August  1952

Fri. Aug. 1. 1952./ 6. eggs today/ Well it’s been much cooler today & neither of us felt fit to work   I got up at 11-a-m. mountain time, 9-a-m. sun-time   Elbert went to Huron & got a good mess of perch, enough for dinner & supper & a few for tomorrow,   they tasted real good & take the place of meat & digest better,   he had 3 white bass,  he likes them,   I should have swept, but finished stitching on my dress & patched two of his old shirts, he can wear them once or twice more.  We received a card from Nellie,   I had said on the card I wrote to her that we missed them all for our summer picnic, & this is what she wrote back,   Dear folks:  received your card   will try to write in a letter.   I don’t know what picnic you missed   was there one?  Glad it’s some cooler today.   Write   Love Nellie.    You’d think we were no relation, & they’ve been coming each summer for a picnic; when Johny & Marcie & children come home.   then they & Joe & Bonney Bell & there 3 children, Bonita & her 3 children & Nellie & Audrey Merlin Martha & there 3 children come & have a picnic,   so none of them come, although they have kept saying they were coming & they have kept put-ing it off from week to week.   If I had changed my mind I’d tell the rest so they could do as they pleased with out keeping them waiting.   Nellie told her children, “I” Elinor didn’t have scarsly any education,   well, I pray God will help her to use hers as He would use His, I put her through high school  & helped her through Normal school,   I’ve never had much, but thanked God earnestly for all I had I’ve always known she was jealous of all I had & have.   I do pray thatGod will help her come clean & do His will as He would have her do.   God help us in Jesus Name I ask Amen.   It’s was so cold last night & my feet were cold alnight   We had a heavy cold white due, not quite a frost.   Tonight it’s cold again.   Elbert had little fire this morning.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.

Sat. Aug. 2. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ I washed out what few things I had that was dirty & what Elbert had  his sleepers, pillow ship B.V.D.s socks & wash rags & towels & I baked 1. loaf & 1. tin of bread & swept out the middle & cleaned the bird cage,   & I’m so terribly tired,   I cooked dinner & supper & washed up all the dishes tonight.   I received a nice letter from Eilean today,  she seems like such a nice girl. Well sun

Sat. Aug. 2. 1952./ Page. 2951./ 8. eggs this day./ was so hot  & we had a N. east cool breeze.   wasn’t quite so cold last night, as it was Thurs night for there was a very white due Fri. morning, not quite so white this morning, but white.   There are a few dahlias in bloom & one glad that we missed last Fall when we dug them   we missed several & they’re up & coming,   the others are al-most as high   Yellow dahlias are starting to come, but it takes them so long to grow.   Elbert’s hoed them all good, but he hasn’t put any fertelizer or water on them,    he planted & hoed them,   now, they are supposed to do the rest.   he has mowed the weeds & wild carrots.   Elbert’s took his bath & gone to bed.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things, Amen.

Sun. Aug. 3. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ We were here alone all day,   I been wondering how Audrey is today,   I suppose Martha’s all tired out.   from there trip,   I hope to get off to a prayermeeting or Church meeting before long.   I listened to Rev. Buser tonight   his father “Who is 80 yrs. old is with him & his brother, his son Paul, & his wife & several others,   He’s just beginning to do a good work where he is “in Amherst Ohio” and now they are going out to do evenelestic work, traveling about.   Buser says he’s 40 yrs. old & been preaching 23 yrs.   I don’t see just how that is, but that’s what he said tonight.    I would like to have gone to Church today,   I’m terribly weak in body, but perhaps I’ll manage it before long. Sun has been hot & a cool N. east wind that was quite strong, but died about out at dusk   Elbert walked up & took a look at the highway & lake & came back again,   his head has been bad of late & he looks as if he felt bad to.   Well, I thank God in Jesus Holy Name, for our blessing, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 4. 1952./10. eggs today./ Well, felt so bum thought I wouldn’t wash & then, Elbert went to Huron to see if he could get some fish, but came home with pork shoulder,   I gave him 80 cents   he mailed Audrey’s card & got 5  1 cent stamps   He put a stamp on it,    I had run out of them   he brought 4 home,   I use mostly cards when I write, getting so I hate to write letters, takes me to long.   We had dinner,  Elbert’s check came & he went to Vermilion & got what groceries he did-n’t forget & so he’ll lhave to get the rest Thurs.   I have to pay half & so 20 goes on coal bill & we divide the bal.   I haven’t got my check & wont have it untill 12th,   We received a letter, “nice long one” from Audrey.   she’s working   was off Mon.    says Gertie has a vacation starting 11th.   Well after Elbert went to Vermilion, I did out the washing,   there wasn’t much , but glad there wasn’t more,   it rained so hard after he left, but dried most everything out side, Elbert don’t feel very well tonight,  gas around his heart,  I pray God

Mon. Aug. 4. 1952./page 2952./10 eggs this day./will take it away & help him to feel better soon,  his head & hip seem to be so bad, but he just wont use good judgement, goes out & stoops & pulls weeds & off times in the hot sun,   I try to get him out of sun but can’t watch him all the time.    I am very tired   we both got supper together & now I have dishes done & I’m going to read & pray & go to bed.   I thank God my Heavenly Father for helping me so much & Praise Him in Jeus Name, for the strength He gives me daily   Surely He is all truth & Power,   I wish I were like Him.

