[Elinor does continue to look for work but gets contradictory advice from family members.  She answers an ad and her employment interview by phone consists of revealing her age, if widowed, and if black or white.  She starts work on Oct. 15 and describes her first 2 weeks in an exaggerated positive way.   But she still suffers with ailments frequently including tooth aches that require fillings, nervous head aches, and vomiting and diarrhea.  She describes being “OH so sick (both ways, as the old darky told his master) with such (most crossed out) dreadful cramps in the pit of my stomach.  I can hardly stand up” But she works that next day in spite of it.  By Nov. 2, just over 2 weeks, the employer calls to say they think the job is too much for Elinor to handle.  Although there is no hint that she has Diphtheria or Typhoid Fever, it is not uncommon and some households are quarentined.  Flu and colds move from one family member to another. Health care products comes from the pharmacy and multiple products are called “dope”, probably morhpine based, for pain.  Elbert frequently uses Anacin for pain and does not seem to realize that the aspirin and caffeine damages his stomach lining.  Elinor describes rubbing her brother’s head and neck with Osgood’s Lineament, Golden Ointment, and Sloan’s Lineament for a cold. 

Sloan's Liniment 1/2 full with the liniment | Collectors Weekly

Other Health care is provided by General Practitioners who can make house visits and can hospitalize patients, and Chiropractors, and Dentists, along with Home Remedies.  The work at her new job is as comprehensive as her previous job including mentions of a 5 layer cake, cooking 3 chickens at a time with biscuits and gravy, preparing fresh fish from Lake Erie, making coconut layer cake, and canning 36 quarts of pears in one week.  There is some disagreement about whether laundry is boiled or just washed in warm or cold water.  Elinor has strong opinions about the value of boiling which makes sense when we recall that there was no toilet paper, only “rags” that get washed out weekly. She is transported to and from work on second street in Lorain partly by  her family using  one of the launches they own to take Elinor or others to the “draw bridge.”  There is also mention of a “go-cart” for short distance travel.]  

[Tue. Oct. 1. 1912] Tue. Oct. 1  This morn I ironed & after dinner ma & I went to town to Hall’s office had my tooth treated, went to ten cent store & Ophers & to hospital

[Tue. Oct. 1. 1912] Page 26  to see Anna a minute & my tooth is still aching  Oh me.  Well, I’m going to bed for tomorrow is another day

[Wed. Oct. 2. 1912] Wed.2.  I sweep & ironed & cook-ed & baked a loaf cake & a coconut layer cake & Ruby & the baby came to dinner & then Frank came home for supper  We had fish & we were all here  well Ive been so busy all day  caned some grapes today.  Gertie feels so bad she went to bed. Pa wants me to go to Wellington with him in the morning. Classic 100 Coconut CakeHD-201212-r-orange-scented-buttermilk-cake-loaves.jpg

[Thurs. Oct. 3. 1912] Thurs.3. Pa called me early this morn. but ma said there was so much to be done here it would keep two women busy to get it done, well I told her I would stay.  Pa urged me to go a dozen time or more & he hadn’t been gone long when ma told Gertie

[Thurs. Oct. 3. 1912] Page 27   she guessed the work would get done just the same if I wasn’t here.  Well I don’t know just where I belong in this world, but hope I’ll find my place soon.  I set bread last night, but ma went at it as though I wasn’t her & mixed it up, I straightened up the house swept & dusted up stairs, washed my head & bathed myself & dressed clar?? & helped get supper & done up the dishes & now am going to bed for I didn’t go to sleep untill after 12 last night & then took only cat naps  Audrey & the baby are sleeping in my bed with me.  Audrey & George are agoing to try to buy the house & lot next to us & I have been ask to do the over seeing of it.  Mr. Hageman 

[Thurs. Oct. 3. 1912] Page 28   called up to-night & ask if she would go & pick out the paper & paint tomorrow so I have been ask by she & G to go & help her do that tomorrow after noon & tomorrow morn she wants me to help her scrub the wood work.  I hope I’ll find some work for my self soon, no pay in this, only , ma works so hard now & it will be more easy er , if they do there own work & so I’m trying to help out all I can.  

[Fri. Oct. 4. 1912] Fri.4.  Well we scrubed one room this morning & I have a kink in my back & a sore foot (Nellie stepped on my foot a few nights ago & it has been swollen so it hurts to walk on it, so A has gone to town to meet Nellie & pick her own paint & paper  I worked untill supper time

[Fri. Oct. 4. 1912]Page 29  then went home & washed & changed my dress. I don’t believe I’ll go down there tomorrow. 

