. 2430. / 2-H-16-P-eggs today/  it had never been worn, but hung in the closet & was needing to be cleaned    it’s navy blue with a navy blue lace yoke, very pretty but looks to short for me.    She said they enjoyed the fish & bread biscuits so much & she canned the peppers & they looked just beautiful, Well, I’m glad she liked them.    She bought a doz. eggs 80 cents & 2. boxes of cards 2.00 to day.    I have several more boxes to sell, hope, I can, so I can get my shoes & stocking & clothes I need so bad.    I’m better & thanks to God I’m trusting & believingk & praise God from Whom all blessing flow in Jesus name, Amen.   Glory to God I’m trusting & believing.       I wrote a card to mrs. Sprunk & Elbert mailed it when he went with the papers,    Mr. Hunt went with him to Vermilion & back & he said he really enjoyed the ride in Elberts car.    I pray God helps me wipe up the floor & fix the hem in my dress tomorrow.   

Tue. Oct. 25. 1949./ 2-H-12.P. eggs today./  Well, I did all but 6 pieces of the washing today.    Elbert hung part of them out side they didn’t dry very fast    I finished ’em inside & I done to much for I wiped up kitchen floor.    Elbert warmed up supper & I’m not going to do any more tonight.    I wrote 6. U.S. Post cards today    While I rested between washes & Elbert hung part of them out side they didn’t dry very fast I finished ’em inside & I done to much for I wiped up Kitchen floor.    Elbert warmed up supper & I’m not going to do any more tonight.    I wrote 6. U.S. Post cards today  while I rested between washes     & Elbert Mailed them when he took the papers to Vermilion today.    I sent one to Bonita & one to Nellie one to Mrs. Beesie one to Mrs. West  one to Miss Clark & one to Frank & Ruby  Bonney.    Audrey said Sun. she had talk to some one living near Frank & she said she was told they were expecting a change Sat. night for the better or worse,    I’ve been seeing her face so much of late, and Frank hasn’t been out for a long time, or the boys,    he’s been avoiding paying for Elbert’s lots,    He’s been terrible about it.    Well, I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name, for the great strength He has given me today & He gives me each day & for the help & love He give me & most of all for saving my soul. Amen.    We have sold 5. doz. eggs here at home $4.00 & Elbert gave me 4.80 last Thurs, making a total of 8.80 this week so far.    I heard 2 flocks of geese go over last night.    

Wed. Oct. 26. 1949./ 2-H-13-P. eggs today./    It’s been a fine day    Nice sun with a chill of Fall in the air,    Elbert went to fish house, but no fish.    he got back just a few minutes before Inice & her husband came in,    I had got ready for a cup of tea, but they ate just before they came, so I drank my tea & visited about seeds & flowers, cooking & receipts crocheting & sewing & some of the things that happened between girlhood & then we got things ready for disnner, Mr. Hunt & Elbert dug up several trees, couple [?] for us, they transplanted & then they dug 2 English walnuts & 5 or 6 evergreen, for them selves,    & a moscaueia & a few other things she wanted.    I cook a piece of ham some potatoes & carrots in the roaster & put dumplins in with them,    when they were done I made gravy,     I had cooked apples in quarters & put sugar in them    they were good for dinner to,    I felt to bad to go out side.

Wed. Oct. 26. 1949 / page. 2431./ 2-H-13-P. egg this day./   for very long at a time.    Hunts left a few minutes passed four,    Elbert had gone with the papers & got back just before they left,    his back has pained him bad all days,    I have just sewed up a few small holes in his winter union suit & persuaded him to put it on in the morning,     I put my wool under skirt & feel more comfortable,    there quite a chill in the air & the geese are flying every day & night toward the south,    we haven’t had a killing frost yet,     but, seems as if we might get one tonight,    We’ve been having a little fire for sometime now & it sure felt good today & tonight. also.     I thank & Praise God in Jesus name for all my many blessing   Glory to God, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.    Elbert is going to sell eggs tomorrow    I have to give him some of the money we took in on eggs here,     for he has to get mash & grain. 