Tue. Aug. 5. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Been a nice day, Cool N. east breeze, partly cloudy, Elbert went to fish house & got good mess of fish   come home   cleaned them & got potatoes & carrot ready for dinner,    I really had a good sleep the first real sleep I had for sometime   was noon when I got up.   I got the fish on to cook & he put potatoes on & we had dinner    he got some peaches & plumbs 2. lbs. each.   they are good also.   We have been needing a change in food so bad & then after dinner I mended Elbert’s sleepers & put elastic in front on each side to make them more snug around the waist   then I put patch on back of my nightgown yoke.   & I made a petticoat out of an old night gown skirt    I wasn’t quite done on it when Mrs. day & her children came in & one of her neighbors a woman 57 yrs. old “she says” but she looks 87. a queer acting woman   she didn’t talk much,   she’s a window woman. snow white hair & the skin hangs loose & wrinkled all around her neck   she may have been thick & chunky or rather stout & stalky.   Mrs. Day brought apiece of pork loin about 2 1/2 lbs.  & 1/2 pk of green & yellow string beans   I thanked her & ask her if she would have all the ladys fast Fri. & pray God to heal me of dropsy,  she said she would & now, I thank God in Jesus Name for the healing, for Jesus, said this desease was healed by fasting & healing, so Glory to His Name    I thank & Praise THee Jesus & trust for the healing; Amen, Amen. Hallelujah & Glory to God in the Highest.   Received a card from Mrs. Goll today  a very nice card   a little house with roses all about & over the door & it said “A friendly thought, From one who cares, And Keep you close, In thoughts and prayers” Then a bible verse from Romans 15.13.” “Now the God of hope fill you with joy & peace.   She allways send well ment & pretty cards   Oh, God I thank Thee for my blessings & Glory be to Thy name for ever & ever.   I had Elbert mail a card to Nellie this morning, one to Audrey yesterday.

Wed. Aug. 6. 1952./ page. 2951./ 6. eggs today./ Well I didn’t do much today   swept out the middle cooked & washed dishes & cut out new sleeves for my new dress,   hope these will be O.K.  the others are plain & I don’t like them   maybe I can stitch these & get them in, to-morrow   It’s been partly cloudy & Cool N. east breeze.   Elbert hopes to go to Lorain, after he sells the eggs, tomorrow & now he used the egg money the time or two weeks ago & one woman gave him 1.30 for the eggs for this week & he used that & the 1.30 she paid for last week & the 1.30 the other  woman paid (3.90) all together to pay for the mash with 1.23 from his money,   now he will only have 1.40 from the one woman & 10 cents from the other one this week, that’s 1.50 toward the grain so he’ll have to dig down in his own pocket for the rest,  that’s the way he does things,   then he worries & figures to get the rest.  I pray God will, in Jesus Name take care of him as he goes & comes & help him in all the ways he needs.   We received card from Audrey this morning, she’s working.

Thurs. Aug. 7. 1952/ 10. eggs today./ Been a nice day, Cool N. East breeze & Elbert sold 4 doz. eggs 70 cents per doz. & since he collected partly it last week, he did not have much today,    he went to Lorain & got 2 qts. olive oil & he met Etta Tomas & visited a little    she is still working, her mother died a yr. after George died   I think its 4 or 5 yrs. now & she said she & Elisabeth were living in the house,  she & her mother, had lived in, for 14. yrs.  With one of Elisabeth’s boys,  he’s married & they get on fine    Elbert called Mrs Cranage & she said they were all well.  then he tried to get Bill Todd’s place but there was no answer,   he went up to Audrey’s & no one home so he shoved my card under her door.   I hope she finds it   Elbert has potatoes all hilled up & he has cut some brush & hoed some today,   he wants to go for fish in the a.m.   I felt to bad to work,   Elbert got back from Lorain before I got up & I only did what seemed most necessary.   Elbert talked to John Snyder about some ties, for under the toilet & he said he could have them.   I dreamed of Miss Mc.Govern, her brother & John & Marry were dead & Miss Ann was very ill & had ask for me,   I met a few of there relatives & a baby that no one else could do nothing with “& it was cold”  I gave warm milk & lay down & cuddled it close to me & it smiled & dropped off to sleep, for all time,   Elbert came for me so I was bidding everyone good by   I Praise God in Jesus Name for all things.

Fri. Aug. 8. 1952./ page. 2954./ 7. eggs today./ Well, I fasted & prayed & trust the rest did the same & that by Sun. I’ll be O.K.,   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for this will mean another true testimony in Thy Name, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.    Haven’t done any extra work today but must do some tomorrow,  God Willing.   Been a nice day cool N. east breeze.   We received a letter from Audrey, she’s so tired   When whe gets home,   Gertie slipped, as she was coming in through the window & brussed her up rather bad   they hang clothes out, on the roof, on a line & have to climb in a chair step in end of sink & through the window,   “Audrey’s 60 yrs. old & such Gertie is 64. yrs. old & neither of them should be doing a thing.   Audrey said she gives her back & hips & her arm a good rubbing & that they had turned black & blue, she will sure be sore & lame & shook up   I know how bad it is & will be & pray God Will be merciful, for we are all sinners,   I thank Thee Jessus, & Praise Thee for ever & ever, & for all things.    Help Audrey not to feel so hard, but to put herself in same place & feel sorry for her as she’d wdnt Gertie to feel for her.  WEll, Ella Jane is a long thinker   she hasn’t wrote to me yet.   I have to write to Eilean & hope she can come help me yet. 

Sat. Aug. 9. 1952./ 9. eggs. today./   Been a very cloudy day    sun came out a few times.   Elbert went to Huron but got no fish,   he help some one take out a clutch from there engine  I think he said it was Skip Shoe’s boat   I was still in bed, when he got here,   but got up & he had got dinner cooking, so he finished it.   I got up at 2-1-m & rubbed his back & hip with alcohol & vicks ointment   he went to sleep shortly after that,   he’s cut brush, mowed & took care of hens & I haven’t done much   cooked supper washed dishes  took care of beds & rooms & wiped up floors & took care of my bird & crocheted a little,  no mail today & tomorrow is Sun.   there has been two or three card looking in here today 2 of them were very interested & went north & just had time to go west on main highway & passed here going north again & looking as if to see if any one was home   the other went  South turned around & came right back several times & the other went up & back twice    I think I’ll get that young Dick, to see what he can find out,   he wants to just try his hand at his work. [Detective?].   

