September 1950

Fri. Sept. 1. 1950./ page. 2653./ 31y.p. 1-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to the fish house & they gave him 1/2 bull heads, “all cleaned,”  they had cleaned them for a women who call & said she couldn’t come after them,    so, We went clear over to Martha’s & Nellie’s & gave the fish, to them.    We took them some cucumbers & I took Nellie 2 big bouquets, one of glads & one of Zanias, batchlor buttons & so forth      she gave me a sandwitch & cup of tea to each of us & then we visited a little,  We gave them some of the peaches we bought & some cucumbers & a big pan of fish & Joan ask us to come back for supper,  so we went,     Nellie wanted us to eat there,    but, we wanted to get home before dark,    so we went back to M’s. & Jim came out & said his mother wouldn’t be home untill late    I hadn’t eat enough to hardly keep me & was about all in     when I got there, I boiled potatoes & fried fish & we ate at 8-p-m.    It rained all night & toward morning,    I got up & shut the window,    rain was coming down so fast the eve trough was runing over,    then the wind blew & at day break it was over & I raised the window again,    everything got washed & a good drink   Praise the Lord God of Hosts,    We needed the rain bad & I thank Jesus & give Thee all the praise & Glory for all things forever & ever, Amen.    It’s been cooler today & partly cloudy, with a good fresh breeze, from North East.    I received a card this morning from Nellie,     Johny & Marcie have gone to Boston    they are fixing up a house there to live in & he has a job, now, preaching    & she had a letter from Ella Jane today.    The war is closing in on us & more men are being called.    Ella Jane expects her husband to have to go & they are calling the women that were in the last war & Dr & Dentis.    Russia tells her men they have to win this war, or be shot.

Sat. Sept. 2. 1950./30.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Been feeling rather bum all day get a bone out of place between my scoulders & it makes my arm ach clear into my fingers, I seem to get it when I ride in the car.    We got a catalog & book from DeHaan today & the little new paper they print at Berlin Hights 5. pages.   It’s been sort of chilly today in the house & we had a little fire to clear out the dampness.    I  hope to feel better tomorrow,    I’ve sure felt weak & miserable today.    Elbert went to Huron & got some boiling meat & put it on to cook & went out & let it boil all over the stove & floor.    I got up to see what Jackei was yelling about & then I see.     I do

Sat. Sept. 2. 1950./ page. 2654./ 30.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day/ thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all the blessings He give to me.    I wish & pray & trust I’ll be sealed with His Promise & that I may do His will in all things Amen.

Sun. Sept. 3. 1950./ 28y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ It been a fine day    cool breeze hot sun    I didn’t go to Church all day (bowels loose) & Elbert don’t like to drive at night when traffic is heavy & to- morrow is Labor day & people going both ways     So we stayed home,    I’ve read the Word & prayed & trust I’ll be able to go Tue. to prayermeeting    I can’t stand the hardships as I once did    I don’t enjoy going even with Elbert,    he’s in such a hurry to get me home & I don’t have a chance to get what I want,    he gets what he wants,   Oh well, God Knows & I pray for his seal & trust it will be given to me soon that I may be ready    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy.

Mon. Sept.4. 1950./ 25. y.p.-1.-H-eggs today./ It’s been so cool    Elbert built a fire & kept it all day    N. east breeze & it’s freshened up tonight,    I didn’t do the washing today.    been feeling sort of bum,    really didn’t feel able to do anything today     but I cooked the dinner & did my daily round    beside I made a new yoke & sleeves for my night gown & the botton holes (3.) & sewed the bottons on so it’s ready for tonight,    I made one pillow slip & trimed the bottom of my new house dress & stitched the hem and still have the neck & one sleeve to stitch in & bottoms to face.    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for helping me & all of my blessing in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    I know they come only through Thee, fill me, & keep me I pray.

Tue. Sept. 5. 1950./ 26.y.p. -0-H-eggs today./ Elbert worked in his garden & cleaned the hen coop yesterday.    I got part the washing done    fell in to my chair    Praised the Lord & got up after I had a cup of tea.Elbert made for me.

