[Sun. Nov. 1. 1914]  Sun.Nov.1   A pretty day & I’ve stayed home all day.  Audrey & Martha went over to Wyns, Aunt Edie & Geogia were ther. A. stayed for supper

[Mon. Nov. 2. 1914]  Mon.2. I sewed & crocheted on Audreys & Georgia’s Kimona Jackets.  wish they were done.  Wyn wants me to make another for

[Tue. Nov. 3. 1914]  Page 167. Tue 3.  Its rained hard this morn. A got breakfast & went back to bed & I got up & washed.  Frank turned the tub & we were through at one oclock  then I scrubbed the chairs. 

[Wed. Nov. 4. 1914]  Wed.4.  I washed the Dinning room windows & sweep & dust & cleaned until one oclock then I crocheted & helped A. with her skirt. I have been crocheting jackets to earn money for my clothes.  & help Nellie through this, Her last year of high school & it keeps me busy  I’ll tell you

[Thrs. Nov. 5. 1914]  Thurs.5.  We all, except Nellie, have dreadful colds & just sick, I have been getting up through & getting breakfast until Tue.  A got up. Oh. Dee. 

[Fri. Nov. 6. 1914]  Fri.6.  Well Elbert has been working quite steady  hope he can stick $3.50 per.day.  crocheted & sewed to day & did housework. 

[Sat. Nov. 7. 1914]  Sat.7.  Well I only did what I had to do. 

[Sun. Nov. 8. 1914]  Sun.8.  A beautiful day & I have been indoors

[Mon. Nov. 9. 1914]  Mon.9.  Still feeling bad  crocheted allday today  Elbert was laid off today. 

[Tue. Nov. 10. 1914]  Tue. 10.  Well I’ve done my useral house hole duties  & crocheted to day, am tired tonight.  Elbert went to Wellington today. 

[Wed. Nov. 11. 1914]  Wed.11.  I washed today alovely day  I cleaned the hen coop & then Tessie came over & we visited until 12-30. Roosters crowing when we went to bed. Oh dee. 

[Thrs. Nov. 12. 1914]  Thurs.12.  Well I have done the house work and sewed & crocheted & am tired

[Fri. Nov. 13. 1914]  Fri.13.  Frank & Ruby have a nice boy born to day  little before noon

[Sat. Nov. 14. 1914]  Page 168.Sat.14. Frank looks happy to-day for he says he has a Bonney boy.  I have worked hard to day  Audrey & Martha went to deliver eggs for me & then went to see Ruby & the boy .  Elbert Phone me to day saying he will be home Sun. or Mon. night.  Earl Krantz want the boys to pull out his launch. 

[Sun. Nov. 15. 1914]  Sun.15.  Well this has been one long day. & we haven’t had any letters for two week from the folks down south & only one card.  It started to rain along toward morn & has kept a steady drizzle alday, now it getting dark & I’ll be glad when tomorrow dawns. 

[Mon. Nov. 16. 1914]  Mon.16.  Elbert came home tonight. 

[Tue. Nov. 17. 1914]  Tue.17.  Well I have helped a little each day with the house work done the washing scrubbing & baking & my ironing, and I have crocheted six Jackets for Mrs. Sandford (2) for Wyn Grant (2) for Mrs. Weigand (3) for Miss Griffin (1) for Mrs Essig of Elyria.  I made and gave one to Audrey & Nellie, Ruby & Georgia for there birthdays. & I made (1) pair of crocheted slipper tops for Miss. Baumgart (1) pair for Ma & a pair for A. and apair of afagan stich booties for Ruby baby (Harvey Liman Bonney) came way up over his knees like stockings.  The boys Frank Elbert & Bob shot several rabbits before and after Thanksgiving & Ma’s birth-day was the (29th) she was (57) years old. just think

[Tue. Nov. 17. 1914] Page 169. The boys & Mr. Krantz pulled out the Notsobad & senior Krantz has been under the weather every since Mrs. Gillmore don’t like the baby & she eats Moraphine pills and she most lost her mind of late they have been having one great time & now are talking of sending her to the State Sanitorium. Frank has make to rooms of. the shed, painted the ceiling & papered the walls & is ready to move in.  Elbert built a coal house & wood shed for us & F has fixed up old corn crib for his coal shed.  River has been frozzen over for 4 or more weeks(crossed out) several days looks like a looking glass. & lots of young folks skating. 


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