[John Harnish Diary Entry: Saturday. Aug. 9, 1952.: We all went to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert.]

Sun. Aug. 10. 1952./ 7. eggs today/ Well we had a real super prise surprise to-day, Johny, Marcie & there 3. children & they had Nelson with them   he’s been with them for a while helping look after the younger children.   Johny’s really got his hands full,   but, he say they will soon 

Sun. Aug. 10. 1952./ page. 2955./ 7. eggs this day./  be grown up,   He has to preaches in two churchs so he has to preach in & they have to call on there people & both churchss,  he just took a notion while they ate dinner to come over & call on us,   that was wonderful   it takes about 4 1/2 gal. of gas he figures everything to a fraction and he will need to be with 3 children to take care of.   I do hope & pray he will get out of his ministry, all God intends we should have;   I thank Thee Jesus.   I’m so sorry I didn’t have more I could give them, to help them,   they said they had a big 8 room house & that the rooms were quite large but when they get use to them I’m sure they’ll enjoy them if it isn’t a cold house & I pray God it isn’t.   Been partly cloudy & cooler today.   I haven’t been out much today.   We thank and Praise God for our blessings & I’m trusting for strength & I’m thanking God in Jesus Name for my healing Amen Glory Hallelujah;   I gave Marcie the little blue square, all wool & the blue crepe dress Ineze gave me.   I gave her a piece of toweling, for hands   it would make about 4. towels & the linene table cloth Miss. Baumgart gave me & a piece of print goods I had left from my dress & 2 cans apple sauce & 1. pt. can of jelly & a big bag of cans “glass” she thought she could use some paper milk bottles qt. size she said she could use in ice box & onion bags 10. lb bags,   I thought the children would like them to play with,   I wish I could have had a cake for them, but they had to fly when they left   he had to preach tonight.   I trust Jesus took them back safe.   We heard a preacher at Amherst 4 Square who come from Califonia “a visiter” he did a good job & preached very plain,   a child could have understood him,   We need that kind of sermons & I pray it did a lot of good. 

Mon. Aug. 11. 1952./ 8. eggs today/ Well, today Elbert went to Huron this a-m & got a nice mess of fish mostly white bass & he bought 3 pork chops $1.13   just think 53 1/2 cents a piece for one meal   that’s the worst I ever done, that’s terrible.   I set bread & baked two tins bread biscuits & a baking Powder biscuit on a pie tin for supper for I didn’t set bread untill after 2-p-m & it wasn’t quite done for supper,   fish were good for dinner & I had a good supper.   It’s been mostly cloudy all day & late this after noon.   began a misty rain & still at it.   I thank THee Jesus for all our many blessing  help me to be worthy.

Tue. Aug. 12. 1952./ page. 2956./ 7. eggs today./ Rained in showers last night & got real cool  radio said it would be 50′ or 60 degrees before morning & I think it was 50 or 55 at least   I had to put an extra blanket on before morning & it’s been so cool all day & shivery tonight   Elbert built a fire to take chill out of the room.   His hip & back still hurt him,   but, he mowed a lot of weeds today   he went down along the drain & cut brush & sumac (we call it shoe mack)  I knew it wasn’t spelt the way we pronounce it, so I looked in dictionary,   hope it sticks in my memery.   Well, it’s been showery all last night & this morning & some this after nooon.   I didn’t do much, mended my old dress   I was sick part of the night both ways,   but at last got settled,   but didn’t rest much so I didn’t get up un-till 2-p-m.   We both received our checks today & a card from Audrey,  “she says” Martha said  she is still planing on a steak fry, for Labor Day.   Well, it would be nice if they all want to come & have a visit & picnic,   but, we can’t aford to pay 1.50 each for steaks   that would be 3.00 for Elbert & I & I just can’t do it,   I’ve got to save for taxes & for another tank of gas & there’s one more payment to make on the coal & Elbert spents all he can  get hold of & he spent hen’s money & has to buy bag of grain out of his 6.00 check, so he wont have anything left for bal of the month   I’ll have to manage somehow out of mine & I can’t as yet,  see how it can be done.   if he can get fish once a week, it helps a lot   we ate 4 eggs for supper,  we were both so hungry we had can of beans & what few potatoes & carrot that was left from dinner & bread & apple sauce & hot coffee.   then I wont eat again untill 12 noon tomorrow but he eats in the morning.   I washed out my stockings 2. prs. & some wash rags & wrinsed out the rags & hope to wash if weath is suitable in the morning    We listened to Rev. Buser preach & the hyms,  I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all our blessing, Amen.

Wed. Aug. 13. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t think I could wash today but I got most of it done & dried out side.   I have Elbert’s sleepers & my dress & the blankets.   No mail today.  Elbert has mowed & pulled weeds & his back is very bad,   he hopes to go sell eggs tomorrow

Wed. Aug. 13. 1952./ page. 2957./ 6. eggs today./ he has to buy grain for hens.  that will take most of his check   he spends the egg money & so he has to spend, his for feed but he will have 3.00 on the eggs & I’ll check on the price of everything when he get’s home.  I have to argue about all the food slips, coal bill feed & egg money,   I’m so sick of it   if I could only do the things myself, but he don’t keep track & he can laugh if he can’t remember & I have to see that coal, light, food & gas are paid for, & the taxes.   Well I thank God for all I have & pray He will see us safly through to Glory,   I want to do His Will, not mine,   I’m sick of this life.   Oh God , help to understand & do & be all Thine, Amen.