Tue. Sept. 5. 1950./ page. 2655./ 26. y.p.-0-H eggs this day/ Well I got the washing all done ex- cept the blankets & my dress & Elbert had 2. shirts & 2 b.v.d’s & 2.prs. socks this time,     but, there was hot sun & strong N. East wind & they dried good.    Praise the Lord, He give me strength to get supper & go to prayer meeting tonight    We had such a good pray service,    Glory to God We Praise Thee in Jesus Holy Name.     The man that lived with the day family fell over dead & was buried I believe they said “yesterday.”    he wasn’t a christian & Mrs. Croles boy, “who is 15 yrs old” said, ma, that man will go to hell wont he?    I don’t want to go there, but the boys will laugh at me if I go to Church.    Well We have to take our stand & have courage enough to stand for Christ.    I thank Thee Jesus for answering prayer for & about Mrs. Crole’ & her family’s     I thank Thee Jesus for all things    I know Thou art able, Glory, to God in the Highest, Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Glory. Amen.

Wed. Sept. 6. 1950./ 33.y.p. 1-H-eggs today./ We’ve had fire in heating stove 2 days & nights now.    Well I really got the stitching all done on my house dress, so now all there is to do, tie a few threads & cut out an- other & get it on the way.    We hope to go to Elyria Fri. morning.     I do hope we can.    We went to the Church meeting tonight     there were only a few there, but I know Jesus was there to    We felt his presence & I thank him for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.    Glory to God in the Highest,    I Praise Thee Jesus .    I received a note from Laura Ann.    She wrote a very breif note  she, said she’d like some perenel poppie seed & she might want the dress goods,    but, she’d like to know what color it was as she has 3 favorite colors,   very flipent,    if any one said they had a nice piece of rayon for me a dress, I’d thank them & not be so snippy about it.    I think I’ll try to send her $5.00 & let that do in place of the goods & from there on, I let not mention anything again.    or maybe I might send her a little piece of the good,     it cost 55 cents per. yd. the young folks are not very greatful today for things. Oh, God, Please teach them Thy ways before it’s to late. 

Thurs. Sept. 7. 1950./ 21.y.p.1-H-[she put a cross with 3 symbols in the squares] eggs todays./  Elbert went & sold 12. doz. eggs today & he collected 60 cents from last week 7.20    I gave him back 4.00, he had to get straw & gas for the car.    I got up this morning & washed out a change of clothes for my self & Elbert’s sleepers & his 2 blankets & a cotton & one wool blanket for my bed,    I washed the towelas & rags to & then I took a bath & dress for church & then got supper & after we ate I took care of the bird & we went to church,  Jesus sat beside me & I’ve been asking what’s wrong with me that I don’t receive the holy Ghost,    I thought I had done or said something I’d ought not, be He showed me a clean slate so I still don’t understand why,    I thank Him & Praise Him for all things.    Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy Amen