Thurs. Oct. 27. 1949./ 1-H-10-P-eggs today./  Elbert got up early & went down to sell the eggs,    he walked his legs nearly off & then sold only 1-doz. 80 cents,    I gave him 5.00 for if he had sold the 5. doz. he‘d     would have had 4.00 & the 5.00 would make 9.00,   mash 4.25 & grain 3.69, was 7.94 & so I gave him 2.00 more tonight, for he used his money & he didn’t have much left forgas & oil untill Tue.    I had dinner most ready When he got here    I made 1. tin & 1. loaf of bread today & a custard pie “we ate for supper” & 2 1/2 apple pies.    Elbert brought pork but it was so tuff & woody we didn’t injoy it much    I washed up all the dishes & I’m to tired to-night.    It’s been a beautiful day not as crisp a yesterday,    we had a light  freeze last night  Kill the peppers dahlias & potatoe, tops “sweet potatoes”, & all such things, now glads dahlias & potatoes must be dug & the beets & cabbages, but there isn’t very many of them.    I thank & Praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name.   I love Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.     Received a card from Bonita today.     they are lonesome.    I’m sorry    I wish I was  stronger,  I miss going to praymeetings & Church;  

Fri. Oct. 28. 1949./ 1.H-12-P. eggs today./    Well, I did all the rest of the washing today ex-cept the big chair seat cover. & my wool blankets, 4. single light wool. & Elbert’s doubly cotton.    It’s been quite warm today.    I’m to tired tonight.    I managed to get things ready for supper & Elbert finished it.    he went to Vermilion this morning & got his car fixed, cost $10.00,    it was a part that holds the brake fluid.    it was 1-p-m. when he got here & 20 mi’s. more before we ate & I hadn’t had a bite yet to eat & he was starved & he said he ate 1. -Knocker, 2. eggs, & 2. slices of bread for his breakfast & hadn’t done any work & I had the washing most done & have to rub it all on the wash board,  such a world.    I am feeling better Praise God in Jesus Name I love Him & feel sure He will take care of me.    I wrote a card to Rev. Tooley & one to Audrey.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my healing & givew Thee all the praise, Honour & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Now, I am going to read Thy word & pray for Wisdom & understanding.

Sat. Oct. 29. 1949./ page 2432./ 2-H-12.-P. eggs today./   Well, today Elbert went to Huron & he got 4. big muscklounge fish & they are like a big pickrel & sweet meat,    We both liked them.   Frank use to tell me about what sport it was to catch them with hook  line & his mother told me to how frightened she was,    once when they were on there way back down the Sand River & Frank had a line fasten-ed to the seat of the boat troling and all of a sudden they almost went on there noses    the boat stopped, by the time they got rigted righted up, they were on there way back up the river & he got to going a good clip     then Frank put the oars in & & began to back water so Mr. fish turns around & starts back & Frank again back water,   fish kept going & when they were with in a mile of where they wanted to go the fish came up & Frank hit him on the head with the axe,    he rolled over & Frank chopped him to the back bone,    he tried to fight    F. hit him on the head again & pulled him in-to the big heavy rowboat & tied him fast to each seat    by the time, he rowed the last mile the struggle was over    he was as long as the boat,    they had left the hors[e] & wagon near the river & they had a hard time loading the fish    they fastened his head to the wagon by there feet & the tail draged the road,    the horse didn’t like the looks of the fish & didn’t waste any time getting home,    a 20 mile drive,    they had a picture of it,    I wanted Frank to bring it home when we were up there,    but he didn’t    the tail lay on the ground,    it was big like the stergon they use to catch in lake Erie & bring into Lorain fish house,    only, they didn’t have sense enough to cook the stergones or can them to eat.    they didn’t find out how good eating they were untill they were hardly any left to catch, but they ate the muskelounge up North;    After the got the picture of the one Frank cought they called in there friends & neighbors & then chopped the big fish up & gave some to them.    We don’t have friends or neighbors like they had up to Frank’s home,    they help each other & divide with heach other & here you help your own self & if you give them fish, they take them greedily,    but never stop by to see how you are,    the only time they ever come is when they want something of us & can’t get it or don’t want to ask there friends.    May God have mercy on there souls.  Well, Elbert dug some glads & some dahlias but there are some more yet to dig & the beets, sweet potatoes & cabbages to get in & the hen house to clean yet.    I didn’t do much today.   I swept & aired bedding    made beds & ironed my dress & skirt