[Sat. Oct. 5. 1912] Sat.5.  I have been helping here today & I have been feeling rather mean or ill rather today & A & G & baby went out to Oberlin to Georgia(‘s crossed out)R’s.  They left here just at dark

[Sun. Oct. 6. 1912] Sun.6.  Well. do you know We, Ma, Elbert, Fred, Gertie, Nellie and I were here for din-ner & no company  We had 3 chickens biscuit & gravy &. & then Lucia Fletcher came to call on Nellie & after supper Frank & Ruby & the baby came & I fixed some hot supper for them & gave them enough to pack Franks bucket in the morning.  Gertie & Fred went to church  I wanted to go, but couldn’t for Nellie wanted

[Sun. Oct. 6. 1912] Page 30  to go if I went & that would have ma here alone.  Well after Frank & Ruby had been gone about 15 min A call home telling me to make hot tea, she & G. were car/sick so I built a fire & Gertie & Nellie took the go cart & went to meet them & Elbert went to hang out his lanterns & the children came & had tea & went to bed 11-30.  the baby was so happy to get home. 

[Mon. Oct. 7. 1912] Mon.7. Gertie & Ma washed & I have done house work & sewed & Geo. hasn’t spoke to me since Sat. & tonight he has been act-ing so ugly as he knows how A went to town & sent $10 to Ashtabula to the grocies & Doctor & laid $12.50 away to help make the first pay-ment on there home & to night, George told her he want

[Mon. Oct. 7. 1912] Page 31   it & at last to have peace she gave it to him & he took it & went to town with out his supper & when he came home 8-30, A had put babe to bed & he gave A $6.00 to give ma  A had given her $4.00 & so there payment has gone & then he told A to bring the baby to him & she said (no) she is a bed & asleep & he said  well I said bring her here but A went to bed & he went outdoors & then up stairs to bed, he ought to be horse whipped & I’d like to be the one to give it to him.  Ma set bread this morn & it isn’t in the oven yet & its 10-5.  Elbert & Fred haven’t come yet & Elbert here 10-15  Fred here 10-30 bread 5 loaves done 11-30 & 1 loaf in oven

[Mon. Oct. 7. 1912]Page 32  that is done 12-30 & I’ am go-ing to bed some tired, I made two oil cloth pillow slips for A’s baby & stitched Nellies skirt together swept & dust-ed & cook & baked a 5 layer cake & shampooed Freds head in (Og crossed out) Osgood’s linement bath-ed his forehead temples & neck with Sloans linement with golden ointment over it, he has such a cold. 19th Century Staffordshire Transfer Printed Pot and Lid, Golden Eye ...

Hunders are quarantined in.   May has diptheria but not bad. John & Adam are both out  Adam is studying in Berea & preaching at French Creek & comes home Sat. nights  May isn’t very sick, I’m glad she isn’t & I hope Nellie keeps well  Ma got a card from pa today saying Aunts were all moved & he is haulling wood. 

[Thurs. Oct. 10. 1912] Page 33 Thurs.10 Fri 11. And I’m tired & blue.  I been helping A finnish her scribing & helping here & would feel glad if the two kids would only live more peaceable.  I’ve done about the same kind of work as useral. Well it’s Sat.12. & I’ve been more than busy, Ma & Nellie are going  went to Wellington after dinner & I have done all my work scrubed to floors & Elbert went to town & Fred stayed for G’s sake or for ours rather so he went to town & returned 10-50– F. had to work today  Elbert ask Geo. to go to Vermilion with him He & Mr Perkeson were going to take Mr. Ps launch Ceph there for winter docking & repairs, but lake was ruff

[Thurs. Oct. 10. 1912] Page 34  & they didn’t go far  Geo. & one other fellow were sea sick ha.ha.ha.  Ma & Nellie came home for supper. Elbert went to meet them with the launch & bring them home.  They had a nice time & I’m so glad they did

[Mon. Oct. 14. 1912] Mon.14. Ma & Gertie did the wash & I the house work & I went to the dentist’s office stopped & talked with Anna awhile & of all things great & small the horrid wrong stories Mrs. S told Anna about me.  I’m glad I left, Oh, it honestly makes the cold shivers creep over me to think & if Anna had been in my place, it’s more than likely she would have had a like cause to shiver.  Such is life. Oh May God ever be with me. (10-15 Elbert has just come home  over to see Wyn & Grant tonight) Then I went over to Frank’s & Ruby’s to supper, Ruby phoned & told ma I was here & A. & G. came over & we all went over to 1338 Second St. where I went in ans to a want add. but finding no one at home left a note & came back to Oberlin Ave. where we bid F. & R. good night & A. G. & I came home & nellie has been trying to keep me here with her while she studys but I’m weary & ach all over  it’s 10-30 wish we were both in bed for there lots to do tomorrow. 

[Tue. Oct. 15. 1912] Tue.15.  Well I phoned Mrs Un-derhill ans. the phone, she ask me how old I were & if I were a widown & wheather I were black or white & said she would talk it over with mother & maybe come to see me at noon.  & they did &

[Tue. Oct. 15. 1912] Page 36 & I’m going to try once more  I’ve ironed & worked all morning & then cooked dinner.  Ma & Elbert went to Oberlin to see Aunt Edith. I baked bread today & tonight at 7 oclock Mr. & Mrs. Under of 1338 Second St will call for me & take me to their home. I believe I’m going to like them.