Fri. Sept. 8. 1950./ page. 2656./27 y.p. 1.H-eggs today./  There was a big ring around the sun & it & the Sun were as white as ice, that was yesterday afternoon & it stayed untill the sun went down,    it was partly cloudy hot sun & very cool N. east breeze, real fresh.    Benn cool today.    Elbert went to the fish house,     but, no fish . & there don’t seem to be many fish.    they don’t get more than 80 or 90 lbs. at one lift,  that’s terrible,    it been getting bad for a loong time,     & so is all the radio tells us.    Well, I’ve felt all in, all day,    I got up at 9-30 & started getting things ready for dinner    Elbert came back & went to work in the garden.    We had dinner & I was just getting out to go out back & Elbert began talking about the worms in the walnut & I stopped to look & Miss. Clark came round the corner of the house    I excused me self & went on my way & did my earned & took the can into the house & went back & visited a while out side,    then we came in,    I made tea,    Elbert drank his & went with the papers,    I swept & cleaned up the table & got the soup ready for supper,     Elbert had brought in corn so I packed it ready to cook,    so it didn’t take so long to get supper cooked & on the table,    then I got dressed for Church,    Elbert picked corn, cucumbers & tomatoes & took to the car for Miss. Clark.       We left her at the place she lives,    she took the corn & things in & I’m sure she had her hand bag,     but she was all up set because Mrs. Fredrick, “the old woman she lives with” was gone & the house unlocked & the keys laying on the table,    she locked the house up  & came back to church.    Elbert drove up town after he let me out & he picked Mrs. Fredrick up & took her home about 20 minutes before church was out     & Miss Clark hurried out to the car to see if her purse was there    it wasn’t so she went on home;    Mrs. F. told Elbert she’d been to the drug store,    said she couldn’t sleep nights.    Oh, such a world.     I thank Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy for the service & lessons tonight & I give Thee all the Praise & glory forever & ever    We gave Mrs. Eppler corn      & Mrs. Sprunk’s been having a swollen knee same as Elbert & she looks & feels bad,     she 70.some yrs. old & liv es alone,    we took her home after church.    I pray God will heal her & help her in the ways she needs in Jesus Name, Amen

Sat. Sept. 9. 1950./ page. 2657./ 21.y.p. 1-H.eggs today./   Been partly cloudy, cool N. east wind or breeze.    I baked 2. tins bread biscuit .& a round loaf. & felt tired all day.    I’ve done my daily round.    Received note from Miss Moore to come in when I could & bring her 2. doz. eggs.    so we sent a card saying we would try to go Te. morning.    I hope we can    I want to get that job done.    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & pray for the Holy Ghost.  

Sun. Sept. 10. 1950./ 24.y.p. 1. H. eggs today./  Felt to weak to go to S.S. & Churc h this am but tonight we went    I took Mrs. Sprunk some bread biscuits & chillisauce & Miss. Clark bread biscuits & a small can of chicken, rice & broth.    & Eppler a hen all cleaned & cut up ready to cook & Jesus came to me all dressed in White & He seemed to want me to un- derstand something, but I seem to be to thick headed of late to Know,    I pray he will reveal it to me.    Glory Hallelujah  I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things, Amen    I Praise the Lord for we need the rain to finish tomatoes, carrot & so forth.    It’s been a nice day, partly cloudy, nice Sept. weather. 

Mon. Sept. 11. 1950./ 27.y.p. 0. H. eggs today/    We went to Lorain    I thought I could never make it    Couldn’t sleep untill morning    showered hard in the night & some hail showers after we got home,    couldn’t find a dress or any goods in Lorain in several stores,    stoppe in Vermilion & got a few groceries    went on through to Huron & got a so called dress,    got to face the bottom,    can’t find a thing to face it with.    I bought two pieces of dress goods for house dresses & 2. table clothes 5.25, one hand towel & some wash rags at Penney’s    I bought 4 bowls in Lipps tea Store.    I’m so tired,    but, we hope to go to Elyria tomorrow    I wish I could find a nice dress ready made,    Well, I received a plastic table cloth from Ethel & 3 crochet books today.    Well, I’ll have to let her know I got them & I think I’ll just send 5.00 instead of the goods for a dress,    I still haven’t decided.    I thank & praise Thee Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing.    Glory Glory I love Thee & Praise Thee.

Tue. Sept. 12. 1950./ 26.y.p. 0.H. eggs today/  We went to Elyria & I got one of the corsets back & they put in shorter stay & under the arms & in the back & changed the garters & it was passed noon when we were done,    I gave them & the woman that runs the elevator & we gave them both cucumbers & Miss Moore bought 2. doz. eggs & paid 1.20 & then we took Mrs. Bracket a doz. eggs & head & cabbage & 3 cucum-