Thurs. Aug. 14. 1952/ 9. eggs today./ I didn’t do much today,   it’s been so hot    sort of sultry hot,    we went out & picked a pk. of peaches not very good but those that were repe  tasted quite good,   Elbert sold 4 doz. eggs, 75 cents per. doz. 3.00, so he only had to use $1.61 out of his money, he’s feeling so bad tonight & gone to bed,   I would like to have gone to church tonight but his head feels so bad he don’t like to drive at night,   I’m trusting God will in Jesus Name, help us, so we can get to church regular   I love Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.   Elbert paid 20.00 on the coal & now there’s only $14.13 left to pay.   I had him use 5.00 for food,   we bought 5 lbs. potatoes 45, he got very small piece of beef to fry & a piece to boil cost 1.30,  the butter was 97 cents, 3 cans spinage 44 cents, bunch carrots 13 cents, 5 lb. onions 35 cents a jar of vicks ointment 73 cents & tonight he got a qt. of milk from Brodes that was 20 cents so he only has 53 cents left out of the 5.00;   I used out of church money that’s 35. out of 49,  that leaves 14 to last untill Sept. 12th.   28 days & only 14.00    that’s a little less than 50 per. day,  takes gas & oil for car.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I may be worthy.

Fri. Aug. 15. 1952/ 9. eggs today./ Well, I had my visitor, Eileen Mac.Dougle Gale.   she came before I was up & looked tired out   she has a cold & says she has to sleep in the rat hole her father tried to build on & it leaks so bad she had to put 3 pans for it to run in & all the children are in the one little bedroom & she just can’t rest & her father. took her in his car & went down by Beaver creek & then took his pillow   got out & went over under a tree where 

Fri. Aug. 15. 1952./ page. 2958./ 9. eggs this day./a man & woman was fishing & lay down in the shade,   he was a sleep soon & first one & then another came & ask if he had kidnaped her, or who he was, she said she told them he was her father & where he worked & that he was afraid to leave the car while he slept, she said they looked doubtful & she felt so embarrasted   I’d like to have, but her ma is going to have another baby & says she’ll need her, she & her sister don’t hitch be-cause the mother & father let her domanate Eileen all because Eileen don’t like the Gherman Church.   Well, maybe she will come & help me a few hrs aday to get cleaned up for winter,   I hope so any way.   We received a card from Nellie,   she said Ella Jane was going back to California next week, but didn’t say why all the rush,   she’s going with a friend of Nellie’s,   she’s known along, long, time,   said maybe she get to see me be-fore she went   I wonder.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings. I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings.   I think Elbert feels some better today,  he felt so bad last night,   I rubbed his hip & back & prayed God to help take the pain away & fix his hip, & turn his soul to him   I’m trusting & believeing he will   I wish we could go to the woman in Ackron   she has the gift of healing.    I heard the preacher had said “if people are healed” he’ll give her the use of his church for meeting,   I know God does in Jesus Name heal us now as when He was here on earth & that preacher is showing his ignorance or doing it to bring more people to church, Oh, I pray we will see her & be made Whole,   That’s a big challenge to make to those God has given the gift of healing & Power, to,    I pray Gods Will be done Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.    I got up at 3-a-m & took care of Elbert & he took an anicine,   he slept & relaxed after that   I thank Thee Jesus,  I praise Thee forever & ever Blessed, Pure True & Holy.   Been nice day, hot partly cloudy,   we had a severe thunder, lightening & wind & rain storm,   it came soon after dinner,   Elbert to Eileen home & went into Vermilion got a piece of steak cubbed & came back,   talked a few minutes to elderly man down highway & he gave him sweet corn, he got here   took care of car & coop & I 

Fri. Aug. 15. 1952./ page. 2959./ 9. eggs this day./ got windows shut & the wind sounded like a Syrine & the lightening cracked, thunder roaared & wind blew a living gale, & rain came down in sheets   didn’t last long,   sun came through in a little while & every thing look so fresh & nice.   We received card from Audrey   she isn’t feeling very good & lost Mon & Tue.   don’t pay to work for over time. 

Sat. Aug. 16. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Georgia’s birthday 67. yrs. old & she’s gone to her place, of rest,  I hope;   I can’t help wondering about Ella Jane   I’m trusting God will in Jesus Name help me to know & do what ever I should do.   Help me Jesus Please.   I hope she comes tomorrow.  & that you will help me Jesus.   Been fine day, hot sun & cool breeze.   Elbert was cutting brush some for a while & then came in, feeling all in,   I had a hard time to get him in.   No mail.   & I haven’t felt to well either.   I rubbed his back with alcohol & vicks & he’s in bed,   he was so sick both ways,  he got up, told me he was going to the toilet   I got up & stood at the window   called to him & he said, he’d be in & he came   got into bed & was asleep in a short time, 4-a-am.   I think he ate to much sweet corn last night for supper,   there was a plater full,   I only ate 3 small ears & he ate all the rest except one small ear & it was the first we have had.   I darned 3. prs. of his socks last night before going to bed;   Nellie ans. the card I wrote to Ella Jane & I sure believe there’s something very wrong going on.   God Please help me, in Jesus Name I beseach Thee. 

