[Although it is doubtful that Frank and Ruby and Evelyn and newborn Harvey Liman Bonney are living at the homestead but he sometimes helps with chores.  He is also building a home from a shed for his new family, fixing the old corn crib for his coal shed. .  Elbert builds a coal house and wood shed for the homestead. She talks about scrubbing furniture, cleaning windows possibly to deal with coal dust that must be in the air all the time.  

She is sewing  & crocheting to earn money for Nellie and Elinor’s clothing. (including 6 Jackets)  This is Nellie’s last year of High School.  She missed some time due to illness.  Elbert is back to working, for only 3.50 per day.  There is still mention of the boat business, and pulling boats out of the water for winter. It’s again rabbit hunting period and the boys go out hunting. Although there is talk of people ice skating, Elinor doesn’t go skating and she continues to seem overwhelmed with illness, fatigue, housework, sewing for money, and managing the homestead.  ]

[Sun. Nov. 1. 1914]  Sun.Nov.1   A pretty day & I’ve stayed home all day.  Audrey & Martha went over to Wyns, Aunt Edie & Geogia were ther. A. stayed for supper

[Mon. Nov. 2. 1914]  Mon.2. I sewed & crocheted on Audreys & Georgia’s Kimona Jackets.  wish they were done.  Wyn wants me to make another for

[Tue. Nov. 3. 1914]  Page 167. Tue 3.  Its rained hard this morn. A got breakfast & went back to bed & I got up & washed.  Frank turned the tub & we were through at one oclock  then I scrubbed the chairs. 

[Wed. Nov. 4. 1914]  Wed.4.  I washed the Dinning room windows & sweep & dust & cleaned until one oclock then I crocheted & helped A. with her skirt. I have been crocheting jackets to earn money for my clothes.  & help Nellie through this, Her last year of high school & it keeps me busy  I’ll tell you

[Thrs. Nov. 5. 1914]  Thurs.5.  We all, except Nellie, have dreadful colds & just sick, I have been getting up through & getting breakfast until Tue.  A got up. Oh. Dee. 

[Fri. Nov. 6. 1914]  Fri.6.  Well Elbert has been working quite steady  hope he can stick $3.50 per.day.  crocheted & sewed to day & did housework. 

[Sat. Nov. 7. 1914]  Sat.7.  Well I only did what I had to do. 

[Sun. Nov. 8. 1914]  Sun.8.  A beautiful day & I have been indoors

[Mon. Nov. 9. 1914]  Mon.9.  Still feeling bad  crocheted allday today  Elbert was laid off today. 

[Tue. Nov. 10. 1914]  Tue. 10.  Well I’ve done my useral house hole duties  & crocheted to day, am tired tonight.  Elbert went to Wellington today. 

[Wed. Nov. 11. 1914]  Wed.11.  I washed today alovely day  I cleaned the hen coop & then Tessie came over & we visited until 12-30. Roosters crowing when we went to bed. Oh dee. 

[Thrs. Nov. 12. 1914]  Thurs.12.  Well I have done the house work and sewed & crocheted & am tired

[Fri. Nov. 13. 1914]  Fri.13.  Frank & Ruby have a nice boy born to day  little before noon

This is the birth Nov. 13. 1914,  of Frank and Ruby Bonney’s son Harvey W Bonney (1914-1989]. We only have one photo of him from 1943.

Harvey Bonney 1943, son of Ruby and Frank Bonney

[Sat. Nov. 14. 1914]  Page 168.Sat.14. Frank looks happy to-day for he says he has a Bonney boy.  I have worked hard to day  Audrey & Martha went to deliver eggs for me & then went to see Ruby & the boy .  Elbert Phone me to day saying he will be home Sun. or Mon. night.  Earl Krantz want the boys to pull out his launch. 

[Sun. Nov. 15. 1914]  Sun.15.  Well this has been one long day. & we haven’t had any letters for two week from the folks down south & only one card.  It started to rain along toward morn & has kept a steady drizzle alday, now it getting dark & I’ll be glad when tomorrow dawns. 

[Mon. Nov. 16. 1914]  Mon.16.  Elbert came home tonight. 

[Tue. Nov. 17. 1914]  Tue.17.  Well I have helped a little each day with the house work done the washing scrubbing & baking & my ironing, and I have crocheted six Jackets for Mrs. Sandford (2) for Wyn Grant (2) for Mrs. Weigand (3) for Miss Griffin (1) for Mrs Essig of Elyria.  I made and gave one to Audrey & Nellie, Ruby & Georgia for there birthdays. & I made (1) pair of crocheted slipper tops for Miss. Baumgart (1) pair for Ma & a pair for A. and apair of afagan stich booties for Ruby baby (Harvey Liman Bonney) came way up over his knees like stockings.  The boys Frank Elbert & Bob shot several rabbits before and after Thanksgiving & Ma’s birth-day was the (29th) she was (57) years old. just think

[Tue. Nov. 17. 1914] Page 169. The boys & Mr. Krantz pulled out the Notsobad & senior Krantz has been under the weather every since Mrs. Gillmore don’t like the baby & she eats Moraphine pills and she most lost her mind of late they have been having one great time & now are talking of sending her to the State Sanitorium. Frank has make to rooms of. the shed, painted the ceiling & papered the walls & is ready to move in.  Elbert built a coal house & wood shed for us & F has fixed up old corn crib for his coal shed.  River has been frozzen over for 4 or more weeks(crossed out) several days looks like a looking glass. & lots of young folks skating. part2_m2[Heroin and morphine became the drugs of choice for women (in part due to the discrete nature of using the drug). Heroin was so popular amongst women that it was made available for $2.50 in the Sears & Roebuck catalogue. For your $2.50 you received by mail several doses of the drug along with a syringe and ornamented carrying case. Heroin was also used in household medicines. For instance, as the 1897 advertisement reveals, Bayer aspirin had heroin as a central ingredient. Like opium and morphine, heroin became restricted to medical prescription only in 1914. Then, in 1919 the Supreme Court ruled that doctors could only prescribe it as a treatment and not just to maintain an addiction from DCL Vice Crime and American Law online]


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