Tue. Sept. 12. 1950./ Page. 2658./ 26.y.p. 0.H. eggs today/ – bers & she said she had a few pears bartlets, she wanted us to have & when she brought them in an egg carton all tied up    & as we left, she siad she had put a little gift in for us & when we got home we found 2. 1. dollar bills.    Elbert parked 2 minutes over time & had to pay 1.00 at Police Station,    he had gone to toilet,    he’s so afraid he will spend a inickle, that he paid a 1.00    he spent 3.93 cents for food & I gave him 50 cents    & so, he had 3.70 cents he took iin with 50 cents & I gave him & so he was only out 23cents    well 1.00 was for gas, of what he spent,    he rested a few minutes    drank a cup of tea,  & went with the papers.    We bought a piece of shank meet & I boiled it & the knuckle & cooked rice & when he came back we ate a small musk- mellon & some ice cream & after a while we ate rice soup with onion in it.    It began to rain & it sure did a good job at it.    When we went this a- m. it wasn’t raining here, but looked as if Elyria would get it & when we got there, they had;    one place it was as if we were fording a river    there were lots of cars & truck ahead of us going through the water hub deep.    We went to Nellies & ate lunch    We took rolls & lunch meat & she made tea,    they all seemed glad to see us.    I gave each of the 3 children a shiny new penny.    We ate & visited some,    Nellie was teaching a little boy,    Bonita went to Boston with Johny & Marcie & the babys & will stay untill end of this week    it’s a 24 hour drive & they were going to stop over night with a friend of Johny’s & Marcie’s & rest a little,    Johny has a church where he will be preaching & they have a cottage to live in & they or Johny has to drive 45 miles to where they had been living & get there belongiings & I think Nellie said he would have to drive that 45 mi. to school every day & preach on Sunday’s .   90 miles a day.    We came back before the rain & I was glad for I’m so tired.    I unlocked the door & pushed it open & droped a can of honey on my big toe    I thought I’d broken it, but guess not,    it’s swollen & black & blue.    We were both to tired to go back to Vermilion to church    he had to take the papers & so didn’t feel like going back & so I 

Tue. Sept. 12. 1950./ page. 2659./ 26. today./ did go,     but I have been praying that the others would go & some new ones would go,    I pray they did & I thank God in Jesus Name for my & our many blessings,    I give Him all the Praise & Glory for all things.    We got a little ice in the rain yesterday & they got more hail & larger hail stones in Elyria this morning,    No mail    I fell in the back door with pail of water    banged my ankle. 

Wed. Sept.13. 1950./ 25.y.p. 1-H-eggs today/  I did half the washing & took a bath & went to church    Elbert warmed up the supper.    he hasn’t felt very good either but seemed to feel mor agreeable tonight after church.    Miss Clark stopped by the car & talked to him a little     she went or was going over to stay with the other old woman,    she thanked Elbert for the chicken & rice soup & both Mrs Eppler & the other preacher “a young Lady” thanked me for the hen we took “all ready to cook” to them    it was funny    Elbert cleaned 2 hens & some how put 3 thighs in there pan & they spoke of it tonight.    & all said it was good   Praise the Lord.    Mrs Horning her daughter & son & her mother in law, Mrs Crole & her 2 daughters & the little boy, Mr. Whitman  Mrs. Eppler & Roney the other minister & Mr & Mrs Wikel & I were all that turned out tonight.    We had a good instruction service on the bible a very thought message.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.    I received my check today   this makes 4 checks I have had from the Goverment.    I think it’s 4.

Thurs. Sept. 14, 1950/ 25.y.p. -1-H-eggs today./  Elbert went & sold 16 1/2 doz. of eggs & brought back $9.90 & he has got to get feed    he got my check cashed & I’ve paid in my tenth to church but we need a few cloths yet.    & another rainy day.    Elbert cashed my check today.    I praise God in Jesus Name for the check.   I didn’t do much to day & I don’t believe I’ll do much tomorrow.    I swept & dusted all 3 rooms today & did my daily round    I finished drying clothes in house.    I went to church tonight,   had Elyria church folks over tonight

Thurs. Sept. 14. 1950./ page. 2660./ 25.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/  I do thank & praise the Lored for all my many blessings in Jesus Name.    Elbert took the papers.    he’s tried to spade a little, but his knee is bad & still pains him.    I’m tired & so weak tonight.    