Sun. Aug. 17. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Well, it been another nice day & we have been home all day & not a soul come nigh.   I really got filled tonight with power from on high   Praise the Lord, Glory Hallelujah,   We heard Rev. Buser preach tonight & when he has some one else “a minister or higher” there’  he sure can let loose & pray & preach & he was so filled with the Spirit that I got filled also,   I Praise Thee Jesus & Trust Thee for all things Glory, Hallelujah, Amen.   Elbert walked up to highway & back & I went out side   gave hens fresh water in corner of hen park & gave birds fresh water in there bath & I was out & looked at cucumbers & flowers yesterday,    these lasst rains are bringing on the glad blossoms, but we hope it wont set new potatoes, for the last ones planted are just in bloom now.   I thank Thee Jesus for all thinigs.

Mon. Aug. 18. 1952./ Page. 2960./ 7. eggs today./ I did a big washing & 2 blankets & my arms are so tired they ach   my hands cramp   they feel sore & bruised.   Elbert carried the water & he took down dry clothes & hung up more wet ones & they all got dry & we received a card from Audrey saying she was going to the hos-pital to see whats wrong with her,   she has bad spells,   Well I pray God will in Jesus Name, hear & help her to be converted & healed    Oh God, Thou doest hear & answer prayer now, as Thou did 35 yrs. ago,   When even the physicians gave her up to die & tried to make me believe she couldn’t live   Jesus heard & answered my prayers,   Oh Praise His Holy Name I still believe & I’m trusting in Him   I know He’s able, Glory to God   I know He’s still able to do all things, So, in our weakness & sin I’m trusting in Jesus & Thanking Him   May all the Glory be His, forever & ever, Amen.   Been a very nice day cool all morning  quite warm this after noon,   Georgie Snyder had her wash out today

Tue. Aug. 19. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Another day, a letter from Martha but she didn’t know yet how her mother yet, Jean Ann was with Audrey, but hadn’t let Martha Know yet,   I’m trusting God has taken care of her & that she’s O.K. again,   I know He can do all things for He has profed it to me many times & even today,   I spilt boiling water on my feet & called on Him to take care of me, & Praise God He did   Miss. Clark & Elbert were wittnesses & know I did spill the boiling waster on my feet as I was pouring it on the tea, for a cup of tea for each of us.   My feet smarted a little, but they are not only pink a little & don’t hurt a bit,   Oh how I Praise Jesus   He’s the best friend We can have.   I didn’t do much today,   cleaned 3 of the first cupboard shelf  got dishes washed wipe & back in place before supper,   I accidently touched the old plater Elbert had on stove & it slid  hit floor & went all to pieces but I rescued the fried biscuits & finished frying 3 more   he cooked supper;   I had just got him in from down in the hollow where he was cutting brush & he got cramps on his shoulders & in arms & I rubed them out with alchol & trusting & praying God would do the rest,   I know He will & save her soul.   Glory to God Martha is feeling very tired & longing for a rest & so I pray all will be well with her mother & each one;   She said she has been ask to take Ella Jane over to Lake side to meet the school teacher, she is to drive

Tue. Aug. 19. 1952./ page. 2961./ 9. egg this day./to California with & they will stop here, on there way there & she didn’t say whither for supper or not,  only she’d (Martha) be coming when she leaves her place of work.   I’ll try to have every thing ready, so if they want to eat they can.   Elbert took Miss. Clark back & then got some ham & yeast cake & a head of lettuce & forgot to call Martha to see what time they would be here,   she’s all up set about her mother & having promised to take Ella Jane, before she knew her mother would sick & be taken to hospital,   Ella Jane could go on the buss but she wouldn’t get to stop here & I reckon Nellie figures on going as far as Lakeside also, & back home with Martha.   Elbert said it would be nice to go to Lakeside with them,   but I don’t think so but if he want to go & can it’s O.K. with me,   I hope Martha takes Joan with her, so she wont have all that driving to do both ways.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small, Amen.

Wed. Aug. 20. 1952./ 4 eggs today./ I wonder why only 4 eggs today,   Well I baked 3. tins of biscuits today & we didn’t know what time the girls would come & thought they might come for supper,   but, they came a little after 3-p-m. & visited an hour & then were on there way to Lakeside where they turned Ella Jane over to the teacher who’s going back to teach school & Ella Jane hopes to come back with her in the Spring, as she comes & goes thus each year.   So she’s on her way back home as she calls it.   She looked so tired   all the young ones have been to Nellies & Ella Jane to look aftedr them & do the family shopping,   she needs a good rest.   Nellie & Martha & Jean Ann stopped on there way back & rested awhile, had a cup of coffee & visited a little more & I gave Nellie & Martha each a big tin of biscuits & Jean broke out one biscuit broke it in half & buttered it & ate as if it were the best thing she had eaten in a long time,   she’s such a thin little thing  18. yrs. old & her boy friend is at Korea where they are fighting,   & if he dies, she says, she’ll be & old maid   May God bless her & help her to love Him more than anything else in the world.   I thank Thee Jesus.   It was nice of Martha to take her cousin, Ella Jane & her mother to see her off & stop here going & coming & I do hope Ella Jane will write & thank her & be more loving toward her & her children who are there second cousins   They said they’d be back for a picnic Labor day & & steak fry,   They are welcome.   Johny Harnish spraned 