[Wed. Oct. 16. 1912] Wed.16.  I got up 5-45 & cooked breakfast done up the work & ironed cooked dinner & ironed cooked supper done dishes & after visiting awhile went to bed with a sick nervous head ache & the U.H.S. were so good to me I do believe I’m next to the be-st place I’ll ever reach on earth at least I feel so contented here

[Thurs. Oct. 17. 1912] Thurs.17.  I swept down stairs & cooked breakfast & dinner & then went to the dentist office, & after phoning home, went to the fairy

[Thurs. Oct. 17. 1912] Page 37   where Nellie met me with a row boat & took me home had a pleasent time, went to prayer meeting with Fred & he came home with me after meeting. Oh.

[Fri. Oct. 18. 1912] Fri.18.  Well I swept upstairs today & dusted & cooked & am tired tonight so than the think I believe

[Sat. Oct. 19. 1912] Sat.19. I backed two pies a cake to tins of cinnamon rolls & 6 loaves of bread & went to town in the car with Jr. Mr & Sr.Mrs. U.H. & did my shoping. I don’t know what to think or say, they are so considerate & kind to me. 

[Sun. Oct. 20 1912] Sun.20. I was up at seven had breakfast 9-30 & dinner 1-30 & the folks took me home in the car  Ma went to Wellington yesterday so she & pa could spend their 33 weding aniversity together.  Sr. Mr & Mrs. U.h. have their 42 weding aniversity also today. 

[Sun. Oct. 20 1912]Page 38 I went to church & the good folks called for me after church & took me home in the car. 

[Mon. Oct. 21. 1912] Mon.21 Swept & dusted & cooked & caned 4 qts of pairs & Now am going to bed with a bad feeling in my ears & head. 

[Tue. Oct. 22. 1912] Tue 22. Mrs. U.H.S. washed to-day, but it rained so they did not hang them out  Mr. Deminico Catjatus is here from New York. 

[Wed. Oct. 23. 1912] Wed.23  We have caned 23 qts of pair in all this week.  Oh dee

[Thurs. Oct. 24. 1912] Thurs.24.  Went home this after noon did some shoping  Hall wasn’t in his office so my old tooth isn’t filled yet

[Fri. Oct. 25. 1912] Fri.25. Mrs. L. U.H. cleaned out one room & fixed it up nice for Mr. D.C. & I feel bad tonight all over. 

[Sat. Oct. 26. 1912] Sat.26. Mrs W.H. hung out cloth today & ironed some & I’ve been 

[Sat. Oct. 26. 1912] Page 39  cooking & trying to put things in order & am sick allover & ach & Oh, dee, me am all in. 

[Sun. Oct. 27. 1912] Sun.27.  I arose 8-10 this morn  the M.H.S. gave me a bu of pairs & Elbert came around to the bend to get them but couldn’t get ashore so Mr. L. W. H. took the pairs & I over the bridge to our dock & E. came with The Bonita

“The Bonita” boat with Harvey and Martha inside, flying American flag

& took us in gave us a ride out on the lake & then he & I & the pairs went home & after dinner we, the four Whs. Mr. D.C. & pa & I took a launch ride out on the lake saw the launch race Shoes  Two & Al.Sims. & then we went up to the Isleland & back & they went home & Elbert, pa & I walk-ed to the church together & met Fred & they went to church & E came over with me. 

[Sun. Oct. 27. 1912]Page 40   Mon.28.  Well We have been cleaning & moving again today  I ironed all afternoon & finished  Was up and dressed & down stair at 6 oclock & have been on my feet all day. 

[Tue. Oct. 29. 1912] Tue.29. 5-10 & I’m going down stairs & down seller & do my own wash for I can’t bear to wear my clothes like they was them, for they don’t boil them & they smell sweaty when I iron them.  Well I did my wash & cook breakfast & cleaned & moved the rest of the day & it most 10-15 & I’m just ready for bed. 

[Wed. Oct. 30. 1912] Wed.30.  Called up home this morn.  every able to be up I ironed awhile & after breakfast Helped young Mrs. Uh. clean & move things about & we are both stiff tonight & tired.  & I’m sick all over to much lifting.

[Thurs. Oct. 31. 1912] Page 41  Thurs.31. I was up 4-30 this morn  Oh so sick (both ways, as the old darky told his master) with such most  dreadfull cramps in the pit of my stomach.  I can hardly stand up.  I scrubed the windows & floor & cooked breakfast & they all felt so tired & bad they sent me home. I could scarely walk  I felt so bad, but Frank came to the bridge & took me home in the launch. 

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