Fri. Sept. 15. 1950./ 21.y.p.-1-H eggs today/  I sewed a little    had to do a little stitching on my dress & I cut a heavy part wool blanket in the center & sewed selvage edges together & hemed out side edges & darned one small hole & got 2 or 3 more to darn on the machine.    I started the supper & Elbert helped to finish while I put away the machine & things & we ate & I had to take a wash & change cloths for church & we went to church & got back at 10-20-p-m.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for His Presents & Power & all my many blesing,    I pray He will reveal more & more to me.

Sat. Sept 16. 1950./ 27.y.p. 0. H eggs today./  I did a big washing & got it most all dry   the hems & seam were quite damp so I ironed them dry after supper    Elbert helped with the supper    he brought steak & my was it good with hot potaatoes & carrots, baking powder biscuits & hot tea.    So as I did my daily round I’m to tired to write letters or cards to- night    I’m going to read my bible some & go to bed hoping to go to Church in the morning,     I don’t get much out of my lessons there,    but, I can’t go so far to the other one- very often.    I thank & praise God for our blessings & I hope to do His Will.    Partly cloudy today with a N. East breeze, not strong.    Elberts been spading up the garden & he’s so lame & sore,    but he’s done his round & delivered the papers   carried water & dressed a hen for tomorrow.

Sun. Sept.17. 1950./ 23.y.p-1-H-eggs today./   We went to Sunday School & Church & Church to- night,    been a cool N. east breeze & hot sun.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good all day   his knee & his back hurt so,    guess he has taken a little cold & then he spades to steady & to long.    We got home early & I’m tired all over,    so, I going to bed & hope to get some rest    I want to try to sew a little tomorrow after dinner.    I thank Jesus & Praise Him that He is & ever will be & all Praise and Glory should belong to Him for He is truly worthy Amen.    It’s cool enough tonight to have a little fire. & there’s a heavy dew.   

Mon. Sept. 18. 1950./ 22. hens eggs today./  we killed the last old hen & so now it will be hens from now on.   & the feed has taken such a jump looks as if we wont keep only a few from now on. 4.    for scratch grain & ____ for mash.    Well I cut two new waist patterns & hope to cut out a dress to- morrow    it takes me so long to get a dress made if I just had some day,  to cook & do the odds & ends,    but, maybe I’ll get it done.    I hope to make one for Sun wear also.    I thank God in Jesus Name.

Tue. Sept. 19. 1950./ page. 2661./ 23, Hens eggs today/  Brother Fred Bonney would be 65. yrs. old today. & his daughter will be 16 yrs. old Jan. 13th. 1951 [1885 written between lines]  Well, I haven’t done only my daily round,    It’s been a nice day partly cloudy N.East breeze.    Elbert went to Lorain & came back in the another car,    he dug some of my red potaotes & they are sure nice, brittle & cook out so white & light,    I cooked a few, for dinner & supper,    we had liver for dinner & it was sure tuff     We had steak for supper & it was good, the price is terrible,    I’ve been just so tired out to-day I couldn’t work    hope I feel better tomorrow,    I haven’t done the washing yet this week,    I wish I knew what it is     I neet to pep me up & give me more strength.    I need something & need it bad,    my nerves are so bad,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name supply my need & give each one that prays for me 4 fold what they ask for me.    I know they will pray for me, for they always tell me. & sometimes I feel the power of God going through me & I thank Him & I thank Him for those who prayed for me & pray His Blessing upon them also.    It’s good when we are all of one accord.    I wish it was always that way.    & Now I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & pray, Oh God, Thou will in Jesus Holy Name help me to Praise Thee in Spirit and in Truth,  Jesus Blessed Holy & Divine.    