Wed. Aug. 20. 1952./ Page. 2962./ 4. eggs this day./ his ankle & foot, so Nellie said & she & Martha said, Someone from Cleveland, a few men from the big Higbee store   & it’s going to be a big place, several hundred acres.   they have bought the land & give people their houses to haul away.   The prices they are paying is terrible high  10 thousand for one lot & 20 for one other place & so on right from the corner whre we turn to go to Nellie’s way on pass her place on other side the road over hundred acres,   they all talk at once   it’s hard to hear they all & keep things in order “or straight   been nice day,   but, I only baked & visited.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all our many blessing, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 21. 1952./ 10. eggs today/  Well, I managed to get the button holes in my dress & most of the snaps on it,   I can wash & iron it now   I hope the waist & belt are O.K.   Elbert & I went in the park & picked what good peaches there were;  he went & sold the eggs, 80 cents per. doz. doz. $3.20 & one woman didn’t pay today;  so next Thurs; he should collect 4.80, & I’ll have to look after it, or we wont have the money for grain or mash & the hens should moult before much longer   (he bought mash July 31)   Well, he cut some brush today   he picked 1 1/2 blackberries yes-terday,   I cooked them, guess I’ll make jelly, or jam.   no mail.   We were going to prayermeeting but it came up a bad storm & then I didn’t get ready in time.   Elbert brought me 5 big peaches, big as a coffee cup in around the center of them & they taste quite good, not like a champion, but tart & good,   he did think to get another yeast cake, & some carrots 29 cents for 2 bunches, they were real nice about 6 or 8 inches long.   he got a small piece of meat to boil,   we had broth & crackers for dinner  & soup for supper & there is some left for dinner tomorrow   he gets the milk most every day, now at Brodes & it’s good & I feel better since I have it to drink.   I thank Thee Jesus, Thou made it possible & I give Thee all the thank for answering prayer,   I spilt that boiling water on my feet & it was Thee who spared me, the pain & torture   they were pink, but even the burning left in a very short time.   Thou art a Wonderful Jesus, Glory to God, Amen.   I thank Thee for all things & God be magna-fied forever, & ever, Amen.   He took 3 biscuits to Harry Miller,   he likes them so much,   he was glad to see & talk to Elbert.   I hope he can get some fish Fri. or Sat. at least.   Well, I have to go to bed   it’s getting late.

Fri. Aug. 22. 1952./ Page. 2963./ 8 eggs today./ Well, I did do what washing there was & 2 cotton blankets & Elbert helped   he washed his under wear & shirt & one of the 2 blankets & he sudsed & wrinsed them & hung some of them,   I got them all dried with the help of Jesus.   then Mrs. Day & her two girls came in & brought us some beans & cucumbers & we gave her a qt. apple sauce,   she says Miss. Clark is sick,    I pray God will in Jesus Name take care of her & they all pray for me at Church,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus & except the healing in Thy Name.    May all the Glory Power & Honor be Thine forever & ever Amen.   Mrs. Day says Harry Miller is better & can move one leg & one arm   Oh God I thank Thee & Glory to Thy Name   We Know it’s only through Thee we are saved & healed   No mail today,  but I’m trusting & believing Audrey is better & that we will hear so, tomorrow.   Been a very chilly North East wind, quite strong,   it dried clothes good & even the blankets,   sun was hot when it came through.   It was a terrible storm that passed over us last night   We only got a heavy rain & few showers before morn-ing  out of that but tonight it’s so chilly cold,   we have house all shut up & fire would feel good,   Radio said tempture would go down to 46 tonight so things out side will shiver.   I pray Ella Jane will be O.K. & the other woman.   They had a very bad earth quake at Bakers-feild California & lowered 3 story bricks to the pavement.

Sat. Aug. 23. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a great day,   Cool day N. east breeze, partly cloudy & we have a fire & its comfortable, for it feels out side like we might be going to have a frost,   cucumber & everything is just half grown.   Well, I baked 3. tins of bread biscuits & did the ironing & sweeping.   Oh, I do wish I knew how Audrey is tonight   we didn’t get the card Martha promised to send & now we wont have any mail tomorrow & I don’t know who would come & tell us   Maybe Audrey will have some one let us know or if I can get Elbert to fine out some how, I will,   May God bless her & keep her & convert her & heal her.    I will all ways give thee all the praise & Glory,   I love Thee Jesus,   Oh God, have mercy on us & help us to do Thy work & will,   I want to be a vessel of Thine   Now we are listening to Rev. Buser & the word & hyms.   He’s a good minister & I pray God’s blessing on him & his wonderful wife & his family in Jesus Name. 

Sun. AUg. 24. 1952./ page 2964./ 7. eggs today./ Been a nice day,   but, not like it usually has been in Aug.   it’s so cool, a fire feels very comfortable.   I didn’t get up very early,   I was awake & dosed,   but, feet was so bad, but they were better today.   I soaked & cleaned them as good as I could,   I didn’t get to Church, but hope & pray God will heal me & take me back whole that I may prove to them that Jesus is the same yesterday today & forever.  I Praise Him & thank Him for all things   I don’t only be-lieve, but I know He is able & in proper time will take care of me.   Rue’s youngest daughter Eleaine & “she had her little brother “Earnie” who was 6. yrs. old this last April & she had her sister’s little boy who is sister to Dollie)   We had a nice visit, her mother has that trouble Elbert has with his hip,   Rue is 53. yrs. old this coming Jan.14. 1953.  He has the 2 girls & the little boy,   his wife Helen had 2 children before she married Rue   they are married & have children   Young Helen has a girl Dollie & the little boy & Bill has 5. children.   Rue’s eldest daughter is married but has no children yet & Elaine is going to school in Columbus Ohio,  she wants to be a drugist,  she has 4 yrs. to study yet.    I got supper soup a Vegetable soup & I sent a qt. hot over to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas with 3 bread biscuits & small jar of chillisauce, an-other car drove in right behind Elbert so he didn’t have achance to talk to Mrs. Douglas,   she looked glad,   he said when he gave her the bags, she thanked him & said Mr. Douglas was over to see his brother about a block away up the highway boy of about 14. yrs. old,  “Elbert said.”   he came back, after he & the young man looked out across the lake & remarked they could see Kelly’s Island & Ceder Point.   We didn’t get a frost last night, but it was cold before morn-ing & it’s going to be same tonight   we had a fire last night & this morning & should have had one tonight we have house all shut up.   I have listened to many good sermons to-day & many good old hyms were sung.   I Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. Aug. 25. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Elbert went & call Martha & she said she thought her mother told us she would have to have an operation for goll stones,   Well I’m very greatful God shows me somethings,   well, I’m glad things that I almost wish I didn’t know for instants the 2 niger boys not real black & the little fat, very black niger baby, but I’m glad when he shows me things are going to be O.K. & to show me Johny needed prayer & a stronger faith.  I feel so bad when I can’t help.