Sat. Oc. 29. 1949./ page 2433/ 2-H-12-P. eggs this day/  & 3 shirts for Elbert & he fried 4 pieces of fish   warmed the potaotes & opened a can of tomatoes & we ate & drank postum.  I darned a pr. of sock after supper but let dishes go to-night.    I never got the facing on my dress.    Well, I hope to do it soon.    I thank the Lord in Jesus Name, for my healing & hope to be able to go to church soon,    as my side is better & I have the strength to go to Church soon as my side is better & I have the strength to go. I thank Thee Jesus. 

Sun. Oct. 30. 1949./ 13.-P. eggs today. / It’s been a beautiful day.  We have been at home all day.    I was out side a little but not for long. I do miss going to church    hope I’ll be able to go soon again.    I want to go to Elyria & testify to my healing.    I haven’t heard a word from any of the Church folks all week either.    Well. I pray God will in Jesus Name help us to do Hi ways, His Will,    Oh, it would be Wonderful to be a-mong real true christians     Mr. Hunt was tell of a church not far away,    where they have a big Choir of men and twice during the service, they go out on the back porch & smoke, so, says he,     what’s the use going to that sore of church,    Oh, God have mercy & cleanse our churches, in Jesus Name  We ask Amen.    Glory to God.

Mon. Oct. 31. 1949./ 1. H-14-P.& 3. Y. P. eggs today/   Holloween & I suppose the witches & Goblins will be out stalking about for trouble or fun.    It’s been a fiine day, partly cloudy, N. east breeze & fresh with a real chill in it tonight;    Elbert got up & kill & dressed a hen”1. yr old hen” & put it on to cook,    he made a cup of postum & gave it to me,    I felt so bum,    I hated to get up,   but I did & finished getting the dinner.    I washed all the dirty dishes first,    Elbert said he had a little more he waneted to do out side,    he has dug balance of glads & dahlias & put them below & then fixed some boxes to put the beets in & then decided to change bed springs,    he took mine & gave me his & then mine won’tn’t fit his bed so he made 4 slats with a cleat on in side of each end & put them on the side railes under the springs & it was O.K.!  but such a job.    I cleaned the springs & the wall & floor & bed frames & I had got everything ready to sew, after dinner, well,    he most tore his shirt to get it done & cleaned up ready to go with the papers & then had to waite 1/2 hr. & so I got the facing on my dress & part of a yoke on the other on & then it was so dark & Elbert had taken care of the hens & got everything locked up & we had supper & the new  came on the radio & said it was going to freeze hard tonight so up we get    went out & pulled 4 big wheel barrow loads of beets & 7 of cabbages & Elbert just dump them in the basement window,    so he

Mon. Oct. 31. 1949./ page. 2434./ 1.0-H. 14-H & 3-P. eggs this day./  has a job for tomorrow,    then as long as vegetables & apples last they will have to be looked over & kept clean.    I haven’t washed supper dishes & don’t think I will,    I’m to tired & guess I am crazy anyway for going out & pulling beets and cabbages,    he could have had it all done & not had to hurry either if he hadn’t changed those springs today.    my back & legs & feet are killing me & his back & Knee are paining him bad also.    We have a fire & it’s comfortable.    I thank & praise my Father in Heaven, in Jesus Holy Name for all He has done & is still doing for me & us, Amen.

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