Thurs. Sept. 21. 1950./ 23. eggs to day./  Elbert sold 14. doz egg for 65 cents, 9.10 in all   then he went toward Lorain, he had

Thurs. Sept. 21. 1950./ page. 2662./ 23. hens eggs today./  a car from the garage while they fixed his car,    so on the way the brakes give out & he had to leave it at an oil station,    he got a ride from there into Lorain with a man & took the bus to garage & got his car & they sent a man out with him to get the other car,    he poured brake fluid in & it was O.K. but Elbert’s car is still on the bum & they soaked him $69.00 for what they didn’t do,    or it seems that way    he got it home, on the drive    & there it set    he managed to get it started when the papers came & only got to Ruggles & it stopped    he call Baker’s garage in Vermilion,    they had a man going to Huron, so he stopped & helped him get under way again,    he got down near West’s on Maine St. Vermilion & the paper boy came on his bic. & took the papers to the stand & came back & got his & Mr, West helped Elbert get the car over by West’s & he locked it up & left it there & Mr. & Mrs. West brought him home,    I was praying he was O.K. & Mrs. West came in & said, we brought Bonney home,    I ask, is he O.K.?    she told me about his leaving the car & so they thought they’d like to come & bring him home,    he gave them some potatoes cucumbers cabbage & tomatoes & a few flowers & they went home    I had been cutting out my house dress & making soup for supper,    I carried a pail of water & got it safe & got my dress a cut except yoke & sleeves,   & pocket.    I put it away when they came in & [shot?] of the fire & went out to get them the flowers, then after they went I finished the soup & we ate it was 7-30-p-m.    Elbert read the paper & then counted the eggs & went to bed to tired to sleep, poor boy.    Now I’m going to my bed.    I washed this morning & then started on my dress,    I got things ready for dinner so it didn’t take long after he got here.    I pray they will get his care fixed right,before he brings it back tomorrow & I hope he pays up all the bill on it,     he wants to get some clothes & shoe, he’s badly in need of    I don’t know why he hasn’t done it, but he’s using it up on the car.    Well, I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Sept 22. 1950./ 29 hens egg goday./  Well, I sewed a very little today    hope I can do much better tomorrow.    It’s been a fine Fall day & I like & hear the blue

Fri. Sept. 22. 1950./ page. 2663./ 29. hen eggs this day./  Jays,     a bunch of them come in the after noon & yell & holler & they are so pretty & sort of saucy.    Elbert went to Lorain, got a ride soon after he hit the highway as far as Sunny Side    then another fellow picked him up & took him to the corner of 21st. & broadway & a machanic came back to Vermilion with him & cleaned the carberator & put in a sieve & then it run O.K.     & he came home at noon,    he’s so tired.    he’s been digging potatoes & picking up what he dug & putting them in boxes.    he get’s so tired he has to coax hisself to keep at what ever he’s trying to get done, & I’m the same way.    I do love & Praise God for all our many blessing & that He does take care of His own.    I don’t have the happy feeling in this church I use to have,    but pray God will help people to do His will & cleans me & fills me in Jesus Name,    Glory to God in the Highest    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen.   I received a letter from Mrs. Goll & a tract Mrs. Small send her.    & I pray that those who owe her an apology, will find it in there hearts to do so.    May God help us to be of one accord & love each other.    

Sat. Sept. 23. 1950./ 21. hens eggs today./   Elbert went to Huron for fish,    they gave him 2 small catfish.    I rested awhile & then got up & did the sweeping & then got the dinner ready to put on to cook,     When he got here & he come before I was all done,    but, he had to clean the fish, so I had everything ready & partly cooked by the time he brought the fish in,    then I put them frying & we were soon eating,     he went out & dug potatoes the white ones & some red ones    While I darned some small holes under the arm of my good dress,    or the best one I have     & then I stitched up the skirt & sleeves of the house dress I cut out the other day.    I basted the waist together but haven”t cut it just right     so I’ll have to do some over,    but, if I keep at it maybe I’ll get it together after awhile.    Wind went N.E. from S.W. & been N.East today & quite cool,    we’ve had a little fire for several days.    & it feels good at night.    Elbert took the papers & they have changed the time back to standard, 1. hr. slower.    I like God’s time best of all,    Elbert set clock back tonight.   Wind’s blowing & will soon heap the hollow with leaves.     I tried to baste a little but had to give it up.    I’m not quite as tired as I was but, still feel altogether to heavy & so I’ll read & talk to Jesus & go to bed.   Giving Him the praise for all things Amen. 