Mon. Aug. 25. 1952./ page. 2965./ 7. eggs this day./ faith & What would they do with out Bonita,   Nellie says she could do very well with out her.   Oh, God of Love & Mercy help us I pray before it’s to late to know Thee & live for Thee,  I thank Thee for answering pray & help Johny to trust Thee with all his heart, soul, mind & strength & believe even though it slay him, I pray Thou will.    Elbert talked to Martha,   she was at her office job in Lorain   she said they operated on Audrey either Fri. or Sat. Aug 22. or 23. & that she is doing well & they said she would be out this week 28. or of Aug.   I’m trusting Jesus, all will be well.   No mail today.   I’ve talked Elbert into going to Lorain to hospital to see Audrey,   Poor Girl, I’m so sorry for her & wish I could be there to take care of her,    I hope she has the best of care.     Martha said the steak fry is off for a while untill Audrey & Johny are O.K. again, they’d planed to come on Labor Day.   I managed to wash 3 wool blankets & 2 heavy one’s with Elbert’s help & the 3. rugs,   he had been sawing wood for the stove & is so lame & full of pains tonight   I have rubed his back & hips with alcohol & vick’s & he’s in bed   & I wish I were for I’m so tired   arms, legs & body   I do thank God I’m better in some ways & Trust I’ll soon be able to call on the sick & go to Church again   All Praises to Jesus, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 26. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ I arose up early   washed & dressed & we went to Lorain to see Audrey   we were early, but the woman at the desk let us in & we visited about 15 or 20 minutes   she set up this morning & was to again this afternoon   she looks so tired & says she is beginning to feel just how tired she really was, gollstones are a terrible thing.   she hopes to be home Thurs. or Fri. & then Jean Ann will stay day times with her    and Gertie will be there nights   We didn’t get to see Gertie today   tires Elbert to drive,    We went over & talked with Lillie & Elsie & Elsie’s daughter Phylis “now Mrs. Smith,   they live in a trailer on Lillie’s lot back of Lillie’s house   Lillie, Pearl, Tessie & Elsie live together & Lillie keeps house   the other 3 girls work,   Edith’s son has to go to service some time in Sept.   Edith Wheeler Wagner is their youngest sister,   she has a bad heart so this isn’t going to help her any as it’s there their only boy.   & Martha’s boy will have to be going before long.   Lillie & the girls are putting abasement under there house, have it most done, then they are going to remodle it a little, it’s 53 yrs. old. same as the old home place,   Frank Bonney has built a new house   got it all ready for the siding & Ruby says they will tear down the old home place so she can have a nice back yard, seems

Tue. Aug. 26. 1952./ page 2966./ 6 eggs this day./ & two Crocheted handkercheifs/ as if they could have let Armond or Francis live there,    but, Ruby wants & she’s a very spoiled person,   but perhaps the children are better off   Armond is still on Lakeside Ave.  the house has been sold but they haven’t put them out yet   they were talking of living out by the ravene where Francis Cora & Howard Page live for awhile,   they are out on the root road now,   Evelyn & Red built on the lot joining Frank’s on the north,   they have 3. children.   & Harvey & Olive live in Cleveland,   they come home often.   We went back to town.   Lorain is growing fast.   We went acrossed 21st. St. bridge to Colorado Ave.  North 2 blks. & South   a block to home place   Uncl Will’s folks live on corner a-crossed from home place   there was a Pittsberge fraight boat coming from Steele Plant through under the bridge.   Elbert worked on the buttments of that bridge.    The woods all gone where the McGuire house is & it don’t look anything like it use to when I was a girl at home,   coal dump is gone to,   Frank has kept the small launches & sale boats & got more since pa left, he figures, he will have a big enough income so he can stay home & look after it soon now   Ruby said he was working on the new None’s Home down near the Cathlic church on East Erie or just off on the lake bank,   she says it’s a big place.   Armond’s working in Oberlin Ohio.   Well, we stopped & I visited with mrs. Granger & Elbert did few things up town & came back & Ruth went to the car & talked for some time & then we went to Bill Todd’s    Bill was there, but Madeline was in Pennsylvania with one of there daughters who hasn’t been very well of late,   it seems they have been there twice just resently,    Bill has some horses or colts he’s breaking over in Wellington Ohio & he goes over there every day & takes care of them,   he said Tom & Ella were over at Lake Huron to there boat place & they live over at _____ 3 miles from us    in the winter his Aunt died & left him some money so he bought some lots & built houses & sold them,   the world is money-mad.  or the people in it;   We left for home,   Elbert stopped & got us an ice cream cone each & we came on & stopped at Krogers got a few things we needed & then went to Martins & then got 1.00 worth of gas & came home   some one had jamed the lock but nothing was gone inside.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for taking care of us & the place, & for taking care of Audrey we took her glads.   