Sun. Sept. 24. 1950./ page. 2664./ 28. hens eggs today./ We went to church this morning & again tonight & Elbert went in & listened to the sermon tonight.    Miss Renie has been here for 3 weeks    she’s a good preacher & younger,    she going home to Fostoria & wait for a call as she hasn’t any place as yet to preach steady.    Mrs Eppler teaches a good sermon.    There were quite a few out to service tonight.    I took three big bunches of flowers & after Church Mrs. Eppler divided them & gave each one a good bouquet even Mr. Whitman got a nice bunch,    & he was so pleased with them.    So if the Lord will hold off the frost for another week I’ll take some more for some who don’t have flowers.    I thank & Praise God for saving my soul & teaching me His Will & for the craving He give me for souls,    All the Glory, Honor & Power truly belongs to Him    He is more wonderful than I can ever tell in word.  Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 25. 1950/ 27. hens eggs today./  I put a facing on the bottom of the yellow dress I bought,    & then washed & pressed it & did my daily round fell into toilet but didn’t spill the can    haven’t felt so good for a few day    can’t drive myself,    don’t seem to have the strength    Elbert went to fish house in Huron    got 6 nice pike & 1. musskalunge we had later for dinner & pike for supper     he dug the balance of the potatoes & picked them up & took care of them & he’s to tired tonight     the papers came so late Knettle came see what was wrong & every one was up in arms about it,    the man don’t bring them anymore    the little woman “May” brought them 5-30-p-m & said they’d be late every night.    She wears a pr. of bright red pants.    Well I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for His guidance.    I received a card from Bonita today, shes been over cleaning house & helping Marcie get in order. 

tue. Sept. 26. 1950./ 16 Hens eggs today./  We went to Elyria,    I got my corsets & then we went to Nellies & gave her 1/2 bu. cucumbers & she insisted we have lunch with her so we each had a sanwitch & visited a while,    she was wiping up the floors,    said she was expecting Bonita & that she’d put up 50 qt’s of food since Bonita went but hadn’t done up the house work as B. did,    but she’s had B’s. 3 children to take care of & a little boy soon as B’s back home to take care of things.    Elbert called Inez Hunt & we went over there & had another sanwich cake & ice cream & tea & we went out & look at the flowers & yard & she gave me 1/2 bu. grapes & 6. Dutches pears, her mother came & brother Keneth & so we had quite a visit & then we started home    had to stop in Vermilion & get oil & water    Elbert don’t take very good care of his car,    he forgets it has to have water oil & sometimes gas,    the papers were here

Tue. Sept. 26. 1950./ page. 2665/     . hens eggs this day./ so he went right back to Vermilion with them & I had supper most ready when he got here,  ham & cabage, potatoes & onions & sweet corn.   it was getting late & he fed the hens & locked up & we listened to the news & then went back to Vermilion to Church,    only 3 of us turned out    Mrs. Fredrick Mr. Whitman & myself.    We had a good service & prayer meeting & got home at 10-p-m.    Praise the Lord God of Hosts, Hallelujah,    Glory to God, in Jesus Holy Name. 

Wed. Sept. 27. 1950./ 27. hens eggs today./ Well I got up 9-30-a-m & swept & mixed up bread,    I had 2 tins bread biscuits cooked dinner & supper & felt so tired    he’s been cutting brush out by the grapes, south west of the hen house.    he says there are a few grapes out there,     but if he gets the brush cut, maybe they wont stay.    & we have a stray cat.    Elbert had cramps on his ribs acrossed his back under his shoulder blades,    I rubed it with alcohol & winger green mixed.    I didn’t sew or wash today    been partly cloudy & it seems warmer tonight.    I thank my Father in Heaven for His tender mercies & love & pray for all the souls of his all over the world, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus.