Wed. Aug. 27. 1952./ page. 2967./ 6 eggs today. / one hen died last night/ only 12 left/ I had Elbert get some chicken backs wings & gisards in Lorain, for tomorrow   We took Elsie from her St. to the Loop on her way to work.   I had quite a visit with Ralph Hurst in the Hospital,   while I waited for Elbert to park the car & come back,   he don’t look like he use to either he’s thin   just skin & bones.   I left a roll of film a Rudy Moc’s & paid for it,   they will send, them back to me by mail  Fri. or Sat.  Aug. 29 or 30th.  Ella Jane must be in California by now.   Was a fine day & I Praise God for all our blessings Amen     There was a woman in the same room with Audrey who spilt boiling water on her legs & the skin & flesh come off with the stockiings,   they had grafted skin on her legs today & she had hestericks when she came out of either.   made Audrey a little nervious, the little woman looked like Annabel only younger & she had a baby 3. week ago   It will be good for Audrey to get home & be quite again,    No mail today & I lost my glasses yesterday,  so I do pray God will in Jesus Holy Name give me a strong eye sight that I’ll be able to read His word and to do the darning sewing & mending;   I pray Jesus Thou will help me to work for Thee & do Thy Holy will, I pray the Glory, Honor & Power be Thine for ever & ever & God be magnafied Amen.    I haven’t done much today,   Elbert got up & did out his change of clothes & his work pants & then went to Huron & got a good big mess of fish   Well I can’t read or sew & been lost without the glasses,   but I’ll trust & believe for my sight.  Been quite hot & a Nort east breeze & quite a fog   so much so you felt all stiffed up & lungs also when you were out for just a few mi.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & give Thee all the Praise Thou art a wonderful Marvelous Savour & Physicain & I can’t understand a lot of things but I can’t see Why people don’t turn to Thee

Thurs. Aug. 28. 1952./ page. 2968./ 6. eggs today./ Huron Church/I put 5_ in collection at Huron tonight/ Well I did out our washing or mine & the house & got everything dry   the ends of the rags were a little damp so I hung them here in the house.   I took a bath & dressed & went to Huron to prayer meeting,   they have a new couple there   the others have gone to start another new church building,   this couple are rather slow but good & I received a blessing being with them   I pray God will in Jesus Name bless them & help them to get in a goodly number of peoples for Christ,   Elbert went into the meeting with me tonight.    Been a nice day N. east breeze & hot sun.   We received card from Nellie today.   Bonita’s coming home,  so Johny must be better & Audrey expects to go home Fri. or Sat.   Jean will stay with her days.   I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & my many blessing & I was so happy to be with Thee in the meetings tonight   there wasn’t many there but I pray this couple will bring in more & that those that belong will come & help to be a blessing.   Elbert sold only 3. doz. eggs today 80 cents 2.40 & he paid light bill  got lb butter & yeast cake & he called Hospital   ask about Audrey & my glasses & Rudy Mock & Cranages but he didn’t fine grasses   he talk to Mrs. West & he talked to Harry Miller & gave him some fish,   he was so greatful    he wanted to pay for them, but Elbert told him we were glad to do the little things & wanted no money.   he talked to Miss Clark & shes sick & got the flu & got to move her & old woman  can’t hit ch. God help her & them. 

Fri. Aug. 29. 1952./ page. 2969./ 9. eggs this day./ Well I got my room all cleaned but one corner & hope to do that & kitchen tomorrow   I wish Ilean could help me   my feet have been so bad today & pain me all the time.  S.West breeze this A.M- & then late this after noon went N. east again.   I have to bake tomorrow & try to finish the cleaning if I can   No mail today.   Been quite hot.   Elbert said the young man took up the collection & went out & set in a car & smlked ciggrets & listened, to the ball game over the radio.   I hope something will be done about that   What a terrible example & is he honest.   I hope I learn some of the answers.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing, & for my heal-ings & pray you will help me to do Thy Will & Ways forever, Amen.

Sat. Aug. 30. 1952./ 8. eggs today/ We lost another hen today, so we only have 11 hens left.   I found my glasses   they had slipped out my perse when I put the keyes in    they were on the chair, slid down long side of some clothes I had stacked on the chair,   now I can’t find the chair back, I had crocheted for Annabel.   I just don’t remember where I could have put it, & pray God will help me to find it & send it.   I cleaned Elbert’s room partly to swept & wiped up the floors & then Elbert came back from Huron    he got in a wreck with some colord people who cut in & tried to get ahead of him, didn’t hurt the other car much, but, Elbert’s car is in a bad fix, both fenders tore off.   police came & took both car No’s & I don’t know how he can pay to fix other car,   they had ensurance but Elbert hasn’t any,   we can hardly exist now,   so 3 hundred dollars is a heap of money   I pray God will help us   I dont know how, but I know he can & will, & that Elbert will turn to him before it’s to late.   Tonight, Ethel, Loura Ann & Walter came in just as we finished supper,   Walter went to Huron to fish, he stayed a while.   I had to fry the rest of the fish, so I floured & started one pan & then Elbert took over & finished frying 2 more fry pans & they all ate fish & drank coffee & then, they went back to Closes to stay tonight & eat chicken tomorrow & they said they’d be back again.   Oh God I thank Thee for all things in Jesus Name.

Sun. Aug. 31.1952./ page. 2970./ 5. eggs today./ Well, noone came in today   Elberts been about sick as he could be,   he walked up for the milk to Brodes & has to set around & walked around.   Georgie Snyder came & borrowed a key to get in the house   she forgot hers & so a bunch of young folks came for her in a car & she came back to get her Keys & purse   she brought the Key back at 2-p-m  today & went on up the road met a boy friend & came back to her home.   It’s been a fine day S. West breeze & it sprinkled couple times,    Elbert said it rained a light shower between 4 & 5-a-m,   but, dirt’s dry & hard.   I couldn’t go to church   hope preachers come to me.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen.   Mon.  We listened to Rev. Buser preach his last sermon tonight & his wife sang a hym.   I wish I could have went to Church,   but Elbert’s sick & I found the crochet piece   I’m so glad.   I thank Jesus.

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