Thurs. Sept. 28. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today:/   I did the washing & had a big wash.   got it most all dried out side,    it’s been a beautiful day hot sun & a breeze that seemed to come first from one direction & then another but tonight it was N. East,  wwhat little there was    The telephone boys have been snipping the branches out of the trees along the road & they took the tops out of the two pear trees across the road,    We were given permission to pick up pears off the ground & I have gathered many bu. from yr. to yr.    I pickled lots of them & caned lots for eating.    but since the fruit walks out of the basement I decided not to do much caning this yr.    Inez gave us a few grapes    I thought I’d mak it up in juice to drink    I had severel gal. in the basement but it walked off.   & all the apple sauce I caned last fall & took so much care to have it taste just right.   I still pray God will punish Who ever took it.    Nellie said she had lost half as much money as she got in her pension, for she had to let one boy she teaches, wait untill. B. gets back home   I suppose she wont forget to tell her again & again & the Poor Girl works everyday & was even working while she was gone helping Johny & Marcie,  if she only Knew the Lord

Fri. Sept. 29. 1950./ page. 2666./ 19. Hens eggs today/  Well, I went out & help a very very little & Elbert cut the flox & the weeds in the back yard my feet hurt so bad to get around on them & they were badly swollen after standing & washing yesterday    & I did the ironing today & took a bath while Elbert get supper    he just warmed up the left overs & fried the pork he got up to Huron this morning,    he didn’t get any fish.    I rested a while this morning.    I wrote a letter to Martha & he mailed it,    I pray she will take it in the right spirit.    I received a card from Audrey this morning.    & I surely must get to it & write letters & cards,    I owe every one a card or a letter & I haven’t been able to do anything all week to my dress    & I’ll need it bad before I get it done.    I dreamed Mrs. Sprunks son & daughter in law came home & tonight we were going to Amherst to Church,    thought we stop at the church & Mertle said, Oh no, not tonight    it’s young peoples night tonight.    Tue. night she said they weould be having the meeting every night but Sat night.  so we stopped & visited with Mr. & Mrs. West a while & she said her brother & his wife were here from California    Maybe that was why I dreamed they had come home.    I thank & Praise God for saving my soul & healing me    I Praise Him in Jesus Holy Name for all things great, or small.    Hope I can get the grapes into some cans tomorrow.   It’s been a beautiful day.

Sat. Sept. 30. 1950./ 23. Hens. eggs today./  Well I slept untill 9-a-m. then got up and started    did my morning chores & got things ready for dinner,    Elbert went to fish house & got a big mess of fish,    I spent a few to Epplers & Harry Miller & to Miss Clark,    she was at Millers so Elbert gave them to her there,    it was just as well.    I cook several for dinner & for supper & got enough for dinner tomorrow.    Elbert mailed a card to Bonita & one to Audrey.    & I had to rip my waist apart & do it over & I have it all basted once more, ready for the skirt,    now, perhaps if all goes well & God Willing, I can get at it Mon.    I hope I can.    Now I’m going to bed & try to get up for Church in the morning.    I wish so much I could go to 31st st Church for I feel more welcome there somehow,    done here they are nice sometimes & some times they scarcely Know you.     I don’t know what was wrong Fri. night, there seemed to be some 

Sat. Sept. 30. 1950./ page 2667./ 23 hens eggs this day./ wrong, for Miss Clark said she was over to Amherst & they had a wonderfull meeting & preaching for an hour.    And now I am wondering, if it was Elbert’s fault or if it was Mertle’s fault.    I know it will all come out in the wash, as they say.     I thank God for His Love & for His Grace    He’s a Wonderful & Merciful, Saviour and & all the Praise Honor & Glory belongest to Him Truly.    Elbert took the papers.    I gave him all but 2.00 of the egg money. 

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